12 Best Travel Shirts for Men & Women

A good travel shirt should be just as comfortable during a hot day of taco hunting in Mexico City as it is trekking in the mountains of Nepal.

travel shirt ideas

Shirts. Just how do you wade into the tsunami of options to pick out the absolute best travel shirts on the market?

Do you look for brand popularity? Couldn’t hurt. What about quality materials? Most definitely. How about intended uses? Certainly.

In fact, you should look at all these points and more. But don’t worry, I’ve done the nitty-gritty research for you. And I’ve emerged with the best travel shirts for both men and women.

All you have to do is sit back and absorb everything you need to know before purchasing travel clothes for your next adventure.

The backbone of any travel clothing ensemble is undoubtedly the T-shirt.

Low-key, low-maintenance and low-profile, the T-shirt is perfect for transiting busy airports, stepping out of the hotel to poke around a new city or just squeezing in a workout. The trick, however, is finding a T-shirt that can accomplish all of this, and not stink or look like a cow’s been chewing on it.

I’ve, therefore, picked out several of the best t-shirts for travel to cover everything from comfort to near indestructibility.

  • Our Top Picks
  • Best Travel T-Shirt Overall: Ably's Bradley and Daffodil
  • Most Versatile Travel Shirt: Bluffworks Threshold
  • Best Merino Travel T-Shirt: Ibex Merino Tencel Short Sleeve Tee
  • Best Travel T-Shirt for Hiking: Patagonia Capilene Cool Trail Shirt
  • Best Travel T-Shirt for Women: Eddie Bauer Favorite V-Neck
  • Best Long Sleeve Travel Shirt: Unbound Merino Wool Long Sleeve Crew Neck
  • Best Long-Sleeved Travel Shirt for Women: Icebreaker Zone Base Layer
  • Best Travel Button Down Shirt: Bluffworks Meridian 2.0
  • Best Travel Henley: Olivers Convoy Henley
  • Best Travel Polo Shirt: Icebreaker Merino Tech Lite II Short Sleeve Polo Shirt
  • Best Travel Hoodie: Unbound Merino Compact Travel Hoodie
  • Best Travel Tank Top: Icebreaker Merino 125 Cool-Lite Speed Tank Top

Ably's Bradley and Daffodil

Best Travel T-Shirt Overall

Ably's bradley and daffodil.

  • Filium coating
  • Cotton, but liquid-repellent
  • Odor-resistant
  • Quick-dry T-shirt

Bluffworks Threshold

Most Versatile Travel Shirt

Bluffworks threshold.

  • UPF 50 protection
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Gold and silver nanoparticle embedded material for odor-resistance
  • Machine-washable
  • Moisture-wicking

Ibex Merino Tencel Short Sleeve Tee

Best Merino Travel T-Shirt

Ibex merino tencel short sleeve tee.

  • Very durable merino blend with nylon
  • Temperature-regulating
  • Anti-microbial

Patagonia Capilene Cool Trail Shirt

Best Travel T-Shirt for Hiking

Patagonia capilene cool trail shirt.

  • Made completely from recycled materials
  • Lots of odor control
  • More affordable than most
  • Great for everything from hiking to city travel

Eddie Bauer Favorite V-Neck

Best Travel T-Shirt for Women

Eddie bauer favorite v-neck.

  • Budget-friendly T-shirt
  • Minimal piling

Unbound Merino Wool Long Sleeve Crew Neck

Best Long Sleeve Travel Shirt

Unbound merino wool long sleeve crew neck.

  • Wrinkle-free
  • Odor resistant
  • Merino wool material
  • Moisture wicking

Icebreaker Zone Base Layer

Best Long-Sleeved Travel Shirt for Women

Icebreaker zone base layer.

  • Thumbholes for added comfort
  • Very durable

Bluffworks Meridian 2.0

Best Travel Button Down Shirt

Bluffworks meridian 2.0.

  • Classic or slim fit options
  • Machine washable

Olivers Convoy Henley

Best Travel Henley

Olivers convoy henley.

  • Water-resistant

Icebreaker Merino Tech Lite II Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

Best Travel Polo Shirt

Icebreaker merino tech lite ii short sleeve polo shirt.

Unbound Merino Compact Travel Hoodie

Best Travel Hoodie

Unbound merino compact travel hoodie.

Icebreaker Merino 125 Cool-Lite Speed Tank Top

Best Travel Tank Top

Icebreaker merino 125 cool-lite speed tank top.

  • Merino-Tencel blend for excellent durability

Ably's Bradley and Daffodil : Best Travel T-Shirt Overall

Ably Bradley shirt

The Filium shirt treatment employed by Ably easily makes their product earn the title of one of the best travel shirts on the market. Liquid-repellent and quick-drying, these cotton shirts are absolutely perfect for wearing on back-to-back-to-back days and still looking fresh.

And, as an added bonus: Ably produces this almost odor-free T-shirt in both men’s ( the Bradley ) and women’s ( the Daffodil ). Just be aware that this T-shirt for travel comes at a price. And it’s also susceptible to shrinkage (remember it’s still a cotton shirt!).

  • Pros & Cons
  • Technical Specs
  • Cotton, but liquid-repellent.
  • Odor-resistant, so you can wear for long periods of time.
  • Quick-drying
  • Susceptible to shrinkage if dried too long.
  • Moderately expensive

Bluffworks Threshold : Most Versatile Travel Shirt

Instead of relying on a material’s natural anti-microbial properties, such as merino, or secondary treatments for odor control, Bluffworks adopts the unique approach of embedded gold and silver nanoparticles. Recall that Bluffworks is always pushing for the very best in durability and style, and that’s exactly what they deliver here.

These gold and silver particles keep bacteria and odors at bay with ease. And they keep the Bluffworks Threshold smelling great after traveling, sleeping and also even exercising. Add UPF 50 protection and wrinkle-resistance, and you have what can definitely be one of the best travel T-shirts for both men and women . It’s certainly one to add to your packing list.

Remember, however, that these features come with a price tag, making this shirt fairly expensive, compared to an ordinary T-shirt.

  • UPF 50+ sun protection.
  • Wrinkle-resistant.
  • Gold and silver nanoparticle embedded material for odor-resistance.
  • Machine-washable.
  • Expensive compared to a regular cotton tee

Ibex Merino Tencel Short Sleeve Tee : Best Merino Travel T-Shirt

If sweaters, hoodies and long sleeves can all benefit from merino, then why can’t T-shirts? At least that’s what Ibex thought when they produced the Merino Tencel Short Sleeve Tee . This company has stylish longevity at the forefront of their line as they continuously produce high-quality men’s travel shirts and apparel to last for the long run.

The ultra-fine combo of merino wool and nylon accomplishes this goal by creating excellent temperature regulation and anti-microbial properties with extreme durability. So this produces a luxuriously soft T-shirt that will smell great and also hold up in the face of every travel escapade ever. The greatest drawback for me, however, is justifying paying $85+ on a T-shirt. But for this powerhouse combination, it may well be worth it for you. There’s a women’s version as well.

  • Very durable merino blend with nylon.
  • Temperature-regulating.
  • Anti-microbial.
  • Very expensive compared to other shirts on this list

Patagonia Capilene Cool Trail Shirt : Best Travel T-Shirt for Hiking

Patagonia Capilene® Cool Trail Shirt

The best travel shirt in tee form doesn’t need to break the bank—and the Patagonia Capilene Cool Trail Shirt (also available for women ) is a perfect example of a functional yet affordable shirt. It’s made of a quick-to-wick 100% recycled polyester spun jersey blend that will keep you comfortable hiking a trail or around a new city.

It’s durable enough to be your sidekick for any and all of your travels, and it holds up to multiple washing cycles very well.

Fortunately, you won’t even need to wash it too often, as this shirt also has lots of odor control. You’ll have a solid unisex T-shirt for all your adventures—and since it’s made from recycled materials, you’ll be doing your part to help the environment!

  • Lots of odor control.
  • Less expensive than others on this list.
  • Comes in a wide array of colors.
  • Made from 100% recycled polyester
  • The sizes seem to run smaller than normal—if you're a size small, you should probably get a medium

Eddie Bauer Favorite V-Neck : Best Travel T-Shirt for Women

For an inexpensive travel V-neck , Eddie Bauer puts forth their “favorite” T-shirt. Eddie Bauer has been equipping mountaineers and explorers for many years, and they bring that experience to all their clothes. Think: excellent quality along with a policy of standing behind everything they produce.

The cotton-polyester blend here follows this trend and makes for a comfortably soft fit, while the polishing helps prevent any annoying piling. This material, however, lacks any temperature regulation or anti-bacterial properties. So be prepared to wash it while traveling.

All this comes in at a very reasonable price that makes it an ideal addition to any informal travel wardrobe.

  • Budget-friendly T-shirt.
  • Minimal pilling
  • Not odor-resistant.
  • No temperature regulation

Unbound Merino Wool Long Sleeve Crew Neck : Best Long Sleeve Travel Shirt

Every traveler worth their salt needs a reliable and stylish long-sleeve shirt. This should be your go-to option for a day in the city or for an evening out. It can also act as a layer when the temperatures begin to drop.

Unbound is one of the best travel clothing brands and they put their proven quality and merino prowess to work to provide that exact go-to shirt in their long sleeve merino crew . I rank it among the best men’s wrinkle-free travel shirts – an important feature when you’re living out of a backpack.

This shirt embodies each and every one of the benefits of coveted merino wool—cool and moisture-wicking in warm weather, and temperature-insulating on cooler days. The wool is, furthermore, naturally anti-bacterial. Therefore it’s anti-odor, so you can wear it time and time again without washing.

But the time for washing will eventually come and, when it does, you may find merino wool to be a little more particular than your average T-shirt. While it can be machine washed, line drying is highly recommended to prevent shrinkage and premature wear. Unbound provides several very handy, but potentially headache-inducing, guidelines to keep this wool shirt in peak health.

While all the benefits of Merino make this shirt functionally perfect for nearly every traveling situation, the uncomplicated but stylish design by Unbound is the icing on the cake. Available in solid navy blue or black, this shirt will look perfectly comfortable as a layer on a skiing trip or as a standalone in a cafe or restaurant.

I, therefore, wholeheartedly recommend the merino crew from Unbound as one of the best travel shirts for men. Certainly the finest option with long sleeves. Stay warm when needed, cool when needed and classy always.

  • Wrinkle-free.
  • Odor resistant.
  • Merino wool material.
  • Extra maintenance required.
  • Only two colors

Icebreaker Zone Base Layer : Best Long-Sleeved Travel Shirt for Women

Icebreaker Merino Base Layer

Finding a reliable long-sleeve that can function as a layer, a standalone top for around town and an exercise shirt is no small task. Especially when you need to find the perfect travel shirt to last for as long as possible.

The Icebreaker Zone Base Layer , however, perfectly fills this niche. And it can easily become your favorite traveling top for any situation.

This incredibly comfortable merino top will keep smelling great through every aspect of your trip, while the nylon blend seriously increases the durability for absolute longevity. And the added thumbholes and inherent temperature regulation further add to the comfort.

Plus, the straight-black coloring and sleek design offer near-limitless versatility. Wear it for a run, a day out, during airplane travel or as a warm base, and look good in every situation.

Recall, however, that merino abhors dryers, and so line drying is the way to go. Furthermore, several users report that the shirt may feel itchy upon purchase. But a single wash usually clears this up without any further issues.

Icebreaker has been cranking out high-quality merino products for several years now. And this long-sleeve top for women certainly lives up to their reputation. All the benefits of merino, the durability of nylon, a sleek design and, of course, thumbholes all come together to make this long-sleeve the best travel shirt for women travelers.

  • Thumbholes for added comfort.
  • Extra merino care.
  • Can be itchy upon purchase

Bluffworks Meridian 2.0 : Best Travel Button Down Shirt

Looking to make an impression while on the road? Perhaps you’re headed to a high-stakes business meeting. Or maybe it’s a romantic evening out in a new city. It certainly pays to look your best while traveling. And the Meridian Dress Shirt 2.0 easily accomplishes this goal to the point that others will be thinking: “I wonder if his tailor travels with him.”

Bluffworks has invested an enormous amount of time and energy into developing a unique clothing line that lasts. And also a line that looks great. This shirt promises just that, making it the best travel dress shirt on the market.

The Meridian Dress Shirt 2.0 is entirely wrinkle-free. For example, pull it from your suitcase after a flight, and you’ll be good to go.

Plus, there’s no sense in smelling like a rumpled and rugged traveler. The Meridian, again, hurdles this obstacle with an anti-microbial treatment that keeps you smelling fresh for days. And the polyester material is perfect for keeping you cool in all conditions. But remember that it doesn’t offer much insulation.

That all said, when it’s time for a wash, the Meridian is also refreshingly straightforward. This shirt is 100 percent machine washable, and you can simply tumble dry it or throw it up on a line.

However, for all its benefits, I’ve found that the Meridian does have one chink in its armor. The button spacing seems to be ever-so-slightly large. Meaning that, when sitting down, the gaps between the buttons can open up to reveal your undershirt (or lack thereof).

  • Classic or slim fit options.
  • Machine washable.
  • Wide button spacing

Olivers Convoy Henley : Best Travel Henley

Olivers Convoy

The Henley adds a few degrees of style to the standard long-sleeve shirt with the addition of a three-button collarless placket. But now consider the travel Henley, Oliver’s 100 percent merino wool variant that is anti-odor, water-repellent, lightweight and always ready for the road.

Olivers provides a refreshingly large color selection, so you can pick what matches your vibe. And the straightforward solid color also creates a subtly pleasing style that is just as versatile as your travels. Airports, dinners, beach trips, workouts and everything in between—your Convoy Henley won’t even break a sweat, literally.

The 100 percent merino wool construction will remain cool in warm conditions, and while wicking moisture away from your body. But, when the thermometer takes a dive, the wool will also provide excellent insulation. Add its natural odor protection and Olivers’ added water-resistance, and you have a shirt that will keep up on all of your travel escapades.

The fit, however, can be a bit of an acquired taste. Olivers has opted for a very athletic fit. Meaning you casual wearers out there can expect a much tighter fit and significantly narrower sleeves. So, if this worries you, be sure to pick one size larger than usual.

What merino gives us travelers in temperature and odor protection, however, it takes back in maintenance. Be sure to read up on how to best protect your wool shirt, and do your best to make it last. Additionally, this shirt must always dry on the line or lying flat, which can be a bit of a drag to you quick-moving travelers.

Nevertheless, the mountain of benefits of merino wool far outweighs the additional maintenance. It’s, therefore, easily the best travel shirt for Henley lovers to add to their packing list.

  • Odor-resistant.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Athletic cut, especially in narrow sleeves

Icebreaker Merino Tech Lite II Short Sleeve Polo Shirt : Best Travel Polo Shirt

Whether it’s salsa night in your new city or you’re simply a polo aficionado, the Icebreaker Merino Tech Lite II Short Sleeve Polo Shirt is the best travel shirt for those looking for a classy collar. Combining all the benefits of merino wool with a stretchy nylon results in a stylish platform that hides a plethora of travel-friendly perks.

So let’s start with the style. First, Icebreaker presents a simple solid color pattern in two darker colors that look good in almost every circumstance. So from your travel day at the airport to an evening out with new friends, this polo shirt easily projects tastefulness without straying into the realm of preppy.

But, also, within this fashionable men’s shirt hides merino wool superpowers. So enjoy the benefits of your shirt being naturally odor-resistant, temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking, all of which are pivotal for the best travel shirt. Remember, however, that merino requires extra Tender Loving Care (TLC), and it cannot be tossed in a dryer.

In fact, while we’re discussing the downsides, beware that many consumers have reported that the chest region of this polo often fits snugly, bordering on tight. Apart from the tight feeling, this also leads to a lot of chest for all to see if you leave it unbuttoned. Consider sizing up if you prefer a more casual fit.

For combining fancy and function, gentlemen, you can’t go wrong with this polo from Icebreaker. The design and style will keep you looking good for every aspect of your trip. And the merino material will constantly fend off smells and uncomfortable temperatures. So that’s definitely a win-win that makes this the best travel shirt for men who love a good polo.

  • Tight fit in chest and arms.
  • Merino requires extra maintenance

Unbound Merino Compact Travel Hoodie : Best Travel Hoodie

Unbound Merino Travel Hoodie

Enter: all the benefits of merino, with tons of extra perks (like being wrinkle-resistant), spun into an incredibly soft and compact hoodie that will keep you comfortable wherever your travels take you. I believe Unbound Merino has definitely hit a bullseye with this product. And it easily earns the title of one of the best traveling shirts.

Unbound Merino has targeted extreme adventurers for years with their line of comfortable yet durable merino wool products. And this particular hoodie embodies everything I love about their line.

The 97 percent merino wool will keep nasty odors at bay, even after days and days of wear. And, meanwhile, it will regulate your temperature in both warm and cool situations. Unbound Merino threw in 3% elastane, which seriously ups the durability of this garment, and it makes it ready to tackle everything from the trails to the trams.

Plus, this shirt is light and breathable, and fast-drying to boot—it’s absolutely perfect for backpack-toting travelers who may need to wash their clothes by hand. As always, keep in mind that merino needs a little extra love where maintenance is concerned. This is, furthermore, a very thin and lightweight travel shirt that, while perfect for traveling, may be prone to snags or tears.

Travelers looking for the perfect blend of comfort and durability, therefore, can’t go wrong with the Unbound Merino Compact Travel Hoodie .

  • Light and breathable, and quick-drying.
  • Merino requires extra maintenance.
  • Very thin material, may be prone to snags

Icebreaker Merino 125 Cool-Lite Speed Tank Top : Best Travel Tank Top

Icebreaker Merino 125 Cool-Lite Speed Tank-Top

I spent a great deal of time searching around for the very best shirts for travel in each category, and Icebreaker simply kept appearing. They once again make my list, therefore, with their Icebreaker Merino 125 Cool-Lite Speed Tank Top that, again, ushers in an unbeatable merino-Tencel blend.

The merino easily handles the odor and comfort aspect to this travel tank, while the Tencel, in turn, shores up the durability and moisture-wicking/quick-drying aspects. Together, they make this stylish tank top ready to take on the world, from exploring an outdoor market to enjoying a nice meal to completing the best hike of your life.

The relaxed draping fit will also be comfortable for any and all parts of your adventure. Wear this under a blazer or cardigan, and you’ve got something slightly more formal. But take note here that the draping fit may not be for everyone. Those of you who prefer a more sporty athletic fit may want to consider moving one size lower. But this is seriously small potatoes for such an awesome shirt.

For serious traveling in hot climates, this tank is certainly one of the best travel shirts you can invest in. Smell fresh wear after wear, look great wherever you go, enjoy merino’s endless comfort and get a traveling tank that will last your entire trip. In short, you can’t get any better than that.

  • Merino-Tencel blend for excellent durability.
  • Cannot tumble dry.
  • Drapes for a loose and relaxed fit. Drop down a size for tight athletic fit.

What Makes the Best Travel Shirt?

You may look at your closet and see plenty of shirts that you could pack, but would they really stand up to the rigors of travel and earn the title of travel shirt? Probably not. Travel shirts are a special breed that are specifically designed for all the hardship, odors and harsh weather conditions on your radar.

These special design points generally focus on materials, additional treatments and simply high-quality craftsmanship that all work together to make the best travel shirt last as long as your travels do. And always look good while doing it.

So, now that you know exactly what to look for in this essential piece of travel gear, these three points are key.

Tough Threads

Arguably the most important aspect of the best travel shirts is its material. Cheap or weak material is much more likely to prematurely fray and fail mid-trip. So this leads to an unscheduled and unanticipated shopping stop to replenish your travel wardrobe.

I, therefore, cannot overstate the importance of finding travel clothes that will complement, and not hinder, your travels. My best advice is to look for merino wool or an alternative.

  • Merino: Merino wool is incredibly soft and feels great. And, more practically, it’s naturally anti-bacterial, which means that it’s anti-odor. It’s also temperature regulating. That said, it does need some more care, as it cannot be tossed in the dryer. And there are also certain chemical deodorants that some manufacturers say to steer clear of.
  • Synthetic Alternatives:  Polyester, a manufactured synthetic material, is breathable and moisture wicking, but lacks insulation. Tencel is also employed as a more durable and quick-drying option to merino wool, and is often blended with wool to get the best of both worlds. Lastly, lyocell is a natural man-made fiber that is often deployed for its excellent moisture management and anti-microbial properties.

As an extra layer of awesomeness, you will often see many manufacturers adding their own material treatments to further bolster a travel shirt’s robustness.

Treatment for Travel

The raw materials that make up the best travel shirts typically benefit from an additional chemical treatment in the form of water-repellency, anti-microbial shields or UPF protection . For most travelers, these can be absolute gold.

Fend off the rain or drink spill, both of which are unfortunate inevitabilities. Or keep those smelly bacteria at bay for more uses between washes. Some of the best outdoor clothing brands even have their own special formulations to boost their shirts to the heavyweight level, as Ably’s Filium accomplishes.

Filium launches what would simply be an average cotton shirt to the traveling level with a three-part combination knockout. It’s stain-resistant thanks to liquid repellency, odor-resistant thanks to anti-microbial properties, and quick drying. These three items are just what I love in a good travel shirt, and that’s why you’ll see Ably amongst my top T-shirt picks.

Therefore, run an eye over a potential shirt’s specifications, and pay special attention to any treatments that may be the thin line between a throwaway gym rag and the best shirt of your life.

Excellence for Every Escapade

The last item to consider when purchasing the best travel shirts, as with all travel gear, is quality. Poorly constructed shirts will simply not hold up to the rigors of travel.

Look for products from established and reputable manufacturers. Preferably those in the outdoor adventure or sport fields. They will know how to make shirts that last. This quality will, unfortunately, come with a price tag. But investing in a shirt that will last, look good for most occasions and resist stains and odors is well worth spending a little extra on in my opinion.

Off to trek the Salkantay trail or headed to the cold Bolivian salt flats? Whatever the case, these travel shirts will make sure of no wardrobe malfunctions. From long to short, hooded to collared, buttoned to casual, this list has you covered.

You have everything you need to know about purchasing your best shirt for travel ever at your fingertips. So go forth, get your shirt, and keep on exploring the world.

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  • What to Wear Hiking

Travel Shirts FAQs

What is the best shirt to wear when traveling.

The best shirt for traveling is one that is lightweight, breathable, and antimicrobial.

What clothes are good for traveling?

The best travel clothes are ones that work in a variety of situations, are lightweight, and are comfortable.

What is the best antimicrobial travel clothing?

Merino wool is the best antimicrobial material for travel clothing.

What is the best travel clothing brand?

Unbound Merino makes some of the best travel clothing on the planet.

What is travel t-shirt?

A travel t-shirt is one that is very lightweight and packable.

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The 17 Best Men’s Travel Shirts for Style, Comfort, and Adventure

As much as I hate to admit it, the perfect men’s travel shirt doesn’t exist.  You might find comfortable travel shirts that look good – but those same “perfect travel shirts” may be too delicate to adventure hard in, dry too slowly, and get destroyed when you drop it off at a Southeast Asian laundry kiosk. On the other hand, a shirt may dry quickly and withstand a beating but be a little too ugly to be your only shirt. So what’s the solution?

A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

The solution to the “perfect travel shirt” problem is to strategically pick a few shirts for your travels with a dedicated shirt for looking good, a few shirts for adventuring and wandering hard, and an all-purpose shirt that sits somewhere in between – and I think I’ve mastered this compromise.

Read on to discover my favorite shirts for traveling, adventuring, and still looking good along the way

travel shirt ideas


  • My optimal travel shirt setup
  • What to look for in a Good Travel Shirt Based on Your Travels
  • Technical Flannel Shirts
  • Travel Ready Dress Shirts
  • Short Sleeve Oxfords
  • Denim Travel Shirts
  • Hawaiian Shirts
  • My Favorite Travel Jacket: The Bluffworks Field Jacket


If you want your packing list to be ready for anything, pack the following shirts in addition to some travel-ready pants and travel-worthy shoes :

  • One shirt for looking good and going out – a versatile button down shirt, ideally short sleeve oxford that is sweat wicking and wrinkle free or a denim shirt
  • One shirt that doubles as a warmth layer but can be worn anywhere – I’m a fan of lightweight, technical flannel shirts
  • Three or more travel friendly t-shits –a mix of short sleeves, V-necks, and Henleys made of wool, synthetic materials (polyester), or a proven active wear blend to dry quickly and resist funk

If you stick to these three options, you’ll keep your bags light while still being ready for any occasion or adventure.  Read on to discover my favorite options for Men’s travel shirts.


Keep in mind that though a shirt might be branded as a great “travel shirt” it still may be over kill (or inadequate) for your travels.  To pick the right travel shirt, that will keep you comfortable, looking good, and smelling good through whatever travels you have in store, think heavily about your destination and consider these points in your potential shirts…

What is the right style for your travels (if any) based on the destination if any?

What materials are best (polyester, wool, or an active wear cotton blend), durability: how hard will your adventures be on these shirts.

  • Versatility: What situations will you need to dress for?

Smell and dirt resistance: How often will you be able to shower and do laundry?

If you’re going to Europe, having a nice short sleeve button down is highly recommended.  If you’re going to Southeast Asia, don’t even think about taking any long sleeve shirts.

If you’re doing the Banana Pancake Trail (Thailandà Laosà Vietnamà Cambodia) and the most you’ll do is a pub crawl, ditch the fancy stuff

My 11 Favorite Travel Shirts to Adventure Hard & Look Good

And if you’re heading to Bali, plan on beachwear and your “nice clothes” being shorts and a nice short sleeve shirt.

In any case, think about the situations you’ll be in and the style required (or not required) to avoid extra clothing.  Here’s a quick cheat list to help

  • Southeast Asia: You’ll be in sandals and shorts the entire time.  No long sleeves.
  • South America: It may get chilly and adventurous, especially if you’re going to Patagonia, so a long sleeve flannel, an “island-ish” short sleeve button down, and plenty of Merino Wool/Quick Dry t-shirts will do you well.  Also, bring a set of nice clothes – as Buenos Aires, Rio, Cusco, and Medellin have some amazing nightlife
  • Europe: You’ll only need one or two “adventurous” pairs of clothes at most (unless you’re trekking).  Dress for the seasons as  winter in Europe is vastly different than summer
  • Middle East: Dress conservatively and plan for the deserts to be hot by day and cold by night. You’ll be surprised how far a wool t-shirt and flannel button-down will take you here.
  • North America: Dress for the seasons and for specific locations.  We’re all across the board in the US and Canadialand.
  • Central America: No long sleeves.  Plan to exist completely in shorts and sandals.

If you can afford it, wool is the most amazing material for shirts .  ( Read about how I decided to wear a wool shirt for a week straight to test the idea).  They resist funk, still keep you warm when wet, and dry quickly.  The only downside is these shirts will breakdown quicker than polyester – especial if you’re using an industrial washer.

Polyester/synthetic shirts are an excellent, cheap option, especially for hard adventuring.  You can purchase them at target for ~$10 or less and they stand up to heavy abuse.  Along the way, they dry quickly and insulate when wet. The downside is they don’t resist funk too well.  Personally, I always hike and travel (by bus, train, and plane) in synthetic shirts because they’re so cheap I don’t care if they get destroyed.  I recommend picking up at least a couple synthetic t-shirts for routine wear in hard conditions.

Cotton: Limit how much of your wardrobe is cotton.  Depending on how often you’re getting wet and how often you wash, cotton can be fine or can be a complete pain.  On the upside, some cotton shirts look good, they’re extremely durable, and they can stand to go a good amount of time between washes in a pinch (denim, not necessarily t-shirts). The only options I consider in cotton are Short sleeve button downs which class up very well, and denim shirts which are super durable, look good, and are a great protect layer for light adventures (like motorbiking in Asia .

The only upside of cotton is that it is much tougher than wool and polyester, with good abrasion resistance and actually gets better with wear.  This is why my denim shirt was my shirt of choice to wear during my motorbike ride through Vietnam , to save a little skin just in case I fell.  All the while, it still looked good enough for the bars.

My 11 Favorite Travel Shirts to Adventure Hard & Look Good

If you’re in Europe and (should be) showering everyday and have laundry nearby, materials and worrying about getting smelly shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

On the other hand, if you’re moving super quickly through humid Southeast Asia or adventuring through South America and can only wash ever week and a half, do yourself a favor and get shirts made of technical materials (wool, polyester, etc.) that wick sweat, resist odor, and do more to keep you dry.

Now that you know what to look for in a travel shirt, let’s take a closer look at your options


  • T-Shirts (Wool, Polyester, and active wear blends – timeless, simple, near perfect travel shirts)
  • Technical Flannel Shirts (every traveler should have one)
  • Wrinkle Free Dress Shirts (great for looking good anywhere)
  • Short Sleeve Oxfords (great for looking good anywhere)
  • Denim travel shirts (the “all-arounder” and travel shirt underdog)
  • Hawaiian Shirts (for Beachy Travel)


(wool, polyester, and active wear blends).

As unexciting as it sounds, t-shirts are by far the best travel shirt option. They’ve been around for ages, worn in every activity, and performed well while staying stylish every step of the way.  If you take only one type of shirt traveling, stick to t-shirts.

In terms of style, you can’t go wrong with a well fitting t-shirt.

The small packing foot print of t-shirts makes them easy to pack and wash, lightening your load and making life easier.

My 11 Favorite Travel Shirts to Adventure Hard & Look Good

Some might insist that t-shirts are too boring to wear for a year straight.  I disagree.

To stay looking good (and not get bored), avoid traditional crew neck t-shirts and light V-neck and Henley shirts in dark colors (grey, burgundy, darker blue, black).

For material, invest in at least two wool shirts and grab two cheaper synthetic shirts. 

I have been very satisfied with Wooly’s merino wool t-shirts, Bluffworks’ synthetic travel t shirt, Outlier’s insanely great Ultrafine Merino shirt, and a handful of others I’ve tested and highly recommend below. 

For active wear synthetic shirts, my go to is actually the Hylete Icon-2 performance Henley, designed as gym wear but looks so great I wear it on nights out. For a Target’s G9 Champion brand shirts which are comparable in quality, function, and style to Lulu Lemon’s men’s line and quite a few of Nike’s pieces, but available for ~$10 to $20 for us budget travelers .  

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…read on for the 17 best travel t-shirts for men, and you’ll definitely find the perfect gear for your upcoming travels.

My Favorite T-Shirts for Travel

1. bluffworks threshold tee.

travel shirt ideas

This amazing t-shirt was obsessively designed specifically for travel. If you’re trying to keep your bags light by getting a shirt that you can wear over and over (without washing) in a variety of conditions, the Bluffworks Threshold T is a perfect candidate.

High breathability, great odor resistance, and a feel softer than cotton make this a great shirt to wear. A unique synthetic blend keeps this shirt super light while drying quickly and making hand washes and line drying possible for “one bag” travelers”

Where to buy: Click to see more colors at Bluffworks Online


travel shirt ideas

This is insanely soft yet comfortable and durable shirt is absolutely the best wool shirt I have ever owned.

Made of 100% extremely fine Merino wool, this shirt naturally resists odor (I’ve worn the shirt for a week straight to test), dries quickly, and does a wonderful job keeping me cool even in tropical climates.

The construction is top notch, very durable and cut with a just slim enough and stylish fit. With 2 or 3 of these shirts, a traveler could easily wander the world with these as their only shirts.

Where to buy: Click to see more colors Outlier Online


travel shirt ideas

The Hylete Icon 2 Henley is a perfect blend of style and function that fits daily life, adventure, and travel equally. The quad blend performance fabric (that is stretchy, odor resisting, and quick drying) and design are actually intended as hard core exercise that can be worn in everyday life. With the classic Henley stylish three button front, this dresses up nicely with Chinos and a blazer or will simply keep you looking good on long treks.

From the cool highlands of the Himilayas to the warm days and posh night clubs of Bali, this Hylete Henley has been a favorite piece of apparel in my pack and will continue to be. I highly recommend this affordable yet stylish piece of performance gear for your travels

Where to buy: Click to see more colors available at Hylete Online.


My 11 Favorite Travel Shirts to Adventure Hard & Look Good | ABrotherAbroad.com

Woolly Clothing offers great wool clothing direct to you, which means its cheaper than many other options.  I own a few of their shirts (a V-neck and a Henley) and wholeheartedly vouch for the.  Great style.  Great performance

Where to buy: Check out the selection of Woolly Clothing on Amazon


travel shirt ideas

Champion C9 is Target’s in house attempt to compete with active wear giants like Nike and Lulelemon for the men’s athletic wear market.  The result is great gym wear that wears beyond the gym for a great price.  I always load up on a few of these shirts for upcoming travels whenever I’m in the US.

Where to buy: $12.99 at Target


travel shirt ideas

Though these shirts somewhat break my rule of avoiding cotton, the 95% cotton/5% Elastene blend works extremely well.  Not only do these shirts fit well and maintain that fit, they dry much quicker than normal cotton shirts and resist funk pretty well too.  I tested these shirts against high dollar “performance cotton” shirts from other brands (think $60-$80 per shirt) and the H&M slim fit shirts performed much better.

If you’re ever traveling and in a pinch need some shirts anywhere in the world, just drop by an H&M and pick these up. 

Where to buy: $24.99 for 3 at H&M Online


travel shirt ideas

The Ridge Merino Journey tee is an awesome, travel-ready wool tee-shirt design for durability, hard use, and quick-drying comfort while still fighting funk. This Merino Wool shirt combines 13% nylon into the fabric, making it twice as durable as your average, 100% Merino wool t-shirt. The result is a high performing wool t-shirt that you can abuse for years.

I’ve carried my Ridge Merino Journey tee shirt for just over 2 years of travel and worn it for a week straight without washing, and the anti-microbial nature of the wool keeps me smelling fresh. Hard use of trekking, hand washing, and abrasion from backpacks hasn’t damaged the shirt at all over the two years, proving this is one tough t-shirt

If you’re looking for a single, comfortable t-shirt that looks good and is adventure ready, check out the Ridge Merino Journey t-shirt.

Where to buy: Click to see availability at Ridge Merino online


A single technical flannel shirt is a priceless addition to the traveler wardrobe.  Wool flannel shirts are great (I have a Pendleton Board Shirt that I love) and there are plenty of other synthetic “technical flannel” shirts combine nylon and polyester to be just as warm, more durable, and are much lighter and easier to pack.

A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

Additionally, the right flannel shirts can add a touch of style if you pick the right one.  My current flannel works in nearly any occasion, and my Uniqlo Oxford Travel shirt works in the rest of those classy sitauations.

I tested Eddie Bauer’s Traveler Flannel Shirt and fell in love (you’ll see pictures all over the site of me in it) and purchased 3 while it was on sale.  Plus, there are several other options for travel ready technical flannel shirts– read on to discover my picks


8. eddie bauer technical flannel.

A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

A flannel shirt crafted perfectly for travelers.  Lightweight polyester and “FreeDry” technology insulates like a jacket when cold but wicks moisture and breathes to keep you cool and dry in the heat.  The fit on this shirt is more classic, giving you room to move make it great for exploring the outdoors and getting active.  The cuff accent colors offer a great touch too.

I’ve toted this shirt around for the last year, love it, and can’t recommend it enough.

Where to buy: From $35 to $70 at Eddie Bauer Online


A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

The Pendleton Board shirt, originally rocked by surfers in the 60’s is a classic that goes anywhere, and being 100% virgin wool is extremely functional too.  It stays warm through the cold and the rain and still breathes in the heat.  I’ve worn mine around more campfires and in more national parks than I can remember – and with good reason.  Better yet, I can wear it right into the city and no one is the wiser.

A timeless shirt that you’ll literally be able to wear forever

Where to buy: $135 at Pendleton.com


My 11 Favorite Travel Shirts to Adventure Hard & Look Good | ABrotherAbroad.com

Icebreaker’s new take on a classic.  100% Merino Wool, this shirt is as technical as it gets, performing in the outdoors (and traveling) while still looking good enough for city life. 

A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

The Merino wool fights odor and stays warm throughout.  Pair with a Merino wool t-shirt for best results

Where to buy: $135 at REI online


Most commonly labeled “easy care” and targeting business travelers, these shirts are a perfect “dress up” shirt for travelers.  They are usually sweat wicking, breathable, and wrinkle free but have the cut of a nicer button down Oxford.

Best yet, good options can be had for very cheap through Uniqlo and H&M and even better options can be found through Bluffworks that cost a bit more but are well worth the money.

One of my two current “dress up” shirts is actually a Uniqlo easy care oxford that I wore through the cold season of Europe and then came to Asia, chopped of the sleeves and had it sewn for ~$5, and now wear as my island shirt.  But there are plenty of shirts that you won’t have to chop in order to look good.  Read on for my faves.


travel shirt ideas

This high tech, travel focused, easy care button down gives you the style of a dress shirt and the durability/easy care you need for travel.

49% Nylon added to the fabric delivers abrasion resistance and easy care properties that make a good shirt to tuck in the bottom of your bag or bring as your only shirt.

Finally, the slim and stylish fit make this shirt perfect for daily wear and long term “one bag” travel just as much as outdoor adventures.

Where to buy: $109 at Western Rise | Click here to check available colors


A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

If you’re on a budget and still need to look good during your travels, Uniqlo’s easy care dress shirts are a great option.  The technical materials breathe, wick sweat, and resist wrinkles so you can wear them longer without caring. I wore one of these through Europe and then chopped of the sleeves to make it my casual island shirt…worked like a charm!

Where to buy: $29.90 at Uniqlo.com


A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

A completely “technical” dress shirt, blending 98% polyester and 2% spandex gives the sweat wicking, anti-microbial qualities so you can wear longer, along with wrinkle resisting qualities and freedom of movement so you can stay comfortable along the way.  If you need to “class up” on the road, the Bluffworks Meridian dress shirt is a safe bet.

Where to buy: $98 at Bluffworks


Though these commonly break the travel rule of “no cotton”, they actually manage to work very well.

My 11 Favorite Travel Shirts to Adventure Hard & Look Good | ABrotherAbroad.com

First, the airflow you get from a button prevents you from sweating all over it and getting it completely nasty

Second, most people only wear button down shirts when lounging, so you get away with washing it infrequently.

Third, these shirts are always quite durable and can actually go a little longer without a wash than your common cotton t-shirt. 

Last, these are a classic style staple that can be had for cheap and worn with a bit of versatility.  My go to spot is the Gap – as the shirts always have a classic cut, have a more timeless design (fits just as well in the 1970’s as now and can be worn anywhere in the world), and you can always pay $5 to have the shirt tailored and the fit improved later on.


A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

A classic shirt made simply and durably make this another one of my go-to shirts when traveling.  The construction is surprisingly good meaning it will work on hikes and in active situations if you feel like pushing it.  Though this shirt is cotton, it breathes well enough to avoid funk for longer than your active t-shirt.  Beyond the adventures, it looks good enough for most any situation.

Where to buy: Starting at $35 at Gap online


Denim shirts are the unsung hero of travel shirts.  There is a reason that Levis Strauss made his “can’t bust ‘em” gear for goldmining rough necks out of cotton denim – because it works.  Denim shirts are a great all around travel shirt that sits side by side with the technical flannel.

travel shirt ideas

Granted, these denim shirts don’t insulate as well, suck when wet, and take forever to dry, but they look better than flannel and are better if you’re in a situation where you might get thrown around and need an extra layer of skin – like riding a motorbike anywhere in Southeast Asia. Plus, the denim shirt looks good.

A travel tip I got from my buddy “Dr. Strangelove” and his Spanish friends was to actually carry a denim button down on adventures to throw on for nice pics – instead of wearing that sweaty hiking shirt.  That’s actually excellent advice – but I’m a touch too apathetic to execute.

So, if you want a good all-around shirt, that looks good, and you won’t be getting too wet or sweaty, consider the denim shirt.


A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

Classic cut and fit and constructed well enough to last through your travels.  I have a couple Gap denim shirts that I’ve worn for years and countless countries, and they keep getting better with age.  They’re durable and look good too.

Where to buy: From $40 at Gap


A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

Levi Strauss did something right with his first couple of creations, cementing “denim” as a style staple.  If you’re going to pick up a denim shirt, you can’t go wrong with the original – Levi’s

Where to buy: Levis.com


Though you wouldn’t expect to see it on this list, if you are venturing to hot or humid climates, Hawaiian shirts are an excellent option.  For one, they’re fun.  People may judge you, but those who don’t will automatically assume you’re fun.

Second, they’re traditional Hawaiian shirts for a reason.  They’re great in the heat and allow just enough breeze while blocking the sun.  They’re also perfect for when you’ve just gotten out of the water.  So, if you’re heading to the islands, consider having some fun and making a Hawaiian shirt your shirt of choice.

Where should you buy these?  Honestly…nowhere in the US.  Buy one on the road as a souvenir.  You can have a custom one made in Southeast Asia for cheap or buy the Balinese version (with real coconut buttons) when you’re in the area.


So, you have your perfect travel shirt setup and now need something to layer over it to stay dry, warm, and stylish…what do you choose?

There are literally thousands of options to choose from, between waterproof puffy down jackets, to rainproof shells, but my travels have led me to…exactly one.

The Bluffworks Field Jacket .

This waterproof, windproof take on the classic M-65 military issue field jacket combines the best of style and function that travelers need.

Top of your torso by checking out this Bluffworks Field Jacket Review for full details and even better pictures…

Now that you have the top half of your wardrobe for travel worked out, what’s next?  Clearly you should figure out the best pair of bottoms for your trip by checking out the 15 best travel pants for men and the 5 best travel shorts for men followed closely by my 8 favorite travel shoes for men to create your perfect travel rig.

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Carlos is a nomad, slow traveler, and writer dedicated to helping others live abroad and travel better by using his 7+ years of experience living abroad and background as a management consultant and financial advisor to help other nomad and expats plot better paths for an international lifestyle. Click here to learn more about Carlos's story.

  • Travel Clothes

The Best Travel T-Shirts: Pack These Tees for Your Next Trip

Published August 22, 2023

Written by:

Fred Perrotta

Fred Perrotta

Co-founder, tortuga.

Fred Perrotta is the co-founder and CEO of Tortuga. His first backpacking trip to Europe inspired him to start the...

Nick Hilton

Nick Hilden

Pacific Northwest native Nick Hilden is a travel and culture writer whose work has appeared in Afar, the Daily Beast,...

travel shirt ideas

Jessie Beck

Jessie is a writer, editor, and content marketer who covers travel gear and adventure travel. She’s called many places home...

Headshot of Jeremy Michael Cohen

Jeremy Michael Cohen

Jeremy Michael Cohen is a co-founder of Tortuga. He also works as a screenwriter and director. Aside from travel and...

Man wearing a white t-shirt and a travel backpack

The Tortuga Promise

At Tortuga, our mission is to make travel easier. Our advice and recommendations are based on years of travel experience. We only recommend products that we use on our own travels.

Table of Contents

A great t-shirt is at the core of every traveler’s wardrobe. They work well on their own or as a base layer. Tees are small, light, and can be rolled up and stuffed into your travel backpack . The right travel t-shirt can be hand-washed and hang-dried or worn multiple times.

In this article, you’ll learn what makes a great travel shirt and find a range of men’s and women ‘s tees based on your needs and budget.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our team at Tortuga works remotely and travels frequently. You’ll find us in t-shirts more frequently than in business casual clothes.

Here on the Tortuga blog, we write gear guides about what to bring for your trip. When you’re traveling, your clothes count as gear too. Sure, you want to look good. But you also need clothes that perform. That’s why we test everything and share our favorites with you.

This post includes contributions from Tortuga’s founders (and professional gear nerds), Fred Perrotta and Jeremy Michael Cohen , as well as travel writers Nick Hilden and Jessie Beck .

Carry-On-Sized Travel Backpacks

Pack for trips of one week or more without checking a bag.

  • Thick comfortable straps
  • Easy to organize
  • Durable, waterproof fabric
  • Backed by our Worldwide Warranty

What is a “Travel” T-Shirt?

What makes a t-shirt a travel t-shirt? At first glance, you might not see any difference between a basic cotton shirt that costs $10, a fancier brand that costs $30, and a merino wool tee that costs $100.

The main selling point of a travel tee is that you can wear it multiple times between washes. Anti-odor fabric, hydrophobic design, armpit gussets, sweat-wicking technology, and other smart features can all contribute to a great travel t-shirt.

As Outlier co-founder and creative director, Abe Burmeister says:

“The most important things for travel clothing are cleanness, durability, and packability. The longer an item stays clean the more useful it is and the less you need to pack. When you trust your clothes can handle getting pushed to the limits, you can carry less and the less you carry the further you can go.”

You can wear travel t-shirts longer than other shirts, meaning you can pack fewer total shirts. The less you pack, the easier it is to travel in just a carry on .

If you have a shirt that you can wear multiple times without washing (and without smelling terrible), you have a great travel shirt. But re-wearability is just the most important feature of a travel t-shirt, but it’s not the only factor. There are a few other considerations that go into choosing the best shirt for your travels.

travel shirt ideas

What To Look for in a Travel T-Shirt

Cutting and sewing a t-shirt is pretty simple. The magic is in the material and the fit. When you’re shopping for a travel tee, focus on the fabric.

Pick the Right Fabric

Quick-drying, odor controlling, sweat-wicking, comfortable all day.

Merino wool is an outstanding material for travel as it’s comfortable, warm (yet breathable), and looks great. We like to call it “nature’s performance fabric.” Merino t-shirts offer the best overall performance on the market. However, they are also the most expensive and can have durability issues. So they aren’t the only option.

Cotton shirts feel pleasant on your skin but don’t travel well. Cotton wrinkles easily, absorbs sweat, and dries slowly. We like cotton at home but don’t recommend taking it on the road.

A blended fabric can offer high performance at a competitive price. Merino/nylon, cotton/polyester, or tri-blends can offer the positives of each material without all of the negatives.

For example, a strong fiber like nylon can offset the durability concerns of a more delicate fiber like merino wool.

Polyester dries fast and doesn’t wrinkle, which offsets some of the drawbacks of cotton. Cotton feels nicer than polyester, so the blend feels softer and more natural on your skin than 100% polyester.

When you’re traveling, you don’t want to spend your time at a laundromat. Instead, you can hand wash your clothes and hang them to dry in your hotel room or Airbnb. In this situation, you need a t-shirt that doesn’t take forever to dry.

My personal measuring stick for a quick-dry t-shirt is going from wet to damp in 30 minutes and hang drying in a few hours. At the minimum, your t-shirts should always dry completely when hung out overnight. You should be able to wash it and wear it the next day, no matter what.

Quick-dry shirts are also important if you’ll be sweating a lot, whether from hiking, exploring a city, or hauling your personal bag on and off airplanes and buses. Drying quickly will leave you feeling comfortable, not clammy.

Synthetic fabrics and blends are the fastest-drying materials. However, smells can linger on polyester and nylon if you’ve been sweating in your shirt.

Keep yourself smelling fresh, or at least not noticeably stinky, for yourself and for your fellow travelers. There’s nothing worse than being stuck on a flight next to the stinkiest passenger. 

Odor-controlling fabrics are increasingly common, particularly in shirts designed for travel. Don’t be surprised that we’re again suggesting merino wool, which is naturally stink-resistant.

Blended fabrics aren’t as inherently good at odor management. But some have anti-odor treatments, like anti-bacterial coatings or silver threads. For example, Western Rise uses Polygiene on their cotton/polyester blended X Cotton Tee . However, we haven’t found those odor-controlling treatments as effective at staying stink-free as merino.

I’ve already mentioned the importance of shirts that dry fast and tamp down odors. A shirt that wicks sweat will help with both of those issues.

Shirts achieve wicking with fabrics that lift sweat off your body to the exterior of the shirt, where it evaporates more quickly. 

While helpful for any traveler, sweat-wicking t-shirts are essential if you plan on being active during your trip. Whether hiking, cycling, hitting the gym, or simply walking around a hot city, you want to wear fabrics up to the job.

Synthetics are the best at wicking sweat but tend to hold on to smells and need to be washed more frequently. A blend provides a better mix of wicking and odor control.

Merino wool offers the best wicking in a natural fiber. Cotton is notoriously absorbent, making it a poor choice for wicking away sweat.

Alternatively, you can pack a separate gym shirt and accept that you’ll probably have to wash it after each workout.

travel shirt ideas

Because a t-shirt is a core building block of your travel wardrobe , you should feel great whenever you wear it.

You’re going to wear your travel t-shirt a lot. You might even buy a drawer full of the same shirt. You should love wearing it.

Whether you’re buying an expensive merino t-shirt or a dozen of your favorite cheap shirts, you’re making an investment. Buy the one travel t-shirt that you really love and build from there. If you’ve never tried merino before, start with one shirt. Wear it on the plane. Wear it again. And again. Notice that it’s not smelly yet. Then decide how to build out the rest of your wardrobe. Don’t go “all in” with an expensive fabric you’ve never worn before.

If you go for merino wool, buy a shirt of high-quality, fine gauge merino that’s soft, not scratchy.

Blends often have a softer, more natural hand feel than 100% polyester or nylon. You’ll get the upside of a synthetic fabric without feeling like you’re wearing plastic.

If your shirt feels great, you’ll wear it with confidence.

When ordering online, check the shirt’s size chart and compare it to the measurements of your current favorite tee. Everybody is unique, and you probably have your own preferences for how long or short or how slim or loose you like your tees to fit. Check the size chart, read reviews, and size up or down to get a fit you’re comfortable with.

The Best Travel T-Shirts for Men

Unbound Merino black wool crew neck t-shirt

Best Merino Wool Men’s Travel T-Shirt

Unbound Merino Wool Crew Neck T-Shirt ($88)

Unbound Merino’s wool is so good you’ll almost forget this is a “travel” t-shirt. Wool is naturally temperature regulating and odor repellant. This tee from Unbound Merino is soft, lightweight, and so comfortable that you can wear it for days (or weeks) without washing it.

Streamline your packing list with a merino wool t-shirt, the perfect foundational piece to build your travel wardrobe around.

Western Rise X Cotton Tee Shirt

Best Blended Men’s Travel T-Shirt

Western Rise X Cotton Tee ($54)

A great cotton/polyester blend offers most of the same performance as merino wool at a fraction of the price. And many people prefer the feel of a smooth cotton blend over rougher wool.

Western Rise’s X Cotton T-Shirt is a medium-weight tee with great stretch. The shirt feels like cotton, but thanks to its polyester, dries faster and doesn’t wrinkle as much as you’d expect. The odor-repellant Polygiene coating even means that you can re-wear it between washes.

Lululemon Drysense Training T-Shirt

Best Quick-Dry Men’s Travel T-Shirt

Lululemon Drysense Training Short Sleeve Shirt ($78)

This is our go-to shirt for hitting the gym while traveling. Lululemon’s Drysense tech fabric is quick-drying and sweat-wicking. It also has a little loop on the back of the collar for hanging it from a hook, which helps with drying and ensures that the collar won’t stretch out of shape.

This training tee is also eco-friendly. All of the polyester in the Drysense series is recycled.

Next Level Apparel men's t-shirt

Best Budget Men’s Travel T-Shirt

Next Level Apparel Men’s N6210 T-Shirt ($8+)

This basic t-shirt from Amazon is an “excellent for the price” workhorse. The 60% cotton and 40% polyester blend feels good and never needs to be ironed. You can buy a trip’s worth of shirts for the price of one of our other picks. Despite the price, these shirts can last for years without any issues aside from pilling. We recommended the Next Level if you liked the old American Apparel t-shirts from before they sold to Gildan.

The Best Travel T-Shirts for Women

Women's Woolly V Neck Tee in merino wool

Best Merino Wool Women ’s Travel T-Shirt

Woolly V Neck Tee ($50)

Woolly’s V Neck Tee is made of merino wool, so it’s sweat-wicking, odor-resistant, and ultralight. A bit of elastane gives it some extra stretch.

Seattle-based Woolly is one of our favorites for a well-made, affordable, merino t-shirt for women .

Uniqlo AIRism scoop neck short sleeve t-shirt

Best Budget Women ‘s Travel T-Shirt

Uniqlo AIRism Scoop Neck Short-Sleeve T-Shirt ($15)

All the shirts in Uniqlo’s AIRism collection pass our test for travel-ready t-shirts. Made from a quick-drying, odor-resistant, and anti-microbial fabric, these tees can withstand the rigor of a full day (or three) out and about. They’re also lightweight and “feel like air,” which is ideal in hot-weather climates or as a barely-there base layer in colder weather.

At $15 each, they also come at a hard-to-beat price point for budget-conscious travelers. Really, the only downsides of these shirts are that they don’t tend to last as long as some of the other t-shirts on this list.

Travel Experts Advice

Prioritize breathable fabrics for comfort.

When I’m exploring new places and immersing myself in various activities, I want my clothing to work with me, not against me. I’ve experienced the discomfort of wearing non-breathable fabrics in warm and humid climates, and it’s not something I want to repeat. Breathable fabrics with moisture-wicking blends allow air to circulate, keeping me cool and preventing that sticky, uncomfortable feeling. 

Hammer Tsui , Travel Blogger, A Fun Couple

Avoid Tight or Short Shirts

As a digital nomad and fashion designer traveling for over five years, the advice is to avoid anything too tight or too short. When traveling, a lot of time is spent sitting on planes, buses, or trains. When standing up, a tight or short shirt tends to ride up, which can be uncomfortable and sometimes even embarrassing.

Pazit Reuven , Fashion Designer and Blogger, Shawlovers

Select Versatile, Easy-Care Shirts

Versatility is the key to selecting the right travel shirt. Ideally, it complements various outfits you’ve packed, can be layered to adjust to different climate conditions, and is easy to care for. That way, it’s both fashionable and practical. 

So, when you’re selecting a shirt for traveling, opt for versatile pieces that tick off all the boxes for comfort, style, and function. You can be assured they will serve you well!

Jackie Gately , Travel Writer, Enjoy Travel Life

Opt for Wrinkle-Resistant Fabric

A wrinkle-resistant shirt minimizes the need for ironing and allows you to focus on enjoying your trip while maintaining a polished appearance, making it a practical and versatile choice for any type of travel experience.

Jim Campbell , Owner, Honeymoons

A high-quality travel t-shirt that you love should form the basis of your capsule wardrobe and go a long way in helping you look, feel, and smell your best on the road. Tees are light and easy to pack so you can fit a week’s worth in your underseat backpack . Just make sure to pick a tee in the right material with measurements similar to your current favorite shirt. Then enjoy your trip and forget about doing laundry.

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Tortuga travel backpack pro $350.

Max Carry On Size

Fred Perrotta is the co-founder and CEO of Tortuga. His first backpacking trip to Europe inspired him to start the company. For over a decade, he’s traveled the world from his home base in the Bay Area while working remotely. When he’s on the road, Fred enjoys both walking and eating as much as possible.

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Pacific Northwest native Nick Hilden is a travel and culture writer whose work has appeared in Afar, the Daily Beast, the Los Angeles Times, Men’s Health, Fodor’s, Popular Science, Scientific American, Thrillist, Vice, Runner’s World, and many, many more. He’s carried a Tortuga Outbreaker through year after year of traveling to places like Turkey, Tunisia, Thailand, Vietnam, Spain, Serbia, France, Italy, Greece, Mexico, all across the U.S., and beyond. You can follow his travels via Instagram @nick.hilden.

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The Best Men's Vacation Shirts to Pack This Summer

Image may contain Takuya Kimura Clothing Sleeve Long Sleeve Shirt Pants Adult Person Accessories Glasses and Coat

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For some, the thrill of travel comes not from visiting exciting places or even scoring the next flight deal—it’s planning the outfits. The best vacation shirts for men (really, the best menswear shirts that anyone can pack in their suitcase) work for a variety of occasions, from hanging out at the beach in Miami to shopping in local artsy neighborhoods of Mexico City to dining at elegant restaurants at the resorts of Amalfi . To help you get ready for your next sun-soaked trip, here are 43 options for some of the best shirts to pack for a summer vacation.

Below are five types of shirts to bring on vacation that can work for a multitude of settings and situations: printed shirts, linen button-downs, knit polos, athleisure tops, and classic white T-shirts. If you’re packing light , it’s all the more important to make sure that what you bring works with other pieces that make it into your bags; even better if they’re easy to wash in case you’re going on a longer trip. If you’re flying, pack one or two of these shirts in your carry-on in case you lose your checked luggage . The selections here come in at multiple price points, and one or two of each—plus a short, a trouser, shoes, and some underwear—will make for a flexible capsule wardrobe fit for most summer vacation plans.

Keep scrolling to see our hit-list of top picks for the best vacation shirts for men, or to jump right to the menswear shirt style you prefer.

Our top picks:

  • For all-day sightseeing in the city: Todd Snyder Silk Cotton Ribbed Polo
  • For dining at the Michelin-starred restaurant: Ralph Lauren Lightweight Linen Shirt
  • For partying out in town with the locals: Banana Republic Lyam Silk Resort Shirt
  • For going from the morning hike straight to brunch: AG Jeans Ace Active Performance Polo
  • For sitting on the plane for a red-eye flight: Rhone Session Quarter Zip
  • For everything else in between: Banana Republic Linen-Cotton Crewneck T-Shirt

Shop men's vacation shirts by style:

Linen button-downs, printed shirts, athleisure tops.

A good linen shirt will take you anywhere from Thailand to Punta Cana and from Palermo to Cuba. Wear it open with shorts and a tank-top and you’re ready for the boardwalk; tuck it into a pair of trousers to dine at the candle-lit restaurant at the resort where you’re staying. Linen is perfect for summer vacations because it’s light and breathable; the weave of the fabric keeps it from sticking to your sweaty skin. And if the fabric feels a little bit rough, good linen softens with repeated wearing and washing (read the care label; most linen shirts are best in cool water and dried on a line in the shade). Nothing says easy breezy vibes like classic white linen, but color on vacation is always a good idea.

Image may contain: Clothing, Shirt, Long Sleeve, Sleeve, Dress Shirt, Home Decor, Linen, and Blouse

Remember “going out” tops? Those weirdly business-casual outfits you wore to the club (or the pre-game at senior housing in college)? It seems like this decade’s equivalent are printed vacation tops—flowy or loudly graphic shirts that scream “I’m going to Puerto Rico !” They evoke good times and irreverence, a mood that matches the elation when the group chat finally makes the long-talked-about trip into a reality. Here are a number of options as far as printed shirts for vacation go, from sumptuously silky, to bold and bright, to almost comically themed. (Nautical print? On a yacht ? Groundbreaking.) Prints should be fun and exciting, but just remember the cardinal rule of shopping for vacation: Be sure you’d actually wear the item when you’re at home, even if it’s just to feel like you’re on holiday.

Image may contain: Clothing, Shirt, Beachwear, Sleeve, T-Shirt, and Coat

If you’ve opened a social media app in the last six months, you’ve probably been served an ad for knit polos—alternately called “sweater polos,” given that they can feel as soft as your favorite merino wool or cashmere sweater. It must have something to do with a wave of celebs casually hitting the red carpet in one of these bad boys—and it’s easy to see why. There’s something delightfully mid-century classic about the look of a knitted polo, and the texture of the knit lends a touch of dashing elegance to your outfit while being comfy enough for a long day walking around sunny Rome or waiting in line for Broadway rush tickets in New York’s Times Square . Pack a long-sleeve variation if you’re going to any relaxing body of water; it’ll be perfect for those chilly beachside or lakeside evenings.

Image may contain: Clothing, T-Shirt, Shirt, Knitwear, Sweater, and Sleeve

It may seem incredibly basic to put a, well, basic like this on a list of the best vacation shirts for men, but who’s going to argue that a classic white T-shirt doesn’t belong in anyone’s suitcase? It’s perfect for travel days , workouts at the hotel gym , and even underneath a suit jacket, if the setting is casual enough. ( GQ can fight me on this; white shirts and suits still work!) Plus, it can be extremely easy to clean at a laundromat—or the sink—for longer trips. Depending on what kind of tee you’re looking for, a good ol’ three-pack from Hanes might do the trick, but there’s a wide world of white T-shirts out there for everyone, from cotton-linen blends to pocket tees to crewnecks made entirely of cashmere. OK, maybe don’t toss that last one into the spin cycle.

Image may contain: Person, Sitting, Pain, Adult, Clothing, Sleeve, Face, Head, Arm, and Body Part

Good activewear is like mana from heaven for travelers. They’re great for coffee runs or training sessions, hitting the rides at Disney parks , or even hiking in national and state parks . These athleisure tops are well suited to days of high-performance activity (sweat-wicking, odor-resistant), while also refined enough that they can take you from the trail in the morning to brunch and cocktails at noon. Bonus: This kind of gear is perfect for travel days, too. You’ll be comfortable for long plane rides while looking put-together enough that someone might see you and decide you’re their airport crush for the trip. (Yes, it’s a thing .)

Image may contain: Clothing, T-Shirt, Sleeve, Shirt, Adult, and Person

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travel shirt ideas

  • Inspiration

Travel t-shirt designs

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Beach-themed T-shirt design for beach town'

Good t-shirt designs are those that people want to wear. Make sure your t-shirt doesn’t get stuffed in the back of the closet with a custom travel t-shirt designed just for you by a professional designer. Need ideas? We’ve collected some amazing examples of travel t-shirts created by our global community of designers. Get inspired and start planning your custom travel t-shirt design today.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'pelican grove'

pelican grove

Travel t-shirt with the title 'oregon'

Mountain scene

This is actually basic geometrical mountain, but I did an experiment about the reflection. You know it's kinda weird but I took it as u can see this is beautiful on tshirt. My favorite colors combination is the last one(bottom right).

Travel t-shirt with the title 'ride2'

T-Shirt Using Authentic Abstract Art Painted by Elephants!

Editing Elepant's Painting

Travel t-shirt with the title 'White Pine Lodge'

White Pine Lodge

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Design T-shirt for Scuba Divers in CUBA'

Design T-shirt for Scuba Divers in CUBA

This is my winning design for the contest that represent scuba and Cuba in tribal pattern.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Tiger Lily'

Huntington Beach

huntigton beach

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Altitude Outfitters T-Shirt'

Altitude Outfitters T-Shirt

Tallgrass outdoor

Travel t-shirt with the title 'tshirt illustration'

tshirt illustration

tshirt print

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Wailua river and uluwehi falls'

Wailua river and uluwehi falls

Tshirt for Hawaiian local merch

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Australian T-shirt'

Australian T-shirt

This is my winning design for the contest.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'CAMPFIRE ROCK'


Travel t-shirt with the title 'Darth Vader Fishing the Big Bass'

Darth Vader Fishing the Big Bass

Fishing in the space

Travel t-shirt with the title 'just go'

illustration in the van

Travel t-shirt with the title 'just go'

happy traveler

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Mount Brandon silhouette'

Mount Brandon silhouette

Drawing a mount silhouette

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Influence'

Apparel for Typetee

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Jet ski bear on summer'

Jet ski bear on summer

Bear is having fun

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Dirtiness is next to Earthliness'

Dirtiness is next to Earthliness

Hikers and Backpackers T-Shirt Design, Design made for outdoors and nature lovers.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'WHITE PINE LODGE'


T-Shirt Design

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Sleepy Pelican Travel Group - Vibrant Colorful Artwork'

Sleepy Pelican Travel Group - Vibrant Colorful Artwork

This stunning artwork features the Sleepy Pelican travel group with a vibrant color palette of pink, light neon blue, and other shades. The artwork showcases a plane flying over iconic world buildings, adding a touch of adventure to the design. The sleepy pelican in the artwork adds a whimsical element to the piece. This artwork is perfect for anyone who loves to travel or dreams of exploring the world. Its unique blend of colors and subject matter make it a truly eye-catching piece.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Fred's Marina'

Fred's Marina

Simple tshirt for fred's marina summer theme.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Dingle Town'

Dingle Town

A little map of Dingle town

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Creative Map art for Adventure Travel company'

Creative Map art for Adventure Travel company

Moose Travel Network Tee design shows the Destinations and Popular activities. Doodle style Map art in a fun touch.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Bison'

American buffalo

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Create the next clothing or merchandise design for SeaScape Sailing'

Create the next clothing or merchandise design for SeaScape Sailing

This was a winning design for promoting travel agency in an exclusive yacht.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Find 6 '

Aloha Apparel

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Acupuncture'


Text-based design. First time when I try " line-art".

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Camp Imber'

Matador Network

Modern adventure T-shirt illustration for matador network.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Zion National Park '

Zion National Park

Travel t-shirt with the title 'A true taste of Tennessee'

A true taste of Tennessee

A true taste of Tennessee T-shirt design.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Aloha Illustration Badges'

Aloha Illustration Badges

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Navigator of the Seas Group Cruise'

Navigator of the Seas Group Cruise

Travel t-shirt with the title 'RockaDock Event Shirt '

RockaDock Event Shirt

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Aloha Illustration '

Aloha Illustration

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Vintage Travel Ad T-shirt Design'

Vintage Travel Ad T-shirt Design

Vintage-inspired travel ad t-shirt design.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Popular Outdoor Website Needs Stylish T-Shirt Design!'

Popular Outdoor Website Needs Stylish T-Shirt Design!

Very professional feedbacks from contest holder ! Very nice contest, it was pleasure for me to take a part.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Sleepy Pelican'

Sleepy Pelican

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Hand Drawn Outdoor Backpack Illustration.'

Hand Drawn Outdoor Backpack Illustration.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Wilton Manors'

Wilton Manors

abstract Cityscape design

Travel t-shirt with the title 'The Ranch At Laguna Beach'

The Ranch At Laguna Beach

Travel t-shirt with the title 'vacaynation'


ilustration beach inside plane

Travel t-shirt with the title 'T-shirt Design for Kiwi Experience New Zealand'

T-shirt Design for Kiwi Experience New Zealand

Hand-drawn illustration. Design elements inspired by New Zealand's iconic kiwiana.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Yachting Clothing Brand T-shirt'

Yachting Clothing Brand T-shirt

Travel t-shirt with the title 'WE CAME BY THE SEA'


Travel t-shirt with the title 'Airport branded T-shirt design'

Airport branded T-shirt design

Vintage aviation style: custom illustration design for a branded T-shirt for FERGUSON AIRPORT.

Travel t-shirt with the title ' Design An Eye-catching Youth Conference T-shirt!'

Design An Eye-catching Youth Conference T-shirt!

Conference T-shirt. Very nice contest and professional feedbacks !

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Typography with illustration tshirt design'

Typography with illustration tshirt design

Lake life theme

Travel t-shirt with the title 'West Wine Tours'

West Wine Tours

West Wine Tours, Sonoma/Ca

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Zion National Park'

Vintage Travellers

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Banyan  #1 team celebration shirt'

Banyan #1 team celebration shirt

Travel t-shirt with the title 'China Tour Logo'

China Tour Logo

custom T-shirt illustration

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Yeti Cab .co tee'

Yeti Cab .co tee

A T shirt Illustration for a Pedicab Company

Travel t-shirt with the title 'dirty 330 x bear view'

dirty 330 x bear view

ilustration bear ride bike

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Do what you Love '

Do what you Love

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Camper '

Cute artwork I did for the "Great South Bae" contest!

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Camper '

out living it :)

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Forsailors Merch Illustration'

Forsailors Merch Illustration

Illustration for one of my favourite clients.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'I'm outta here!'

I'm outta here!

Client wanted a cruise ship crew wearing a snorkel and a duck floater.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Three Coin'

Peace Love and the Road

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Just Go '

The Ranch LB

The Ranch at Laguna Beach

Travel t-shirt with the title 'T-shirt Print'

T-shirt Print

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Talen health Club'

Talen health Club

Talen health Club. Premium cannabis dispensary.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Vintage Hot Air Balloon Shirt Design'

Vintage Hot Air Balloon Shirt Design

Vintage hot air balloon festival t-shirt design.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'T-shirt design'

T-shirt design

The toucan turned out so cute!

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Never  Give up '

Never Give up

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Keep Moving Forward'

Keep Moving Forward

If you can you should. Keep Moving Forward. Follow your bliss :)

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Scuba Cuba'

Design for ScubaCuba.com, a fashionable, eye catching designs that highlight not only Cuba's unique culture but also tie into the pristine underwater nature aspect of this trip, specifically in Maria la Gorda (known for sea turtle nesting, large schools of tropical fish, caverns and coral formations).

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Ybor T-shirt design'

Ybor T-shirt design

Simple illustration with custom typography for a t-shirt in the spirit of Ybor's historical location.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Everyday I'm Swizzling'

Everyday I'm Swizzling

t-shirt design for restless native bermuda

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Retreat Ranch Staff Shirt Design for Glamping Ranch'

Retreat Ranch Staff Shirt Design for Glamping Ranch

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Illustration for a Female T-shirt'

Illustration for a Female T-shirt

A poetic interpretation of Nashville skyline.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Blind concept '

Blind concept

Walking on the rope to Zion. Available to purchase.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'New Zealand Kiwiana'

New Zealand Kiwiana

T-shirt design for KIWI Experience. Design elements inspired by New Zealand's iconic kiwiana

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Alaskan Air Travel T-shirt'

Alaskan Air Travel T-shirt

As you can see the client needed a number of elements for his design which were somewhat hard to put together, but it came out really good at the end!

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Camping Sambica T-shirt Design'

Camping Sambica T-shirt Design

T-shirt design for Camping Sambica.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Retro Sea Goddess design v.2 for Coccoloba '

Retro Sea Goddess design v.2 for Coccoloba

Client wants a retro hippie design for company t-shirts and merchandises

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Simple Adventure T-Shirt'

Simple Adventure T-Shirt

Simple Adventure T Shirt

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Beach T-shirt'

Beach T-shirt

Travel t-shirt with the title 'South Tampa T-shirt design'

South Tampa T-shirt design

Illustration for T-shirt promoting South Tampa

Travel t-shirt with the title 'TRAVELING T SHIRT'


Nature traveling tee

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Pixel World Tour'

Pixel World Tour

The client wants a retro 8/16-bit pixel design for them. They wanted me to draw cigar, alcohols, playing cards, dice and chips.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'A church and a fountain.'

A church and a fountain.

Illustration with the two historical places of the village, the church and the old fountain, of Oaqortoq in Greenland. The inspiration comes from artistic drawings and handwriting done by hand, as in a traveler's notebook. vector, to be used in the client's market. Qaqortoq' means 'white' in Greenlandic. The Church of Our Savior (Danish: Vor Freslers Kirke) is a wooden Lutheran church in Qaqortoq, the largest town in southern Greenland. Mindebrønden (Memorial Fountain) was the only fountain on the whole island. The suggested palette is inspired by the flag and colors of the local landscape.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'RV AND CAMPING TSHIRT'


Travel t-shirt with the title 'nature-based T-shirt design'

nature-based T-shirt design

Travel t-shirt with the title 'T Shirt designs for hostel company Samesun Hostels'

T Shirt designs for hostel company Samesun Hostels

"T-shirt design for all of our California properties, following the same design we currently have for our Canadian properties"

Travel t-shirt with the title 'Coeur d'Alene T-Shirt Merchandise'

Coeur d'Alene T-Shirt Merchandise

Coeur d'Alene T-Shirt Merchandise in hand drawn sketchy style

Travel t-shirt with the title 'T-shirt unicorn design'

T-shirt unicorn design

T-shirt design with the theme of a beach unicorn in different positions.

pieman by E-T

Travel t-shirts not a good fit? Try something else:

How to create your travel t-shirt design.

If you want an amazing travel t-shirt that stands out from the competition, work with a professional designer. Find and hire a designer to make your vision come to life, or host a design contest and get ideas from designers around the world.

Start a contest

Designers from around the world pitch you ideas. You provide feedback, hone your favorites and choose a winner.

Start a project

Find the perfect designer to match your style and budget. Then collaborate one-on-one to create a custom t-shirt.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'just go'

4.8 average from 960 t-shirt design customer reviews

What makes a good travel t-shirt design?

People wear t-shirts to do everything: Walk the dog. Shop for groceries. Rock out at concerts. Can you say exposure? Make sure your travel t-shirt tells the right story (and gets worn) by understanding the fundamentals of t-shirt design.

Travel t-shirt with the title 'midnight deer'

7 steps of t-shirt design Whether you’re starting an apparel business or creating a tee for the family reunion, you’ll want to read our ultimate guide to t-shirt design... Keep reading
T-shirt printing Even a great t-shirt design can be ruined if you choose the wrong type of printing. Learn your t-shirt printing options... Keep reading
Company t-shirts T-shirts are the ultimate in company swag (and cheap advertising). Learn how to get something that reps your brand and looks good... Keep reading

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Flaty lay of white t-shirt, a plant, jeans, and sunglasses

The 10 Travel T-Shirts You Need in Your Suitcase

'  data-srcset=

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A good t-shirt is the unsung hero of the travel wardrobe—understated, layer-able, and easy to pack. We’ve given this suitcase staple the attention it deserves and rounded up ten of our favorite t-shirts for travel.

Best Travel T-Shirt for Hiking: Patagonia Capilene Cool Daily T-Shirt

Patagonia Capilene Cool Daily T-Shirt

For active trips in warm destinations, turn to the Patagonia’s Capilene Cool Shirt . The fabric is so lightweight it feels like wearing nothing—and it packs down to a teeny-tiny square. Plus, it’s quick drying and has built-in odor control, both important aspects when breaking a sweat on the trail. Available in men’s and women’s size options.

Most Breathable Travel T-Shirt: K ü hl Arabella T-Shirt

Kühl Arabella T-Shirt

Made from 100% cotton, the Kühl Arabella T-Shirt is designed to withstand hot summer weather. It’s extremely lightweight, with intentionally roomy arm openings to let the underarms breath. This design also comes in v-neck t-shirt and tank top options.

Most Stylish Travel T-Shirt: Everlane Organic Cotton Muscle Tee

Everlane Organic Cotton Muscle Tee

Elevate your basic jeans-and-tee combo with the Everlane Organic Cotton Muscle Tee . The slouchy silhouette and oversized cap sleeves give it a vintage feel, creating visual interest while maintaining the same casual comfort expected from your favorite t-shirt. Made from 100% cotton, this top is super chic and comfortable for travel.

The Ultimate Packing List

Best T-Shirt for Long Travel Days: Unbound Merino Crew Neck T-Shirt

Unbound Merino Crew Neck T-Shirt

If you’re searching for a t-shirt you can wear every day of the week, look no further. This shirt from Unbound Merino is incredibly soft and hangs in a flattering silhouette without being skin tight. The cooling merino wool won’t leave you overheated, sweaty, or smelly, even after running through the airport to catch a tight connection. With some strategic outfit planning, this shirt can easily be reworn without a wash. Available in men’s and women’s size options.

Best Eco-Friendly Travel T-Shirt: Toad&Co Grom Ringer Crew

Toad&Co Grom Ringer Crew

This playful crew neck from Toad&Co belongs in every sustainable traveler’s suitcase. It meets the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 criteria, meaning its certified free from harmful chemicals. The blended cotton and hemp fabric makes this shirt quick-drying, perfect for giving it a quick rinse in the hotel sink.

Best Cropped Travel T-Shirt: Mott & Bow Cotton Boxy Crew Tee

Mott & Bow Boxy Noble Tee

A brand best known for the science behind their denim , Mott & Bow has branched out to conquer the world of t-shirts. The Boxy Crew Tee is the perfect crop top for travel, designed to cut off right at the hips for a modern silhouette that’s still comfortable for travel days. The fabric is 100% premium pima cotton, which feels soft and airy but still maintains its structure. Get one in basic black or timeless white , or spring for a 3-pack and be set for multiple outfits. 

Best Longline Travel T-Shirt: Lands’ End Sun Curve Hem Tunic Top

Lands’ End Sun Curve Hem Tunic Top

For those who prefer their t-shirts with a longer hemline, the Lands’ End Sun Curve Hem Tunic Top is the ideal option. The hemline falls slightly lower in the back, hitting just at the top of the thighs. The fabric is moisture-wicking and resistant to wrinkles, fading, and shrinking. The extended hemline makes this top perfect to pair with your favorite comfy leggings.

10 Popular Travel Gadgets You Don’t Need

Best Moisture-Wicking Travel T-Shirt: Bluffworks Threshold V-Neck T-Shirt

Bluffworks Threshold V-Neck T-Shirt

Active travelers will love the Bluffworks Threshold V-Neck T-Shirt . Built with the brand’s commitment to durability and functionality in mind, its moisture-wicking, quick-drying, has UPF 50+ sun protection, and is odor and wrinkle resistant. Available in men’s and women’s size options.

Best Wrinkle Resistant Travel T-Shirt: ONNO original bamboo t-shirt

ONNO original bamboo t-shirt

Bamboo fabric is known for being sustainable and wrinkle-resistant, any wrinkles from the suitcase smoothing out once its hung up at the hotel. This crew neck option from ONNO, made from a combination of 70% viscous bamboo and 30% cotton, is super lightweight. According to the site, its “made to move,” designed with comfort and durability as a top priority. Available in men’s and women’s size options.

Best Short Sleeve Button-Up for Travel: Vintage Wash Tencel Camp Shirt

Vintage Wash Tencel Camp Shirt

This ultra-stylish short-sleeve button-up from Quince is a step above your typical t-shirt. It’s made from super soft, static resistant biodegradable fabric. The loose fit and soft drape of the sleeves offset the formality of the buttons, keeping it a perfect swap for you go-to t-shirt.

The Ideal Travel T-Shirt: What Features Matter Most? 

There are a few key features to consider when hunting for the perfect travel t-shirt. They are:

Comfort: Comfortable, breathable fabric that won’t irritate the skin after hours of wear is the top trait to look for in a travel-friendly t-shirt. Smell-resistant and wrinkle-resistant fabrics like merino wool or bamboo are best for packability and re-wearability. Fabrics that are labeled as moisture-wicking or offer UPF sun protection are optimal for warm climates and sunny destinations.

Fit : Look for silhouettes that aren’t too tight and aren’t cropped too short. If you’re planning to do a lot of sightseeing or facing down twelve hours in a plane cabin, you don’t want your freedom of movement restricted by your outfit.

Durability: Sheer, flowing fabrics look great in vacation pics, but won’t stand up to a hard day of travel or a quick wash in the hotel room sink. Save the fancy fabrics for statement pieces and commit to a t-shirt that will stand the test of travel.

All of the products featured in this story were hand-selected by our travel editors. Some of the links featured in this story are affiliate links, and SmarterTravel may collect a commission (at no cost to you) if you shop through them. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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We hand-pick everything we recommend and select items through testing and reviews. Some products are sent to us free of charge with no incentive to offer a favorable review. We offer our unbiased opinions and do not accept compensation to review products. All items are in stock and prices are accurate at the time of publication. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

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Travel Fashion Girl

11 Best Travel Shirts for Women Recommended by Readers

Shirts & Tops , Travel Clothing


Support TFG by using the links in our articles to shop. We receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) so we can continue to create helpful free content. We earn from qualifying purchases made to the featured retailers. Thank you, we appreciate your support!

We’ve rounded up our readers’ top recommendations for the best women’s travel shirts. Take a look below!

Best Travel Shirt

Written By: Tae Haahr

Table Of Contents

Looking for the best shirts to travel with? They’re most likely ones that are easy to clean, fashionable to wear, and doesn’t wrinkle badly so they can be packed without worry.

We’ve asked TFG readers to share their picks for reliable, and pretty womens travel shirts—whether you’re headed to the beach, bar, or business retreat!

The Best Women’s Dress Shirts and Blouses for Travel


Shop Sizes XS-XL: Quince

Womens Linen Button Down Shirt: Quince Longsleeve Shirt

Comfy, lightweight, and chic, this Quince shirt is a top choice among readers. A traveler says of this top, “ Perfect weight, fit, and cut on this shirt. It really is a great capsule wardrobe piece! ” 

This shirt has a classic collar and long sleeves that can be folded up for a different look, and the linen fabric is stunning and feels absolutely dreamy!  It has a relaxed fit that looks good tucked in or out, comes in seven pretty colors, and is overall a must-have for polishing up your look in an instant!


Shop Sizes XS-XXL:   Eddie Bauer

Editor’s Pick: Eddie Bauer Ripstop Long-Sleeve Shirt

Womens button down blouses can come from the most surprising sources, and the Eddie Bauer Ripstop shirt is not only a top choice for readers, it’s another huge fave of editor-in-chief Alex. Sure, while this company is known for providing outdoor clothing, the verdict on this shirt? It’s SO versatile for anything!  

She says of this shirt, “I can pair it with denim shorts, wear it as cover up when walking down the beach, and tuck it into my favorite jeans while flying, I can’t get enough of this top!”


Alex at the beach in Eddie Bauer Ripstop Shirt , MaxSwim Bikini (beneath!), and Wallaroo Hat

Alex explains further, “This shirt has  SPF 50 sun protection and moisture-wicking capabilities so I don’t overheat, and the cut isn’t overly fitted or saggy. And it doesn’t wrinkle. I can throw it in my suitcase or daypack if I’m going hiking and it comes out looking fresh! Super easy to dress up or down.”

Find out why TFG readers constantly choose Eddie Bauer shirts for travel in this review !


Shop Sizes S-4X: Amazon  

No-Iron Plus Size Womens Dress Shirts: Riders by Lee Indigo 

This Riders by Lee easy care blouse comes in many fashionable colors that look great alone or under a lightweight jacket. Perfect for business trips and casual vacations, this has a classic collar, button front, and 3/4 sleeves. It comes in sizes 1X-4X and in sizes S-3XL.

TFG readers love this! One reader shares that “If you want pretty with a relaxed fit, look at Rider’s.” You can pack it in your bag and not have to worry about it wrinkling so much, which is why another reader mentions, “This is awesome for travel.”


Shop Sizes XS-XXL:  Lands End

Women’s Button Down Dress Shirts : Lands End Long Sleeve Non Iron

The Lands End long sleeve shirt is wrinkle-resistant, even after you’ve washed it, making it perfect to pack for a conference or a destination based work meeting. It’s got a typical shirttail hem so wonderful to tuck in, or even leave out if you’re dressing it down with leggings or something!

One TFG reader shares, “I have a number of these cotton travel shirts for women from Lands End. I Hang them overnight, and the wrinkles drop out.” It comes in multiple fashionable colors and patterns and in regular, petite, tall sizes right here and plus sizes here !

TFG readers love these classic white button down shirts for travel!


Shop Nordstrom: Sizes 2-18 | Plus Sizes 14-24

Women’s Button Up Dress Shirts : Foxcroft Taylor Non-Iron 3/4 Tunic

The Foxcroft Taylor shirt is a classic button-up tunic style with a turn down collar and a V-neck that’s very flattering!  It’s made out of cotton, so it can be machine washed (so long as you take it easy) and works with any outfit you want to wear!

One TFG reader says, “These shirts are great!” It has an amazing value for the price, looks stylish, and does not wrinkle much. You can wear it with jeans or dress pants, so it’s perfect for your next business trip and or that all-inclusive vacation.” Available in sizes 2-18 .


Shop Sizes XS-XL: Amazon

Ladies Long Sleeve Button Down Blouse : Alex Vando 

Alex Vando is a popular travel dress shirt for business trips and a great pick to wear on the plane. With a contrast pattern on the inner collar and turned over cuffs all work to give this shirt a sophisticated look. All the chic details and classic shirttail hem make this a versatile piece to dress up or down. It’s even long enough to tie a knot at the front to create another look.

One user shares, “ My favorite shirt! Perfect for daily wear. The MOST comfortable blouse I‘ve come across. It washes well and I hang to dry, consistently it has no wrinkles… none! No ironing required.”  Comes in other pretty colors and sizes XS-XL .


Shop Sizes XS-3X: Spanx

Low Maintenance Dress Shirts for Women: Spanx Silk Button Down

The Spanx  is a TFG reader favorite brand and this silk button down is perfect as womens travel shirts. It’s a 100% silk shirt that’s designed to be a non-iron, has d ouble layered panel at chest for opacity , and front-button closure. This one comes in several colors and sizes XS-3X , so go pick one up!

One wearer shares. “This is the most comfortable button down I think I’ve ever worn! I tend to shy away from tops like this because they are such a hassle- hard to iron and stiff. Not this Button Down. Comfortable, easy, and as a tall girl with long limbs, I appreciate the length of the sleeves! I will reach for this top in my closet every time!” If you’re looking for a white shirt, here’s the best button down by Spanx!


Shop Sizes XS-3X: Eddie Bauer

No Iron Dress Shirts Womens: Eddie Bauer Departure 3.0

Women’s collared dress shirts like the Eddie Bauer Departure is perfect for a hot summer destination. It has sun-protection and moisture-wicking technology, plus roll-up sleeves, which lets you breathe and move.

This option is versatile enough for a night out or a business meeting as well. It’s high-quality and flattering, and one reader agrees, saying, “Eddie Bauer Departure are silky-feeling, wrinkle free travel shirts. I have it in three different colors.” Available in regular, tall, petite and plus sizes here !

travel shirt ideas

Eddie Bauer Departure Shirt with   H&M Denim Shorts , Wallaroo Sun Hat , and Marc Fisher Pacca Sandals

In fact, it became a new favorite of editor-in-chief Alex as well! Here’s her mini-review of it, ‘The Departure is softer and looks more like a regular blouse vs. a travel or hiking top. As a plus, it still has all the same great features such as the UPF 50 protection and moisture-wicking capabilities which keep me relatively “cool” and dry in the Playa del Carmen heat.”

It’s offered in XS-XXL . 

These styles won the vote for the best white t-shirt for women!


Shop Sizes XXS-XXL: Nordstrom

Women’s Long Sleeve Blouses : Caslon Linen Button Up Shirt

The Caslon linen blend blouse is a fashionable shirt that comes in four colors, including this white color! It has long sleeves, a spread collar, and as the name would indicate, linen blend fabric. It’s perfect for a night on the town or a beach outfit.

One TFG reader shares, “I wanted to share a blouse I found at Nordstrom that I absolutely love! It’s a great material that is lightweight, soft, can go with so many things, can layer easily, and it’ll be a go-to with any travel I do.”


Shop Sizes XS-XL: Amazon | Lysse | Nordstrom 

Womens Wide Collared Dress Shirts : Lyssé Schiffer Button Down 

The Lysse Schiffer is a crisp shirt in white. It has long sleeves, a button-down front, and a front pocket. A wonderful, lightweight versatile choice for weekend or vacation wear. 

One happy user shares, “ This shirt is fantastic, no ironing, lays and hangs well. The hem does not have a rolled hem. It’s just cut, but the stretch in the fabric means it lays wonderfully. It’s become my go-to shirt. you can layer if needed, both over and under. In the warmer months I intend to roll the sleeves up and leave open over a tee.” 

Comes in other classic colors and sizes XS-XL .


Shop Sizes XS-1X: Numi

Sustainable Womens Silk Shirt: Numi The Simone

This is a new favorite of editor-in-chief Alex. Read her mini-review, “I am so excited!!! I THINK THIS IS THE BLOUSE I’VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR!!!  Over the past decade, I’ve been working to create my perfect capsule wardrobe . Because I’m a frequent flier, every clothing item I own (or the majority) has to work for everyday and for travel as well. I don’t own just “travel clothes” but I look for clothes that are functional, fit well, and make me feel good when I look in the mirror. In this search, I’ve discovered that a simple button down blouse with concealed buttons is an essential part of what’s now becoming my signature look. I can wear this type of blouse any day for almost any destination and it works for me.”

Alex says the Numi silk blouse is airy, light, and featherlight, making it incredibly packable! She explains further, “ I ordered a size small, but I was worried it would be too small for my bust. It works very well but the shoulder seams don’t line up where they should fall. Being petite, this is just a standard part of my experience with clothing and it’s not an issue with Numi. While I’ve never tailored a button down blouse, this is one that’s definitely worth the effort to make it the quintessential wardrobe staple in my capsule for a clean, chic appearance.”

Made of sustainably sourced silk, this is available in four colors and sizes XS-XL .

Want a whole list of no-iron options? Check out these women’s wrinkle free shirts !

Travel Shirts Comparison Chart

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”195″ class=”center-table-align”]

How to Fold Shirts for Travel

Wondering how to fold dress shirts for travel, or other types of shirts? The best tip readers give is when it comes to folding women’s travel shirts and blouse, stick with wrinkle-free fabrics because no matter how you fold them, you aren’t worried about getting creases all over them.

One of the best wrinkle-free ways of folding dress shirts for travel is to roll them. It will help prevent more wrinkles. But make sure to test it out beforehand! Want more folding tips? Check out our folding vs. rolling article !


Compass Rose Packing Cubes

How to Pack Your Shirts

Many of our readers use packing cubes to roll up and organize their shirts. Compass Rose packing cubes allow you to do so by number and color so you know where you packed everything, even when you use the cubes to separate outfits. Learn more in the video below.

Learn about our hacks with packing cubes in this video !

We also put together a five-part YouTube series showing the different methods to use packing cubes for travel. If you use this specific packing strategy, packing cubes can also compress your belongings. This is the secret to traveling carry-on only!

What do you think are the best travel dress shirts or blouses? Share and comment below!

For more women’s shirts, please read:

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  • Best Long Sleeve T Shirts for Women: Ideal for Layering
  • Best Tank Tops for Women That Are So Comfy and Versatile
  • These Women’s Wrinkle Free Shirts Will Make Packing a Breeze



We hope you liked this travel shirts  womens article. Please share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Thanks for reading!



After reading this post I ordered an Eddie Bauer Departure shirt, and I loved it so much I now have a second! They wash and wear well and do not wrinkle. Best of all, they come in tall sizes, which is great because I have a long torso. I always travel with one of these shirts, and they are in my regular rotation at home, too. Thank you for the recommendation!

Carolyn Korman

Wish you showed patterns.


I love the Eddie Bauer Departure Shirt!


This has been so helpful. I have never travelled with shirts as I loathe ironing. Will be checking out the wrinkle free options!

Lindsay Winkler

After reading all your travel shirt and white shirt blogs, I ended up deciding on the Eddie Bauer Departure shirt. I absolutely love it! No wrinkles, even when I tuck into my pants, not see through, super lightweight, and tons of stretch so it’s super comfortable yet structured. Thanks so much for the recommendations!

Heather Cressall

Thank you for including plus size options.

Susan Morrison

So many good choices. I have been thinking about several on the list for an upcoming month long trip to Europe. Love the comparisons.


I love the packing shirt ideas! I have bought a hole from Eddie Bauer.

Alice Vedder

After reading the reviews, I’ve added 2 Eddie Bauer Departure 2 shirts to my travel list for my Australia cruise. They will be easy to pack and versatile.


Thank you for the reviews! I too purchased the Eddie Bauer Departure shirt. It has exceeded my expectations and love I wearing this at home and while traveling

Julia D

Thank you for this! Shirts are an area in my wardrobe where I really struggle. All of these look like great contenders for a new addition to my closet!

Lisa Melchior

Thanks for this review! I found the Eddie Bauer ripstop shirt at Costco, I’m packing it for upcoming trip to Scotland.


Those white Eddie Bauer shirts look like just what I’ve been looking for, thank you so much!!!!

Danielle Fitzgerald

Love this list. Looking to add a button up top to my wardrobe. Starting with this. Thanks!

Pat Corn

Absolutely love the Eddie Bauer Departure shirt! I have it in tow colors and it’s been the workhorse of my recent trip to Ireland. So many different ways to wear it.

Heather Abbruzzese

I am so grateful that I found TFG blog and FB page! I am getting ready for 10 days in Italy in mid-October and was so stuck on what to pack and also wanting a capsule wardrobe. This blog has been tremendously helpful in pointing me in the right direction. I am wondering if it’s ok to wear jeans with “fashion rips” in them when in Italy? I have an awesome pair of black jeans but they do have a rip in the knee. Are Italians wearing ripped jeans??


I have two Eddie Bauer v-neck tank tops and a pair of pants from the Departure line that I love. They hang/drape nicely on the body. They’re lightweight, dries within hours after hand washing, wrinkle resistant and are UPF rated. My next purchase will be the long-sleeved shirt. If it wasn’t for this blog, I wouldn’t have known about the line. Thank you!


Love reading what is best for packing as I plan my trip to Europe next year!

Debbie Rinaldi

I’m looking to build a travel capsule and love all the input on the perfect shirts. I will definitely be linking over to some of your sites to purchase. Thank you for all your wonderful tips.

Kari Lambert

I love your posts! I especially love your choice in tops. I have sometimes felt left out when I read about women who wear tops meant for tiny people. Your swimsuit and blouse choices are super classy and fashionable. Thank you for pointing the way to having better style when traveling. I especially love your Anatomie jackets. So cute!!

Linda Nelson

I love packing cubes I’ve labeled mine with embroidery for tops, bottoms, undies, bras

Susan A

I LOVE the EB rip stop shirt!! It’s been my go-to in the summer for sun protection and when I just need a layer to chase away a chill. Great for travel and it washes and hangs dry like a dream. I have white and am looking at more colors. Great recommendation from TFG!

Cindy Collins

I truly appreciate the curated list of shirts. I bought the Eddie Bauer. Love that you can wear alone or as a quasi-jacket. We are headed for safaris in Africa and then later to the Galapagos. I’m sure the shirt will be well-used. Thanks!


Wow, I’m so happy to learn about all the different brands for great travel clothing! My favorite is Anatomie. I bought two of their Buddha blouses for a recent trip and felt so pulled together when I wore them.

Raylene Lawrence

The reviews are so helpful. I’ve struggled for years to find the “just right” white button down. In a recent post someone suggested I have one altered. Brilliant!!! Now I’m looking at the Numi and thinking hmmmmm!!! ❤️

Lucinda Ingram

I love the Eddie Bauer shirts

Alisa Jaffe

Absolutely love Anatomie brand clothing. I’ve been wearing the brand for over 12 years. Highest quality and so easy for travel. Machine washable too.


I only recently added a. button-up shirt to my wardrobe but I’m really happy that I did – the shirt can pull double-duty as a swim cover-up!

Anel Muterspaugh

I just bought the EB departure shirt in white, have not worn it but can’t wait to take it on a short trip next month.

Sara B

Thank you for all your awesome recommendations! I look forward to your emails (especially the Nordstrom anniversary sale posts!) Been following for a few years now and your ideas came in very handy on my last trip to Europe!

Just picked up the EB departure shirt at Costco. While I have not worn it yet I can’t wait to take it on a test “trip”.


I always find the posts so informative. Lots of detail and very honest critiques.


I’ve purchased so many recommendations from reading here and the FB page but my most recent have been the EB Ripstop ( have in 2 colors now) and the EB Departure shirt in white which I love even more for how stretchy and classy looking! Thank you for all you do to share with us!


I love the elevated look of the Anatomie Alida! Think I need to add it to my closet and my suitcase.


Thank you! I have an Eddie Bauer dress and packable down jacket that I love for travel. I may need to try some shirts.

Mary Fritz

I always appreciate the summary and shopping info at the end of your blog posts. That way I can immerse myself in the descriptions and then check for the details on my favorites at then end. There are always a couple that are new to me— in this case, I will be keeping an eye on sales at Nordstrom for the TB shirt!


I really love that you have reviews for clothes women have tried and loved.

Paola Jesse

Thank you! I always like TFG’s posts. Very detailed and useful. They even tell us how to pack the shirts. After reading this article I’ll try the Eddie Bauer Departure.

Alessandra C

Always so helpful and great layout for seeing options, learning more about them and learning about where to buy them! I so admire you and love your newsletters and blog posts! I love to travel, travel for work and fun and to rotate with siblings for caregiving for our aging parents. Thanks to your advice, I have learned about and purchased several items that are spot on how you describe them. So thank you so much for sticking to your dreams!

Wow! 10 yrs! Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to get lucky and get one of the giveaways!

Melanie Cornelius

I love Coolibar UPF t-shirts for travel. They keep my skin protected, and the darker colors are easy to dress up in the evenings, if needed.

Nilam Patel

I love the Lands End shirt!


I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect packable button down; thanks for the curated list!

Elaine Lascher

Great list! I love my Lands End long sleeve no iron shirt in blue and white stripes. It has been a staple in my closet for years and still washes and dries wrinkle free. I also have a couple of long sleeve button up shirts in linen from Tommy Bahama. I’m a petite 4-6 and both of these brands offer petite sizes.

Janice Patterson

I’ve read a lot of comments from readers about the Eddie Bauer Departure. Going to try that one for my next trip.

Stacey Miles

Thank you! I’ve actually been wondering about 2 of these in my own and now I’m going to try them out.

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travel shirt ideas

The Traveling Moore

Matching Travel Shirts that are Actually Cute for Vacation

' src=

When you go on a trip and you see a group of 20+ people all wearing matching travel shirts, it’s hard not to stop and notice.

Most of the times, unfortunately, these shirts or sweatshirts, though sentimental, are a bit tacky. However, it is very possible to find group travel shirts that are actually cute.

This guide is a round-up of the best matching travel sweatshirts and tee shirts that are simple, modern, and fashionable. I’ve broken the clothes down into five categories: general travel, girl’s trips, road trips, cruise vacation, and airplane travel.

These shirts are great to wear with your friends or family on a travel day or the first day of your vacation. If you are going on a group trip, a shirt or sweatshirt can be a fun gift idea or item in a swag bag.

Even though this guide is focused on matching travel shirts, keep in mind that you can also wear these alone or gift them to travel-lovers.

Some links on this blog are affiliate links, meaning I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase through them. All opinions are my own, and I only recommend products and services I personally use and believe in. Thanks for your support!

Simple Cute Travel Shirts

travel shirt ideas

The above collage is the most basic and simple travel shirts. These shirts are versatile for any kind of travel.

The benefit to these shirts is that they can be easily worn on a variety of vacations. They’re also a great gift idea since they aren’t specific to one vacation.

Shop these cute and simple travel shirts

Girls Trip Matching Outfits

travel shirt ideas

My favorite time to wear a matching travel shirt is on a girl’s trip with my friends. As ex-sorority girls, we love a matching shirt moment.

Shop these cute girls trip shirts

Road Trip T-Shirt Ideas

travel shirt ideas

On a road trip, comfort is key. The above collage shares cute and comfy road trip shirts and sweatshirts. These go great with sweats or leggings and make your lazy-day driving outfit a bit cuter.

Shop these road trip shirts

Matching Family Cruise Shirts

travel shirt ideas

The number one place I see large groups with matching shirts is on a cruise. On boarding day, you are guaranteed to see dozens of groups in matching cruise gear.

If you want to fit in on embarkation day, the above cruise shirts are festive and on theme, but still cute and simple.

Airplane Travel Shirts

travel shirt ideas

As with a road trip, comfort is my number one priority on an airplane. These airplane travel shirts will step-up your airport fashion game without sacrificing comfort.

Shop these shirts for a travel day outfit

Styling Travel Shirts

One of the easiest ways to make a matching travel shirt a bit more fashionable is by styling it correctly. For casual activities such as a road trip or flight, I suggest ordering the top oversized and pairing it with cute leggings, sneakers, and a jean jacket.

For a nicer look, you can pair your travel shirt with a cute pair of jeans and sandals or even tucked into a skirt. Personalize a matching shirt by wearing unique accessories and shoes to make the outfit your own.

Gifting Travel Shirts

In addition to wearing these shirts and sweatshirts on vacation, they make a great gift idea. These travel tops are great gift ideas for travel lovers, students traveling abroad, pilots, or flight attendants.

If you are heading on a group trip, this is also a great gift idea to include in a swag bag for those traveling with you. It’s a thoughtful and useful gift to kickoff your trip.

Want more? Shop even more travel shirts here !

Summary of These Matching Travel shirts

Is it possible to find matching travel shirts? I hope after reading this guide you agree that the answer is YES!

Wearing matching shirts with your friends or family on vacation is a great way to stand out and celebrate the occasion. They also make a great reminder of the trip once you are home.

To keep the shirts actually cute and not tacky, buy simple designs and match the occasion of your trip.

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  • 25 Facts about Antarctica and 7 Reasons to Plan a Trip
  • 110 Creative Seattle Instagram Captions and Quotes
  • Quick Guide to a Weekend in San Diego: What to Do & See

' src=

Lauren is the creator of The Traveling Moore blog. She's travel obsessed, having been to nearly 50 countries and all 7 continents. She has a full time corporate job, and loves showing others that it's still possible to travel the world with limited PTO hours. Lauren is also travel hacking obsessed, finding every way to travel more often and more luxuriously.

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The 12 Best T-shirts for Women of 2024

These are the best T-shirts for women to wear for upcoming summer trips.

travel shirt ideas

In This Article

  • Our Top Picks
  • Tips for Buying

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Trust T+L

Travel + Leisure / Kristin Kempa

No matter where you go, one item should always be in your luggage: a great T-shirt, which makes up the framework of every good outfit. Pair a T-shirt with shorts for a casual day or dress it up with tailored trousers or a skirt for a chic dinner. An oversized one can also double as a bathing suit coverup, while most can be repurposed to mix and match outfits throughout one trip.

The best T-shirts for summer travel should also be made from breathable, lightweight fabrics, or have cooling properties, so you’ll stay comfortable in any warm weather destination. We researched our favorite travel T-shirts for women across a wide range of categories so the only thing you’ll have left to do is pack.

Best Overall

Buck mason slub linen slouchy tee.

This tee is versatile enough to wear with leggings, sweats, or a pencil skirt.

The slub linen has a natural unevenness to it that may appear like pilling. 

This is my go-to white tee — though it’s easy to want it in other colors, too. It’s understated and elegant, yet casual and easygoing. In other words, plan to wear this with everything.

I love that the sleeves are a bit longer, which makes it look more polished. It has a relaxed fit but isn’t so oversized that I’m swimming in it, but you could easily size it up or down for a roomier or more snug look. The hems on the arms and lining on the neckline and bottom have a small roll detail that distinguishes this shirt from others, and the length extends to around my hips. This makes it easy to wear it loose and casual or tucked in for a more put-together feel.

The shirt is made from 100 percent lightweight linen jersey that feels airy and light on my skin, ideal for an easy breezy vacation. I live in a desert climate and the slub linen is that chef’s kiss T-shirt I will gladly wear on hot days. 

The Details: XS to 2XL | 100 percent linen jersey

Best V-neck

Z supply pocket tee.

It comes in so many colors and lasts for years.

You’ll have to lay this one flat to dry or it may shrink.

I love this shirt so much that I own it in three colors and still want more (partly because the brand is always coming out with new hues).

I’ve had mine for a few years and they’ve held up after countless washes without fading or losing shape. The latter is especially important with a V-neck, which I find can sometimes stretch out easily. I also like how the loose cut and tulip hem tucks nicely into jeans and shorts, or drapes over leggings. The pocket is a nice touch that helps it stand out from other tees, too.

Ultimately, I keep buying these for how long they last, the wide range of colors, pocket detail, and an affordable price point, which makes it easy to stock up.

The Details: XS to XL | 60 percent cotton, 40 percent polyester

Best Budget

Quince cotton modal scoop neck tee.

This cotton blend tee comes at a significantly lower price than others on this list.

This tee should be sized up if you prefer a relaxed fit.

I’ve been a fan of Quince for years, starting with their ultraplush cashmere that costs a fraction of the price of similar knits. My love for the brand has since extended to include their equally impressive T-shirts. 

This modal scoop neck tee is one of my favorites. The true-to-size fit is excellent; I wear it with shorts on a hot summer day or tucked into a skirt or linen pants for a nice dinner. It’s buttery soft and smooth with just the right amount of stretch, and I love that it’s wrinkle-resistant so I don’t have to worry about how it will look after spending several hours in my suitcase. I also like the scoop neckline as an alternative to the overflowing crew and V-necks in my shirt drawer.

Like their affordable cashmere, Quince’s transparent pricing reveals how they came to each price by removing unnecessary markup, allowing them to offer significantly lower prices than other retailers without sacrificing quality. 

The Details: XS to XL | 50 percent cotton, 50 percent modal

Best Cropped

Richer poorer cropped tee.

It's short enough to be a crop but long enough to cover the belly button.

The shirt is oversized, so consider sizing down for the best fit.

With a relaxed fit, dropped shoulders, and an oversized neck rib, this cropped tee masterfully nails being roomy without looking bulky, and can easily be sized down for a more fitted look. The length is waist level, so you can achieve the look of a classic crop without baring a midriff. 

It comes in a nice variety of colors, from russet to sage leaf and moonlit ocean. The latter, along with several others, has that lived-in vintage look right out of the packaging. Plus, the shirt is made from 100 percent cotton, ensuring you’ll keep cool. This tee is destined to become a wardrobe staple for years to come.

The Details: XS to XL | 100 percent cotton

Best Breathable

Smartwool perfect crew short sleeve tee.

The moisture-wicking materials come in handy when traveling to hot and humid climates.

It doesn’t come in white.

This is a great all-around option when your itinerary calls for jaunts around town in the heat — day or night — thanks to its unique cooling features. 

Crafted from organic cotton and merino wool, the shirt’s materials can help manage rising body temperatures, wick away sweat, and prevent odors. Subtle side seam slits allow for air to flow freely, as well. The ribbed crew neck is a nice touch style-wise, and it’s just as easy to wear with running shorts as it is with jeans or nice pants for a low-key but well-styled, comfortable evening out. The only downside is that it doesn't come in white, just a cream color called almond.

The Details: XS to XL | 50 percent merino wool, 50 percent cotton

Best Muscle Tee

Everlane organic cotton muscle tee.

You can wear it to work out or couple it with a skirt or trousers.

You’ll have to size down if you want a slimmer fit.

While muscle tees are commonly associated with working out, this is a shirt you’ll want to wear whether or not exercise is on the agenda.

The boxy fit stands out for its double-layer cap sleeves, rib trim crew neck, and relaxed look that can be styled in many ways. It comes in white, black, or striped bone and black, which all feel especially classic when worn with black pants, slacks, or a skirt.

Of course, you can also wear it to work out, and the longer armholes and exaggerated shoulders will leave you feeling cool even while breaking a sweat.

The Details: 2XS to 2XL | 100 percent cotton

Best Knotted

Chico’s zenergy upf knit stripe dolman top.

Stylish and UVA/UVB resistant? Summer shirts don’t get better than that.

This shirt is currently only available in one color: a white and navy stripe combo.

We love how versatile this tee is. While it’s meant to be knotted — and looks quite sophisticated when worn as such — it has a straight hem so it can also be left undone. Other knotted options I own have a long loose strip of fabric that would look odd any way other than tied. And if you do want to tie it, you can choose between knotting it in front or back for a variety of looks.

The dolman sleeves and large chest pocket also help differentiate this shirt, but one of our favorite features is that the shirt itself is made with a UPF knit fabric. That means it protects against damaging UVA and UVB rays while still feeling lightweight and easy to wear, making it a smart choice for long days in the sun.

The Details: S to 2XL | 52 percent cotton, 43 percent rayon, 5 percent spandex

Best Inclusive Sizing

Universal standard tee rex shirt.

It comes in 11 size options, 22 colors, and options to customize the fit, neckline, and sleeve length.

Popular colors sell out quickly.

We love Universal Standard for, no pun intended, setting a real standard for inclusive sizing. This shirt comes in sizes starting at 4XS (00-0) and going to 4XL (38-40) for a range that is sadly unseen with many other brands.

This shirt gives you the choice between a crew or V-neck with stovepipe short sleeves, a hip-length curved hem, and a wrinkle-resistant fabric that will get softer with each machine wash. It also has a hint of stretch thanks to the addition of elastane in the cotton blend.

We particularly like that it comes in a whopping 22 colors including solids, stripes, and prints, guaranteeing there will be at least one, or multiple, that catch your eye.

The Details: 4XS to 4XL | 48 percent cotton, 48 percent modal, 2 percent elastane

Best Sustainable

Outerknown sojourn tee.

With a slim fit and a super soft feel, this shirt is great for layering.

It does not come in go-to colors like gray or navy.

We’re big fans of this T-shirt for not only how it looks, but how it’s made. The tee is sustainably crafted from 100 percent regenerative organic certified bronze Pima cotton, which means that rehabilitating soil, respecting animals, and improving the lives of farmers are all priorities as part of the cotton harvesting process.

The material is known to be among the finest and softest cotton in the world. In this case, it’s sourced from 13 farmers throughout Lambayeque, Peru, and is handled through a supplier known for their farm-to-floor production practices.

It’s also quite an attractive shirt. Cropped at the waist with a slim fit, it has the brand’s signature rib trim at the neckline and sleeves and is currently available in four pigment-dyed colors. 

The Details: XS to 2XL | 100 percent regenerative organic certified bronze Pima cotton

Alex Crane Sun Tee

A linen shirt is a summer staple and this timeless one exudes casual elegance.

The sizing is not as inclusive as other brands and only goes up to a large.

This T-shirt proves wearing linen doesn’t have to result in a big wrinkled mess. In this case, it’s because the linen comes from sustainably grown flax plants grown in Normandy, France. It’s dyed with organic GOTS-certified pigments and knit in Portugal, then washed with biodegradable softeners. The shirt is also pre-shrunk, so you don’t have to worry about losing that brand-new perfect fit.

The final product is a highly breathable shirt that can easily be dressed up or down, with graceful sleeves and a silhouette with just the right amount of looseness. It comes in soothing colors like moss or bone, or choose one of the striped options for a more European-inspired look.

The Details: XS to L | European linen

Bet Oversized

Aerie extreme v-neck oversized boyfriend t-shirt.

The roomy tee can be worn for various occasions like lounging at home or to the beach.

The extra deep V neckline may drift over to your shoulder.

The Aerie Extreme V-neck Oversized Boyfriend T-shirt is exceptionally voluminous with an ultradeep V-neck that creates an effortlessly casual appearance as if you’ve just traipsed out of bed (while still looking pulled together for a classy brunch). With such a generous neckline, you can also slip it down to reveal one shoulder.

Made from 100 percent cotton, the fabric feels soft and cozy, while subtle distressed detailing and square seams around the arms give it that broken-in, well-loved feel. It comes in an interesting array of colors, too, from classic white or black to a rich sycamore green, a mahogany-like maple, and bright Barbados blue.

Best Maternity

Old navy maternity v-neck t-shirt.

This shirt will last you from bump to well beyond.

We recommend picking your pre-pregnancy size to ensure you can wear it postpartum.

Whenever I need a fitted black T-shirt, this is the one I grab from my drawer — and I’m not currently pregnant. 

I initially bought it when I was expecting my first child and subsequently wore it throughout two pregnancies, including during travel. The ruching on the side and cotton-spandex blend helped the shirt to grow with my expanding belly without ever feeling tight, the deep black color never faded, and I stayed cool even while wearing such a dark color on hot summer days.

Unlike most of my maternity clothes that then went right into the donation bin postpartum, this tee remains a well-fitting favorite that has held up over four years. Now that I’m not pregnant, the ruching just gives it a nice slim fit. There’s no gaping or baggy material hanging out in the stomach area, unlike other maternity clothes I no longer have use for, and I know I’ll keep wearing it for years to come.

The Details: XS to 2XL | 57 percent cotton, 38 percent polyester, 5 percent spandex

Tips for Buying T-shirts for Women

Look for breathable materials for summer.

Unless you’re traveling to the Arctic, you’re likely to encounter warm days on the road this summer in most places around the world. In those cases, you’ll want to not only stay cool but keep factors like sweat and odors at bay. For the best outcome, pair your preferred deodorant with T-shirts made from airy and comfortable fabrics such as linen, cotton, bamboo, or gauze, which are all among the most lightweight and breathable materials.

Consider the neckline and length

Be sure to pick shirts that complement your personal style. Sure, boxy cropped tees are all the rage right now, but if you can’t stand the idea of a shirt ending around your belly button or you know that cut is just not practical on a long travel day, make sure that the one you select hits your waist or hips. Likewise, necklines are really a matter of personal preference. Choose from crew, V-neck, scoop, or square, and know that many retailers offer the same shirt in different styles. So if you find one you like aside from the neck, poke around their website for similar options.

Opt for travel-friendly features

You’ll be living out of a suitcase while traveling, and your clothes are unlikely to stay as neatly tucked away as they (hopefully) are at home. Yes, packing cubes can help, but selecting shirts with travel-friendly features will make a big difference in preventing shirts from going unworn and wasting valuable luggage space. Look for wrinkle-resistant fabrics to avoid hunting down an iron, UPF knits to block out harmful UVA and UVB rays while sightseeing, and lightweight options that pack up easily without bulk.

Choose shirts that can be worn with multiple outfits

One of the best aspects of a T-shirt is its versatility and how easily it can be worn with so many different types of outfits. With this in mind, consider the other pieces in your wardrobe you plan to wear with your T-shirts. Choose shirt colors that will go with those other items, and plan outfits ahead of time where one shirt can mix and match with several things. That way, you can pack less and get more value out of each tee purchase. 

The most breathable fabric against your skin on hot travel days will be 100 percent cotton. But there are equally comfortable variations, such as a cotton-modal blend, if you prefer a buttery soft feel with a bit of stretch. Linen is another quintessential summer fabric for how lightweight and airy it is, though it is prone to wrinkling.

That depends on who you ask. I always fold my shirts, while my husband, who exclusively lives in T-shirts, likes to roll his. I prefer folding because it’s easy to stack them in a pile (which I then place in packing cubes) so everything stays tight and secure. To do this, I lay it flat facing up, fold the sleeves back, and then fold the shirt into a neat square. I find when you fold and roll too much, you risk extra wrinkling and this method fits better into my cubes.

First, consider how many days you’ll be away. Then, think about what you like to wear and pack an outfit for each day. You could pack a T-shirt for each day of a week-long trip, but if you know you also like to wear dresses , that won’t be necessary. You may also want a mix of tees, tanks, and long sleeves, depending on where you’re going and the weather. Also consider whether you plan to do laundry, re-wear options, or only wear each item once. With all of that in mind, I’d recommend at least four to five tees for a seven-day trip.

Why Trust Travel + Leisure 

Travel + Leisure contributor Emily Hochberg is an experienced travel and lifestyle writer and editor who vacations frequently with her husband and two children — and often packs and shops for them. She owns countless T-shirts and always packs them for summer travels. She researched dozens of options for this guide, including those she owns and loves, and others that are favorites among T+L editors. 

Love a great deal? Sign up for our T+L Recommends newsletter and we’ll send you our favorite travel products each week.

travel shirt ideas

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Most Likely To Be The Navigator Vacation Tshirt Most Likely Cruise Shirts Embark on your next adventure with the "Most Likely To Be The Navigator" Vacation T-shirt from VacationShirts.com. Perfect for explorers and travel enthusiasts, this road trip t-shirt combines comfort with a love for journeying. Featuring a unique map-themed design, it's the ultimate travel guide tee for any destination.

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Most Likely To Be The Early Bird Vacation Tshirt Most Likely Vacation Shirts Embrace the dawn with our Early Bird Vacation T-shirt! Perfect for sunrise lovers and morning people, this tee celebrates early risers and beach sunrise moments. Crafted for those who believe the early bird catches the worm, it's your go-to for every sunrise vacation and early morning adventure. Be the early bird in style!

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Most Likely To Find A Good Adventure Vacation Tshirt Beach Vacation Shirts Embark on your next escapade with our "Most Likely To Find A Good Adventure" T-shirt from VacationShirts.com. Perfect for adventure seekers, this tee blends comfort with style, featuring unique hiking graphics and travel-themed designs. Whether you're exploring nature, camping, or chasing mountain adventures, this wanderlust-inspired shirt is your ideal companion.

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Most Likely To Collect Souvenirs Vacation Tshirt Most Likely Vacation Shirts Discover the ultimate keepsake with our "Most Likely To Collect Souvenirs" Vacation T-Shirt from VacationShirts.com. Tailored for adventurers, this custom travel tee transforms your holiday memories into a personalized, wearable memento. Featuring unique designs for every destination, it's the perfect blend of style and sentiment for any tourist spot enthusiast. Collect your adventure today!

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Most Likely To Enjoy The View Vacation Tshirt Most Likely Vacation Shirts Discover the ultimate travel companion with our "Most Likely To Enjoy The View" Vacation T-shirt. Perfect for nature lovers and explorers, this scenic view apparel merges comfort with adventure. Embrace every landscape in style, whether sightseeing or embarking on outdoor adventures. Make every holiday memorable with this essential explorer tee.

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Most Likely To Make Amazing Memories Vacation Tshirt Most Likely Vacation Shirts Capture unforgettable moments with our 'Most Likely To Make Amazing Memories' Vacation T-shirt from VacationShirts.com. Perfect for family vacations, group travels, or solo adventures, these custom travel tees offer a unique blend of personalized charm and matching style. Crafted for comfort and designed to commemorate every destination, our shirts turn every trip into a cherished memory.

Most Likely To Make Amazing Memories Vacation Tshirt

Most Likely To Try New Foods Vacation Tshirt Most Likely Vacation Shirts Discover the world on your plate with our "Most Likely To Try New Foods" Vacation T-shirt! Perfect for the adventurous eater, this culinary vacation shirt celebrates your love for exotic foods and gourmet travels. Embrace your epicurean spirit and showcase your taste adventures with this international foodie tee.

Most Likely To Try New Foods Vacation Tshirt

Most Likely To Catch A Fish Vacation Tshirt Most Likely Vacation Shirts Reel in the fun with our 'Most Likely To Catch A Fish' Vacation T-shirt from VacationShirts.com. Perfect for anglers, this top combines humor and style, making it the best fishing shirt for your next trip. Crafted for comfort and durability, it's the ultimate piece in fisherman vacation gear. Stand out and make your fishing vacation unforgettable with this cool, fishing-themed tee!

Most Likely To Catch A Fish Vacation Tshirt

Most Likely To Play Card Games Vacation Tshirt Most Likely Vacation Shirts Get ready to win in style with our 'Most Likely To Play Card Games Vacation T-shirt' from VacationShirts.com. Perfect for family game nights, holiday gatherings, or casual gaming sessions, this funny and comfortable tee is a must-have for every card game enthusiast and board game lover. Elevate your group's game night outfit with this matching game night shirt, making every card game party unforgettable. Join the fun and show off your love for gaming!

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Most Likely To Forget Sunscreen Vacation Tshirt Beach Vacation Shirts Stay sun-safe and stylish with our 'Most Likely To Forget Sunscreen' Vacation T-shirt! Perfect for beach lovers and summer adventurers, this humorous travel tee combines sun protection with a laugh. Ideal for tropical holidays or outdoor adventures, it's a must-have in your summer vacation apparel. Embrace the novelty, embrace the protection.

Most Likely To Forget Sunscreen Vacation Tshirt

Most Likely To Take A Hike Vacation Tshirt Most Likely Vacation Shirts Discover the ultimate companion for your next adventure with our "Most Likely To Take A Hike" Vacation T-shirt. Perfect for nature lovers, this outdoor adventure tee blends style with functionality. Featuring a unique trekking tshirt design, it's the ideal pick for trail hiking, mountain explorations, and wilderness adventures. Embrace the spirit of exploration and make this shirt your go-to hiking trip souvenir.

Most Likely To Take A Hike Vacation Tshirt

Most Likely To Get Matching Sunburns Vacation Tshirt Most Likely Vacation Shirts Dive into fun with our "Most Likely To Get Matching Sunburns" Vacation T-Shirt from VacationShirts.com! Perfect for couples, families, or best friends, these customizable sunburn tees add a hilarious twist to your group holiday apparel. Crafted for comfort, choose our funny matching outfits for your sunburn squad's next beach adventure.

Most Likely To Get Matching Sunburns Vacation Tshirt

Most Likely To Have A Campfire Vacation Tshirt Most Likely Vacation Shirts Embrace the wilderness with our 'Most Likely To Have A Campfire Vacation T-shirt' from VacationShirts.com. Perfect for nature lovers, this cozy campfire outfit blends style with adventure. Ideal for bonfire nights, forest camping, or hiking, it's the ultimate summer campfire shirt. Elevate your outdoor adventure with this essential camping trip shirt.

Most Likely To Have A Campfire Vacation Tshirt

Most Likely To Go On A Bike Ride Vacation Tshirt Most Likely Vacation Shirts Embark on your next cycling journey with our "Most Likely To Go On A Bike Ride Vacation" T-shirt! Perfect for every cycling enthusiast, this tee combines comfort with style, whether you're road biking, mountain biking, or bikepacking. Crafted for adventure, it's the ultimate cyclist travel shirt for your biking escapades.

Most Likely To Go On A Bike Ride Vacation Tshirt

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Discover Your Travel Persona: Most Likely Vacation Shirts

Dive into a world of fun and personality with our unique Most Likely Vacation Shirts collection. Designed for those who love to add a playful twist to their travel wardrobe, these shirts are perfect for adventurers, beach lovers, and everyone in between who wants to express their vacation vibes in style. Whether you’re “Most Likely to Skip the Tour for a Café” or “Most Likely to Take the Road Less Traveled,” we’ve got a shirt that captures your travel essence.

Why Choose Our Vacation Shirts?

Our Most Likely Vacation Shirts are more than just attire; they’re conversation starters, offering:

  • Premium Quality : Crafted with high-quality materials, these shirts are designed to accompany you on every adventure, ensuring durability and comfort wherever you roam.
  • Personality-Driven Designs : Each shirt in our collection features a unique, witty slogan that reflects different travel personalities and styles, allowing you to showcase your individuality.
  • Versatile Comfort : Emphasizing both style and comfort, our shirts are made with soft, breathable fabrics, ideal for any vacation activity, from exploring ancient ruins to lounging on tropical beaches.

Styles and Designs to Love

Find the shirt that speaks to your travel spirit in our Most Likely Vacation Shirts collection:

  • Tropical Vacation Shirts : For the beach enthusiasts who are “Most Likely to End Up on a Hammock.”
  • Adventure Travel Tees : Tailored for the daring souls “Most Likely to Wander Off the Beaten Path.”
  • Summer Vacation Tees : Perfect for those “Most Likely to Chase the Sun” all summer long.
  • Family Vacation Shirts : For the family heroes “Most Likely to Plan the Best Family Trips.”
  • Cruise Shirts for Adults : For the cruisers “Most Likely to Never Leave the Deck.”

Customer Testimonials

“I wore my ‘Most Likely to Make Friends with Locals’ shirt on my last trip, and it was such a hit! Great quality and sparked so many fun conversations.” – Mia K.

“Our family wore matching ‘Most Likely’ shirts on our vacation, and we loved them! They were comfortable, and everyone asked us where we got them.” – The Thompson Family

Care and Maintenance Tips

Ensure your Most Likely Vacation Shirts stay vibrant and fresh:

  • Always follow the care label instructions to preserve the life of your shirt.
  • Wash in cold water with similar colors to maintain the brightness of the designs.
  • Air drying is recommended to retain the quality of the fabric and print.

Ready to Show Off Your Travel Persona?

Explore our Most Likely Vacation Shirts collection and find the perfect tee to match your vacation mood. For a broader selection of travel-inspired fashion, browse through all our product categories .

Q: Can I find shirts for different types of travelers? A: Absolutely! Our collection caters to a wide range of travel personalities, from the laid-back beachgoer to the intrepid explorer.

Q: Are these shirts suitable for group travel? A: Definitely! They’re perfect for group vacations, making for great photos and even better memories.

For more questions, please visit our FAQ page .

For more insights on vacation fashion and travel tips, dive into our Vacation Shirt Blog .

Step into your next adventure with a shirt that truly represents your travel spirit. Our Most Likely Vacation Shirts are designed to add a dash of fun and personality to your travel wardrobe. Shop now and let your shirt do the talking!

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Print Custom and Personalized Family Vacation T-Shirts

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Print custom and personalized family vacation t-shirts, awesome discounts, free shipping, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, secure shopping.

You’re packing for your next family vacation, and you want to make sure you’ve got everything you need. Sunscreen? Check. Reading for the beach? Got it. Tunes downloaded on your phone for the plane ride? On it.

Don’t forget your custom family vacation shirts! They elevate your vacation time, make for amazing photos, and can even keep you safer. Read on to find out why personalized vacation shirts deserve a spot in your luggage!

Custom Family Vacation T-Shirts

Family vacations build lifelong memories, and what's a better way to commemorate those memories than with customized, matching family vacation shirts ? Bring your family vacation t-shirt ideas to life by either choosing pre-made designs from our gallery or by designing and uploading your own custom graphic designs . We carry a diverse selection of sizes for men, women and children, so there's family trip shirts for everyone! Your family vacation starts here with bulk discounts starting at just 6 items, free standard shipping and expert advice.  

Our Most Popular T-Shirts to Personalize

At TeamShirts, we have a ton of styles and options to make your next vacation more fun for everyone:

travel shirt ideas

Women's V-Neck Football Tee

travel shirt ideas

Women's Hi-Lo Tee

travel shirt ideas

Women's Moisture Wicking Performance T-Shirt

travel shirt ideas

Women's Cropped T-Shirt

travel shirt ideas

Women's Curvy T-Shirt

travel shirt ideas

Men’s Fitted Poly/Cotton T-Shirt

travel shirt ideas

Women's Relaxed Fit T-Shirt

travel shirt ideas

Unisex Tie Dye T-Shirt

travel shirt ideas

Unisex Jersey T-Shirt by Bella + Canvas

travel shirt ideas

Holloway Unisex Cotton Touch Cloud T-Shirt

travel shirt ideas

Gildan Ultra Cotton Adult T-Shirt

Don’t forget to check out all our products. We have every kind of size and style in a rainbow of colors. Made so even cranky teenage sons can find something cool to wear! And it doesn’t just stop at custom vacation shirts . You can go all-out and create family vacation memories with custom water bottles, hats, and more.

Choose a custom duffel bag or backpack so you can always spot your luggage at the airport, and even get a custom dog scarf for situations where your four-legged family comes with you on a road trip. When we say TeamShirts has you covered, we mean it.

custom family vacation t-shirt

Commemorate Your Family Vacation!

Your next family vacation deserves custom t-shirts from TeamShirts. When your whole family is decked out in matching custom shirts, you show everyone you’re together as a team. It’s a fun way to celebrate a big trip or your annual vacation, and your pictures will really pop when your whole family is smiling for the camera in matching gear.

Vacations are all about building memories, and custom family trip shirts help with that. Whether you create new custom shirts for every big trip you take or always toss the hilariously funny family vacation shirts you made into your suitcase, that fabric is going to carry a lot of memories. Every time you slip on your shirt, you’ll remember those big and small moments with your family.

Forget about buying overpriced souvenirs and mass-made t-shirts at your destination. Create a real way to remember every big moment of your vacation with personalized family vacation shirts that are yours and yours alone. There’s no better way to make memories on your next trip.

travel shirt ideas

Stand Out (And Keep Track of Everyone) in a Crowd!

The best custom vacation shirt ideas make an impression. They show off that everyone in your family has style, and they can even get you faster service. When you’re all matching, restaurants can see at a glance how many are in your party, and ride operators know to keep you together. Your shirts make it clear you’re family without you having to say a word.

If your trip is a company retreat or other event with your work family, custom company t-shirts help with icebreaking activities, show off your company pride, and make you feel like a team. They can make your corporate event more fun and create cool pictures for your social media or company websites.

Vacations are all about the little perks, and matching family shirts can help there, too. At a sports game, you just might be more likely to be featured on the cam above the arena if you have cool matching shirts. A beach vacation shirt could be the perfect addition for your family when heading down to the water. Even a friends vacation can benefit from some themed t-shirts.

On your honeymoon? Don’t be surprised if your matching “his” and “hers” honeymoon shirts get you lots of “congratulations,” a few winks, and maybe a glass of champagne or two! If you’re heading to a destination bachelorette party, custom bachelorette party t-shirts show everyone your girl bosses deserve the VIP treatment!

And here’s something you might not have thought about — custom family vacation shirts can be a safety feature, especially for kids. Need to do a quick headcount to avoid a Home Alone moment? It’s easy when everyone is wearing the same custom vacation shirt that you can be sure no one else has.

Need to spot a child in a busy airport? Just look for your family vacation shirt and follow your custom design. When traveling with small kids, consider choosing bright colors for your custom t-shirts so your kids always stand out in a crowd.

Your family stays stylish, and you enjoy peace of mind. Now, that’s what we call a vacation!

Custom Family Vacation T-shirts

How to Create Custom Group Vacation T-Shirts

At TeamShirts, we’re always dreaming up ways to make it even easier to get custom shirts for your next trip. It takes just a few steps:

  • Select - Start by choosing a t-shirt , hoodie or other type of clothing from our wide variety of products. We carry clothing for adults and children, so It's easy to find products for the entire family. 
  • Design - Simply upload your own custom t-shirt design to the t-shirt maker wizard, or if you need help with your vacation t-shirt ideas, just select from thousands of pre-made designs in our online gallery. Whether you need family beach vacation shirts, family summer vacation shirts, or just some funny, matching t-shirts to sport on your next family trip, our design gallery has family vacation shirt designs to make your trip a truly memorable one.
  • Save - For larger orders, take advantage of our Team Tools. By allowing you to easily collect names and sizes, we not only save you precious time during the process but also BIG MONEY through volume discounts. There's also an option to let your family vote on their favorite family vacation shirt design ensuring everyone's voice is heard! With up to a 65% discount, why not include a bandana for your pet or a onesie for the newborn ? No matter what products you choose, they all count toward the bulk discount!
  • Relax - With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free standard shipping anywhere in the continental US, you can order, receive and enjoy your personalized family vacation shirts hassle and worry-free... and isn't that what vacation is all about?

Our process is designed to be fast and easy, so you can spend more time on vacation and less time planning!

Why Print Group Shirts for Your Vacation with TeamShirts?

TeamShirts stands out above the rest with amazing savings, great customer service, design support, and high-quality shirts. Here’s what you enjoy with TeamShirts:

✔ Personalized Family Vacation t-shirts with no minimums

✔ Free design review and  FREE graphics service  on orders of 5 items or more

✔ Attractive  volume discounts  of up to 65% on the entire t-shirt assortment- starting at just 6 items

✔ Super-easy-to-use-Designer . Custom vacation t-shirts in just a few steps

✔A huge selection of shirts, t-shirts, hats, athletic wear, water bottles, and other gear you can choose to customize

✔ High-quality t-shirts from the top brands you trust

✔ Printed in the USA shirts , all printed in our own Las Vegas facility so we can assure the highest quality

✔A professional TeamShirts team who can help you choose the right printing method for the highest quality result

✔ State-of-the-art printing techniques so your shirts will last

✔ Custom t-shirts for any kind of trip, from a two-person honeymoon to a school trip involving hundreds of students

✔ All-In-One Service: Satisfaction guarantee, FREE standard shipping, secure payment

✔ Personal customer service and real people support

✔ Team Tools: Size collection and Voting function

✔Guaranteed delivery date available for when your custom t-shirts need to arrive before you take off

Independent Reviews from our Customers

travel shirt ideas

I bought a hoodie from these guys and…

I bought a hoodie from these guys and it looked amazing and felt awesome, the designs were flawless and I just can't thank then enough for the gift they provided

Logan Castellanos

So easy to use & LOVE the ability to…

So easy to use & LOVE the ability to order single items to test out logos & comfort. Quality is incredible!! So happy I stumbled onto the page


The people at team shirts were great

The people at team shirts were great. They were wonderful to work with.

Great shirts

Great shirts, solid and fair price, plus customer service was super helpful. Also, very fast turn around time. Will definitely be ordering again! THANK YOU 🙏

Turned out PERFECT Babies gonna Lov it.

Floyd Politte

4/5 based on 1,166 reviews

Need Help with your Vacation T-shirt Design or Order?

TeamShirts believes we’re better together, and we go above and beyond to make sure you get the help you need. Never created custom family shirts before? Your secret’s safe with us, and we have the tools and features you need to create an amazing-looking shirt fast. Our free online design wizard makes it easy to create your shirt in minutes. Swipe images and designs from our library or upload your own graphics and customize the look quickly.

Need a little inspiration? Our designs and blog will have your creative juices flowing. And if you need help from a live person, our professional design team is free if you’re ordering five or more items. Our team can vectorize graphics, crop images for your design, or even create a design from your hand-drawn image. All at no cost!

If you run into any issues while designing or have any further questions regarding your custom vacation t-shirts, don't hesitate to contact someone from our customer service team ([email protected] ), fill in the contact form or call us toll-free at 1-833-395-0374 . We're more than happy to help you with our expertise and knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i upload my own designs and logos for my custom vacation shirts.

      Y es, just click on the upload option in our design tool. To find out more, please visit our FAQ article.  

Which Print Methods Do you use?

    We print our family vacation shirts using digital direct or flex printed. The print method used is based on the product selected and type of design. To find out more, please visit our FAQ article .

When can I expect to receive my Family vacation shirts?

Our shipping calculator will calculate when your order will be delivered based on where you are located in the US. To use our shipping calculator, please visit our FAQ article. And don’t forget: We offer premium and express shipping options if you’re heading on a last-minute getaway.

Can I Personalize Each Shirt with a Different Name?

Yes! TeamShirts has a “Names and Numbers” right in our online design wizard, so you can create custom shirts for everyone in your family.

Is There a Minimum Quantity I Have to Order?

Nope! If you’re a family of two or a solo traveling sensation, you can order from TeamShirts. On the flip side, you can also order if you’re traveling with extended family and need hundreds of shirts (or more!).

How Much Do Custom Family Vacation Shirts Cost?

At TeamShirts, we want everyone to be able to enjoy all the benefits of custom family vacation t-shirts, and to do that we offer shirts in a range of prices. We also have a volume discount of up to 65% and free standard shipping to save you more. Our price match guarantee saves you from comparison shopping because you can be confident you’re getting the best deal.


WilkinsonEyre and their printed shirts

Thank you TeamShirts for your amazing t-shirts. The quality of the t-shirt and print was perfect, the service of your team is outstanding, truly amazing customer service. Would definitely recommend! Thanks again


travel shirt ideas

Thank you TeamShirts for having supported our wonderful project by proposing great quality t-shirts, helping out with the logo's design and for your highly competitive prices!

The players of team "No-Chance" and their printed T-shirts

We've played our first matches and we really like the t-shirts! We'd love to expand our range and add "no-win" tank tops and jackets. Thank you TeamShirts for all your work and help with designs and the order process.

Team "No Chance" Tennis Club

Team from the Volunteers´ Center and their printed T-shirts

A heroic "thank you"! The budget for our volunteers´ project is low anyway - thanks to TeamShirts, we were able to print our T-shirts at very reasonable prices, in really high quality. We´re looking forward to coming back next year!

Volunteers´ Center

Load the Luggage cruise tips

Tips and information to help you get excited about your next cruise vacation

29 Awesome Beach Vacation Shirt Ideas

29 Awesome Beach Vacation Shirt Ideas {2024}

We have searched out the best beach vacation shirt ideas for you.

Beach lovers check these out.

Whether you are looking for a new t-shirt for your summer vacation beach days, cabin on the lake or for a fabulous vacation getaway, you will find some really great options here.

29 Awesome Beach Vacation Shirt Ides including family and group vacation shirt ideas

This list includes:

  • Cute beach vacation shirt ideas
  • Funny vacation shirt ideas
  • Family beach vacation shirt ideas
  • Group vacation shirt ideas

This article contains  affiliate links . If you click a link and make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. For more information please see the  Disclosure page.

Okay,here we go, be sure to go through them all, there are some really awesome beach shirts.

Beach Vacation Shirt Ideas

Beach please t-shirt.

Here is a cute beach vacation shirt idea that comes in several different colors.

Beach Please t-shirt

Beach Lovin’ Girl t-shirt

This cute Beach Lovin’ Girl shirt could be worn everyday and not just at the beach.

Beach Lovin' Girl T-shirt

Drink in my hand, toes in the sand – Beach Vacation Shirt with a Funny Saying

This is a fun beach vacation shirt. If you are going to an all inclusive beach resort, this Drink in my Hand, Toes in the Sand t-shirt might be a fun option.

Beach vacation t-shirt with a funny saying.  Drink in my hand, toes in the sand

Beach is My Happy Place t-shirt

This cute t-shirt is available in several various colors.

travel shirt ideas

Here is another “The Beach is my Happy Place” design.

travel shirt ideas

Tanned and Tipsy – a funny beach vacation shirt

This is a cute and fun design perfect for a beach vacation.

Tanned and Tipsy, a fun vacation shirt

Beach Therapy

A little beach therapy anyone?

travel shirt ideas

Tacos and Beer That’s Why I’m Here

This is a great choice if you are planning a Mexico beach vacation.

travel shirt ideas

If Crabby Please Return to the Beach t-shirt

Here is another funny beach vacation shirt idea. It is available in several different shirt colors.

This graphic tee is also available in long sleeve.

travel shirt ideas

Hello Sunshine t-shirt

This t-shirt just makes me happy. You could wear this t-shirt all summer long.

travel shirt ideas

If you are looking for fun cruise shirts then check out 59 Awesome Cruise Shirt Ideas

Vacay Mode On tank tops

This cute tank top would look good at any beach.

travel shirt ideas

Ocean Air & Salty Hair t-shirt

This cute t-shirt comes in several different colors.

Ocean Air and Salty Hair Womens Graphic T Shirt Causal Short Sleeve Funny Shirt Top Tee Athletic Shirts

Beach Please sleeveless shirt

Womens Summer Tops Beach Graphic Sleeveless Shirts Coconut Sunglasses Funny Print Vacation Tank Tops Crewneck Loose Casual Tee Tops (Grey,M)

Sunrise Sunburn Sunset Repeat shirt

Country music fans will recognize this lyric. A Sunrise Sunburn Sunset Repeat shirt is perfect for the beach.

Womens Sunrise Sunburn Sunset Repeat Tank Tops Country Music Vacation Sleeveless T-Shirt Funny Letter Graphic Tops

Hola Beaches – A beach vacation shirt idea for Hawaii

Hubery Women Casual Hola Beaches Letter Print Tanks Shirt Pineapple Print Tops Tee

Salty Lil’ Beach

This clever beach reference will likely get a smile or two from those passing by.

Womens Tank Salty Lil Beach Shirt Cute Summer Vacation Tanktop Funny Racerback for Summer Vacation with Adult Humor Royal L

Today’s Forecast Tropical With a Chance of Drinking t-shirt

Here is a funny vacation shirt idea if you are planning a tropical beach vacation.

travel shirt ideas

No One Likes a Shady Beach tank top

Women Beach Tanks No One Likes A Shady Beach Summer Vacation Funny Trees Graphic Tees Casual Loose Workout Shirts,Blue L

Here are some really great beach vacation family vacation shirt ideas.

For your next family vacation surprise the entire family with matching famiy shirts.

These family vacation t-shirt designs are just plain fun.

Beach vacation shirt ideas for families

Making memories together – family vacation shirt.

This is a bright, fun design that the whole family can wear. Look how cute the onsie is, even the babies can share in the fun.

travel shirt ideas

Here is another style found on Amazon. This one can be personalized.

DT POD Family Vacation T Shirts Personalized with Family Name, Family Cruise Shirts Beach Summer Vacation Shirt

Matching family vacation shirts

You can even order a beach bag in this design for your family members for your next vacation, this would be the perfect gift.

travel shirt ideas

Mexico Squad Family Vacay shirts

These matching family vacation shirts would be great for you family trip to Mexico.

Imagine how cute your family photos will be.

Custom family vacation t-shirts are a great way to make your vacation even more memorable.

travel shirt ideas

Family Vacation in Progress

Beach vacation shirt ideas for families in coordinating colors.

travel shirt ideas

Here are a few group vacation shirt ideas

Beach Crew – A group vacation shirt idea

This shirt a great option for a group vacation. You could all wear the same color or all a different color and still coordinate.

Beach crew t-shirt.  A great choice for a group vacation.

Mexico Crew – Friends version

This cute group beach vacation shirt can be customized with any destination.

travel shirt ideas

Beaches Booze and Besties tank top

Here is a fun saying if you are planning a beach vacation with friends.

travel shirt ideas

Here is a t-shirt with the same saying but different style.

Beaches Booze & Besties t-shirt a great group vacation shirt

Hawaiian beach vacation shirt ideas for men

SSLR Hawaiian Shirt for Men Flamingo Short Sleeve Casual Button Down Shirts Summer Beach Shirt (XX-Large, Blue)

Unique or custom t-shirts are so popular. If you love the beach or are planning a beach vacation consider adding one of these to your packing list.

No matter what your vacation style is, custom tees and family tees make such great gifts.

Since you love the beach, you also likely have a love for the sea . These 55 ocean quotes might be of interest.

Carnival Cruise Debarkation Tips for a hassle free experience. Image is luggage outside of a stateroom with debarkation tags.

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Adrien brody makes his designer debut with new travel collection for luxury fashion house bally.

The Academy Award-winning actor imagined a sophisticated collection of bags, shoes, clothing and accessories for the Swiss luxury brand.

By Erin Lassner

Erin Lassner

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Bally x Adrien Brody Cotton-Blend Twill Drawstring Trousers

Adrien Brody has stepped into a new role, and it isn’t for a film. This time, it’s as fashion designer. On Tuesday, June 25, Swiss fashion house Bally launched its first ever travel collection conceived and designed by the Academy Award-winning actor and style icon. And through Wednesday, June 26, you can shop select items from the brand-new collection for 20 percent off at saksfifthavenue.com .

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The best 4th of july sales across every category: furniture, mattresses, fashion, beauty and more, the best 4th of july beauty sales on makeup, skincare and hollywood-loved tools, bally x adrien brody rib-knit wool cardigan.

Along with designing the full collection, Brody directed and co-produced the campaign’s music and conceptualized the narrative for the accompanying video . “Life’s journey. We all strive to reach the destination, but it’s the road we travel that enables us to arrive with a sense of purpose. We should dress for the adventure,” Brody ever so eloquently says in the video’s voiceover.

Established in 1851, Bally is a Swiss luxury brand with a rich heritage in shoemaking and leather goods. Brody is adding to the historic fashion house’s longstanding legacy with this “kit”-inspired wardrobe for the modern voyager. These classics can be shopped online and in select Bally boutiques worldwide. Plus, some standouts from the collection are available on saksfifthavenue.com , and currently on sale for 20 percent off.

Check out a few of our favorites, below. Through Wednesday, June 26, use code FORYOU at checkout for 20 percent off all Saks orders of $250 and above.

Bally x Adrien Brody Cotton Embroidered T-Shirt

Bally x adrien brody sherpa-collar bomber jacket, bally x adrien brody cotton-blend twill drawstring trousers, thr newsletters.

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    Designers from around the world pitch you ideas. You provide feedback, hone your favorites and choose a winner. Find the perfect designer to match your style and budget. Then collaborate one-on-one to create a custom t-shirt. 4.8 average from 960 t-shirt design customer reviews.

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    Our Vacation Shirts are your ideal travel companion, offering: Superior Quality: Constructed with the finest fabrics, our shirts are designed to withstand the rigors of travel, ensuring durability without compromising on comfort. Versatile Styles: From vibrant tropical prints to classic solids, our collection features a wide range of styles to ...

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    Glacier National Park Shirt, Vintage Shirt, Retro Shirt, Camp Shirt, Hiker Shirt, RV Shirt Camping shirt, Travel T Shirt. (910) $33.50. FREE shipping. Adventure/Travel Bundle Digital Files svg, png included for all 15 designs. Travel tumbler, Travel tote, Travel t-shirt,Travel and Adventure. (74) $6.05.

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    Based in North Carolina, he's also the face of premier men's boots website BootSpy.com and the popular BootSpy YouTube channel. If William could only wear one outfit for the rest of his life, it'd be slim blue jeans, a green fitted oxford shirt, Chelsea boots, and a nice watch. Ticket, passport, headphones.

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    Family Vacation 2023 Shirt, Making Memories Together Tshirt, Summer Vacation T-shirts, Family Travel Matching Shirt, Custom Vacation Shirt. (422) $13.61. $17.01 (20% off) FREE shipping.

  18. Most Likely Vacation Shirts

    Styles and Designs to Love. Find the shirt that speaks to your travel spirit in our Most Likely Vacation Shirts collection: Tropical Vacation Shirts: For the beach enthusiasts who are "Most Likely to End Up on a Hammock." Adventure Travel Tees: Tailored for the daring souls "Most Likely to Wander Off the Beaten Path."

  19. Family Vacation Shirts

    Yellowstone Custom Family Shirt- National Park Shirt-Yellowstone T-shirt-Outdoor Shirt-Vacation Shirt--Camping Shirt-Summer Tee-Hiking Shirt. (121) $14.15. $18.87 (25% off) Family road trip shirts. Road trip shirts. Family trip shirts. Family vacation shirts. Custom vacation shirts.

  20. Custom Family Vacation Shirts

    Here's what you enjoy with TeamShirts: Personalized Family Vacation t-shirts with no minimums. Free design review and FREE graphics service on orders of 5 items or more. Attractive volume discounts of up to 65% on the entire t-shirt assortment- starting at just 6 items. Super-easy-to-use-Designer.

  21. 29 Awesome Beach Vacation Shirt Ideas {2024}

    No matter what your vacation style is, custom tees and family tees make such great gifts. Since you love the beach, you also likely have a love for the sea. These 55 ocean quotes might be of interest. 29 Awesome beach vacation shirt ideas including ones with funny sayings, family vacation shirt ideas, and group vacation shirts.

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    Family Vacation 2023 Shirt, Making Memories Together Tshirt, Summer Vacation T-shirts, Family Travel Matching Shirt, Custom Vacation Shirt. (422) $13.58. $16.97 (20% off) FREE shipping.

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    Dec 7, 2022 - Here are some family vacation design idea's for custom t-shirts. Create matching family vacation shirts so you don't lose one another in the crowd, or customize your own universal studios shirts. Funny family vacation shirts are a crown-pleaser. Create a design for any vacation, from trip to the beach, the lake, the mountains, or Disney world.

  24. Adrien Brody Designs Travel Collection for Fashion Brand Bally 2024

    Adrien Brody has stepped into a new role, and it isn't for a film. This time, it's as fashion designer. On Tuesday, June 25, Swiss fashion house Bally launched its first ever travel collection ...