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Ultimate guide to earning and redeeming Lufthansa Miles & More miles

Andrew Kunesh

Update: Some offers mentioned below are no longer available. View the current offers here .

Lufthansa Group has grown a ton in recent years. We've seen the group buy up a number of European airlines, all while continuing to expand the Lufthansa route network from its hubs in Frankfurt (FRA) and Munich (MUC). One thing you may not know about Lufthansa is that its Miles & More loyalty program is actually used by a number of different airlines around Europe, some of which aren't in the Star Alliance.

Additionally, the loyalty program has some interesting sweet spots that make it worth taking a closer look at if you're based in Europe. Plus, U.S. based flyers that frequently fly to Europe on Lufthansa or another Lufthansa Group airline may find more use in earning Miles & More miles than United or another Star Alliance partner.

If you find yourself curious about the Miles & More program, you're in the right place. Here, we'll run you through everything you need to know about Miles & More, starting with elite status and partner airlines, then moving to earning and redeeming points.

Let's get started.

Program Overview

(Photo by Zach Griff/The Points Guy)

Miles & More is owned by Lufthansa Group, but it's used as the primary loyalty program for a number of different airlines throughout Europe. Other airlines that use Miles & More as their primary loyalty program include:

  • Air Dolomiti
  • Austrian Airlines
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Croatia Airlines
  • LOT Polish Airlines

Many of these airlines are either entirely owned by Lufthansa Group or have previously been partially or wholly owned by the group. However, some airlines — namely LOT Polish and Croatia Airlines — have never been affiliated with Lufthansa Group but still opt to use Miles & More as a loyalty program.

Miles & More elite status tiers and benefits

lufthansa frequent traveller contact

Like most airline loyalty programs, Miles & More offers a variety of different elite status tiers that offer elevated mileage earnings and benefits like lounge access, upgrades and fast track security. In the case of Miles & More, there are three different status tiers: Frequent Traveller, Senator and HON Circle.

Earning Miles & More elite status

Frequent Traveller and Senator status are earned after you accrue 35,000 and 100,000 status miles, respectively, in a calendar year. These are earned by flying on Miles & More airlines (excluding Condor) and Star Alliance airline partners. Additionally, you can earn Frequent Traveller status by flying 30 flights on Miles & More airlines (excluding Condor).

Top-tier Hon Circle status is earned by accruing 600,000 Hon Circle miles over the course of two consecutive calendar years. You can only earn these miles by flying first or business class fares on Miles & More airlines (excluding Condor), and when taking the Lufthansa Express Rail in Germany and Airtrain in Switzerland.

For reference, Hon Circle miles are the same as status qualifying miles, except they're restricted to first and business class. Here's a quick overview of how to earn qualifying miles on all Miles & More airlines.

Lufthansa Status Earning Chart Screen Shot for International Flights

It's true that you need to fly a lot to earn Hon Circle status, but the good news is that Miles & More awards bonus Hon Circle miles when flying premium cabins. Business travelers who book full-fare, intercontinental business class have the easiest route to Hon Circle status; these earn 2 Hon Circle qualifying miles per mile flown, so a 7,680-mile round-trip flight from New York-JFK to Frankfurt (FRA) would earn 15,360 Hon Circle miles.

On the other hand, flights within Germany and Europe earn miles at a fixed rate. For example, despite a flight from Frankfurt (FRA) to Berlin (TXL) clocking in at just 267 miles one-way, you'd earn 500 qualifying miles each way in discounted P fare business class. The same goes for all other German domestic routes on Lufthansa, Swiss domestic routes in Switzerland, etc.

Germany Domestic Flight Earning Chart Status

Intra-Europe flights earn a slightly more miles, especially when flying in business class. For example, let's say you're flying from Frankfurt (FRA) to Oslo (OSL). A business class P fare would earn 750 qualifying miles. However, if you booked in a higher fare class, you'd earn a whopping 2,000 qualifying miles. Not bad for a flight distance of just 686 miles!

International European Qualifying Point Earning Chart Screen Shot

So in the end, HON Circle status is for flyers that fly Lufthansa exclusively and in premium cabins. As you'd expect, this is generally business travelers with lots of international travel. You could earn HON Circle status by flying 100,000 miles per year in paid first class, 150,000 miles per year in full-fare business class or a mixture of these with domestic European flying.

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Crediting flights on Star Alliance partners to Lufthansa Miles & More counts towards elite status. The number of miles you'll earn varies by airline partner, the length of your flight and your fare class.

To calculate how many miles you'll earn, find your partner on the Miles & More website and take a look at the earning chart to find the earning rate. Then, multiply the distance of your flight (in miles) by the earning rate for your fare class. In the case of a Z fare United business class ticket from Chicago-O'Hare (ORD) to London-Heathrow (LHR), you'd earn 5,910 miles. The flight is 3,940 miles and you earn 1.5 qualifying miles per mile flown.

Qualifying requirements are changing in 2022

Miles & More is changing status requirements in 2022 . So while you'll earn status for 2021 and 2022 using the metrics above, earning status for the 2023 calendar year in 2022 is based on the number of Points and Qualifying Points you earn. Points are earned on Star Alliance partner airlines, while Qualifying Points are earned on Miles & More airlines.

The number of Points and Qualifying points you'll earn is based on your class of service and whether you're flying within Europe or on an intercontinental flight. Fare class is no longer a factor, so discount fares will earn the same as full-fare tickets. The chart above shows how many Qualifying Points and Points you'll earn for each type of ticket.

Each status tier requires a different amount of Points or Qualifying Points to qualify. In the case of Frequent Traveller and Senator status, you need to earn 160 and 480 Points, respectively. Half of those can be Qualifying Points earned on partner airlines. HON Circle requires 1,500 Points over the course of a single year to qualify, but they can now be earned in economy and premium economy.

Further, members can earn additional perks after hitting specific thresholds. For example, Senator members will earn two eVouchers (valid for one-class upgrades) when they reach 700 qualifying points, and 15,000 award miles after reaching 1,000 qualifying points.

Overall, I think these changes are a good thing. They make status earning much easier to understand, and opens HON Circle status up to those that frequently fly in economy class for work and pleasure. Regardless, though, you'll still need to fly on Miles & More airlines a lot to earn HON Circle.

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Miles & More elite status benefits

Earning Lufthansa status isn't easy, but each of the status tiers come with interesting benefits. In fact, top-tier HON Circle status comes with some of the most premium perks of all airline statuses — here's a look at each of the tier's respective benefits.

Frequent Traveller

Frequent Traveller is the lowest tier of Miles & More status, but it still has some solid benefits. You'll have access to Lufthansa Business Class lounges when flying on Lufthansa Group and Star Alliance carriers. You're also eligible for business class check-in, one extra checked bag, and other Star Alliance Silver benefits.

Further, you'll also earn 50% more redeemable miles and 25% more status and HON Circle qualifying miles on all paid tickets. This applies to all flights you credit to Miles & More, including flights booked on Star Alliance carriers like United.

These benefits are surprisingly rich for low-tier elite status. Just keep in mind that you can only access Lufthansa Business Class lounges, not Star Alliance partner lounges like United Clubs or the Air Canada Maple Leaf lounges. This is because Frequent Traveller includes Star Alliance Silver benefits, not Star Alliance Gold.

Senator offers even more benefits for frequent flyers. You're eligible for access to Lufthansa Senator lounge as well as all Star Alliance partner lounges when flying on a Star Alliance carrier. This includes domestic U.S. United Club access when flying United Airlines, so long as you add your Miles & More number to your ticket.

Further, you can access first class check-in, receive two extra checked bags, and two eVouchers that you can use for a one-class upgrade. You can use one eVoucher for an upgrade within a single region or two vouchers for an intercontinental one-class upgrade. As an example, upgrading from premium economy to business on a transatlantic flight requires two eVouchers.

Another great perk of Senator status is access to Companion Awards. This lets you add a companion to all award tickets at a 50% mileage discount. This applies when flying award tickets on Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS, Air Dolomiti, Eurowings, Luxair, LOT Polish Airlines, Brussels Airlines and Croatia Airlines.

Miles & More Senator status also gives you access to other Star Alliance Gold benefits like preferred baggage handling, priority boarding on Star Alliance partners and other various perks. Like Frequent Traveller, you'll earn 50% more award miles and 25% more status qualifying miles on all flights.

HON Circle is the cream of the crop when it comes to Miles & More status. It includes all Senator status benefits mentioned in the last section, but also includes First Class Terminal access at Frankfurt (FRA) on all Miles & More flights regardless of the class of service. This is a huge perk as the terminal is a dedicated space for first-class and HON Circle travelers, with upgraded lounges and more.

Plus, you're eligible for a limousine transfer on flights operated by Air Dolomiti, Austrian Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS. Where applicable, a limousine will pick you up from the plane, drop you off at the lounge and then drive you back to your flight. This is generally reserved for first-class passengers, so it's a treat to experience on all flights.

You'll also receive six upgrade eVouchers, which can be used in the same way that Senator members can use certificates.

Earning with Miles & More

Miles & More miles are significantly harder to earn than other airline miles. The loyalty program doesn't have transfer partners and cannot transfer in from hotel loyalty programs like Marriott Bonvoy. But that doesn't mean they're impossible to earn — here are all the best ways.

Earn by flying on Miles & More and Star Alliance carriers

You can earn Miles & More miles by flying on Miles & More and Star Alliance airlines. Tickets booked with a Miles & More member airline — like Lufthansa and Swiss — will earn miles based on fare cost. If you're traveling on a Star Alliance partner flight that's not ticketed by a Miles & More airline, you'll earn miles based on distance flown. On multi-airline itineraries that include a Miles & More member, you'll earn miles based on fare cost.

For example, say you book a round-trip ticket from Chicago-O'Hare (ORD) to Frankfurt (FRA) through the Lufthansa website, with one leg operated by Lufthansa and the other by United. You'll earn miles based on spend. Miles & More awards 4 points per Euro spent on these tickets (excluding taxes). If you have elite status, you'll earn 6 points per Euro spent.

On the other hand, you'll earn miles based on distance flown if you're flying on a Star Alliance partner flight that's not ticketed by a Miles & More airline. For example, if you're flying on a Singapore Airlines flight booked with Singapore Airlines over the phone or a United Airlines flight booked through

The number of miles earned depend on the length of your flight and your booking class. Simply find your partner airline on the Miles & More website, look at the chart underneath the "Status miles / Booking class system" header. Then, find the fare class of your ticket in the chart and multiply the number under the Miles column to see how many miles you'll earn.

South African Airways Earning Miles & More

For example, a South African Airways fin M fare economy class would earn 790 miles on a flight between Cape Town (CPT) and Johannesburg (JNB). This is because the flight is 790 miles one-way and M fares earn 1x the distance flown.

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Spend on a Miles & More credit card

In the U.S., Lufthansa and Miles & More offers a cobranded credit card issued by Barclay's called the Miles & More World Elite Mastercard . You can use this card to earn Miles & More miles on all of your purchases and it includes some added benefits, like two Lufthansa Business Class Lounge passes and an annual companion ticket.

Further, the card has a welcome bonus that usually hovers around 50,000 Miles & More points after you spend $3,000 in the first three months of account opening. Plus, you'll earn 2 miles per dollar spent on Miles & More ticket purchases and 1 mile per dollar everywhere else.

This card has an $89 annual fee and can be a good option for those set on earning Miles & More miles. However, if you frequently fly on other airlines, you may want to consider the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card instead. This card earns 2x Ultimate Rewards points on travel purchases, and the points can be transferred to airlines like United, Singapore Airlines and others. TPG values these points at 2 cents per point, 0.6 cents higher than Miles & More points.

The information for the Miles & More World Elite Mastercard has been collected independently by The Points Guy. The card details on this page have not been reviewed or provided by the card issuer.

Book hotel rooms and rental cars

Booking Hotels with Miles & More

You can also earn Miles & More miles when you book hotel rooms with the Miles & More hotel booking platform. You'll earn a minimum of 1,000 miles per night and more expensive hotels generally earn more points. Just note that you generally won't be able to earn hotel points or use hotel elite status benefits on these bookings, since you're booking through an Online Travel Agency (OTA). However, many boutique and independent hotels are listed on the Miles & More portal, so it may be worthwhile to use it to book hotels that you wouldn't otherwise earn points with.

You can also book rental cars through the portal, but you may not be able to use car rental status benefits or earn rental car status. As always, make sure to wage whether earning Miles & More points outweigh these possible exclusions.

One thing to keep in mind: always cross-check hotel and rental car prices when using the Miles & More hotel portal. While the prices are usually comparable to booking direct, sometimes the price can vary. Additionally, all prices are listed in euros, so make sure to use a card that doesn't charge foreign transaction fees .

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Redeeming with Miles & More

lufthansa frequent traveller contact

We generally recommend redeeming your Miles & More miles for award travel. While you can redeem for merchandise, hotels and gift cards, this isn't recommended as you'll get a much lower redemption value than for flights.

Here's how to redeem for flights as well and a list of some of my favorite Miles & More redemptions.

Redeeming Miles & More miles for award flights

Miles & More employs a standard award chart, meaning that flights don't fluctuate in price. Award flights are priced based by zone and class of service, and you can book any Star Alliance flight that has award space. As for pricing, award flights are surprisingly reasonable. For example, transatlantic flights are 30,000 points in economy, 46,000 in premium economy class, 56,000 in business class and 91,000 in first class. You can view the complete Miles & More award chart on the loyalty program's website .

Do note that Miles & More adds fuel surcharges for most tickets — in practice, this is about $320 per ticket for intercontinental flights. The only exception are Air Canada flights within North America and United Airlines flights within North America, South America and Oceania; these awards incur minimal taxes and fees.

Redeeming points for flights is easy — head to the Miles & More website and navigate to the spend miles page . Scroll to the center of the screen, enter your flight details and click the blue Search flights button at the bottom of the screen. Then, your flight options will appear at the center of the screen; click on the flight you want to book and follow the on-screen prompts to book.

In my research, I've found that nearly all Star Alliance partner flights show on the Miles & More booking website. This means that there's no reason to call in to book award tickets, and you can rely on the Miles & More search engine to show reliable flight results.

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The best uses of Miles & More flights

Redeeming Miles & More miles is one thing, but finding a great redemption is another. The award chart is very reasonable and there are some real sweet spots to be found. Here's a look at a few of my personal favorites as a U.S. based traveler — use them as a jumping-off point for redeeming your Miles & More points.

Lufthansa First Class

Miles & More doesn't offer the best redemption value for transatlantic tickets in Lufthansa first class , but it does have the best available award space. Lufthansa only opens first class award space to its partners two weeks prior to departure, but this isn't the case for Miles & More. You can access Lufthansa first class award space months beforehand, so it's easier to plan vacations on one of the world's best first-class products.

lufthansa frequent traveller contact

North America to Oceania

Flights from the U.S. to Australia, New Zealand and the rest of Oceania cost just 71,000 miles one-way. If you book these awards on United Airlines, you won't pay high fuel surcharges either, given you a great way to fly Down Under on points and miles.

North America to Southeast Asia

Likewise, flights from North America to Southeast Asia cost just 71,000 miles one-way in business class. You'll have to pay fuel surcharges on these tickets, but you can fly awesome business class products on carriers like Air Canada , All Nippon Airways (ANA) and EVA Air for a fraction of the price of a revenue ticket.

Bottom line

Lufthansa Group's Miles & More program is one of the most rewarding loyalty programs on the market. HON Circle and Senator status offer standout benefits, and its redemption rates for premium class awards are some of the best out there. However, it's also one of the hardest mileage currencies to earn, especially for those of us that are based in the U.S.

Are you a Miles & More elite member? Let us know your favorite status benefits in the comments.

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Lufthansa Miles & More Loyalty Program Review

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Miles & More

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Lufthansa First Class Lounge (FRA, MUC); Access to Lufthansa U.S. lounges include: New York (JFK), Detroit (DTW), Newark (EWR), Washington (IAD), Boston (BOS)

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Lufthansa Miles & More Program Overview

Lufthansa’s frequent flyer program is called Miles & More, and the airline miles that you earn are called Lufthansa miles.

The Miles & More program can be a great way to fly a Star Alliance airline partner like United Airlines .

You’ll earn 3 different kinds of miles in the Lufthansa Miles & More program.

The first type is called Award Miles . These miles are for award flights and are valid for 36 months .

For Frequent Travellers (lowest elite level), Senators (mid-tier elite level), HON Circle Members (highest elite tier), and JetFriends (under 18 years old), award miles remain valid as long as you maintain your elite status.

The second type is called Status Miles . These miles determine your Frequent Traveller and Senator status, and are counted in the calendar year in which they are credited. Every status mile is also counted as an award mile.

The third type is called HON Circle Miles . These miles count towards achieving HON Circle status, and they are counted over 2 successive years .

Lufthansa miles can be earned in many ways; here are the 2 most common:

  • Flying Lufthansa or its partner airline flights
  • Earning with Lufthansa’s hotel, travel, and car rental partners

Joining Lufthansa Miles & More

Lufthansa Miles & More Application

The Lufthansa Miles & More program is free to join by simply completing this application .

Once you complete your application, you’ll have the ability to earn miles by flying with Lufthansa or its partner airlines, earn elite status, and redeem miles for award flights .

How to Sign in to Your Lufthansa Miles & More Account

Lufthansa Login Screen

Head to the Lufthansa login page and enter your membership number and password.

Hot Tip:  Lufthansa requires you to have at least 7,000 miles in your account to search for an award flight. If you don’t have 7,000 miles, you’ll want to use the program’s mileage calculator to determine the number of miles required for your flight. 

Viewing Your Account Activity

The easiest way to check your Lufthansa mileage balance is to:

  • Log in to your account
  • Hover over My Miles & More on the right side of the page
  • Select Mileage Account on the left side of the page

Points Expiration

Lufthansa miles expire at the end of the quarter 36 months after the miles were earned .

For example, miles earned in October 2019 will expire December 31, 2022.

The program does allow you to extend the expiration of your miles in 2 ways:

  • Hold Lufthansa elite status
  • Hold a co-branded Lufthansa credit card, make at least 1 purchase per month, and have an account that’s been opened for at least 3 months

Lufthansa Miles & More Mileage Program

Lufthansa Elite Levels

Lufthansa Elite Status

Lufthansa’s Miles & More program has 3 elite tiers: Frequent Traveller, Senator, and HON Circle  (highest tier).

Once you qualify for elite status in a calendar year, the benefits begin immediately and are valid for 2 years.

Frequent Traveller:  The lowest elite tier offered by Lufthansa, which comes with the following benefits:

  • No mileage expiration
  • Earn up to 50% more award miles, 25% more miles towards elite Status
  • Additional baggage allowance
  • Access to the business class lounge

Senator:  After earning this status level, you’ll have access to additional benefits including:

  • All of the benefits of Frequent Traveller, plus;
  • 2 vouchers to fly one class higher
  • Access to Senator and Star Gold lounges
  • Additional flight award availability

HON Circle:  The highest elite tier that you can earn comes with the following benefits:

  • All of the benefits of Senator, plus;
  • 6 vouchers to fly one class higher
  • First class check-in at the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt
  • Access to the Lufthansa First Class, SWISS First, and Austrian HON Circle Lounges
  • Limousine and transfer service for flights

If you’re interested in diving into more detail about the Lufthansa elite benefits at each tier, go here .

Value of Lufthansa Elite Status

Earning elite status with Lufthansa makes the most sense if you fly Lufthansa, Austrian, or Swiss regularly — or if you are looking for elite benefits when flying a Star Alliance partner like United Airlines .

If you meet one of these criteria, access to premium lounges , additional award availability, and mileage earning bonuses are all reasons as to why you might want to earn elite status.

Earning Lufthansa Elite Status

Miles & More is the free frequent flyer program for not only Lufthansa, but also major airlines including Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines, and LOT Polish Airlines.

By signing up for a Miles & More membership, you’ll have the ability to earn and redeem Lufthansa Miles, as well as work your way toward elite status.

The Miles & More program requires you to earn miles or board a certain number of flights in a calendar year to reach elite status.

Miles & More calculates the miles you earn on flights differently for each airline that is a part of the program, using different factors to determine the number of miles you earn.

For Lufthansa, the Miles & More program calculates the miles you earn by multiplying the fare by a factor of 6 .

As an example, if you take a $290 round-trip flight from Frankfurt to Munich on Lufthansa, you’ll earn 1,740 Lufthansa miles ($290 fare x 6).

The best way to determine the number of Lufthansa miles that you’ll earn is to use the award calculator  on this page .

Lufthansa and its partner airline flights are eligible to earn Lufthansa miles.

When you qualify for elite status, the benefits begin immediately and continue through the following calendar year.

The elite tiers in the Miles & More program work as follows:

  • Frequent Traveller: Earn 35,000 miles or 30 scheduled flights in a calendar year
  • Senator: Earn 100,000 miles in a calendar year
  • HON Circle: Earn 600,000 HON Circle miles in 2 consecutive calendar years

Find more details about the Lufthansa requirements for each elite tier level here .

How to Earn Lufthansa Miles

The Miles & More program offers 2 primary ways to earn airline miles:

  • Earn miles from spending on Lufthansa credit cards
  • Earn miles from flying with Lufthansa

While it’s challenging to earn Lufthansa miles, when you pair the options above together, you’ll at least have a couple of ways to  earn Lufthansa miles .

Earning Miles Through Flying

The Lufthansa miles you earn are based on the distance flown and the factor, which depends on your frequent flyer status and the airline operating your flight.

For example, if you fly a $290 Brussels Airlines flight from Brussels (BRU) to Berlin (TXL), you’ll earn 1,450 miles ($290 * 5 factor).

Lufthansa Miles Calculator

The Miles & More program calculates miles earned based on the distance flown and booking class.

For European flights, the booking class is a flat rate. For intercontinental flights, mileage is calculated by multiplying the booking class by the distance flown.

star alliance members

Earning Bonus Miles in Other Ways

The Miles & More program offers a few ways to earn Lufthansa miles that don’t involve flying.

For example, the airline partners with hotels like Hyatt and car rental companies like National.

Branded and Partnered Credit Cards

Lufthansa credit card.

Barclays offers a co-branded credit card for the U.S. market, and it often comes with a sizeable sign-up bonus.

Other Hotel Partner Credit Cards

Transferring other hotel points to Lufthansa will result in less than a 1:1 transfer ratio, so we don’t recommend this as a way to earn Lufthansa miles.

If you are topping off an airline account or are in a bind, transferring other hotel points to Lufthansa can be an option.

How to Redeem Lufthansa Miles

The Miles & More program uses both an award chart and a mileage calculator.

Before booking your award flight, it’s important to reference both to know the amount of miles required for your route.

Hot Tip:  If you’re looking for ways to use your Lufthansa miles, we put together a guide on the  best ways to use Lufthansa miles . 

Star Alliance Partner Awards

Since Lufthansa is in the Star Alliance, you can use Lufthansa Miles to fly on any other airline in the alliance as well.

The Lufthansa search engine requires 7,000 miles in your account to search for an award flight. Unless the miles are already in your account, we recommend using United or Aeroplan to find Star Alliance availability.

Oneworld Partner Awards

Lufthansa also partners with airlines outside of the Star Alliance like Cathay Pacific .

For Oneworld partner flights, we recommend using the British Airways and Qantas websites to search for award availability.

Booking Online

If you do not have the minimum required miles in your account, you’ll need to call Lufthansa Miles & More team at 800-581-6400 to confirm the award space you find and ticket the award flight.

Hot Tip: Child tickets for flights on Adria Airways, Austrian Airlines, Air Dolomiti, Brussels Airlines, Croatia Airlines, Eurowings, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Luxair, and SWISS can be booked at a 25% mileage discount.

The information regarding the Miles & More ® World Elite Mastercard ® was independently collected by Upgraded Points and not provided nor reviewed by the issuer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lufthansa program is it worth it what are the benefits.

Miles & More is the free frequent flyer program for major airlines including Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines, and LOT Polish Airlines.

The benefits of the program will vary depending on your elite status. The Lufthansa program has 3 elite tiers: Frequent Traveller, Senator, and HON Circle.

The higher your elite status, the more benefits you will have access to, like reduced mileage required for award flights and lounge access.

The number of Lufthansa miles you earn is based on the distance flown and the Miles & More assigned factor.

With enough Lufthansa miles earned by flying Lufthansa or its partner airlines, you’ll be able to book Lufthansa and partner award flights online or by calling Lufthansa to book award flights.

In Lufthansa, who are the partners? Can I transfer miles to them?

Lufthansa is a member of the Star Alliance and separately has partnerships with individual airlines.

You can find a list of Lufthansa’s airline partners here .

Lufthansa also has other partners like hotels and car rental companies. You can transfer airline miles directly to these partners if you need points for a redemption.

What is the Lufthansa login?

You can sign in to Lufthansa here .

Where can I sign up for Lufthansa?

Sign up to the Lufthansa program by filling out this online form .

What is my Lufthansa Miles & More number?

You can find your Lufthansa number by signing in to your account, on your membership card, or through a variety of marketing emails they send to you.

If you can’t find it there, try using the “forgot my password” tool to reset your account so you can get in. Alternatively, try calling the customer service desk to find your number.

When do miles post in Lufthansa?

Your miles should automatically be credited to your account after your flight.

If the miles don’t automatically post, it can take up to 7 days after your flight is completed.

When do Lufthansa miles expire?

  • Hold a co-branded Lufthansa credit card, make at least 1 purchase per month, and have an account that’s been open for at least 3 months

When does Lufthansa status expire?

Lufthansa elite status is valid in the year in which it is earned and the following calendar year.

Is there an Lufthansa credit card?

Yes! The Miles & More ® World Elite Mastercard ® for the U.S. market is issued by Barclays.

Can you put an award flight on hold with Lufthansa?

The terms and conditions do not address award holds, but based on research, Lufthansa will allow holds on certain airlines from 48 hours to several days.

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Michael first caught wind of the points and miles game in 2014 while at a bar in Washington, DC where the conversation amongst friends was quickly derailed because of an alert on a friend’s phone about a mistake fare.  That’s where the love affair with points and miles began.


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Miles & More

Miles More Lufthansa Logo

Lufthansa’s Miles & More frequent flyer program allows travellers worldwide to maximize their travel experience by using miles. These can be used as currency to obtain various benefits, such as Reward tickets, upgrades and hotel stays.

Membership of the Miles & More program is free and accessible online.

Miles & More Miles Earning

Apply for a bank card.

Miles & More Miles can be earned in France with just one bank card. The Miles & More Gold Mastercard . There are many advantages, including

  • 1 Bonus Mile earned for every 2 euros spent
  • A welcome bonus of 6,000 Miles will be credited directly to your Miles account when you make your first purchase.
  • Travel Accident and Purchase Protection Insurance
  • The possibility of a renewable credit product

The first six months are free, after which the monthly fee is 12 euros. The monthly fee is pretty low for a premium card that comes with a wide range of insurances.

Here is a list of the various fees, including cash withdrawal fees and commissions charged on purchases in and outside the euro zone:

Travel with Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines, SWISS or a Partner

Travel with a lufthansa group member airline.

You can earn Miles & More by flying with Lufthansa Group member airlines:

  • Austrian Airlines
  • Brussels Airlines

When you book a flight with one of these airlines, the following rules apply:

  • Miles = fare x 4 (or x 5 for members with frequent flyer status)

Ticket prices do not include upgrades and other complementary services, such as seat selection or excess baggage.

Travel With a Partner Company

You can also earn Miles & More on partner airlines outside the Lufthansa Group.

Here is the list of Lufthansa’s partner airlines:

  • Aegean Airlines
  • Air Dolomiti
  • Air New Zealand
  • All Nippon Airways
  • Asiana Airlines
  • Cathay Pacific Airways
  • Copa Airlines
  • Croatia Airlines
  • Discover Airlines
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Polish Airlines LOT
  • Olympic Airlines
  • Shenzhen Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • South African Airways
  • TAP Portugal
  • Thai Airways
  • THAI Smile Airways
  • Turkish Airlines

If you book with a partner airline that is not a member of the Lufthansa Group, the number of Miles earned depends on the contract between Lufthansa and the partner.

The scale is generally calculated according to :

  • fixed mileage amounts; or
  • flight distance and booking class.

With the Travel Calculator , you can easily calculate how many Miles and Points you’ll earn for the trip you’re planning or for your existing booking.

Spend in the Miles & More Boutique or With Partners

In addition to airlines, Miles & More partners with hotels, car rental agencies and more.

Partner Hotels

Miles & More has many hotel partners. Depending on the contract, a traveller can earn up to :

  • 1 Mile per USD spent
  • 2 Miles per USD spent
  • 250 Miles per night
  • 1,000 Miles per night
  • 500 Miles per stay

Here is the list of all Miles & More hotel partners:

  • Althoff COLLECTION
  • Best Western Hotels & Resorts
  • H-
  • HRS – Das Hotelportal
  • Hyatt Hotels
  • IHG ® Hotels & Resorts
  • Leonardo Hotels
  • Marriott Bonvoy
  • Meliá Hotels International
  • Rocco Forte Hotels
  • Romantik Hotels & Restaurants
  • Vienna House Easy
  • WorldHotels
  • Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

You can also earn Miles & More when you rent a car from one of these agencies:

  • Airport Driver

Lufthansa Worldshop

Lufthansa offers a shopping portal with Miles & More for every purchase from partners such as Apple, FALKE, JBL, Samsonite, travelite and WMF.

It works in a similar way to other online shopping portals: you log in to the portal, choose the merchant you’re interested in and click on the corresponding link. Here, one euro spent equals 1 Mile.

Using Miles Miles & More

Having explored the Miles & More collection process, let’s now turn our attention to the redemption phase. There are many possibilities, from Reward tickets to upgrades, from stays at partner hotels to items offered in the Worldshop . However, redeeming Miles in the Worldshop is rarely the best use of your points.

The editors recommend using Miles & More Miles for flights. Although this approach is more complex than buying an item in the Worldshop, the added value is considerably higher.

Buy Reward Tickets

Unlike Air France ‘s Flying Blue program, which has no fixed price scale, the Miles & More program follows a specific scale to establish the prices of the various Reward tickets. This is valid for Lufthansa Group airlines, Star Alliance member airlines and Miles & More partner airlines.

Here is the scale for flights departing from Europe:

Business Reward tickets are only valid for flights with Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, Eurowings Discover and SWISS. In contrast, First Reward tickets are only available to HON Circle members and Senators.

For a flight from Paris to Montreal with Air Canada (a Star Alliance member), for example, a round-trip Reward ticket in Economy costs 40,000 Miles & More. To fly in the Business cabin, you must board a Lufthansa aircraft, with a stopover in Munich or Frankfurt.

Take Advantage of Offers on Prime Tickets

Miles & More offers three types of Reward tickets at discount prices:

  • Early Bird Reward tickets
  • Reward Tickets Bargains
  • Fly Smart Reward Tickets

With these Reward tickets, you can book flights with reduced mileage amounts, whether you’re searching at the last minute or planning well in advance.

Promo Reward tickets are non-cancellable and non-exchangeable, while regular Reward tickets benefit from highly flexible pricing conditions.

Early Bird Reward tickets entitle you to a discount of up to 65% on the number of miles required when you book your Economy Class tickets with Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines or SWISS more than 30 days in advance.

Only flights departing from Frankfurt, Geneva , Munich , Vienna or Zurich are eligible for the Early Bird fare. Flights from Paris-Charles de Gaulle are not eligible.

Bonnes Affaires Reward tickets are the equivalent of Promo Reward tickets in Air France ‘s Flying Blue program.

Every month, Miles & More publishes monthly offers enabling you to save up to 50% on the miles required for travel to certain destinations in Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class cabins.

Prime Fly Smart tickets allow you to save up to 50% Miles when you travel at the last minute, up to two weeks after purchase and no later than two days.

Fly Smart reward tickets save 15,000 reward miles on round-trip flights within Europe. In fact, only 20,000 Miles are required instead of the usual 35,000 Miles.

However, certain restrictive conditions apply. A minimum stay of 7 days is required for all Prime Fly Smart tickets exchanged for long-haul flights and, for intra-European Prime Fly Smart flights, the return flight cannot be made before the first Sunday following the outbound flight.

Miles & More Bylaws

Since 2024, the Miles & More program has had four status levels:

Frequent Traveller

Member of the hon circle, how do i get it.

To move up in the Miles & More program, it is essential to accumulate Points, Qualifying Points and HON Circle Points, particularly by flying on an eligible flight with Lufthansa and partner airlines.

The number of Points earned depends on two factors:

  • The travel class
  • Type of flight: continental or intercontinental

For a flight from Geneva to Bangkok in the Business cabin with SWISS, for example, you’ll receive 200 Points, 200 Qualifying Points and 200 HON Circle Points.

To become a status holder, you need to accumulate a certain number of points and Qualifying Points during the qualification period.

  • Frequent Traveller: 650 Points and 325 Qualifying Points
  • Senator: 2,000 Points and 1,000 Qualifying Points
  • HON Circle Member: 6,000 HON Circle Points

The qualification period is one calendar year for all status levels. So, if you obtain or renew your status, it will be valid immediately and will expire at the end of February of the following year. For example, if you reach a new status level in August 2024, it will be valid until the end of February 2026.

What Are the Advantages?

Of course, as with all loyalty programs, the higher the status, the greater the benefits.

Frequent Travellers are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Access to Business lounges
  • Extra luggage

In addition to all the benefits listed above, Senators are entitled to :

  • Two eVouchers (upgrade vouchers) when status is obtained and each time it is renewed
  • Free advance seat reservations
  • Access to Senator and Star Gold lounges

In addition to all the benefits listed above, HON Circle members are entitled to :

  • Four eVouchers (upgrade vouchers) on obtaining status and on each renewal
  • Access to the Lufthansa First Class, SWISS First and Austrian HON Circle Lounge, as well as the Lufthansa First Class Terminal lounge in Frankfurt.

Further Information

How does miles and more work.

Miles and More allows travellers to earn Miles when flying with Lufthansa member airlines or program partners or when using the Miles and More Gold Mastercard.

What are the advantages of Miles and More?

Miles and More benefits include the ability to redeem miles for Reward tickets, upgrades, hotel stays, and other items in the Worldshop. Program members can also access exclusive offers and additional benefits depending on their status.

How can I use my Miles and More Miles?

Miles can be used to purchase Reward tickets, significantly reducing or even eliminating the cost of air travel. They can also be exchanged for upgrades, stays at partner hotels or even the purchase of items in the Worldshop.

How do I redeem Miles and More Miles?

Miles and More Miles are exchanged mainly via the program’s website. Members can access their account online, view their Miles balance, and choose from a range of reward options, such as booking Reward tickets, upgrades or hotel stays.

Who are Miles and More's partners?

Miles & More has 74 partners. These include airlines, hotel chains, car rental companies and shopping chains.

Which airlines are part of Miles & More?

Miles & More has 37 partner airlines. These include airlines belonging to the Lufthansa group, Miles & More partner airlines and Star Alliance member airlines.

What is the Miles and More Gold Mastercard?

The Miles and More Gold Mastercard enables cardholders to earn Miles when they make purchases. It also offers benefits such as travel accident insurance, a purchase guarantee, and months of free membership.

How can I contact Miles and More?

There are two ways to get in touch with Miles & More Customer Service: via the contact form or by telephone weekdays from 8:30 a.m. on +33 1 70 48 91 66 (0.34 euro/minute).

What do our users think of Miles and More?

User reviews on Miles and More are generally positive, praising the varied benefits such as Reward tickets and upgrades. Despite some criticism regarding the availability of rewards, the majority of members appreciate the opportunities offered by the program to maximize their travel experience.

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Lufthansa Customer Service & Help

When traveling with Lufthansa, it is important to know how to access their customer service and support. Lufthansa provides assistance in various areas, including flight information, reservations, lost or damaged luggage, customer relations, and their frequent flyer program. Additionally, Lufthansa offers a mobile app that passengers can download for added convenience.

Contact Information

  • Website:
  • Phone: +1 800-645-3880

Help, Tips, & Info on Airlines and Flying

Beyond the customer service info provided here for Lufthansa airlines (LH) , we have much more information to help guide you on your air travel:

  • Get a comprehensive overview of the world’s airlines , where you can also drill down and see info on specific airlines.
  • To understand the inner workings of LH, read about the corporate structure and Lufthansa's operations .
  • Details on LH Lufthansa baggage fees and restrictions can be found here.
  • Track and status any Lufthansa flights and avoid unexpected delays or flight cancellations.
  • Should you be considering flying on Lufthansa with your pet, consider these restrictions so you’ll be best prepared.
  • Use a third party (or iFly) when doing your flight research. To get the cheapest flights on Lufthansa , you’ll need to see various sources as each can vary considerably.
  • If you have a question about Lufthansa's check-in process , you can ask an agent at the ticketing counter.
  • Want to know what it's going to take and cost to change your flight ticket with LH airlines ? Look no further.

For more details about this airline, including baggage policies, pet policies, and other information, check out the Lufthansa Guide .

Get Lufthansa real-time status info here .

Keep in mind that this information can change at any time, so it is best to check with the official airline website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Find more help here for your journey through the airport

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A Points Collector’s Guide to Lufthansa Miles & More Loyalty Program

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Table of Contents

How to earn Lufthansa Miles & More miles

How to redeem lufthansa miles, lufthansa’s elite status program, what it's like flying on lufthansa airlines, using the lufthansa airlines app, lufthansa’s miles & more, recapped.

As Europe’s second-largest airline, Lufthansa and its subsidiaries own around 700 aircraft and partner with dozens of other airlines that can get you almost anywhere in the world — including in the well-regarded Lufthansa business class.

Whether you're flying to Germany or elsewhere in Europe (or even somewhere else in the world with a stopover in Europe) — and you want to go there for free, you should sign up for Lufthansa’s Miles & More loyalty program . There, you'll collect miles — and joining won't cost you anything aside from handing over your name and a few other personal details such as your email address.

And because Lufthansa is also part of the Star Alliance (which includes major airlines like United Airlines), you can earn and redeem miles through other Star Alliance members for Lufthansa flights or on those partner airlines too. Some elite status benefits carry over.

So if your goal is elite status, free trips to Europe, or both, here’s what a strategic points collector needs to know and understand about Lufthansa Airlines and its loyalty program, Miles & More.

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lufthansa frequent traveller contact

Photo courtesy of Lufthansa.

Flying Lufthansa

Once you join Miles & More, you’ll earn points every time you fly Lufthansa — just supply your member number when you book your flight.

So how many Lufthansa miles do you earn per flight? Figuring out the number of miles you’ll earn for your flight can be a little complicated. Depending on how you booked, you might earn miles based on the amount you paid for your ticket or how far you flew and in what class of service.

If you book a flight on Lufthansa through Lufthansa’s own website, it will tell you how many miles you’ll earn for every euro you pay for your ticket. Then, you’ll have to calculate the total number of miles yourself.

The easiest way to know how many miles you earn per Lufthansa flight is by using the animated calculator on Lufthansa’s website . Answer a few questions about your flight, and the Lufthansa mileage calculator tells you the method Lufthansa will use to pay you miles. Annoyingly for English speakers, the calculator is in German. But there are enough photos that should make the translation easy enough to figure out.

If your German translation skills aren't up for the task, there's also a more basic version of the mileage calculator on Lufthansa's Miles & More app, which is available from the App Store or Google Play.

lufthansa frequent traveller contact

The Lufthansa app has a basic version of its mileage calculator. Photo courtesy of Lufthansa.

Flying partner airlines

You can also earn Lufthansa miles by flying any of its nearly 40 partner airlines, including all 26 Star Alliance members like United , ANA , Turkish Airlines , Air Canada , Singapore Airlines , Brussels Airlines and Egyptair.

To earn Lufthansa miles when flying a partner, provide your Lufthansa Miles & More member number when you're booking. Lufthansa calls your member number a “service number.” This ID can be accessed via your digital service card in the Miles & More App.

If you forget to enter your Miles & More membership number when you book your partner flight, you can also show your digital service card during check-in at the airport to get credited with Lufthansa miles.

» Learn more: Your guide to the Star Alliance

Booking hotels and rental cars

Lufthansa's hotel partners include Hilton Honors , Best Western , IHG and Marriott .

To earn Lufthansa miles through hotel stays at those brands and dozes other, head to the Miles & More website . Select “Earn miles” then navigate to “Hotels.” There, you’ll see multiple ways to earn miles through lodging. After being redirected to a booking engine, log in with your Lufthansa service number and enter your dates and destination. You'll then see the cost of different hotel rooms and how many Lufthansa miles you’ll earn if you book.

Some offers apply to specific hotel groups, like a chance to earn 2 miles per dollar at Holiday Inns or 1,500 miles when staying at Best Westerns.

Rental cars work the same way. Just browse the Earn Miles section of the Miles & More website to see all the ways to earn miles by renting cars. Lufthansa rental car partners include Hertz and Europcar.

You’ll find the widest selection of miles-earning hotels by clicking through to Hotels & Cars by Points.

Spending on a Lufthansa Miles & More Credit Card

Barclaycard Miles & More® World Elite Mastercard®

The fastest way to start building a stash of miles is with the Miles & More® World Elite Mastercard® , issued by Barclays. The card offers a tidy welcome bonus: Earn 50,000 miles if you spend $3,000 in purchases and pay the annual fee, both within the first 90 days. After that, you’ll earn 2 miles per dollar for every purchase from Lufthansa or affiliated airlines and 1 mile per dollar on all other purchases.

After your first purchase with the card, you’ll get a companion ticket that covers the price of airfare (less taxes and fees) for another person accompanying you on an economy class flight on Lufthansa. Then, every account anniversary, you’ll get two passes to Lufthansa Business Lounges, plus another companion ticket.

A few other easy ways to earn Lufthansa miles

Download the Miles & More app: The first time you log in, you’ll get a welcome of 500 bonus miles

Earn miles with books & subscriptions: Get smarter and earn points when you subscribe to the Economist.

Notable ways Lufthansa miles can’t be earned

Unlike other airline frequent flyer programs, there are a few usually-standard ways to earn airline miles that don't apply to Lufthansa.

No other points or miles transfer to Lufthansa. A big drawback of the Lufthansa Miles & More program is that you can’t build up your points balance by converting points from other major programs into Lufthansa miles. This is a rare downside. Many other airlines partner with American Express , Chase or Citi — or with a hotel group like Marriott or Hilton — to let you convert their points into miles or vice versa. No such luck if you’re looking to convert points into Lufthansa miles.

You can’t buy Miles & More miles. With most airlines, if you have almost enough miles for a flight, you can just buy more. Not so with Lufthansa. So if you can’t fly enough, use a credit card enough or stay enough nights in hotels, you’re almost out of ways to get Lufthansa miles.

The number of Miles & More miles you need to book a flight depends on where you’re going and when.

Fly Lufthansa

If you’re flying Lufthansa, you can see in advance how many miles you’ll need by using its handy award calculator .

Select “Spend miles” then enter your trip details.

lufthansa frequent traveller contact

You’ll then see how many miles you’ll need for the flight in economy, business or first class, one way or round trip. Scroll down a little farther and you’ll see how many miles you need to upgrade to business or first class .

Fly a partner airline

It’s even easier to use your Lufthansa miles to fly a partner airline, as Lufthansa publishes a chart showing exactly how many miles you need to get where you’re going.

For example, if you’re in North America and want to fly to India on one of Lufthansa’s partners, just follow the chart to see you’ll need 100,000 miles for a round trip in economy, 192,000 miles for the same route in business class or 302,000 in first class.

lufthansa frequent traveller contact

Use Lufthansa miles to pay fees for some European award flights

Fees, taxes and surcharges on otherwise “free” award flights are famously frustrating and sometimes expensive. Usually, there’s no way around them, but if you’re flying a Lufthansa award flight within Europe and have an extra 15,000 miles, you can use them instead of cash to pay all fees and surcharges. Just add 15,000 miles to the award price of your ticket and you’ll pay $0 out of pocket for the flight.

Because fees and taxes can vary, so can the value of this points redemption option. But when the out-of-pocket costs for your flight are high, this could be a welcome benefit.

Other ways to redeem Lufthansa miles

Hotel stays: At the Hotels & Cars by Points website, you can search for hotels all over the world that you can book with Lufthansa miles.

Rental cars: Also at the Hotels & Cars by Points website, search for rental cars you can pay for with miles.

Gift cards: Trade miles for gift cards from three dozen big-name merchants including Target, Walmart, Starbucks and Gap, with some starting at 3,000 Miles & More miles.

lufthansa frequent traveller contact

Miles & More members can attain elite status at one of three levels, depending how much you fly the airline.

The three elite status tiers of Miles & More are:

Frequent Traveller: Accumulate 35,000 status miles or fly 30 segments in a year.

Senator: Accumulate 100,000 status miles in a calendar year.

HON Circle: Accumulate 600,000 HON Circle miles over the course of two years.

At every level, you enjoy perks like more miles earned for every qualifying flight, but more perks pile on as you climb the status ladder. Here's what you need to know about each tier of Lufthansa elite status:

Lufthansa Frequent Traveller status

How to earn Lufthansa Frequent Traveller status: Accumulate 35,000 status miles or fly 30 segments in a year.

Top benefits:

Business-class check-in.

Access to the Business Lounge.

Higher baggage allowance.

Miles don’t expire.

You’ll also earn higher waiting list priority, Star Alliance Silver Status and access to a service hotline.

Lufthansa Senator status

How to earn Lufthansa Senator status: Accumulate 100,000 status miles.

Top benefits (in addition to all of the Frequent Traveller benefits):

First-class check-in.

Access to Senator Lounges and Star Alliance Gold Lounges.

Two upgrade vouchers.

Senators likewise have access to booking guarantees up to 48 hours before departure, mileage advances, Star Alliance Gold status, increased flight award availability and higher waiting list priority.

Lufthansa HON Circle

How to earn Lufthansa HON Circle status: Accumulate 600,000 HON Circle miles over the course of two years.

Top benefits (in addition to all of the Senator benefits):

Access to First Class Lounges and First Class Terminals.

Limousine transfer service.

Free Senator status for your spouse or partner.

Six upgrade vouchers.

Members also receive 50% reduction on flight awards for your companion, a 24-hour service line in selected markets, booking guarantees up to 24 hours before departure, the highest waiting-list priority and the best flight award availability.

lufthansa frequent traveller contact

A Lufthansa first class cabin. Photo courtesy of Lufthansa.

Lufthansa is generally considered one of the higher-end airlines out there.

The four Lufthansa cabins

When you fly Lufthansa, you have four types of cabin options, which are:

Lufthansa economy.

Lufthansa premium economy.

Lufthansa business class.

Lufthansa first class.

Even in economy class, passengers are served a 3-course meal. On long-haul flights, the wide seat cushions measure over 40 cm, headrests are adjustable and there are seat back screens with complimentary entertainment. And as you progress in fare type up to first class, the amenities increase.

lufthansa frequent traveller contact

Lufthansa first class passengers get valet parking service for rental or private cars at the Frankfurt and Munich airports, a personal assistant and — depending on your flight — first Class limousine service for routes boarding at Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Geneva or Vienna. Passengers in first class also get lounge access.

Lufthansa fare types

Within the service class you book comes different vary options. Within those cabin classes, fare types include iterations of "Classic," "Flex" and "Saver," which function pretty much as they sound. Saver fares can be cheaper but have more limitations than, say, Flex fares.

Generally speaking, the cheapest Lufthansa fare type is Economy Basic. While it allows you to rebook without a fee, you'll owe the fare difference if your new flight is more expensive. Refunds are not possible.

For more flexibility, opt for Economy Flex, which allows for refunds without a fee (as is common with many other airlines).

Green fares: If you want to pay a little more in an effort to help the environment, you can opt for a Green Fare. When you book one of these (more expensive) fares, Lufthansa promises that it will reduce 20% of flight-related CO emissions by the use of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and offset the remaining 80% of the CO emissions by an equivalent contribution to climate protection projects. 

Green Fares are not booked as extras, but rather are independent and directly bookable fares alongside the other fare types. When you book Economy Green and Business Green fares, you get the same exact benefits of the Economy Classic or Business Saver fare, but with more flexible rebooking options and an extra 20% status and award miles on European routes.

Europe fares: Lufthansa also sells “Europe fares” for flights operated by Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and SWISS within Europe. These fares offer three levels of economy-class fares (light, classic or flex) and are designed to allow customers to only pay for the services they want to use.

Places where Lufthansa flies

Lufthansa is the flag carrier of Germany, with corporate headquarters in Cologne. Lufthansa serves nearly 80 countries, and within them it serves more than 200 destinations (about two dozen of which are in the U.S.).

U.S. routes: Lufthansa flies into about two dozen U.S. airports that span the entire country. Beyond New York-JFK and Los Angeles (LAX), you can also fly Lufthansa from smaller cities like Tampa (TPA) and Charlotte (CLT).

lufthansa frequent traveller contact

When flying Lufthansa, it can be helpful to download the Lufthansa app, which is available from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

You can use it to book (or adjust reservations), to get real-time updates on your flight, and to receive offers. Its got virtual check-in features to help you avoid lines at the airport.

There's also a digital wallet inside, making it easier for inflight purchases.

Of course, use it to scan your Lufthansa boarding pass, and avoid the need to worry about a paper boarding pass.

lufthansa frequent traveller contact

Lufthansa’s Miles & More frequent flyer program is not without its pitfalls. The fact that you can’t get miles by transferring any other currency is rare and, for some travelers, renders the whole loyalty program useless.

But if you travel Lufthansa or any of its nearly 40 partners regularly, signing up for Miles & More lets you earn miles redeemable for flights anywhere Lufthansa or its partners fly. You can also use the miles to pay for hotels, rental cars or even gift cards.

If you're deciding whether or not Lufthansa's loyalty program is right for you, look at the partner redemption chart to see how many miles you'll need to get where you want to go, or use the tool to look up long-haul flights in Lufthansa business or first class. Then, consider the ways you could earn enough miles by signing up for the credit card, flying, staying in hotels or renting cars. If your earning potential outweighs the cost of the flight in miles, joining this loyalty program can make a lot of sense.

lufthansa frequent traveller contact

One of Lufthansa's Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. Photo courtesy of Lufthansa.

How to maximize your rewards

You want a travel credit card that prioritizes what’s important to you. Here are some of the best travel credit cards of 2024 :

Flexibility, point transfers and a large bonus: Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

No annual fee: Bank of America® Travel Rewards credit card

Flat-rate travel rewards: Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

Bonus travel rewards and high-end perks: Chase Sapphire Reserve®

Luxury perks: The Platinum Card® from American Express

Business travelers: Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card

On a similar note...

lufthansa frequent traveller contact

Lufthansa Group will offer the simplest Frequent flyer program ever

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  • Point system for frequent flyer status easy to understand allowing more transparency.
  • In future, Frequent Traveller and Senator status will be granted for life for long-term loyalty.
  • All changes apply to flights from 1 January 2021.
  • The allocation of award miles remains unchanged.

The Lufthansa Group is simplifying its status program and offering its customers an even easier and more transparent collection system for achieving and maintaining Frequent Traveller, Senator and HON Circle levels. Loyalty towards Lufthansa Group airlines will be rewarded to a greater extent than ever before. In the future, the airlines will also be appointing their guests Frequent Traveller and Senator for life in recognition of their long-standing loyalty. All changes to the status programme will apply to flights from 1 January 2021 and onwards.

"We want to value the loyalty of our frequent flyers even more," says Markus Binkert, CCO Hub Munich & Senior Vice President Marketing. "In the future, we will be offering the most attractive and simplest frequent flyer programme ever. Our loyalty programme also reflects our new, modern understanding of premium travel.”

An overview of the main changes starting in 2021:

Points system replaces status miles

Today's diversity of variously defined so-called miles will be significantly reduced. In addition to the award miles for their flight, guests will receive points instead of the current status and HON Circle miles. The amount of points that can be earned on a flight will only depend on two criteria: the travel class and whether the flight is continental or intercontinental.

Frequent flyer status for loyal customers

As before, points can be earned on all Star Alliance airlines, including status miles. In order to reach the frequent flyer level as a Frequent Traveller or Senator, a share of flights with Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS or the Miles & More partner air-lines Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, Adria Airways, Air Dolomiti, Croatia Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines or Luxair will be required in future. This means that half of the required points must be flown with these airlines. As before, frequent flyers qualify to become HON Circle Members exclusively by flying with the above-mentioned airlines. Unlike in the past, it is also possible to collect points for qualifying as a HON Circle Member with Economy Class and Premium Economy Class flights.

Frequent traveller and senator for life

In the future, long-time frequent flyers will be appointed Frequent Traveller and Senator for life. The basis for this is the sum of all points collected on flights operated by Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS and Miles & More airline partners. The lifetime Senator status also requires the guest to have been a Senator or HON Circle Member for ten calendar years.

Collection period and term

In the future, the status duration will be valid for at least one year up to a maximum of 26 months. The time period to collect the required points for all frequent flyer levels is one calendar year.

The Miles & More bonus programme remains unchanged. Award miles are miles that can be earned in everyday life or on journeys for flights, rental cars, hotel stays and much more and then redeemed for non-cash awards or services.

Further information, a detailed overview of the new points system and a point calculator can be found at .

Simple Flying

Lufthansa miles & more: what are the hidden perks.

Here's a look at some of the advantages of holding status with Miles and More.

The Different Ways To Spend Lufthansa Miles & More Points

Miles & more.

After covering earning miles, spending miles, and the different status tiers, we arrive at the final installment of our Miles & More directory: the hidden perks. Indeed, the program makes sure that its members have some of the best benefits when it comes to their own flights and those in the Lufthansa Group. Here's what you need to know.

First class and other award inventory

There's nothing like redeeming your miles for a journey in Lufthansa or SWISS ' first class cabins. However, the airline is a bit restrictive in opening award tickets to its partners, doing so only 15 days to a month in advance. Miles & More members don't get that treatment though, they can book first class the minute bookings open, which is one year in advance.

Members also pay a fairly reasonable rate of 90,000 miles one-way from Europe to North America, although there are some high taxes attached as well. You can read more about the miles needed for every award in our spending guide here .

From a private terminal to first class lounges to chauffeur transfers to your aircraft, first class on Lufthansa is an experience all frequent flyers want to tick off at least once, and with Miles & More, you have the chance to do so a lot faster.

Lounge access from Silver onward

To access lounges in the Star Alliance, you'll need Gold status with any one member. However, Lufthansa allows it's Silver/Frequent Traveller members to access business class lounges operated by Lufthansa, SWISS, LOT Polish, Austrian, and select Star Alliance partners as well, as long as you flying with Lufthansa Group airline or a Miles & More affiliate like LOT.

This can be a huge benefit for those who frequently travel in economy or premium economy and getting to Frequent Traveller isn't too hard with a few full-fare tickets on long-haul flights.

Find out more about points and miles with our loyalty guides here.

Take advantage of the regional map

Miles & More's regional chart means there are plenty of 'sweet spot' redemptions. For instance, you could fly United's valuable transcontinental routes in Polaris business class for just 30,000 points one-way since it's within North America. Think New York to San Francisco or Toronto to Vancouver on Air Canada, all with less than $50 in taxes.

Get the latest aviation news straight to your inbox: Sign up for our newsletters today.

Similarly, you can get from Hawaii to the Far East (Japan, China, and South Korea) in business for just 35,000 miles in business class one-way. Or, you can experience a long-haul trip from North America to Oceania (Australia and New Zealand) for just 71,000 points in business class one-way.

Two year status

One unique fact about the Miles & More program is that it is one of the only major programs to award status for two full years, starting the day you qualify. So instead of comparing the requirements to other loyalty schemes, see how much you would need to earn for two years with that program, and Miles & More might start to make more sense quickly.

What other perks have you found with Lufthansa's Miles & More? Let us know in the comments!

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No matter whether you want to work or just relax: the time until your flight passes in the most pleasurable way imaginable in an Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS, LOT Polish Airlines or Star Alliance partner/s lounge.

There is no better place to wait

You can enjoy a range of special facilities and services not only in our First Class Lounges but also in our Senator and Business Lounges. Depending on the lounge type, these include:

delicious food

a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

somewhere to sleep

numerous international newspapers and magazines

Find a lounge

Use our Lounge Finder to find out the status required for access to the different lounges. You can also use it to find out about the services offered, opening times and the exact location of the lounge in question in the airport.

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    Frequent Traveller. Frequent Traveller is the lowest tier of Miles & More status, but it still has some solid benefits. You'll have access to Lufthansa Business Class lounges when flying on Lufthansa Group and Star Alliance carriers. You're also eligible for business class check-in, one extra checked bag, and other Star Alliance Silver benefits.

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    Lufthansa's Miles & More frequent flyer program allows travellers worldwide to maximize their travel experience by using miles. These can be used as currency to obtain various benefits, such as Reward tickets, upgrades and hotel stays. Membership of the Miles & More program is free and accessible online.

  10. Earn miles and Points

    To earn Miles and Points with Miles & More, register for free and set up a profile. You can then earn Miles and Points on flights. You'll also earn miles on travel and daily purchases, as well as when using your credit card. Redeem the miles you've earned for awards, and make your dreams come true. With Points, you can achieve frequent ...

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    Lufthansa's Miles & More is one of the largest frequent flyer programs in Europe, used exclusively by eight airlines, including Austrian, SWISS, LOT Polish, and other Lufthansa Group carriers. The program boasts over 36.5 million members around the globe, with bases in Europe's biggest airports, such as Frankfurt, Munich, and Warsaw.

  12. Senator status

    With the Lufthansa Group, co-issuing Miles & More airline partners and Star Alliance Airlines. ... Compare all benefits and advantages of three frequent flyer statuses: Frequent Traveller, Senator or HON Circle Member. ... Please contact the Miles & More Team to continue. Telephone Address. Contact by telephone Your local Miles & More Service ...

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    Lufthansa Customer Service & Help. When traveling with Lufthansa, it is important to know how to access their customer service and support. Lufthansa provides assistance in various areas, including flight information, reservations, lost or damaged luggage, customer relations, and their frequent flyer program.

  14. Lufthansa Miles & More Loyalty Program Guide

    How to earn Lufthansa Frequent Traveller status: ... But if you travel Lufthansa or any of its nearly 40 partners regularly, signing up for Miles & More lets you earn miles redeemable for flights ...

  15. The Different Tiers Of Lufthansa Group's Miles & More Program

    Current. The Different Tiers Of Lufthansa Group's Miles & More Program. Miles & More is Europe's largest loyalty program by a few metrics, most notably the number of airlines. Operated by the Lufthansa Group, the frequent flyer program is shared by SWISS, Austrian, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, and Lufthansa, as well as LOT Polish and Luxair.

  16. Lufthansa Group will offer the simplest Frequent flyer program ever

    Point system for frequent flyer status easy to understand allowing more transparency.In future, Frequent Traveller and Senator status will be granted for life for long-term loyalty.All changes apply to flights from 1 January 2021.The allocation of award miles remains unchanged.

  17. Travelling as Frequent Flyer

    Until then, we have published answers to your most important questions on "Frequent Flyer travel" here. As a HON Circle Member or Senator, do I still have a booking guarantee 24 / 48 hours prior to departure?

  18. Lufthansa rolls out lifetime Senator & Frequent Traveller status

    Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines will revamp their shared Miles & More frrequent flyer program from 1 January 2021, and are baiting the hook with the lure of lifetime status in the Frequent Traveller and Senator tiers, which respectively equate to Star Alliance Silver and Gold.. To begin with, Miles & More will drop its measurement of status miles for a points-based system which is ...

  19. Benefits for frequent flyers compared

    Frequent Traveller, Senator or HON Circle Member - as a frequent flyer, you enjoy a wide variety of benefits. ... Only with First Class ticket (Lufthansa/SWISS flights) Regardless of travel class (Air Dolomiti, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Lufthansa City, SWISS) ... You can find the precise service operating hours at "Help and Contact".

  20. Lufthansa Miles & More: What Are The Hidden Perks?

    However, Lufthansa allows it's Silver/Frequent Traveller members to access business class lounges operated by Lufthansa, SWISS, LOT Polish, Austrian, and select Star Alliance partners as well, as long as you flying with Lufthansa Group airline or a Miles & More affiliate like LOT.

  21. Loyalty is rewarded: Lifetime status

    Achieving Frequent Traveller Lifetime or Senator Lifetime status via Status Stars points. The basis for achieving Lifetime status is the sum total of all Qualifying Points that you earn over the years on flights with Lufthansa Group airlines and co-issuing Miles & More airline partners. Naturally, your existing status membership will be taken ...

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