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Greenland Small Group Tours

Uncover new and exciting adventures in Greenland by taking part in our small group tours. Go sightseeing at your own pace surrounded by travellers like you. Provided by top tour operators & travel companies, our small group tours in Greenland will offer you the perfect balance between spending time on your own and group activities. View all small group tours .

22 Greenland small group tours with 4 reviews

South Greenland Grand Adventure - 8 Days Tour

  • Hiking & Trekking

South Greenland Grand Adventure - 8 Days

Arctic Villages Tour

  • Mountain Hikes

Arctic Villages

The Icedfjord Trek Tour

The Icedfjord Trek

Wonders of Greenland (from Iceland) Tour

Wonders of Greenland (from Iceland)

This was an experience of a lifetime. Challenging but very rewarding.

Exclusive Adventure (from Denmark) Tour

Exclusive Adventure (from Denmark)

Between Icebergs and Glaciers Tour

Between Icebergs and Glaciers

Trek from Karale Fjord to Tasilaq Fjord Tour

Trek from Karale Fjord to Tasilaq Fjord

Wonders of Greenland (from Denmark) Tour

  • Food & Culinary
  • In-depth Cultural

Wonders of Greenland (from Denmark)

Exclusive Adventure (from Iceland) Tour

Exclusive Adventure (from Iceland)

Kayak and Ice Trekking Expedition (from Iceland) Tour

Kayak and Ice Trekking Expedition (from Iceland)

Kayak and Ice Trekking Expedition (from Denmark) Tour

Kayak and Ice Trekking Expedition (from Denmark)

South Greenland Explorer (from Denmark) Tour

South Greenland Explorer (from Denmark)

South Greenland Explorer (from Iceland) Tour

South Greenland Explorer (from Iceland)

Kayak and Ice Trekking Expedition 2 weeks (from Iceland) Tour

Kayak and Ice Trekking Expedition 2 weeks (from Iceland)

Northern Lights (from Iceland) Tour

  • Northern Lights

Northern Lights (from Iceland)

Reviews of small group tours to greenland.

This is an amazing tour, exploring the world largest island. I am the oldest in the group of young dudes from different parts of the globe. Being an old bloke in the group it’s not easy. Traversing and maneuvering the parched land of Greenland and trekking the icecap…whoa! that’s incredible to feat. Our tour expert Eva is amazing, she walks and talks with full of energy. She knows the area well enough that she could explain with gusto. If you’re looking for comfort tour, this is not for you. Transportation…majority by foot and speed boat. The group of ten bonded together. We’d amazing swaddled moments together. Sleeping in a tent in the middle of nowhere, very very cold, making pee in the middle of the night walking few hundred feet groping in the dark if no flashlight…that was fun, good luck if you trip. Eating our lunch anyplace, anywhere but place good enough to rest and eat. The only issue I’d was buying a few minutes of WiFi to use that didn’t work, waste of money. I want to write more but it’ll be a book….Anyway, thanks to the Tasermiut Tour team but Eva takes the lion’s share.

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Tours in Greenland

greenland group travel

Autumn and Northern Lights in Greenland

greenland group travel

Spring and the Midnight Sun in Greenland

greenland group travel

Greenland from South to North

greenland group travel

Our Ultimate Greenland Trip

greenland group travel

Nuuk and Ilulissat, Cruise along the West Coast

greenland group travel

Dog Sledding, Igloo Lodge and Northern Lights in Ilulissat

greenland group travel

Unique Round Tour of Disko Bay

greenland group travel

Ilulissat and Ilimanaq + KOKS 2 Star Michelin restaurant

greenland group travel

Disko Island, Icebergs and Eqi Glacier

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Your Greenland Travel Agency

Discover one of the last untamed wildernesses when you visit Greenland, home to towering icebergs and vast landscapes. Explore with the help of your dedicated consultant at Nordic Visitor, a top Greenland travel agency. Leave the planning to us and expect personal service and 24/7 support.

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Top Greenland Travel Ideas

Explore the rugged beauty of Greenland with these tours and activities.

Iceberg Boat Tours

Sail glacial waters and coves of floating ice.

Experience Inuit culture

Meet and learn from Greenlandic locals.

Discover Iceland & Greenland

Explore two great islands full of natural attractions and hidden surprises.

Hike nature trails

Take a self-guided trek to beautiful locations.

Experience Greenland

We've combined the very best routes, sights and activities so that all you need to do is explore and take in the Greenlandic views.

Icefjord Adventure

Above the arctic circle, from vikings to icebergs, the islands of fire & ice - iceland & greenland, our greenland tour reviews.

Find out what our valued customers thought of their Greenland adventures, and which activities and areas they loved the most.

Susan United States

Thank you for a wonderful experience. We are already working with our travel consultant to book a return trip to... read more

Thank you for a wonderful experience. We are already working with our travel consultant to book a return trip to Greenland!

William and Betty United States

Because it was necessary to change the dates of the Extra Services (cultural walks/boat trips/etc) of our prepaid... read more

Because it was necessary to change the dates of the Extra Services (cultural walks/boat trips/etc) of our prepaid tour; we were not adequately dressed for the boat trip thru the icebergs. This was only due to time limitations after arriving from our Iceland flight. Otherwise, everything was wonderful; especially our beautiful view at Hotel Artic!!!!! Erlas Sonja was very nice to work with; we had no issues with any vouchers. Many thanks for making our adventure to Greenland a truly memorable and treasured trip. Our experience was a very positive one. Got your contact from an article in International Travel News written by someone we had met on a trip to Svalbard with several years earlier.

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Trust our travel consultants to organise and book your epic Greenland expedition. They’ve taken the same journeys and cruises that you will, and only create travel experiences with trusted guides and hotels, so you can expect first-rate services throughout your expertly crafted tour.

Quick Greenland Facts

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Why Choose Us

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Trusted local travel experts

Established in 2002, Nordic Visitor is a travel agency that creates unforgettable travel experiences across the Nordics. Using the knowledge and expertise of our travel specialists, we create and organise tours that will leave you with amazing memories to take home.

Tripadvisor great reviews icon

Great reviews

Nordic Visitor is dedicated to the best service quality, and this is reflected year after year when TripAdvisor awards us with their Certificate of Excellence . We also take great pride in our customer feedback: 97% of our travellers say they would recommend us to friends and family.

Guarantee shield icon

Value for money

Book your tour with us and not only will you save time and effort, you’ll also travel in confidence, knowing that your expertly made itinerary is booked with trusted guides and hotels. By choosing Nordic Visitor, you’re guaranteed high-quality service on your exclusive travel package.

Hassle free thumb up icon

Hassle-free experience

We take care of all the details and practicalities for you, such as organising round-trip flights from Reykjavik to Ilulissat, and booking comfortable hotels to stay in. On your tour, you’ll always be in the know, thanks to a comprehensive itinerary with any additional extras you’ve requested.

Customise tours icon

Flexible travel options

Whether you want to explore Greenland by foot and hike beautiful trails, or sail across glacier-filled coastlines, we have a tour for you. With your chosen itinerary planned and attractions booked, you have the freedom to explore as you please.

Secure payments lock icon

Full financial protection

With Nordic Visitor, you have peace of mind knowing your holiday arrangements with us are 100% financially protected. Your payments are safeguarded as we comply with European Union laws on Package Travel regulations. This guarantees you a refund in the unlikely event that the company experiences insolvency.

Different ways to explore Greenland

Whether a whale watching voyage or a summer hiking adventure is at the top of your to-do list, we have the ideal package for you.

Arctic Voyages

Partially guided tours, summer in greenland, experience midnight sun, whale watching, greenland highlights.

Experience an exciting Greenland vacation and release your inner explorer. You’ll see rare Arctic wildlife, vast tundras and exceptional icy sea views. The world’s largest island has much to offer, and you could soon…

  • Sail the Greenlandic coast on a guided boat tour to see the towering Eqi Glacier in all its glory
  • Let the midnight sun light up your long summer nights in the historic town of Sisimiut
  • Take a whale watching voyage from Ilulissat and see one of nature’s great wonders
  • Explore the capital of Greenland, Nuuk , a charming seafront town
  • Discover the UNESCO World Heritage site Ilulissat Icefjord, with views overlooking the picturesque Disko Bay
  • Enjoy a trip to Greenland’s Katuaq Cultural Centre , where you can attend local artist exhibitions and concerts
  • Experience local life on a trip to Kalaaliaraq Market where seafood and other local specialities are on sale
  • Hike the beautiful Sermermiut valley and enjoy endless sea views

Frequently Asked Questions About Greenland

If you're thinking of visiting Greenland, you might have a few questions. For your convenience we’ve collected the most commonly asked ones below. You can also find more detailed booking and payment information on our general FAQ page .

1. Is Greenland a country?

Greenland is an autonomous country that’s part of the Kingdom of Denmark. It’s self-governing and has representatives within Denmark's parliament.

2. What continent is Greenland on?

Greenland is technically part of the North American continent, but culturally and politically it is closer to Europe.

3. How big is Greenland?

Greenland is the world's largest island and it covers an estimated 2.17 million square kilometres (836,330 square miles) of land.

4. Who discovered Greenland?

The first recorded settlement of Greenland was by Erik Thorvaldsson, or “Erik the Red”. A Norse explorer, he was exiled from Iceland and journeyed North West with his family, looking for a new home. He eventually discovered Greenland in 982.

5. Why is Greenland called Greenland?

Despite its name, around 80% of the country is covered by an enormous ice sheet, meaning it’s more white and blue than green. According to Norse sagas, Greenland’s founder Erik Thorvaldsson named it to attract more people to live there, and not as an accurate description.

Find out more fun facts about Greenland in our blog.

6. What is the population of Greenland?

Greenland has a population of around 56,000, of which 88% majority are Greenlandic Inuit.

7. Who lives in Greenland?

Greenland is inhabited by Greenlandic Inuits and Danes.

8. What language do they speak in Greenland?

Greenlandic is the official language, with Kalaallisut (West Greenlandic) being the standard dialect. There are also different dialects spoken in North, South and East Greenland. Danish and English are also commonly spoken.

9. What is the capital of Greenland?

An important seat of government, tourism and finance, Nuuk is the capital city of Greenland.

10. What to do in Greenland?

One of the most requested activities is to see the local wildlife, with day trips to spot whales and polar bears available in Greenland. Of course, these tours cannot guarantee viewings but they are led by experienced locals who know the land and sea.

Another animal-orientated activity is dog sledding. On these guided day tours, you get to meet a pack of huskies before they pull you along on your sled and speed through the stunning countryside.

Hiking is also a popular activity with visitors to Greenland, many of whom decide to trek the well-known Arctic Circle Trail between Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut.

Greenland’s towns and cities also have their charms and a visit to the capital Nuuk is not to be missed, with colourful houses, mountainous scenery, museums and galleries to discover.

Taking a voyage to Greenland’s floating glaciers and ice caps is on most visitors' “must-do” list. You’ll get to experience serene sea views and immense icebergs that will take your breath away.

To experience the best of Greenland’s activities and attractions, we recommend visiting in the summer months. If you have your heart set on seeing the northern lights, we'd recommend a trip to Iceland , Lapland or Northern Norway instead.

Find out what to expect in Greenland by reading about Hilmar’s arctic expedition .

11. What's the temperature in Greenland?

Depending on when you visit and the area you explore, temperatures in Greenland can vary from a chilly -50 °C (-58 °F) in the winter to an average of 10 °C (50 °F) during the summer.

12. Do you need a visa to travel to Greenland?

Depending on where you’re visiting from, you may need a visa to visit Greenland. If you have a British, American, Australian, New Zealand or Canadian passport then you won’t need a visa.

However, if you’re from a country that requires a visa to enter Denmark, then you you’ll need to apply for one as Greenland is part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Please keep in mind, Greenland is not part of the EU, so EU regulations on free movement do not apply.

13. How can I fly to Greenland?

The easiest way to fly to Greenland is via Iceland or Denmark, where you can take a domestic plane to Nuuk or Ilulissat. Keep in mind that when you book a Nordic Visitor package tour to Greenland, your round-trip flights from Iceland to Greenland are included in the tour and organised for you, saving you the bother of booking and coordinating it all yourself.

14. How much luggage can I bring on my flight to Greenland?

On your flight from Iceland to Greenland, you’ll be allowed a checked bag and a carry-on. Your hand luggage should be a maximum of 8 kilograms (17 pounds). Your checked bag should be a max of 20 kg (44 lbs).

15. How much is a trip to Greenland?

You can find the price of your Greenland tour by adding your departure dates to the calendar. Please bear in mind though that, due to the limited availability of flights to Greenland, there might be a supplement charged.

16. Can I choose the arrival date?

Yes, you can choose your arrival date. However, due to limited domestic flights between Iceland and Greenland, we recommend that you book your package from the available dates online to ensure a seamless journey to and from Greenland.

17. How much can I customise my tour?

We can only customise certain aspects for you as dates are limited. You’re able to add nights in Iceland before or after your trip to Greenland, or you can combine your tour with another destination such as Iceland or Denmark. This is why it would be better for you to look through packages, and decide which would best suit your travel wish list.

18. When should I book my flight tickets?

We recommend that you look over flights for timings and dates, but hold off purchasing until you’ve booked your preferred tour and received confirmation from your dedicated travel consultant. Once you’ve had your tour secured, you should then choose and pay for your flights.

Why? Once you’ve been introduced to your travel consultant, you’ll have all the information you need to make informed choices on timings. This is especially important as flights to Greenland are limited. If you have any questions, you can always contact us for booking advice.

19. How should I dress for Greenland?

The weather in Greenland is changeable, so we advise that you prepare for it by dressing and packing sensibly. Day to day, we suggest you wear good walking boots, plenty of thermal woolly layers, and waterproof trousers and coat. Don’t forget to bring a warm hat, socks and gloves as well. These are especially important as temperatures can drop suddenly and you’ll want your extremities to be protected from the cold.

Here’s a basic list of what to bring on your Greenland holiday:

  • Fleece jacket/lightweight wool sweater
  • Rainproof/windproof jacket
  • Waterproof trousers
  • Sturdy walking shoes with a good tread/grip
  • Hat (toque/beanie)
  • Thermal underwear
  • Waterproof hiking boots
  • For icy areas, you may want to bring ice cleats, ice grips or anti-slip soles  

About Nordic Visitor Tours

Established in 2002, Nordic Visitor is a leading travel agency and tour operator that creates unforgettable experiences for travellers. We’re passionate about providing you with stellar service and a tour that will leave you with amazing memories to last a lifetime. Reasons to choose us include:

  • Personal itinerary: know exactly where you’re going each day, how you're getting there and what attractions you’ll see.
  • Quality checked accommodation: wherever you stay is guaranteed to be tried and tested for comfort and quality, so you can enjoy a great night’s rest.
  • Travel expertise: enjoy your stay in the knowledge that all tours are designed with local insight, and include hidden gem attractions.
  • 24/7 helpline: a Nordic Visitor representative is always available.

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Destination must-sees.

Greenland Must See 1

Known as the “Iceberg Capital,” the town of Ilulissat translates to the Greenlandic word for “iceberg.” Nearby is the Ilulissat Icefjord, containing icebergs produced by the Sermeq Kujalleq Glacier. This single Icefjord produces the most icebergs outside of Antarctica, but only a total of 10% of Greenland’s icebergs are created here. This Icefjord was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2004.

Greenland Must See 2

Disko Bay is located on the west coast of Greenland and is within the Arctic Circle. Surrounded by a breathtaking natural landscape, take in towering basalt mountains and patches of greenery on the sloping hills. Admire the frosty glaciers scattered throughout the water and dock in Qeqertarsuaq, known as “The Big Island.” Disko Bay is also home to the famous Eqip Sermia Glacier.

Greenland Must See 3


Glide along the icy waters of the Kangerlussuaq Fjord and take in the snowcapped mountains jutting up out of the tundra. Admire the breathtaking blend of natural beauty through a mix of grassy flatlands and glacial peaks. Over 100 miles long, this massive waterway is one of the main crossroads of Greenland. In Greenlandic, the fjord’s name actually translates to “big fjord.”

Greenland Must See 4

Home to around 100 people, Itilleq is a remote settlement that pays tribute to its Inuit ancestors. Residents make their living hunting, fishing, and trapping. Take in the picturesque village on foot to get a firsthand feel of what life would be like with only the basic necessities. The town strives to preserve their unique heritage and cultural traditions.

Destination Must-Dos

Greenland Must Do 1

Witness the calving of Eqip Sermia Glacier

Stretching over three miles wide, the Eqip Sermia Glacier is one of the most active glaciers in Greenland. Watch as blankets of melting ice slide off the glacier and thunder into the frigid water below. Listen to the booming crash when the air pressure is released, echoing monstrously into the still air. Get close to the glacier to safely take in the shades of white and blue.

Greenland Must Do 2

Enjoy a kaffemik

Feel like a local when you participate in a kaffemik, a traditional celebratory gathering that features coffee, dessert, dancing, and music. In Greenlandic, the name kaffemik translates to "via coffee." Get an inside look at the local community and allow the welcoming lifestyle to embrace you. Warm up with a comforting cup of coffee and join in on the cozy celebration.

Greenland Must Do 3

Tour Sisimiut

In the town of Sisimiut, wooden homes dot the hillsides, a rainbow of vibrant colors that contrast with the surrounding white snow. This area has been inhabited for over 4,500 years and features a quaint blend of historical and modern life. Sisimiut is home to around 5,400 citizens, making it the second-largest city in Greenland. Tour the historic Colonial Quarter, Sisimiut Museum, and the iconic Blue Church.

Greenland Must Do 4

From valleys to hills, Greenland offers some of the best hiking trails in the Arctic Circle. Admire icy waterways and picturesque mountains as you venture along the road less traveled. Strap on your best pair of hiking boots and start climbing – the views will undoubtedly be worth it.

Expert Advice


Make sure to bring a camera to Greenland because the natural landscape offers incredible shots around every corner. From breathtaking hikes to up-close looks at icebergs, you’ll want to capture every moment of your trip.

Greenland expert 2

Be prepared to wake up early most days to watch the sun rise over the glaciers and fjords. Due to Greenland’s northern location, daylight appears to last longer in this area so you can make the most of your day.

Greenland Expert 3

Whale watching is a must when in Greenland. From humpback to minke, many different types of whales call Greenland their home. Keep an eye out for these large mammals when they are surfacing.

Featured Tours to Greenland

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Visit Greenland

Explore Greenland

In the spotlight.

' title=

Greenland's Flora

Even in the towns, you don’t have to go far before you find yourself in the middle of wild Arctic nature.

' title=

Sailing is a way of life for Greenlanders, and we are proud to share with you one of our most favorite activities.

' title=

5 Top Tips for Photographing the Midnight Sun

Don’t miss out on this expert advice from local photographer Vagn Hansen. Here he shares his top tips for getting the best shot of the midnight sun.

Celebrating Our Achievements

Receive inspiring stories and news from Greenland via email.

Destinations in Greenland

Explore outdoor and nature activities, cultural experiences, hunting and fishing activities, coastal sailings and cruises in Greenland.

' title=

Capital Region

South Greenland

East Greenland

The National Park


Destination Arctic Circle

Visit Greenland

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greenland group travel

greenland group travel

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Greenland Tours & Travel Packages

Its enormous size and breathtaking landscapes make Greenland travel exceptional on so many levels.

Greenland tourism has grown recently as for the adventure traveler; few places can offer similar experiences. Our Greenland vacation packages offer many possibilities for adventurers and nature enthusiasts to explore gigantic glaciers, fantastic wildlife like seals and whales, and the rich local Inuit culture.

You are invited to visit Greenland for thrilling adventures as well as for a relaxed and full of enjoyment vocation. Everything is possible here.


We offer the largest selection of Greenland Adventures.  At Nordic Saga Tours, you find the selection of tours all year round.  Trips to Greenland from us can be short 4 days breaks and longer travel packages escorted by a guide, individual tours or expedition-like explorer tours. Greenland can be reached with a short 2-hour flight from Iceland, or you can choose to visit Greenland from the USA.

Tourism in Greenland is a relatively young but the country has spectacular scenery as well as historic sites. Our travel packages offer not only the main tourist adventures such as sailing among icebergs, dog sledding trips, ice cap treks,  whale and iceberg watching but also the everyday life and local culture experiences.

Visiting Greenland can be a rare thrill, and you must prepare appropriately to get the most out of your days to spent on this island. To enjoy the arctic nature closely, you can join our boat and hiking tours or unique small group adventure trips in the Disko Bay area. Greenland offers unique experiences for everybody. Exploring natural wonders like northern lights, whales, icebergs as well as unique Inuit culture are among the most popular ones.

Sort by: Price  Date  Popularity 

Greenland Winter Tours

Ice, Northern Lights and Dogsledding in Greenland

Ice, Northern Lights and Dogsledding in Greenland

COPENHAGEN - KANGERLUSSUAQ - ILULISSAT - COPENHAGEN Get in touch with the marvelous Greenlandic nature in winter. Dog sledding, northern lights, and icebergs are only some of the many keywords. You will never forget it!

Long Weekend by Disco Bay

Long Weekend by Disco Bay

COPENHAGEN - ILULISSAT - DISCO BAY - SERMERMIUT - COPENHAGEN Experience the fall highlights of Greenland. A peaceful season after a brief and hectic summer, offers beautiful sunny days, draping the mountains in shades of yellow-brown, and amazing arctic Northern Lights. Max. group size - 12 people

Arctic Autumn: Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut

Arctic Autumn: Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut

COPENHAGEN - KANGERLLUSUAG - SISIMIUT - COPENHAGEN The Arctic world is a beautiful and unforgettable experience. On this trip to Greenland, you enjoy three days on the edge of the inland ice in Kangerlussuaq and four days in the lovely town of Sisimiut, which promises a wealth of experiences. Group size - max. 6-8 people

Greenland Highlights: Kangerlussuaq and Ilulissat

Greenland Highlights: Kangerlussuaq and Ilulissat

COPENHAGEN - KANGERLUSSUAQ - ILULISSAT - COPENHAGEN Ilulissat in West Greenland is an Arctic winter wonderland. Search for northern lights, sail between enormous icebergs, dress up in a polar suit fur and explore the wilderness by dog sledge.

Greenland Northern Lights on Top of the World

Greenland Northern Lights on Top of the World

COPENHAGEN | KANGERLUSSUAQ | COPENHAGEN What a fantastic autumn experience in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland! Enjoy and explore the Greenland Ice Sheet, the Russell Glacier, and the northern lights.

Greenland Tours From Reykjavik

Discover Iceland and Greenland Tour

Discover Iceland and Greenland Tour

RING ROAD AROUND ICELAND - ILULISSAT Iceland ring road's stunning scenery and dramatic landscapes. Ilulissat in West Greenland, a breathtaking location with huge icebergs, unspoiled wilderness, glittering glaciers, large whales and the exciting mix of authentic Intuit culture. Group size - max. 25 people Local English speaking tour escort - guide

Disco Bay and Icebergs in the Midnight Sun

Disco Bay and Icebergs in the Midnight Sun

REYKJAVIK - ILULISSAT - DISCO BAY - REYKJAVIK Take a convenient flight from Reykjavik and visit the huge icebergs of the Ilulissat Ice Fjord in Disko Bay. Enjoy whale watching, sailing, and hiking near icebergs under the midnight sun. Group size - max. 12 people

Icebergs in the Midnight Sun

Icebergs in the Midnight Sun

REYKJAVIK - ILULISSAT - DISCO BAY - REYKJAVIK Discover Ilulissat, the modern Greenlandic town north of the Arctic Circle, the picturesque Disko Bay, and see the Greenlandic settlement north of the Polar Circle. Watch the calving glaciers and enormous icebergs up close. Group size - max. 12 people

Ilulissat - 5 days

Ilulissat - 5 days

Greenland tour of Ilulissat Icefjord listed on UNESCO World Heritage, the most popular tourist destination in Greenland. The town of Ilulissat is beautifully situated at the mouth of this fjord filled with enormous icebergs. Experience the glacial beauty of this area with walking tours and a boat tour. Daily activities are included.

Ilulissat - 4 days

Ilulissat - 4 days

This tour is the perfect introduction to Arctic nature and the Inuit culture. Ilulissat - the town of the icebergs - offers dramatic views of the World Heritage Site of Ilulissat Ice Fjord. Experience the traditional Inuit culture combined with modern life north of the Polar Circle.

The Best of Greenland

The Best of Greenland

Greenland tour of Ilulissat Icefjord listed on UNESCO World Heritage, the most popular tourist destination in Greenland. The town of Ilulissat is beautifully situated at the mouth of this fjord filled with enormous icebergs. Experience the glacial beauty of this area with walking tours and a boat tour.

Greenland Tours from Copenhagen

The Golden Triangle of Greenland

The Golden Triangle of Greenland

COPENHAGEN - SISIMIUT - ILULISSAT - COPENHAGEN This tour is led by a tour escort, however it gives you an opportunity to have time on your own and choose your own activities and tours. The tour guide will always present you with information, stories, guided tours, and practical help

Summer, Sun and Icebergs in Greenland

Summer, Sun and Icebergs in Greenland

Our summer bestseller! Set foot on the Greenland Ice Sheet in Kangerlussuaq and explore Ilulissat in the Disko Bay near the UNESCO World Heritage site, Ilulissat Ice Fjord.

Dream Adventure in Disco Bay

Dream Adventure in Disco Bay

Want to visit Ilulissat in Greenland? Stay at Hotel Arctic with a view of the Ilulissat Ice Fjord and the Disko Bay. Sail on the Icefjord among huge icebergs!

Greenland and Arctic Cruises

In The Wake of Eric The Red

In The Wake of Eric The Red

ICELAND - GREENLAND Join us on an expedition cruise from Reykjavík to Kangerlussuaq, which follows the same maritime course set by Norse settlers over a thousand years ago.

Natural Wonders of Greenland from Reykjavik 2024

Natural Wonders of Greenland from Reykjavik 2024

Reykjavik  → Day at Sea/Denmark Strait → Ammassalik Island → Day at Sea/Prince Christian Sound → Qaqortoq → Qeqertarsuasiat → Nuuk → Sisimiut → Ilulissat → DiskoBay/Qeqertarsuaq →  Kangerlussuaq

Greenland Disko Bay Expedition

Greenland Disko Bay Expedition

Copenhagen/Reykjavik → Kangerlussuaq → Sisimiut → Qeqertarsuaq on Disco Island → Uummannaq → Eqip Sermia Glacier → Ilulissat → Kangerlussuaq

Natural Wonders of Greenland from Kangerlussuaq 2024

Natural Wonders of Greenland from Kangerlussuaq 2024

Kangerlussuaq  → Qeqertarsuaq → Ilulissat → Sisimiut → Nuuk → Ikka Fjord → Prince Christian Sound → At Sea → Ammassalik Island → At Sea/Denmark Strait →  Reykjavik

West Greenland Adventure 2024

West Greenland Adventure 2024

Kangerlussuaq → Attu → Ilimanaq / Equip Glacier → Uummannaq / Ikerasak → Karrat Fjord/ Nuugaatsiaq → Kangerluk/ Aasiaat → Itilleq → Kangerlussuaq

The Ultimate Greenland Explorer

The Ultimate Greenland Explorer

Reykjavik → Day at Sea/Denmark Strait → Ammassalik Island → Day at Sea/Prince Christian Sound → Qaqortoq → Qeqertarsuasiat → Nuuk → Sisimiut → Ilulissat → Disko Bay/Qeqertarsuaq → Kangerlussuaq → Attu → Ilimanaq / Equip Glacier → Uummannaq / Ikerasak → Karrat Fjord/ Nuugaatsiaq → Kangerluk/ Aasiaat → Itilleq → Kangerlussuaq

Join us on great package tours to Greenland from Reykjavik in Iceland combining your stay in Iceland with Greenland, or you can join a tour of your choice flying directly from the USA.

Our experienced team will give you the very best introduction to the Greenland vacation package with special focus on nature, culture, and history. We are always working within all safety frames required on the arctic trips, both on land and at sea.

Come with us to the land of icebergs and explore the wonders of Greenland.

Find your perfect getaway to Greenland.

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Greenland Group Tours 2024/2025

Find 4 Group Tours and Group Departures in Greenland with more than 2 customer reviews. The 4 Greenland group tours and Greenland group holidays are delivered by some of the top local and global travel companies in Greenland.

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4 Group Tours in Greenland with 2 Reviews

Three Arctic Islands (Southbound) Tour

  • Starts Helsinki, Finland
  • Ends Reykjavik, Iceland

Three Arctic Islands (Southbound)

  • Best price guaranteed
  • No booking fees
  • Tour Type Group Tour
  • Activities Polar expeditions and cruise
  • Accommodation Hotel
  • Transport Flight
  • Age Range 18-99 yrs
  • Operated in English
  • Aug 13 Only 8 seats left
  • View More Jan 1, 2019 Jan 2, 2019 Jan 3, 2019

Spitsbergen, East Greenland And Iceland - Southbound Tour

Spitsbergen, East Greenland and Iceland - Southbound

  • Activities Polar expeditions and cruise & Wildlife Polar expeditions and cruise , Wildlife & Safari 'data-more-tripid='30846'>+1 more
  • Transport Flight & Cruise Ship
  • Age Range 8-99 yrs
  • Aug 13 10+ seats left

East Greenland And Iceland Northern Lights Tour

  • Starts Reykjavik, Iceland

East Greenland and Iceland Northern Lights

  • Activities Polar expeditions and cruise & Wildlife Polar expeditions and cruise , Wildlife & Safari 'data-more-tripid='23362'>+1 more
  • Accommodation Ship Cabin
  • Transport Cruise Ship
  • Sep 20 10+ seats left

High Arctic Explorer - Greenland To Canada (Ocean Endeavour) Tour

  • Starts Toronto, Canada
  • Ends Ottawa, Canada

High Arctic Explorer - Greenland to Canada (Ocean Endeavour)

  • Activities Polar expeditions and cruise & Wildlife
  • Transport Cruise Ship & Boat
  • Age Range 2-99 yrs
  • Aug 03 10+ seats left

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greenland group travel

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Destination: Greenland

greenland group travel

Greenland tours for seniors

Odyssey offers easy, convenient, and relaxed escorted small group tour in Greenland and beyond. We explore Greenland‘s incredible natural beauty, its ancient Inuit and Viking heritage, National Heritage Sites, and charming towns, all with some truly spectacular scenery along the way. This and more is all waiting to be explored on one of Odyssey’s small group tours of Greenland, designed for the senior traveller, and led by experienced, and enthusiastic like minded people up in the Polar region.

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Greenland Tours

Crafted Tours for Mature World Travellers

Iceland church in Vik

Arctic circle tour

Visiting Denmark, Finland

A 40 day small group tour for senior couples and mature solo travellers interested in exploring the Arctic circle . The group with a program leader explores Greenland , Iceland , Faroe Islands of Denmark, Norway , Sweden and Finland . The tour makes use of the long summer night light for your enjoyment learning about viking history and trade and the Sami.

From A$42,895 AUD

Discover Greenland’s history and culture

Discover Greenland | Small Group Tour for Seniors

Visiting Greenland

Greenland is the largest island in the world, the majority of it lies above the Arctic Circle, and it is part of Denmark . Few places are quite so difficult to reach, we fly from Reykjavik to Nuuk . During this small group tour we have ensured that our travellers gets to this conversation-stopping land and, while we are there we obtain the most comprehensive overview of this vast landmass. We visit during the summer, experiencing the burst of seasonal flora, which caused the early voyagers to name it Greenland.

From A$6,450 AUD

For a travel experience you’ll never forget consider one of our small group tours Greenland. This island of glacier, mountain and fjord will reward any traveller on a Greenland tour seeking a glimpse of the untapped wilds of the North Pole in the arctic circle . Head on an expedition cruise, and you may see a humpback whale or polar bear in their natural habitat complete with ice cap and huge icebergs released from the Greenland ice sheet– and explore Greenland‘s mix of Viking and Inuit history in Nuuk , the capital city.

If you’re intrigued about one of the world’s most remote and pristine destinations, join Odyssey Traveller as we explore the historical and natural wonders of Greenland on land, rather by cruise ship. On this small group tour we start in Reykjavik, Iceland and fly to Greenland. These small group tours Greenland focus on South Greenland and East coast. This escorted tour for mature and senior travellers includes time seeing the list for couples and solo travellers that make any expedition into the arctic circle such a great memory, from the opportunity in the Autumn to early spring of seeing the Northern light show, a polar bear on the ice sheet or musk ox and arctic fox as well the physical environment often dominated by huge icebergs, these are towering icebergs that dominate the view as well as ice fjord and glacier activity from this receding ice cap. Your small group tour in Greenland also learns about the viking settlement in the sheltered fjord of the West Greenland coast during the Medieval period. The group has time to visit these historic places unique in the Polar region on your Greenland tour.

Articles about Greenland


Understanding Greenland

Greenland recognises the devastating effects of climate change and continues to push for responsible and sustainable tourism.

Vikings and the Carolingian Empire

Vikings and the Carolingian Empire

The Carolingian Empire was already established as the mightiest political power in Western Europe . This article provides background reading this fascinating Viking empire . An Antipodean travel company serving World Travellers since 1983 with small group educational tours for senior couples and mature solo travellers.

Viking Longship

The Vikings

Vikings explored, pillaged, settled and traded their way in 300 years across the North Atlantic in the Longships to Iceland and Greenland or south through Europe/Russia to Istanbul and Persia . Learn more on a small group educational tour for senior couples and mature solo travellers interested in Viking history.

Faroe Islands

Creating the Faroe Islands

Creating the Faroe Islands , an independent constituency of Denmark . A short piece for mature solo and senior couples looking to join a small group tour to these Islands which played an important part in both Viking and Scottish history. An Antipodean travel company serving World Travellers since 1983.

Sami People

Sami People of the Arctic

The Sámi people are the only indigenous people of the European Union and are one of the oldest living cultures of our planet. Article for senior couples and mature single travellers curious about the Samii people and Viking culture that stretches across the Faroe Islands , Norway , Sweden and Finland on a small group educational tour.

Ale's Stones (Ales stenar), a megalithic monument in Skåne, Sweden.

Vikings-explorers, raiders, traders

Article introducing Vikings and Outhere the explorer. Learn more on a small group educational tour for senior couples and mature solo travelers going to Iceland, Greenland, the Arctic circle or the Orkney islands.

Touring Greenland

The need to know

Getting around

Odyssey travels by coach and occasionally uses local transport, including trains and ferries. Specifics are always outlined in your tour itinerary.

However, travel options within Greenland are very limited, and on this short tour we travel mostly by plane and helicopter.


Accommodation in Greenland is limited. We select good, clean, en-suited 3-4 star hotels.

Tour Guides

Odyssey always engages local guides with regional knowledge to ensure an authentic experience during which you can learn as much as possible about the history and culture of places you visit.

Geography, Weather & environment

Greenland is an autonomous constituent country in the Kingdom of Denmark.

It lies between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, to the east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Despite its physiographical ties to the American continent, Greenland is more closely related to Europe and especially Scandinavia.

Residents of remote Greenland are majority Inuit peoples, whose ancestors migrated from mainland Canada. Greenland is considered the world’s biggest island (Antarctica and Australia are continental landmasses).

It is the world’s least populated territory in terms of density. Just over 56,000 people reside here, and they are concentrated along the ice free coast, and in cities inluding the capital Nuuk. This is because three quarters of Greenland is covered with a permanent ice sheet.

As you might expect, Greenland’s climate is cold. The average daily temperature in Muuk is -8 to 7 degrees celcius. If Greenland’s ice sheet was to melt, the world’s sea level would rise by over 7 metres.

Interestingly, the northernmost part of Greenland isn’t covered by an ice sheet because the air is too dry to produce snow.

You must prepare for extreme cold if you are travelling to Greenland.

World Heritage sites

Kujataa, Greenland is a UNESCO World Heritage site, though it is listed as part of Denmark.

It is a subarctic farming landscape where Norse farmer-hunters arrived in the 10th century. It here that Inuit farming communities developed in the 18th century. The site is preserved for its historic value, as the first site of farming in the Arctic.

Festivals & events

The most celebrated events in Greenland are Christmas and New Year, along with their National Day on June 21st. This is the longest day of the year, and is marked with songs and entertainment hosted by every settlement and town.

Greenland’s only national TV channel broadcasts reports from different locations. Many people don national costumes in order to celebrate Greenland’s history and culture.

Greenland also celebrates the Return of the Sun, the day that signals a relief from months of darkness. On the day the sun first appears on the horizon, many families celebrate with excursions to enjoy coffee and cakes. In Ilulissat, families and school groups travel to Holms Hill by dogsled and sing songs.

Reading list

  • Journal of a Greenland Voyage by William Scoresby
  • The Greenlanders by Jane Smiley
  • Rethinking Greenland and the Arctic in the Era of Climate Change by Frank Sejersen
  • Exploring Greenland: Cold War Science and Technology on Ice by Ronald E. Doel, Kristine C. Harper, and Matthias Heymann (editors)

Eating & Drinking

Farmers grow select crops in small batches on Greenland’s limited agricultural land. Despite these limitations, however, cuisine in Greenland is surprisingly exciting and innovative. Much of the produce is gleaned from the sea and land, in the form of diverse fish species and Arctic mammals.

There are very much traces of Greenland’s hunting heritage in modern cuisine. But it also reflects increasing international influences. Fish features most prominently in the home.

A greater variety of ingredients are shipped in, or delivered by plane. Some of the more obscure delicacies include seal and whale. Mattak is made from a whale’s skin and blubber and is eaten raw. Suaasat is a traditional soup made with seal meat, but whale, reindeer or seabirds can be subsituted. But for the less adventurous among us, more standard fare can usually be sourced, particularly in the cities.

As for drinking in Greenland, dinner is often followed by a warming concoction of hot coffee, whiskey, Kahlua, Grand Marnier and whipped cream, which is set aflame before serving. A brewery in Greenland pioneered Ice beer, brewed with glacial water. Homebrewing is abundant in Greenland – alcohol was heavily restricted until 1954.

Health & Safety

While much of Greenland is usually safe to travel around, it’s important to stay alert to anything unusual. As in any country, keep a close eye on your belongings at all times.

Electrical supply

Whenever you travel overseas, it’s always wise to take an appropriate travel adaptor. Greenland’s power sockets are of types C, F, E and K. The standard voltage is 230V and frequency 50Hz.

The best of Greenland

Nuuk Greenland

Nuuk is Greenland's capital, and one of the smallest capital cities in the world.

Ilulissat West Greenland ice fjords

Ilulissat is a settlement in West Greenland nearby one of the biggest ice fjords in the country.

Qaqortoq, Greenland

Qaqortoq is the largest town in Southern Greenland, but small enough to explore on foot.

Tour Reviews

The country was apparently calm and safe. People were friendly and helpful. Such a pity there has been such a down turn in tourism. Ros & Tony S. Sep '17

Participant 2017

Small group tour of Ancient Turkey

We felt safe in Turkey and found the people friendly and helpful. Prices were excellent and the food almost universally magnificent. There is so much to see in the natural and built environment and the wonderful archaeological sites. It is sad to see the ordinary people and businesses suffering from the lack of tourists. Mary B. Sep '17

The geographical wonders offered by Iceland and Greenland left me in awe. The grandeur and spectacle of the countryside is breathtaking. Our leader (Rob) was excellent: well-researched, friendly, organized and good-humoured.

Iceland cultural and wilderness small group tour

Every day was different with so much to see and do. Volcanoes, craters (including the pseudo ones), bubbling mud pools, and the active Strokkur Geyser, the bird life, black sand beaches, and those beautiful Icelandic horses. The time flew by...

Participant 2016

Our guide was a great ambassador for his country, wide knowledge of literature, history, customs, industry, fishing - also a perceptive and sensitive person who inter-acted so willingly with all of us!

It is hard to believe that such a small country can contain so much dramatic scenery. Icecaps and glaciers, huge waterfalls, volcanos and hot bubbling mud, and those wonderful fjords and high mountain passes

Our guide Filiz was wonderful, very well informed, historical insights very helpful, her care for our well being exceptional. Could not have wished for a better tour leader.

I was impressed by the number of places we visited. It was a very full itinerary which I like. We saw things of interest every day. I see no fault with the tour.

Anglo French Tour | Normandy, Brittany, Channel Islands tour

What is the time zone for Greenland?

Greenland’s generalized time zone in Atlantic Time (AT) or UTC -4.00/-3.00. Greenland

Is tipping customary in Greenland?

If you’re on an Odyssey tour, we take care of tipping so you don’t need to give it a second thought. However, in your free time, or if travelling independently, it’s essential that you make sure you tip an appropriate amount for services, as is the case throughout much of Europe. In Greenland, prices are inclusive of tips and gratuities, however if you enjoyed the service, a tip or compliment will be greatly appreciated by staff. It’s polite to round a bill up to the nearest whole figure or leave the change when buying drinks.

What is the internet like?

Internet access is available and most hotels and many cafes should be able to offer it.

Can I use my mobile phone in Greenland?

Check with your cell phone provider to see whether you’re able to make calls and use data while in Greenland . Many providers will allow you to pay a daily fee that allows you to make calls and check the internet while only being charged your regular rates. However, be certain to inform your provider that you’re heading overseas, because just like a bank they can turn off your service as a result of unusual activity.

What is the capital of Greenland?

Nuuk, the capital of Greenland , was founded in 1728 and has approximately 16,800 residents.

Why is Greenland called Greenland?

Greenland got its name from Erik The Red, an Icelandic murderer who was exiled to the island. He called it “Greenland” in hopes that the name would attract settlers.

When is the best time to travel to Greenland?

June to September is considered to be the best time to visit Greenland , with long, bright, balmy days of summer and you actually see a bit of green land!

Planning a trip to greenland?

Why take a small group tour of iceland?

What should I pack before travelling to Greenland?

In addition to your regular clothes, we recommend:

  • Hiking shoes or boots (water-proof and profiled soles)
  • Wind- and waterproof outerwear (lightweight)
  • Fleece jacket/vest.
  • Thermal underwear.
  • T-shirts, both short and long-sleeved.
  • Hat and gloves for sailing trips.

What language do you speak in Greenland?

Greenlandic (Kalaallisut) , which is part of the Inuit languages spoken in Alaska, Canada and Greenland, is divided into three dialects. West Greenlandic (Kalaallisut), East Greenlandic (Tunumiit oraasiat) and the Thule Greenlandic (Inuktun).

What to do in Greenland?

Odyssey offers easy, convenient, and relaxed escorted small group tours across Greenland and beyond to Iceland . We explore Greenland’s fairy-tale natural beauty, and famous city, all with some truly spectacular scenery along the way. This and more is all waiting to be explored on one of Odyssey’s small group tours of Greenland , designed for the senior traveller, and led by experienced, and enthusiastic like minded people.

What is the flight time between Iceland and Greenland?

The total flight duration from Iceland to Greenland is around 2-3 hours.

Do you need a visa to travel to greenland?

A visa is not required for Greenland for a stay of up to 90 days. Please keep in mind that while a visa is not required, you must: Hold a passport valid for at least six months beyond your date of country exit and with one blank visa page.

What tours in Greenland are taking additional safety precautions?

The safety of our travellers, tour leader, local guide and support staff has always been our top priority and with the new guidelines for public health and safety for keeping safe for destinations around the world, we’ve developed our plan to give you peace of mind when travelling with us.

What are the best tours in Greenland?

Odyssey’s Discover Greenland small group tour lets travellers experience one of the world’s most picturesque landscape. Greenland is the largest islan d in the world, with the vast majority of its landmass lying above the Arctic Circle. Few places are quite so difficult to reach. Our Discover Greenland is a short tour. We have been at great pains to ensure that our travellers get to experience this breathtaking island. The tour includes a day exploring the archaeological sites of the Vikings led by Ethel the Red.

On this short tour, travellers receive the most comprehensive overview of this vast landmass, an autonomous region of Denmark . To maximise the learning experience and to Discover Greenland’s history and culture, the tour includes a visit to the astonishingly picturesque capital of Nuuk . From there, we experience amazing views from a fjord adventure of Nuup Kangerlua (Godthaab Fjord); a full day of beautiful nature, fascinating stories and delicious food in one of the worlds most remote restaurants. The next day we will explore and learn about the capital with it’s colonial harbour. This tour is perfect introduction to Nuuk and will help you understand more of the people and the history of Greenland.

We visit during the summer months and can thus experience the burst of seasonal flora that caused the early voyagers to name it Greenland.

You can learn more about Greenland with our profile. For more details about how you might like to Discover Greenland’s history and culture then please click the ‘Top 5’ or ‘Itinerary’ buttons above! If you’re keen to experience this tour, please call or send an email. Or, to book, simply fill in the form on the right hand side of this page.

There is also the possibility of adding an additional Extension to Iceland on to this tour. This article shares a commentary with you about Iceland as destination.

Articles about Greenland published by Odyssey Traveller:

Viking’s Woolen Sails

Discover Scandinavia: Denmark’s Viking Past

For all the articles Odyssey Traveller has published for mature aged and senior travellers, click through on this link .

External articles to assist you on your visit to Greenland:

Visit Greenland

Ten Enchanting Travel Experiences in Greenland

Cool Nuuk: Greenland’s burgeoning capital city

Responsible travel tips for Greenland:

  • Learn at least the local greetings to break the ice. Although many locals speak English, the more you know of the native language, the greater your experience of the country will be.
  • Carry a business card in your wallet or purse from your local hotel, to assist you with the return journey if you do become lost.
  • Always ensure that you are covered by travel insurance. If you need advice on this feel free to contact Odyssey and we’ll be able to help.
  • When travelling independently, make sure you check the opening hours of shops and museums so that you don’t miss out! Museums and galleries are often closed on Mondays. Also be certain to check whether your trip coincides with any public holidays, so you can plan accordingly.
  • Consider contacting your bank to inform them that you may be making purchases overseas. Otherwise, they may flag any activity on your account as suspicious. Also, check which ATMs and banks are compatible with your cards, to ensure you can withdraw cash with minimal fees.
  • Before departing, make sure you have on hand the local currency in a range of denominations. In Greenland, this is the Danish krone. You don’t want to be carrying around enormous amounts of cash, but take enough to make it easy to pay in locations that might not accept credit card. It will also help you avoid card transaction fees, and it makes tipping a breeze.
  • If sightseeing in rural areas, remember to be respectful of residents and locals.

greenland group travel

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Greenland Tours

Adventures in the land of tomorrow.

Want to explore one of the world’s last truly wild places? Our hiking and cultural expeditions in this Arctic frontier is all about discovery—we’ll have you trekking on the Greenland Ice Sheet, spotting musk ox on the tundra, and learning the ways of the Inuit culture.

All Trips to Greenland

greenland group travel

Small Group Adventure

Hiking the Fjords of Greenland and Iceland

Denmark, Iceland, Greenland

From $9,995

greenland group travel

Western Greenland Expedition

Greenland, Denmark

From $6,995

greenland group travel

Cruise Collection

Northwest Passage Expedition

Greenland, Canada

From $21,095

greenland group travel

Three Arctic Islands: Svalbard, Greenland, and Iceland

Norway, Iceland, Greenland

From $16,195

greenland group travel

Northern Lights Expedition Cruise

From $19,195

greenland group travel

Greenland Odyssey

Canada, Iceland, Greenland

From $14,895

Experience Greenland

greenland group travel

Talk to an Expert

Our Europe Specialists know every detail about our Greenland Tours. They will be happy to answer any questions and help you choose the journey that’s right for you. Contact us to learn more or book your trip today!

Greenland Small Group Tours & Trips

62 greenland trips. tours from 28 tour companies. 24 reviews. 4.7/5 avg rating..

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Private Guided

Small Group

Small Ship Cruise

Large Ship Cruise

Four Arctic Islands: Spitsbergen, Jan Mayen, Greenland & Iceland

Four Arctic Islands: Spitsbergen, Jan Mayen, Greenland & Iceland

  • Search for iconic Arctic wildlife, such as Polar bears, walrus and reindeer
  • Explore the wildlife haven of Spitsbergen, the volcanic Jan Mayen and the breath-taking Greenlandic fjord system all in one trip
  • Visit a remote Inuit community
  • Cruise in a Zodiac to explore glaciers, icebergs and more
  • Travel in a small expedition vessel

National Parks, Nature & Wildlife

What travelers are saying

"Discover Costa Rica is a great itinerary, covering varied habitats around the country and staying 2 nights each at 6 centres. Their birdwatching specials are led by local experts who really know their stuff."

Health Safety +

Generous cancellation

Northwest Passage - In the Footsteps of Franklin

Northwest Passage - In the Footsteps of Franklin

  • Experience highlights of Greenland and the Canadian Arctic
  • Explore colourful Greenlandic villages and shop for traditional Inuit handicrafts
  • View iconic Arctic wildlife, such as whales, walrus and Musk ox
  • Hike the colourful tundra
  • Cruise in a Zodiac to get up close to glaciers, fjords, icebergs and more

Three Arctic Islands (Northbound)

Three Arctic Islands (Northbound)

  • Discover the wild and rugged coast of eastern Greenland
  • Chance to observe walrus, Polar bear, Arctic terns, kittiwakes and Glaucous gulls
  • An excursion into Scoresbysund, one of the largest fjord complexes in the world
  • If conditions are right, we could sail within 10° of the North Pole!

All Greenland , expedition cruises, self guided adventures and vacation packages. Find the best guided and expert planned vacation and holiday packages. Read more about Greenland

Under the Northern Lights: Iceland & East Greenland

Under the Northern Lights: Iceland & East Greenland

  • Search for iconic Arctic wildlife, such as Polar bears, Musk ox and whales
  • Hike the tundra, visit an Inuit community and explore a breath-taking fjord system in East Greenland
  • Marvel at the dramatic mountains and bird cliffs of Iceland’s oldest region
  • Possibility of seeing the enchanting Northern Lights (aurora borealis)
  • Travel on a small expedition vessel

Greenland Encompassed 2024 - 11 Days

Greenland Encompassed 2024 - 11 Days

  • Eqip Sermia Glacier - Sail as close as possible to this living wall of ice and watch as colossal icebergs crash into the waves below
  • Sisimiut - Take a guided tour of Greenland's second city, which was founded in 1756 by Count Johan Ludvig Holstein
  • Ilulissat - Explore the lively town at your own pace or opt for a thrilling flightseeing excursion over the Icefjord
  • Nuuk - Visit the capital of Greenland, which is the world's most northern capital and is home to 19,000 people
  • Eriksfjord - Learn about the fascinating Viking history of Erik the Red, who founded the first settlement on Greenland here

Cultural, National Parks, Nature & Wildlife

"First time we (mom and daughter) have done a tour and first time with on the go tours. What a special trip we had doing the 13 day Casablanca to Essaouira Morocco tour (26 Nov - 6 Dec 2023). We started the first 8 days doing the totally Morocco tour and the last few days at our own pace with down time in Essaouira. Jamal our guide led the tour from start to finish and took us safely on a culture filled journey. His knowledge of the country, it’s history and people was informative and inspiring. Every request was “no problem” and delivered with a smile and happy demeanour. Everything in Morrocco was “no problem” and we felt safe and looked after. We were driven in a comfortable coach with enough stops along the way to not feel long by our competent driver Suleman. The hotels, Riad and Dar were extremely comfortable with exceptional service. We would not have had the same experience travelling on our own, we felt as though we truly experienced Morocco. Everything was a highlight for us and we will definitely book another on the go tour in the future. If you wanting to see true Morocco we would strongly recommend doing this tour."

Greenland Disko Bay Discovered - 8 Days

Greenland Disko Bay Discovered - 8 Days

  • Experience summer in the Arctic complete with gigantic icebergs and stunning glaciers, fascinating settlements, whales and seals
  • Disko Bay - Travel north of the Arctic Circle and see giant icebergs which have calved from the Ilulissat Icefjord
  • Uummannaq - Visit the Greenlandic Riviera and enjoy a walking tour of this beautifully located town, surrounded by snow-covered peaks and an iceberg littered fjord
  • Eqip Sermia Glacier - Sail as close as possible to this spectacular calving glacier, renowned for its jaw-dropping beauty

Cultural, Nature & Wildlife

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The Legendary Northwest Passage: An Arctic Expedition

The Legendary Northwest Passage: An Arctic Expedition

Toronto, Yellowknife

  • I like to spend much of the day exploring
  • Whether walking through historic neighborhoods at a moderate pace or out and about on a coach, I prefer to keep my days full
  • Stairs don’t bother me, and I love to keep up with the group

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"Because I have Stage 4 cancer, I chose to spend the extra money for trip insurance in case my cancer recurred. When a scan showed that it had, I cancelled my trip. I sent to them the medical documents from the Mayo Clinic confirming my new diagnosis. They sent me an email telling me my oncologist needed to fill in a form. I asked my oncologist to do that and I submitted it by fax on April 6th. When I didn’t hear anything, I sent them more medical documentation and asked them to please push forward my refund as I have travel expenses from a clinical trial coming up. Several days later I received an email that they needed further documentation from my doctor. How much more documentation do you need than the patient has stage 4 metastatic cancer and is starting a clinical trial??? This is heartless to me. Please don’t plan to travel through Road Scholar if you’re medically vulnerable!!"

Expedition North: The Wild Beauty of Greenland & Labrador

Expedition North: The Wild Beauty of Greenland & Labrador

Nuuk, Toronto

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Icebergs, Fjords, Polar bears and Arctic wildlife: Svalbard & NE Greenland National Park

Icebergs, Fjords, Polar bears and Arctic wildlife: Svalbard & NE Greenland National Park

  • Arctic wildlife – musk oxen, seals, walrus, whales and migrating birds – as one of the rare travelers to explore Northeast Greenland National Park, the world’s largest and perhaps most remote.
  • Deep fjords with immense tidewater glaciers

Nature & Wildlife, Small Ship Cruise

"Best vacation so far!! Loved everything, especially highly professional team, that organised the whole trip super safe and on a highest level, the crew that does the cleaning and provides the food literally 24/7, the expedition team was super and the program, lectures, communication - everything couldn’t be better. I miss the cruise! And the best part of course the wild nature, animals. It’s a pity there are strict rules nowadays due to the flu and we couldn’t get closer, but it’s the right thing to protect the nature. Will be back for sure!"

Northwest Passage: In the footsteps of Franklin

Northwest Passage: In the footsteps of Franklin

Baffin Island, Devon, Nuuk, Toronto

  • Discover highlights of both Greenland and the Canadian Arctic on a polar expedition that focuses on remote natural landscapes, ancient Inuit cultures and unique wildlife sightings.
  • See the colourful villages of Greenland’s western shores, framed by natural canals and jagged peaks, stopping in to learn about Inuit and Thule histories.
  • Take to the water – and the skies – on a series of included Zodiac cruises and helicopter jaunts, taking you to places otherwise inaccessible to human beings.
  • After days spent exploring the Arctic wilderness, chill out (and warm up) in an ultra-modern vessel complete with multiple dining, bar and lounge areas, plus health and wellness facilities.
  • Enjoy encounters with the Arctic’s impressive wildlife, including whales, walrus and musk oxen, and appreciate the sweeping vistas of colourful tundra, striking fjords and calving glaciers.

"We joined the Intrepid “Real Italy Food Tour” and enjoyed it thoroughly. Our tour guide, Micol, was very knowledgeable and provided us with lots of good information. It seems Micol knew many of the staff of the venues we visited, including the pasta making class we attended. Our group of 11 travelers was extremely compatible, which greatly added to the fun and enjoyment."

A taste of Greenland tour

A taste of Greenland tour

  • Up close experience with the Eqi Glacier
  • Boat trip around Disko Bay
  • Local guided tour of Ilulissat
  • Lunch in front of a glacier as you wait for it to calve

Nature & Wildlife

"My wife and I did the six day Lofoten Islands tour offered by 50 Degrees North. The tour is simple, they provided us a rental car, accommodations for two nights each at three Rorbuer hotels scattered across the islands, and a couple of scheduled day tours. Most of the time, we were on our own to see the islands at our own pace. The islands are stunningly beautiful, and the tour planning made our travels hassle free. They even scheduled lunch for us at an organic goat farm, which may sound a little strange for a vacation like this, but that is only because you haven't tasted the cheese. (Best lunch ever!) At our request, they altered the tour slightly so that we could begin the tour in Svolvaer and end it six days later at the airport in Leknes. We can't imagine a more complete tour of the islands in six short days."

Health Safety

Arctic Patagonia in Greenland 8 Days

Arctic Patagonia in Greenland 8 Days

"We returned from our 13-day East African Explorer trip two weeks ago. The trip fully met our expectations. Everything was well organized, accommodations and food were excellent, safari drives were great. Our driver/guide in Kenya, Gitonga (aka Anderson) was excellent and enthusiastic. Based on our experience I can confidently say we will book another trip with SITA in the near future."

Best Greenland Tours by Duration

Tours, Cruises & Private Trips

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Tour:   Four Arctic Islands: Spitsbergen, Jan Mayen, Greenland & Iceland

TSF 150801 - Iceland Fantastic !

This was a super trip that didn't disappoint in any area. It did exactly what it said in the itinerary. The scenery was fantastic we had a mixed bunch of nationalit...


The most awesome, breathtaking, physically challenging holiday of my life...thus far! Realizing that I was able to accomplish the physical challenges of this trip! ...

The Best Bits of Iceland

The Walking Explorer tour is a perfect mix of activity and sightseeing - two nights in each of five campsites let you get a good feel for the area (and recover a lit...

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Greenland Tour Selection Trips

  • Flights from North America to Greenland have popped up periodically, but most flights leave from Iceland or Denmark
  • Small ship cruises to Greenland (often from Scandinavia via Iceland) are becoming more popular each year
  • Offshore ice makes boat travel difficult or impossible from December till May
  • Pack mosquito repellent
  • Decide on the type of activities you’d like to do in Greenland and use that to determine which season to go. Must see the Northern Lights? Winter in Greenland is a must to view the Aurora Borealis. Hoping to hike? Head to the Arctic in the warmer summer months of the Midnight Sun.
  • Plan for high prices on your Greenland tour. While Iceland is famous for being an expensive destination, Greenland is a very expensive destination.
  • Since there are no roads between towns in Greenland, be prepared for a fair amount of airplane and boat travel, even helicopters, during your Arctic tour.
  • No matter when you choose to vacation in Greenland, be prepared to pack for cool temperatures - this is an Arctic climate, after all. It’s dry, but cold.
  • Are you a foodie? While Greenland may not at first strike you as a gourmet-focused destination, there is haute cuisine to be found in Nuuk and beyond. There are even culinary tours during which you’ll catch your own seafood and then help prepare it for dinner.
  • Pressed for time? Touring Ilulissat is a fantastic four- to five- day introduction to Greenland - it’s set up with hotels and tour operators, but with a wholly Greenlandic feel. Plus, you’ll get to see the famous Ilulissat Icefjord, an unmissable and iconic Greenland sight

Additional details

What to Pack for Traveling in Greenland

How best to answer this perennial question - how cold will I be in Greenland? - while encouraging travel to this pristine natural region? While it’s true that the average temperatures do not normally exceed 10° C (50° F) - this being an Arctic climate, after all - let’s focus on the fact that the air quality up there is some of the best in the world.

Take a few deep breaths and drink in those far-reaching views, thanks to the fine air quality and low moisture. If you’re visiting the southern part of Greenland, you can expect slightly higher temperatures - more than 20° C (68° F) during the months of June, July and August.

Pack well, according to the tips below for what to pack for your Greenland tour, and you’ll be ready for anything Mother Nature throws at you.

What to Pack for the Summer in Greenland

  • Bug repellent and a mosquito head net
  • Water bottle or CamelBak
  • Warm jacket
  • Rain jacket and rain pants
  • Sturdy hiking boots
  • Tennis shoes or other comfortable footwear
  • Long underwear
  • Fleece jacket

What to Pack for the Winter in Greenland

  • Long underwear (top and bottom)
  • Waterproof mittens
  • Thin wool gloves to wear inside mittens
  • Fleece pants
  • Goretex (or similar material) pants and jacket
  • Winter boots

Is It Always Cold in Greenland?

This depends on your interpretation of “cold.” The average temperatures in Greenland do not typically exceed 10° C (50° F), yet June through August, you might feel temps into the mid-60s.

While your Greenland tour certainly isn’t going to boast any balmy days, take advantage of the low moisture and excellent air quality to enjoy some of the most far-reaching views you’ll have in any destination on Earth.

Do Only Cruises Visit Greenland?

Cruises to Greenland are a great way to embrace the country’s rugged shoreline and sail in and out of various cities along the coast. Typically, the best time to cruise Greenland is between June and October - the shoreline is more navigable at this time and the temperatures are warmer.

However, cruising is not the only way to visit Greenland. There are several land tours that bring visitors ashore to experience Greenland’s glaciers (including Sermeq Kujalleq, the largest glacier in the world outside of Antarctica), charming cities, UNESCO World Heritage Site, enormous national park, polar bear hunting grounds and more.

What Is the Population of Greenland?

Greenland is the world’s largest island and houses the massive Greenland Ice Sheet, so as you might expect, the population of Greenland is widely dispersed. There are 18 municipalities on the island and this is where the majority of residents live.

Those who don’t choose to live in one of these larger towns  live in villages in outlying areas. Among the residents, you’ll hear the official languages of Greenlandic and Danish, as well as quite a bit of English.

When Is the Best Time to Travel to Greenland?

So, in a country where cold is always expected and the biggest physical characteristic is an enormous ice sheet, when is the best time for a Greenland tour? This depends a bit on what you’re hoping to get out of your Arctic exploration.

Summertime breathes new life into Greenland’s towns and villages, bringing residents out of hibernation for hiking, kayaking and simply sitting with friends to enjoy the midnight sun - from the end of May until the end of July, you will rarely see the sun set.

Hoping to dog sled and catch the best views of the Northern Lights in Greenland? Come between December and March. The days are short, the temperatures are dropping, but usually, the sun is shining bright (even though its for a brief period of time each day).

It’s also possible to start seeing the Aurora Borealis in the autumn, October and November, and this shoulder season also brings with it smaller crowds and lower prices.

Who Are Greenland Tours Good For?

It’s obvious that visiting Greenland is a different animal than, say, a tropical South Pacific vacation, a sensory smorgasbord in Morocco or a culture-packed trip through the capitals of Europe. So, who will enjoy a Greenland tour? We think visiting the world’s largest island is an excellent choice for travelers who:

  • Are flexible . If you’re open minded and aren’t tied down to a particular schedule or must-see list on your Greenland tour, you’re in the right place. The weather can be a little frenetic and may decide for you whether it’s a day for dog sledding or a day to cozy up with a hot buttered rum and a novel.
  • Happy to unplug . Here in one of the most remote areas of the world, you’re not always going to have reliable WiFi. When it is available, it may come at a higher cost that you’re used to. So, take advantage of your Greenland exploration to disconnect and instead, reconnect with your travel companions and the incredible world around you.
  • Like to travel by foot, air or water . Believe it or not, there aren’t many miles of roads in Greenland and none of the towns are connected by road. Be prepared to travel either under your own power (hiking) or by boat or airplane.

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On Travelstride you can find 62 trips to Greenland and more than 20,000 trips worldwide ranging from budget to luxury and private guided to group tours and everything in between. Only on Stride can you find and compare expert-planned trips from 1,000+ tour operators, cruise lines and local experts. Read traveler and professional reviews so you can confidently find your perfect trip.

Greenland Tours & Holidays

View of Kulusuk village in Greenland on a clear sunny day with colourful houses in view

About 4,500 years ago, early man migrated thousands of perilous miles from Canada into Greenland.

And when they got there and saw the ice-covered mountains, glaciers and resident polar bears, they stopped and said ‘Yep, this looks like the spot.’ And who can blame them? It may be cold, but the unfenced wilderness of the world’s biggest (and least populated) island is worth wearing a scarf 11 months of the year for. Although technically still part of Denmark , Greenland is now self-governing and has a proud Inuit culture. And with no crowds, little crime and only a few roads to break up the endless ice flow, it’s easy to see the appeal (just don’t forget that scarf).

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Articles of Greenland

4 trips that will get you to Greenland sooner than you think

Iceland or Greenland? Which country should be next on your travel list? 

Why Greenland might just be the next big destination for adventurers

Greenland at a glance

Capital city.

Greenlandic, Danish

(GMT-03:00) Greenland



Type K (Danish 3-pin)

Learn more about Greenland

Best time to visit greenland.

Generally the summer months of June, July and August are the time to see Greenland, but it does depend what you’re looking for. At midyear the country isn’t as chilly as it can be (temperatures can rise as high as a sweltering 15°C…) and you’ll get to experience the phenomenon of the midnight sun. Of course, if it’s the night lights of the aurora borealis you’re after, the time to go is definitely October through to March, when temperatures can plummet to well below freezing. Pack accordingly.

Geography and environment

When 84 per cent of your country is covered in the world’s largest ice sheet (and the rest is classed as permafrost), geography may seem kind of self-explanatory. But Greenland’s coastal fringes are where most of the magic happens. Plunging fjords, rocky promontories, trundling glaciers calving off into the Labrador Sea. Most of the settlements along the western coast are colourful wooden houses painted every colour of the rainbow. Towns and settlements are virtually cut-off from each other (roads are very rare in Greenland), so most trade and movement is done by sea and air.

Top 5 wildlife experiences in Greenland

1. humpback whale.

Humpback whales migrate to the cooler waters of the Arctic to feed each year. It’s a mammoth journey, often spanning thousands of kilometres (and all at travelling just a few kilometres per hour). That’s probably why humpbacks like to blow off a bit of steam in Greenland. Around Aasiaat, Qeqertarsuaq and Sisimiut between April and November it’s not an uncommon sight to see a 30-tonne humpback leaping clear out of the water.

In the Middle Ages, Inuits and Norse tribesmen would trade narwhal horns for fabulous sums (they were the marine equivalent of a unicorn). Thankfully the horn trade is over and these beautiful toothed whales can swim and eat in peace. They’re usually found in Melville Bay and around Qaanaaq, where their spiralling three-metre tusk can be seen poking through the surface of the water.

3. Polar bear

This is the world’s largest land predator, and the chances of seeing one increase when you’re on the water. Cruising along the coast of west or north-east Greenland is your best shot at spotting one of these creatures, but don’t hold your breath – they can be quite aloof. But the good news is that if they are out there, they are quite easy to see due to their off-white fur standing out against the snow-white ice.

4. Arctic fox

Technically there are two types of Arctic fox in Greenland – the classic white and the blue. Both species change colour depending on the season in order to blend in with the rocky landscape and the polar ice sheet. Arctic foxes live on an almost exclusive diet of lemmings – so when lemming populations drop, so do the number of foxes. Thankfully numbers are strong, and the Arctic fox isn’t a threatened species.

5. White-tailed eagle

Don’t forget to look up every now and then: Greenland has a huge and colourful variety of birdlife. The biggest and most striking bird is the white-tailed eagle (known as the nattoralik in Greenlandic). You’ll usually find them circling along the west coast down to Cape Farewell, hoping to find a cod, char or smaller sea bird to stoop. These birds are as rare as they are beautiful, and are officially a protected species in Greenland.

Greenland travel FAQs

Do i need a covid-19 vaccine to join an intrepid trip.

Trips from 1 January 2023 onwards

From 1 January 2023, Intrepid will no longer require travellers to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 (excluding all Polar trips and select adventure cruises).

However, we continue to strongly recommend that all Intrepid travellers and leaders get vaccinated to protect themselves and others.

Specific proof of testing or vaccination may still be required by your destination or airline. Please ensure you check travel and entry requirements carefully.

Do I need a visa in Greenland?

Australia: No - not required Belgium: No - not required Canada: No - not required Germany: No - not required Ireland: No - not required Netherlands: No - not required New Zealand: No - not required South Africa: Yes - required in advance Switzerland: No - not required United Kingdom: No - not required USA: No - not required

Is tipping customary in Greenland?

Not really. For restaurants and hotels, a service charge is usually included in the bill. Tipping won’t be expected, but it is sure to be appreciated when offered.

What is internet access like in Greenland?

You can thank undersea optic cables running from Europe for Greenland’s great internet connectivity. Around 93 per cent of the population has access to the web. And it’s highly likely your accommodation will have Wi-Fi.

Can I use my mobile/cell phone in Greenland?

You sure can. There’s only one phone provider in Greenland, TELE Greenland, but most villages will have good 3G coverage. Note that data roaming charges are international (as Greenland is technically outside the EU) and much higher than usual.

What are the toilets like in Greenland?

Most Greenland villages and cities have modern and fully functional flush toilets, which are widely available.

Can I drink the water in Greenland?

Tap water is safe to drink throughout Greenland. You can even drink the water in the rivers and lakes – nothing better than pure glacial melt water.

Are credit cards widely accepted in Greenland?

Major credit cards will be accepted at most restaurants, hotels and shops. Major supermarkets will also give cash out, but if you’re venturing into the smaller settlements, carry cash as a backup (card readers are often broken).

What is ATM access like in Greenland?

ATM access is good in the major towns and settlements, but most holes-in-the-wall will close at about 6pm. You can also withdraw money in banks and post offices.

Do I need to purchase travel insurance before travelling?

Absolutely. All passengers travelling with Intrepid are required to purchase travel insurance before the start of their trip. Your travel insurance details will be recorded by your leader on the first day of the trip. Due to the varying nature, availability and cost of health care around the world, travel insurance is very much an essential and necessary part of every journey.

For more information on insurance, please go to: Travel Insurance

How do I stay safe and healthy while travelling?

Intrepid takes the health and safety of its travellers seriously and takes every measure to ensure that trips are safe, fun and enjoyable for everyone. We recommend that all travellers check with their government or national travel advisory organisation for the latest information before departure:

From Australia?

Go to: Smart Traveller

From Canada?

Go to:  Canada Travel Information

From the UK?

Go to:  UK Foreign Travel Advice

From New Zealand?

Go to:  Safe Travel

From the US?

Go to:  US Department of State

The World Health Organisation also provides useful health information.

Does my trip support The Intrepid Foundation?

Yes, all Intrepid trips support the Intrepid Foundation. Trips to this country directly support our global Intrepid Foundation partners Eden Reforestation Projects and World Bicycle Relief. Intrepid will double the impact by dollar-matching all post-trip donations made to The Intrepid Foundation.

Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden Reforestation Projects are helping to mitigate climate change by restoring forests worldwide; they also hire locally and create job opportunities within vulnerable communities. Donations from our trips support restoration across planting sites in 10 countries around the globe. Find out more or make a donation World Bicycle Relief

World Bicycle Relief provides people in low-income communities with bicycles to mobilise school kids, health workers, and farmers in far-out areas – giving them access to vital education, healthcare, and income. Donations help provide Buffalo Bicycles – specifically designed to withstand the rugged terrain and harsh environment of rural regions – to those who need them most. Find out more or make a donation

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Join us on your dream trip to Greenland. Experience the freedom, the vast expanses – and the giant icebergs!

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greenland group travel

A long weekend out of the ordinary!

5 days around ilulissat.

Experience world-class nature and luxury! Stay at Greenland’s best hotel – with a view of a UNESCO world heritage site, the Ilulissat Ice Fjord. Options for dog sledding and sailing among icebergs.

Optional experiences

When do you want to travel.

  • Price per person in double room

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greenland group travel

Want to visit Ilulissat in Greenland? Stay at Hotel Arctic with a view of the Ilulissat Ice Fjord and the Disko Bay. Sail on the Icefjord among huge icebergs!

greenland group travel

Adventure North and South of Ilulissat Icefjord

8 days around kangerlussuaq, ilulissat, and ilimanaq.

Our summer bestseller to Kangerlussuaq and Ilulissat, spiced up with two days in Ilimanaq! Experience the ice cap, icebergs, summer sun ,and wildlife and immerse yourself in the silence.

Photographer: Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Adventure North of the Arctic Circle

8 days around kangerlussuaq and sisimiut.

Sun, snow, dog sledding, and northern lights are some of the highlights of this trip. We spend 3 nights in Kangerlussuaq and 4 in Greenland’s adventure paradise, Sisimiut. Experience the Ice Sheet and the alpine landscapes.

Photographer: Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Arctic Autumn Adventure

Visit two classical yet very different places in Greenland. First, we explore the Greenland Ice Sheet in Kangerlussuaq, and then we fly to Sisimiut, one of the most authentic and beautiful places in Greenland.

greenland group travel

Arctic Easter Parade

6 days around ilulissat.

Go on a beautiful Easter holiday in Ilulissat. Experience all Northern Greenland has to offer: Dog sledding, huge icebergs, hiking, and amazing boat trips.

Photographer: Ben Simon Rehn - Visit Greenland

Arctic Spring Adventure / Spring time in the Arctic

8 days around kangerlussuaq and ilulissat.

Do you want to experience the icebergs of Ilulissat and stop over in Kangerlussuaq with the Greenland Ice Sheet? Enjoy Arctic spring and huge icebergs bathed in golden sun in Disko Bay.

Photographer: Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Aurora Borealis Trip to Greenland

5 days around kangerlussuaq.

A lovely autumn trip with beautiful colors and huge amounts of ice. This 5-day hotel holiday can offer tundra safaris, musk oxen, the Greenland Ice Sheet, and (from September) also the northern lights!

greenland group travel

Bestseller: Summer, Sun and Huge Icebergs in Greenland

8 days around kangerlussuaq and ilulissat.

Our summer bestseller with 1 night in Kangerlussuaq and 6 nights in Ilulissat in Disko Bay! Experience the ice sheet, icebergs, summer sun, and the animal life  – and enjoy the silence!

Photographer: Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Bright Nights in the Arctic / Inland Ice, Icebergs and Bright Nights

Our bestseller in a guesthouse version. Huge icebergs in Ilulissat and the Greenland Ice Sheet in Kangerlussuaq. Accommodation is in guesthouses with your own cooking facilities.

greenland group travel

Dream trip in the Disko Bay

12-day round trip to kangerlussuaq, disko island, ilulissat, and eqi.

A tour around Disko Bay, where beautiful natural wonders are found like pearls on a string. This tour will give you the sense of going to places where nobody has been before. Glacier Lodge Eqi and Disko Island are included.

greenland group travel

Easter among the Icebergs

8 days in ilulissat and nuuk.

Enjoy a beautiful Easter holiday in Ilulissat and Nuuk. Experience all that Mid and North Greenland has to offer: Snow and icebergs, dog sledding, hiking, and beautiful boat trips.

Photographer: Greenland Travel

Find Santa Claus in Greenland

4 days around kangerlussuaq.

Join us in our search for Santa Claus in the great Greenlandic nature in the Kangerlussuaq area. Four wonderful days with the Ice Sheet, northern lights, musk oxen, sled dogs, and lots of playing in the snow.

Photographer: Rebecca Gustafsson - Visit Greenland

Focus on Ice and Snow

Get in touch with the marvelous Greenlandic nature in winter. Dog sledding, northern lights, and icebergs are only some of the many keywords. You will never forget it!

greenland group travel

Greenland Autumn Exploration

In October, the northern lights appear in Greenland. Visit two UNESCO World Heritage sites in Greenland, Kangerlussuaq with the Ice Sheet and Ilulissat Ice Fjord in the Disko Bay.

greenland group travel

Icebergs and Adventure in Villages and the Wilderness

8 days in kangerlussuaq, ilulissat, oqaatsut, and glacier lodge eqi.

Go on an adventure to the giant ice sheet, stay in a traditional Greenlandic village and a remote camp, overlooking the vast Eqi Glacier. And then there’s also Ilulissat Icefjord!

Red Alpine Catchfly In Front Of Icebergs North Of Ilulissat - Photo by Bo Normander - Visit Greenland

Icebergs in the Midnight Sun – 4 days

4 days with unesco world heritage.

Visit the huge icebergs in Greenland at the Ilulissat Ice Fjord in Disko Bay. Enjoy whale watching, sailing, and hiking near icebergs under the midnight sun.

greenland group travel

Icebergs in the Midnight Sun – 5 days

5 days with unesco world heritage.

Visit Ilulissat Ice Fjord in Disko Bay and see some of the huge icebergs in Greenland. Enjoy sailing and hiking near the icebergs, or go whale watching under the midnight sun.

Et par nyder en dejlig udsigt over Sermitsiaq bjerget og Nuuk fjord i Grønland - Fotograf:

Long Weekend in Nuuk

5 days in nuuk.

In Nuuk, there are opportunities for those interested in nature, those interested in culture and history, and those who love the vibrant life of a capital city.

greenland group travel

New Year’s Eve among the Icebergs

7 days in ilulissat.

We love the Greenlandic New Year! The fireworks light up the dark sky and light up the snow in all colors. On this 7-day trip, you get exciting experiences but also time to relax.

Fireworks in Ilulissat - Photographer: Shutterstock

New Year’s Eve in Greenland

New Year’s Eve in Greenland is something quite special. The beautiful fireworks are a dazzling contrast in the polar night and, on the days around New Year’s Eve, you get to experience the winter wonderland at Ilulissat.

greenland group travel

North Greenland’s Giant Icebergs under the Heart-shaped Mountain

8 days in kangerlussuaq, ilulissat and uummannaq.

Visit the Greenland Ice Sheet, experience glaciers and giant icebergs, UNESCO World Heritage at Ilulissat Icefjord, and the beautiful heart-shaped mountain that rises above Uummannaq.

Photographer: Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

On the edge of the Ice Sheet

Experience a precious part of Greenland on an extended weekend tour to the edge of the inland ice. Kangerlussuaq invites you to see the northern lights, join a tundra safari, and walk on the Ice Sheet.

Photographer: Kim Schytz - World Of Greenland

Sailing among the Northern Lights

8 days in three towns and on the coastal ship.

Explore Greenland and the Northern Lights with Greenland Travel. This highly popular round trip takes you to the three most popular places in Greenland and includes a coastal boat trip.

Photographer: Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Spring feelings in Greenland

Great spring trip with the best highlights: The Ice Sheet in Kangerlussuaq, the capital of Nuuk and the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Ilulissat Ice Fjord in Disko Bay. The coastal sailing trip included.

Photographer: Arctic Umiaq Line

Summer impressions of Greenland

Great summer tour with the best highlights: The Greenland Ice Sheet in Kangerlussuaq, the capital of Nuuk and the UNESCO world heritage site, the Ice Fjord in Disko Bay. Coastal boat trip included.

greenland group travel

The Arctic Patagonia in Geeenland

8 days of unesco world heritage and hiking.

An incredible and authentic trip with 5-star views no matter where you are. A trip for hikers and nature lovers; you’ll stay in small hotels, guesthouses, and an authentic camp where you’ll experience living “from nature to table!”

greenland group travel

The classic: The Golden Triangle

The Classic: The Golden Triangle gives you great freedom on your trip while also visiting the Ice Sheet at Kangerlussuaq, Greenland’s second-largest town, Sisimiut, and Ilulissat Icefjord.

Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

The Great Greenland Roundtrip

15 days from south to north greenland.

The great Greenland round trip! Explore Greenland from the South to Disko bay. Visit small settlements and Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. Sail with the coastal ship and enjoy a unique stay in Glacier Lodge Eqi.

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We will answer within 24 hours on weekdays.

You can also call us at: +45 33 13 10 11

greenland group travel

Ambitious ‘Transglobal’ Car Expedition Gets Shut Down in Greenland

A dozen explorers intent on driving special amphibious vehicles to both poles have hit a roadblock — but not before already achieving an unprecedented drive.

The Transglobal Car Expedition seeks to become “the world’s first wheeled surface circumnavigation of the Earth through both geographic poles.” As of early April, the group had already covered its planned route from New York City to the Geographic North Pole via Yellowknife, Canada.

Driving to the North Pole is a bold, risky objective no one had completed before. They followed this up by driving from the North Pole to Greenland — another unprecedented feat.

But the group didn’t get to celebrate its success for long. On the way south to Nuuk, Greenland, they ran into authorities in Station Nord who denied them entry.

Unsafe at any speed

Naalakkersuisut, Greenland’s government, reviewed the team’s credentials to enter Northeast Greenland National Park on Friday. Authorities rejected them on the basis of safety, according to a press release .

“It is too dangerous both for the expedition and for the authorities who would have to rescue the expedition in an emergency situation to travel in the relevant areas in Greenland,” the release said. “Therefore, the expedition cannot legally continue through the National Park.”

The release went on to state the expedition had left Greenland. Transglobal leader Vasily Shakhnovsky, a Russian oil baron who ranks among the world’s richest men , provided details in a message to arctic correspondent Galya Morrell.

“They collected passports and conducted a full-fledged search of cars for weapons. The police insisted that we leave Greenland as soon as possible,” Shakhnovsky wrote. “In the end, everything was agreed. We took off safely [from Station Nord] and landed in Svalbard two hours later.”

Vehicles stuck in limbo

The expulsion from Greenland forced the team to leave its specialized vehicles behind. The six-wheel-drive machines are designed for transport in shipping containers. Transglobal’s original plan would have allowed them to ship the rigs to themselves further along the route. This would have been possible between Nuuk and Iceland, as first planned, but sea ice conditions between Station Nord and Svalbard will prevent it.

The custom-built trucks create “less impact on the ground than a human foot” with their six 51-inch wheels that can run on pressure as low as one pound per square inch. That and their light weight help them churn through sea ice where other vehicles would founder and sink. The team aims to begin the Antarctic leg this November after the Antarctic cold has eased but when the sea ice is near its highest levels.

One expedition sponsor also lamented the setback, based on its scientific objectives. Along its 50,000km route, Transglobal plans to conduct research into sea ice, cosmic radiation, light pollution, and more. The regulatory refusal, for now, dismantles its stated plans to study the Greenland ice sheet.

“This is really unfortunate as it is an expedition doing some ground-breaking work in collaboration with scientists from European universities and legitimate international scientific institutions such as CERN and the Italian space agency,” said Dr. Maxim Artamonov, manager of a Swiss non-profit that sponsors the expedition.

Not giving up on Greenland yet

Northeast Greenland National Park is the world’s largest national park. At 972,000 square kilometers, it covers almost half the island. The park is so remote that fewer people visit it each year than summit Mount Everest, according to Lindblad Expeditions. Permitting is also famously strict.

It’s the latest episode in a saga of minor calamities and regulatory hassles for the Transglobal Car Expedition team. A Ford F-150 customized by Iceland’s Arctic Trucks and owned by Transglobal sank in arctic waters during testing in 2022. The expedition itself has demanded challenging repairs and toilsome navigation.

Several team members have also struggled with credentials along the way. Vasily Yelagin, a Russian mountaineer who designed the amphibious vehicles, had trouble obtaining a Danish visa, Morrell reported. And Canadian authorities denied entry to Alexander Abramov, president of the 7 Summits Club and one of the expedition’s main advocates. 7 Summits said officials revoked Abramov’s “valid visa right at the border without reason.”

After the team regroups in Svalbard, it faces the adventure’s longest but easiest leg: a five-month tour crisscrossing Europe.

And Shakhnovsky and Co. haven’t given up on Greenland yet. In a statement , Transglobal said it is “hopeful” that discussions with Greenland authorities will allow future access to its original north-to-south overland route.

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Ambitious ‘Transglobal’ Car Expedition Gets Shut Down in Greenland


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