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Ultralight travel packing list — carry on packing guide.

Tips and advice for how to pack for ultralight one-bag travel.

travel light ultra

We love traveling light.

But ultralight travel  takes it to the next level by limiting yourself packing everything into a small carry-on size backpack. It requires discipline. It forces you to be smart about what you pack. But it’s also one of the most freeing ways to travel.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about truly traveling light and we’ll talk about our favorite clothing and gear that’s perfectly suited for one bag travel.

Ultralight Travel Guidelines

  • One Bag: You only need one carry-on sized backpack. 45L is the max size that most budget airlines will allow but experienced one-baggers opt for around 22L-40L.
  • Keep Weight Down: 22lbs (10kg) is the max carry-on weight for most budget airlines. However, 22lbs is kind of heavy for a small backpack so we suggest keeping your load to around 15lbs.
  • Be Picky: Everything you bring should be used multiple times. If you think you might use something then you probably don’t need it.
  • Neutral Color Clothes : Every piece of clothing should look good when paired with any other piece of clothing. Essentially, you should be able to get dressed in the dark.
  • High Tech Fabrics: High-tech fabrics (both natural and synthetic) let you wear your clothes longer without needing to be washed. This is essential for ultralight travel.
  • Backpack Size Does NOT Equal Trip Size: Remember, you can wash your clothes as you travel. So packing for five days is really no different than packing for 30.
  • Fewer Better Items: Quality over quantity is the name of the game. Choose fewer high-quality items over multiple cheap things.

The golden rule of ultralight travel is only using one backpack. And we’re not talking a huge hiking backpack. We’re talking a small backpack that’s carry-on size.

The maximum carry-on sized backpack seems to about 45L — but we’re talking about ultralight travel so we’ll focus on traveling with 20L-35L backpacks.

Remember, the smaller the bag the more you force yourself to pack light.

What we love about small backpacks:

  • Never pay checked luggage fees.
  • Never worry about airlines losing your luggage.
  • Never have to wait for your bags at baggage claim.
  • Easily navigate train, bus, and plane aisles.
  • Easily walk through crowded streets and busy train stations.
  • Easily store your bags above your seat on trains (so you don’t lose sight of them).
  • Handsfree travel.
  • Fast and nimble travel so you can hit the ground running
  • Navigate stairs with ease.
  • You don’t look like a tourist (well, you at least blend in better)
  • Less weight = happy back.

Backpacks We Recommend

One bag travel has exploded over the past few years so there are now a handful of great travel backpacks built specifically for ultralight urban travel. We’ve listed the best backpacks below (in no particular order) — each has its own pros and cons so take a little time researching which features are most important to you.

ultralight travel tortuga outbreaker

Tortuga has two backpacks we really like — the Outbreaker 35L ($269) and the Setout 45L ($199).

The Outbreaker 35L is a heavy-duty and full-featured bag with plenty of storage/organization options. It’s a little boxy but it’s sleek-ish and has minimal branding. It has thick padded shoulder straps and a hip belt so it’s comfortable to wear. The material is also waterproof. But all these features add to the weight (4.6lbs.) and it’s a little expensive ($269).

Note: See our Outbreaker Review

The Setout 45L is a bit bigger than the Outbreaker and it’s designed as a “maximum-sized carry on for city travelers” — which means it’s as big as possible without going over the carry-on size limit. It’s basically a more scaled-back version of the Outbreaker so it has thinner shoulder and hip belt padding, fewer organization pockets, and fewer features. It’s also lighter at 3.3lbs and less expensive ($199).

Available from the Tortuga website .

AER Travel Backpack

ultralight travel aer

The Aer Travel Backpack is another great option that gets a lot of love from the ultralight travel community. This 33L bag weighs in at 3.7 lbs so it’s big enough to carry your stuff while not being too heavy or bulky. There is a decent amount of padding on the shoulder straps, plenty of pockets to keep your stuff organized, and the bag is made really well.

We also think the bag looks nice and doesn’t immediately scream “tourist!”

Note: See our Aer Travel Backpack Review

The Aer Travel Backpack is $220 from the Aer Website .

ultralight travel osprey porter

Osprey has been making excellent hiking backpacks for over 40 years and they currently make a few great travel backpacks — namely the Porter and the Farpoint.

The Osprey Porter 30L is a full-featured backpack that weighs in at only 2.8lbs. The shoulder straps have a decent amount of padding and there is a modest hipbelt. It is one of the smaller bags on our list but they also have a 46L version (which is a little large). We like how the Porter doesn’t have any loose straps but it does have a bit of turtle shell shape so it’s not the most “stylish” backpacks (it’s not too bad though).

The Porter 30 costs around $100-$120. Check latest prices on Amazon and Zappos .

The Osprey Farpoint 40L is Osprey’s more robust travel backpack. The shoulder straps and hip belt are comfortable and there is plenty of space for your stuff. Again, the bag isn’t the most stylish but it’s not too bad — especially the black color. The Farpoint 40 weighs 3.1lbs so it’s fairly lightweight. Ohh, and it comes in S/M and M/L sizes so that’s a nice feature.

Note: See our Farpoint 55 Review

The Farpoint 40 costs around $120-$160. Check the latest prices on Amazon and Zappos .

Minaal Carry-On 2.0

ultralight travel minaal

The Minaal Carry-On 2.0 is a sleek and sexy backpack. The material feels really nice and the overall bag is well designed and smartly laid out. In our opinion, it’s the best looking backpack but it’s also expensive at $300.

We’d say that the Minaal is truly geared toward ultralight travelers. Minaal doesn’t list its liter size but its dimensions are LxWxH: 55cm x 35cm x 20cm (fully packed) / 21.6in x 13.7in x 7.87in. Basically, you’re forced to be picky about what you pack (but that’s the whole point about ultralight travel).

The straps have modest padding but they’re comfortable. Plus, the shoulder straps have load-lifters, which is rare in smaller backpacks. There isn’t a hipbelt but you don’t need it since you’re forced to pack light. It has a separate laptop compartment which is super helpful at airport security. The Minaal Carry-On 2.0 only weights 3.12lbs so it’s one of the lightest bags on our list.

Available from the Minaal website

ultralight travel goruck

GORUCK backpacks have created a cult following — and rightfully so. Their bags are built in the USA and they’re crazy tough… like literally battle-tested by the US Special Forces tough. It’s basically a backpack that should last forever (it even has a lifetime warranty). On the other hand, they’re also expensive and relatively heavy.

First, we have the GR1 — which comes in 21L and 26L versions. They both cost $295. The 21L bag weighs in at 3.2lbs. We love the minimalist/military/industrial/badass look. Again, this is a compact big bag so you’ll need to fully subscribe to the ultralight travel philosophy.

The GR2 is a bigger version of the GR1 and it comes in a 34L and 40L version. Personally, we think the 34L is just about the perfect size for ultralight travel (the 40L is too bulky and heavy unless you’re a really tall dude/lady). The GR2 has plenty of pockets and it’s big enough to carry whatever you have. The 34L version is 4.35lbs and costs $395 (whew).

Available from the GORUCK website

Clothing Packing List

ultralight packing list

The key to packing light is limiting the amount of clothing you bring — which means you need to be smart about what kinds of clothing you choose. That’s why ultralight travelers tend to buy clothes that are specifically designed for travel.

It’s All About The Fabric

travel light ultra

Here’s the deal: you need to limit the number of clothes you bring so that means you have to wear things multiple times before washing — which is why you need fabrics that won’t smell.

The two best fabrics for multi-day wear are merino wool and synthetic high-tech performance fabrics.

Merino Wool naturally blocks odor, dries quickly, moisture-wicking, and is breathable — which makes it an excellent option for underwear, socks, shirts, and base layers. Yes, lightweight merino works well in the summer, and no, it isn’t itchy.

But there are some downsides… Merino Wool is expensive, it requires special washing (washed in cool water and air dry), and it’s not always super durable.

High-tech synthetic performance fabrics are very durable, breathable/moisture-wicking, and they’re usually more affordable. However, many synthetic fabrics hold on to smells. Luckily, most high-end fabrics have anti-bacterial coatings — which helps prevent smells.

These days you’ll see a lot of Merino Wool/Synthetic blends — which gives the fabric characteristics of both materials.

Quick Note About Travel Clothing

These days there are a number of companies making amazing travel clothing that is both fashionable and functional. These use high tech fabrics (either natural or synthetic) that are durable, have stretch which gives you a greater range of motion, resist odors, dry quickly, resist wrinkles, and some even repel stains and liquids.

However, these clothes tend to be expensive — partially because of the quality fabrics used and partially because most of these companies are small businesses.

That said, we’ll do our best to include more budget-friendly options in this guide because we realize not everyone wants to drop a lot of money on new clothes.

Our Travel Clothing Criteria

We look for a few characteristics when choosing the ideal travel clothes:

  • Fashionable: We only buy travel clothes that we’d actually wear anytime — this is mandatory. Cargo pockets? Weird zip-off legs? Plastic feeling? Unflattering cuts? NOPE! Save that for the mountain. We only wear things that would look perfectly normal on the streets of Paris.
  • Durable: You’re going to be wearing your clothes a lot so they need to withstand some abuse.
  • Odor Resistant: It’s easy to work up a sweat but it’s not always easy to find the time to wash your clothes — which is why odor-resistant fabrics are a must.
  • Comfortable: You want to be comfortable while traveling so we look for clothes that are breathable and flexible.
  • Quick Drying: You might find yourself washing your clothes in your sink so you want fabrics that will air-dry overnight.
  • Neutral Colors: If all your clothes are neutral then everything will match. Plus, dark colors help hide stains.

Underwear: 3-4 Pairs

light packing list - underwear

We like to bring three or four pairs of underwear. You can probably get away with two pairs by washing one pair while wearing the other… but underwear takes up virtually no space so we bring a few pairs. You can read more about why we love travel underwear  but basically, we love them because they’re quick-drying, moisture-wicking, breathable, odor-blocking, lightweight, and comfortable.

The best travel underwear is either made from special synthetic materials or lightweight merino wool (well, it’s usually a merino/synthetic blend). Synthetic is usually cheaper and more durable but merino has better odor protection but is more expensive.

Our Favorite Travel Underwear

  • ExOfficio (Synthetic): ExOfficio is the most popular travel underwear brand — they practically invented travel underwear. We personally have multiple pairs and we wear them even when we’re not traveling. They’re not too terribly expensive — usually around $18/pair (prices fluctuate often). ExOfficio has multiple cuts and styles for both men and women. Available on Amazon and REI
  • SAXX (Synthetic): I’ve been wearing SAXX Quest 2.0 for a few months and I’m very impressed. In fact, National Geographic called them the “ultimate travel boxer” (if that means anything). They’re quick-dry, anti-stink, ultra-light, and have a nice pouch in front (that’s SAXX’s thing). They’re normally priced around $30/pair. Available on Amazon or SAXX website .
  • Uniqlo Airism (Synthetic): Uniqlo is one of the few large brands that actually make decent high-performance clothing at a low price — normally $10/pair. Their Airism underwear is popular in the travel world because they’re super lightweight (especially the mesh ones), quick-drying, and have anti-microbial/anti-odor properties. I own a few pairs of Airism and they’re pretty good — they’re not super odor resistant and the cut might not be right for everyone. That said, they’re only $10 so there is no harm in trying them out. Available from Uniqlo .
  • REI Co-Op Boxer Briefs (Synthetic): REI has their own brand of travel underwear that gets fairly good reviews. They’re normally priced around $22/pair but they’re sometimes on sale for under $15. Available at REI .
  • Under Armour (Synthetic): UA is another popular brand that makes a wide range of synthetic underwear that works well for travel. They make various cuts/styles for both men and women and they’re available on Amazon .
  • Wool&Prince (Merino/Synthetic Blend): Wool&Prince is a small company that blew up after raising a bunch of cash for merino wool shirts on Kickstarter back in 2013. They now also sell 78% merino wool, 22% nylon boxer briefs that get a lot of love from the ultralight travel community. However, they are expensive at $38/pair. Available at Wool&Prince .
  • Wooly (Merino): Wooly is one of the few brands that make a 100% merino wool underwear. They’re also fairly affordable as well. Search on Amazon and you can sometimes find them around $25-$30/pair. However, some people report that they start to develop holes after a few months.  Available at Amazon

Socks: 4-5 Pairs

packing light socks

Socks are other things we don’t like to skimp on. Just like underwear, the best socks are either made from special synthetic materials or lightweight merino wool (well, it’s usually a merino/synthetic blend). Synthetic is usually cheaper and more durable but merino has better odor protection but is more expensive. Avoid cotton.

You could probably get away with around three pairs, but we prefer four or five pairs so we don’t have to worry about wearing dirty socks. Then again, I know people who wear a pair for about a week before washing (alternating days between wears).

Pro tip: carry an extra pair of socks during the day and switch them out if your feet start to get sweaty — it’s a great feeling.

Our Favorite Sock Brands

When it comes to socks we tend to stick to a few brands. From there, you pick which weight and cut best fits your travel style. Here is an  extensive guide to our favorite travel socks .

Here are some brands to check out:

  • Darn Tough Vermont : We love Darn Tough socks (and so do many travelers) — especially since they offer a lifetime warranty. Almost all DT socks are merino/synthetic blend.
  • Smartwool: Smartwool is one of the most popular brands of merino wool blend socks. They make a ton of different styles so take a look at the various options.
  • Outlier: Outlier makes a pair of really nice merino wool socks (47% Merino) that use super high-quality wool. They are fairly expensive at $25/pair.
  • Wigwam : Wigwam is a good quality budget option. Most of their socks are a wool/synthetic blend.
  • Thorlo :  Thorlo makes quality synthetic blend socks that are very affordable.
  • Balega : Balega gets a lot of love — especially because they make quality no-show socks (which is kinda rare). All their socks are synthetic and they’re affordable.

Pants: 1-2 Pairs

packing light - travel pants

There are plenty of travelers who only bring a single pair of pants. Truth is, you can wear the same pair multiple times and they’re not going to smell. That said, two pairs should be your max.

A high-quality pair of travel pants is a good investment because you want something that is comfortable, stylish, and durable enough to put up with everything you throw at it. Plus, we only buy travel clothes that we’ll also wear after the trip is over so they have to look good.

Synthetic materials are really the only option because they’re light, durable, and dry quickly. Luckily, there are a lot of really solid options when it comes to travel pants… unfortunately, the best ones are expensive.

What’s the difference between expensive and less expensive travel pants? Basically, the top-of-the-line pants look and feel just like normal everyday pants but perform like technical pants. Cheaper pants start looking a lot more “technical” so they’re a lot less fashionable.

travel light ultra

Outlier has really nailed it with their Slim Dungarees — some even say they’re the perfect travel pant. The material is stretchy so it’s comfortable but it’s also super rugged and tough. They’re also breathable, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and they even have a coating to help them repel liquid. You can basically wear these things for months without needing to wash (plus, they can be machine washed and dried). Ohh, and the fabric feels and looks like normal pants — which is great because everything we wear must pass the “would this look good in Paris” test… and these pass with flying color.

The main downside is the cost — $198 per pair. But, I guess that’s the price you pay for made in USA clothing constructed from high-performance Swiss fabric. And, to be honest, I would have no qualms about packing these as my single pair of pants.

packing light - bluffworks pants

Bluffworks is the other go-to travel clothing company that many travelers really love. They have two main travel pants — the Original ($98) and the Chino ($125). Both pants are super tough, breathable, moisture-wicking, resist wrinkles, and they’re lightweight. The Originals are the most lightweight but the fabric doesn’t stretch and looks a bit more synthetic. The Chinos use a more stretchy fabric that’s softer, more casual, and looks/feels like cotton.  Available at Bluffworks

Western Rise

packing light - western rise

Western Rise is an outdoor-inspired clothing company that makes functional and fashionable clothes that we would describe as “outdoor-chic.” We’re really digging the AT Slim Rivet Pant (available in men’s and women’s). They look like normal slim-fitting pants but they have the benefits of technical fabric. The fabric has a nice structure, texture, durability, and stretch but it does have a slightly synthetic feel (which is virtually unavoidable).

AT Slim Rivet Pant retails for $129 and is available from Western Rise . Click here to get $20 off your first purchase . 

Ministry of Supply

packing light - ministry of supply pants

Ministry of Supply makes the most dressy travel clothing we’ve ever seen. Their pants basically look like dress slacks and chinos but the high-performance fabric has stretch, is wrinkle-resistant, wicks moisture, and repels water. These clothes are a little too dressy for our travel style but this is a great option if you need to look extra snazzy.

They offer a few different styles and cuts but they’re all priced around $145. Available at Ministry of Supply .

packing light - uniqlo pants

Uniqlo  is your go-to place for cheap clothes that are made from high-tech fabrics. Of course, you’re not going to get the same quality from Uniqlo as you will from other brands on this list but we suggest checking out their offerings if you’re on a really tight budget. We also suggest trying on their clothes before buying as we’ve found that sizing can be a little inconsistent.

packing light - pants prana

Prana is one of the more fashionable “outdoor” brands and their Brion pants are their most popular item. The fabric is durable, soft, has 4-way stretch, dries quickly, and repels water. Personally, we think the pants are cut a little too wide/loose so they still give off a slight outdoorsy/techy vibe… but you can always get them tailored for $20-$30. They retail at $75 but you can often find them on sale. Available at Prana .

We’re not the biggest fans of jeans for ultralight travel but we still love the look of denim. These Newton Jeans from Rohan are made with a blend of cotton and quick-drying Coolmax polyester. They won’t dry as quickly as other pants on this list but they do dry 30% quicker than normal cotton jeans.

Button Up Shirts: 1-2 Shirts

packing light - travel shirts

Most ultralight travelers only pack one or possible two long-sleeve button-up shirts. The key is versatility so you want something that looks presentable at a restaurant but is also casual for everyday wear. Button-ups are also nice because you can roll up the sleeves when it’s hot or roll them down when you need more warmth or a more polished look.

Stick with dark fabrics because those hide stains better and wrinkle-resistant fabrics are a big plus. You’re also going to wear your shirt multiple times before washing so merino wool and high-tech synthetic fabrics come in handy here.

Wool & Prince

packing light - wool and prince shirt

Wool & Prince makes excellent merino wool button-down shirts in multiple colors. As you can see, these are great looking shirts. The fabric feels nice, looks great, is durable, and is fairly soft. I own two and have worn them for multiple days and never had any issues with any odor. In fact, the owner wore his shirt for 100 days without ever cleaning or ironing so you could easily wear this shirt every day of your travels. The only real care instruction is that it can’t be machine dried.

The main downside is the price. Each shirt is $128. But, they should last for years with proper care. Available at Wool & Prince .

packing light - outlier

Outlier is our other top choice when it comes to fashionable and functional travel shirts — especially their NYCO Oxford ($120). The NYCO Oxford is 76% cotton, 24% nylon so it breaks our “avoid cotton” rule but I still really like this shirt. It uses a special weave and a special coating that helps repel water surprising well. Like all Outlier gear, it ain’t cheap… but the quality is top-notch. Available at Outlier .

packing light - ministry of supply shirt

Ministry of Supply is your go-to brand for high-tech dressy travel clothes. Their Apollo 3 Dress Shirt is super breathable and flexible (the fabric was developed by NASA). Plus, the wrinkles fall out after you wear it for about 10 minutes and the shirt is machine washable. Their Aero Button Down is similar but it’s a bit more casual but it’s still certainly “dressy” looking. Both shirts are $115. Available at Ministry of Supply .

packing light - bluffworks

Bluffworks makes a nice looking high-performance shirt that’s super lightweight and breathable. It’s made of two-way stretch synthetic fabric that doesn’t wrinkle and has antibacterial properties. It comes in three different colors and we also like how it comes in both classic and slim fit. We also like how it can be dressed up or worn more casually. Their Meridian shirt costs $125. Available via Bluffworks

T-Shirts: 2-4 Shirts

packing light - travel tshirts

We always travel with a few neutral color t-shirts. You can certainly get by with as little as two t-shirts but we personally prefer to pack three of four. Our top choice is merino wool (or a wool/synthetic blend) because it tends to look a little nicer than synthetic shirts and they last longer before smelling. Plus, it makes a nice base layer in colder temperatures.

The main downside to merino, other than the cost, is the durability. Merino wool tends to be a bit more fragile when it’s lightweight but higher-quality merino tends to be thicker so it holds up better. Adding in a bit of synthetic material really helps with the durability — which is why you’ll see many companies offering a blend.

Again, merino wool shirts are expensive. Many budget travelers will pick up one nice shirt and then bring a few cheaper synthetic options for when they want to give the merino a break.

Also, synthetic isn’t necessarily bad. It dries quickly, can be super breathable (which is amazing during the middle of summer), is durable, and wicks moisture well. Most synthetic fabrics tend to look “synthetic” so they’re not always fashionable but we’ll try to list a few good options. One note: cheap synthetics will hold on to odor (sometimes even after you wash them) and may require a special detergent to get the stink out.

packing light - outlier tee

I own two Outlier Ultrafine Merino Wool T-shirts ($110) and they always make it into my backpack when I’m on the road. It’s a nice weight, soft, and constructed really well (mine are three years old and they’re still holding up well). Outlier also has a long-sleeve version ($125). There is also a more lightweight version called the Runweight Merino ($88) that’s s a merino/polyester blend — this is probably better for travel in the dead of summer.  But, like everything from Outlier, these are expensive.  Available at Outlier .

packing light - wool and prince tee

The Wool & Prince Crew Neck is another solid wool/nylon blend t-shirt that we love. Their tees get a lot of praise from the travel community because they’re well-made and they come in a ton of different colors. The short sleeve shirts are $68 and the long sleeve shirts are $84.  Available at Wool & Prince .

packing light - olivers shirt

Olivers Convey Tee ($68) is another 100% merino wool option that is popular in the ultralight travel light community. There is also the Olivers Terminal Tech Tee ($68) which is 54% merino, 46% polyester so it’s a little more durable and dries a little quicker. Available at Olivers .

packing light - unbound shirt

Unbound is another company that makes 100% merino t-shirts. We like that these are just simple, well-made shirts with no branding and they come in black, grey, and navy. Priced at $65 each, it’s a solid merino t-shirt for the price. Available at Unbound .

Duckworth Vapor

packing light - duckworth

Duckworth is a small company based in Montana that grows its own sheep on their own ranch and the shirts are made on site (which we think is pretty cool). Their Vapor t-shirt is top-notch. It’s made from 38% fine merino, 50% recycled Polyester, and 12% Modal. The Vapor is super soft, naturally odor-resistant, durable, and breathable. They sell for $68 each and come in multiple colors.

Uniqlo makes a handful of synthetic and synthetic/wool blend shirts that are super cheap. Their AIRISM shirts are crazy lightweight, wick sweat, and dry super quickly (their HEATTECH is designed for cold temperatures as a base layer but I find they work in the summer as well). They do have a synthetic look but it’s not too bad. They also have poly/cotton blends that look closer to a standard t-shirt. Uniqlo’s construction isn’t amazing and sizing can be a little inconsistent but their t-shirts only cost $6 to $15 so it doesn’t hurt to give them a try. Available at Uniqlo .

Shorts: 0-2 Pairs

packing light - travel shorts

We tend to not wear shorts unless we’re traveling in Southern Europe but more and more Europeans are wearing shorts during the summer so you won’t really “stand out” if you have shorts on. That said, we suggest a nice looking pair that is a little more fitted if you want to blend in — i.e. don’t wear gym shorts or anything with cargo pockets.

packing light - shorts outlier

Outlier makes two nice looking and high performing technical shorts — OG Free Ways ($175) and the New Way (comes in long for $130 and short for $120). These are both great shorts but they’re expensive. But, if you have the cash then go for it.  Available at Outlier .

packing light - prana shorts

The Hybridizer Short is a nice looking pair of 96% Polyester / 4% Spandex shorts that are moisture-wicking and quick drying. I wish they were an inch or two shorter but you can always roll them up. They cost $75.

Another great option is the Brion Short. We think they look nice and they’re 97% Nylon / 3% Spandex so they’re dry quickly. They normally cost $65.  Available at Prana .

Myles Apparel

packing light - myles shorts

The Myles Everyday Shorts are the most “athletic” of the shorts we recommend but they still manage to look like normal shorts. We love the four-way stretch and their ability to repel water as well. Available for $58 at Myles Apparel .

We don’t have any specific recommendations because Uniqlo changes up their offerings each season but they should have a few options.

Golf Shorts

Multiple athletic brands make golf shorts that use performance fabrics. Try a few on to see if any work for you.

Footwear: 1 Pair (Maybe 2 pairs)

packing list - travel shoes

The goal of ultralight travel is only bringing one pair of shoes. Of course, that’s easier said than done.

For us, we tend to wear comfortable sneakers. “Fashion” sneakers are popular in Europe so don’t feel like you’ll look out of place by not wearing fancy Italian leather shoes. Cool Nikes, New Balance, Adidas, Allbirds, etc. will all work

Waterproof footwear comes in handy if you’re traveling in the spring, fall, or winter. Consider a sturdy pair of boots in the winter.

If you do bring more than one pair, make sure it’s a lightweight pair because you’re not going to have much room in your backpack.

Need more tips for buying shoes? Check our guide to the best travel shoes .

Rain Jacket (Optional)

packing light - rain jacket

You can probably get away with not bringing a rain jacket in the summer but it’s wise to bring one in the fall/spring/winter. The key is finding one that’s super lightweight and packs away into a tiny ball when not being used. We’ve listed our favorites below.

Patagonia Houdini

The  Houdini jacket is crazy light at 3.6oz (that’s basically a deck of cards). And, of course, it packs down into a tiny ball. It’s a great option because you can throw it in your bag and forget about it until you need it. Plus, we also dig the simple styling. However, this jacket isn’t designed for sustained heavy downpours — but it’s great for city travel since you probably won’t be walking for hours at a time in the rain. It’s a solid summer jacket. The Houdini usually costs around $99. Available via REI and Amazon

Outdoor Research Helium II

The Outdoor Research Helium II gets a ton of love because it’s insanely lightweight at around 6oz and it packs down to the size of an apple. It’s a great summer jacket. It usually sells for $140-$170 so it’s a little pricey. Available via REI and Amazon .

Outdoor Research Helium HD Rain Jacket

The  Helium HD Rain Jacket is similar to the Helium II but it’s a little heavier at 9oz (which is still crazy lightweight). It does have a few extra features like front pockets and pit zips. It’s also expensive at around $200. Available via Amazon .

Marmot PreCip Jacket

I’ve owned the PreCip Jacket for about a year and it’s gotten me through rainy days in Rome, Barcelona, Florence, and NYC. Sure, it’s not the lightest jacket on the list (it weights respectable 11oz) but it’s still plenty light and it feels durable. The PreCip usually sells for about $100. Available via REI and Amazon .

Patagonia Torrentshell

The Torrentshell weighs in at 12.1 oz so it’s a little more robust than other jackets on this list but it’s still very lightweight. It’s a true rain jacket and will keep you dry all day. It’s priced around $130. Available via REI and Amazon .

It doesn’t hurt to check Uniqlo’s offerings because they usually have a few cheap jackets. They’re definitely not going to be as light or high-quality the other jackets on this list but they’ll be a lot cheaper (usually $40-$50).

Packable Puffy Jacket

packing light - down jacket

A light down jacket is impossible to beat for cool/cold weather travel. Down is crazy lightweight but it provides a ton of warmth. On cool days down jackets work well as an outer layer and on really cold days it makes an excellent insulating layer when paired with a heavy coat.

It can also be compressed super well so you can smush your jacket down to the size of a shoe so it’s easy to pack away.

One thing to consider is whether you want a hood. We prefer no hood if you’re using it as a mid-layer or not in really cold weather because the hood adds a little extra bulk.

However, there are a few downsides to lightweight down jackets. First, they can be expensive. And second, the fabric can be fragile so it can tear if you get it snagged on something sharp.

NOTE: Down is made from duck or geese feathers. Some cheaper brands source their down feathers from inhumane suppliers who force-feed and live-pluck their birds. We urge you to buy brands who get their down from humane and sustainable sources (like Patagonia). Or you can choose a jacket that uses synthetic down.

Patagonia Down Sweater

The Patagonia Down Sweater Hoody isn’t the most lightweight jacket on our list (it’s still really light at 13.1 oz) but it’s a great looking jacket that will keep you toasty. There is also a hoody version if you want a hood. Priced at $229 — via Amazon and REI .

Montbell Plasma 1000 Down Jacket

The Plasma 1000 is insanely light at only 4.8 oz. (it’s the lightest we’ve ever seen) Yet, it uses 1000 fill down which helps provide a lot of warmth (considering how light it is). This jacket is truly ultra-minimalist so it has no extra features (i.e. pockets or hood). This is an expensive jacket so expect to pay around $330 for this bad boy.

Montbell also sells the Ex Light which is slightly “heavier” at 6.2 oz. and it’s a little “cheaper” at $270. Available at Montbell

Patagonia Micro Puff

The Micro Puff is really light at only 9.3 oz and it provides a surprising amount of warmth for its weight. It is pricey at $299. Available via Amazon and REI .

Patagonia Nano Puff

The Nano Puff (11.9 oz) is a bit heavier than the Micro Puff but it provides a little more warmth. It’s also more affordable at $199. Available via Amazon and REI .

Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket

With a name like “Ghost Whisper” this jacket has to be light. And at only 7.2 oz they’re not lying. This jacket gets a lot of love because it is water-resistant and has pockets. The Ghost Whisper can often be found for under $180 so it’s slightly more affordable than other jackets. Available via Amazon and REI .

Uniqlo always has a few synthetic down jackets available for very reasonable prices — usually around $60-$70. Don’t expect crazy feature or ultra-lightweight but it’s a good budget-friendly option.

Packing Cubes

travel light ultra

Traveling with a small backpack poses a little more difficulty with it comes to packing all your clothing — which is why packing cubes come in handy. They make it easy to separate all your clothing so you know exactly where to find things. It also makes packing and unpacking your backpack easier since everything is contained in its own space.

Almost all packing cubes are fairly lightweight so one brand isn’t that much different than the other. But if you really want to cut the weight then the Eagle Creek Specter system of packing cubes is the most lightweight cubes we’ve come across. We use them and they’re crazy light and water-resistant. Check out Amazon for packing cubes — there are multiple brands and they largely function the same so read the reviews.

Toiletries / Personal Care Items

packing light - toiletries

Alright, let’s dive into toiletries. It’s important to limit what you bring since liquids, gels, creams, etc. are super heavy.

Toiletry Bags

First, you need a toiletry bag . Some people just use a plastic Ziploc bag (makes going through airport security easy) but we prefer a small, lightweight toiletry bag — ideally one with a hook (European bathrooms are tiny) and water-resistant.

  • The Sea to Summit Travelling Light Hanging Toiletry Bag is great because it’s compact, lightweight, and had a hook — buts its kind of expensive at around $35 ( via Amazon )
  • The Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Quick Trip Toiletry Bag  is small, super lightweight, and affordable but doesn’t have a hook ( via Amazon for around $20 ). 
  • The NeatPack Compact Hanging Toiletry Bag has a hook and it’s affordable but might be a little big for hardcore ultralight travelers ( around $18 at Amazon )
  • The Osprey UltraLight Zip Organizer is another option that’s light and has a hook (via Amazon for around $35).
  • We use the  Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Wallaby but it’s often unavailable… maybe it’s being discontinued, not sure. You might be able to find it at REI for around $30.

First, you need something to hold your liquids. The  Humangear GoToob line of travel containers are the best because they don’t leak — shampoo-covered clothing is never fun. Check Amazon to see the full Humangear line but we suggest the GoToob 3-Pack – Large .

We pack pretty minimally when it comes to personal care items. Here is what we use:

  • Travel-size toothpaste
  • Travel-size sunscreen (we buy more upon arrival)
  • SPF-30 lip balm
  • Dr. Bronner’s for handwashing laundry (in a 100ml Gotoob ) — if there is no washing machine.
  • Bodywash (in a 100ml Gotoob )
  • Shampoo/Conditioner (in a 100ml Gotoob )
  • Moisturizer (in a 100ml Gotoob )
  • Normal deodorant (we don’t bother with travel-sized)
  • Normal toothbrush with  Steripod Clip-on Protector (helps keep the brush clean)
  • Nail clippers
  • Shaving supplies (razors and cream/foam)
  • Basic makeup products (stick with the essentials as this can add a lot of weight)
  • Cologne/perfume samples
  • Pain medicine
  • Pepto tablets
  • Anti Monkey Butt powder

Of course, your needs might be a little different but you can always buy stuff when you arrive.

Travel Towel

packing light - travel towel

We recommend packing a travel towel if you’re staying in hostels. That said, some hostels will provide towels but many don’t or they’ll charge extra for them.

What’s the difference between a travel towel and a normal towel? Simple: Travel towels are lightweight, highly absorbent, dry within a few hours so you don’t have to worry about packing a wet towel — which will smell musty and make all your clothes smell bad. Normal towels take multiple hours to dry and are very bulky.

Travel towels come either synthetic microfiber and natural linen. Most towels are made from microfiber but some people get really irked by the feel of microfiber — especially the cheap stuff. If that’s you, check out linen. Linen doesn’t quite perform as well but it does feel a lot better on your skin.

  • Packtowl Personal Packtowl is a microfiber towel that’s a favorite among travelers. It absorbs 4x its weight in water, dries quickly, and it’s affordable. It’s also pretty soft. It’s usually around $25 at Amazon . 
  • Rainleaf Microfiber Towel is a great budget option that costs around $15 at Amazon .
  • The Outlier Grid Linen Towel is a personal favorite. This 100% linen towel is made from quality fabric and we’ve used it multiple time. That said, it’s also expensive and It doesn’t perform as well as the Packowl — but it “feels” nicer. The large costs $59 and the extra-large is $88.

travel light ultra

We usually carry a small, lightweight backpack during the day. You just want something big enough to carry a small notebook, a few pens, some snacks, an extra pair of socks, a camera, and maybe a super light rain jacket. You also want the daypack to be small enough to pack away into your main backpack for when you’re traveling.

Note: these ultralight daypacks aren’t designed to hold much weight. Most don’t have much (if any) structure and very little padding — overloading will result in back pain.

  • Matador Daylite16 Backpack: Very light at  4.1 ounces. It’s one of the better-looking daypacks. Available for $50 at Matador .
  • Matador Freerain24: Very light at 5.5 ounces. Waterproof. Looks pretty decent. Available via Amazon .
  • REI Co-op Flash 18 Pack: Weight 10 ounces. The black version looks fairly nice. Available for $40 at REI .
  • Sea To Summit Ultrasil Daypack: Crazy light at 2.4 ounces. It is kinda ugly though. Available for around $33 at Amazon .
  • Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack:  Super light at 3.2 ounces. The black version looks decent. Available for around $35 at Amazon .


packing light - electronics

Everyone travelers with electronics these days. For the ultralight traveler, the key is to be smart about what you bring.

A smartphone is the must-have travel gadget. Even if you don’t have data you can still find plenty of free WIFI so you can book tickets, do research sights, and scope out places to eat. Plus, any modern smartphone takes amazing photos. Check out our guide to using smartphones and data plans in Europe .

Don’t forget a portable charger! We love the lip-stick sized Anker PowerCore+ charger ($20 via Amazon ). Fully charged, it has enough juice to charge your iPhone two times. If you need more energy, Anker has multiple options.


If you’re truly traveling light then we suggest skipping the laptop. Instead, we recommend an iPad. Serious users can pair their iPad with a slim Bluetooth keyboard and you’re set.

Compact Camera

A high-end compact camera is perfect if you want really nice photos — big DSLR cameras are out of the question for ultralight travel. Most average users are happy with photos from their smartphones. We’ve written a guide about our favorite travel cameras but here are our top picks:

  • Sony RX100 ($500 via Amazon) : The Sony RX100 is probably the best high-end compact camera on the market. The thing is tiny and takes great photos.
  • Panasonic Lumix LX10 ($550 via Amazon ): This is another top contender for the best all-around high-end compact camera.
  • Canon GX9  and the  GX9 MII ( $380-$430 via Amazon ): These two Canon cameras are excellent and they’re a little friendlier on the wallet.

Don’t forget memory cards !


Power outlets are a hot commodity in Europe. We’ve stayed in hostels that only had two outlets in a room with 10 people. And many hotels and rental apartments aren’t much better. The  Belkin Travel Power Strip with USB ports  is a great compact option that also has USB — which is essential these days (Note: you’ll need a plug adaptor as well – see below).


You’ll need a few plug adapters . We like the  Ceptics USA to Europe Travel Adapter Dual USB because it will fit about any European plug and it has USB. These  Ceptics Ultra Compact adaptors are smaller but don’t have USB. 

Note: voltage adapters are heavy and bulky and they’re generally not needed (plus, they often malfunction). Read  our guide for traveling with electronics  to find out more information about using electronics in Europe.

Travel Accessories

Here are a few random things that will come in handy as you’re traveling.

  • Keychain Flashlight: We love the  Streamlight 73001 Nano Light Miniature Keychain LED Flashlight
  • Small Notebook : We always carry a  Moleskine Notebook or a  Field Notes Notebook .
  • Woolite Travel Soap: These are perfect for handwashing your nice wool clothes in the sink. Amazon sells single-use packs of Woolite with a sink stopper .
  • Clothesline: A  rubber braided clotheslines comes in handy when you to dry your clothes.
  • Padlock: Staying in a hostel? You’ll need a padlock. We recommend the  Master Lock Set-Your-Own-Combination Padlock
  • Utensils: The  titanium spork  is great for those on-the-go grocery store meals.
  • ZipLock Bags: Bring a few. They come in handy for all sorts of things.
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travel light ultra

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Home » Gear » best ultralight backpacks

9 Unbelievable Ultralight Backpacks • TOP Picks of 2024

Ultralight backpacks have changed the hiking and travelling game considerably. Backpackers can now travel way, WAY lighter with the help of some brilliantly designed ultralight backpacks that utilise cutting edge backpack technology.

But with an influx of great ultralight backpacks, has also come an influx of bad backpacks, and knowing which one to spend your money on can be seriously tough.

So to help, I’ve put together this epic guide to the BEST ultralight packs for backpackers.

As a former Appalachian Trail thru-hiker, I can attest to the importance of having a truly badass ultralight backpack and lightweight gear in general. By the end of this guide you will be able to crush your travels and outdoor backpacking adventures like never before with the perfect ultralight backpacking pack for you!

travel light ultra

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Quick Answer: The Top Ultralight Backpacks of 2024

  • Best Overall Ultralight Backpack:  Granite Gear CrownC3 60
  • Best Ultralight Bag for Women: Osprey Eja 48
  • Best Lightweight Backpack for Travel:  Osprey Farpoint 40
  • Best Day Hiking Backpack:  Osprey Daylite Plus
  • Best Budget Ultralight Backpack:  Gregory Focal 48
  • Best Ultralight Waterproof Backpack:  Sea to Summit Big River Dry Pack
  • Best Ultralight Bag for Thru-Hikers: Gossamer Gear Gorilla 40
  • Best Ultralight Bag for Thru-Hikers (Runner up): ZPacks Arc Blast
  • Bonus: Best Lightweight Travel Backpack:  Nomatic Travel Bag

best ultralight backpack

Granite Gear CrownC3 60

  • Price > $239.95
  • Weight > 2 lbs. 9.3 oz.
  • Liters > 60

best ultralight backpack

Osprey Eja 48

  • Price > $240
  • Weight > 2 lbs. 12 oz.
  • Liters > 48

travel light ultra

Osprey Farpoint 40

  • Price > $185
  • Weight > 3 lbs. 8 oz.
  • Liters > 40

best ultralight backpacks

Osprey Daylite Plus

  • Price > $75
  • Weight > 1 lb. 5 oz.
  • Liters > 20

travel light ultra

Gregory Focal 48

  • Price > $229.95
  • Weight > 2.5 lbs.

travel light ultra

Sea to Summit Big River Dry Pack

  • Price > $169.95
  • Weight > 2 lbs. 7 oz.
  • Liters > 50

best ultralight backapacks

Gossamer Gear Gorilla 40

  • Price > $255
  • Weight > 1 lb. 14 oz.

best ultralight backpacks

ZPacks Arc Blast

  • Price > $399
  • Liters > 55

best minimalist backpack

Nomatic Travel Bag

  • Weight > 4 lbs.

best ultralight backpacks

Best Ultralight Backpacks: Performance Breakdowns

#1 granite gear crownc3 60, #2 osprey eja 48, #3 osprey farpoint 40, #4 osprey daylite plus, #5 gregory focal 48, #6 sea to summit big river dry pack, #7 gossamer gear gorilla 40, #8 zpacks arc blast, #9 nomatic travel bag, faq about the best ultralight backpacks.

To make choosing the right ultralight backpack for yourself even easier, I have broken down my top picks into different categories. That way, you can base your next ultralight backpack purchase on your own specific needs.

As I cover the performance of each ultralight backpack on my list, I break down things like weight, price, specs, carrying capacity, comfort, fit, and much more. You’ll want to consider if you need a frameless pack or shoulder pockets, do you want a roll top closure, a removable hip belt or front mesh pocket? There’s a lot more these ultralight packs than you might think!

These reviews offer up near-complete pictures of the absolute top ultralight backpacks on the market today.

Here are my top picks for the top ultralight backpacks in 2024:

Best Overall Ultralight Backpack

best ultralight backpack

  • Price: $239.95
  • Weight: 2 lbs. 9.3 oz.
  • Volume:  60 Liter
  • Maximum Comfortable Load:  35 lbs

The Granite Gear Crown3 60 is my overall top pick for the best ultralight backpack.

Some ultralight backpackers might cringe at the size of my top pick for ultralight backpacks. The Granite Gear CrownC3 60 is a 60-litre backpack. Typically, ultralight backpacks tend to have a smaller volume and carrying capacity (to reduce weight).  That said, the Granite Gear Crown had won my top honours for several reasons.

Whilst being weight conscious is my top priority when assessing an ultralight backpack, in the end, it has to be comfortable too. When selecting ultralight backpacking gear there are often compromises when it comes to things like padded shoulder straps and might not include things like a removable hip belt that can make all the difference.

The Granite Gear Crown 60 kills it in that department. The removable hip belt and shoulder straps feature dual-density padding and narrow webbing straps to help you achieve the perfect fit.

Now the maximum load capacity of 35 lbs is a guideline, not a base weight you should be striving for. The good news is you have plenty of space for all of your important backpacking gear and food.

For organisation and pack access, the top-loading design features a secure roll top closure that provides easy access to the main compartment. The pack exterior sports light and effective LineLoc compression, a massive front mesh pocket as well as stretch-mesh side pockets for keeping all your exterior gear secure.

By design, ultralight backpacks are not known for being super tough or durable (you will hear this repeated many times). The Granite Gear Crown 60 does make an effort in that regard. It is made with a 100-denier silk-nylon hybrid body and 210-denier Cordura reinforcements for extra strength in key areas.

Keep in mind though that ultralight backpacks need to be treated with a little care. If you abuse this in excess they will break or tear eventually.

  • Large for an ultralight backpack.
  • Not as light as some of its competitors

travel light ultra

REI is one of America’s biggest and most-loved outdoor gear retailers.

Now, for just $30, get a lifetime membership that entitles you to 10% OFF on most items, access to their trade-in scheme and discount rentals .

Best Women’s Ultralight Backpack

best ultralight backpack

  • Price: $240.00
  • Weight: 2 lbs. 12 oz.
  • Volume:  48 Liter
  • Maximum Comfortable Load:  35-40 lbs

The Osprey Eja 58 is an ultralight backpack specifically designed with ladies in mind. From all reports, the Eja 48 wins out as the best ultralight bag for women because it is light, very comfortable, and also super practical.

The Osprey Eja 48 is walking the line of being ultralight in weight, but I dig its toughness. Also, I love it because it delivers a super comfy fit in an ultralight frame. It allows backpackers to carry everything they need without sacrificing comfort.

The Eja 48 features an  ExoFoam  harness and  AirSpeed  ventilated suspension system that distributes load weight and offers a supportive fit for those long days on the trail. It’s also got super comfy shoulder straps too. When it comes to lightweight packs, this blows the other packs out of the water for comfort!

For storage, the Eja 48 has dual-access fabric side pockets with a removable compression cord for water bottles or smaller items. The internal main compartment has a compression strap that helps you maximize the pack’s volume and keeps everything locked into place.

For even more storage solutions, the (removable) top lid cord loop attachment provides multiple options for affixing gear to the exterior of your pack making it ideal for an ultralight backpacking trip. There’s also a handy mesh pocket on the front.

The Osprey Eja 48 is the full package and certainly one of the finest ultralight backpacks I have come across. Whilst it might be slightly on the large side for a day pack, it also holds it’s own amongst the best lightweight hiking backpacks too.

Check out the men’s Osprey Exos 48 .

Check out my in-depth review of the slightly larger Osprey Exos 58 if you’re looking for backpacking packs with a bit of extra room!

  • High quality
  • Pack weight is heavier than its competition as it’s not a frameless pack.
  • I really don’t like the lack of hip belt pockets and shoulder pockets.

Best Lightweight Backpack for Travel

travel light ultra

  • Price: $185.00
  • Weight: 3 lbs. 8 oz. (S/M Size)
  • Volume:  40 Liter
  • Maximum Comfortable Load:  25-30 lbs

For backpackers visiting warm, tropical regions like Southeast Asia , or  South  or  Central America , having an awesome lightweight backpack for travel is key.

Enter the  Osprey Farpoint 40 . The Farpoint 40 is the perfect backpack for those travellers looking to travel light. If you are the type of minimalist traveller who doesn’t need to bring a ton of stuff along for a trip, the Osprey Farpoint 40 will serve you very well indeed for ultralight backpacking trips. It’s one of the best bits of backpacking gear on the market.

The Farpoint features a large zippered panel that gives access to the main compartment. The zippers have lockable sliders too for added security. It’s worth noting that this bag is pretty simplistic and there isn’t an external mesh pocket which would have been great. However the detachable day pack could offer a similar solution.

There are three different ways you can carry the Osprey Farpoint 40. The standard padded shoulder straps, the padded top and side handles for hand carrying, and the detachable messenger-style shoulder strap. One thing I will say is that the shoulder straps could be a little more padded for my liking!

An important point to make is that the Osprey Farpoint 40 can be carried on planes .  99% of airlines will let you use this bag as a carry on, which over your travels will save you a ton of time and money which is exactly what you want when it comes to lightweight packs! #gamechanger.

By going with an ultralight backpacking bag like the Osprey Farpoint 40, you’ll be able to keep all of your valuables with you and save a ton of money (which pays for the bag ten times over!).

Check out my in-depth Osprey Farpoint 40 review .

  • High Quality
  • Not a hiking backpack.
  • Lacks the space for travellers with lots of gear needs.

Best Day Hiking Backpack

best ultralight backpacks

  • Price: $75.00
  • Weight: 1 lb. 5 oz.
  • Volume:  20 Liter
  • Maximum Comfortable Load:  15-25 lbs. (estimate)

I know I am veering off the ultralight backpacking packs path a bit but stay with me here.

Every backpacker needs a good day hiking backpack. For those quick weekend missions to the mountains or a big city requires that you pack a few essentials along for the journey. The  Osprey Daylite Plus  is one of the best lightweight hiking backpacks on the market.

The large main compartment features a padded interior sleeve for safely packing a tablet or other electronics which could easily double as an internal hydration sleeve. A zippered mesh pocket has a key fob in the smaller main compartment, which is handy. Everyone has keys!

Onto ventilation. The mesh-covered back panel has slotted foam for excellent ventilation and breathability. The dreaded swamp-back blues can be a very inconvenient reality with other daypacks. Backpacks that feature only fabric where your back meets the backpack are serving up a recipe for a super sweaty back. The shoulder straps too features a ventilation system to keep you feeling fresh.

A great addition to the Daylite Plus is the open-topped stash pocket for jackets or other quick-use items. To top it off a small front zip pocket allows you to store items you use frequently in their own zone.

The point being, that the Osprey Daylite Plus is a great value day backpack for the money ($75). Osprey Daylite Plus for the win. The pack weight to begin with compared to other packs is super light so you know you’re not dragging along extra grams and it’s one of the reasons we’ve rated it amonst the top ultralight packs.

Check out my in-depth Osprey Daylite Plus review here .

  • Not an overnight backpacking backpack.
  • Limited gear storage for big items.

Best Budget Ultralight Backpack

travel light ultra

  • Price: $229.95
  • Weight:  2 lbs. 9.6 oz (M size)
  • Maximum Comfortable Load:  40 lbs.

Ultralight gear in general can get expensive. Once you throw in an ultralight tent ,  sleeping bag , and  backpack , you just suddenly spent a ton of money.

Now they aren’t giving away the  Gregory Focal 48 . But for $229.95, I feel like it is the best ultralight hiking backpack for the money.

The Focal 48 is a great budget option for thru-hikers too. The backpack features a well-ventilated, suspended mesh back panel which features the Gregory FreeFloat dynamic ComfortCradle lower back system. That’s a lot of words for, it’s bloody comfy!

I really love all of the little details of this pack. From the convenient water bottle pockets to the Removable, floating top pocket to the sunglasses storage zone; the designers at Gregory should get a good Christmas bonus this year. All of your little bits and pieces have their home somewhere inside the Focal 48.

For even more storage the Focal 48 features dual-zippered hip belt pockets that provide secure, easy-to-access zones for snacks or your phone. The Focal 48 bests the Eja 48 for storage options, simply because Gregory has included hip belt pockets!

The Gregory Focal 48 is a great ultralight backpack for (male) long-distance hikers on a budget. Women can check out the Gregory Facet 48 which is specifically designed for ladies.

  • I have questions about the durability of the front mesh pocket.
  • The damn water bottle pockets don’t make it easy to get your bottle in or out.

travel light ultra

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Best Ultralight Waterproof Backpack

travel light ultra

  • Price:  $169.95
  • Weight:  2 lbs. 7 oz.
  • Volume: 50 Liter
  • Maximum Comfortable Load:  20-25 lbs.

Sea to Summit is not super famous for its backpacks. In recent years though, they are making an obvious and concerted effort to improve their reputation in that regard (they do, however, make awesome dry bags among many other fine products). They have certainly found their niche here with the Sea to Summit Big River Drypack .

The Sea to Summit Big River Dry Pack is a full-sized hiking backpack. But is can also be used as a day hiking backpack when you need more gear. Ideally, it is a great bag for river guides, kayakers, travellers or city folks who live or travel in wet regions.

The Sea to Summit Big River Dry Pack is great at what it does. It is 100% waterproof, surprisingly lightweight, and packs plenty of gear storage to hold your laptop, snacks, water bottle, and a few layers.

This backpack features a fully adjustable, low-profile padded shoulder harness and a removable waistbelt for maximizing carrying comfort. I’m a big fan of the deep stretchy mesh exterior side pockets.

Also, if you spend a lot of time in the water (kayaking, river guide, fisherman, scuba divers, etc) the Sea to Summit Big River Dry Pack is fully submersible. Not many backpacks out there can survive (I mean not get wet inside) a full-on river plunge.

The Sea to Summit Big River Dry Pack is a great piece of adventure gear!

  • Fully waterproof
  • Sea to Summit includes lifetime warranty
  • Not a proper hiking backpack.

Best Ultralight Bag for Thru-Hikers

Gossamer Gear Gorilla 40

  • Price:  $215.00
  • Weight:  1 lb. 14  oz.
  • Maximum Comfortable Load:  35 lbs.

For serious ultralight thru-hikers looking to crush big miles with the fewest weight restrictions possible, the Gossamer Gear Gorilla 40  is where it’s at. This ultralight backpack was designed specifically with thru-hikers in mind and makes a top camping backpack .

All of the adjustable hip belt and shoulder straps come together to bring you a comfortable fit. One unique feature of the Gorilla 40 is the SitLight pad. The SitLight is a removable back pad that doubles as a seat when you arrive at camp. Who doesn’t want to rest a tired bum on something other than a pointy rock?

The aluminium frame is at the core of what makes this backpack so light, yet it gets the job done in terms of providing support.

If you decide to go with the Gossamer Gear Gorilla 40, keep in mind that you will need to fully embrace the ultralight program. What I mean is, that 40 litres isn’t an eternity of space to work with. You’ll need ultralight, ultra-small, minimalist everything to make it work.

That said, going totally ultralight is great. You can really cover some serious miles day in and day out when your backpack doesn’t way 30 pounds+.

  • I have questions about the mesh pockets’ durability.
  • They make you pay extra for hip pockets! Damn them!

Best Ultralight Bag for Thru-Hikers (Runner up)

best ultralight backpacks

  • Price:  $325.00
  • Weight:  1 lb. 5 oz.
  • Volume:  55 Liter
  • Maximum Comfortable Load:  30 lbs

To put things in perspective the  Zpacks Arc Blast  weighs about as much as a block of cheddar cheese. The Arc Blast is ridiculously lightweight and is my top pick for the lightest backpack on my list.

Zpacks is a small company that makes the backpacks themselves in the USA as the orders come in. They are now so popular amongst the ultralight thru-hiking community that the wait times for the Zpacks backpacks can be months (but usually it’s about 5 weeks+).

Apart from a solid mesh back panel ventilation system, the adjustable torso straps really help you dial in the backpack for a custom fit. The standard model of the Zpacks Arc Blast is pretty barebones. The pack is listed at 55 liers, though in reality, it feels as though it shares the same capacity as a 40 or 45-liter backpack, and that’s being generous.

Keep in mind that if you want hip belt pockets, trekking pole straps, and internal pouches they are not included. You have to request them and of course, they cost more money to add.

The fabric of the backpack is made out of a unique DCF which really helps to keep the pack water-resistant (not waterproof).

If you are a thru-hiker looking for the absolute minimum base weight the Zpacks Arc Blast will be your new best mate.

  • Lightweight doesnt sacrifice quality
  • It’s a pain in the ass that you have to pay extra for pockets. I guess when you make everything yourself as Zpacks does, you need to charge for the extra work adding pockets involves.

travel light ultra

Now, you  could spend a fat chunk of $$$ on the WRONG present for someone. Wrong size hiking boots, wrong fit backpack, wrong shape sleeping bag… As any adventurer will tell you, gear is a personal choice.

So give the adventurer in your life the gift of convenience: buy them an REI Co-op gift card!  REI is The Broke Backpacker’s retailer of choice for ALL things outdoors, and an REI gift card is the perfect present you can buy from them. And then you won’t have to keep the receipt. 😉

Bonus: Best Lightweight Travel Bag

best minimalist backpack

  • Price:  $229.00/279.00
  • Weight:  4 lbs.
  • Volume:  40 Liters
  • Maximum Comfortable Load:  20-30 lbs. (estimate)

The Nomatic Travel Bag  is indeed not an ultralight backpack or a hiking backpack of any kind. In fact, it is a whole other species of backpack completely, but, it rates as one of our top travel backpacks for a reason!

For travellers on the move, a new travel bag is taking the internet (and the travel world) by storm. The Nomatic Travel Bag is one sweet unit. In fact, it is such a badass travel bag that it found its way onto my ultralight backpacks list. Go figure.

Basically, if ever there was a travel bag to cover ALL of your short term travel needs, the Nomatic Travel Bag would be at the very top of the list.

The Nomatic Travel Bag comes with an insane amount of brilliantly thought out pockets, compartments, and gear storage options. It even comes with a mesh laundry bag. No more cramming those dirty socks in the front pocket of your backpack eh?

From start to finish the Nomatic Travel Bag features one sleek design after another. My favourite features include the fleece-lined valuables pocket, the laptop pocket, the high-quality water-resistant materials they used, and the specific compartment for your shoes (there is one for socks/underwear too)!

Remember, the Nomatic Travel Bag is one of the best carry on bags for travellers as well. Well done, Nomatic, well done.

Check out my in-depth Nomatic Travel Bag review.

  • Compact and slick aesthetics
  • Thoughtful design
  • You’ll need to pay extra if you want the travel bag plus all of the accessories.

Picking an Ultralight Bag

As you have now seen, Ultralight backpacks are all over the place in terms of style, design, weight, capacity, and price. Choosing the right ultralight backpack for your personal needs is very important.

The three most important questions you need to ask yourself:

  • What is the best weight to performance ratio that is best for me?
  • How many litres is sufficient for my needs?
  • How much am I willing to spend on an ultralight backpack? 

Below, I breakdown all of the important aspects of an ultralight backpack.

To make the important decision regarding which ultralight backpack you should buy, you first need the complete picture of what makes an ultralight backpack awesome in the first place.

hiking in the mountains

Ultralight Backpack Weight

Because you have dipped your toes in the great ultralight backpack ocean I am thinking that you are concerned with backpack weight. Or at least going ultralight as much as you can.

If you go with an extreme ultralight backpack like the  ZPacks Arc Blast  you will certainly be in possession of one of the lightest ultralight hiking backpacks that have ever existed. That said, the lighter the backpack is, the less tough (and possibly less comfortable) it will be. Also weight (or lack thereof) is directly linked to price.

In order to get the backpack weights down as low as possible, manufacturers use bare-bones materials that break down in the long run. It is the same across the entire ultralight world. Sleeping bags, down jackets, trekking poles , etc… the lighter they are the less durable they are, period.

I recommend trying to find a sweet balance between light and tough. With the  Gregory Focal 48 , you get the best of both worlds.

Gregory Optic 48

Ultralight Backpack Price

Like I said, with outdoor gear generally, the more ultralight something is the more expensive it will be. You can see that the most expensive backpack on my list is also the lightest.

How much you will use this ultralight backpack of yours should also factor into how much you are willing to pay for it. Are you planning a major thru-hike? Going to travel around Europe ? Just looking for an awesome day pack ?

Each of those scenarios will require a different price point. If you are planning on hiking thousands of miles in a single shot, you’ll probably want to invest in a very ultralight backpack like the  Granite Gear Crown 60 . Likewise, if you are planning on backpacking Europe, the  Osprey Eja 48  would be the way to go.

Bottom line: the price of ultralight backpacks is very dependent on what their intended use is. Figure out what you will be doing and find the appropriate price point from there.

Ultralight Backpack Fit/Comfort

When compared to full-sized bulked out hiking backpacks, ultralight backpacks are certainly not as comfortable. All of that padding found in heavier backpacks is significantly reduced in ultralight backpacks.

Really I am amazed that the ultralight backpack companies are able to make reasonably comfy backpacks given they are trying to strip them down as much as possible. That said, most ultralight backpacks are devoid of any sort of suspension system.

Here is our reoccurring theme: the lighter you go, the less comfortable your backpack (is likely) to be. Ultralight backpacks are minimalist units. What you don’t get in padding, you enjoy in lightness.

The backpacks featured on my list are all generally quite comfortable, with slight variations of course. I highly recommend that you measure your waist and torso BEFORE ordering an ultralight backpack online. That way, you’ll be certain to get the perfect fit.

best ultralight backpacks

Ultralight Backpack Ventilation/Breathability

Breathability is another aspect of the backpack that you should study and take seriously. You sweat a lot when you are trekking. Ideally, your backpack should provide a bit of airflow and ventilation to allow for all that back heat to escape.

The  Osprey Eja 48  features a good example of a properly ventilated back panel. The mesh holes and gaps between the back panel and the frame allow for a healthy amount of breathability to combat moisture stagnation.

A properly designed ultralight backpack will always allow for some air flow to occur.

Exos Eja 48

Ultralight Backpack Volume/Carry Capacity

The idea in buying an ultralight backpack is that you should— in theory— be carrying less gear. If you’re keen to haul 50-pounds in a backpack weighing two pounds, I’m sorry to tell you that it won’t be pleasant.

By design, ultralight backpacks kind of force the user to cut out anything unnecessary to any given trip. There simply isn’t the luxury of extra space in an ultralight backpack.

Likewise, ultralight backpacks were not designed to bear heavy loads. If you overload your ultralight backpack it will either break on you, or it will be very, very uncomfortable to hike with. The  Granite Gear Crown 60  offers up a decent volume (60 liters) in a lightweight package.

Though, if you are serious about joining the ultralight cult, simply plan on becoming more of a minimalist backpacker.

best ultralight backpacks

Ultralight Backpack Design

Deciding on which sort of design to go with is more of a personal preference thing. Ultralight backpacks are designed to be practical and efficient whilst eliminating everything that is unnecessary. Day packs for example are light, to begin with, so designers have more freedom to add in more design features.

Moreover less though, ultralight backpacks are designed to perform at very high levels of use. They are intended for you to be able to pack all of your gear in a reasonable, organized way.

I am a big fan of the way the  Gregory Focal 48 features many practical organizational solutions for backpackers. After cost, weight, and volume, design is probably the next most important thing for you to consider.

Ultralight Backpack Material/Durability

Ultralight backpacks are not the toughest cookies in the bakery. What I mean is you can’t treat your ultralight gear in the same way you would a normal hiking backpack.

Slamming it on the ground, dragging it across the floor, leaning it against a cactus plant, knocking it against thorny blackberry bushes… all of those scenarios could spell a a major tear (and resulting disappointment) or puncture for the delicate ultralight fabric.

Again—say it with me now— the lighter a backpack is, the less tough it is likely to be.

That said, a majority of ultralight backpacks can take a fair bit of abuse.

Usually, ultralight backpacks are made from one of two materials: Ripstop Nylon or Dyneema Composite Fabric (formerly cuben fibre). Both are fairly water-resistant and can manage to survive a few decent snags.

Just be a little more careful with your backpack than you normally would and you should be fine.

Want something more durable? Have a look at the best heavy duty backpacks for the other end of the scale!

climbing up a ladder

Still have some questions? No problem! We’ve listed and answered the most commonly asked questions below. Here’s what people usually want to know:

What is the lightest ultralight backpack?

The ZPacks Arc Blast weighs just over one pound, making it one of the lightest backpacks on the market. It’s is a popular ultralight hiking backpack as it’s quite spacious with 40-45L capacity and a carry load of 30lbs.

Are ultralight backpacks worth it?

The less weight you have to carry on your back, the easier it is to move. Having an ultralight backpack (that is of course one of high quality) can be a life safer during long hikes and travels.

How light are ultralight backpacks?

Some ultralight backpacks weigh just above 1 pound. Keep in mind that the weight also depends on the size of a backpack. In general, ultralight backpacks weigh between 1.7-3 pounds.

Are ultralight backpacks durable?

Just because a backpack is light, doesn’t mean it’s lacking quality. Unless you go for the extreme budget option, ultralight backpacks are normally made from strong material, making the backpack very durable and reliable.

travel light ultra

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Final Thoughts

travel light ultra

Alas, you have made it to the end of my review. Well done! You are now ready to drink the ultralight cool aid and join in all of the lightweight fun.

Choosing the best ultralight pack for yourself is a challenge. The last thing you want is to be disappointed with a backpack you were so excited about.

After reading this review, you are now armed with all of the important information needed to buy a truly badass ultralight backpack for your adventures.

Not sure which one is for you still? When in doubt, go with my favorite ultralight pack: the Granite Gear Crown V.C. 60 .

Best Ultralight bag for women? That’s the Osprey Eja 48 .

Just want a pack to go on radical day hikes with your partner? Consider the  Osprey Daylite Plus .

Welcome to the ultralight backpack cult: the most comfortable group of backpackers you will ever meet. Good luck!

travel light ultra

Aiden Freeborn

Best Ultralight Backpacks Pinterest Image

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photo of a person holding a smartphone with Holafly logo

Not one of those backpacks is an ultralight backpack. Osprey makes 2 models that weigh a lb less. A UL pack these days is under 2 lbs. Not 3 and 4.

Hello Griz, Whilst I agree with you that not all of these packs are super ultralight, there are def. many true ultralight backpacks on this list: the Granite Gear Crown V.C. 60 and the Gossamer Gear Gorilla 40 are both 2 pounds or less, and these backpacks were built for ultralight thru-hikers (I am a former AT thru-hiker). Both the Osprey Exos 58 and Eja 48 are marketed as ultralight packs and weigh far less than their more technical pack line. This list was meant to have ultralight options for world travelers as well as hikers, so if you are looking at this article purely from an ultralight thru-hikers perspective, certainly not all of these backpacks would be for you. That Gossamer Gear Gorilla 40 pack is badass though as an ultralight! Cheers!

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neatly packed suitcase.

Ultralight Travel: How to Pack Light Every Time

'  data-srcset=

Sarah Schlichter

Deputy Executive Editor Sarah Schlichter's idea of a perfect trip includes spotting exotic animals, hiking through pristine landscapes, exploring new neighborhoods on foot, and soaking up as much art as she can. She often attempts to recreate recipes from her international travels after she gets home (which has twice resulted in accidental kitchen fires—no humans or animals were harmed).

Sarah joined the SmarterTravel team in 2017 after more than a decade at the helm of Sarah's practical travel advice has been featured in dozens of news outlets including the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, USA Today, Budget Travel, and Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio. Follow her on Twitter @TravelEditor .

The Handy Item I Always Pack: "A journal. Even years later, reading my notes from a trip can bring back incredibly vivid memories."

Ultimate Bucket List Experience: "Road tripping and hiking through the rugged mountains of Patagonia."

Travel Motto: "'To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.'—Freya Stark"

Aisle, Window, or Middle Seat: "Aisle. I get restless on long flights and like to be able to move around without disturbing anyone else."

Email Sarah at [email protected] .

Travel Smarter! Sign up for our free newsletter.

Packing light doesn’t mean sacrificing style or comfort, but it does require rethinking such travel basics as suitcases and shoes. An ounce here, a half-pound there—when you’re packing for a trip, these small increments can add up fast. Do the math and it’s easy to see why this matters: If your checked bag is too big or heavy, you’ll incur baggage fees on most airlines. If you are carrying on a suitcase, weight matters even more since you’ll be lifting your bag dozens of times while in transit (in and out of the car, onto the security belt, into the overhead bin, and so on).

After years of traveling, I’ve learned the many advantages of bringing only a carry-on, even on trips of more than two weeks: avoiding baggage fees, not having to worry about the airlines losing my luggage, and being less encumbered by heavy bags while navigating a new place. And while other flyers are waiting at baggage claim watching the belt go round and round, I’m breezing past them to hop in a cab and get on with my day.

Whether you’re looking to travel with a carry-on only or you simply want to cut your checked bag down to size, these tips for packing light can help.

How to Make Your Suitcase Lighter: The Basics

If the challenge of ultralight packing has you wanting to lock your doors and stay home forevermore, it helps to think basic instead of specific, at least at first. When making your packing list , start by separating your items into these key categories.

The carry-on from away

Packing light starts with a featherweight foundation. When you’re looking for a suitcase, consider these weight classes: A 22-inch carry-on roller suitcase is generally considered lightweight if it’s under 10 pounds. Manufacturers start claiming “ultralight” status at around the seven-pound mark. Brands such as Lipault and Delsey are both known for lightweight offerings in the five- to six-pound range. The MegaLite collection from IT Luggage is even lighter.

Whichever suitcase you choose, make sure that it has enough pockets and compartments to help keep you organized, and that it’s as roomy as possible without exceeding your airline’s size requirements. For more suggestions, see 10 Ultralight Rolling Carry-on Bags Under 5 Lbs.

When choosing clothes to pack, consider lighter fabrics. Wool and heavyweight fleece are sure to keep you warm, but they also tend to be both bulky and heavy. Fabrics known for being particularly lightweight, on the other hand, include silk and synthetics such as nylon and polyester. Cotton, linen, and cotton blends are slightly heavier, but they tend to still be on the lighter end of the spectrum and should remain on your list of options.

Wool runners from allbirds

When it comes to shoes, packing light is a tricky balancing act between bulk, style, and comfort. The lightest available shoes, such as sandals and ballet flats , may not offer enough support for long days of walking. If you’ve got a heavier pair you need to bring, let your feet do the lifting and wear them when you’re in transit, reserving your suitcase for lighter shoes. Above all, be realistic about your shoes. Unless it’s for a specific special occasion, all your shoes should be multi-use. (Bonus points if you can pull your trip off with just one pair. For help, see One Shoe Trip? These Are the Best Pairs That Do It All .)

The lightest option for toiletries, of course, is to pack none and either depend on your hotel to provide you with basics or purchase them when you arrive at your destination. If you can’t travel without, solid shampoos , conditioners , and small bars of soap tend to weigh less than their liquid counterparts (you can travel even lighter by cutting the bar and taking only the portion you’ll need for your trip). Travelon’s shampoo and body wash sheets each weigh in at about half an ounce per package of 50.


Traveling with the right electronics can save you both weight and space. A typical e-reader or tablet weighs in at somewhere between eight ounces and one pound, roughly the same as a modestly sized paperback guidebook or sizzling beach read. You can store an entire suitcase full of books on one small device, and with a tablet, you can score handy additional features like travel apps that can help you cut down on your vacation paper trail. Just don’t forget the charger.

Featherless hoody from marmont

A jacket can add major bulk to your packing list, but plenty of outdoor suppliers offer surprisingly lightweight options—like the seven-ounce women’s Featherless Hybrid Jacket from Marmot or the 10.5-ounce REI Co-op 650 Down Jacket for men.

Outdoorsy not your style? Since so many companies now offer some variation of lightweight outerwear , you’ve got plenty of options that don’t sacrifice fashion for weight.

Key Tips for Packing Light

There are no hard and fast standards that can apply to every imaginable trip, but here are a few rules of thumb that have served me well when learning how to travel light, gathered from years of trial, error, and inspired experimentation.

Every Little Bit of Space Helps

Swap your pile of paperbacks for a tablet or e-reader, forget about those “just in case” items you could easily buy in your destination, and maximize your space by filling in nooks and crannies with small items (including stuffing socks, underwear, mittens, and even T-shirts into your shoes). See What Not to Pack for more help whittling your list down to the bare essentials.

Don’t Pack More Than a Week’s Worth of Clothes

To keep everything fresh, toss in a dryer sheet (you might find you can forgo perfume altogether with this hack). To erase wrinkles in a pinch, pack a travel-sized bottle of Downy Wrinkle Releaser and spritz your garments on the go. For trips longer than a week, plan to do laundry along the way.

Pack Outfits That Mix and Match

Pack only garments that can be color-coordinated with everything else in your travel wardrobe. If an item doesn’t work in multiple outfits, leave it at home. I generally try to limit myself to two pairs of pants and two pairs of shoes that go with everything else I’ve packed.

Maximize Your Personal Item

In addition to a carry-on bag, airlines allow you to bring a personal item such as a purse or laptop bag. I generally bring a small backpack, which can hold a lot more than a purse but will still fit easily under the seat in front of me. (If I need a purse during my trip, I fold it up inside a larger bag.)

How to Pack Light and Stay Organized

A cornerstone of ultralight travel is expert-level organization. The most common approaches to packing include folding, rolling, and compressing, which involves placing folded clothing in a sturdy plastic bag (like these ) and rolling the bag to force additional air out, thus saving space.

The folding method works best for garments with sturdier fabrics, such as denim jeans or chambray blouses, while rolling your clothes works best for softer fabrics that are less likely to wrinkle, such as cotton and wool. Compressing, while a great space saver, does not ensure a lighter bag; in fact, it can tempt you to over-pack, thus running the risk of incurring surprise weight-induced upcharges at the airport.

Consider folding outfits into “units” and placing them into your bag together rather than placing all sweaters in one pile, all jeans in another, and so on. The following packing tools can help with this type of organization.

Packing Cubes

Pack-It original™ cube set

Packing cubes, like this cute bear-themed set from Eagle Creek , are great for maximizing space in your bag. They categorize items and store them separately, making it easier to find exactly what you need in your suitcase. If you’re on a budget, you can use gallon-sized freezer bags —they do the exact same thing for a lot less money, and they’re sturdy enough to be reused over several trips.

Packing Folders and Envelopes

Another organizational aid, packing folders or envelopes offer the same efficient space-saving functionality as packing cubes, but they’re better at keeping your clothing wrinkle-free. These are good options if you’re toting lots of button-up shirts or blouses, and many come with boards to make folding easier. But keep in mind that any folded garment is still liable to crease along fold lines.

Packing Sacks

Pack-It specter tech™ sac set

The most free-form of the packing aids you’ll find, packing sacks are like cubes but in softer bag form. They won’t keep clothing wrinkle-free, but they’re a great hiding place for belts, jewelry, hair-styling tools, shoes, and other necessities that you don’t want to toss into your bag willy-nilly. Consider these packing sacks from Eagle Creek; they’re water-resistant and partially transparent, so you can see what’s inside without tearing open each bag.

How to Travel Light in Tricky Packing Situations

I’m often asked how I manage to squeeze everything into a single carry-on and personal item, even for trips as long as a few weeks. I’ve put together advice for traveling light in three tricky packing scenarios.

Challenge No. 1: A Long Trip Through Multiple Climates

First off, if you’re going for much longer than a week, resign yourself to doing a little laundry. (Your shoulders and back will thank you when you’re not lugging 17 days’ worth of clothes.) You can pay your hotel to do it for you, look for a nearby laundromat—think of it as a glimpse into the local culture!—or simply wash your dirty duds in your bathroom sink.

Second, get creative. This is the time when all those clever convertible travel clothes are actually worth the money, like pants that can be turned into shorts by zipping off the legs or jackets that have a gazillion pockets for all your odds and ends.

The secret to dealing with multiple climates is layering. The same lightweight T-shirt that you’d wear when strolling around the humid streets of Buenos Aires can serve as a base layer during your hike in the snowy Andes. Keep your heavy layers to a minimum—you can wear the same sweater or fleece every day as long as you keep changing the lighter shirt closest to your skin. And be sure to bring your jacket on the plane with you so you don’t have to stuff it into your suitcase.

If your trip starts in a wintry climate and ends in a tropical one, consider mailing your cold-weather gear home so you don’t have to lug it around for the rest of the trip (or vice versa). An alternative is to bring along older clothes that you don’t mind donating or leaving behind along the way.

Challenge No. 2: A Week on a Cruise Ship

Shorts, bathing suits, and tank tops are easy enough to pack, but the most common sticking point for cruisers is formal night. How can you get a tux or an opulent ball gown into that teeny little carry-on?

Luckily, these days you don’t really have to. Many cruisers opt to skip formal night altogether and head to the buffet or order room service instead. But if getting gussied up for formal night is as much a part of your dream cruise as ocean breezes and fruity cocktails, you’ve got options. Men can pay to rent a tuxedo on some ships if they want to dress to the nines—but on many cruise lines you can get by with nice slacks and a jacket (a tie is preferred, and easy to squeeze into a carry-on). Bring multiple ties to change your look if there’s more than one formal night.

For the ladies, think little black dress . If there are a couple of formal nights on your cruise, save space by wearing the same dress twice with different scarves, shawls, jewelry, or other accessories. Choose shoes that can also go with sundresses or other less formal outfits at dinner for the rest of the week. For more help, see Top 10 Cruise Packing Tips from SmarterTravel’s sister site, Cruise Critic.

Challenge No. 3: The Business Trip

Business trips pose two primary challenges for people trying to pack light: looking professional without toting half your wardrobe, and bringing only the most essential gadgets to get the job done.

Unless it’s a particularly lengthy trip, you can usually get by with a single neutral-colored suit that can be mixed and matched with different shirts, ties, and/or accessories. For example, a woman can wear the same pair of black suit pants for a daytime meeting (pair with a button-down shirt and jacket) and for dinner out (substitute a flowing wrap for the jacket and add earrings or other jewelry to dress up the look). By sticking to neutral colors, you should also be able to keep yourself to a single pair of dress shoes . If you’re bringing a blazer or jacket, wear it on the plane to free up space in your carry-on.

The advent of the iPad and other tablets has helped lighten the load of the business traveler considerably by providing an alternative to bulkier laptops. Don’t have a tablet? If it’s a short trip, you can probably get by with only your phone.

A note for business travelers attending a conference: Forget about lugging all those folders and freebies you received on the trade show floor. Go through them the night before your departure and pack only what you really need or want. If you still don’t have room in your carry-on, have your hotel mail the remaining goodies back to your office.

Don’t let the task of packing light weigh you down. Armed with these top tips, you’re well on your way to your next destination, lighter of bag and spirit.

Outfits to Pack on Your Next Trip

Women’s business casual outfit for travel with carry-on, shop the look.

travel light ultra

Ribbed Puff Sleeve Tee

travel light ultra

Dress Pant Yoga Pants

travel light ultra

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

travel light ultra

20-Inch & 28-Inch Trunk Rolling Luggage Set

travel light ultra

Men’s Comfortable Work Business Outfit for a Flight

travel light ultra

Tech Button Down Shirt

travel light ultra

Commuter Pants

travel light ultra

Chrono Leather Watch

travel light ultra

Leather Jeans Belt

travel light ultra

Cycia Shoes

Women’s casual summer dress outfit from nordstrom.

travel light ultra

Midi Wrap Dress

travel light ultra

Coin Pendant Necklace

travel light ultra

Woven Straw Bag

travel light ultra

Miles Slide Sandal

Men’s casual summer outfit from nordstrom.

travel light ultra

Floral Sport Shirt

travel light ultra

Skinny Fit Jeans

travel light ultra

Chronograph Leather Strap Watch

travel light ultra

Original Achilles Sneaker

Comfy yet casual older women’s outfit for a scenic drive.

travel light ultra

Wide Leg Crop Pants

travel light ultra

Saylor Glasses

travel light ultra

Long Cardigan

travel light ultra

Men’s Comfy Outfit to Wear on the Airplane from Nordstrom

travel light ultra

Armour Fleece® Jogger Pants

travel light ultra

QuietComfort® 35 Wireless Headphones II

travel light ultra

Baseball Cap

travel light ultra

Knox Low Top Sneaker

Women’s outfit for walking to tijuana.

travel light ultra

Big Rainbow Boyfriend Tee

travel light ultra

Tye Dye Legging Shorts

travel light ultra

65-piece Hair Scrunchies

travel light ultra

Men’s Outfit for Walking to Tijuana

travel light ultra

Paper Plane Print Tee

travel light ultra

No Sweat Relaxed Fit Shorts

travel light ultra

Vintage Canvas Backpack

travel light ultra

Women’s Swimsuit to Wear in Hawaii

travel light ultra

Retro Sunglasses

travel light ultra

Halterneck Swimsuit

travel light ultra

Drawstring Waist Chambray Shorts

travel light ultra

Seasonal Flip

Men’s swimsuit with cooler outfit for the beach.

travel light ultra

Natural Face Moisturizer & Mineral Facial Sunscreen

travel light ultra

"Life is Beautiful" Printed Tank

travel light ultra

Aviv Sandals

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Editor’s note: This story was originally published in 2017. It has been updated to reflect the most current information. Christine Sarkis, Dara Continenza, and Margaret Leahy contributed to this story.

We hand-pick everything we recommend and select items through testing and reviews. Some products are sent to us free of charge with no incentive to offer a favorable review. We offer our unbiased opinions and do not accept compensation to review products. All items are in stock and prices are accurate at the time of publication. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

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Travel trailers, all over the calendar year, are becoming among the Best Ultra Light Travel Trailers options for people. On account of their weight that is light, there is no requirement for the owner. Additionally, the materials and construction methods utilized allow travel trailer makers to look comfortable, well-appointed, ultralight travel trailers.

The specification we will need to consider is Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, If it comes to ultralight travel trailers. GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) is the maximum permissible weight of this unit when completely loaded. It features all weights, inclusive of fluids, cargo equipment, and accessories.

For safety and product performance, do NOT exceed the GVWR. There’s a formula you can use to figure out the maximums and also to make sure that you haven’t surpassed any of these manufacturers’ specifications. Continue reading this informative article from Mark Polk to find out how to figure out this. So as to have some notion of how many things you can take along with you, In addition, you should understand the weight of your travel trailer.

What Creates a Travel Trailer Lightweight Compared to Designs?

Trailers are only better-designed trailers to decrease the weight of their RV. To get a travel trailer it doesn’t necessarily have to be smaller. Restructurings and a couple of replacements for better-suited options can impact a traveler’s burden. A Couple of changes that are designed to create a travel trailer that is milder would be as follow:

Construction Material

The construction substance has a say in the weight of this trailer. Ordinarily, for RVs or travel trailers, high-grade thick steel, and no-iron shirts consumer reports are used for construction. For trailers that are cheap composites are common. So the dry weight is decreased, They’re created out of a mix of a couple of different substances, and the strength isn’t compromised.

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  • Top Best PFDs For Kayaking 2021

One other factor that determines the weight of this trailer, in addition, is how through towing the trailer is hit by in which the wind.

Employing the fundamentals of aerodynamics, those trailers’ bodies are designed using a front and underbellies that were low. This keeps it and aids against immunity against the atmosphere. All in all, the shape impacts this trailer’s weight.

There are beautifully designed thoughts that use items such as a streamlined and energy-efficient cooker or a bunk bed. These items are designed to present your trailer an appearance whilst cutting down the weight.

Anyone who’s spent has probably seen that a Scamp; they’re the fiberglass trailer. The design has not changed over the years. The Scamp ranges in length from a little 13′ in 1,200-1,500 pounds into some generous 19’fifth-wheel, weighing in at 2,400-2,900 lbs. Scamps sold from their mill at Backus, Minnesota, and are made to order.

Scamps possess a large number of features and choices. The Deluxe 13′ Front Toilet models come equipped with a bathroom and shower and weigh in at a very small 1300-1600 lbs. The 16′ Standard versions weigh in at 1750-2000 lbs. If you would like to step around a 16′ Deluxe version, to get an additional 200 lbs, you can find a shower.

The insides are appointed with your choice of vinyl or carpeting flooring, along with walnut or walnut hardwoods. The styling is both practical and basic, and willing to design as your own. These trailers that are traditional aren’t just sturdy, but they have all you want to live on the street.

Top 13 Best Ultra Light Travel Trailers - what are the best ultra light travel trailers

Top 13 Best Ultra Light Travel Trailers

Lumitronics RV Surface Mount Light - Stop/Turn/Tail for RV, Trailer, Camper, 5th Wheel, Motorhome (Black)

Last update on 2024-07-06 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Taxa Outdoors Cricket Travel Trailer

At first glance, Taxa Outdoors Cricket features a strange profile as a result of the asymmetrical outer shell however seeing space usage, it is next to none.

Each nook and cranny from the inside of Outdoors Cricket offer just as much distance as necessary, which keeps its total dimensions to the bare minimum. The diminutive size of this Taxa travel trailer makes sure that RVers would undergo quite slight managing issues on the street.

Like many ultra-lightweight travel trailers under 2,000 pounds today, Taxa Outdoors Cricket could be a town with routine four-cylinder vehicles.

Packing around 4 fold 5 and windows net windows, Outdoors Cricket is effective at keeping excellent ventilation in most weather conditions. For two adults and two kids, the trailer’s total capability, the well-ventilated interior could nonetheless be comfy and airy. If necessary, the pop-up roof will provide the headroom.

For storage, Taxa Outdoors Cricket integrates under-bed storage so that you need to be able to put away all you require for your trip.

The trailer provides a 15-gallon storage tank for both freshwaters plus also a 16-gallon one for greywater, adequate for conventional RV journeys.

  • 12V Accessory Outlets (Inside & Outside )
  • Quad Stabilizer Jacks
  • Furnace & Water Heater System

The Happier Camper

We’ve looked at The Happier Camper Many times at best rated ultra light travel trailers and with best ultra light travel trailers in northwest factory direct. It’s such a wonderful ultralight travel trailer. In the retro design to the contemporary conveniences and also the exceptionally well-thought-out utilization of distance, you just can not go wrong picking this lightweight travel trailer.

The Happier Camper has a dry weight of 1,100 pounds and a GVWR of 1,500 pounds.

Though it’s ultralight and little, its Adaptiv modular interior layout makes up for this. Possessing an Adaptiv modular inside layout means that you may rearrange everything indoors to fit your requirements and also to serve your eyesight and camping needs. It’s possible to eliminate the table rearrange the chairs (or eliminate them completely ), and put into anything you desire. At max, a household of two adults and 3 children can fit in here.

Some single individuals camp and bring together their toys such as bicycles, skateboards, and also their work principles (should they operate remotely.) Some couples bring their children to the beach, to the mountains, or into a camping site in order to disconnect for a little while and revel in the family bonding period.

The Happier Camper, using HC1 2019 because its most recent version, is easy to tow with just about any vehicle, particularly with its GVWR of 1,500 lbs. Available colors are colossal white, pacific blue, bishop crimson, Topanga turquoise, sequoia orange, Silverlake, and Mojave sage. Other features are:

  • 100 percent double-hull insulated fiberglass
  • Adaptiv system
  • The large back hatch door
  • Sleeps to sleep around five
  • 72sf with 42sf of valuable floor area
  • Storage space during
  • Customized precision parts
  • Panoramic jalousie windows
  • Solar-powered with panel
  • Strong framework with built-in stabilizers
  • Standard electrical brakes
  • Torsion axle / / 13″ brakes / fold back tongue
  • Advanced electricity and electric components
  • Fits in one parking area & most garages

To find out more about this ultralight travel trailer, see their website at which you are able to view photographs, find out about features, and also download a booklet and owner’s guide.

Winnebago Micro Minnie

The Winnebago Micro Minnie feels just like you’re carrying out a miniature home on 4 tires. It’s quite well-equipped and has a streamlined design for simple towing and maneuvering. This trailer includes multiple floor plans to pick from to match the area usage in line with the purchaser’s requirements.

The walking area has been coated with Linoleum, which isn’t difficult to keep clean and can also be silent. The kitchen includes a stovetop, a microwave, and a counter with countertops, and a fridge. What more can you request? It’s possible to prepare whatever within this kitchen.

Among the features is the Micro Minnie includes a bath on-board. The toilet has a shower using a water heater providing water. The lowest floor plan of the trailer has a freshwater capability of 31 gallons.

The trailer isn’t hard to control during towing. It’s lightweight with a diameter, making it responsive in after the instructions of the towing car. All in all, has transcended the steps of relaxation.

  • Number of Floorplans: 12
  • Length: 19’2″
  • Length: 7′
  • Weight: 2980lbs.

Jayco Hummingbird Travel Trailer

Should you want a lightweight travel trailer but one that is still ample, it will not get any better compared to Hummingbird 10RK traveling trailer out of Jayco. This floorplan that arrives of being below 1800 dry weight, below the standards is a top pick for anybody.

You’ll locate this camper has plenty of features for tailgaters. Exterior speakers, outside grill, power awning and outside TV bracket are a few of the whistles and bells which it’s. If you are considering spending the excursion inside further it’s a comfortable bed on the interior along with style countertops and a picnic table. Hummingbird has proved itself as a producer of some of its ultra-light travel trailers on the marketplace.

  • 8 different floor plans available
  • One-piece fiberglass roof
  • Double marine-grade exterior speakers
  • LED lighting during
  • Residential style countertops
  • Self-adjusting electrical brakes

Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro Travel Trailer

Packing lavish amenities, affordable space, and strong construction, Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro is your very best quality ultra light travel trailers under 2,000 lbs available on the marketplace for RVers.

Since the duration of Rockwood Geo Pro travel trailers drops in between 11 and 20 ft, they move on the street and camping grounds. Furthermore, if you choose Forest River trailers, then you’d have the ability to pick from several floor plans so that you may get it tailor-fitted to accommodate two to four individuals.

As it uses a six-sided aluminum cage layout, Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro is known as one of the more durable campers under 2,000 lbs. Since Rockwood Geo Pro is designed to coordinate with the towing capacity of household vehicles, so you should have no trouble towing it by standard SUVs.

All versions of Rockwood Geo Pro include Wi-Fi array extender as standard, therefore that it’s a cinch. Regular features include a ladder , a roof mount panel, and so forth. Forest River offers many customized options like A/C, bicycle rack, lift kit,…

  • AM/FM stereo using Bluetooth/USB vents
  • 12V TV with DVD player
  • Wifi range booster with connectivity that is accessible

Aliner Ascape Travel Trailer

You probably know in our article of the top 5 travel trailers under 3,000 lbs about the Aliner Ascape. The Ascape, is much milder. The Ascape MT itself is crossed 13 feet and only 1170 pounds, which makes it spacious all matters considered. Its 4 floorplans like the Ascape Camp are under 1800 pounds weight.

This Aliner camper is equally as feature-rich as any standard travel trailer, and it will be a feat. From a blBluetoothound pub and also a 23-inch TV into a 3-way fridge and Attwood furnace, the Ascape provides and surpasses every expectation from an ultra-light travel trailer!

  • 5 different floor plans available
  • Atwood 16,000 BTU furnace
  • Conventional sink with a faucet that is static
  • Front-mounted panel
  • Deep bowl sink with pull-out faucet
  • 23-inch flat-screen TV

Timberleaf Teardrop Trailer

The teardrop travel trailer marketplace has exploded recently, as a result of their own being towable by pretty much any automobile (in some instances even a bicycle ). The Timberleaf is operational and minimal. The provider’s woodworking abilities are apparent from the craftsmanship. Inside, the cottage features a skylight, which makes for stargazing, and shelving ensures lots of room for the essentials. Back, the hatch shows a superbly designed galley with a cooktop and pull-out drawer.

Armadillo Trailer

The 13.5 ft. Trailer is your small, lightweight recreational record of things to come. Its features include:

  • It comes with a fire extinguisher with a carbon dioxide detector
  • Its subfloor is high density with a depth of 1-inch
  • An axle that has brakes
  • 2-burner stove with a digital lighter
  • A 22-liter water heater

This camper is excellent using its features. It’s the basics you will appreciate when camping.

The Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro Series

Forest River is a well-known and reliable manufacturer that produces ultra-lite trailers, but they also manufacture quality fifth-wheels, motorhomes, and park models.

The Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro travel trailer isn’t just affordable, but it’s also lightweight and superbly appointed. The inside is a soft grey that can be customized. On top of that, for people who would like to boondock, a WIFI Ranger booster along with a panel comes Standard on many versions.

The E-Pro series contains seven different floor plans, which can sleep two. The lengths vary from eleven feet to twenty-one feet. The weight ranges from over 1,100 pounds. The 2 versions under 2,000 dry-weight would be the EK12K in 11′ 4″ weighing in at 1252 lbs and the E12SRK in 12′ and also 1763 lbs. Both these models include a grill and an outdoor kitchen and has a bath.

If you can manage to tow slightly more fat, then the E15TB weighs at 2483 pounds with a length of 15′ 10″. This version not only includes an outside grill but in addition, it has a kitchen plus a tub that is wet with a bathroom and a shower.

Hiker Trailer Travel Trailer

Made to browse challenging grounds and terrains that are aggressive, Hiker Trailer is among the very appropriate ultra-lightweight travel trailers under 2,000 lbs for off-roading.

You’d have difficulty finding Should you venture without clear aims in mind. The manufacturer offers many variations to be able to coincide with problems it is possible that you create customizations.

As with ultra lite travel trailers under 2,000 pounds for sale the Hiker demands light-duty towing vehicles such as small SUVs passenger cars, and minivans. This means you’d be able to tow the trailer.

A huge plus is its own teardrop layout: the Hiker Trailer experiences drag undertow you do not need to fret about fuel efficiency whilst traveling.

  • Aluminum wheels
  • Safety chains
  • Vinyl floors

Prime Time RV LaCrosse

Since it’s everything you can ask for and 15, we adore this Lacrosse trailer. It’s compartmented bedrooms bathrooms and kitchen spaces. It’s acceptable for a number of individuals. It houses a sitting room with chairs and a TV for on-deck amusement.

The kitchen is as equipped as the one. It’s everything,o it’s possible to cook whichever manner you desire. The security measures with this trailer are amazing. It’s a smoke swab, smoke sensor, bolts, and a CO sensor.

Among the features is that the two slide-outs that increase the space indoors during parking to get a dwelling that is comfortable. The baths aren’t only functional but also have an extremely lavish touch using their ceramic gear, skylights, and motion detector light to them.

If you’re among people that journey without compromising durability, this trailer is the go-to alternative. It is worth every cent Though it’s small at the end of this spectrum.

  • Number of Floorplans: Multiple
  • Amount of Slide-Outs: two
  • Length: Varies between distinct floorplans; minimal 31′ 11″
  • Length: 96″
  • Weight: Lightest 770lbs.

The Intech RV Luna

This styling onto the Luna is ultra-modern, and also the clearance permits you to go everywhere. It’s a raised suspension, off-road wheels, and also a roof rack, which makes this a small trailer to tow from the 4×4. The Luna weighs at 1,800 pounds with a length of 15′ 6″.

Among the best ultra-light travel trailers about this teardrop trailer is your huge panoramic front for views that are good. Unlike many style trailers, the Luna has a table in the front and bench seats. This permits you to look from the front window that is huge and admire the view. The back futons fold up as seats or fold into beds. The kitchen includes a 3-burner cooker, a fridge, a microwave, a sink, and a great deal of cupboard space. The Luna also features an entertainment center with a 32″ TV.

Safari Condo Alto R Series Travel Trailer

While it’s indisputable that teardrop trailers possess dimensions, they have a tendency to possess less than perfect built-in amenities. Safari Condo releases Alto R Series trailers to remedy that matter, That’s.

Having movable tables a toilet, and a storage cupboard, the Safari Condo model proves superior to other travel trailers. With a lot of versions it is a cinch to locate.

On the street, Safari Condo Alto R Series will be known to produce up to 75 percent less drag than travel trailers that are normal. For RVers that need economical ultra-lightweight travel trailers Alto R Series units are cost-effective investments.

You ought to be able to tow the trailer without any difficulty utilizing standard. Besides being lightweight, the substances happen to be recyclable for the most part making trailers of this line environmentally-friendly.

During transportation, Safari Condo Alto R Series’ roofing has to be kept down but afterward, you can pop up it for more space. Retract and to increase the trailer roof, then you need to hit on an electric switch.

Since the crescent-shaped windows of this trailer use tempered glass lighting provide loads of lighting.

  • Independent suspension
  • Electric brakes
  • Aluminum Construction

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tigermoth trailer, one of the best lightweight travel trailers of 2022

This post may contain affiliate links or mention our own products, please check out our  disclosure policy

10 Best Lightweight Travel Trailers Of 2022

  • Bruce Smith
  • January 29, 2022

Table of Contents

Ultra-lightweight Little Guy travel trailer hitched to black SUV

These lightweight travel trailers are lightweight and easy to tow. Photo courtesy of Little Guy.

Tread Lightly With These 10 Best Small Camper Trailers

The demand for small RVs is at an all-time high, and several RV manufacturers are responding to the demand for lightweight trailers that any car can pull. This list of the best lightweight travel trailers of 2022 spotlights the top-rated RVs for families, solo RVers, and adventure travelers.

  • Each small RV trailer weighs less than 5,000 pounds.
  • The ultralight trailers often cost less than a passenger car. 
  • Each trailer has one of the lightest gross vehicle weight ratings ( GVWR ) around. Just about any size truck or even some larger SUVs can pull them. 

(If you’re looking for 2023 model-year lightweight travel trailers, check out our post 10 Best Lightweight Travel Trailers For 2023 .)

Top 10 Picks For Lightweight Travel Trailers (Under 5,000 Pounds GVWR)

Each small RV is listed in order by weight, from lightest to heaviest.

2022 nuCamp TAG XL: The Stargazer

TAG XL small RV light travel trailer

The TAG XL weighs less than 1,500 lbs – even with all of the bells and whistles.

At the top of our super light travel trailers list is the TAG. This small RV is lightweight and easy to tow. Built with custom Ohio-Amish cabinetry, under-bed storage, and an exterior shower, this teardrop trailer is the perfect way to bring some of the comforts of home when you hit the road.

Cook in nature while using the well-equipped rear galley. At night, you’ll climb into a warm and cozy interior. Watch the stars through a large stargazing window.  There’s air conditioning, LED lighting, alloy wheels, electric brakes, and an optional solar roof package. No matter where you go, the TAG teardrop trailer is ready for adventure.

TAG XL teardrop light travel trailer

Climb into a warm, cozy interior – complete with a large window for stargazing.

  • Hitch weight: 119 lbs.
  • Gross vehicle weight rating: 2,200 lbs.
  • Unloaded vehicle weight: 1,369 lbs.
  • Exterior length: 13′ 7″
  • Full exterior height: 6′ 3″
  • Exterior width: 7′ 8″
  • Interior height: 43″
  • Freshwater capacity: 8 gallons
  • Optional A/C and heater
  • Base MSRP: $24,674

2022 TAXA TigerMoth Overland: The Ultimate Overlanding Vehicle

This rugged overland travel trailer is the ideal adventure home. The TigerMoth Overland Edition is a small RV with big features, including increased ground clearance thanks to the Timbren axle-less suspension with a 4″ lift.

You also get a number of premium accessories including a generous kitchen, roof cargo deck, and an optional tongue-mounted toolbox.

TigerMoth Overland light travel trailer

Enjoy 7+ off-grid days or longer

The TigerMoth can take you on a 7-day adventure or longer. The aerodynamic shape is fuel-efficient on the highway, and a generous interior space lets you do more with less. As a bonus, it’s also small enough to fit in a normal garage.

  • Hitch weight: 195 lbs.
  • Gross vehicle weight rating: 2,400 lbs.
  • Unloaded vehicle weight: 1,458 lbs.
  • Cargo capacity: 942 lbs.
  • Exterior length: 12′ 0″
  • Full exterior height: 7′
  • Exterior width: 6′ 7″
  • Freshwater capacity: 5 gallons
  • 5 lbs propane tank & mount
  • Pre-wired solar input
  • Four acrylic, insulated windows with screens & shades
  • 16″ alloy wheel with all-terrain tires 
  • Base MSRP: $29,350

Interior TigerMoth Overland light travel trailer

Go off-grid in comfort.

2022 Travel Lite RV Rove Lite: Lightweight And Easy To Tow

Travel Lite’s new Rove Lite ultra-lightweight travel trailer is one of the most affordable travel trailers on the market (under $20K). It’s light enough to pull behind even the smallest of vehicles. You only need a towing capacity of 2,000 pounds. 

white Rove Lite small travel trailer

The new Rove Lite ultra-lightweight travel trailer is one of the most affordable RV trailers on the market. Photo courtesy of Travel Lite.

Enjoy the sleek Euro-style design made with state-of-the-art composite materials. There’s an aluminum chassis and a seamless poured-resin fiberglass roof. Interior features include a convertible bed and a bath with a shower. This small RV offers space-saving functionality at its best.

interior kitchen of Rove Lite small RV trailer

The 2022 Travel Lite RV Rove Lite ultra-lightweight travel trailer has a stylish and roomy interior. Photo courtesy of Travel Lite.

  • Hitch weight: 160 lbs.
  • Gross vehicle weight rating: 2,500 lbs.
  • Unloaded vehicle weight: 1,707 lbs.
  • Cargo capacity: 793 lbs.
  • Exterior length: 15′ 4″
  • Full exterior height: 8′ 1″
  • Exterior width: 7′ 11″
  • Freshwater capacity: 10 gallons
  • Gray-water capacity: 30 gallons
  • Black-water capacity: 5 gallons
  • On-demand tankless water heater
  • 20,000-BTU furnace
  • Base MSRP: $19,424  

Trillium Heritage Bunk 4500: New And Improved

Here’s a unique addition to our list of the best lightweight travel trailers of 2022: the ultralight, 15-foot, all fiberglass Trillium Heritage Bunk 4500 camper from L’air Camper Company in Ontario, Canada.

small white travel trailer outside among pine trees

The L’air Trillium Heritage is an ultra-lightweight travel trailer that can be easily towed by many smaller SUVs and crossovers. Photo courtesy of L’air Camper Co.

This small RV received a complete facelift for 2022. It features dual-pane acrylic windows, a bigger solar panel, a 4.6-cubic-foot fridge with a freezer, and a galley makeover.

With a GVWR of just 2,700 pounds, the Trillium is an easy tow for many smaller SUVs and crossovers. Options abound for personalizing.

inside kitchen and living area of lightweight travel trailer

The living area of the Trillium Heritage has been updated with an all-new galley and 4.2-cubic-foot fridge. Photo courtesy of L’air Camper Co.

  • Hitch weight: 180 lbs.
  • Gross vehicle weight rating: 2,700 lbs.
  • Unloaded vehicle weight: 1,650 lbs.
  • Cargo capacity: 1,050 lbs.
  • Exterior length: 15′ 2″
  • Full exterior height: 6′ 2″
  • Exterior width: 78″
  • Freshwater capacity: 13 gallons
  • Gray-water capacity: 5 gallons
  • Single 130W solar panel with charge controller
  • Base MSRP: $31,997

Venture Sonic Lite SL150VRB: Surprisingly Spacious

The Venture Sonic Lite SL150VRB has floorplans starting out at a fuel-saving 3,000 pounds! Both Sonic Lite and Sonic are engineered with a one-piece seamless fiberglass roof system. By arching the roof front to back, this system provides a more durable roof. When it rains, the water runs fore and aft.

Sonic ultralight travel trailer family camping

Sonic Lite trailers are engineered with a one-piece seamless fiberglass roof system.

  • Hitch weight: 460 lbs.
  • Gross vehicle weight rating: 3,735 lbs.
  • Unloaded vehicle weight: 3,160 lbs.
  • Cargo capacity: 575 lbs.
  • Exterior length: 19′ 11″
  • Full exterior height (with A/C): 9′ 11″
  • Exterior width: 90″
  • Freshwater capacity: 38 gallons
  • Water heater capacity: 6 gallons
  • Refrigerator: 8 cu ft
  • LP gas capacity: 20 lbs
  • Base MSRP: $34,059

2022 Little Guy Micro Max: Fits In Standard Garages

Finding a small travel trailer that can be parked inside a two-car garage isn’t easy unless you check out the new Little Guy Micro Max . This ultra-lightweight, four-season RV camper is a brand-new offering from Little Guy that will be coming out in early 2022.

white travel trailer in garage

The Micro Max ultra-lightweight trailer fits inside a standard garage! Photo courtesy Little Guy Trailers.

Some of the features included in this fully equipped micro trailer are an air conditioner, a queen bed in the rear and twin bed up front, two dining areas, an interior galley, and an outdoor shower.

Headroom is a respectable 5′ 8″, which keeps the overall travel trailer height lower than the typical garage-door opening.

inside kitchen of small lightweight travel trailers

The interior of these lightweight travel trailers feels roomy with large windows. Photo courtesy of Little Guy Trailers.

  • Hitch weight: 260 lbs.
  • Gross vehicle weight rating: 3,500 lbs.
  • Unloaded vehicle weight: 1,780 lbs.
  • Cargo capacity: 1,720 lbs.
  • Exterior length: 15′ 11″
  • Full exterior height: 6′ 10.5″
  • Exterior width: 80″
  • Freshwater capacity: 12 gallons
  • Gray-water capacity: 8 gallons
  • Base MSRP: $25,000  

Apex Nano 16R: Backcountry comfort

Be off-grid-camping ready with the Apex Nano 16R . This lightweight trailer comes with off-road tires and high-clearance suspension.

exterior of Apex Nano 16R small travel trailer, one of the best lightweight travel trailers

With a 3,800-pound GVWR, the Apex Nano 16R is compatible with most midsize pickups, SUVs, and some crossovers. Photo courtesy of Coachmen.

With heated freshwater and holding tanks, a 13.5K-BTU A/C, front bike rack, direct vent furnace, and sleeping accommodations for a family of four, the Apex Nano 16R travel trailer from the Coachmen line is a great choice for outdoor adventure-bound RVers. Its 3,800-pound GVWR is compatible with most midsize pickups, SUVs, and some crossovers.  

interior kitchen of Apex Nano 16R small travel trailer

Coachmen’s Apex Nano 16R offers a 6-cubic-foot gas/electric fridge, two-burner cooktop, and microwave. Photo courtesy of Coachmen.

  • Hitch weight: 330 lbs.
  • Gross vehicle weight rating: 3,800 lbs.
  • Unloaded vehicle weight: 2,860 lbs.
  • Cargo capacity: 940 lbs.
  • Exterior length: 19′ 7″
  • Full exterior height: 9′ 10″
  • Exterior width: 7′
  • Freshwater capacity: 50 gallons
  • Gray-water capacity: 35 gallons
  • Black-water capacity: 35 gallons
  • 6-cubic-foot gas/electric fridge
  • Two-burner cooktop and microwave
  • 12′ awning
  • Base MSRP: $27,731

OPUS OP4: Adventure ready

There’s no other travel trailer setup like the Opus Camper’s OP4. After all, this innovative push-button, air-inflated tent camper inflates in less than two minutes and sleeps six.

green SUV towing orange Opus folding camping trailer

There’s no other lightweight travel trailer setup like the Opus Camper’s OP4. Photo courtesy of Opus Camper.

The OP4 has a spacious interior lounge area, high ceiling, and a ton of windows and skylights to make you feel like you’re outdoors. The external kitchen makes cooking for the family easy, and OPUS offers a long list of options, including heating, A/C, solar power, bike racks, and extension rooms to make any RV outing enjoyable.

family of 5 camping outdoors in pop-up tent trailer

The external kitchen of the Opus OP4 makes cooking for the family easy. Photo courtesy of Opus Camper.


  • Hitch weight: 400 lbs.
  • Gross vehicle weight rating: 4,200 lbs.
  • Unloaded vehicle weight: 3,100 lbs.
  • Cargo capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Exterior length: 17′ (closed)/ 21′ 4″ (open)
  • Full exterior height: 5′ 4″ (closed)/ 7′ 10″ (open)
  • Exterior width: 7′ 2″ (closed)/ 11′ 6″ (open)
  • Freshwater capacity 40 gallons
  • Cassette toilet
  • Base MSRP: $27,999  

Forest River Rpod RP153: Ultra lightweight

small white RPOD travel trailer outside in parking lot

The 17-foot floorplan RPOD from Forest River is an ideal size for singles and couples. Photo courtesy of Forest River.

The RPOD is one of the best-selling ultra-lightweight travel trailers on the market. Forest River has expanded the line to seven models by adding a smaller version called the Rpod 153 . The 17-foot model has all the basic features of its bigger brethren, and its slightly smaller floorplan is ideal for singles and couples.

The rear bath is spacious, the galley very functional, and the Murphy bed in the front maximizes interior space. This is an RV camper that’s very well designed, appointed, and engineered. It’s a good match for half-ton pickups, midsize pickups, and SUVs.

inside RPOD small lightweight travel trailers

The 17-foot RPOD from Forest River is well-designed, appointed, and engineered. Photo courtesy of Forest River.

  • Hitch weight: 300 lbs.
  • Gross vehicle weight rating: 4,280 lbs.
  • Unloaded vehicle weight: 2,880 lbs.
  • Cargo capacity: 1,400 lbs.
  • Exterior length: 17′ 3″
  • Full exterior height: 9′ 8″
  • Exterior width: 8′
  • Freshwater capacity: 30 gallons
  • Black-water capacity: 30 gallons
  • 8′ awning
  • Base MSRP: $25,500

2022 Rockwood Geo Pro 20FBS: Roomy and comfortable

Forest River’s spacious Rockwood Geo Pro 20FBS caught our attention. A walk-around bed is a real rarity in a single-axle travel trailer and a testament to the designers taking to heart what customers have been asking for in years past.

exterior of Forest River 2022 Rockwood Geo Pro 20FBS travel trailer, one of the best lightweight travel trailers

Forest River’s 2022 Rockwood Geo Pro 20FBS comes with a high-clearance axle setup and 15-inch Mud Rover Radial tires. Photo courtesy of Forest River.

The large bathroom across the rear of the RV has an oversized shower, and the 72-inch sofa in the slide-out can rotate into a comfortable hide-a-bed. The Geo Pros also come with a high-clearance axle setup and 15-inch Mud Rover Radial tires well suited for backcountry RV camping.

interior of the Rockwood Geo Pro small travel trailer from Forest River, one of the best lightweight travel trailers

The 2022 Rockwood Geo Pro 20FBS has a walk-around bed, which is a rarity for a single-axle travel trailer. Photo courtesy of Forest River.

  • Gross vehicle weight rating: 4,400 lbs.
  • Unloaded vehicle weight: 3,442 lbs.
  • Cargo capacity: 958 lbs.
  • Exterior length: 21′ 8″
  • Exterior width: 92″
  • Freshwater capacity: 31 gallons
  • 54″x74″ Full-size bed
  • 14-foot awning
  • Outside shower
  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • Base MSRP: $32,675

That’s our list of the most innovative new lightweight travel trailers of 2022. These small RV models are big on affordability, convenience, and amenities.

As a bonus, the features are packaged in a small camper footprint. In most cases, you won’t need to purchase a tow vehicle for these trailers. To find out how much weight your car can pull, open your vehicle’s manual. Look for the maximum trailer towing capacity and you’ll find the answer.

Why lightweight travel trailers are in demand

If you’re thinking about buying one of these lightweight travel trailers, you’re in good company. Demand for big and small RV models is soaring.

For example, according to the latest issue of RV RoadSigns , the quarterly sales forecast published by the RV Industry Association (RVIA), RV manufacturers are still scrambling to meet consumer demand that started in 2020. This year, more than 600,000 new RVs will be sold. These figures are all-time high that will exceed the record-breaking RV sales of 2021.

“The remarkable production from the RV manufacturers and suppliers is nothing like we have ever seen before, and our new forecast shows the record-breaking streak will continue,” said RVIA President and CEO Craig Kirby.

Editor’s note: RV manufacturer materials costs are constantly increasing. The current base costs for the small, light travel trailers on our list may have changed since the time of this writing (Q4 2021).

Connect with other RVers

One of the best parts about RVing is engaging with the community of traveling enthusiasts. iRV2 forums allow folks to chat with other RVers online, and get other perspectives on everything RVing, including products, destinations, RV mods, and much more.

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Bruce W. Smith

RV and automotive journalist Bruce W. Smith has held numerous editorial titles at automotive and boating magazines, and authored more than 1,000 articles, from tech to trailering. He considers his home state of Oregon a paradise for RVing and outdoor adventure.

6 thoughts on “ 10 Best Lightweight Travel Trailers Of 2022 ”

we kinda like our Roo 183…when folded out it is breezy and spacious…just sayin’

Hello, it isn’t only the lightweight important, an aerodynamical design is also important when I travel an electric car. For a long distance it’s good to reach 400 miles or more. It has to include WC with shower, cooking-place, refrigerator and a seat-corner for 4 persons.

Missed 3 other molded fiberglass super light weight and strong hold their value for years and years. Escape Trailer – Canadian, Scamp – Minnesota & Casita -Texas.

Many of “stick and staple” TT are very lightweight construction-wise and kinda ticky tacky and fall apart.

What are the best buys for trailers in the 25 to 30ft range.

Have in mind what features you like and know your GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). I was told by a camper salesman to use 1000 lbs below your max as your guide to try to avoid going over. I type in and enter in my my length wanted. Minimum 25′ and maximum 30′. I often set the “Sorted By” at oldest or lowest price. You can say you want a slide or no slide. See what comes up!!

Keystone Sprindale Mini 1800BH. Queen bed, 2 twin bunks, wifi stereo, solar, 12′ awing with lights, no slide out to break. Logical layout. Under $20k. 💕

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a class c RV in oncoming traffic

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The Packable Life

Minimalist Travel Packing List for 2024 [Ultralight & Compact]

Minimalist traveler walking down street in Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Executing ultralight minimalist travel is simple:

  • Choose a suitable bag that you can carry onto an airplane
  • Fill it with clothing, gear, and other travel essentials
  • Leave everything else behind

By doing so, you’ll experience the world feeling light as a feather, unbothered by the burden of unnecessary stuff.

I’ve learned the value of minimalist travel through visiting dozens of countries over years of travel experience.

Everything I need to travel, work full-time, and film/photograph my adventures fits in an ultralight 25-liter personal item-sized bag .

I’m here to share the packing list I use to prepare for minimalist trips of a week or more and analyze every piece of gear I bring along.

Stay tuned; it’s time to lighten up.

Minimalist Packing List for 2023

Why Bring Less Stuff?

  • Minimalist Travel Bags
  • Must-Bring Travel Essentials
  • In-Transit Travel Clothing
  • Minimalist Travel Wardrobe
  • Cold-Weather Travel Clothing
  • Connectivity & Organization Gear
  • Minimalist Travel Toiletries Kit
  • Everything Else
  • Minimalist Packing List Variations
  • Final Thoughts on Minimalist Travel

Packing the minimum you need to explore your destination comfortably, much like ultralight backpacking , will reduce the weight on your back as you move from place to place.

The less weight on your back, the more mobile you will be.

In well-executed minimalist travel, everything in your bag serves a purpose, benefits your journey, and pushes you forward.

If you ever have to ask yourself, “Why did I bring this item again?” you probably should have never packed it in the first place.

Believe me, I overpacked for years.

I used to be the guy who hauled around an 80-liter backpack and was overwhelmed and exhausted daily by the sheer number of possessions I had as I traveled.

It wasn’t worth it.

When I say that minimalist travel is the most liberating way to move about the world, it comes from years of experience.

By packing less, we free up time, space, energy, and money to experience our journey without any dead weight holding us back.

Now, let’s dive into my up-to-date minimalist packing list for 2024.

Minimalist Travel Bag

Travel Backpack

Zpacks Bagger ULTRA 25 backpack

Ultralight Daypack: Zpacks Bagger ULTRA 25

In the world of minimalist travel, it all starts with a personal item-sized backpack . I’m over the moon with my ultralight Zpacks Bagger ULTRA 25-liter pack, which is waterproof and weighs a ridiculous 10.7 ounces. Can’t afford to fork out 250 bucks? Check out the Matador Freerain28 .


Minimalist Packing Essentials



Cash/Credit Cards

Insurance Documents

Copies of Passport/Visa

Grey iPhone 13 Pro smartphone

Do-it-All Cell Phone: iPhone 13 Pro

A smartphone should be a key cog of anyone’s travel packing list. My iPhone 13 Pro has a ton of storage (512 GB), a fast processor, an incredible camera, and a beautiful display. Yes, it’s one of the pricier smartphones out there, but I got a considerable discount buying refurbished.


Black Slimfold soft shell minimalist travel wallet

Minimalist Wallet: Slimfold Soft Shell

There’s no room for gigantic, bulging wallets in minimalist travel, so keep it simple. The Slimfold Soft Shell wallet does everything you’ll ever ask of it while never being a bother. It’s RFID-blocking, waterproof, and super comfortable to carry. Did I mention it weighs half an ounce?


Worn Clothing While In-Transit

Grey American Giant packable sweatshirt

Sweatshirt: American Giant

I almost always travel in a sweatshirt, even when visiting a warmer destination. I love its coziness in airports, airplanes, trains, lounges, and other environments with heavy air conditioning. My sweatshirt is a bit bulky, so it never goes in my backpack.


Black merino Wool&Prince t-shirt

Merino Wool T-Shirt: Wool&Prince

If you bump into me while I’m traveling, chances are I’ll be wearing a Wool&Prince tee. These shirts are soft, comfortable, odor-resistant, and fit my frame well. They stay smelling fresh even after several days of use in a row. Thanks, merino wool!


Dark blue Outlier Slim Dungaree travel pants

Do-it-All Travel Pants: Outlier Slim Dungarees

I only bring one pair of pants when I’m minimalist traveling, so they’d better be top quality. My drawers of choice are from a fabric-obsessed NYC-based brand called Outlier. In their words, “If you only own a single pair of pants, these are the ones.” They’re a splurge, but worth it.


Lems Primal Zens barefoot zero drop shoes

Versatile Shoes: Lems Primal Zen

My style of travel — lots of hiking, exploring, and city strolling — calls for a durable and versatile set of shoes. To meet all of these needs, I chose the Lens Primal Zens. These zero-drop shoes can handle the gym, backcountry, sidewalks, and everything in between.


Grey baseball hat

Baseball Hat: Proof Rover

Like many minimalist travelers, I can’t be bothered with styling my hair every single day. For that reason, I always travel with a trusty baseball hat. The stylish and versatile Rover allows me to get up and go without looking into a mirror first.


Retro black polarized sunglasses

Retro Sunglasses: Knockaround Fast Lanes

I’ve tried other sunglasses brands but always keep returning to the Knockaround Fast Lanes. They’ve got a classic look, polarized lenses, and ring in around 30 bucks. They elevate my minimalist travel swagger but don’t break the bank.


Blue Mack Weldon Everyday boxer briefs

Breathable Underwear: Mack Weldon

Comfortable underwear is oh so crucial in the world of minimalist travel, and that’s why the Mack Weldon 18-Hour Jersey Boxer Briefs are my new favorite undies for the road. They’re exceptionally soft and wick away moisture, keeping the stink of travel at bay.


Darn Tough Crew merino wool socks

Super-Comfortable Socks: Darn Tough Crew

I’m a sock snob. That’s why I’ll only buy Darn Tough brand socks, even if they cost $20 a pair. They’re expertly crafted from an ultra-comfortable Merino wool blend, and each pair comes with a lifetime guarantee, though they’re so durable you may never need to use it.


Black and brown Perry Ellis reversible belt

Reversible Belt: Perry Ellis

I used to sport an Arcade Ranger stretchy belt, but it was a little too stretchy, and my pants would slowly start to sag as the day wore on. I recently switched to this reversible leather belt that still allows some stretch but just the right amount.


Packed Minimalist Travel Wardrobe

Button-Down Shirt

T-Shirts (3)

Athletic Shorts

Underwear (2)

Packing Cubes

Man wearing a blue Japanese Oxford button-down shirt

Button-Down Shirt: Everlane Japanese Oxford

Though I’m a t-shirt guy through and through, I always bring a button-down shirt for fancier occasions. This is my favorite shirt of its kind in my at-home wardrobe, and thus, it has earned a spot in my backpack. It fits perfectly, looks great buttoned or unbuttoned, and has held up for years.


Man wearing a blue Wool&Prince merino travel tee

Well, hello again, incredible Wool&Prince Merino wool t-shirt! I usually pack an extra one of these when I’m traveling to stay fresh and switch up my color schemes as needed. As I mentioned earlier, these rarely trap odor, so they can be worn for days on end without raising a stink.

Man wearing a blue performance t-shirt

Performance Tee: Bluffworks Threshold (2)

Though I love my Wool&Prince tees, I’d rather not beat them up when working out, having a beach day, or going on a rigorous hike. That’s where my Bluffworks Tresholds come in. They’re made from polyester and elastane and are meant for high-intensity activities.


Black gym shorts for travel, gym, swimming, and more

Versatile Athletic Shorts: Olivers All Over

I throw on my All Overs when washing my travel pants or need something to wear while working out or swimming. They’re comfortable, can be worn out on the town, and take up barely any space in my bag. They make my minimalist wardrobe all the more versatile.


Breathable Underwear: Mack Weldon (2)

I’m addicted to my Mack Weldons; they’re the only underwear I ever want to wear. When minimalist traveling, I cycle between three pairs of these and wash them frequently. I can stretch their usage an extra day or two between washes if needed.

Two black no-show wool socks

Super-Comfortable Socks: Darn Tough No Show (2)

When I find a product I love, I sing its praises. That said, my Darn Toughs are so delightful — so utterly comfortable — that I will give you some advice: buy these socks . When traveling, I bring one pair of crew socks and two no-shows. I wash them regularly, usually by hand.

Grey TOM BIHN grid packing cube

Packing Cube/Shoulder Bag: TOM BIHN

In the world of extreme minimalist travel, real estate inside my bag is at a premium. To maximize the space, I use a packing cube to store my clothing. My functional TOM BIHN cube also doubles as a shoulder bag when used in conjunction with a shoulder strap.


Optional Cold and/or Rainy Weather Clothing

Winter Jacket

Rain Jacket

Long Underwear

Arc'teryx Cerium LT puffy jacket

Lightweight Down Jacket: Arc’teryx Cerium LT

For cold-weather trips, a packable down jacket should be part of every minimalist traveler’s arsenal. I travel with my trusty Arc’teryx Cerium LT, which weighs 10 ounces and packs down to the size of a Nalgene bottle. It keeps me toasty warm into temperatures well below freezing.

Wrinkly Montbell Versalite ultralight rain jacket

Ultralight Rain Jacket: Montbell Versalite

If I plan on hiking or visiting a wet climate, a rain jacket is an essential part of my minimalist packing list. Weighing only 6.4 oz, the Montbell Versalite is incredibly lightweight and packable and has become my rain jacket of choice. It’ll always have a spot in my bag.


Patagonia Capilene long underwear

Long Underwear: Patagonia Capilene

If the weather on my upcoming trip is chilly enough to pack a down jacket, I’m also packing my long underwear. I bring the ultra-packable 5.3 oz Patagonia Capilene bottoms to insulate my lower half on my adventures to cold-weather destinations.

Man wearing a camo merino wool head covering

Multifunctional Headwear: KUIU Ultra Merino

Neck warmer, bandana, face mask, beanie – this KUIU Ultra Merino Buff can transform into whatever type of headwear I need. It takes up zero space in my pack and is far more versatile than a typical lightweight winter hat. It’s a minimalist traveler’s cold-weather dream.


Computer, Photography & Other Tech Gear

Laptop Case

Bluetooth Keyboard

Bluetooth Mouse

Laptop Stand

Camera + Lens

Camera Case

Camera Clip

Travel Adapter

MacBook Pro 14 laptop for travel and digital nomad

Laptop: MacBook Pro 14

I know a laptop is so not ultra-minimalist, but I’m a travel blogger and rely on my computer to make a living. For now, it’s an essential part of my weeklong minimalist travel packing list. I’ve considered switching it out for an iPad Pro, but I’m not there yet.

Black Macbook Pro 14 laptop case

Laptop Sleeve: tomtoc 360°

I rely dearly on my laptop and must keep it protected at all costs. This well-padded, water-resistant case shields my computer from the harsh rigors of travel and fits perfectly into the back mesh pocket on the outside of my Zpacks Bagger ULTRA 25 backpack .

Black foldable laptop stand for travel and remote working

Laptop Stand: Roost

I’ve been dealing with a herniated disc in my lower back recently, and this super lightweight and portable laptop stand has been a godsend. It raises my computer to eye level, reduces hunching, fixes my posture, and takes the strain off my back.

White Apple Magic bluetooth keyboard

Bluetooth Keyboard: Apple Magic Keyboard 2

Since I use a stand to elevate my laptop, I need a Bluetooth keyboard so I don’t have to reach up to my computer to type. Though there are slightly more compact options on the market, my Magic Keyboard is a comfortable clone of my MacBook’s keyboard.

White Apple Magic Mouse

Bluetooth Mouse: Apple Magic Mouse

My old Keychron mouse broke, so I ran towards the brand I trust regarding computers. This mouse has been excellent for me and has stood up well to life on the road. What can I say? I love Apple products, and they all work seamlessly together.

Black Fujifilm X-T4 camera and a 16mm lens

Lightweight Travel Camera + Lens: Fujifilm X-T4

A camera isn’t necessary for most minimalist travelers since most cell phones take great photos. That said, I’m about to dive into YouTube soon (gulp), and I recently purchased this camera and lens . Expensive? Yes. The best mirrorless camera kit at its price point? Also yes.

PEDCO Ultrapod 3 mini tripod

Mini Tripod: PEDCO Ultrapod 3

What good is a fancy vlogging camera if you don’t have something to hold it steady? Though it’s a bit diminutive, this is the tripod I’ll pack when I start earning my chops as a videographer. It only weighs a few ounces and will stash away easily in my pack.

Rode VideoMicro mini travel microphone

Mini Microphone: Rode VideoMicro

A badass camera deserves a worthy microphone. Though this compact little fella won’t capture audio as well as some of the higher-end options on the market, it has done a respectful job for me in the past. It only weighs a few ounces and packs away unnoticed.

Nitecore SCL10 power bank/high-CRI photography light

Power Bank/Camera Lighting: Nitecore SCL10

Minimalist travelers love items that serve multiple purposes, which is why I’m ecstatic I found the Nitecore SCL10. It’s both a 10,000mAh power bank and a high-CRI lighting unit in a compact package. It’ll charge my gadgets while in transit and provide lighting when I’m filming.

Black ultralight camera pod

Ultralight Camera Case: HMG Camera Pod

It’s not easy to find a lightweight yet protective camera case, yet here we are. As an ultralight backpacking gear nerd , I’m familiar with Hyperlite Mountain Gear and their super-light and innovative products. I recently stumbled upon this space-age camera case that weighs only a couple of ounces.


Peak Design Capture V3 camera clip

Minimalist Camera Clip: Peak Design Capture V3

If you’re a minimalist traveling with a camera, and this clip isn’t part of your packing list, you’re doing it wrong. This ergonomic and lightweight clip allows you to stash your camera safely on your belt, backpack strap, or any other number of convenient places. It’s incredible.


Apple AirPods Pro earbuds for minimalist travel packing list

Lightweight Earbuds: Apple AirPods Pro

I used to travel with cheap $10 Panasonic headphones until I tried out my friend’s AirPods Pros. Now, I can never go back. These little beasts pump out the best sound of any headphones I’ve ever owned and have three different settings to control the amount of external sound that comes in.

Small black JBL bluetooth travel speaker

Compact Bluetooth Speaker: JBL Go 3

As much as I adore my AirPods, I always pack a speaker to play tunes in my Airbnb, hotel room, or at the park. My compact little JBL Go 3 is waterproof, has a solid battery life, and can get surprisingly loud. This is the most “luxury” item that I travel with.

Lightning charging cable and MacBook pro charging cable

Charging Cables : Apple

No, these aren’t the most exciting items on my packing list, but they are some of the most necessary. They help keep my precious MacBook Pro, iPhone, and AirPods charged, and I’ll never take them for granted. To juice up my camera, light, and speaker, I use this tiny 6-inch USB-C cable .

Anker 735 PD travel adapter

Wall Adapter : Anker 735

As far as I know, this is about the lightest adapter on the market that’ll charge my MacBook Pro. It’s far smaller than anything I’ve used in the past and has come in handy during domestic and international travels. It has one micro-USB port and two USB-C ports.

Minimalist Travel Toiletry Kit

Toiletries Bag

Dental Floss


Contact Solution/Case

Ear Cleaner/Swabs

Nail Clippers



Black ultralight ditty bag with seam-sealed zipper

Toiletries Bag: UltraLite Sacks

No, this ditty bag (Regular size) isn’t advertised as a toiletries kit, but it works perfectly for my current travel hygiene needs. It’s lightweight, durable, waterproof, and fits like a glove inside my pack. I use an ultralight trail wallet and a small zippered pouch for extra organization inside.


Mini Dr. Bronner's biodegradable lavender soap

Biodegradable Liquid Soap: Dr. Bronner’s

Dr. Bronner’s is the perfect minimalist travel soap. Why is it so special? For starters, it’s a liquid soap, making it extremely easy to travel with. It’s highly potent and has 18 different uses: body wash, dishwashing liquid, and laundry soap, to name a few.

Minimalist bamboo toothbrush for toiletries

Bamboo Toothbrush: SeaTurtle

This isn’t the exact bamboo toothbrush I use, but life goes on. So, why do I use a bamboo toothbrush when I travel? For starters, it’s a far more environmentally responsible choice than using a traditional plastic toothbrush. It works just as well and is entirely biodegradable.

Tom's small toothpaste

Travel-Sized Toothpaste: Tom’s

The Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap I mentioned earlier can be used to brush your teeth, but I’ve tried that before and I’m just not feeling it. That said, Tom’s makes toothpaste full of high-quality ingredients that are good for your body and the environment.

Plackers Micro Mint flossers for dental hygeine

Flosser Sticks: Plackers Micro Mint

Traditional floss can get tangled, grimy, and messy during travel, so I bring these handy flosser sticks instead. They’re washable and reusable and make flossing your teeth quick and convenient. Two or three of these should be all you need for a week of minimalist travel.

White stick of bergamot + lime Schmidt's travel-sized deodorant

All-Natural Deodorant: Schmidt’s

My search for an all-natural deodorant that can stand up to the rigors of travel seemed hopeless until I came across Schmidt’s. This stuff keeps my B.O. at bay and smells excellent. It also comes in a compact .7-ounce travel-size, which frees up a lot of space in my toiletries kit.

Mudder ear pick for travel toiletries

Ear Cleaner: Mudder Ear Pick

Traveling with a ton of pesky q-tips is annoying, wasteful, and inefficient. That’s why a metal ear pick will always be a part of my minimalist packing list. It’s compact, easy to clean, and healthier for ear hygiene than traditional q-tips.

Pink and yellow earplugs for airplanes and hostel rooms

Noise-Deadening Ear Plugs: Howard Leight

Earplugs are one of the most underrated travel items that exist. They’re like a mute button for the constant annoyances of travel. Screaming baby on an airplane? Loud party outside of your hotel room? Snoring in the bed next to you? Pop these in and enjoy the sweet silence.

Other Personal Items

Water Bottle

Moleskine Soft Cover travel journal

Travel Journal: Moleskine Soft Cover

Whenever I travel without a journal, I feel naked, and I’m a hell of a lot less productive. But when I do bring my journal, I use it to take notes, make to-do lists, and recap my days. When my memory fails me one day, I’ll have my Moleskines to pore over and relive my glory years.

Fischer Space Bullet pen knockoff

Waterproof Pen: Fisher Space Bullet

A durable travel journal deserves a reliable pen that will get ink on the paper under any circumstances. For me, that pen is the Fisher Space Bullet, which can write underwater, in extreme temperatures, and at any angle. This pen is sleek, timeless, and minimalist.

Blue titanium Snow Peak Aurora ultralight water bottle

Titanium Water Bottle: Snow Peak Aurora

Staying hydrated while traveling can be difficult, so I bring an ultralight titanium water bottle everywhere I go. This bottle is a joy to travel with and a testament to perfectionist Japanese engineering. It’s expensive, but I’m a gear nerd and couldn’t help myself.


Minimalist Travel Packing List Variations

Ready to travel with way less?

Great, because I’ve given you the exact packing list I use for minimalist trips of a week or more.

I don’t pack the same way for every trip, though, so here’s a brief overview of my setup and a few variations depending on my type of trip.

Note : None of the following weights include the ‘in-transit clothing’ I wear while traveling.

Weight of Backpack : 19.0 lb | 8.6 kg

This setup includes everything on my minimalist packing list, including cold-weather clothing. I can travel in cold climates, take professional-quality photos and videos, and work on my blog full-time with this setup.

Weight of Backpack : 17.5 lb | 7.9 kg

This setup includes everything on my minimalist packing list except for my cold-weather clothing. I can travel in mild-to-warm climates, take professional-quality photos and videos, and work on my blog full-time with this setup.

Weight of Backpack : 13.7 lb | 6.2 kg

This setup includes everything on my minimalist packing list except for my laptop, keyboard, mouse, and carrying case. I can travel in cold climates and take professional-quality photos and videos with this setup.

Weight of Backpack : 12.2 lb | 5.5 kg

This setup includes everything on my minimalist packing list except for my laptop, keyboard, mouse, carrying case, and cold-weather clothing. I can travel in mild-to-warm climates and take professional-quality photos and videos with this setup.

Weight of Backpack : 16.1 lb | 7.2 kg

This setup includes everything on my minimalist packing list except for my camera equipment. I can travel in cold climates and work on my blog full-time with this setup.

Weight of Backpack : 14.6 lb | 6.6 kg

This setup includes everything on my minimalist packing list except for my camera equipment and cold-weather clothing. I can travel in mild-to-warm weather and work on my blog full-time with this setup.

Weight of Backpack : 10.8 lb | 4.9 kg

This setup includes everything on my minimalist packing list except for my laptop, keyboard, mouse, carrying case, and camera equipment. I use this setup for cold-weather adventures when I won’t need my computer or camera.

Weight of Backpack : 9.3 lb | 4.2 kg

This setup includes everything on my minimalist packing list except for my cold-weather clothing, laptop, keyboard, mouse, carrying case, and camera equipment. I use this setup for mild-to-warm-weather adventures when I won’t need my computer or camera.

Remember this as you review my packing list: What works for me might not work for you.

Want to bring along your favorite pair of sandals?

Do you think Bluetooth speakers are entirely unnecessary?

Don’t want to bring your camera?

Great! Bring what’s essential for you and leave everything else behind.

And if, after reading over this packing list, you’re convinced that minimalist travel will leave you cold, dirty, and underprepared, try it anyway. Y

ou’ll be pleasantly surprised by how little you need.

Is Minimalist Travel Too Extreme?

Minimalist travel doesn’t come naturally to most people.

When traveling, we rely on our possessions for comfort and familiarity, so packing next to nothing can make us feel a bit vulnerable. I get it.

But if minimalist travel were too extreme, I’d never have written this article.

Because choosing to pack only what adds value, and nothing more, is liberating and eye-opening.

Less is more in the world of travel, and all it takes is one perfectly-packed minimalist trip to understand why.

So, before your next trip — whether it’s a day, a week, or a year — I challenge you to give minimalist packing a chance.

You’ll experience the world light on your feet, with a clear mind and a heavy weight off your shoulders.

Last Updated on July 1, 2024

Photo of author

Noel Krasomil

Affiliate Disclosure : Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links. If you click an affiliate link and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Affiliate links help support this website and keep it 100% ad-free.

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Road trip tips: Travel with one of the best ultralight travel trailers

Go farther by going lighter with these easily towable travel trailers for all your adventures.

best ultra light travel trailers version 1666544314 happier camper exterior cliff feature

For decades, drivers who wanted a light, well-built, and aerodynamic travel trailer had few choices beyond a "silver bullet" Airstream . Thankfully, today's RV manufacturers have started to introduce travel trailers of all sizes for a variety of applications. Looking for a road tripper, overlander, or weekender for a short trip to your next destination? You’re guaranteed to find a camper you'll love.

That's true even if you’re not interested in a big, fancy RV or the best premium motorhome because ultralight trailers are a great choice. They’re more compact, easier to tow, and more aerodynamic—all of which means they're better on gas too. Here are our top picks for the best ultralight travel trailers on the market, all primed for your adventure.

Happier Camper HC1

Best "retro-cool" ultralight travel trailer.

The pint-sized Happier Camper HC1 offers an ingenious solution for travelers looking to take only the most essential elements of home along for the ride. While the retro-modern shell oozes vintage cool, it’s what’s on the inside that will interest most road-trippers. The clever Adaptiv interior features Lego-like cubes that are infinitely configurable to suit almost any traveler’s style. The sleeping space, kitchen, and work areas can all be repurposed to however large or small you need them to be. It’s the closest thing to a mobile Swiss Army knife we’ve seen on the travel trailer market. The company even offers travel trailer rentals for anyone looking to try before they buy.

Taxa Outdoors Cricket

Best "jack of all trades" ultralight travel trailer.

TAXA Outdoors’ Cricket is arguably the most love-it-or-hate-it design of any travel trailer, ultralight or otherwise, on the market. The asymmetrical shell may seem strange, but there’s a method to the company’s madness. Every interior space offers only as much space as is necessary and, even by RV standards, the company crams a boatload of intelligent storage solutions into one tiny package. We especially love the panoramic, 32-inch by 20-inch rear window that keeps the cabin awash in natural light. Perhaps the best part, though, is the Cricket's diminutive size (15 feet long by 6 feet, 11 inches tall) and weight (just 1,732 pounds unloaded), ensuring it can easily be towed by most compact, four-cylinder vehicles.

Polydrop P19 Shorty

Best ultralight travel trailer for design enthusiasts.

California-based Polydrop deviates from the usual bland RV aesthetic by building futuristic-looking travel trailers , such as the P19. But you should never judge a trailer by its appearance alone. The trailer's R-14 structural insulation delivers maximum energy efficiency, priming the P-19 Shorty for all-season camping .

Virtually any vehicle can tow this featherweight travel trailer as it's built on a lightweight 6061 T6 full aluminum tube frame and Timbren independent suspension that help deliver a smooth, quiet ride to the backcountry. Camp-ready features include a four-inch, tri-fold mattress, and an optional open galley for a homey stay in the outdoors.

Carapate Teardrop Trailer

Best ultralight travel trailer for euro aficionados.

Like the Polydrop, the French-built Carapate teardrop trailer demands to be noticed. The trapezoidal, blue and natural wood shell recalls mid-20th-century yacht design. It’s a playful and unique aesthetic that would feel perfectly at home in any Wes Anderson flick . A large side hatch and oversized windows help bring the outside in. The interior features all the essentials one would expect in a midsize travel trailer. There’s a slide-out kitchenette with a stove, sink, and two-way refrigerator — all of which can be used outside or inside the trailer. Tech-friendly features include LED lighting, multiple USB ports, and an optional solar kit for staying off-grid as long as you like. Instead of one fixed mattress, the interior features three single-sized mattresses that can be reconfigured as a large bed, a front-facing sofa, or a lounge-like, L-shaped couch.

Sadly, the Carapate teardrop trailer is only for sale overseas. So, American buyers will either need to plan an extended road trip around Europe or figure out how to ship it home.

Hiker Trailers Mid Range Deluxe

Best ultralight travel trailer for off-road adventurers.

Aptly named Hiker Trailers has one goal: To create affordable, lightweight travel trailers with serious off-road capability . Like most teardrop trailers, every model is purely utilitarian and features only the most essential amenities, all packed into the most compact space possible. Basic models offer little more than a durable, bare-bones aluminum shell that’s intended to be buyer-customized.

Deluxe models of these unique ultralight travel trailers, however, feature 14 inches of ground clearance, plus hardcore, off-road-ready upgrades like 33-inch tires, 3,500-pound axles, and 2-by-3-inch steel off-road frames. Their lightest model weighs just 640 pounds, meaning it’s towable by just about anything stronger than a bicycle. What we really love about the company is they offer so many custom options., so you can truly build the perfect camper for your needs and budget.

Airstream Basecamp

Best ultralight travel trailer for modern gear haulers.

With an all-in price tag of more than $46,000, Airstream’s gear-hauling Basecamp is pricey. At roughly 2,600 pounds, it’s towable by most midsize SUVs, but it hardly qualifies as ultralight . Still, there’s nothing quite like it on the road today. It’s designed to live up to its namesake as a “basecamp” for your most epic, wide-open-space adventures. Clever, off-road-centric design features — including an aggressive departure angle and oversized tires and wheels — allow you to get far, far off the beaten path.

It boasts all the essentials today’s outdoorsmen expect in a modern camping experience, including a bare-bones sleep space, a workable kitchenette, a bathroom with a shower and toilet, and a sizable cargo area for hauling your outdoor toys. Plus, the taut aluminum exterior is sleek, handsome, and unmistakably Airstream.

Timberleaf Trailers Classic Teardrop Trailer

Best ultralight travel trailer for minimalist trekkers.

The teardrop travel trailer market has exploded in recent years, thanks to their being towable by just about any vehicle (in some cases, even a motorcycle ). The Timberleaf Classic is minimal and functional, with just the right amount of charm. The company’s woodworking skills are evident in the beautiful craftsmanship throughout.

Inside, the cabin features a massive skylight, making for perfect stargazing, and ample shelving guarantees plenty of space for your camping essentials. Round back, the hatch reveals a beautifully designed birch galley with a cooktop and pull-out drawer. An optional custom-built cooler provides ice retention for days, and leather grab handles add a dash of sophistication to your campfire cooking escapades . Almost every aspect is customizable, too, so you can make it as plush or as "rugged minimalist" as you like.

Safari Condo Alto R Series

Best "transforming" ultralight travel trailer.

Teardrop trailers are great for efficiency and portability, but by design, they’re usually thin on amenities. The Alto R Series by Safari Condo aims to solve that problem. While towing, it features a traditional, streamlined teardrop trailer design that the company claims reduces drag by up to 75%. Once at your campsite, however, an electric switch raises the clever Alufiber (an aluminum/fiberglass composite) roof to reveal a spacious, full-featured interior with panoramic windows. It manages to pack a surprising number of amenities into a tiny space: A king-size bed, two-burner cooktop, mini-fridge, fixed-flush toilet, and shower are all standard. Plus, the kitchen, beds, storage, and toilet are all still usable even with the roof lowered.

KZ RV Sportsmen Classic 130RB

Best ultralight travel trailers for traditionalists.

KZ RV's Sportsmen Classic 130RB may not have a “hey, look at me design,” but it’s incredibly lightweight and allows travelers to bring most of the comforts of home with them on the road. Even if the outside is a little drab, it’s what’s on the inside that matters. The 130RB is one of the lightest and smallest trailers in KZ’s lineup, weighing just 2,350 pounds and measuring in at just under 17 feet long and 6.5 feet tall on the inside. That means you won’t have to have a hulking SUV or pickup truck to lug it around. Despite the small size, the 130RB is big enough to fit a queen-size bed, a kitchenette, and even a wet bath with shower and toilet. There’s even a nifty compartment that runs the full width of the trailer, making it an ideal spot to store camping equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

While features, gear storage, and other amenities are very important things to consider when buying a travel trailer, the first thing you should look at is the weight of the trailer and the towing capacity of your vehicle. If you don't have a huge pickup or SUV, you want to make sure that you can actually tow the trailer you buy, and you won't have to add the purchase of a new vehicle to the cost of the trailer.

The other vital thing to consider is the size of the trailer and what you have available for off-season storage, if you don't have an appropriate storage area at your home or apartment, you might have to pay for storage, and some storage facilities charge more for larger trailers.

This is when you can think of amenities. What is important to you? Are you looking for a larger sleeping area with a cooking space, a toilet/shower, and plenty of gear storage? Or are you looking for the bare minimum? Knowing what is important to you before you go out to buy a travel trailer will help make the process easier.

Also, do your research. Make sure the trailer is easy to set up and break down, going on an outdoor adventure is about fun, so you don't to spend time working with an awkward trailer setup.

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Mike Richard has traveled the world since 2008. He's kayaked in Antarctica, tracked endangered African wild dogs in South Africa, and survived a near-miss great white shark attack in Mexico. His travel advice has appeared on the websites of industry-leading publications for Forbes , Travel + Leisure , CNET, National Geographic , and Vagabondish . He loves the great outdoors and good bourbon, and (usually) calls Massachusetts home. Mike also enjoys speaking in the third person.

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One-person tents have historically had a tainted reputation in the outdoor world. For many years, these tents were like crawling into a tube and you would barely have enough space to get changed — and don't even think about drinking a coffee or reading a book. The good news is that one-person tents have come a long way in recent years and you no longer have to haul a two-person tent just to get the space and comfort on a long thru-hike.

When we're picking our one-person tent to add to the top of a packing list, there are three factors to consider: price tag, weight, internal space. In order to get the best one-person tents, we have balanced these three factors against one another so that whichever you prioritize, there is a tent on this list for you.

If you’re cooking in the woods, chances are you fall into one of two camps (pun intended). Either you’re packed with car camping gear (including everything and the kitchen sink) or you're backpacking with lightweight camping cookware. Whichever mode of camping you're into, you need the right gear for the job. Nobody wants to carry a twenty-pound, two-burner propane grill up a mountain or feed a family of four with a single coffee mug.

So, we did the legwork to research and compare the best camping cookware and portable outdoor kitchen supplies for both the car-camping crowd and the minimalist campers out there. This includes a list of pots, utensils, stoves, sporks, and more. Because no camping trip is complete without a legit mini kitchen to make you feel right at home.

We’re well into spring, and that means the second-best hiking season (after fall, of course) is underway. It also means summer is just around the corner. So, it’s the perfect time to clean out your gear closet and take stock of your favorite outdoor equipment. Keep what works, donate the rest, and consider upgrading your hiking gear that just isn’t working for you anymore. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the best new gear for warm-weather hiking (and camping and kayaking and whatever else you’re getting into) this year.

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Truck Camper Magazine

2012 Travel Lite 1000 SLRX Ultra Rally Review

' src=

TCM did something at the Fall 2011 North-East / Michigan-Ohio Valley Truck Camper Jamboree that has never, ever, been done with a truck camper; a rally wide truck camper review. … … … … … … … … … … …

Travel Lite Rally Review

To the best of our knowledge, what we did at the Fall 2011 North-East / Michigan-Ohio Valley Truck Camper Jamboree had never been done before in the history of truck camping.  No, we didn’t launch our truck camper with a giant catapult.  Unfortunately, Angela nixed that idea.  She’s no fun.

What we did was announce to an entire truck camper rally that we were conducting the first ever “rally review” and invited one and all to come see our new camper and give us their impressions.  We even promised, in public, that we would publish their comments in the distinguished electrons of Truck Camper Magazine.  Were we out of our minds?  Probably, but what better way to get real feedback on a new camper than to ask lots of people to give you real feedback on a new camper.

Maybe next year Angela will approve my catapult idea.  For now, we’ll just have to settle for the first ever truck camper rally review.

Rally Review: 2012 Travel Lite 1000 SLRX Ultra

Travel Lite Reader Review

What follows are the impressions of experienced truck campers who looked over our 2012 Travel Lite 1000 SLRX Ultra during the Fall 2011 North-East / Ohio Valley Truck Camper Jamboree.  These impressions were all stated verbally as rally attendees looked over the camper in person.  They have only been edited for grammatical consistency.

Rally Review

“The floor plan is very nice and we really like the cabinetry.  We also like the kitchen design and convection microwave.  The light cabinetry makes the camper seem brighter.  Also, the fit and finish looks really good.  The storage under the dinette is great for shoes, beer, and soda.  We also like the progression of the steps into the over cab bed.  The holding tanks are large with forty-one gallons of fresh, thirty-six gallons of grey, and thirty-six gallons of black.” – Ron and Shelia Day

“The cabinetry is very nice and the spring loaded cabinet doors are a good idea.  I like that the kitchen drawers are wide enough for a silverware tray.  I’m concerned that little kids can get to the thermostat and 12-volt outlet under the sink.  The counters are a nice granite-like material and I like the two sturdy legs for the dinette.  I love the floor.  It looks real nice and feels comfortable to walk on.  I would prefer tinted windows for privacy and a slide-out pantry and spice rack in the kitchen.” – Kathy Porter

“It’s a good size camper with a surprising amount of space.” – Anne Brown   

Rally Review

“The interior decor is nice and the floor is awesome.  The thermostat and 12-volt outlet under the kitchen sink could get wet so I would recommend they be moved.  The 12-volt outlet is great, but it would be better in the dinette.  I personally would prefer ducted heat.  The bathroom is nice, but the bathroom counter is a bit tall.  Also, the access port to slide-out motors needs to be more clear and I would prefer LED lighting all around.” – Don Kingfield

Rally Review

“I have issues with pushing the bathroom shut.  It takes quite a push to get the bathroom door to stay closed.” – Paulette

“Things I like the are the granite-like counters, the pantry, the mirror, and the steps into the bed.  I also like that the sink is angled, but I would prefer the type of double sink with a small and a big basin.  I like the amount of cabinetry space and recommend that they add more shelves above the sink.” – Brenda Murray

“The fan above the bed is great for circulation.  I would like a larger 12-volt refrigerator.  I like the lower counters.  Everything is at a good height, especially the steps to get into the bed.” – Dorris and Mark Bluth

“The floor plan is similar to the Arctic Fox 990.  I would prefer to have a trap door in the bumper for the sewer hose.  The floor is nice and the dinette table seems robust.  I would prefer Ozite on the roof so I could use velcro and put things up there.” – Jack Porter

Rally Response

“The counters seem a bit low for me.  I like the double stainless sink.  It’s better than plastic.  The camper needs a plastic splash guard behind the range.  I like the real wood cabinetry and the separate refrigerator/freezer.  I like the step up into the bed as there are not too many of us under fifty with good hips and knees.  I would prefer thermal pane windows, especially the European-style windows.  I am worried that water might get into the cabinet doors in the bathroom when showering.  I’m not a fan of slide-outs, but I like the face-to-face dinette.” – Dick Cyr

“We like the dinette and we love the floor.  It looks easy to maintain.  The counters are nice too.  It’s just as well not to have an oven.  The range top is big enough for a big pot.  I’m not sure about the convection microwave.  The finger holes to open to the storage next to the dinette is really nice.  I also like the steps up to the bed.  I can reach everything.  I like the double sink to put wet dishes somewhere.  The fuse box is in a good location where you don’t have to be on your hands and knees.  The checker plate under the camper is nice.  Overall, this camper feels big.” – Bill and Sue Billyard

Rally Review

“The floor plan nice and open.  The under dinette storage area is a good idea.  I like the 12-volt outlet.  I don’t care for the dark color of the floor and would prefer real hard wood.  The bathroom is nice, but the counter and sink are a bit too high.” – Tom Emerick

Rally Review

“It’s good that you can close the slide and still get in to use the camper.  I like the sink and high stainless faucet.  I also like that you can see back through the window from the truck while you’re driving.  I would prefer a cassette toilet, but like the thirty-six gallon black tank.  This camper needs a Honda generator.” – Andy Spedden

“The bumper in the back is a good size for your feet.  I think the sink is too high in the bathroom.  I really like the color of the floor as it ties in nicely with the decor.” – Tony Strungis

“This camper feels open.  I would have to have a stool to use the bathroom sink.  It’s too tall if you have kids with you.  I would prefer a carpet on the floor for warmth and quiet.” – Cinda Wistler

“This camper has a big and open feel.  The entry into the bed area is very open and there’s plenty of head room in the overcab.  There’s adequate counter space around the sink with a nice double bowl sink.  Also, the sturdy one-piece top on the stove makes it a work space.  This one-piece stove top style is better than the articulated folding tops.  The counter tops will hide stains, but there’s no edge on the counter tops to trap dirt and debris.  I like the two post dinette table.  I’d swap out to LED lights on the interior.  The shelving looks good, but I would prefer a pull-out pantry.  I like how the sink is easy to access.  I did notice the absence of a roof ladder.” – John Wells

Rally Review

“I really like the counter tops.  The closet is a bit small.  The floor looks easy to clean.  The wing guards are a real nice touch on the range.  I like that you can get into the bathroom when the slide is in.  The bathroom an okay size and I like the height of the counter in the bathroom.  The camper only has one battery and needs two.  The dump valves are a bit tough to get to.  The exterior aesthetics with the filon and front cap are nice and sharp.” – Dick and Elizabeth Barlow

“I love the table in the dinette, but would prefer a U-shape dinette.  I like the small skylight over the kitchen area.  The designers need to measure people’s butts and I would prefer more in room the bathroom around the toilet.  It’s a great floor.  I love it, but I would prefer to have carpeting.  I love the counter tops too.  They’re really nice.  I like the storage under the dinette seats but would prefer lift-up access rather than the drawers.” – Denise Barber

Rally Report

“I would prefer a regular oven.  The floor is too dark but wood planking look is really nice.  I’d like it be lighter.  The granite-like counters are nice, but again they’re too dark.” – Judy Funk

“I like the bathroom sink location.  I like the space in the overcab bed.  I like the fit and finish of the cabinetry and the granite-like counter, but would prefer a lighter color.  I like the location of the refrigerator near the kitchen area.  I tend to like lighter upholstery.  I like the storage drawers under the dinette.” – Mary Lou Wells

Rally in Carlisle

“I think it’s great!  I love the mirror.  I like the space and the overall look.  I walked in and said, “Wow!”.  Everything works so well together.  There’s nice floor space, lots of storage, and the cabinetry is very pretty.” – Patty Hoover

“I like the bathroom sink height.  The dump valves are hard to get to.  I like the counter tops, but it needs to be a little less sharp on the underside.  I like the laminate floor.  The kitchen is a bit low with the counters.” – Dave Casal

Travel Lite Reader Report

“I like the look of the camper outside with front nose cap.  I also like the exterior storage.  It’s hard to reach the holding tank valves.  I would prefer carpet inside.  The fiberglass counters are very nice.” – Denny Berry

“It’s beautiful.” – Deb Berry


“I usually prefer non-slide campers because things that move need maintenance.  I like the face-to-face dinette.  It’s a good kitchen height for my wife, Lily, but not so good for me.  I like the north-south bed and the storage in the overcab.  The placement of lights looks good for reading in bed.  The counters look nice, but it’s a little sharp under the lip.  I love the laminate floors because it looks like it is easy to care for.  The cabinetry looks nice.” – Lily and Brad Cutter

“I like the cabinetry and color.  I really like the dark counters.  I like the laminate floor but would go lighter.  I like the window behind dinette.  I would prefer a sink the same size but without a divider.  I also like the deep seats in the dinette.” – Carole Hoskins

Rally Review

“Everything is beautiful!  The counters remind me of our real granite counter tops at home and the floor looks easy to clean.  Very nice windows by the dinette.  We don’t have a slide, but want two recliners if we go to a slide.  I like the large oval burner on the range for larger pots.  The bumper feels like it sags a bit.  I do not like height of counters in the bathroom.” – Anne Cotton

“This is nice.” – Kay Goode

“I like hardwood floors.  I’m loving the camper already.  It feels so open and roomy.  The decorator did a nice job!” – Kathy Hann


“I would prefer to see a cover for the exterior slide.  The floor looks good.  There are sharp edges on the counters.  Very nice interior decor.  I like where sink is.  I don’t like the exposed screws under overcab.” – Alan Merritt

“Would prefer LED lights and dual batteries.  The interior headroom is excellent and I’m 6’2”.  I like all the goodies including the Dometic brand refrigerator and Coleman Mach air conditioner.  Where the heater is located is good.  The kitchen counter top height looks good and the bathroom countertop height is a bit high.  The size of the bathroom is good.  The floors are nice.  We would prefer a carpet for cold weather.  The cabinetry looks nice and the decor color is real nice.” – John Cotton


“The quality looks good.  The decor is nice.  I would prefer a carpet overlay on the floor.  I was looking for more closet space.  The lighting is good, but I would prefer LED lighting.  I like the design of the stove and the counter top.  The fiberglass front cap is very nice.  The height in the overcab for sitting up is nice.  I like the large amount of floor space with the deeper slide and the way the kitchen is laid out.  The exterior storage is good and the propane height is good.” – Robert Lawrence

Rally Review

“It’s a nice and bright camper with plenty of storage.  I would prefer a bit more kitchen counter space.  I like the color combination of browns and darks with the laminated floor.  I would prefer a roll-out cover to protect the top of the slide out.  The bathroom needs to be wider around the toilet area.  Overall, it’s a nice and roomy camper that’s very inviting and pretty.” – Elaine Gage and Elaine Brownell

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travel light ultra

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FOR SALE: $43,995 USD Travel Trailers / Neenah, WI

  • Price $43,995 USD
  • Price Guide / J.D. Power
  • Type Travel Trailers
  • Length 36.00 ft.
  • GVWR info 10500 lbs
  • Dry Weight info 7,734 lbs
  • Slide-outs 2
  • Ad # 11610574
  • Dealer Stock # 32V802
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travel light ultra

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The Fourth of July is quickly coming to a close, but Amazon is still hosting many worthwhile deals to shop right now. You'll find plenty of discounts on items like TVs , furniture and outdoor gear . With Amazon Prime Day right around the corner (the sale event is on July 16 and 17 this year), you can expect July Fourth to have some early Prime Day deals in the mix, too.

Below, I rounded up the best Fourth of July sales and deals on Amazon live now. Since the Fourth of July lands on a Thursday this year, you can expect some deals to last through the weekend. But that doesn’t mean you should wait to shop; products can go out of stock or become unavailable in certain colors or sizes soon after the holiday.

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Best Fourth of July deals on Amazon

Below are the best Fourth of July deals on Amazon. I included products NBC Select editors have tried and recommend, items from brands we’ve previously covered and highly rated products that are at least 20% off. Discounts and prices change frequently, so check back for new deals throughout the day.

Best Fourth of July TV and tech deals

Amazon fire tv 50-inch omni series smart tv.

Amazon Fire TV 50-Inch Omni Series Smart TV

4.4-star average rating from 26,884 reviews on Amazon

All sizes of Amazon’s Omni Series Fire TVs are now on sale. The TV comes with Fire TV built-in, so you can access over 1.5 million movies and TV episodes from popular streaming platforms. It also has Amazon Alexa voice controls, which means you can control your TV hands-free. You can also connect devices like gaming systems via the three HDMI inputs.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

4.5-star average rating from 3,739 reviews on Amazon

The Galaxy Watch 6 is one of our favorite smartwatches and recently won an NBC Select Wellness Award for best fitness tracker for Android users. The watch syncs to your phone and mirrors your notifications, plus it tracks your workouts and health data through the Samsung Health app. NBC Select reporter Harry Rabinowitz loves the watch’s flat screen, soft-touch watch band and colorful display. There are two buttons on the side that act as a home and back button, but you can reprogram them to do other things like open a specific app. Plus, the physical buttons are ideal for outdoor runs or bike rides, especially in bad weather or while wearing gloves, says Rabinowitz.

Toshiba 75-inch Class C350 Series Smart Fire TV

Toshiba 75-inch Class C350 Series Smart Fire TV

4.4-star average rating from 2,466 reviews on Amazon

All sizes of this Toshiba smart TV are on sale this July Fourth. It comes with Fire TV to access your favorite streaming channels, as well as a remote with built-in Amazon Alexa so you can launch apps, control volume, set reminders and more using your voice. The TV comes in five sizes ranging from 43 inches to 75 inches.

Best Fourth of July home and kitchen deals

Shark av2511ae ai ultra voice control robot vacuum.

Shark AV2511AE AI Ultra Voice Control Robot Vacuum

4.2-star average rating from 30,994 reviews on Amazon

Shark makes some of our favorite vacuums and steam cleaners . This robot vacuum from the brand has up to 120 minutes of runtime on a single charge and can hold up to 60 days worth of dirt and debris in its bagless, self-emptying base, according to Shark. The vacuum can create a map of your floor plan, and you can choose when and where it cleans using the SharkClean app. It’s also voice-enabled using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. 

Luxclub 6-Piece Sheet Set Bamboo Sheets

LuxClub 6-Piece Bamboo Sheet Sets

LuxClub 6-Piece Bamboo Sheet Sets

4.4-star average rating from 190,480 reviews on Amazon 

These LuxClub bed sheets are made from a bamboo viscose fabric blended with microfiber, which makes them soft, wrinkle-free and hypoallergenic, according to the brand. The sheets can also help regulate temperature to keep you cool, especially if you’re a hot sleeper , according to Luxclub. The set comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and four pillowcases.

Ninja Fit Compact Personal Blender

Ninja Fit Compact Personal Blender

4.7-star average rating from 37,278 reviews on Amazon

This compact single-serve blender comes with two 16-ounce cups and to-go lids, so you can easily take your smoothies, shakes and more to work or the gym. The push-to-blend motor base lets you blend whole fruits and vegetables, plus it’s compact enough to fit into small storage spaces and on countertops. The cups are dishwasher-safe, too.

Chom Chom Roller Pet Hair Remover

Chom Chom Roller Pet Hair Remover

4.5-star average rating from 182,332 reviews on Amazon

The Chom Chom, an NBC Select editor-favorite pet hair removal tool , uses brush bristles to remove hair from your couch, bed, carpet and other surfaces. It’s reusable and doesn’t use adhesive — you simply roll the device back and forth in short strokes to trap pet hair and lint inside a chamber, which opens at the touch of a button so you can easily empty it.

Kitchenaid Classic Series 4.5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

Kitchenaid Classic Series 4.5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

4.8-star average rating from 9,454 reviews on Amazon

This Kitchenaid stand mixer comes with a 4.5-quart dishwasher-safe stainless steel bowl and attachments like a flat beater, a dough hook and a six-wire metal whip. It has 10 speeds to accommodate different tasks like mixing, whipping and stirring, plus a handy tilting head, so you can easily remove attachments or add ingredients while it’s in use.

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

4.6-star average rating from 102,304 reviews on Amazon

One of our favorite single-serve coffee makers , the Keurig K-Classic can brew 6-, 8- and 10-ounce cups of coffee using the brand’s K-Cup pods. It has a 48-ounce water reservoir to help you brew multiple cups throughout the day, plus a two-hour, auto-off feature to save energy, according to the brand. 

SodaStream Terra Sparkling Water Maker

SodaStream Terra Sparkling Water Maker

4.6-star average rating from 8,541 reviews on Amazon

The SodaStream Terra lets you make sparkling water in seconds. This bundle comes with the SodaStream machine, a dishwasher-safe carbonating bottle that can hold 1 liter of liquid and flavor drops. You’ll also get a 60-liter gas cylinder, which locks into place and carbonates the water.

Best Fourth of July outdoor deals

Weber spirit ii e-310 3-burner liquid propane grill.

Weber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill in Black

Weber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill in Black

4.7-star average rating from 3,270 reviews on Amazon

One of our favorite gas grills , the Weber Spirit II propane grill has three main burners and a smaller side burner, so you can grill using multiple heat zones. It also comes with wheels to help you move the grill around during backyard barbecues. The grill has six tool hooks and a built-in lid thermometer.

Alpha Grillers Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Alpha Grillers Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer

Alpha Grillers Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer

4.7-star average rating from 68,158 reviews on Amazon

If you’ll be hosting an outdoor grilling session this July Fourth, consider this Alpha Grillers meat thermometer. It has an easy-to-read digital display that shows meat temperature in 2-3 seconds, according to the brand. It’s durable, water-resistant and has a built-in temperature guide for meats like poultry, fish and pork.

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock

4.7-star average rating from 50,288 reviews on Amazon

This highly-rated hammock is perfect for camping sessions, beach trips or simply lounging around in your backyard. It comes in two sizes: medium, which can hold up to 400 pounds, and large, which holds up to 500 pounds, according to the brand. The hammock comes with two 9-foot-long tree straps and carabiners to set it up, plus it has five separate loops, so you can adjust it for your height.

CleverMade Pacifica Collapsible Cooler Bag

CleverMade Collapsible Cooler Bag

CleverMade Collapsible Cooler Bag

4.6-star average rating from 10,939 reviews on Amazon

Keep your drinks and food cold during your summer travels with this soft-sided cooler bag. It’s lightweight at under 3 pounds, leak-resistant and has a built-in bottle opener and carry straps. Its spacious interior can hold up to 50 cans (with a maximum capacity of 55 pounds), according to the brand. The cooler also folds flat, so it’s easy to store away.

Best Fourth of July beauty and wellness deals

Dyson airstrait straightener.

Dyson Airstrait Straightener

4.3-star average rating from 513 reviews on Amazon

Dyson makes some of our favorite blow dryers , cordless vacuums and flat irons . This hair tool from the brand dries wet hair, straightens it and makes it smooth using pressurized air instead of hot plates. It has both wet and dry styling modes, plus an LED screen to help you monitor and control settings.

Waterpik Ion Cordless Water Flosser

Waterpik ION Cordless Water Flosser

Waterpik ION Cordless Water Flosser

4.2-star average rating from 5,316 reviews on Amazon

This cordless water flosser won an NBC Select Wellness Award because it’s gentle enough for sensitive teeth and easy to switch pressure settings as needed, according to NBC Select editors. It comes with seven tips and 10 pressure settings, and it has a removable 20-ounce reservoir, which is enough water for up to 90 seconds of flossing at a time, according to the brand. The battery lasts for up to four weeks, according to Waterpik.

23andMe Ancestry Service DNA Test Kit

23andMe Ancestry Service DNA Test Kit

4.7-star average rating from 35,071 reviews on Amazon

This at-home DNA test kit reviews your genetic data to provide more than 80 personalized health reports, including your ancestry, health predispositions, DNA relative finder and more. The test requires you to send a saliva sample to the 23andMe lab using a prepaid package. You should get your results back in four to five weeks, according to the brand.

Grace & Stella Pimple Patches

Grace & Stella Pimple Patches

Grace & Stella Pimple Patches

4.4-star average rating from 321 reviews on Amazon

These pimple patches from NBC Select editor-favorite brand Grace & Stella come in unique shapes and vibrant colors to make treating pesky breakouts feel a bit more fun. The patches adhere to the skin and have hydrocolloid gel, which absorbs excess oil and dirt. They also prevent you from touching or picking at your pimples, which helps avoid infection and scarring, according to experts in our guide to pimple patches .

Best Fourth of July travel deals

Samsonite freeform hardside large checked luggage.

Samsonite Freeform Hardside Large Checked Luggage

4.5-star average rating 12,819 reviews on Amazon

Samsonite’s freeform luggage is my favorite to take on longer trips because it’s extremely lightweight, durable and easy to maneuver thanks to its double-wheel design. You can expand this hard-shell suitcase by 1.5 inches via zipper. It has a three-dial combination lock to keep your items secure, plus a built-in ID tag .

Komalc Leather Dopp Kit

travel light ultra

4.8-star average rating from 12,252 reviews on Amazon

One of our favorite toiletry bags , this dopp kit has a water-resistant interior lining and can fit multiple full-sized products, including body wash, shaving cream and an electric razor, according to the brand. It also has two exterior pockets, a leather handle and a dual zipper to keep everything secure.

Bagsmart Travel Cord Organizer

Bagsmart Travel Cord Organizer

4.6-star average rating from 896 reviews on Amazon

Bagsmart makes some of our editors’ favorite suitcases and travel accessories , and this cord organizer from the brand makes traveling with tech so much easier. It has five slip pockets that can hold different sized cables, plus a larger slip pocket for bigger items like power banks and mice. The organizer is also water-resistant and has a convenient hand strap for portability, according to the brand.

Best Fourth of July sales on Amazon

Here are the best July Fourth sales to shop now on Amazon. We’ll continue updating this throughout the holiday.

  • Up to 50% off Shark vacuums, air purifiers and more
  • Up to 38% off Insignia TVs
  • Up to 64% off Samsonite luggage
  • Up to 33% off Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Headphones
  • Up to 37% off Kindle Scribe bundles
  • Up to 50% off Ring doorbells and security systems
  • Up to 43% off Ninja kitchen tools and appliances
  • Up to 40% off Instant Pot air fryers, stand mixers and more
  • Up to 30% off Waterpik flossers
  • Up to 70% off Bedsure comforters, sheet sets, dog beds and more
  • Up to 50% off Traveler's Choice luggage
  • Up to 28% off select Casper mattresses and bedding
  • Up to 25% off Ninja Air Fryer Pro
  • Up to 25% off Ecovacs vacuums
  • Up to 24% off Lasko tower fans
  • Up to 17% off Blueair air purifiers

Why trust NBC Select?

I am an updates editor at NBC Select, where I write about skin care, wellness, pets and more. For the past three years, I’ve regularly covered major sale events, including Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day.

Catch up on NBC Select’s in-depth coverage of personal finance , tech and tools , wellness and more, and follow us on Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and TikTok to stay up to date.

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Mili Godio is an updates editor for Select on NBC News.

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  • gear and products
  • Harley-Davidson

2024 Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra

Harley’s range-topping three-wheeled full-dress tourer.

travel light ultra

Harley-Davidson’s 2024 trike lineup features three ways (appropriately) to add a third wheel: There’s a cruiser, a bagger, and a full-dress tourer. The Tri Glide Ultra is the latter. Essentially a three-wheeled Ultra Limited, the Tri Glide has an unmistakable fork-mounted batwing fairing, Boom! Box GTS infotainment system, rider aids, and a top case that brings luggage capacity to 6.8 cubic feet. Like its three-wheeled stablemates, the Tri Glide has a Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine, but uses the Twin-Cooled version, which uses liquid-cooled heads. The Twin-Cooled M-8 114 produces a claimed 93 hp at 5,020 rpm and 120 lb.-ft. of torque at 2,500 rpm, a tad more power and torque than the oil-cooled version. For the ultimate in rider and passenger comfort over the long haul, the Tri Glide Ultra is a proven package. Let’s face it: We all want to become that retired couple you always meet at campsites who are touring the US on a Tri Glide Ultra with a trailer in tow. Who needs an Airstream?

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Pricing and Variants

The 2024 Tri Glide Ultra starts at $37,999 for Billiard Gray. Additional paint options range in price from $850 for Vivid Black to $4,000 for Tobacco Fade.

travel light ultra


  • Harley-Davidson Freewheeler, $31,999
  • Harley-Davidson Road Glide 3, $34,999

News and Reviews:

  • Top Three Three-Wheeled Motorcycles You Can Buy in 2023
  • Harley-Davidson’s New Milwaukee-Eight Big Twin Engine

2024 Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra Claimed Specs

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These Lightweight, Linen Items Are My Secret to Easy Travel Outfits for Summer — and They’re Up to 50% Off

Travel in comfort and style with these cute outfits — prices start at $13.

Travel + Leisure / Tyler Roeland

As a travel writer, being comfortable and feeling chic are two important factors when adding to my wardrobe. When I'm traveling, I’m all about lightweight, flowy items that are easy to pack, but also look great as I’m wandering around new destinations.

Lately, more often than not, you’ll find me in some form of linen pants or a matching set that can easily be dressed up or down depending on the activity. After declaring this my “European Summer,” I’ve already been island-hopping in Greece, made my way around parts of Lake Como, and ate my way through Ireland — all while happily wearing comfortable lightweight clothing that can easily be steamed or hung up near a hot shower and instantly ready to go right out of my suitcase.

With summer travel in full swing (and my itinerary showing no signs of slowing down), I’m making sure to stock up on all things lightweight and linen. Luckily, Amazon has tons of breezy summer clothes on sale now, perfect for kicking off (or continuing!) your summer adventures. To help, I’ve listed the 15 pieces of clothing currently in my Amazon cart below, with deals of up to 50 percent off.

BcoFui Linen Wide Leg Pants

These drawstring pants are loose and cropped at just the right length to wear throughout the summer. I love the paper bag-style waist that adds a fun stylish detail to these otherwise sleek and simple pants. Available in 14 colors and prints, these versatile pants also have pockets for added convenience. Many shoppers agree that they are “lightweight” and even “super flattering,” which is all we need in a great pair of summer travel pants. Plus, they’re currently on sale for just $30.

Zesica Women's Boho Spaghetti Strap Maxi Dress

This dress popped up on my TikTok a few times before I finally caved and bought it, but I’m so glad I did. I love how stylish the straight neckline and tie-up ribbon straps are, plus the fact that it’s the perfect ankle length so I can wear it with a variety of shoes. Available in a whopping 24 different colors, it’s easy to grab your favorite hue or to branch out and snag something out of the ordinary for your closet. And although not made of linen, the viscose fabric is lightweight and comfortable, perfect for summer travel.

Coofandy Men's Cotton Linen Short Sleeve Shirt

This casual short-sleeve shirt is made using a mix of linen and rayon that’s both breezy and quick-drying, ideal for those travel days when you can’t help but get sweaty. Fitting true to size, it’s soft, lightweight, and easy to iron or steam. On sale and available in 28 colors and prints, it’s one of those shirts that will immediately find its way into your suitcase because of its versatile nature and serious comfort level.

Zesica Summer Loose Sleeveless Jumpsuit

No outfit is quite as easy or chic to throw on as a linen jumpsuit. This one features a linen and viscose blend, which means the fabric will be lightweight and comfortable, perfect for throwing on with sneakers for sightseeing or pairing with jewlery and heels for a night out. With cute details like tie straps and hemmed legs, this may quickly become one of your favorite travel outfits. I need it in black to have an easy neutral option, but because it’s on sale, I might have to grab it in a fun statement color (like this watermelon hue) as well.

Elesol Women’s Cotton Linen Set

My love of matching sets and the collection I’ve amassed is a secret to no one — but I’m always on the lookout for more. This option is extra versatile because of its long-sleeved button-up top paired with comfy shorts, perfect for wearing as a set or individually. Toss the long-sleeve over your top when it gets chilly at night, pair the shorts with a short-sleeve when it’s blisteringly hot out, or wear them together as a cover-up for your next beach day. And, made of 100 percent cotton, you know that each piece will feel soft and lightweight.

Dokotoo Women’s Color Block Button-down

Looking for a button-down that’s anything but ordinary? This colorblock version from Dokotoo is a great way to add extra flair to your outfit. I love how easy it is to mix and match with the other items in my closet, plus how much more fun it makes jean shorts and a basic tank top. It’s also made of 100 percent cotton, so you can buy it knowing that it will be soft and breezy, too. The fact that it’s currently 50 percent off doesn’t hurt, either!

Anrabess 2-piece Linen Matching Set

While browsing Amazon, this tank top and matching pant set caught my eye. It’s cute and functional and currently 20 percent off making it a steal at just $40 for two pieces. Numerous shoppers found that this set kept them comfortable on hot days because of the lightweight linen and rayon blend fabric. Shorter people also liked the ankle length of the pants so that they didn’t look too long on them. And, you can easily wear either piece separately to get more out of your packed clothes.

BZB Women's Summer Boho Maxi Skirt

Whether you'll be strolling along the beach or exploring the streets of a new city this summer, this flowy maxi skirt will keep you cool and comfortable. In fact, one shopper said the fabric is “comfortable, flows, and feels cool to the touch.” That’s exactly what I’m looking for in a lightweight summer skirt. Plus, it has pockets! The ruffled tiers add a pop of style and can pair easily with everything from sneakers to heels.

Eicolorte Bathing Suit Cover-up Tunic

Summer equals beach adventures, which means that I’m stocking up on easy, breezy bathing suit cover-ups for boat hangs, lounging by the pool, and walks along the sand. This particular one caught my eye because you can tie it in several different ways, making it a multi-use piece of clothing (which is a huge bonus when you’re a devoted carry-on packer like I am). Available in a handful of colors, I love that it has flowy long sleeves for extra sun protection while still keeping you cool.

Halife Women's Halter Side Slit Maxi Sun Dress

This flattering halter maxi dress is loose and lightweight, perfect for hot summer days. Wear it for an easy day-to-night look, because you can pair it with sneakers or sandals for daytime wear or a pair of heels for hitting the town. With 19 different colors and prints to choose between, you’ll find an option that best suits your style — plus, at this low price of $27, you might even be able to add two to your cart. Shoppers love that the length is just at ankle height, making it a good option for shorter people, too.

Yocur Womens Lightweight Shorts

A pair of easy-to-throw-on linen shorts is crucial to a solid summer wardrobe. Made with a cotton and linen blend, these are guaranteed to feel soft and light, even when it’s swelteringly hot outside. Many shoppers note that these shorts wash well, and they’ve been a perfect vacation staple for those headed to the beach. Available in many shades, they are casual and comfortable — but still make you look like you put in some effort while picking out your outfit.

Merokeety Women's High Waist Pleated A-line Maxi Skirt

During spring and summer (and honestly, all year in my opinion), floral skirts are the way to go. This Merokeety maxi skirt is simple, fun, and an easy way to add some pizazz for your vacation looks. Available in so many bright colors and prints, the elastic waistband allows it to fit as high or low on your body as you’d like, while the A-line design provides maximum flow and movement. Crop tops, lacy camis, and bandeau tops would all work well paired with it.

Jasambac Women's Linen Palazzo Pants

Light, breathable, and fashionable, these linen palazzo pants are just what you need for easy day-to-night outfits on your next trip. With a stylish wide leg, you can keep them casual with the included corded waistband or dress them up with your favorite belt. Pick up a pair in one of the many neutrals available, or opt for a more exciting color like the stunning peacock blue. Plus, you can get these pants for 30 percent off, making them only $26 (just remember to use the promo code MWNI73ST at checkout).

Apafes Women's Summer Cotton Linen Bib Overalls

This loose-fit jumpsuit is breathable and can work in nearly any situation: over a bathing suit for a cute boat day look, with a pair of heels and statement jewelry for dinner, or with a T-shirt and sneakers for a walking tour of whatever city you land in next. Available in nine colors, you can also certainly find the right hue for your wardrobe. Plus, the adjustable straps allow you to get the right fit, and the soft linen-blend fabric will keep you cool and comfortable in the hot summer months. Get it for just $17 when you use the included 35 percent off coupon.

Axuirkoyl Linen Button Down Shirt

One of the most important closet staples is a classic linen button-down shirt. Great to wear unbuttoned as a beach coverup or buttoned as a stylish shirt on its own, a linen button-down is always a good idea to include in your suitcase. You can buy this one on sale for just $12 (keep in mind that the sale price varies based on the size and color). Shoppers found this shirt to be made of good quality material and comfortable enough to wear on hot summer days.

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    Rally Review: 2012 Travel Lite 1000 SLRX Ultra. What follows are the impressions of experienced truck campers who looked over our 2012 Travel Lite 1000 SLRX Ultra during the Fall 2011 North-East / Ohio Valley Truck Camper Jamboree. These impressions were all stated verbally as rally attendees looked over the camper in person.

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    2024 TRAVEL LITE UP COUNTRY 900U, Travel Lite heard you- Lighter weights, no wood/composite built, true off-grid camping, new and more modern. Trailer World of Colorado. Henderson, CO. $23,000. New 2024 Travel Lite T RV.

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    The 2024 Coachmen Freedom Express Ultra Lite 320BHDS is a state-of-the-art travel trailer designed to offer comfort, versatility, and convenience on the road. This RV is perfect for those seeking adventure without sacrificing the comforts of home. **Exterior** - Color: White - FRP Fiberglass Exterior - Aluminum Wheels - Welded Powder-Coated Frame

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  21. Elektrostal

    Elektrostal is linked by Elektrichka suburban electric trains to Moscow's Kursky Rail Terminal with a travel time of 1 hour and 20 minutes. Long distance buses link Elektrostal to Noginsk, Moscow and other nearby towns. Local public transport includes buses. Sports

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  25. PDF TLRV Rove Lite Travel Trailer Series

    7'1". 7'11". 10 gal. 30 gal. 5 gal. 110". Include Optional Power Awning and AC*NO WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION HITCH. or SWAY CONTROL HITCH is to be. d! This will void the warranty."3Travel Lite RV specializes in travel trailers and truck campers that are beautifully designed yet lightweight and affordable so you.

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  27. 2024 Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra

    As the Ultra Limited is to H-D's two-wheeled lineup, the Tri Glide Ultra is to its trike lineup, complete with rider aids and a Twin-Cooled M-8 114 engine. ... 3.0 in. travel: Front Brake: 4 ...

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    Travel Guide. Check-in. Check-out. Guests. Search. Explore map. Visit Elektrostal. Things to do. Check Elektrostal hotel availability. Check prices in Elektrostal for tonight, Jun 15 - Jun 16. Tonight. Jun 15 - Jun 16. Check prices in Elektrostal for tomorrow night, Jun 16 - Jun 17. Tomorrow night.

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    Nike ZoomX foam is ultra responsive and lightweight, giving you bounce and a snappy response with every step. Fit: Secure, Breathable, Comfortable. An evolved Flyknit upper places zones of breathability where your foot heats up most. It's strong and durable, helping keep your foot secure with every mile.