1. Leticia, Colombia. Qué ver, qué hacer y cómo llegar

    leticia colombia travel

  2. The BEST Leticia, Colombia Tours and Things to Do in 2023

    leticia colombia travel

  3. The Top 10 Things to See and Do in Leticia, Colombia

    leticia colombia travel

  4. Leticia, riqueza natural y cultural

    leticia colombia travel

  5. Leticia, riqueza natural y cultural

    leticia colombia travel

  6. 15 Best Things to Do in Leticia (Colombia)

    leticia colombia travel



  2. Sunset on Amazon River

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  4. Puerto de leticia-Colombia #amazonas ##colombia #rioamazonas #puertos

  5. Isla De Los Micos

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  1. Leticia, a wealth of nature and culture

    Leticia's natural wealth is also apparent in the city's enormous variety of animal and plant species: 860 species of birds, 140 species of amphibians, 85 species of mammals, 147 species of reptiles, and 6,800 species of plants. The care of both locals and tourists have contributed to the thriving state of Leticia's animal and plant life.

  2. Travel Guide to Leticia, Colombia

    Packing List - What to Pack for Leticia, Colombia. Travel Gear to Pack for Leticia: The Osprey Farpoint 40L backpack is a great travel option. It has comfortable straps to carry and can be used as a carry on on all airlines. Also see the Farview women's version. The Osprey Porter 46L is also a great bag. It has a bit more space than the ...

  3. Leticia travel

    Leticia. Colombia, South America. The capital city of the Amazonas province, Leticia is the largest settlement for hundreds of miles and yet still looks and feels very much like the small town it is. Located on the Amazon River where Colombia, Brazil and Peru meet, Leticia is some 500 miles (800km) from the nearest Colombian highway.

  4. Leticia Colombia: Best Amazonia Travel Guide

    Leticia is located in the heart of the Colombian Amazon, the largest wet tropical forest in the world. Leticia Colombia is the capital city of Amazonia intersecting with Peru and Brazil along the Amazon River, the longest and widest river in the world. Historically, Leticia was a Peruvian town used as a military base and an important river port ...

  5. What To Do In Leticia, Colombia: My Travel Guide For 2024

    11# Visit Puerto Nariño (2 days +) From Leticia, hop on a boat and navigate the Amazon River for two hours until you reach Puerto Nariño, the second most important municipality in the Amazonas department. This small municipality, located on the banks of the Amazon, is pleasant, authentic, and exceptionally peaceful.

  6. Leticia, Colombia: A Three-Day Itinerary in the Amazon

    The best way to get to Leticia is by flight and will take only about an hour to get to from Bogota. There's one runway in Leticia, with only two flights coming and going per day from Bogota. We took the early morning flight on LAN Airline which costs about $230 roundtrip per person. Upon arrival, they collect a small visitor's fee and then ...

  7. Leticia Colombia Travel Guide

    It was finally named Leticia on December 15, 1867. It became a customs port in 1900, and was annexed to the Colombian territory in 1929. It was conquered by Peruvian troops in 1932, during the war between Colombia and Peru. Finally, the League of Nations successfully negotiated its reintegration into Colombia in 1933.

  8. Leticia, Colombia: All You Must Know Before You Go (2024)

    Leticia Tourism: Tripadvisor has 8,679 reviews of Leticia Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Leticia resource. ... Leticia Bed and Breakfast Leticia Vacation Rentals Flights to Leticia Leticia Restaurants Things to Do in Leticia Leticia Travel Forum Leticia Photos Leticia Map. ... Leticia, Colombia. Essential Leticia. Do ...

  9. Leticia Travel Guide

    This trip will bring you culture, art, architecture, music and dance: visit local markets and workshops, admire the graffiti in Bogotá, discover historical city centers and "Fondas" - local bars with exotic decoration and typical Colombian music. view trip ⤍. 10 days / from 4650 USD. Colombia for nature & adventure lovers.

  10. The Complete Guide To Leticia, Colombia

    However if you are coming from another city you will just have to do a transfer in Bogota. Note: the flight from Bogota to Leticia takes two hours and will cost you around $100 - $150 round trip. If you are coming from another major city like Medellin or Cartagena, the price will most likely be around the same, but you will have a layover.

  11. Discover the Amazons Best-Kept Secrets

    How to travel to Leticia. There's something special about traveling to Leticia, Colombia. From its lush, green rainforest to its vibrant nightlife, the city is a kaleidoscope of culture and natural beauty. But getting there can be a challenge. As a savvy traveler, you need to know what to do to make the journey as smooth as possible.

  12. The Top 10 Things To See And Do In Leticia Colombia

    The tourism capital of the Colombian Amazon, Leticia is the main city of Amazonas department and sits on the triple-border of Colombia, Peru, and Brazil. It's a relatively large and bustling city and is the base for many excellent tours of the surrounding Amazon jungle. So here are the top 10 things to see and do in (and around) Leticia.

  13. Leticia: Colombia's Gateway to the Amazon Rainforest

    Charón succumbed to the elixirs of love of Leticia Smith, a beautiful lady from Iquitos, and to perpetuate her memory, he named the small Amazon jungle port. A swathe of land north of the Putomayo River and the town of Leticia were claimed by Peru in 1932 and after a short-lived conflict the League of Nations awarded Colombia the disputed land ...

  14. Leticia, Colombia

    Leticia Colombia Map. Leticia is located right at the very bottom of Colombia. It is deep within the Amazon rainforest on the Amazon River. Flying into Leticia is awesome because you will fly for over an hour above the visible thick jungle, so make sure to reserve a window seat! 🌴. Although Leticia is deep within the Amazon rainforest you will still need to travel a decent distance down the ...

  15. Leticia

    edit. Leticia is a small town of over 42,000 inhabitants (2018) on the north bank of the Amazon River. It is the capital of the state of Amazonas, Colombia's southernmost town (4.09° south 69.57° west), and its only major port on the river. It has an elevation of 96 meters above the sea-level and an average temperature of 27 °C (80.6 °F).

  16. Leticia, riqueza natural y cultural

    Conoce su riqueza natural y cultural Desde la ventanilla del avión, a pocos minutos de aterrizar, se ve cómo se extiende una alfombra de árboles imponentes que atraviesan el río más largo del mundo. Esta es la panorámica que encontrarás en Leticia, un lugar increíble si lo que buscas es tener contacto extremo con la naturaleza y conocer algunas de las culturas más representativas del ...

  17. 15 Best Things to Do in Leticia (Colombia)

    Snag a plastic chair at a hole-in-the-wall place amidst the chaos of the locals and watch the shipping boats head upriver from the port. 3. Parque Santander. Source: Aliman5040 / Wikimedia. Parque Santander. A popular local hangout spot, venture to Parque Santander in the late afternoon for the daily bird show.

  18. Leticia, Colombia: The City Lost in the Jungle

    Leticia's Parque Santander at night… the parakeets were too fast for my camera, their loud chirping can be heard throughout the park. On the Amazon River, Leticia Amazonas Colombia lies near the borders of Peru, Brazil, and Colombia. By Alex Flann. From the airplane, the jungle below seemed limitless. A street scene in Leticia during siesta.

  19. Leticia Tourist Boardwalk

    Search. The tourist boardwalk in Leticia is a quiet place where you can enjoy the breeze from the Amazon River and admire fiery sunsets. Canoes laden with bananas and cassava, boats carrying tourists, and other vessels that provide river transport dock here. Along the boardwalk, will come upon the Plaza, with its many stores and food courts.

  20. Leticia, Colombia: Rainforest Lodges and Jungle Tours

    Leticia is capital of Colombia's Amazonas region, and is a small jungle town tucked away in a distant corner of Colombia on the border with Brazil and Peru. This is the gateway to Colombia's Amazon rainforest, and there are jungle lodges and rainforest tours provided. Travellers are increasingly choosing to stay at a hotel in nearby Puerto ...

  21. THE TOP 10 Leticia Tours & Excursions (UPDATED 2024)

    3-Day Tour - Amazon Three Borders. 5. An ideal tour for those seeking authentic experiences and sustainable tourism, this multi-day trip takes you to the three borders of the Amazon Rainforest. With a guide by your side, travel through the countries of Colombia, Brazil, and Peru, where adventures await.

  22. r/travel on Reddit: Planning a trip to Colombia and staying in Leticia

    r/travel is a community about exploring the world. Your pictures, questions, stories, or any good content is welcome. ... seafoodboiler. ADMIN MOD Planning a trip to Colombia and staying in Leticia/the Amazon River in the South. I'm looking at the tour/lodge options and I'm unsure what's best. Older threads said Yoi Ecotours but I'm looking at ...

  23. LETICIA, COLOMBIA: Travelling to the AMAZON Colombia (THIS ...

    We travelled from Cartagena to Leticia, Colombia's Capital of the Amazon. After a very early flight to Bogotá and on to Leticia, we arrived at out hostel and...

  24. Visit the Colombian Amazon from Leticia

    Base yourself in the quirky river port Leticia to explore the indian communities and discover the jungle and wildlife of Colombia's Amazon. The Colombian Amazon, for decades shunned by visitors concerned about security, is now peaceful and slowly opening up to tourism. Colombian families are now joined by overseas visitors keen to experience a ...

  25. Leticia to Iquitos Slow Boat Guide

    The cost of a slow boat ticket from Leticia to Iquitos is 70 soles or approximately $21 USD in 2019. Since flights between countries in South America are expensive, especially for foreigners, the slow boat up the Amazon is a great way to save some money while at the same time having an unforgettable experience.