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Why Local Travel Agencies are Better Than Online Booking Sites

When planning your next vacation, you may be tempted to book everything online. After all, it’s quick and easy to compare prices and make reservations from the comfort of your own home. However, there are several reasons why using a local travel agency in your area can be a much better option.

Personalized Service

One of the biggest advantages of using a local travel agency is the personalized service you will receive. When you work with a travel agent in person, they can get to know you and your preferences. They can offer recommendations based on your interests and budget, and they can help you create an itinerary that is tailored specifically to your needs.

Expert Advice

Local travel agents have years of experience in the industry and know their destinations inside and out. They can offer expert advice on everything from the best time to visit a particular location to which hotels have the best amenities. They can also provide insider tips on local attractions that may not be well-known to tourists.

Assistance with Changes or Issues

When booking through an online site, it can be difficult or even impossible to make changes or resolve issues if something goes wrong with your reservation. With a local travel agency, however, you have someone who is accessible if any problems arise during your trip. They will work with airlines, hotels, and other vendors on your behalf to resolve any issues that may come up.

Supporting Local Businesses

By using a local travel agency in your area, you are supporting small businesses in your community rather than large corporations that may not have as much vested interest in providing personalized service or supporting local economies.

In conclusion, while online booking sites may seem like an easy option for planning a vacation, using a local travel agency offers many benefits such as personalized service, expert advice, assistance with changes or issues during the trip and supporting small businesses in our community. So, the next time you’re planning a trip, consider working with a local travel agency in your area to make the most of your vacation.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


local tourist guide in nepal

local tourist guide in nepal

Nepal Private Tour Guides

Contact a private tour guide to plan your nepal itinerary and book online..

View all 3 reviews

Popular Nepal Destinations

Popular kathmandu tour guides.

Kathmandu Tour Guide - Prabin B.

Myself Prabin. I am a government certified professional Tour Guide. I have been working as a tour guide since 2012. I was born and raised in Bhaktapur. I am student of Master in Nepalese culture, History and Archeology. if you are interested in Nepalese culture and history I will be the perfect guide for you.                                                                                                                                  

Bagmati Tour Guide - Sujan  L.

Namaste and Greeting from Nepal. I am very enthusiastic about introducing myself. Myself is Ph.D. A scholar in Tourism with a master’s in Soft Skills Corporate Training. I have been associated with the hospitality industry and institutes in Nepal. I have first-hand experience in handling and in association with people from various walks of life, which gave me the ability to effectively manage people and their behavior. I have been actively associated with people from various cultural backgrounds to bridge the areas in communication and comprehend the changing needs in the hospitality industry. I have been in the industry for 20 years of service. As customers have recognized me all over the world and my firm is aware of providing the best service to our valued client. I want to offer you some prodigious tour and treks packages of the beautiful Himalayas ( Nepal,Tibet and Bhutan ) to the adventure’s client . As people had travel experience with me, are evidence of our exceedingly efficient and quality services. They have shared their best moment on our company review pages. As I label myself as leading. I am innovated and highly efficient organization in the country. I looked forward to server the quality service with smile . Sincerely, Sujan Lamichhane Thamel, Kathmandu Nepal.                                                                                                                                  

Bagmati Tour Guide - Ashim L.

I am a licensed government travel and tour guide in Nepal with a wealth of experience leading tours and treks in various regions such as Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, and Kanchenjunga. My friendly demeanor, positive attitude, and professionalism make me a trusted guide for tourists from all over the world. I am fluent in several languages, including Nepali, English, Japanese, and Hindi, which allows me to communicate effectively with my clients and make them feel comfortable throughout their travels. I offer customized tour packages and activities tailored to my clients' preferences, ensuring a memorable experience. I am dedicated to providing high-quality service, including safety, hygiene, and top-notch equipment to ensure my clients have the best experience possible. I am always enthusiastic about exploring new sites in Nepal, discovering hidden gems that can become perfect destinations for future generations.                                                                                                                                  

Kathmandu Tour Guide - Prem prakash B.

Prem prakash B.

Namaste warm greetings from nepal. i have been working as a english speaking tourist guide in nepal since 2010 as a full time worker. i have gained my experience with different nationalities. since covid-19 pandemic, i lost the job including so many of my colleagues too. i have been lookin for a tourism related job in this new normal and i found your website where i can work from home in case of inquiry of the clients being a virtual tour guide.                                                                                                                                  .

Bagmati Tour Guide - Shreeram T.

Shreeram T.

I have been working in tourism for 13 years in different positions. i own my agency as well as guiding through the platform like tourbylocals, vaitor. i am tour/trek guide and i take the tourist to the mountains as well as all around the nepal.                                                                                                                                  .

Kathmandu Tour Guide - Devaraj D.

I'm Devaraj, your friendly guide & let me tell you a little bit about myself and what you can expect from our time together. I was born in Baseri, Dhading District, a hilly region in central Nepal that is also known for the Ganesh Himal and the Manaslu Trek. Since 2002, I've been a trekking guide. My adventure towards guiding began as a personal quest to uncover Nepal's hidden treasures and natural beauties. Over time, my passion for the great outdoors, desire to encourage others to embrace the spirit of adventure, and commitment to forging a deeper connection between people and the environment grew into a vocation. So, if you're up for a voyage of exploration, challenge, and growth, come along with me as we explore the beautiful landscapes and civilizations that await us. Let's make lasting memories one journey at a time.                                                                                                                                  

Bagmati Tour Guide - Ammar G.

Hi, I'm Ammar, I'm a friendly local tour guide in Kathmandu. Born and grew up in the Langtang Territory in the Nepalese Himalayas. It’s not always an easy finding the right tourist spot and understand the background knowledge. Let's enjoy exploring the ancient towns with a heritage sites, and talking with me! And I will help you to understand about Nepali culture and history. We can also talk about modern Nepalese lifestyles and customs. I like to interact with my guest so you will understand much more real Nepal. Thank you.                                                                                                                                  

Bagmati Tour Guide - Anil  M.

I have been a guide for over 30 years and an awardee of "Global Guide Award" for three consecutive years 2016, 2017 and 2018. Besides, I am also a founder member of "Tourist Guide Association" of Nepal. I therefore, can provide your clients a Guide any time round the year even when I am occupied.                                                                                                                                  

Popular bagmati tour guides.

Bagmati Tour Guide - Gyanu A.

I was born in , in a country site of Nepal near the Ganesh Himal and langtang Himal area. As I was impressed by the natural beauty of Nepal, Cultural activities and varieties of traditions, festivals I decided to deliver the information to foreigners. I stared my career in tourism as a mountain/trekking porter when i was 14 years old. I used to work in tourism for more than 10 years. After lots of hard work and difficulty’s I became the National Government Licensed Guide .Since then, I have guided more than 100 tours in Nepal as well as Bhutan, and Tibet in different type of activities such as trekking, hiking, peak climbing, adventure activity bungee jumping, river rafting, cliffing, fishing, kayaking, paragliding, tandem, wild life jungle safari, city tour etc. while improving my tours. My tours are very flexible and I always do my best to customize them according to the interests of my guests. I studied about the places and will provide you knowledge to appreciate them more deeply than just visiting there by yourself or a member of group tours. I love to deliver the Nepalese cultural things, traditional activities and varieties of such as different ethnical groups/cast in Nepal, Histories, and stories about the heritage sites and natural beauty of Nepal. Therefore, I am sure that I can provide you the best tours customized to your interests. It will be my great pleasure to help Travelers to enjoy their holiday in Nepal.                                                                                                                                  

Popular pokhara tour guides.

Bagmati Tour Guide - Milan P.

Namaste! I am Milan. There is so much to see, feel, taste, explore, learn and understand in our small Himalayan country due to such diversified yet complex social & religious structure. “Once is not enough” is the motto of Tourism in Nepal. Meeting people from around the world and sharing & learning the ideas, knowledge and wisdom is what I liked most about working in tourism. And after working for long time, I still am very curious about so-so many things and always seeking and learning to provide the deeper insights of natural and cultural beauty of Archaic Nepal with proper safety and comfort.                                                                                                                                  

Bagmati Tour Guide - Ananta kumar K.

Ananta kumar K.

Well, i have completed my master degree in tourism administration from bangalore university and i have worked for travel and tourism service since 2005 ad. now, i have received the license from government of nepal as tourist guide since 2018 ad. i love to travel different places to know more about its culture and biodiversity. so that i would like to be a tour guide of yours. thank you.                                                                                                                                  .

Bagmati Tour Guide - Badri prasad  A.

Badri prasad A.

I have been working in the tourism and hospitality industry in nepal since 2007. i had worked as a mountain trekking porter in the beginning days. slowly & step by step i got chance to become mountain guide & then the heritage/cultural guide. for now i have been working with outdoor himalayan treks and a freelancer guide from different companies as well.                                                                                                                                  .

Kathmandu Tour Guide - Prem L.

I am a professional multilingual travel guide and travel entrepreneur from Nepal. With over a decade of experience in the sector, I started my own travel agency iFly Nepal from 2021. iFly Nepal is a prominent travel agency, providing an extensive array of activities including Travel, Tours, Trekking, Expeditions, Guide Services, Hotel Reservations, Vehicle Hire, Cooking Classes, Language Classes, Local Shopping, and numerous others to travelers arriving in Nepal from around the world. We are also committed to promoting gender equality and practicing sustainable tourism in the country. With my in-depth knowledge of local culture, history, cuisine, and various trekking routes and trails in Nepal, I am adept at tailoring my services to meet the unique needs and interests of my clients. As a friendly and approachable guide, I have earned a reputation for my professionalism and expertise in the field. My excellent communication skills and attention to detail enable me to ensure that my clients have a safe and enjoyable experience during their trips in Nepal. My goal is to provide my clients with the best possible service to ensure that they have a unique and memorable experience in Nepal.                                                                                                                                  

Popular lumbini tour guides.

Kathmandu Tour Guide - Gokul S.

A bachelor in Tourism Management, I speak fluent English, Japanese, and Spanish. By guiding tourists throughout the Himalayan Region and the vibrant cities in Nepal, I have gained vast knowledge about the culture, language of the lifestyle of the local people. I promise to guide you best for any monuments and cities.                                                                                                                                  

Lumbini Tour Guide - Mahesh pati  M.

Mahesh pati M.

I am a local-born boy from lumbini and was grown on the lap of this beautiful garden. my passion is to introduce the birthplace of lord buddha in my local way i.e beyond books. i was certified by nathm & unesco in 2015 and before that, i was active as a local tour guide since 2011. i used to make my guest's trips informative, memorable, and enjoyable. on request various services are offered like transportation, indo- nepal border migration works, meditation on monasteries, etc. book me and i'll let you assure that you have the best one for lumbini.                                                                                                                                  .

Kathmandu Tour Guide - Navaraj S.

I am government licensed professional tour and trekking guide based in Kathmandu, Nepal. I can help you through your Nepal tour, trekking, peak climbing, mountain expedition and other adventure activities in the Himalayas.                                                                                                                                  

Popular gandaki tour guides, popular other bagmati locations tour guides, popular sagarmatha tour guides.

Bagmati Tour Guide - Kamal prasad R.

Kamal prasad R.

"greetings from nepal we are experienced and registered trekking and travel companies in nepal. our work during the last 12 years. organise many trekking and tours, like the everest, annapurna , langtang , mustang, manaslu, ganesh himal and helambu. so that we can plan your holiday as per your satisfaction and budget. we i’ll be able to provide you with our cost effective services. we are very serious about our work"                                                                                                                                  , nepal tour reviews.

Kathmandu Tour Guide Review by Christopher P.

Christopher P.

“ Amazing Guide! ”

Prabin was an excellent guide from start to finish. He always communicated well and thoroughly. I felt extremely confident heading into the tour. On the day of the tour he arrived early and was ready to go as soon as we were. He is incredibly knowledgeable about Nepal, Kathmandu, and the surrounding areas and had many facts and stories to share. He always took time to answer any questions thoroughly. He is also very kind and funny, making him the ideal guide. I highly recommend!

“ Terrific guide ”

Prabin is great. He's working on his MA in Nepalese culture and history and he uses his knowledge to full extent. We went on a full day tour with him visiting Changu Narayan Temple, Bhaktapur, Boudhanath Stupa, and Pashupatinath Temple. Along the way he suggested a few stores to buy things we were looking for and from what I gathered those were not prearranged commission-paying spots as the owners did not know him and asked for his name. Good sense of humor, very friendly, fluent English.

Thank you for your kind words.

“ Very kind guide ”

I had a walk around tour in Kathmandu and outing to Nagatkot, monkey temple, Patan and Bakthapur Durbar squares. Susan was very kind, went out of her way to accommodate my wishes- including choosing the right kurti, pashmina, haggling for the price of ceramics... it was a very enjoyable time and I certainly recommend Susan as a competent guide!

Thank you for your wonderful review. It was so nice to guide you. I also enjoyed a lot being with you.

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So no group tours with strangers

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Local tour guides in nepal.

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Explore the list of top ranked local tour guides in Nepal. Get tour activities offered by tour companies and independent travel guides in Nepal.

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local tourist guide in nepal

Nestled in the shadow of the majestic Himalayas, with a unique blend of Hinduism and Buddhism, Kathmandu offers an experience that is hard to match. Book a tourHQ local guide and explore the stunning architecture and ancient wonders of Durbar Square and Swayambhunath Stupa on your next visit.

local tourist guide in nepal

Hugging its own mirror-like lake in the midst of the snow-mantled Nepalese Himalaya, Pokhara is a breathtaking affair. Temples and views abound, so be sure to get a tourHQ guide while in town.

local tourist guide in nepal

Get a tourHQ guide to help plan your treks around the Annapurna Himal; an area of jagged peaks and chiseled summits that forms the heart of the Nepalese Himalayas, reigning as one of the world’s top hiking destinations.

local tourist guide in nepal

Explore the list of top ranked local tour guides in Nagarkot. Get tour activities offered by tour companies and independent travel guides in Nagarkot.

local tourist guide in nepal

Get a local tourHQ guide to help you discover the kingfishers, rhinos and Bengal tigers in the wilds of Chitwan, between the palm forests and shala trees on the very edge of the mighty Himalaya.

local tourist guide in nepal

A cocktail of the old and the new Nepal, where temples and pagodas overshadow tight-knit streets of tuk-tuks, Bhaktapur and its UNESCO sites are best explored with a tourHQ guide.

local tourist guide in nepal

Namche Bazaar tour guides from tourHQ can help you acclimatise in the soaring heights of Nepalese Himalayas – think treks, teahouses and more

local tourist guide in nepal

Lukla tour guides are at hand to help you plan an expedition into some of the most dramatic mountains in the world, not to mention the soaring peak of Everest itself.

local tourist guide in nepal

Explore the list of top ranked local tour guides in Jomsom. Get tour activities offered by tour companies and independent travel guides in Jomsom.

local tourist guide in nepal

Get a Nepal tour guide from tourHQ to help you conquer the top of Poon Hill or the courses of the bucket-list-busting Annapurna Base Camp trek.

From Bhaktapur

local tourist guide in nepal

See the Attractions of Bhaktapur

Visit one of the most famous seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal, as I live stream to you from its white marble surrounds. We will walk around and see the monument from various angles to appreciate its architecture and intricate carvings that are unparalleled even today! The intricate ...

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tourHQ Tours

Kathmandu, Pokhara & Ghorepani

11-Day Trek To Poon Hill With Sightseeing in Kathmandu & Pokhara

tourHQ Tours

2-Day Tour of Kathmandu Valley's Durbar Squares, Temples & Stupas

tourHQ Tours

7-Hour Kathmandu Temples and Patan Durbar Square Tour

tourHQ Tours

1-Hour Paragliding Tour Over Annapurna Mountains from Sarangkot Viewpoint

tourHQ Tours

5-Day Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek from Kathmandu

tourHQ Tours

6-Hour Kathmandu Temples And Stupas Tour

tourHQ Tours

2-Hour Mount Everest Flight Sightseeing Tour From Kathmandu

tourHQ Tours

Kathmandu & Everest Base Camp-South

4-Hour Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour From Kathmandu

tourHQ Tours

Kathmandu, Mustang & Pokhara

17-Day Trek To Upper Mustang With Sightseeing In Pokhara & Kathmandu

tourHQ Tours

12-Day Exciting Trek to the Everest Base Camp From Kathmandu

tourHQ Tours

Pokhara & Hoarafushi

5-Day Thrilling Trek to Mardi Himal Peak from Pokhara

tourHQ Tours

15-Day Adventurous Trek to the Annapurna Base Camp from Pokhara

tourHQ Tours

2-Hour Paragliding Experience in Pokhara

tourHQ Tours

Kathmandu, Nagarkot & Bhaktapur

4-Day Kathmandu & Bhaktapur Heritage Tour With Nagarkot Sunset View

tourHQ Tours

Kathmandu, Pokhara & Lumbini

7-Day Tour to the Highlights of Kathmandu, Pokhara & Lumbini

tourHQ Tours

9-Day Tour For Pokhara, Nagarkot, Chitwan And Kathmandu

tourHQ Tours

Kathmandu & Langtang

10-Day Trek To Langtang Valley & Kyanjin Area From Kathmandu

tourHQ Tours

Kathmandu, Pokhara & Chitwan

10-Day Tour To The Major Landmarks Of Nepal From Kathmandu

tourHQ Tours

10-Day Pilgrimage & Safari Tour In Nepal From Kathmandu

tourHQ Tours

Kathmandu & Chitwan

3-Day Chitwan National Park Wildlife Safari From Kathmandu

tourHQ Tours

19-Day Trek To Everest Base Camp & Island Peak From Kathmandu

tourHQ Tours

Kathmandu & Lumbini

3-Day Sightseeing Tour in Lumbini From Kathmandu

tourHQ Tours

See the Attractions of Bhaktapur on this 4-Hour Private Tour

tourHQ Tours

4-Hour Private Walking Tour of Swayambhu Nath Stupa & Kathmandu Durbar Square

tourHQ Tours

Full Day Private Hiking Tour to Australian Camp and Dhampus

tourHQ Tours

Thame & Kathmandu

Discover Kathmandu's Cultural Highlights Over a 4-Hour Private Tour

tourHQ Tours

3-Day Chitwan National Park Safari From Kathmandu

220.00 USD USD

tourHQ Tours

Kathmandu & Ghorepani

11-Day Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek from Kathmandu

850.00 USD USD

tourHQ Tours

Adventurous Gokyo Valley Trek Over a 15-Day Tour from Kathmandu

1599.00 USD USD

tourHQ Tours

Experience the Thrill of Manaslu Circuit Trek from Kathmandu in 18 Days

1600.00 USD USD

tourHQ Tours

13-Day Everest Base Camp Trek

899.00 USD USD

tourHQ Tours

15-Day Adventurous Trek to Everest Base Camp from Kathmandu

tourHQ Tours

Pokhara & Kathmandu

Half-Hour Kathmandu to Pokhara Flight

190.00 USD USD

tourHQ Tours

16-Day Everest Base Camp Trek from Kathmandu

tourHQ Tours

11-Day Trek To Gorepani With Jungle Safari In Chitwan National Park

940.00 USD USD

tourHQ Tours

6-Day Chisapani Nagarkot Trek From Sundarijal

420.00 USD USD

tourHQ Tours

Embark on the heights of adventure

tourHQ Tours

Kathmandu & Manaslu

24-Day Adventure Trek to Tsum Valley from Kathmandu

1899.00 USD USD

tourHQ Tours

8-Day Nepal's Golden Triangle Tour from Kathmandu

797.00 USD USD

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6-Hour Kathmandu Temples and Stupas Tour

Explore the temples and stupas of Kathmandu, Nepal's capital, situated in a valley surrounded by the Himalayan mountains. Visit four world heritage sites such as the Kathmandu Durbar Square, Monkey Temple, the great Buddha Stupa and the Pashupatinath Temple on this 6-hour tour.


Kathmandu, Nagarkot & Pokhara

4-Day Kathmandu, Nagarkot & Pokhara Spiritual Tour

Visit World Heritage Sites such as Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath, Boudhanath and Kathmandu Durbar Square during these 4 days. Enjoy boat rides on the Phewa Lake, visit the Davis Falls, Gupteshwor Cave, and the Tal Barahi Temple while enjoying views of the picturesque snow-clad mountains.


12-Day Everest Base Camp Tour from Kathmandu

Go for Everest base camp trek, which has been listed as the number one trekking trail and the best trekking destination by National Geographic. The trek takes you to the base of Mt Everest, the highest peak in the world, while you enjoy meeting the Sherpa people and understand their culture. ...


7-Day Nepal Highlights Tour

Explore Nepal's popular attractions with a certified local guide. Visit Kathmandu, Pokhara and more - enjoy sunrise and sunset views, visit temples and stupas, go on short hikes and a boat ride - there's so much to do on a mini-vacation in the land of the mighty mountains!


2-Day Charaudi River Rafting Adventure from Kathmandu

Join this 2-day tour to go on a mini-adventure. Raft along the Trishuli River, which is comparatively easier and offers whitewater rapids that will surely give you a different impression. Stumble upon the thrilling rapids along with the charming views of forests, gorges and scattered mountain ...


Chitwan & Kathmandu

3-Day Safari through the Chitwan Jungle

Go for a thrilling safari in Royal Chitwan National Park (RCNP), one of the country's natural wonders. Nestled in the subtropical lowlands of the inner Terai, the place has found a mention in the great Hindu Epic of Mahabharata. Take in the beautiful sights and sounds of nature and lose ...


Kathmandu & Patan

7-Hour Swayambhunath, Kathmandu Durbar Square & Patan Old Palace ...

Visit Swayambhunath Stupa, an ancient religious complex atop a hill in the Kathmandu Valley; explore the magnificent Kathmandu Durbar Square. Drive to Patan city, the three UNESCO World Heritage sites of the Kathmandu Valley. Explore the old palace of Patan on this 7-hour tour.


Bhaktapur, Kathmandu & Nagarkot

2-Day Kathmandu, Bhaktapur & Nagarkot Tour

Visit the three famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, and Bhaktapur. After exploring and cherishing the beauty of Bhaktapur, move on to Nagarkot for an amazing sunset view. Also, get to enjoy the breathtaking view of mountains in Nagarkot. Grab the opportunity to be ...


2-Day Trekking Tour of Kathmandu, Nagarkot & Bhaktapur

Follow this fantastic trail that goes through some of the most picturesque views of the Himalayas. Explore the panoramic surroundings and discover flora and fauna of the mountain region on this 2-day hiking tour. Nagarkot Dhulikhel Hiking is a short and sweet hike to the northern side of Kathmandu. ...


8-Hours Kathmandu Walking Tour

Travel through the highlights of Kathmandu - Capital of Nepal, on this walking trip. Cover the popular tourist hub of Thamel and visit the Nagaraynhiti Museum, the Garden of Dreams, Asan market, Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square and get to know their local culture, history and traditions.


4-Hour Sightseeing Tour of Kathmandu

Experience the local market, interact with local people, sightsee the world heritage place and taste delicious Nepali dinner with traditional cultural dance shows in the capital city. Sites such as Kathmandu Durbar Square, Asan Market, and Indra Chowk will be visited. 


Full-Day Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour from Kathmandu

Get enthralled with the mesmerizing beauty of the Everest Region and fall in love with nature all over again. This tour is ideal for travellers who want to take a short and exciting trip around the Himalayas. Board the helicopter tour that takes you on the journey over the snow-capped mountains in ...


Kathmandu & Mount Everest

2-Hour Mount Everest Flight from Kathmandu

Get smitten by the views of the earth's highest mountain from the air as you go on a plane ride from Nepal's capital. Witness the beauty of the Himalayas and peaks like Gauri Shankar, Langtang Lirung and many other peaks. Fly through the Himalayas and have an experience of a ...


Kathmandu, Dharapani & Manaslu

14-Day Adventure Trek to Manaslu circuit from Kathmandu

Venture on one of the most rewarding Manaslu Circuit treks for far-reaching beautiful views of the Himalayas. Hike through the upstream of River Buri-Gandaki and then ends following another river, Masrsyangdi, flowing from the source of Northern Annapurna Himalaya. Also, observe the unique culture ...


Kathmandu & Bhaktapur

7-Hour Stupas, Squares, Temples, & Monasteries Tour In Kathmandu ...

Discover the Buddhist and Hindu cultures in Kathmandu Valley and Bhaktapur. Visit Boudhanath Stupa, the Buddhist commemorative monument that usually houses sacred relics associated with the Buddha or other saintly persons. Pray at the Pashupatinath Temple, the largest temple complex in Nepal that ...


1 day trekking from Budanilkhantha to the Shivapuri Peak

Embark on a trek to Shivapuri Peak through the lush green jungles, which serve as great view points for the enchanting panoramic views of mountains. Revel in the experience of hiking, birding and witnessing the snow covered Himalayan peaks.


4-Day UNESCO World Heritage Sites Tour in Kathmandu

In this 4-day tour, explore the UNESCO cultural world heritage monuments, including the art, architecture, iconography, culture, tradition and living style of the local people! Learn about the demographic aspect, geographical aspects, anthropological aspects, religious aspects, economic aspects and ...


Manaslu & Kathmandu

15-Day Manaslu Circuit Trek from Kathmandu

Embark on one of the most rewarding Manaslu Circuit treks for far-reaching beautiful views of the Himalayas. Observe the unique culture of Tibetan people as you pass through beautiful forest areas and riverbanks. Hike through the upstream of River Buri-Gandaki and then ends following another ...


14-Day Everest Base Camp Trek from Kathmandu

During this 14-day trek beginning from Kathmandu, walk on the lap of the Great Himalayas with the crystal clear view of majestic mountains just in front of your eyes. Trek through Phakding, explore Namche Bazaar and surpass Tengboche, Pheriche, Lobuche to reach the Everest Base Camp. 


1 Day Bird Watching In Kathmandu Valley

Visit Godawari, the best spot in Kathmandu Valley for bird watching, with over 360 species spotted throughout the year. If you are a bird-watching enthusiast, then this tour is for you!


Ascend the Poon Hill Trek

Attempt the Poon Hill Trek, a short and moderate grade adventure that takes you high above scenic Pokhara Valley with utmost views and panorama of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna range and  Manaslu peaks with towering Machhapuchare Himal known as Fish-Tail peaks.


14-Day Everest Base Camp Adventure Trek from Kathmandu

Embark on one of the most popular trekking routes from Lukla and climb the Everest Base Camp. Behold the spectacular snow-clad mountain vistas of the Lhotse, Nuptse, Ama Dablam and Thamserku. Pass through several Sherpa Culture villages of the Khumbu region and trek along the breathtaking Dudh ...


Chitwan, Kathmandu & Pokhara

7-Day Tour to Kathmandu and Pokhara With a Safari at Chitwan

Go for a short trip to the historic temples and famous stupas in the Kathmandu Valley. Drive to Pokhara to visit the famous Davis Falls and Gupteshwor Cave. Learn about the lives of refugees at the Tibetan refugee camp and go for a boat ride on the Phewa lake. Enjoy a thrilling jungle safari at the ...


12-Day Annapurna Base Camp Trekking

Annapurna Base Camp Trekking in Nepal provides you with unparallel access to the spectacular views, an ever-changing landscape of rice fields, misty forests, and tiny villages. Trek through rhododendron & bamboo forests and make a worthy detour to Gandrung, a beautiful Gurung ...


3-Hour temples and market tour of Kathmandu

Explore Kathmandu, a city where ancient traditions are zealously guarded while at the same time embracing modern technology. Discover the highlights of the city like never before. Marvel at the Thamel- the tourist hub, vegetable market, Ason bazaar- the most famous and ancient traditional market, ...


Full-Day Rafting on the Trishuli River in Kathmandu

Experience rafting in the white water rapids of Nepal can be thrilling, with white water rapids that range from grade one to the most extreme grades. Rivers like Trishuli, Bhotekoshi, Marshyangdi, Seti and Karnali are very famous for rafting, with lots of adventure rapids and swift rivers' ...


8-Hour Tour of Kathmandu Temples & Patan Durbar Square

Spend a day exploring the religious temples and Patan Durbar Square in Kathmandu, Nepal's capital, set in a valley surrounded by the Himalayan mountains. Discover the UNESCO World Heritage sites and observe the unique culture and traditions of Nepal's Newari people. Reconnect with your ...


3-Day Bungamati & Khokana Highlights Tour from Kathmandu

Go on this specially crafted tour to experience the local Newari culture of the Kathmandu Valley. Opt for a homestay and learn more about the local culture - starting from the customs and superstitions to the food and habits. Visit the Bungamati village and a children's home. Walk and witness ...


16-Day Trek to the Everest Base Camp

No part in the world is more spectacular than in the Everest region. It is home to four of the world's six tallest peaks Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Makalu, and Cho Oyu, which rise above everything else, crowning the towering ridges that straddle the forbidding Himalayans. The ...


Kathmandu & Nagarkot

2-Day Nagarkot Sunrise & Sunset Tour

On this tour, you can experience the beautiful view of sunset and sunrise over mountains as you travel through Nepal. Savour life as we know it while watching the sun play hide and seek in the company of sturdy mountains and lush valleys.


2-day Kathmandu Homestay tour

Book this unique home-stay tour in Kathmandu, Nepal. Stay with a Nepalese family and learn about the deeper cultural experiences, and immerse yourself in the lifestyle of the Nepalese!


Kathmandu & Pokhara

8-Day Kathamandu, Pokhara, Phewa Lake, & Panchase Tour

Explore Panchase, the beautiful village which lies underneath the high caps of the Annapurna Himalayan range. This trek is one of the famous short treks in Nepal. Enjoy its excellent views of the snow-capped mountains. Also, take a stroll of Kathmandu city and get a chance to learn about the local ...


5-Day Kathmandu & Pokhara Valley Sightseeing Tour

Take this eponymous trip to savour the multitude of experiences that Nepal comes with. Combine the serenity of Pokhara with the modern madness of Kathmandu- an amalgamation of a lifetime. Visit popular sites such as the Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, Gupteshwar Cave and ...


7-Day Sightseeing Tour from Kathmandu with Trirsuli River ...

Visit popular sites such as the Kathmandu Durbar Square, Changunarayan, Pashupatinath and other Buddhist temples and stupas in 7 days! This tour is ideal for those wishing to do deep cultural explorations. Add a special white river rafting on the Trisuli river to increase the excitement for this ...


1-Day Water Sports and River Rafting at Trishuli

Explore the natural beauty of Nepal, such as great scenery, impressive gorges and exciting rapids. There are various “Put-in-point” in this exhilarating rafting river. Charaundi is one of the most common put-in-points in the Trishuli River.


10-Day Everest Base Camp Trek from Kathmandu

Enjoy an adventurous Everest Base Camp trek via the popular Lukla route and witness the beautiful Dudh Koshi River flowing beside. Follow the hike trails to get the views of snow-clad mountainscapes of Mt. Everest, Mt. Amadablam, Mt. Nuptse-Lhotse ranges, Mt. Thamserku, and Khumbu glacier from the ...


Bhaktapur, Kathmandu & Patan

4-Hour Kathmandu Valley Tour

Join this simple sightseeing tour to Kathmandu valley, with visits to the historic heritage sites of Boudhanath stupa, Patan Durbar Square, and Bhaktapur Durbar Square. 


10-Day Nepal Sightseeing Tour from Kathmandu

Discover the historical, cultural, and natural splendour of Nepal as you visit the world heritage sights in Kathmandu. Become one with the nature of Pokhara and Chitwan and tread the Buddha's steps at Lumbini. Grab this opportunity to learn more about the history and culture of Nepal in this ...


Annapurna, Kathmandu & Pokhara

6-Day Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek from Kathmandu

A short trek in the Annapurna region of Nepal with tea house accommodation, the majestic views of several panoramic mountains like Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Manaslu and Mt. Machhapuchre, beautiful rhododendron forest, varied flora and fauna along with the diverse culture of different ...

local tourist guide in nepal

Trek Nepal Himalayas Pvt Ltd

Trek Nepal Himalayas Pvt Ltd is a well-respected and established company within the tourism ...


Susan Manandhar

Dear guests, I am Susan, a  local Newar lady from the Kathmandu Valley. I did my Schooling ...

116 Reviews


Badri Nepal

It's me Badri Nepal, working as a tourist guide in Nepal since 1996. I was born in the village ...


Deepak Aryal

Namaste!!!Dear Guest, Welcome and Warm Greetings from Tour/Trek Guide, Leader, tour operator and ...


Hem Raj Bastola

An inhabitant of Pumdi Bhumdi Village Development committee, I completed my Bachelor's degree in ...



Hi I am Dinesh. Warm greetings from Nepal. I started my career as English & German ...


Kedar Aryal

Namaste & Warm greetings from Nepal. One of the qualified Nepal government`s licensed trekking & ...


Jaya N Bhandari

Namaste! to all Dear travelers and Guest,I am Jaya N Bhandari Working as trekking and mountain tour ...


Ranjan Pokharel

Namaste! I am Ranjan- a government-licensed tour guide in Nepal since 2010. Being a local tour ...


Paras Mani Amgain

Namaste! Greetings from Kathmandu, Nepal. This is me Paras with a decade of experience in tour ...


Niranjan Nepal(Ramesh)

 I am Niranjan Nepal (Ramesh) from Dhading district, the hilly region of the western part ...


Anil Manandhar

Dear guests, this is me, Anil Manandhar a certified guide from Kathmandu with experience of more ...


Rajendra Dhamala (Raj DC)

Namaste! Cordial greetings! I am a hardworking and sincere person and I like travelling to places. ...


Suraj Gurung

Authentic trekking in Nepal I'm Suraj and have 15 years of experience leading trekking tours in the ...


Badri Aryal

Hi everyone, I am Badri Aryal. Born & frown in the lap of Himalayas. As I was impressed by the ...


shiva sedai

A trekking tour guide in Nepal, I love to spend time in the mountain part of the world. A ...


Hari Prasad Pandey

Adventure is the part of life. I was born in Nuwakot village and start my carier of tourism ...


Bikash Shrestha

I am a joyful and sincere person who likes to travel, enjoy life, meet new people and share ideas & ...


Govinda Subedi

Hello! My name is Gobinda Subedi. I was born in a small village called Naudanda which is 19 kms ...


Ashok Silwal

Guiding is my profession and passion as well. 'A' graded tour guide from Kathmandu, ...


purna karki

I am from Solukhumbhu, a region near the Himalayan Everest area in Nepal. Working as a ...


Santosh Dhakal

I am Santosh Dhakal, an experienced Adventure Mountain Guide in Nepal Himalayas. I have obtained ...


Deepen Newar

Hi. I am the professional license holder tour guide of the Himalayan Shangrila Nepal. I am always ...


Bijay Rimal

Welcome to the country of beautiful Himalayas Known as Nepal, reputed because of the highest ...


Mahendra Raj Bhusal

Originally from the Lumbini zone, Western Development Region of Nepal, decided moved to ...


I have been working as a guide since 5 years. after working in this field i realized in this ...


Phurinji Sherpa

I was born in Solukhumbu district. I like playing and listening to music a lot. Soon after high ...


Kunal Gurung

A 32-Year-Old guy who loves being a tour guide. I tried various professions in life but, I can say ...


Shreeram Thapaliya (Trek guide nepal)

Namaste from the Himalayan Nation of Nepal Dear Guest! I am Shreeram an independent ...


Rabin Dhakal

Born in Gorkha, a remote district in the northern province of Nepal, I am an individual in a ...


Mani Bhagawat

Welcome to my tourHQ page! Let me introduce myself, I am a Tour and Trekking Guide, fluent in ...


shiva shrestha

My trekking experience in Nepal started back in 2004. For 3 years I was porter, then I became ...


Gokul Sapkota

A bachelor in Tourism Management, I speak fluent English, Japanese, and Spanish. By guiding ...


Mark shrestha

I would like to present myself as a young and energetic professional tour ...


Taralal Dharel

I've been a working as a trekking Guide since 2007, hence have a lot experience ...


Rijal Valmiki

This is Valmiki Rijal, a professional licensed tour guide.That's all I have to say right now. ...


Rajesh Timalsina

Warm greetings from Nepal, which is known all over the world as the birthplace of Lord Buddha and ...


Deepak Dhamala

Warm greetings and Namaste to all the travel lovers across the globe!!! I am an energetic, ...


Srijan Gharti

Namaste ! Travellers, I would like to welcome you in Nepal for discovering many interesting things ...


Namaste this is guide Satya Man Tamang from mid-eastern part of Nepal. I worked as porter since ...


Touch The Himalaya Treks & Expedition P. Ltd

Touch The Himalaya, a renowned trekking company in Nepal, specializes in providing unique adventure ...


Ganesh Himal Hiking Team Pvt.Ltd

GHHT-Ganesh Himal Hiking Team is one of the leading tourist operators in three Himalayan countries ...


We are Nepal government licensed company. We are team of Nepal travel experts, delivering quality ...


Himkala Adventure

Himkala Adventure is a trekking company run by an experienced trekking/ tour guides. We offer any ...


Reasonable Treks And Tour

The individualistic aspect of travel should never be forgotten as each explorer comes to Nepal with ...


Marvel Treks and Expedition

Marveltreks and expedition was established in the year 1998. We have been in this field for ...


Visit Heaven Treks Pvt Ltd

A government licenesed company, Visit Heaven Treks is delivering excellent travel services in ...


Adventure Himalaya Circuit Treks & Tours Pvt. Ltd

Adventure Himalaya Circuit Treks & Tours has established itself as one of the pioneering trekking ...


Hiking Himalayas Treks & Expedition P.Ltd

Hiking Himalayas Treks & Expedition is  one of the best leading trekking company in Nepal ...


Step on Himalaya

Step On Himalaya is a locally based company specialized in organizing trekking, travel, tour and ...



Adventure Bound Pvt. Ltd is based in the Kathmandu city of Nepal, which is an internationally ...


Glorious Himalaya Trekking Pvt Ltd

Glorious Himalaya Trekking is a renowned adventure holiday’s local trekking and tour agency based ...


Massif Holidays

Massif Holidays is locally based trekking agency in Nepal. The company is operated by a long ...


Trekking Planner Pvt. Ltd

Trekking Planner Nepal is an independent trekking company in pursuit to offering exceptional ...


Nepal Mountain Club Pvt Ltd

Nepal Mountain Club Pvt ltd is well established Treks and Expedition Company based in Kathmandu and ...


The Nepal Trekking Company

Welcome to an exciting quest to the Himalayan Kingdom that you have been looking for. The Nepal ...


Gokyo Treks & Expedition Pvt Ltd

Gokyo Treks & Expedition Pvt Ltd is an Adventure Trekking, Tours & Mountaineering operator agency, ...


Alpine Club of Himalaya

A leading adventure & tour operator in the Himalayas since 2000Namaste and Greeting from ...


Nepal Kailash Trekking

Nepal Kailash Trekking is suitable for any kinds of Nepal trekking packages and a responsible ...


Glacier Family Treks

Family Treks is sufficient to understand by its company name- Glacier Family Treks & ...

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local tourist guide in nepal

Es gibt für jeden Reisetypen und für jede Art von Gruppe den passenden privaten Guide. Unsere Nepal Tour Guides können eine 100% personalisierte Tour nach deinen Wünschen zusammenstellen. Frage einfach ein individuelles Angebot an!

4 Privater Reiseleiter in Nepal

local tourist guide in nepal

Our locals' favourite things to do

Our locals know Nepal like the back of their hand! Whatever your passion, they’ll show you the best places in the entire city during your tour. They know exactly what to do, what to see, and, most importantly, where to eat all across the city.

Check these unique experiences in Nepal

  • Authentic Nepali Organic Food (5 reviews) Check this experience >
  • Live Like a Local for 5 Days in a Nepali Town (5 reviews) Check this experience >
  • 15 Day Retreat To a Nepali Village (5 reviews) Check this experience >
  • Cycling Tour in and around Kathmandu City (4 reviews) Check this experience >
  • Trek Hike & Sightseeing (1 reviews) Check this experience >

10 Tipps von unseren privaten Reiseleitern in Nepal

Entdecke Städte aus einer neuen Perspektive und hole das Beste aus deinem City-Trip heraus. Erkunde Hightlights & verborgene Schätze abseits der Tousristenpfade und erhalte tolle Tipps von unseren privaten Reiseleitern in Nepal!

What other travelers love about our local experts

Had an absolutely great time with Rikesh and his lovely family. I highly recommend this tour for anyone who is interested in a real experience, rather than normal touristy kind of experiences. Rikesh was awesome in showing me the real nepal, and was happy to customize the tour based on my requirements. Thank you, and hope you see you again in the future when I return!

A Cycle Tour in Kathmandu is a great way to see the highlights. We went to Swayambhudnath, Durbar Square etc. A must do when you stay in Nepal!

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Choose a local private tour guide in Kathmandu, Nepal

local tourist guide in nepal

Thanks to the Private Guide World service in a few clicks you can choose a personal tour guide to local attractions of Kathmandu city in Nepal. Enter the destination, search parameters, and preferred language to see the results. You can use the filter ONLINE ONLY to see which local tour guide in Kathmandu is currently online!

Our private tour guides know Kathmandu and the surrounding region very well, speak the local nepali language plus the other languages, too, and can help you to understand the local people, culture, traditions, and history better while you are in Kathmandu. During the tour in Kathmandu, you will not have any problems with locals if a tour guide is by your side. Your local personal tour guide in Kathmandu will help you learn a lot about the region and share only the most exciting knowledge and best experiences with you. Check out some of the local sights & attractions of Kathmandu, wildlife & nature, and ask your personal tour guide to show you the local gems hidden from a regular tourist without a professional tour guide. Before you travel to Kathmandu, be sure you have enough local currency Nepalese rupee with you in case you need to buy a souvenir or tip a tour guide!

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Kumar Dahal +977 9851243700

Nepal Tour Guide Team

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Kathmandu valley tour.

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local tourist guide in nepal

Poon Hill Trek

local tourist guide in nepal

Everest Base camp Trek

exploring kathmandu


Kathmandu Valley Tour

Nepal Tour Guide's Kathmandu Valley Tour takes you to the prehistoric sites in three districts, namely Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and...

Kathmandu Pokhara Tour

If you ever hear the call of the wild becking then Pokhara tour is for you. Pokhara is the...

Nagarkot Bhaktapur Day Tour

Nagarkot is a best destination for sunrise view. We offer you to visit this place from where you can...


Mardi Himal Trek

Mardi Himal Trek

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley Trek

Nar Phu valley trek

Nar Phu valley trek

Annapurna Sanctuary Trek

Annapurna Sanctuary Trek

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Trek

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Top things to do in nepal.


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We are a team of experienced and Dedicated professionals destined to provide a quality service in travel and tourism. With professional and smiling faces, our team is obligated and dedicated to serve every client with perfection. We provide the best service in recreational activities like Kathmandu valley tours, mountaineering, expedition, trekking in remote and usual areas, Air ticketing, white water rafting, Jungle safari, many. We are a team of experienced and Dedicated professionals destined to provide a quality service in travel and tourism. With professional and smiling faces, our team is obligated and dedicated to serve every client with perfection.

We provide the best service in recreational activities like Kathmandu valley tours, mountaineering, expedition, trekking in remote and usual areas, Air ticketing, white water rafting, Jungle safari, many. We are a team of experienced and Dedicated professionals destined to provide a quality service in travel and tourism. With professional and smiling faces, our team is obligated and dedicated to serve every client with perfection.

Best Working Team

We are a team of experienced and Dedicated professionals destined to provide a quality service in travel and tourism

Client Satisfaction

Fair & fixed price.

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We had the privilege exploring KTM valley with Kumar. He has a way of showing you all facets of Nepal as nobody else will. Not only does he know his country like no other, he also has a special way of connecting you with his culture , people, customs and more like a real tour guide can only do. He is a humanitarian, a good spirit, with a great sense of humor and a heart of gold, someone who CARES about his country and people. You will love the way he guides you and shows you his country. Anything from local foods, to extensive history or just small talk about politics and social issues, Kumar is happy to discuss all. He showed us a side of Nepal, we would have never experienced with a larger bus group. He customized our program to our liking, the way we wanted it, patiently answered all of our questions always friendly , attentive and genuine. We can highly recommend Kumar as your private guide. I have traveled the world extensively (please see my other reviews on tripadvisor) and know the difference between ‘just a guide’ and a true tour director who LOVES his job and connecting with people from all walks of life. Kumar is great in what he does and his personality will make you like him the day you meet. We are still friends and should we return to Nepal, there is no doubt in our minds that we will see him again, not only as our guide but also to reunite with a great friend and human being.


Visited | 18/09/2018

Memorable 4 days with tour guide.

My wife and I had the privilege to enjoy a 4 days long private tour with tourguideinnepal.com . Everything was spot on. We had a private driver and a private tour guide for the entire trip, both extremely polite. I can 100% recommend them to others also. I also found their pricing more than fair. Kumar runs the company, he was very helpful when we put together the custom itinerary. Our tour guide was Suvash, probably the most caring guy I’ve ever met. Thanks for the lifetime experience guys!

Memorable 4 Days With Tour Guide

Visited | 01/01/1970

Two nights was awesome.

I only had two nights in Kathmandu and primarily wanted to do a chopper flight around Everest as well as see as much of Kathmandu as possible. Kumar was amazing and looked after me like family. I did a lot of research and Kumar booked the Chopper flight for me and answered any and all questions I had leading up to it. The Everest day was truly one of the best and awe inspiring days of my life. Kumar also took us to all of the must see sights in Kathmandu. He listened to our needs as well as read our body language for what we required. You must have a guide in places like Kathmandu to understand the history and not miss anything and you won’t regret using Kumar – he is the best!!

Two Nights Was Awesome

One Week in Nepal With Tour Guide

I recently spent one week in Nepal and Tour Guide Team Trek provided an extraordinary service with an itinerary suited to my needs and interests, including Kathmandu, Chitwan, and Pokhara, detailed cultural and historical explanations when visiting different sites in Kathmandu, and above all, a customer and people-oriented approach to all activities, meals, shopping, etc. Kumar Dahal was my tour guide and it was a pleasure for me to have him showing me his native Nepal. Kumar has excellent English speaking skills and he is willing to take the extra mile to help you have the best trip to this beautiful country. I recommend him and Nepal Tour Guide Team Trek wholeheartedly as the best agency to fulfill your expectations.

One Week in Nepal With Tour Guide


Poon Hill Trek

Poon Hill Trek is one of, if not the most, popular short treks in Nepal. This trek is a...

Kathmandu Lumbini Tour

Situated in southern Nepal close to the Indian border, Lumbini is a historical delight for travellers. Surrounded by more...

Langtang Valley Trek was once a part of the Langtang National Park. Otherwise known as the Tamang Heritage Trail,...


“Travel Like A Local”: Tips From A Nepal Tour Guide

“Travel Like A Local”: Tips From A Nepal Tour Guide

Traveling like a local means exploring a new place as if you were a native of the area. Rather...

All-in-All Nepal Trekking Packages In 2023

All-in-All Nepal Trekking Packages In 2023

Are you looking for Nepal Trekking Packages? Trekking in the majestic Himalayas is an experience like no other. Located...

Nepal Tourism Activities


Photo By: Prami Shrestha

Chitwan Rhino

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Tourist Guide Association of Nepal (TURGAN) is, in reality, a representative body of Tourist Guides or escorts, who are, and have been engaging themselves, throughout the country, in the field of guiding, teaching and lecturing the in-coming tourists or lay visitors at the sight, who come to Nepal in the quest of gathering knowledge and understanding, in regard to its history, culture, social life, flora and fauna, etc. The associated member-guides of this organization are all well qualified and have been trained intensively from the then government approved "Hotel Management and Tourism Training Centre (HMTTC) and, with the possession of, at least, graduate degree obtained from the approved university. The erstwhile HMTTC'S name has now being changed to stand as Nepal Academy of Tourism & Hotel Management- NATHM). In addition to English, the guides do also speak other international languages. Hence, the organization is proud of having the congregation of guides, speaking almost all the languages of the world, apart from the international one.

New Tourist Guide Remuneration effect from 17th July 2023 (1st Shrawan 2080)

local tourist guide in nepal

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    Biography: I am professional Tour Guide based in Nepal , have been working in tourism Industry since 2010 , consisting 7 years of quality experience at the tour

  7. Local guides in Nepal offering private tours and excursions

    ... Domestic Flights) -Vehicle (Taxi/Car, Jeep/Hiace, Tourist/Local bus) -Accommodation (Homestay, hotel, hostel) -Classes (Nepali Language, Cooking) -Retreats

  8. Private Local Guides & Guided Tours in Nepal

    Explore the list of top ranked local tour guides in Nepal. Get tour activities offered by tour companies and independent travel guides in Nepal.

  9. Nepal Private Reiseleiter

    4 Privater Reiseleiter in Nepal ; Rikesh. Nepali Local · English • Nepali • Hindi · 5 review ; Babin · English • Français · 4 review ; Roshan. Tour & Trek Guide.

  10. Choose a local private tour guide in Kathmandu, Nepal

    ... local gems hidden from a regular tourist without a professional tour guide. Before you travel to Kathmandu, be sure you have enough local currency Nepalese

  11. Nepal Tour Guide: Best Nepal Tour Packages| Trekking in Nepal

    We are a team of experienced and Dedicated professionals destined to provide a quality service in travel and tourism. With professional and smiling faces, our

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    Tourist Guide Association of Nepal (TURGAN) is, in reality, a representative body of Tourist Guides or escorts, who are, and have been engaging themselves

  13. Role of Your Local Guide in Nepal

    A local guide knows the ins and outs of historic sites and trekking trails (even those that aren't clearly marked), can translate conversations, and is key in

  14. Tour Guides in Kathmandu (Nepal)

    I work as a private city guide and International Tourist... Hourly Rate: 5 USD