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travel poster tangier

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travel poster tangier

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Away With The Steiners

20 Of The Best (And Truly Unique) Things to do in Tangier, Morocco. 

  • By Sarah Steiner
  • Updated On April 27, 2024

Considering Tangier on your Morocco Itinerary? Wondering where to start with choosing things to do in Tangier? You have come to the right place! 

We have been traveling in Morocco for more than eight months and I know that when we leave next week it’s going to hit us hard.  

Morocco is an incredible destination.  It really feels like we have explored every nook and cranny of the country from the beautiful northern cities of Tangier and Tetouan all the way to the desert of Merzouga and Zagora.  We have driven the coastline from Essaouira to Sidi Ifni and all the way south to Dakhla.  

There is much of Morocco to explore but with certainty the charm of visiting Tangier is a highlight on any Morocco itinerary. 

Read on for all the highlights, sights, quirks, and best things to do in Tangier. 

A bit of history about Tangier, Morocco and what makes this Moroccan city unique

The history of Tangier is very rich, due to both its geographical location and the historical presences of many civilizations laying claim to the region. 

Its history goes back to the 3 rd  and 4 th  century BC when what is now Tangier was just a Carthaginian trading posts. 

In 4171 Tangier came under Portuguese rule and was even destined to be given to then English King Charles II as port of a dowry from (Portuguese) Catherine of Braganza.  

Moulay Ismail Ibn Sharif was a Sultan of Morocco from 1672 to 1727 and after two centuries of British hegemony compelled the British army to withdraw. 

Subsequently – and because of its geographical location – Tangier became an international zone until the declaration of independence in Morocco in 1956.

Today the city reflects the influence of each of these times, rulers and cultures and that is what gives it a unique flavour unto its own.  

Modern day Tangier is full of the influence of history from all directions.  And every day ferries cross the Strait of Gibraltar within the hour connecting Tangier and North Africa with Europe and securing it’s claim as arguably Africa’s most cosmopolitan city and the first city in the continent. 

Grand Socco, Tangier Morocco.

Best time to visit Tangier

The best time to visit Tangier is in the spring (March to May) or autumn (September to November) when the weather is ideal, and the crowds of domestic tourists haven’t yet arrived.  

Summer in Tangier can be unbelievably hot.  Although like any of Moroccan coastal cities the ocean breeze helps to keep it cooler than the inland and desert regions. 

  • Read our complete guide to travel in Morocco here.

How to cover all the best things to do in Tangier

The great news about setting out to explore and see the best things to do in Tangier is that it is all within walking distance and all doable in one day. 

This was our second time to Tangier and this time we visited Tangier on a day trip from Asilah (by train).  But more about that later.  

We found so many things to do in Tangier as we explored on foot that we couldn’t wait to share all of Tangiers’s treasures!  Parts of the city look genuinely stepped back in time by decades and other parts hold the history of centuries.  Not to mention the tasty treats we found all around the medina and Kasbah!  

By the time we stepped off the train back in Asilah we started reliving what had been a great day and writing down all the highlights to see with one day in Tangier. 

So, whether you have the luxury of time or want to make the most of one day in Tangier here are 20 highlights and all the best things to do in Tangier. 

  • Tip:  We started the sights of Tangier in a walkable route from the train station, but these can be seen in any order. 

Exploring the Kasbah inside Tangier medina.

Locations and a map for a fab self-guided walking tour of things to do in Tangier

Much of the best of Tangier lies in the chance to wander the streets and narrow lanes of the medina and surrounding streets and viewpoints to take in this picturesque Moroccan city.  

There are city tours available but in truth Tangier is great with a map to explore as a self-guided walking tour.  Everything is in walking distance and with plenty of stops for refuelling at the cities iconic cafes and restaurants it makes for a brilliant one day itinerary. 

Here is a map of Tangier highlights with each of the things to do in Tangier that are doable (and tasty) with one day in the city.  

The best things to do in Tangier, Morocco

There are day trips to neighbouring sights and surrounding towns and beaches of Tangier.  But within the medina and in walking distance from the train station there are many highlights – unique and otherwise – to easily fill a great one day in Tangier. 

So whether you are visiting by train or staying in the city, here’s to a fab day out and 20 great things to do in Tangier, Morocco!

1. Tangier Corniche

If your day in Tangier starts from the train station that is a convenient place to begin.  It is just a short 500m walk from the train station to the waterfront corniche.  

This promenade stretches all the way along the harbour front with views (seriously) already from the Tangier beachfront to Tarifa in Spain (Europe).  

Even in the morning the beach is bustling and the corniche is busy with people exercising, strolling or just enjoying the North African sunshine.  Plus of course it wouldn’t be a Moroccan beach without a few camels and horses.  Keen for a ride? 

Otherwise enjoy the stroll towards the marina and white and blue medina in the distance.  

Walking along Tangier corniche to the Medina.

2. Glacier Colour

Albeit it wasn’t quite midday when we arrived in Tangier but with the first wows of the walk along the corniche (and the sun) the colourful and beautifully retro-looking Glacier Colour stood out for a first stop. 

We crossed the road to find a very friendly welcoming to Tangier.  And to boot some tasty espresso coffee and ice cream sundaes to start the day right. 

Interestingly when I first researched things to do in Tangier the images that popped up of cafes and restaurants and cinemas to visit all had that retro-ambience from first glance.  And it truly is like that in person.  

The city of Tangier seemed full of surprises already and certainly a start to the day with good coffee and a retro-twist on a glacier seemed apt. 

Getting an ice cream and one of the cafes in Tangier best things to do in Tangier.

3. Traditional Hammam 

Have you visited a Moroccan hammam yet?  We had put into Google maps the walking route from Tangier beach to the iconic Gran Café de Paris ( next ).  And the map took us up some stairs where we could see the chimney of a hammam firing up for the day. 

Whether or not you have time for a full hammam in between seeing all the best things to do in Tangier.  It is worth a stop if you haven’t experienced one to pop in and check out what a local Moroccan hammam looks like. 

  • Read our complete guide to the Moroccan hammam experience .

Trying a hammam in Tangier Morocco.

4. Terrace Des Paresseux

High up on the hill (en route to the Café de Paris) is the Terrace Des Paresseux.  A square with magnificent views and a believable history in its significance and splendour overlooking the Gibraltar Straight and Mediterranean Sea. 

Antique canons line the terrace with steps down to a manicured garden below and steps beyond heading back down to the corniche.  

Today the antique canons are more part of the landscape with a few ladies selling Henna from the shade of the barrel.  But it’s not hard to imagine the significance of what was once the outlook from this vantage. 

Antique cannons on Terrace Paresseux Morocco.

5. Gran Café de Paris

This café has apparently been on the Tangier scene since opening in 1927.  (How’s that for longevity?)  The Gran Café de Paris is one of the oldest cafes in Tangier and part of the now iconically bohemian history of the city.  

It is another one for retro-ambience (authentically complete with the leather seats and cigar-smoky indoor atmosphere).  And the café has been known as a place of inspiration for expatriate writers and artists like William Burrough, Tennessee Williams, and Paul Bowles. 

Today it still upholds the ambience of decades ago with the smell of tobacco somehow complimenting the old leather chairs and dark, panelled walls. 

The menu is underneath the glass top of the table in Arabic and French with the café right across the road from the French consulate. And so it seems only right to order coffees, a  chocolat chaud  and a  pain au chocolate .  

  • Tip:  Even if you’ve already filled up on coffee be sure to make room for a tea or some excuse to add the café to your things to do in Tangier. 

This is one stop that warrants a visit for oddly amusing interest. 

Gran Cafe de Paris best things to do in Tangier Morocco.

6. Mosque Mohammed V

I’ve got to be honest that we set off from the Paris Café in the direction of what we thought was the Grand Mosque.  It turned out to be the large and both modern and beautiful Mosque Mohammed V.  

It’s worth a glimpse and it’s in the right direction because just afterwards you need to change direction and head down Rue Sidi Bouabid for the next of (very unique) things to do in Tangier… 

7. Beouf Pied being prepared 

Now this is something you won’t find on any other list of things to do in Tangier.  (I’m confidently promising that).  However what we hope to do in sharing this post is to truly showcase the best of Tangier including all of the things that make it such a unique city to experience. 

Between the Gran Café de Paris and the entrance to the medina you will likely walk down Rue Sidi Bouabid (especially if you mistakenly head for Mosque Mohammed V too).  

This sloping road is actually lined with welding and engineering shops.  We wandered downhill fairly nonchalantly without too much attention to what was being engineered. 

Gavin describes that about halfway down we started to wonder what the smell was.  It was not a bad smell.  But there is something about the waft of burning hair that begs for further inspection. 

It turns out they aren’t just fixing bikes.  

In between these shops are purposefully designed kilns specific for the preparation of cows feet and sheep’s heads.  (Which explained the burning hair smell). 

Next we noticed trucks lining the narrow road transporting offal and everything that was being prepared for what was soon to become the delicious dish of Hergma; a Moroccan cow foot stew. 

(I told you it was one of the more unique things to do in Tangier!). 

Pied boeuf beef feet being prepared in Morocco.

8. St Andrews Church and Christian Cemetery 

An Anglican church in Morocco is admittedly another unique addition to your one day Tangier itinerary.  But the beautiful church of St Andrew’s is worth a peep.  

The hand painted sign on the front gate stating ‘English Church’ is  framed with pink flowers.  And the church grounds feel like a sort of peaceful sanctuary from the bustle of North Morocco’s largest city. 

The church was constructed in 1905 with a small graveyard aptly overgrown but tended by the friendly guard who will give you a tour of the grounds and chapel if you ask. 

  • Tip:  The church is located on Rue d’Angleterre (the English Road) and close to the Grand Socco.

St Andrews church in Tangier things to do in Tangier.

9. Grand Socco 

People-watching at the Grand Socco is worth its own space on the list of top things to do in Tangier. But seriously, the Grand Socco is where it’s at.  

This large square at the main entrance of the medina is a busy transport hub and a good place to watch the chaos of traffic with motorcycles and carts.  People go about their daily routine and life in the medina operates largely unchanged as it has for generations. 

And you won’t be the only one people-watching in Grand Socco.  The square is edged by cafes and coffee houses (likewise some dating back decades). And where just as people go about their day to day life in Tangier others watch while sitting in the plaza and enjoying espresso or glasses Moroccan mint tea. 

Grand Socco best things to do in Tangier Morocco.

10. Grand Mosque of Tangier

The (real) Grand Mosque of Tangier is a glorious sight dominating the high side of Grand Socco.  Over the years this Tangier mosque (Sidi Bouadbid) has taken on many religious identities from a Roman temple to a Portuguese church and back once again to a mosque.  

Although entry is prohibited to non-Muslims it is well worth admiring its decadent beauty from the outside. 

11. Rif Cinema 

Cinema Rif is an old movie theatre in Tangier.  The movie theatre was opened in 1938, on the Place du 9 Avril 1947, one of the most famous squares of Tangier more commonly known as Grand Socco. 

Today the cinema is run by Cinémathèque de Tanger.  The indoor theatre seats 450 people and screens B-List Bollywood and mostly international films. 

The cinema building stands much in its former glory with a popular café and bar serving wine and snacks in the evenings. 

Cinema Rif in Tangier Morocco.

12. Bab Fass / Bab Al Fahs

From the Grand Socco enter into the medina through the iconic Bab Fass.  Bab translates to ‘Gate’ and this 16 th  century entrance to the Tangier Medina is both striking and bustling.  

Entering from the Grand Socco into the old city is one of the things to do in Tangier that somehow feels like a real honour considering the history and generations that have walked the same entrance.  

Head through Bab Fass and continue straight towards the left in the direction of the Kasbah. 

  • Tip:  There is a large park with children’s playground just through the entrance of Bab Fass.  

Shopping in the souks best things to do in Tangier Morocco.

13. Patisserie Bab Medina

Located just inside the main entrance from Grand Socco into the medina, this patisserie serves all kinds of Moroccan sweets and treats.  

There is a café onsite serving Moroccan-style breakfasts and tagine but for the real deal try some Moroccan pastries. We can personally vouch for the Cornes de Gazelle and M’hannacha at Patisserie Bab Medina…

There are lots of famous Moroccan pastries to try and Tangier is a great place to do it!

Here are some of the most famous Moroccan pastries that wil give you a starting point for some taste testing.

  • M’hanncha:  Flaky filo pastry stuffed with almond and topped with honey presented in a snake-shape roll. 
  • Cornes de Gazelle (Gazelle horns):  Crescent-shaped like a gazelle horn and stuffed with almonds and cinnamon 
  • Ghoriba : Small round biscuits made from almonds
  • Fekkas:  Moroccan version of biscotti
  • Briwates:  Triangle shaped pastries stuffed with almonds, flower water and cinnamon 
  • Baghrir:  Pancakes (made with semolina)
  • Krachel:  Aniseed and sesame sweet buns

There is plenty to try! 

Pastries at Patisserie Bab Medina Morocco.

14.  Tangier medina (and Grand Socco Market)

The souks of Morocco are hard to describe on paper but in person they are the heart and soul of the medina.   A walk through the markets (souks) of Tangier medina is the closest and best way to get an insight into daily life in North Morocco.  

Nomads and farmers come from the neighbouring villages to sell fresh produce and wares.  And along with beautiful presented fruits and vegetables there is no shortage of interesting sights to see within the medina markets. 

The main produce market is right off the Bab al Fahs where you enter the medina from the Grand Socco. 

Shopping in the Medina of tangier things to do in Tangier Morocco.

15.  Café Chez Hassan 

Hopefully you aren’t too full of pastries because this is the next stop on your one day Tangier itinerary.  And perhaps one of the most awaited things to do in Tangier because it’s now time for lunch. 

Chez Hassan is a small but busy restaurant just a short walk from Grand Socco.  

Hassan’s has tagines and the usual Moroccan specialities but there are two things we recommend trying before you leave Tangier. And that is some type of seafood (Tangier is a port city after all) and some of the best Kefta brochettes we found in Morocco. 

  • Tip:  Try any of the brochettes or skewers cooked over the never-stopping charcoals at Chez Hassan. 

Where to eat and best cafes in Tangier Morocco.

16.  Phoenician Tombs

The Phoenician tombs can be found between the medina and Kasbah entrance and the iconic Café Hafa (see below).  

This is an important note in case you are feeling full from a delicious lunch at Chez Hassan.  Because a stretch of the legs and time to admire the view is just what you need to make sure you have room for one more mint tea at the next stop. 

The tombs not only offer important historic value to area but the location itself offers truly spectacular views.   

  • Tip:  There is no charge to enter the location of the Phoenician tombs in Tangier making it surely the best free viewpoint in the city! 

Admittedly when we visited some of the tombs were filled with water and the rubbish management plan isn’t something to write home about.  But the views looking across to Spain and down over the Tangier medina are enough to make anyone pause in appreciation. 

Views from the Phoenician Tombs in Tangier.

17.  Café Hafa 

Without question this is likely the most well-known café, icon and certainly one of the most popular things to do in Tangier.  Café Hafa has existed since 1921 (as it proudly announces on entrance) and is a cliffside café with panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Straight of Gibraltar. 

The cafe spills downwards over multiple levels each packed with tables and locals sipping coffees and mint tea that is delivered by the tray load. 

Albeit the café is a steady uphill walk from Tangier medina but the view and sweet Moroccan mint tea make the efforts well worth it.  

Mint tea at Cafe Hafa one of the best things to do in Tangier Morocco.

18. Tangier Kasbah

The Kasbah of Tangier is an area walled off from the medina that was once the city’s palace and administrative district.  Nowadays it is (paradoxical perhaps) an area of alleyways within the medina that feel even narrower though with less evidence of tourists and daily Tangier life. 

It is a little tricky to find out from the maps where the Kasbah officially starts and ends.  But the best place to start is through Bab Kasbah (the Kasbah Gate) and make your way in a downhill direction. 

  • Tip: Be sure to check out Seqaya Bab el Assa fountain in the Kasbah recognisable for its exquisite mosaic tiling. 

19. Bab Al Bahr 

Unquestionably the best view from the Kasbah over the Mediterranean and the southern coast of Spain. 

Don’t be put off by the men sitting outside the gate entrance selling magnets and sunglasses that might tell you the museum is closed today.  (It only closes on Tuesday).  This is a view worth a grin (and maybe even a magnet) to witness what was once undoubtedly the vantage point of this great walled city. 

Views through Bab Al Bahr over the marina all the way to Tarifa (Spain).

20. Museum of Kasbah

The old Sultan’s palace (built in the 17 th  century) lies within the Kasbah walls and has been converted to an exhibition gallery and museum.  

What was once Dar El Makhzen is now known as the Museum of Kasbah and just as Tangier exemplified arts back in its heyday it too now houses fine examples of Moroccan art. 

It is worth the time to stroll around the two indoor courtyards with beautiful marble fountains and imagine what life must have been like in the historic luxury of Tangier.

  • Tip:  It costs 20 Dirham to enter and the museum is open every day from 10am til 6pm except  Tuesday . 

Kasbah Museum things to do in Tangier Morocco.

21. Petit Socco 

A smaller but just as popular original square inside the medina.  The Petit Socco is the very heart of the medina and exactly where thte Roman forum used to be.  

Despite not being anywhere comparable in size to the Grand Socco the square has been a centre of attraction for the city since the early 19 th century.  Cafés line each side of the plaza dating back to 1813 (Central Café) and now form a prominent meeting point of the main streets and landmarks of the city.

And depending on which time of year you are visiting there are as many ice cream freezers as Moroccan flags and souvenirs in sight. 

22. Café Tingis 

Technically part of the Petit Socco this café deserves a spot on the list too.  Café Tingis is famed as one of the original cafes of Tangier and with confidence it proudly represents the café culture that Tangier is so known for.  

Cafes all over Morocco play an outsized role in Moroccan culture. And certainly in urban Morocco. 

Café Tingis is named for the ancient Roman name of the city and as a last stop of your one day itinerary of Tangier it would be rude not to stop for one last mint tea or espresso. 

Cafe Tingis is one of the most popular things to do in Tangier Morocco.

Best day trips and things to do FROM Tangier 

We reckon the best things to do in Tangier are well doable within one day in Tangier and all accessible on foot.  But of course there are many other great places to recommend nearby to Tangier including the northern beaches, natural caves and more historic architecture on the coast.   

Plage Bakacem, Achakar Beach and Sidi Kacem Beach 

Tangier Beach is the closest to the old city and is easily reached on foot from the medina or train station.  However, Tangiers beach might claim points for proximity but its best for a stroll and not a swim as the water isn’t favourable in the busy port. 

Plage Bakacem and Achakar Beach are just 20 km from the city and Ackchar itself is 4km long and features the recognisable gold sand of the Atlantic shoreline.  

There are umbrellas and beach chairs for hire and of course more camels or horses to take you on a tour of the shore and beyond. 

  • Tip:  Akchakar is a clean, sandy beach great for kids, swimming and / or just relaxing on a beach day out. 

Sidi Kacem is further south with equally golden sands and shallow water for swimming.  

There is parking at each of Tangiers beaches. 

The beach in Morocco.

Cave of Hercules

The Cave of Hercules is often touted as one of the best things to do in Tangier when in fact it is 12km from the city and more of a day trip sight to see. 

The cave was discovered in 4000 B.C. And as the legend of Hercules goes, he punched a hole in the rock to pass from Africa to Europe, and thus ironically the shape of the hole resembles a mirrored shape of the continent of Africa. 

  • Tip:  Entrance to the cave is free. 

It is worth teaming a day trip to the Cave of Hercules with Cape Spartel and see one of the first modern-style lighthouse structures of its kind in Morocco.  (Entrance to the lighthouse is 50 MAD per adult. Kids are free). 

If you are driving there is parking on site and even guarded overnight parking nearby (on Park4Night). 

And by taxi it is more efficient by shared transport for around 20 MAD per person.   

We’d be lying if we didn’t recommend the beautiful slightly-southern port town of Asilah as one of the best day trips from Tangier.  

We did it in reverse taking the train from Asilah to Tangier but either way it is worth a trip. 

  • Read about Asilah and what not to miss here. 

The verdict? 

There are loads of great things to do in Tangier.  And certainly, plenty of new experiences to observe and tastes to try.  Tangier seems to really exemplify the best of North African culture with influence and a modernity mixed with retro-ambience that genuinely can’t be compared to anywhere else. 

If you get the chance to visit Tangier grab it with both hands. 


How to get to Tangier, Morocco

Being one of Morocco’s largest cities Tangier is well connected by sea, road, rail and air. 

How to get to Tangier by road

Morocco – and especially the north – has highways that will surprise even the most skeptical of travellers.  Tangier is well connected to other cities by highways and toll-road motorways. 

Driving times to and from Tangier: 

  • Tangier Med (Port) to Tangier:  52 min  (48.4 km) via A5
  • Asilah to Tangier:  44 min  (46.2 km) via A5
  • Tetouan to Tangier:  1 hr 17 min  (63.0 km) via N2
  • Chefcahouen:  2 hr 7 min  (112.2 km) via N13
  • Read all about driving in Morocco here. 

How to get to Tangier by bus 

SupraTours and CTM are two of the large intercity bus companies in Morocco.  Tickets can be booked directly on their website and vary slightly according to the time of travel on the day. 

  • Tetouan to Tangier  (bus): 25 – 40 MAD
  • Chefchaouen to Tangier  (bus): 60 – 80 MAD
  • Casablanca to Tangier  (bus): 90 – 100 MAD

How to get to Tangier by train 

There are local and high-speed trains to Tangier.  Prices differ according to the trainline.  

Al Boraq is Morocco’s high-speed train.  There are five departures daily from Casablanca to Tangier.  Tickets can be bought online . 

  • Casablanca to Tangier:  2h 10mins (120 – 220 MAD) 

Travel by local train (Al Atlas) to and from Tangier: 

  • Asilah to Tangier:  40 minutes (20 – 30 MAD) 
  • Casablanca to Tangier:  5h 20min (100 – 150 MAD)

Tangier Railway Station.

How to get to Tangier by ferry

The most common route to arrive in Tangier by passenger ferry is from Tarifa (Spain) directly to Tangier (Morocco) Port.  

If you are travelling with a vehicle there are options for a ferry to Tangier Med or Ceuta from Algeciras (Spain). 

  • Read our guide to traveling by vehicle ferry from Algeciras (Spain) to Tangier Med (Morocco) . 

Where to stay in Tangier

Tangier offers a huge choice of hostels, mid-range hotels and guesthouses and traditional riads.  If you are short on time in Tangier then it is worth looking for accommodation inside the medina AND with a rooftop terrace if possible.  (Tangier absolutely delivers on sunsets). 

Some budget and mid-range accommodation options in Tangier: 

  • Tanja Lucia Hostel (budget) 
  • The Riad Hostel Tangier (budget)
  • Diafa Guesthouse (budget)
  • Dar Sultan (mid-range)
  • Riad Bab Kashabh (mid-range)

Where to stay in Asilah with your motorhome

There are two main campsites for motorhomes in Asilah, Morocco.  And the good news is that they are literally right next door to each other. It is a great first stopping point after arriving by ferry from Spain to Morocco with your van. 

We stayed at Camping Echrigui in Asilah. 

ASILAH:   Camping Echrigui

  • Location:  Avenue Moulay Hassan Ben Mahdi, Asilah
  • Type:  Campsite
  • Park4Night:  #30379
  • Cost:  CC 30Dh + 20Dh per adult + 8Dh per child 
  • Facilities:  Basic toilets, showers, fresh water, grey and black waste

About:  A great first start in Morocco! Friendly family-run campsite with basic facilities but everything you need for your motorhome.

The location is great with a 10 minute walk to the medina and across the road from the beach. Mini-market and restaurants just outside the gate. Ask Nawfal in reception about a tagine for dinner – his Mums cooking is divine and a great first taste of Moroccan cuisine!

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  • Driving in Morocco: Everything you wanted to ask.
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  • Motorhome services in Morocco: What is it like?
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Wondering about itineraries?  Questions about schooling?  See our Family Travel Guides and FAQ here . 

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Tangier (Tanger) Morocco - Vintage Travel Poster by Manuel Diaz Merry c.1928 - Fine Art Matte Paper Print (Unframed) 16x20in

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Tangier (Tanger) Morocco - Vintage Travel Poster by Manuel Diaz Merry c.1928 - Fine Art Matte Paper Print (Unframed) 16x20in

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  • Wall Art Decor: Printed on a Matte Heavyweight Fine Art Paper (12 mils 230 gsm)
  • Archival Inks: Fade resistant pigmented inks with print permanence duration
  • Unframed Prints: Standard sizes to fit standard ready-made available frames
  • Print Size: 16x20 in Overall Paper Size - Image Area: 15x19 in with white border
  • Printed on Demand: Then carefully packaged in sturdy cardboard mailers or tubes

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travel poster tangier

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Enjoy a taste of Aloha with these beautiful Fine Art Prints by Pacifica Island Art - printed in Maui, Hawaii. This print will look wonderful framed in the home, office or restaurant and is perfect for the Vintage Art Collector. - ABOUT THE ARTIST - Manuel Diaz Merry -

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Founded in 1991 and based on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii.

We publish Hawaiian Fine Art, Photographs and Vintage Images in the form of Prints & Posters, Wall Calendars, Greeting Cards, Postcards, Gift items and more.

Our love for Vintage Art led us to collecting old airline and travel posters with graphic art depicting worldwide destinations.

Pacifica Island Art Fashion Magazine - February 15, 1935 - Vintage Magazine Cover by Carl Erickso...

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For the production of fine art prints, we use a state of the art 10 color fine art Epson large format printer and print on heavyweight paper using archival quality pigmented inks.

Why do we love what we do?

The mission of our company is to work together in harmony and to spread the Spirit of Aloha throughout the world with images that inspire and bring joy to people’s lives.

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travel poster tangier | We Are Art

We exist so you can have the art you love. gives you easy access to incredible art images and top-notch craftsmanship.

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Art is the best way of seeing the world when travel isn’t possible. Explore our curation of travel art for a trip around the globe. See from tourist favorites landmarks–the Eiffel tower– to hidden gems like the breathtaking landscapes of Yosemite National Park.

Whether you find a cozy reminder of home, your dream destinations, or even cool maps of the world, our handcrafted frames will give it the perfect finishing touch.

This art print displays sharp, vivid images with a high degree of color accuracy. A member of the versatile family of art prints, this high-quality reproduction represents the best of both worlds: quality and affordability. Art prints are created using a digital or offset lithography press.

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there is a car that is parked in front of a building with a palm tree

Tangier turquoise


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