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Travel Visa Pro Review

Thursday, May 16th

2024 Passport Service Reviews

Travel Visa Pro Review

  • Travel Visa Pro
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB
  • Almost 1,000 five-star client reviews
  • More than 12 years of experience
  • Well-trained staff available nights and weekends
  • 2-3 day service available

Travel Visa Pro places strong emphasis on having an available, well-trained team that's ready to help you get your passport processed. With support available on nights and weekends, you can rest assured that if you need assistance, you'll get it here.

Processing available in as fast as 2-3 days

You can get your passport in a hurry with Travel Visa Pro, but it's going to cost you a pretty penny for the fastest service: $2,499 for 2-3 days of processing time, or $1,799 for 5-6 days. When you move into the longer timeframes, the fees are more comparable with other services we evaluated: $799 for 8-10 days, $499 for three weeks, and so on. Government fees aren't included, but FedEx 2nd Day shipping is. Also, those timeframes and prices apply to passport renewals; at the time of this evaluation, new passports were being offered with 2-3 day, 5-6 day, and 8-10 day processing times, for the fees we just mentioned.

Follow the directions

The passport expediting process is straightforward here. Choose your processing time, and then be sure to click through all of the document requirements at the bottom of the page to make sure you know what you'll need. For example, do you have two passport-style photographs? You'll either need to get those taken or choose TVP's concierge service or document pre-check, which will allow you to upload hi-res digital photos and have your support rep print them out for you. How about proof of travel? Follow the directions and you should be a-ok.

Best Passport Services

DIY service is a good helping hand

If you don't have "proof of imminent travel" but you'd still like someone to look over your application and make sure you don't experience delays (due to errors or omissions in filling out the forms or including all of the required documentation), you can pay $99 for Travel Visa Pro's "Do It Yourself" package. It includes the form fill service, document pre-check, appointment setup, 15-minute professional phone/video consultation, and a passport expediting checklist.

  • $2,499 for 2-3 days processing time
  • $1,799 for 5-6 days processing time
  • $799 for 8-10 days processing time
  • $499 for 3 weeks processing time
  • $299 for 4 weeks processing time
  • $149 for 8 weeks processing time
  • $99 DIY service
  • Government fees not included
  • Free FedEx 2nd Day shipping included

Great reputation

Travel Visa Pro is proud of its reputation with the Better Business Bureau: "A+" rated and accredited, with just two complaints filed there in the last three years (none of which were within the 12 months prior to this review). That's a solid track record. Outside of the BBB, this passport service gets lots of love from its clients: nearly 1,000 five-star reviews, many of which came from the weeks leading up to this evaluation. TVP gets praise for its excellent customer service, on-time delivery of passports and visas, and solid communication throughout the whole process.

Worth the money

Yes, you pay more for the super-fast passport services at Travel Visa Pro, but at least they're available. This service gives you passport processing you can rely on, backed by a knowledgeable support team that's committed to getting you where you need to go on time.

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The 10 Best Passport Services

Where can you get a passport fast.

Maybe you've found a last-minute travel deal to that far-flung destination you've always dreamed of visiting. Or you've got family members overseas that need you there in a hurry. Whatever the reason, lots of people find themselves in need of a passport and can't afford the weeks (or months) it can take to get it processed through the US Passport Agency at the local post office.

Fortunately, there are several passport services that can expedite the process, allowing you to get your documents in a few weeks, a few days, or even one business day - depending on how urgently you need them (and, as you'd expect, on how much you're willing to pay for the rush). Also, these providers can often help if your destination requires a travel visa to enter.

The Best Passport Services

Passport Service FAQ

Do i need a passport to travel, will i need a visa or just a passport, how long is my passport valid, how much does it cost to get a passport, what if i lose my passport, how quickly can i get a passport, what does a passport service do, are passport services expensive.

Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above...

Sounds like a hassle, but the days where travelers could just head out with a driver's license and a birth certificate are long gone. Some people used to specifically book closed-loop cruises (where you leave from and return to the same US port) to avoid having to pay for a passport - and while that's still legal, you could find yourself in trouble if you miss the ship's departure from a destination port and have to get back to the US on your own.

For many reasons, having a passport just makes sense. Adult passports are good for ten years, and youth passports for five, so they can be used as government ID for a long time and in a variety of ways (like when minors fly domestically or need other proof of identity, prior to getting a driver's license).

Now that you're convinced that you need a passport, and you're excited at the idea of being able to get yours quickly, which passport service should you choose? Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Services. What does the company have to offer? Do they provide all of the services you need, from passports to visas?
  • Timeframe. How quickly do you need your passport? How fast does the service say they can turn around your application and get your passport into your hands?
  • Fees. What will you pay to get your passport? Don't forget to factor in the standard government fees that all applicants pay, on top of the ones charged by the passport service.
  • Guarantees. What promises does the passport service make? If they don't get your passport to you on time, is there a refund policy?
  • Reputation. What do other travelers say about the passport service? Is it reliable? Do people get attentive, professional customer service? How are problems handled?

To help you get your passport as quickly as possible, Top Consumer Reviews has evaluated and ranked the most popular passport services available today. We're confident that this information will make it fast and (relatively) affordable to get your travel documents ready to go. Bon voyage!

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Passport Service Articles

Benefits of a passport company, do you need a passport for a cruise, how long does it take to get a passport, passports vs travel visas, preparing for travel, safe traveling, what to do if your passport is lost or stolen, when do you need a passport.

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Govassist llc, rush my passport.

travel visa pro tucson

Travel Visa Pro   Reviews

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Helpful Timely Service

Everybody that I worked with was extremely helpful and understanding. They guided me through the entire process and provided feedback on the documents I submitted. Even when it took me a couple of days to collect certain documents I needed they were able to respond to my questions in a timely manner. Overall I would definitely recommend this service.

Date of experience : May 06, 2024

Travel Visa Pro are the REAL pros

Well that was awesome! I used Rush My Passport a few years ago and it was a terrible and costly mistake. So I was extremely nervous to use Travel Visa Pro. But, I found myself with little to no time to get a rushed passport and figured the cost of rushing it was similar to that of traveling 5-6 hours each way to a passport office (plus hotel). I signed up for the VIP concierge and submitted all docs with overnight fedex shipping last Thursday at 430pm. I received my passport this morning by 9 am (Wednesday morning). My rep, Karen was able to help me get all my paperwork together, completed & sent overnight the day I signed up. This has been an exceptional experience. Thank you!!!

Date of experience : May 08, 2024

Great service from Travel Visa Pro

I used Travel Visa Pro to expedite renewal of my passport. I was guided every step of the way by the staff and received my passport earlier than I expected. I was extremely satisfied with the expertise and guidance I received and highly recommend using Travel Visa Pro.

Date of experience : May 01, 2024

I had a pleasant experience renewing my…

I had a pleasant experience renewing my passport with Travel Visa Pro. The process was lightweight: I only needed to come into the office once to take the passport photo, fill out the application, and sign the courier documents. The lead consultant, Alex, took a great passport photo of me and was very helpful throughout the process, especially in communicating all aspects of the renewal timeline. Additionally, I was able to get my passport in only 2 weeks, despite paying for a 5 week turnaround. The only caveat was the price. I paid $250 for renewal, but I thought it was kind of expensive. Overall, I had a good experience and appreciated the talented, professional staff.

Date of experience : May 09, 2024

fantastic service and company

I wasn't sure if I could trust the process, but let me tell you, they made everything a breeze. They explained everything from start to finish. Just an FYI, you need to make an appointment with the post office and then hand-deliver your stuff to them. From there, they take over and speed up the process. It's definitely worth the money.

Date of experience : April 30, 2024

Reasonable price and amazing service!

Everyone is very professional and helpful, and the price is very reasonable compared to their competitors. One suggestion I would like to give is that the Fedex shipment should require the recipient's signature instead of just dropping off the package on the driveway since there are passports in it. Other than this, I highly recommend Travel Visa Pro for their Visa service.


Helen was very professional - we started in chat form then over the phone. I am so glad I had benefit of speaking with her because her spirit brightened my day and calmed my nerves about getting my passport done timely and correctly. It's rare to find someone who enjoys their job, and I could tell by her enthusiasm that Helen enjoys her job and is efficient at it!

Date of experience : May 02, 2024

Fully delivered on service

I was a little bit skeptical about courier services after having read a mixed bag of reviews online. However, due to a passport snafu I needed some help and quickly. TVP seemed to have a lot of folks vouch for their ability to turn passports around quickly and they lived up to it for me. My concierge, Ellen, helped me to get my passport turned around in four business days. She was prompt, gave very clear instructions, and was communicative throughout the experience. 10/10 would recommend.

Faster than expected

The company got my passport to me even quicker than they said they would. I asked for it to be completed in three weeks time and they did the whole process within two.

Superior service!

Just got our visas! Great communication and speedy service! Highly recommend!

Date of experience : May 13, 2024

Thank you for making our experience…

Thank you for making our experience great. Kysha was excellent in helping me every step of the way. She found some errors and helped me correct my mistakes multiple times. Great deal!

Exceptional service provided by Miss…

Exceptional service provided by Miss Rita. Guided me through the Chinese visa process with expertise and patience. Whole process carried out with consummate professionalism. Greatly appreciate her efforts and the staff of Travel Visa Pro.

Date of experience : April 22, 2024

I’m giving 4 stars and not 5 because… I…

I’m giving 4 stars and not 5 because I was the one calling no one was following up with me. I didn’t receive any receipt of the money I paid and I still have no receipt of the charges I paid so I don’t know what items I paid for $249 plus another $200 plus another $40 for shipping.

Date of experience : April 20, 2024

Good communication…

Good communication but clearer beginning instructions could have made for less contacts.

Super fast service

Super fast service. This is why we've been using Travel Visa Pro. I don't like the additional costs and being constantly "upsold" on your services. Thanks!

Date of experience : April 16, 2024

I really love this company they make my…

I really love this company they make my document on time and correctly.

It was so easy and super fast to get my passport.

Date of experience : May 14, 2024

Excellent service

Great service. Explained the process prior to agreeing the service. Our passports arrived at the promised time frame. Very reasonable cost. Compared to others way much better price.

Date of experience : April 19, 2024

Miracle workers, tricky process

Miracle workers with respect to accomplishing the task in a record amount of time. Initial communication about what an "appointment" means and how the process works was not clear, but I think that is because everyone has different needs and technology abilities. Some might need a physical location with someone to help them, pictures, scan documents, etc., others are completely tech savvy and can do it all from home, most probably need something in between like at a Fedex scan/print location.

Date of experience : April 18, 2024

Simple and quick

The service was simple and the process went faster than the timeframe they advertised. They were very communicative through the submission process. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is that after I got everything submitted and responded to their emails, I never heard anything back. My visa just showed up in the mail a few days later. Waiting to hear back is the most stressful part, so some updates would be nice.

Date of experience : March 19, 2024

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Western Passport Center

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Western Passport Center

  • 7373 E Rosewood St Tucson, AZ 85710
  •    877-487-2778

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travel visa pro tucson

About Western Passport Center

Western Passport Center is located at 7373 E Rosewood St in Tucson, Arizona 85710. Western Passport Center can be contacted via phone at 877-487-2778 for pricing, hours and directions.

Contact Info

  •   877-487-2778

Questions & Answers

Q what is the phone number for western passport center.

A The phone number for Western Passport Center is: 877-487-2778.

Q Where is Western Passport Center located?

A Western Passport Center is located at 7373 E Rosewood St, Tucson, AZ 85710

Q What is the internet address for Western Passport Center?

A The website (URL) for Western Passport Center is:

Q What days are Western Passport Center open?

A Western Passport Center is open: Thursday: 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM Friday: 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM Saturday: Closed Sunday: Closed Monday: 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM Tuesday: 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM Wednesday: 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM

Q How is Western Passport Center rated?

A Western Passport Center has a 4.1 Star Rating from 348 reviewers.

Ratings and Reviews Western Passport Center

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travel visa pro tucson

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Passport Office Near Me in Tucson, AZ

Us passport acceptance facility, ua passports, travel visa pro tucson, tucson passport center, start driving, online leads today.

Ambassador Passport and Visa Services

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  • U.S. Passport Renewal
  • Kids or Minors Passport
  • Damaged or Mutilated Passport
  • Lost or Stolen Passport
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Welcome To Ambassador Passport & Visa Services Inc. Your One-Stop Nationwide Passport and Visa Agency!

Get your passport expedited, no matter where in the u.s. you are located., voted america's #1 passport and visa expediting company. for all your travel documentation needs, u.s. department of state deletegated and registered. fast, reliable and secure, need your travel documents urgently we can assist you. make your trip on time.

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Do you need a visa.

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travel visa pro tucson

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We are a professional passport and visa processing agency with over 26 years of experience serving travel professionals, tour operators, as well as corporate and individual international travelers.

Whether you require a U.S. passport , a tourist or a business visa , our reliable and expert consultants can assist you. Need your passport or travel visa rushed? We can expedite your passport, and rush your visa on very short notice. No matter where you are located in the U.S. We are a one-stop location for all your travel related needs. We make the impossible, possible.

LEARN MORE Passport Services We can assist you in obtaining first time passports, passport renewals, replacement of lost passports, passport amendments such as extension of limited passports, extra passport pages, name change, as well as second valid passports, on an expedited basis. LEARN MORE Visa Services We provide expedited visa processing for U.S. citizens, and assist U.S. permanent residents, and Canadian citizens with obtaining visas for most countries, including tourist and business visas. Our fast, reliable, and efficient services enable today’s international travelers to depart on a very short notice to all worldwide destinations, despite frequent requirement changes in many countries. Please note: we only provide visa services for U.S. citizens and legal residents of the US, needing to travel outside of the U.S. LEARN MORE Translation Services At Ambassador Passport and Visa Services, we provide a full array of Translation Services , including Certification, Document Authentications, Legalizations, and Apostil. LEARN MORE


Whether you require a U.S. passport , a tourist or a business visa , our reliable and expert consultants can assist you. Need your passport or travel visa rushed? We can expedite.

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Time to fill this bad boy with great products like gadgets, electronics, housewares, gifts and other great offerings from Groupon Goods .

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Travel Visa Pro

95 Locations

Expedited adult us passport renewal or name change at travel visa pro (up to 37% off), adult passport renewal or name change (3-4 weeks).

  • Instant: Great for last-minute gifts. Simply print or send the voucher after purchase.
  • Customizable: Personalize the message and appearance to make your gift truly special.
  • Exchangeable: Hassle-free returns and exchanges for the giftees.

travel visa pro tucson

Offering assistance in applying for visas and passports, or passport renewal, Travel Visa Pro prides itself on providing excellent customer service, privacy, and security while ensuring a speedy process

Groupon Customer Reviews

About this deal, what's included:.

  • Expedited Adult US Passport Renewal or Name Change (3-4 Weeks)

Good to Know:

  • Travel Visa Pro has 100+ locations in the US available to serve you for easy pickup and drop-off. You'll never be more than a few miles from one of their offices!
  • Faster processing times (2-day, 7-day, etc.) are available for an additional cost (you can use your Groupon as a credit towards the upgrade)
  • Not in a huge rush? Slower processing times (5 weeks) is available for a lower cost (you can use your Groupon’s discount balance as a credit towards the government fees)
  • If you're running short on time and want to leave the complexities of travel to the pros, VIP Concierge upgrades are available

Travel Visa Pro is an expedited visa and passport agency that provides services to individuals requiring quick processing of US Passports, Foreign Travel Visa (i.e. Visa to China, Visa to Brazil, etc.), apostilles, authentications, and other travel-related documents. Recognized as a registered hand-carry service with the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs Passport Services, they offer assistance in obtaining visas and passports. With a positive reputation reflected in reviews on Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau, Travel Visa Pro emphasizes excellent customer service, privacy, security, and speed in facilitating U.S. passport and travel visa applications. The agency simplifies the often complex processes of acquiring necessary travel documents.

About Travel Visa Pro

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  5. Passport renewal Process by Travel Visa Pro experts

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  6. Travel Visa Pro Review

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  1. Expedited Passport in Tucson

    With a Travel Visa Pro in town, not only will you be able to apply for passports and visas just as you would at our staffed offices, but you'll eliminate the need to dash across town or wait for deliveries. Order Our Passport Services Online. If you have an emergency, please call us at 833-887-8472. Travel Visa Pro Tucson customer support is ...

  2. Travel Visa Pro

    At Travel Visa Pro, we do more than simply provide expedited travel visas. Our team of travel experts spread across our offices in the United States, Canada and the UK have over 100 years of experience between them. We can get your visa application through the embassies and consulates with relationships forged from years of networking.

  3. Passport Agency in Tucson, AZ

    Passport agency services may take a while, so Travel Visa Pro in Tucson is here to help you get your passport or visa as fast as the same day. We have many years of experience assisting travelers with getting their passports or visas at a time they need it most. Order Passport Services Online . Or call us at 833-887-8472 . Tucson Passport Agency


    Specialties: We offer 24/7 emergency assistance with US Passport and travel visas to over 200+ countries. We specialize in India, Russia, China, Brazil, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and Nigeria visas. We offer the fastest service for US Passport Renewal, New Passports, Same Day Passports, Emergency Passports, Add Pages, Lost Passport, Child Passport, and others. Most of the time, we can turn it ...

  5. Travel Visa Pro, 7090 N Oracle Rd, Ste 178, Tucson, AZ

    Get more information for Travel Visa Pro in Tucson, AZ. See reviews, map, get the address, and find directions. Search MapQuest. Hotels. Food. Shopping. Coffee. Grocery. Gas. Travel Visa Pro. Closed today (833) 887-8472. Website. More. Directions Advertisement. 7090 N Oracle Rd Ste 178

  6. Travel Visa Pro Tucson

    Visit my website. Travel Visa Pro in Tucson will take care of all your passport & visa needs! just give us a call! Address: 7090 N Oracle Rd Ste 178. Tucson, AZ 85704. Phone: 833-887-8472. I am a passport office, travel agency, and travel agents in Tucson, Arizona. Visit my website.

  7. Travel Visa Pro Tucson

    Travel Visa Pro Tucson. 1 S Church Ave Tucson AZ 85701 (833) 887-8472. Claim this business (833) 887-8472. Website. More. Directions Advertisement. From the website: Travel Visa Pro expedited Visa Passport agency is rated 4.9 5 on TrustSpot. Apply online or at one of our offices. Travel without hassle. Website Take me there. Find Related Places.

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    Reviews on Passport & Visa Services in Tucson, AZ - Western Passport Center, UA Passports, Travel Visa Pro, Notary Express AZ

  9. Travel Visa Pro Tucson in Tucson, AZ 85701

    Travel Visa Pro Tucson located at One S Church Ave #1200, Tucson, AZ 85701 - reviews, ratings, hours, phone number, directions, and more.

  10. Travel Visa Pro Review for May 2024

    You can get your passport in a hurry with Travel Visa Pro, but it's going to cost you a pretty penny for the fastest service: $2,499 for 2-3 days of processing time, or $1,799 for 5-6 days. When you move into the longer timeframes, the fees are more comparable with other services we evaluated: $799 for 8-10 days, $499 for three weeks, and so on ...

  11. Top 10 Best Passport & Visa Services in TUCSON, AZ

    2 . UA Passports. 4.4 (22 reviews) Passport & Visa Services. West University. "This is a wonderful service, they help you with passport applications for a minimal fee." more. 3 . Travel Visa Pro. Passport & Visa Services.

  12. Fast Passport Tucson, AZ Services

    Travel Visa Pro offers fast passport services in Tucson, AZ so you can receive a passport in as little as 8 hours! Call us now or apply online! Call us 24/7: +1-833 -TVP-VISA (887-8472)

  13. Travel Visa Pro Reviews

    Travel Visa Pro LLC is a full service 3rd party visa expediter specializing in the facilitation and approval of worldwide travel visas, US passports, and the authentication of documents. We have been in the industry for 7 years and have processed countless request. We have offices strategically located across the USA to help you with your requests.

  14. Western Passport Center in Tucson, AZ 85710

    Western Passport Center is located at 7373 E Rosewood St in Tucson, Arizona 85710. Western Passport Center can be contacted via phone at 877-487-2778 for pricing, hours and directions.

  15. Passport Renewal in Tucson, AZ

    If you're a US citizen who needs a passport renewal in Tucson, then get in touch with Travel Visa Pro. We are the passport and visa experts who can manage your travel needs Call us 24/7: +1-833 -TVP-VISA (887-8472)

  16. Ambassador Passport and Visa Services

    We are a professional passport and visa processing agency with over 26 years of experience serving travel professionals, tour operators, as well as corporate and individual international travelers.. Whether you require a U.S. passport, a tourist or a business visa, our reliable and expert consultants can assist you.Need your passport or travel visa rushed?

  17. Tucson Visa Services

    Our expedited travel visa services start at $69. In working with Passports and, you'll experience a travel visa application process that's fast, easy and designed to eliminate any anxiety that you may have about your visa! The benefits of our visa services for the Tucson, AZ area include: Expert Visa and Passport Consultants available ...

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    Best Passport & Visa Services near Travel Visa Pro - Travel Visa Pro, UA Passports, Western Passport Center, Splendid Signatures

  19. Travel Visa Pro

    Expedited Adult US Passport Renewal or Name Change at Travel Visa Pro (Up to 37% Off) 4.3 3 Groupon Ratings. Adult Passport Renewal or Name Change (3-4 Weeks) 100+ bought. $99. $62. 37% Off. $49.60 with promo 7 hours left. 20% Off FLASH sale on select deals.

  20. TOP 10 BEST Passport and Visa Services in Tucson, AZ

    1 . UA Passports. 4.2 (23 reviews) Passport & Visa Services. West University. This is a placeholder. "This is a wonderful service, they help you with passport applications for a minimal fee." more. 2 . Western Passport Center.

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    Tucson. 833-887-8472. Dover. ... Travel Visa Pro is a registered hand-carry service with the U.S. Dept of State Bureau of Consular Affairs Passport Services. Travel Visa Pro provides form completion and courier services based on your input and Dept of State and foreign consulates/embassies' instructions, but does not provide legal advice. ...

  22. U.S. imposes sanctions on Nicaragua for political persecution

    Since then, his government has faced growing criticism for silencing political dissent and persecuting opposition groups. In November 2021, Biden issued a proclamation restricting entry to the U.S ...

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    Travel Visa Pro provides a full range of visa options for Saudi Arabia, priced from just $119, whether you are visiting for work, tourism or to join up with a family member already in the country. Our specialists provide great value options that are sure to suit everyone, whether you are more concerned about rapid processing times of low cost.