1. Rupin Pass Trek 2023

    rupin pass trek location

  2. Rupin Pass Trek 2024

    rupin pass trek location

  3. Rupin Pass-The travelogue

    rupin pass trek location

  4. Rupin Pass Trek 2024

    rupin pass trek location

  5. Rupin Pass Trek

    rupin pass trek location

  6. Rupin Pass Trek 2024

    rupin pass trek location


  1. ਰੁਪਿਨ ਪਾਸ ਟਰੈਕ |ਦਿਨ 1| rupin pass trek|day 1|| ਘਰ ਤੋਂ ਜਿਸਕੁਨ ਤੱਕ ਦਾ ਸਫ਼ਰ|#devkuraiwala

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  1. Rupin Pass Trek Detailed itinerary, Cost and Trek Tips

    Location: Himachal Pradesh. Distance: 41 Km. Trail Type: Cross over trail | Start in one valley, traverse the pass, and ends in another valley. ... The Rupin Pass Trek is moderately difficult and covers an altitude of 15,250 feet, so it requires a good level of physical fitness and endurance. The trail includes steep climbs, rocky terrain, and ...

  2. Rupin Pass Trek 2024

    Allow us to take you through the trek. To begin with, Rupin Pass is a high altitude mountain pass, climbing to 15,250 feet. The adventure and thrill of ascending to such an altitude in the Indian Himalayas makes it a terrific trek on its own. And then come the surprises. The surprises begin even before the trek, on your drive from Rohru over ...

  3. Rupin Pass Trek 2024

    Location: The Rupin Pass Trek begins in the state of Himachal Pradesh, near the village of Jiskun, ending in the village of Sangla then Drive to Shimla. Duration: The trek typically takes around 6 Nights to 07 days to complete, covering a distance of approximately 36 kilometers. Difficulty Level: The Rupin Pass Trek is considered a moderate to ...

  4. Rupin Pass Trek: Detailed Itinerary, Reviews, Safety, Tips

    The Rupin Pass trek is an exhilarating high-altitude trek that begins from Jiskun and ends at Sangla. With an altitude of 15,250 feet and a total trekking distance of 40.2 kilometres, it is considered a moderate-difficult trek that requires good physical fitness and can be completed in 7 days. The best seasons for this trek are the 1st week of ...

  5. Rupin Pass Trek- Guide,Itinerary,Dates,Cost- Trekkaro

    Rupin pass trek is a high altitude trek. It is a fantastic trek in this region and best alternative to roopkund trek. ... This is a rare opportunity to witness the waterfall from the top and capture the moment at a cinematic location. The campsite is truly a sight to behold! Day 6: Upper Waterfall camp (4080 M) to Rupin Pass (4657 M);4 Km, 7 ...

  6. Rupin Pass Trek 2023

    Rupin Pass Trek. Rupin Pass is a high altitude mountain pass located in Uttarkashi District of Uttarakhand at an elevation of 15,250 feet (4,650 meters) above sea level. It connects the Rupin Valley in Uttarakhand with the Sangla Valley in Himachal Pradesh. The Rupin Pass is a popular trekking destination in India and is considered one of the ...

  7. Rupin Pass Trek

    Rupin Pass Trek Overview. It is a remote and beautiful trek from Uttarakhand (Dhaula) to Himachal Pradesh (Sangla), following the Rupin River. The alpine meadows in the Govind National Park and the views along the way are outstanding. The trek passes through several villages and shepherd camps in the Rupin river valley.

  8. Rupin Pass Trek

    The Rupin Pass Trek is an exhilarating high-altitude trek that takes you through breathtaking landscapes of dense forests, gushing waterfalls, snow-clad mountains, and quaint villages. This 8-day trek is an adventure of a lifetime, where you will cross the Rupin River multiple times, climb steep ascents, and trek through rocky terrains. The highlight of the trek is crossing the Rupin Pass ...

  9. Rupin Pass Trek, Height, Itinerary, Cost, Dates

    The Rupin Pass Trek begins from Dhaula the next morning after steaming-hot cups of chai and breakfast. Day 2 - Trek 7 km to homestay in Sewa (6,300 ft). Time to reach: 5-7 hours An easy 7 km trek from Dhaula to Sewa with apple & apricot trees in abundance on the trail. The initial walk is through farms until you enter the dense jungle.

  10. Rupin Pass Trek

    The Rupin Pass Trek typically spans over 8-9 days, covering a distance of approximately 52 kilometers. The trek is considered moderately difficult and requires a good level of fitness and stamina. The trail involves steep ascents, challenging descents, and crossing icy streams, making it suitable for experienced trekkers or those with prior ...

  11. Rupin Pass Trek: May/June 2022 Summer

    Rupin Pass trek is a classy river valley trek with a steep snowbound pass to cross in summer. Check here for Rupin pass trek complete details and dates. 9163283000/9836133166. 10am-6pm (Mon to Sat) ... RETURN LOCATION From trek end point Sangla to Shimla/Chandigarh/Delhi: RETURN TIME:

  12. Rupin Pass Trek: Unleash the Thrill of the Himalayas

    This is the most challenging and rewarding day of the trek. You'll ascend to the Rupin Pass at approximately 15,250 feet (4,650 meters). The trek covers a distance of 14 kilometres and takes around 8 to 10 hours. Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views from the pass and descend to Ronti Gad for overnight camping.

  13. Rupin Pass Trek. Check Itinerary, Distance, Best Time

    Rupin Pass Trek Weather/Temperature. May to June is considered the best time to trek the Rupin Pass. During this time, the weather is pleasant, and the temperature ranges between 15°C to 20°C during the day and 5°C to 10°C at night. The skies are clear, and the visibility is excellent, making it an ideal time for photography and sightseeing.

  14. Rupin Pass Trek: Complete Itinerary to a Thrilling Adventure

    Reaching the Base Location and Beginning the Rupin Pass Trek. The trek to Rupin Pass starts at Dhaula, a small village in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand popularly known as the base camp for the Rupin Pass Trek. The campsite is typically put up alongside river Tons, of which Rupin river is a tributary. ...

  15. Best Rupin Pass Trek

    The Rupin pass Trek propounds trekking with adventure in an easy approach which automatically makes it a convenient option. It is fully embraced with natural wonders that makes it one of the most sought after treks in Kashmir. The temperature during the Tarsar Marsar Trek goes up to 20 degrees during day time and -2 to - 4 degrees during night.

  16. Rupin Pass Trek Insider's Guide: Trail Tales and Tips

    Nestled in the Garhwal Himalayas, the Rupin Pass Trek is a gateway to nature's magnificence. With an altitude of over 15,000 feet, this trek offers a panoramic canvas of landscapes, from dense forests to snow-clad peaks. Having insider's knowledge is like possessing a key to unlock the hidden treasures of this trekking gem.

  17. How to Prepare for Rupin Pass Trek

    Start preparing at least 1.5 months in advance for Rupin Pass. Train for 5 days a week. Start with 1 hour per day, raising it to 1.5 hours. Run for around 5 kms in 30 minutes. Just before the Rupin Pass trek you should be doing 10 kms in 60 minutes. Walk for 2-3 kms on an incline.

  18. Rupin Pass Trek

    The Rupin Pass Trek is a challenging and picturesque trekking route in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. It is considered one of the most thrilling and diverse treks in the Indian Himalayas, offering a variety of landscapes, from lush greenery and meadows to rocky terrains and snow-clad peaks.

  19. Rupin Pass Trek: A Journey in the Picturesque Valley Filled with Exotic

    Duration - 8 Days. Grade - Moderate to Difficult. Max Altitude - 15250 ft. Distance - 52 km. Being one of the most adventurous and beautiful trails, the Rupin Pass trek is known for showcasing a breathtaking contrast in the green and snow-covered landscapes. The trail is admired for its awe-inspiring beauty and appealing charm.

  20. Rupin Pass Trek Guide 2024: History, Highlights, Best Time, How To

    Day 05: Saruwas Thach - Nuru through Rupin Pass (4625 mts/15170 ft) Early morning trek towards Rupin Pass. Arriving at the pass will reimburse you with the splendid views of Kinnaur Kailash peak. Descending the pass, you will head towards the fields of Nuru. The 12 km trail will be completed in around 6 hours.

  21. Rupin Pass 2024

    A crossover trek with surprises and changing scenery on every turn; that's what a brief description of Rupin Pass would be like. Considered one of the best trek routes in India, this high-altitude trek is a favorite amongst adventure-seeking souls. At an elevation of 15,350ft, this high-altitude trekking experience of Rupin Pass offers you diversity in every form.

  22. Rupin Pass Trek Package 2024

    Experience the thrill of the Rupin Pass trek with our guided itinerary, including the best time to visit, package, cost, trek highlight, distance, and route. ... Location: Himachal Pradesh, India. Trek Distance: approx. 41 km. Trek Difficulty : Moderate Trek Altitude: 4650 meters (15,250 feet) Key Points of Rupin Pass Trek. Duration:

  23. Rupin Pass

    Rupin Pass is a high altitude pass across the Himalaya mountain range in state of Himachal pradesh India.It lies on a traditional shepherd and hiking route which starts from Dhaula in Uttarakhand and ends in Sangla in Himachal Pradesh.The path itself is located across mostly uninhabited areas in the Himalayan ranges at an elevation of 15,250 ft (4,650M) above sea level.