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Can I Buy Travel Insurance After Departure? [Costs, Coverage, and More]

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Can I Buy Travel Insurance After Departure? [Costs, Coverage, and More]

Table of Contents

How to get travel insurance when you’re already abroad, options for post-departure travel insurance, why it might make sense to buy travel insurance after departure, when is it too late to buy travel insurance, final thoughts.

We may be compensated when you click on product links, such as credit cards, from one or more of our advertising partners. Terms apply to the offers below. See our  Advertising Policy for more about our partners, how we make money, and our rating methodology. Opinions and recommendations are ours alone.

The best time to buy travel insurance is shortly after you book your travel, but it’s still a good idea to buy travel insurance even if you’ve already started your trip.

While your coverage and policy options will be more limited than they would have been if you’d purchased travel insurance at — or soon after — booking, you can still get great travel insurance coverage when you’re already abroad.

Let’s explore your travel insurance options after departure and what’s covered.

You can buy travel insurance after departure. The trick is finding a travel insurance company that offers a post-departure policy . Most travel insurance companies only allow travel insurance purchases up to the day before departure. 

Still, some reputable travel insurance companies, such as Allianz Global Assistance and World Nomads , issue travel insurance after departure. If you’re simply looking for travel health insurance, Genki or SafetyWing are options, too.

Limitations of Post-Departure Travel Insurance

When you purchase travel insurance after departure, your coverage is limited. You should expect waiting periods, fewer policy choices, and less overall coverage than with travel insurance you buy at or shortly after booking.

Generally, post-departure travel insurance coverage focuses on medical emergencies , not trip cancellation or interruption benefits. And you’re not likely to get coverage for preexisting conditions, as most travel insurance companies only cover preexisting conditions if you buy coverage shortly after you start booking your trip.

Costs of Post-Departure Travel Insurance

How much you’ll pay for post-departure travel insurance depends on the travel insurance company, policy, coverages, and risk factors such as your age and destination. Expect to pay about $45 for a month of travel health insurance and $100 or more for a comprehensive travel insurance policy that includes trip interruption, emergency medical, and other travel insurance benefits.

Patient paying for medical visit

Comprehensive post-departure travel insurance plans are hard to come by, but you can generally get medical emergency travel insurance after your trip departure. Consider these post-departure travel insurance options:

The only comprehensive post-departure travel insurance plan we could find is with World Nomads. With a World Nomads Explorer or Standard plan, you can get coverage for trip cancellation or interruption, emergency medical treatment or evacuation, baggage delay or loss, rental car damage, a 24-hour travel assistance hotline , and more.

While World Nomads offers comprehensive post-departure travel insurance, some benefits have a waiting period. For example, you may have to wait up to 24 hours for your trip cancellation benefit to become effective. However, you’re usually covered right away for medical benefits.

Allianz Global Assistance, in comparison, offers the OneTrip Emergency Medical Plan , which doesn’t insure the cost of your trip but offers emergency medical expense benefits and other post-departure coverages. Additional coverage benefits include trip delays, missed connections, baggage delays, and 24-hour emergency assistance.

Medical-Only Travel Insurance After Departure

Once you’ve reached your destination, you may be less concerned about trip cancellation but still want coverage for medical emergencies. You can get post-departure travel health insurance from providers including Genki and SafetyWing.

Genki’s travel health insurance is a monthly insurance subscription for up to 2 years designed for frequent travelers . With no citizenship or residency requirements, all travelers up to age 69 can get a Genki Explorer travel health insurance policy — even if you’re already traveling.

A Genki Explorer plan offers coverage for medical treatment, including emergency medical transportation and sports injuries, and limited dental and mental health treatment. However, there are exclusions : preexisting conditions, dangerous activities, professional sports, consequences of drug or excessive alcohol consumption, active participation in war, and medical tourism. There is no coverage for trip cancellation, interruption, flight delays, lost luggage, or other common travel insurance benefits beyond medical coverage.

Similar to Genki Explorer, SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance is good for 28 days at a time and is available for travelers up to 69 years old. You can buy it whether you’re at home or already traveling. You’re covered for medical costs anywhere outside of your home country except for sanctioned areas or countries.

SafetyWing Nomad Insurance covers unexpected illnesses or injuries, including eligible expenses for hospitals, doctors, and prescription drugs. It doesn’t cover routine checkups or preventive care, but it offers emergency travel-related benefits such as evacuation from local unrest, unplanned overnight stays, and lost checked luggage. 

Check your credit card’s travel insurance benefits. While credit card travel insurance generally offers limited coverage benefits when compared to comprehensive travel insurance plans, your credit card’s travel protection benefits may be competitive with post-departure travel insurance options.

Though it’s best to buy travel insurance soon after you book, and ideally before your trip starts, you can still get a lot of value from post-departure travel insurance. 

One of the most valuable aspects of travel insurance is coverage for medical emergencies , a benefit you’ll get with post-departure travel insurance. You can also take advantage of the insurance policy’s emergency medical evacuation benefit if you need it. And your post-departure travel insurance policy may offer additional benefits such as lost or delayed baggage coverage and 24-hour emergency assistance.

Pros of Buying Travel Insurance After Departure

  • You can still get valuable travel insurance coverage
  • Costly emergency medical expenses are covered
  • Some benefits are immediately active

Cons of Buying Travel Insurance After Departure

  • Waiting periods before some coverages become effective
  • No pre-departure benefits, including trip cancellation coverage
  • No time-sensitive benefits such as a preexisting condition waiver or cancel for any reason coverage

As long as you’re on your trip, you can benefit from buying travel insurance. For example, if you’ve reached your destination, you might not benefit from trip cancellation coverage anymore, but you can still use your emergency medical benefits.

If you’re already on your trip and start to feel ill, then yes, it’s probably too late to get travel insurance that covers medical expenses for your illness. Or if you’re in the last few days of traveling and nearly home, you might decide it’s not worth having coverage for a short period — especially if insurance waiting periods limit how much time you’ll have active coverage.

Buying travel insurance soon after you book your travel gives you the most policy options, comprehensive coverage, and time-sensitive benefits. But if you’re already traveling and want to add travel insurance coverage, you still have worthy options, especially for emergency medical expenses.

Getting travel insurance post-departure is still a good idea because it can protect you during unexpected emergencies. But coverage limitations and waiting periods may apply, so be sure to read the fine print to understand what’s covered or not. And if you primarily seek emergency medical coverage, post-departure travel insurance can be valuable.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is it too late to buy travel insurance.

For some travel insurance providers, it’s too late to buy travel insurance once your trip has started, as many only allow you to purchase travel insurance up to a day before departure. However, some travel insurance companies do offer post-departure policies.

When should you buy travel insurance?

Buying travel insurance immediately after booking your trip is best, as you’ll have the most coverage options and can maximize your trip cancellation benefits the sooner your trip is covered.

Is it best to buy travel insurance before or after you book?

Buying travel insurance after booking is best, as most travel insurance companies ask about your first trip deposit when you get a travel insurance policy quote. You’ll need to know or at least be able to estimate your total travel costs to get coverage, and it’s easier to do so after you’ve booked travel.

Is travel insurance valid if obtained after departure?

Travel insurance obtained after departure is valid but usually limited compared to comprehensive travel insurance policies available prior to departure. Generally, post-departure travel insurance is limited to medical emergencies and related expenses rather than trip cancellation benefits.

How late can I buy travel insurance for a cruise?

Most travel insurance companies only offer policies up to the day before your cruise departure. However, some travel insurance companies offer post-departure policies subject to limitations and waiting periods.

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Can I Buy Travel Insurance If I’m Already Abroad?

Already overseas and forgot to buy travel insurance before you left?

Has your travel insurance run out while you’re on vacation and you want to extend your stay or, heading to an area where it might be a really, really good idea to have travel insurance and you never bothered to buy any before? No matter the reason, buying travel insurance while you’re already abroad happens a lot more often than you’d think.

If you find yourself without travel insurance, and you’re already on the open road, don’t worry, we have the solution.

Can I buy travel insurance if I’m already abroad?

Whether you’re a classic procrastinator and forgot, or if your travel plans have changed: the good news is you can probably get travel insurance when already abroad for the remainder of your trip. Even better, the coverage you get will likely be similar to a policy you’d have purchased before you left.

This is important : No matter which policy you buy, you won’t be covered for injuries or accidents that happened before you buy your policy. So waiting until you’re on the way to the hospital isn’t the best time to buy travel insurance.

Not all travel insurance companies offer travel insurance if you’re already out of the country. In fact, many require that you haven’t already left on your trip. That said, there are some companies that let you get travel insurance after departure.

World Nomads

Safetywing nomads insurance.

SafetyWing Nomad Insurance offers flexible medical insurance while traveling.

If you’re on a budget, SafetyWing lets travelers pay for insurance on a monthly basis, as opposed to all at once in the beginning. 

Travel medical coverage starts from $42/4 weeks.

You can buy Nomad Insurance from SafetyWing in 180 countries. You can also by it while already traveling, in case you forgot to purchase insurance before leaving on your trip.

Learn more about SafetyWing Nomad Insurance here.

Waiting periods before coverage starts

Some insurers have a waiting period before coverage starts, which is usually just a few days, before your travel insurance coverage takes effect. This is more common for Australian and New Zealand companies, but we’ve also heard it happens with Canadian, UK and US companies. So, the answer to “Can you get travel insurance when already abroad?” is yes, but you may have to wait a few days.

If you get sick or have an accident during this waiting period, you likely won’t be covered. Insurance companies add this waiting period to protect themselves from fraud from people who’ve gotten sick or injured, and then buy insurance to cover the now existing injury or illness.

That said, check your policy because some insurers have a waiting period, but they’ll also cover you for emergency overseas medical expenses and emergency transport expenses for a sudden illness or serious injury that results from an accident during that waiting period. Every travel insurance company handles the waiting period differently, so talk with your travel insurance agent to see what they do and don’t cover during this waiting period.

Travel insurance coverage for people already abroad

Just like regular travel insurance, the costs and what’s covered under your policy varies a lot for travel insurance if you’re already overseas.

The exact eligibility requirements to buy travel insurance after departure, and cover you get, will depend on the specific insurer you choose for post departure travel insurance. Talk to an insurance agent to make sure you’re covered for every activity you plan on doing while you travel. The  best travel insurance for backpackers  can include insurance for standard backpacker activities like snorkeling, and hiking, but always make sure your plan includes the activities you’re interested in!

Depending on the travel insurance company you choose, age limits may apply. This is common for both standard travel insurance, as well as health insurance you buy when already on a trip. There are some travel insurance policies with no age limit, but some insurance policies have age limits as low as under 60 years of age. Read the fine print to make sure you qualify.

Pre-existing medical conditions

Just like standard travel insurance, depending on the plan you choose, you may also not be covered for pre-existing medical conditions. Of course this depends on your policy, as some travel insurance policies do cover some pre-existing medical conditions like stable high blood pressure.

It’s very important that no matter whether you’re buying your travel insurance before you leave or while you’re already on the road, to always tell your travel insurer about any pre-existing medical conditions when you buy your policy. Otherwise, you might be surprised when you submit your bills that they’re declined.

If you’re over the age of 60, pre-existing conditions get more common, and also more complex. We get a lot of questions from Canadian seniors heading south in the winter (called snowbirds) about pre-existing conditions and travel insurance. However, any good snowbird travel insurance coverage should include pre-existing conditions – just be sure to check your policy to make sure that you’re covered.

Tip: Always check your travel insurance policy to know exactly what your coverage offers, and if there are any exemptions. At the end of the day, your policy is your contract and generally supersedes everything else.

It’s probably non-refundable

Of course, each insurer is different, buy many travel insurers don’t offer you a cooling off period if you buy travel insurance once you’ve already left your home country. Instead, these policies are typically non-refundable. If you have any doubt, check your own policy to make sure.

Need some more help?

Have you ever wondered “ do I  need travel insurance “?

If you’re a Canadian, and looking for travel insurance, check out our  Canadian travel insurance review .

Have you bought travel insurance whilst already abroad? Let us know in the comments – we’d love to hear from you!

Super helpful info! I wonder why companies make it so difficult to get insurance once your’re abroad. Sadly could have saved over $100CAD by getting it when I was still in Canada, but plans change. Thanks for this info 🙂

Lynne, they probably do that to make sure you aren’t already hurt once abroad. They know that if you’re still in Canada you’ll likely get it taken care of here for free but they have no way of knowing that you didn’t hurt yourself once you were gone and wanted to now get travel insurance to cover you not getting it in the first place.

Hello, I am a healthy 70 year old Canadian and forgot to get travel health insurance before flying to Florida. I would like to get insurance for approximately 46 days. Can you please recommend companies that will do this. Many thanks

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Already Travelling insurance

Where do you live

All persons to be insured must reside at a permanent address within the EEC ( Excluding Switzerland, Russia, Belarus, Montenegro and the Ukraine) to be eligible for cover.

Can I take out this insurance if I am already travelling?

When cover is purchased after an Insured Person has departed their home to commence their journey, there is a fixed period of 48 hours prior to cover commencing. Any illness arising during this initial 48 hour period will be an excluded Pre-existing Medical Condition. In the event of serious injury in connection with an accident, you will be covered from the date you take out cover subject to the accident being independently witnessed and also verified by a Medical Practitioner.

There is no 14 Day Cooling off Period and no premium refund will be made if the insured Person has already travelled.

family family 

Definition of a couple

A couple is defined as 2 adults who have been permanently living together at the same address for more than six months, who intend to travel together.

If you do not qualify as a couple, please select individual(s)

Annual Multi-Trip Durations

Annual Multi Trip policies are designed for multiple short holidays leaving from and returning to your home country.

Annual Multi Trip trip limits:

Standard policy - 30 days

Premier policy - 70 days

If you need continuous cover for a year (home visits allowed on policies over 4 months long) select Single Trip or One Way. You can travel around as much as you like, to as many different countries as you like, with a Single Trip or One Way policy.

One Way Trip

Please note a Single Trip policy can cover travels with no return ticket booked, a One Way policy is intended for:

Emigrating to new country where you intend to permanently live

Returning to your home country permanently

All cover ceases upon arrival at final destination

Select the type of policy most suitable for your needs.

Single Trip: A flexible policy with no limits on how many countries you visit or how long you’re away for. Suitable for all types of travel whether it be short term/long stay or backpacking. No return ticket required and unlimited home visits offered on policies over 4 months long.

One Way Trip: Means you are Emigrating to a new country where you intend to live permanently or, returning to your home country permanently. Cover will end upon arrival at your final destination. Please note: There is no cover for emergency return travel expenses if you do not have an original return ticket.

Annual Multi-Trip: This policy covers an unlimited number of trips throughout the 12 month Period of Insurance. Each trip has a maximum stay validity depending on the type of policy chosen. For example, for Standard Policies, the maximum duration of any trip shall not exceed 30 days and for Premier policies, the maximum duration of any trip must not exceed 70 days. 

If you are already travelling it is not possible to purchase the annual multi-trip policy.

Geographical Areas

Europe: Europe means the continent of Europe West of the Ural Mountains, and includes the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, Iceland, Jordan, Madeira, the Canary Islands, the Azores and Mediterranean Islands as well as all countries bordering the Mediterranean. Australia & New Zealand: a) For any period of cover purchased, a 48 hour stop-over anywhere in the World for both outward and return travel will be included. b) If the period of cover purchased is two months or more, a stop-over of 7 days/nights anywhere in the World will be included. Worldwide excluding North America & Mexico: (North America means the USA, Canada & Mexico.) a) For any period of cover purchased, a 48 hour stop-over anywhere in the World for both outward and return travel will be included. b) If the period of cover purchased is two months or more, a stop-over of 7 days/nights anywhere in the World will be included. Worldwide including North America & Mexico: Worldwide means anywhere in the World including the USA, Canada & Mexico.

Automatic Trip Extension   If the Insured Person is prevented from completing their travel before the expiration of this Insurance as stated under the Period of Insurance on the Booking Invoice or Validation Certificate (as applicable) for reasons which are beyond their control, including ill health or failure of public transport, this Insurance will remain in force until completion but not exceeding a further 31 days on a day by day basis, without additional premium. In the event of an Insured Person being hijacked, cover shall continue whilst the Insured Person is subject to the control of the person(s) or their associates making the hijack during the Period of Insurance of a period not exceeding twelve months from the date of the hijack. Please ensure you arrange cover for the entire duration of your travel

Where you normally reside

Where do you normally reside? Where do you normally reside? Please use the drop down box to choose your country of residence. Note we can only insure residents of the UK & EEA Countries. Can I take out this Insurance if I’m already abroad? If you are normally a resident of the UK or EEA Countries and your insurance has run out, you may take out cover online with us. This is on the understanding that nothing has occurred at the time of taking out the cover which has led to a claim or may lead to a potential claim. Note you cannot take out our Multi-Trip Insurance if you are already abroad. Do you have minimum residency requirements? No. If you are, for example, a British Passport holder and have right of abode in the UK, we are not concerned as to how many months in the past year you have been in the UK provided at the time of arranging this insurance you have a UK residential address.

Age Restriction Error

We are unable to quote, Please ring our Offices on 0333 0033 161 for further assistance.

Get a Quote


Get Cover if Already Travelling

You don't need to be in your Home Country to get cover, you can buy a policy from anywhere in the world, as long as you're residential status is still in the UK. Just follow the Quote form to get a price and complete your purchase.

Extend your Travel Insurance

If at any point you realise you're not quite ready to return home, you can extend your insurance to include the remainder of your trip. Even if you don't have a Policy with us.

Working while abroad

Non manual / clerical work is covered for free, if you'll be volunteering, WWOOFing or partaking in any sort of manual labour - our Activity Pack can cover you.

Free Home Visits

If you feel homesick at any time, so long as your policy duration is more than 4 months, you can pop home to see family and friends at any time, however many times you choose.

Cover for 156+ Activities

Whether you'll be scuba diving, jet skiing, bungee jumping, sky diving, trekking above 2,500m or kayaking. Our Activity Packs can cover various levels of adventurous sports.

Winter Sports

Big Cat’s Winter Sports Extension provides great-value cover for those wishing to make the most of the snow. As well as standard skiing and snowboarding, you’ll be covered for cat skiing, snow skiing, cross-country skiing, off-piste skiing / snowboarding, and snowmobiling.

Cancellation & Baggage Cover

24 hour emergency helpline, up to £10m medical cover, claim while you're travelling, already travelling insurance.

It’s not uncommon for people to head off on their travels only to realise they are not insured after departure, or to find out once they are already overseas that their travel insurance is about to run out. But don’t fret, Big Cat can still provide you with suitable already travelling insurance cover even though you’re already travelling abroad, or we can extend your insurance to cover the remainder of your travels.

Already Travelling Insurance

Annual Multi-trip policies can not be purchased if you are already travelling.

Key features of already travelling insurance:.

  • Emergency Medical and Repatriation Expenses up to £10 million.
  • Emergency Dental Cover.
  • Cover duration of up to 24 months.
  • Baggage Cover
  • Gadgets & Valuable Cover 
  • One Way Travel.
  • No return ticket requirement.
  • Free Home visits.
  • Policy Extensions whilst still travelling.
  • 156+ Sports and Activities.
  • Winter Sports Cover.
  • Loss of Passport & Visa replacement costs.

Some FAQ's:

Riding a motorbike or scooter up to 125cc is automatically covered with all our policies. Riding a motorbike over 125cc can be covered with our Activity Pack Add-on.

If you are a pillion passenger on a motorcycle tour, such as the Ha Giang Loop, this is covered automatically and does not require any Activity Packs or any relevant licences.

When riding, you must always ensure you:

  • Wear an appropriate crash helmet.
  • Obey the Local road rules and laws
  • Have the relevant licence(s) required to ride a motorcycle in the country or countries you will be riding in. If the country you’re in requires you to obtain a specific in-country licence to legally ride a motorcycle, then to be covered, you must obtain this licence.
  • If all that’s required is an International Driving Permit (IDP), and you hold an IDP, then there’s no need to go about getting any more licences.
  • Be aware that an IDP will only allow you to ride the same class of vehicle as your home licence allows. So, if you’re not licensed to ride a motorbike at home, you’re not licensed to ride a motorbike abroad under your IDP. It's up to you to make sure you are licensed for the type of motorcycle you hire.
  • You should always ensure the bike is fully insured (motor insurance arranged by the company that owns the bike) as there is no Personal Lability cover whilst riding a bike. We cannot cover any participation in competitions or racing or any kind.

Non-manual/clerical work is covered automatically with a Big Cat policy. So, there’s nothing you need to add to be covered for things like teaching, caring or nursing.

With the Activity Pack, we can also cover work of a more manual nature. This can include things like WWOOFing, partaking in community or wildlife based conservation work, charity based supervised building / renovation projects or other permitted manual work (defined below).

Cover is excluded for any activity that involves the use of industrial machinery (other than tractors) or non-domestic power tools.

WWOOfing is classed as Permitted Manual Work, so with the Activity Pack, you’re covered.

(see above)

Temporary return to home country (Single trip policies only) Where cover has been purchased for a total duration of 4 months or more, and you want to return to your home country during the period of insurance for any reason that is not directly or indirectly caused by arising or resulting from, or in connection with a claim under this insurance all cover under this policy will be suspended from the time that you clear customs in your home country and restarts after the baggage check in at the international departure point for the return flights, international train or ferry to the overseas destination. Any illness, disease, injuries, accidents which existed, showed symptoms or were diagnosed in the previous trip(s) during this period of insurance will not be covered in the restarted period of insurance.

Yes, bar work or working in a chalet is automatically covered with all of our policies.

Decide Canada’s not for you, and want to return earlier than your full period of insurance?

Other insurers will tell you to wave goodbye to your money, but Big Cat lets you claim a partial premium refund for the unused time you didn’t stay in Canada.

How does the EARLY RETURN REFUND work?

Let’s say you buy a 24-month policy to cover your time in Canada. But after nine months, you decide that Canada’s not for you, and you want to return home. You may have invested a substantial amount for your 24 months Big Cat policy, most of which you’ll now no longer need. Unlike most insurers, Big Cat is happy to offer you a partial refund on the redundant portion of your insurance as a fair’s fair consolation. Please note that travel insurance premiums are not calculated on a pro-rata basis, as such, no refund is calculated in this manner either.

How does Big Cat calculate the amount of EARLY RETURN REFUND?

We take the length of time of the original policy and subtract the actual amount of time you have used, and payout the difference, deducting a £50 Cancellation Charge.

Are there other conditions that apply to my EARLY RETURN REFUND?

  • Only applicable to 24 month IEC policies.
  • We are not able to offer refunds to cover the first 6 months of the policy.
  • No refund can be given on a policy where a claim has been made or is likely to be made prior to the cancellation of your Big Cat policy.
  • You must be back in your home country and notify us by email of your wish to cancel the policy within 14 days of your arrival, please also provide us with proof of your return to the UK (flight ticket / e-ticket / boarding pass).
  • All refund calculations are based on the base premium paid only. Add-ons are non-refundable.

Can you give an example of how much I could receive back in my EARLY RETURN REFUND?

Say you took out a 24-month budget IEC policy costing £525.24, then you wish to cancel the policy after 9 months. Our 9-month budget IEC policy costs £312.55. So we deduct £312.55 from £525.24 = £212.99

Then we apply the £50 Cancellation Charge, refunding you a total of £162.99.

Big Cat Travel Insurance Services, a trading name of Ltd (registration No.FRN 745388)   is an Appointed Representative of Campbell Irvine Ltd (registration No.306242) who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. You may check this on the Financial Services register  or by contacting them on (0) 800 111 6768. © 2023 Big Cat Travel Insurance Services.  All rights reserved.

A fantastic plugin that allows you to display age restriction message to the visitors while visiting site

List of automatically covered medical conditions that do not need to be declared

Acne, ADHD, Allergic reaction (Anaphylaxis) provided that you have not needed hospital treatment for this in the last 2 years, Allergic rhinitis, Arthritis (the affected person must be able to walk independently at home without using mobility aids), Asthma (the diagnosis must have been made when the affected person was under the age of 50, and the asthma be controlled by no more than 2 inhalers and no other medication), Blindness or partial sightedness, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Cataracts, Chicken pox - if completely resolved, Common cold or flu, Cuts and abrasions that are not self-inflicted and require no further treatment, Cystitis - provided there is no on-going treatment, Deafness, Diabetes (which is controlled by diet or tablets only), Diarrhoea and vomiting - if completely resolved, Eczema, Enlarged prostate - benign only, Essential tremor, Glaucoma, Gout, Haemorrhoids, Hay fever, Ligament or tendon injury - provided you are not currently being treated, Macular degeneration, Menopause, Migraine - provided there are no on-going investigations, Nasal polyps, PMT, RSI, Sinusitis - provided there is no on-going treatment, Skin or wound infections that have completely resolved with no current treatment, Tinnitus, Underactive Thyroid (Hypothyroidism), Urticaria, Varicose veins in the legs.

Important information

If you have a medical condition in addition to any of the automatically covered medical conditions, all conditions will be excluded from cover unless declared to the medical screening helpline.

What is classed as a medical condition?

a Any respiratory condition (relating to the lungs or breathing), heart condition, stroke, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, allergy, or cancer for which you have ever received treatment (including surgery, tests or investigations by your doctor or a consultant/ specialist or prescribed medication).

b Any psychiatric or psychological condition (including anxiety, stress and depression) for which you have suffered which you have received medical advice or treatment or been prescribed medication for in the last five years.

c Any medical condition for which you have received surgery, in-patient treatment or investigations in a hospital or clinic within the last 12 months, or for which you are prescribed medication.

Any premium for medical screening quoted can be paid directly. This can be done either before or after taking out a policy with us. The policy and medical extension connect automatically, no reference numbers need to be exchanged.

Choosing not to declare a medical condition will not invalidate cover, but any costs incurred in relation to an undeclared condition will not be covered.

If making a declaration all medical conditions must be declared, you can't choose to only declare certain conditions.

Medical conditions can only be declared for up to 12 months at a time. A second declaration will have to be made after 12 months if necessary.

You are about to leave the site, this text will be refined later.

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International Citizens Insurance

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Forgot to Buy Travel Insurance?

Don’t worry, you can still buy travel insurance when already abroad.

Its not too late to get travel insurance

Forgetting travel insurance doesn’t have to be a crisis. You can buy travel insurance when already abroad . Select insurers will take the risk to cover you when you’ve already left on your trip. There are conditions, and you may pay a premium compared to travel insurance purchased in advance. But you do have options to buy travel insurance after leaving on your trip.

How To Buy Travel Insurance While Abroad

Not all insurers sell policies to people who are already traveling. But some companies do allow it. Our brokers can connect you to insurers who have post-departure travel insurance available.

Looking for International Travel & Medical Insurance?

Request a free quote and we'll guide you through the process.

Can You Add Travel Insurance Any Time?

Yes! You can buy travel insurance to improve your coverage at almost any time during your trip. Insurers who provide post-departure insurance sometimes offer medical-only coverage. Travel that is underway doesn’t need cancellation coverage, and needs less trip coverage. If you want cover for travel cancellation and other travel interruptions, ask for it specifically.

Is There a Time Limit to Buy Travel Insurance?

When you get a travel policy while you’re already abroad, your coverage usually starts the day after you purchase it. Again, ask your broker for help if you need coverage right away.

For the process of buying travel insurance while you’re away, give yourself half an hour in a quiet location. Have your trip information ready, and your phone or laptop charged. Your insurer will want to know about your flights, stays, and travel start dates. You will need to share an end date for your time away, or proof that you have booked your return trip. You’ll pay in full for your insurance when you buy it. If you need to extend your trip while away, you can typically extend your insurance coverage for an additional period not to exceed 365 days of total coverage.

Can You Get Travel Insurance After You Have Departed?

The short answer is: Yes you can. Many insurers provide policies that you can buy after you’ve left home for your trip. Just remember that travel health insurance that you buy after departure won’t cover anything that happened before you bought the plan. And the plan will usually provide coverage starting after a waiting period.

What if you’re traveling and you have a medical crisis, but you did not buy travel health insurance earlier? Unfortunately, once you’re sick or injured, it’s too late to get coverage.

If you purchase travel health insurance after you are already abroad, it will only cover illness or injury that happens after you purchase it. You can’t buy a plan when you get sick or injured to get those expenses covered — any medical problems from before you buy it won’t be covered. Some insurers also won’t sell you health insurance after your trip has started, or they may place limits on coverage for pre-existing conditions. Even if you’re buying medical travel insurance late, or while you travel, buy it before you need it!

What if you’re traveling with no medical insurance, or basic medical insurance, and a global medical crisis emerges, like a pandemic? Usually, you can’t add new coverage to a plan you have already purchased if you have begun to travel. In a global crisis, insurers may update their policies. As the world saw with COVID-19, a pandemic can hit your travel plans, too. Check your travel insurance to make sure that pandemic disruptions are covered.

Also Read: Reading the Fine Print on a Travel Insurance Plan

Here’s How to Buy Travel Insurance After Departure

Our licensed brokers can help you find post-departure travel insurance. Get the international travel insurance and the travel medical policy you need right away.

Can You Buy Travel Insurance for Someone Else Who Is Traveling?

Sometimes, people close to you go overseas without travel and health insurance. Fortunately, you can buy travel insurance for them, too, when they are already abroad.

Students often assume that university or family insurance covers them as they travel outside their campus abroad. But they may not be covered for travel that’s not directly related to their international education. Getting trip insurance for your traveling student can protect your family from overseas medical expenses.

Parents and older relatives might not take the need for travel insurance seriously, until they see the problems travelers face today. You may reach out to protect them by buying them travel and health insurance. While some policies may have an age limit 64 or 65 many allow you to purchase travel insurance for those that are 90 and above.

For someone else, you can add travel insurance after they book their travel. For them, you can add travel insurance after booking, but before departure. This gives them coverage at a lower cost, with more benefits.

What do you need to buy travel insurance for someone else? First, you need their itinerary: plane tickets, destinations, and travel start and end dates. You also need their contact information: home address, email, and mobile numbers. You might need more information, like pre-existing conditions, medications, or birth dates. Your insurer will tell you which information they need. With this data, insurers can help you purchase travel insurance for someone else. The insured person will get an email with their policy details, and they will be protected by the policy you bought them.

Also Read: Group Travel Insurance

What Is the Latest Date to Buy Travel Insurance for Coverage?

Is there a time limit to buy travel insurance when you are already abroad? The latest date is the date that will provide you with some coverage after the insurer’s waiting period. Most policies can go into effect as soon as the day after you purchase their policy. For example, if your flight leaves in 12 hours and you just purchased the policy – it may not cover your first day of travel. You cannot get trip cancellation coverage after you leave

If you are on your trip and a crisis that impacts your travel comes up, it is also too late to buy travel insurance. When you’re in a crisis, like a flight delay, it’s too late because your crisis won’t be covered within the waiting period. When you are in a location going through challenging circumstances — a weather emergency, political unrest — insurers won’t sell you a new policy because of your risk.

International Insurance

Find the Best International Medical Insurance

  • Compare multiple quotes and coverage options
  • Work with an insurance expert at no additional cost
  • Find the best plan for your needs and budget

Maximize Coverage for Travel Insurance Purchased While Traveling

Here is a final tip to help you get the most out of buying travel insurance after departure. Get your trip’s end date right to make sure your coverage is for the full length of your trip. You may feel like your vacation is over when you leave for an airport or embark on the final part of a cruise. But it’s not truly over until you arrive home safe. Until then, you need your travel and health care covered. The day and time you arrive home is the end of your trip — get coverage to include that date.

When to Buy Travel Insurance

When should you buy travel insurance? Next time do your best to get your coverage before you go. You’ll save money and enjoy more coverage benefits. The ideal time to buy your travel insurance is within 10-14 days of your initial trip deposit. Can you add travel insurance after booking? You can, at any time before you depart. Once you have your trip details squared away, contact us to secure the right travel insurance for you.

Some travel insurance benefits are only available when purchased in advance. The biggest one is trip cancellation insurance . These policies cover the cost of the trip if you can’t go. That benefit ends once you leave for your trip — because you’ve departed, you don’t need it anymore.

Best Insurance for US Citizens Traveling Abroad

A great plan for U.S. citizens traveling abroad is the Atlas Travel Insurance plan from WorldTrips.

WorldTrips Atlas travel insurance

  • Emergency medical, evacuation, repatriation benefits
  • Choose between the basic and more extensive coverage
  • Meets Schengen visa insurance requirements
  • 24/7 worldwide travel and emergency medical assistance

Best Insurance for International Travelers

An excellent option for international travelers traveling outside of their home country.


Safe Travels International

  • Desinged for non-U.S. citizens traveling outside their home country (excluding the U.S.)
  • Coverage for an unexpected recurrence of a Pre-Existing Condition
  • Coverage from 5 days to 364 days - extensions are available

Best Insurance for International Visitors to the US

Safe Travels USA from Trawick is the best plan option for international citizens visiting the U.S.

  • Desinged for non-U.S. citizens traveling to the U.S. and addiitonal countries
  • Includes comprehensive medical, evacuation, & repatriation coverage
Author: Emily Cotlier is a senior editor at International Citizens Insurance . She has made the move from the U.S.A. to New Zealand. For International Insurance, she clarifies international visa and immigration requirements, shares travel resources, and advises on relocation challenges. She’s traveled through five continents and Oceania, and she still loves to travel both in Aotearoa New Zealand and around the world.

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Navigator Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance After Departure


 Instant Policy Delivery

 Secure Online Purchase

 Range of Working Activities

 Six Different Policies

 Option to Extend Duration

 Cover for UK Residents

 Wide Range of Sports

 24 Hr Medical Assistance


Are you looking for travel insurance but you’ve already left home? It is a condition of most travel insurance policies in the UK that you have to have purchased a policy before you’ve left home, with the start date of your trip needing to match your UK departure. However, there are many circumstances where travellers can find themselves already abroad with no travel insurance, and it can be a real problem to arrange cover when this happens.

The main reason that most travel insurance companies will not issue cover after a departure is that it is quite common for people to not purchase insurance but then encounter a problem on their travels. They will then try to put travel insurance cover in place in an attempt to make a fraudulent claim. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for those who genuinely find themselves in a situation with no cover and a need to purchase immediate travel insurance.

But, have no fear, as here at Navigator Travel Insurance it is possible to purchase post-departure travel insurance in the UK. For those hoping to learn more about the conditions of buying travel insurance when already travelling, our experts have composed this article and are on hand to talk you through it. 


The only already abroad travel insurance sales that we can make after you have left the UK (or EU) are the Single Trip Short Stay and Single Trip Long Stay versions of the Navigator Silver, Navigator Gold, and Navigator Diamond policies. This doesn’t apply to the Annual Multi-Trip option offered on these policies.


Whilst we do offer travel insurance for already travelling individuals on our aforementioned policies, several considerations need to be made before choosing the right policy for you:


With our post-departure travel insurance policies, a 25% supplement will be added on top of the usual travel insurance policy fees. This will be applied automatically when you select “After-departure cover” on the options page of our website. We cannot offer cover if you are currently in a country against the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development (FCDO) advice.

In the UK, you must consider the UK’s FCDO advice before you choose to travel to any destination. If the FCDO has travel advice in place which states that it “advises against all or all but essential travel”, our post-departure travel insurance policies are not valid. This same condition applies to many travel insurance policies from other providers.


When you’re purchasing our travel insurance policies,  you will be offered a tick box option for “already departed cover”. You must tick this box to gain travel insurance whilst already travelling. When you tick this box, it will automatically increase the cost by 25%, which is the after-departure supplement that we previously mentioned. 

If you are not offered this tick box option for “already departed cover”, you are not buying the right policy and it will be invalid. Navigator Silver, Navigator Gold, and Navigator Diamond Single Trip or Long Stay travel insurance policies are the only policies that will offer you this tick box and therefore offer you cover when you’re already travelling.


If you are buying post-departure travel insurance online, you will be offered Annual Multi-Trip, Single Trip, and Long Stay policies to choose from. As previously mentioned, ignore the Annual Multi-Trip policy option as these can’t be purchased after departure. 

Travel insurance policies issued after departure always exclude any claim that arises from any situation such as illness, theft, or otherwise that predates the date of inception of the policy. This seems obvious, but it is emphasised to ensure that it is understood that insurance cannot be arranged retrospectively or backdated in any way, and claims will not be considered if the incident or illness giving rise to the claim predates the policy issue.   


The already travelling insurance policy that you buy must match the overall duration of the trip that you are on. The Single Trip option is only for trips that do not exceed 62 days from the date that you left home. If your overall trip is going to be longer than 62 days from the date that you left home, you must select our Long Stay policy option, otherwise, the policy will not be valid.


There are some conditions that you need to be conscious of when booking your post-departure travel insurance policy. When ticking the “already departed cover” box before buying your chosen policy, you are accepting the following special conditions for policies commenced after departure from the UK or your country of residence in the EU/EEA. Please read these conditions very carefully and make sure that you are aware of the implications:

  • Already abroad travel Insurance cannot be assigned a start date that is the same day that you purchased the policy, it must be dated for the next day or later. 
  • If there has been a gap of more than seven days in which you have been uninsured between the expiry of your last policy (if applicable) and the start of your chosen already travelling travel insurance, there will be a 14-day waiting period for the start of your illness cover.  However, this 14-day period starts counting from the day you buy the policy (the issue date). this means that if you can buy it 14 days before you need cover to start, the 14 days will have lapsed by the time you need the medical cover. This delay does not apply to accident or injury cover, but only illness cover. This condition will not apply if there has been no gap between your previous cover and this one, or the gap is not more than seven days. It will also not apply if you only left the UK in the last seven days.
  • Policies started after departure will not cover claims arising from any known situation, including pre-existing medical conditions. There are no exceptions to this condition for our already travelling insurance policies.
  • By purchasing post-departure travel insurance with us, you are agreeing that you are not aware of any circumstances that are likely to give rise to a claim.
  •  The 14-day ‘cooling-off period’ that we offer for our immediate travel insurance does not apply to policies that start after departure. So, once you have purchased this policy it is non-refundable.
  • The Navigator Silver, Navigator Gold, and Navigator Diamond policies are only available to people who are normal residents of the UK or EU. If your normal place of residence is not in the UK or EU, you cannot use these policies.  Residents of some other countries may be able to use our Global Voyager policies as these can also be started after departure with the same conditions, but are available to residents of many more countries.
  • The overall period of your trip outside of your home country must not exceed the policy maximum for your age, including any period of insurance under this policy. In the event of a claim, you will be required to provide evidence of the day you first left your home country. Maximum overall durations for ages are as follows:
  • Ages 18-59: 18 months
  • Ages 60-74 (Anywhere): 62 days
  • Ages 75-84 (Europe): 62 days
  • Ages 75-84 (Worldwide): 31 days
  • Ages 85 or over (Anywhere): 31 days

These are the maximum overall durations from when you left your home country until your return home. We cannot issue cover if your overall duration away from home will be longer than the above limits.

If you are unsure about any of these conditions or the post-departure travel insurance policies that we offer, do not just buy a policy from our website. We are on hand to answer any queries you have, so if in doubt you can always contact us on 0161 973 6435 or by email at [email protected] and we will answer any questions you may have. 


The fact of the matter is that a lot of travel insurance providers will not offer you travel insurance when abroad because of the risk of fraud that this holds. The insurance providers that do offer instant travel insurance, should you need cover last-minute whilst you’re on your travels, are specialist insurers. 

These specialist providers are knowledgeable and reliable, meaning you can trust them should you need to claim in the instance of an accident, loss, or emergency. 

Navigator Travel Insurance is one of these specialist insurance providers, as we offer several post-departure travel insurance policies to our customers. This opens up the opportunity for those who need travel insurance while already abroad to stay protected and have peace of mind while making the most of their trips. 


At Navigator Travel Insurance, we recognise that there are often occasions when a situation can arise in which you will need immediate travel insurance cover and, in many cases, we will be able to help.

Each situation is considered on its merits and there is no hard and fast rule where we can state categorically that we can cover you. But, in an attempt to clarify, we have detailed certain situations below where we may be able to help and others where we will not:

  • If you have been living and/or working overseas for several years and you are arranging travel insurance policies back to back, we cannot help. 
  • If your normal place of residence is now overseas, you cannot use our policies. You need to be paying monthly private health insurance rates in the country where you reside, which are significantly more expensive than travel insurance. In this situation, you are no longer considered to be travelling, you are living abroad.

 If you are a UK or EU resident and need to start a policy from overseas whilst you’re travelling, simply follow the instructions above or contact our specialist team online now and we will consider your circumstances. 


If the travel insurance policy that you left the UK with has lapsed because you forgot to extend it, or because the insurer will not extend durations, we may be able to help. Although, this will depend on how long you have been out of the UK in total.

It is quite common for people to inadvertently take out unsuitable policies. For instance, you may have left the UK on a long-stay trip with an Annual Multi-Trip policy, not realising that the maximum duration for an individual trip on one of these is 31 or 45 days. We can often help in these circumstances.

We often get requests from people who have been working temporarily overseas and are insured by their employer or by organisations such as BUNAC. At the end of their work period, they decide to go off travelling independently before returning to the UK and find that the insurer who has been covering them cannot extend cover once their employment contract is over. We can often help with these situations as the person is clearly and genuinely travelling, not taking up residency abroad.

Ask Us Anything

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Whilst the above information we’ve shared about immediate travel insurance policies may have cleared up the main details you need to know, you may still have some questions that need answering before purchasing a post-departure travel insurance policy. We’ve aimed to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding already travelling insurance to better your understanding:

When Is The Best Time To Buy Travel Insurance?

For any destination around the world, type of trip, and duration of time that you will be travelling for, the best time to purchase a travel insurance policy is as soon as possible after booking your trip, if not at the same time. 

This advice also applies if you purchase your travel insurance when you’re already abroad. The sooner you buy travel insurance when already overseas, the sooner you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you are covered in the event of an injury, accident, or emergency. 

Can I Buy Travel Insurance At The Airport?

Given the terms and conditions of our travel insurance when already abroad policies, it is possible to purchase travel insurance at the airport. If you purchase our policy online or over the phone, you may be able to secure the appropriate cover for you just before you board a flight or after you’ve landed. But, as previously stated, this will depend on specific conditions and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

For other insurance providers, the cut-off points can vary for providing travel insurance to travellers. For example,  if you’ve gone through customs, you may not be able to receive cover for your trip.  

How Long Does It Take To Get Travel Insurance?

It’s possible to get travel insurance last minute to ensure that you receive the cover you need whilst travelling as soon as possible. Although, there’s always a chance that when you purchase your travel insurance policy you may encounter delays in your policy providing you with cover. This applies in the case of our travel insurance whilst already abroad policies, as it can take 14 days to offer you illness cover, as mentioned in this article. 

What Does Last-minute Travel Insurance Cover Me For? 

Much like any travel insurance policy, a plan purchased last-minute will typically protect you in the case of medical emergencies and injuries; unexpected events which cause delay; cancellation;  repatriation; and lost, damaged, or stolen luggage. 

It is possible to purchase travel insurance after departure last minute, and the cover that you will be offered will encompass the aforementioned factors. 

When Does Travel Insurance Start and End?

Normally, you can arrange for the exact date that your travel insurance starts to align with when your trip abroad begins. You can also assign the date for your arrival back home to be the end date of your travel insurance policy. 

However, in the case that you purchase travel insurance when already abroad, your travel insurance will start the day after or further in the future from when you purchased the policy. Certain aspects of your cover, such as medical cover, will apply after your 14-day waiting period, as previously outlined in this article, so this is worth bearing in mind. 


Some people simply forget to arrange cover or may have thought someone else had done this on their behalf before their travels. Suddenly, they may realise they have arrived at their destination without a travel insurance policy. Here at Navigator Travel Insurance, we can usually issue cover for you in this situation and are on hand to offer you guidance and support.

You can find out more information about our travel insurance policies on our website . Should you need any additional insight before booking your post-departure travel insurance for your next trip, be sure to contact our team of specialist advisors now who will be happy to help you.

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How to Buy Travel Insurance When Already Traveling (5 Tips)

Travel insurance when already traveling cover image of Chris in peril

If you're already traveling and looking to cover your butt with travel insurance, this post will help you find the right plan for the right price—or, if Step 1 of the five steps below applies to you, you may not even need to buy anything!

Cover up your mistake.

Most would agree that not buying travel insurance is a mistake. It's cheap, whereas the potential medical costs if you get hurt abroad can be enormous.

But sometimes you forget. There are a lot more interesting things to think about when planning a trip, after all.

The bad news is that if this happens to you, lots of insurers don't want anything to do with you. You're too "high risk."

The good news is some companies are more flexible and will sell you travel insurance when already traveling. Or you may be covered already and not even know it.

To find the best plan, and not make your mistake even worse by buying an invalid plan (a common error), here are five steps to follow to find the best travel insurance when you're already traveling.

Kim checking her phone sipping a green smoothie in Tulum, Mexico.. or maybe looking for travel insurance when already traveling.

5 Steps to Get the Best Travel Insurance When Already Traveling

  • Check You Don't Already Have Free Insurance
  • Watch Out for the Following
  • Pre-Departure vs. Post-Departure Insurance
  • Buy the Best-Value Plan
  • Put it in Your Wallet

A 4x4 rental car with a flat and broken tire in Etosha, Namibia

Step 1: Check if You Already Have Free Insurance

Before hurrying to buy travel insurance, ask yourself:

Is your credit card's travel insurance already covering you?

For example, Kim and my credit card provides 31 days of travel insurance. If we're traveling for less than that, we don't need to buy anything. And if we're traveling for more than 31 days, we avoid double-paying by buying travel insurance plans that kick in the day our credit card insurance expires.

Kim's parents happy to have gotten travel insurance when already traveling in Colombia.

Step 2: Watch Out for the Following

  • Do you have health insurance back home? Some travel insurers won't cover you or will significantly cut back their coverage if you don't have home country health insurance. And if you get badly injured, your travel insurer will likely bring you home for treatment. Once home, you're on the hook for all medical expenses whether you have home country insurance or not.
  • What's not covered? Travel insurance policies generally don't cover pre-existing or on-going medical conditions, dangerous sports, and some high-risk countries.
  • Are you going to the United States? Travel insurers charge significantly more for travel in the US because of astronomical health care costs there.
  • Do you still have to pay if something bad happens? Some travel insurance policies have an excess or a deductible, which is the amount you need to contribute if you make a claim.
  • How much coverage do you really need? The biggest expense you risk incurring when traveling is emergency air evacuation. It can cost as much as $250,000 if you're in the middle of nowhere and they need to bring you home.
  • Age matters? Yes. Once you hit 40 years old, travel insurance rates tend to go up, and once you're over 65 years old it can be very difficult and extremely expensive to get coverage.

For more boring but important info on travel insurance, see our 8 Steps to Finding the Best Travel Insurance .

Chris walking alone in the desert

Step 3: Pre-Departure vs. Post-Departure Travel Insurance

Many people make the mistake of buying pre-departure travel insurance when already traveling. Those policies are void, so if something happens, they're screwed.

To avoid a similar screw-up, be mindful of these differences between pre-departure and post-departure travel insurance:

  • Most travel insurers don't offer post-departure travel insurance. They only sell pre-departure travel insurance. Call the insurer to confirm before buying any policy if you're at all unsure.
  • Travel insurance when already traveling is more expensive. The few companies that will sell you travel insurance when you're already traveling generally charge a premium because you're a higher risk to them than someone who buys a policy before leaving.
  • Post-departure travel insurance isn't fully refundable. You can usually get a refund on travel insurance policies you buy before you leave, but not on policies you buy when already traveling.
  • You can't get trip cancellation insurance if you're already traveling. Trip cancellation insurance refunds pre-paid, non-refundable expenses if you have to cancel a trip. But some companies like SafetyWing do offer trip interruption insurance, which covers a flight to your home country if your home residence gets destroyed, there's a death in the family, or you get injured and your physician deems it medically necessary for treatment and recovery.
  • There's often a waiting period if you get travel insurance when already traveling. With some insurers, you have to wait (and play it safe) 48 to 72 hours before the policy kicks in.

Street vendor pours Chris some chicha in Mexico City - Alr

Step 4: Buy the Best-Value Plan You Can Find

We scoured the web for the best already traveling travel insurance and found a new startup that blows the competition out of the water.

If you find something better let us know and we'll update this post.

$US1.32/day (under 40-year-old of any nationality not traveling to the US)

  • Worldwide. Aside from very few exceptions (Cuba, Iran, and North Korea) everyone can buy it no matter their home country or where they're traveling.
  • Flexible timing. Unlike other policies, which require you to buy insurance for your entire trip up front, you can buy four weeks (or less) and extend (or auto-renew) as needed.
  • Unlimited coverage period. Great for long-term digital nomads like us because, unlike most travel insurance policies, you can extend every year for as long as you need.
  • Travel coverage. Insurance includes trip interruption, travel delay, and checked luggage protection. Other low-cost travel insurance providers often don't.
  • Kids are free. One 14-day to 10-year-old child is covered for each adult without added cost.
  • No waiting period . You're covered as soon as you pay.
  • It's getting better. SafetyWing has announced plans to increase their limits, get rid of the deductible, and offer extreme sports add-ons. They also plan to release a comprehensive health care package.

Chris and Luisito in all their gear ready to go paragliding in Medellin

  • Not the cheapest (as long as you remember to buy before you leave). For example, the travel insurance plan we're covered by as I write this in Spain is $1.12 a day, 15% cheaper than SafetyWing.
  • Low maximum limit. SafetyWing's maximum is only $250,000 (and only $100,000 for emergency evacuation), which may not fully cover worst-case scenarios in far-off lands. The industry insiders I interviewed off-the-record for my travel insurance post recommend a maximum of at least $500,000.
  • $250 deductible for non-urgent medical care. Many other companies have a $0 deductible, though you generally pay higher premiums for this benefit.
  • No US travel flexibility. SafetyWing's doesn't cover non-Americans traveling through the US or on short layovers there. You have to get a new policy that includes the US to be insured (though a good credit card's travel insurance should cover you).
  • Not customizable. SafetyWing keeps their insurance cheap by keeping it simple, but that also means you'll have to look elsewhere if you want insurance on things they don't cover like personal electronics, travel to Iran and North Korea, and some extreme sports.

Do your future self a favor and read the full policy (PDF).

Chris taking his bike onto the RENFE train in Valencia, Spain.

Other Companies Selling Already Traveling Travel Insurance

Shop around and see if you can find a better deal than Safety Wing for already traveling travel insurance. (If you do, please let us know!)

Here are the most popular providers of travel insurance when already traveling.

  • World Nomads . Starting from $US2.78/day. Yeah, super expensive . Bloggers love to recommend these guys because they pay high commissions. But World Nomads does have a great reputation in the industry and among past customers and offers extensive coverage for activities and countries SafetyWing doesn't.
  • Globelink . Starting from $US1.57/day. For UK, EU and EEA residents only.
  • True Traveler . Starting from $US1.78/day for European residents. They offer a wide variety of add-ons, options, and packages.

Step 5: Put it in Your Wallet

Keep insurance contact info in your wallet.

If something happens during your trip, you, your companion, or anyone who's caring for you will then know who to call to coordinate emergency travel arrangements, doctor referrals, or claims questions or other issues.

travel insurance already away

Hopefully, it's a waste of (less of) your money!

Enjoy an injury-free trip, so all that time and money you spent on finding travel insurance doesn't get put to use.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions, feedback, or tips of your own about buying travel insurance when already traveling.

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3 popular European road-trips for autumn

3 popular European road-trips for autumn

Voyager Insurance lists 3 popular destinations for an autumn European road-trip.

Brexit and Your Travel Insurance

Brexit and Your Travel Insurance

As the situation regarding Brexit continues to change, as it stands the UK is still currently set to...

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Voyager Plus Already Departed Travel Insurance

  • Buy cover even though you're already on holiday
  • Up to £10 million - Emergency medical expenses cover
  • Up to £10,000 - Curtailment cover
  • Up to £3,500 - Baggage cover
  • Free 24/7 Access to an NHS Trained Doctor
  • 100s of sports activities - Covered as standard

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travel insurance already away

Already Departed Travel Insurance at a great price - for peace of mind when you've already left on your trip.

Get Travel Insurance for trips you have Already Departed on with Voyager Plus

Voyager Plus Already Departed Cover

We’ve all been in this situation. You’ve packed your bags and are on the way to the airport, or worse still you’ve arrived at your holiday destination, and you realise there’s something really important that you’ve forgotten to pack.

If the thing you’ve forgotten to pack is your travel insurance, the worry and anxiety this may cause could end up ruining your whole trip. Perhaps your previous travel insurance policy expired, or you just forgot to buy a policy for this trip. With all the planning, booking, and packing, it’s easy for things to slip your mind, such as getting Travel Insurance to cover you for things like Emergency Medical Expenses or protecting your baggage.

The short answer to this question is YES YOU CAN! Whilst most Travel Insurance policies require you to purchase your policy prior to departing on your trip. Here at Voyager Plus Travel insurance, we’re in the unique position of being able offer you travel insurance after your trip has started. This is known as ‘Already Departed Travel Insurance’.

Our Already Departed cover will provide you with many of the same benefits as if you’d bought the policy prior to departing once an additional premium has been paid. Some of the benefits included as standard are:

  • Emergency Medical Expenses (including repatriation) – up to £10 million
  • Curtailment Cover – up to £10,000 
  • Baggage Cover – up to £3,500
  • Journey Disruption – up to £1,000
  • And much more!

And if you suddenly feel unwell on your holiday, you may be wondering how to see a doctor when away from home, especially if you’re abroad. Our Voyager Plus Travel Insurance with Already Departed cover now includes a service where you can speak to a 24/7 doctor while abroad as standard* . To find out more about this service , click here .

To purchase a Voyager Plus Already Departed Travel Insurance policy, click the 'Get a Quote' button.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Already Departed Travel Insurance?

Technically your trip begins the moment you leave your home. Already Departed Travel Insurance is a policy designed for travellers who need travel insurance but have already started their trip or need travel insurance but are already abroad.

2. Are there any restrictions to getting a Voyager Plus Already Departed Cove

Yes, there are some policy restrictions when taking out Travel Insurance when you are already abroad or have just started your trip. The restrictions are:

  • Unfortunately, we are unable to offer cover for ANY Pre-Existing Medical Conditions as medical screening is not available on an already departed basis.
  • Cover is only available on a Single Trip basis (Already Departed cover is not available on an Annual Multi-Trip basis, if you do want cover for pre-existing medical conditions on an annual basis you can purchase a policy after you have returned and travel throughout the year with the knowledge that you are covered)
  • The start date of cover must be the day following the purchase of your policy.
  • Cover must be arranged for the remaining period of your trip so long as your trip does not exceed the maximum duration allowed for your age on a Voyager Plus policy - see the policy wording .
  • The usual 14 day ‘cooling off period’ for cancelling your policy will not apply and there is a 14-day waiting period before medical expenses cover commences in respect of illness.

For full details on our policies, please click here to view the policy wording

Feefo logo

Policy Summary:

Medical Expenses - Up to £10 million Personal Liability - Up to £3 million Curtailment - Up to £10,000 Abandonment - Up to £10,000 Personal Possessions - Up to £3,500 Financial Protection - Up to £3,000 Disruption - Up to £1,000

8 Options available including: Action Activities Cover, Cruise Travel Insurance Option, Business Travel Insurance – Business Plus Option, Enhanced Travel or Terrorism Disruption Cover... see all

Already Departed Travel Insurance Options

This Travel Insurance product offers a range of different options.

Gadget Insurance Option

Action activities cover, winter sports cover, cruise travel insurance option, sports equipment and cycle insurance cover, golf travel insurance, business travel insurance – business plus option, enhanced travel or terrorism disruption cover.

travel insurance already away

Add Travel Gadget Insurance to your Voyager Plus Travel Insurance policy to cover up to 4 gadgets per policy including, mobile phones, smart phones, smart watches, tablets, laptops, games consoles, headphones and much more!

travel insurance already away

Voyager Plus Travel Insurance policies include 100+ sports and hazardous activities at no additional cost. You can upgrade to include more adventurous activities and sports such as glacier walking (over 2000m), white water canoeing/rafting (up to grade 4) and more.

travel insurance already away

Winter Sports Cover will provide protection for lost, damaged or stolen ski equipment, unused, lost or stolen ski packs and piste closure as well as extended cover for Emergency Medical Expenses for costs associated with winter sports activities.

travel insurance already away

Going on a cruise? Make sure you add our Cruise Insurance option to your Voyager Plus Travel Insurance policy so that you are covered on your cruise. Enjoy all the standard cover such as Cancellation and Emergency Medical Expenses specifically for your cruise as well as including extra cruise specific cover to Re-join your Cruise, Missed Port Departure cover, Cabin/Stateroom Confinement cover, Itinerary Change cover, Unused Excursion cover and Cruise Interruption cover.

travel insurance already away

Add Sports Equipment and Cycle Insurance Option to your Voyager Plus Travel Insurance policy if you are planning to hire or take sports equipment or a bicycle with you on your trip.

travel insurance already away

Add Golf Insurance to your Voyager Plus Travel Insurance policy to get cover for golf clubs and other golf equipment. As well as cover for the cost to hire replacement equipment, if yours is lost, stolen or damaged

travel insurance already away

Add Business Plus Insurance option to your Voyager Plus Travel Insurance policy to protect your business equipment, money, staff replacement costs and more.

travel insurance already away

Add Enhanced Travel or Terrorism Disruption cover option to your Voyager Plus Travel Insurance policy to cover you against travel disruptions due to acts of terror, changes in FCDO/ WHO Travel Advice Restrictions and other circumstances such as volcanic ash clouds.

GP on Demand Remote Service

Going abroad on your holiday should be an unforgettable experience for all the right reasons. However, what happens if you suddenly feel ill and want to speak to an English-speaking GP while abroad?

The good news that all Voyager Plus Travel Insurance policies now include the “GP on Demand” service as standard, giving you access to medical help whenever you need it 24/7, during your period of insurance, for greater peace of mind.

What is GP on Demand and What Service Does it Provide?

Once registered with the service online, “GP on Demand” gives you access to unlimited virtual appointments, either by telephone or video-call* with a UK-based, NHS qualified GP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, helping you to get professional advice when you need it most.

The medical practitioners on this service are able cover a wide range of subjects including:

  • Advice for managing chronic conditions, minor illness, and acute symptoms of serious clinical conditions
  • Answer general questions about prescriptions, travel, and lifestyle

Once you've booked an appointment through the GP on Demand app, you'll receive a call back from a GP within 15 minutes of the appointed time.

For more information about our GP on Demand, please visit our Voyager Plus Policy Wording page to download our “Voyager Plus 24/7 UK GP Access with GP on Demand” Booklet.

* Video appointments are available 7 days a week, between 8am and 10pm

Get A Travel Insurance Quote

What is Travel Insurance and What Does it Cover?

While going on holiday should be a fun and enjoyable experience, sometimes the unexpected can unfortunately happen. Voyager Plus Travel Insurance is designed to give you financial peace of mind that you are covered should something unexpected happen, so you are not left out of pocket, in the event of a valid claim.

Travel Insurance Benefits

The following summary of Travel Insurance benefits are just some of the areas of cover included as standard across all levels of cover on our Voyager Plus Travel Insurance policy. Please read the policy wording here for the full cover available under the policy.

Cancellation or Curtailment

A Cancellation is where you are unable to start your trip, due to an insured reason. A Curtailment is where you have to end your trip earlier than expected, due to an insured reason.

This section provides cover for any unused and non-refundable travel and accommodation costs (including unused pre-booked excursions and course fees) that have been paid, or where there is a contract to pay, if it is necessary to cancel or curtail the planned trip because of any of the events specified in the policy wording .

Emergency Medical Expenses

Medical treatment in other countries can be very expensive. This section covers the cost of emergency medical treatment, outside your home country if you’re injured or suffer unexpected illness including with symptoms of or testing positive for COVID-19 during your trip, in line with the policy terms, conditions and exclusions. Cover also includes the cost of repatriation back to your home country if medically necessary.

Please Note : If you have pre-existing medical conditions and would like cover in case you need emergency medical treatment related to them, you will need to complete a medical screening to see if cover is available and pay the appropriate additional premium.

Covers the loss, theft or damage to your baggage, meaning: personal belongings, including clothing worn, and personal luggage owned or borrowed by you that you take with you on your trip, as well as your valuables as defined in the policy wording .

Please Note : Your gadgets may not fall under the Baggage definition in the policy wording and you may need to also purchase the gadget cover Option to cover them.

Personal Accident

In the event of a serious accident from which you suffer life changing injuries during your trip the policy will provide cover in the event of your death or permanent disablement because of the accident. Please refer to the policy wording for full details on this area of cover.

Please Note : Any immediate injuries you suffer from such an incident would be dealt with under the Emergency Medical Expenses section.

Travel Delay

No one likes to be delayed when travelling!

So with Voyager Plus Travel Insurance cover is available if the public transport (meaning any aeroplane, ship, train or coach) that you are booked to travel on is delayed by at least 12 hours. If your departure from your home country is delayed for more than 12 hours and you choose to abandon your trip, instead of a payment for delay, you are covered for the cost of the trip under the Cancellation or Curtailment section of cover.

Missed Departure / Journey Disruption

Cover for additional travel and accommodation expenses in the event you miss the departure of your public transport for your trip, due to a specified reason as defined in the policy wording .

This section also covers, in the event of a Catastrophe (as defined in the policy wording ), if you are forced to move from your pre-booked accommodation to allow you to continue your trip.

These are a few of the reasons why getting travel insurance is a good idea before you travel so that you are not left out of pocket should the unexpected happen. Furthermore, Voyager Plus Travel Insurance has a wide range of features and benefits, which are just not available on cheaper products, see the policy wording for full details.

Important Information for Customers with Serious Medical Conditions - For UK Residents Only

MoneyHelper has developed a directory of specialist travel insurance to ensure customers with pre-existing medical conditions are easily able to obtain access to affordable travel insurance. If we are unable to help you and you are struggling to find medical cover that suits your needs, due to a serious medical condition, you may find a company that can help you through the MoneyHelper travel insurance directory  or by calling 0800 138 7777 - Monday to Friday, 8am – 6pm. 

If you have a specific holiday of up to 62 days duration in mind, a short stay Voyager Plus Travel Insurance policy will give you the peace of mind that you are protected financially if something should go wrong.

A Voyager Plus long stay policy can provide cover for trips up to 18 months (extendable to 24 months upon referral) so it is perfect for backpacking, gap years and other longer trips such as sabbaticals.

Annual Multi Trip Insurance

If you are planning on having several holidays this year then a Voyager Plus Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy may be for you.


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Sunshine Seeker

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Popular categories, how to buy travel insurance when you’re already abroad.

By: Charlotte · Last updated 24. May 2024 · In: Travel

travel insurance already away

Are you wondering whether or not you can buy travel insurance when you’re already abroad ? Fear not, there are a few companies that offer travel insurance that you can buy or extend even after departure.

Watching the sunrise over the clouds looking out the tiny airplane window, you are ecstatic that in just two hours you will reach your next pin on the map. The sun is bright, and the anticipation of all the new experiences your next adventure will bring is keeping you on the edge of your seat. There is just one problem. You can’t help feeling as if you are forgetting something.

Is it my phone? No. My Passport? No. A quick inspection of your carry-on bag eases your mind, but it’s a feeling that just won’t go away.

Then it finally hits you. You forgot to buy travel insurance before you left. The panic sets in and you think is it too late? I’m already halfway around the globe.

Or you might realize when you’re already abroad that your current insurance only covers a certain amount of days of travel. Been there done that!

A look at the SafetyWing Nomad Insurance website - A travel insurance you can buy even when you're already abroad.

Article overview

Do I really need travel insurance?

How to choose the right travel insurance, purchase a policy with safetywing, remember to pin this for later 😉, travel insurance already abroad.

Travel plans can change very quickly. You might fall in love with a person or a place or discover that you’re supposed to live out of a backpack for at least another year.

The ability to make spontaneous decisions on the road is one of the main reasons why many of us love to travel. I live for the feeling of freedom when I don’t have any set plans and know I can go wherever I want whenever I want. However, deciding to extend your time overseas can sometimes be a bit tricky. Especially when it comes to travel insurance.

The good news is that it’s NEVER too late to buy or extend your travel insurance , even when you’re already abroad . The trick is finding the right company to suit you and your travel needs.

While many companies offer travel insurance, a select few let you buy a policy when you’re already abroad or if you don’t know the exact length of your trip. Some of these include World Nomads, Heymondo, True Traveller (for UK residents) and SafetyWing .

One travel insurance you can buy when you’re already abroad is SafetyWing Nomad Insurance . A travel and medical incident insurance built specifically for digital nomads by digital nomads.

At least, that’s my personal choice. SafetyWing is a Norwegian and United States-based company with remote team members all over the globe. They offer exactly the type of coverage needed for long-term travelers and digital nomads, even if you’re already abroad .

SafetyWing says “We’re here to remove the role of geographical borders as a barrier to equal opportunities and freedom for everyone” .

I’m so happy to now know that a company like SafetyWing exists as I’ve wasted so much money in the past on ridiculously expensive plans for long-term travel. When I moved to Indonesia at the beginning of 2019, I had so much trouble finding an insurance provider in Norway willing to cover me over the standard 70 days.

I could literally have saved hundreds of dollars and so much time had I known about SafetyWing back then!

You can find my full review of SafetyWing here .

For those of you who might be thinking, is travel insurance really all that necessary? I’m healthy, young and plan on taking in the sites at a leisurely pace. Or maybe not?

Maybe you are planning on ziplining over the Amazon Rainforest, sand surfing in the Sahara Desert, scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef or riding in a hot air balloon over Turkey. Either way, the answer is YES!

Travel insurance is always a good idea because the reality is, anything can happen. With the SafetyWing Nomad Insurance (travel and medical insurance), you can have peace of mind that your next adventure is covered. Let’s put it this way if you can’t afford travel insurance you can’t afford to travel!

  • Lost luggage: We’ve all known at least one person who has lost their luggage while traveling and what a true nightmare it can be. For a nomad, especially those without a permanent address, your luggage is your lifeline. When traveling away from home, your possessions are everything and being without them can be nerve-wracking. Don’t let the fear of losing luggage stop you from living out your dreams.
  • Risky Business: Secretly an adrenaline junkie? If you have an adventure-seeking soul and plan to take in the sights with fast-paced, exhilarating thrill activities, medical coverage is definitely necessary. Safety Wing nomad insurance covers anything from ambulance rides to hospital stays (including intensive care). Some exclusions do apply so make sure to check the fine print on all SafetyWing nomad insurance policies .
  • Cough, cough, achoo: Dancing in the rain in Tuscany was 100% worth it, but the cold you got in return will just not go away. In fact, it turns into something pretty serious. No problem. Safety Wing has you covered. As long as your medical issues do not stem from a pre-existing condition (see policies for more detailed information), you can receive medical care and get back to your adventures as a happy, healthy nomad.
  • COVID-19: This is one we can not forget to mention. A new policy for COVID-19 coverage from SafetyWing can be found on their website. Their coverage may include testing and quarantine if deemed necessary by a medical professional. Please check all policies, terms, and conditions for more detailed information.
  • Monkey or snake bite: Ok, that’s a little extreme, but you get the point. Anything can happen from natural disasters to political strife and serious injury. Sometimes what you least expect to happen, happens. No one ever wants their travel to abruptly come to an end, but sometimes in severe cases evacuation or relocation is necessary. Having nomad insurance in your back pocket (or your fanny pack) lets your breath easy, knowing that you will be covered if disaster strikes.
  • Always read the small print before buying a policy and make sure that everything you might need is covered.
  • When you need to renew make sure you are allowed to buy the policy when already traveling. With SafetyWing your insurance automatically extends every 28 days until you pick an end date. It’s just like a subscription so you never have to pay for coverage you don’t need.
  • Medical coverage is the most important part of travel insurance, nothing else matters if you don’t have your health. Make sure the policy you buy includes emergency evacuation and repatriation.
  • Are you covered in your home country as well? With SafetyWing you keep your medical coverage for 30 days in your home country after being abroad for 90 days. (15 days if your home country is the U.S.)
  • Double-check which activities and sports your insurance covers, especially if you are going to be doing things like quad biking, spelunking and white water rafting. You might need to pay extra to include high-risk activities. You can find a list of the sports and activities covered by SafetyWing here .
  • If you travel with expensive electronics like a camera or laptop you might need to buy additional coverage. The same goes for expensive clothes and accessories, make sure to check how much the policy you consider covers if your luggage is lost or destroyed.
  • It’s often cheaper to exclude the US, so only choose a worldwide policy if you don’t know where you’ll be traveling to or you don’t want to limit yourself.
  • Check the deductible (the amount of money that you are responsible for paying toward an insurance claim). The higher the deductible the cheaper the policy, but make sure you can actually afford the deductible.

Convinced yet that you need to acquire travel insurance?

If so, follow this link to the SafetyWing Nomad Insurance page. Here you can easily sign-up and find information on their current insurance policies including Nomad Insurance and Remote Health. Read through the Nomad Insurance specifics , even the small print and decide if SafetyWing covers everything you need in a travel insurance.

The best part about the SafetyWing Nomad Insurance is that it can be customizable to your needs as far as when to start and end. Like a subscription-based service, your insurance will be automatically extended every 28 days.

So, no trying to remember to re-enroll. You can keep exploring without having the nagging feeling that you have forgotten something yet again. Completely focus on your travels with peace of mind that you are covered with SafetyWing Nomad Insurance.

Again, you can find my complete SafetyWing review here where I talk about the positives but also the limitations of the Nomad Insurance.

Does travel insurance cover multiple countries?

Yes, you can travel to multiple destinations with one travel insurance policy, as long as the full trip doesn’t last longer than the time period stipulated in the policy.

Disclosure: I’ve written this SafetyWing Nomad Insurance review to the best of my knowledge and understanding, however, changes to insurance policy terms can happen. Use the information within this article at your own discretion. Before purchasing a policy do your own research and make sure all your personal travel needs are covered!

Do I need travel insurance? Yes, you do! Click through for a guide on how to buy travel insurance when you're already abroad + the best travel insurance for digital nomads and long-term travelers. Discover this affordable and flexible subscription-based travel insurance.

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Can I Buy Travel Insurance After Booking?

Can I Buy Travel Insurance After Booking

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For flight insurance protection:

Aircare Flight Quote

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ExactCare Travel Quote

Manage Your Travel And Flight Insurance

Manage your policy online

Need a travel insurance quote?

Existing policyholder?

Take the worry out of your travels with affordable flight or trip insurance.

Looking to plan the vacation of a lifetime or flying home for the holidays? Trip insurance and flight insurance can provide the peace of mind you need for your next journey. The GEICO Insurance Agency, with Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection (BHTP), offers comprehensive travel insurance coverage, with prompt service and global assistance. Get an online travel insurance quote today and confidently protect your next adventure.

AirCare Flight Insurance

If you only need to protect your travel costs for a flight, AirCare may be what you need. With affordable coverage for both domestic and international flights, AirCare flight insurance helps you plan with peace of mind.

ExactCare Travel Insurance

If you want to cover your flight and other trip arrangement's ExtraCare can help. An ExactCare Travel Insurance policy can help with the unexpected like:

  • Trip Cancellations/Interruptions/Delays
  • Lost/Stolen travel documents
  • Unexpected medical expenses

What's the difference between flight insurance and travel insurance?

The main difference is that a flight insurance policy only covers your airfare. On the other hand, a travel insurance policy helps protect your flight as well as other parts of your trip. While you're planning your next trip, think about where you're going and what you'll be doing. Once you have that, it'll be easier to choose which policy works best for your trip.

What does a flight insurance policy cover?

AirCare Flight Insurance has a variety of benefits including emergency travel assistance, 24/7/365. Some common flight coverages are:

  • Airfare incase flights are cancelled or you miss a connection
  • Personal items like lost or delayed luggage
  • Flight delays in your departure (at the gate or on the tarmac)

AirCare Quote

What does a travel insurance policy cover?

ExactCare Travel Insurance provides all-in-one travel protection, with family friendly pricing and worldwide emergency travel assistance 24/7/365. Common things covered by travel insurance are:

  • Trip cancellation or interruption
  • Personal items like passports and luggage
  • Medical costs like hospital and doctor expenses, medical evacuations, and more

ExactCare quote

What is not covered by travel insurance?

Your coverage is based on the plan you choose. However, in general some things that aren't normally covered by travel insurance are:

  • Action and team sports, for example auto racing, pro sports travel, or other extreme sport activities
  • Travel to get medical care
  • Trip Cancellation because you changed your mind

For more information, please check your policy.

Is travel or trip insurance worth the cost?

Travel insurance can help protect your vacation or trips from unexpected things happening. You can travel without trip insurance but doing so brings greater risk if something goes wrong or you encounter unexpected delays. Flight insurance or trip insurance coverage can include things like flight cancellation, lost luggage, trip cancellation, emergency medical transportation, and more. Learn more about travel insurance and why you should get a travel insurance quote today!

How much does travel insurance cost?

Travel insurance typically costs 5 to 10 percent of your total trip cost, though that can be influenced by several things.

  • The cost of the trip
  • The length of your trip and destination
  • The amount of coverage selected
  • The number of travelers covered under the policy

Worldwide service and claims information.

It's easy to manage your travel insurance..

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection (BHTP) has made it easy to manage your travel insurance. You can:

Is travel insurance worth it?

Yes. Things happen that are out of your control. Whether it's your flight being cancelled or delayed to a family emergency. Life happens and that's how travel insurance can help. Plan for the unexpected with a travel insurance policy so you can rest easy knowing you're covered.

Travel Insurance: Get the answers you're looking for.

  • What travel insurance plans are available? BHTB offers AirCare (flight only) and 3 main plans: ExactCare Value, ExactCare, and ExactCare Extra. ExactCare Value provides great traveling insurance coverage for budget minded travelers. You can rest easy knowing you're covered for things like trip cancellation, trip interruption, and medical expenses. The main difference is the maximum amount that will be covered. ExactCare and ExactCare Extra's insurance cover the same things as ExactCare Value and add coverage for missed connections and accidental death & dismemberment. The overall amount covered is also increased for each plan respectively.
  • Can I get trip insurance for an extended overseas stay? Yes. We can help you with getting insurance for overseas. Please visit our overseas insurance page for information about all the options we have for you!
  • Is there travel insurance that can cover my vehicle while traveling to Mexico? Your US auto insurance policy won't cover your vehicle when you drive into Mexico. We're here to help you find the Mexico car insurance you need to insure your car.
  • Tips for saving money on your next vacation. No one wants to overpay things. We're here to help. Check out our 5 ways to save your money on your next family vacation.
  • Where you're going
  • Number of days you're traveling
  • Cost of your overall trip
  • Coverage you pick
  • Number of people covered under your policy

If you choose to get a rate quote or service your policy online, you will be taken to the Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection website which is owned by Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company, not GEICO. Any information that you provide directly to Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company on its website is subject to the privacy policy posted on their website, which you should read before proceeding. GEICO assumes no responsibility for their privacy practices or your use of their website.

ExactCare is provided through Berkshire Hathaway Global Insurance Services, LLC. ExactCare and AirCare are underwritten by Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company. Both coverages are secured through the GEICO Insurance Agency, LLC.

Benefits may vary by jurisdiction. Please contact a representative to confirm availability.

Please note:

The above is meant as general information and as general policy descriptions to help you understand the different types of coverages. These descriptions do not refer to any specific contract of insurance and they do not modify any definitions, exclusions or any other provision expressly stated in any contracts of insurance. We encourage you to speak to your insurance representative and to read your policy contract to fully understand your coverages.

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How Can I Buy Travel Insurance When Already Overseas

Already left the country without travel insurance? Fast Cover has a policy to cover you while you travel even if you leave Australia without any travel insurance.

How Can I Buy Travel Insurance When Already Overseas

  • Buying Travel Insurance When Already Overseas

Fast Cover - Margretta

Purchasing travel insurance from Fast Cover is not restricted to when you have not yet left Australia. We offer policies to people who have already embarked on their journey and don’t have insurance for some reason. At Fast Cover, we understand that there are some circumstances that may lead you to taking a policy out once you have already left Australia. These may include:

  • Being covered by another insurance company and the policy running out
  • Having travel cover for the country you are travelling to but not for other countries
  • Not having cover for a transit country
  • Being covered by your credit card but wanting extra cover
  • Seeking cover for a specific unplanned activity like skiing for part of your trip

Getting competitively priced already overseas travel insurance is now as easy as clicking a mouse. At Fast Cover, you simply tick the appropriate answers to get an accurate quote that suits your budget.

If you are an Australian citizen, you may qualify for already overseas travel insurance with us. 

All sorts of travellers - backpackers, students, families, skiers and senior citizens^ may purchase already overseas travel insurance from us. Just like most policies, there are some conditions and some eligibility criteria that needs to be met before a policy can be purchased. Please see below.

Can I buy travel insurance while I am overseas?

Australian residents can purchase an already overseas policy if they have left Australia or your travel insurance policy has expired.

You can purchase a Comprehensive, Standard Saver or Snow Sports plus policy, provided you meet the following criteria.

  • You have been overseas for less than 14 days, or have been insured under a travel insurance policy since you left Australia that is current or has been expired for no more than 14 days; and
  • You are an Australian citizen or permanent resident normally residing in Australia. Individuals on an Australian temporary resident visa including those on a working holiday visa or temporary visitors including those on a tourist visa, are not eligible to purchase this policy after departing Australia); and
  • You hold a valid Australian Medicare card; and
  • You have a home to which you intend to return; and
  • Your trip ends in Australia; and
  • You are aged 65 years and under at time of purchase; and
  • You declare to us at the time of purchase that you are already overseas; and
  • We agree to issue you a policy and specify your status as 'already overseas' on your Certificate of Insurance.

Our already overseas policies are subject to:

  • A 48-hour no-cover period which applies to all benefits (there is no cover under any section of the policy for any event that arises within the first 48 hours of purchasing your policy).
  • A $500 excess for all claims.

Please note, you cannot purchase a Basics or Frequent Traveller Saver policy if you are already overseas.

Temporary visitors (i.e. on a tourist visa) or individuals on an Australian temporary residence visa including those on a working holiday visa are not eligible to purchase this policy after departing Australia.

Is there a cooling off period for an already overseas travel insurance policy?

We offer a money back guarantee up to 25 days if you have not started your trip and have not used any of your rights under the policy (e.g. you have not made a claim or used your policy to obtain a visa). We have extended this money back guarantee to circumstances where you cannot go on your trip for a reason related to COVID-19 that is not covered under this policy.

If you need to cancel your Already Overseas policy, you should contact us before your cooling off period ends, and we will be able to cancel and refund the premium that you have paid, provided you haven’t made a claim or exercised any of your rights under the policy.

Please be aware, there is no cover   under any section of the policy for any event that arises within the first 48 hours of purchasing your policy .

Can I reduce the excess on an already overseas travel insurance policy?

No, you can’t reduce the excess on policies purchased while already overseas. A fixed $500 excess applies to all claims.

Can I extend my travel insurance policy if I am 80 years of age and already overseas?

We cannot extend policies to travellers who are over the age of 80 unless your trip is extended due to a claimable event, in which case your policy will be extended free of charge until you are able to travel home safely and directly or for a period of up to six months – whichever occurs first. Any extension must be approved by the Emergency Assistance team. Any persons over the age of 64 are not eligible for an already overseas policy.

What exactly am I covered for on an already overseas travel insurance policy?

When you purchase one of our already overseas policy you would be covered for the same benefits as if you purchased the policy whilst in Australia, including:

  • 24/7 Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Medical Expenses
  • Emergency Evacuations
  • Overseas Emergency Dental^
  • Personal Liability
  • If your trip is disrupted
  • If you need to return home for reasons outside of your control
  • Delay of luggage^
  • Luggage coverage^
  • Travel delays ^
  • Alternative transport ^

Important, please read and remember

Not all situations guarantee coverage while you have already embarked on your journey. It is important to do your research to find the best level of cover for your particular trip. Though Fast Cover have different policies you can choose from, not all situations are equal and not all policies will suit your situation. If in doubt, call or email us for a comprehensive breakdown of what is covered and not covered for already overseas policies.

^ Benefits subject to limits and exclusions of the insurance policy and may vary depending on policy type. Read the   Product Disclosure Statement   for further details

Fast Cover - Margretta

About the author

Margretta is a content writer at Fast Cover. Having a background in Design and Fashion, Mags uses her unique flair to educate customers on travel and insurance. You can trust her. She's a 'writer'.

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^ Price as at 20/03/2024 compared to the price calculated today for this policy.

* See Product Disclosure Statement for full terms and conditions and exclusions and limits that apply.

† Fast Cover has a referral arrangement with this company.

The entity that referred you does not act for Fast Cover and may receive remuneration from us. You can ask them or us for more details. Make sure any information listed in any quote provided remains accurate and if not, please change it on our website or you can contact us .

travel insurance already away

Should you get travel insurance if you have credit card protection?

Katie Genter

Editor's Note

Some credit cards offer built-in travel insurance as a cardholder benefit. And it may be tempting to rely on credit card travel protections instead of buying travel insurance. But, the entire point of travel insurance is to be covered if something goes wrong. So, you may be wondering whether you should buy travel insurance even if your credit card offers travel protection.

There isn't one answer that fits every traveler or situation. So in this guide, we'll explore some aspects you should consider, and I'll discuss my take on this topic. Let's dive in so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

Travel insurance you can buy

At a high level, you can pay a relatively small premium (compared to the total cost of your trip) to buy a travel insurance policy that may provide reimbursement or coverage for unexpected issues that affect your trip.

Many different types of protections fall under the term "travel insurance." Standard, comprehensive insurance policies typically include broad coverage across various potential issues.

travel insurance already away

But there are also policies that offer specific coverage. For example, it's possible to purchase travel insurance that only provides medical protection for international travel (such as GeoBlue ). Likewise, you can also purchase policies that allow you to select the protections you need (such as the build-your-own option with American Express Travel Insurance ).

We've previously compared the best travel insurance policies and providers . So, check out that guide to find the provider and policy that fits your needs best. You can also check a travel insurance aggregator to compare different policies quickly.

Most travel insurance policies exclude any loss incurred due to a preexisting medical condition. However, many policies include a process to obtain a waiver of the preexisting condition exclusion if you meet specific requirements. These requirements typically include purchasing the policy shortly after the first nonrefundable trip payment or deposit and being medically able to travel when you buy the policy. Some companies also require you to insure your trip's full, prepaid, nonrefundable cost to be eligible.

Likewise, all travel insurance policies have several exclusions. For example, most plans exclude medical benefits for injuries during adventure activities such as skydiving or skiing outside maintained trails.

Related: 7 things to look out for when buying travel insurance, according to an expert

Credit card travel protections

Some cards don't provide any special travel protections. But, many of the best travel rewards cards offer travel protections. Here's a look at our guides about some of the most common credit card travel protections:

  • Trip delay reimbursement
  • Baggage delay reimbursement
  • Trip cancellation and interruption insurance
  • Travel accident and emergency evacuation insurance

travel insurance already away

Check out our guide to the best cards that offer travel protections for more details on what card might be best for you. I also recommend reading the guide to benefits for your specific cards, as these documents will detail exactly what protections you can expect when you purchase travel with your card.

Note that some benefits require you to enroll — and virtually all require a formal claim process, with no reimbursement guarantee.

Related: Getting credit card travel insurance to cover the change fee on my Disney cruise

When to purchase travel insurance

Even if you have a credit card that offers travel protection, you may still want to purchase travel insurance for some trips. Here are some scenarios and trips for which it may make sense to purchase travel insurance.

travel insurance already away

Travel protections aren't offered

As discussed above, not all travel credit cards provide extensive travel protections when you book travel using the card. So, if you're using a card without travel protections or a card that only offers limited travel protections, you may want to purchase travel insurance .

Related: The best credit cards for booking flights

Some travelers aren't covered

Just because a card offers travel protections doesn't mean everyone traveling with you will be covered. In particular, travel protections usually only extend to select relatives of the cardholder. Your credit card's travel insurance may not cover friends, employees and all relatives.

Related: Who is covered by your credit card travel insurance?

Adventure activities

If you plan to partake in an activity that most insurance policies exclude, you may want to purchase a travel insurance policy that explicitly includes your activity of choice.

For example, many policies exclude adventure sports like base jumping, sky diving, free soloing, diving, mountaineering and paragliding. You may want to consider purchasing insurance from an association involved in your adventure activity, such as Divers Alert Network (DAN) if you're a diver or German Alpine Group (DAV) if you partake in alpine sports.

You're concerned about preexisting conditions

travel insurance already away

Most credit card trip interruption and cancellation insurance benefits exclude cancellations or interruptions caused by a sudden recurrence of a preexisting condition. So, you'll want to purchase travel insurance — and ensure you satisfy the provider's preexisting condition exclusion waiver conditions — if you want trip cancellation and interruption insurance that covers preexisting conditions.

Related: 7 times your credit card's travel insurance might not cover you

Nonmedical evacuation insurance

If you want evacuation insurance for nonmedical reasons, you should purchase travel insurance that offers this coverage even if you have a credit card with evacuation insurance .

Read the benefits guide closely, as evacuation benefits may not cover every evacuation you might need. For example, some policies don't cover evacuation from an area with a travel warning when you booked your trip or evacuation from a place suddenly inaccessible due to a landslide or other environmental incident.

Related: A Medjet medical transport membership is different from travel insurance

Cancel for any reason

Suppose you are uncertain whether you'll be able to take your trip, and you're worried that applicable credit card trip protections won't reimburse you if you decide to cancel or interrupt for a reason that isn't covered. In that case, you may want to purchase cancel for any reason trip insurance .

Related: 6 truths and myths about cancel for any reason travel insurance

You want peace of mind

Some travelers prefer to buy travel insurance — for each trip or via an annual travel insurance plan — for the peace of mind that having a travel insurance policy brings. Especially given the issues travelers have faced with a specific credit card insurance provider , it may be worth buying a travel insurance plan if you don't feel confident your credit card travel insurance and individual health insurance will combine to provide enough coverage during your trip.

Related: Here's why I buy an annual travel insurance policy, even though my credit cards offer travel protections

When credit card travel protections may be enough

Suppose you don't fall into any of the categories above and use one of the best credit cards with travel insurance when making travel purchases. In that case, you may determine that credit card protections are enough for some (or all) of your trips. However, I only recommend relying on credit card protections if you also have health insurance that will provide adequate coverage at your destination.

travel insurance already away

Below is a collection of reasons you can rely on credit card protections instead of purchasing independent travel insurance. If some (or most) of these reasons apply to your trip, it may be reasonable for you to rely on credit card protections instead of buying travel insurance:

  • You have personal health insurance that will cover you on your trip, even if treatment is out of network at your destination
  • You book your trip with a credit card that provides travel insurance
  • You have a credit card that provides medical evacuation benefits during your trip
  • You make refundable travel plans that you can cancel for little or no fee
  • You tend to change your plans frequently or book travel at the last minute
  • You have an emergency fund that can cover unexpected expenses if needed
  • You have airline miles or transferable points you can use to leave the area or return home if needed.
  • You avoid especially high-risk activities and destinations

The decision of whether to buy travel insurance is complex and personal. If you don't feel confident that your credit card protections and individual health insurance will provide adequate coverage, it's likely worth buying travel insurance.

Related: Why you might want to get a premium credit card instead of purchasing travel insurance

Why credit card travel insurance is usually enough for me

After researching the best travel insurance policies and providers , I purchased travel insurance for one specific trip because I wanted political evacuation coverage.

travel insurance already away

But for most of my trips, credit card protections and individual health insurance provide enough coverage for me. After all, my travel usually looks like the following:

  • My flights are often award flights that I can cancel and redeposit free of charge — or ones that carry minimal change and cancellation fees
  • My lodging can almost always be canceled without a penalty until shortly before my stay
  • If I book a tour or activity, it's usually within a few days of said tour or activity (or offers free cancellation)
  • My health insurance provides out-of-network coverage outside the U.S., so travel insurance would only pay for my deductible. In addition, my out-of-pocket maximum for out-of-network care is low enough to cover using my emergency fund
  • I book flights and pay for the taxes and fees for award flights using the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card , which provides excellent travel protections for a $95 annual fee card
  • I have ample airline miles and transferable points that I can use to cover last-minute one-way flights if needed

As you can see, the benefits of purchasing travel insurance would be minimal for most of my trips. The travel protections I use most are trip delay protection and baggage delay protection , both of which the Ink Business Preferred Credit Card provides when I use it to pay for my flights.

Related: Why the Chase Sapphire Reserve and Ink Business Preferred combo is perfect for couples who travel

Bottom line

As you book trips, you may wonder whether you should purchase travel insurance. One way to decide is to consider whether you'd be adequately covered without purchasing travel insurance if the worst happens.

If you're willing and able to cover the costs in this situation — or you feel confident you'd be adequately covered by your credit card's travel protections and health insurance — then you may want to proceed without buying travel insurance. Otherwise, I recommend purchasing a travel insurance policy shortly after you make the initial payment for your trip.

After a last-minute flight cancellation last year, I'm making travel insurance a priority this summer

Affiliate links for the products on this page are from partners that compensate us (see our advertiser disclosure with our list of partners for more details). However, our opinions are our own. See how we rate insurance products to write unbiased product reviews.

  • When my flight was canceled last year, I had to get a layover and lost my more expensive seat.
  • This year, I'm getting travel insurance, which will cover me if my flight is canceled.
  • My travel insurance was just $36, and I'll get hundreds back if something goes wrong.

Insider Today

Last year, I got the chance to attend the charity video game marathon Summer Games Done Quick in person for the first time. I had been a longtime viewer of the event through its online streams, and I was excited to finally go there in person.

The event was held in downtown Minneapolis, and I decided to fly there from my home in Virginia. I knew that travel insurance was valuable, but I opted to forgo it. I've never felt comfortable squeezing into most airplane seats, and I was happy to pay a bit extra for several more inches of legroom, but I didn't really want another expense on top of that.

That turned out to be a big mistake.

My flight got canceled at the last minute

Games Done Quick — which hosts two major events each year, one in the winter and one in the summer — is a weeklong event raising money for charity, running from the afternoon on a Sunday to the end of the following Saturday. I planned on flying out on Saturday and returning on Monday, so I'd have a little bit of time to get settled in before the event started and time to recuperate once it was over, and I had direct flights for both legs of the trip.

The first leg of the trip went great. I arrived right on time, and I caught a ride to the hotel where one of several friends I was sharing a room with had already checked in. I had a great week, even if my sleep schedule suffered. And I figured since I'd given myself an extra day after the end of the event to recover, I'd be fully refreshed once I got back home. When Sunday rolled around and the final tally for the event came in — over $2.2 million raised for Doctors Without Borders — I was sad that the week was over but ready to get home.

On Monday morning, while I was packing, I got an email letting me know that my flight had been canceled, and the flight suggested as a replacement wouldn't leave until Tuesday. There was no way that would work. Thankfully, the employee I spoke to over the phone was very helpful, but the only available flight had a long layover in Dallas — and no open seats in the section I had originally planned on sitting in.

I didn't really have much of a choice at that point. I couldn't spring for a last-minute extra night at a hotel. I had to take the layover and sacrifice the leg room.

This year, I'm getting travel insurance

I was thankful to finally get home close to midnight, but I was barely functional the next day, and I was frustrated that there wasn't a better solution. The fee for the section where I had booked my ticket wasn't very expensive at $43, but it was less about the money and more about the fact that I had more or less been locked into a bad deal with no real way out.

That's why, when I bought my plane tickets for this year's event, I opted to get travel insurance. I booked my flight through Delta, and while checking out, the website quoted a price of $36 for Allianz travel insurance . I opted to take that offer.

My coverage includes up to $300 if my trip is delayed, and I can get a full refund if it's canceled. If I have another flight cancellation, instead of having to take whatever replacement is available to me, I'll be able to take some time to figure out my best option. My travel insurance also means the trip is fully covered if it's canceled outright due to illness, and I'm also covered if my luggage is lost or damaged.

Obviously, there's never any guarantee that travel will go perfectly — any number of unforeseen problems could make a trip go poorly, and travel insurance won't cover all of them. But there's nothing quite as frustrating as a last-minute flight mishap, and I'm relieved to know that if anything goes wrong, I'll have a bit more leeway to make sure I'm getting the best solution.

travel insurance already away

Watch: Thousands of bags pile up at US airports after flight cancellations

travel insurance already away

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What to Know Before Buying Travel Insurance for Cancer Patients

Alisha McDarris

Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This influences which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. Here is a list of our partners and here's how we make money .

Table of Contents

Can travel insurance cover people with cancer?

Who needs a pre-existing medical condition waiver, how to choose among travel insurance companies, companies that offer travel insurance with cancer coverage, other tips for getting insurance for your trip, travel insurance for cancer patients recapped.

Most plans with pre-existing medical condition coverage require purchase within 20 days of an initial trip deposit.

Generally, non-emergency care and/or expected complications as a result of your diagnosis won’t be covered.

Different companies sell plans with different coverage limits. Read the fine print.

Finding the best travel insurance for your trip can be tricky, even more so if you’re planning a trip and have a pre-existing medical condition like cancer, as some plans don’t cover issues that might arise as a result of this diagnosis (or may limit coverage to specific situations).

Fortunately, you can still enjoy the peace of mind that travel insurance offers, even if you have a medical condition.

Here’s what to know about travel insurance for cancer patients, including what it covers, how it works and which insurance companies have suitable plans.

» Learn more: What to know before buying travel insurance

Travel insurance protects against financial losses and other risks from unexpected events that occur when traveling. Policies cover the expenses and inconveniences incurred from delayed flights, canceled reservations, lost or delayed luggage, injuries and even illness.

That said, not every illness is covered, as not every policy offers protection for those with pre-existing medical conditions.

Within the umbrella of coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, cancer patients are wise to scout out policies that cover cancer-related treatment during a trip. In the off chance that you need unexpected care because of your condition — or perhaps you need to cancel your trip or cut it short due to medical reasons — you want to be able to be reimbursed for all the payments you've made so far.

Most of the time, non-emergency care and/or expected complications that are a result of your diagnosis won’t be covered.

Without coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, companies will not likely reimburse you for emergency expenses, medical care, last-minute flights home or any other trip interruptions/cancellations due to your medical status.

Understanding how this sort of coverage works is important because not every traveler qualifies for a pre-existing medical condition waiver when it comes to obtaining travel insurance with cancer.

Requirements vary from one insurance company to another, so always make sure to read the fine print and details of your particular policy before purchasing.

But in general, you’ll likely need to meet at least one of these conditions:

You’ve had to seek medical care and/or received a diagnosis or treatment within a certain number of days before purchasing your policy.

You’re taking doctor-prescribed medication.

You’ve exhibited symptoms.

As far as the policy itself is concerned, a few more limitations may apply to qualify for the waiver, such as:

Your policy must cover the full purchase cost of your trip.

You bought your policy within a certain number of days of making your first paid booking or reservation (the exact number varies from company to company).

You were OK to travel, medically speaking, when you purchased the policy. 

» Learn more : Can I get travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions?

When it comes time to purchase a travel insurance plan, start by comparing options from multiple companies. If in doubt, reach out to the company’s customer service team for clarification. Each company is different and has different requirements and limitations.

» JUMP to learn more about companies to consider

Once you've generated a quote, peruse individual plans from each company, focusing primarily on the details of pre-existing condition coverage. Also consider other helpful protections like cancellation coverage, trip delay or interruption coverage, lost luggage insurance and more.

When comparing policies, pay attention to coverage amounts to make sure what’s offered is enough to bring you peace of mind.

Make sure to start your search for travel insurance early, ideally within a few days of making your first booking, since pre-existing condition waivers often require early purchase — if you don’t buy a plan within a set amount of time (usually 14-20 days) after your initial trip booking, you may not qualify.

» Learn more: Trip cancellation insurance explained

To compare plans, we searched for coverage for a 45-year-old traveler from New York planning a weeklong trip to Portugal.

Travel Guard by AIG


  • Offers last-minute coverage.
  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Exclusion Waiver available at all plan levels.
  • Plan available for business travelers.
  • Cancel For Any reason coverage only available for higher-level plans, and only reimburses up to 50% of the trip cost.
  • Trip interruption coverage doesn't apply to trips paid for with points and miles.

NerdWallet analysis found Travel Guard by AIG offers top-notch coverage for travelers with pre-existing medical conditions.

Provider overview:

A pet bundle may be available as an upgrade if you’re traveling with a furry companion.

Cancel For Any Reason coverage is offered as an optional add-on, but only for some plans, and it only covers 50 percent of your trip cost (versus the more typical 75%).

» Learn more : AIG Travel Guard insurance review: What to know

Allianz Travel


  • Annual or single-trip policies are available.
  • Multiple types of insurance available.
  • All plans include access to a 24/7 assistance hotline.
  • More expensive than average.
  • CFAR upgrades are not available.
  • Rental car protection is only available by adding the One Trip Rental Car protector to your plan or by purchasing a standalone rental car plan.

For pre-existing conditions to be covered with Allianz Travel plans, you’ll have to purchase one within 14 days of your first trip-related payment.

Most plans include pre-existing medical conditions automatically.

Emergency medical transportation is a separate benefit from emergency medical, which may be beneficial if costly air or ground transport is required to get you to a hospital.

Plans include coverage to help cover redeposit fees if you booked travel with points or miles and had to cancel travel for a covered reason. 

Emergency medical coverage is low, comparatively speaking, considering the cost of plans.

» Learn more : Allianz Travel insurance review: Is it worth it?

Seven Corners


  • Annual, medical-only and backpacker plans are available.
  • Cancel For Any Reason upgrade is available for the cheapest plan.
  • Cheapest plan also features a much less costly Interruption for Any Reason add-on.
  • Offers only one annual policy option.

With high coverages for accident and sickness medical expenses in a premium plan, this insurance is a good option for those worried about bills they may rack up if they need to seek medical care abroad. You will need to purchase coverage within 20 days of your first trip booking to qualify for pre-existing condition coverage.

Provider overview :

Offers an annual multi-trip plan that includes coverage for pre-existing conditions after it’s been active for 60 days.

Several other plans offer coverage for pre-existing conditions automatically: Trip Protection Elite, Trip Protection Choice and Trip Protection U.S.A.

Cancel For Any Reason coverage is also available as an add-on with the Trip Protection Elite plan.

More budget-friendly economy plans don’t include pre-existing conditions waivers or CFAR upgrades.

» Learn more : Seven Corners travel insurance review: Is it worth the cost?

Travelex Insurance Services


  • Top-tier plan doesn’t break the bank and provides more customization opportunities.
  • Offers a plan specifically for domestic travel.
  • Sells a post-departure medical coverage plan.
  • Fewer customization opportunities on the Basic plan.
  • Though perhaps a plus for domestic travelers, keep in mind the Travel America plan only covers domestic trips.

While Travelex Insurance Plans plans that cover pre-existing conditions may be more expensive than some of the options listed here, plans tend to be comprehensive. Plus there are plenty of add-ons available that may help build the perfect protection for you and your trip. You must purchase your policy within 15 days of your first travel booking and payment (three days for US-based travel).

Children accompanying you on your travels are included in the pricing of the Travel Select plan.

You have the option to double your medical coverage with a Medical Expense Coverage upgrade.

You can upgrade your plan to include an adventure sports package.

Not all policies include coverage for pre-existing conditions.

» Learn more : Travelex travel insurance: What to know

Before you start packing, here are some other tips for procuring travel insurance for those with cancer:

Check to see if you already have a credit card that offers trip insurance . While your pre-existing condition may not be covered via your card, you could potentially pair your card's existing coverage with a more basic/economy third-party plan that includes pre-existing conditions coverage.

Even if you don’t have the whole trip booked and paid for, make sure you purchase coverage in the amount of everything you’ve paid for so far within the purchasing window for pre-existing coverage. If you make more reservations later, you’ll have to update your policy coverage amount at that time, usually within a set amount of days. Read your policy info for time limits.

Choose the best policy for you based on not just the policy cost, but also what you need and what is covered.

If you have cancer, travel insurance can seem complicated. Indeed, it’s important to make sure the coverage you select will take care of you should you need it. As long as you understand the requirements of selecting a plan and what it does and doesn’t cover, you can still find a policy that works for you.

How to maximize your rewards

You want a travel credit card that prioritizes what’s important to you. Here are some of the best travel credit cards of 2024 :

Flexibility, point transfers and a large bonus: Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

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Trump Has Been Convicted. Here’s What Happens Next.

Donald J. Trump has promised to appeal, but he may face limits on his ability to travel and to vote as he campaigns for the White House.

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Donald J. Trump in a dark suit, red tie and white shirt.

By Jesse McKinley and Maggie Astor

  • May 30, 2024

The conviction of former President Donald J. Trump on Thursday is just the latest step in his legal odyssey in New York’s court system. The judge, Juan M. Merchan, set Mr. Trump’s sentencing for July 11, at which point he could be sentenced to as much as four years behind bars, or to probation.

It won’t stop him from running for president, though: There is no legal prohibition on felons doing that . No constitutional provision would stop him even from serving as president from a prison cell, though in practice that would trigger a crisis that courts would almost certainly have to resolve.

His ability to vote — for himself, presumably — depends on whether he is sentenced to prison. Florida, where he is registered, requires felons convicted there to complete their full sentence, including parole or probation, before regaining voting rights. But when Floridians are convicted in another state, Florida defers to the laws of that state, and New York disenfranchises felons only while they are in prison.

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The Trump Manhattan Criminal Verdict, Count By Count

Former President Donald J. Trump faced 34 felony charges of falsifying business records, related to the reimbursement of hush money paid to the porn star Stormy Daniels in order to cover up a sex scandal around the 2016 presidential election.

“Because Florida recognizes voting rights restoration in the state of conviction, and because New York’s law states that those with a felony conviction do not lose their right to vote unless they are incarcerated during the election, then Trump will not lose his right to vote in this case unless he is in prison on Election Day,” said Blair Bowie, a lawyer at the Campaign Legal Center, a nonprofit watchdog group.

Mr. Trump will almost certainly appeal his conviction, after months of criticizing the case and attacking the Manhattan district attorney, who brought it, and Justice Merchan, who presided over his trial.

Long before that appeal is heard, however, Mr. Trump will be enmeshed in the gears of the criminal justice system.

A pre-sentencing report makes recommendations based on the defendant’s criminal record — Mr. Trump had none before this case — as well as his personal history and the crime itself. The former president was found guilty of falsifying business records in relation to a $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels, a porn star who says she had a brief sexual tryst with Mr. Trump in 2006, in order to buy her silence.

At the pre-sentence interview, a psychologist or social worker working for the probation department may also talk to Mr. Trump, during which time the defendant can “try to make a good impression and explain why he or she deserves a lighter punishment,” according to the New York State Unified Court System.

The pre-sentencing report can also include submissions from the defense, and may describe whether “the defendant is in a counseling program or has a steady job.”

In Mr. Trump’s case, of course, he is applying — as it were — for a steady job as president of the United States, a campaign that may be complicated by his new status as a felon. Mr. Trump will likely be required to regularly report to a probation officer, and rules on travel could be imposed.

Mr. Trump was convicted of 34 Class E felonies, New York’s lowest level , each of which carry a potential penalty of up to four years in prison. Probation or home confinement are other possibilities that Justice Merchan can consider.

That said, Justice Merchan has indicated in the past that he takes white-collar crime seriously . If he did impose prison time, he would likely impose the punishment concurrently, meaning that Mr. Trump would serve time on each of the counts he was convicted of simultaneously.

If Mr. Trump were instead sentenced to probation, he could still be jailed if he were later found to have committed additional crimes. Mr. Trump, 77, currently faces three other criminal cases: two federal, dealing with his handling of classified documents and his efforts to overturn the 2020 election , and a state case in Georgia that concerns election interference.

Mr. Trump’s lawyers can file a notice of appeal after sentencing, scheduled for July 11 at 10 a.m. And the judge could stay any punishment during an appeal, something that could delay punishment beyond Election Day.

The proceedings will continue even if he wins: Because it’s a state case, not federal, Mr. Trump would have no power as president to pardon himself .

Jesse McKinley is a Times reporter covering upstate New York, courts and politics. More about Jesse McKinley

Maggie Astor covers politics for The New York Times, focusing on breaking news, policies, campaigns and how underrepresented or marginalized groups are affected by political systems. More about Maggie Astor

Our Coverage of the Trump Hush-Money Trial

Guilty Verdict : Donald Trump was convicted on all 34 counts  of falsifying records to cover up a sex scandal that threatened his bid for the White House in 2016, making him the first American president to be declared a felon .

What Happens Next: Trump’s sentencing hearing on July 11 will trigger a long and winding appeals process , though he has few ways to overturn the decision .

Reactions: Trump’s conviction reverberated quickly across the country  and around the world . Here’s what voters , New Yorkers , Republicans , Trump supporters  and President Biden  had to say.

The Presidential Race : The political fallout of Trump’s conviction is far from certain , but the verdict will test America’s traditions, legal institutions and ability to hold an election under historic partisan tension .

Making the Case: Over six weeks and the testimony of 20 witnesses, the Manhattan district attorney’s office wove a sprawling story  of election interference and falsified business records.

Legal Luck Runs Out: The four criminal cases that threatened Trump’s freedom had been stumbling along, pleasing his advisers. Then his good fortune expired .


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