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65 Places to Visit In Pune

Pune, frequently alluded to as the “Social Capital of Maharashtra,” is a city saturated with history, culture, and regular excellence. Whether you’re a set of experiences buff, nature sweetheart, or just searching for a dynamic city experience, Pune brings something to the table for everybody. We should jump into this broad rundown of 65 astonishing places to visit in Pune.

  • Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwar Wada is Pune’s notable castle stronghold, worked in the eighteenth 100 years by the Peshwas. Investigate its complicatedly planned entryways, rich nurseries, and the well known fortress that wakes up during the night light and sound show. This is one of the historic places to visit in Pune.

  • Aga Khan Royal residence

Aga Khan Royal residence isn’t simply a compositional wonder yet additionally a critical verifiable site. Opened in 1892, it holds an exhibition hall devoted to Mahatma Gandhi and his memorabilia. The royal residence is known for its Italian curves and quiet environmental elements.

  • Sinhagad Stronghold 

Sinhagad Stronghold, a famous traveling objective, offers all encompassing perspectives on the Western Ghats and lavish green scenes. The trip to the top is an undertaking in itself, and at the culmination, you can appreciate nearby luxuries.

  • Raja Dinkar Kelkar Gallery 

A mother lode of Indian workmanship and relics, the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Exhibition hall is a must-visit. Dr. Kelkar’s assortment incorporates models, adornments, instruments, and then some. The many-sided specifying and verifiable importance make it an intriguing encounter.

  • Osho Global Reflection Resort 

For searchers of inward harmony and care, the Osho Ashram is a desert spring of peacefulness. Go to reflection meetings, investigate lavish gardens, and revive your soul in this quiet retreat.

  • Saras Baug 

Saras Baug is a pleasant nursery lodging the worshiped Ganesh Sanctuary . The wonderful lake, rich vegetation, and the actual sanctuary make it a tranquil spot for a comfortable walk. It is one of the astonishing places to visit in Pune.

  • Parvati Slope 

Parvati Slope is home to a few noteworthy sanctuaries committed to different Hindu gods. The move to the top is compensated with stunning perspectives on Pune. It’s an optimal spot to get a dawn or dusk.

  • Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park

For creature darlings, the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park is one of the famous places to visit in Pune. It houses different creatures, including tigers, panthers, and outlandish birds. The zoo’s naturalistic nooks offer an incredible chance for untamed life devotees.

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  • Pataleshwar Cavern Sanctuary 

A stone slice cave sanctuary committed to Master Shiva, the Pataleshwar Cavern Sanctuary is a striking compositional marvel. The sanctuary’s unpredictable carvings and quiet climate make it a serene retreat.

  • Raja Kelkar Exhibition hall 

This exhibition hall features an amazing assortment of workmanship, artworks, and curios gathered by Dr. Dinkar Kelkar. From customary Indian dress to dazzling gems, it gives a brief look into India’s rich social legacy.

  • Vetal Tekdi

Vetal Tekdi is a well known spot among climbers and nature lovers. It offers all encompassing perspectives on Pune city and is a quiet spot for a morning or night walk.

  • Katraj Snake Park

The Katraj Snake Park is a one of a kind fascination, home to a wide assortment of snake species. It’s a fantastic spot to find out about these reptiles and their preservation.

  • Public Conflict Historical center

The Public Conflict Historical Center is a recognition for India’s military. It highlights displays connected with the country’s tactical history and grandstands war memorabilia.

  • Bund Nursery

Otherwise called Mahatma Gandhi Udyan, Bund Nursery is a serene retreat arranged close by the Mula-Mutha Stream. It’s an ideal spot for a relaxed boat ride or an excursion.

  • Shinde Chhatri

Shinde Chhatri is a remembrance devoted to Mahadji Shinde, a noticeable Maratha general. It is known for its staggering engineering and tranquil environmental elements.

  • Chatushrungi Mata Sanctuary

Situated on a slope, Chatushrungi Mata Sanctuary is a loved journey site. The sanctuary’s quiet vibe and all encompassing perspectives make it a must-visit. Explore the beauty of one of top most places to visit in Pune.

  • Empress Botanical Garden

A sanctuary for plant lovers, the Empress Botanical Garden includes an immense assortment of fascinating plants and trees. It’s a quiet spot for a relaxed walk.

  • Khadakwasla Dam

Khadakwasla Dam isn’t just a huge water source yet in addition a well known spot for picnics and water sports. The beautiful excellence and cool wind draw in guests all year.

  • Pashan Lake

Pashan Lake is a peaceful spot for birdwatchers and nature darlings. It’s home to an assortment of bird animal groups and gives a quiet getaway from the city’s buzzing about.

  • Mulshi Lake and Dam

Mulshi Lake and Dam, settled in the Sahyadri range, offer a peaceful escape. The lake is encircled by rich plant life and is ideally suited for sailing and picnics.

  • Bhuleshwar Sanctuary

The Bhuleshwar Sanctuary is an old and unpredictably cut sanctuary devoted to Master Shiva. It’s known for its interesting engineering and authentic importance.

  • Lohagad Post

Lohagad Post is a well known traveling places to visit in Pune. The post offers shocking perspectives on the Sahyadri Mountains and is a demonstration of Pune’s rich history.

  • Purandar Post

Purandar Post, found 40 km from Pune, is a notable slope stronghold. It’s an extraordinary spot for traveling and offers stunning perspectives on the encompassing scene.

  • Karla Caverns

Karla Caverns, tracing all the way back to the second century BC, are a noteworthy illustration of old stone cut Buddhist engineering. The perplexing carvings and stupas are remarkable.

  • Visapur Post

Visapur Post is a twin stronghold to Lohagad and is known for its journeying trails. It is one of the amazing places to visit in Pune. It offers all encompassing perspectives and has a set of experiences tracing all the way back to the Maratha domain.

  • Jejuri Sanctuary

Jejuri Sanctuary is devoted to Master Khandoba and is renowned for its dynamic turmeric celebration. The sanctuary’s engineering and otherworldly importance draw fans and travelers the same.

Kamshet is a paradise for adventure seekers. It offers paragliding opportunities, and the scenic beauty of the Western Ghats is simply mesmerizing.

  • Rajgad Stronghold

Rajgad Stronghold, a memorable slope post, is a traveler’s pleasure. The stronghold’s monstrous construction and authentic significance make it a captivating visit.

  • Dagadusheth Halwai Ganapati Sanctuary

Perhaps Pune’s most renowned sanctuary, Dagadusheth Halwai Ganapati Sanctuary, is known for its greatness and the amazing icon of Master Ganesha. The sanctuary is especially lively during Ganesh Chaturthi.

  • Peacock Cove 

Peacock Cove is a peaceful spot at Khadakwasla Dam. Named after the peacocks are many times spotted here. The cool wind and beautiful environmental factors make it ideal for unwinding.

  • Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani is a real Rajasthani town experience in Pune. It offers customary food, social exhibitions, and a brief look into Rajasthani culture.

  • Mastani Mahal

Mastani Mahal is a piece of the Shaniwar Wada complex and is named after Peshwa Bajirao’s better half, Mastani. The castle highlights lovely design and a rich verifiable association.

Lal Mahal, the home of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, holds verifiable importance. It’s a spot to find out about the Maratha Realm and its unbelievable ruler.

Mulshi Dam, encompassed by lavish woodlands and slopes, offers a tranquil getaway from the city. The drive to the dam is grand, and it’s an extraordinary spot for picnics.

  • Mahadji Shinde Chhatri

This rich remembrance is committed to Mahadji Shinde, a noticeable Maratha legislator. The chhatri’s design and quiet environmental elements make it a social pearl.

  • Moledina Stronghold 

Moledina Stronghold, however less popular, is a verifiable pearl in Pune. The stronghold gives an understanding into Pune’s rich history and offers pleasant perspectives.

  • Osho Teerth Park

Osho Teerth Park is a lovely green space close to the Osho Ashram. It’s ideal for a comfortable walk or unwinding in the midst of nature.

  • Katraj Jain Sanctuary

The Katraj Jain Sanctuary is known for its unpredictable marble design and tranquil mood. It’s a position of love and contemplation.

  • Jungli Maharaj Sanctuary

Jungli Maharaj Sanctuary is devoted to a worshiped holy person and is known for its quiet climate and delightful engineering.

  • Chakreshwar Sanctuary 

Chakreshwar Sanctuary, situated in Shaniwar Peth, is a memorable sanctuary devoted to Master Shiva. The sanctuary’s design and otherworldliness draw in aficionados.

  • ISKCON NVCC Sanctuary

The ISKCON NVCC Sanctuary is an otherworldly shelter known for its quiet mood and dedication to Ruler Krishna. The sanctuary has different social and otherworldly occasions.

  • Raja Mantri Chattri

Raja Mantri Chattri, situated on Parvati Slope, is a memorable construction known for its remarkable design and tranquil environmental factors.

  • Khunya Murlidhar Sanctuary

Khunya Murlidhar Sanctuary is a holy spot for Master Krishna fans. The sanctuary’s serene environment is ideal for contemplation and supplication.

  • The Pavna Stream

The Pavna Stream is a beautiful spot for nature darlings. It offers open doors for setting up camp, sailing, and partaking in the peaceful environmental elements.

  • The Imperial Connaught Boat Club

The Imperial Connaught Boat Club is an esteemed club arranged on the Mula-Mutha Stream. It offers different water sports and sporting exercises.

Raj Bhavan is the authority house of the Legislative leader of Maharashtra. While not open to people in general, its delightful design can be appreciated from an external perspective.

  • Ruler Nursery Zoo

Ruler Nursery Zoo, situated inside the Sovereign Greenhouse, houses various creatures and birds. It’s an incredible spot for family excursions.

  • Holy person Mary’s Congregation

Holy person Mary’s Congregation is a memorable church known for its shocking engineering and quiet mood. It’s a position of love and reflection.

  • Konkan Coast Ocean side

While Pune isn’t on the coast, it’s strategically placed close to the Konkan locale’s lovely sea shores, making for a fantastic roadtrip.

  • Adlabs Imagica

Adlabs Imagica is a well known event congregation close to Pune, offering exciting rides, diversion, and a water park for a day of tomfoolery and experience.

  • Ozone Experience and Setting up camp

For adventure enthusiasts, Ozone Adventure and Camping offers thrilling activities like rappelling, ziplining, and camping amidst nature.

Kune Falls, situated close to Lonavala, is a beautiful cascade in the midst of rich vegetation. It’s a tranquil spot for a road trip from Pune.

  • Bedse Caverns 

Bedse Caverns are antiquated Buddhist caverns known for their unpredictable carvings and authentic importance. They give a brief look into India’s rich legacy.

  • Laxmi Street

Laxmi Street is a clamoring market region in Pune, known for its energetic environment and a wide assortment of shops offering all that from dress to gems.

  • Dehu Street

Dehu Street is a humble community close to Pune known for its verifiable and strict importance. It’s a journey objective for Sant Tukaram lovers.

  • Stronghold Jadhavgadh

Stronghold Jadhavgadh is a lavish legacy inn arranged in a notable post. It offers a regal involvement in conventional food and social exhibitions.

  • Jejuri Khandoba Sanctuary

Jejuri Khandoba Sanctuary is known for its lively turmeric celebration and is a significant strict site devoted to Ruler Khandoba.

  • Paragliding in Kamshet

Kamshet is a famous paragliding objective close to Pune. Take off through the skies and appreciate stunning perspectives on the Western Ghats.

  • Baneshwar Sanctuary

Baneshwar Sanctuary, arranged in the quiet Baneshwar backwoods, is a position of love and contemplation. The sanctuary’s quiet environmental elements are ideally suited for contemplation.

  • Mastani Lake

Mastani Lake, situated close to Shaniwar Wada, is known for its authentic importance and tranquil climate. It’s a serene spot for a comfortable walk.

  • Baneshwar Cascade

Baneshwar Cascade, settled in the Sahyadri Mountains, offers a reviving break from the city. It’s an extraordinary spot for a storm journey.

  • Korigad Stronghold

Korigad Stronghold is a slope post offering fabulous traveling potential open doors and all encompassing perspectives on the encompassing valleys.

Go Dam is a quiet spot for picnics and birdwatching. It’s a tranquil departure from the rushing about of city life.

  • Mulshi Ghat

Mulshi Ghat is a beautiful drive through the Western Ghats, offering stunning perspectives and open doors for photography.

  • Pune Okayama Companionship Nursery

The Pune Okayama Companionship Nursery is an image of major areas of strength for India and Japan. It’s a serene desert spring with Japanese-propelled scenes and cherry blossom trees.

FAQ 1: What are some must-visit historical places to visit in Pune?

Answer: Pune is rich in historical sites. Some must-visit ones include Shaniwar Wada, Aga Khan Palace, Sinhagad Fort, and the Kelkar Museum, each offering a glimpse into Pune’s cultural and historical heritage.

FAQ 2: What are the best natural places to visit in Pune?

Answer: Pune boasts several natural wonders. Some top choices are the Mulshi Lake and Dam, Pashan Lake, and the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park. These places are perfect for nature enthusiasts and families.

FAQ 3: Where can I find the best street food in Pune?

Answer: Pune is famous for its street food. Head to Camp area for delicious street snacks like Vada Pav, Bhel Puri, and Misal Pav. FC Road and JM Road are also known for their food stalls and vibrant food culture.

FAQ 4: What are the top cultural experiences to explore in Pune?

Answer: Pune offers a rich cultural experience. Don’t miss out on attending a classical music or dance performance at venues like Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir or Yashwantrao Chavan Natyagruha. You can also explore the vibrant art scene at places like the Darpan Art Gallery.

FAQ 5: Are there any scenic hill station places to visit in Pune for a weekend getaway?

Answer: Yes, Pune is surrounded by picturesque hill stations. Lonavala, Khandala, and Matheran are popular weekend destinations, offering lush green landscapes, cool weather, and stunning viewpoints.

FAQ 6: What are some family-friendly places to visit in Pune?

Answer: Pune has several family-friendly attractions. Visit the Pune Okayama Friendship Garden, Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, or the Katraj Snake Park for an educational and enjoyable day out with the family.

FAQ 7: Where can I experience Pune’s vibrant nightlife?

Answer: Pune has a lively nightlife scene. The Koregaon Park and Baner areas are known for their pubs, lounges, and clubs. Some popular places include High Spirits, Effingut Brewerkz, and 1 Lounge. Make sure to check local listings for the latest events and DJ nights.

FAQ 8: Are there any adventure activities near Pune?

Answer: Adventure enthusiasts can explore activities like trekking in the Sahyadri Mountains, paragliding at Kamshet, and white-water rafting in the Kundalika River, which are all easily accessible from Pune.

FAQ 9: Which markets and shopping areas should I explore in Pune?

Answer: Pune has vibrant markets like Laxmi Road, Fashion Street, and Juna Bazaar for shopping. For a more upscale experience, visit Phoenix Marketcity or the Pavilion Mall.

FAQ 10: What are some lesser-known gems in Pune worth visiting?

Answer: Lesser-known but equally charming places to visit in Pune are Pataleshwar Caves, an ancient rock-cut temple; the National War Museum, commemorating Indian soldiers; and the quirky Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Temple, famous for its grand Ganesh idol and social work.

Pune, with its rich history, regular excellence, and social variety, has something for each explorer. Investigate these 65 unbelievable places to visit in Pune to explore this energetic city.

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Places to visit in Pune city: Top 60 tourist places in Pune

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  • Post published: March 2, 2021
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This list of  places to visit in Pune  city contains tourist places as well as off the beat places in Pune. If you like to explore history, culture, ancient architecture the city has a lot to offer. And if you love nature, trekking and adventures then Pune city is equally interesting.

Below are some of the best places to visit in Pune city. You choose them as per your interests and time available. Pune has a little bit of everything from historic architecture, culture, nature walks, hills, treks, lakes, dams and much more.

Shaniwar Wada

When you are in Pune, it’s hard to miss the  Shaniwar Wada . It is one of the most notable places to visit in Pune. You will come across its mighty stone walls and bastions when you are at the centre of the city. Shaniwar Wada is the old fortification, from the most glorious time of the Peshwas ( पेशवेकालीन ). Moreover, It has survived a massive unexplained fire and Panshet floods of 1961. Shaniwar Wada is a good place in Pune to indulge in the history and culture of the Marathas. And this is a place where you should start your Pune trip. Moreover, there is also something more exciting about Shaniwar Wada. According to the legend Shaniwar Wada is haunted and its ghost appears on Full moon nights.

  • Shaniwar Wada Address:  Shaniwarpeth, Pune.
  • Shaniwar Wada Timings:  9 am to 5.30 pm
  • Shaniwar Wada Entry Fee:  Indian: ₹25, Non-Indian: ₹300.

Aga Khan Palace

Aga Khan Palace is a glorious mansion built on the banks of Mula river by Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III in 1892. The total area is of 13 acres, which has a beautiful garden and the palace. The place has an interesting history as Mahatma Gandhi, his wife Kasturba Gandhi, and Mahadev Desai and Sarojini Naidu were imprisoned here during the freedom moment. Kasturba Gandhi and Mahadev Desai died here. Today their memorials stand here along with a memorial for Mahatma Gandhi. The halls inside the palace tell the story of Mahatma Gandhi and the time of freedom struggle. Moreover, some of the old items used by Gandhiji are kept as an exhibit. This is maintained by the Gandhi National Memorial Society. The palace gardens are magnificent. Moreover, Aga Khan Palace is a good place for a photoshoot in Pune.

  • Aga Khan Palace Address:  Nagar Road, Koregaon Park, Pune.
  • Aga Khan Palace Timings:  9 am to 5.30 pm
  • Aga Khan Palace Entry Fee:  Indian adults: ₹15; Indian kids: ₹5; Non-Indians: ₹200.

Pataleshwar Cave

pune places for visit

Pataleshwar Cave is a cave from the 8th century ie. the  Rashtrakuta  period. It is said to be more than 1300 years old. The cave is a tribute to Hindu God Shiva. It is made of impressive rock-cut pillars. The entire temple is cut out from basalt rock. Inside are three sanctums with Hindu gods – Shivalinga in the centre, Lord Pataleshwar – the Lord of Underworld, Goddess Lakshmi, and Ganpati. Moreover, there is a sculpture depicting – Ram, Lakshman and Sita. In its courtyard is a huge circular Nandi mandapa. The cave has some unfinished carvings too. Despite been centrally located in Pune city this cave takes you away from the hustle-bustle of the city, into a calm atmosphere. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Pune.

  • Pataleshwar Cave Address:  Jangali Maharaj Road (JM Road), Shivajinagar, Pune.
  • Pataleshwar Cave Timings:  8.30 am to 5.30 pm
  • Pataleshwar Cave Entry Fee:  Free.

Museums in Pune and History

Pune is not just a metropolis with a modern approach. It is a city that has very well preserved history and culture. And what better way to experience it than to visit some of the museums! Following is a list of Museums in Pune, their locations, timings, entry fees and the things that they are known for-

  • Location : Natu Baug, Near Bajirao Road, Pune
  • Entry Fee : ₹20 for Indian ₹200 for Non-Indians
  • Timings : 10.00 am to 5.30 pm
  • Location:  GA Kulkarni Path, Kothrud, Pune
  • Entry Fee:  ₹ 90
  • Timings:  9.30 am to 5 pm
  • Location:  Harsh Sahawas Society, Karve Nagar, Pune
  • Entry Fee:  ₹ 100
  • Timings:  11 am to 7 pm
  • Location:  Govind Gaurav Apartment, Sahakar Nagar, Pune.
  • Timings:  10 am to 7 pm
  • Some other Museums   for even more history – Lal Mahal Pune, Lokmanya Tilak Museum, Mahatma Phule Museum, Pune Tribal Museum, Maratha History Museum, National War Museum, Shivaji Maharaj Museum,  Peshwe Museum , etc.

Dagdusheth Halwai Temple

There are numerous temples in Pune city, and the most revered Hindu God here is Ganesha. And this temple dedicated to Ganesha is the heartthrob of all the Punekars. The temple is centrally located, and the decorations during the festive seasons are gorgeous. People from all over Maharashtra come to seek the blessings here. This temple is one of the prominent places to visit in Pune.

Moreover, the unique thing about Dagdusheth Halwai Temple is that the Ganesha idol is visible from the main road too. This means vehicles may stop for a second while praying and then go ahead (because that is what I do mostly!). Moreover, the idol of Lord Ganesha is decorated in unique gold ornaments and clothes every day. Read towards the end to know about the unique Ganesh festival in Pune.

  • Dagdusheth Halwai Temple Address:  Shivaji Road, Near Appa Balwant Chowk, Pune
  • Dagdusheth Halwai Temple Timings:  6 am to 11 pm
  • Dagdusheth Halwai Temple Entry Fee:  Free.

BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir: Akshar Dham of Pune

This temple located on the Bangalore-Mumbai Highway near Ambegaon is the most beautiful temple in Pune city. The area is very well maintained. Moreover, the temple has a very unique architecture and carvings. Inside the temple is even more beautiful, but photography is not allowed. It is surrounded by well-maintained lawns. Once inside the temple, you will feel extremely calm and at peace. Moreover, this place will remind you of Akshardham of Delhi. The best time to visit BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir in Pune is the evening, at the time of sunset. You will get to experience the sunset and see the beautiful night lighting of the temple.

  • Pune to BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir : 13 km or 40-min drive.
  • BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir   Address:  Mumbai-Bengaluru National Highway 48, Narhe Ambegaon Rd, Pune, Maharashtra 411046.
  • BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir Timings:  7.30 am to 12.30 pm, 4.30 pm to 8.30 pm.
  • BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir Entry Fee:  Free.
  • Parking and Food:  Parking is free and food/snacks is available at the canteen.

Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad  is an old hill fort near Pune city. Besides being a haven for the foodies, it is also rich with history and tales of Maratha bravery. You can plan a trek at this place, or you take your vehicle to the top. The views in the surrounding valleys are mesmerizing. You can also plan camping atop the fort or stay in one of the homestays on the top, for the best experience.

And finally, Kalyan Darwaza, Pune Darwaza, Tanaji Kada, Kalavanteen Buruj, Zujar Buruj, Daru Kothar, Khandkada Machi, Kadelot Point, Devtake, Kondhaneshwar Temple, Chatrapati Rajaram Memorial are some of the places that you must visit in Sinhagad Fort in Pune.

  • Pune to Sinhagad distance:  35 km
  • Sinhagad Fort trek start point:  Sinhagad  Paytha  and Kalyan village
  • Best time for trekking near Pune:  Monsoon and Winter.
  • Parking, Restaurants and Washrooms:  Available
  • Food items on Sinhagad Fort:  Zunka-Bhakar, Pitali-Bhakari, Techa, Dahi, Kanda Bhaji, Tak, Lassi, Lemonades, Ice Golas, Summer fruits or seasonal fruits, chicken and mutton curries.

Pune University

tourist attractions in pune - things to see in pune - pune road - pune university

Pune city in India is proudly called विद्येचे माहेरघर or Oxford of the East. So, Pune University is obviously an important monument in the city. It is now renamed as Savitribai Phule Pune University, after the revolutionary woman Savitribai Phule, who spoke up for women’s right to education.

The entire campus is spread across 411 acres. The main building is an old monument and there is an impressive garden in the front. Moreover, the campus is full of trees which are years old and provide a peaceful atmosphere. This is a place where Punekars go for walking, jogging, and cycling while having a breath fresh air in the morning. And the place has two canteens where you can have breakfast – Aadarsh and Aniket.

There is a secret tunnel at Pune University that is almost 155 years old and 300 feet long. Recently, this has been refurbished. And you can now walk through this secret tunnel in Pune University. You need to have prior permission from the officials in the main building. And you can also take it after arriving at Pune University.

  • Pune University Address:  Ganeshkind, University Road, Pune
  • Pune University Timings:  7 am to 6 pm
  • Pune University Entry Fee:  Free. 

Pune Zero Stone

Until recently Zero stone was just another lost monument in Pune. Located near the main post office of Pune, this stone was established by the British and, all the distances were measured from this stone. Now, with the efforts of some of the local historians and architects, the entire area is now restored and redeveloped. It is an important old monument and a good place for taking pictures. Moreover, several sculptures are placed here, which tell us the history.

  • Zero Stone Address:  Sadhu Vaswani Chowk, Near Pune Camp, Pune
  • Zero Stone Timings:  Open 24 hours.
  • Zero Stone Entry Fee:  Free.
  • Pune Race Course

Pune Race Course is the one and only horse racecourse in Pune, spanning over an area of 118.5 acres. It is the best place to indulge in some equestrian delights. Pune Race Course is controlled and managed by the Indian Army. When there are no horse races happening, the area is open for the public. There is jogging or walking track with a distance of 2 km in the inner circle or the Race Course. You can also enjoy the nature and the best sunrise/sunset here.

  • Pune Race Course Address:  Sadhu Vaswani Chowk, Near Pune Camp, Pune
  • Pune Race Course Timings:  5.00 am to 8.30 am and 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm Open to the public on all days except race days.
  • Pune Race Course Entry Fee:  Free.

Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park Pune

Just near Katraj Lake is the Katraj Zoo. Yes, Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park Pune, is commonly known as Katraj Zoo or Katraj Snake Park. It is a beautiful zoo spread across 130 acres and has 362 animals in total. You can watch the numerous snakes, some turtles, crocodiles and alligators in one part of the zoo. And in another part, you can watch tigers, leopards, bears, elephants, deer, and other animals. Moreover, the zoo is kid-friendly and accessible by wheelchairs and strollers.

  • Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park, Pune Address:  Pune-Satara Road, Katraj, Pune
  • Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park Timings:  9.30 am to 5.30 pm
  • Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park   Entry Fee:  Indian adults: ₹25; Indian children: ₹10; Foreigners: ₹100

Places to visit in Pune: Hills in Pune

Pune city is surrounded by hills on all the sides. You may not really know it from the streets, but if you go atop the terrace of any building you will surely spot some hills. This is why Pune is called टेकड्यांचे शहर or the city of hills. And this means a lot of exciting hiking and trekking trails, around the city.

Following are some of the favourite hills in Pune (or tekdi in Pune). Most of them are not accessible by wheelchairs and strollers.

  • Parvati hill Pune
  • Vetal Tekdi or ARAI Hilltop
  • Hanuman Tekdi
  • Chaturshringi hill temple
  • Taljai hills and reserve forest
  • Durga Tekdi in PCMC
  • Pashan Tekdi
  • Katraj Hills
  • Anand Van Reserve Forest on NIBM Road.

Places to visit in Pune: Gardens in Pune

pune places for visit

When it comes to gardens, Pune city hosts numerous beautiful green spaces. And each garden has its own speciality. If you want to visit every major garden in Pune, then one day may not be enough. You can go from Saras Baug, Pune and Sambaji Garden in the main city to  Friendship garden Pune  also called as Pu La Deshpande garden on Sinhagad Road, or Osho Garden, in Koregaon Park, Pune or Empress Garden in Ghorpadi, Pune. The list is quite huge! If you have kids then it is double fun. Most of the gardens are accessible by wheelchairs and strollers. If you want to see the Eiffel Tower in Pune, you should go to the Seven Wonders Dream Park in Pune. Because here, you can see the small-sized replicas of all the Seven Wonders at this garden in Pune.

Related Article:   Gardens in Pune – Location, timings, entry fees and speciality.

Places to visit in Pune: Lakes in Pune

There are also numerous lakes in Pune. Most of them have been turned into gardens and have a walking or jogging area, where you may take a stroll or a run. Many of them are also accessible by wheelchairs and strollers. Until recently many of the lakes in Pune were in a neglected state. But most of them are restored to their old shine by PMC now.

Following are some of the favourite lakes in Pune. Some of them like Panshet and Pawna have numerous water sports and activities like camping available.

  • Pashan Lake
  • Katraj Lake
  • Lakaki Lake
  • Jambhulwadi Lake
  • Mastani Lake
  • ARAI Hilltop Lake
  • Taljai Lake
  • Suicide lake or Kalwad Lake
  • Ramdara lake and temple
  • Khadakwasla
  • Bhatghar Dam
  • Panshet Dam
  • Varasgaon Dam
  • Temghar Dam

Peacock Bay near Khadakwasla

This beautiful spot is owned by theNDA- National Defence Academy. It is a bay of water formed due to the Khadakwasla Dam. It is the most beautiful place for boat rides. As the NDA cadets are trained here. So they have an extensive arrangement of seamanship training equipment, sailing boats of all sorts, speed boats, water skis, whalers, dinghies, windsurfers, cutters, etc. The place gets its name due to the high number of peacocks in the area. In addition to peacocks, monkeys and civets are also found in the area. The place hosts many competitions like the annual national Inland championship, open lake swimming competition, etc. The lake area is 501 sq km and it is measured to be from 40 to 120 feet deep. It is the best place for nature photography, and to experience the natural beauty. It would be best to visit here in the morning.

Water Parks in Pune

Whether you are feeling burnt of summers in Pune or just want a good relaxing weekend – The waterparks around Pune are the best getaways to relax and beat the summer heat. So, you must plan a one day trip to a water park in Pune on a weekend.

Quick List of Water parks in Pune

  • Address:  30/31, Sangdewadi Khopoli Road, State Highway 92, Off Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Khalapur, Khopoli |  Timings : 10.30 am to 7.00 pm |  Ticket Price : INR 899/adult; INR 799/child |  Website : www.adlabsimagica.com
  • Address:  Mumbai-Pune Expressway, 1 km before Ravet, Ravet, Pune, Maharashtra 412101 |  Timings:  10.00 am to 6.00 pm |  Ticket Price : Adult: INR 300, Kids: INR 250 |  Website : www.sentosaresortspune.com
  • Address:  Gat No. 186, Donje Gaon-Sinhagad Road, Sinhagad Base, Donje Gaon, Maharashtra 411025 |  Timings:  10.00 am to 6.00 pm |  Ticket Price:   Weekday:  Adults- INR 500 per head; Kids (above 4 feet)- INR 400 per head;  Weekend:  Adults- INR 600 per head; Kids (above 4 feet)- INR 500 per head. |  Website:  www.krushnaiwaterpark.com
  • Address:  Water Park Road, Lohegaon, Pune City, Maharashtra |  Timings:  10.00 am to 5.30 pm |  Ticket Price:   Weekdays:  Adult- INR 600; Children- INR 500;  Weekends & Public Holidays:  Adult- INR 700; Children- INR 600 |  Website:  www.diamondwaterpark.com
  • Address:  Magic Kingdom, Wet N Joy Waterpark, Old Pune Mumbai Highway-NH-4, At-Mundhaware, Post-Takve Pune (In Lonavala) |  Timings:  10.00 am to 6.00 pm |  Ticket Price:   Weekdays:  INR 370; Child: INR 370;  Weekends:  INR 550; Child: INR 650 |  Website:  www.wetnjoy.in

Sunrise/Sunset points in Pune

There are a few places or hills in Pune from where you can see the best sunset. Watching a breezy sunset in Pune or a sunrise in Pune should definitely be on your plan of Pune trip. This is because you can see the sun going down and lights flickering on one by one throughout the city.

Following are some of the places where you should head over to watch nature’s show!

  • Khadakwasla Dam backwaters – 14 km or 45 min from Pune
  • DIAT hill – Near Khadakwasla Dam, Pune
  • Nilkantheshwar – Near Panshet Dam, 38 km from Pune.
  • Dighi Hills – 18 km or 50 min drive from Pune.
  • Dive Ghat – Near Hapadsar, Saswad
  • ARAI Hilltop Lake – In Kothrud in Pune.
  • Parvati, Pune – near Sarasbaug .
  • Z Bridge, Omkareshwar Bridge, Shivaji Nagar Bridge.
  • Taljai Hills Forested Area – Near Sahkarnagar in Pune.
  • Lakaki Lake – Model Colony in Pune.

These are some of the best places to visit in Pune city. Which one is your favourite? Comment below.

If you are from Pune or visiting Pune, check my  Pune Travel Guide  here.

FAQs about Pune

Shaniwar Wada, Aga Khan Palace, Pataleshwar Cave, Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Mandir, BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir, Pune Zero Stone, Pune Race Course, Pune University, Katraj Zoo, Gardens in Pune, Parvati Hill Temple, other Hills in Pune, Pashan Lake, other Lakes in Pune, Sinhagad Fort, etc.

1. ARAI Hilltop, Parvati Hills, Taljai Hills, Pashan Lake, Khadakwasla Dam, Sinhagad Fort for Outdoor or Nature themed photoshoot in Pune. 2. Shaniwarwada, Aga Khan Palace, Pataleshwar Temple for history-themed, rugged or royal photoshoot in Pune. 3. East Street Cafe, Waari Book Cafe, Chafa Cafe and Studio, PAASH, Grandmama’s Cafe, Farzi Cafe, are some of the most Instagrammable Cafes in Pune City.

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42 Tourist Places to Visit in Pune (2024): ✔Location, Timing

Budget Hotels > Travel Blog > Destinations > Pune > 42 Tourist Places to Visit in Pune (2024): ✔Location, Timing

Located on the Bhuleshwar Range of the Sahyadri mountains, Pune is a beautiful metropolis in Maharashtra. The city holds a special place in the heart of the Marathas; it was the first capital of the Maratha Empire and a politically important centre during the 18 th century. Hence, the city is peppered with brilliant heritage structures that speak volumes about its rich past. The best thing about Pune is that despite rapid development and modernisation, the locals have managed to preserve the rich Marathi culture. It is this beautiful blend of the past and present that adds to the city’s appeal and makes it one of the most popular destinations for travellers of all kinds.

If a trip to the cultural capital of Maharashtra is on the cards, the following list of the best places to visit in Pune can help you chalk out an itinerary for a memorable stay in the city.

Tourist Places to Visit in Pune (List):

Places to visit in pune – forts and palaces.

Shaniwar Wada | Among The Best Places to Visit in Pune – Forts and Palaces

Shaniwar Wada | Among The Best Places to Visit in Pune – Forts and Palaces

1. Sinhagad Fort

Does the idea of visiting a ruined fort appeal to the traveler in you? Then you must pay a visit to Sinhagad Fort, which dates back 2000 years and has been witness to many battles. Today, it may not be in its best shape, but the ruins provide the perfect glimpse into the grandeur of the bygone era. The trek to the fort, nestled on a secluded cliff, is a lovely journey through uninterrupted surroundings.    

  • Location : Sinhagad Ghat Road, Pune
  • Timings : 05:00 am to 06:00 pm; every day
  • Entry Fee : Free

Want to know about more such spots in and around the city where the past comes alive in the form of strong walls and strong watchtowers? Here’s a list of top 15 forts near Pune that you both can explore together.

2. Aga Khan Palace

Dating back to the 19 th century, Aga Khan Palace testifies to the region’s glorious past. This architectural wonder features huge halls and lovely arches built in the Italian style, and it also has sprawling lawns surrounding it. The majestic palace is famous not just for its structural beauty but for its historical importance as well because it once served as a prison for Mahatma Gandhi and other leaders of the freedom movement within its confines. At present, the palace acts as Gandhi National Memorial Society headquarters. 

  •   Location : Gandhi National Memorial Society, Aga Khan Palace Road, Pune
  • Timings : 09:00 am to 5:30 pm; every day
  • Adults – ₹ 5
  • Children – ₹ 2

3. Shaniwar Wada Palace

A historical landmark in Pune, Shaniwar Wada, built in 1732, boasts a unique blend of Maratha and Mughal styles of architecture. Once you step inside, you will be able to witness the magnificence of polished marble floors, teak arches, and glass chandeliers that adorn the palace in an incredible manner. Here, your kids can learn a thing or two about the history of the Peshwas and their grandeur. One of the main highlights of the palace is the light and sound show organized here every evening. They are not just informative but entertaining as well, especially for kids.

  •   Location : Bajirao Road, Shaniwar Peth, Pune
  • Palace – 08:00 am to 06:30 pm; every day
  • Sound and Light Show – 07:15 pm (Marathi); 08:15 pm (English)
  • Palace – ₹ 5
  • Sound and Light Show – ₹ 25

4. Vishrambaug Wada

There’s something fascinating about palaces and mansions, isn’t it? Vishrambaug Wada pays credence to this point even further. Located in the heart of Pune, this mansion built in 1897 once served as the home of Peshwa Bajirao II. During those days, it was a picture of grandeur and luxury. Much has changed since then, but even today you can get a glimpse of that glorious era. Intricate woodwork adorns the entrance and the balcony of this three-storied mansion. Don’t forget to click some Instagram-worthy photos with your family during your visit to Vishrambaug Wada

  • Location : RB Kumthekar Road, Perugate, Sadashiv Peth, Pune
  • Timings : N/A

Fancy taking a deeper glimpse into the city’s rich heritage and past? You can visit these 14 edifices, counted among the top historical places in Pune . 

5. Lal Mahal

Want to learn about the Maratha history? Then, head to Lal Mahal, a structure that dates back to 1630. It was here that Shivaji spent a considerable part of his childhood. It is also the same palace where the famous encounter between Shivaji and Shaista Khan had taken place, in which the Maratha leader had cut off the latter’s finger when he was trying to escape. The palace today serves as a memorial to Shivaji and houses several paintings depicting various episodes of his life. Lal Mahal is surrounded by Jijamata Garden, where you can sit back while your kids have fun.

  • Location : Kasba Peth, Pune
  • Timings : 09:00 am to 01:00 pm and 04:00 pm to 08:00 pm; every day

Explore best hotels to stay in Pune at budget price

6. Shivneri Fort

At a distance of about 90 km from Pune, in Junnar, stands the magnificent Shivneri Fort atop a hill. The fort is famous for being the birthplace and training ground of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the founder of the Maratha Empire. It was built in 16 th -century and had been known for its fortification. Today, it is a popular tourist and picnic destination.  

  • Location: Junnar, Maharashtra
  • Timings: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
  • Entry Fee: Free

  7. Purandar Fort

In the South West of Pune and at a height of 4472-feet above sea level lies Purandar Fort, a structure steeped in historical value and valour. This is the larger of the twin forts of Purandar and Vajragad. Not only has this fort featured repeatedly in Shivaji’s risings against the Adil Shahi Dynasty, it is also the birthplace of Shivaji’s son Sambhaji.  

  • Location: 50 km to the South West of Pune
  • Timings: 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM

8. Torna Fort

Located about 68 km away from Pune city, Torna Fort is an important historical monument in Maharashtra. The fort holds a significant place in Maratha history; it was the first fort captured by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj at the age of 16. It is also famed for being located at the highest point in the Pune district. Apart from history buffs, Torna Fort is frequented by nature aficionados, peace lovers and trekking enthusiasts in huge numbers. The scenic Western Ghats and thrilling surroundings make the area around the fort perfect for short nature walks as well. If you are planning a one-day trip near Pune or a weekend getaway, Torna Fort is a wonderful option.  

  • Location: Rajgad – Torna Trek Path, Charhat Wadi, Maharashtra
  • Timings: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Entry Fee: Free  

Places to Visit in Pune – Gardens and Hills

Okayama Friendship Garden | Among The Best Places to Visit in Pune – Gardens and Hills

Okayama Friendship Garden | Among The Best Places to Visit in Pune – Gardens and Hills

9. Empress Garden

Named after Queen Victoria, Empress Garden is a historic green space sprawling over 39 acres, where you can spend some lovely moments with your beloved. Speckled with flowers and trees that create captivating vistas, this lovely garden offers you several cozy nooks to engage in a tete-a-tete with your sweetheart without disturbance. Away from your busy office routine and the tiring traffic jam, this is where you and your special one can go for a long walk, hand-in-hand. If hunger threatens to play spoilsport in your plans, you can rely on the snack shack located within the garden.

  • Location : Kavade Mala, Ghorpadi, Pune
  • Timings : 09:30 am to 06:30 pm; every day
  • Entry Fee : ₹15 per person (3 years and above)

Looking for more places where you can helplessly fall in love with each other, over and over again? Check out our blog on the most romantic places in Pune and celebrate or rekindle your love.

Also check the couple friendly hotels in Pune

10. Parvati Hill

As the name suggests, Parvati Hill is a hillock from where you can have a panoramic view of the city. Considered to be one of the most romantic spots in the city, Parvati Hill is also home to the sacred Devdeveshwar Temple. There are 103 steps that lead to the top of the hill, where the temple stands in all its glory. Climbing up the steps with your partner can be a memorable experience in itself. If you love capturing your time together in your camera, you can get plenty of good shots during your visit to this lovely destination. Do not miss out on witnessing the sunset from here. 

  • Location : Parvati Paytha, Pune

11. Okayama Friendship Garden

Speckled with exotic flora, colorful lawns, gazebos, and pristine waterfalls, Okayama Friendship Garden in Pune is a dreamy space for the young lovers of the city to relax and enjoy. It is a Japanese-style garden that has remained witness to many friendships blossoming into love and love stories maturing into serious relationships. Also known as Pu La Deshpande Garden and Japanese Pune Garden, this lovely space spreads over 10 acres. One thing to note is that the place usually gets a bit crowded on the weekends, so plan your trip accordingly.

  •   Location : Sinhagad Road, Dattawadi, Pune
  • Timings : 06:00 am to 10:30 am and 04:00 pm to 08:00 pm; every day
  • Entry Fee : ₹ 5

12. Vetal Hill

As the highest point in the city, Vetal Hill offers an excellent view of the cityscape. Far above the din and buzz of the city at a height of 2600 feet, the hill serves as a nice place where you can sit for long hours with your friends or special someone and talk endlessly. But more than anything else, you will be able to enjoy utter serenity, allowing you to get the much-needed rest for your busy, and often chaotic, schedule. 

  • Location : Pashan, Pune

13. Taljai Hills

A lush green area in the heart of the city, Taljai Hills is ideal for those looking to spend some serene time amidst natural surroundings. It is a 2000 feet high hilltop that has been developed as a park and wildlife reserve. Taljai Hills has many trails suitable for walking, jogging, running, and trekking. Thanks to its rich biodiversity, the place attracts many migratory birds and is a delight for birdwatchers and ornithologists. The hilltop also has a temple dedicated to Goddess Taljai at the entrance, a pond, and a meditation area. The place looks lush green and beautiful during monsoon, making it the best time to visit the hills.

  • Location: Panchgaon Parvati Taljai Forest Area, Pune
  • Timings: 5:00 AM to 10:00 AM, 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM; every day

14. Bund Garden

One of the most popular hangout spots in Pune, Bund Garden, also known as Mahatma Gandhi Udyan, draws families, friends as well as solo travelers with its serene ambiance. The garden is dotted with trees and flowering plants, with the manicured lawns adding to its lush green charm. It is ideal for a picnic, during which you can indulge in a game of badminton or identify the various species of birds flying about. There is a separate section for the kids where they can play on swings and see-saws. The garden also has boating facilities, giving you another reason to come here. Magic shows and horse rides are among the other attractions of the park that never fail to delight kids and adults alike. You can also pay a visit to the Bund Garden Bridge, which is located near the garden.

  • Location : Sangamwadi, Pune
  • Timings : 06:00 am to 10:00 am and 04:00 pm to 07:30 pm

15. Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park

Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park is one attraction in Pune that never fails to enthrall tourists. The park, extending over an area of 130 acres, has three sections – a snake park, an animal orphanage, and a zoo. With its wide variety of mammals, birds, and reptiles, the zoo will keep you and your little ones amused for hours. Katraj Lake in the park, which extends over 42 acres, adds to the beauty of the place.

  • Location : Pune-Satara Road, Katraj, Pune
  • 09:30 am to 05:00 pm (16 th June to 31 st March)
  • 09:30 am to 05:30 pm (1 st April to 15 th June)
  • Adults – ₹ 25
  • Children – ₹ 10

A day out with your friends is all about fun, frolic, and food, isn’t it? Pune is where you can indulge in all these and more. Check out the top places to visit in Pune with friends .

16. Saras Baug

This is a large central park with an 18 th -century temple, spacious grassy fields, and pretty water features, which make it ideal for sports, picnics, and leisurely stroll. It is a vast area of picturesque gardens spread across an area of 25 acres of land. You can enter the park via its three gates each of which is topped with white minarets.  

  • Location: Saras Baug, Pune
  • Timings: 06:00 AM to 09:00 PM

17. Rajgad Trek

A delightful blend of beautiful surroundings and thrilling terrain, Rajgad Trek is a must-try for adventure seekers and nature lovers. This moderate-level trek starts from Gunjavane Village in Pune District and ends at the Rajgad Fort. The fort is located at an altitude of 4514 feet and is surrounded by lush green and scenic surroundings. Although the trekking trail is a bit on the rough side, it promises a memorable hiking session for intermediate-level trekkers. So, if you are looking to escape the city hustle-bustle and engage in some offbeat adventure, a trek to Rajgad Fort is a wonderful option.

  • Location: Gunjavane Village, Pune
  • Time Required: 2-3 days

Places to Visit in Pune – Amusement Parks and Entertainment Zones

Amanora Mall | Among The Best Places to Visit in Pune – Amusement Parks and Entertainment Zones

Amanora Mall | Among The Best Places to Visit in Pune – Amusement Parks and Entertainment Zones

Pune holds a plethora of attractions for everyone, regardless of age. So, if you are planning a trip to the city with your kin, you will find a number of destinations to explore and marvel at. Here comes the list of the best places to visit in for a dose of live entertainment.

18. Sentosa Water Park

When you are in the mood for endless fun and frolic throughout the day, visit Sentosa Water Park. Located within the Sentosa Resorts, the place has a number of slides that are designed to maximize your fun quotient. And, the rain dance station at this amusement zone is the perfect spot for you and your friends to match your steps, while the wave pool ensures that you can indulge in some ‘beach’ fun. The park also has fast food outlets and a restaurant to take care of your hunger pangs.

  • Location : Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Ravet, Pune
  • Timings : 10:00 am to 06:00 pm; every day
  • 3.9 feet and above – ₹ 400
  • Between 2.9 feet and 3.9 feet – ₹ 350
  • Below 2.9 feet – Free

In a mood for unlimited thrill and refreshment? You might also want to check out these water parks and amusement parks in Pune .

19. Amanora Mall

Amanora Mall is where you and your pals can indulge in shopping, eating, and chilling around. Spread across 1.2 million sq. feet, the mall is divided into two blocks, the East Block and West Block. In between the two blocks lies Oasis, a lovely landscaped area that serves as an entertainment zone. There are about 150 stores here offering merchandise from no less than 500 brands. With restaurants, gaming zones, and multiplexes, Amanora can provide you with full-scale entertainment and fun. The mall also hosts events and performances all year long.

  • Location : Hadapsar, Pune
  • Timings : 11:00 am to 10:00 pm; every day

20. Panshet Water Park

This is an amusement park in the backdrop of Sahayadri Mountains and within a few kilometres from Khadakwasla Dam in Pune. Located between Varasgaon and Panshet Dams, this place is famous for its adventure sports and activities. This is a perfect place for a gataway with families and friends. Here you can engage in thrilling and exciting water sports such as boating, kayaking, windsurfing, water scooters, speed boating as well as swimming.

  • Location :  Near Khadakwasla Dam, Pune
  • Timings: 10:00 PM – 06:00 PM
  • Adult: INR 250 (Weekdays) and INR 300 (Weekends)
  • Child: INR 170 (Weekdays) and INR 230 (Weekends)

If you love roaming around bazaars and streets, you can also check out these popular shopping places in Pune .

Places to Visit in Pune – Restaurants and Pubs

Independence Brewing Company | Among The Best Places to Visit in Pune – Restaurants and Pubs

Independence Brewing Company | Among The Best Places to Visit in Pune – Restaurants and Pubs

The glittering city of Pune is home to several clubs, pubs, and eateries that can make you come back for more and more, day after day, night after night. Here’s a handpicked list of the best of these:

21. Atmosphere 6

When it comes to the popular hangout places for couples in Pune, Atmosphere 6 ticks all the boxes. This trendy rooftop restaurant offers a magnificent view of the city, while admiring which you can relish great food spanning Italian, Continental, Chinese, Oriental, and North Indian cuisines. If you are in a mood to let your hair down, you can head to the dance floor and shake a leg. Whether you are here to celebrate a milestone in your relationship or enjoy a quiet dinner date with your sweetheart, Atmosphere 6 will never let you down!

  • Location : Lunkad Skymax, Viman Nagar, Pune
  • Timings : 12:00 pm to 12:00 am (Mon-Thu); 12:00 pm to 01:00 am (Fri-Sun)
  • Cost for two : ₹ 1800 (approx.)

22. Shisha Jazz Café

Along with good food, do you also appreciate good music? Head over to Shisha Jazz Café where you will be welcomed with soft lights and a woody decor. But the real magic begins when live jazz music fills the space and makes everyone croon. Add to that some fine flavors of Continental, Iranian, and North Indian food and great drinks, and you can be set for a lovely evening with your beloved, group of pals or even alone for that matter.

  • Location : ABC Farms, KP Annexe, Mundhwa, Pune
  • Timings : 11:00 am to 12:30 am; every day
  • Cost for two : ₹ 2000 (approx.)

Looking to make your Pune trip better with more flavorsome food? Check out some of the most iconic restaurants in Pune.

23. Pagdandi Books Chai Café

If you and your gang of friends love books, Pagdandi Chai Café is your dream come true. The selection of books in here is an impressive one. You can sit down on snug mattresses and leaf through your favorite book or check out the latest releases even as you sip on Hot Chocolate or sack on a plate of munchies. Do not miss out on their kahwa and Nutella sandwich that are truly amazing. There are even board games to keep you and your friends engaged.

  • Location : Regent Plaza, Baner, Pune
  • Timings : 10:30 am to 10:30 pm; every day
  • Cost for two : ₹ 250 (approx.)

24. High Spirits

High Spirits is where you can get a taste of Pune’s nightlife without burning a hole in your pocket. This hip and happening nightclub attracts nocturnal beings (mostly youngsters), who it never fails with its electric vibe, fine drinks and delicious food. It helps that the club has an open-air seating arrangement. The frequent live gigs add to the charm of the place and increase its popularity among locals and travelers.

  • Location : KP Annexe, Mundhwa, Pune
  • Timings : 08:00 am to 11:30 pm, closed on Sundays and Mondays
  • Cost for two : ₹ 1500

How about a heady package of fun, dance, music, drinks, and cool ambiance? Excited? Then, just head to Swig, a club-turned-lounge that celebrates art and music by hosting a diverse group of dancers, musicians, painters, and even sculptors. This one-of-its-kind club even hosts poetry sessions in Urdu and art nights. Lovely decor, tasty food, and great drinks, all combine to enhance the headiness at this place.

  • Location : SBI Training Centre, North Main Road, Koregaon Park, Pune
  • Timings : 12:00 pm to 11:30 pm; every day
  • Cost for two : ₹ 1400

If you are a party lover, you might want to check out these popular pubs and nightclubs in Pune where you can enjoy a vibrant nightlife.

26. Independence Brewing Company

With its lovely ambiance and finger-licking delicacies, Independence Brewing Company sure scores high among the night revelers of Pune. This bar-cum-restaurant boasts a menu that offers American, Mexican, Continental and North Indian cuisines apart from fresh beers and loads of other drinks. If your idea of a night out involves good food at a chic place, Independence Brewing Company is certainly a good pick.

  • Location : Zero One Complex, Pingale Wasti, Mundhwa, Pune
  • 01:00 pm to 01:30 am (Monday to Saturday)
  • 12:00 pm to 01:30 am (Sundays)

Places to Visit in Pune – Museums


27. Mahatma Phule Museum

This was originally the residence of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, the Maratha social activist who had been a strong proponent of women’s rights. This was transformed into a museum in 1890. It boasts of a diverse range of artefacts related to industry, agriculture, textile, handicrafts, geology, marble statues, stone carvings, arms, seals, armoury, etc. An array of stuffed animals is one of the highlights of this museum. This includes elephants, sea fish, etc.

  • Location: Ghole Rd, Shivajinagar, Pune
  • Timings: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
  • Entry Fee: INR 10 per person

28. Joshi’s Museum of Miniature Railways

Situated in the Erandwane suburb of Pune, Joshi’s Museum of Miniature Railways is a unique museum hosting an array of miniature trains, trams, steam engines, flyovers, etc. The museum has various well-designed intricate layouts of cities replete with buildings and lights, roads, and train tracks. The functioning is controlled by an amusing light and sound track.  

  • Location: Late GA Kulkarni Path, Next to Kothrud, Pune
  • 09:30 AM to 04:00 PM and 05:00 PM to 08:00 PM (Saturday)
  • 05:00 PM to 08:00 PM (Sunday)
  • Above 3 years: INR 90
  • Below 3 years: Free

29. National War Museum

Established in 1997 and unveiled on 15 th August 1998, the National War Museum is an ode to the brave soldiers of India who sacrificed their lives for the country. The citizens of Pune built the museum, and a major part of it is dedicated to the 1999 Kargil War. Throwing light on the sacrifices made by the soldiers, a trip to the museum is sure to give a nudge to your patriotic side. While it houses many photographs, paintings, artefacts and captured war equipment, MiG-23BN used in the Kargil War, and the replica of INR Trishul from the 1971 Indo-Pak War are the highlights of the museum.

  • Location: Pune Cantonment, Prince of Wales Drive Road, Pune  
  • Timings: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM; every day

Places to Visit in Pune – Dams

30. khadakwasla dam.

Khadakwasla Dam is erected on Mutha River at a distance of 21 km from the city centre. Located near the National Defence Academy, this is the principal source of water for Pune and its suburban areas. The reservoir formed by the dam is known as the Khadakwasla Lake, which is a pleasant sightseeing spot.

  • Location: Khadakwasla Village, Pune
  • Timings: 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM

31. Mulshi Lake and Dam

Just 35 km off Pune lies one of the most scenic spots that you can experience in and around Pune. The Mulshi Lake and Dam is known for the natural endowment around it. It offers a breathtaking view of the mighty Sahayadri Ranges in the backdrop of the serene lake. People love this place for its natural scenery and tranquillity.  

  • Location: Mulshi Taluk, Pune
  • Timings: 09:00 – 06:00 PM

Places to Visit in Pune – Religious Sites


32. Ohel David Synagogue

This historic monument is considered to be the biggest synagogue in Pune. This iconic red brick building was built in the period 1863-1867 by David Sassoon, and is locally known as Lal Deval. It has an English Gothic style architecture resembling the structure of a church and has a 90-foot high obelisk with a majestic clock, which is considered to have been specially brought from London for this purpose.

  • Location: Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar Rd, Opp. Ibaco, Gawaliwada, Camp, Pune
  • Timings: 06:00 AM – 06:00 PM
  • Entry Fee: Free (To visit, non-Jewish visitors need permission)

33. Pataleshwar Cave Temple

The Pataleshwar Cave Temple is an architectural splendour right at the heart of Pune. It is a spellbinding monolithic temple carved out of a magnanimous rock. This is a revered Hindu shrine and is considered to be the abode of Lord Pataleshwar, a form of Lord Shiva. This is a popular tourist place in Pune.  

  • Location: Jangali Maharaj Rd, Revenue Colony, Shivajinagar, Pune
  • Timings: 08:30 AM – 05:30 PM

34. Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Temple

Built in 1893, Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Temple is a revered shrine in the city. Legend has it that this beautiful temple was built by Shri Dagdusheth Halwai and his wife Lakshmibai after they lost their son to a plague epidemic. The idea to make Ganesh Chaturthi a public celebration was pitched by Lokmanya Tilak after the construction of this temple.  

The temple houses a 2.2-meter high, and 1-meter wide idol of Lord Ganesha adorned with about 40 kgs of gold. The idol of Lord Ganesha here is positioned in such a way that it can be seen even from the outside. The shrine sees a huge footfall every day and is undoubtedly one of the most famous Pune tourist places .

  • Location: Ganpati Bhavan, 250 Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Road, Mehunpura, Budhwar Peth, Pune
  • Timings: 5:00 am to 10:30 pm; every day

35. Chaturshringi Temple

Constructed around 300 years ago, Chaturshringi Temple is counted among the oldest and largest temples in the country. It is built across four mountain peaks and is dedicated to Goddess Chaturshringi, also known as Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati and Ambareshwari. The temple also houses the idols of Goddess Durga and Lord Ganesh within its premises. The 90 feet high and 125 feet wide temple has around 170 well-constructed steps that the devotees must climb to reach the main abode of the Goddess. The beautiful surroundings and the temple’s positive energy make it one of the most frequented places in Pune.

  • Location: Seva Samiti Building, Senapati Bapat Road, Chaturshringi, Pune
  • Timings: 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM; every day

36. Sri Balaji Mandir

Popularly called Prati Balaji Mandir and Mini Balaji Mandir, Sri Balaji Mandir is one of the most famous places in Pune . This beautiful temple amidst a lush green landscape is a close replica of the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple in Tirupati. Built under the guidance of Tirupati’s Venkateswara Temple, the architecture and sanctum deity of Sri Balaji Mandir in Pune is quite similar to the original. What’s more, the temple also follows all the rituals and religious activities of Tirumala Venkateswara Temple in Tirupati. The positive vibes of the temple will calm your mind and fill you with a sense of peace and divinity.

  • Location: Ward No. 8, Aundh Gaon, Aundh, Pune
  • Timings: 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM; every day

Other Significant Places to Visit in Pune

Shinde Chhatri | Among The Other Significant Places to Visit in Pune

Shinde Chhatri | Among The Other Significant Places to Visit in Pune

37. Shinde Chhatri

One of the most famous memorials in Pune, Shinde Chhatri witnesses a huge footfall during the day. But if you explore this destination at night, you will see it in a very different light. This 18 th -century memorial, dedicated to the Maratha leader Mahadji Shinde, is a magnificent monument that features elaborate carvings on the walls. When you take a look at the whole structure under the lights, it certainly makes you want to click loads of photos. The three-storied structure also hosts a Shiva temple within the premises.

  •   Location : Wanawadi Road, Pune Cantonment, Pune
  • Timings : 08:00 am to 07:00 pm; every day
  • Entry Fee : ₹ 2

38. National Defence Academy

The National Defence Academy (NDA) is the only academy in the world that gives training to the cadets of the three services, Air Force, Army, and Navy. You can visit the academy only on Sundays and that too as part of a group from an educational institution. You will go through a guided tour of the academy and visit museums, training teams and the mess. In short, you will have a glimpse of the life that the cadets lead inside the academy. Owing to obvious security reasons, you need prior permission to come here.

  • Location : Khadakwasla, Pune
  • Timings : 10:30 am to 01:00 pm; Sundays
  • Entry Fee : No entry fee

39. Fashion Street

A great place for shopaholics, Fashion Street, is a popular shopping area in the city. It houses over 400 stores and kiosks selling a range of products for men, women, and children. From apparel, imitation jewellery and bags to accessories, footwear, and toys, you will find almost everything in this market at economical rates. Some stores here may also sell counterfeit and low-quality products, so keep this in mind when shopping on Fashion Street.

  • Location: 95, MG Road, Camp, Pune
  • Timings: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM; every day

40. Lonavala

If you are keen to explore some tourist places near Pune , Lonavala is a wonderful option. This picturesque hill station is only 67 km away from the city and can be easily reached by road or rail. Owing to its location in the Sahyadri range of the Western Ghats, the hill station boasts abundant natural beauty and is a delight for those looking to take a break from city chaos. While Lonavala enjoys good weather throughout the year, the place looks greener and luxuriant during the monsoon season. The milky-white waterfalls also come to life during this time of the year and add to the beauty of this serene and scenic hill station. Lonavala houses some beautiful lakes, trekking trails, viewing points, dams, caves, and temples as well, making the hill station an ideal weekend getaway destination.

  • Distance from Pune: 67 km
  • Best Time to Visit: June-September and December-February
  • Top attractions: Bhushi Dam, Tikona Fort, Lohagad Fort, Lonavala Lake, Bhaja Caves, Karla Caves, Narayani Dham Temple, Adlabs Imagicaa, Della Adventure Park

41. Igatpuri

Located in the Nashik district of Maharashtra, Igatpuri is one of the best places to visit near Pune for nature lovers. The hill station lies in the Western Ghats and houses some of the highest peaks of the Sahyadri range, beautiful waterfalls, scenic trekking trails, and old forts. The headquarters of the world’s largest Vipassana Meditation Institute, Vipassana International Academy, is also in Igatpuri. The best time to enjoy the scenic beauty of the hill station is during monsoon when the surroundings look greener and the flowers are in full bloom. However, those looking to indulge in different adventure activities, like trekking and rock climbing, must plan a trip during the winter season.

  • Distance from Pune: 248 km
  • Top attractions: Vipassana Centre, Tringalwadi Fort, Vihigaon Waterfall, Ghatandevi Temple, Myanmar Gate, Camel Valley, Bhavali Dam

42. Rajmachi Fort

Lying in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, Rajmachi Fort is a popular attraction among history buffs, nature lovers and adventure seekers. It is nestled in the Sahyadri range and is counted among the best places for a one day trip near Pune . Rajmachi has two fortresses – Shriwardhan and Manaranjan. The trek to the fort starts from Udhewadi village, and it takes approximately 30 minutes to reach the top. The trekking trail is relatively easy and picturesque, with enticing views of waterfalls, valleys, gorges, and villages. The fort’s historical significance and beautiful trekking route make Rajmachi Fort a must-visit.

  • Distance from Pune: 170 km
  • Best Time to Visit: June to September

This is in no way a comprehensive list of all that Pune has to offer in terms of tourist attractions. Once you check-in at one of the hotels in Pune , you will be able to discover several other known and unknown spots, provided you do your online research or talk to locals (in case of lesser-known places). So, are you ready to unleash your wanderlust and experience the city in its full glory? We bet you are!

Frequently Asked Questions About Pune:

Q: List some places to visit near Pune on a one-day trip.

A: Lavasa, Lonavala, Khandala, Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar, Matheran, Karjat, Kolad, Kaas Plateau, Alibaug, Murud Janjira and Kashid are some of the most popular weekend getaways from Pune.

Q: Which shopping places in Pune should I explore?

A: There are many amazing markets in Pune but the ones you must definitely visit are Fashion Street, Juna Bazaar, FC Road, Hong Kong Lane, Laxmi Road and Tulsi Baug.

Q: Which are the best shopping malls in Pune?

A: Amanora (Hadapsar), Phoenix Market City (Viman Nagar), Seasons (Magarpatta City), Inorbit (Viman Nagar), Westend (Aundh) and The Pavillion (Model Colony) are the most popular malls in Pune.

Q: Where can I go for partying in Pune?

A: Koregaon Park, fondly called KP, is one of the best places to visit in Pune at night. Among the top pubs in Koregaon Park are Hard Rock Cafe, The Bar Stock Exchange, Maclaren's Pub, Murphies, Harry's, Hidden Place and High Spirits.

Q: Suggest some nightlife places in Pune for dancing.

A: You can experience the lively nightlife in Pune while swaying to some groovy music at Social, Effingut Brewerkz, 1000 Oaks, The Urban Foundry, Penthouze, Euriska, The House of Medici, Area 51, Teddy Boy or Mi-a-mi.

Q: I wish to try the street food in Pune. Any recommendations?

A: Some of the must-try street food items in Pune are vada pav, sabudana vada, dabeli, poha, meat kebabs, egg rolls, chaat, bhakarwadi, bajri vada and misal pav.

Q: Where to go for a great dining experience in Pune?

A: Pune has a myriad of restaurants and cafes and is truly a paradise for food lovers. If you're confused, here's a list of some of the best restaurants in Pune -- Vaishali, 1000 Oaks, German Bakery, Nisarg, Marz-O-Rin, Yana Sizzlers and Wok, Bounty's, Malaka Spice, Baan Tao and Sen5es.

Q: Which are the main entry gateways to Pune?

A: Pune Airport is the main air gateway serving both domestic and international flights. Pune City Station is well-connected to other Indian cities by regular trains. Major bus stations in the city are Pune Station, Shivaji Nagar and Swargate while the main thoroughfares leading to Pune include NH 4, 9 and 50 and Pune-Mumbai Expressway.

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Places to Visit in Pune

Best Places to Visit In Pune

If you want to experience the beauty of India, you must visit Pune. It’s one of the most heartwarming and beautiful places to travel and remember a lifetime.

Pune is filled with epic places considering all the historical places, parks, museums, restaurants, temples, architecture, and scenery.

Most importantly, it’s the safest place in India to travel, with amazing nightlife and welcoming people.

Here are Pune’s top attractions, which are known all over the world.

Shaniwar Vada

Shanivar Vada is Pune’s top historical place, and it tells a lot about Indian history. It was built by Bajirao I in 1736.The five gateways and the beautiful scenery are the most impressive aspects of the place. 

The architecture and extensive green gardens all around lighten up the tourists’ hearts, giving them a wow feeling and happy vibes. Shaniwar Vada Horror vibes KAKA Mala Vacha still gives shrills to the locals on full moon night.

Planning a trip never miss out the Iconic Shanivar Vada and witness the Indian Historical culture and past thrilling stories in front of your eyes.

Who can visit here….

If you are a historical place lover and want to know more about India history and rulers life ? Then this place is the ideal for you . The place will fulfill all your curiosity with amazing sightseeing and thrilling experience. Also family and couples can have a wonderful time enjoying the view and exploring the five Mysterious Darwajas of the place .

Appu Ghar is the place for all ages when you are looking to playfully have fun with your family, friends, and loved ones.

The exciting adventurous ride, the beautiful view with a cheerful and pleasant vibe, it’s the place for all round satisfaction.

The best part is that the adults can have fun with the kids as the place has adventure rides for everyone. Appu Ghar is a must-visit place to give stress a no-no and take your happiness to the adventurous Highs.

Appu Ghar is the ideal location for kids as it has a variety of amazing rides. Also adults can also vibe in as it also have different adventures section for the adults. So Never miss out on fun and entertainment as Appu Ghar is the ideal for all your adventure needs.

Agha Khan is the place where the greatest Mahatma Gandhi, Kasturi Bai, and Mahadev Desai, were imprisoned during the fight for independence.

Agha Khan has realistic, deep, meaningful statues of the past that replicate Gandhiji and other great leaders and politicians who helped us to gain Swaraj (Independence)

Even Gandiji’s clothes, books, and all his personal belongings are still precisely kept at the palace.

If you want to relive the war against the Britishers and closely witness the struggle, pain, and sacrifice of the great Indians – Agha Khan is a must-visit

If you want to know more about Gandhiji, his lifestyle in the fight for independence and to attain Swaraj? Then this place is the ideal for you . Explorers as well as families can visit the place watch his statues, his ideas encrypted on walls, personal belongings and feel the struggle and efforts he put for Bharat’s independence.

Ramdhara Temple

Ramdhara Temple is the spiritual place where Mata Janki, Brother Laxmana and Rama travelled in Tretha Ugh.

Dunki Baba made the Ramdhara temple one of Pune’s most famous and peaceful places.

Tourists love to visit the place to seek the blessings of the gods and enjoy the scenic beauty of trees, lakes and nature creations.

Many functions and events are organized in the place, including Mahashivratri, when devotees gather to seek Shiva’s blessings.

The place is ideal for devotees who want to pray to god and enjoy the tranquil nature.

Rainbow Trampoline Park

In the Rainbow Trampoline Park, enjoy the adventures of the foam pit, Dodgeball court, bull riding, Ninja Warrior, and many more.

The trampoline park has a music system introduced with a cheerful ambience and friendly staff to make your day a blast. It is the best trampoline park in Pune and offers discounts when you enter in large numbers.

Take your kids to the jumping jack and enthuse their energy levels in the Rainbow Trampoline Park. Entertainment will peak when you roll into the cushions with music beats and fun vibes everywhere.

The trampoline park is best for the little ones to jump higher and laugh louder. Also, do you want to do your birthday parties, anniversary, kitty parties, or school travel? Then book the first floor of the Rainbow trampoline park and have a buzz.

Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park

Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park has thousands of animals placed in separate houses with proper safety and security.

There is a snake house in the Zoological park where you can find multiple venomous snakes and enjoy their movements and hiss

If you are lucky enough, you can spot the white leopard, which is a rare sight. Bengal tigers and black bugs are fantastic to keep an eye on

Lakes and Peacock houses are closely situated where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and wildlife.

This place is a must-visit, and it will help you understand the wildlife chapter and lifecycle more while keeping you entertained.

It’s the best location for wildlife explorers and people with a keen interest in animals. Also, people who are thinking of visiting should go for it. You’ll not regret it, and you’ll love the place’s Atmosphere and experience.

Sara Baug is famous for the Ganpati temple, which was built in the garden near Parvati Hill.

Devotees gather in thousands during the Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja to seek blessings and pray for their well-being.

As you enter the garden, multiple food stalls are available, where you can try several foods and satisfy your cravings.

Kids love the place as there is more space to run, play sports, and try their hands on different rides just after the food stall.

The place is a complete package of fun, adventure and spirituality.

It’s the best location for people of all ages; whether you are a family man, a couple, or an elderly person, the place is best suited for everyone’s happiness.

Okhama Garden

Okhama Garden is spread over 10 acres, is well-maintained, greenish, and built with Japanese themes and architecture.

The garden is one of the most scenic gardens that gives the soul a pleasing and blissful vibe.

Enjoy the water fountain sitting on the wooden tables and connect more with nature, releasing negative self-talk and stress.

The bird’s chips, the water sounds and the freshness of the air will make your day and make you want to revisit the make again.

The place is best for family couples as well as newly married ones. The place is silent and the best place to carry on life conversations and share stories.

Empress Garden

Empress Garden is famous for its annual flower show and its collection of plants and trees that amazes visitors.

You can find food cafes, kids’ rides, nature beauty and pleasant breezes that will give you a stunning garden experience.

There is a Nana Nani park here, introduced separately, for older people to spend time in peace and be connected to nature.

A water park is there for the kids to dance to the music and be a water child. The garden also works on social causes, such as planting more trees and educating people by doing workshops about nature and plants.

Empress Garden is the best location for people of all ages. As we know, there is a kids’ zone, a water park, a separate garden for older people, and an incredible main spot for sightseeing. No matter your age and gender, everyone would love to visit the place.

Seven Wonders Dream Park

Seven Wonders Dream Park is an all-round entertainment park for people of all ages, including kids and teenagers.

There is a kid’s theme zone with realistic paintings of their favorite cartoons, animals, and birds.

In the kids’ activity zone, kids can also enjoy running on the treadmill, jumping, holding ropes, stretching, and much more.

The park has a cave where you can have a conversation in the shade while enjoying the park with your loved ones.

The Seven Wonders Dream Park is built ideally to resemble the Seven Wonders, looks amazing, and offers photogenic and breathtaking views.

The location is best for people of all ages, including the small ones, families, and couples who want to spend quality time together.

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List of iVenus Stores in Pune

List of iVenus Stores in Pune

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15 Most Famous Historical Places In Pune, Maharashtra

Historical Places In Pune

Pune is a city historical location in Maharashtra that is ruled by different kings at different times, like the Adil Shahi dynasty, the Rashtrakuta dynasty, Ahmadnagar Sultanate, the Mughals, and the most popular Maratha Empire.

Many  historical places in Pune , like Shaniwar Wada, Laal Mahal, Vishrambaug Wada, Pataleshwar Caves, etc., pay tribute to the people of ancient times who lived here and the Marathas.

According to the report in  timesofIndia , the Pune Municipal Corporation launched three-four new heritage walks to make Pune a more exciting spot for locals and tourists.

Now you understand how important Pune is for historical monuments. Make sure you go through this article till the end to learn more about the historical monuments in Pune city. Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

1. Lal Mahal

Lal Mahal

It is considered among the most famous monuments in Pune because it is where the founder of the Maratha Empire, Shivaji Maharaj, spent in childhood, making it among the best monuments in Pune.

Shivaji Maharaj’s father, Shahaji Raje Bhosale, makes a Lal Mahal for his wife, Jijabai, and son Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The current Lal Mahal was constructed on only a part of the original land of the Lal Mahal.

The Lal Mahal has a collection of oil paintings of ancient times, a vast map of Maharashtra, an idol statue of Jijabi, and a carving of Shivaji Maharaj with a gold plow. It is also a popular spot among the kids and children.

  • Entry Fee – Rs5 per person
  • Address – Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Rd, Durvankur Society, Kasba Peth, Pune

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2. Mahadji Shinde Chhatri

Mahadji Shinde Chhatri

It is a memorial hall dedicated to the 18th-century military leader Mahadji Shinde, the Maratha army commander from 1760 to 1780 under Peshwas. It is the most popular spot to give tribute to Maratha.

There is also a  Lord Shiva temple  which Mahadji Shinde built. And in the year when he built this temple, he died. Now Mahadji Shinde Chhatri is among the most famous monuments in Pune among the people.

People mainly come here to see the Rajasthani architecture style, exhibitions of plenty of cultures, beautiful carvings on the walls, and houses of art galleries. You can also witness the original photographs of Mahadji Shinde Chhatri.

  • Entry Fee – Rs 10 for Indians and Rs 100 for Foreigners
  • Address – FVRW+MW3, Wanawadi Rd, Pune Cantonment, Pune

3. Vishrambaug Wada

Vishrambaug Wada

Vishrambaug Wada is a vast and luxurious mansion in Pune City that Peshwa Baji Rao II owns. It is a vast mansion spread over 20,000 sq. ft. of land. It is known for its entrance and woodwork on the walls.

Vishrambaug Wada was built in 1807 AD with a 2,00,000 Rs budget, and it took around six years to complete. Baji Rao II stayed in this mansion for twelve years until he deflected in the Third-Anglo-Maratha War.

And after he defeated his wife, Varanasibai stayed here for some time. Now people mainly come here to the wood carvings on the walls, art galleries, Maratha architecture of old times, the balcony of wood, and the main hall.

  • Entry Fee – Rs 5 per person
  • Address – 619, RB Kumthekar Rd, Perugate, Sadashiv Peth, Pune

4. Shaniwar Wada, Among The Best Historical Places In Pune

Shaniwar Wada

It is among the most famous and best historical monuments in Pune, built-in 1732. The mysterious thing about this fort is that in 1828, the fort was burnt by itself, and the reason still needs to be discovered.

But the surviving structure of Shaniwar Wada is a popular spot among tourists and locals. It has five gates to enter Delhi Darwaza, Mastani Darwaza, Ganesh Darwaza, Khidki Darwaza, and Jambhul Darwaza.

It has many palaces and a fountain available. Many people don’t know that it is considered the most haunted place in Pune because there is a saying that spirits walk in this fort which was burned in an unknown fire.

  • Entry Fee – Rs 5 for Indians and Rs 125 for Foreigners
  • Address – Shaniwar Peth, Pune

5. Zero Stone

Zero Stone

Zero Stone is among the least noticed monuments in Pune. The British installed it in 1872-1873 to mark the proper geographical location of Pune, and it is also used to measure the distance between one place to another.

British installed more than 80 stones in Indian cities after completing the trigonometrical survey of India. Every Zero Stone has its name, depending on where the British placed it.

Now, it is a popular photography spot among Indians and Foreigners. There is also an India map, statues, models, and many art pieces. But they are not for sale; you click pictures with them.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – Sadhu Vaswani Rd, Agarkar Nagar, Pune

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6. Nana Wada

Nana Wada

It is a vast mansion that spreads over 20,000 sq. ft of land built in 1780. Nana Wada was the residence of Nana Phadnavis, a minister of the Maratha Empire, during the Peshwa management in Pune city.

People mainly come to see the beautiful architecture of Nana Wada, which gives the smell of the Maratha Empire. The wooden railings, cypress-shaped pillars, arches, and motifs of banana flowers are popular attractions.

But now, Nana Wada is home to the municipal office of old records and a municipal school. Because in 1907, Pune’s Deccan Education Society converted Nana Wada, an official English medium school in Pune.

  • Entry Fee – Not Known
  • Address – 715, PMC Vidyalaya Rd, Budhwar Peth, Pune

7. Parvati Hill, One Of The Best Monuments In Pune

Parvati Hill,

It is among the most famous historical places in Pune, built during the rule of the Peshwa dynasty. Parvati Hill is situated at the top of the peak, around 640 meters above sea level, with a breathtaking view.

Parvati Hill is also the oldest structure of the Peshwa dynasty times, and the best thing about it is that this temple was built under the maintenance of Balaji Baji Rao in 1749. There are five temples situated at Parvati Hill.

Devdeveshwar, Vishnu, Vithhal, Rama, and Kartikeya Temple. There is also a Peshwa Temple located beside the temple. The museum is home to weapons, wooden furniture, and coins.

  • Address – Parvati Hill, Pune

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8. National War Memorial Southern Command

National War Memorial Southern Command

It is the only war memorial erected by citizens’ contributions in South Asia. National War Memorial Southern Command is a war memorial in Pune dedicated to post-Independence war martyrs.

The memorial was dedicated to the nation in August 1998. There are also weapons displayed here which was used in wars, like the Kargil War and the most known Indo-Pakistan War of 1971, which India won.

Now the National War Memorial Southern Command showcases the equipment commanders use, like vehicles, tanks, guns, etc. You can also witness the sound and light show held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

  • Address – GVFQ+7V3, Prince of Wales Dr. Rd, Ghorpuri Lines, Dobarwadi, Ghorpadi, Pune

9. Aga Khan Palace

Aga Khan Palace

It is among the best and must-visit monuments in Pune. Aga Khan Palace is a vast and beautiful palace built by Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan II. It is a majestic building where Mahatma Gandhi was prisoned.

It is also a palace or place where Kasturba Gandhi and Mahadev Desai died in 2003. Aga Khan Palace is declared India’s national and precious monument by the Archaeological Survey of India team.

Aga Khan Palace is famous among photographers because of its beautiful architecture, fantastic greenery, Italian arches, and Spacious lawns. The Aga Khan Palace has five malls to explore on foot.

  • Entry Fee – Rs 5 for Indians and Rs 100 for Foreigners
  • Address – HW22+XHW, Nagar Road, Samrat Ashok Rd, Pune

10. Katraj Lake

 Katraj Lake

Katraj is a neighborhood of Pune famous for its lake, which supplied water to the city during the Peshwa dynasty in the 18th century. A vast Jain Temple was built in Katraj in the late 20th century in Pune.

Katraj Jain Temple is among the most precious temples, especially among the Jains in Pune, Maharashtra. The Temple was constructed under the maintenance of Shri Daulasagarji many years back in Pune.

There is also an image of Padmavati in the Katraj Jain Temple, installed in 1999. Rani Padmavati is very popular among the devotees. The temple has modern facilities, like a  Dharamshala  and a  Bhojanalya .

  • Address – CVV7+Q5H, Katraj Vasahat, Katraj, Pune

11. Pataleshwar Cave Temple, Among The Best Historical Monuments In Pune

Pataleshwar Cave Temple

It is also known as Bhamburde Pandav Cave Temple and Panchaleshvara Temple. It is an 8th-century cut-rock Hindu Temple in Pune from the Rashtrakuta period, dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Pataleshwar Cave Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva, but now it is only dedicated to Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesh, and Lord Shiva. A little garden with new idols surrounds the temple.

It is believed that King Rituparna discovered this temple in Treta Yuga. There is also a Sansrkit text carves in the architecture of this temple, and Pataleshwar Cave Temple is around 150 km from  Mumbai , India.

  • Address – GRGX+QXX, Jangali Maharaj Rd, Revenue Colony, Shivajinagar, Pune

12. Peshwe Museum

Peshwe Museum

Peshwe Museum is a historical museum beside the Parvati Hill Temple, built in 1795 by Nanasaheb Peshwa. The Peshwe Museum is home to unique and incredible artifacts from the Peshwa dynasty.

Like, clothes, furniture, weapons, coins, musical instruments, uniforms, locks, jewelry, utensils, and much more. Old paintings, letters, documents, maps, and architectural pieces are also available in Peshwe Museum.

Peshwe Musem is now an ideal destination for photographers and history lovers. The museum also has a collection of coins and currencies from the British Era, The Chola Dynasty, The Peshwa Era, and The Mughal Dynasty.

  • Address – FRWW+VQR, Parvati Hills, Parvati Paytha, Pune

13. Mahatma Phule Wada

Mahatma Phule Wada

It is among the best monuments for exploring the ancient Pune people’s lifestyle. Mahatma Phule Wada was the home of Jotiba Phule, who lived here with his wife, Devi Savitri Bai Phule, for some time.

The Mahatma Phule Wada consists of a house, a green space, clean drinking water, green trees, and a courtyard representing the architecture and the lifestyle of the Pune people who lived here in the 19th century.

Now Mahatma Phule Wada is an ideal spot for Indians and Foreigners to photograph and learn more about Pune culture, lifestyle, uniforms, languages, food, etc. It is a historical monument to visit with family in Pune.

  • Entry Fee – Rs 10 per person
  • Address – Ghorpade Peth, Ganj Peth, Pune

14. Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

It is a famous museum in Pune, which was dedicated to the son of Dr. Dinkar G. Kelker. The three-story building houses various artifacts of the 14th century. There are ornaments of ivory, gold, and silver present in this museum.

The Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum was established in 1962, and now it has over 20,000 objects. The significant objects in this museum are about Indian culture, and most of them were from around the 18th or 19th century in India.

The famous collection of Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum is musical instruments, vessels, door frames, ornaments, and paintings. Undoubtedly, Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum is among the best monuments in Pune.

  • Entry Fee – Rs 50 for Indians and Rs 200 for Foreigners
  • Address – No. 1377/78, Kamal Kunj, Bajirao Rd, Natu Baag, Shukrawar Peth, Pune

15. Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad Fort

It is among Pune’s most famous historical places because it was the site for many battles, like the Battle of Sinhagad and the Battle of Peshwa Era. Previously it was known by the other name called “Kondhana.”

The Sinhagad Fort is built in such a way that it provides natural protection from the coming attacks and enemies. This fort also has multiple doors available to make it more secure, and it is placed 760m above sea level.

Many tombs are also available in the Sinhagad Fort of the Warriors, Rajaram Tanaji. The Sinhagad Fort is an ideal destination for hikers and trekkers because it is placed on top of the peak.

  • Entry Fee – Rs 20 per person
  • Address – Sinhagad Ghat Rd, Thoptewadi

Conclusion On The Most Popular Historical Places in Pune

It’s all about the Pune city. Pune captured around 50% of the history of India. From battle forts to Tanaji home and from zero stone to haunted place, Pune has everything that attracts any history and architecture lover.

There are more than hundreds of historical landmarks in Pune, but covering all those landmarks in a single article is impossible. The places mentioned above are the best monuments in Pune that are worth your time and money.

Now you have a list of all the popular historical places in Pune. Pack your bag, book your tickets, and start covering above mentioned all the places individually. Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments.

“Thank You.”

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Historical Monuments in Pune City

What are the best historical landmarks in pune with names.

1. Peshwe Museum 2. Shaniwar Wada 3. Aga Khan Palace

What are the best historical places in India?

1. Ajanta Caves 2. Ellora Caves 3. Aga Khan Palace

What are the best historical locations in Pune to visit?

1. Katraj Lake 2. Parvati Hill 3. Nana Wada

Is Pune a good place to live?

Yes, Pune is considered among the best places to live in India because it has everything that a human needs to live, like education, entertainment, etc. It is also considered the “Oxford Of India.”

What is the distance between Pune to Mumbai?

The approx distance between Pune to Mumbai is around 150km.

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pune places for visit

22 Places to Visit near Pune Within 100 - 200 Kms

Photo of Saurav

Are you looking for exciting places to visit near Pune ? Whether you want to go on a solo escapade or travel with a group, there are a number of undiscovered places near Pune that make for great weekend getaways. If your daily routine is getting the best of you, choose one of the many options on this list to make the most of your next break.

Photo of 22 Places to Visit near Pune Within 100 - 200 Kms 1/2 by Saurav

Pune is a city that is always bustling with energy—something that can get mentally and physically exhausting quickly. A short break on the weekends can recharge your batteries and put you back in the game. And the best part is that you do not have to go far to enjoy yourself. There are a number of beautiful tourist places near Pune, within a 100-200km radius that make for great getaways.

Whether you want to trek or spend a weekend relaxing in the hills, we urge you to explore places around Pune to help relax your body and mind.

Here are some amazing places to visit near Pune within 100 km:

Photo of 22 Places to Visit near Pune Within 100 - 200 Kms 2/2 by Saurav

Credits: SasmitV

Photo of Sinhagad, Maharashtra by Saurav

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Photo of Sinhagad, Maharashtra by Saurav

Credits: Pixabay

Photo of Sinhagad, Maharashtra by Saurav

If you're looking for places to visit near Pune within 50 km, Sinhagad should be on the top of your list. The name Sinhagad literally means ‘lion’s fort’. The fort is located on a hilltop, about 35 km away from Pune, but is far removed from the chaos of the city. The ancient ruins, although in shambles, are something to be admired. Trekking to the top of the hill is an experience worth the effort. The palace and fort also serve as a watch point to capture some mesmerising photographs. Most people also tend to visit the nearby water body, Dev Taaki. It contains fresh water throughout the year.

Adlabs Imagica

Looking for a convenient get away but don't want to travel far? Adlabs Imagica it is for you. One of India’s leading family holiday destinations, offering a gamut of interesting and unique entertainment experiences under one roof through its international standard theme park , a Mykonos themed water park and the largest snow park that India has ever seen.

Photo of 22 Places to Visit near Pune Within 100 - 200 Kms by Saurav

How to get there: Khopoli is connected to Mumbai via direct local trains, and to the rest of the rail network via Karjat station. Imagica is at an approximate distance of 15 minutes from the railway station. Besides this, Imagica also has special Ghar Se Ghar Tak offer for personal cabs and great deals on car packages, car add-ons (both include chauffeur-driven A/C cars) and bus add-ons.

Where to stay:

Connected to the park is Novotel Imagica , a hotel that offers customised stay packages, acting as a basecamp for guests to relax and unwind. Imagica is the perfect hangout for school picnics, corporate visits and family drive-away spot alike. It is also the ideal magical venue for theme weddings, photoshoots and memorable celebrations. The unique indoor and outdoor rides, along with the plethora of engaging activities at Imagica offers makes it an ‘all weather entertainment destination’ that provides a compelling experience for every guest at every step.

Photo of Panshet, Maharashtra, India by Saurav

Most of the tourist places near Pune are actually hill stations. A short escape to the hills is perfect to beat the din of the city. If you haven’t been here already, Panshet could be another popular place to visit. If you are in the mood, you can always indulge in a few water sports. From jet skiing to kayaking and much more, adventure is endless here. This spot is also perfect for families who need to bond after a week of being apart due to conflicting schedules.

Photo of Kamshet, Maharashtra, India by Saurav

Have you ever wanted to throw caution to the wind and try your hand at paragliding? If yes, a visit to Kamshet will be worth your while. This place is located close to the main city and surrounded by small villages. You will find gliders dotting the sky throughout the day. This weekend destination also has a number of old cave temples in addition to the fortresses. Kamshet is among the more isolated places near Pune but a trip to Kamshet is a must. If you have the time, visit Vadivali Lake which is situated around 12km from Kamshet

Distance from Pune: 48km

How to reach: Regular buses are available from Pune to Kamshet. Both, private and state-run buses operate on this route. The nearest railway station is Kamshet

Where to stay: Kalpa Kutti The Eco Hamlet, Nirvana Naturestay

Top things to do: Paraglide, undertake an exhilarating trek to explore the caves in the region, visit Vadivali lake located near Kamshet

Credits: Arjun Singh Kulkarni

Photo of Lavasa, Maharashtra, India by Saurav

Being the only private planned city in India, Lavasa is turning into one of the most popular tourist places near Pune. So, you can expect to enjoy peace while also staying close to civilisation. The entire town is spread across 25,000 acres of lush greenery. It has become a favourite of people wanting to escape the busy city life.

A trekking trip to Visapur is a highly-coveted weekend getaway and among the top places to visit near Pune. However the route gets a little tricky once you cross the Lohagarh pass, so be careful of that. You can find a number of waterfalls at the top of the hill, but the steps are steep, making the climb slightly difficult. The Visapur Fort situated on top of the hill looks its best during the monsoon season as new waterfalls form after rain. There are quite a few water bodies near the plateau which makes Visapur a one-of-a-kind place to visit near Pune. From the fort wall, one can get great views of the Pune-Mumbai highway.

Photo of Lohagad, Maharashtra, India by Saurav

Once the capital of the brave-heart Chhatrapati Shivaji, Lohagad literally translates to "iron fort". The Visapur Fort is also nearby and in the same range but this is a symbol of might at its best. Trekking to the Lohagad Fort is an extremely popular activity near Pune and the Bhaja and Karla Caves can be visited together during the same day trip here.

Credits: Sopan Patil

Photo of Torna, Maharashtra, India by Saurav

If you are not looking to travel far from the city for a trekking adventure, Torna is the place for you. It is also popularly referred to as Prachandagad. It is home to the highest fort in the district, spread over an area of 1.4km. In order to reach the top, you are required to trek to Jhunjar Machi and Budhla Machi. Once there, a direct route will lead you to Rajgad as well. The trek is not too difficult and that is one of the primary reasons why Torna is one of the most-visited tourist places near Pune within 100km.

Distance from Pune: 70km

How to reach: From Swargate bus station in Pune, take a state transport bus. This bus will drop you at Velhe, which is the base village from where you will hike up to Torna

Where to stay: Paradise Country Panshet, Heritage View Resort Rajgad

Top things to do: Hike up to the Torna Fort, Camp at the base of the trek and enjoy panoramic views of the Sahyadris.

Credits: Harsh243919

Photo of Lonavala, Maharashtra, India by Saurav

When the monsoons are around the corner, the best tourist place near Pune is none other than Lonavala. Just a two hour drive from the city, it is probably one of the most beautiful places to visit near Pune within 100 km. Nestled in the Sahyadri Ranges, this getaway spot is ideal for those who wish to spend some time away from the crazy city life.

Distance from Pune: 66km

How to reach: There are direct trains from Pune to Lonavala railway station. However, most people prefer coming by a car, taxi or bike.

Where to stay: Fariyas Resort, Pavana Lake Tent House

Top things to do: Visit the hill called the ‘Duke’s Nose’ or caves like Bhaja and Bhedsa for an adventure that will thrill you. Try water rappelling at Durshet, visit a rice plantation or camp out at Maval—you won't run out of options when it comes to doing things at Lonavla

Credits: Ruben Alexander

Photo of Khandala, Lonavala, Maharashtra, India by Saurav

This popular hill station is another great one on the list of places to visit near Pune within 100km and is located very close to Lonavala. Most city dwellers make their way here to blow off some steam and relax. If you are looking for a brief escape, Khandala should be on your list.

Distance from Pune: 69km

How to reach: Khandala is well connected with Pune by road and the bus service for Pune via Lonavala is good. Buses shuttle between Khandala and Lonavala. The nearest railway station is Khandala.

Where to stay: Velvet County Resort & Spa, Hotel Clarissa

Top things to do: Check out Kune Waterfalls, camp at Bhor Ghat, visit the quiet, tree-lined Ryewood park, explore Karla caves

Places to visit near Pune within 200 km

Credits: Akhilesh Dasgupta

Photo of Panchgani, Maharashtra, India by Saurav

Panchgani is one place to visit around Pune that has a magical charm about it. This beautiful town is located right in the centre of the five hills that make up the Sahyadri range. This place was used as a retreat by the British during their rule here. It now attracts people from all over the country. The River Krishna flows by and forms a serene lake at Dhom Dam, which is built right across it. One cannot doubt that Panchgani is among the best places to visit near Pune within 100 km.

Distance from Pune: 102km

How to reach: There are regular direct buses from Pune to Panchgani. The closest railway station to Panchgani is Wathar, but it is not well-connected. The best way to travel, however would be by a car or bike.

Where to stay: Hotel Malas, Trinity House

Top things to do: Visit one of the many strawberry farms here, experience activities such as camping, riding a bullock cart or tractor, bird watching, and trekking

Tamhini Ghat

Credits: Abhijeet Safai

Photo of Tamhini Ghat, Tata Talav, Maharashtra by Saurav

All tourist places near Pune do not necessarily have to be home to 5-star resorts, right? The beauty of Tamhini Ghat are the natural surroundings and the peace it offers. If you are looking for a place to reflect and meditate, look no further. The breathtaking images of waterfalls and mountains will keep you hooked.


Credits: Sumit Saraswat

Photo of Bhimashankar, Maharashtra, India by Saurav

Come monsoon and you can pack your bags to leave for this beautiful trekking site. Whether you happen to be an adventure junkie or want some time amidst nature, this place will give you an adrenaline rush. The greenery, a never-ending sight of mountains, surreal waterfalls, and local snacks characterise this popular tourist place near Pune.

Distance from Pune: 120km

How to reach: The best way to reach Bhimashankar is to catch a bus from Shivaji Nagar Bus Station or by a private cab

Where to stay: Hotel Center Point, Jamrung Hillside Camping

Top things to do: Visit the famous Bhimashankar temple, surround yourself with the sight of mountains, greenery and waterfalls

Credits: Weshall.jadhav

Photo of Wai, Maharashtra, India by Saurav

This quaint location is situated on the Krishna River. The city offers scenic views and is among the the best weekend getaway places around Pune. If you enjoy the thrill of adventure, Wai is just the place for you. Camping and adventure activities are a great way to de-stress after a tiring week at work. Situated in Satara District, it is one of the most coveted places to visit near Pune within 100km. In earlier times, it was known as the Viratnagar and is still a place of ruins and immense natural beauty.

Distance from Pune: 89km

How to reach: You can catch a bus from Pune that goes directly till Wai.

Where to stay: Hotel Pearl, Hotel Kiran Garden

Top things to do: Indulge in adventure activities such as raft building, river crossing, kayaking and trekking. Further, you can experience camping and star gazing.

Malshej Ghat

Credits: Aditya Patawari

Photo of Malshej Ghat, Maharashtra by Saurav

The mountain pass is home to a variety of flora and fauna. From here, one can expect to witness beautiful views of the surrounding valleys. The forests also contain a wide variety of wildlife. Places to visit near Pune within 200km are not so hard to find after all.

How to reach: Malshej Ghat is well connected by Maharashtra state transport corporation buses to all major places in and around. One can easily catch a bus from Pune

Where to stay: Saj By The Lake, Hotel Girija

Top things to do: Wildlife enthusiasts can spot animals and birds such as tigers, leopards, rabbits, peacocks and flamingos. There are trekking trails lined with gushing waterfalls and a view of lush green mountains


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Photo of Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra, India by Saurav

No weekend getaway plan near Pune is complete without a trip to Mahabaleshwar. The large plateau is surrounded by valleys on all four sides. It is among the best picnic spots in the region and Mahabaleshwar should be on the top of your of list of places to visit near Pune.

Distance from Pune: 121km

How to reach: You can catch a direct bus from Swargate to Mahabaleshwar. Hiring a car would be the best option.

Where to stay: Berry Hill Resort, The Mountain Pearl Resort

Top things to do: Visit Pratapgad Fort, Venna Lake, Parsi point and Elephant's head point for capturing stunning views of the Sahyadris

Shivneri Fort

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Photo of Shivneri Fort, Junnar, Maharashtra, India by Saurav

A short drive will get you to one of the most historically important places near Pune—the birthplace of Shivaji Maharaj. Shivneri is a popular trekking spot in the region and when you reach Shivneri, you will find a number of water bodies as well as statues of Shivaji and his mother Jijabai. It's a pretty easy trek, so you can also take your family along.

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Photo of Alibag, Maharashtra, India by Saurav

Alibag, also known as Alibaug, is a coastal town, just south of Mumbai and 142km from Pune. Alibaug is home to a number of beaches, forts and temples. If you want to unwind luxuriously, you can head to Radisson Blu Resort and Spa, a famous resort in Alibaug where you can rejuvenate your mind and body by pursuing activities such as swimming, going to a spa or a wellness and fitness centre.

Distance from Pune: 142km

How to reach: Direct buses are available from Pune. However, it's better if you're coming by your own transport.

Where to stay: Radisson Blu Resort and Spa, Lotus The Lake View Resort

Top things to do: Alibag Beach, Alibag Fort, Siddheshwar Mandir, Khanderi and Underi Islands, Varsoli Beach, Nagaon Beach and Kolaba Fort

Lenyadri Hill

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Photo of Lenyadri Hill, Maharashtra by Saurav

Lenyadri, sometimes called Ganesa Lena, is a hill located about 5km north of Junnar in Pune district, representing a series of about 30 rock-cut Buddhist caves. The current name "Lenyadri" literally means "mountain cave". Lenyadri offers tourists a chance to interact with nature. This is one of the places near Pune that are completely hassle-free. Take a trip here to instantly feel rejuvenated.

Photo of Kolad, Maharashtra, India by Saurav

Kolad is yet another popular place to visit around Pune. The tiny hamlet has a charm about it. The beauty of the Kundalika River and green surroundings add to the magic of the place. You will find a lot of adventure enthusiasts in the area. Nature lovers will also be enthralled by this picturesque destination. It is also perfect for a family outing.

Distance from Pune: 145km

How to reach: State transport buses are easily available for Kolad from Pune. Although, Kolad railway station lies under Konkan Railways, there is no direct train between Pune and Kolad.

Where to stay: Kundalika Rafting Camp, A Nature Trails Resort

Top things to do: There are adventure activities you can try your hand at, including water rafting, waterfall canoeing, and rappelling.

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Photo of Rajmachi, Maharashtra, India by Saurav

Situated in the Sahyadri ranges, Rajmachi offers tourists a few days of peace. It is home to a large fort – a popular hiking place to visit near Pune for adventure seekers. The trek routes have their starting point at Lonavala or Kondivade. Between the thick foliage, one can also find waterfalls and streams. This place is perfect when you want to catch up on some reading and relaxation.

Distance from Pune: 171km

How to reach: Lonavala is the nearest railway station. From here, you will have to hire a cab till Udhewadi village, which is the base camp for Rajmachi Fort trek

Where to stay: Rajmachi Base Camp, Fariyas Resort

Top things to do: Visit the Rajmachi Fort, trek from Lonavala or Kondivade to Rajmachi Fort while witnessing waterfalls, streams and greenery on your way

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Photo of Satara, Maharashtra, India by Saurav

This beautiful weekend destination is located right where the River Krishna joins its tributary Venna. This place was the erstwhile capital of the powerful Maratha Empire. Owing to its historical relevance, Satara is a favourite amongst people looking for historical places to visit near Pune. Around 113km away from Pune, Satara is full of surprise packages that one should visit in order to unravel.

Photo of Matheran, Maharashtra, India by Saurav

Matheran is widely regarded as India’s smallest hill station. Therefore, it is perfect for a weekend getaway away from city life. Residents of both Mumbai and Pune take long drives here for a holiday with family or friends. This gem of a place gives you close to 28 viewpoints from the site. The views are absolutely breathtaking. If you enjoy taking in the beauty of a sunset, this is the place for you. It definitely makes for one of the most amazing places to visit near Pune.

Distance from Pune: 124km

How to reach: You can reach here by train. Get off at Neral Railway station. From Neral, you have to take a toy train to reach Matheran.

Where to stay: Bombay Backpackers, Spring Wood Heritage

Top things to do: Make sure you go to viewpoints including Louisa point, Porcupine sunset point, Alexander point and One Tree Hill point. Visit Pisarnath Temple, Matheran Shiv Mandir and Charlotte Lake. You can also include one day trekking to Vikatgad

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pune places for visit

10 Amazing Places to Visit Near Pune in Monsoon

Pune, often referred to as the twin city of Mumbai, is a vibrant metropolis brimming with numerous tourist attractions. Moreover, this bustling city is surrounded by a variety of stunning locations that are a must-visit during the monsoon season. As the intense summer heat gives way to the first raindrops, these destinations come to life with lush greenery, glistening waterfalls, and captivating mist-shrouded hills. Pune, among the must-include places in Maharashtra tour packages , serves as an ideal gateway to explore these locales that flourish during the monsoon. From the serene retreats of Matheran and Alibaug to the picturesque hill stations of Lonavala and Mahabaleshwar, these areas offer a delightful escape from everyday life and entice travelers to embark on a journey of exploration amidst nature’s seasonal wonders. With the monsoon looming, let’s explore some of the exquisite places to visit near Pune during the rainy season.



Nestled at an elevation of 1,353 m in the Western Ghats, Mahabaleshwar stands as one of the cherished hill stations in Maharashtra and is among the finest destinations to explore near Pune during the monsoon season. Often hailed as the queen of hill stations, Mahabaleshwar adorns itself with abundant natural beauty during the monsoon in the form of gushing rivers, magnificent cascades, and majestic mist-covered peaks. It also marks the origin of the Krishna River, which meanders through Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh. Pratapgarh Fort, Venna Lake, Mahabaleshwar Temple, Krishnabai Temple, Lingamala Falls, Tapola, and Panchgani are some important tourist places in Mahabaleshwar . This scenic hill station near Pune also boasts several viewpoints like Arthur’s Seat, Wilson Point, and Connaught Peak that provide panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.

pune places for visit

Situated at an altitude of 1334 m, Panchgani is a captivating hill station that derives its name from the five majestic hills that encircle it. Overlooked by the Sahyadri mountains, this town was once a charming summer escape for British officials. Panchgani is renowned as one of the most picturesque hill stations near Pune , particularly during the monsoon season when its lofty peaks, meandering valleys, glistening lakes, and breathtaking landscapes burst into life. Visitors can explore an array of tourist places in Panchgani such as Table Land, Parsi Point, Kamalgadh Fort, Devil’s Kitchen, Rajpuri Caves, Sydney Point, Mapro Gardens, and Dhom Dam. For adventure enthusiasts, Panchgani also offers a plethora of adrenaline-pumping activities such as paragliding, rock climbing, trekking, speed boating, and horse riding.

Lonavala & Khandala

pune places for visit

Located at an altitude of 622m in the Sahyadri Mountains of Western Ghats, the charming twin hill stations of Lonavala & Khandala make for perfect weekend getaways from Pune . These destinations are particularly enchanting during the monsoon season, when the air is crisp and cool, enveloping the hills in mist and reviving the lush greenery with refreshing rainfall. Regarded as one of the must-include places in Maharashtra honeymoon packages , these hill stations boast breathtaking natural beauty, featuring majestic mountains adorned with cascading waterfalls, glistening lakes, ancient caves, and historic forts. Lohagad Fort, Rajmachi Point, Karla Caves, Valvan Dam, Lonavala Lake, Bhaja Caves, Rajmachi Fort, Bhushi Dam, Kune Waterfalls, Tikona Fort, Bedse Caves, and Tung Fort are just a few of the must-see tourist places in Lonavala.

Malshej Ghat

pune places for visit

Snuggled in the Sahyadri ranges of the Western Ghats, Malshej Ghat emerges as one of the most scenic places to visit near Mumbai & Pune during the monsoon season. The lush green hills and numerous waterfalls of this scenic ghat create a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The iconic Harishchandragad Fort provides a stunning backdrop for hikers and rewards them with breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys. Shivneri Fort, Junnar Caves, Bird Graveyard, Pimpalgaon Joga Dam, and Malshej Falls are some of the most popular places to visit in Malshej Ghat . The drive to Malshej Ghat is itself a calming experience, adorned with splendid valleys, scenic mountains, cascading waterfalls, and tranquil lakes. It’s an ideal place to revel in the rain and engage in outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, and bird-watching.


Nestled at an elevation of 640 m, Lavasa is claimed to be the first planned hill station in India, and among the must-include places in Pune 3-day tour . This pristine hill resort is modeled after the quaint Italian town of Portofino. Lavasa boasts a highly developed infrastructure, featuring enchanting residential and commercial areas, public conveniences, and vibrant marketplaces. The delicate charm of this place gets more vivid during the monsoon season with gushing streams, overflowing dams, and verdant environs. Visitors can immerse themselves in nature’s splendor by witnessing the Devkund waterfall, traversing the Tamhini Ghat, exploring Tikona Fort, and taking in the panoramic Dasve viewpoint. The mountains in this region are covered in dense vegetation and coupled with pleasant weather make this place one of the perfect hill stations near Mumbai .

pune places for visit

If you are planning a monsoon trip near Pune, then go to Matheran in Maharashtra. Perched at an altitude of 800 m, the cozy little hill station of Matheran is Asia’s only automobile-free hill station, and among the top weekend getaways from Mumbai . It is an eco-sensitive region declared by the Ministry of Environment and Forest. it is often described as a monsoon-heaven in the region where one can experience the beauty of green carpeted meadows and hills in their most pristine form. Known for its 38 viewpoints, the town is one of the great spots for those who want to take a break from their busy city life and also for nature lovers. Panorama Point, Charlott Lake, Louisa Point, Paymaster Park, Rambaug Point, Porcupine Point, Echo Point, King George Point, Monkey Point, Panthers Caves, etc. are some of the popular places to visit in Matheran . The Matheran hill railway, also known as Matheran Light Railway (MLR), is being considered for UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

pune places for visit

Satara, situated at an elevation of 2320 feet, is a notable destination to explore near Pune during the monsoon season. The town derived its name from the seven mountains surrounding the place implying Sat (seven) and Tara (hills). Located close to the confluence of the River Krishna and the River Venna, Satara is adorned with magnificent temples, forts, and enchanting waterfalls. Ajinkyatara Fort, Vasota Fort, Sajjangad Fort, Kalyangad, Thosegarh Falls, Kaas Pathar, and Vajrai Falls are among the top places to visit in Satara .

pune places for visit

Situated at an elevation of approximately 2200 feet in the Western Ghats, Kamshet stands out as one of the renowned hill stations in Maharashtra and among the top monsoon getaways near Pune. This tranquil hill town boasts of rolling hills, peaceful lakes, and verdant greenery. With the arrival of the monsoon season, Kamshet undergoes a mesmerizing transformation, rejuvenated by the refreshing rain. Adventure enthusiasts can partake in exhilarating paragliding activities, soaring above the valleys and relishing the breathtaking views of the scenic landscape. Kamshet is also a paradise for hikers, offering a variety of trails that lead to picturesque viewpoints and hidden treasures. The well-known Pawna Lake, encircled by hills, serves as a favored location for camping and unwinding amidst the natural splendor.

pune places for visit

Igatpuri is a stunning hill station situated at an altitude of 1900 feet in the Sahyadri Hills of Western Ghats. It is one of the top weekend trips near Mumbai, and among the most popular places to visit near Pune. Lined with rugged hills and dense forests, Igatpuri is a treat for the eyes as this charming hill station is adorned with beautiful temples, quaint old forts, a pleasant climate, majestic mountains, and splendid scenery. This quaint hill town looks even more beautiful during monsoon season with gushing waterfalls, glittering lakes, mist-clad mountains, and lush greenery. Bhatsa River Valley, Camel Valley, Tringalwadi Fort, Ghatandevi Temple, and Vaitarna Dam are some important  places to visit in Igatpuri .

pune places for visit

If you’re an adventure enthusiast, Kolad will be one of the ideal places to visit in Pune during the rainy season as it offers several water sports that you shouldn’t miss out on as part of Mumbai adventure packages . The monsoon season breathes new life into the region, as the river swells with rainwater, creating exciting rapids for white-water rafting adventures. Apart from the adventure activities, this place is also famous for its scenic valleys, clear streams, historical spots, waterfalls and more. Visitors can indulge in water sports like rowing, kayaking, rafting, camping, river crossing, rappelling. One can also visit Bhira Dam and the Dholwal Dams are the places where you can spot some migratory birds and the picturesque view of Tamhini Fall and Kansai waterfalls will surprise you.

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pune places for visit

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पुणे में घूमने की 10 सबसे अच्छी जगह – Top 10 Places To Visit In Pune In Hindi

Pune Tourism In Hindi : पुणे महाराष्ट्र राज्य का दूसरा सबसे बड़ा शहर और इसकी सांस्कृतिक राजधानी है जो महाराष्ट्र के सबसे खास पर्यटन स्थलों में से एक है। समृद्ध इतिहास और आधुनिकता का मिश्रण इस शहर को बेहद खास बनता है। पुणे एक ऐसा शहर है, जो यहां आने वाले पर्यटकों को कभी निराश नहीं करता और उनका पूरी तरह से मनोरंजन करता है। पुणे यात्रियों को कई पिकनिक स्पॉट प्रदान करता है, इसके अलावा इस शहर के ऐतिहासिक किलें, साफ समुद्र तटों, हरियाली और कई बहते हुए झरने इस शहर को एक खास पिकनिक स्पॉट बनाते हैं। अगर आप पुणे घूमने जाने का प्लान बना रहे हैं तो इस आर्टिकल को ध्यान से पढ़ें क्योंकि इसमें हम आपको पुणे शहर घूमने की जानकारी और यहां के प्रमुख दर्शनीय स्थलों के बारे में बताने जा रहे हैं।

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1. पुणे शहर का इतिहास – Pune City History In Hindi

पुणे शहर का इतिहास - Pune City History in Hindi

  • पुणे शहर के इतिहास की बात करें तो यहाँ पर विभिन्न राजवंश शासकों ने शासन किया। 758 ईस्वी और 768 ईस्वी की तांबे की प्लेटों से पता चलता है कि राष्ट्रकूटों ने एक समय पर इस क्षेत्र पर शासन किया था।
  • पुणे गजेटियर पुणे शब्द को पुण्य के रूप में व्याख्या करता है जिसका मतलब होता है एक पवित्र स्थान।
  • राष्ट्रकूटों के शासन के बाद पुणे पर यादव वंश का शासन था। इसके बाद सत्रहवीं शताब्दी के मध्य तक मुगल शासकों ने इस शहर पर शासन किया।
  • मराठा शासक शिवाजी के उदय से पुणे बहुत ज्यादा प्रसिद्ध हुआ था जिन्होंने अपना बचपन पुणे में लाल महल में बिताया, जो उनके पिता शाहजी द्वारा बनाया गया था। इस महल में शिवाजी की माँ जीजाबाई एक दशक तक रहीं थी और औरंगजेब के चाचा, शाइस्ता खान को शिवाजी ने लाल महल में ही हराया था।
  • 1680 में शिवाजी की मृत्यु के बाद औरंगज़ेब ने पुणे का नाम मुहियाबाद कर दिया। इसके बाद पुणे एक बार फिर दूसरे पेशवा थोराला (वरिष्ठ) बाजीराव के शासन के समय महत्व में आया, जिन्होंने 1720 से 1740 तक इस शहर पर शासन किया था। पेशवाओं का महल (शनिवारवाड़ा) का निर्माण भी इसी समय किया गया था।
  • नानासाहेब पेशवा ने 1740 से 1761 तक मराठा राज्य पर शासन किया और उन्होंने पुणे शहर के शहरीकरण पर जोर दिया और पुणे में पेठ या वार्ड स्थापित करने के लिए लिए बढ़ावा दिया। नानासाहेब पेशवा यहां के खास मंदिर पार्वती मंदिर परिसर का निर्माण किया था जिसे पुणे शहर का गौरव कहा जाता है।
  • 1818 में अंग्रेजो ने मराठों को हराया और इस शहर पर अपना शासन कर लिया। इसके बाद 1857 में पुणे-मुंबई रेल ट्रैक और खडकवासला बांध का निर्माण किया गया। पुणे में पहली कपड़ा मिल 1893 में राजा बहादुर मोतीलाल पिट्टी द्वारा बनायी गयी थी।
  • इस समय पुणे भारत की 7 वीं रैंकिंग वाली औद्योगिक नगरी है।

2. पुणे में घूमने की 10 सबसे खास जगह – 10 Best Places To Visit In Pune In Hindi

3. पुणे में घूमने वाली जगह शिवनेरी किला पुणे – shivneri fort pune in hindi.

पुणे में घूमने वाली जगह शिवनेरी किला पुणे - Shivneri Fort Pune In Hindi

शिवनेरी किला पुणे में देखने की सबसे खास जगह है। बता दें कि यह किला महान मराठा सम्राट शिवाजी का जन्म स्थान था और इसी जगह उन्होंने मराठा राजवंश के निर्विवाद राजा के रूप में अपनी भावी भूमिका के शुरुआती प्रशिक्षण लिया था। शिवनेरी किला 300 मीटर ऊंची एक पहाड़ी पर स्थित है जिसको देखने जाने के लिए आपको सात फाटकों को पार करना पड़ता है। इस किले के फाटकों से इस बात का पता चलता है कि उस समय इस किले की सुरक्षा कितनी अच्छी थी। शिवनेरी किले का सबसे खास आकर्षण अपनी मां जीजाबाई के साथ शिवाजी की एक मूर्ति है। अगर आप शिवनेरी किला देखने जाते हैं तो आप इसके साथ यहां भैरवगढ़, चावंड जीवधन और जुमनेर सहित शिवनेरी पहाड़ी के दूसरे किलो को भी देख सकते हैं।

4. पुणे में घूमने लायक जगह पश्चिमी घाट पुणे – Western Ghats Pune In Hindi

पुणे में घूमने लायक जगह पश्चिमी घाट पुणे - Western Ghats Pune In Hindi

पुणे के पास स्थित पश्चिमी घाट प्रकृति प्रेमियों को एक सुखद और खास जगह है जिसे ‘यूनेस्को की विश्व विरासत स्थल’ का दर्जा मिला है। पुणे के आसपास घूमने की जगह पश्चिमी घाट में देखने के लिए पहाड़, घने जंगल, लुभावनी घाटियां, फूलों की विस्तृत श्रृंखला है, जो यहां आने वाले पर्यटकों को बेहद आकर्षित करती है। अगर आप पुणे शहर घूमने के लिए आये हैं और प्राकृतिक नजारों को देखना चाहते हैं तो पश्चिमी घाट की सुंदरता का आनंद लेना न भूलें।

5. पुणे के आसपास दर्शनीय स्थल आगा खान पैलेस पुणे – Aga Khan Palace In Hindi

पुणे के आसपास दर्शनीय स्थल आगा खान पैलेस पुणे - Aga Khan Palace In Hindi

पुणे में घूमने की जगह आगा खान पैलेस अपने नाम से बिलकुल अलग है आगा खान पैलेस में महात्मा गांधी, कस्तूरबा गांधी और महादेव भाई देसाई (गांधी के सचिव) को अगस्त 1942 और मई 1944 के बीच जेल में बंधी बनाकर रखा गया था। आगा खान पैलेस को सुल्तान मुहम्मद शाह आगा खान III ने वर्ष 1892 में बनाया था। इस पैलेस को पड़ोस में रहने वालों की मदद बनाया गया था, लेकिन इसके अकाल के समय बुरे प्रभावों का सामना करना पड़ा था। आगा खान ने इस महल को देश के लोगों को महात्मा गांधी के सम्मान के रूप में दान किया था। इस पैलस के चारों ओर हरे-भरे हरियाली के साथ यहां पर पर्यटक महात्मा गांधी, कस्तूरबा और गांधी के सचिव के स्मारकों को देख सकते हैं।

6. पुणे में घूमने लायक स्थान पार्वती हिल पुणे – Parvati Hill Pune In Hindi

पुणे में घूमने लायक स्थान पार्वती हिल पुणे - Parvati Hill Pune In Hindi

पार्वती हिल पुणे शहर का एक बहुत प्रसिद्ध हिल स्थल जो प्राचीन मंदिरों का घर है। यहां के चार मंदिर शिव, विष्णु, गणेश और कार्तिकेय को समर्पित हैं जो 17 वीं शताब्दी के हैं। समुद्र तल से 2100 फीट की ऊंचाई पर स्थित पार्वती हिल चोटी से कई शानदार दृश्य देखने को मिलते हैं। पहाड़ी पर बने हुए पार्वती संग्रहालय में आप कई पुरानी पांडुलिपियों, तलवारों, बंदूकों, सिक्कों और चित्रों के संग्रह को देख सकते हैं। इस संग्रहालय में पेशवा के शासकों के चित्र भी देखे जा सकते हैं।

7. पुणे के दर्शनीय स्थल राजगढ़ का किला पुणे – Rajgad Fort Pune In Hindi

पुणे के दर्शनीय स्थल राजगढ़ का किला पुणे - Rajgad Fort Pune In Hindi

पुणे में 4600 फीट की ऊंचाई पर पहाड़ी पर राजगढ़ किला है, जो 25 वर्षों से अधिक समय तक शिवाजी की राजधानी रहा है। अगर आप पुणे में घूमने की जगह राजगढ़ के किले को देखने जाते हैं तो आप एक शानदार ट्रेकिंग का अनुभव ले सकते है। यह किला बेहद उंचाई पर स्थित है इसलिए ट्रेकिंग करने के बाद आपका यहां रात भर रुकना अच्छा रहेगा इसके बाद आप सुबह किले की अच्छी तरह सैर कर सकते हैं। राजगढ़ किला कई ऐतिहासिक घटनाओं का साक्षी रहा है। अगर आप इतिहास के बारे में जानने के बारे रूचि रखते हैं तो आप इस जगह पर आकर काफी प्रभावित होंगे। अगर आप पुणे घूमने के लिए जा रहे हैं तो इस ऐतिहासिक किले की सैर जरुर करें।

8. पुणे के पर्यटन स्थल लाल महल पुणे- Lal Mahal Pune In Hindi

लाल महल पुणे शहर के बीच स्थित लाल ईंट की ऐसी संरचना है जो आपको अपनी ओर आकर्षित करती है। यह महल पुणे आने वाले पर्यटकों के बीच बेहद लोकप्रिय है। लाल महल का निर्माण 1643 ईस्वी में सम्राट शिवाजी के पिता शाहजी ने अपनी पत्नी और बेटे के लिए करवाया था। इस जगह पर शिवाजी तब तक रहे थे जब तक वे पहला किला नहीं जीते थे। यह स्थान उस घटना का साक्षी है जब शिवाजी ने शाइस्ता खान की उंगलियाँ काट दीं। पुणे के लाल महल की दीवारों पर कुछ चित्रों को सजाया गया है जो शिवाजी के जीवन की कुछ महत्वपूर्ण घटनाओं का चित्रण करते हैं।

9. राजा दिनकर केलकर संग्रहालय पुणे – Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum In Pune Hindi

राजा दिनकर केलकर संग्रहालय पुणे - Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum In Pune Hindi

राजा दिनकर केलकर संग्रहालय पुणे के सबसे ज्यादा देखे जाने वाले पर्यटक स्थलों में से एक है, जहाँ पर भारत के विभिन्न हिस्सों से कलाकृतियों के संग्रह है। डॉ. डी जी केलकर इस संग्रहालय के पीछे के प्रमुख आदमी है। राजा दिनकर केलकर संग्रहालय राजा की स्मृति में बनवाया गया है जिनका एक मात्र पुत्र दुखद रूप से मारा गया था। यह संग्राहलय देश का दूसरा सबसे बड़ा संग्राहलय है, जो 21000 से अधिक विभिन्न युगों, जातियों, संस्कृतियों और परंपराओं का प्रतिनिधित्व करता है। इस संग्रहालय में कई तरह की लकड़ी की वस्तुएं, सिक्के, वस्त्र, हथियार, मूर्तियां, हाथी दांत की वस्तुएं, लेखन सामग्री, पेंटिंग और विभिन्न अन्य वस्तुओं का संग्रह है।

और पढ़े:  नासिक में घूमने की 10 सबसे खास जगह

10. पुणे के आसपास दर्शनीय स्थल सिंहगढ़ किला पुणे- Sinhagad Fort Pune In Hindi

पुणे के आसपास दर्शनीय स्थल सिंहगढ़ किला पुणे- Sinhagad Fort Pune In Hindi

अगर आप समुद्र तल से 4300 फीट ऊपर से पृथ्वी को देखना तो पुणे का यह पर्यटन स्थल आपके लिए बेहद खास होगा। सह्याद्रि पहाड़ियों पर सिंहगढ़ किले की यात्रा करना आपके लिए बेहद यादगार साबित हो सकता हैं। इस किले की यात्रा करने के साथ आप यहां मौजूद हरी-भरी हरियाली सुंदर झरने और अद्भुद शांति का आनंद ले सकते हैं। बता दें कि सिंहगढ़ किले में शिवाजी के छोटे पुत्र राजाराम का निधन हो गया था इसके अलावा भी इस किले में बयान करने को बहुत कुछ है। आप अगर इस किले को देखने के लिए जाते हैं तो इसके आसपास के प्राकृतिक मनोरम सौंदर्य को देखकर चकित रह जायेंगे।

और पढ़े : भारत के 8 सबसे रहस्यमयी और डरावने किले जिनके बारे में जानकार में रोंगटे खड़े हो जायेंगे

11. पुणे के आसपास घूमने की जगह द एम्प्रेस गार्डन पुणे- The Empress Garden In Hindi

द एम्प्रेस गार्डन 39 एकड़ भूमि में फैला हुआ गार्डन है जो आश्चर्यजनक रूप अंग्रेजों के शासन और उनकी शक्ति की याद दिलाता है। इस गार्डन का नाम अंग्रेजों ने महारानी विक्टोरिया के नाम रखा था जब उन्हें ‘भारत की महारानी’ का खिताब दिया गया। यह गार्डन पुणे के महत्वपूर्ण पर्यटन स्थलों में से एक है जो पर्यटकों द्वारा अक्सर देखा जाता है।

12. पुणे शहर में घूमने की जगह पेशवा उद्यान चिड़ियाघर पुणे- Peshwa Udyan Zoo In Hindi

पुणे शहर में घूमने की जगह पेशवा उद्यान चिड़ियाघर पुणे- Peshwa Udyan Zoo In Hindi

पेशवा उद्यान चिड़ियाघर हरियाली से भरपूर पुणे में घूमने की एक ऐसी जगह है जिसे आप अपने पूरे परिवार के साथ घूम सकते हैं। इस चिड़ियाघर में पक्षियों, जानवरों और सरीसृपों की कई किस्में पाई जाती हैं। यह उद्यान सिर्फ वन्यजीवों का घर नहीं है बल्कि इसके परिसर के अंदर बच्चों के खेलने की जगह और मंदिर भी है। पेशवा उद्यान चिड़ियाघर के अंदर 17 वीं शताब्दी में निर्मित एक भगवान गणेश का मंदिर भी है जोजो बेहद ख़ास है। इस प्रकृतिक उद्यान में टॉय ट्रेन एक मुख्य आकर्षण है। अगर आप पुणे घूमने के लिए आ रहे हैं तो पेशवा उद्यान जू की यात्रा करना न भूलें।

13. पुणे जाने के लिए सबसे अच्छा समय क्या है – What Is The Best Time To Visit Pune In Hindi

अगर आप पुणे की यात्रा करना चाहते हैं तो आप यहां मानसून और सर्दी दोनों मौसम में जा सकते हैं। जुलाई से फरवरी तक पुणे के मौसम काफी अच्छा रहता है, इसलिए यह महाराष्ट्र के इस विशाल शहर की यात्रा करने का सबसे अच्छा समय है। दिसंबर के महीने में पुणे में सवाई गंधर्व संगीत महोत्सव का आयोजन होता है जो पूरे भारतीय शास्त्रीय संगीत प्रेमियों को आकर्षित करता है। गर्मियों के मौसम में पुणे का तपमान ज्यादा होता है, इसलिए गर्मियों में यहां जाने से बचना ही बेहतर रहेगा।

और पढ़े:  भारत की 30 सबसे डरावनी और भूतिया जगह

14. पुणे में रुकने की जगह – Pune Hotels in Hindi

 पुणे में रुकने की जगह - Pune Hotels in Hindi

अगर आप पुणे घूमने के लिए जा रहे हैं और यहां रुकने की अच्छी जगह के बारे में सर्च कर रहे हैं तो बता दें कि पुणे में आपको सस्ते से लेकर कई महंगे और लग्जरी होटल आसानी से मिल जायेंगे। इन होटल को आप अपने वजट अनुसार ऑनलाइन अथवा होटल में चेक-इन करते समय बुक कर सकते हैं।

15. पुणे का प्रसिद्ध और स्थानीय भोजन – Famous & Local Food Of Pune In Hindi

पुणे एक बहुत ही आकर्षक शहर है और यहां कई तरह के स्वादिष्ट व्यंजन मिलते है। यहाँ आप स्थानीय रेस्टोरेंट के अलावा शहर की गलियों और सड़कों पर मिलने वाले भेल पुरी, वड़ा पाव, मिसल पाव, पोहा, पाव भाजी, पिथला भकरी, डबेली और पूरन पोली का मजा भी ले सकते हैं।

16. पुणे तक कैसे पहुंचे – How To Reach Pune In Hindi

पुणे महाराष्ट्र का दूसरा सबसे बड़ा शहर है। इसके साथ ही यह भारत में सबसे तेजी से बढ़ते शहरों में से एक है। अगर आप पुणे घूमने का प्लान बना रहे हैं और यह जानना चाहते है कि बस, रेल और हवाई मार्ग से पुणे कैसे पहुंचे? तो इसकी पूरी जानकारी हमने नीचे दी है।

17. रोड मार्ग से पुणे कैसे पहुंचे – How To Reach Pune By Road In Hindi

रोड मार्ग से पुणे कैसे पहुंचे - How To Reach Pune By Road In Hindi

पुणे सड़कों और मेट्रो लाइन से अच्छी तरह से जुड़ा हुआ है। अगर आप परिवहन के सबसे सस्ते साधनों से यात्रा करना चाहते हैं तो बस से पुणे यात्रा के लिए जाएं। बस से पुणे यात्रा के लिए टिकट ऑनलाइन और ऑफलाइन दोनों माध्यमों से बुक कर सकते हैं। महाराष्ट राज्य सरकार के अलावा पुणे की निजी बसें भी दैनिक सेवाएं प्रदान करती हैं। पुणे के मुख्य बस स्टेशन चिंचवाड़ और पुणे (बाय-पास) हैं, इन दोनों बस स्टेशन पर बस मुख्य रूप से रूकती हैं।

18. रेल मार्ग से पुणे कैसे पहुंचे – How To Reach Pune By Train In Hindi

रेल मार्ग से पुणे कैसे पहुंचे - How To Reach Pune By Train In Hindi

पुणे रेल लाइन द्वारा देश के कई बड़े शहरों से अच्छी तरह से जुड़ा है। पुणे में लोकल के साथ-साथ एक्सप्रेस ट्रेनें पूरे दिन चलती हैं। आपको भारत के सभी प्रमुख शहरों से पुणे के लिए ट्रेन आसानी से मिल जायेगी। ट्रेन आप ट्रेनों के बारे में जानकारी चाहते हैं तो ट्रेन की समय सारिणी को देख सकते हैं।

19. हवाई मार्ग से पुणे कैसे पहुंचे – How To Reach Pune By Airplane In Hindi

हवाई मार्ग से पुणे कैसे पहुंचे - How To Reach Pune By Airplane In Hindi

पुणे एयरपोर्ट शहर के केंद्र में स्थित है, जो कि एक अंतरराष्ट्रीय हवाई अड्डा है। यहां के लिए आपको दुनियाभर से उड़ाने मिल जाएगी, इसके अलावा आपको पुणे के लिए भारत के सभी बड़े प्रमुख हवाई अड्डों से फ्लाइट आसानी से मिल जाएगी।

और पढ़े:  मुंबई की यात्रा और मुंबई के दर्शनीय स्थल

20. पुणे का पता – Pune Location

21. पुणे की फोटो गैलरी – Pune Images

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  • अजंता की गुफा विशेषताएं और घूमने की जानकारी
  • कोणार्क के सूर्य मंदिर के बारे में संपूर्ण जानकारी
  • पंचगनी के बारे में जानकारी और घूमने की टॉप 10 जगह
  • जिम कॉर्बेट नेशनल पार्क की जानकारी
  • गेटवे ऑफ इंडिया के बारे में संपूर्ण जानकारी


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Places to Visit Near Pune | Weekend Getaways from Pune

Top hotel collections.

pune places for visit

Resorts in Mulshi

5 Star Hotels

Here is the list of 55 Places to Visit Near Pune | Weekend Getaways from Pune

1. pawna lake.

Pawna Lake

An excellent weekend escape, Pawna Lake, lying 62 Kms from Pune is a popular picnic and camping site. A surreal destination among the many places to visit near Pune, the lakeside is quite popular among young adults who come to camp for the weekends. Lying in close proximity to Lonavala, the lake also get many visitors among those who visit the hill station as well. Visitors here can also indulge in some photography and light boating as well.  Entry Fee : No entry fee

Distance from Pune: 52 km

2. Lonavala


Known For : Tiger's Leap Rajmachi Fort Imagicaa

Lonavala is a popular hill station close to Pune and an excellent destination during Monsoon. With lots of waterfalls, lakes and hills around, Lonavala is frequented by families, large groups of friends and especially hikers and trekkers. The road to Lonavala from Pune is in excellent condition and the drive is very scenic making a car the best medium of transport.

Distance from Pune: 69 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

41 Lonavala Attractions


Known For : Sightseeing in Lavasa Lakeside Promenade Bamboosa

Modelled after the Italian town of Portofino, Lavasa is one of India's youngest hill stations. A privately planned city, the Lavasa Corporation is responsible for its construction and maintenance. Spreading across 7 hills, covering an area of 25000 acres, Lavasa is a perfect blend of beauty and infrastructure. A favourite activity for visitors here is to take photographs and walks in the city premises. Lavasa can be reached from Pune by car via the Temghar-Lavasa Rd.

Distance from Pune: 57 km

5 Lavasa Attractions

4. Igatpuri


Known For : Tringalwadi Fort Vihigaon Waterfall Kalsubai Peak

Igatpuri is a hill station primarily known for the Vipassana International Academy, the headquarters of the world's largest Vipassana meditation institute. A popular weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune, Igatpuri is one of the best places to visit in Maharashtra in monsoon. Apart from old forts, majestic waterfalls, and tall mountains, Igatpuri is also a great place to indulge in activities like rock climbing and trekking. For photographers and nature lovers, Igatpuri offers Bhatsa River Valley, Camel Valley, Konkankada valley and the Randha falls. 

Distance from Pune: 248 km

Best Time: July to September

14 Igatpuri Attractions

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Known For : Kolad River Rafting Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls Bhira Dam

Famous for white water rafting, Kolad is a thriving tiny village in the Raigad district in Maharashtra. Known for its cascading waterfalls, green meadows and picturesque backdrop of Sahyadris, Kolad is gaining traction as an adventure sports destination with provisions for rafting, rappelling, and kayaking. Kolad is best reached from Pune by private vehicle or a hired taxi. 

Distance from Pune: 146 km

Best Time: June to March

11 Kolad Attractions

6. Khandala


Known For : Rajmachi Fort Visapur Fort Bedsa caves

The twin sister of Lonavala, Khandala hill station is one of the popular places to visit near Pune during the weekends. Khandala is resplendent with its scenic valleys, grassy hills, serene lakes and misty waterfalls. Hiking and rock climbing are two of the popular activities here. Made famous by the Bollywood song, 'Aati Kya Khandala', this little hill station is quite popular among families and friends as a picnic spot. Khandala can easily be reached from Pune by car. 

Distance from Pune: 71 km

22 Khandala Attractions

7. Mahabaleshwar


Known For : Elephant's Head Point Chinaman's Falls Dhobi Waterfall

Mahabaleshwar is a hill station located in the Western Ghats, in Satara district of Maharashtra. Apart from its famous strawberries, Mahabaleshwar is also known for its numerous rivers, magnificent cascades and majestic peaks. Young working people generally choose to go to Mahabaleshwar for a weekend trip from Pune. With the road connectivity in great condition, one can easily take a car from Pune to Mahabaleshwar. 

Distance from Pune: 130 km

Best Time: October to June

31 Mahabaleshwar Attractions


Known For : Elephanta Caves Marine Drive, Mumbai Juhu Beach

When looking for a wild and fun weekend away from Pune, few other destinations can top Mumbai. Aptly named the 'City of Dreams' in India, Mumbai is frequented by families and young adults from Pune over weekends. The exotic eateries, the monuments and buildings with an old-world charm and the beaches are thronged by daily visitors. One can take the train from Pune to Mumbai, although buses and taxis can also be chosen. 

Distance from Pune: 150 km

Best Time: October to February

114 Mumbai Attractions

9. Matheran


Known For : Louisa point Charlotte lake Monkey Point Matheran

Matheran is a cosy little hill station that stands at an elevation of 2600 feet above sea level. It is around 120 kilometres away from Pune, making it the perfect weekend getaway, especially in summers. Being the smallest hill station in all of India, vehicles are strictly forbidden entry inside the town. The excellent viewpoints offering panoramic views and the trekking trails are what attract road trippers and picnickers from Pune. 

29 Matheran Attractions

10. Panchgani


Known For : Kaas Plateau Table Land Mahabaleshwar

Sandwiched by rolling hills on one side and the coastal plain on the other, Panchgani is a quaint hill station near Pune. Known for its rich strawberry gardens, Panchgani is dotted with many colonial buildings. The viewpoints offering panoramic views of the valley and excellent sunrise and sunset views are what attracts many visitors. Panchgani can be reached from Pune by private vehicle or a hired taxi. 

Distance from Pune: 112 km

Best Time: September to May

13 Panchgani Attractions

11. Rajmachi


Known For : Trekking in Rajmachi

The fort of Rajmachi is famous among trekkers and adventure enthusiasts. To experience a full-fledged trek, one can start from the side of the Kondhane cave which will take 3-4 hours of climbing, otherwise, one can drive right upto Udhewadi village (from the Lonavala side) and then trek for  20-30 minutes to the top of the fort. The simple and clearly marked trail on both the paths make Rajmachi a very popular beginner's trek. The view at the top of the fort is fantastic with its peak during the Monsoon season. 

Distance from Pune: 84 km

Best Time: June to September

1 Rajmachi Attractions


Known For : Alibaug Beach Kolaba Fort Water Sports in Alibaug

A little coastal town tucked away in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, Alibag or Alibaug is a very popular weekend getaway and has earned itself the name of 'mini-Goa', owing to the high tourist footfall all year round. Steeped in colonial history, Alibaug is located 150 km from Pune , and is replete with sandy beaches, clean unpolluted air and plenty of forts and temples, ensuring that despite being a small town, you never run out of activities to do.

Distance from Pune: 144 km

Best Time: November to March

29 Alibag Attractions

13. Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad Fort

Located in the Sahyadri Mountains, Sinhagad Fort is an ancient fortress known for its historical significance and architecture. The name, “Sinhagad”, literally means Lion’s Fort signifying its strength and brilliance. Today, the structure is a perfect landmark for trekkers as it is located at a height of over 750 metres in the Sahyadri Mountains. The place is also famous among photographers and nature lovers. Located at the short drive's distance from Pune, it is a popular picnic spot for families and friends.  Timings : 24 hrs Time Required : 2 - 3 hrs Entry Fee : No Entry Fee

Distance from Pune: 29 km

14. Ajanta and Ellora Caves

Ajanta and Ellora Caves

Known For : Ajanta Caves Grishneshwar Temple, Ellora The Buddhist Caves, Ellora

Ajanta and Ellora caves, considered to be one of the finest examples of ancient rock-cut caves are located near Aurangabad in Maharashtra. Adorned with beautiful sculptures, paintings and frescoes, the caves are an amalgamation of Buddhist, Jain and Hindu monuments as the complex includes both Buddhist monasteries as well as Hindu and Jain temples. The Ajanta caves are 29 in number and were built in the period between 2nd century BC and 6th century AD whereas the Ellora Caves are more spread out and 34 in number and dates to the period between 6th and 11th Century AD.

Distance from Pune: 256 km

12 Ajanta Caves Attractions

15. Bhandardara


Known For : Umbrella Falls Wilson Dam Kalsubai Peak

Bhandardara is a small hilly village near Mahabaleshwar. Home to several waterfalls and peaks, it is bountiful with natural sites which attract nature enthusiasts who shy away from crowded destinations. 

Distance from Pune: 172 km

7 Bhandardara Attractions


Known For : Panchvati Sula Vineyard Dudhsagar falls, Nasik

Nashik (Nasik), named after a relic associated with Ramayana, is a city in Maharashtra located on the banks of river Godavari. Nashik plays host to the famous Kumbh Mela every 12 years. The city is home to plenty of exotic temples, waterfalls, trails and vineyards. The many wellness resorts of Nashik are frequented by tourists every weekend making it an all round excellent weekend getaway from Pune. One can reach Nashik from Pune by road via national highway 60.

Distance from Pune: 212 km

Best Time: July to March

39 Nasik Attractions

17. Lohagad Fort

Lohagad Fort

Situated at the height of 3400 feet, Lohagad Fort is a UNESCO world heritage site and formidable fort about 52 kilometres away from Pune. Perched atop an impressive hill near Malavali, this destination is the perfect amalgam of ancient architecture and natural beauty. Lohagad Fort was built in the 18th century and is an ideal destination for trekking and nature lovers, especially from Pune and Mumbai. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj used to keep his treasury in this fort.

Distance from Pune: 65 km


Known For : Raigad Fort Diveagar Beach Jagadishwar Temple

Raigad, is a historically rich district is situated in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. Located at 2,851mts, it is surrounded by Mumbai Harbour, Thane, Pune, Ratnagiri and the Arabian Sea.

Distance from Pune: 128 km

5 Raigad Attractions

19. Durshet Forest Lodge

Durshet Forest Lodge

The Durshet Forest Lodge is set amid 35 acres of private teak forest, against the magnificent Sahyadhri Range. The River Amba presents a sanctuary for trekkers and birdwatchers. The gardens and lawns in the place magically come alive with a natural waterfall during the monsoon season. Go rafting on the River Kundalika, or scout the Umbarkhind battlefield or go mountain biking in this place as the options are unlimited.

Distance from Pune: 101 km

20. Murud Janjira

Murud Janjira

Known For : Murud Janjira Fort Murud Beach Garambi Falls

Murud is known for it widespread sandy beaches adorned with majestic forts and outlined by palms and coconut trees, creating a perfect holiday scenery.

7 Murud Janjira Attractions

21. Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat

Known For : Malshej Falls Pimpalgaon Joga Dam Harishchandragad

A beautiful hill station with its numerous lakes, waterfalls and mountains, Malshej Ghat is popular among hikers, trekkers and nature lovers.

Distance from Pune: 121 km

4 Malshej Ghat Attractions

22. Ganpatipule


Known For : Jaigad Fort Water Sports in Ganapatipule Swayambhu Ganpati Temple

Beach town on the Konkan coastline, Ganpatipule has temples of Lord Ganesha as major attractions apart from the beautiful virgin beaches.

Distance from Pune: 348 km

Best Time: November to February

9 Ganapatipule Attractions


Known For : Manori Beach Global Vippasanna Pagoda Beach Parties

Manori beach , along with Gorai beach is a growing favourite among back packers and people who just want to cross over to the peace and quiet of the country side for a while.

Distance from Pune: 195 km

9 Manori Attractions

24. Tamhini Ghat

Tamhini Ghat

Located at a distance of 40 kms from Pune, at the crest of Western Ghats, between the villages of Mulshi and Tamhini in the state of Maharashtra, Tamhini Ghat is a gorgeous mountain pass that is lately gaining a lot of popularity among the Punekars and even the Mumbaikars.

Distance from Pune: 53 km

25. Chiplun


Known For : Vashishti River Marleshwar Temple Guhagar Beach

In the quiet, far away from the city port district of Ratnagiri in Maharashtra , lies Chiplun, the city that offers you time among mango groves next to the beautiful lake, Vashishti. This town is most known for its white sand beaches and beautiful mango and cashew groves by the Vashishti river .

Distance from Pune: 201 km

Best Time: July to February

11 Chiplun Attractions

26. Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

Known For : Jaigad Fort Swayambhu Ganpati Temple Jaigad Lighthouse

Situated in pretty surroundings, Ratnagiri is blessed with hills, sea shores, creeks, beautiful rivers, hot water springs, forests and water falls and offers a rejuvenating experience to travelers.

Distance from Pune: 325 km

Best Time: October to March

29 Ratnagiri Attractions

27. Phaltan


Phaltan is a town 110km from Pune that is a treasure of Maratha heritage and culture. The quaint city boasts of an experience that is similar to having gone through a time machine. It is also known for serving traditional Maharashtrian thalis that are special to Phaltan.

Distance from Pune: 105 km

Best Time: July-November

28. Dapoli, Maharashtra

Dapoli, Maharashtra

Known For : Harnai Port Unhavare - Hot springs Panhalakaji Caves

Dapoli, situated 215km away from Mumbai is popular tourist destination that serves the needs of all kinds of travelers. It is known as mini-Mahabaleshwar of Maharashtra owing to its cool climate throughout the year. It is located in the Ratnagiri district and is a famous Konkan hill station.

Distance from Pune: 186 km

14 Dapoli Attractions

29. Daman, Daman and Diu

Daman, Daman and Diu

Known For : Devka Beach Mirasol Lake Garden Lighthouse, Daman

The cool beaches, greenery, scenic natural beauty and most of all, its easy availability of cheap liquor makes Daman a popular destination among youths and even as a getaway for those in Gujrat.

Distance from Pune: 313 km

Best Time: October to Apr

18 Daman Attractions

30. Jawhar, Maharashtra

Jawhar, Maharashtra

Known For : Dabdaba Falls Jai Vilas Palace Sunset Point, Jawhar

A small hill station located in the Thane District of Maharashtra, Jawhar is a place with abundant nature's beauty and several man made marvels. Preserving numerous picturesque views, this hill town is loaded with tourist attractions and exotic beauty of flora and dense cover of forest.

Best Time: September to Apr

7 Jawhar Attractions

31. Silvassa, Dadra & Nagar Haveli

Silvassa, Dadra & Nagar Haveli

Known For : Lion Safari Wildlife Park Vanganga Lake Island Garden

With the hills of the Western Ghats and surrounding lush greenery, it is an ideal indulgence into the wild side for a tourist and its Portuguese heritage makes it famous amongst the history enthusiasts as well.

Distance from Pune: 305 km

Best Time: November to June

10 Silvassa Attractions


Known For : Calangute Beach Fort Aguada Cruise in Goa

Lying on the western coast, Goa is India's smallest state and unlike any other, known for its white-sand beaches, stellar nightlife, eclectic seafood, world-heritage listed architecture. Spread across just 3,702 km, Goa lies in the Konkan region. It is a far cry from the hippie haven or a beach getaway, and one of the only few destinations that is open 24x7. The laid-backness (susegad) of Goa attracts as many international tourists as it does Indians, or even more so.

Distance from Pune: 437 km

197 Goa Attractions

33. Vikramgad, Maharashtra

Vikramgad, Maharashtra

Known For : Pilucha Dhabdhaba Waterfalls Jai Vilas Palace

Vikramgad, situated about 80km from Mumbai is a small village on the Manor - Jwahar road in the Thane District of Maharashtra. It is a nature escapade and blessed with lush vegetation and ample flora and fauna.

Distance from Pune: 232 km

Best Time: June to January

2 Vikramgad Attractions

34. Saputara, Gujarat

Saputara, Gujarat

Known For : Artist Village Hatgadh Fort Vansda National park

Snuggled in the Sahyadris or the Western Ghats, Saputara is a quaint little hill station in the Dang district of Gujarat. Popular for lush green forests, undulating mountains, dazzling waterfalls, dreamy winding roads, livid landscapes and plenty of charming cubbyholes to spend time with your loved ones, the town is the first favourite among tourists. It is located at a height of 875 metres above sea level and is a perfect getaway for eco-lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and people who love adventure sports.

Distance from Pune: 289 km

Best Time: Mid March to mid November

20 Saputara Attractions

35. Amboli, Maharashtra

Amboli, Maharashtra

Known For : Amboli Falls Madhavgad Fort Shirgaonkar Point

Amboli lies in the Sahyadri hills in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra . It is the last hill station of Maharashtra before the plains of Goa begin and is a relatively unexplored one.

Distance from Pune: 357 km

7 Amboli Attractions

36. Elephanta caves

Elephanta caves

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Elephanta Caves is a specimen of rock-cut art and architecture from the times of medieval India. The caves are located on the Elephanta or Gharapuri island which is situated at a distance of 11 km from the city of Mumbai . Natively known as Gharapurichi Leni, the Elephanta Caves that exist today are ruins of what were once elaborately painted artworks. It also provides an amazing view of the Mumbai skyline. You can reach the Elephanta Caves via a ferry ride from Gateway of India. This collection of cave temples dates back to 5th to 7th centuries and most of them are dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Distance from Pune: 175 km

37. Visapur Fort

Visapur Fort

Perched upon a lush green plateau, the Visapur Fort is a very popular excursion destination for adventure mongers as well as nature lovers. The fort stands majestically tall and ruggedly firm at the height of 1084 meters above sea level offering a panoramic view of a wide range of hills covered in a thick blanket of green. The majestic fort is a very popular destination for trekking activities. With an eventfully historic backstory and an unmatched view of nature at its best, the Visapur fort is indeed a treat for all- history buffs, adventure mongers and nature enthusiasts.

Distance from Pune: 59 km

38. Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Known For : Panhala Fort Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary Shri Chatrapati Shahu Museum (New Palace)

Kolhapur is situated on the banks of the river Panchaganga in the south-west region of Maharashtra.  Situated 230 kilometres away from Pune, Kolhapur is one of the princely states and boasts of a rich legacy dating back to the times of the Marathas. Presently, Kolhapur is known for Kolhapuri sandals and necklaces that are sold worldwide.

Distance from Pune: 246 km

30 Kolhapur Attractions

39. Bhaja Caves

Bhaja Caves

The Karla and Bhaja caves are among the oldest caves in India and date back all the way to 160 B.C. and are situated near Lonavala in Maharashtra. The Bhaja caves are a group of 22 rock-cut caves which are believed to have existed from the times of Hinayana phase of Buddhism, which is of 2nd to 1st century BC. Karla Cave is the largest Hinayana Buddhist chaitya (temple) in India Travel back in time on this trip to ancient Indian rock-cut caves with the best rock-cut architecture of all times. The ancient caves are protected as Monument of National Importance by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Distance from Pune: 62 km

40. Trimbakeshwar


Counted as the holiest temple of India, the Trimbakeshwar Temple houses one of the most important twelve Jyotirlingas, a form of Lord Shiva. Perched on the foot of Brahmagiri Hills, the temple is situated in the pious city of Trimbak (Dist Nashik in Maharashtra) which finds its mention in the powerful Mrityunjaya Mantra that bestows immortality and longevity. Built in the 18th century by Maratha ruler, Peshwa Nana Saheb, the temple is a perfect epitome of classic architecture. The sacred river Godavari originates near Trimbak. There is a kunda in temple premises that is considered to be the source of river Godavari

Distance from Pune: 242 km

41. Imagica


Adlabs Imagica, opened in April 2013, is one of the most popular entertainment theme parks that is often referred to as a one-stop recreation centre. It is located on Mumbai-Pune Expressway near Khopoli and is one of the latest additions to getaways from Pune and Mumbai. The park is divided into three entertainment zones namely Theme Park, Snow Park and Water Park with a plethora of entertainment options that include live shows, roller coasters, water park, themed entertainment shows, and even a refreshing water park.

Distance from Pune: 93 km

42. Karla Caves

Karla Caves

Karla caves, carved from a rocky hillside, are among the oldest Buddhist cave shrines in India. It is located on the Pune-Mumbai highway at Karla, and if sources are to be believed, these are only a few among scores of other caves unearthed in Sahyadri Hills. Carved almost 2000 years ago around the 2nd century BC to the 5th century AD, this place constitutes an extensive collection of beautiful Chaityas (halls) and Viharas (monasteries) reflecting upon a journey of the past, narrating some amusing stories. A temple made of pillars from the Buddhist period has also been built recently at the entrance of the caves.

Distance from Pune: 60 km

43. Shani Shingnapur

Shani Shingnapur

Shani Shignapur Temple is a Jeet Devasthan (alive temple) in Ahmednagar district, well-known for the magical and powerful Lord Shani, who is believed to reside in a black stone till date. The Hindu God symbolising the planet Saturn is referred to as Swayambhu, which means that he has emerged himself in the form of the black stone that scores lakhs of devotees every year. The trust of people in the lord is so strong that none of the houses in the wondrous village has doors and locks as people believe that Lord Shani is protecting their valuables from thieves.

Distance from Pune: 160 km

44. Kalsubai Peak

Kalsubai Peak

Mt. Kalsubai is the highest peak of the Sahyadri Ranges. The view of this majestic mountain is an amazing sight in Bhandardara. It is also known as the Everest of Maharashtra, as it is the highest peak in the state.

Distance from Pune: 189 km

45. Ratangad Fort Trek

Ratangad Fort Trek

Ratangad is a 400 year old fort, captured by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in his time. It is situated in Ratanwadi which is it's base village and overlooks the Bhandardara.

Distance from Pune: 184 km

46. Karnala Fort

Karnala Fort

Karnala fort also known as the Funnel Hill is a hill fort in Raigad district, about 10 km from Panvel city and 65 km from Mumbai. The fort is a protected property which is situated within the Karnala Bird Sanctuary and offers a great opportunity to enjoy a refreshing, easy trek. Karnala fort consists of two forts out of which one is at a higher level and other is at a lower level.

Distance from Pune: 123 km

47. Prabalgad Fort

Prabalgad Fort

Prabalgad Fort, also known asÔ_Kalavantin DurgÔ_is situated between Matheran and Panvel in Maharashtra, at a height of 2,300 feet in the Western Ghats. The fort built at the peak of a rocky plateau very close to Matheran has become a major tourist attraction. A trek to this place is perfect for those who enjoy adventure and the way to the fort is a dangerously steep climb. The steps leading up to the fort are cut into the rock of the hill. Reaching the fort is one of the toughest trekking challenges in Maharashtra and only if you are an experienced trekker should you go for this trek. This trek which commences from base village of Shedung, takes about 3 hours and you need to climb rock-cut stairs through a steep slope.

Distance from Pune: 131 km

48. Lonavala - Bhimashankar Trek

Lonavala - Bhimashankar Trek

Deep and dense rain forests, meadows blooming with flowers, tiny rivulets, ethnic tribal villages or long forgotten temples, the Lonavala - Bhimashankar trail has it all to offer you. This is arguably the best countryside trail, as claimed by many amateurs, and is waiting for you to explore it. The popularity of Lonavala as a hill station only adds to the appeal and makes your experience priceless.

Distance from Pune: 110 km

49. Harishchandragad Fort Trek

Harishchandragad Fort Trek

Harishchandragad is a hill fort in Maharashtra. It is situated at an elevation of about 4670 feet in the district of Ahmednagar. Within the fort there are several temples dedicated to Vishnu and Ganesh. The monument dates back to the 6th century and finds home at an altitude of 1424 meters and more often than not, given its altitude finds itself marked on a number of trekking trails in and around the area.

Distance from Pune: 163 km


40 kms away from Silvassa, the capital of the union territory of Dadar and Nagar Haveli, Dudhni has emerged as a popular tourist attraction in the recent years. The construction of Madhuban dam on the Daman Ganga has resulted in the formation of a water front in Dudhni, taking advantage of which, the tourism department of Dadar and Nagar Haveli has invested in making Dudhni a popular destination for water sports.

Distance from Pune: 303 km

51. Khanvel


20 kms to the south of Silvassa, Khanvel is a popular tourist destination among nature lovers. It makes for a perfect getaway for those who want to holiday the lazy way, not doing much, just being there, getting lost in the quietness of the valley and in the process relaxing and refreshing themselves with the proximity to nature.

Distance from Pune: 284 km

52. Bhatye beach

Bhatye beach

The Bhatye beach is a lovely, long stretch of a clean beach ideal for a relaxing holiday. Bhatye, a small village close to Ratnagiri city is popular for its generous flat sea showers. The length of the beach is 1.5 kms and it is flat and straight and clear. The Ratnagiri light house and the famous Madavi beach of Ratnagiri city can be seen from Bhatye Beach.

Distance from Pune: 329 km

53. Velneshwar


Located in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, Velneshwar is a village south of the Guhagar town. Velneshwar is well known for the temple of Lord Shiva and also has a beautiful crescent-shaped beach that is clean, unspoilt and ideal for swimming. Velneshwar gets much of its limelight during the month of March, when the Maha Shivratri Festival is held here, as a tribute to Lord Shiva. If you are seeking an ideal water point where you can relish the beauty of nature while swimming and sunbathing, then the Velneshwar beach in Maharashtra is the perfect place for you.

54. Manikgad Fort Trek

Manikgad Fort Trek

Manikgad Fort is located on a hill in Manikgad village of Maharashtra. The fort is about 1,878 feet high and is impregnable from three sides. The upper part can be reached only from the south.

Distance from Pune: 108 km

55. Chavand Trek

Chavand Trek

Chavand (or Prasannagad) is a hill fort in the state of Maharashtra. Located at an elevation of about 3500 feet from the ground in the district of Pune, this fortress is a part of the 'famous five'. The other forts which are included under this category are Hadsar, Shivneri, Jivdhan and Naneghat.

Distance from Pune: 34 km

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5 places to visit near Pune within 100 km range

Times of India TIMESOFINDIA.COM / Created : Jul 15, 2024, 00:00 IST

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Explore destinations near Pune within 100 kilometers like Lavasa's architecture, Dasve Lake, Lakeshore Watersports; Lonavala and Khandala's Bhushi Dam, Tiger's Point, Karla Caves, Kune Falls; Mulshi Lake with Tamhini Ghat; Pawna L … Read more

Explore destinations near Pune within 100 kilometers like Lavasa's architecture, Dasve Lake, Lakeshore Watersports; Lonavala and Khandala's Bhushi Dam, Tiger's Point, Karla Caves, Kune Falls; Mulshi Lake with Tamhini Ghat; Pawna Lake's camping near Lohagad and Visapur forts; and Panshet's boating. These sites offer natural beauty, adventure, and cultural experiences. Read less

5 places to visit near Pune within 100 km range

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Asia’s largest dinosaur-theme park, Dino Desert, has opened in Malaysia

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5 places to visit near Pune within 100 km range

Explore destinations near Pune within 100 kilometers like Lavasa's architecture, Dasve Lake, Lakeshore Watersports; Lonavala and Khandala's Bhushi Dam, Tiger's Point, Karla Caves, Kune Falls; Mulshi L...

pune places for visit

pune places for visit

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Tourist Places Near Pune Within 300 km

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Must Places to Visit Near Pune Within 300 km

Pawna lake (56 km from pune).

Pawna Lake (56 Km from Pune)

Lonavala city is one of the most beautiful retreats, that takes you away from the maddening rush of the metropolises. It is located in the western part of India in the Pune district of Maharashtra. This hill station lies 96 kilometres east of the metropolitan city of Mumbai and 64 kilometres west of modern-day Pune city. Therefore, a profound location on the Mumbai-Pune expressway makes Lonavala cater to both cities with the smoothest connectivity through roads. Lonavala City is popularly called the “city of caves' and the “Jewel of Sahyadri”. That is because the hill station boasts some of the most spectacular settings, including luxuriant green valleys, remarkable caves, serene lakes and stunning waterfalls. The spectacular rock-cut Bhaja and Karla caves in Lonavala have been notable tourists with their old beams, motifs and inscriptions. The surrounding regions of Lonavala are blessed with an unbeatable collection of waterfalls that include the Kune waterfall , Bhivpuri, Bhagirath and Jummapatti waterfalls. The refreshing ambience of the postcard-perfect landscape of Aamby Valley, Pawna Lake and Lonavala Lake is bound to impress you. Lonavala is famous for its natural wonders, religious attractions, and historical sites. These include the Tikona Fort , Duke’s Nose, Lohagad and Rajmachi fort. Lonavala hosts an array of fun activities for tourists and these include rappelling, camping at the Pawna Lake, hiking to the Tikona Fort, trekking to the Rajmachi fort and riding at Wet and joy water slides. Lonavala has a tropical climate but the weather is an all-time maritime one. However, all the stunning places and sites of Lonavala come alive during the winter and monsoon seasons. Thus, pack your bags and come here because Lonavala has something for everyone, from quiet time to adventure.

Top Experiences To Do in Lonavala

Exterior View of Villa

Located around 110 kilometres from Mumbai, Kolad is a small hamlet in the beautiful Raigad district of Maharashtra. Often called the Rishikesh of Maharashtra, the village boasts of numerous scenic valleys, which offers stunning views of the surrounding mist-laden hills and dense evergreen forests. The verdant greenery, clear streams and a peaceful ambience add to the beauty of this quaint hamlet. Kolad is a treasure trove of sightseeing attractions, and caters to all kinds of tourists. Some of the best attractions in Kolad City include the Kundalika River, which is the hub of white water rafting in the region. You can also visit the serene Tamhini Ghat, and soak in picturesque views of the surrounding hills. Or you can enjoy a fun-filled and memorable picnic at the Bhira Dam, while enjoying views of the gorgeous Devkund Waterfalls. Other famous attractions of Kolad include the ancient Ghosala Fort and the Kuda Caves. You can also enjoy camping and bird watching at the tranquil Sutarwadi Lake, or enjoy the history at the Talgad Fort. For adventure sports lovers, you can go trekking at the Plus Valley, or hike to the Devkund Waterfalls. From water sports like white water rafting and boating, to adventure activities like hiking, camping, nature walks and trekking, Kolad has a lot of thrilling activities for travellers. Due to its advantageous location, you can also enjoy paragliding in Kolad when the day is clear. Kolad experiences a typical tropical climate, with pleasant weather throughout the year. While the summers here are a little humid as compared to the other seasons, the monsoons are the best time to enjoy a river rafting experience in Kolad. Furthermore, the rains during this time make the entire region come to life, with the waterfalls and rivers flowing at their full speed, the forests and valleys experiencing the blooming of flowers and plants and an overall soothing and calm atmosphere. The months from November to February make up the cold winter season in Kolad, when the village transforms into a winter wonderland with dipping temperatures and beautiful sceneries. This is also a great time for sightseeing, hiking and other activities.

Top Experiences To Do in Kolad

Feel the adrenaline rushing as you take a free fall from 43 m above

Kamshet also known as the paragliding capital of India is located in the state of Maharashtra. It is 45 km from Pune, 16 km from Lonavala and Khandala, and 110 km from Mumbai. Surrounded by the Western Ghats and decked with Sahyadri Ranges' beauty, Kamshet is a fairyland with rich flora and fauna. It has a quaint vibe coupled with a rich cultural heritage, and you will get enchanted with its ever-captivating beauty. The gurgling waterfalls, monasteries, beautiful temples, and magnanimous hills are an emblem for serenity. It is a paragliding paradise that has been featured in the top ten must visit destinations of India for an enthralling expedition. Hence, it is dotted with many flying and paragliding schools. Kamshet is one of the best paragliding spots in India owing to its perfect weather and highly suitable topography. There are some of the best paragliding spots here like Shinde Wadi Hills, Tower Hill, Shelar and Kondeshwar Cliff. It is also blessed with Buddhist caves having sculptures and images of Lord Buddha. Some of the most picturesque lakes, such as Pawna Lake and Uksan Lake that offer a blissful escape from the fast-paced city life are also here. Begin your heritage exploration by visiting Tikona Fort, Lohagad Fort, and Visapur Fort, a testament to the rich past of this city. Kamshet is a hub for parasailing and you can try here acro tandem to instructional tandem and joy tandem. You can also pitch your tent at Pawna Lake to witness the sparkling night sky and learn about the local culture. Enjoy a trekking expedition at Visapur fort and enjoy zip-lining at Pawna Lake. Take part in cave Exploration at Bhairi caves and Bedse caves that are situated on the high rocks of Kamshet. Or simply relish the local food and world-class cuisines at some of the best restaurants and dhabas. Kamshet experiences a tropical climate with warm summers and cool winters. The summers start from March and extend till the end of April. During the summers, it experiences high humidity, and hence this season might feel uncomfortable visiting the town.

Top Experiences To Do in Kamshet

Entrance of the homestay

Best of Mumbai

 Places to Visit in Mumbai, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Mumbai, the city of dreams. Mumbai, the city that never sleeps. Mumbai, the old world charm and fast pace of the modern life. There is so much that one can say in the praise of the one city in India that everyone wants to visit at least once in their life. That maybe because of the grandeur of this city or because of the history it has seen. Nonetheless, this city has a lot in store for everyone who visits. The USP of places to visit in Mumbai is that they are all iconic and all you need is a picture to recognize them, that is the charm of this city. Some places here are pieces of history, some are spiritual hotspots, and others are mesmerizing places to relax, chill or munch on the famous streets of Mumbai, like the ever famous Chowpatty Beach.

You can see the Gateway of India, Marine drive or the film city of Goregaon, or visit the Siddhivinayak temple and Haji Ali Mosque for your fill of the spiritual. You can even get to see the new addition to the roster of mesmerizing and intimidating places in Mumbai, the Bandra Worli Sealink. And be it a group hangout, a solo search of solace or just a couple's getaway, Chowpatty, Juhu, and Aksa Beach are names that almost everyone in the city knows and crowds on various occasions. They are equally coveted by the many who come to Mumbai from outside for the frolicking and snacking experiences that are available at these locations. One more thing that Mumbai is famous for is the shopping district at Colaba, where you can get everything from high brand store clothes to cheap knock-offs to add to your wardrobe as part of your fashion statement.

 Always bustling with energy, a trip to Mumbai should be on your travel list to understand the best way of how India portrays unity in diversity. Visit the hidden temples or pay a visit to famous monuments to explore the most cosmopolitan city in India. Enjoy the perfect blend of festivities, religions, music, food, music and theatres with a trip to Mumbai. Some of the best places to visit in Mumbai are the Gateway of India, Elephanta Caves, Girgaum Cave, Siddhivinayak Temple, Essel world, Elephanta Island etc. 

While you are in this amazing city you can also visit the Kanheri Caves, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mount Mary Church, Banganga Tank etc. Make a stop at the Marina Beach in the evening and have lip-smacking street food while you witness the best sunset being greeted by splashing waves of the sea. Find out all you need to know about the best places to visit in Mumbai on your vacation here.

And that is not just it. If you are looking for things to do and places outside the city, there is a lot of scope to plan weekend getaways near Mumbai . At just a small drive away from the city is the favourite picnic and night stay spots of Lonavala and Khandala. You can even visit the famous Sai Baba temple in Shirdi. With so much to offer, there is no wonder why Mumbai has been a favourite of everyone in the country for so many decades.

Top Experiences To Do in Mumbai

Feel the joy of sailing cruise tour on the Indian ocean


1571294960 satara mahabaleshwar 15003651857

Nestled in the picturesque Western Ghats, tourist places in Mahabaleshwar will captivate your imagination with their natural splendor. Mahabaleshwar is well known for its numerous rivers, magnificent cascades, and majestic peaks. The city comprises of ancient temples, boarding schools, manicured and lush green dense forest, waterfalls, hills, valleys that will take your breath away on your visit. The city is definitely among the most sought-after weekend getaways from metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Pune. Once, a summer capital of Bombay during the British Raj, the city has British influence of in its architecture. It is a very popular hill station that offers a plethora of tourist activities and attractions to avid travelers and nature lovers.

Plan your visit with Mahabaleshwar tour packages and witness the alluring dawns and dusks from the slope, in the midst of the rich green vista. Located about 120 kilometers southwest of Pune and 285 kilometers from Mumbai, Mahabaleshwar is a vast plateau measuring 150 kilometers, bound by valleys on all sides. The hill station in the Western Ghats is the source of the Krishna River that flows across Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Known for its captivating beauty and the stunning strawberry farms, Mahabaleshwar boasts of zigzagging roads, a calm breeze at all times, vantage points offering stunning views of hills and valleys, plenty of strawberries to gorge on and the main street full of shops offering all kinds of curios and snacks.

There are numerous enchanting tourist places in Mahabaleshwar exuding charm and elegance. Bordered by a few murmuring waterways, evergreen timberlands, captivating slopes and mountains there are some mesmerizing tourist places in Mahabaleshwar. Arranged in the Satara region in Maharashtra, Mahabaleshwar Sightseeing tours will get you near the captivating excellence of nature. The wonderful hill retreat brags of being one of the most splendid evergreen slope stations in India.

Top Experiences To Do in Mahabaleshwar

T1rg8rhbu9op9uzaaha2ocstufbd 1961886e5d5911ea90f30242ac110008

Nestled in the bosom of the Western Ghats, Igatpuri is a little hill station in the state of Maharashtra. Igatpuri is surrounded by some of the highest ranges of the Sahyadri Ranges, making it a haven for trekkers and nature lovers alike. The little town acts as a popular weekend destination around major cities like Pune and Maharashtra, and is often sought after for its serene ambience. Offering an ideal getaway in the very heart of nature, the little city is a perfect escapade from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life. With its numerous little hills, clear streams and thundering waterfalls, the beauty of Igatpuri city is quite unparalleled. Ancient fort ruins and historic temples add to the charm of the little town. Although little in size, the places to visit in Igatpuri are many. While lovers of history will have the time of their lives exploring the ancient forts of Tringalwadi and Avandha, nature lovers can spend a quieting time in the Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary or the Vihigaon waterfalls. The little town is also extremely well known as the home to the world’s largest meditation centre, the Vipassana Academy, which acts as a wellness retreat. Whether you’re a nature lover or an adventure enthusiast, you will never run out of things to do while in Igatpuri. The adventure sport options in the city are many: from river rafting in the rapids of the Vaitarna, to camping under the open stars, Igatpuri has it all. The area is of a special interest to trekking and hiking enthusiasts, with its slopes and waterfalls offering an ideal location for the sport. Being located at a high elevation, Igatpuri enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year. The temperature generally remains on the cooler side. The hill station enjoys significant rainfall throughout the year, with the dry season spanning between November to March.

Top Experiences To Do in Igatpuri

Back View of the Villa

Known as the” cutest little hill station of India”, the Matheran hill station is the best place to enjoy the sunset and sunrise view along with some mind blowing sceneries to keep you fresh and up front. This extraordinary hill station offers the best tourist places in Matheran which are untouched and undisturbed by the rustling city life that surrounds the town. The place is actually located on the Western Ghats that ranges in an elevation of around 800 meter above the sea level. The place always has a pleasant weather to enjoy during any time of the year, but its beauty gets added up during the season of rain and thunderstorm.

 Another thing about the beautiful hill station is that it is eco friendly and has no rush of cars and buses honking on the street. The major was taken by the government of Maharashtra in order to protect Matheran. The best thing about this place is that it is like a quiet and relaxing place with no buzzing of horns and pollution and along with that it contains some mesmerizing places and views of the extraordinary nature that will leave you bewitched of its beauty and make you feel relax and stress free.

  Just not only trekker, Matheran is a treat for the photographers also to explore and capture the best of the beauty of the beautiful hill station. The beauty of Western Ghats, Matheran is the smallest hill station of India. Travellers and tourists who visit the place love exploring the place by walking on foot. By which it becomes more exciting to get lost in the scenic beauty of the town while finding your way. Plan your trip to Matheran and indulge yourself in various activities that Matheran provides like camping, trekking, rappelling etc.

Matheran town is the best option for a person who loves getting lost in the nature and also for those who wants to take a break from their busy city life. The tourist places in Matheran are absolutely breathtaking.

Top Experiences To Do in Matheran

Fogg seen in the valleys

Best of Goa

15 Best Casinos in Goa - {{year}} (Location & Entry Fee)

Located at a distance of about 65 km from Pune , the beautifully planned city of Lavasa is surrounded by the majestic Western Ghats. The city is constructed in the Mulshi Valley and covers a sprawling 25,000 acres. With such mesmerizing views of hills, valleys, and lakes, the city has gained immense popularity among different types of travelers. The beauty of this privately planned city lies in the seamless blend of stunning infrastructure and the enrapturing beauty of nature. Here, you will find different topographical variations such as the lofty Sahyadri range, the beautiful rivers, and the gorgeous valleys. The serene ambiance coupled with the raw beauty of nature soothes the soul from the stressful chaos of daily life. The magnificent city of Lavasa boasts numerous attraction sites. You can explore the enigmatic beauty of nature in the form of Tikona Fort, Devkund waterfall, Dasve Viewpoint, and the Tamhini Ghat. However, if you seek adventure, then you can visit the Xthrill Adventure Academy, Vortex Splash Pad, etc. No matter your traveling preferences, rest assured your wanderlust will be satisfied. There are a plethora of activities that you can indulge in Lavasa. If you are an adventure fanatic, then there are various exciting adventurous activities for you. You can try out rappelling, hiking, camping, raft building, biking, etc. However, if what you seek is peace and the chance to admire nature, you can do that too. Now, if you are a foodie, then Lavasa will definitely not disappoint you. Here, you will find different regional and global cuisines. With an altitude of about 3000 sq feet from the sea level, Lavasa enjoys a tropical climate. It means that the weather is pleasant throughout the year. However, the best time for a visit is between the months of September and March.

Top Experiences To Do in Lavasa

Aerial view of the Homestay

Places to Visit Near Pune Within 200 Km

1574493396 khandala rajmachi fort 157392790575 orijgp

Khandala City is a hill station that is located on the Western Ghats Mountain Range of Maharashtra. It is about 3 km from Lonavala, 12 km from Khopoli and about 33.4 km from Karjat region. Located at the top of Bhor Ghat, this place serves as the main link between the major cities of Maharashtra - Mumbai and Pune. Khandala is a beautiful place and has got a good share of nature’s alluring beauty. As it is surrounded by lush green forest covers, misty valleys, and cascading waterfalls, this place serves as a great weekend getaway as well as adventure hotspot for travellers from various parts of the country. Khandala is mainly famous for hiking tours to sight panoramic views of the Sahyadri mountain ranges in Western Ghats. Khandala is home to some of the wonderful tourist attractions in Western India. You can visit the vantage spots like Rajmachi Point and Sunset Point, dramatic three tiered Kune waterfalls, serene Tamhini ghat mountain pass, and ancient caves of Bhaja and Karla which are adorned with the etchings of Buddhist religion. You can also visit Lohagad which is known for its serene environs, Bhushi Lake for its peaceful ambience, Duke’s Nose for its impeccable beauty and many other brilliant attractions. Khandala is also a dream destination for adventure lovers. You can trek to the summit of the Tiger’s leap to sight pristine sunrise and sunset views, trek to the top of the Rajmachi fort to sight alluring natural beauty, relish the mesmerizing ambience at the reversing station, and trek up to the Shrivardhan Fort to glance the beautiful Sahyadri Mountain ranges. As Khandala lies about 571 meters above sea level, the climatic condition here remains tropical. Khandala receives significant rainfall in most months with a very short dry season. The average temperature of this place is 24.3 degree celsius and the annual rainfall is recorded at 4541 mm per year.

Top Experiences To Do in Khandala

The Dukes Retreat, Khandala

Situated in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, Raigad district is majorly known for its historical significance and awe-inspiring beauty. Earlier, the place was named as Coolaba but with the growing popularity of its Raigad fort, it was renamed to Raigad. Cradled amidst the mesmerizing Sahyadri ranges, this district welcomes you with a unique combination of beaches, religious temples, and historic forts. On your visit to this beautiful Konkani district, be ready to fall in love with its natural splendour that is second to none. As you will usher into the Raigad city, you will be welcomed by the striking landscapes of the Western Ghats and picturesque verdant beaches where one can unwind and bid farewell to their hectic lives. The city also boasts its diverse flora and fauna that forms the bedrock of its popularity. From verdant beaches like Alibag, Kihim, and Karnala to the historic forts like Kolaba, Raigad, and Sudhagad- Raigad has everything that makes it the tourist magnet of Maharashtra. With touristy spots like Elephanta Caves and Ashtavinayak Temple in reserve, it also provides you with a sneak peek into the glorious culture of Konkan region. Whether you want to embark on a scenic trip or delve deep into the history of Maharashtra, Raigad has got it all covered for you. There is a wide range of enthralling activities that one might indulge in here. Whether you are a loner who finds peace in looking out for exotic bird species at the Karnala Bird Sanctuary or the historic landmarks of the district is what that appeals to you the most- there is no dearth of things to do in Raigad. If you are willing to indulge in some exhilarating sports, set out on a ropeway ride near the Raigad fort and vouch for a fun-filled day. You can also embark on a gastronomic journey by exploring numerous restaurants across the city streets and relishing the taste of delicious Maharashtrian cuisines. Though the surreal landscapes and historical forts form the major highlights of Raigad, its pleasant weather adds to its existing charm. The city witnesses a pleasant climate during the colder months which makes it a superb winter destination. Hence, if you want to make the most out of your Raigad trip, it is best to visit here between November and March. Raigad experiences reduced tourist activities between March and June, owing to its hot weather during these months.

Top Experiences To Do in Raigad

Kashid Beach Camping

Durshet (100 Km From Pune)

Durshet (100 Km From Pune)

Roam about along with the fruit trees or get thrilled with the dense thickets of casuarinas and acacias in Durshet. Gaining importance for the vast expanse of greens, this destination is one of the beautiful places to visit near Pune within 300 km and is a new favorite of nature lovers. It features a private forest where you can gape at the migratory birds and also witness a wide range of flora and fauna. In the monsoons, the wildlife of the quarter revives draws a number of visitors. Apart from this, here you can also experience adventure activities like rock climbing, rappelling and cross the rivers. Distance from Pune: Approximately 100 km. Best time to visit: September to February, Winter season.


Best of Alibag

 Places to Visit in Alibag, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

 Shirdi, also known as Sainagar, is a town located in the Rahata Taluka of district Ahmednagar. The quaint city of Shirdi is one of the holiest places to visit in Maharashtra. While most people know Shirdi for its temples and pilgrimages, the city has so much more to offer to tourists. The city is famous around the globe as the birthplace of late 19th century spiritual guru Sai Baba. His temple, Sai Baba Mandir attracts thousands of tourists each year and gives peace and solace to the visitors. Here you can witness the resting place of the saint and take blessings. Besides that, there are plenty of religious temples like Hanuman Mandir, Shani Shingnapur, and Dwarkamai that can take you on a deep spiritual journey of cleansing. Whether you follow any religion or not, you will find peace within the walls of the shrines.    Apart from religious spots, the city is home to Sai Heritage Village that is like stepping into the past to witness the life of Sai Baba. The Wet N Joy Water Park can also give you a refreshing time with family and friends. The exquisite Jangli Maharaj Ashram and Lendi Baug encompass lush greenery that can rejuvenate you with the pristine beauty. Shirdi is a popular spot for tourists all around the year. The holy city is located in the laps of majestic western ghats. The pleasant weather here makes it ideal for you to unwind and have a sacred journey with ease. If you are seeking religious harmony along with the epitome of simplicity, natural beauty and fun activities to enjoy, Shirdi is the place to visit. Plan your trip today for a great time.  

Top Experiences To Do in Shirdi

Pay your respects at the famous Sai Baba Temple in Shirdi

Located just below the border of Mumbai, Alibag is a little coastal town in the state of Maharashtra. The name of the town literally means “The Gardens of Ali” and refers to the fruit orchards that were planted by Ali, an Israelite who used to live in the town during its earliest days. Owing to its convenient location by the sea, the town was regarded as an important strategic port during the British reign in India.  Being a coastal town, the beauty of Alibaug derives largely from the various beaches here. With its glittering golden black sands and clear blue waves, the clean and sparkling beaches of the town are a sight to behold. The brilliance of the beaches is often complemented by the historical fort ruins and ancient temples that can often be found scattered around the place. Whether you’re a lover of the sea or a history buff looking for an insightful vacation, Alibaug is just the place for you. The excellent beaches here, such as the Alibaug Beach, Mandwa Beach or Nagaon Beach, among others, offer a happening day out for the entire family. Apart from the regular swimming and sunbathing, some of these beaches offer a marvelous variety of watersports as well.T hose with a penchant for the past can also spend a happening day touring all the historical attractions here, such as the Brahma Kund or the Kolaba Fort. One of the best ways to spend your time while in Alibaug is to try your hand at the watersports offered by the beach here. Sports like parasailing, jet skiing and banana boating can be done by beginners as well as experts, and promise a fun experience for all. While in Alibaug, you can also try your hand at camping, with the several beachside campsites here offering perfect locations for the activity. Summers in Alibaug are generally hot and humid, winter months tend to be cooler and pleasant. Winter here lasts between November and February, and is generally considered to be the best time to visit. Rainfall in Alibaug generally concentrates between the months of July and September, while the winter months remain dry.

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Rajmachi (171 Km From Pune)

Rajmachi (171 Km From Pune)

Next, in the array of places to visit near Pune within 300 km is the Rajmachi that is one of the historic hill fortresses and is snuggled in the wonderful Sahyadri range. The eternal beauty of the Western Ghats is the key attribute of the destination and it is a blend of two fortresses Shrivardhan Balekilla and Manaranjan Balekilla. Be it the exotic collection of flora or fauna or the collection of trekking trails, this quaint land lacks nowhere and homes a number of them. Distance from Pune: Approximately 171 km. Best time to visit: July to September, Monsoons.

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Named after the five majestic hills enclosing it, Panchgani makes for a renowned hill station in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Perched at an elevation of around 1,334 meters above sea level, this hill town is packed with towering mountains, serene valleys, cascading waterfalls, and dense forests. Overlooked by the Sahyadri mountains, this town served as a beautiful summer retreat for the British officials in the bygone times. At the present day, Panchgani is visited by a plethora of tourists seeking peace, romance, nature, and adventure.  Enthralling local destinations such as Sydney Point, Table Land, Rajpuri Caves, and Dhom Dam form the major attractions of Panchgani and add to the beauty and charm of the place. Panchgani is not limited just to a few picturesque sights, but also goes beyond to offer its visitors a plethora of mind-boggling activities. From shopping at Shivaji Circle to admiring nature at Wai and from exploring history at Kamalgad Fort to boating at Venna Lake, this place has everything to let you experience an action-packed holiday. If you are a daredevil and seeking adventure activities, Panchgani  can offer you a plethora of adrenaline-fuelled sports including paragliding, rock climbing, trekking, speed boating, and horse riding. One of the top aspects that adds to the pleasurable vacation at Panchgani is the availability of top-class accommodation facilities in this town. Panchgani is bestowed with a plethora of budget-friendly as well as luxury resorts and hotels that are suitable for families, couples, and friends. These hotels are well-equipped with modern amenities and offer amazing facilities including thrilling outdoor activities. Furthermore, packed with many nature-friendly camping destinations, this place also allows the travelers to enjoy surreal night camping opportunities. So, no matter the kind of traveler you are, pack your bags to Panchgani and discover an exquisite holiday brimming with history, adventure, nature, and a lot more.

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Best of Mahabaleshwar

 Places to Visit in Mahabaleshwar & Top Tourist Places

Kashid (173 Km From Pune)

Kashid (173 Km From Pune)

Snuggled in the proximity of the beautiful Arabian Sea, Kashid is one of the best places to visit near Pune within 300 km. This sleepy town is known for its serene beaches and is untouched by urbanization. Something that makes it an ideal escape is the range of thrilling adventures like Banana boat ride, Jet-skiing, and various others. The stretch of land is dotted with a number of glorious forts and beaches that you can witness while touring this quarter. If you are looking for a soulful retreat then this is just the right place for you. Distance from Pune: Approximately 173 km Best time to visit: October to February.

  • Bhandardara

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Perched beautifully amidst the Sahyadri ranges in the state of Maharashtra, Bhandardara is a wonderful hill station for nature lovers. It is often called the Queen of Sahyadri ranges for its lush green natural landscapes. The name Bhandardara literally translates to valley of treasures and it is not a doubt to say that the natural beauty of this place certainly justifies the name. It is a picturesque retreat for the backpackers in Ahmednagar district and boasts of some scintillating natural attractions for those who are fond of raw beauty of nature.

The village has prominent places like Wilson Dam, Umbrella Falls and Arthur Lake where you can plan a picnic with your loved ones. The village is also a delight for history lovers as there are places like Ratangad and Harishchandragad Fort. Another famous tourist attraction of Bhandardara is Mount Kalsubai which is also hailed as the highest peak in Maharashtra. There are also many local villages where one can visit to relax and enjoy the pleasant weather of this scenic hill station in Maharashtra.  

For the adventure lovers, there are some enthralling activities where you can explore Ajoba and Ghanchakkar peaks to soak in the serenity of nature with the views offered by Sahyadri ranges. 

There are numerous trekking and hiking places in the Sahyadri ranges where you can savour an adrenaline rush. Bhandardara also has various resorts where one can enjoy the panoramic views and just relax with their loved ones. The gorgeous hill station offers a soothing environment with a cool climate throughout the year where you can refresh yourself and see some of the most eye-catching vistas of the Sahyadri ranges. 

Bhandardara is a small village where the tourists are in for a treat as they are surrounded by mountains and enchanted by gurgling waterfalls away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. The place is a wonderful respite when you are looking for a rejuvenating weekend getaway near the city of Mumbai.

Top Experiences To Do in Bhandardara

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Located in the mountainous and scenic district of Raigad, Karjat is a municipal council and city. This city is also a part of Mumbai’s metro city that travelers prefer the most. Right from couples to kids and families, anyone can make the most of Karjat as a holiday destination. That is because the city has a lot to offer in terms of beating the boredom. The hilly town of Karjat is full of entrancing temples, monuments, lush green seraphic valleys and exquisite caves. Undoubtedly, this city is one of the incredible getaways for adventure seekers that takes just two hours to reach from Mumbai. Hindu pilgrims and hikers frequent the city for its ancient and imposing temples. You can visit the hill station from nearby cities of Mumbai as well. You can indulge in a host of spine-tingling activities that include mountain climbing, hiking, trekking and river rafting. The adorable little hill station is 62 kilometers away from Mumbai and is popular for its ambrosial landscapes as well as awe-inspiring fresh natural beauty. When in Karjat city you must visit the stunning and ancient Kondana caves for the adventurous trek and bewildering beauty, beside the beautifully sculpted riveting temple of Kondeshwar. Take a shower and slide down under the Bhivpuri waterfall, and trek up to the Sondai fort to witness the phenomenal view of the Changewadi waterfall. Do not miss out on the lovely valley of Ulhas that is replete with nature’s marvels and encompasses the most wondrous streams and fragrant waterfalls. All you need to do now is to list down the things you desire to indulge in Karjat, and grab a map to select the locations for the most authentic sight-seeing experience. The best time to visit the city of Karjat is during the monsoon as the place looks simply heavenly, lively and extremely delightful with its lush greenery, misty atmosphere and numerous waterfalls.

Top Experiences To Do in Karjat

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Diveagar (160 Km From Pune)

Diveagar (160 Km From Pune)

Marking its prominence in one of the scenic places to visit near Pune within 300 km is Diveagar. It is surrounded by the tranquil vibes and the calmness is interwoven in the aura. In this region, you can witness various fishing settlements and it even features a beautiful temple and beach. The entire arena is arched with elegant Suru trees and the paradisiacal views add up to its beauty. Something that you must not dare to miss is the serene temple that Diveagar is known for. Whether you are planning for a weekend getaway with your family or are looking for a destination away from urbanization, this is the perfect place for you. Distance from Pune: Approximately 160 km. Best time to visit: Monsoons, July to September


Best of Panchgani

 Things to Do in Panchgani 2024

Panvel City happens to be a municipal corporation in Raigad district of Maharashtra. This city is also termed as the gate of Raigad as it is the first city that one would pass through while entering Raigad from the East. The city is located on the banks of Gadhi River which connects to the Arabian Sea. It is an incredible tourist destination as it remains cool and comfortable all though the year making it convenient for tourists to plan out trips. Being at this city, you will get to enjoy the natural rawness, serene beauty, alluring lush greenery, and much more. Panvel is located at a close proximity to Mumbai which means there are a lot of places of tourist interest where you can marvel along with your loved ones. In the course of your visit, you must explore Prabalgad Fort, Major Ashtivinayak Mandir Ballaleshwar Mandir, 165-years Old Beth El Synagogue Panvel, Peaceful Vibes of Adai Waterfalls,  Famous Hindu Shrine Khandeshwar Shiva Temple , Haven For Birdwatchers Karnala Bird Sanctuary and Kalavantin Durg. Panvel city can be considered as one of the best place in Mumbai for adventure seekers as you can explore the nature and mystic waterfalls, get in touch with your spiritual side, indulge in architectural sightseeing, birdwatching, take a sneak peak into historical architecture, have some fun in the water park, learn about culture at Beth El Synagogue Panvel, trekking and sightseeing. The climatic condition of Panvel city remains moderate all through the year with pleasant atmosphere perfect for sightseeing and outdoor activities. 

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A unique trekking & camping expedition to Prabalmachi

Located a little over 200 kilometres from Mumbai, Dapoli is a small city surrounded by coconut and palm trees. Dapoli is located in the northern part of the district of Ratnagiri, in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, and is a popular beach destination. In addition to the many coconut farms that are scattered in Dapoli, the city also has numerous scenic beaches, which offer beautiful views of the seashore and the natural landscapes. The verdant greenery, along with the hills surrounding the city, add to its beauty. Dapoli is a treasure trove of sightseeing attractions, and has something to offer to all kinds of tourists. From pristine beaches and historical structures, to ancient temples, mesmerising caves and age-old forts, the city has a lot to explore. Some of the best attractions of Dapoli include the Harnai Sea Port, which is one of the best attractions that offer a glimpse into the rich history and culture of the region. Other famous attractions of Dapoli include the Kanaka Durga Fort, also known as the Land Fort, and the Suvarnadurg, or the Sea Fort. You can also take a dip at the perennial Unhavare Hot Springs, and relax during your trip here. For history buffs, the best place to visit in Dapoli are the ancient Panhalekaji Caves, where you can not only enjoy the history, but also the archaeology findings. For those who love water sports, you can visit one of the many scenic beaches in the region, such as the Murud Beach, or the Kelshi Beach. When visiting Dapoli, you can also enjoy a lot of exciting activities. In addition to water sports like swimming, surfing and parasailing, to adventure activities like hiking and trekking, Dapoli has a lot to offer to tourists. You can also enjoy exploring the caves here or watching dolphins in the backwaters in Dapoli. Due to its advantageous location in the Konkan region, Dapoli is also a great place to indulge in the local Kokum juice, jackfruit chips or the numerous mouth-watering Konkani delicacies. Due to its tropical location, Dapoli experiences cool weather throughout the year. However, summers in Dapoli are comparatively more humid than the other months. The rainy season from July to September makes the entire region come to life with lush greenery and a relaxing ambience everywhere. The months from October to March make up the winter season in Dapoli, when the cool weather makes it great for sightseeing and water sports, and even dolphin watching.

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Malshej Ghat (120 Km From Pune)

Malshej Ghat (120 Km From Pune)

Splendid lakes, sparkling waterfalls, and majestic mountains are what make-up Malshehej Ghat. With so much of nature and wonderful displays, this place is a treasure for the nature enthusiasts and trekkers. The entire region has a number of well-structured waterfalls and in the monsoons, the lure multiplies. Apparently, this is one of the most beautiful places to visit near Pune within 300 km. The most popular attraction of the Ghat is the Harishchandragad Fort that you are trace and Ajoba Hill is another spellbinding spot. Distance from Pune: Approximately 120 km. Best time to visit: September to February

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Preached peacefully near the confluence of Krishna and Venna rivers, the city of Satara was established back in the sixteenth century. Being a part of Maharashtra, this city was once the seat of Chhatrapati of Maratha Empire. Exhibiting the true magic of nature, Satara is loaded with dream-like destinations and historical ruins. Sitting on the Sahyadri Range, the city of Satara is home to some of the most beautiful panoramas of the mountains and a wide variety of flora and fauna. Majorly known for its valley of flowers - Kaas Plateau, Satara has become a UNESCO Biodiversity World Heritage Site. Be it the scenery of gushing waterfalls or the pristine panoramas of lakes, this small city is loaded with pretty landscapes and adrenaline rushing topography. Ranging from historical ruins to natural abodes, there are several beautiful and adventurous places to visit in Satara. The Holy Natraj Mandir and the Shikhar Shingnapur have been acting as a sanctuary for many pilgrims. While locations like the Rajpuri Cave and Satara Fort are exhibiting the best of ancient craftsmanship, the places like Natskies Observatory and Mayani Bird Sanctuary have been attracting various adventure seekers. Be it watching flamingoes in the Mayani Bird Sanctuary or gazing into the planets from the Natskies Observatory, there is an array of fun activities one can enjoy in Satara. Visiting the waterfalls and dwelling in history in its many forts is also one of the must do things here. The most famous activity which has attracted thousands of tourists to Satara is trekking to Kaas Plateau, also known as “the valley of flowers”.Preached at a height of just 710 metres above the sea level, Satara is blessed with a tropical climate. The summers here will load you with heat and precipitation and the winters will last just for a month. The best time to visit here is just after the monsoons. The average temperature of Satara stays around 24 degree celsius.

Top Experiences To Do in Satara

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Best of Kolad

 Places to Visit in Kolad, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Places to Visit Near Pune Within 300 Km

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The city of Aurangabad in Maharashtra is the sixth most populated city in the state and is an important cultural hub. The city has a hilly landscape and is the centre of art, education and commerce. Aurangabad is also famous throughout the country for its silk and cotton clothes. Despite not being a metropolitan city, it is well-connected internally via urban transport facilities. It has a well-developed network of buses, metered taxis and chauffeur-driven cars for hire. Auto-rickshaws are also available in plenty to travel locally. Well-organized bus service is also provided if one needs to travel to and from Aurangabad and other cities. The most famous and important place to visit in Aurangabad is Ajanta and Ellora caves. It is the most historically significant asset of the city. These caves are situated 99 km from the main city of Aurangabad and are some of the finest specimens of rich Indian heritage. The Ajanta caves were built around the 2nd to the 6th century A.D. and Ellora Caves were built sometime during the 6th and 11th century A.D. These caves were carved out from a single rock and cave paintings inside that are thousands of years old, give you a breathtaking insight into the history of art and culture in India. Other important sites to visit in and around Aurangabad are Bibi Ka Maqbara, Daulatabad Fort, Jama Mosque, Grishneshwar Temple, Himayat Bagh, Salim Ali Lake and Panchakki, to name a few. The best time to visit Aurangabad is between October and March. The weather during this time of the year remains pleasantly cool which makes it ideal for exploration and sightseeing. Winters are cold as the temperature drops down to a minimum of 10 degrees Celsius, which is relatively pleasant. There are several hotels, resorts, home-stays and inns in the area to accommodate all your needs comfortably when you visit Aurangabad.

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Explore the Ajanta Caves a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Nashik is a holy site seated in Maharashtra that is known for its religious importance for Hindu temples. This ancient holy site is of great religious importance in Hindu religion. It is also one of the all 4 locations where Kumbh Mela, every 12 years is organised.  Nasik is adorned with a number of natural sites that will blow your mind from its beauty. From the sprawling beauty of Sahyadri range giving rise to streams of Western Ghat to lovely vineyards spread over the hills, Nashik’s beauty is unbeatable and offers relaxation of mind. The Anjneri Hill, Pandavleni Caves and others are some of the main attractions to visit for sighting natural beauty. This holy location resides on temple trails, caves, waterfalls and more to make a complete bucket list for you. Some of the renowned attractions to visit in Nasik are Sula Vineyards, Coin Museum, Dudhsagar waterfall, Ram kund, Soma Vine village and many more. From shopaholics to adventure and history lovers, Nasik has an array of attractions for all tastes of tourists.  Apart from exploration, you can also indulge into various adrenaline rushing activities to tick off every item in your bucket list.  Plan your itinerary with Nasik tour package with thrilling activities like rafting, cliff jumping, go karting, temple visits, cave exploration and more.  Nasik experiences pleasant weather in winters that makes it an ideal time to visit and explore it. Summers experience scorching heat with temperature shooting high up to 40 degree Celsius. During monsoons, this destination receives heavy rainfall thus making it the least ideal time to plan your visits.

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Idling along the banks of the Panchganga river, Kolhapur is a little Indian city in the state of Maharashtra. With its birth dating back to the medieval era, Kolhapur is one of the oldest cities in the country, and its age is evident in the numerous ancient forts and monuments it houses. The city was once a princely state ruled by the Maharaja Emperor Chhatrapati Shahu, and was later declared independent after 1947. Flanked by the towering Sahyadris on one side and the sidling river on the other, the beauty of the little city is one to behold. From shining lakes to well-manicured gardens, the city has it all. The charm of the historic place is enhanced by the towering forts and palaces around it, which stand testament to the glorious past of Kolhapur. One of the best ways to spend your time while in Kolhapur is to take a tour of the various ancient attractions around the place. From the majestic Panhala Fort, to the Chhatrapati Shahu Museum at the New Palace, these attractions help one get a better feel of the city and its history. Those with a love for nature can also spend a day touring the Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary, or having a picnic by the banks of the Rankala Lake, which offer peaceful escapades from the bustle of the regular city life. If you’re of a religious bent of mind, you can also spend a fruitful time visiting the various temples in the city. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast or one with a religious disposition, you can never run out of things to do while in Kolhapur. Those with an adventurous spirit can spend a good day trekking to the Panhala Fort or taking a jeep safari at the Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary. Alternatively, one can take a quiet evening walk around the Rankala Lake, or even have a pleasant picnic at the Amba Ghat. Kolhapur experiences summer between April to September. During this time, the weather here generally remains warm and clammy, with a high level of humidity. Winter in the city occurs between the months of November and February, during which the temperature generally remains on the cooler side. The months between June and October generally experience a high degree of rainfall, making it the designated monsoon season here.

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Located on the shores of the Arabian Sea, Tarkali is a small hamlet in the western part of Maharashtra. This village is renowned for its pristine clear water of the sea and the white sands, which marks the beach. A newfound weekend getaway from Mumbai and Goa, this place offers a host of adventurous water sports. To the south of this hamlet flows the Tarkarli river lined by dense forest. Take a boat ride in the river to enjoy the serenity of the backwaters where it flows into the Arabian Sea. For a walk through the history, you must visit the Sindhudurg Fort located on the shore of the sea. A visit to this offbeat destination in Maharashtra ensures that you relax on the beaches lined with suru trees. Other attractions on the beach are scuba diving and snorkeling sessions where you can enjoy the view of the world beneath the sea! What makes this village all more alluring is the tranquil beaches like Kolam, Achara, and Tarkarli where you can watch the sunset down the sea. The hue of the setting sun will completely enchant your mind and body. In addition to the splendid beauty of the sea, you can also spot dolphins prancing around in the waters. For relishing on some extraordinary seafood and boat rides in the sea, do visit Deobagh, a small fisherman village nearby. Also, the extensive Dhamapur lake, encircled with lush greenery is ideal for finding solace within nature. Sit and unwind yourself by the lake and enjoy the delicacies from the eateries around. Don’t forget to enjoy the local shark curry and fresh seafood to mingle with the authentic culture of this little beach hamlet!

Top Experiences To Do in Tarkarli

Tarkarli Scuba Diving

Best of Kamshet

 Places to Visit in Kamshet, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Saputara is a tourist destination situated in the Dang district of Gujarat. It offers a spectacular view of the Western Ghats residing amid the undulating mountains at a distance of 250 km from Mumbai, and 4 km from the Mumbai border. Being the only hill station in Gujarat, it is located at a height of 1,000 meters and attracts tourists, especially during the summers.  In recent days, it has become a pioneered tourist destination. The tribal community residing here, known as Adivasis, evacuated the area at the request of the government and settled in the nearby Nawanagar, thus making the place an exclusive tourist destination. Saputara is a haven for art and nature lovers alike. Artist Village, a place only a few kilometers from Saputara, is a benevolent place of artwork by various national and international artists. It displays handicrafts and craftsmanship of various artisans in the area around. There are local traditional stores, and stalls selling Bamboo artifacts that work as thoughtful souvenirs. The Hatgadh Fort is an admirable site of historical significance built by Shivaji during his reign. You can find the statue of Lord Shiva resting on the top of this fort which exudes the aura of sanctity For those who are wanderers of wilderness, Saputara has an oasis of exotic wildlife at the Vansda National Park inhabiting carnivores, herbivores, avian fauna and reptiles like python and crocodiles. Purna Sanctuary is another such site of exploration. One can seek the remnants of the city’s rich heritage trekking through the forts and hillocks surrounding the place.  The maximum temperature of Saputara is an astounding 30 degrees Celsius, even during summers. This acts to the benefit of many, who seek escape from the otherwise imposing heat of the sun. During winter the temperature drops down over here to a very low level due to which people do not resort to visiting this place during winters.

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Silvassa was formerly a Portuguese colony but now it has become a popular tourist site flushed with wildlife sanctuaries, scenic destinations and beaches. It lies between Maharashtra and Gujarat and it comprises of 72 villages and many Roman-Catholic churches that stand as a testimony to the Portuguese rule during the historic times. Due to its rich Portuguese heritage it is also a famous spot for history enthusiasts who wish to explore the hidden treasures of this city. Silvassa is extremely renowned for its exotic resorts, lush greenery, manufacturing industries and tax-free alcohol. It is also a haven for those looking for handmade and originally crafted products like Warli painting and paper bag.  There are several natural attractions around the area that have made Silvassa a popular tourist getaway site. The Lion Safari Wildlife Park, spread over 25 hectares of land, is home to the majestic Asiatic Lion. The Vanganga Lake is a dainty reserve with flowers and gardens blooming around it. Often, visitors take boat rides to the lake and take in the surroundings in all their aesthetic appeal. Island Garden is another popular tourist destination in Silvassa with thatched and wooden huts decorating its premises. The island is visited via boat rides from ashore.  Apart from a repertoire of attractions, Silvassa also constitutes of many popular activities, including trekking, nature walks and cultural explorations. There are museums built in the city for history enthusiasts who want to have an immersive understanding about the archaeology and past of the place.  The summers here are hot and dry with the scorching heat making it impossible to sightsee during afternoons. The nights are cool and pleasant. Therefore, the best time to visit Silvassa is during winters, from September to February. The post-monsoon season also offers an ethereal view of the town as the showers wash everything clean. The monsoon here is highly unpredictable, as there are times with heavy showers, while the others are only light drizzles that recede with time.

Top Experiences To Do in Silvassa

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Known as the Mini Mahabaleshwar of Thane, Jawhar is a quaint hill station surrounded by lush and majestic Sahyadri ranges. Earlier it was under Thane but now comes in the newly-made Palghar district. The hill station not only boasts of its surreal beauty but amuses visitors with its strong cultural ethics and ancient architectural marvels. Founded under the Munke dynasty, it also served as the camping point for Maratha king Shivaji and his army. A tranquil getaway from the city's hustle-bustle, Jawhar is a comparatively less explored and untouched hill station in Maharashtra. With an abundance of the scenic beauty of verdant valleys, stunning mountains, deep woods, cascading waterfalls, accompanied by a pleasant climate all year round make this small town a true nature retreat. From grand ancient temples (Hanuman Point), serene dams (Jaisagar Dam, Khad Khad Dam), magnificent palaces (Jai Vilas Palace, Old Fort) to majestic waterfalls like Dabhosa, etc., Jawhar houses a myriad of attractions that enthrall visitors of all ages. It is a perfect spot to have a rejuvenating experience, capture beautiful panoramic views, and learn about rich heritage and culture. Along with these, it is also famous for its tribal communities like Warli, Kolcha, and Kukana, which are trying to preserve their art and culture by offering their adobes as homestays and selling their handicrafts like Warli paintings, wooden items, etc., as souvenirs. Jawhar is gaining popularity as a gorgeous weekend destination for romantic couples, peace seekers, nature lovers, and even adventure lovers. With a range of thrilling activities like mountaineering, trekking, hiking, witnessing sunset views, eating, to shopping, Jawhar offers a range of fun-filled to adrenaline-raising activities to satisfy the fantasies of every sort of traveler. Being covered with thick forests and valleys, it offers a fresh and pollution-free environment throughout the year. Though monsoons transform it into a green paradise having a number of splashing waterfalls, it offers pleasant temperatures for outdoor activities in winters. Jawahar offers a tranquil and refreshing break in all seasons and leaves you with cherishable memories.

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Shaniwar Wada is an excellent example of the Maratha Imperial architecture used in India in the bygone era. It tells the historical tale of the Maratha Kingdom as it has seen every event that occurred in Peshwas Life over time. It was built by the Peshwas’ symbolizing the brave hearts of the Marathas, who strived hard to keep its glory alive. Though the fort couldn’t tolerate the battering from the wrong time but the stone boundaries still recite the untold tales of the colourful journeys lead by the heroic Marathas.However, some ruins still remain reciting the remarkable stories and contorted tales. You can witness the enormous stone boundaries made to protect the beautiful Shaniwar Wada, which shows the level of security provided to the people of the kingdom. The walls have a magnificent wooden gate reflecting the Mughal architecture, which is another example of how secure the palace was made. There are long iron spikes tucked into the gate, which could reduce the attack of the enemy and kept elephants away.Besides this, you can see a garden which follows the style of the Mughal architecture. It also has a lovely fountain resembling a 16 petaled lotus, right in the middle of the garden. Adding to that, you can see the boundaries marked on the ground, which could tell about all the rooms. There is nothing more than this havoc of time, which changed the face of the mighty Shaniwar Wada into nothing. But you can still make these remains your window into the past to relive what has happened in history.History of Shaniwar Wada:The foundation stone of the Shaniwar Wada was laid in 1730 by Peshwa Bajirao I. Initially, it was intended to be a colossal palace of seven stories made out of stone. But the people of the national capital argued that only King can have a castle made of stone. So, the construction of Shaniwar Wada began using bricks. It took two years to complete this elegant structure, which displayed an excellent blend of the Maratha Imperial architecture with the Mughal architecture. The interiors had valuable furniture and decorations along with carvings of flowers and paintings of scenes from the Mahabharata and Ramayana. The first major fire in the year 1791 destroyed a significant part of the fort, which was re-constructed again. Then the next explosion in 1808 burnt all the necessary artifacts and documents in the palace. Then another fire in 1812 destroyed the upper two stories of the castle, followed by a fire in 1813 which destroyed the Royal Hall. All this destruction was taken to another level in the year 1818. The British attacked Shaniwar Wada, which resulted in collapsing all the top stories. Finally, in the year 1828, a fire caught the whole palace, which burned for a week and wrecked it. Architecture of Shaniwar Wada:Architecture of Shaniwar Wada is an excellent example of Maratha style of construction blended with authentic Mughal architecture. The main gate, also known as Delhi Darwaza, is adorned with iron spikes to restrain the enemy attack as it is enormous enough to pass an elephant through it. There is a small aisle on the top of the door which has dome-shaped windows definitely taken from the Mughal architecture. Besides this gate, the Wada has four more gates, namely Mastani Darwaza, Khidki Darwaza, Ganesh Darwaja, and Narayan Darwaza. The walls have floral carvings and paintings resembling the Mughal architecture style. Scenes from Ramayana and Mahabharata are also found painted at various significant spots. The windows and doors are also dome-shaped contributing to the traces of Mughal architecture. Archaeologists believe that initially, the fort was six-floored before it was destroyed by the fire. Finally, the garden has a 16 petaled lotus representing the grace of the bygone era.

Aga Khan Palace

Built in 1982 by Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III, the Aga Khan Palace is a magnificent piece of history situated in 19 acres of land in the Yerwada area in Pune. Referred to as one of the most important landmarks of Indian history, along with the Indian freedom struggle, the palace has its roots deeply etched into bygone eras. The palace was built to help the poor in the areas surrounding Pune, which was drastically hit by famine in the early 1980s. One of the most stunning pieces of architecture in all of Pune, the Aga Khan Palace is also a famous tourist attraction, which was designed by a world-famous architect called Charles Correa.Additionally, the palace houses the samadhis (memorials) of Mahatma Gandhi’s wife, Kasturba Gandhi. Sources suggest that both Kasturba Gandhi and Mahatma Gandhi’s secretary Mahadev Desai breathed their last in the palace premises. And it is because of this that their memorials have been safeguarded in the palace grounds.The Aga Khan Palace is located in a huge ground, and has five, luxurious and spacious halls, along with several lawns. The structure resonates of Italian architecture, elegant yet intricate and magnificent.Of all the rooms and features of the palace, its arches are the most beautiful, almost mesmerising to the eyes. Aga Khan Palace has two huge floors, in addition to a corridor which spreads across the entire structure. The palace is known for organising several exhibitions and programmes throughout the year. Most of these reflect Gandhi’s lifestyle, thereby offering visitors a deep insight into the Mahatma’s life. Moreover, it is because of this and Gandhi’s links to it that the palace is now also known as the Gandhi National Memorial Society. One of the most prominent attractions of the palace is the room where Gandhi stayed during his imprisonment, along with his personal belongings and pictures of the other freedom fighters. |

Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad or Kondana is a pride of the southwestern region of Pune. This fort was the one to support Maharashtra during the ancient battles. Sinhagad battle of 1671 is the significant one. Bhuleshwar range of the great Sahyadris is the home to this historical monument. The fortress has an elevation of around 1312 m above the sea level. Sinhagad has got its own breakneck slopes to protect it from all sides. There are two entrances to this fort – one in the north-eastern region (Pune Darwaza) and another one towards the southeastern part (Kalyan Darwaza). The authenticity and the richness of Sinhagad fortress date back to around 1000 years. This is evident from the carvings present on the walls of Kaundinya Eshwar temple there. Sinhagad is valued as a true sightseeing heritage.To begin your sightseeing adventure, you have Rajaram’s tomb which is worth a visit. The fortress displays some of the adorable monoliths of Tanaji Malusare – one of the efficient safe-keepers of the fort from Shivaji Maharaj’s era. Besides these crucial displays, the fortress has got its own military depot, a Kali temple, breweries, and a Hanuman effigy. Pune Darwaza, Kalyan Darwaza, Tilak Bungalow, Hawa Point, Kade Lot, Amruteshwar Temple, Tanaji Samadhi and Memorial raises the elegance of this fortress even today.Summiting the fortress offers some stunning views of the Khadakwasla Dam from one end; while from its other side, you can see glimpses of Torna Fort.

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