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  1. Yangtze Cruise & Three Gorges Cruise

    Taking a luxury cruise along the Yangtze River is the best way to discover the charm of the central part of China and savor the natural sceneries, culture, history, and other characteristics of this charming great river. Along the sailing, you will pass through the fabulous Three Gorges, witness the world great project - Three Gorges Dam, and ...

  2. Three Gorges Cruise

    The Three Gorges, the dam, and a bunch of wonderful shore excursions are well arranged to enrich your days in China. When it comes to cruise Yangtze River, Three Gorges, of course, is the must-see and best highlight. The magnificent scenery of "high hills and flat river" makes it an inspiration of multiple famous ancient poets in China.

  3. Three Gorges Highlights Cruise: Chongqing to Yichang 4 days, 3 nights

    After morning sightseeing, Victoria Cruise Lines will provide a motor coach transfer to nearby Yichang. (B) Additional optional shore excursion to hometown of Qu Yuan (B) Mountain Shuanggui or Shibaozhai: $45.00 p.p. Small Gorges: $60.00 p.p. Three Gorges Dam: $50.00 p.p. Combo package of above 3 programs: $100.00 p.p.

  4. Yangtze River Cruise in 3 Days: Baidicheng, Fengdu, Three Gorges

    This was the final stop on my 3-night Yangtze river cruise. The Three Gorges Dam is 2.3 km long and 185 m tall, making it the largest hydroelectric dam in the world. The Three Gorges Dam was built between 1994 and 2009. Though it's brought positive economic impacts to the country and lots of renewable energy, the dam's construction was ...

  5. Yangtze River Cruise

    Experience China on a Yangtze River cruise 2024/2025. Join a Yangtze River cruise, board at Chongqing and then explore the Ghost City of Fengdu, the Three Gorges, the Yellow Crane Tower of Wuhan, and much more. The Yangtze River is China's longest river, winding 6,300 kilometers west to east across the country.

  6. 3 Night Yangtze River Cruise From Chongqing

    The 3 night Yangtze River cruises travel downstream the Yangtze River from Chongqing through the Three Gorges to Yichang. The cruises take in both the rich cultural heritage of the area, the natural beauty and the modern marvel of the Three Gorges Dam.

  7. Three Gorges Dam

    Duration about 2.5 hours. Description. Take a guided excursion to the world's largest hydropower station - Three Gorges Dam, including visits to Tanziling Ridge, and 185 Platform. This excursion is available in both 3 nights and 4 nights Yangtze River cruises. The Dam is about 7,660 feet (2,335 meters) in length, and about 607 feet (185 ...

  8. Yangtze River Odyssey: Cruising through the Three Gorges

    A cruise along the Yangtze is a voyage into the soul of China, where ancient traditions meet modern engineering marvels, and breathtaking natural wonders unfold at every turn. The Three Gorges, consisting of Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge, and Xiling Gorge, are a testament to the Yangtze's power and beauty. As your cruise navigates through these ...

  9. About Three Gorges Dam

    The Yangtze's Three Gorges is the river's most famed stretch, long known for its treacherous and rocky passage. Once boats could only travel here by means of trackers (men who pulled the ships by ropes as they walked along the slippery rapids). Now, with the creation of the Three Gorges Dam, the scenic gorges are accessible, and travelers can delight in the misty beauty of lush greenery ...

  10. Three Gorges Dam Day Tour Including Half Day Cruise

    09:00-11:30 The cruise ship will sail through the picturesque Xiling Gorge, arriving at Sandouping Pier near Three Gorges Dam. 13:30-16:30 Private tour to the Three Gorges Dam, including the visits to the Tanziling Park, Ship-Locks Viewing Platform, 185-Platfrom, and Interception Memorial Park. 16:30 Private Transfer from the Three Gorges Dam ...

  11. Taking The Three Gorges Dam Cruise Excursion

    The design of the Three Gorges Dam is unique, divided into a left and right side, allowing water to flow from the top left to the bottom right portion. As you look at the dam, you will only see the impressive structure but not the underlying components to include the underground power plant. The wall of the dam was built from 35,600 cubic yards ...

  12. Family Yangtze Three Gorges & Dam Cruise, China Family Cruise

    24/7 Customer Care. With one-on-one service, our cruise experts provide 24-hour support and are always patient and friendly to make your travel as easy as possible. Cruise Yangtze Three Gorges & Dam with your family: it will be a perfect time to enjoy the family-bound time with your loved ones. Check out the funs all over the corner.

  13. Tribe of the Three Gorges, Yangtze Cruise Shore Excursion

    Overview of Tribe of the Three Gorges. Tribe of the Three Gorges, located in the area of the charming Xiling Gorge, on the "Two Dams, One Gorge" Tourist Line, has long been a popular scenic area, especially for the Yangtze River Cruise ship travellers from different countries and regions, also, it is the only one large scenic spot having not been influenced by the Three Gorges Dam project ...

  14. Yangtze River cruise

    The Qutang Gorge, one of the Three Gorges, before the completion of the Three Gorges Dam The Qutang Gorge, after the completion of the Three Gorges Dam The Yangtze River cruise covers about 500 km, from Chongqing via the Three Gorges to Yichang or 600 km to Wuhan. Yangtze River cruise (Chinese: 长江旅游) is a river cruise on the Yangtze, the longest river in China and in Asia.

  15. Three Gorges Dam Ship Lift

    The Three Gorges Dam ship lift is the world's largest one of its kind. It features an impressive capacity capable of elevating ships up to 3,000 tons along with a volume of water roughly equivalent to four Olympic-sized swimming pools. Its introduction allows passengers to bypass the slow and arduous five-stage ship locks while experiencing the full scope of China's engineering prowess.

  16. Three Gorges Dam River Cruises Asia

    Call Viking at. 1-800-304-9616. *Free airfare on select departures of Grand European Tour, Capitals of Eastern Europe, Lyon Provence & the Rhineland and European Sojourn, plus select China, Panama Canal, Hawaii, Canada, Mississippi River, Great Lakes and Antarctica itineraries. Enjoy river cruises through the Three Gorges Dam.

  17. Three Gorges

    The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River is one of the most outstanding masterpieces in nature, and also the highlight of your Yangtze River Cruise journey. It starts from the Fengjie County in Chongqing in the west and ends at Nanjing Pass in Yichang City, Hubei Province in the east. The Three Gorges includes Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge and Xiling ...

  18. Century Glory

    The Century Glory cruise ship prepares everything to the highest criteria of the Yangtze River cruise to let all passengers spend a comfortable and pleasant time on board, including the following main highlights: 5-star hotel linen - Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. Spacious staterooms & multiple options. Free Wi-Fi onboard.

  19. Tribe of the Three Gorges

    Take an additional optional excursion to the Tribe of the Three Gorges, where you will get immersive experience of the Three Gorges culture and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the original Xiling Gorge without any influence by the construction of Three Gorges Dam.Please be aware that this optional excursion is only available during a 4 nights Yangtze River cruise from Yichang to Chongqing.

  20. Return To The Three Gorges

    The unique "Return to the Three Gorges" live show will be operating as an optional excursion on the evening of the fourth day of the Yangtze River cruise near scenic Qutang Gorge for passengers departing Yichang on the upstream five-day Three Gorges itinerary.

  21. Three Gorges Dam Ship Lift

    Price CNY 290 (about US$45) per person. Description. The Three Gorges Dam ship lift is the largest of its kind in the world. During this additional optional excursion, travelers will take a small sightseeing boat to go through the Dam via the lift. The ship lift can lift a 3,000-tonnage vessel to a height equivalent to a 40-storey building ...

  22. Lesser Three Gorges

    Duration about 30 mins. Price CNY 170 (about US$26) per person. Description. When the sightseeing boat arrives at the end of Emerald Gorge, travelers could choose the additional enhanced tour to the Little Lesser Three Gorges, also known as Mini Three Gorges. These gorges are on the Madu River, a tributary of the Daning River, including ...