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June’s Journey Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Solve All Mysteries

By: Author Rachel Robbins

Posted on Last updated: February 16, 2024

Everyone loves a good mystery. There’s undoubtedly a measure of excitement in trying to solve crimes, ghost sightings, or other events that need more than commonplace logic to be explained. Mysteries beget intrigue, and humans are inherently drawn toward strange happenings if only to satisfy our curiosity and break the monotony of the everyday.

It’s why cartoons like Scooby Doo or shows like CSI , Ghost Hunters , or even Ancient Aliens have become such hits, there’s always an element of mystery to them, a puzzle that needs to be solved, a story to be unraveled. Of course, one cannot discount the importance of the Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew books, which have given readers the chance to step into these mysterious stories long before they’ve become staples of the big screen.

It’s no surprise then that games like June’s Journey can deftly pull players into a world of intrigue, romance, and crime. Set in the roaring ’20s, June’s Journey is a hidden objects game wherein you’re presented with a scene and are tasked to find objects corresponding to a set of words. The mechanics of the game seem simple enough at the onset, but there’s more to it than meets the eye, just like the mystery surrounding the deaths of June’s sister Clare and Clare’s husband, Harry.

june's journey cover

Before giving an overview of how the game is played, let’s first talk about the story in which the game revolves so we can have some context into June’s motivation, which, by extension, also serves as your motivation as the player: June’s Journey begins with June Parker receiving news that her sister Clare had been killed by her husband, Harry, just before Harry himself committed suicide.

With their teenage daughter Viriginia left in the estate, June takes it upon herself to travel to her late sister’s house, which also happens to be the scene of the crime. Here, June discovers that her hunch had been right: that there was something awfully suspicious about the circumstances surrounding her sister and brother-in-law’s deaths. Though without any experience as a detective, June has nevertheless made up her mind to find out what truly happened to Clare and Harry.

june's journey 2

Determined to get to the bottom of things, June sets off to find more clues, and this is where you, as the player, will come in.

In following the story, you will be, as mentioned, provided with scenes containing a set of words that pertain to specific objects found in that particular scene. Some of these objects can be easily spotted while others are hidden, testing your observation skills. Your goal is to find all the objects until every word in the list has been crossed out.

june's journey 3

In some cases, an object included in that list is a clue that drives the story forward. Every time you play a round of a specific scene, the list of words and objects you have to find will change.

june's journey 4

For every object that you click correctly, you stand to gain multipliers that will give you bonus points. The faster you click on the right objects, the higher the multipliers and your score will be.

june's journey 5

Scores are calculated based on your speed, accuracy, and whether or not you’ve availed of hints. Using hints will decrease your score.

Scenes are considered as levels and playing a single round will require you to spend energy. Completing a round will earn you points that can gain you stars. Each level has a maximum of 5 stars, which will earn you Mastery of that level. There are multiple levels in each chapter and you may only proceed to the next chapter if you’ve achieved all its requirements, which may consist of stars and flowers.

june's journey 6

If stars can be earned by mastering a level, flowers can be earned by buying decor for Orchid Island, which is where Clare’s estate is. As June, you’ve become the unofficial caretaker of the estate. Every piece of decor costs a varying amount of coins, which can be earned by completing rounds. Placing certain types of decor will also yield a varying amount of flowers. Aside from being used to access new chapters, flowers are also needed to level up your overall account. Increasing your account level will grant you access to more decor, more levels, more chapters, and so on.

june's journey 7

The estate itself, which is considered an individual building, can be leveled up. Completing rounds may get you construction materials, which are necessary for the upgrade. Only specific decor can be leveled up, which can yield flowers after the upgrade has been completed. Buildings also passively produce coins, which can be collected after a waiting period.

june's journey 8

Additionally, you may eventually expand accessible spots in Orchid Island when you collect compasses, which are used in exchange for expanding your plot. Reaching certain chapters in the main story or getting enough stars will also grant you access to different places around Orchid Island, such as the lighthouse, the hangar, or the shipyard.

june's journey 9

Of course, you can get all of these rewards and open up more locations when you play the main hidden objects game following Clare and Harry’s murder mystery. But while the mechanics of the game sound rather simple, just find an object and click on it, it’s a lot more challenging than you might think.

With our beginner’s guide for June’s Journey, we’ll teach you some tricks to find objects in the fastest way possible, as well as tips to get those high scores, not waste a drop of energy, and decorate Orchid Island into a vintage paradise that will be the envy of your neighbors, and solve the murder mystery along the way, of course.

Spend Your Energy Well

june's journey 10

As we mentioned earlier, playing a round will always require energy. As a beginner, you have roughly a maximum of 110 energy points. Each round costs a minimum of 15 energy points. Depending on how well you do in a round, you can either gain a star or portion of a star.

This means that if a level has a maximum of 5 stars to achieve Mastery, you likely have to play it more than 5 times as completing a round does not automatically mean gaining 1 whole star. Sometimes, you might gain only 12% of a star or 30% of a star.

Again, it depends on how quickly and accurately you find all the objects included in the word set. If you do extremely well in a round, perhaps even get a “Perfect” rating, then you might be able to get, say, 50% of a star.

However, if you do poorly, you might get only 12% of a star, for example. If you consistently get low percentages, this basically means that you’re spending a lot of energy without getting much in return. Additionally, 1 energy point regenerates every 2 minutes so waiting times can feel quite lengthy.

This brings us to the two ways you may choose to approach the game so you can allocate energy points in the most productive way: you can either gain mastery of one level at a time or find all the clues first to complete a whole chapter.

What difference do these two approaches make? They both have their pros and cons and here’s what sets them apart:

Gaining Mastery of a Level First

june's journey 11

Gaining Mastery of one level means earning all 5 stars for that level. Again, this will likely take more than 5 rounds as the game doesn’t seem to let you earn 1 whole star with every round, even if you do manage to get a “Perfect” rating.

This can seem a little tedious at first, but the advantage of gaining Mastery of a level is that you’re only focused on one scene and though there will be objects added to it every time you play a round, you’ve already become familiar with most of where the objects are hidden that you’re more likely to get Perfect ratings even if the difficulty increases. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, so playing a level over and over to earn all 5 stars is definitely good practice.

Eventually, you would become quite familiar with the scene and the locations of objects that you’ll complete rounds faster without using hints. This then maximizes the energy you spend. Additionally, after attaining Mastery of a level, you get to open a 5-Star Box, which often contains Rare, Marvelous, and Special items.

The downside to this approach, however, is that the story won’t progress as fast and you won’t be able to unlock other areas in Orchid Island until later.

Finding Clues First

june's journey 12

On the other hand, you may opt to complete searching for clues first then moving on to the next level instead of earning Mastery for one level. The way the game works is that in every level, you get to find 2 clues, the first of which you’ll encounter upon starting the level and the second when you’ve reached a certain number of stars for that scene.

Once you’ve found all the clues, you may unlock the next level (provided you also have enough of the flowers required) and proceed to play that scene. The advantage to this is that you’ll be able to drive the story forward and unlock more levels, chapters, and other features of the game such as unlockable locations around Orchid Island.

The downside is that most of the time, accessing the final level of a chapter requires a certain number of stars, which you’ll have to earn from previous levels. This means you may have to gain a Mastery rating of certain levels anyway.

Between these two approaches, gaining Mastery of each level may be the more productive approach when it comes to maximizing your energy points. It might seem slow in terms of story progression, but you won’t have to worry about going back to previous levels and trying to reacquaint yourself with a specific scene all over again.

You only have to focus on one scene at a time, raising your chances of getting a high score and Perfect ratings since you’re already familiar with the objects that can be found in the scene. Additionally, stars (alongside compasses) are also required to expand the plot around your estate, which is surrounded by fog. Certain decor items may also be unlocked when you earn a number of stars.

That said, you can consider gaining Mastery as the slow but steady approach that will ultimately lead to more rewards in the long run. All you need to do is be patient about your progression.

Thoroughly Study the Scene

june's journey 13

As mentioned, high scores for each round depend on how quickly and accurately you find the right objects in a scene. During your first few tries, this can seem a little difficult and may take some time getting used to.

Many objects are cleverly hidden wherein some are shrouded in shadows, placed behind a more prominent object, or look as though they’re part of what our vision perceives as the background. Thus, you need to thoroughly study the scene to become familiar with what objects it contains from the get-go. But how exactly do you do that? Here are a few tips we’d like you to consider: 

Pick the Image Apart

The first time you encounter a particular scene, you’ll be given an overall view of what it looks like. You’ll quite literally get to see the entire picture but not all the details, at least, not immediately. Upon encountering a scene, we strongly recommend zooming into it first before clicking on any object as listed in the word set.

june's journey 14

This is because clicking an object automatically begins the round, and how fast you find objects will be taken into account when tallying up your final score. Thus, it’s better to pick the image apart first before beginning the round so you don’t waste time zooming the picture in and out when the invisible timer has begun.

When zooming into portions of the scene, try to be methodical about it. One thing you can do is try to imagine lines dividing the picture into several parts. Let’s take this scene for example:

june's journey 15

As you can see from the image above, we’ve divided the scene into three. Let’s look at the rightmost portion first. The most obvious objects are the big ones or those closest to the foreground, so take note of those first:

june's journey 16

Smaller objects which may be mistaken as part of the background or can be easily overlooked include:

june's journey 17

  • Easel on the balcony
  • Water tower beside the trees
  • Crown on top of the fountain

At the center portion, the most obvious objects may include:

june's journey 18

  • Hanging flowers
  • Flower bush

Further breaking the image into smaller objects, we can see the following:

june's journey 19

  • Lights on the second floor
  • Clock on top of the front door
  • Heart shapes on the front door
  • Horn at the side of the car
  • Steps to the entrance
  • Golden decor on the balcony

The left side of the image also has a lot of small things that may be included in the word set:

june's journey 20

  • Basket on top of the car
  • A stack of books on top of a suitcase
  • Flowers of different colors
  • Foggy windows from the car
  • Small balcony
  • Exclamation point

You might think that the last item sounds strange, but there will be times when numbers, shapes, and even Zodiac symbols will be part of the word set. This is why it’s important to take note of every small detail that you come across since they might be included as an object you have to find.

Take your time when doing this and go back and forth zooming in and out of the scene until you have a good grasp of all the objects you can possibly recognize. Don’t start until you’re confident that you’ve managed to discern most, if not all, objects in the scene.   

Take Note of Additional Items

Apart from recognizing hidden objects, the other challenging aspect in this game is that every round you play may have other objects added to what you’ve already encountered. Take for example these two images below:

june's journey 21

It can be rather subtle, but the scene on the right has more objects in it, any one of which may be included in that round’s word set. This brings us back to our first tip, wherein it’s a good idea to pick the image apart as thoroughly as you can.

Additionally, you need to treat each round as though you’re encountering a new scene since objects will occasionally be added or even removed from it. Reacquaint yourself with the scene each time you play it and take note of what’s been added or what’s been removed. This way, you don’t get caught off-guard when a new word suddenly springs up from the word set. 

Remember the Words and Their Locations

Now it can be extremely difficult to memorize each and every object in every scene. Fortunately, some words get repeated, allowing you to better remember the object corresponding to this word.

Aside from just knowing what the object looks like, also take note of its general location. Keep in mind that you have about 2 to 3 seconds before bonus multipliers disappear, which may be enough time to find a specific object when you know its general location.

As for encountering new words in the set, their location might not always be where you expect as some objects are placed in spots that don’t always make sense, like a letter M on a fireplace…

june's journey 22

… or a figure eight on a sofa.

june's journey 23

If you’ve zoomed in and out of the scene before beginning the round, these odd locations can work as markers that will help you remember an object’s general location better.

Don’t Just Click Objects at Random

You might think that it’s a clever move to just start clicking at random and hope to find the object indicated in the word set, especially if you’ve been staring at the scene for what feels like ages. Surely, you’re bound to get lucky and click on the correct object, right?

While that may be somewhat true, keep in mind that accuracy is also taken into account when tallying your overall score. This means that for every mistaken click, you lose points.

june's journey 24

How many points are lost seem to be arbitrary, but suffice it that they do affect your final score, thus lowering your chances of getting a high percentage when it comes to earning stars. That said, it may be better to lose just speed points instead of losing both speed and accuracy points. After all, you’ve already spent some time trying to find the object that you might as well click on the right thing.

Use Hints Only When Necessary

Sometimes, there’s just that one object you can’t seem to find in the scene. You’ve zoomed in and out of the image, stared intently at the picture, but this particular object remains hidden from view. In this case, you may click the hint button, which is the light bulb on the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Upon clicking the hint button, it will illuminate the object you’re looking for, allowing you to spot it. Below is one case where we used the hint button because the chapel was extremely difficult to see and looked deceptively part of the background.

june's journey 25

Of course, using hints will decrease your overall score. You may use hints multiple times but the button has a waiting period before it can be used again. That said, use hints only when absolutely necessary. If you really can’t find the object, then it may be time to use a hint, especially if it’s the last item on the word set.

Similarly, you may want to use the hint button if the last word on the list is one you’ve yet to encounter and you don’t want to lose the speed multiplier bonus. Click the hint button just before the multiplier bonus appears so you can still at least have a decent high score even if some points will be deducted.

Don’t Expect Items to Look the Way You Imagined

As we’ve mentioned earlier, June’s Journey is set in the 1920s, so characters, scenes, and other features of the game are all made to align with this era’s vintage aesthetic. This poses a new challenge as objects from the word list might not look like the way you imagined.

For instance, in Chapter 1, in the Old Garden Gate (Level 4), you might be asked to find a thermometer. Of course, our idea of a thermometer looks different from the way it used to in the 1920s. This is how it’s presented in the Old Garden Gate:

june's journey 26

You’ll encounter a similar instance in Chapter 2, when you play the scene for Harry’s Yacht (Level 7). Here’s how the thermometer in this scene looks like:

june's journey 27

Neither of these images look the same, and neither of them are likely familiar to people today, but both of these images will be listed as “thermometer” if they pop out on the word set.

On the other hand, you might encounter a word that may be totally unfamiliar to you. One example is, again, in Harry’s Yacht (Level 7), where the word “Amphora” might spring up. Amphora isn’t an everyday word so we had to use the hint button to find out where the corresponding object is. It turns out that an amphora is an ancient Greek or Roman jar with a narrow neck and two handles.

june's journey 28

Other times, the word included in the list can also be pretty vague or just simply isn’t what you’d expect. For instance, the word airplane or plane is something you might encounter once or twice, but it can mean either an actual plane, a paper plane, or even a poster of a plane.

The word star can mean a literal star in the sky, a carving shaped into a star, or even a starfish. Grapes can mean the literal fruit or might even pertain to stone grapes that are part of a statue or decor.

You won’t really be able to tell unless you’ve actually found the object for a particular scene so it’s best not to associate a certain word with what you might think it looks like since this can keep you from finding the right object when your eyes are looking for a specific appearance based on word-image association. As much as you can, keep both your eyes and your mind open to all sorts of possibilities so you can find the right objects even if they can be tricky.

Don’t Panic!

june's journey 29

Last but not least, panic is definitely your worst enemy! With the way the game operates, you’ll be put under time pressure not to break your streak and the pressure to click objects correctly every single instance just to get a high score and earn bigger portions of stars. You’ll soon discover, as we did, that the game can be a little stingy when it comes to earning stars.

In this case, panicking won’t help as it can sometimes lead to paralysis and you’ll lose the chance to find an object as opposed to when you approach a scene calmly and methodically. When you don’t know which object a specific word is referring to, leave that word for now and move on to the other two words flashed on the screen.

Find the objects that are most familiar to you or those whose locations or appearances you can remember best. Upon correctly finding an object, a new word will be flashed so you can turn your attention towards that first until such time you can focus on an object or objects you’re not familiar with.

Additionally, it’s easier to be calm and find the right objects when you’re in an environment that has minimal distractions. If you’re the type to concentrate better in a quiet place, play the game at a location without too much noise. You may even choose to mute the game altogether if you find the music distracting (although this is hardly the case as the music playing for each scene is rather soft and relaxing).

Also, try not to play when you’re sleepy, if your eyes feel tired, or while you’re in a spot without ample light to avoid straining your vision. Your environment may play a significant role in keeping you calm and focused so it’s best to play in a setting that fosters these.

All in all, your performance in each round will rely on your skillfulness as an observer. It can take some time getting used to but it’ll be easier once you get the hang of things. Keep our tips in mind and don’t panic!

Claiming Rewards

june's journey 30

Though June’s Journey can be a little bit stingy when it comes to giving rewards, there are a few avenues in which you can get some extra coins, energy, and other items just by playing the main game. Here are a few of them:

Opening Boxes

june's journey 31

Occasionally, you’ll be able to earn both 1-star and 5-star boxes during and after playing scenes. Naturally, 1-star boxes typically give out common materials and are earned at random. On the other hand, 5-star boxes are usually earned after gaining Mastery of a level. Upon acquiring boxes, they’ll simply be kept unopened in your inventory so make sure to open them up when you’ve finished a round or have run out of energy to play.

Both 1-star and 5-star boxes have a varying chance of giving the following items:

  • Coins: Used to purchase decor for Orchid Island.
  • Gems: Used similarly as coins, but may also be spent for speedups and other purchases like decor.
  • Compass: Used in exchange for expanding plots in Orchid Island.
  • Energy: What you spend playing scenes.
  • Construction materials: Used to upgrade certain buildings and fixtures in Orchid Island.
  • Character cards: Can be collected so you can discover more about the characters indicated in cards. When you complete character cards, you’ll be able to play a mini game where you’ll put a fragmented picture of the character together.

Once you’ve acquired a number of these rewards, you may be able to play more scenes with additional energy, buy more decor, expand plots in Orchid Island, or get additional story-related information.

Daily Deliveries

june's journey 32

You can get random rewards from the Daily Deliveries every day you log into the game. Fortunately, the reward counter won’t reset if you forget to login and you’ll simply be able to claim the next delivery. Any of the items mentioned above can be earned through the Daily Deliveries. At the end of five days each week, you’ll be able to get a special prize and a fancy decor item by the end of 30 days.

Opening Mail

june's journey 33

There are times when you’ll receive letters from other characters, even those you might not have met yet. Included in these letters are small rewards such as a handful of coins. That said, check your mail from time to time in case you have a letter alongside a tiny reward.

Decorate and Expand Orchid Island

june's journey 34

Speaking of decoration and expansion, these are two important activities that you need to accomplish aside from playing scenes and finding clues. As we briefly mentioned in the beginning, decorating Orchid Island will let you earn flowers, which are needed to level up your overall account. Flowers are also required to unlock levels, particularly the last level of a chapter.

You can earn flowers by buying decor, which will often cost coins, though some can be acquired by spending gems. You will gradually unlock more decor when you keep playing scenes and earning stars.

june's journey 35

Some decor can be expensive but yield more flowers, while cheaper decor will only give you a handful of flowers. Often, decor that earns a lot of flowers will ask you to accomplish a long waiting period, which can last between 2 to 12 hours or much more.

Taking waiting times into account, it may be best to accumulate as many coins as you can so you can afford more expensive decor items instead of buying a multitude of cheaper ones. Basically, you can play the hidden objects game over and over to earn coins and open boxes, then buy the more costly decor by the end of the day so they’ll be ready the next time you log back into the game.

On the other hand, you can still buy cheaper decor if you only need a very small amount of flowers to level up your account or unlock a particular scene. This way, you don’t have to wait too long for just a handful of flowers to progress.

Upgrading your estate, too, requires a certain waiting period, but this is something you can start anytime, provided you have all the required construction materials. Upgrading your estate or other buildings like the fountain will take several hours so the earlier you can begin this, the better.

june's journey 36

When this is done, you’ll be able to collect extra coins from these spots. The higher the level of these buildings, the more coins you can get.

june's journey 37

Barring aside how many flowers you can earn, you can always just have fun decorating Orchid Island and the area surrounding your estate. Of course, you will need ample space to place all the decor you’ve bought, so don’t forget to click on the foggy areas to know how many stars and compasses you need to unlock those spots.

Each expandable spot requires a different number of compasses and stars so you technically can’t choose which foggy area you want to access first because of these varying requirements, unless you skip the expansion for one spot and pick the one you desire when you’ve earned enough stars and compasses for it. Otherwise, keep playing the hidden objects game and claiming rewards so you can accumulate expansion requirements.

june's journey 38

Similarly, progressing the main story by unlocking more chapters may also give you access to other spots in Orchid Island. For instance, you can start renovating the lighthouse when you reach Chapter 3. When you reach Chapter 7, you’ll be able to access the hangar to the west of the island.

Some other spots, on the other hand, will require the complete renovation of other areas to be accessed. For example, this cottage on the northeast side of the estate can only be accessed when the lighthouse has been completely renovated.

june's journey 39

On the other hand, the airplane on the east side can only be unlocked when you’ve earned 60 stars.

june's journey 40

Occasionally check what needs to be upgraded and renovated in Orchid Island so you can unlock more features and, consequently, more modes and rewards.

Complete Challenges and Tasks

As with any mobile game, tasks and challenges will spring up from time to time. These are avenues from which you can earn additional rewards apart from playing the main game. During our run, we were able to catch the event for the Elegant Gazebo, which is an exclusive decor piece you can gain by earning points from buying specific decor.

june's journey 41

Basically, you simply need to buy the decor indicated in the list to earn the Elegant Gazebo. Each time you buy these specific decor, you gain points that will fill up a bar. Once the bar has been filled, you’ll be rewarded the Elegant Gazebo, which will give you an extra 100 flowers.

june's journey 42

Similarly, we also caught the Help Wanted challenge, which is a set of tasks you can accomplish to earn rewards like energy or coins. Tasks can include just about anything, from finding a certain amount of hidden objects to playing a number of scenes, and so on.

june's journey 43

Frequently check which tasks are needed to be fulfilled so you can gain additional rewards. Don’t forget to claim these rewards as well so the task will refresh into a new one. Upon claiming rewards for a completed task, you will have to wait a few hours to view the new task, unless you watch an ad.

Watch Ads for Perks

Ah yes, ads, they’re a staple in mobile games. Though they can sometimes break your immersion from the game, ads in June’s Journey are helpful in that they offer a handful of perks in exchange for 30 to 45 seconds of watch time. Here are just some of the things that you can gain whenever you watch ads:

june's journey 44

  • Reduced energy expenditure: Before playing any scene, you can click on the purple button at the lower right-hand side of the screen so you can watch ads. Doing this will lessen the cost of playing scenes from 15 energy to just 10 energy for a duration of 10 minutes. Once your 10 minutes are up, you may watch another ad so you can bring the energy cost back down to 10 once more.

june's journey 45

  • Building renovation: Let’s say you’ve unlocked the lighthouse, which is in need of renovation. The only way you can actually renovate this spot is by watching ads. Depending on how far you’ve progressed into the renovation phase, you’ll need to watch a minimum of 1 to 2 ads. Once the renovation phase is completed, you’ll have to wait around 20 hours to be able to continue renovating the area. This way, you don’t have to watch ads continuously and the game actually gives you sort of a break from playing.

june's journey 46

  • Refresh tasks instantly: This one specifically applies to when you’ve encountered the Help Wanted challenge or other similar challenges. As we mentioned in the previous section, you’ll have to wait a couple of hours before you can view new tasks. However, you can skip this waiting time once you watch an ad for each new task you want to view instantly. Between waiting a couple of hours and watching a short ad, the latter sounds like a reasonable compromise so you can continue completing tasks and not waste energy without gaining additional rewards.

This brings us to the conclusion of our beginner’s guide for June’s Journey! Hopefully, our bag of tips and tricks are able to help you find objects faster, complete scenes with higher scores, maximize your energy points, and earn more rewards! Who do you think is the real killer? What’s the object you had the most difficult time finding? Do you have other tips for your fellow detectives? Share your thoughts in our comment section below!

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Orchid Island

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Orchird Island is the first accessible and the main island of the Orchid Archipelago . It is the home of June Parker , Virginia van Buren , Martha Talbot , Mr. Talbot and Jack Hayes . The player decorates the Island with decorations from the shop to earn flowers .

  • 1 Unlocking Orchid Island
  • 2.1 Mail Box
  • 2.2 Storage Ship
  • 2.3 Jack's Airplane Hangar
  • 3 Landmarks
  • 4.1 Permanent Activities:
  • 4.2 Temporary Activities

Unlocking Orchid Island [ ]

When starting June's Journey the majority of Orchid Island is covered in clouds. To unlock an area of the island the player has to collect a certain amount of compasses per clouded area.

When you remove the clouds from the island some debris may be revealed that can be removed for Coins . Diamonds will be obtained:

Locations [ ]

Letter Box alert new mail Orchid Island

Mail Box [ ]

The Mail Box is located in the south-east of Orchid Island by the gates to the estate. This is where the player receives letters addressed to June as well as Wooga's announcements and messages. The letters will be archived in the Mail Box.

Storage Ship Island

Storage Ship

Storage Ship [ ]

The Storage ship is located in the south-east of Orchid Island near the bridge. It will be unlocked when reaching chapter 5. On the Storage Ship the player can store decorations or move decorations out of storage. Buildings can't be stored.

Jacks Airplane Hangar

Airplane Hangar without plane

Jack's Airplane Hangar [ ]

The Airplane Hangar is located in the south-west of Orchid Island . This is where the player can access Jack's Deliveries after reaching chapter 6.

Gazebo empty pier

Gazebo location with no Celebration active

The Gazebo is located on the east coast of Orchid Island near the bridge. This is where time-limited Celebrations take place, e.g. the New Year's Celebration. When there is no celebration the Gazebo location does not actually have a gazebo instead it looks like a pier with a bench and plants.

Boat Orchid Island

The Boat is located offshore in the south west, near the Lighthouse . With the Boat the player can visit friends and Club members to gift Bushes . When starting June's Journey the player will be put into a group with other random players who will show up on the boat and the leaderboard. Once the player joins a Detective Club the members of that Club will be added to the Boat and the leaderboard. The group of players who are on the same boat can change randomly.

Landmarks [ ]

There are five landmarks, but only the first four can be seen on Orchid Island from the beginning.

  • Lighthouse , located on the south coast of Orchid Island
  • Wedding Chapel , located on the east coast of Orchid Island
  • Pirate Ship , located in the west of Orchid Island
  • Mountain Chateau , located in the north of Orchid Island
  • Aviary , when unlocked it will be located on a rock in the west of Orchid Island near the Airplane Hangar.

Accessible Activities [ ]

There are multiple activities the player can access from the Orchid Island screen .

Permanent Activities: [ ]

  • Seasonal Set Overview
  • Bag holding the Star Boxes and the Album containing the character cards
  • Document folder holding the Help Wanted newspaper
  • Detective Lounge
  • Chapters , where the player can play Hidden Object scenes

Orchid Island screen

Icons from left to right: the Shop, the Seasonal Set, the bag, the document folder. Then on the right side: the Detective Lounge and the Play Button

Event icon

Temporary Activities [ ]

  • Events: Detectives Needed or the Fairground Fortune
  • Club Competitions
  • Special Deals
  • 1 Orchid Archipelago

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June's Journey: Hidden Objects What happens when you run out of land

How to take screenshots.

june's journey no more land

To take a screenshot with your Mac, Command + Shift + 3 and then release all keys to captuer the whole screen, or press Command + Shift + 4 and press down and drag the mouse over the area you'd like to capture.


To take a screenshot with your iPhone or iPod Touch, press and hold the sleep/wake button and then click the Home button.

Take a Screenshot with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) just press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time.

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  • June’s Journey: Hidden Objects

June's Journey: Hidden Objects Tips and Tricks to Optimize your Progression

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Editor’s Rating:

Apr 16, 2024

june's journey no more land

June’s Journey: Hidden Objects  is a puzzle solving offline game that you can enjoy solo or with your friends. It features interactive puzzles that hide various objects which you need to find. In this article, we have covered some helpful tips and tricks that will aid you in your quest to find all the objects in every puzzle you encounter! Let’s start.

Tip #1. Spend Energy Wisely

The energy management in this game is quite rough for new players and even veterans. You start off with 110 energy maximum and each adventure clear costs you around 15 energy. If you clear the round in the best way, you can earn at least a Star. Sometimes, you might only get half a star or even less than that. This signifies that in order to get a full star, you might end up playing the same stage 3-4 times. 

June's Journey: Hidden Objects Tips and Tricks to Optimize your Progression

Once more, it will rely on how fast and precisely you are able to locate every item in the word set. It’s possible to receive, for example, 50% of a star if you perform exceptionally well in a round—you might even receive a “Perfect” rating. But if you perform poorly, you might only receive, say, 12% of a star. It basically indicates that you’re expending a lot of effort in vain if you routinely receive low percentages. In addition, waiting periods can seem incredibly long because one energy point regenerates every two minutes.

Tip #2. Master a Level First!

Like we mentioned before, each round needs to be mastered in order to gain a Star from it. Although mastering a level can seem a bit tedious at first, the benefit is that you’re only concentrating on one scene, and even though new objects are added every time you play a round, you’ve already gotten to know most of where the hidden objects are, increasing your chances of receiving Perfect ratings even as the difficulty increases.

June's Journey: Hidden Objects Tips and Tricks to Optimize your Progression

You’ll eventually become so accustomed to the layout and the locations of the objects that you’ll finish rounds more quickly without the need for hints. This will help you maximize your energy resources in the long term on top of getting some generous resources.

Tip #3. Take Help with Some Clues!

Each level can give you at least 2 clues – one at the beginning of the level and the latter when you have reached a certain threshold of the total stars in the particular level. You need to find all the clues in order to move on to the next level. Naturally, you will need to work hard on completing each level individually so you can proceed to the next one. The drawback is that you usually need to accumulate a particular amount of stars from earlier levels in order to enter a chapter’s final level. 

When it comes to making the most use of your energy points, mastering each level can be the most effective strategy between the two. The story may seem to go slowly at first, but you won’t have to worry about revisiting earlier stages to attempt to get a feel for a certain scene again.

Tip #4. Zoom Into the Image 

Some levels can appear to be quite tricky outside but when you study them in-depth, they will fall off pretty quickly. Make sure to zoom into the image in order to find some irregularities. Take advantage of this feature and locate all the objects in the image. Do not click on them yet, as it will trigger the timer for you to find all the other objects, harming your total score tally. First observe and locate the objects, and then quickly click on all of them to get the highest amount of stars in the level.  

Another healthy alternative way you can dissect the image is by imagining a line dividing the image. Now carefully observe all the different objects that appear on both the left-hand side and right-hand side. Once you have verified their existence, click on them to complete the level. 

June's Journey: Hidden Objects Tips and Tricks to Optimize your Progression

Tip #5. Use Hints Cautiously

There are moments when you just can’t seem to locate one particular object in the scene. Despite your intense focus and zooming in and out of the screen, this specific object is still out of sight. You can click the hint button in this situation, which is represented by the lightbulb in the bottom right corner of the screen. The object you’re looking for will become visible when you click the hint button, making it easier for you to find. Know that the more hints you use, the less your overall score will be. 

Players can enjoy June’s Journey: Hidden Objects even more on a bigger screen with your keyboard and mouse via BlueStacks!

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The Lord of the Rings: War - Latest Military Guide | Game Guide

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  • Tips and Tricks
  • BlueStacks X

June’s Journey: Hidden Objects

Play June’s Journey: Hidden Objects on PC

June’s Journey: Hidden Objects - FAQs

Play June’s Journey: Hidden Objects on your PC or Mac by following these simple steps.

  • Click on 'Play June’s Journey: Hidden Objects on PC’ to download BlueStacks
  • Install it and log-in to Google Play Store
  • Launch and play the game.

BlueStacks respects your privacy and is always safe and secure to use. It does not carry any malware, spyware, or any sort of additional software that could harm your PC.

It is engineered to optimize speed and performance for a seamless gaming experience.

Minimum requirement to run June’s Journey: Hidden Objects on your PC

  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 and above
  • Processor: Intel or AMD Processor
  • RAM: Your PC must have at least 2GB of RAM. (Note that having 2GB or more disk space is not a substitute for RAM)
  • HDD: 5GB Free Disk Space.
  • You must be an Administrator on your PC.

Top 15 Flixhq Alternatives To Watch Series HD in 2024

May 23, 2024

Top 15 Flixhq Alternatives To Watch Series HD in 2024

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Top 11 Sites Like SolarMovie For Watching Movies Online

5 Android Games Similar to NBA 2K24

May 18, 2024

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How To Watch Mission: Impossible Movies In Order

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D-Day 80th anniversary latest: Veterans land once again in Normandy after emotional journey

D-Day's 80th anniversary on 6 June comes as war rages in Europe and the number of veterans who can tell their stories dwindles. Events commemorating history's most audacious amphibious assault began on Tuesday and Sky News will bring everything you need to know from the UK and Normandy.

Tuesday 4 June 2024 18:09, UK

Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player

Anniversary events

  • Welcome to our D-Day coverage - here's what to expect
  • Veterans arrive in Normandy 80 years after invasion
  • Rare copy of top-secret 'bogus maps' revealed
  • Veteran urges UK to be stronger against 'today's Nazi Germany'
  • The anniversary events taking place

Revisiting D-Day

  • Russia, not Nazis, was biggest threat from failure, says historian
  • How young journalist accidentally published D-Day plans
  • 'Absolute chaos': Gunner suffers flashbacks 80 years on
  • Crocodile, Bobbin and swimming: The 'Funny' tanks invented for invasion
  • Timeline: The lead-up to the landings
  • Why MI5 questioned the Telegraph's crossword writer
  • Live reporting by Brad Young

Thank you for reading our live coverage as commemorative events began today marking D-Day's historic 80th anniversary.

With war raging in Europe and the number of veterans alive to tell their stories dwindling, this year has taken on special significance.

Ahead of D-Day itself, 6 June, a ship carrying 31 veterans set sail from Portsmouth for Normandy this morning, taking with them the 'living flame' torch of commemoration.

Crowds gathered to wave them off as the Royal Air Force performed a flypast and the Jedburgh Pipe Band played on board.

Mid-way through the journey, a ceremonial wreath was thrown into the sea to remember those who never made it to the shores of France.

We featured some heart-breaking and courageous stories told by veterans throughout the day.

Some lied to join the RAF or described the "absolute chaos" of the landings.

Others urged the UK to take a stronger stance against "today's Nazi Germany", Russia.

Our coverage of the journey has also been interspersed with fascinating insights into D-Day.

This included images of the "Funny" tanks invented for the invasion and exclusive access to a rare top secret planning map.

We recounted how a young British journalist guessed Supreme Command's plans, and accidentally published them, and spoke to a historian about why it was Russia, not Germany, who was seen as the biggest medium-term threat to Europe had D-Day failed. 

Click the key point links above to dip in and out of today's coverage, or scroll back through for a comprehensive lowdown.

Veteran Jack Mortimer said he had been looking forward to returning to Normandy for months.

The 100-year-old from Leeds, who fought on Sword beach, described the visit as "really emotional".

When asked how he felt being called a hero, Mr Mortimer said the real heroes were the fallen.

"I'm not a hero. Never been a hero, never wanted to be a hero," he told our  royal correspondent Rhiannon Mills .

"130,000 went there - I was just a 1/130,000th part of that."

All those pieces "came together to make a victory, to release France from Nazi Germany".

Mr Mortimer described the beaches on D-Day as "organised chaos".

"It was smelly, noisy, vehicles all over the place, landing craft on both sides, beach full of soldiers."

He continued: "There were shells flying over the top and one or two snipers around."

Mr Mortimer said the real reason he was going back was to pay tribute to those who died fighting.

"It's all very nice to take photographs... but the main reason we are going is to remember the fallen. 

"Those are the heroes of Normandy."

By  Lara Keay , news reporter

Peter Kent worked on one of the two portable harbours sailed over by the British on D-day.

During the afternoon of 6 June, more than 400 parts weighing 1.5 million tonnes were shipped across the channel to build "Mulberry A" on Omaha Beach and "Mulberry B" on Gold Beach.

On board HMS Adventure, Mr Kent remembers seeing an overwhelming number of ships queued up in convoy around the Isle of Wight waiting to sail on to Normandy.

"You never saw so many ships in all your life," the 99-year-old tells Sky News.

"And as we approached there were all these tracer bullets falling between the ships."

Aged 18, he didn't land on D-Day but worked on Mulberry B at Arromanches where he remembers seeing dead German soldiers on the beaches.

Many young Germans were either shot or taken prisoners of war having disobeyed their senior Nazi commanders, he recalls.

"It made me feel lucky to still be alive," he says.

After Normandy, Mr Kent went to Canada and worked on HMS Hartland Point where he remained until the war ended in 1945.

A Jamaican Second World War veteran has described lying about his age to join the Royal Air Force at 16 after reading newspaper reports of ships being sighted in the Caribbean.

Gilbert Clarke, 98, who was born in Montego Bay in Jamaica, described feeling "very excited" when he joined the RAF as a mechanic and was then posted to South Virginia in the United States.

Mr Clarke recalled feeling a sense of duty to help stop Adolf Hitler and rejoicing as he heard planes flying towards Europe on D-Day in 1944.

Mr Clarke said: "I had just left school at 16 and I thought 'why not?'

"In the newspapers and radio they said they'd sighted a few boats in the Caribbean so I thought I'd join up."

Talking about the journey from Jamaica to the US, he said: "In the Atlantic, many, many ships joined us and every now and again, the ships were torpedoed."

Mr Clarke, who now lives in London, described hearing planes flying towards Europe on D-Day.

He recalled: "It started with that noise you hear. It was the planes going towards Europe - massive, massive planes.

"All the boys shouted 'Give them hell boys!' and then we thought that should be the end of the war, hopefully."

While based at British and American air bases, Mr Clarke fitted, serviced and repaired radar and other electronic equipment for planes including Hurricanes and Spitfires.

Two veterans who died only weeks ago are among those being honoured with portraits to mark the anniversary.

Harry Howorth, who died on 17 April aged 102, was in the first wave of troops that landed on Sword Beach, aged 22.

He nearly drowned when his landing craft's ramp dug into the seabed, pulling him underwater until someone rescued him.

His battalion destroyed a German gun battery, which helped secure the beach.

"You never forget," he previously told the charity Blind Veterans UK. 

"You can even see some of the faces of your comrades who didn't make it."

Ken Hobbs, who died on 16 April aged 101, was a mechanic with the Royal Army Service Corps who waterproofed and drove lorries on to Sword beach, aged 21.

He was awarded the Legion d'Honneur, the highest French order of merit.

"It was horrible because the Germans were waiting for us, of course. I was one of the lucky ones that got through, but we lost a lot of people, a lot of men."

Their images, overlaid on photographs of D-Day, are being displayed alongside 14 other veterans who have been beneficiaries of Blind Veterans UK.

Six of the portraits are being displayed at the Winston Churchill Centre in Normandy on D-Day.

Seven of the portraits will be featured in a special exhibition at the National Army Museum in London until 9 June.

A Second World War veteran who operated a radio on D-Day said she will never forget the "horrific" sounds of gunfire, bombs and screaming.

Marie Scott, 97, served in the Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS) and relayed messages to and from her station at Fort Southwick in Portsmouth and the beaches in Normandy.

Ms Scott, who lives near Kingston-upon-Thames in Surrey, then aged 17, described being shocked at what she heard the first time she used a radio to speak to a signaller on the frontline.

"I could hear rapid machine gun fire, heavier cannon fire, bombs dropping, men shouting orders, men screaming - it was horrifying.

"It was war, and it was coming through my headphones."

She continued: "The horrors of war are with you for a lifetime and those sounds will certainly be lingering with me until the end."

Asked how she felt about the 80th anniversary, Ms Scott said: "I am more than a little proud of what we did then, but not many people know about it and the children of this country certainly know nothing about World War Two which I think is sad because it was an important war.

"I think war is horrifying and we should only ever go to war when totally justified and that war was - we had to go to war."

A group of 31 British veterans have landed in France almost 80 years since they invaded the German-occupied coastline on 6 June 1944.

After a Royal Air Force flypast and a wreath ceremony for those who never made it to shore, the veterans have reached the beaches where they launched the most audacious amphibious assault in history.

The group, now in their late 90s or more than 100, disembarked the Mont St Michel, shaking hands and chatting with charity workers.

They were handed the Common Wealth War Graves Commission's living flame - a torch that has travelled throughout the UK and will be used to light candles at every CWGC grave in Normandy.

Over the next two days they will join veterans from Canada and the US at events attended by King Charles, Queen Camilla and Prince William, Joe Biden, Rishi Sunak and Emmanuel Macron.

In Vino Veritas is a Latin saying that roughly translates to: "In wine there is truth".

That's precisely what officials at British headquarters were worried about.

Their solution? To install a private bar at Norfolk House, the London HQ for D-Day planning, so staff could talk without risk of being overheard in local pubs.

A story goes that one commander put his troops' secret-keeping to the test.

Terence Otway sent 30 women from the Women's Auxiliary Air Force to village pubs, dressed in civilian clothes.

They were charged with chatting up soldiers and seeing if they would spill the beans about the operation - but reportedly none did.

By Sophie Garratt, Europe news editor

When my grandfather Charles "Charlie" Truman reached the shores of Normandy on 6 June 1944 as part of 150,000 Allied troops seeking to free France - and the rest of Western Europe - of the Nazis, he didn't think he would ever be seeing his pregnant wife again.

But a decision he made the night before ended up saving his life.

Then 26, he was among the first of 150,000 Allied troops landing on Sword Beach for Operation Overlord, the historic invasion of northern France which would end up marking the beginning of the end of the Second World War.

On the night before the invasion and as troops descended into the landing craft, they were ordered to leave their bags behind.

My grandpop, as I called him, was never really one to disobey but faced by the daunting uncertainty of what kind of fate awaited him, he decided to keep one item: a silver frame with a picture of his wife Joyce.

She was five months pregnant with their first daughter - my aunt.

At dawn, a few hours after making that impulsive decision, he was running hard and fast, pushing inland after landing on the Normandy beach.

Read on here...

A wreath-laying ceremony has taken place on the ferry that is en route to Normandy to remember those who did not make it to shore in 1944.

Two veterans threw wreaths into the sea and then gave a salute, our  foreign news editor Andrew Connell says.

The Last Post was also played as the ceremony took place.

Earlier, the Jedburgh Pipe Band played the ferry out of the harbour and a Royal Air Force flypast circled low overhead.

Crowds waving Union and D-Day flags gathered on the harbour walls in Old Portsmouth and cheered and clapped as the ferry passed, with the veterans and families smiling and waving back from the ship's decks.

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june's journey no more land

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Where can I find my compasses since all 3 Islands are full?

Once your islands are cleared, the compass count is not visible to you. Compasses continue to collect for the next available island. It is a saved stat in your game, and Wooga customer support can tell you, if you must need to know.

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Here's what's new on Netflix June 2024: “Crazy Rich Asians”, Glen Powell in “Hit Man”, “La La Land”, and more

"Bridgerton," "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction," and "Sweet Tooth" will also get new episodes.

It's the first of the month once again, and that means a new wave of exciting movies and TV shows are hitting Netflix .

Titles coming to the platform this month include Crazy Rich Asians , which quickly became one of the most successful rom-coms in history upon its splashy release in 2018; Richard Linklater 's Hit Man , which set the fall festival circuit ablaze with its sizzling romance between Glen Powell and Adria Arjona; and La La Land , which earned Emma Stone the first of her two Best Actress Oscars (but famously lost Best Picture in one of the ceremony's biggest snafus in recent memory).

Meanwhile, the second part of Bridgerton 'sthird season will drop halfway through the month on June 13, and David Letterman's My Next Guest Needs No Introduction will debut interviews with Charles Barkley and Miley Cyrus. And if you're seeking acclaimed queer stories in celebration of pride month, look no further than Todd Haynes ' Carol and Sean Baker 's Tangerine .

Here's everything coming to Netflix in June 2024.

Sanja Bucko /Warner Bros. Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection; Matt Lankes / Netflix; Summit Entertainment/courtesy Everett Collection

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30 for 30: Lance 30 for 30: The Good, The Bad, The Hungry 30 for 30: The Life and Trials of Oscar Pistorius How I Met Your Mother : Seasons 1-9 Little Baby Bum: Music Time : Season 2

Jo Koy: Live from Brooklyn The Price of Nonna's Inheritance

Hitler and the Nazis: Evil on Trial How to Rob a Bank Under Paris

Baki Hanma VS Kengan Ashura Basma Crazy Rich Asians Kübra : Season 2 Nelma Kodama: The Queen of Dirty Money Rafa Márquez: El Capitán Sweet Tooth : Season 3

Hierarchy Hit Man Perfect Match : Season 2 

Related: Master of disguise: Glen Powell breaks down his many Hit Man personas

Keith Robinson: Different Strokes Tour de France: Unchained : Season 2

Want more movie news? Sign up for  Entertainment Weekly's  free newsletter  to get the latest trailers, celebrity interviews, film reviews, and more.

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman : Season 5 King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch : Season 2  Mysteries of the Terracotta Warriors

Bridgerton : Season 3 Part 2  Doctor Climax

Forged in Fire : Season 9 Joko Anwar's Nightmares and Daydreams Ultraman: Rising

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The Accidental Twins America's Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Aftersun Gangs of Galicia Trigger Warning The Victims' Game : Season 2

Rising Impact

Little Angel : Volume 5

Kaulitz & Kaulitz

Love Is Blind: Brazil : Season 4 (more episodes) Worst Roommate Ever : Season 2

Drawing Closer That '90s Show : Part 2 Unicorn Academy : Chapter 2

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june's journey no more land

What are the Compasses for and how do I find them?

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A Tarnished wielding a dueling shield slashes at an armored enemy in a castle setting in a screenshot from Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Filed under:

  • Impressions

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is just what I wanted: more Elden Ring

FromSoftware’s DLC looks to make an already great game even better

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My first steps into Elden Ring ’s new Shadow of the Erdtree expansion feel like coming home again. After traveling there, by touching a withered arm, I step out into a grassy plain, and see a crumbling giant tree in the distance. The land is pocked with intangible gravestones and spirit-world versions of enemies I’ve faced before: dogs and wandering nobles. But it isn’t long until I face something terrifying in this new region, the Land of Shadow, in the form of a giant walking iron brazier filled with embers and burning prisoners.

As I try to slash at that hundred-foot monstrosity, I learn pretty quickly that even the highly leveled, generously equipped knight I’ve been given to play as part of a three-hour preview of the DLC is no match for the thing. It kicks huge, unavoidable piles of flaming debris at me as I try to run away. A handful of other unfamiliar monsters — Gravebirds, smaller cousins of the Death Rite Birds from Elden Ring , and lithe ash-skinned humanoids armed with twin circular blades — pile on and thrash my poor knight.

Even at a high level, I’m underprepared for what awaits in the Land of Shadow. But there’s a new kind of power-up scattered around the Gravesite Plain and in dungeons nearby: Scadutree Fragments. These new consumable items are splinters from this world’s version of the Erdtree. They bestow Scadutree Blessing on my knight, boosting virtually all of his stats. Shadow of the Erdtree players will need to hunt these fragments down to contend with the powerful enemies here. In my three hours of playtime, I found a half-dozen of them with relative ease. I also found plenty of the DLC’s other new power-up, Revered Spirit Ash, an item that makes my Spirit Ashes and my steed, Torrent, stronger.

Scadutree Fragments and Revered Spirit Ashes can be used at sites of grace in the Land of Shadow to become stronger, similar to how players use Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears to empower their flasks in Elden Ring . The blessings provided by those new power-ups are immediately apparent, but they only supercharge my character while he’s in the Land of Shadow. (While in that land, you’ll see your stats are boosted with the color yellow. Back in the Lands Between, they revert to white.)

A Tarnished holds out a light greatsword at her side as she faces down an armored enemy knight on horseback in a screenshot from Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Getting to the Land of Shadow requires two major accomplishments in Elden Ring . You must defeat Starscourge Radahn at Redmane Castle and Mohg, Lord of Blood at Mohgwyn Palace. Once you do, you’ll be able to transport to this strange new land with the aid of a knight, one of Miquella’s many followers that you’ll meet in Shadow of the Erdtree ’s adventure.

Meeting the followers of Miquella, all of whom refer to the mysterious brother of the swordswoman Malenia as “kindly” or “tender,” I was struck by another difference here in the Land of Shadow: a sense of hope. Unlike the despair that permeates the Lands Between in the main story of Elden Ring , the people you meet in the Land of Shadow all seem content.

I met a handful of Miquella’s followers at stations known as Three-Path Crosses, said to represent Miqeulla’s footprints on his journey through this land. At these gold, glowing crosses, I met new NPCs and merchants, some of whom gave me items to use or quests to undertake. One, named Freyja, said she was a former ally of General Radahn. Another claimed to be a servant of Mohg. One Miquella devotee, Moore, was a simple-minded merchant. Unlike many of the confused and downtrodden NPCs typical of FromSoftware’s games, the followers of Miquella all seem unusually happy. They all appear to support you on your mission here, despite your status as a Tarnished. (Why they object to that isn’t quite clear, based on my playtime.)

One of Miquella’s followers stands with arms folded in a grassy field, with a tower far in the distance in a screenshot from Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Beyond the Gravesite Plain is a handful of legacy dungeons, catacombs, and strongholds. The largest that I saw was Belurat, a massive castle settlement with labyrinthine pathways patrolled by new types of enemies. I fought scorpions of pretty big and terrifyingly big sizes, annoying spellcasters, and humanoid giants.

At the end of my trip through Belurat, I encountered the Divine Beast Dancing Lion, a mess of human limbs, fabric, and a lion’s head, previously seen in Shadow of the Erdtree ’s first trailer . The Dancing Lion attacked with a chaotic rhythm, deploying freezing and lightning-based attacks as I tried to keep up with its frenzied dance. My powerful pre-built knight and a pair of summons — two of Miquella’s followers — made the battle relatively easy (it certainly won’t be that easy with my Elden Ring character). After killing it, the Dancing Lion dropped its own head, which I then proceeded to wear as a comically oversized helmet. That new piece of armor amplified my knight’s strength and dexterity, but lowered the effectiveness of my flasks.

Before my trip to the castle of Belurat, I stumbled upon a gaol underneath it, where I discovered the most horrible thing I’ve seen in Elden Ring yet. The Belurat gaol, a catacombs-style dungeon, is full of Living Jars who reside there. But here’s the bad part: The scraps of meat that players typically get from smashing those jars is, in this place, still very much alive. For the first time, we get to see what lives inside the jars: a glistening, tumorous monstrosity that will attack you with their own guts and launch themselves to pin you down. Disgusting though they may be, these jar-meat-people still manage to adhere to Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki’s famous quote about not relying on “the gross factor” to unnerve players. They’re both repulsive and sad to look upon.

A large heavily armored enemy soldier stands with a greatsword slung over his shoulder outside of Castle Belurat in a screenshot from Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

The other region available during my hands-on time with the expansion is known as Castle Ensis. It’s a mid-scale legacy dungeon guarded by a new type of giant troll; this one can use magic, a herald of what’s to come (i.e., a lot of sorcerers). While exploring Castle Ensis, I encountered a knight with a giant hammer who, in the process of beating me to death with that hammer, signaled that I wasn’t ready to face him. Reps from Bandai Namco suggested to those in attendance that if we were to face such a challenge, we should seek out additional Scadutree Fragments to become competitive.

I declined that advice and took the other option in Elden Ring : run past everything. By sprinting through Ensis, I successfully made my way to its boss, Rellana, Twin Moon Knight. She’s a former Carian princess and the younger sister of Elden Ring boss Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon . Like Rennala, Rellana can throw magical moons at you while also dual-wielding a pair of long blades that deal magic and fire damage. Like the Dancing Lion, I managed to defeat her, but only with the aid of multiple summoned allies who helped me break her poise and stagger her multiple times.

My victory can also be credited to a brand-new weapon in the game: my speedy but powerful, poise-breaking light greatsword named — of all things — Milady. Light greatsword is a new class of weapon in Shadow of the Erdtree . Other new additions include the Backhand Blade, a curved sword held at a backward angle that delivers thrust attacks and slashes to enemies’ flanks; Dryleaf Arts, one of the new martial arts weapons that’s not really a weapon, but a style of hand-to-hand combat; and the Red Bear’s Claw, an actual severed bear paw modified with steel claws.

A Tarnished warrior throws an explosive perfume concoction at a pair of enemies in a screenshot from Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

New weapon types I didn’t really get to spend much time with are the previously revealed thrusting shields, which are shields that have pointy ends; throwing blades, a variation on the existing throwing knives that can be equipped as a primary weapon; perfume bottles, also now a primary weapon option; and the great katana, which is, well, a larger version of a standard katana. Bandai Namco and FromSoftware promise 100 new weapons in Shadow of the Erdtree , with the handful of new additions I tested already feeling like fun new variations on existing fighting styles.

During my three hours with the game, I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of what Shadow of the Erdtree will add to Elden Ring . I’ve already spotted some fascinating new characters and lore, intimidating new challenges, and intriguing vibes. Whether the hopeful tenor of Miquella’s followers is authentic or some sort of misdirect before things go terribly south, we’ll all have to discover when Shadow of the Erdtree is released on June 21.

[Disclosure: This article is based on an Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree preview event held by publisher Bandai Namco in Los Angeles on May 24. Bandai Namco provided Polygon’s travel and accommodations for the event. You can find additional information about Polygon’s ethics policy here .]

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