9 Best Apps for Travel Photography (in 2023)

A Post By: Kevin Landwer-Johan

The best apps for travel photography

Your smartphone is one of the best travel photography accessories you own. When equipped with the right apps, your phone can save you time, put you in the right place for amazing images, and enhance the photos you’ve already taken.

But which apps are best for travel photography ? How do you pick the apps that are right for you?

Fortunately, whether you have an iOS or Android phone, there are plenty of apps perfect for travel shooting. Below, we share a roundup of our favorites – all of which are guaranteed to make your trip, and the photos you take, better than ever.

The best travel photography location apps

When you first arrive in a new location, it can be challenging to find your way around the area. That’s where location apps will come in handy, such as:

1. Maps.ME (for iOS and Android )

Maps.ME is a great mapping app that you can use without an internet connection. Once you have Maps.ME installed on your phone, you can download maps for pretty much any location.

These maps will provide you with turn-by-turn directions for each destination – and the app relies on open-source software, so it’s always up to date. 

The app will direct you to your hotel or any other specific address, and it can also help you find points of interest, trekking trails, etc.

Maps.ME is free for both Android and iOS devices.

Maps.ME travel photography app

2. Citymapper (for iOS and Android )

Most of us don’t have endless time at each location; the faster and more efficiently we can arrive at each location, the more time we have to be out and about. Citymapper is a clever little app that helps you make the most of your travel time.

With the Citymapper app installed on your phone, you can find the nearest bus stops and train stations. You can even book tickets and compare travel time and prices across different transport modes. And if you prefer to walk, scooter, or ride a bike, the app can help you with that, too.

Bottom line: Citymapper is a terrific app for navigating around larger cities pretty much anywhere in the world – and it’s free for both Android and iOS devices.

Citymapper travel photography app

3. Spot (for iOS )

Casual photographers are often satisfied with snapshots of the most touristy places – but more serious photographers want to discover interesting locations that are off the beaten path. They know that these less-popular locations will offer the opportunity to capture unique photos that don’t appear on every other Instagram feed.

So how do you find these hidden gems? You can use apps like Facebook and Instagram to search through location-tagged photos. But in my experience, there are better ways to locate top-notch areas. For instance, you can use the Spot app!

This free app is like a social media platform that shows you the locations photographers love; in fact, the developers boast that their app will help you find “the best places in the world.” Users are able to upload photos and share the cool places they visit. The app also pulls data on locations based on discussions elsewhere on the web.

You’ll even get recommendations for nearby places to eat or grab a coffee. And the app offers a strong social aspect; you can follow other users, see places they’ve visited, and build your own lists to share. In other words, Spot is more versatile and diverse than just a location tracker.

Spot is only available for iOS devices.

Spot travel photography app

The best apps for travel photography editing

Sharing photos on social media is all part of today’s travel culture. Naturally, these photos must look stellar, so editing must be done on the fly. 

Any rundown of the best apps for travel photography should include a selection of post-processing apps . Here are our picks:

1. VSCO (for iOS and Android )

Learning to use new editing apps, especially those that are very comprehensive, can be tricky. But not VSCO; you’ll notice how easy the app is to navigate as soon as you fire it up. 

There are plenty of quick and easy presets for enhancing the colors and contrast in your pictures. And once you’ve applied a preset, you can tweak it to match each photo you work on. You can also save your adjusted presets for later use.

There’s a free version of VSCO, but if you want more control over your images, consider grabbing the paid version, which offers extra tools and filters.

VSCO travel photography app

2. Snapseed (for iOS and Android )

Snapseed is the go-to photo-editing app for many professional and amateur photographers. It’s quick and easy to use, it offers a great selection of filters and presets, and you can create pretty much any edit you imagine.

The app offers tons of options for manual adjustments. The tools let you manage curves, apply vignettes, do selective edits, and so much more. You have a great deal of control over how your images look, and Snapseed even includes a feature that allows you to batch edit photos for a faster workflow.

Snapseed is free for both Android and iOS devices.

Snapseed travel photography app

3. Lightroom Mobile (for iOS and Android )

If you already have an Adobe subscription, then this editing app is a must-have. If you don’t own an Adobe subscription, you can still use the app, but the functionality is (slightly) limited.

Lightroom Mobile is easy to use for both beginners and experienced photographers. It provides tons of tools and features that give you plenty of control over your wonderful travel photos.

Within the app, you have dozens of adjustment options; you can clone unwanted elements, correct exposure issues, enhance contrast, and reduce noise. And the split toning, masking, and sharpening options make Lightroom Mobile one of the more advanced photo-editing apps available.

LR Mobile is free for both Android and iOS phones with limited functionality. But you can unlock the app’s full functionality with an Adobe Photography subscription .

Lightroom Mobile travel photography app

A few more handy travel photo apps

These three additional apps are bound to make your travel photography experience more enjoyable:

1. PhotoPills (for iOS and Android )

PhotoPills is like a toolbox for photographers. Take a peek inside, and you’ll be amazed at the array of features to help you make better travel photos. 

The app can help you calculate exposures , explore and manage the locations you want to visit, produce time-lapses, and much more. It’s basically an all-around photography assistant you can carry in your pocket. 

Do you need to know what time sunset is? Do you need to determine the phase of the moon? PhotoPills maps all of this out for you based on the date and location. It will help you plan your photos and execute them, too. 

PhotoPills is a paid app available for both Android and iOS devices.

PhotoPills travel photography app

2. WeatherBug (for iOS and Android )

WeatherBug isn’t strictly a photography app, but it’s one that photographers love – and it can certainly help you capture better photos while traveling.

WeatherBug helps you take the guesswork out of weather prediction. There’s nothing worse than heading to a sunrise location you’ve been wanting to capture for months only to find the sky obscured by clouds. Thanks to this app, you’ll know how the weather will pan out, so you can plan your shoots for the most suitable times.

WeatherBug will give you a forecast for up to ten days in advance. And it’s customizable, so you can tweak it to best suit your needs.

WeatherBug is free for both Android and iOS devices.

WeatherBug travel photography app

3. Phonto (for iOS and Android )

Phonto is a fun little app that lets you add text to your photos. It’s simple to use, and it’s a great way to enhance your travel shots with some fun text! There are tons of different fonts available, and you have the option to rotate, resize, and generally manage the text to get the effect you want.

In my opinion, adding text to your travel photos with Phonto will make them stand out on social media. Plus, it can let people know how much fun you’re having!

Phonto is free for both Android and iOS devices.

Phonto travel photography app

The best travel photography apps: final words

Woman touching her smartphone with one finger with brightly colored buildings in the background

Hopefully, you found this list helpful – and you’re ready to download one (or more!) of our favorite travel photography apps.

The apps we’ve shared will ensure you find the right locations, plan your photoshoots, edit on the fly, and more.

So enjoy your travels! And capture some amazing photos.

Which apps do you plan to get? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

9 Best Apps for Travel Photography (in 2023)

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Kevin Landwer-Johan

Kevin Landwer-Johan is a photographer, photography teacher, and author with over 30 years of experience that he loves to share with others.

Check out his website and his Buy Me a Coffee page .

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7 Best Travel Apps for Photographers in 2024 (Updated)

' src=

You can also select your interests for free access to our premium training:

Travel apps for photography can help you with anything from finding the best photo spots to editing while on the move. Here are a few of the best apps for travel photography options you need to download before exploring beautiful destinations on your bucket list.

7 Best Travel Apps for Photographers

We list travel apps for both iOS and Android. And there is a mix of free and paid apps.

7. Snapseed

Logo of Snapseed

  • App Type : Photo editor
  • Price : Free
  • Platform : iOS and Android

This is one of the best photography apps out there because of its features. It lets you do anything from color grading to adding all sorts of effects to make your travel photos look professional. Snapseed may be from Google, but it also supports iPhones . That means you don’t have to worry about any compatibility issues. And the good news is that all the tools it offers on Android are also available on the iPhone. Like any other editing app , Snapseed has all the basic tools you need, from adjusting exposure to correcting the white balance . But what differentiates it from the rest is the plethora of effects that it features. For instance, it has dozens of presets that let you create anything from retro film effects to classic black and white images . It also has advanced editing tools such as HDR . This lets you create vivid pictures even in challenging lighting conditions. Apart from the editing tools, Snapseed also includes frames and text tools to personalize your images. Using it allows you to create scrapbook-style images by adding borders and captions .

Illustrative photo of VSCO

  • Price: Free but has in-app purchases

While traveling, you don’t want to spend too much time on your phone editing your images. That’s why VSCO is one of the best apps for photographers because it’s so easy to use. Unlike Snapseed, VSCO doesn’t offer a lot of tools for advanced editing. Instead, it offers a streamlined experience. It lets you add presets and tweak basic exposure settings quickly. To use VSCO, all you have to do is tap a preset you like and adjust the sliders to alter the amount of effect you like on your images. You can also use sliders to change the brightness, contrast, saturation, highlights, and other exposure parameters. VSCO’s main selling point is its ability to recreate a film look . Its presets are based on real film stocks, making the result authentic. Apart from basic adjustments, you can also add fade and grain, among other effects, to help you customize the vintage style of your photo.

5. Pro HDR X (Discontinued)

Illustrative photo of Pro HDR X

  • App Type : HDR ( high dynamic range ) camera and editor
  • Price : $1.99

When you’re doing travel photography, a big chunk of photos are landscapes. And Pro HDR X is what you’ll need to make your images look more vivid and alive. HDR, or High Dynamic Range, is a technical term that describes the ability of an image to faithfully display shadows and highlights. Your phone cannot accurately capture the darkest and brightest elements, especially in bad lighting conditions. That’s why you’ll need Pro HDR X to make calibrations and ensure that your final image has rich blacks and bright whites. To create vivid landscapes, Pro HDR X captures three images with different exposures. It then automatically combines those pictures into one that has all the correct shadows and highlights. Just remember to only use Pro HDR X for static shots, preferably on a tripod . If you include moving subjects in your frame, they’ll end up blurry since the app sandwiches the three photos it takes into one image.

Illustrative photo of Spot

  • App Type : Photo sharing and social media

Looking for the best locations when traveling can be intimidating, even for veteran travelers. When you’re in a place you haven’t been, it’s easy to get lost and miss the beautiful gems you want to capture. Spot helps you locate picturesque destinations while traveling. Consider it a social media platform where photographers can share the local spots they discover in the areas they visit. Apart from featuring well-known destinations such as Paris , Spot showcases places that other people may not know about at all. This cool app even has maps to help you locate where the photos were shot. It’s for planning your shoots, especially if you want to include unique places in your portfolio . Spot also lets you share the places you discovered on your travels. When you upload your photos to the app, you get to add locations and even include tips to help your fellow photographers track the exact spot where you took the pictures.

3. Citymapper

Illustrative photo of Citymapper

  • App Type : GPS

When you’re doing travel photography, your ability to navigate places is just as crucial as your ability to take pictures. Knowing how to get there in the quickest way possible allows you to cover more areas. You can always use Google Maps to help you figure out where to go. But it doesn’t have all the information you need to get there. Citymapper shows you everything from routes to various transportation options to reach your destination. One of the biggest features of Citymapper is that it shows you the nearest train and bus stations. And it guides you on how to get there. It even shows the arrival and departure times, so you don’t miss your bus or train. Citymapper is available in major cities from Asia to Europe . The only catch is that it won’t be much use if you happen to be in lesser-known destinations. But if you happen to find yourself shooting around New York or Paris , this app is definitely for you.

2. PhotoPills

Illustrative photo of PhotoPills

  • App Type : Sun and moon tracker, photography assistant, and calculator
  • Price : $10.99

Think of PhotoPills as your photography instructor and assistant. It has all the tools you may need, from taking photos of the stars to calculating your depth of field . One of its main features is the sun/moon/ star tracker . It helps you figure out where the sun or the moon will be at your location at any time of the day. If you want to know where the moon will rise and set, you have to get your phone out. What’s great about PhotoPills is that it uses augmented reality to show you where the sun or moon will be in a real environment. Even if you use the app in the middle of the day, you can see a digital rendition of the moon on your screen like it’s there. PhotoPills is also perfect for tracking the Milky Way . You can use it to figure out its location so that when the night comes, you can go to the exact spot where you expect it to appear. Apart from the tracker, it also has calculators for DOF, FOV, Hyperfocal Table, Long Exposures , Time Lapse and Star Trails . So if you don’t like fumbling around to get your settings correct, you’ll find this app useful.

1. Weatherbug

Illustrative photo of Weatherbug

  • App Type : Weather forecast

Weatherbug isn’t exactly photography-related. But you’ll find yourself using it a lot, especially in places with unpredictable weather. One of the best reasons to use it is that it’s free. And it offers a forecast for up to ten days. That means it’s perfect for helping plan your itinerary for more than a week in advance. Another advantage of using Weatherbug is that it has 18 weather maps. They include wind, temperature, and lighting models, among others. And it even has a Doppler radar that shows real-time snapshots of what’s going on without resorting to news updates. But what truly makes Weatherbug indispensable to photographers is that it features weather widgets that you can customize according to your needs. For instance, you can activate traffic updates in your area if you’re in a busy tourist spot. You can even keep track of pollen count and air quality if you are allergic or have a health condition.

When doing travel photography, you must have all the tools to capture the places you visit. And having good photography apps on your phone would allow you to do just about anything, even when you move around a lot. You should also include non-photography travel apps that you’ll find useful when navigating new places. Remember that as a travel photographer , you need to be as skilled at looking for the perfect destinations as you are with your camera. Check out our Next Stop: Travel Photography e-book to learn how to take print-worthy photos!

Photo Tips, Creative Photography + Travel Guides - The Wandering Lens

  • The 6 Best Apps for Travel Photographers
  • By Lisa Michele Burns

app for travel photos

Photo Editing Apps + Handy Apps for Travel Photographers

Planning a photoshoot, capturing the shot and publishing the results are all components of photography. Having the ability to research, photograph and then share your work all with snappy little apps on your phone is pretty darn amazing if you ask me.

I’m not a huge app geek who uses an app for every single thing but…once you’ve discovered which apps work to help you achieve the results you’re after, it’s game changing.

Whether you need to calculate the best settings, check if the northern lights are dancing, schedule and publish your images, there’s an app for it. Heck, there’s an app for anything and everything now but the trick is narrowing it down to those of value that will help you and your photography.

So, without further ado below you’ll find a list of what I consider to be the best apps for travel photographers, if you have any other suggestions, please feel free to list them in the comments below!

Also, because photography is all about showcasing your work, if you use any of the apps mentioned below including Steller, Spot, Instagram or ImageBrief, feel free to leave a link to your account in the comments too so we can all see your work.

Read more: “How to Become a Professional Travel Photographer”

Okay, onto the apps…

Best For: Planning your trip, discovering new and interesting places to photograph

When you want to know where to shoot or visit based on other’s experiences, Spot is a great app to have in your kit! You can create lists of the best ‘spots’ within a city, suburb or even street providing images and info for others to view.

Their slogan is ‘The best places in the world according to the friends and experts you trust’ and this is spot on. Like what I did there 😉 It’s created by every day travellers recommending places based on their own experiences, you can also add friends directly from Facebook to connect, share spots and plan adventures.

One of the best features is that you can add your own tips and recommendations to other lists, in turn creating a collaborative hub of location tips. When you upload a spot you’ll automatically see recommendations of other places nearby that have been shared by other Spot users. If you’re logging in from a new location, it’ll highlight great places nearby to eat, shop or sights to see including maps showing the exact location. There’s something crazy like over 500,000 spots already on the app so chances are, you’re going to find somewhere new to explore and photograph!

To plan trips before arriving somewhere you can use the ‘Explore’ tab to search destinations around the world to see where and what people are recommending. I know I prefer to do some research beforehand so have found this feature to be really helpful in unearthing places I never would have considered. Once you’ve got your own profile created, you can then save spots and have an easy to access wish list of locations to photograph or visit.

Also soon they’ll be creating a Spot website so you can access all the info from your desktop too. You can create a Spot account by downloading the Spot app HERE .

Take a peek at the screenshots below to see both my personal profile and some of the layouts of Spot.

Photo Pills

Best For: Calculating the best settings and planning shoot locations

I’m not sure you’ll find an app jam packed with more photographer friendly tools than Photo Pills. It really has everything you could ever need to plan, prepare and photograph wherever you are in the world.

From Depth of Focus tables, Exposure calculators, Time lapse settings that tell you how much time, memory space and shots you require…it’s technically your best friend in the field.

One of my favourites is the ‘Star Trails’ tool, mainly because you can twirl your finger around the screen and choose how intense you want the trails to be. The app will then tell you how long you need to leave your camera clicking away or you can add the time you want to shoot for and it’ll give you the angle and assumed result. Fancy, huh!?

Their ‘Sun’ tool is created to make the job of finding a great direction to shoot by telling you when the blue hours are, sunrise, golden hour, astronomical twilight…it again is fancy. Not sure why I keep using that word but I really can’t think of a much better one to use. It’s fancy schmancy.

You can also use the app to upload your work and participate in awards within the Photo Pills community, plan shoots and join their academy…they also host photo tours around the world!

Download the Photo Pills app HERE and below are some screenshots of all the fanciness…

Steller + Article by Steller

Best For: Publishing your photography

If you’ve been reading The Wandering Lens you’re probably well aware of my love for the Steller app. It’s an app that allows you to create mini magazines from your trips, showcasing your photography and stories at the same time.

READ MORE – The 6 Best Social Platforms for Photographers

For creatives it’s a unique way to publish your work and rather than one photo at a time like Instagram, you can make a cohesive collection of images to tell a story. If for example you’ve just returned from Iceland, you can publish one full Steller story about the trip, or break it down into photo filled stories of each location. Because who really returns from Iceland with just one photo from each location!? It’s more like hundreds!

There are page layouts and font styles to choose between to create a story that’s uniquely yours, plus you can decide how many pages you want as you go.

What I love most about Steller is that it doesn’t feel as instant or forced as other social media apps can. People uploading stories to Steller are thinking about the process, planning how it looks and it shows in the published results. Also the community is really supportive and scrolling through stories based on topics you search will reveal so much talent you won’t know where to stop! Forget the algorithms and tricks of Instagram, Steller is still a genuine platform for sharing your images.

Also the team at Steller have created a second app called ‘Article by Steller’, it gives you even more options to create and publishes multimedia articles in a scrolling format.

Check out Steller HERE or download the new Article by Steller HERE .

The Best Editing Apps – Adobe Lightroom CC, PS Express + Snapseed

Okay so adding all three technically means this article should be called 9 apps for Travel Photographers however, you certainly don’t need all three. Pick your favourite and stick with it so you have a consistent editing style.

Adobe Lightroom CC and PS Express are mini versions of their parent programs and have all the tools available for you to adjust the basics. You can toggle with shadows, highlights, brightness, whites etc and also use a series of Presets to chance the colour and tone of your images.

Snapseed is quite a popular app for people who don’t necessarily use Lightroom or Photoshop on their computers and just want to make their photos look as good as possible. Snapseed actually has so many tools available within the app that it can really help you to create almost any look you like. My only hesitation with using Snapseed is that I find the toggle system a little hard to get used to. A big positive is that it’s got helpful tutorials accessible via it’s menu.

It’s really personal preference as to which editing app you prefer but having one on your phone definitely makes life easier as a travel photographer. Sometimes when you want to upload an image quickly to social media but are at the airport, or can’t get your laptop out, a quick phone edit works wonders.

Take a peek at some screenshots below to see the layouts and design of each editing app.

I’ll share a more detailed post about editing apps very soon…any questions just leave them in the comments below in the meantime 🙂

The best editing apps for your phone - Snapseed

Best For: Scheduling and planning your social media posts

Ever wondered how some photographers have those perfectly styled Instagram accounts? Where all the images line up beautifully and it’s more like scrolling through either a rainbow of colour or a muted splendour of all things minimal?

Well they might just be using Later. Later is an app that allows you to schedule your social media posts and plan in advance which images to post and when. Now it doesn’t break any rules and you can’t post directly from the Later app, however, it will notify you when your schedule post is ready and you can then click ‘post’ and it will copy all the details across to the Instagram app and away you go from there.

The layout of the Later app allows you to see the images together and how they would look as a cohesive account, plus it gives you insights into how your accounts are performing. You can track which images perform the best with engagement via comments, likes and also see graphs on how they stack up against each other.

Having these insights are so important to tracking your growth across social media, especially if you’re growing them organically (if you’re scamming, please feel free to exit my website, thanks). There are of course so many scams and tricks happening right now that it’s hard to know who is genuine and who isn’t, all you can really do is look after your own account and produce high quality work. Apps like Later make it nice and simple to use statistics in order to proactively choose when to publish content and what content receives more engagement with your audience.

The first plan is free for users and links through to your Instagram account, if you want to opt to add other platforms like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, you’ll need to sign up to a premium account to do so.

Download the Later app HERE.

Aurora Alerts

Best For: Photographing the aurora!

So if there’s one thing most photographers dream of shooting it’s the aurora, am I right!? Those dancing green waves that appear across the sky in the darker months, glowing like brilliant strips of magic.

You can of course head north (or south for the Aurora Australis) to places like Iceland, Scandinavia or Greenland to capture them and hope for the best but…there’s also an app for that.

Aurora Alerts (called Aurora Australis Forecast & Southern Lights Alerts in the App Store) is an app that will allow you to get at least a little sleep during the aurora season. If you’re on the hunt for aurora, trust me in the fact that you probably won’t sleep much. Finding them becomes an addition and you know that at any moment when the skies are clear, the aurora could be dancing above you…it’s just a matter of patience and luck.

This app gives you a little relief in the patience department. With Aurora Alerts you can input your location and it will tell you a short and long term forecast for aurora.

There’s also forecasts showing the possibility and strength of the aurora both overhead and on the horizon. If the ‘overhead’ rating is anything about 24%…it’s worth running outside to check what’s happening because sometimes the app can be a little harsh on its judgement of what’s impressive and what’s not.

You’ll find more details about apps like this in my post ‘ Weather Forecasting for Landscape Photographers ’ , in the meantime though download Aurora Alerts HERE , even if you’re not going anywhere, it’s fun to see where it’s happening and how strong it is…or maybe I’m just a weather nerd.

If you want share on Pinterest for later here’s a photo for you…

So, that’s my pick of the six best apps for travel photographers! What do you think?

Do you have any to add? If so, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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app for travel photos

Hello! I’m the founder and photographer behind The Wandering Lens. With 17+yrs experience as a professional travel and landscape photographer, all advice found on this site is from my personal experience on the road. I hope it’s useful for your own travels and would love to hear in the comments about your trips and experiences around the world.

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August 24, 2017 at 3:38 am

I love your articles, they are so helpful and full of details! Thank you for sharing all that valuable information! 🙂


August 24, 2017 at 3:39 am

So happy you find them useful Iris! Feel free to leave a link to your Steller or Instagram account so we can see your photos 🙂

August 24, 2017 at 6:11 am

I am so ashamed to admit that the only one I know is Later. But I rarely am using photos on my phone these days (just been busy working and doing nothing pic-worthy aside from playing with my dog!) I think my favorite app is Sky Guide. I think I may be addicted to it just in general being an astro-nerd… but it can be good for photography purposes as well, I am sure! 🙂

Great app list and I’ll have to check them out!

September 1, 2017 at 2:10 am

There’s always space for puppy photos on your phone! Thanks for sharing Sky Guide, that’s the one where you can point it at the sky and see stars and their names? So cool!

September 2, 2017 at 1:31 am

Your article about weather apps was really helpful so it’s great to now be able to see other ones for sharing photos.

September 4, 2017 at 2:11 am

Great to hear Tony! Do you have any weather or photo apps you use regularly? There’s so many to choose from so it’s always nice to hear what other people recommend too!

Laura Thomson

September 13, 2017 at 3:06 pm

I tried Spot and found it really handy for finding great cafes and sights. Interesting you use it for photo locations, really cool idea.

September 21, 2017 at 4:21 am

Thanks for sharing. This is a great post. I’ve not heard about spot before, but it sounds awesome. I’ve been using locationscout, but do not always find the spots I’m looking for. I also use the app blue hour, which is great to know when the sun rises and sets and set my alarm clock 😉

Britannia Cars

January 23, 2018 at 6:18 am

Wow!!!!! Wonderful Suggestions for travelers is given in the blog.Very interesting to read,great helpful post.

January 29, 2018 at 2:19 am

THIS IS AMAZING!!!! Stellar sounds like such a fun app for those of us who can’t stand the insta-fake and prefer telling stories. Is it a pretty active network.

And Image Brief? Heck yeah! I need to sign myself up to start selling some. I love that you can start small scale! I mostly just use IG (@thefamilyvoyage) at the moment, but I vastly prefer sharing images on my actual website.

February 2, 2019 at 12:32 pm

This article is so great and so helpful! I usually just happen upon good locations for shooting (as I’m sure you do as well!), however, I’m planning a trip to Europe in the spring and I think that location finding app is going to be super helpful for finding cool vantage points in cities like Rome and Athens. Thanks lovely! Looking forward to reading more of your articles.

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8 of the best apps to edit and retouch your travel photos

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These days, you can't just pop an Instagram filter on your photo and upload it — the horror! It's better to use an editing app first. If not, how will all your friends know how very blue the Mediterranean appeared, how incredibly chic your hotel seemed or how those clouds really popped over the Bangkok skyline and river? With so many ways to edit your travel photos, it can be hard to know which apps to use — or even how to use them.

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Whether you want to edit those meals captured in Italy or your favorite plane snaps, selfies or sweeping beach panoramics, this TPG guide to photo retouching apps can help, whether you're a professional photographer, absolute beginner or anything in between.

1. Snapseed

Best used for shots of landscapes, Snapseed has some very intense pre-set filters in the "looks" section, but the fun really starts when you play with the tools. If you select "tune image" you can edit things like brightness, warmth, ambience, highlights and shadows. In the "details" section, you can edit the structure and sharpen your photo.

The "selective" button allows you to edit just one part of the photo, like increasing the brightness in only one area that seems a little dark. Playing around with the app is the best way to learn how to use it, so practice on some photos pre-trip until you figure out the perfect balance.

Download for free on Apple or Google Play .

(Screenshot courtesy of iTunes)

2. Facetune and Facetune2

Ever wondered why influencers look so perfect among stunning backgrounds? If you want to look like a boho-chic beachy goddess or muscled Abercrombie model traveling the world, Facetune is your app. A favorite of the Kardashians, the app allows you to completely edit your look. From teeth whitening to wrinkle and skin smoothing to reshaping your waistline, you can become a much more glamorous version of yourself. You can also patch any spots to cover tattoos, scars or other imperfections. You'll look so hot, no one will even bother to notice the Taj Mahal or the Statue of Liberty behind you. Just don't go overboard.

Download Facetune for $5 on Apple . Download Facetune2 on Apple or Google Play for free but expect to pay additional subscription costs for access to premium features.

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(Screenshot courtesy of iTunes)

You may notice a lot of #VSCO hashtags on Instagram . You can join in the VSCO fun by using this editing app, which also has its own camera. You can share all your edited photos to your own VSCO grid, which is the app's photo-sharing platform, similar to Instagram. Photographers will be a fan of the manual camera options, where you can edit the shutter speed, white balance, focus and ISO before snapping. Small icons at the bottom of the editing screen are options for changing the skin tone, contrast, sharpness, exposure and more. You can even edit raw images within the app.

Download for free on Apple or Google Play , which gives you access to 10 free pre-sets and most editing tools. For access to additional pre-sets, advanced photo editing tools and video editing options, you'll have to pay additional costs or a subscription fee.

(Screenshot courtesy of iTunes)

4. A Color Story

This app has a simple, geometric interface that makes using it a pleasant experience. Upload your photos and edit them with many different tools for adjustments such as clarity, contrast, grain, blur and vibrance plus pre-set filters and effects you can download for free or purchase at an added cost. The app, similar to VSCO, has its own grid where you can view all your edited photos, and you can connect this section directly to Instagram for easy uploading and sharing.

Download for free on Apple or Google Play . Extra filter packages come at an additional cost or pay for a yearly subscription that offers 400 filters.

(Screenshot courtesy of iTunes)

A little different than some of the other apps on this list, Prisma turns your photos into works of art (literally) by making them look as if they were paintings. Using styles from artists such as Munch, Picasso, Van Gogh, Levitan and more, your photos won't stay photos for long — they'll be turned into sketches, paintings and creative combinations of ornaments and patterns.

Download for free on Apple or Google Play , but if you want to save the photos in HD or have access to more artistic photo styling options, plan to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription.

(Screenshot courtesy of iTunes)

Aptly titled, this app was created specifically for shooting and editing food photos. If you're the kind of person who needs to document every single morsel you eat on social media or feels like photographing your lunch is more important than eating it, this app will make your meals look extra enticing. Search from over 30 different filters, titled to match what kind of food or dining moments you're capturing, like a picnic, chewy, BBQ, sweet, fresh and tropical. Foodie is especially useful when dealing with bad lighting in restaurants, ensuring you'll get the perfect mouthwatering shot despite all odds.

(Screenshot courtesy of iTunes)

7. Enlight Quickshot and Enlight Photofox

Budding photographers will love Enlight Quickshot, which allows you to do things like replace the sky in your photos with a new one or add special effects. The editing tools are easy to use but cover a lot of ground, including options to adjust color, tone and details, like structure, sharpen, shadows and more. Even if you're not really a photographer, the app has plenty of tutorials to help.

More advanced photographers will love Enlight Photofox, which is similar to Quickshot but offers further editing options to make your photos more artistic, with ready-made art filters and artistic editing tools like blend and sketch.

Download Enlight Photofox and Enlight Quickshot for free. Unlock extra features with pro subscriptions at an added cost.

(Screenshot courtesy of iTunes)

8. Afterlight

One of the most straightforward apps for those wanting to quickly adjust or add a filter, upload a photo or take one with Afterlight's camera. Then, choose from several editing tools ranging from basic to advanced, or select one of the 10 free filter options. For those who want to add stickers or text, the artwork tab has a variety of options. The app is connected to Twitter and Instagram, allowing you to share your newly edited photos directly from Afterlight to other social media feeds.

Download on Apple or Google Play for free, but you'll need a paid subscription to access some of the coolest fusion filters like double exposure or dust, as well as the 130 pre-set filter library.

(Screenshot courtesy of iTunes)

Bottom line

Regardless of your level of photography or preferred photo style, there's an app on this list that can help perfect your shot. Make sure to check out our other app posts for further reading on how apps can be useful for travelers.

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  • Best mapping apps for getting around a new city
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  • Best apps to travel with (or like) a local
  • Best apps for aviation geeks

Musement Blog

7 of the best travel photography apps for your smartphone

A Musement staffer/avid traveler/Instagram junkie shares her favorite photography apps.

If there’s one good thing about our smartphones, it’s that we don’t need to tote around a proper camera for our travels. Don’t get me wrong…I have nothing but the utmost respect for photographers and their art, and I do believe that nothing beats a real camera. However, I’m always up for lightening my load, and opting for my lightweight phone camera is always an effective way to do so.

As a proud iPhone owner, I am very grateful for the creative platform its camera has given me. iPhones produce decent quality pictures, is super light and has the capacity for something that takes my photos up several notches: Photography apps! And no, I don’t just mean Instagram …

In addition to Instagram, here’s a look at some of my favorite photography apps that I think every traveler or staycationer like myself should have.

1. Snapseed

I rarely post a picture on Instagram without first editing it in Snapseed. In addition to the expected editing options (yes, many of which Instagram has), there are plenty of other tools that will make your snap picture perfect. From blemish removing to white-balance adjustment to healing to cropping to “curves”, which lets you make image adjustments from multiple anchor points and more, you have a plethora of tools at your fingertips. You can even edit multiple photos pretty quickly by applying last edits to the latest photo. That being said, I’m not crazy about their filters, so that’s where VSCO comes in…. Download:  App Store , Google Play

View this post on Instagram La mia vera casa 🌊 . . . . #grottedelbuemarino #sea #amazingsea #summer #lovesardinia #sardiniaexperience #unionesarda #sardegnaofficial #calagonone #snapseed #nickpescettopresets #clearwater #leavemehere #home A post shared by alice. (@alicerocca) on Jul 14, 2020 at 2:45am PDT

Once I’ve edited my photo in Snapseed, I most likely go to VSCO for a “preset”, which is what they call filters. The free app has solid editing options–more than Instagram, but less than Snapseed–and comes with ten presets. F2 is my favorite, but I sometimes experiment with others. You can purchase more, which I did. Their all lovely, however, I do have one gripe: Deciding which one to use as they each add their own particular flair to the photo. Like Snapseed, you can save time with bulk editing by copying edits from another picture. Download: App Store , Google Play

View this post on Instagram Discover the diverse community behind the best tools and presets — explore the VSCO X collection to stay inspired and see how others create with #VSCOX. Link in bio. Image by VSCO Creator depetris (@mike.depetris) A post shared by VSCO (@vsco) on Dec 6, 2017 at 12:20pm PST

3. Pro HDR X

Dynamic range is the ratio of dark to light in photos. Yes, nowadays, our smartphone cameras do indeed have a built-in High Dynamic Range option. However, this app is quite dandy and well worth the $1.99 price tag. When you’re taking a picture, you have to be patient as it takes three different photos at different exposures to combine them into one, which you can then edit right then and there. Needless to say, this is great for night shots and photos where there’s a lot of light. Not so great for movement shots. Download:  App Store , Google Play

View this post on Instagram #sunset #Sheffield #sunsetsnow 3 AEB shots Merged #prohdrx #lightroom #mavicair #djimavicpro #dji #drones #drone #drone_countries #djispark #djiphantom3professional #djiphantom3standard #djiphantom4pro #djimavicpro #djiworld #djipilot #djiphantom4 #djiphantom3advanced #djisparkuk #goprohero5black #gopro #rothervalleycountrypark #rotherham #sheffield #arielphotography #arielview A post shared by Barry Butcher (@barry_butcher) on Feb 28, 2018 at 11:10am PST

4. TouchRetouch

Do you remember that time, say, you snapped a photo of spaghetti al pomodoro on a white plate?  You decided you’d post it later so you could eat the pasta before it got cold. Then later came and you noticed an unphotogenic splash of the tomato sauce on the rim of the bowl, and you wound up kicking yourself for not having noticed it sooner? If you did, you would have wiped it away with your napkin before snapping. Well, if you have TouchRetouch, all you have to do is upload the photo in the app, and you can correct it, removing that red splash for good. It’s also great for eliminating certain photobombs, like that lone swimmer who floated into your seascape. Download for $1.99: App Store , Google Play

View this post on Instagram Antes e depois do retouch A post shared by touch_retouch (@touch_retouch) on Mar 11, 2017 at 11:07am PST

5. NightCap Camera

Maybe you’ve been sprawled out on the cool sand at night listening to the soothing sound of the sea gently lapping against the shore. As you were admiring all the shimmering stars in the clear sky, you pondered how it would make such a gorgeous photo, but alas, you wouldn’t be able to capture it on your phone? Well, you can with NightCap Camera. Not only is this app good for night photography but also cityscapes, fireworks, sunsets and pretty much any type of night shot. As to be expected, there are lots of great editing features like long exposure and time-lapse. Download for $1.99:  App Store only

View this post on Instagram Captured the #ISS tonight with my iPhone, so impressed with how it turned out. #LongExposure #NightCappApp A post shared by @ london_astronomy on Aug 5, 2016 at 3:46pm PDT

6. Slow Shutter Cam 

Did you ever see those photos of Dubai at night from the top of the Burj Khalifa that capture the emirate aglow? Or the Eiffel Tower amid the motion blurs and light tails of the ongoing traffic? I  eventually learned that those type of photos were taken using a long exposure, whereby the shutter closes slowly, and Slow Shutter Cam app does that for you. This app is fun and feels a bit like magic making. Download for $1.99: App Store


7. Lightroom Mobile

This is a photo-editing app from Adobe.  I honestly haven’t used it (yet), but everyone has such amazing things to say about it that I felt like I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention it. It’s free to download and most of the editing options are free, but you do have to pay if you want to unlock others. Download from App Store and Google Play .

View this post on Instagram #Lr_Moments photo by @into_theworld || Mountains can create striking shapes and reflect light so beautifully. Over the past few months, we've became more and more addicted to them. This image shows the famous and beautiful "Saxer Lücke,“ which we saw during a road trip through Switzerland. After hiking to the top, we were rewarded with a long, wonderful sunrise that casted some great light on the mountains. It made me forget about time and space. We are already planning to go back to this spot during the summer to see if we can get closer to the peak. • Share your favorite story by using #Lr_Moments for a chance to be featured. A post shared by Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (@lightroom) on Jan 25, 2018 at 9:19am PST

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' src=

Snapseed is the best app iv used. its my favorite app i use.

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app for travel photos

8 Essential Apps for the Best Travel Photos

by Karin van Mierlo | Travel Photography , Phone Photography | 3 comments

photography apps

Table of Contents show Photography Apps for Travel Planning Apps Maps.me Golden Hour One Camera Apps ProCamera Slow Shutter Cam Editing Apps VSCO Snapseed Sharing Apps Instagram Steller

Photography Apps for Travel

For me, photography apps are my friendly little helpers and you can never have enough of those. Whether I’m traveling with my DSLR or I rely on my iPhone for my travel pics travel photography apps will help me to create the best images possible.

I’ve put together a list of travel photography apps I’ve come to rely on when I’m traveling to help you do the same. Some are specific for smartphone photography like the camera and editing apps. Others are for getting lost, planning, and sharing your adventures.

Planning Apps

photography apps, travel photography apps, travel apps, best travel apps, photo apps, best camera app, free photo editing apps, travel apps, best travel apps, best photography apps for travel, photo apps for travel

Hi, I’m Karin

Your Photography Mentor

You want to pick up your camera with confidence and joy but the truth is your camera is a mystery to you .

You’re stuck in auto mode because you don’t want to miss the moments that matter while you’re fumbling with your settings.

I feel you and I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way . Join Photography Playground now for overwhelm-free training and creative empowerment!

“Her unique approach produced almost immediate results. I would highly recommend Karin as a warm, talented, and effective instructor.”

“See Fresh shifted my perspective and gave me a much-needed reminder of the beauty each day brings. It brought back freshness and zest for life.”

“Thank you Karin for your presence, generosity, and patience. I am excited to see where this photographic journey takes me!”

“Your approach to photography inspires me and is wonderful to read. In contrast to all those websites and books about technology and gear, your approach opens a completely different door for me. Instead of reasoning, it triggers my imagination.”

“Great examples were given to illustrate what we would try to capture via the prompts.  Most of all Karin and the other students were very supportive – a no-judgment zone.”

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Powerful Silhouette Photography in 5 Simple Steps

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Creative Props and Accessories for Indoor Portrait Photography

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5 Easy Tips for Captivating Candid Couples Photography

5 Easy Tips for Captivating Candid Couples Photography

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Candid Couples Photography The art of candid couples photography requires more than just technical knowledge. It requires stepping outside of the box and getting creative - think about when you were a kid. Albert Einstein once said, “To stimulate creativity,...

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Photography Courses

free photography training | Travel Photography Playbook | Copyright Karin van Mierlo | Photography Playground

Free ebooks

app for travel photos

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5 Awesome Travel Photography Tips for Beginners

5 Awesome Travel Photography Tips for Beginners

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10 Best Night Photography Tips for Magnificent Night Skies

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Hello! i have read your article, it is very helpful for me, but on the other hand, i am a little bit confused about the VSCO that comes with a built-in camera app because i read different things on other website that’s why I am confused. Kindly elaborate more thanks.

Karin van Mierlo

Hi Mark, I’m glad you’ve found it helpful. I don’t recommend using it because a dedicated camera app usually gives better results. Of course that’s just one opinion 😉 Hope this helps

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Protect Your Trip »

5 Photo Apps You Need for Your Next Trip

Get more likes on your travel photos when you use these shooting, editing and storage apps.

Cropped Image Of Silhouette Person Holding Cell Phone Against Sky At Dusk

Getty Images

These must-have photo apps help you snap, edit and organize your vacation photos on the fly.

It takes more than an Instagram filter and a tap on your touch screen to get a winning photo. A good travel photo has to tell a story and capture the essence of the place. It also has to look aesthetically pleasing. Luckily, there's an app for that – there are plenty, actually. From editing like the pros to clearing up space on your phone for more pictures, these five tools will help you shoot, edit and organize your photos in a better way.

Ever wonder how people get those amazing landscape shots where everything looks bright and colorful? Often that's the result of HDR, or high dynamic range photography, and you can apply it to your own photos easily. Snapseed, a free app offers a wide range of gizmos, like HDR and red-eye reduction. Actually, there are so many different settings and variables to adjust, it can take some time to tap around and find the tools you need. But once you get into a Snapseed groove, you can swipe and slide your photos into great shape quickly. Plus, all edits made on the app are "non-destructive," meaning you won't be overwriting your original photo and you can retreat backwards through all your edits any time. You can also opt to "Save As" to create a new modified version of the picture while keeping your old one.

Ideal for:  Boosting color and detail Price:  Free Compatibility:   Android;  Phone (iOS 8 or later required)

VSCO is more than an editing app. It's a community-focused educational tool as well. The company makes plug-ins for Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. In other words, the tool is for serious photographers. The editing interface is simple and clean; you can choose from 10 free pre-set filters (more are available to buy) and make custom tweaks on top of them. Like Instagram, you can browse other VSCO users' photos in the "Explore" section. Unlike Instagram, the photos here show you which filters and settings the photographer used, so you can pick up techniques and ideas. Want more ways to learn? The new VSCO Academy just launched in February, offering a "place for photographers of all levels to learn, be inspired and engage in the art of photography."

Ideal for:  Learning new styles and techniques Price:  Free; includes in-app purchases Compatibility :   Android; iPhone (iOS 8 or later required)

Slow Shutter Cam

Ever wonder how people take those misty waterfall pics or those nighttime streetscapes where traffic lines zigzag across the screen? Shots such as these require a slow shutter speed, and as great as smartphone cameras have become, most do not feature manual controls. That's where the Slow Shutter Cam app comes in. With three different modes to capture pictures in dark settings (night shots), blurred motion (waterfalls) and light trails (traffic), the app lets you control your phone camera enough to get DSLR-style scenes. Plus, if you're an advanced photographer, you can also geek out with the metadata – you can pick your file type, resolution, geotagging and more.

Ideal for:  Night photography and capturing motion Price:  $1.99 Compatibility:  iPhone (iOS 7 or later required)

360 Panorama

Sometimes a panoramic shot just doesn't capture the full scene. The 360 Panorama app takes panoramas to a new level, creating interactive scenes that you can pan and scroll to look around and see what lies beyond the photo frame. Getting the panoramic shot is easy; just stand in one spot and scan your phone up and down and all around until you've snapped your entire surroundings. You can then share a link to the interactive view, embed it online or can flatten it to print or share it on social media. For a different view, you can also switch to "stenographic" mode, which morphs your shot into a globe-like scene, where you're at the center and your surroundings pop out around you.

Ideal for:  Capturing your surroundings Price:  $1.99 Compatibility:  Android;  iPhone (iOS 7 or later required)

Google Photos

It doesn't matter how great a photo is if you don't have room on your phone to save it. And if you're on a long trip, the last thing you want is to delete earlier photos to make space for the new ones. There are many apps that save your images for long-term storage (think: iCloud, Dropbox, Amazon Photos, etc.), but Google Photos tops them all because of its ability to sort and categorize your photos. You can set up the app so that every photo snapped on your phone is automatically synced to your Google Photos account. This makes your photos accessible from any device, computer or Google Drive and also means you don't have to keep the image stored on your phone. And when it comes time to find an old picture to add to an email or a social media post, you can browse your Google Photos library by date, location or even the subject featured in the picture (just search for terms like “mountains” or “food”).

Ideal for:  Backing up and categorizing your photos Price:  Free Compatibility:  Android;  iPhone (iOS 8.1 or later required)  

Tags: Travel , technology , iPhone , Travel Tips

About En Route

Practical advice on the art of traveling smarter with tips, tricks and intel from En Route's panel of experts.

Contributors have experience in areas ranging from family travel, adventure travel, experiential travel and budget travel to hotels, cruises and travel rewards and include Amy Whitley , Claire Volkman , Holly Johnson , Marsha Dubrow , Lyn Mettler , Sery Kim , Kyle McCarthy , Erica Lamberg , Jess Moss , Sheryl Nance-Nash , Sherry Laskin , Katie Jackson , Erin Gifford , Roger Sands , Steve Larese , Gwen Pratesi , Erin Block , Dave Parfitt , Kacey Mya , Kimberly Wilson , Susan Portnoy , Donna Tabbert Long and Kitty Bean Yancey .

Edited by Liz Weiss .

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app for travel photos

top logo

A living travel journal for your friends back home.

Read On. Scroll Down.


Tripcast has an overall App Store rating of 4.8 stars , based on 3.5K user reviews

“Tripcast Is A Beautiful Travel Journal For Your Smartphone. Another polished, well-built app from a talented team.”
“The students' parents back in America loved being able to see the photos at the end of every day. It made them feel like they were sharing in their kids' trip.” M. Steitle
“Our group of 36 people of all ages found it easy to learn and use. It really added to our experience, almost like extending the trip after we were all back home.” T. Langevin

app for travel photos

The best way to share your trip

Make updates instantly.

Update your family and friends in real time

Stay in touch

Ask questions, leave comments, and like posts

app for travel photos

Build an album with everybody

Vacationers assemble.

Collect everyone's trip photos in one place

Easy backup

Download them all when you get home

app for travel photos

Effortless tagging

Photos are automatically added to the trip map

Browse by location

View photos by where they happened, not when

Available for anyone, anywhere

app for travel photos

Tripcast is simple to access and use through a web browser, so anyone can join and contribute.

app for travel photos

Tripcast's award winning iOS app gives you fast, mobile access and takes full use of iOS 7 and iOS 8.

app for travel photos

Tripcast for Android has been specially designed for the world's most popular mobile operating system.

Everyone is using Tripcast to share their travels

Keep it private.

Share only with the people who care the most, away from social media

Apps for everyone

Access Tripcast through gorgeous mobile apps and the web

Bring everyone along

Notifications keep friends and family updated whenever there's activity


Experience true Nordic winter with these Iceland and Canada tours!


5 Best Camera Apps for Travel Photos

Quick ways to make your vacation pictures stand out.

5 Best Travel Photography Apps

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Related tours, related blog posts.

app for travel photos

Touching up our travel photos before they go out into the big wide world of social media is standard for most of us. A little crop, a light brush to enhance the colors and you’re ready to share that flawless vacation moment.

Nobody wants to spend ages working on their photos while there’s still so much to see and do on your vacation! So what are the best camera apps for travelers who want a quick and easy touch-up on the go?  

After speaking to our photographer, Matas Dauginis, I’ve learned how to take the best pictures in Iceland . Now, it’s time to step up our photography game and find out what magic we can do with photography apps you can download straight to your smartphone. 

As not much of an app user, I decided to experiment a bit. Over a few days, I tested various photo editing apps that work on both iOS and Android devices. I took a single photo from Iceland and touched it up with three of the most popular photo editing apps for semi-beginners. 

Meanwhile, Matas touched up the same photo with his own tools. Let’s see what is the best camera app for travel photos!

app for travel photos

The original image - taken with iPhone XS

app for travel photos

I used VSCO to sharpen and crop the picture

This app is easy to navigate and doesn’t take much time to crack , even if you’re using it for the first time. VSCO has a selection of presets that change the contrast and colors of your pictures. You can also decide how intense the preset should be. Simply choose a style and it’ll be saved in your history, so you don’t have to scroll forever the next time you want to use the same tones. 

The editing options are quite basic but include all the main tools : adjustment, contrast, white balance, etc. You can purchase a membership to unlock even more tools, such as borders and HSL ( hue, saturation, lightness ). 

One of the more interesting features on this app is the recipes . VSCO allows you to create a recipe based on your past edits, making the process even quicker, as it remembers all your most-used presets .

What Has Been Done to the Picture? I used one of the presets, slightly sharpened the picture and cropped it.

How Long Did it Take to Edit the Picture? About as long as making a cup of coffee.

How Easy Was the Process? Easy! It’s more complicated when trying to find out how to edit night photos with VSCO, but that’s something for next time.

How Much Is the App? It has a free version, which is pretty cool! It seems to have enough editing features for a quick touch-up. 

If you want to unlock more tools and filters, you need to sign up with a monthly subscription fee. They offer a 7-day free trial to help you make up your mind.

app for travel photos

Snapseed offers to add some "Glamour Glow" to your shots

For a quick fix, this photography app offers a selection of different styles that change the colors of your photo. Looking for something more elaborate? Go into tools and choose from a number of features, including curves, grainy film, vignette, and double exposure. 

To make your picture more fun, the app offers to add “Retrolux” and a “Glamour Glow.” It even has a “Drama” button that allows you to choose from different filters to create a more dramatic effect . You can also add text and a frame to make your pictures fun and lively!

What Has Been Done to the Picture? I applied one of the styles, cropped and used the “Heal” function.

How Long Did it Take to Edit the Picture? Snapseed has more tools so it took me slightly longer than editing on VSCO. While I wasn’t sure what they all were at first, it took me only a minute or two to press on each and see what they did to the photo. Overall, no more than five minutes in total.

How Easy Was the Process? It wasn’t too hard, but it requires some time to get familiar with the tools .

How Much Is the App? Free to download.

app for travel photos

Played with Instagram to create a more dramatic effect

If you only know one photo editing app, it’s probably this one. You can do more than just edit your photos on Instagram, it’s also a social network people use to share their pictures. It has many basic features like filters, color adjustments, and shadows. 

If you post your image as a story, you can edit it further with different text styles, drawings, and funny face filters. You can also film and edit videos on this app. It’s definitely a must have photography app.

What Has Been Done to the Picture? I added the “Ludwig” filter, cropped the photo, and slightly changed the saturation. I also adjusted the brightness and contrast to make the colors more dramatic.

How Long Did it Take to Edit the Picture? Less than two minutes, but to be fair, I’ve used this app before. However, even a first time user will figure the app in no time.

How Easy Was the Process? Very easy.

How Much Is the App? It’s free and some people even manage to make money.

app for travel photos

After Adobe Lightroom Mobile

If you want more options than just changing your pictures into a black and white image, try Lightroom. One of its best features is that you can remove unwanted objects , for example, that tourist who photobombed you with his pineapple cocktail! This app is perfect for more experienced users who already know what to do with raw photos. 

Lightroom offers professional tools such as color tone curves, split toning, and masking that plays with sharpening the picture. The mobile app synchronizes with Lightroom desktop software, so you can use it on both your phone and computer .

Since I’m not an experienced user and certainly don’t know what to do with raw files, our photographer, Matas Dauginis, came to the rescue and used Lightroom to edit this picture.

What Has Been Done to the Picture? Matas used the healing brush to delete the person in the red jacket from the photo. He then cropped and slightly rotated the photo because the horizon wasn’t 100% straight. 

He added a Color Profile and adjusted the Color Panel as well as the Light menu by increasing exposure, adding contrast, and slightly lifting black colors. 

Tapping into the Remove Chromatic Aberration and Enable Lens Correction tools, he also changed the texture, sharpened the picture and corrected the optics.

How Long Did it Take to Edit the Picture? It took him around 10 to 15 minutes, but it wasn’t the first time Matas had used the app.

How Easy Was the Process? Fairly easy for a professional photographer who has used it before. Difficult for someone who’s only ever used Instagram filters, but nothing a few hours of practice wouldn’t fix.

How Much Is the App? Some of the tools on Adobe Lightroom are free. To get more features, the app can be purchased together with a Creative Cloud Photography plan .

app for travel photos

It took 5-10 minutes to edit the picture with Darkroom

This app is one of Lightroom's main competitors. Darkroom is easier to navigate , even if you’re not a pro photo editor (yet!). It has slightly fewer tools, but all the major editing features are available . Darkroom is one of the best photo editing apps for iOS devices.

What Has Been Done to the Picture? First, Matas applied a color preset and changed the opacity. Then he adjusted the brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, saturation, vibrancy, and white balance, and added fade, grain, vignette, and sharpness. The result is a photo that will make everyone jealous of your holiday in Iceland!

How Long Did it Take to Edit the Picture? Matas has used this app before and it took him 5-10 minutes.

How Easy Was the Process? It’s user-friendly and easier to use than Adobe Lightroom Mobile — just with fewer tools.

How Much Is the App? The app has a free basic version with limited features. More tools such as color adjustments and curves are available as in-app purchases.

After all the careful photo editing, I can confidently say that I wish I had known about these apps earlier! Even a light color adjustment can make a big difference and turn your casual picture into a pro-looking photograph you’ll want to hang on your wall.  

So what’s the verdict? When it comes to the best travel photo editor to use on the go, my personal favorite is VSCO . I also find it to be one of the best photo editing apps for Android. 

It only took a few minutes to brush up the picture, plus it was easy to use and had many tools to pick from , but not so many you’d get lost. When you’re on the road and want to hurry and get your shiny photos up on your feed fast — it’s one of the best phone photography apps. 

Try out these and other apps for yourself! Let us know which photo editing app you prefer for your holiday photos in the comments.

After all this careful photo editing, I can confidently say that I wish I had known about these apps earlier! Even a light color adjustment can make a big difference and turn your casual picture into a pro-looking photograph you’ll want to hang on your wall. 

So what’s the verdict?

When it comes to the best photo editing apps to use on the go, my personal favorite is VSCO. It only took a few minutes to brush up the picture, plus it was easy to use and had many tools to pick from, but not so many you’d get lost. When you’re on the road and want to hurry and get your shiny photos up on your feed fast — here’s an editing app that won’t disappoint. 

Feeling more confident about your photo editing game? Submit your photo of #HotArctic to WIN a 6-Day Tour in Iceland !

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app for travel photos

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Wanderstruck Ella

independent travel | travel photography

The Best Apps for Travel Photography

My most-used apps for travel photography planning.

No matter what camera you’re using on your travels, having the right apps at your fingertips helps make it easier. There may not be a specific category for travel photography apps, but there definitely should be!

For nearly every trip I take, I use the apps on this list at least once to plan for my travel photos. Some of the best apps for travel photography weren’t originally photography apps at all, but they definitely deserve a place on any list of apps for travel photography.

real alcazar de segovia at sunrise

Using several of these apps in my Spain photography planning allowed me to plan this shot rather than leave it to chance.

This post includes select affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these, I earn a small commission at no extra cost for you. The support this provides is greatly appreciated!

Best Apps for Planning Travel Photography

Sure you can just show up and go with the flow, but if you’re hoping to get a specific shot the right app will help you avoid wasted time or ending up frustrated. Being in the right place at the right time is half the battle, and these apps will give you the advantage.

apps for planning travel photography make getting the shot much easier

What information would you need in order to successfully plan for a travel photo like this one?

Sun Seeker – Photography Planning App

One of my most used apps for travel photography, this free sunrise sunset app is essential in my travel photography planning . It’s also incredibly simple to use. Enter your travel destination and the date you’ll be there to view key information like sunrise, sunset, moon phases, blue hour, golden hour, and twilight times.

Since lighting is perhaps the most important element of photography, being able to preview how it falls across a specific location at an exact time is invaluable. My favorite feature of this app is the 3D view. This shows an overlay of the sun’s path as you look at the scene in front of you. It shows how much time I have before the sun dips behind a ridge or building and what direction the light will come from at a given time.

screenshot of sun seeker app 3d view used as a photography app and tool

The 3D live view of the Sun Seeker app is surprisingly accurate. Viewing the path of the sun while on location means being able to plan my travel photography more effectively – leaving time for other travel adventures as well.

There is also a map view option, making it a snap to plan ahead. Whether I’m photographing in a city or out in nature, this is invaluable planning information for my travel photography. It also saves time and aggravation – knowing ahead of time that the sun won’t line up with a desired feature means I can be flexible and come up with new ideas.

The Sun Seeker app is available for iOS and Android.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris – Photography App with Advanced Options

While I often use (and overall prefer) the desktop version of The Photographer’s Ephemeris (aka TPE), I also have their suite of photography planning apps on my phone. The TPE for Desktop and the TPE App are the simplest to use: enter your destination and the date you’ll be there to view sunrise and sunset times (plus blue hour, golden hour, and twilight times), or use the augmented reality tab if you’re on-location.

It is also very customizable for more advanced users: there are ways to adjust shadows for a given object height or elevation at horizon. Truthfully I have not used these, though I do plan to dedicate time to learning the more advanced features.

Tutorials for the Photo Ephemeris photography planning apps are available on their website , and are worth taking the time to go through if you find yourself needing the most detail and information possible. If you are not an advanced user, the free desktop version or just the TPE app for iPhone will be more than enough.

In addition to the TPE desktop and iPhone apps, Photo Ephemeris offers two additional apps with advanced features. Photo Ephemeris 3D was built for landscape photographers and is worth the investment if you’re very serious about landscape photography. It is incredibly detailed and advanced, and thus has a learning curve.

screenshot of photo ephemeris from iOS app sales page for tpe 3d photography app

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Photo Transit offers digital shot planning for outdoor photographers . Using this, you can select your camera and lens in relation to the subject (point on a map, a building, etc) and make sure you’ve selected the best lens for the shot. It can even integrate with Google Street View when available! Just like TPE 3D, Photo Transit has a learning curve too.

screenshots from the photo ephemeris iOS app called Photo Transit for outdoor photographers

The paid Photo Ephemeris apps are available (iOS only at this time) for $8.99 – $11.99, though occasionally the bundle of apps will go on sale. This is when I bought them, for about $20 if I recall correctly.

LensPick – Photography App

If you’re still learning photography, LensPick is helpful in several ways. What is does it let you see the effective field of view of a particular focal length. You can also choose aspect ratio (3:2, 4:3, 16:9 and so on) and cropped or full frame sensor size. This is particularly important, since a 35mm lens on a full frame sensor will have a wider field of view than a 35mm lens on a crop sensor.

screenshot from LensPick app showing the difference in field of view between full frame and cropped camera sensors

One of the challenges of travel photography is confidently deciding which lens to bring – on a photography outing or on the trip altogether. While bringing every lens I own is tempting, that means I have to drag it around (and worry about loss or damage) the whole time. For this reason, I count LensPick as yet another of the unexpected apps for travel photography.

LensPick is also useful as a learning tool – eventually you’ll be able to look at a particular scene and know which focal length is ideal for the shot you envision. Until then, using this app will help when choosing which lenses to pack in your camera bag.

Currently the LensPick app is available for iOS for $1.99

Astrospheric – Weather App as a Photography Planning App

Currently this app only works for destinations around North America. It’s not the most intuitive but I still found it incredibly useful during my 2 month solo road trip across the American West . While most basic weather apps are helpful in a broad sense, they don’t show the quality of a clear sky, what type of cloud cover there will be, and how much.

This weather-turned-photography planning app will be especially useful to landscape or outdoor photographers, but also for general travel photography. Knowing the height, type, and density of cloud cover in advance makes planning so much easier. Of course cloud conditions can change quickly, so it’s best to continue checking the app frequently as your planned excursion draws closer.

Astrospheric can be used on desktop or via the app for iOS or Android.

LPM – App for Night Photography and Dark Sky Photography

screenshot of light pollution app showing levels on a map

Light pollution is a growing problem for night photography endeavors. Light pollution makes night and dark sky photography extremely challenging , rendering stars less visible and creating odd glows on horizons.

While the latter can be used to creative effect, if you want to create landscape photos with as little light pollution as possible you’ll need to choose your location carefully. Billed as a weather app, LPM works as a travel photography app.

Generally the more densely populated an area is, the more difficult it will be to avoid light pollution. Using a night sky app like LPM will help suss out the spots with the lowest amount of light pollution.

Combined with a cloud forecasting app like Astrospheric (many advanced weather apps will include a cloud cover layer), you’ll have powerful tools to plan your night photography adventures.

LPM has a desktop option and is available as an app for iOS and Android .

ND Timer – Photography App

long exposure photo of a waterfall cloudland canyon under an overcast sky renders the water silky smooth

While not specifically for travel photography, this simple photography app is helpful when planning your travel photography . Choosing the right ND filter for a situation can be tricky. If you want to take a 120 second exposure in bright sun, you’ll need an extremely dark ND filter to achieve this.

For traveling photographers with very specific shots in mind, utilizing the right photography apps will help with choosing the right travel photography accessories for an upcoming trip. It wouldn’t be wild to think that a 10 stop ND filter would make a 120 second exposure possible in bright sun.

With the ND Timer app, you can see that a 10 stop filter only turns a 1/500 second exposure into a 2 second exposure – nowhere close to the desired 120 seconds! Using the app, you can decide to either stack two ND filters together or invest in a $200+ 16 stop ND filter. In this regard, it’s also helpful when making decisions about what photography equipment to buy.

While this photography app works as an actual timer once you select the parameters, it’s most useful as photography planning tool. Keep in mind that exposures over 60 seconds are often only possible with more advanced photography equipment.

The ND Timer App is $0.99 for iOS and there are several similar apps for Android.

DoFC – Photography App for Depth of Field and Exposure

DoFC is a simple yet powerful photography app. Choose your camera, focal length, and focus distance to see detailed depth of field information. The interface is simple and straightforward, letting you visualize the depth of field for your chosen settings of camera, lens, aperture, and focus distance.

screenshots from depth of field calculator app

This app shows the total depth of field , how much is in front of and behind the focus point (extremely useful when shooting with wide apertures or portrait subjects), as well as the hyperfocal distance. Knowing the hyperfocal distance will be most useful for intermediate to advanced landscape and nature photographers.

Learning to understand aperture and which elements in your photo are impacted is a critical part of learning more advanced photography techniques. This tool will also be helpful when deciding what lens to use or even buy.

Another killer feature of this app is the the Exposure tab. Enter your f/stop and ISO to see the recommended shutter speed for specific lighting situations. The lighting condition options are extremely specific – daylight hazy sunlight from the side, twilight street scenes with low light, and night aurora borealis medium for example. It makes shot planning and execution a breeze, and would be supremely helpful when shooting film on a camera without an exposure meter

DOFC app screenshots showing the Exposure feature

The DoFC photography app from $0.99 and currently available for iOS. The HyperFocal Pro app is available for Android and highly rated.

How to Choose: Which Photography Planning App is Best?

The type of travel photography you prefer, your current skill level, and particular goals will dictate which apps are the most useful for you. You don’t need to use every single one of these apps for your travel photography planning. Travel photography apps are another tool for your travel photography kit, just like a lens filter or compact tripod.

If you are primarily a landscape photographer, outdoor photographer, or night photographer the TPE apps, ND Timer, and Astrospheric, LPM, or SkyLive will be your most used apps.

For general travel photography , the best apps for intermediate or advanced photographers will be Sun Seeker, TPE for Desktop or iOS, and likely Astrospheric and ND Timer. For beginner photographers , adding LensPick and Depth of Field Calc will round out the photography apps for travel quite nicely.

A bonus travel photography planning app : Google Maps, especially Street View. A lot people forget that Google Maps is a travel app – one of the most feature rich out there.

The number of times I’ve used this to get the general lay of the land, preview a location, find places to pull safely off the road, and more is endless. Just remember that the images of street view may not be current.

Using TikTok and Instagram to plan travel (or even Pinterest) is generally NOT a good idea. However, sometimes recent posts will give a heads up to changes like scaffolding, road work, or other disruptions.

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'  data-srcset=

Glad this was helpful – happy photographing!

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Photo Presets

The Mandagies

app for travel photos

12 Incredible Photo Editing Apps For Busy Travel Photographers

Post Summary: photo editing apps for travelers + tips to edit quickly on the go!

Let’s face it, there’s a high chance you’ve taken pictures on your latest vacation.

And we totally get it – those sandy beaches, tall mountains, or bustling cities are too good not to share. Berty and I have even made a full-time job out of sharing beautiful travel photos!

Normally for us, editing photos require a computer, multiple hard drives, essential photography accessories , and fast wifi. However, we’ve done our fair share of testing mobile editing apps so that we can be more efficient on the road.

Berty and I have experimented with so many and we’ve FINALLY found our favorites!

If you’ve stumbled upon this post for easy travel photography solutions, you’re in the right place.

In this post, we’re sharing the 12  best photo editing apps for travel photography , and additional tips on how you can stay organized and share on the go.

Berty Mandagie hand with iphone

This is our master list of the top photo editing apps, scheduling, and sharing tools for travel photographers.  

This post covers everything from editing photos on your mobile phone to sharing them on social media, and finally, scheduling them out for those times that wifi is unreliable.

As new photography apps come, we will try to update this post with the latest and greatest!

To the best of our knowledge, all these apps listed below are available on both iOS and Android smartphones. We’ll make sure to note if that’s not the case!

Berty Mandagie at Kaaterskill Falls, NY

1. Instasize

( download instasize here. ).

Price: Free Trial // $4.99 monthly for Premium (to unlock all the tools)

Instasize is an all-in-one photo and video editing app for creative photographers. Basic stories are out – take your creativity to the next level and make one-of-a-kind stories and static images to showcase your unique style!

With over 130 filters for photo and video, it’s one of the most comprehensive photo editing apps on the market. Resize your images, add borders (they are the OG for the Instagram white border trend!), make custom layouts, and even retouch your photos in one powerful tool.

We feel like they are constantly coming out with new features! Our next goal is to use their video editing tools to make engaging Reels for upcoming Instagram stories.

If you’re looking for one app to use for both image editing AND short form video , Instasize is definitely for you.

  • Pros:  Really intuitive design, easy to use. A huge platform of features, for both photo and video editing.
  • Cons:  Limited use in the free version. You need to get Premium to make the most of this tool!

2. Adobe Lightroom CC (Best app for professional photographers)

Lightroom preview for photo editing apps

( Download Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile Here. )

Price: Free (To access Adobe Creative cloud storage , you pay a subscription)

Adobe Lightroom CC is one of the most powerful mobile editing tools out there for professional photographers .

With the ease of use from desktop to mobile versions, you can download your own presets on both devices and get the same editing results wherever you go.

Along with custom preset creation, Adobe Lightroom CC has several advanced photo editing tools like tweaking tone curves, gradient, and effects to make a photo exactly how you want.

Become an experienced photo editor right from your phone!

Note: We don’t generally use Adobe Photoshop in our current work, but there are mobile versions available.  Click this link to see the whole Adobe Photoshop series.

  • Pros:  Professional photography editing capabilities, easily transfer work from desktop to mobile (with subscription).
  • Cons: Can be difficult to make precise changes on mobile, a steep learning curve if you are new to Adobe, subscription use only.

VSCO display example for photo editing apps

( Download VSCO Here. )

Price: FREE (with in-app purchases)

VSCO is loved by everyone from amateurs to photographers to designers!

VSCO’s incredibly on-trend filters and presets will have your photos insta-worthy in a matter of seconds. This photo editing app also has the option to purchase limited edition filters, so you can use one for each of your travel destinations.

VSCO also has a highly involved community that supports artists and their work! You can submit your own creations to their journal and have your own curated feed as another social platform to share your photographs.

We find that this is a great app to discover new artists and photographers.

  • Pros:  User-friendly, simple interface, able to copy and paste presets for multiple images.
  • Cons:  Limited use until purchasing more filters.

4. Snapseed

Snapseed preview for photo editing apps for mobile

( Download Snapseed Here. ) (Only available for iOS)

Price: FREE

One of the best free photo editing apps for its wide array of capabilities. It has sophisticated photo editing and social media sharing all in one app!

Snapseed (owned by Google) has an easy-to-use interface with quick and simple image adjustment tools like crop, saturation, and sharpness. You also have the ability to tweak more advanced details like colors, hiding blemishes, double exposure and more.

Snapseed provides everything from ready-made filters to tweaking every detail possible. So whether you’re a beginning photographer or a professional, try this free photo editing app!

  • Pros:  Huge array of photo editing features and filters. Ability to save your editing preferences (like presets) so your feed and aesthetic looks consistent. The app is completely free.
  • Cons: So simple it’s confusing sometimes. It can a while to test all the features to see what exactly they do. You can only upload and edit one photo at a time.

5. TouchRetouch (Best Photo Correction App)

TouchRetouch display for photo editing apps

( Download TouchRetouch here. )

Price: $1.99 In Apple Store

Say you’ve taken a photo, loved it, but later realized there’s an irritating telephone wire across your serene mountainscape. Do you bag the whole picture? No!

TouchRetouch makes it  easy to remove objects from a photo by using your finger to erase those blemishes out.

We use this tool for quick fixes and last minute observations in already-edited photos. We commonly use TouchRetouch to edit out logos, and things like garbage cans or signs.

The app makes it easy to erase and allows you to zoom in and use a “magnifying” tool for incredibly accurate precision.

You can also get creative with this app and come up with quirky and fun ideas like floating people or oceans in a jar!

  • Pros:  Tutorials provided in-app, intuitive user experiences, quick fixes for obvious photo eyesores.
  • Cons: Takes some practice for precision, not free (but worth the price).

6. CannonConnect

CanonConnect mobile app display for photo editing

( Download CannonConnect Here. )

If you own a Canon camera with wifi capabilities, which is basically everything newer than a Canon 5D Mark III (even the new entry-level  Rebel T6 has it!), you have the ability to transfer raw photos directly from your camera’s memory card to the camera roll on your phone .

Berty and I use this app very heavily while traveling . We love to pull photos from the memory card to edit and share with our Instagram followers in as close to real-time as possible.

CannonConnect also acts as a live viewer if your camera is on a tripod. You can snap the shutter from your phone, or even use it to capture the perfect selfies!

  • Pros: Immediate access to photos, the ability to transfer files without an intermediary device.
  • Cons: Photos can quickly take up memory on phone because of huge raw file image sizes, only for Canon users.

The Best Photo Scheduling Apps

Later display for photo scheduling apps

( Download Later here. )

Price: FREE for 30 day periods, monthly plan for extended use.

Later is not a photo editing tool, but rather a photo scheduling app. Once you’ve edited your photo to perfection, what’s the use if you don’t share it? 😉

This app allows you to manage your time for minimal planning and more time for other productive activities.

There are options to auto-post to Instagram, reminder notifications to post, and tools to draft up several pieces of Instagram content all in one app!

More Features:  Later has a super helpful blog with productivity and marketing tips. They also have a desktop version that provides more features. On a computer, you can now easily reply to comments!

  • Pros:  convenient auto-posting feature, downloading unlimited quantities of photos, has a desktop version available.
  • Cons: Difficult to see feed preview before it goes live,

Planoly display for photo scheduling tools

( Download Planoly here. )

Price: FREE for 30 uploads per month, monthly plans after that for extended use.

Why another scheduling tool?

For starters, the free plans for Later and Planoly only allow one account – after that, you’ll have to pay for it.

Therefore, we use one tool for each account @themandagies and @emilymandagie to save a few bucks and keep it free. Marketing hack!

We really like to use Planoly because we are able to see our Instagram feed before it goes live.

We can upload photos we want to publish, then drag and rearrange them in different combinations until we like the way they all look together.

If you’re into feed aesthetics and making things look cohesive, you’ll definitely benefit from this photo editing app.

  • Pros:  Easily arrange your Instagram feed before it goes live, auto-posting, in-app stats for top performing photos.
  • Cons: No ability to tag photos before they go live, limited use of the app without paying for the subscription.

Buffer example for mobile content scheduling tools

( Download Buffer App Here )

Price: FREE for the first 3 channels. (Subscription to add more)

Not all content does well across all social channels. This is why we like to use a split-scheduling tool called Buffer.

Buffer is a one-stop shop for photographers who want to share their images across multiple social channels without having to open 5+ apps on their phone.

For each channel, you can customize what content goes out and when. Example: We like to share a mini-photo album on Facebook , maybe two on Twitter with some hashtags, and one on Instagram .

With Buffer, you can easily personalize your captions and content for each social profile.

  • Pros: One app does all the scheduling, easily view what goes live and when, customizable for each account.
  • Cons: Limited to three channels unless upgrading to the paid version.

Best Photo Design Apps Smartphones

10. canva (best user-friendly graphic designer app).

Canva display example for mobile editing apps

( Download Canva Here. )

Price: Free. (Option to subscribe monthly for more tools)

Canva is our #1 tool for creating images with a text overlay.

We especially use this for the pins we share on Pinterest.  Canva just had a huge upgrade, so there are tons more free fonts, images, and graphics to use in your designs.

Note: There is a paid version, but I wouldn’t bother with it unless you will be constantly using it for graphic design. You essentially just pay for shortcuts, the ability to download fonts and resizing images quickly.

In our opinion, the subscription isn’t worth the simple tools it provides if you are just using the app occasionally.

  • Pros:  Ease of use between the mobile app and desktop, ability resize images for any social platform.
  • Cons:  Mobile version is a little more difficult to navigate, requires wifi.

11. Unfold (Best Instagram Story Sharing App)

Unfold example for instagram story creating

( Download Unfold Here. )

Price: FREE with in app features for purchase.

Unfold is a story creation & design tool , mostly used for Instagram stories but the app can also be used for Snapchat too.

Unfold has tons of creative effects to make your stories ultra-cool, engaging and stylish.

Some new filters and updates include polaroid frames, ripped paper layers, and computer crop frames. They occasionally have limited editing frames for unique story designs.

With this app, you can create one-of-a-kind social stories and share everything from video, collages, and professional photography galleries.

There are endless creative ways to use this app!

  • Pros:  Easy to use, extremely customizable, makes Instagram stories look professionally created.
  • Cons:  Basic templates until payment for more, clips shorter than 15 seconds repeat over.

12: *Bonus: Instagram (Best Social Media Photography App)

@themandagies Instagram preview -photo sharing app

It’s no surprise that Instagram is the largest photo sharing app out there.

With over 1 billion users on Instagram , you have the opportunity to share your work with the world. 

Not only is this a great tool to connect with other like-minded photographers, with the help of Instagram and these photo editing apps, you can also share your best pictures online!

For more photo editing inspiration, follow us at @themandagies to see how we edit, share, and schedule our photographs!


Modern technology has made it easy for the average smartphone user to become a travel photographer. 

Smartphones can sometimes be as good as their camera counterparts, and the average consumer now has access to creating beautiful photography in the palm of their hand .

We hope this post can inspire you to take what you have and simply start creating!  One of the hardest parts of growing as a creative photographer is just beginning.

We encourage you to take these simple mobile tools and use these as stepping stones in your journey.

Do I need all of these photography apps to be a good photographer?

Absolutely not! Many of these apps have similar features and capabilities, so try experimenting and see which photo editing apps work best for you!

What are some of your favorite photo editing apps? Let us know in the comments below!

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8 Easy Tips To Capture Amazing Travel Photos

10 Road Trip Tools and Planners For Your Next Trip

12 Crucial Tasks Photographers Should Do During Slow Season

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How To Shoot A Doors Off Helicopter Flight In NYC

20+ Of The Best Instagram Spots In NYC

The Photography Guide To Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio

app for travel photos

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The Best Digital Tools for Travel Journaling

When it comes to logging your travel memories, the modern era poses a unique set of problems. You don’t want to upload a hundred vacation photos to Facebook (newsflash: no one’s looking), and you know you won't get around to printing all those snapshots—but one or two Instagram posts just aren't enough to do your trip justice. Enter the digital travel journal: an elevated way to share photos, jot down memories, geo-tag restaurants, and track your itinerary in real time.

Kristen Dold is a Chicago-based freelance writer and content strategist who focuses on health, travel, and lifestyle topics. Her work has appeared in Women’s Health, Travel + Leisure, Runner’s World, Marie Claire, GQ, Vogue, and New York magazine.

Best For: Building stunning photo-centric narratives

Exposure’s clean, minimalist aesthetic has made it a fast favorite among the professional photog set, but it’s easy enough to use for amateurs. The concept is simple: drag and drop your snapshots into grids, add some brief titles and descriptors, then let your followers bask in full-bleed photos that have the highbrow feel of a digital magazine. (Take a look at some of their featured stories to see what we mean.)

Price: Free for the first three stories, $5+ a month after that

Best for: sharing real-time updates with close friends.

No more overposting anxiety— Tripcast is like a private Instagram feed for the folks who really do care about your every move. (Hi, Mom.) Friends at home and fellow explorers can get notifications on your whereabouts and comment on trip photos that automatically upload to a travel map. Another perk: travel pals can build albums together so everyone’s memories are in one spot.

Price: Free

Best for: keeping a quick chronicle while on the move.

The newly revamped version of the Day One app (called ‘Day One 2’) makes journaling as easy as posting to Twitter. Jot down some highlights, attach a photo, and the app will stamp your location, the date, time, weather, and even your step count, if you want it. Plus you can tag posts, so it's easy to keep past excursions organized for future reference. (If you like microjournaling, the app can keep separate journals for things like work, health or sleep.) Features like audio recording and tagging your friends are coming soon.

Cost: $4.99

Best for: getting wordy without wifi.

Words and images get equal real estate on Bonjournal , a Tumblr-like platform ( here’s what it looks like) which allows you to add tags like ‘food & drink’ or ‘nightlife’ to entries, share them on social media (a privacy lock is available for any posts you want to keep to yourself) and even give your experiences a grade. The best feature: you can create posts offline and upload them later, ideal for long flights home without wifi.

Frost + Sun

13 Best Camera Apps for Amazing Travel Photos

By Author Meg Frost

Posted on Last updated: October 22, 2023

Categories Photography Tips , Travel Tech

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Photo of a person holding an iPhone while taking a picture of an ocean landscape. Overlying text reads

I love to document my travels but hate lugging around a ton of camera equipment all day.

Over the years, I’ve been using my iPhone to capture images and video. I use it even more than my dSLR or point-and-shoot digital camera these days!

To replace many of the bells and whistles that come with digital cameras, I often lean on specialized camera apps depending on the scene or image I’m after.

Here are my suggestions of the best camera app for every need. Happy snapping!

Take stellar food photos with Foodie

If you love taking pictures of all the delicious food you eat during your travels, Foodie is a must.

It includes filters created specifically for enhancing food pics. This app has a permanent spot on my iPhone!

Get dSLR features on your iPhone with Camera+

If you don’t want to lug around a clunky dSLR camera, but don’t want to miss out on the capabilities that come along with a dSLR, check out Camera+ .

Another option for dSLR capabilities on an iPhone: ProCamera

ProCamera is one of my favorite camera apps. It practically transforms your phone into a dSLR or mirrorless camera, plus it costs WAY less!

Always take horizontal photos with Horizon Camera

If you have a habit of always holding your phone vertically when taking pictures, but prefer horizontal pictures, check out Horizon Camera .

This camera app lets you take horizontal pictures, no matter which way you remember to hold your phone.

Autoedit your photos with Microsoft Pix Camera

Don’t have time for editing or selecting filters to enhance your photos?

Microsoft Pix Camera enhances your photos for you automatically so that all of your photos look great without any extra effort.

Get photos in low light with Nightcap Pro

If you want to take pictures in at night or in low light, you definitely need Nightcap Pro .

Nightcap Pro simulates a slow shutter speed so that your dimly lit photos look clearer without the need to edit them.

Take light painting photos with ProShot

ProShot is another great all-in-one camera app. It has a ton of dSLR like settings, including light painting and the ability to take 4K video.

Take motion shots with Slow Shutter Cam

Slow Shutter Cam is great for motion shots, like trains, race cars, runners, etc. With Slow Shutter Cam, you can even capture motion in low light!

The best camera app is the one already built into your phone!

Whether you’re just starting out or a talented photographer, the best camera is really any camera.

According to Statista , an estimated 3 billion people have a smartphone, which typically come equipped with a camera app. The number is expected to grow to 3.8 billion by 2021.

So use what you’ve got and snap away!

Once you’re done snapping photos, check out my post on photo editing apps .

Up next, check out more of my favorite travel and tech tips:

  • 13 Best iPhone Camera Accessories
  • The Best Travel Cameras for Capturing Memories
  • The Best Cameras for Blogging & Vlogging
  • 5 Best iPhone Travel Journal Apps
  • 13 Best Custom Photo Gifts for Any Occasion

About the author

Photo of travel blogger Meg Frost, of Frost + Sun, in Havana, Cuba.

Meg Frost is a Boston-based travel blogger that helps people embrace technology to make vacation planning and traveling wicked easy, affordable, and fun.

She holds an M.A. in Journalism from Northeastern University and B.S. in Communication & American Studies from University of Miami.

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This post was originally published April 4, 2017. It was last updated May 20, 2022.

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app for travel photos

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Explore > Company > News > Best photo apps for travel

Best photo apps for travel

As a travel blogger I take hundreds of photos a week and I’m always on the hunt for the best photo and video apps out there. While I still use Photoshop, Lightroom, and Final Cut Pro X, to edit photos and videos, the quality of the photo apps available on mobile devices has become so good, that I find myself relying solely on these apps to edit my photos right on my phone! Here are a few of my favorites that will help your photos go from amateur to pro.

You may have seen cinemagraphs popping up in your social feeds.  They are still images with one isolated section that moves like a video. To create cinemagraphs on the go, I recommend Flixel. It’s free to download and easy to use. The key to good cinemagraphs is to have a steady hand, so you may want to invest in a small tripod for your mobile device.  After your record your cinemagraph, you can select the section that you want to move. Export it and upload it to Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook.

Hands down one of the best photo apps for on-the-go editing is Snapseed by Google. It’s free to download from the app store and has some incredible features like “ambiance” which makes your images pop with just the right amount of saturation, exposure, and contrast. I also use “selective editing,” which allows you to select specific section of your photo and adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation. It’s one of the handiest tools I’ve ever come across in any photo app.

Cruisin’ on a Sunday afternoon… ✌🏼️🇪🇸 So excited to be exploring #Madrid for the first time! Check out the snaps for today’s adventures at @barcelo_emperatriz and beyond. 👻 ImCourtScott 👻 #puertadealcala #spain #barceloemperatriz #courtinSpain A photo posted by COURTNEY SCOTT (@court_scott) on Jul 24, 2016 at 2:28pm PDT

This photo from Madrid is an example of one in which I used selective editing to brighten the shadows that were cast on my face from the hat that I was wearing.

The VSCO app has some of the best filters that turn our average photos into highly stylized masterpieces. Some of my favorite filters are T1 for a matte, vintage look , and B1 for perfect black and white. Add your photos to the VSCO community, a great place to get inspired by other photographers using the app. VSCO is a free app!

Viewfinder Tip: Always make sure your horizon lines are straight. A crooked photo is a telltale sign of an amateur photographer. Snapseed has a handy auto-straightener tool that automatically senses the composition and straightens it for you.

Boomerang is Instagram’s new app that turns a burst of photos into a mini video that plays front and back. Whether you’re jumping from a cliff or taking silly selfies, the looping effect of Boomerang turns your ordinary Instagram moments into living captures. Once you have your Boomerang you can load it in to Instagram and add all of your favorite filters. Warning: This app is addicting. There’s no fee to download Boomerang. It’s free!

As the name suggests, Facetune was created to help enhance features on your face. It can do things that professional photo editors would spend hours perfecting in Lightroom or Photoshop. It can brighten the whiteness of your teeth with the swipe of a finger, reduce red eyes, and smooth out skin tones with ease. One of the features I use most, though, is the “details” tool. By just brushing your finger of a portion of your photo, it will make the level of detail on that specific section really pop. For example, I used the details effect on the palm trees and on my hair in this photo so they become crisper. It’s also a useful tool for when your photos are bit blurrier than you’d hoped. The current cost of Facetune is $3.99.

What’s your favorite photo app?

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6 Free Travel Journal Apps to Create a Beautiful Trip Diary

Use these free travel journal apps to note your thoughts, add photos, map your locations, and share your travel diary with friends.

They say that the trick to remembering anything you learn, think, or feel, is to write it down. Travelling is all about learning, thinking, and feeling, and these free travel journal apps make it easy for you to maintain a trip diary, which you can embellish with photos and share with friends.

1. Find Penguins (Android, iOS): Auto Track Your Travels and Post Updates for Friends

Find Penguins is a smart app that automatically tracks your movements during your trip, while your phone is in your pocket. It also updates the weather, temperature, and altitude, providing a quick snapshot of what the conditions were like that day.

All the data that the app gathers is presented in cool statistics and interactive maps. It's fun to see how you traveled represented on a map as a trail and posts about the noteworthy events. Find Penguins also updates your profile along the way, noting how many countries you went to, how many trips, and so on.

Each post in Find Penguins is called a footprint, which can include text, images, videos, or a combination of these. The app is a bit like using social media, and you can control who sees your posts. If you discover something you want to do while browsing a friend's feed, you can add it to your "bucket list" and save it for later. If you're traveling with someone else, you can add them to your trip to get joint updates on your statistics.

Download: Find Penguins for Android | iOS (Free)

2. Travel Facets (Web, Android, iOS): Turn Your Camera Roll Into an Automatic Album

Travel Facets takes the photos from your camera roll and automatically turns them into an album

Travel Facets turns all the photos you take on a trip into an organized album of your travels. The app reads the geotagging location data in each picture you've taken with your phone, matches the date and time with weather records, and maps out the trail. You won't have to lift a finger throughout this process.

Once the album is ready, you can edit it to add captions or additional data. These are called waypoints, and you can even add non-image waypoints manually to note something worthwhile.

You can also skip the entire automatic album maker and make a trip manually. You get more control over each waypoint and how it represents your trip. You'll want to use this mode if you want a robust travel diary, adding your thoughts to create a memorable journal.

Share albums with other Travel Facets users or privately so that only those with the link can see your trip.

Download: Travel Facets for Android | iOS (Free)

3. TravelMap (Web): Simplest Way to Create a Map of Your Travel Blog

TravelMap is the easiest way to create a single map of a single trip, with additional information and photos, and share it online

Sometimes, you don't want the complexities of an app, social news feeds, auto-tagging, and all that jazz. Instead, all you want is to create a map where you add places of interest to plot your trail, along with photos and journal entries. TravelMap is that simple, free solution.

The simplicity of this web app is its best part. Sign up, create your mini-site with a unique address, and start creating your map. The map is your homepage, where you add places by searching or clicking placemarkers. You can always reorder these too.

Then, add images to your map or write posts and link them to the placemarkers you've already mapped. The result for a viewer is a neatly ordered map showing your journey, with a sidebar that displays images or posts to reveal more about your adventures.

The free version of TravelMap should be enough for most people, as its restrictions are still pretty high (like a maximum of 100 images). However, the premium version removes all such limitations if you need it. You can also check out a cool demo of TravelMap to see its full possibilities.

4. Jauntlet (Web, Android, iOS): Journal That Looks Like a Travel Blog Timeline

Jauntlet turns your trip into a timeline for viewers to see a slideshow of where you were and what you saw

The Jauntlet web and mobile app look a bit dated compared to others in this list, but the final output looks so good that it deserves a recommendation. It's a mix of a travel journal and a travel blog, presenting your trip in a neat timeline.

When you sign up, Jauntlet asks you to also connect your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. This lets the app import photos from your different profiles. When you make any new post of a city you've been to, add the location to plot it on a map, write a journal entry of what you saw and felt, and select photos to add to the entry.

The final result looks fantastic, as seen in the image above. It's a timeline of where you've been, showing a map on the left, the city and date at the top, and your thoughts and photos on the right. Viewers can also comment under the entry. The whole thing can be played as an automatic slideshow, taking readers through your entire journey.

Download: Jauntlet for Android | iOS (Free)

5. Travel Diaries (Web, Android,iOS): Create an Actual Diary and Optionally Print It

Travel Diaries allows you to create a beautiful book of your trip, mixing text and photos easily in different types of custom layouts

Travel Diaries is a free app to design what a travel journal of your trip will look like and optionally print it too. The app is a virtual open book where you can write beautifully formatted entries.

For each page, you can apply one out of 38 custom layouts, choosing how text and images will appear on the page. Based on the layout, select and upload images from your camera roll, and write text in the simple text editor.

Travel Diaries isn't the best app for on-the-fly travel journaling while you're on the trip. It's more a place to reflect on your journey and compose a good-looking travel diary that you would be proud to show to friends. If you like what you've created, you can pay to download a PDF of the journal or ask the app makers to print and ship the travel journal to you directly.

Download: Travel Diaries for Android | iOS (Free)

6. Traveldays (Web): Travelogue of Photos With Location, Time, and Captions

Traveldays creates a postcard-like travelogue of your trip's photos with geotagged locations and captions

Traveldays is one of the best online photo album creators to show off your trips and vacations. It's shockingly easy to use, as it takes your photos and automatically turns them into a picture journey of your travels, almost like showing postcards or polaroids to friends.

Upload your pictures in the order you want, and Traveldays will seek their geotagging information to pin it to a Google Map. You can also write small captions on each image. Share the link with your friends, and you're done.

Try a Physical Travel Diary

So which travel journal app should you go for? There's no one-size-fits-all app here. As a rule of thumb, Find Penguins, Travel Facets, and Jauntlet can better log your thoughts while on the trip. TravelMap, Travel Diaries, and Traveldays are better to create a travel diary after you're back from the trip.

But as much as we love these apps, there is a case to be made to use a physical travel diary instead. Not only do many travelers swear by the little diary they carry with them, but How Life Unfolds offers a detailed guide on how to use a travel journal while you're on a trip to make it more memorable than ever before.

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dont forget to move adventure travel

Trover App for Travel Photos

Trover travel planning app

Disclosure: This post has been written in collaboration with Trover. In 2019, Don’t Forget To Move became an official Trover ambassador and we couldn’t be more excited to share this amazing company with you. As always, all views and opinions are our own and we would never promote a product or service that we didn’t fully support, trust and use.

If you’ve been checking out our social feeds, you may have noticed that we keep referencing this thing called Trover . Some of you know what it is, many of you don’t. A few of you immediately went on and created a Trover account for yourselves because you figured it must be legit if we’re promoting it (you know who you are and we love you for it!). Whichever column you fall under, we wanted to hop on here to pull back to the curtain and answer the question – what is Trover?

In a nutshell, Trover is a travel photo sharing app and website. We know, we know. Who needs another social media account? In a world where we’re glued to our phones, is another social media network really necessary? Hear us out..

Trover is awesome because it’s 100% travel focused. That means when you go on to their app or website, you’ll only find travel related content. No more logging on to Instagram for travel inspo and then realizing you’ve spent the past 4 hours looking at meme accounts. Trover is all travel, all the time.

trover travel app for photography

When posting photos, you can give descriptions, tips and exact locations for your uploads, allowing other users to visit your recommended locations. You can create lists of places you love and search other people’s lists to find nearby locations you never knew about. Trover is all about creating a community of travel-obsessed users who love sharing their favorite places with each other.

Here are some of our favorite features on the Trover app and website:


On Trover, your photo posts are called discoveries. Creating discoveries is super easy. You just upload your photo, geo-tag the location and create a description about the location. You then have the option to automatically share the photo on Facebook , Twitter or Tumblr. Once you’ve published you can also share the content on Pinterest, or send it via email. It’s all super easy.

Discoveries can be anything from your favorite white sand beach in Cambodia , the viewpoint from an incredible hike, or simply your favorite spot for a latte in the city. Whatever lights your fire around the world.

You can also search for other people’s discoveries by location or hashtags to find exactly the inspiration you’re looking for. Scroll through the feed, liking and commenting on your favorite discoveries to engage with your fellow Trover community member. Found some inspiration for your next adventure? Add them to a personalized List to curate your favorite content.

how to use Trover app

One of our favorite features of Trover is the ability to make lists. Personally, we tend to post photos out of chronological order, some from recent trips and others from years ago. Our feed can get jumbled with a mix of different trips and places, so being able to create lists dedicated to specific destinations is really helpful. Lists are basically a collection of any set of themed discoveries, whether they are your own photos, or photos from other Trover users.

using the trover app for travel

For example, a user who wants to check out our Maldives content for their upcoming trip can just visit our Maldives list rather than have to scroll through our feed. There they’ll find all our favorite white sand and crystal clear water beaches shots in one!

And lists don’t always have to be destination based. If you go to Trover’s Explore section, you can see that they have featured lists like “Weekend Getaways USA” and “Ancient Ruins & Temples.” These lists are then separated by location. So if you want to find ancient ruins and temples in Cambodia , it’s easy to narrow the list down. You can also save other people’s photos to your list to create a personalized bucket list for future destinations! As you create your list, it will automatically update locations on the list’s map, which basically creates a ready made itinerary for you!

Since Trover is all about practicality, it makes sense that there’s a really functional map feature. When you add photos on your account, you can pinpoint their exact location. Your followers can then plan their itinerary around visiting your recommended places.

Every user has a world map on the top right corner of their feed that shows everywhere they’ve posted discoveries of. So if you’re really digging someone’s content, you can see where else they’ve been and keep getting travel inspiration from them!

Or map is dotted all over the world, so there are plenty of fun adventures to check out!

trover travel app

Trover has a feature that allows you to find nearby destinations that have been tagged by other users. So if you’re off exploring for the day and want to find some nearby recommended spots, you can just hop on the “nearby” section and see what you can find.

Trover doesn’t curate the content by amount of likes, comments or other manipulated stats, they simply show you the closest photos from your exact geo-tag to give you an idea of what’s around.

This is also great if you’re in your hometown and want to have a spontaneous adventure. Sometimes it’s fun being a local and seeing your home through a traveler’s eyes! The app also tells you exactly how far the recommend places are.

trover app travel shots

Every month Trover hosts a contest around a different theme. An example of a theme in the past was “perspectives.” To enter, users simply upload a new discovery (must be a new photo!) and used the hashtag #Perspectives in the description. Trover chooses a winner every month to win a $1500 Expedia voucher! Pretty awesome prize just for uploading photos!

best app for travel photos

Trover also does a great job of featuring their favorite accounts. They have a few lists that they continuously update includin g What’s Hot, Wh at’s New, Top Trovers an d Discovery of the Day. Y ou may just found yourself and your discoveries featured on one of these lists! This helps promote your account to other Trover users, and they can follow you to see future discoveries.

Why We Love Trover

Trover is a fun way to stay involved with the travel community even when your trip ends. As opposed to Instagram, where you might post shots of your travels and get comments like “pretty” or “so jealous!” Trover commenters are much more likely to ask for tips and recommendations. For travel addicts like us, sharing this information with people who will put it to good use keeps us excited about traveling even when we’re at home.

trover app for travel planning

To be honest, we’ve recently been disillusioned with Instagram as a travel tool. At one point, we loved sharing shots from our travels and seeing other user’s recommended destinations. But the lines between fashion, lifestyle and travel are blurring on IG. Destinations are becoming a backdrop to the main focus of the newest trend of watches or a popular bikini line. And with the pressure of getting as much engagement as possible, it’s hard not to succumb to the trends. We’ve been guilty of following the herd to keep our likes up. And to be honest, we’re just sick of the “likes” rat race.

Trover bring us back to what social media was originally about – connecting with people all over the world who share your passion. We’re excited to continue using it to get in touch with people who love travel as much as we do! There’s less pressure to post “perfect” photos, or worry about posting too often or not often enough, or posting at the exact right time for your audience. With Trover you can share the places that you love around the world and engage with other users who will hopefully love them too!


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4 thoughts on “trover app for travel photos”.

Wow. I never knew that there is an app like this. It’s easy to share your travels through Trover. Not just that, it helps us to connect to people more.

Absolutely! We love connecting with other travelers on Trover. It’s a great way to exchange tips and advice on your favorite destinations! It’s like one big travelers club 🙂

As trover is shut down I am actively looking for an alternate platform where I can explore the places through photographs

Yes it’s unfortunate that Trover shut down. We haven’t found anything to be as handy as that platform, but Instagram is still very useful for locations searching. Good luck!

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TravelWeb: Track your travels 12+

Trip tracker & map maker app.

  • 4.3 • 24 Ratings
  • Offers In-App Purchases



TravelWeb allows you to track, map, and share all your trips. If you are looking for a travel tracker app that allows you to create photo albums of your trips and share with your friends, then this app is perfect for you. - Create custom travel maps and trip journals with photos - Easily make others feel and understand how your trip wen - Explore other users' travel journals and explore the beauty of the world - Make the world see the beauty you've seen at the places you've been - Create photo-based and text-based travel journals - Properly visualize and explain how great your world tour was - Connect with people who also love travelling - Recreate past travels by uploading photos and using their location s TravelWeb is a travel journaling and sharing app with which you can inspire people to travel in general, or visit certain places by sharing your journey. You can put together a travel show by creating photo albums that map your trips that others can watch unfold and enjoy all of them on a customizable map. With TravelWeb, you can also explore and enjoy other people's travels which can be a delightful time pass for any travel enthusiast. It can be also helpful for planning your next trips. You can explore beautiful places from all over the world and get to know the natural and urban beauties from different places. You can add them to your travel bucket list and plan your net vacations or trips based-on it. So, as you can see this app can be also helpful if you are looking for a travel planner app or travel guide app. 2020 hasn't been a very happy year for people who love travelling and you might not have been able to travel as much as you've planned. With this app, you can see the beauty of the world through other people's eyes as it allows you search through the trips that others published and enjoy their journey. You may love to travel and want to inspire or amaze others to explore more, and you find it hard to fully explain the beauty and delight of your last trip. Well, with TravelWeb, you'll be able to properly explain your trips or vacations and make them see and feel how great it really was. The TravelWeb social travel tool will help you visualize all your amazing journeys. TravelWeb can recreate a trip from your photos, giving you a 1:1 representation of where you've been and what you did there. You can also create text-based journals for each trip you go on to capture the most possible about your adventure. CONNECT BETTER: Perhaps best of all is the ability to follow the people that you care about, and have them follow you back. Your followers will be able to watch your adventures unfold as you update them and feel more connected than with a regular album of photos. While you are traveling in Rome, your parents can track what fun things you do each day and where you went by subscribing to your trips. All of your published trips are added to one comprehensive map that shows exactly how far away you've been, allowing you to explore your best memories all in one place. You can recreate past travels just by uploading the photos. If there is no location data, you can still choose its location manually or by searching for it. TravelWeb Privacy Policy: https://travelweb.app/privacyPolicy.html TravelWeb Terms of Service: https://travelweb.app/toc.html TravelWeb Subscription Terms of Service: • Title: TravelWeb Pro • Subscription Lengths: Monthly, Annually • Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase • Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal • Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's iTunes Account Settings after purchase • Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable

Version 1.7.3

1.7.3 Updates: - Fixed security bug - Fixed viewing people's profiles when viewing their trip - Greatly enhanced the discoverability of each trip. Trips will now show up in searches if even one of their photos is relevant.

Ratings and Reviews

Any way to export trips for printing.

The app is cool, the map function is so neat. I’m ReALLY hoping there is a way to export my trip as a PDF or some other media so I could make a coffee table book out of it. Is this a thing? Am I just missing it?thanks!

Developer Response ,

Hi! I'm glad you enjoy the app. This is not currently a feature, but I have just put it in my backlog for the future! Thank you for the suggestion and rating, I appreciate all input.

BEST travel photo app

This app is amazing for anyone wanting a really cool way to share pictures taken on vacation. Being able to look back and not only see the pictures you took on vacation, but also a map showing where they were taken is an amazing way to relive some of your favorite vacation memories. Highly recommend it to anyone going on vacation

Following a friend’s trip

I installed the app, found the person’s profile, but when I click on it to get more info it goes back to the main page. There appear to be no help info or navigation assist hints. I tried searching the web but all you can find is info about the app and how great it is. It would be great to find some info on how to make the app function.

App Privacy

The developer, Cody Lucas , indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy .

Data Used to Track You

The following data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies:

  • Identifiers
  • Diagnostics

Data Linked to You

The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:

  • Contact Info
  • User Content

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


  • Monthly Premium $1.99
  • Annual Pro $11.99
  • Lifetime Subscription $19.99
  • App Support
  • Privacy Policy

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How to Take Solo Travel Photos

W e have probably all been there… it’s a beautiful scene and you would love nothing more than to be in the picture too. However, your “Instagram husband” or normal photographer isn’t around. Back when I was first traveling alone, I was absolutely thrilled to be seeing new landscapes. I would usually just capture these without being in the picture myself. Occasionally I would ask a passerby to take one as well so I could be in the picture. But let me tell you the story of how I got into solo travel photography because 1) it’s a funny one and 2) it made me actually want to learn how to take solo travel photos.

Solo Travel Photos – Why you need to learn how to take them

Let me set the scenario for you. I was visiting Albuquerque for work and decided to spend the afternoon hiking in Tent Rocks National Monument after I completed my meetings for the day. Tent Rocks was beautiful and there weren’t many people there. I captured several landscape shots and on the hike out I passed a couple and I asked them to take my picture.

The older gentleman agreed to take my picture and was so incredibly sweet. I told him I would stand there facing towards him and away from him if he could get two shots.

First he told me it was two difficult to get the rocks in because it was so tall so he switched to panorama.

Now for the result…

I don’t think I have ever spent so much time LAUGHING AT PHOTOS in my entire life.

Now despite not having good photos from Tent Rocks, at least I have a funny story as I still almost die laughing every time I see those pictures. I even shared it as a funny story on Instagram , and I reference it as a travel blooper from time to time. However besides the comedic effect, the other benefit of this photography disaster was it made me want to learn how to take solo travel photos so I no longer had to rely on anyone else.

How to take solo travel photos

Many of you may know that I recently purchased a camera. But for this post I want to cover solo travel photography with your cell phone. As of this writing, everything that I have shared so far have come from either my Google Pixel or my iPhone (most photos after September 2019 were initially iPhone 11 Pro and then starting September 2021 were iPhone 13 Pro). Therefore these solo travel photography tips will cover both Android and iphone.

Solo travel Photo Tips

1. purchase a tripod..

Selfie sticks will have you feeling like you are a big ol’ tourist and will keep you from getting your full location vibe. This is why instead of a selfie stick, I recommend using a tripod like this one .

There are a few reasons why I recommend this tripod specifically for solo travel photos. The first reason is because it is small. Of course small can have its own disadvantages. But, when I travel I want to be able to fit it into my carry-on easily and not be burdened by bringing it. The second reason I recommend this tripod is because it can accommodate both a cell phone and a camera making it versatile.

2. Purchase a Bluetooth Remote

If you already have a tripod, the next thing you need is a Bluetooth remote . Many tripods come with a Bluetooth remore so you can skip this step if you purchased one already. Once your Bluetooth remote arrives, pair it with your phone so you can take your pictures using the remote.

3. Download Apps

Now, not always will you want the posed look that comes with actually clicking the Bluetooth button yourself. Or, you could forget your Bluetooth remote at home. This is where an app can help you out. I actually use a combination of the two (app and Bluetooth remote ).

The above photo was taken with a Bluetooth remote. However the below photo was taken with an app.

The benefit of using an app is that instead of setting a timer, running to your destination in 2, 5 or 10 seconds and then running back to check the photo and repeating several times, you can take many pictures at once.

Which apps do I recommend? For iPhone , the Lens Buddy App lets you set a delay timer of 3, 5, 10, 300, or 60 seconds and then it will take up to unlimited photos for you. The intervals between shots can be 0, 0.5, and 1 seconds depending on your setting. For Android , the Open Camera App can allow you to set a delay timer and take up to 20 photos for you. As I no longer have my Google Pixel, I can’t be sure how they may have updated this app for exact settings but if you have an Android phone, definitely check it out.

4. Practice

Now let’s say you get to your destination where you want to take these beautiful travel photos. It’s not necessarily crowded but it’s also not empty either, and you’re about to do a solo photoshoot. Did you just panic a little? Well first off, you aren’t alone. Many people are self conscious about doing something like a photoshoot in public with an audience. If it sounds intimidating to you, consider getting some practice in at a location where you are comfortable. 

Practice attaching your phone to the tripod, connecting your Bluetooth remote, and/or familiarize yourself with the recommended apps. Know how to adjust the settings. The tripod I recommended is small so it’s easy for traveling, but an obvious downside is that you might have to get down on the ground to set up the shot. Then, do a photoshoot in your bedroom/backyard/living room or somewhere with some privacy.

5. Learn some poses

Most of my photos are outdoor themed so they don’t necessary have poses but rather more natural walking/hiking. However it’s still good to practice posing and candidly walking BEFORE you need to do it in public to boost your confidence. This practice is critical if you want to learn how to take solo travel photos and it will ensure your pictures will look stunning when you move into the real world.

This posing practice also helps you learn more about how your body looks in photos. This will help you tailor how your solo travel photos will turn out. Here are some examples*: Walking slightly on my tip toes makes my legs look more toned. Leaning forward a bit when I sit down looks better than just sitting up straight. Swinging my arms too much when I’m walking looks more like I’m flailing.

*Please note: these are all personal preferences. You can absolutely take stunning solo travel photos with legs that aren’t toned, a small slouch when you sit, or flailing your arms a bit. But practicing ahead of time will help you find out what YOU like best.

You will not regret the practice. And sometimes there is a limited window to take your shots so you want to be able to nail it. If you want more guidance for posing, I recommend checking out Emma on Instagram. She regularly posts posing ideas and videos so you can expand your ideas.

6. Take a lot of photos

Now you may have gathered this from the “practice” section, but part of learning how to take solo travel photos is taking lots of pictures! And I don’t just mean at home in your living room.

When you’re at your location take as many as you can while still being respectful of your surroundings. If you’re alone with no bystanders, you can obviously take as many as you have time for. However if there are onlookers who are also hoping to get shots, kindly move to the side while reviewing your photos so they can take some as well before starting to shoot again. “Hogging” a location is how Instagrammers/Influencers get a collective bad reputation.

This is also why apps and a Bluetooth remote come in handy. One click gets you several shots without having to return to your phone. It also gives you several opportunities for the stunning solo travel photos you are hoping for.

This step isn’t absolutely necessary. And when everyone’s life is already #filtered , you are allowed to have your own opinions on whether or not to edit. However sometimes when taking solo travel photos, you may find that the lighting isn’t perfect, your face is in a shadow, or the colors don’t look the way they did in person. 

That’s where editing comes in. If you don’t have the capacity or interest in learning Photoshop or Lightroom consider using the “Snapseed” App available on both iPhone abs Android. It has simple filters and editing abilities and it is relatively easy to use.

I only started using Lightroom this year and it is considered one of the better editing software options. It’s available as an app on both iPhone or Android. There is also a desktop version if you want even more control.

If the idea of Lightroom keeps you from wanting to take your own travel photos, take baby steps. Start with the Snapseed app first. Then consider purchasing done-for-you presets so you can edit with one click. The presets I use in the majority of my photos since January 2020 are from Love Hard Travel Often and I have linked them here . 

Here is an editing example:

8. get started.

Even if you aren’t traveling right now, go ahead and start practicing taking pictures of yourself. You can do this in your living room, on your balcony, in your backyard, in the park, etc. The destination doesn’t have to be exotic in order to practice or even share it on social media. 

9. Think About Safety Too

When it comes to solo travel photography, your safety is as essential as nailing that perfect shot. So, always let someone know where you will be if you’re going to a remote area.

Also, stick to well-traveled routes and familiarize yourself with local emergency services. You might even consider purchasing a discreet personal alarm or safety app for extra peace of mind.

Moreover, if you decide to ask a stranger to take your pic, use your street smarts and assess the situation.

Lastly, don’t forget about the weather. Try to look at the forecast before heading out and pack accordingly so that you’re prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

By seamlessly blending safety into your solo travel photography game, you’re not just protecting yourself. You’re ensuring that every shot tells a story about the stunning landscapes and your responsible travel practices.

Solo Travel Photo Tips

Hopefully these 8 solo travel photography tips will help you get started learning how to take your own solo travel photos so that it looks like you have your own paparazzi. And if you have never traveled solo before, my friend Carly’s blog post highlights why you should give it a try .

What tips do you have? Or have you tried any of these yourself? Let me know in the comments!

Solo Travel Photos FAQs

1. how do you take pictures of yourself when traveling solo.

There are so many different ways to take pictures while you are traveling alone. Some of the items and methods I personally use include:

  • Selfie sticks
  • Reflective surfaces/mirrors
  • The kindness of strangers
  • Remote shutter release

2. How Do You Take Pictures of Yourself Alone?

If you want to take pictures of yourself alone try freeing up your hands and getting creative with different poses.

In fact, a tripod is really helpful if you want to capture that perfect shot without holding your camera or phone.

3. How Do I Look Good in Travel Photos?

If you want to look good in travel photos you will have to follow these 7 steps to take amazing photos.

  • Adopt relaxed and natural poses
  • Position yourself in well-lit areas to enhance the lighting of the photo
  • Choose clothing that compliments your surroundings
  • Always try different angles to find a shot that is flattering to you
  • Opt for a clean and simple backdrop to avoid distractions
  • Have a genuine smile on your face for a more natural look
  • You have to show confidence in your posture/expressions for more impactful photos

4. Is There an App to Take Pictures of Yourself Alone?

Yes, of course, there are several apps that you can use to take pictures of yourself alone.

So, to take solo pics with your phone, check out the Morpho Self Camera or the Lens Buddy app.

It’s a killer self-timer app that allows you to tell your device how many shots you want, the delay, and the intervals between photos.

5. Why Don’t I Take Pictures of Myself?

Some possible reasons why you don’t take pictures of yourself include self-esteem, discomfort in front of the camera, or a preference for capturing your surroundings.

It’s not a bad thing since I know a lot of people who aren’t into taking pictures of themselves. To change this, start taking more pictures of yourself and boost your confidence with different photo techniques.

6. What Should I Wear for Travel Photos?

If you want to take stunning photos while you’re traveling, wear comfy, chic clothes that match the vibe of your surroundings and the weather at your travel destination.

You can also layer up for enhanced versatility. Also, keep it cool with classic styles and avoid crazy patterns so that you can blend in with your background to create epic travel photos.

Let’s Stay in Touch…

The post How to Take Solo Travel Photos first appeared on Our Beautahful World .

The post How to Take Solo Travel Photos appeared first on Our Beautahful World .

We have probably all been there… it’s a beautiful scene and you would love nothing more than to be in the picture too. However, your “Instagram husband” or normal photographer isn’t around. Back when I was first traveling alone, I was absolutely thrilled to be seeing new landscapes. I would usually just capture these without being in the picture myself. Occasionally I would ask a passerby to take one as well so I could be in the picture. But let... Read More Read More

app for travel photos

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About This Software

  • Pro-quality color correction. Get next-level color correction with the same simplicity. Boost colors in a snap and make more viewers fall in love with your photos.
  • AI-driven portrait retouching. Remove skin blemishes with one click
  • Improved AI-powered photo colorization. Get more realistic colors and bring the past to life
  • Refined AI-based tool to erase objects. Automatically remove unwanted objects from photos without leaving a trace
  • Greater accessibility thanks to a redesigned user interface

Make your colors pop

app for travel photos

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Show what’s important, create recognizable works, look like a professional gamer on a magazine cover.

app for travel photos

Communicate with your viewers

Prepare photos for social networks, system requirements.

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS *: Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/10/11 64-bit with up-to-date patches and service packs installed
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5 or higher
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 2000, NVIDIA® GeForce® series 8 and 8M, Quadro FX 4800, Quadro FX 5600, AMD Radeon™ R600, Mobility Radeon™ HD 4330, Mobility FirePro™ series, Radeon™ R5 M230 or higher graphics card with up-to-date drivers
  • Storage: 500 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: 500 MB available hard disk space for installation, 5 GB for ongoing operations
  • Additional Notes: 1280 × 768 screen resolution, 32-bit color

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app for travel photos

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Valve Software

Lutsen Lodge, Minnesota's oldest resort, burns down in fire: 'We grieve together'

app for travel photos

A historic resort along the North Shore in Minnesota has been completely destroyed after a devastating fire burned it to the ground Tuesday morning.

The 139-year-old Lutsen Lodge is considered to be Minnesota's oldest resort. A Facebook post from the resort detailed the devastation saying the business was "taken by a devastating fire" overnight causing "total loss to the lodge building,"

"The amazing memories made here are in our hearts as we begin the heavy weighted process to rebuilt (sic) back better," the post said, adding that this was the third fire in the resort's history after 1949 and 1951.

Visit Cook County, in a news release , said that resort staff alerted authorities about the fire shortly before 12:30 a.m. on Feb. 6. Staff reported smoke coming from the floor in the lobby area.

Nine local volunteer fire departments along with the Cook County Sheriff’s office responded to the call, arriving on scene to see the building completely engulfed by flames. Fortunately, no guests were on site and all staff members made it out safely. No injuries were reported, said the news release.

“We are absolutely devastated about this tragedy,” owner of Lutsen Lodge Bryce Campbell said in a statement. “There are so many generations of families and friends who have vacationed and worked here over the years. This place has held so many memories, today we grieve together.”

Resort General Manager Edward Vanegas, who has been managing the lodge for the past 5 years, in a post on Facebook post said that he has "lost part of our family" from the fire.

Tesla charging: North Carolina man trying to charge car battery indoors sparked house fire, authorities say

Lutsen Lodge had become loved by the community and travelers, resort owner says they will rebuild

Located off of Highway 61 on the shores of Lake Superior, Lutsen Resort was founded as small fishing camp in 1885 by a young Swedish immigrant Charles Axel Nelson. The resort is the oldest resort in Minnesota, according to the Lutsen's website and Visit Cook County, and has been loved by locals and tourists alike.

It was damaged in two back-to-back fires in 1949 and 1951, said Visit Cook County. However, it was rebuilt after the 1951 fire in the iconic Edwin Lundie style that it is known for today.

It is not yet known what caused the fire and a spokesperson of Visit Cook County told USA TODAY that the State Fire Marshall is investigating the incident.

Campbell, in his statement, said that they fully intend to rebuild the resort again.

“There are a lot of unknowns right now, but what we do know is that we will rebuild again and continue to keep the legacy of Historic Lutsen Lodge going for many generations to come,” said Campbell.

Saman Shafiq is a trending news reporter for USA TODAY. Reach her at [email protected] and follow her on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter @saman_shafiq7.


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    Sun Seeker - Photography Planning App. One of my most used apps for travel photography, this free sunrise sunset app is essential in my travel photography planning.It's also incredibly simple to use. Enter your travel destination and the date you'll be there to view key information like sunrise, sunset, moon phases, blue hour, golden hour, and twilight times.

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