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15 Best Things to Do in Freiburg (Germany)

Wreathed in vineyards in Baden-Württemberg, Freiburg is a Medieval university city on the edge of the Black Forest. The minster has to be the first thing you see in Freiburg, and you’ll want to view this Gothic marvel and its marvellous tower from every angle.

The city is one of Germany’s most liveable, and the green movement was born in the 1970s. Now Freiburg is both a stronghold for the Green party and one of the most sustainable cities on the planet. Freiburg is also a jumping off point for the Black Forest, and you can catch a cable-car from the south of the city to the summit of Schauinsland mountain at 1,284 metres.

Let’s have a look at the best things to do in Frieburg :

1. Freiburg Minster

Freiburg Minster

Begun as a Romanesque church in the 13th century, Freiburg’s awe-inspiring minster would take another 300 years to complete.

Despite the destruction wreaked around Münsterplatz in 1944, the minster came through with only minor damage.

In 1869 the Swiss historian Jacob Burckhardt described the 116-metre tower as the most beautiful in the world, and it’s hard to disagree.

For three years after it was completed in 1330 the tower was also the highest in the world and is a hollow, highly ornamented mass of tracery and pinnacles.

The amount of artistry on the facade alone is astounding: The tympanum and archivolts on the portal have 418 stone figured carved at the end of the 1200s.

Inside, see Hans Baldung Grien’s Renaissance altarpiece and scale that tower to reach the viewing platform at 70 metres.

2. Münsterplatz


Surrounding the minster is a cobblestone pedestrian square, ringed by historic monuments and scene of a market that trades every day of the week except Sundays.

The square was almost totally flattened by bombs in 1944, but along with the minster one of the buildings to come through intact was the Wentzingerhaus on the southern margins of the square.

This late Baroque mansion was built in 1761 by painter, sculptor and architect Johann Christian Wentzinger and now holds a small museum about the city.

And as for that market, there are 96 regional produce stalls on the north side, and 65 on the south side selling anything from exotic spices to handicrafts.

At the foot of the minster are snack bars selling freshly cooked food like a long, Freiburg style wurst in a toasted bun.

3. Historical Merchants’ Hall

Historical Merchants' Hall

Also on the south side of Münsterplatz is a magnificent Renaissance building constructed as a market storehouse.

The hall is impossible to miss for its crimson facade and glazed patterned tiles on its bay windows.

In its current format, with crow-stepped gables and arcade on the ground floor, the building dates to the start of the 1530s.

The four statues above the access balcony on the facade depict three Holy Roman Emperors, Maximilian I, Charles V and Ferdinand I, as well as Philip I of Castile, son of Maximilian I who died before his father and so never became emperor.

Under the bay windows check out the coats of arms of the five dominions under the control of the House of Habsburg . These, along with the statues were carved by the Renaissance artist Hans Sixt von Staufen.

4. Freiburg Bächle


You can’t spend any time in Freiburg without dodging one of the little waterways in grooves in the Old Town.

These are fed by the Dreisam river and are called Bächle.

They were first recorded in the 1200s and in Medieval times they had a few uses, like helping to fight fires, providing local trades like tanners with water but were also open sewers.

The system of channels adds up to 15.5 kilometres, 6.4 of which is underground.

Now they’re a quaint fixture in the city and help to cool things down in summer.

The legend also goes that if you accidentally step into one you will end up marrying someone from Freiburg.

5. Augustiner Museum

Augustiner Museum

On Augustinerplatz a former Augustinian monastery has been converted into a stylish gallery for art from the Middle Ages to the Baroque.

In the gallery upstairs are works by German Renaissance masters like Matthias Grünewald, Lucas Cranach the Elder and Hans Baldung Grien, as well as paintings from the Speyer Altarpiece by Master of the Housebook.

Original Medieval stained glass from Freiburg Minster is presented on two levels, and a trove of wooden Medieval sculpture is also shown on the upper floor.

Downstairs, the chancel of the abbey church has been reserved for Baroque sculptures, statuettes, paintings and altars, and has solemn carved figures arranged in rows along the pillars.

6. Schwabentor


The younger of Freiburg’s two Medieval gates went up in the middle of the 13th century and is close to the oldest crossing on the Dreisam River.

The tower is three storeys high and built from red sandstone.

The staircase tower and half-timbered extensions are a little later, from the 16th century.

On the town side you can see a Baroque painting from 1672 of a merchant.

This soon became the subject of a legend about the city about a merchant who tried to buy Freiburg with sacks of what he thought was gold but had been replaced with sand and pebbles by his wife.

Above the keystone on the city side of the arch is a Romanesque carving of Boy with Thorn, a motif that goes back to Ancient Greece.

7. Schlossberg


Protecting Freiburg from the east is a 456-metre hill in the Black Forest.

As a handy strategic position Schlossberg was fortified from as early as the 1000s, and though these structures are now in ruins efforts have been made to bring them to life.

One of the main draws now is the Schlossbergbahn, a funicular railway that opened in 2008 and lifts you from the foot of the hill to the top in three minutes flat.

At the summit is the Schlossbergturm, which was erected in 2002 and grants a panoramic view of the city.

And if you follow the line of defences to the southwest side there’s a scenic terrace at Kanonenplatz where you can gaze across a vineyard to the minster.

8. Rathäuser


Freiburg’s New Town Hall and Old Town Hall are in the same compound on the picturesque Rathausplatz.

The Old Town Hall is on the north side and is in the Renaissance style, dating to the end of the 1550s.

On the curved cable above the clock you can make out the double eagle of the Holy Roman Empire, while Freiburg’s various ruling families down the years are honoured with coats of arms tracing the outline of the gable.

The Old Town Hall now houses Freiburg’s tourist office, so you can go inside.

The New Town Hall, is next door, and rather than being a whole new building, it’s actually two Renaissance burgher houses joined together by an arcade.

Stop by at 12:00 when the glockenspiel chimes in the connecting section.

9. Martinstor


The older of the two city gates is on the southwest side of the Old Town and has stood here in some form since 1202. The first record of the Martinstor is from 1238, but analysis of the timbers has shown they’re a little older.

The gate was an anchor for the Medieval fortifications, but when the French military engineer Vauban redesigned the city’s ramparts in the 1600s it became obsolete.

The lower third of the gate’s tower is all original, while the upper floors date to the turn of the 20th century and were capped with a Late Gothic style roof.

On the city side of the passageway there’s a grim reminder of justice in days gone by, as a plaque commemorates three women burned as witches in the city in 1599.

10. Haus zum Walfisch (Whale House)

Haus Zum Walfisch

This elegant early Renaissance house was ordered by Jakob Villinger von Schönenberg who was the Grand Treasurer to the Holy Roman Emperor.

The house goes back to the 1510s and over the next hundred years accommodated some important personalities.

The Dutch humanist Erasmus visited between 1529 and 1531, while Emperor Ferdinand I used the house around 1562-63. And if you happen to be a fan of art horror director Dario Argento you’ll know the Whale House as the setting for the dance school in Suspiria from 1977.

11. Mundenhof


Baden-Württemberg’s largest animal park is in over 38 hectares on an estate dating back to the 9th century.

In the past the Mundenhof was agricultural land, but over the last 100 years has been bought by the city and turned into a recreation area, and there’s still a peaceful rural ambience in the park.

The zoo opened in 1968, and differs from most as it is a non-profit enterprise that is free to enter and relies on donations.

Most of the animals are native, domestic and working species, kept in open paddocks.

But there are also gibbons, macaques, brown bears, alpacas, llamas, yaks, emus and ostriches.

A former stables has become an aquarium and terrarium, while during the summer the park is nesting ground for storks.

12. Markthalle


Just around the corner from Martinstor is a culinary attraction best described as an international food court.

There are over 20 stalls preparing specialities from all over the world, so you can try Italian, Chinese, Argentine, Japanese, Indian, Brazilian or Middle Eastern cuisine.

Or since you’re in Germany you can go for something a little more local like Frikadellen (pan-fried meatballs) or Freiburg-style wurst.

The champagne bar adds a festive atmosphere on weekend afternoons, and in the evenings the hall books live music and DJ sets.

13. Alter Friedhof (Old Cemetery)

Alter Friedhof

When Johann Christian Wentzinger passed away in 1797 he left estate to the city on the one condition that his grave would be looked after forever in Freiburg’s Alter Friedhof.

And for that reason the cemetery, which was in use from 1683 to 1872 has been more or less untouched.

Coming here is as much a cultural activity as it is a walk in peaceful nature on the north fringe of the Old Town.

All of Freiburg’s wealthy and noble citizens form the period are buried here, and their tombs and gravestones are works of Baroque and Neoclassical art.

Apart from Wentzinger, you’ll come across historical personalities like Mirabeau’s brother, the father of 19th-century painter Anselm Feuerbach and Felix Mendelssohn’s daughter-in-law.

14. Seepark


At this 35-hectare park in the west of Freiburg you’d never guess that until just 35 years ago you’d be standing in the middle of a gravel quarry.

The Seepark grew in stages from the early 1980s and was at the heart of Freiburg’s plans for the 1986 Landesgartenschau (Federal Garden Show). One third of the park’s area is taken up by a lake, which has a jetty where you can rent pedal boats in summer.

In 1990 a 3,600-square-metre Japanese garden was created to symbolise Freiburg’s partnership with the city of Matsuyama.

The Seepark is also equipped with a viewing tower, mini golf course and eco-station.

15. Schauinsland


On Freiburg’s southern horizon is a Black Forest mountain 1,284 metres tall.

Schauinsland is only ten kilometres from the Old Town and is go-to day out for its cable car.

The Schauinslandbahn is the longest cable car in Germany, running for 3.6 kilometres and with a vertical ascent of more than 700 metres.

Normally you won’t have to wait more than a minute for a cabin to arrive, and the journey to the top takes 15 minutes.

The Schauinslandbahn runs in winter and summer, but does close down in adverse weather conditions.

At the mountain summit you can look west to the rounded Vosges and south to the jagged northern peaks of the Alps.

15 Best Things to Do in Freiburg (Germany):

  • Freiburg Minster
  • Münsterplatz
  • Historical Merchants' Hall
  • Freiburg Bächle
  • Augustiner Museum
  • Schwabentor
  • Schlossberg
  • Haus zum Walfisch (Whale House)
  • Alter Friedhof (Old Cemetery)
  • Schauinsland

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Freiburg tourist attractions map

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Freiburg im Breisgau Printable Tourist Map


Freiburg im Breisgau Map: The Attractions

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Schutzgebiet Mauereidechse

Freiburg minster.

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Freiburg Botanical Garden

tourist map freiburg

Neues Rathaus

tourist map freiburg

Stadtgarten Freiburg

tourist map freiburg

Martin's Gate

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Augustiner Museum

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Swabian Gate

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Freiburg im Breisgau is a major city in a secluded wine-rich corner of Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany , on the edge of the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) . Picturesquely located on the river Dreisam, in between green mountainsides, it enjoys one of the sunniest and warmest climates among German cities. Freiburg is a laid-back, beautiful university city of 230,000 people (2019).

Freiburg was founded in 1120 and has been a city of importance ever since, which is reflected in the rich medieval and renaissance architectural heritage of its Altstadt . Having been a university town for centuries, it also has a very forward-looking outlook, and is a centre of sustainable development. There are many solar-energy-related businesses headquartered there, and much of the city, especially the newer quarters, is arranged using cutting-edge sustainable development ideas.

Freiburg is close to a corner where the borders of Germany meet those of France and Switzerland . This is reflected by the city sharing its airport with Basel in Switzerland and Mulhouse in France - the unique EuroAirport whose grounds straddle national borders. While this is the Freiburg most probably referred to when the name is invoked, it is actually one of many places sharing that name. When ordering train tickets and similar items online, be careful not to confuse Freiburg (im Breisgau) with Freiburg (an der Elbe) in Lower Saxony or Fribourg in Switzerland or Freiberg in Saxony .

tourist map freiburg

Known throughout Germany for Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, good weather, and vineyards, Freiburg is considered by Germans to be a desirable place to live.

Due to its secluded location in the "Dreiländereck" (Three-country corner) and being fairly removed from any other larger German cities, locals will frequently go shopping in France and Switzerland for their respective native products and go to museums and theaters in Basel or Zürich . One can find a strong local patriotism, which shows itself in the anthem of Baden (the former independent state), which can be heard more often than the national anthem.

tourist map freiburg

Although Freiburg is not itself a major tourist destination or a large city, it can serve as a relatively inexpensive base from which to explore much of central Europe.

tourist map freiburg

You will most likely arrive in Freiburg by traveling via Frankfurt Airport ( FRA  IATA ) or Zurich Airport ( ZRH  IATA ), both about a 2-hour train ride away from the city. Frankfurt Airport has frequent direct rail connections to Freiburg almost every hour from the Fernbahnhof. Follow the signs once you arrive and buy your ticket at the Deutsche Bahn Reisezentrum (DB Travel Center). Most trains travel directly through Freiburg, although a few require a train change. Booking ahead online can shave the train ticket from Frankfurt Airport considerably, although it requires use of the selected train. If your plane is late, you will have to buy a new ticket. A standard ticket from the DB office at the Fernbahnhof to Freiburg is €62. Most airlines serving Frankfurt will also offer rail&fly which gives you a highly flexible train ticket at rates usually not much higher than the cheapest discount tickets, but the airlines set the prices, so you might pay more or even get it for free.

The closest airport with a good selection of international destinations, though much less frequent than the major airports is the Euroairport Basel/Mulhouse/Freiburg [dead link] ( EAP  IATA , BSL  IATA and MLH  IATA ). Buses run frequently from the airport to Freiburg; see the schedule here .

Baden Airpark , situated between Karlsruhe and Baden-Baden , is another airport close to Freiburg, and it has some international flights from various cities operated mainly by Ryanair and Eurowings. It is a 40-minute train ride to the north of the city, but you will have to connect by bus at the train station, which will add extra time to your journey. You will need to plan ahead to make the trip easier, and Deutsche Bahn's website [dead link] can give you approximate connection times with bus services. Another possible airport is Stuttgart (STR), which has less convenient train connections but is much closer than Frankfurt.

tourist map freiburg

  • Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof and Airport (Flughafen), 2 hours
  • Zurich , 2 hours ( Switzerland )
  • Basel , 40 minutes (express) 1 hr (local), ( Switzerland )
  • Mannheim (close to Heidelberg ), 1.5 hours
  • Berlin , 6.5 hours
  • Cologne , 3 hours 10 minutes
  • Hamburg , 5 hours 45 minutes
  • Munich , 4½ hours
  • Amsterdam , ( The Netherlands ), 6 hours
  • Paris , ( France ), 3 hours
  • Milan , ( Italy ), 5½ hours

A single change can bring you to:

  • Strasbourg , (France), 1½ hours (via Offenburg )
  • Vienna , ( Austria ), 9½ hours

Local and regional trains can be good for day trips or for traveling to nearby cities. In the main station ask for the Ländertickets or the Regio-tickets. Such tickets can be used by a group of up to 5 persons in the RB, RE an S-Bahn trains as well as for local transport. They are a much cheaper alternative for a group of travelers going to cities nearby or going for a day trip.

Freiburg is connected to the German highway system via the A5, running along the Rhine Valley from south to north, starting at the Swiss border. It also is accessible through the Black Forest via the B31 (Ost). To France it takes about 30 minutes by car. To Switzerland it is about 40 minutes. Heidelberg is a 1½-hour car ride to the north, using the A5. Lake Constance is reachable in two hours via the B31.

47.995688 7.840469 2 Freiburg central bus station

47.980432 7.824288 3 Freiburg Lörracher Straße

Freiburg is served by Flixbus . You will find direct international connections from Italy ( Milan ), Switzerland ( Zurich , Berne , Geneva , Basel ), France ( Paris , Lyon , Strasbourg ), Belgium ( Brussels ), Croatia ( Zagreb ), Slovenia ( Ljubljana , Hungary ( Budapest ) and Austria ( Vienna ).


The best way to get around Freiburg is by public transit and walking. Freiburg has an excellent, but slightly expensive, bus and tram (Straßenbahn) system. The tram system works all night on weekends and national holidays. There is also a suburban rail system that connects certain suburbs to the black forest.

tourist map freiburg

The public transportation network is operated by several companies, but ticketing is unified among the local RVF transportation association. Tickets can be used on all buses, trams & local trains in the area. The RVF area is divided into three zones on which the ticket price depends. A single ride is €2.50 for Zone A (Freiburg city area), €4.20 for Zone A/B and €5.90 for Zones A, B, and C. You can buy a pack of 8 tickets for €18 valid within Zone A from the VAG Pluspunkt shop, located near the Martinstor downtown. In the shop you can also pick up tickets using a point system; 20 points costs €16 and in each direction you will use 3 points in Zone A, 5 points if you cross into Zone B, and 7 points if you cross into Zone C. You will most likely only use the tram and bus systems in Zone A for the majority of your stay. If you come for a short stay or a weekend, buy a Regio 24 which will give you 24-hour unlimited travel within Zone A for one person for €7 and up to five people for €14. The Regio 24 is also available for 2 or 3 zones. These cards will allow you to use all of the public transport within Freiburg, and also take the DB Regio trains that service the greater region free charge. Timetables and tickets can be found on the VAG Freiburg website [dead link] .

tourist map freiburg

Biking is another convenient way of getting around, and Freiburg's sidewalks and streets have dedicated bike lanes. Many of Freiburg's citizens use their bikes and you can easily get a real feel for the city this way. Bikes can be rented at various shops, the most convenient for tourists being the Mobile at the main railway station (Hauptbahnhof). In May 2019 the public bike-sharing scheme "Frelo" started with 400 bikes at around 50 stations. There are 3-day passes for €3 available which allows you to ride the first 30 min for free.

Most of Freiburg's important sights are situated close to each other in the inner city. You can cross the inner city by walking in about 10–15 minutes or by riding the tram. Although passengers are rarely controlled, riding without a valid ticket (Schwarzfahren or "Black riding") incurs a €60 fine! Passengers without tickets have been witnessed being forcibly restrained and removed from the train. The same applies for regional trains, which are controlled about 25% of the time. Those repeatedly caught without a valid ticket can face court orders, as it is considered a criminal offence.

If you have rented a car or drive to Freiburg, you will be able to quickly access most areas with your car. Be aware that parking is relatively expensive but there are many garages available where you can park and then walk to nearby destinations. The city of Freiburg is a Low emission zone (Umweltzone). This means all cars - and yes that includes electric cars - driving in the city need a badge (Feinstaubplakette) indicating their pollution category. In the pedestrian zone bike riders must walk their bikes during daytime on weekdays.

tourist map freiburg

  • 47.99715 7.85742 3 Schlossbergbahn , Am Schlossberg 1 . Another way to get to the top of Schlossberg is to ride this mountain funicular. €5 return, €3 one way . ( updated Sep 2018 )
  • 48.010202 7.902544 6 Borderline Trail (mountain bike downhill trail) . Amongst mountain bikers, Freiburg is famous for being close to the Schwarzwald, but also for its own trails which have been installed and are maintained by an association. The first one starts very near the Rosskopf peak. Further information on the association's website. ( updated Sep 2016 )

The University of Freiburg is one of the most famous German universities. Founded in 1457, it attracts 22,000 students to Freiburg, giving it the flair of a student town. This is a good destination to study in Germany as an exchange student or for language classes. Additionally there are several other schools which contribute to the student image of the city. The biggest of these is the Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg, located in Littenweiler to the east of the city.

There is also a Goethe-Institut in Freiburg, where foreigners can learn German.

tourist map freiburg

  • As in most other German cities, the inner city is the place to go shopping. There you will find everything from H&M to shops selling Armani.
  • Two department stores and several other stores are located on Kaiser-Joseph Straße, with smaller independent shops in the many back-streets and alleyways. Outside of the city centre one can find several large supermarkets, such as Real, E-Center and Kaufland.
  • The large Farmer's market in the 47.9958 7.8526 1 Münsterplatz ( Minster square ). At the foot of the 'Münster' (Minster cathedral) is where Freiburgers buy their locally produced flowers, fruit and vegetables as well as enjoy a traditional 'wurst' (German sausage) as a snack. Every weekday (until early afternoon) and Saturday morning, the Münsterplatz is a bustling market of commerce. ( updated Aug 2022 )
  • Grocery stores: Rewe is located at Fahnenbergplatz and in the basement of Karstadt at the north end of Kaiser-Josef-Straße. Aldi, in the basement of Schwarzwald City, is among the cheapest. Kaufland to the north of the city on Waldkircher Straße has an impressive range. Netto or Norma or Penny discount supermarkets are also excellent for the budget-conscious.
  • Due to the large city centre-based university, many large bookstores can also be found in the heart of Freiburg, selling both new books and second-hand.
  • The 47.9969 7.8509 2 Kartoffelmarkt ( potato market ) ( close to the 'Stadttheater' (city theatre) ). A couple of stalls selling alternative hippie-style clothing, jewellery and accessories every weekday morning. ( updated Aug 2022 )

Food markets

  • 47.994509 7.850426 1 Markthalle , Grünwälderstraße 4 ( Close to Bertoldsbrunnen ). M-Th 08:00-20:00; F Sa 08:00-24:00; Su holidays closed . A very interesting and cheap place to eat. During the day, various small stores from all around the world offer cheap but good dishes. Check out the Indian place. It has good curries. ( updated May 2022 )

All these are in the city centre:

  • 47.991615 7.85454 2 Atlantik , Schwabentorring 7 , ☏ +49 761 33033 . Su-Th 11:00-02:00, F Sa 11:00-03:00 . This pub/restaurant has seen generations of students drink, eat, dance and flirt. A real institution in the city. Super cheap and delicious German cuisine. €5 for "dish of the day" (Sep 2016) . ( updated May 2022 )
  • 48.000355 7.837811 3 Brennessel , Eschholzstraße 17 , ☏ +49 761 281187 , [email protected] . M-Sa 18:00-01:00, Su 17:00-01:00 . Restaurant/bar famous among students due to its very reasonable prices. It features a daily spaghetti bolognese special between 18:00-19:30: €3.50 for a plate. ( updated Sep 2023 )
  • 47.998307 7.852156 4 Firenze , Kaiser-Joseph-Straße 282 . An Italian restaurant ( updated May 2022 )
  • 47.990872 7.848128 5 Bella Italia , Kaiser-Joseph-Straße 282 . Italian cuisine ( updated May 2022 )
  • For fast food , check out the area around the Martinstor (sometimes known as McDonald's-Tor because of the McDonald's sign defacing the historic landmark). In that area, you will also find many other fast food places, ranging from Chinese to Turkish, as well as some cafés.
  • 47.998621 7.853145 6 Afghan-Eck , Habsburgerstraße 133A . A very popular place with locals in Freiburg, located at Siegesdenkmal. ( updated May 2022 )
  • 47.994819 7.847854 7 Euphrat , Niemensstraße 13 . located near the university has good Turkish Döner , and an excellent vegetarian selection. ( updated May 2022 )
  • 47.994528 7.848248 8 Uni Café ( UC Café ), Niemenstraße 7 . Flammkuchen (tarte flambée) and currywurst ( updated May 2022 )
  • 47.993 7.85117 9 Adelhaus , Adelhauserstraße 29-31a , ☏ +49 761 38388191 , [email protected] . Su closed; M-Th 11:00-23:00, F Sa 11:00-24:00 . This restaurant servers organic and vegetarian dishes in a nice location. In the summer you can sit on a calm hidden square next to the ancient monastery Adelhausen. ( updated Mar 2019 )
  • 47.988084 7.846351 10 Kartoffelhaus , Basler Straße 10 , ☏ +49 761 72001 , [email protected] . M 17:00-00:00; Tu-Su 11:30-00:00 . A charming, cosy restaurant whose specialty is the potato... imagine it in many wholesome yet creative forms; they are all good. There's a particularly wonderful ambience in winter when it's freezing outside. Prices are fair and service is excellent. ( updated Sep 2016 )
  • 47.994135 7.850957 11 Tacheles , Grünwälderstraße 17 , ☏ +49 761 3196669 . Su 11:30-24:00; M-Th 11:30-01:00, F Sa 11:30-05:00 . Claims to have 300 varieties of schnitzels, which each come with a small salad and choice of side dishes. ( updated Sep 2016 )
  • 47.99315 7.84806 12 [dead link] Mehlwaage Freiburg , Metzgerau 4 ( Nearby Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg (KG I) ), ☏ +49 761 290 821 43 , [email protected] . Tu-Th 17:00-00:00, F 17:00-02:00, Sa 12:00-02:00, Su 12:00-22:30 . Restaurant, café and bar with regional cuisine specializing in "Flammkuchen". The location is a listed building with a spacious terrace on the square of the university. As a sports bar with big screen, the Mehlwaage is a meeting place for soccer-fans (home team: SC Freiburg). In the evening the well-stocked bar impresses with a variety of different gins, cocktails and beers, which are also available pitchers. ( updated Nov 2019 )

Other expensive restaurants include the Greifenegg Schlössle , situated next to the Kastaniengarten and offering an excellent view over the city to accompany dinner, as well as Hotel Zum Bären on Salzstraße and Enoteca near Schwabentor.

  • 47.99275 7.85588 1 Kastaniengarten , ☏ +49 761 32728 , [email protected] . A beer garden, which lies perched on the slope of the Schlossberg , overlooking both the city and the valley leading into the Black Forest. On nice summer days, this is the best location to relax over a cool beer, and enjoying the views of the Munster, the old city gates and the inner city. Additionally, in good weather conditions you can see as far as the Vosges , a mountain range in France. To get there, head to the Schwabentor , one of the old city gates, then cross the bridge on its left and head up the mountain a bit. ( updated Jul 2017 )
  • Grace is a stylish bar in the city center, also serving lunch and dinner. Maria is serving for a student clientele nearby.
  • The Feierling brewery in the heart of the Altstadt close to the Augustiner Kloster has excellent selfmade, organic beer and is famous for it among the locals. In summer it also has an enjoyable beer garden outside. However, for the experience of the beer garden, go to the Kastaniengarten . For good beer, Feierling is the best option.
  • Drifters is a nice location for House music. It is situated in the same building as the club Cräsh , a hang out for alternative people, which turned from a more punk into a metal place.
  • Waldsee is a nice location a bit out of the way. It features "Rootdown" once a month and "Montage", both nice clubs for electronic music. It is excellent during the summer months, as the location offers open space next to a lake. Wonderful menu for warm snacks too.
  • Jazzhaus . Is one of Freiburg's most popular spots, featuring the best in live music, both international and local. There is something to suit everyone, from classical to reggae to cabaret. The regular theme nights are also a hit: "Funky Dance Night" and "Sister Zone" (women only) are favorites, not to mention the 1960s, 80s and 90s nights.  
  • The Strandcafe is a cafe run by the on-profit association " Zusammen Leben e.V. [dead link] ". From Tuesday till Thursday its open from 11:00 till 21:00. It's in the "Grether"-Area [1] [dead link] , an alternative living-and working project close to the inner city. Its much cheaper then other bars in Freiburg and there is no obligation to consume. Very calm.
  • The StuSie is the bar of the student village at tram stop "Am Bischofskreuz". Cheap and good Beer, Cocktails... Shot-night every Wednesday and decent breakfast on Sundays. Many international students. They have started checking IDs at the door, you must be a student with a valid student ID card (ISIC or Albert-Ludwigs Universitaet) to enter.
  • In the summer check out the Sternwaldwiese , an area in the Wiehre, where many people make campfires and party all night. Bring your own beer and watch your backpack. Another good place to meet local folk is the Augustinerplatz next to the Feierling -brewery. Bring your own beer or buy it from the pubs around.
  • The Atlantik is a bar everybody should see when visiting Freiburg for the food, beer, rock music and people that hang out in this place. It's behind the Schwabentor.
  • The Mu-dom Bar is a student-run bar in the neighbourhood of Stühlinger in the basement of a former hospital, the space once served as a morgue. Cheap prices and international folk. They have started checking IDs at the door, you must be a student with a valid student ID card (ISIC or Albert-Ludwigs Universitaet) to enter.
  • O'Kelly's , Milchstraße 1 ( behind the Theater Freiburg and the University Library (UB1) ). A good Irish pub that was the first Irish pub to open in Freiburg in 1990. O'Kelly's is a cozy, typically Irish pub with low ceilings, a warm atmosphere, and fresh, homemade Irish and German food. Live music can be enjoyed F-Sa evenings and all major sporting events are shown on the big screens, from Irish TV and German TV. Every M night at 21:00 there is the O'Kelly's Pub Quiz, run by Moe, that includes a multimedia round on the big screens. Teams come back week after week and fight hard to win free booze. They also show NFL and NCAA games on Saturdays and Sundays.  
  • El Bolero and Cafehaus both have a lovely and secluded outdoor seating area which is popular in the summer, located just off of Martinstor at the Holzmarkt.
  • Cohibar , located next to the University Library (Stadttheater stop) has the best cocktails in town, with (limited) outdoor seating in the summer.

There is not much to worry about in Freiburg. However, always take the same precautions as you do travelling anywhere else. No need to provoke a pickpocket. However, one should avoid the banks of the Dreisam at night. One should also avoid at night the area near the tram stop Runzmattenweg which is between the main street train station and the Bissierstraße tram stop. It is locally known to be a common spot for muggings of international students.

  • 47.99235 7.87339 1 Camping Hirzberg , Kartäuserstraße 99 , ☏ +49 761 35 054 . The owners are extremely friendly and helpful. They have a good knowledge of things to see in the city and local walks in the Black Forest.  
  • 47.98122 7.88205 2 Camping Moeslepark , Waldseestr. 77 , ☏ +49 761 76 79 333 . Very friendly young couple running the campground in the Black Forest and close to the city.  
  • 47.992056 7.858129 3 Black Forest Youth Hostel , Kartäuserstraße 33 , ☏ +49 761 8817870 , [email protected] . You can cook in their kitchen, however they don't provide breakfast. You should also be prepared to pay in cash. Dorm €17-28, double €30, single €35 (prices per person) .  
  • 47.986067 7.782685 4 ibis budget Freiburg Süd , Bötzinger Straße 76 , ☏ +49 761 4795320 . Reasonable prices, but really far away from the city center. Double €50 .  
  • 48.0322 7.844 5 B&B Hotel Freiburg-Nord , Tullastraße 87c , ☏ +49 761 557 730 , [email protected] . Check-in: 14:00 , check-out: 12:00 . From €52 .  
  • 47.987458 7.795658 6 B&B Hotel Freiburg-Süd , Munzinger Straße 1b , ☏ +49 761 557 710 , [email protected] . Check-in: 14:00 , check-out: 12:00 . €56 .  

tourist map freiburg

  • 47.990911 7.894492 7 Jugendherberge Freiburg , Kartäuserstraße 151 ( Tram No. 1 to Römerhof or a scenic walk along the Dreisam river ), ☏ +49 761 67656 , [email protected] . This hostel is at the foot of the black forest close to the stadium of the local soccer club SC Freiburg. Quite far away from the city and a youth hostel membership card is compulsory. €26-42 . ( updated Oct 2016 )
  • 47.99643 7.83487 8 Hotel Schemmer . A few blocks away from the train station is a clean and very affordable stay. Breakfast included in every room. About an 8-minute walk from the city center.  
  • Hofgarten Hotel B&B Freiburg . 10 minutes by car from the old town and Muenster Cathedral, the city centre, the main station and the pictorial Glottertal. The nearest bus stop is only 50m from the guesthouse. The rooms are tastefully and individually furnished and all of them are equipped with shower/WC, cable-television, wireless-lan and telephone. Some rooms also have a balcony. They offer a delicious breakfast buffet with regional ingredients. You get a nice doubleroom for €45/person/night incl. breakfast.  
  • 47.99662 7.84565 9 Hotel Best Western Premier Victoria . Classified as the most ecological hotel in the world. Their electricity is generated from solar panels and from wind turbines, while their heat is from sustainable woodchips furnace. It is a pleasant family-run hotel a stone throw away from the train station. About €115 a night .  
  • 47.99533 7.84177 10 Novotel Freiburg am Konzerthaus .  
  • 47.99721 7.84162 11 InterCityHotel Freiburg .  
  • 47.99756 7.8544 12 Mercure Hotel Freiburg am Münster .  
  • Mercure Hotel Panorama Freiburg .  
  • 47.97424 7.82806 13 Green City Hotel Vauban .  

tourist map freiburg

  • 47.98422 7.76902 15 Dorint An den Thermen Freiburg , An den Heilquellen 8, 79111 Freiburg , ☏ +49 761 4908-0 , [email protected] . The hotel offers 98 rooms & suites, a mineral thermal bath on 6,000 m², medical beauty & wellness, a fitness centre on 1,200 m². from €109 per room/night .  
  • 48.04979 7.8018 16 Clarion Hotel Hirschen Freiburg .  

Religious services

Holy Mass takes place in various Catholic churches in the city center:

  • Münster Unserer Lieben Frau , Münsterplatz (800 m from central station). [2] [dead link] Su 07:00, 08:30, 10:00, 11:45, 20:00; M-Sa 07:00, 08:00, 18:30; W Sa also 09:00
  • St. Martin , Rathausplatz (600 m from central station). [3] [dead link] Sat: 18:00; Su 07:30, 09:30, 11:15; Tu-Sa 07:00; M Tu F Sa 09:00
  • Herz Jesu , Stühlinger Kirchplatz (back-side of the Omnibusbahnhof). [4] [dead link] Sa 19:00; Su 09:30 (Croat.), 11:00; Tu 09:45; F 18:30

Tourist information

Freiburg's Tourist Information Office can provide maps and hotel booking information. Opening hours for the Tourist Information office are:

  • June - September: Monday-Friday 10:00-20:00, Saturday 10:00-17:30, Sunday and holidays 10:00-12:00
  • October - May: Monday-Friday 10:00-18:00, Saturday 10:00-14:30, Sunday and holidays 10:00-12:00
  • Staufen : With its castle ruin and nice old city, Staufen is a pretty, small German town. The devil took the real-life Faust (known from Goethe's Faust) in one of the local hotels. So watch out for any weird guys with horns. Staufen lies about 20 minutes by car or ~25 minutes by train south of Freiburg.
  • Vogtsbauernhof : By car (B33 trunk road from Offenburg in the direction of Villingen-Schwenningen or vice versa) or by rail (the Black-Forest route from Offenburg in the direction of Konstanz or vice versa to Hausach station, then 30 minutes on foot) a beautiful outdoor farm life museum, demonstrating 400 years of Black Forest domestic life.
  • Hike in the Kaiserstuhl , it's lovely. Go and check a so-called Straußenwirtschaft (a bar where the wine growers offer their wine & food).
  • Take a boat-tour in the Taubergießen a floodplain wetland close to the Rhine .
  • Colmar : Situated across the border in France , Colmar is a beautiful small city. Many locals from Freiburg like to take visitors there for a quick taste of France, as it is only about 1 hour by car. Information about public transport connections into the Alsace is available here . In the summer, take the back roads for glorious views of sunflower fields.
  • Alsatian villages : gorgeous, unspoilt villages in the Alsatian wine region: Riquewihr, Ribeauville, Haut Königsberg.
  • The Black Forest : Go hiking or skiing or biking. Just go.
  • Titisee , a touristy Black-Forest town, lying in the margins of the lake Titisee.
  • Schluchsee , a bigger and less-known lake in the Black Forest. To get there take a Regional Bahn Train from Freiburg Main Station (Hbf) towards Seebrugg. This train travels normally once an hour, and the trip takes around one hour.
  • Take one of the wonderful Black-Forest tracks like Feldberg or Schauinsland . The nearest train station to Feldberg is Hinterzarten. Schauinsland can be reached by local buses traveling from Freiburg in the direction of Günterstal.
  • Take the Aerial tramway of Schauinsland, which travels for 3.6 km over the Black Forest, reaching a place with a very nice panorama.
  • During the summer months there are 'Weinfeste' in many towns celebrating their wine.
  • Cross the Black Forest and head to Lake Constance . Ride a bike around it.
  • Head to Basel , Berne or Lucerne in Switzerland . From Berne, head on to Interlaken and Brienz . Instead of the train, take the boat across Lake Thun . Same ticket, twice the scenery. Thanks to the new fast train connection between Strasbourg and Paris a trip takes less than 3½ hours from Freiburg.
  • Go to Emmendingen .
  • Go to Heidelberg .
  • Go to Strasbourg .
  • Visit Europa Park. Europes biggest amusement park

tourist map freiburg

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Germany Footsteps

Germany Footsteps

Top 19 Things To Do In Freiburg Im Breisgau [Don’t Miss Them!]

Going on a trip to Freiburg im Breisgau and want to know all the best things to do in Freiburg im Breisgau? We have you covered! Below you will find our guide to all the best Freiburg tourist attractions to plan your ultimate trip.

Located at the foot of the Black Forest, Freiburg im Breisgau is the perfect place to head to both start your exploration of this area and enjoy the delights of this pretty city. With a long history, a charming Old Town and the Black Forest right there, there is a lot to enjoy about Freiburg.

Freiburg im Breisgau

We loved exploring this city and found it very charming.

Freiburg is also the perfect place to base yourself for a few days (or more) while you explore the surrounding region but make sure you don’t miss out of exploring this city as well. This is where this guide can help!

Below, you will find our full Freiburg travel guide with everything you need to know about the best places to visit in Freiburg im Breisgau as well as the best places to stay for your ultimate vacation in Freiburg. There is also a handy map of all the things to do Freiburg Germany offers.

You’ll also find special sections on things to do in Freiburg Germany in winter and a full itinerary for a Freiburg day trip as well as what works if you are travelling with kids.

Traveling to Germany?  Click here to download your free Germany Trip Planning checklist .  We’ll help you get ready for your trip!  

Table of Contents

A Brief History Of Freiburg Im Breisgau

With a population of around 230,000 people, Freiburg Im Breisgau is located in the southwest of Germany in the state of Baden-Württemberg by the famous Black Forest and the Dreisam River. Known as Germany’s sunniest city, this is a beautiful place to visit.

It also has a long history having been founded just over 900 years ago in 1120 by the Dukes of Zähringen as a free market town. Its name, Freiburg, comes from this with “Freie Burg” meaning Free Castle.

However, the first reference of people living in this location is found in a document in 1008, and trade routes used to pass near here.

In 1091, Berthold II of Zähringen built a castle on what is today Schlossberg to control the trade routes. This resulted in a settlement growing at the foot of the castle in the Old Town area which became Freiburg.

In 1218, the Zähringer’s died out and the Counts of Urach came into power changing their name to the Counts of Freiburg. This was not a popular move and a new council constitution formalised the rights they had under the Zähringen which lead to councillors from 24 of the old ruling houses ruling Freiburg and yearly council changes, although the Counts were still in power.

Freiburg Im Breisgau

There were many feuds between the Counts and the councillors. In fact in 1299, there was a brief battle between the citizens of Freiburg and Count Egino II and his brother-in-law, Conrad of Lichtenberg, the Bishop of Strasbourg after the citizens didn’t like the new demands from the Count.

The citizens won, but the Bishop was killed and the citizens had to pay a yearly reparation for this.

Eventually, the citizens of Freiburg were able to free themselves in 1368 by paying the Counts and choosing to move under the House of Habsburg for protection.

There were ups and downs of this decision. Freiburg had to support the Habsburgers in the wars again the Swiss Confederacy. In 1386 at the Battle of Sempach, their side lost and most the Freiburg nobility were killed. This lead to the guilds taking over the city council.

In 1520, Freiburg became an important Catholic centre after it did not take part in the Reformation.

The German Peasants War came to Freiburg in 1525 when 18,000 peasants captured Freiburg for a short time.

The first witch hunts took place in 1536 and unfortunately continued whenever the city needed scapegoats, like in 1564 when about a quarter of the city’s population died from the Black Death. It reached its peak in 1599 and there is a plaque today on the old city wall where the burnings took place.

There were many changes in the coming years after conflicts and war found Freiburg under the control of many different people including the Austrians, Swedes, Spanish, French and various closer neighbours as well. The Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) was particularly devastating for Freiburg. At the start, there were around 10,000 – 14,000 citizens in Freiburg. By the end, there were only 2,000.

From this time until 1805, Freiburg was either occupied by the French or the administrative centre of Further Austria which was a Habsburg territory. At the end of this time, it became part of the ruling house of Baden.

During World War II, Freiburg was badly damaged with the majority of the Old Town destroyed by Allied bombing. A few buildings did survive like the Münster. The Old Town was rebuilt to its Medieval plan.

Today, Freiburg is a popular tourist and conference destination. It’s also a regional business and shopping hub. Technology production also plays a part in the local economy.

Top 16 Things To Do In Freiburg Im Breisgau Germany

Here are the best things to see in Freiburg Germany. Read through and select the ones that fit your interests and timeframe. If you only have one day to visit Freiburg tourist attractions, find our one day Freiburg places to visit itinerary below.

Note that I sort these top things to do in Freiburg Germany based on geographical location starting with the central Old Town and Freiburger Münster and then listing the closest Freiburg things to do while working our way further away. The order isn’t based on what I think are the most important attractions.

Many museums are closed on Mondays.

Altstadt (Old Town)

Münsterplatz Freibug Im Breisgau

Freiburg’s Old Town is a charming place to wander and explore. Make sure you have some time on your list of the best things to do in Freiburg Germany to just wander and enjoy.

The Old Town dates back to before Freiburg’s founding in 1120, although it was largely rebuilt after World War II.

It’s an interesting mix of old and new and architecture styles which somehow works very well together. It didn’t feel as “museum-like” as some other Old Towns we have visited while still having some gorgeous areas and buildings which added to its charm.

The best way to explore the Old Town is on foot. It’s much better for pedestrians than many Old Towns in Germany and I didn’t feel we had to keep dodging vehicles.

You’ll find many of the Freiburg visiting places coming up are in the Old Town, and you can see a lot of worthwhile attractions here.

It’s in a pretty spot as well, bordered on one side by the Dreisam River and another by Schlossberg Mountain. The main train station is also located by the Old Town.

Freiburger Münster (Cathedral)

Freiburger Münster (Cathedral) Freibug Im Breisgau

Located in the central Münsterplatz, you won’t want to miss Freiburg’s 13th century Münster. Even set against the gorgeous Old Town, it has an impressive presence.

It took 300 years to build this Romanesque church which withstood even the battering Freiburg took in World War II. At the time of its completion in 1330, it had the highest tower in the world.

It makes for quite a sight both inside and outside with beautiful stained glass windows once paid for by the Medieval guilds and an amazing Renaissance altarpiece by Hans Baldung Grien.

Inside Münster Freiburg

The outside is elaborate with many carvings, gargoyles and spires. You won’t want to miss the tower which starts off square and becomes octagonal with a 116 metre high spire. It’s possible to see to France from here on clear days.

The church is free with a small fee to climb the tower to the 70 metre viewing platform. The tower has limited opening hours.

The area around the cathedral is a market daily except Sundays.

Museum Für Stadtgeschichte (City History Museum)

Museum Für Stadtgeschichte (City History Museum)

Located on Münsterplatz, if you want to learn more about Freiburg’s past, you’ll want your next stop to be at the Museum Für Stadtgeschichte (City History Museum).

Its home was built by the sculptor, Christian Wentzinger, in 1761. There is a great staircase and ceiling fresco so be sure to look up. I also enjoyed the models of the city from around 1600 and 1700.

There’s also some photos of the city pre World War II that you can compare to after the bombing raid and today. Such a change!

On level 1 are some activities as well as exhibits which were great for keeping the kids interested. They could do a puzzle, stamp a coin and get an idea of how hard it would have been to get all the materials up high to build the church via lifting stone with a pulley. These activities are also good for keeping adults interested 🙂

Some models inside the Museum Für Stadtgeschichte (City History Museum)

The museum is mostly in German apart from some random parts that have been translated. Unfortunately, I didn’t have phone reception on the lower levels that made translating via the Google translate hard.

However, there is enough of interest and the entry price is low enough that I feel this museum is worth the admission even if you don’t speak German. It’s a smaller museum, but it has a good collection to help you understand more about Freiburg’s past.

I recommend you visit this one of the Freiburg im Breisgau things to do at the beginning of your journey to give a great appreciation to everything else as you walk around.

This museum is shut Mondays and has a small fee.

Bächle Freiburg Im Breisgau

As you walk around the Old Town, you won’t be able to miss Bächle, the little waterways that flow through the streets.

These were created in 1170 from the Dreisam River to provide industrial and cleaning water to the town as well as a way to stop fires, although they were also used as open sewers.

These days, there are still 15.5 kilometres of these channels, some of which are underground. They help keep things cool and add to the Medieval atmosphere. Note that if the weather has been dry, they may not contain water though.

Be careful not to step into one unless you want to marry someone from Freiburg! The legend goes that this is what will happen if you do. My six year old did so watch this page to see if it comes true 😀


Augustinermuseum Freiburg

Art lovers will not want to miss the Augustiner Museum particularly if you are looking for things to do in Freiburg on a rainy day as this is a great option.

This museum showcases work from the Middle Ages to the 19th century in a former Augustinian monastery. The building itself has been well renovated making a great home for this collection.

The collections include a great Sculpture Hall with masterpieces by Renaissance artists Hans Baldung Grien and Lucas Cranach the Elder as well as paintings by masters like Matthias Grünewald and the Master of the Housebook.

You can also find original stained glass from Freiburger Münster here.

Entry is by admission and the Augustiner is shut on Mondays.

Rathausplatz (Town Hall Square)

Rathausplatz (Town Hall Square) Freiburg

One of the most charming areas to visit in Freiburg is Rathausplatz or Town Hall Square. It’s a great spot to take a time out from exploring, have a drink and soak in the atmosphere.

Don’t miss the Old Town Hall which dates back to the 16th century and is built in the Renaissance style in red. It’s now home to the tourist office so you can take a look inside. Look for the double eagle of the Holy Roman Empire above the clock as well as the coats of arms along the gable which belong to Freiburg’s ruling families.

The New Town Hall is a pretty step-gabled design dating back to the 19th century. It is actually two Renaissance burgher houses that were joined together.

You can also take a look at the medieval Martinskirche church.

Markthalle (Market Hall)

Markthalle Freiburg

When you start feeling hungry, consider heading to Freiburg’s historic market hall. Here, you can find what amounts to an international food court.

There are over 20 stalls to chose from that pump out some great food from sushi to Argentine to Indian or Middle Eastern. Of course, since you have come all the to Germany, you could also eat something more local with their local wurst (sausage).

Whatever you pick, you can have a great meal here in an historic place. On Friday and Saturday evenings, there can be live music or a DJ as well as a champagne bar, and it opens until late.

It is quite cramped inside with a lot of action.

It’s closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Martinstor (City Gate)

Martinstor (City Gate) Freiburg

There are two city gates you can still visit in Freiburg. This is the older of the two and can be found on the southwest side of the Old Town. A gate was first positioned here in 1202.

This gate was once part of Medieval fortifications but when the fortifications changed in the 1600s, it was no longer required.

The lower third of the gate is original with the upper part added at the start of the 20th century. Look out for the plaque on the Old Town side of the tower. This plaque is in memory of the victims of the witch trials. This site is where three convicted women were burnt in 1599.

However, mostly this gate was used as a prison for debtors.

Schwabentor (City Gate)

Schwabentor (City Gate) Freiburg

The other remaining gate, Schwabentor, dates back to the 13th century. You can see a mural of Freiburg’s patron saint, St George, slaying a dragon on its front.

It’s three storeys high and there are several other pictures as well. You can see a 1672 Baroque painting of a merchant and a painting of the “Boy of Thorn”.

This boy is drawn with a big head, an unhappy expression and no neck. He’s pulling a thorn from his foot and it’s thought that this is a reminder to residents to not stray from the right path.

Today, a tram runs under this tower.

Museum Für Neue Kunst (Museum Of Contemporary Art)

Museum Für Neue Kunst (Museum Of Contemporary Art) Freiburg

Once art lovers have finished at the Augustinermuseum, they’ll want to head three minutes walk south to the other art option .

It takes off where the Augustiner finishes and highlights 20th century expressionist and abstract art with work by painters and sculptors.

It calls a Neo-Baroque building home which was built in 1902. Initially, it was an extension to the Female Educational and Etiquette Institute of the Adelhauser Neukloster.

Today, this museum has a regional focus with many works from artists in the region including Julius Bissier who was born in Freiburg.

This museum has an entry fee and is closed on Mondays.

Colombischlössle/Archäologisches Museum (Archaeological Museum)

Archäologisches Museum (Archaeological Museum) Freiburg

Inside a beautiful 19th century mansion, Colombischlössle, this museum has quite a grand marble entrance and cast-iron staircase. Built for the Countess Maria Antonia Gertrudis von Zea Bermudez y Colombi around 1860, it has a playful Gothic Tudor style. It’s surrounded by beautiful gardens, fountains and sculptures. Even without the museum, it’s worth a visit.

However once you go inside, you’ll be glad you did. You’ll find treasures from the Stone Ages to the Celtics to the Romans and on to the Middle Ages.

This is a great way to learn more about this region of Germany.

Closed on Mondays, there is a small fee to enter.

Schlossberg (Castle Hill)

The nice, easy paths around Kanonenplatz

Schlossberg is right behind the Old Town and the forested peak can’t be missed as you are exploring the city.

At 456 metres high, you can walk up Schlossberg from a path opposite the Schwabentor or take a ride up on the Schlossbergbahn (funicular railway). The railway is a fun way to go and gets you to part way up the peak in three minutes.

There are longer trails from here for serious hikers with some great options, as well as short walks for sightseers who want some great views.

The view from Schlossbergturm

At the top of Schlossberg is the Schlossbergturm (Schlossberg Tower). There are fantastic views from here across the city including of the Münster and the Black Forest.

A strategic position, Schlossberg was fortified by at least the 1000s. These structures are in ruins today.

We had a great couple of hours wandering round here, checking out the views and enjoying nature. It’s the perfect spot for a picnic lunch while you look over the city.

The park area and tower are free. The cable car has a fee.

Click here to read our full guide to visiting Schlossberg.

Alter Friedhof (Old Cemetery)

Alter Friedhof (Old Cemetery) Freiburg

For a different type of attraction, head to Alter Friedhof, just a short walk from the Old Town.

This cemetery was the final resting home for Freiburg’s citizens from 1683 to 1872. Today, it is considered a natural monument.

This cemetery has been left untouched thanks to Johann Christian Wentzinger. When he passed away in 1797, he left his estate to the city on the condition that his grave would be looked after forever. And so it has!

It’s a surprisingly nice place for a stroll. The wealthy citizens have gravestones that are works of Baroque and neoclassic art.

In the middle of the cemetery is St. Michael’s Chapel which was built in 1720. The cemetery itself is enclosed in high walls which help give it a secluded feel well away from the city.

The cemetery is open daily and entry is free.

Seepark (Lake Park)

Seepark Freiburg

When it comes to things to do near Freiburg Germany, this option is just a few kilometres northwest of the Old Town. It’s one of the most popular green areas in Freiburg and the perfect place to head to feel like you’ve escaped the city without going far.

In addition to the park itself, there is a swimming lake, pool, pedal boats, mini golf, playgrounds and restaurants. It’s a great place to give the kids a run around.

This 35 hectare park was once used for agriculture although the gravel soil did not work well for growing grain. In the 1920s, a gravel company moved in to mine sand and gravel. This was shut in the 1970s.

In 1986, the area was converted to host the State Horticultural Show. Since then, parts have been added to build the great park it is today.

Seepark is open daily and entry is free.

Black Forest

Black Forest Germany

If you are looking for day trips from Freiburg, this is sure to be your top pick! Germany’s Black Forest surrounds Freiburg so it’s easy to visit and should be on your must-do list.

The best way to explore the Black Forest is by foot on a hiking trail so I suggest you pick one and get hiking. Some choices near Freiburg are:

  • Schauinsland – This is an easy place to explore from Freiburg being just ten kilometres from the centre of Freiburg. It’s on public transport and you can even take Germany’s longest cable car to the top. It’s covered below for its winter sports but you can also come here in the warmer months and there are many hiking trails. Click here for more details about visiting this destination.
  • Titisee Lake – Not just a fun name, this lake is home to a great trail around the lake which is about 7 kilometres. It’s a beautiful spot. There are also water sports, lake-front pool, kayaks, a wellness centre and more. It’s easy to get to via train or car. Read more here.
  • Oberkirch wine hike – This trail is for people who would like to combine wine tasting with hiking and seeing more of this area. This seven kilometre walk starts and finishes in the Old Town of Oberkirch and takes you through local vineyards. Find more information here.

Europa Park

Iceland Europa Park

For the ultimate answer to which places to visit near Freiburg Germany, consider a day of fun at Europa Park. Just 35 kilometres from Freiburg, this park is like a mini version of Europe all in one huge theme park.

There are rides, shows and great theming with the different areas of the theme park being modelled after different European countries.

It’s quite an experience and a great way to mix up what you are doing on your Germany trip particularly if you have kids.

Read our full review of Europa Park here including lots of tips for a super fun visit.

Fun Things To Do In Freiburg In Winter

While most of the Freiburg Germany things to do listed above are possible in winter time, there are also some fun things to do in Freiburg which are especially for the winter months.

Freiburg Christmas Market

Freiburg Christmas Market

If you are visiting Freiburg at Christmas time, you won’t want to miss the Christmas market.

Taking place at both Münsterplatz and Rathausplatz, make sure you get to both markets. There are over 120 stands with art and crafts, gifts, local food and, of course, mulled wine.

There’s also an antique wooden ferris wheel and activities such as cookie making for kids and candle making.

The market runs for about a month in the lead up to Christmas.

Winter Sports

Schauinsland Freiburg

Freiburg can be used as a great jumping off point for winter sports. An easy place to go to fit in some skiing or other winter sports is 1274 metre high Schauinsland, just ten kilometres from the centre of Freiburg.

On weekends and holidays, there is a dedicated sledding run with a lift that is lots of fun. There is also cross country skiing or you can ski or snowboard. Find more information here .

There are also many other ski areas nearby.

What To Do In Freiburg In One Day 

Freiburg Im Breisgau

Only have one day in Freiburg? What a shame! But it’s ok, it’s still worth going to Freiburg if you only have one day. In fact, you can see most of the things to do around Freiburg Germany in a day.

I recommend you:

  • Start the day at the Old Town at Münsterplatz
  • Explore Freiburger Münster (Cathedral), both inside and out. It generally opens early
  • Learn more about the city’s past at the Museum Für Stadtgeschichte (City History Museum) which opens at 10am
  • Head to Augustiner Museum to enjoy the art collection
  • Have lunch at Markthalle
  • Take some photos at insta-worthy Rathausplatz (Town Hall Square)
  • Walk through the city gates at Martinstor and Schwabentor
  • Take the Schlossbergbahn (funicular railway) up Schlossberg and climb the Schlossbergturm (Schlossberg Tower) for great views over Freiburg
  • Visit the Colombischlössle/Archäologisches Museum (Archaeological Museum)
  • If you have the time and inclination, you can also visit the Museum Für Neue Kunst (Museum Of Contemporary Art) or walk through Alter Friedhof (Old Cemetery)

Note that none of the museums open on Mondays. If you visit on a Monday, still walk around the Old Town past these museums so you see more of this great area. You can also visit Seepark or do part of a hike from Schlossberg.

Freiburg Attractions Map

Things To Do In Freiburg Im Breisgau

Best Place To Stay In Freiburg Im Breisgau

When it comes to where to stay in Freiburg, there is a great range of hotels and other accommodation options. You won’t have any problem finding somewhere to stay.

Below, I’ve listed a few different places to consider depending on what type of accommodation you are looking for.

If you want more options, you can use this map to help you find hotels and home rental accommodation around Freiburg.

BEST – Colombi Hotel Review

tourist map freiburg

Located in Freiburg’s Old Town, the Colombi Hotel is just moments from Rathausplatz and close to many of the best Freiburg attractions. It’s opposite Colombi Park and Castle, home to the Archaeological Museum.

There are a range of a room types from singles to doubles and suite options. All are elegant, well furnished, have air conditioning, flat-screen TV and free internet. Toiletries, bathrobes and slippers are provided. Suite options also have living areas in the rooms for extra comfort and class.

There are a range of facilities at the Colombi Hotel including a fine dining restaurant, Zirbelstube, and multiple other dining options. There is also an on-site bar, a great indoor pool, gym, sauna and spa. Parking is available on-site for an extra fee.

This is the best pick in Freiburg for elegance and luxury.

Click here to see the latest prices now.

VALUE –  Best Western Premier Hotel Victoria Review

tourist map freiburg

If good value is what you want in your Freiburg accommodation, consider the Best Western Premier Hotel Victoria. Also located opposite Colombi Park, you can explore Freiburg’s Old Town attractions easily from here.

This 4 star hotel has a range of room types which are soundproofed and include flat-screen TV, mini bar and seating area. They range from single size to family options with suite rooms that have a living area with sofa bed for up to two kids. All rooms are modern and comfortable.

Free welcome drinks are also provided with tea and coffee complimentary in the lounge. There is a sauna and massage and beauty treatments are offered at an extra charge. There is an exercise room, and breakfast is available for a fee.

You’ll also find the Hemingway Cocktail Bar on site and a rooftop garden you can enjoy. Parking is available nearby for an extra fee.

You don’t have to feel guilty with a stay at the Best Western Premier Hotel Victoria thanks to it being environmentally friendly with solar panels and sole use of green energy.

SOMETHING DIFFERENT – Hotel Zum Schiff Review

tourist map freiburg

For something a little different, you could stay away from the centre of Freiburg at this hotel with its own winery and distillery. You’re a few kilometres from the Old Town but there are bus stops nearby to get you there.

There are single, double and triple rooms on offer here which come with air conditioning, wifi, flat-screen TV, minibar and toiletries. They also have seating and desk areas and have a good amount of space. They are a bit dated, however.

Where this hotel shines is their outdoor space. There is a great garden area. There is also a restaurant on-site and you can dine inside or out. You’ll want to stop by the bar to try the wine and spirits produced here. Breakfast is available as well as a sauna and solarium.

Click here to see all our recommendations for the best hotel in Freiburg.

If you have kids and would prefer to day trip to Freiburg from the Black Forest, read our review here of Feldberger Hof. Or if you are just interested in Europa Park, read our full review of the Europa Park hotel, Castillo Alcazar, here.

How To Get To Freiburg Im Breisgau

We travelled to Freiburg by hire car which made it very easy to get here. It’s simple to find and navigate.

You can hire a car to get you there by clicking here.

Freiburg Hauptbahnhof (Railway Station)

There are regular trains and buses here. You can find timetables and all your options here.

Or you can find all the train timetables here and discount train passes here.

The closest international airport to Freiburg is Basel Mulhouse in France near the Swiss border. It’s about an hour by bus away or faster in a taxi ( which you can book here ). You can find flight prices and options here.

Once in Freiburg, we explored most of the time on foot. Most places listed above are in walking distance of each other. For attractions further away, we used our car but public transport options exist.

Freiburg With Kids

Freiburg is a great place to visit with kids. It’s in a beautiful part of the country with plenty of outdoor activity nearby with the Black Forest.

We visited here with our three kids aged 6 – 12 and they enjoyed running round the Old Town (and following the Bächle), taking the funicular railway up Schlossberg and, of course, visiting Europa Park.

I also have an extra thing to do in Freiburg for families here which my kids enjoyed.

Mundenhof Freiburg

Located just a ten minute drive from the Old Town, Mundenhof is the perfect Old Town timeout for families. This large animal park is located on a 38 hectare estate which dates back to the 9th century. It’s the largest zoo in Baden-Württemberg.

There is a good range of animals from water buffalos to llamas to farm animals. It is more of a big farm than the traditional lion-tiger-elephant zoo.

There are activities like wagon rides and camel rides especially in the school holiday period. We found it a relaxing afternoon with our kids.

A really cool thing about Mundenhof is that entry is free. There is a 5 euro parking fee which helps support the zoo. It’s always open.

Final Words

I hope you have found this guide to Freiburg things to see useful and that you have as good a time exploring Freiburg im Breisgau as we did.

It’s a very charming city with some nice attractions and a great Old Town, and I’m sure you will love it too.

Read more guides to visiting Southern Germany here . You can also find our full guide to accommodation in Freiburg here or read this guide to nearby Heidelberg here , Titisee here or Baden-Baden here.

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Sharon Gourlay in the Rhina Valley

By Sharon Gourlay

Sharon first fell in love with Germany back in 2000 on her first visit. She loves the long history, the picturesque Old Towns, the castles, the food, everything really! Since then, she has visited many times and loves writing about Germany here so you can enjoy it too. In fact, Sharon loves German culture so much that she sent her kids to a German primary school in Australia. She especially loves Berlin and towns with charming Old Towns like Celle and Quedlinburg. Sharon also has a Certificate III in International Travel Sales and understands the nitty gritty of travel planning. Through this site, she'll help you have the perfect trip to Germany whether it's your first or tenth time!

tourist map freiburg

Must-see attractions in Freiburg

Freiburg Minster cathedral night view

Freiburger Münster

With its lacy spires, cheeky gargoyles and intricate entrance portal, Freiburg’s 11th-century minster cuts an impressive figure above the central market…

tourist map freiburg


Dip into the past as represented by artists working from the Middle Ages to the 19th century at this superb museum in a sensitively modernised monastery…


The forested Schlossberg dominates Freiburg. Take the footpath opposite the Schwabentor, leading up through sun-dappled woods, or hitch a ride on the…


Join locals relaxing in a cafe by the fountain in chestnut-shaded Rathausplatz, Freiburg's prettiest square. Pull out your camera to snap pictures of the…

Museum für Stadtgeschichte

The sculptor Christian Wentzinger’s baroque townhouse, east of the Historisches Kaufhaus, now shelters this museum, spelling out in artefacts Freiburg’s…

Archäologisches Museum

This archaeology-focused museum is inside the neo-Gothic Colombischlössle. From the skylit marble entrance, a cast-iron staircase ascends to a stash of…


In a sculpture-dotted park sits the neo-Gothic Colombischlössle. Built for the Countess of Colombi in 1859, the whimsical red-sandstone villa now houses…


The 13th-century Schwabentor, on the Schwabenring, is a massive city gate with a mural of St George slaying the dragon, and tram tracks running under its…

Museum für Neue Kunst

Across the Gewerbekanal from the Altstadt, this gallery highlights 20th-century Expressionist and abstract art, including emotive works by Oskar Kokoschka…

Historisches Kaufhaus

Facing the Münster’s south side and embellished with polychrome tiled turrets is the arcaded brick-red Historisches Kaufhaus, an early 16th-century…

Haus zum Walfisch

The marvellously extravagant Haus zum Walfisch sports a late-Gothic oriel garnished with two impish gargoyles.

One of Freiburg's two surviving medieval town gates.

More destinations you need to see

Restaurants in Baden Baden

tourist map freiburg

  • Freiburg im Breisgau

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Freiburg im Breisgau Trip Planner

Top attractions in freiburg im breisgau.

Freiburg Cathedral

Other notable attractions

tourist map freiburg

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All road trips from freiburg im breisgau.

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Get inspired for your trip to Freiburg im Breisgau with our curated itineraries that are jam-packed with popular attractions everyday! Check them out here:

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Freiburg Germany

Sunny city with history and great charm.

old city gate martinstor in freiburg germany

Explore impressive old buildings, first of all the famous Münster, the old and new town hall and the Hotel Zum Roten Bären - Freiburg is full of history. But it is not only the history that makes Freiburg so attractive. 30,000 students in one of Germany's oldest and most reputable univesity add to the cities bustling but still relaxed lifestyle.

Here is an overview of the topics on this page. Come and discover one of my favourite German cities with me, you won't regret it. Quick Facts      History      Attractions      Map      Eating      Hotels      Get there      Info

Facts & Events

  • German Facts
  • Interesting Facts
  • German Lessons
  • Oktoberfest Munich

Travel Tips

  • Visa & Customs
  • General Travel Tips

German States

  • 16 States - Overview

Foods & Recipes

  • German Foods
  • Dessert Recipes
  • Christmas cookies

Culture & Customs

  • Grimm Brothers
  • Dachau Memorial
  • New Year's Eve
  • Easter Customs

History of Freiburg Germany

munster in Freiburg

  • Founders were the dukes Bertold and Konrad of Zähringen, members of a noble family in the area.
  • When the Zähringer family died out, the unloved counts of Freiburg tried to cut the freedom of Freiburg's citizens. After several fights with their rulers, Freiburg bought its independence from the lords in 1368. Under the protection of the Habsburgs the city could keep a wide range of freedom.
  • Silver findings in Mount Schauinsland made Freiburg one of the wealthiest cities in Germany and Europe. When the silver run out in the mines at the end of the 14th century, Freiburg turned its focus to culture and science.
  • Albert-Ludwigs-University was founded in 1457. It is one of the oldest and still is one of most reputable universities in Germany.
  • Freiburg didn't join the Reformation, it remained a strong centre for Catholicism in the southern rhine area. The Archdiocese was founded in 1827, the minster has been the seat of the archbishops since then.
  • The Thirty Years' War (1618 - 1648) was a major setback for Freiburg. The number of citizens decreased from over 10,000 to around 2,000 by the end of the war. Until 1805 Freiburg belonged to various states of the German Confederacy and other European countries. Finally, in 1805 Freiburg became a part of Baden which is a part of Baden-Würtemberg today.
  • During the Nazi regime Jewish citizens of Freiburg were deported to a camp in Southern France. Those who survived the poor conditions were sent to death at Auschwitz in 1942. Brass plates in the pavements of Freiburg's streets remember of individual vicitms.
  • In November 1944 the city centre was heavily damaged by RAF bombers. Thankfully, the old town was rebuilt on the medieval plans.

Quick Facts

Population - Bevölkerung : 220,000 Elevation : 278 m above sea level State : Baden-Württemberg Sister cities - Partnerstädte : Besancon (France), Matsuyama (Japan), Innsbruck (Austria), Padua (Italy), Granada (Spain), Guildford (England), Madison (USA), Lviv (Ukraine), Isfahan (Iran) Postal Code - Postleitzahl : 79098-79117 Area Code - Vorwahl : 0761 Climate - Freiburg is one of the warmest cities in Germany, with an average of 1700 hours sunshine a year. However, precipation is also above average with May and June being the wettest months. Nevertheless, when you watch a weather report in Germany, Freiburg's weather is very often the best in the country.

historic martinstor

Attractions & Sightseeing

The minster and the historic buildings are the obvious highlights of a sightseeing tour in the old town centre. But there is more than that. Whether you walk around the bustling streets and places for a great shopping experience, or you roam the hidden lanes and alleys, I am sure you will discover your personal Freiburg attractions.

colourful merchants hall and munsterplatz in freiburg

  • Freiburger Münster - The minster was built between 1200 and 1530. It was not damaged in WW II. However, the fragile sandstone has been suffering from climate and environmentally impacts, so renovation & restoration is an ongoing project. You are very lucky when you see the cathedral with the prettiest tower of Christianity (as it was once called) without scaffolding. The facades are decorated with pinnacles, gargoyles and figures of kings, apostles and saints.
  • Münsterplatz (minster square) is the largest square in the city, surrounded by beautiful buildings. The red historische Kaufhaus (historic merchants hall) is a beautiful building, decorated with colourful bay windows and statues of four emperers. The Kornhaus on the northwestern corner of the square is another prominent historic house. A market is held on the minster square on weekdays from 7:30 to 13:30. On the southern side of the square general merchants offer their goods, while on the northern side local producers sell fruits and vegetables of the season. Feeling hungry? There are many cafes & restaurants on the Münsterplatz. However, when you visit while the market is running, you should try the famous Münsterwurst , or lange Rote . This famous sausage is served with (mit) or without (ohne) onions, your choice. Just order "eine lange Rote mit / ohne".

freiburg bachle

  • Freiburg's famous Bächle are a system of gutters, or small channels, that line the streets in the city centre, providing a cooling effect on hot summer days. The constantly flowing water is diverted from the river Dreisam. Kids love to splash around in the Bächle, or let little boats sail away. I admit, on hot days I was tempted to kick off my shoes and wade in the water.
  • Schlossberg (castle hill) is the birthplace of Freiburg, right on the edge of the city. The Schlossbergbahn brings visitors from the city centre to an amazing vantage point within three minutes. There are walking trails, a restaurant, and you can climb the tower for even better views.
  • Schwabentor (Swabian Gate) and Martinstor are remainders of Freiburg's fortification.
  • Schauinsland - 1284 m above sea level (literally look at the land) offers stunning views over the black forest, even to the Alps (if the weather is fine) and to the Rhine Valley. You can drive to the summit by car, but also use the cable car from Horben to go up to the summit. Horben can be easily reached from Freiburg by tram and bus.

Restaurants in Freiburg Germany

small lane with outdoor eating

You can guess from the food section of the black forest main page that I really enjoy the local cuisine (badische Küche). When you wander around Freiburg's streets and alleys in summer, the lovely smell of food is inviting. Beergardens, cafes, restaurants and wine taverns offer outdoor seating at picturesque squares and inner yards. Whether you prefer wine or beer, you'll find your favourite place.

What's my favourite place? This is hard to say. I like to sit in the small lane in front of Martinsbräu brewery, or wander through the Markthalle with the local & international food stalls. Any locality that offers traditional badische specialities is the right place for me. After all, I can have a pizza at home as well, so why travel to Freiburg for a pizza?

Map of Freiburg Germany

colourful house in freiburg

Useful Visitor Information

How to get to freiburg.

Freiburg is conveniently located on the motorway A5 which goes from Frankfurt to Basel.

Travelling to Freiburg by train is also very easy. The Rheintalbahn from Mannheim to Basel (via Freiburg) is a major railway line with good ICE train connections to and from major cities in Germany. When you arrive at the airport in Frankfurt, you can jump on a direct train to Freiburg from the long distance train station at the airport. Checkout connections at the DB website

Accommodation in Freiburg

The choice of hotels in Freiburg is huge, with a wide range of options. From a small, familiar guesthouse to a large business hotel, the choice is yours. Use the search box below to compare offers and find the best deal.

Tourist Information Centre

Rathausplatz 2-4, phone: 0761-3881-880 Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm, Saturday 9:30am to 5pm, Sunday & public holidays 10am until noon. From 1st October to 31st Mai the centre closes at 6pm during the week and 2:30pm on Saturdays. The tourist information centre offers brochures and info about the city and the black forest, as well as souvenirs.

Explore the black forest and other attractions in Germany

hexenloch mill

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tourist map freiburg

Freiburg im Breisgau

The Top 20 Attractions around Freiburg im Breisgau

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tourist map freiburg

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Hiking Highlight

Wonderful view of the Black Forest, the Vosges, Freiburg and the Alps.

tourist map freiburg

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Summit (736 meters) on Kandelhöhenweg. There is an observation tower with phenomenal foresight, a shelter and a barbecue.

tourist map freiburg

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It's always being renovated here! With a 900-year-old building (first documented mention in 1120), this is not exactly surprising... Incidentally, the Freiburg Minster not only has the "most beautiful tower … read more

tourist map freiburg

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Bike Touring Highlight ( Segment )

This section on the Dreisam is an absolute dream. The Dreisam bike path is super paved and leads directly along the banks of the river. Every now and then a … read more

tourist map freiburg

html.ReactModal__Html--open{overflow:hidden;}html.ReactModal__Html--open:not(.fullsize){scrollbar-gutter:stable;}html.ReactModal__Html--open.ReactModal__Html--panel #pageMountNode:before{content:'';position:fixed;width:100%;height:100%;} Schlossbergturm

The view should be enough reason to climb the many stairs and hold your nose in the wind. Very great view to France.

tourist map freiburg

html.ReactModal__Html--open{overflow:hidden;}html.ReactModal__Html--open:not(.fullsize){scrollbar-gutter:stable;}html.ReactModal__Html--open.ReactModal__Html--panel #pageMountNode:before{content:'';position:fixed;width:100%;height:100%;} Canadian Trail

Mountain Biking Highlight ( Segment )

The Canadian Trail was built by Mountainbike Freiburg e.V. in collaboration with four Canadian trail building professionals and is a really great flow trail with its fun course and countless … read more

tourist map freiburg

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Martinstor, Freiburg im Breisgau "It would be an unparalleled lack of respect if one wanted to lay hands on this venerable, stately witness to Freiburg's oldest history and tear it … read more

tourist map freiburg

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Mountain Biking Highlight

Here you have a fantastic view of Freiburg. Above all, some great trails start here - officially built by Mountainbike Freiburg e. V.: the "Baden to the Bone", the "Hubbelfuchs" and the legendary "Boarderline Downhill".

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Nice bike path along the river through the middle of Freiburg and further into the Dreisamtal or to Umkirch. Thus the best and fastest connection in Freiburg between east and west!

tourist map freiburg

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Historic department store, Freiburg im Breisgau In the Middle Ages, standing in line meant that merchants had to wait at the city gate after an arduous journey in a horse-drawn … read more

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6 Fabulous Things To Do in Freiburg, Germany by

6 Fabulous Things To Do in Freiburg, Germany

Welcome to JetSetting Fools, here you will find our best travel tips for destinations worldwide. Some of the links on this site are Affiliate Links and if you use them to make a purchase, we may earn a commission. For more information, read our Disclosure Policy .

Freiburg, Germany is a fabulous destination – either as a day trip or a home base to discover more of the region. In fact, we were a bit surprised to find so many fun things to do in Freiburg, Germany – and now we are sharing our list to help fellow travelers discover all the sights, too. 

We were lured to Freiburg by the beautiful Black Forest but were equally excited about the historic places to see in Freiburg Old Town. Of course, a trip to Freiburg would not be complete without local fare, so we made room in our Freiburg itinerary to eat classic German food as well. 

Best Things To Do in Freiburg, Germany

The first time we heard of Freiburg, Germany was when we were housesitting in Basel, Switzerland . We were looking for an easy and entertaining day trip from Basel – one where we could enjoy the beautiful spring weather, see a few historic sights and have an affordable and delicious meal in a restaurant ( Basel is so expensive! ). Freiburg emerged as a suggested destination. On a sunny day, we traveled from Basel to Freiburg – and discovered 6 of the most fabulous Things To Do in Freiburg im Breisgau!

Freiburg: What To Do

Herz Jesu Kirche at end of Blue Bridge in Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg – locally called Freiburg im Breisgau – is a fantastic destination! Our list of things to do includes top Freiburg activities and sights that can be enjoyed in one day. At the end of the post, we include a helpful link to a Freiburg, Germany Map of Sights.

Save, Pin or Bookmark this Freiburg Visitors Guide so that you can access it as you plan your trip to Europe !

#1 Visit the Freiburg Munster

Gothic details on Freiburg Minster Cathedral in Freiburg, Germany

The Freiburg Munster – also Freiburg Minster or simply the Freiburg Cathedral – is officially called the Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady and it sits at the center of the Freiburg Old Town. The incredibly detailed Gothic cathedral was built from 1200 to 1330 – and visiting the Cathedral should be at the top of your Freiburg to-do list. 

Freiburg Cathedral Bell Tower in Freiburg, Germany

The spire reaches 380 feet into the sky and hanging inside are 19 bells (the oldest date to the year 1285). Although Freiburg was heavily bombed in 1944, the church suffered little damage. The church is open (and free); taking a look inside is one of the top things to do in Freiburg, Germany.

Freiburg Cathedral Market

Daily market in Munsterplatz in Freiburg, Germany

The Munstermarkt – or Freiburg Market – takes place in the square surrounding the church, Munsterplatz. One of the free things to do in Freiburg is to peruse the market goods. 

Flowers, produce and hand-crafted toys are sold from stalls on both sides of the Cathedral.

On the north side of the church there a long row of vendors selling tasty German sausages.

While shopping – and eating – don’t miss the blazing red Historical Merchant’s Hall – one of the most beautiful buildings in Freiburg – on the south side of the square. 

The market in Freiburg is open every morning except on Sundays. 

#2 Explore the Freiburg Old Town

Cobblestone street in Old Town, Freiburg, Germany

The city of Freiburg was established as a ‘Fortified Town of Free Citizens’ (a loose translation of the name Freiburg) in the year 1120. Although various rulers and wars have left their mark on the city, a preserved (and in some cases re-created) Old Town occupies the Freiburg center today. Exploring the ancient cobblestone lanes is one of the top Freiburg things to do.

Old Town Freiburg Sights

Crocodile sculpture in stream by Insel in Freiburg, Germany

The historic Old Town is small and walkable, making Freiburg sightseeing simply enjoyable. During our visit we literally stumbled onto many of the Freiburg attractions, but we are listing the ones you really shouldn’t miss.

Freiburg Schwabentor

Tram passing under Schwabentor Tower in Freiburg, Germany

The Schwabentor Tower – or the Swabian Gate – has stood in Freiburg since the year 1250 as part of the city’s fortifications. The gate features a striking clock and two interesting paintings.

On the side of the tower that faces in towards town, there is a picture of a traveling merchant – and the image comes complete with a legend. According to the tale, a man came to Freiburg to buy the town with two barrels of gold. However, when he arrived, he found out his wife had taken the gold and filled the barrels with sand, leaving him to be ridiculed. 

On the outside of the tower facing away from the city is a painting of St. George, the Patron Saint of Freiburg.

Inside the Schwabentor Tower is a small museum, Zinnfigurenklause, that features small figurines. It is open in the afternoons, but is closed on Mondays. 

Historic Martinstor Tower in Freiburg, Germany

The Martinstor Tower – or Martin’s Gate – is another one of the remaining Freiburg city gates. It officially dates to the year 1238, but research proves that the beams are even older, possibly from the year 1202.

The tower no longer features a painting (it was removed in 1951), but there is a clock, a plaque commemorating the burning of three witches in 1599…and (the unfortunately unmissable) McDonald’s sign.

Freiburg Rathaus

Old Town Hall building on Rathausplatz in Freiburg, Germany

In Freiburg, the Old Town Hall and New Town Hall sit next to each other on a pleasant square, Rathausplatz (Town Hall Square). The New Town Hall was built in the mid-1500s as a duplex house. It was used by the university for 300 years and in 1901 became the New Town Hall.

The bright red Old Town Hall has been owned by the city since the 14th century and features several coats of arms. Part of the famous Freiburg Christmas Market is held on Rathausplatz. (In fact, there are several fantastic European Christmas Markets that take place around the region!)

Augustiner Museum

Visitors looking for things to do in Freiburg on a rainy day can add the Augustiner Museum to their trip itinerary. The small museum is housed in an old monastery and features art works from the Middle Ages to the 19th century. There is a small fee to enter the museum.

Freiburg Bachle

Boy plays in Bachle on spring day in Freiburg, Germany

One of the unusual things to do in Freiburg, Germany is to look for the Freiburg Bachle – which are man-made water channels. 

Running along the Old Town lanes, the narrow ditches of steaming water, known as Freiburg Bachle, date to the 13th century. The stream was diverted from the Dreisam River as a source of water to battle fires and provide drink for livestock (but thankfully never for sewage).

When the use for the bachle became obsolete, residents fought to keep the unique system of irrigation. Today, the water is said to keep the town cool in the summer. Kids play with boats in the bachle and, according to legend, anyone who steps in the water is destined to marry a local from Freiburg.

#3 Hike in the Freiburg Black Forest

Hillside vineyards on Schlossberg in Black Forest Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg is nestled at the base of Schlossberg (or Castle Hill), a hill on the western edge of the German Black Forest – which means Freiburg hiking is only steps away from the historic Old Town.

New Observation Tower, Schlossbergturm, in Black Forest Freiburg, Germany

The main Black Forest attractions include paved and dirt trails that crisscross through Schlossberg, leading to scenic viewpoints and castle remains. However, one of the best things to do in the Black Forest is hike to (and up) the Schlossbergturm, a 114-foot-tall observation tower that provides 360-degree views of the region.

Freiburg Old Town Hike to Scholossbergturm

Dirt trail in Schlossberg in Black Forest Freiburg, Germany

We took a break from sightseeing Freiburg and started our Freiburg Black Forest Hike from the southwest corner of Schlossberg (near the Schwabentor Tower). Most of the trails were not marked, but there were picture plaques of the Schlossbergturm with arrows to guide our way.

From Old Town Freiburg, the one-way trek is about 1km and takes about a half hour (longer if you allow time for taking in the views from the two observation decks along the trail). 

I completed the hike in flip flops, which isn’t advised. If I had been wearing better shoes, we would have hiked more trails, as the Black Forest was one of our favorite places to visit in Freiburg!

More Things To Do in Freiburg Black Forest

Schlossbergbahn tram to Black Forest in Freiburg, Germany

Visitors who prefer not to hike, but still want to walk in the Black Forest, can take the Schlossbergbahn, a funicular railway that links the Old Town to the forest.

On the other hand, visitors who want a higher Black Forest experience can take the nearby cable car to the top of Schauinsland mountain. From the gondola, there are expansive views across the Rhine Valley. 

Freiburg Attractions for Nature

Springtime at Stadtgarten in Freiburg, Germany

Other Freiburg places to visit for a dose of nature – without hiking the Black Forest from Freiburg – are Colombipark, Stadtgarten, Seepark and the Freiburg Botanical Garden.

#4 Stroll the Old Freiburg Cemetery

Old Gravestone in Alter Friedhof cemetery in Freiburg, Germany

Although some may think visiting a cemetery is spooky, visiting the Alter Friedhof (Old Cemetery) is definitely one of the top Freiburg, Germany things to do. The cemetery was used for local burials from 1683 until 1872.

The gravestones range from simple and modest to detailed sculptures. Both the history and the art are what makes the cemetery one of the Freiburg tourist attractions.

Gravestones in overgrown grounds at Alter Friedhof Old Cemetery in Freiburg, Germany

We took our time strolling through the cemetery and looking for dates on the longstanding headstones. We noted how some were crumbling and covered in moss and other graves were in pristine condition.

While we were at Alter Friedhof, we noticed many locals enjoying the cemetery as a park by walking their dogs and having picnic lunches. 

#5 Drink Beer at a Freiburg Brewery

Beer at Ganter Brauereiausschank on Munsterplatz in Freiburg, Germany

When in Germany, drink beer. When is Freiburg, drink Freiburg beer! It’s even better if you can drink it outdoors in a classic German beer garden. On our quick trip to Freiburg, we managed to sample Freiburg beers from three Freiburg breweries. Someone has to do it, right?

Hausbrauerei Feierling

Beers in Biergarten at Hausbrauerei Feierling in Freiburg, Germany

Feierling Brewery first opened in 1877 near the current location on Augustinerplatz – and the brewmaster is a 4th generation Feierling. The beer is brewed in-house (tours are available), but the main feature of Hausbrauerei Feierling is the spacious and lively Biergarten.  

Ganter Brauereiausschank

Outdoor seating at Ganter Brewery on Munsterplatz in Freiburg, Germany

The Ganter Brewery is a family-run business that was founded in Freiburg in 1865. The brewery, where they offer tours, is on the outskirts of town (which can be easily seen from the top of the Schlossbergturm) – or there is the Ganter Brewery Bar located on Munsterplatz where guests can get a taste of the classic Freiburg Beer in a wonderful setting.

Martin’s Brau

Beers at Martin's Brau in Freiburg, Germany

Martin’s Brew opened in 1989 in the Freiburg Markthalle. In addition to the standard beers produced at Martin’s Brau, they also make small-batch, seasonal specialties.

#6 Eat German Food

Platter of Farmhouse Sausages at Martin's Brau in Freiburg, Germany

What goes best with German beer? German food, of course! And there are many Freiburg, Germany restaurants serving delicious, hearty German meals. Some of the menu items we were searching for while in Freiburg were Brezels (soft pretzels), Spatzle (noodle dish), Flammkuchen (thin pizza) and Sausages with Kraut.

What To Eat in Freiburg

Local dish of Spatzel with bacon and sauerkraut in Freiburg, Germany

We coordinated our sightseeing in Freiburg, Germany to be at the city center cathedral at lunchtime. We joined both tourists and locals for one of the locally famous ‘Lange Rote’ – a foot-long sausage served in a baguette with sautéed onions – from the food stalls on the north side of the church.

In the early evening, we snacked on brezels while sipping our beers, but were ready for dinner when we sat down at Martin’s Brau. Disappointed to see that Flammkuchen was not on the menu, we opted for the local Spatzle Freiburg-style (with bacon, onions and beer sauerkraut) and farmhouse sausages (because there is no such thing as too many sausages when in Germany) and it was delicious!

Freiburg Markthalle

For visitors who are less enthusiastic about traditional German fare, the Freiburg Markthalle is the place to go to eat international cuisine. With a food court atmosphere, guests can choose from dishes around the world.

Summertime Freiburg visitors can cool down with a sweet treat of ice cream. The best ice cream shop in Freiburg is Eiscafe Portofino, which has been dishing out fresh made scoops of ice cream since 1998. 

Top Tip: Looking for the best restaurants in Freiburg? Check out the reviews for Freiburg restaurants on TripAdvisor .

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Freiburg, Germany Map of Sights

Use this link to Google Map to find all of our Top Things To Do In Freiburg, Germany on an online, interactive Freiburg map.

Freiburg, Germany Map by

Top Travel Tips for your Trip to Freiburg, Germany

Schlossbergturm Views, Freiburg, Germany

We have shared our top tips for what to see in Freiburg – but we have a few more important details for visiting Freiburg. 

Planning a Trip to Freiburg, Germany

Using our tips of Things To Do Freiburg, it is fairly easy to plan what to see and do in the city. That said, we offer more travel tips – like how to get there and where to stay – below. 

As you make your travel plans, you will need to keep track of all the trip details. We recommend using a travel planner – like our Trip Planning Printables  – to get (and stay) organized for your vacation to Germany. 

Travel Planner Printables by

Tourist Information Freiburg

If you want more ideas of what to do in Freiburg for a day, make the Freiburg Tourist Information Office your first stop in the city. They offer a free Freiburg Tourist Map – or one that costs 1 euro and includes an outlined walking route along with Freiburg facts.

The Freiburg Tourist Office is located in the Old Town Hall on Rathausplatz. For more Freiburg tourist info, visit the official visitor website .

Freiburg, Germany Shopping

In addition to the things to see in Freiburg, there are also many places to shop. Coming from Switzerland, where prices are exorbitant, we spent some time at the shops in Freiburg where we could pick up a few items at a lower cost. However, since we were taking the Freiburg to Basel train rather than driving, we had to be sure we could carry it all home!

Best Time to Visit Freiburg

There are reasons to visit Freiburg in every season, but we have a few tips about what kind of weather you can expect throughout the year. 

Summer in Freiburg, Germany

Summertime is warm and wonderful! Visitors will be able to enjoy all of the outdoor activities – like strolling the old town, hiking the hill and drinking in outdoor beer gardens. But there is a chance of rain throughout the summer months – so be sure to bring a raincoat and travel umbrella . 

Freiburg in Spring and Autumn

The Freiburg shoulder seasons are spring and autumn – but we think it’s a great time to travel to Freiburg! The weather is cooler, but not cold – which we think is ideal for exploring (especially hiking). 

Wintertime in Freiburg

While it does get cold during the winter months, it can still be a fantastic time to visit Freiburg. In fact, one of the top things to do in Freiburg in winter is go to the fun Christmas markets. 

Top Tip: Use our tips for more of the Best Places for Christmas in Europe .

How to Get to Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg can be reached by plane, train, bus or car. We took the Basel to Freiburg train (regional) and saved money by purchasing a Regional Day Ticket . The train from Basel to Freiburg, Germany took one hour (there is a faster Freiburg ICE train, but it is not included with the Regional Day Ticket). A visit to Freiburg can also be added on to a trip to Colmar or a Strasbourg, France itinerary! 

Freiburg Airport

Looking for an airport near Freiburg, Germany? The EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg (BSL) is the closest airport to Freiburg, Germany…and is located 29 miles away in Saint-Louis, France. Read our hints for finding the best fares on airline tickets and then hop on SkyScanner .

Freiburg Train Station

The Freiburg Train Station is located west of the Old Town (but within easy walking distance). Well-connected to other cities, day trips from Freiburg are easy to organize. Search schedules for Freiburg day trips to nearby cities:

  • Freiburg to Basel by Train
  • Freiburg to Colmar route Options
  • Freiburg to Strasbourg travel Planner

Where to Stay in Freiburg, Germany

Visitors staying for longer than one day will find that there are many accommodation options of where to stay in Freiburg in – or close to – the city center. Use our tips for finding the best hotels and great Airbnb apartments at the best price before you book your trip!

Freiburg Hotels

Check to see if there are rooms available at these highly-rated hotels in Freiburg: Motel One Freiburg , Colombi Hotel , Hotel Oberkirch – or start searching for hotels on .

What You Will Need for Your Trip to Freiburg, Germany

Whether spending one day in Freiburg or staying for an entire week, there are a few items you will want to have for your trip! We share more packing tips on our Travel Packing blog page. Need a Packing Checklist? Get a FREE checklist here ! 

The Right Shoes

Flip flops are fine for an Old Town Freiburg tour, but if you are planning on hiking the trails in the Black Forest, be sure to bring a good pair of travel shoes . 

Good Travel Camera

Freiburg, Germany is gorgeous! For your trip, upgrade to a real travel camera that takes exceptional photos. We always travel with our trusty Canon Rebel with an everyday 18-135mm lens . 

Travel Day Pack

Whether you travel with a backpack or suitcase , a good day pack is always a good idea. We like to use small backpacks to stow all our everyday travel items –  see this post where we share our top advice for the Best Travel Day Bags .

Start planning your trip to Freiburg, Germany ! Search for the lowest airfares , the best accommodations and fun things to do …then start packing !   Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page !

Visiting other top cities in Germany? We’re here to help! Read our detailed guides to Germany to easily plan your trip.

  • Get our complete Guide to Berlin
  • See the absolute Best of Munich
  • Find all about What To Do in Frankfurt
  • Use our top tips for Things To Do in Dusseldorf
  • Don’t miss the historic sights of Dresden

We want to know : What are your tips for what to do in Freiburg, Germany? What sights and activities would you add to our list of things to do in Freiburg? Tell us in the comments!

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    The Historical Merchants' Hall is a unique landmark building from the 14th century, situated on Munsterplatz in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. The grand halls and open-air courtyard make it an ideal location for hosting events. Classical music performances are held here, making use of the historic setting and ambiance.

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    The first clue is the lack of cars, with parking spots replaced by communal green spaces. Then you'll notice that the houses are all low-energy buildings, using solar cells or woodchip-fuelled generators for power. Then, there are the co-op supermarkets, organic cafes, cute playgrounds and the community petting zoo.

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    World Map » Germany » City » Freiburg » Freiburg Tourist Attractions Map. Freiburg tourist attractions map Click to see large. Description: This map shows museums, tourist information centers, points of interest, tourist attractions and sightseeings in Freiburg.

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    See way to experience (1) 2023. 6. Schlossberg. 665. Mountains. This mountain located on the outskirts of Freiburg provides both fabulous views of the city and peaceful opportunities for hiking. See way to experience (1) 7.

  9. Freiburg

    Public transport map of Freiburg - tram lines in blue. ... Tourist information. Freiburg's Tourist Information Office can provide maps and hotel booking information. Opening hours for the Tourist Information office are: June - September: Monday-Friday 10:00-20:00, Saturday 10:00-17:30, Sunday and holidays 10:00-12:00 ...

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    Freiburger Münster (Cathedral) Located in the central Münsterplatz, you won't want to miss Freiburg's 13th century Münster. Even set against the gorgeous Old Town, it has an impressive presence. It took 300 years to build this Romanesque church which withstood even the battering Freiburg took in World War II.

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    Tourist Information am Rathausplatz Tel. +49 (0) 761/3881-880 [email protected]: Freiburg Wirtschaft Touristik und Messe GmbH & Co. KG Neuer Messplatz 3

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    Freiburg. Germany, Europe. Sitting plump at the foot of the Black Forest's wooded slopes and vineyards, Freiburg is a sunny, cheerful university town, its medieval Altstadt a story-book tableau of gabled townhouses, cobblestone lanes and cafe-rimmed plazas. Party-loving students spice up the local nightlife.

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    Baden-Baden. Discover the best attractions in Freiburg including Freiburger Münster, Augustinermuseum, and Schlossberg.

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    Tourist Information am Rathausplatz Tel. +49 (0) 761/3881-880 [email protected]: Freiburg Wirtschaft Touristik und Messe GmbH & Co. KG Neuer Messplatz 3

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    Fribourg, nestled on a rock promontory, is surrounded on three sides by the Sarine river. It is one of the largest medieval towns in Switzerland. Over 200 unique Gothic facades from the 15th century impart incomparable medieval charm to the Old Town. Town walls that are over two kilometers long used to protect the city in the past.

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  18. Freiburg Germany

    Map of Freiburg Germany. This map covers roughly the city centre in Freiburg. You can zoom in and zoom out to see more details, or get an idea how big Freiburg is. ... Tourist Information Centre. Rathausplatz 2-4, phone: 0761-3881-880 Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm ...

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  20. Tourist Information Freiburg

    Tourist Information Freiburg. Today, the Tourist Information office is located within the historic walls of the Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall). We are available here to answer any questions, provide you with a city map and brochures or tell you about events taking place in Freiburg during your stay. Please stop by!

  21. The Top 20 Attractions around Freiburg im Breisgau

    Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis. Emmendingen. Waldshut. Lörrach. Tuttlingen. Rottweil. Constance. Explore the most beautiful places to visit around Freiburg im Breisgau. Plan your next hike or cycling adventure to one of the 20 top attractions.

  22. 6 Fabulous Things To Do in Freiburg, Germany

    They offer a free Freiburg Tourist Map - or one that costs 1 euro and includes an outlined walking route along with Freiburg facts. The Freiburg Tourist Office is located in the Old Town Hall on Rathausplatz. For more Freiburg tourist info, visit the official visitor website. Freiburg, Germany Shopping

  23. Tourist Information

    Today, the Tourist Information office is located within the historic walls of the Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall). We are available here to answer any questions, provide you with a city map and brochures or tell you about events taking place in Freiburg during your stay. Please stop by! Just look for the striking red sandstone facade.