Résidence Kakimbo


Lieu de vie, de services et de loisirs pour tous ses locataires, véritable « havre de paix » sans égal en guinée.

Notre résidence vous accueille dans l’un de ses 220 appartements de haut standing, entièrement équipés.

idéalement situé

La résidence Kakimbo est idéalement située en plein cœur du quartier Koloma 1, où sont implantés les sièges des institutions et des grandes sociétés.


La résidence est organisée pour servir au mieux ses occupants et leur faciliter le quotidien.

Réception, Wifi haut débit, gardiennage sont à votre disposition.

cadre de vie privilégié

La résidence Kakimbo offre un cadre de vie sans égal à Conakry :

  • Restaurant au sein de la résidence
  • Activités bien-être et soins proposés

multiples activités proposées

Pratiquez votre activité sportive préférée sur place.

Tennis, piscine, yoga, volley, … dans un cadre exceptionnel

Découvrez nos appartements

Du studio à la Suite : la résidence Kakimbo propose à la location longue durée une large gamme d’appartements. 

tour jumelle conakry

Jusqu’à 50 m2  

tour jumelle conakry

Jusqu’à 90 m2

tour jumelle conakry

Au dessus de 200 m2

tour jumelle conakry

Jusqu’à 400 m2

It is the best residential apartment complex not only in Conakry, but in all of West Africa

Having lived in Residence Kakimbo now for over 6 months I can confidently say it is the best residential apartment complex not only in Conakry, but in all of West Africa. The building is of a superior construction standard, the facilities are top of the line and the residences themselves are comfortable, well appointed and modern in all ways. The staff are welcoming, supportive and knowledgeable in providing the highest level of comfortable living to all who reside here. I feel most fortunate to call Residence Kakimbo my home.

Très bel établissement, excellentes prestations [...]


Ce que je retiens de la RESIDENCE KAKIMBO


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The Wanderlust Diaries

A fine wordpress.com site.

tour jumelle conakry

Conakry: Living the High Life

tour jumelle conakry

Housing at overseas post is crucial. Where you live can really make or break an assignment. If one’s place is isolated from most or all of the Embassy/Consulate community, or makes for a long commute to the Embassy/Consulate or the school, or the place is especially dark or a myriad of repairs are necessary, these could all make one’s tour more challenging. I believe that at more difficult posts, the housing is even more important.

I have had pretty good luck with my housing. Though I have not always been assigned my first choice from the housing questionnaire and there were certainly times I experienced some housing envy (I am especially looking at you Jakarta), each of my government assigned homes have been very good. In Conakry, we hit the proverbial lottery and were placed in the capital’s most exclusive address: the Kakimbo Residences.

Also known as the les tours jumelles de Kakimbo or the Twin Towers of Kakimbo, the four-year old building stands 100 meters (328 feet) tall with 27 floors. It is the tallest building in Guinea by a long shot and is one of the tallest in West Africa. In my not very scientific online research I found only three other countries in the region with taller buildings – Nigeria, Togo, and Cote d’Ivoire – and only 20 countries on the African continent with a taller structure. Guinea may be one of the poorest countries in the world (despite its vast and mostly untapped natural resources), but it has put itself on the map with the Kakimbo Towers.

tour jumelle conakry

We do not live on the 27th floor, but we are close to the top. We have tremendous views across both sides of the peninsula. From one side we can see the runway of the Ahmed Sekou Toure International Airport, a mere three kilometers away, and watch the few planes take off and land. We can see the blue waters of the sea and the seemingly empty green mangroves that border the packed city.

Though Conakry is not known to have a lot of green space, from our height we can see a surprising amount of trees. In the neighborhood directly behind our building we watch life go on down below. We watch school kids in uniform walking down the dusty streets. We see games of soccer on those same roads — the players just pick up the ball when cars pass by and then resume the game as the vehicle passes. We see laundry being hung to dry.

The Bambeto traffic circle is often a bottleneck. The three kilometers to the airport can take an hour or more to drive. That was before the construction began to turn that traffic circle into an overpass; Now it is even worse. Before heading to the supermarket or the Embassy I can get an idea of how backed up the traffic is with a quick glance out the window.

On protest days, we watch as the crowds of youth surge from the side streets on to the main Rue Le Prince. There we can watch the demonstration play out in real time but in miniature. Youth advancing and throwing. Then the trucks of the police and gendarmerie advancing; tear gas canisters emitting smoke. The protestors running to the side streets. Then youth slinking back out to challenge the law enforcement again. Makeshift barriers of tires set alight. Back and forth.

It can feel odd observing all of these goings on from on high.

tour jumelle conakry

On the other side of the apartment the views are no less spectacular. My legs always feel a wee bit jelly-like as I step out on our balcony. It is a long way down! Looking out though one can see so much greenery – a massive, verdant ravine stands between the Kakimbo property and that of the U.S. Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To our right we can watch dawn break over the distant hills where the peninsula broadens and meets Kindia prefecture and to the left see the setting sun swiftly sink into the sea in a bed of cotton candy pink clouds. From high above we can also see the deep red of Guinea’s soil that produces so much in the way of the fruits and vegetables we see in roadside markets. Much of the exposed earth near Kakimbo though is obviously being cleared for plots where government buildings will be moving from the crowded historic heart of downtown Conakry. In just four months I have watched two new roads through these areas be prepared, graded, paved, and opened.

From our apartment I feel I can see Conakry’s potential spread out before me. From that height, most everything looks beautiful, innocuous, possible.

tour jumelle conakry

We are often in the clouds. I have looked out more than once and seen wet streets below but no precipitation, and assumed any rain had stopped, only to go downstairs and find it is pouring. As we were above the clouds, we didn’t see the rain.

Storms have a way of magnifying around Kakimbo. In Shanghai, we lived on the 19th floor of a 30 story building, but there were similarly tall buildings all around us. Here though, Kakimbo stands solitary. Nothing else is as tall for miles. When the wind really whips up, the clouds fly past the windows, and drafts send high pitched whistles through the apartment. The air pressure pops panels in the ceiling of the bathrooms. In our early months, in the height of the rainy season, I could not sleep through the night for all the odd creaks and groans and whistles.

Despite the height, it is not all that quiet. Sounds float up easily. Conakry is a real city. It is a busy, chaotic place. In Lilongwe, our single story ranch style home not far from the city center, was often quiet in the evenings. The noises were that of nature, of night birds singing, bats flying, the whirl of termites in the early months of the rainy season. Cars were rare in the evenings. Here, however, the traffic seems non-stop. Certainly weekdays and daytime hours are the busiest, but I can look out at any time of the night and find a steady stream of vehicles on the roads below. Their tinny, angry beeps reaching my ears at all hours.

tour jumelle conakry

There are pleasant sounds too. Roosters crowing, when far enough away, have a lovely ring. There must be many roosters in the neighborhood behind Kakimbo. Also goats, as I regularly hear their soft bleating, usually on weekends as I putter around my kitchen making breakfast. Guinea is a majority Muslim country and the competing calls to prayer of nearby mosques drift and linger in the air. I have not always had a warm relationship with the adhan . I recall in particular being brusquely woken at 4 am by a pre-recorded muezzin call broadcast loudly on a scratchy megaphone in the mosque next to my cheap accommodation in western Java. But here, with the height, it is euphonious.

There is also a commuter train, the “Conakry Express,” which transports folks from the Conakry suburbs to the tip of the Kaloum peninsula. There is a stop at the western end of the ravine and the train’s whistle as it approaches and leaves the station is audible from my apartment. I have lived near trains before – in Georgia and Japan – and just the right amount of distance can turn the drawn-out “toot-toot” into something soothing.

tour jumelle conakry

The amenities of the Kakimbo are without match in Conakry. There are two restaurants; one stand alone at the entrance to the grounds where weddings, happy hours, and other events are regularly held and another on the 27th floor of the East Tower. There is a large pool divided one part into swimming lanes and the other graced with water features – from submerged chaise lounges with massaging jets to power showers. Next to the pool is a sauna and a hammam. Below the pool are the tennis courts, basketball court, and sand volleyball court.

On the first basement floor there is a gym, squash court, karaoke room, and a yoga/dance room. For games there are pool tables, ping pong tables, foosball, and those basketball games you find in arcades where you have to sink as many baskets within a certain amount of time. But here the coins are included, thus unlimited games are free. I have spent quite a bit of time down there perfecting my arcade free throw. I plan to sweep the tickets next time I am at a Dave & Busters. There is also a Thai massage room with actual masseuses from Thailand here on one year working visas. And on the first floor there is a mini mart. Shopping is time consuming with the traffic and the need to go to two or three stores to get maybe half of what you need for at least three times the price it would be at home. To be able to get the basics from salt to soy sauce, bread to bottled water, or toilet paper and shampoo, milk and eggs just downstairs makes life in Conakry a wee bit easier.

Living in Kakimbo has many advantages, though disadvantages too. Not all is rosy here. The electricity goes out about once a day for example. Twice all the outlets on one side of the apartment stopped working. There are those wild winds whipping around the building during storms and sometimes stray bullets from police actions against protests. One is in Conakry and yet oddly removed. Though I freely acknowledge this I am also quite sure that living here was the best decision for C and I.

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5 thoughts on “ conakry: living the high life ”.

As you say, there are pros and cons to being somewhat isolated from the life on the streets of Conakry. As a USAID dependent for 20 years I agree on the importance of decent housing, particularly at a challenging post. I’m glad you found a place that keeps you and your daughter safe and calm. I worry though about the youth on the streets protesting injustice, corruption and worse. It seems that they are risking their lives by raising their voices. Hopefully the Embassy is actively working to support a peaceful solution. https://www.reuters.com/site-search/?query=Conakry

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Theme: Trajectoire

tour jumelle conakry

L’édition 2023 de TEDxBambeto a choisi TRAJECTOIRE comme thème central, mettant en lumière l’importance des parcours individuels et collectif dans la recherche du succès et de l’accomplissement. Ce thème explore les trajectoires personnelles, sociales et scientifiques qui façonnent nos vies et influencent le monde qui nous entoure.

La TRAJECTOIRE évoque l’idée de mouvement, de progression et d’évolution. Il répresente le cheminement que nous entreprenons pour atteindre nos objectifs, surmonter les obstacles et réaliser nos rêves. Chaque individu à sa propre trajectoire, unique et singulière, qui est le reflet de ses expériences, de ses choix et de sa détermination.

TEDxBambeto 2023 rassemblera des conférenciers inspirants, des penseurs visionnaires et des experts dans différents domaines, qui partageront leurs histoires de trajectoires remarquables et inspirants. Ils discuteront des défis qu’ils ont dû surmonter, des leçons apprises en cours de route, et des transformations qu’ils ont réalisées pour créer un positif dans leur vie et dans le monde.

Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Amadou Chico Cissoko

Entrepreneur/ auteur, fatou sylla, experte en economie numérique, kadiatou konaté, lamine m dieng, physicien, spécialiste des mines, lucien blémou, mariama tendou kamara, consultante nations unies, mohamed cissé, sekouba kandia kouyate, griot, musicien, organizing team.

tour jumelle conakry


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Guinée : Conakry se refait une beauté

Outre les investissements publics, des dizaines de millions d’euros ont été injectés par des opérateurs privés dans des projets immobiliers qui ont transformés la capitale.

Parmi les nouvelles réalisations : la très chic Cité internationale Plaza Diamant, dans le quartier de Kipé& © Vincent Fournier/Jeune Afrique-R

Diawo Barry

Publié le 2 octobre 2018 Lecture : 3 minutes.

Guinée : soixante ans d’indépendance

1958-2018. Soixante ans plus tard, le pays de Sékou Touré et d’Alpha Condé renoue avec les espoirs de l’indépendance.

En 2013 était inauguré, à Dixinn, le Palm Camayenne, premier cinq-étoiles du pays, ouvert par la filiale équato-­guinéenne du groupe espagnol Unicon. L’année suivante, ce fut le tour du Millenium, également situé sur la corniche nord.

Le Sheraton Grand Conakry (de l’américain Starwood), dans le quartier résidentiel de Kipé, et l e Noom Hotel, à Kaloum, porté par le holding sénégalais Teyliom , ont ouvert leurs portes à la fin de 2016, suivis par le Kaloum et par l’hôtel-résidence Onomo, récemment inauguré à l’entrée de Kaloum, sur la corniche sud, mais aussi par le Niger et l’Azalaï (en cours de construction), auxquels viendront s’ajouter, dans un an, les tours du Weily Kakimbo.

Auparavant, on ne pouvait même pas accueillir trois chefs d’État en même temps

Depuis 2010, la capacité d’hébergement hôtelier de la capitale guinéenne a doublé : elle atteint actuellement 5 052 chambres pour 410 établissements , et plus de 200 milliards de francs guinéens (18,65 millions d’euros) y ont été investis. « Auparavant, on ne pouvait même pas accueillir trois chefs d’État en même temps, et nos hôtes étaient obligés de faire l’aller-retour », constate Mamadou Aliou Barry, directeur des aménagements au ministère du Tourisme.

& l’hôtel Sheraton, également sur le littoral nord& © Youri Lenquette

Désormais, entre l’hôtel Kaloum, construit à quelques pas du palais présidentiel, l’Onomo et le Palm Camayenne, jusqu’au Sheraton, dans le nord de la presqu’île, les pouvoirs publics ont l’embarras du choix pour accueillir dignement, en version quatre et cinq étoiles, les invités des festivités du 60e anniversaire de l’indépendance.

Centre commercial, cinéma et villas chics

D’autres projets ont transformé la capitale. À commencer par les appartements et villas de la très chic Cité internationale Plaza Diamant, à Kipé, à quelques pas du Sheraton, commercialisés depuis près de quatre ans par China Dreal Group.

La capitale s’est par ailleurs dotée de son premier centre commercial, le Prima Center, ouvert fin 2015 par le groupe familial ivoirien Hyjazi (pour un investissement de 16 millions d’euros), ainsi que de sa première salle de cinéma et de spectacle, ouverte en janvier 2017 par le réseau CanalOlympia, du français Vivendi (Bolloré), dans la Bluezone de Kaloum.

Habitat précaire

Capitale-presqu’île, Conakry, malgré ces énormes changements, reste étouffée par ses nombreuses zones de constructions informelles et par ses embouteillages.

Hormis la route Fidel-Castro et la route Le-Prince, ses artères principales, qui la traversent d’est en ouest, la capitale a besoin d’être innervée par un réseau routier modernisé et étendu. Surtout, même si la tâche est particulièrement complexe, il va falloir que l’État et le gouvernorat poursuivent la politique d’assainissement et de viabilisation des quartiers ainsi que les opérations d’éradication de l’habitat précaire et de lutte contre l’occupation illégale des espaces publics.

Tours siamoises

Avec ses tours siamoises de 27 étages et 106 m de hauteur chacune, réunies par un rez-de-chaussée commun, le Weily Kakimbo, en cours de construction à Ratoma (Bambéto), est devenu le point culminant de Conakry. Il abrite un total de 250 appart-hôtels de tailles différentes. Le 26e étage de chacune des tours est réservé à une suite présidentielle, et leur 27e étage aménagé en espace public.

Le nouveau complexe hôtelier, dont le chantier a démarré en 2012 sur le flanc droit du ravin de Kakimbo et en amont du plateau de Koloma, devrait être inauguré en 2019. C’est un projet en partenariat public-privé financé par l’État guinéen (25 %) et par Cheng Jiin-Suey, alias Kim, un homme d’affaires taïwanais qui a des intérêts dans les mines, les matériaux de construction et l’industrie du bois.

L'eco du jour.

Chaque semaine, recevez le meilleur de l’actualité africaine.



Guinea Safari Tours & Holidays

Guinea is a country in West Africa, bordered on the west by the Atlantic Ocean. It’s known for the Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve, in the southeast. The reserve protects a forested mountain range rich in native plants and animals, including chimpanzees and the viviparous toad. On the coast, the capital city, Conakry, is home to the modern Grand Mosque and the National Museum, with its regional artifacts.

Imagine you’re traveling on smooth highways, and then get tempted by a dusty turn-off signed Adventure. Well, that turn-off is Guinea. Little known to most of the world, this is a land of surprising beauty, from the rolling mountain plateau of Fouta Djallon to wide Sahelian lands and thick forests. Overland drivers have long been drawn here for the challenge of steering their vehicles over rocks and washed-out paths. Nature lovers lose themselves on long hikes past plunging waterfalls, proud hills, and tiny villages; or by tracking chimpanzees through the sticky rainforest. But the best thing about Guinea is that almost nobody else bothers to take this turn-off – meaning you’ll likely have the country to yourself.

How to get to Guinea

Conakry International Airport, also known as Gbessia International Airport, is an airport serving Conakry, capital of the Republic of Guinea in West Africa. It parallels the south shore of the Kaloum Peninsula approximately five kilometers from its tip. Autoroute Fidel Castro connects the airport to Conakry proper. Some of the flights to look out for include

  • Turkish Airlines
  • Via İstanbul, Ouagadougou
  • Egypt Air, Tap Air Portugal
  • Via Cairo, Frankfurt, Lisbon
  • Brussels Airlines, Tunisair
  • Via Brussels, Tunis
  • Fly Dubai, Emirates
  • Kenya Airways, Ethiopian
  • Via Nairobi, Addis Ababa, Abidjan

Passport, Visa, and Entry requirements for Guinea

Most citizens must have a visa to travel to Guinea for any trip purpose, including tourism and business travel. In addition to a visa, a valid passport for at least 3 months and proof of the yellow fever vaccination are required for entry.

The health sector of Guinea

The Republic of Guinea suffers from a critical shortage of health workers Density trends are not consistent across cadres of health workers, with increases in overall densities per 10,000 population for physicians and severe decreases in densities for nurses and midwives during that same time period.

Malaria and Yellow fever vaccination for  Guinea

Yellow fever vaccination is required for entry and  malaria is the leading cause of health consultations, and is responsible for 31 percent of hospitalizations and 14.2 percent of deaths. All people, particularly children under 5 and pregnant women are at risk.

Currency of  Guinea

Guinea francs is the official currency of Guinea, this can be converted in form of American dollars and Euros and travelers have advised to budget enough cash for their travel ensuring they carry new notes and do not put the use of ATM and credit card as it might be tricky and even not acceptable in some areas.

Official Language of  Guinea

The official language is French, which was inherited from colonial rule. Several indigenous languages have been given the status of national languages: Fula (or Pular); Malinké (or Maninka); Susu; Kissi; Kpelle (known in French as Guerzé) and Loma.

Best time to travel to Guinea

The best time to visit is November and December, after the rains and before the dusty harmattan winds, though the Fouta Djallon is at its greenest and best during the rainy season. April is very hot everywhere and is not a pleasant month to travel to Guinea.

What to wear in Guinea

Travelers to Guinea should pack loose, conservative clothing. Women should be sure their midriffs and thighs are covered by clothing. Skirts that go below the knee, long dresses, and long pants are all reasonable choices for women. Men should bring light long pants.

What to bring while traveling to Guinea

  • Bring a day pack.
  • Take a good camera, comfortable pants, and loose shirts (it is humid even in the rain).
  • For shoes: Tevas work well. If you plan on hiking, running shoes are better than hiking boots because they are lighter. Bring comfortable shoes (dirt roads and paths have lots of rocks) that you don’t mind getting muddy or full of red dust. The same holds for clothing.
  • water bottle
  • Water proves cover to cover your property from dust

Car hire and driving in  Guinea

Roads and vehicles are poorly maintained, road signs are insufficient, and roads and vehicles are frequently unlit. Valid international driving licenses should be sufficient to  drive in Guinea  but I would recommend also carrying an International  Driving permit. But we don’t advise self-driving in Guinea.

Accommodation in Guinea

Conakry, also spelled Konakry, the national capital, largest city, and chief Atlantic port, western Guinea. Conakry lies on Tombo (Tumbo) Island and the Camayenne (Kaloum) Peninsula.

Here you can accommodation facilities ranging from Budget, mid-range to Luxury but outside the main capital things start to get more remote and poor accommodation facilities to ensure you plan your accommodation in advance.

Local food of  Guinea

Poulet Yassa is a spicy dish prepared with onions and either marinated poultry or marinated fish. Originally from Senegal, Yassa has become popular throughout West Africa. Chicken Yassa, prepared with onions, lemon, or mustard, is a specialty from the Casamance region in Guinea.

Tipping while Travelling in Guinea

Tipping in Guinea isn’t very common but usually is expected. Taxis: When taking a taxi in Guinea you can round up the fare if you had a nice ride. Hotels: Tipping in Hotels isn’t common or expected. But for safaris, you can give decent tips to the Guides.

Further information for Guinea

Despite the wealth, these resources generate, Guinea is one of the poorest countries in the world. Guinea has the highest per capita income on the continent of Africa, yet more than half of the population lives below the poverty line, with around 20 percent in extreme poverty.

Safety of Guinea

Exercise increased caution elsewhere in Guinea due to violent crime and the potential for civil unrest. Violent crime is prevalent in Guinea, especially in Conakry. Armed robberies, car high jackings, break-ins, and muggings are becoming increasingly common throughout the country, especially at night. We recommend booking a safari with a tour operator and reframe from moving at night.


Fauna & flora,  safari packages, other tourists attractions, safari tours and holidays.

8 Days Tanzania Wildebeest Migration


Fill out the form bellow and remember to be precise and detailed in the enquiry entry.

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Important By submitting your data in this form you accept our data collection privacy policy . Make sure you read and understood the contents

LES 10 MEILLEURS hôtels : Conakry

tour jumelle conakry

Hôtels à Conakry

Types d'établissement, distance de, note attribuée, conakry : hôtels populaires en ce moment.

tour jumelle conakry

  • Rapport qualité-prix Établissements classés à l'aide des données Tripadvisor exclusives, dont les notes des voyageurs, les disponibilités confirmées auprès de nos partenaires, les tarifs, la fréquence de réservation sur notre site, l'emplacement, les préférences des utilisateurs et les hôtels consultés récemment.
  • Classement des voyageurs Les hôtels les mieux notés sur Tripadvisor selon les avis des voyageurs.
  • Distance du centre-ville Voir en premier les établissements les plus proches du centre-ville avec des disponibilités pour vos dates, confirmées auprès de nos partenaires.

tour jumelle conakry

1. Noom Hotel Conakry


2. Palm Camayenne


3. Riviera Royal Hotel

Morris K

4. Grand Hotel Central GHC

Youssef J

5. Hôtel Millenium

francis m

6. Sheraton Grand Conakry

Jean M

7. Résidence Schaka

Pierre A.

8. Riviera Taouyah Hotel

Layla B

9. Hotel M'Lys

Mamadou Oumar Tidiane Diop

10. ONOMO Hotel Conakry

Nestor G

11. Pension Les Palmiers

Alain P

12. Hotel Petit Bateau


13. Auberge du Lac Koba


14. Hotel le Rocher

Hasina R

15. Résidence Sandervalia

Ibrahima S



17. L'Almamya Hotel & Residence


18. Hotel Golden Plazza


19. Le Petit Chalet Hotel

Pierre G

20. Oceano Hotel Conakry

21. hotel du golfe de guinee.

King Saifonce

22. Le Beau Village


23. Hotel le Sogue


24. Primus Hotel Kaloum

mohammed d

25. Hotel Mariador Palace

Mohamed Lamine D

26. Zambezi Inn Hotel


27. Residence Al Nour

Isabelle C

28. Hotel Restaurant Oceano

André V

29. Hotel La Petite Miniere


30. Sacha hotel

Mahmoud M

Conakry : informations sur les hôtels

Hôtels près des sites touristiques.

tour jumelle conakry

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  2. Résidence Kakimbo : votre appartement de standing à Conakry

    Jusqu'à 400 m2. Découvrez tous les appartements. {. 1 2 3. Durant votre séjour à Conakry : logez dans des 250 appartements de haut standing et entièrement équipés de notre résidence, située dans la commune de Ratoma, quartier Koloma.

  3. Conakry: Living the High Life

    In Conakry, we hit the proverbial lottery and were placed in the capital's most exclusive address: the Kakimbo Residences. Also known as the les tours jumelles de Kakimbo or the Twin Towers of Kakimbo, the four-year old building stands 100 meters (328 feet) tall with 27 floors. It is the tallest building in Guinea by a long shot and is one of ...

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    Deux tours jumelles non loin de Bambéto à #Conakry ️

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  6. TEDxBambeto

    Tours Jumelles Bambéto ... Il a commencé sa carrière musicale tôt à Kankan, puis a rejoint Conakry et le groupe ''les héritiers'' avec son frère Kabinet Kandia Kouyaté. En 1983, il a enregistré son premier single, ''miriakoura'' à la radio de la voix de la révolution, soutenu par Justin Morel-junior. ...

  7. Guinée : Conakry se refait une beauté

    Guinée : Conakry se refait une beauté ... Avec ses tours siamoises de 27 étages et 106 m de hauteur chacune, réunies par un rez-de-chaussée commun, le Weily Kakimbo, en cours de construction ...

  8. Guinée future géant...

    Guinée future géant d'Afrique: la magnifique tour jumelles de Weily Kakimbo, situé en plein cœur de la capitale guinéenne, Conakry sur le plateau de...

  9. Tours jumelles

    Des tours jumelles sont deux immeubles identiques voisins de grande hauteur. For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for Tours jumelles. Home; News; Random Article; Install Wikiwand; Send a suggestion; Uninstall Wikiwand; Upgrade to Wikiwand 2.0 🚀

  10. Cuisines du monde

    Idéalement situé aux pieds des tours jumelles de Koloma dans un écrin de verdure agréablement aménagé, le restaurant propose à ses convives une carte gastronomique très cosmopolite avec des plats orientaux, mais aussi aux saveurs très méditerranéennes.

  11. Tours Jumelles de Boulbinet

    Les tours de Boulbinet risquaient fort de s'écrouler un jour ou l'autre comme un château de cartes. Au-delà de leur vétusté, ces deux édifices étaient devenus un refuge à la merci de la débauche au détriment de la jeunesse. Face à cette situation qui interpelle plus d'un, les habitants des lieux et leurs environs ont lancé un ...

  12. Tours Jumelles

    Days. 00. Hours. 00. Minutes

  13. Les deux tour jumelles de Conakry...

    Les deux tour jumelles de Conakry ... On construit des tours comme des boulangeries....vous n'avez même pas assez de boulangerie . 4y. 4 Replies. Safora Camara. Immeuble sala c est versé à Abidjan a cause de deux à Conakry là vous voulez fêter quoi? 3. 4y.

  14. DIRECT

    Inauguration des Tours jumelles de Mpila par le Président de la République Denis Sassou-N'Guesso. #telecongoSouscrivez-vous pour plus d'avantages : https://w...

  15. Discover Guinea Conakry

    Firstly, Welcome to Guinea Conakry, where a world of adventure awaits!Join us on this unique tour and discover the fascinating highlights of this West African gem. From the breathtaking Cascades de Soumba to tours of historic slave trading locations, cultural performances in the Sogbane fishing village, the awe-inspiring "Bride's Veil" falls, and a visit to the National Museum in Conakry ...

  16. Les 10 Plus Hautes Tours de Guinée // The 10 tallest towers ...

    FR: Listes des plus hautes Tours de la Guinée avec : la hauteurs , les étages, la fonction , l'années et le lieux.ENG: Lists of the tallest towers in Guinea ...

  17. Guinee Buzz

    Les tours jumelles de #Conakry Crédit : Ly Photographie

  18. Guinea Safari Tours & Holidays

    Guinea is a country in West Africa, bordered on the west by the Atlantic Ocean. It's known for the Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve, in the southeast. The reserve protects a forested mountain range rich in native plants and animals, including chimpanzees and the viviparous toad. On the coast, the capital city, Conakry, is home to the modern ...

  19. LES 10 MEILLEURS hôtels (avec prix) : Conakry 2024

    Réserver les meilleurs hôtels à Conakry sur Tripadvisor : consultez 1 697 avis de voyageurs, 1 773 photos, les meilleures offres et comparez les prix pour 68 hôtels à Conakry, Guinée.


    AGRIGUINEE.NET is in Conakry, Guinea. ... Une vue "écologique" des tours jumelles de Bambeto. Admirez la complicité de la beauté naturelle et celle artificielle. Préservons notre environnement,...

  21. Conakry City Les tours jumelle de...

    Conakry City 🇬🇳 Les tours jumelle de... - J'aime ma Guinée. J'aime ma Guinée. Mon frère il y a tout les deux que tu site .outre que cela il a des grands centre commercial des piscines des hôtels et bureaux . Our skyscrapers Mbalou Fatoumata Savane Hilton.