What is RV Trip Wizard? [2022 REVIEW]

By: Author The Drivin' & Vibin' Team

Posted on January 3, 2022

RV trip planning can feel overwhelming.

You’ll probably be traveling hundreds of miles across many state lines.

Figuring out where to stay and where to stop and how much your trip will cost can soon turn into a headache. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can bring the joy back to road tripping with RV Trip Wizard. 

What is RV Trip Wizard? 

RV Trip Wizard is an all-inclusive trip planning tool. The annual subscription service allows you to design fully customizable road trips down to the last detail. Unlike other RV trip planners, this one shows you all RV parks, not just campgrounds affiliated with a specific membership program. 

This unbiased inclusion means you can find the best and most affordable stops on your trip. If you have multiple memberships, you can rank them to find the best deals. RV Trip Wizard also shows you detailed information about all the campgrounds.

This includes cost, amenities, traveler ratings and tips, and more. 

The app also lets you search for and add overnight parking locations such as Walmart or other big box stores, Casinos, and rest stops. You’ll save money by free camping in areas you’re just passing through.  

Another useful feature is that you can add points of interest, gas station stops, and more for your entire trip.

rv trip wizard app

It Knows Your RV, And Routes Accordingly

Before you plan, you will enter information about your RV, including height, weight, length, gas mileage, etc. The app then uses this information to help you plan the safest and most efficient route.

You can avoid low clearance routes and steep grades with just the click of a button. 

The planning feature also shows you a driving radius so you know exactly how far you can travel in a single day. The information for your trip radius is based on details you enter in the preferences section.

No more hunting for RV parks only to discover they are too far or not far enough for your trip needs. You will save time with this slick feature. 

rv trip wizard app

One more feature worth mentioning is the cost estimator.

You can enter information regarding gas mileage and gas prices. The site then shows you a detailed estimate of what each leg of the trip will cost you.

It also includes the cost of your RV park stays, so you get an overall picture of what you can expect to spend. 

rv trip wizard app

What Does RV Trip Wizard Cost? 

RV Trip Wizard is extremely affordable at only $49/year for the membership. You can also try it before buying with their 1-week free trial and free demo. 

Included in this cost is access to the complete RV Life Pro Suite tools. This includes the RV Safe GPS app and Maintain My RV. 

rv trip wizard app

RV Trip Wizard User Review

RV Trip Wizard has received 4.9 stars from over 1,500 happy customers. Given all the hype, I tried it myself. It definitely lives up to all the great reviews. 

RV Trip Wizard is easy to use and extremely convenient, especially when planning a longer trip. If you aren’t tech-savvy, have no fear, they have a demo that walks you through every step of the process. 

Usually, planning a route for my RV trips is difficult and time-consuming. I end up wasting time looking up every individual RV park website. Not to mention trying to find a gas station that can accommodate our rig before we run out of gas while on the road. I no longer have these problems with RV Trip Wizard. 

The best part is that you can easily add points of interest to the trip. Adding these fun stops along the way can make a long-haul trip much more enjoyable. Plus, we don’t have to worry about missing out on anything along the way only to find out later how cool it would have been to stop. 

If you’re an RVer, you definitely need to add RV Trip Wizard to your trip planning arsenal. 

How to Use RV Trip Wizard

You can use RV Trip Wizard on almost any computer, tablet, or smartphone. With the interactive map, you can add points of interest to your trip and camping and gas station stops. 

Once you plan your trip, you can either print out detailed directions or send it to your GPS. The latter allows you to send your entire trip to Google Maps. This feature makes it easy to navigate on your smartphone. 

rv trip wizard app

RV Trip Wizard is Definitely Worth It

RV Trip Wizard is a dream come true for summer adventurers and full-timers alike. All the features it offers make the small annual fee well worth the cost. Not only will you save time and plan a better trip, but also you will probably save money by finding the best parks or free camping spots around.

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Users Guide

We've prepared an easy-to-follow section of our website that helps to explain many of the features of RV LIFE Trip Wizard. Click the button below to open our documentation in a new tab/window.

Perfect Campers

RV Trip Wizard Now Includes An RV GPS App


RV LIFE, which already has over a million subscribers, now provides a smart RV GPS app with every RV Trip Wizard Subscription for free. The two are now a part of what will be known as RV LIFE Pro. This set of tools aids RVers in their travels.

This sophisticated mobile software, titled “RV LIFE GPS & Campgrounds” in both app stores, not only gives a terrific alternative to those expensive RV GPS devices, but will also access the excursions you have created in RV Trip Wizard. This one-two punch makes planning and executing your RV excursions easier than ever before, at no extra expense.

Table of Contents

It is no longer necessary to export trips.

While RV Trip Wizard customers have long loved planning their RV vacations, getting such itineraries out of RV Trip Wizard for navigation has proven difficult. There are certain drawbacks to exporting a journey to a standalone device like a Garmin GPS or a Rand McNally unit. It is possible to export to Google Maps, but Google isn’t RV-aware, which adds danger to even the most meticulously planned journeys.


RV GPS App Now Included with RV Trip Wizard

Plan Those RV Trips You’ve Always Wanted

RV Trip Wizard users can now navigate their planned journeys in RV Trip Wizard. The RV GPS app on their phone or other GPS-enabled device is ready to assist them. Simply login in to the RV LIFE GPS & Campgrounds mobile app after downloading it from the app store (Apple or Android). Use the same login information as for RV Trip Wizard. You will not only be able to use the app’s full premium capabilities, but you will also be able to locate and navigate any active excursions you have stored in RV Trip Wizard. The RV LIFE GPS & Campgrounds app displays real-time driving status as well as RV safe turn-by-turn navigation. You can ensure a safe route by providing the app with your RV’s height, weight, length, and propane status.


Maps and Trip Data can be Downloaded for Offline Use

Data Download for Offline Use

Do you expect your journey to take you through places with inadequate data coverage? If this is the case, you can download all of the necessary information for your trip ahead of time. When you are out of signal range, the data will be available on your mobile device. Keep up with what’s new in the RV lifestyle by reading articles like this and many others in the Articles area.

The popular Getaway Couple, Jason and Rae Miller, dubbed RV Trip Wizard The Secret Weapon for Successful Trip Planning.

“RV Trip Wizard has been an amazing tool in our arsenal for successful RV trip preparation,” said Jason Miller in their blog post. We need to plan consistently throughout the year because we work full-time.”

Get the RV GPS app, which is now included with RV Trip Wizard.

If you haven’t already signed up for RV Trip Wizard, go to the website for the most up-to-date price. Like and follow the Facebook pages of RV Trip Wizard and RV LIFE. Check out the iRV2 RV Trip Wizard topic. There are training videos and other material on the RV Trip Wizard YouTube channel. Download the RV LIFE GPS & Campgrounds app once you’ve joined up for RV Trip Wizard. You’ll get the best RV trip planning tools for new RVers, full-time RVers, and everyone in between.

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