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About Railcards

Whether it’s a day out in the city or in the countryside, a trip to catch-up with your friends or visiting the family, with a Railcard you can save 1/3 on your train trips.

A Railcard saves you money on almost every journey you take. Take one long journey, or a few shorter ones, and you’ll already have made your money back. And no matter who you are, there’s a Railcard for you. So, get yours now.

*Annual saving is based on the average savings made by combined Railcards holders between April 2023 and March 2024, excluding price of Railcard. 

Train at station

There are currently nine main types of Railcards available, they are:

16-17 Saver

16-25 railcard, 26-30 railcard, disabled persons railcard, family & friends railcard, network railcard, senior railcard, two together railcard, veterans railcard, railcard prices.

Most Railcards can be purchased online with the option to download as a digital Railcard to your smartphone or device with our Railcard App. Some 1-year Railcards can also be purchased at any National Rail staffed ticket office.

You can book your train tickets online or in person, but in order to qualify for a reduced rate ticket you must be able to present your Railcard during your journey. Failing to do this will invalidate your train ticket.

Take a look below at the range of Railcards on offer.

friends talking outside

If you are already lucky enough to be aged 16 or 17 you can now save up to 50% on your rail travel as well. You can use it to travel to school, college or work as well as for leisure travel for days or nights out with your friends.

A 16-17 Saver costs just £30 for one year.

young person on their phone

Whether you are travelling to college, university, work or just for leisure, if you are aged between 16 and 25 or a mature student in full-time education you can save 1/3 on your rail fares.

Purchase a 1-year 16-25 Railcard for just £30 or a 3-year Railcard is even better value at just £70 and start making savings right away.

couple at a festival

If you are aged 26-30 then you can save 1/3 on rail fares off-peak across Britain for just £30 a year.

The 26-30 Railcard is the first digital-only Railcard and it is available to buy online and download to the Railcard app on your smartphone. Once downloaded you can then start travelling (and saving) straight away.

walking in the woods

For people with a disability meeting the eligibility criteria, the Disabled Persons Railcard offers 1/3 off rail travel for you and a friend or travel companion.

Just £20 for 1 year or £54 for 3 years, discounts are applicable on both peak and off-peak tickets.

Family in the fields

Get out and about - go shopping, visit a museum, explore the countryside - and make some fantastic savings on your rail travel. With a Family & Friends Railcard up to four adults get 1/3 off and up to four children (aged 5 to 15) get 60% off - and as the name suggests, the users do not need to be related, you just need to travel together. 

Only £30 a year, you could save this cost and more in just the first trip.

greeting outside a train station

Enjoy 1/3 off rail fares in the South East England area for you and up to 3 other adults and up to 4 children. The Network Railcard spans more than 16 counties in the South East including Greater London and in the area bounded by places as far afield as Exeter, Worcester, Northampton and Kings Lynn so you could travel further than you think.

A Network Railcard costs just £30 a year.

grandparents with children at the river

The smart way to save money on your rail travel for anyone aged 60 and over.

Costing just £30 a year, the Senior Railcard saves you 1/3 on all Off-Peak journeys offering you immediate savings. Even better, value is the 3-year Railcard at only £70.

Over 50 but not quite 60? You may want to look at other Railcard options including Network Railcard for the South-East area, Two Together Railcard if you travel regularly with someone or Family & Friends Railcard.  

couple at a festival

Enjoy a 1/3 discount on your Off-Peak rail travel for you and the person you travel with most - not just if you are a couple, it could be with a family member or your best friend.

Just £30 a year - split the cost between you and that is just £15 each and as everyone is eligible this could be the best value Railcard for you.

father holding daughter

The new Veterans Railcard is now on sale. For UK Veterans who have served at least one day in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces (Regular or Reserve) or Merchant Mariners who have seen duty on legally defined military operations.

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Network Railcard

Save money travelling in the South East with a Network Railcard

If you’re a regular traveller in South East England, then a Network Southeast Railcard could be for you. Network Railcard discounts include saving 1/3 on travel across the South East for up to 4 adults and 4 children!

Am I eligible for a Network Railcard?

If you're 16 or older, you can get a Network Railcard.

Where is a Network Southeast Railcard valid?

A Network Railcard is valid on tickets for journeys that are wholly within the Network Railcard area .

What are the benefits of a Network Railcard?

You, and three adults travelling with you, can save 1/3 off your rail fare. Up to four children travelling with you can save 60% on their tickets too.

Monday to Friday, you'll be able to use your network southeast railcard from 10:00, and there's a £13 minimum fare on adult tickets. You might be able to travel earlier on some trains. This offer doesn't apply on weekends or public holidays, when there's no minimum fare or time restrictions on using your railcard.

You can also save on special offers available with your railcard, and our 2FOR1 entry offers at many UK attractions!!

How much does a Network Railcard cost?

A Network Railcard costs £30 for a year.

People with a Network Southeast Railcard save on average £134 per year.

How do I apply?

You can apply online or download the online forms and apply at a staffed station in the Network Railcard area.

How long does it take for my Network Railcard to arrive?

If you have applied online for a physical railcard you should allow 5 working days for your application to be processed and have your railcard posted to you. You can also pay for Special Delivery service if you would like your Network railcard to be delivered within two days. Digital railcards and those bought at the station can be obtained on the same day.

Digital railcards and those bought at the station can be obtained on the same day.

Buy train tickets to any destination in Britain – no booking fee

  • Popular stations
  • London Waterloo (WAT)
  • Southampton Central (SOU)
  • Woking (WOK)
  • Guildford (GLD)
  • Basingstoke (BSK)
  • Winchester (WIN)
  • Clapham Junction (CLJ)
  • Surbiton (SUR)
  • Wimbledon (WIM)
  • Farnborough (Main) (FNB)
  • Bournemouth (BMH)
  • Portsmouth Harbour (PMH)

Download the South Western Railway App - plan journeys, book tickets access the onboard infotainment system

Get the SWR App

Get the latest travel updates, plan your trip and get tickets on the go

SWR Rewards March 24 Small Web Promo 200x350

Buying a ticket with us just got more rewarding!

How to get your tickets

Email, post, print at home, download or collect from the station

Save a 1/3 on train fares with a range of Railcards.

Ticket offers

From half price train tickets to seasonal discounts.

I want to...

See ticket offers

Be inspired

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Read the latest news

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Engineering works will affect your journey

You need to enable JavaScript in your browser to see Live train arrivals and departures through this website� (and also instructions on how to enable JavaScript)

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network rail travel pass

Easily renew your Network Railcard

If you've already bought a Railcard with us, renewing online is the fastest and easiest way to do it. You can renew your Railcard 30 days before expiry, simply:

  • Log into your account. You will have made this when you first purchased your Railcard
  • Click on the Railcard you wish to renew
  • Check all the details are correct
  • And you’re done!

If you've given us an email address when you first purchased your Railcard, we'll send you a reminder to let you know your Railcard is due for renewal. But please remember, it is your responsibility to make sure that your Railcard is valid before buying or using Railcard-discounted tickets.

If you purchased your Railcard at a station, you will need to create an account and purchase a new Railcard using your UK driving licence, passport or EEA National Identity Card. You should wait until your station bought Railcard has expired so you don't lose any validity.

You can also renew your 1-Year Railcard at a staffed station within the Network Railcard Area. Simply bring your current Railcard and a form of identification to prove it's you.

Lost or damaged Railcard

If your Railcard has been lost or damaged, there is a £10 fee to replace it. Sorry.

If you have to replace a Railcard that was purchased online:

  • Log in to your account and follow the replacement process

Bear in mind you can only apply for a replacement Railcard 7 or more days after the date of original purchase.

If you have to replace a Railcard that was purchased at a station:

  • You will need to have with you the completed "Receipt" section of your original application form
  • You can replace your Railcard at any staffed station

Unfortunately, until you get your replacement Railcard, you will have to pay the full fare and you will be unable to claim back any lost discounts if you've travelled in that time.

Stolen Railcard

If your Railcard has been stolen, you will first need to report it to the police and get a crime reference number or documentation supplied by them.

If your Railcard was purchased online:

  • Have your crime reference number ready
  • Log in to your account and follow the replacement process, quoting your crime reference number

If your Railcard was purchased at a station:

  • Go to a staffed station with your ID and crime reference number

Once processed, you will then be issued with a replacement Railcard, free of charge.

Recovering your Digital Railcard

If you have your Railcard on the Railcard App and you don't have your phone or have no battery while travelling, don't fret– we've got you.

If you don't have your device or have no battery:

If you're travelling with someone, get them to download the Railcard App on their phone, or if you have a spare device like a tablet, you can download the app there as well and sign in with your account. You can be signed in to up to 2 devices at a time.

If you still aren't able to present your Railcard:

You may be issued the full fare or a fine but don't let that get you down – the rail staff are just doing their job.

If this does happen, you can make 1 claim a year to be compensated for the penalty you've been given. You will need to make a note of the train company who issued the penalty, visit their website and contact their customer service centre.

Need more info or help?

You can reach us on Facebook or X

Alternatively, you can email to [email protected]

Matador Original Series

This is the best way for travelers to see the uk by train.

T he rail network in the UK is such a vast and well-oiled machine that opting to travel by train is a no-brainer — especially if you don’t feel like renting a car and driving on the left side of the road . Travelers who plan to travel around England, Wales, and Scotland extensively can make the process a lot more convenient and affordable by purchasing a BritRail Pass. A BritRail Pass provides non-UK residents unlimited train travel within the UK for a limited period of time of the traveler’s choosing. Here’s how it works.

What kind of BritRail Pass is best for me?

What train routes does the britrail pass cover, what trains and routes does the britrail pass not cover, does the britrail pass include sleeper trains, how much does a britrail pass cost, how can i purchase a britrail pass, what is the difference between a britrail pass and a eurail pass.

There are six types of BritRail Pass that cover different geographical areas of the country to fit every traveler’s plan:

  • The general BritRail Pass which covers the entirety of the country
  • The BritRail England Pass which covers train travel in England only
  • The BritRail London Plus Pass which covers train travel in London and the south east of England
  • The BritRail Spirit of Scotland Pass which covers train travel in Scotland only
  • The BritRail Scottish Highlands Pass which allows for train travel only in Scotland’s Highlands region
  • The BritRail South West Pass which allows for train travel in the south west of England

The BritRail Pass covers large swathes of the country’s rail network, from the very south of England to the very north of Scotland. The map below displays the rail routes covered by the various passes in details. The general BritRail Pass covers the entirely of the network. (A zoomable version of this map is available here .)

Rail network covered by the various BritRail Passes

Photo: Britrail

Depending on which pass you opt for, your pass might also includes travel on board three airport trains: the Heathrow Express, Gatwick Express, and Stansted Express.

The BritRail Pass does not work on the Eurostar, the train that links London to Paris , Brussels , and Amsterdam , nor does it work on the London Underground. The BritRail Pass only covers trains operators comprised under the National Rail network of Great Britain, all of which are listed here .

View of the Caledonian Sleeper, the London to Scotland sleeper train

Photo: Joe Dunckley /Shutterstock

Depending on the geographical area covered by your pass, it may include the famous Caledonian Sleeper (London to Scotland) and the Night Riviera Sleeper (London to Penzance). Note that reservations are necessary for both these trains.

The price of a BritRail Pass varies according to various factors: The type of pass you choose (see above ), the class of service you want (first or second class), the season (low in winter or high in the rest of the year), as well as the duration of the validity of the pass.

The BritRail Pass, BritRail England Pass, BritRail London Plus Pass, and BritRail South West Pass offer five flexible options (two days, three days, four days, and eight day, all valid within one month, as well as 15 days, valid within two months), and seven consecutive options (two days, three days, four days, and eight day, 15 days, 22 days, and one month).

The BritRail Spirit of Scotland Pass has two flexible options: four days valid within eight days, or eight days valid within 15 days. The BritRail Scottish Highlands Pass has a flexible option of four days valid within eight days.

The general BritRail Pass, which covers the entire network mapped above starts at $240 for a flexible two-day pass in second class in high season ($356 in first class), and goes all the way to $1117 for a consecutive one-month pass in second class ($1681 in first class) at the same time of the year.

Note that there are discounts for children, youth, and seniors.

You can purchase your BritRail pass online from four different providers: ACP Rail International , International Rail , and TrainLine , and Visit Britain .

Your pass cannot be purchased while in the UK, it must be purchased when you are out of the country. Your pass can be purchased up to six months in advance of the start of your train trip.

You may choose between a paper version of the pass or an e-version called the M-Pass (Mobile Pass). Both are priced the same, but the M-Pass will save you postage fees. Also, while paper passes need to be validated at a ticket office by stamp to be usable, the M-Pass is ready to go as soon as it’s downloaded.

Eurail paper Pass

Photo: Ugi-Creative /Shutterstock

network rail travel pass

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Ticket prices and travelcards

Ticket prices and travelcards

Fares for Moscow's public transport network are the same for every mode of transport making it really easy to travel. See all the different tickets here !

Troika Ticket

This is the most economical option if you're spending a few days in the Russian capital. The card can be purchased and recharged at various station machines or even with the special Moscow Metro application. Your balance can be checked on the app or in the small yellow terminals inside the metro stations. A trip works out at ₽ 42 ( US$ 0.50), but if you change transport within 90 minutes, you'll only pay ₽ 23 ( US$ 0.30) for the next trip.

The day ticket for the Moscow metro can be purchased at any of the stops in the city. The price is ₽ 265 ( US$ 3.20) per day and ₽ 500 ( US$ 6) for three days.

90-Minute Ticket

The most convenient card if you want to take several types of transport within an hour and a half period. It costs  ₽ 65 ( US$ 0.80) per person and allows one metro ride and an unlimited number of trips on other types of public transport in Moscow during the time of its duration.

Different Moscow Metro tickets

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Moscow's crazy traffic and its excellent metro network mean that the city's buses and trolleybuses aren't the number one option for tourists.

Where to stay

Moscow has a wide range of accommodation: find the perfect district for you and book hotels, hostels and apartments at the best possible price.

network rail travel pass

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An Amtrak assistant conductor stands at the coach door of a train at the station in Lamy, New Mexico.

A practical guide to riding the rails in the US, from train passes to delays

There are dozens of epic train routes crisscrossing America — here’s everything you need to know about booking a slow Stateside odyssey.

For travellers with time on their side and a thirst for adventure, America’s old-school train network offers a charming way to see the country. Brought together under the banner of Amtrak services in 1970, rail tracks wind between almost every state. Travellers can chug through the Rockies, cross the Great Plains or skirt the Pacific Ocean in California, watching the US’s diverse landscapes unfurl from the comfort of a cabin. To get the best value, helpful booking tips and find out what facilities are on board, try this handy guide.

How do I book train tickets?

The US has just one train operator, Amtrak , a government-funded but for-profit company. Book tickets on Amtrak’s website or mobile app. The company also has a tour agency called Amtrak Vacations that offers package deals, including train travel, hotel stays, activities and a personal travel adviser to help you sort your trip. Another option is to use a third-party agency, such as Vacations By Rail , owned by UK-based Great Rail Journeys, which runs group train trips with a wide variety of itineraries.      

How far in advance should I book train tickets?

Book Amtrak tickets as soon as you decide the trip you want to take, ideally at least a few months ahead of time — especially if you’re reserving a room in a sleeper car. Like airlines, Amtrak uses dynamic pricing, so the cheapest tickets sell out first. But don’t panic if you’ve made a last-minute decision to ride the rails — tickets will likely still be available. If you’re not ready to book yet, you can still keep an eye on how quickly the route is selling. The Amtrak website has real-time seat availability to show you how full each train is.

Are there any train passes to help keep costs down?

For an Interrail-style adventure, buy a USA Rail Pass, which lets you take 10 journeys in 30 days for $499 (£410). These passes occasionally go on sale for $299 (£246), which means you could cross the entire country multiple times for under $30 (£25) a ride. There are caveats, though — for example, the pass covers coach seating only, no sleepers. It’s also worth checking Amtrak’s deals page , which often offers savings on group travel and discounts on specific routes at certain times, such as seeing autumn leaves in the north east. In March, Amtrak started offering $5 (£4.10) Night Owl fares on select East Coast routes, such as between Baltimore and Philadelphia, between 7pm and 5am.

What facilities are available on the trains?

Amenities vary widely by train route. Most trains have a cafe service, and anyone who books sleeper rooms receives complimentary three-course dinners with an alcoholic drink included, taken in the dining car with white linen tablecloths. Passengers are also permitted to bring their own food and drinks (no alcohol) on board. Some short- and medium-distance routes have wi-fi, but long-distance overnight routes don’t. The wi-fi is free to use but basic and doesn’t support downloading large files or streaming video or music.

What about train delays?

Amtrak trains are notorious for delays, most of which are attributed to freight train interference, when dispatchers allow freight trains to go ahead of passenger trains, despite being required by law to give Amtrak trains preference. In 2022, Amtrak trains were delayed by a total of 1.1 million minutes (over two years) by freight trains. Keep your plans flexible at the end of your journey, leaving at least 24 to 48 hours before any flights or other major reservations, in case your train arrival time or day is delayed. Unlike in the UK, there’s no compensation available for delayed trains.  

Fuel their curiosity with your gift

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network rail travel pass

The future of rail travel in the UK looks bleak. Here's why.

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network rail travel pass

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The generous support of people like you has enabled us to help thousands of street children around the world. Donate Today

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From 30 June 2024, nBus price tickets will increase. Click here for more information.

Nnetwork, nbus and ntrain tickets.

Network tickets are a type of ticket you can use in the West Midlands. They have an N icon at the start of their name.

You can use them in different travel zones depending on the ticket.

You can also use them on buses, trains or trams run by any company.

Types of Network ticket

  • nBus - unlimited bus travel
  • nTrain - unlimited train travel
  • nNetwork - unlimited bus, train and tram travel
  • nBus + metro - unlimited bus and tram travel
  • nNetwork Zones 1 and 2 - unlimited train travel in rail zones 1 - 2 and unlimited bus travel

nTrain tickets are the only way to buy train season tickets for the West Midlands rail zones

Most bus companies that run services within the nBus area accept Network tickets. You can check if a company accepts them  on our website.

How to buy Network tickets

find the easiest way to buy and top up your Network ticket on our dedicated page. 

You can also buy Network tickets:

  • on our  online ticket finder
  • at a  Swift ticket machine
  • at a rail station ticket office (only nnetwork day tickets)
  • on a tram or bus (only nbus day tickets)

Changes to tram tickets from 2 January 2024

Both Metro and Bus+Metro tickets are affected. 

network rail travel pass

Student savings with nNetwork

Students can get up to 28%* off the bus, tram and train journeys. 🚍🚆🚊

network rail travel pass

Save on travel with nNetwork

5-18* year olds can get 2 months’ free travel across the year* on the bus, tram, and train.

network rail travel pass

Get our Rail Planner app

Plan your trip, get extra discounts, and show your Pass as you go.

network rail travel pass

Our favorite spring routes

Celebrate spring with these 7 off-the-beaten-path train routes

network rail travel pass

All about seat reservations

Everything you need to know about booking your seats

network rail travel pass

Alternatives to Busy Routes

Travel between popular European cities without seat reservations

network rail travel pass

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What To Know About Amtrak's USA Rail Pass

  • Save money on domestic travel with the USA Rail Pass at under $500 for cross-country hopping over 30 days.
  • For cheaper vacations, consider riding the train from coast-to-coast and enjoy scenic views along the way.
  • Ride Portland to Chicago in coach for $499 with amazing countryside views; no need for sleeper car or roomette upgrades.

Traveling during the summer can be expensive. Whether the travel is domestic or international, the majority of the costs for many is the mode of transportation it takes to get to the vacation destination. Travelers may put off their plans simply because the transportation costs cannot be justified in the overall cost of the trip.

For those who have plans to travel domestically, a great option to consider is the train. This is because there are routes that are not only state-specific but cover getting from one coast to the other while offering affordable fares for scenic train rides . While standard tickets can be fairly expensive, there is a better option to save some money that many travelers may not be aware of: Amtrak's USA Rail Pass has a surprising benefit for cross-country travelers.

By taking advantage of the USA Rail Pass, passengers will not only be able to get to their desired location for one low cost, just like the savings seen with the California Rail Pass , but they can sit back and enjoy the countryside that passes by while doing so.

10 Scenic Overnight Train Trips In North America

What is the usa rail pass, the usa rail pass allows passengers to travel 10 segments of amtrak railways for a low price of $499.00.

The USA Rail Pass offered by Amtrak is a pass that allows for 10 segments on the train to be traveled within 30 days of the first leg being ridden and travel must be started within 120 days of purchase. By buying the USA Rail Pass for one low fee, passengers can travel throughout the nation from one stop to the next, until a desired location is reached.

Most of the Amtrak trains accept the USA Rail Pass. However, there are a few exceptions. Those exceptions include:

  • Maple Leaf (Canadian stations only)
  • Thruway Bus Series 7000-7999

When booking a trip, the tickets that passengers need to look for are regular, sale, or value fares. Flex fares are not included in the price of the USA Rail Pass, which costs $499.00. However, for those who like a good bargain, there are times during the year when the passes can be purchased for $299.00 .

As soon as you buy the USA Rail Pass, you can build an itinerary. What many do not know is that the pass will allow them to travel from the West Coast to Chicago for the cost of the pass. By doing this, passengers will not only save themselves money, but they will get to relax on the way to the Windy City.

  • Start looking for sale prices of the USA Rail Pass in January

Cheap Amtrak Tickets Can Be Yours This Summer If You Follow This ONE Trick

Passengers can ride from portland to chicago with the usa rail pass, the ride from portland to chicago uses only one segment of the 10 segments purchased with the usa rail pass.

For those passengers who choose to take the train from Portland to Chicago using the USA Rail Pass, they should know that the journey will take about 46 hours to complete . This might seem arduous to some and may not be worth saving several hundreds of dollars.

But when the price of the scenic Amtrak sleeper train journey vacation from Portland to Chicago is priced, and the fares start at $1,799.00 per person, passengers see just what a deal they are getting by using the USA Rail Pass to make their way from the West Coast to the Midwest. Granted, this includes stops and overnight stays in hotels in some instances, but the price is significantly different.

What is great about the Portland to Chicago route is that it is only one segment. This one segment allows for views of Glacier National Park and some of the most beautiful countryside in the US.

Additionally, given that this is only one segment being used on the pass, there are still nine more segments that can be used with the pass over the 30 days after the trip has been taken. Passengers can take the train to any number of stops, which could be Washington, DC, New Orleans, North Carolina, and more.

It is entirely possible to see a good portion of the US with the USA Rail Pass by planning the segments appropriately. This does mean longer train rides with no breaks. But to get from the Pacific Northwest to Chicago and any number of places from there is worth the cost of the pass for many and may mean the difference between domestic travel over the summer or having to stay home.

  • For those who cannot travel for 46 hours on the train, consider making the trip two segments and traveling the mileage over the course of two days

7 Best Amtrak Routes To Experience During The Summer

Cross-country travel with the usa rail pass means riding coach, riding from portland to chicago means saving money but riding in coach for the 40-plus hour-long train ride.

There is one caveat for those who choose to use the USA Rail Pass to ride from Portland to Chicago. That warning is that there are not any sleeper car or roomette amenities on the train available. This means that for the 40-plus hour trip across the country, passengers will be riding in their coach seats .

With that being said, the coach seats do recline. Between this and some pre-planning, like sleeping masks and earplugs, passengers may be able to have both a comfortable and convenient train trip while getting some decent sleep. Many have said that their sleep is not the best during this leg of the journey, however.

If passengers want to have access to Business Class or have a sleeping car, this will be a purchase outside the USA Rail Pass. There are no upgrade options available. When this is done, however, it may make travel costs prohibitive to some, whereas with the pass, each segment can cost between $30.00 to $50.00 per segment, depending on the price the USA Rail Pass was secured at.

It is very possible to see the entire nation for a low price of under $500.00 for transportation. Given the price of gas and the cost of airfare, this may be the most affordable way to get around the US this summer so that hard-earned money can be spent on vacation fun instead.

What To Know About Amtrak's USA Rail Pass

Election latest: More police officers embroiled in betting scandal - as dropped Tory candidate vows to 'clear my name'

The Gambling Commission has passed information to the Met about five more officers allegedly placing bets on the timing of the election. Listen to the latest Electoral Dysfunction podcast as you scroll.

Tuesday 25 June 2024 15:30, UK

  • General Election 2024
  • More police officers accused of betting on election date
  • Tories drop support for candidates over betting scandal
  • Analysis: PM was under a hell of a lot of pressure to act
  • Idris Elba joins Labour event on knife crime
  • Starmer says children 'worried' about possible move into No 10
  • Live reporting by Tim Baker

Election essentials

  • Manifesto pledges: Alliance Party | Conservatives | DUP | Greens | Labour | Lib Dems | Plaid Cymru | Reform | SNP | Sinn Fein | Workers Party
  • Trackers:  Who's leading polls? | Is PM keeping promises?
  • Campaign Heritage: Memorable moments from elections gone by
  • Follow Sky's politics podcasts: Electoral Dysfunction | Politics At Jack And Sam's
  • Read more:  Who is standing down? | Key seats to watch | What counts as voter ID? | Check if your constituency is changing | Guide to election lingo | Sky's election night plans

Craig Williams, who has been dropped by the Tories as a candidate over betting on the election timing, said he had "committed an error of judgment, not an offence".

He insisted: "I intend to clear my name".

In a video statement shared on X, the candidate for Montgomeryshire and Glyndwr said he "remains on the ballot paper" for the election on 4 July.

After being dropped by the Conservative Party, Mr Williams will likely stand as an independent candidate in the constituency.

"I committed an error of judgement, not an offence, and I want to reiterate my apology directly to you," he says.

"I am co-operating with the routine inquiries for the Gambling Commission and I intend to clear my name."

The other candidates in Montgomeryshire and Glyndwr are:

  • Jeremy Brignell-Thorp, Green Party
  • Oliver Lewis, Reform UK
  • Glyn Preston, Lib Dems
  • Elwyn Vaughan, Plaid Cymru
  • Steve Witherden, Labour

A new voter intention poll, carried out by JL Partners, suggests Reform might be falling back in support.

The pollsters asked 2,005 adults in Britain for their opinion between Friday last week and yesterday.

It was on Friday that Reform leader Nigel Farage said the West had "provoked" Vladimir Putin into invading Ukraine - a move that was condemned widely across much of the UK political spectrum.

The results show Reform support down three percentage points compared to the week before, sitting at 15%.

The Conservatives, meanwhile, are up two points and Labour are up one.

JL Partners never showed Reform as having more support than the Tories, as some pollsters have done.

By Tom Cheshire , online campaign correspondent

There are two ways to reach voters online: pay for your adverts to end up in front of them - or produce content yourself that gets attention.

Throughout the election, we've been tracking the first of those. Labour have been the big digital spenders, with the Conservatives second, and then everyone else a very distant third.

But throwing money at it doesn't necessarily fix the attention problem. 

And some of those spending the least are getting the most interactions, with the Reform UK party doing by far the best.

Reform is also seeing the most page growth, with 32,000 new followers.

The Conservative Party by comparison has seen much slower growth, just 0.08%. 

That's only 596 more people clicking follow over the course of the election, speaking to a spluttering campaign.

The Gambling Commission has sent information on five more Metropolitan Police officers to the force over the election betting scandal.

They are alleged to have placed bets relating to the timing of the general election.

One officer - who was a member of the prime minister's protection detail - was placed on restricted duties last week.

Sky News reported that additional officers were being considered as part of the investigation.

The officer who was put on restricted duties last week was also arrested on suspicion of misconduct in a public office.

In a statement released in the past few moments, the Met said it remains the case that just one officer is under criminal investigation.

The force said: "We have, however, been passed information from the Gambling Commission alleging that five further officers have placed bets related to the timing of the election.

"The officers are based on the Royalty and Specialist Command, the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command and the Central West Basic Command Unit. None of them work in a close protection role.

"Decisions on whether they will be subject to any restrictions will be taken in due course."

As we reported this morning, Hollywood star Idris Elba has joined the Labour leader at an event on knife crime.

The actor has been vocal about the issue, and the party has today announced its plans for a crackdown - including a review of how blades are sold online.

Elba has since posted a video on Instagram revealing details of his conversations with Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.

They had a "very important" meeting with campaign organisations and victims' families to discuss "what we need to do as a country to fight this".

The Wire star added: "It was non-political, and I'm making that clear because this is a societal issue.

"But as someone that might be taking the hot seat, it was really important to hear what he had to say about his plans.

"He listened. He listened to what the organisations had to say."

Elba said he was at the event "as a concerned parent, concerned citizen", and stressed the need for "cross-party" cooperation.

"We are trying to get both sides of the political agenda to look at this, because it's something that affects all of our society," he added.

Away from the campaign, we've brought you pictures today of the Japanese emperor and empress enjoying a state visit to the UK.

It's day one of a three-day trip - and its timing is indeed unusual.

During the entire 70-year reign of the late Queen Elizabeth II, the country never hosted state visits during election campaigns.

As recently as 2017, a planned trip by Spain's King Felipe VI was quickly rescheduled after then prime minister Theresa May called a snap poll.

This one has still gone ahead, with Rishi Sunak and some of his top ministers taking part in the pomp and ceremony.

But Buckingham Palace did say the trip had been "slightly adapted".

Missing elements appear to be the usual Downing Street talks with the prime minister, the visitor's speech to the Palace of Westminster, and meetings with opposition leaders.

However, Labour's Sir Keir Starmer is expected to join Mr Sunak at a state banquet this evening.

A Japanese foreign ministry official said the emperor and empress's visit would not be a political one, and it was hoped it would forge "friendly relations across generations" between Japan's imperial family and the British royal family.

Pat McFadden, Labour's national campaign coordinator, has been speaking to broadcasters about Conservative candidates having their support from the party pulled while they are investigated in connection with the betting scandal.

He said: "It's taken Rishi Sunak the best part of two weeks to act on this. 

"That is just weak leadership - and what the whole thing shows is that if the Conservative Party won again on 4 July, they would think they could get away with anything."

Asked if he was worried about Labour candidates placing bets on the date of the election, Mr McFadden pointed out his party did not have advanced knowledge of the date.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has been on This Morning on ITV.

At one point, the discussion turned to the Labour leader's children.

Sir Keir has a daughter aged 13 and a son aged 15.

Asked if the pair are worried about a potential move into Downing Street, Sir Keir said "they are".

As children, they "don't want things to change" and have "things set up at home exactly as you would want them".

This includes their friends and "first little bits of independence".

Sir Keir says he and his wife Victoria will "fiercely protect" the privacy of the children should they end up in 10 Downing Street.

This means things like photoshoots are off the cards - with the Labour leader admitting this means the public does "lose" the chance to see him with his family, which "gives you a sense of what person you are".

The names of the Starmer children are not publicly known, with Sir Keir saying he wants them to be able to walk to school "as their own people".

He says the situation would be different if they were older.

"We're trying to make sure that they can have the lives of an ordinary teenage boy and girl," he added.

He confirmed the whole family would move in if he becomes PM.

Rishi Sunak and two of his cabinet are taking a break from the campaign for today's state visit of the emperor and empress of Japan.

The prime minister has been seen all dressed up with Lord Cameron, the foreign secretary, and James Cleverly, the home secretary, at a ceremonial welcome at Horse Guards Parade.

The King and Queen are also present.

While the monarch is not expected to visit Downing Street or give a speech in parliament due to the election, he will be heading to a state banquet this evening at Buckingham Palace.

Both Mr Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer are expected to be in attendance at the dinner - a nice break from all the TV debates, we're sure…

It's lunchtime, and we have a new bulletin to get you up to speed.

Whether you're mid-bite of your sandwich or just polishing it off, here's a rapid rundown of what you need to know:

  • The Conservatives have announced they will no longer be supporting the two candidates being investigated over placing bets on the election date;
  • Laura Saunders and Craig Williams will still appear in on the ballots - but won't be supported by the party;
  • The action came following pressure from both within and outside the Conservative Party, and  Sir Keir Starmer said the move should have come last week when the allegations emerged.
  • Labour, meanwhile, has announced plans to tackle knife crime ;
  • Sir Keir appeared at an event with actor Idris Elba as they discussed introducing a long-term strategy to tackle the issue;
  • Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper has taken part in an hour-long debate with Conservative Home Secretary James Cleverly , taking in both legal and illegal migration;
  • The minister said he does not "envisage" a Tory government leaving the European Court of Human Rights, despite the PM's threats to do so;
  • And Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey has opened up about looking after his disabled son in an interview with Beth Rigby .

You might also be interested in one of the key talking points from today's Electoral Dysfunction podcast , all about that photo of Sir Keir and his wife enjoying a Taylor Swift concert at Wembley over the weekend.

We've also got a fresh episode of Politics At Jack And Sam's , including chat about an unlikely dinner date...

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