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What Is the Uber Trip Help Charge on Your Bank Statement?

Have you ever come across a mysterious charge on your bank statement labeled as “Uber Trip Help”? If so, it’s crucial to understand what this charge entails and how to deal with it.

In this article, we will shed light on the what the Uber Trip Help charge on your bank statement is , explain why it appears on your statement, and provide guidance on identifying and preventing it from appearing again.

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What Is the Uber Trip Help Charge?

The “Uber Trip Help” charge on your bank statement raises concerns, as it may not be directly linked to any legitimate Uber services.

This charge is often associated with scammers who exploit the term “Uber Trip Help” to fraudulently deduct funds from your bank account. It’s essential to remain vigilant and take the necessary steps to protect your hard-earned money.

Scammers are constantly developing new methods to deceive unsuspecting individuals, and the “Uber Trip Help” charge is just one of their tactics.

By leveraging the familiarity of the Uber brand, they exploit the trust people have in the service. These scammers aim to exploit your trust and banking information by deceiving you through various channels, including email, text messages, or even fake customer support websites.

uber help trip charge on bank statement

Image Credit: Reddit

One common method employed by these scammers involves the use of a false or dummy Square account. By setting up a Square account with an arbitrary business name, they can process transactions under the pretext of providing “Uber Trip Help.” This allows scammers to bypass security measures commonly associated with legitimate payment processors.

To make their scam appear more authentic, scammers may also use other tactics such as creating fake Uber customer support phone numbers or emails.

Unsuspecting individuals who reach out for assistance regarding their Uber trips may inadvertently fall into their trap, providing personal and financial information that scammers can exploit.

It’s important to note that the “Uber Trip Help” charge is not a valid service offered by Uber . Uber’s legitimate charges for trips taken are typically labeled differently on your bank statement, clearly indicating the date, time, and fare amount.

If you come across a charge labeled as “Uber Trip Help” and it does not align with your recent ride history, it’s highly likely that you are a victim of a scam.

Did you come across a random charge on your bank statement ? Here’s what it stands for.

How Does the Uber Trip Help Charge Look Like?

Now that you’re aware of the potential scam behind the “Uber Trip Help” charge, let’s discuss how you can identify it within your bank statement.

When reviewing your statement, keep an eye out for any unfamiliar or suspicious transactions. While the exact appearance may vary depending on your bank, the “Uber Trip Help” charge might be listed using different transaction names.

Here are some examples of transaction names that scammers may use:

  • UB Trip Help
  • UberTripHelp
  • Trip Support Help
  • Uber Assis Charge
  • Rider Assistance Fee
  • Uber *Trip Help
  • Uber Pass Help.Uber.Com

It’s important to note that these transaction names are not actually associated with legitimate Uber services. If you come across any of these or similar transaction names, it’s crucial to scrutinize them further and take appropriate action.

Make sure you know everything about the TotalAV charge so when it appears on your statement, you know what to do.

How to Prevent Unauthorized Uber Trip Help Charges

Prevention is key when it comes to unauthorized charges such as the “Uber Trip Help” scam.

To minimize the risk of falling victim to fraudulent transactions, we recommend taking the following precautionary measures:

1. Secure your payment information

Be cautious when sharing your payment details and only provide them on trusted platforms or official Uber channels. Avoid entering your credit card information on suspicious websites or in response to unsolicited emails or messages .

2. Regularly review your bank statements

Take the time to carefully examine your bank statements each month. Look for any suspicious transactions or charges and report them immediately. If you spot any unauthorized “Uber Trip Help” charges or unfamiliar transactions, contact your bank or credit card provider promptly.

3. Stay vigilant regarding communication

Be aware of phishing attempts and fraudulent communication. Scammers may try to deceive you with emails, text messages, or phone calls claiming to be from Uber support or related to your trips.

Remember, Uber does not typically reach out directly for payment information or ask for personal details via these channels. If you receive such requests, verify their legitimacy by contacting Uber directly through official channels.

4. Enable two-factor authentication

Take advantage of Uber’s two-factor authentication (2FA) feature to add an extra layer of security to your account. By enabling 2FA, you’ll receive a verification code via SMS or a third-party authentication app whenever someone attempts to access your account or make changes to your payment information.

5. Keep your Uber app up to date

Regularly update your Uber app to ensure you have the latest security features and bug fixes. Outdated versions may have vulnerabilities that scammers could exploit. Enable automatic app updates on your device to ensure you are always using the most current version.

6. Report suspicious activity

If you notice any suspicious activity, such as unauthorized Uber transactions or “Uber Trip Help” charges , report them immediately to Uber’s customer support . They have dedicated teams to handle such cases and can assist you in resolving any issues.

Learn more about the unknown RCSS charge on your credit card statement as it might be part of a scam.

Understanding Unsolicited Uber Trip Help Charges

By implementing these preventive measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to unauthorized charges and protect yourself from scams like the “Uber Trip Help” charge. Remember, staying informed and proactive is essential in maintaining the security of your finances and personal information.

As always, stay informed, stay alert, and keep an eye on your bank statements to safeguard your hard-earned money from potential fraudulent activities.

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what is uber trip help.uber.comca

what is uber trip help.uber.comca

What 'Uber Trip Help'? 5 questions about payment on the card | Productivity

Uber has different forms of payment, and the credit card is one of the most common methods among users. However, some doubts are frequent among users of the platform, which are confused with the various terms used by the company to identify a charge on the card and on what can be done in the case of undue charges on the invoice. The platform, in turn, suggests different actions to correct the problem.

READ: Uber changes and accepts payment slip and bank transfer in races

The travel app for Android and iPhone (iOS) also allows, among other things, to change the payment method for an old ticket, and to request a duplicate PDF of the receipt of a trip paid by card. Check out, below, a list of five questions about Uber's rush payments made using a credit card.

Term 'Uber Help' causes doubts in the charges for the races on the credit card Photo: Reproduo / Rodrigo Fernandes

Term 'Uber Help' causes doubts in the charges for the races on the credit card Photo: Reproduo / Rodrigo Fernandes

Want to buy cell phones, TV and other discounted products? Meet Compare dnetc

  • 1. What does Uber Trip Help mean?

Uber uses different nomenclatures to identify race payments on users' credit card bills. Among them are "Uberbr: Uber Trip Help" and "Uber do Brasil Tecnologia". Although I didn't reveal why I used different terms, including the word " help "Uber said users can trust the alert, as these billing names are correct and are, in fact, made by the company.

  • 2. What cards does Uber accept?

Uber accepts credit and debit cards from various brands operating in Brazil. Check the list:

  • American Express
  • Diners Club
  • Banco do Brasil (VISA and Mastercard banner)
  • Bradesco (VISA banner only)
  • Santander (MasterCard banner only)
  • Banco Next (VISA flag only)
  • Banco Original (MasterCard banner only)
  • Banco Caixa (Visa and Mastercard banner)
  • Prepaid cards

In addition, it is possible to pay for the races using cash, Uber Cash, PayPal account, boleto and bank transfer.

How to pay for your ride on Uber with cash

How to pay for your ride on Uber with cash

  • 3. What to do in case of undue collection?

If you do not recognize a travel charge made by Uber on your credit card or bank account, I need to check some details. Check if a relative or friend recently ran a race with your account without your knowledge. Also review your travel history: you may be charged for a cancellation fee for a recent ride or for an order from Uber Eats.

In addition, it is possible that you receive an SMS with a charge even before starting a trip. Uber explains that this message was sent to validate the chosen payment method and the value of the trip. This form of protection guarantees security against unauthorized use of credit cards and is called "Authorization Charge". The company reassures passengers that the money is refunded quickly, and is not actually debited.

If you still do not agree with any charges received, you need to contact Uber support through the application settings.

  • 4. How to change the payment method for a past race?

Uber allows you to change the way you pay for races that have been running for less than 30 days, for regular trips, or less than 60 days for business trips. This type of change is permitted in runs paid with a credit card or Uber Cash. To do this, open your travel history and choose the race that will have the payment method changed. Then, go to "I had another problem" and choose "Change the payment method for a trip". Then choose the desired payment method.

Uber allows you to change the form of payment for previous trips made Photo: Reproduo / Rodrigo Fernandes

In some cases, a great shortcut to changing the payment method is also displayed once the race is opened within the history. It is worth remembering that it is also possible to change the form of payment during a trip, following the same rule of using only electronic methods (card or Uber Cash). Cash payments cannot be changed under any circumstances.

  • 5. How to issue a receipt for a race?

Uber issues receipt of races on cell phone Photo: Reproduo / Rodrigo Fernandes

The Uber app records a history with all the runs performed on your account, allowing the user to check details, such as price and route, of each trip later. To issue a receipt for any previous trip, access your runs in the app settings, select the desired trip and open the "Receipt" section to view details. Through the browser, it is possible to request a PDF receipt, which will be sent by email.

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What's That Charge?!


Learn about the "Help.Uber.Com Ca " charge and why it appears on your credit card statement.

First seen on September 22, 2016 , Last updated on May 25, 2024

What is it?

I have received 3 identical charges on my credit card for 53.26. I have never used uber. This occured even after I had the credit card reissued. please remove these charges and stop charging my card.

I had a charge for $9.99 for "Uber Pass" which I did not make and tried reaching the merchant at CA. I chatted with their online Bot which kept on bringing to a page that wanted to charge me to get an answer from them. So I called my bank and they are investigating, I just hate that I had to replace a card again. I hope more people report them and they get shut down

I have the same damned $9.99 credit charge on my VISA account. I do not know how UBER can do this, but doing it to so many, you are going to enter into legal prosecution by the government. I have sent to my WA State Senators, email of this, as well as had US Bank/VISA credit my account last month for $9.99, and now UBER has done it again. That UBER needs to stop helping criminal fraud, and find out who is doing this in your customer base, and help law enforcement arrest and prosecute them. That if your customer base was honest, it would be a good product. But when criminally abused, your customers getting your product but stealing from others, that is not a good idea to be involved into as a legal accessory to your customer's crimes. Get your administrative and legal staff to do their jobs right, and read on the internet of all those including me, complaining about your business practices. $9.99 is a petty amount, but done massively, can be a lot of money and a lot of pissed-off citizens wanting UBER as a business, taken over by a government closure and confiscation of all of your assets, money, facilities, whatever else, and end your part of this crime scheme. Because of all of the complaints now over a considerable time, that you should have acted upon this issue, and it continues, and shows clearly that you are a legal accessory to this crime. Perhaps ending UBER eats, is your only way to end this ... if so, do it! But like I say, I have emailed my WA State Senators who will refer my email to other agencies, and they too will access this web site, and contact those others similarly hit on their credit card accounts ... and like I said, $9.99 from one person, then the next, and next, and etc can become a big time criminal theft scheme/agenda that become prosecutable, catching those doing it, and of course, legal accessory egging it on wards, UBER as a business. You need to stop your reckless agenda business practice/product, most likely to end your participation involvement. I feel that Consumer Protection Agency would take a similar legal view of UBER. And I feel that the above similar complaints over time, shows a legal lack of not being abused by customers, where your business practices place you at criminal risk for prosecution. This could be your legal fatal flaw!!!

I have 17 charges on my credit card for Uber rides I never took. $1218.94. My bank reversed the charges, but looking at all these similar complaints, it appears that it happens quite often. Is Uber running a scam, or do they not verify payment from riders? Huge hassle to have to wait for a new card, and notify all my automatic debit accounts. Thanks, Uber. Good job.

I complained to my bank and they reversed the charges. I got a new debit card. Today I saw another charge, even though I replaced my card. I don't know what is the issue but this needs to get fixed.

i have two charges on my card an was never in an uber is there a phone number i can call

From my understanding, the charge has nothing to do with Uber. It's fraudulent companies masking themselves, changing their merchant name as "Uber" in whatever software they use so people think the charge is coming from Uber so 1. they may overlook the charge and/or 2. the blame is shifted to Uber. Best course of action is to report the charge as fraudulent to your bank ASAP and block all transactions coming from "Uber."

I am unfamiliar with this app and i do not own a home computer . I an a victim of fraud.My account kept being charged small amounts of money almost on a dailey basis and because im always busy it went unnoticed until i realized one day ans called the bank . I have been charged 1700 dollars between August and October for Uber eats and rides. I have my own car and i was out of town for a funeral durring 3 of the charges with car rental and Airbnb receipts! My bank gave it back to me and withdrew it the next month. I have been with the same bank two years

Three times I have been charged for fraudlent activity. Don't have an Uber account, never have. Contacted the bank who said they would block Uber charges, hasn't happened yet. Canceling my card and contacting the Attorney General

I was charged 4 times for Uber rides never rode do not have an acct. how does this happen? July 15 ref # 0522, 6359,4811, and3302.

ON February 13 at1026 your Uber driver Hammad charged me 174.52. I never wrote with this driver. He starts the trip at 1:02am at Terminal 2 San Francisco Airport and then travels to 34960 11th st Union City, Ca He goes to sleep and wakes up at 10:28am and turns his meter off and charges me $174.52 This is fraud. I never rode with Hammad Uber charged the trip to my Bank card ending in 7452. I want this charge returned 100% to my Bank.

I got charged 4 different times today for a total of 291.85 for Uber trips. I have never used Uber trips eats or anything. I own my on car. I will be reporting this as fraud and I want my money back.

I have been charged 24.99 a mth from Uber pass Bank of America did research and still didn’t get money back my kids use Uber they don’t use Uber eats nvr got a pass it’s been 9mths and counting

I also keep getting a monthly charge of $9.99 for service I never received. I canceled my card, was issued a new card with new numbers and Uber charged my new card. Uber is a dishonest company.

TLDR AT THE BOTTOM Had the same issue with the Uber Eats Help.Uber.Com CA, thinking it was a scammer who stole money. Four “unknown” charges were listed on my account. I talked to the Uber Customer Care to dispute the situation, but they were downright useless. I explicitly told them the title of the charge, how much, SENT THEM PICTURES OF SAID CHARGES (and that it didn’t match the orders I have made in the past), and then after going back and forth with them, had asked for them to assist in figuring out which restaurants had charged the unfamiliar amounts. They completely ignored naming any places, and just told me I was charged. Useless. HOWEVER I did do my own investigating afterwards and noticed my friend had sent me Zel money the same day of the charges, so it jogged my memory. Two of the four charges were separate, but for the same place I had ordered from for the both of us (which he paid me back for), and after adding up $33.87 and $13.00 it came out to $46.87, which matched what one of the order charges came out to as a WHOLE. The other two charges of $18.69 and $4.00 came out to $22.69, which was the WHOLE charge of a different order. For some reason, they charge separately (tip and payment) and weeks later at that too, which is why I thought it was a scammer. Turns out it was my order. Their customer care was still useless though. Glad I figured it out on my own, saves a phone call and more frustration.

TLDR; Received four separate charges from my past orders weeks after orders, which made me think it was a scammer. Customer Care was useless so I did the math and added two totals together and the other two, which revealed the same amount as my order charges. They didn’t include the tip and order in one charge, they did it separately. Because why not make everything complicated. 👍🏻

Somebody is using my card on July 1 3 4 5 around hundred of dollars got charged I need the information of the people who are using my card my phone 6477613165

Calling the FBI

A charge of 24.40 was put on my card on 9/30/21 I have never had a delivery by uber. eats. Listed as help.uber.comca. I expect a credit on my charge card .

charge appeared on credit card. I do not have account with uber eats. have company dispute and not pay it. I can be reached at [email protected]

I was recently charged on 11/26 and 11/23 from "UBER EATS JPHCA HELP.UBER.C CA" and "UBER EATS CJTWY HELP.UBER.C CA". No idea what it is and waiting to get my bank on the phone to reverse this.

I was charged from here, $53 and $11, on the same day. I have never used Uber with the credit card. I called bank and reported them as fraud. They canceled those charges, replaced my credit card and will block charges from Uber. Hopefully, it won't happen to me. It's so annoying...

On November 2, 2022, I was charged $99.99 on my debit card for Taxi/Limousine Pass from Uber. This charge was done online in San Francisco. I have not been to San Francisco in 4 years. A similar transaction was done in 2021, which was reported to my bank, and I was issued a credit to my account. I don't use Uber for transportation purposes. I have my own vehicle. Let this message serve as a notice that I don't want my account used in any way, and any further charges from UBER will be blocked.

I have a fraudulent Uber Eats charge and I find this site ridiculous. What is the point? Is this site even monitored to correct the fraud?

Why no contact phone to report this kind of theft/fraud?

I just found several small charges from different "companies" ranging in times from just this past week (1/15/2022) back to November. One is from UBER.EATS.COM CA. for $35.30 I don't use Uber Eats, EVER, I live in Boston, I'm recently disabled and can no longer travel. I order through a completely different delivery company. I contacted Uber with a screenshot of the description/ details from my mobile banking app and got some email saying they couldn't find the transaction in my account. No kidding, b/c I didn't place the order but clearly someone hacked into my account to use Uber Eats in November. I'll be deleting my account with Uber now; they've lost all credibility. Thank goodness for Bank of America taking fraud seriously.

I have received a charge from Uber on my bank account.i do not even have an app for Uber and have never used Uber. It appeared on my account early this morning.the charge was for $14.46.

I know what it was! please, disregard earlier one for 9.44 dollars. that was the exact refill charge to my card for the trip.

I have 5 charge from my debit card to uber I need refuned my money because I didn't use the uber

I have charges on my bank statement yesterday for Uber trip $49.10 and Uber Eats $39.23, card ending 8763 . My city does not have Uber anything and I have not been travelling. I would like to be refunded these amounts as I did not authorize anyone to use my account for these purposes. Unknown phone numbers that relay you to a site that doesn't have any contact information for you just shows how fraudulent you can continue to be!

Three charges for uber eats, I would never use uber for anything cancelled my card bank is refunding charges. Found out my card was also added to lift again something I would never do. The reason uber won't talk to anyone is they get a lot of business from fraud charges.

Noticed some charges from UBER that i never purchased. Was given a contact number from my bank 18001013611 no answer, just a busy signal. After reading some of the other post, see why there is a busy signal. Would like for someone to straight this mess out,but it may be against company policy!

I am reporting fraud for rides never taken< got charges on my credit card for dates which I was at hhome

I have a chg for Uber on my card that I have never used for an Uber. Not only that, I live 100 miles away from the nearest city that Uber is provided. Please contact me ASAP at 4066988416. My credit card is aware of this dispute.

some one took rides on my card.May it started on may 24 2017 andwent on June7 2017 i donot known who it is . And now they has order food from my card also. THefood order began june 1 2017 it stopped after i stopped the card. I need some help from Uber i cannot reach any one from your company.Please call me or contactme some how. my .Rhonda Brown .

On 2/04/18 $57.19 was put on my card---UBER BUXEI HELP.UBER>COMCA--Fraud! Fraud! Fraud! Wells Fargo said two more charges were attemted Saturday. Why doesn't UBER have a phone number? Why doesn't Muller investigate this, instead of that phony Russian"CRAP"?

Can you help? What is this charge?

Also appears on statements as.

  • Visa Check Card HELP.UBER.COM CA MC
  • Misc. Debit HELP.UBER.COM CA

Similar Charges

  • [email protected] STUDYBLUE.CO
  • HELP.UBER.COM000000000NL

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What Does it Mean if Uber Charged You For a Ride You Didn’t Take?

Other common reasons for getting charged for a ride you didn’t take, what to do if uber charges you for a ride you didn’t take, how to dispute an incorrect uber charge, understanding the odds of getting a refund from uber, when to report fraud to uber, protect yourself with uber’s “verify your ride” feature, frequently asked questions, wrapping up.

  • Customer Service

Uber Charged Me For A Ride I Didn’t Take: What Should I Do?

what is uber trip help.uber.comca

Since 2012, Brett Helling has built expertise in the rideshare and delivery sectors, working with major platforms like Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash.

He acquired in 2014, the first ridesharing marketplace, leveraging his direct experience to enhance the site. His insights at Ridester are recognized by Forbes, Vice, and CNBC.

Expanding his reach, Brett founded and authored “ Gigworker: Independent Work and the State of the Gig Economy “, demonstrating his comprehensive knowledge of the gig economy.

More about Brett | How we publish content

Ridester articles are reviewed by gig economy experts before getting published to ensure accuracy, thoroughness, and quality. Learn about our editorial standards .

Uber rent logo

What The Amazon Flex Waiting List Means & How To Get Off It

How to quit doordash easily [step-by-step], how to change uber passwords [step-by-step].

woman mad because she is thinking

Key Takeaways

  • Uber may charge for rides not taken due to holds, mistaken identity, or fraud.
  • Common extra charges include cancellation fees, Uber Pass fees, or mistaken Uber Cash usage.
  • Dispute incorrect charges via Uber app; refunds often issued as Uber account credits.
  • Report suspected fraud immediately; use Uber’s Verify Your Ride feature for added security.

Being charged by Uber for a ride you didn’t take is typically related to a few different very common scenarios.

It might be a temporary authorization hold, which is a security measure and not an actual charge. Alternatively, friends or family with access to your account might have used it without your knowledge.

Another possibility is that another rider accidentally taken your ride, but you paid for it. The driver could have fallen victim to the “Say my name” scam that allows somebody else to foot the bill for their ride.

Less commonly, the charge could be fraudulent, requiring you to review your trip history and contact Uber for clarification.

Uber’s ‘Verify Your Ride’ feature, using a PIN system, can help prevent such issues by ensuring the right passenger gets into the right car.

Beware of the  Uber Code Text Scam ! This is a scam that takes advantage of Uber’s 2FA security feature.

Other common reasons for being charged for an Uber ride you didn’t take include:

1. Cancellation and Cleaning Fees

These fees might be Uber cancellation fees . Charges may apply if you cancel a ride after a driver is assigned, typically ranging from $5 to $10.

Additionally, if you’re responsible for any mess in the car (like food spills or vomiting), cleaning fees can range from $20 to $150.

2. Uber Pass Subscriptions

Charges from Uber Ride Pass or Uber Eats Pass might appear if you’ve subscribed. These cover various services, including rideshares and food deliveries from restaurants or groceries.

3. Uber Cash Misinterpretation

If you use Uber Cash to pre-pay for rides , these charges could be mistaken for unauthorized transactions. Uber Cash can be used for rides, Uber Eats orders, and even JUMP bikes or scooters .

4. Fraudulent Charges

Occasionally, charges might appear fraudulent but are actually legitimate. For instance, a temporary authorization hold might look like a duplicate charge but is actually a security measure.

If you don’t use Uber Pass or Uber Cash and encounter unknown charges without any authorization holds or related fees, then the charge might indeed be fraudulent.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

If you’re charged for a ride you didn’t take, I suggest closely monitoring your bank statements and credit card activity after the incident.

For whatever reason, scammers who gain access to a stolen credit card either immediately go to Walmart to buy electronics or they start placing Uber Eats orders.

While the charges could be an error, a mistake, or even simply an unrecognized charge, they could also indicate something a bit more nefarious – a hacked card. Stay vigilant and watch for other suspect activity.

It’s also worth noting that drivers have no direct control over the billing process.

It is important to understand that the Uber system is set up to protect riders against fraud, so think twice before blaming a driver for intentionally charging you.

While it is possible for a driver to accidentally make a mistake that leads to an incorrect charge (such as forgetting to end the ride after dropping you off), Uber itself is the only one that is able to manually charge your card.

If you’re charged for an Uber ride you didn’t take, you will see the Uber charge on your credit card statement and your Uber account.

First, verify the wrongful charge and determine whether the charge is genuine or fraudulent. Make sure that it isn’t one of the common confusing scenarios from above.

If you’re sure that you’ve been charged for a ride you never took, or you were overcharged, you can contact Uber customer service to dispute it.

If it is clear that you were wrongly charged, then you will likely receive a refund.

To dispute an Uber charge , simply follow the steps below:

  • Find the Uber app on your smartphone and open it up.
  • In the upper left of the screen, tap the three stacked lines and click the “Your Trips” section to check your ride history.
  • Find the trip that you want to dispute and click on it to see the details.
  • Go to the bottom to find the Help section.
  • In this area, there are multiple ways to report your fraudulent charge.
  • Click on the “Review My Fare or Fees” option.
  • Now pick why you are disputing the charge and add the details of the problem on the next page in a text box.
  • Once you finish, hit submit and receive a confirmation.

At this point, it is a waiting game. Uber has usually gotten back to me int he past when I’ve had to reach out regarding charges that I didn’t recognize.

Related: How to request an Uber refund [step-by-step]

vector graphic displaying money going from phone to wallet to illustrate uber refund process

While refunds are often issued as credits to your Uber account, you may receive cash back if you can prove a wrongful charge, like an incorrect cancellation fee.

The refund process can vary: it might be immediate or take up to a week, but typically, it takes about three to five days.

Remember, a refund is not always guaranteed but proving your case helps.

In the event of suspected fraud on your Uber account, it’s crucial to take appropriate measures before reporting.

First, check for any charges for rides you didn’t request.

If you find such a charge and neither friends nor family have used your account, it’s likely fraudulent. Also, if you’re charged for a ride that either didn’t happen or was taken by someone else, consider it fraudulent.

Monitor any temporary charges. These are often authorization holds which Uber will remove. If such charges remain, they may be fraudulent and should be reported to Uber.

Pay attention to double charges too; if they aren’t corrected within five days, report them.

It’s important to report to Uber and your credit card company if your account has unrequested trip charges or shows suspicious activity. As an added measure of security, change your Uber password to secure your account against further fraudulent incidents.

To enhance your safety and ensure you’re getting into the correct Uber vehicle, I suggest taking the time to set up the “ Verify Your Ride ” feature. This feature, which uses PIN verification to confirm ride and order details, offers added security for Uber users.

Once you opt for this feature and request a ride, Uber provides you with a unique four-digit PIN.

Before entering the vehicle, you will share this PIN with the driver. The legitimate driver will then confirm the PIN by entering it into their Uber app, verifying that they are indeed the correct driver for your ride.

To enable the “Verify Your Ride” feature, navigate to your settings in the Uber app, select “Verify Your Ride,” and then adjust the Use PIN section to activate it according to your preferences.

This simple step can significantly increase your safety during Uber rides .

You can activate it for all your rides or specify its use for nighttime rides only, typically between 9 PM and 6 AM in your local time zone.

Related: Is Uber safe? Learn about all the safety features Uber offers riders and drivers.

Can Uber be hacked?

Yes, your Uber account can get hacked. If you believe someone else has been using your Uber account or you find something suspicious on the mobile app, such as rides you didn’t request, then you’ll need to reset your password and report the potential hack.

As a note, this is different from an Uber free ride hack , which gets you free or discounted Uber rides.

Does Uber automatically charge your card?

Yes, Uber automatically charges your credit card once you complete a ride. The fare is calculated upon reaching your destination and is immediately applied to the payment method you’ve set up on the Uber platform.

What do I do if an Uber I called never shows up?

If your Uber driver doesn’t arrive as expected, first try texting them your exact address in case there was a mistake.

If they still don’t show up, call them for clarification. Offer directions if the driver is lost, as their GPS might be malfunctioning.

If they fail to arrive and don’t cancel the ride, reach out to Uber support for assistance.

How do I avoid Uber charges?

To avoid extra Uber charges, cancel your ride within two minutes of making a request to dodge the cancellation fee.

Additionally, be prompt and enter the Uber vehicle within three minutes of its arrival to avoid extra charges, which are typically $0.10 per minute.

Lastly, maintain cleanliness in the car to prevent being charged a cleaning fee for any spills or messes.

To ensure your extra charge isn’t fraudulent, you’ll need to check whether the charge is due to a cancellation fee, cleaning fee, or a temporary authorization hold. You might want to ask your friends or family if they used your account to get an Uber ride.

However, if the charge does look suspicious and fraudulent, you’ll need to report it to Uber representatives. Before you know it, you’ll get that refund you seek.

1 thought on “Uber Charged Me For A Ride I Didn’t Take: What Should I Do?”

What if you do not, and have never had, an Uber account? Our card got charged with an Uber ride, even though we never entered the card on any ridesharing app, and don’t have any Uber account. Because we’ve never used Uber, we know it must be fraudulent. Your guide involves opening the app (which we don’t have) and logging in to view the “My Trips” page, and reporting a problem with the trip on your account (which we can’t do). Uber Support requires you to log in before you can report fraud, or apparently anything else, to them. Even if you don’t have a login. This seems recursively bad.

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Whether you're a customer or a driver, we've made it easy to find information about how to make the most of rideshare, delivery, and transportation companies.

New to #ridesharing and #delivery? Start here!

what is uber trip help.uber.comca

Get all the best information about the Delivery Industry.

Explore Delivery Service companies and jobs.

Income & Payments

Find the best advice on using delivery services as a customer.

Gig Economy Knowledge from Experts

How to contact Uber support as a driver or rider if you need help resolving an issue

  • You can contact Uber to get help as a driver or rider in many different ways. 
  • The easiest way to contact Uber is via the mobile app — in the Support Center for drivers or Your Trips for riders. 
  • To contact Uber by phone, there  is an emergency number and a customer support line, so use the appropriate one for your situation. 

Whether you're a driver or a passenger, Uber generally provides a smooth transportation experience. 

But occasionally, you might need to reach out and get help from a real person at the ridesharing company. If so, there are a handful of ways for you to get assistance. 

How to contact Uber if you're a driver 

As a driver, you can contact Uber for assistance through the mobile app, which will directly connect you with live support. You can also get help in person at an Uber Greenlight location, or reach out to Uber through social media.

How to contact Uber if you're a rider 

As a rider, you can contact Uber for assistance through the mobile app, reach out for support via social media, or call the local support line. 

To get premium 24/7 phone support as a rider, you'll need to be a Diamond member. Unlocking this level of membership through the Uber Rewards program requires earning 7,500 points for rides and UberEats orders.

what is uber trip help.uber.comca

  • Main content

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Uber accepts health benefits cards to book eligible healthcare-related rides and deliveries directly. Caregiver-enabled booking, coming soon.

It takes a team

Uber Caregiver helps manage daily care for loved ones. Arrange transportation and deliveries of groceries and over-the-counter (OTC) items in one place.

Support for you as you care for them

More than 53 million people in the US are caregivers,* facing demanding tasks like medication management, daily assistance with care items, and medical visit planning. Uber Caregiver is here to help so you and your family can focus on connection and care.

Simplify logistics

In just a few steps, arrange transportation for appointments or help restock essentials for a loved one.

Coordinate care together

You and your loved one can manage and track rides and deliveries in the Uber app, so time or distance aren’t barriers to care.

Pay with benefits

Apply healthcare benefits through the Uber app to help pay for eligible rides and for deliveries of groceries and over-the-counter items.

What’s coming with Uber Caregiver

It will take just a few minutes to set up and enable better care for your loved one.

Add health benefits to your Uber account

Some health plans help cover eligible expenses in the Uber and Uber Eats apps. Once you’ve created an account, navigate to Account > Wallet > Add payment method > Credit or Debit Card to enter your health benefits card information.

Designate a caregiver

The care recipient will navigate back to their Wallet and tap Add a caregiver under the newly added health benefits card. From there, select your caregiver from your contact list or enter their information. The caregiver will receive an invite in the Uber app and by email.

Request a ride

After accepting the invitation, the caregiver can request rides for the care recipient, select the recipient’s health benefits as the payment method, and track their ride in the Uber app.

Order groceries or OTC items

Coming later. Caregivers will also be able to manage grocery and OTC item delivery in the Uber or Uber Eats app with the same tracking features as rides.

Track progress together

Once an order or ride request is placed, both the caregiver and their loved one can track the real-time progress of the ride or delivery on their respective device.

Uber now accepts health benefits cards for eligible rides and item deliveries

Health benefits cards are pre-funded debit cards for health plan recipients. Funds can be used toward eligible grocery and over-the-counter deliveries as well as non-emergency medical transportation.

Frequently asked questions

Uber Caregiver will begin to roll out in the US in summer 2024 starting with empowering caregivers to order and track rides on behalf of their loved ones; caregivers will be able to order groceries with Uber Eats at the end of 2024.

We know healthcare is complicated. Patients often need multiple services, including transportation, groceries, and over-the-counter goods. They also need a way to pay for it, often through healthcare benefits. Once a care recipient’s health plan is onboarded to Uber Caregiver (coming later), the product solves for both, enabling caregivers to help address these logistical needs and to find and apply the care recipient’s preexisting benefits where eligible.

We're actively working to partner with as many health plans as possible. Please reach out to your healthcare plan directly to see if you’re eligible.

No. Even if you’re paying out of pocket for a service, you can still use the platform for transportation and deliveries.

We offer wheelchair-accessible transportation with Uber WAV to ensure safe and comfortable travel with specialized drivers who can assist you.

Medicare may cover transportation services. For clarity on your plan’s specifics, contact your healthcare plan directly.

In the United States, riders are offered an upfront price on every trip so they can make an informed choice. Upfront rider prices are based on the estimated length and duration of the trip. This estimate can vary as our technology predicts real-world factors like traffic.

The upfront price you're shown may change due to a number of circumstances, which may include adding stops, updating your destination, significant changes to the route or duration of the trip, or you pass through a toll that was not factored into your upfront price. In addition, you may incur wait time fees for the time you take to get to the car at the pickup or multistop fees for time spent at an on-trip stop.

From local errands to long-distance trips, Uber’s rideshare platform is designed to cover the distances your healthcare needs dictate.

A primary caregiver is someone who assumes the central role in providing care, support, and assistance to another person who is unable to fully care for themselves. Typically, primary caregivers take on responsibilities such as assisting with daily activities, managing medical care, coordinating appointments, and offering emotional support. Caregivers can be family members, as well as non-family members. The role of a primary caregiver often comes with significant financial burdens, including reduced income due to decreased work hours or leaving employment altogether and out-of-pocket expenses for medical supplies and transportation. Despite these challenges, primary caregivers are crucial to supporting the well-being and quality of life of those they care for.

Please note that coverage details and services can differ based on health plans and geography. Contact your healthcare plan for the most accurate and personalized information.

*Caregiving in the United States 2020, AARP (May 14, 2020),

  • Transportation
  • Prescription delivery
  • Grocery and OTC delivery
  • Health benefits utilization

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EXCLUSIVE: What is Uber Caregiver? First look at new product launching this summer

Becoming a caregiver can be a sometimes unexpected — and costly — challenge. But a new tool from Uber, called Uber Caregiver, is designed to make getting your loved ones' rides and medication a little easier.

Launching this summer, the new feature will let caregivers help coordinate recipients' care with rides, medications and more.

The program was developed by Uber Health lead engineer Jeremy Hintz and his team — with his grandparents in mind. After Hintz’s grandfather suffered a stroke, he could no longer provide care for his wife, who has dementia. So Hintz's mother stepped in to became their primary caregiver.

“All this actually came out of a phone conversation I was having with my mom about the things she needed help with day-to-day,” Hintz told NBC’s senior consumer investigative correspondent Vicky Nguyen in TODAY's exclusive first look at the product. “We have Uber and Uber Eats; why can’t we tap into health care benefits, too?”

Hintz’s mother and grandparents were among the first to test out an early version of Uber Caregiver, which helped inform the design of the final product rolling out this summer.

What is Uber Caregiver?

Uber Caregiver is a new feature in the Uber and Uber Eats apps launching this summer that will allow caregivers to use health insurance benefits to arrange and pay for eligible rides to doctor's appointments for their care recipient and track the ride.

In the future, the tool will also allow caregivers to manage grocery and over-the-counter item delivery, including medicines and medical equipment, according to the company .

Both the caregiver and recipient can track the progress of rides and purchases. A three-way chat feature in the app allows the caregiver, rider and driver to stay in communication. And the caregiver receives a notification when the rider has made it to their destination safely.

The company plans to cover:

  • Customers age 65 and older with Medicare Advantage,
  • Medicaid recipients and
  • People with eligible commercial insurance via their employer

How to get Uber Caregiver

Starting Wednesday, May 15, 2024, caregivers and care receivers can sign up to be notified when their insurance provider is added as an Uber Caregiver partner.

To set up Uber Caregiver, the care recipient adds their health benefits card to their wallet in both the Uber and Uber Eats apps. Health benefits cards are pre-funded debit cards issued by health insurance plans that can be used on eligible health care expenses, such as co-pays, prescriptions, medical devices, transportation and more. Coverage varies by plan.

Once the card is added, the care recipient can designate a caregiver from their existing contacts or by adding their contact information.

Michael Prestileo, the chief commercial officer of Guardian, one of the insurance companies in discussions with Uber to be involved in the new feature, said in a statement: “We’re eager to see how we can work with Uber Health to utilize Uber Caregiver as a way to make it easier for our members and disability claimants to access care, while also supporting those who are already doing so much to support others. It’s important that Guardian play a role in delivering these solutions to a broader set of consumers.”

When is Uber Caregiver launching?

Uber Caregiver will launch the summer of 2024 with the feature of caregivers being able to order and track rides of care recipients. The grocery-ordering feature will be available by the end of 2024, according to the company.

Ridesharing Driver

Overcharged by Uber? How to dispute double charges & fraud

By Doug H , Updated August 22, 2023 66 Comments

Surprise charges from Uber are one of the most common issues we see in the comments on our article about  how to contact Uber customer service .

Here are the most common complaints:

  • Uber charged me twice!
  • What is this $9.99 charge from Uber I get every month?
  • I didn’t sign up for Uber One or Uber Pass but I’m getting charged for it
  • My card was used for Uber rides I never ordered
  • Uber took money out of my account and never showed up to pick us up!

It’s upsetting when you get a surprise charge, and it can be challenging to contact Uber . But the good news is that you can report the problem and request a refund by following the steps outlined in this article.

If you take the appropriate steps, there’s a good chance that Uber will refund the charge!

What you need to know

  • You can report unexpected charges in the Uber app or at
  • Go to the help section at the bottom of each ride receipt to chat with Uber and request a refund or review
  • A $9.99 recurring charge is for Uber One , a monthly subscription that you can cancel in Account > Uber One
  • If you suspect fraud, contact your cardholder first to prevent further fraud

How to report surprise charges from Uber—and get your money back

The pages below are the best way to get help directly from Uber to report an unexplained charge, a double charge, or fraudulent charges.

  • I was charged for a ride I didn’t take
  • Cancel Uber One, the $9.99/month charge
  • I have an extra trip charge  – Check for temporary charges
  • I was charged more than once for this trip – If you were double charged
  • My account has a charge from someone else – Report fraud

Report unexpected charges in the Uber app

You can also report issues with a charge by going to the ride receipt that is associated with the charge.

In the Uber app, go to Activity > Select the trip > Scroll to Help section and Select Get ride help

After you select an issue, a live chat with customer service will begin. You can wait for a response or add more info.

step by step instructions in the uber app to report surprise charges

You can report overcharges in the help section of each ride receipt

If you can’t find an issue that exactly matches your problem, pick one that closely matches. After the live chat begins, you can write in your exact issue.

Subscription charges from Uber One, Uber Pass, & Uber Cash

Uber offers several recurring monthly subscriptions that could explain a surprise charge on your account.

Uber One: A $9.99 monthly charge

Uber One —also known as Uber Pass in some areas—is a $9.99 monthly subscription that gives you discounts on Uber rides and Uber Eats orders.

Subscriptions renew automatically. If Uber charges you $9.99, it’s most likely for an Uber One or Uber Pass membership.

How to cancel Uber One

In the Uber app, tap Account > Uber One . Scroll to Manage Memberships and select End Membership . Confirm your selection.

You will keep access to your benefits until the end of the current billing cycle.

What happens if you accidentally subscribed to Uber One for months?

Many of our readers complain about accidentally signing up for Uber One and being charged for months of service.

You can request a refund by chatting with Uber support, but be warned that Uber does not usually offer refunds if you inadvertently subscribed for several months.

You may only get one month refunded if you complain, but not the entire period.

Uber cash: Uber currency that can auto refill

Uber Cash is an in-app currency that you can use for Uber rides and Uber Eats orders. Cash back from some credit cards is paid as Uber Cash.

You can purchase Uber cash in increments of $25, $50, or $100. There is also an auto-refill feature that can add Uber Cash if your balance drops below $10.

You might get a surprise charge if you accidentally set up auto-refill.

Check your Uber Cash and disable auto-refill : Go to Account > Wallet , then tap on the Uber Cash area at the top of the Wallet page. Tap on Auto-refill to see if you have it enabled.

Duplicate charge? It might be a temporary authorization hold

If you were charged twice after a recent ride, the duplicate charge is likely a temporary authorization hold .

Uber places a hold when you request a ride in the amount of the upfront or estimated fare price. It’s a security measure to prevent fraud.

Uber voids the temporary hold after completing your trip , but the charge might remain ‘pending’ for up to 3–5 business days . The length of time depends on your bank.

If you see a duplicate charge, wait a few days to see if it goes away.

What to do if you were charged twice

If a duplicate charge doesn’t go away after 3–5 days, visit this page: I was charged more than once for a ride.

You will need to log into your Uber account and select the ride with the duplicate charge.

You will get a refund if the duplicate charge is a billing error, but it may take a few days for Uber to investigate and process the refund.

One possibility to consider: Family or friend took a ride on a shared payment method

It’s common for family members and friends to share a payment method or share access to an Uber account.

If you find a surprise charge, first ask the people with access to your account to see if they took the ride.

Several fees from Uber might show up as a surprise charge to your account.

Cancellation fees: Range from $3–$10. Uber charges a cancellation fee if you cancel more than 2 minutes after you have matched with a driver or if your driver cancels after waiting more than 5 minutes at your location. Have your cancellation fee reviewed here.

Cleaning fees: If you leave a mess or damage a driver’s car, Uber may charge a fee. Cleaning fees typically are charged in the amounts of $20, $40, $80, $150. Have your cleaning fee reviewed here .

More about Uber fees: How to Avoid the Cancellation Fee, Cleaning Fee, and More

What to do about illegitimate charges, fraud, and suspicious account activity

If your charges don’t fall under legitimate reasons, they might be a mistake by Uber, or fraud.

Watch out for these suspicious activities:

  • Receipts for trips that you don’t recognize
  • Account info updating without your input
  • Notifications from Uber about a trip or order that you didn’t request

If any of the above applies to you, use one of the contact pages at to report the issue.

Suspect fraud? Contact your cardholder first

Contact your cardholder if you suspect your credit or debit card was compromised and used for Uber.

Someone may have stolen your card information, and your first step is to secure your card from further fraud.

Start by notifying your cardholder of the issue. Stopping fraud is a more critical first step than letting Uber know about the fraud.

Most cards offer fraud protection along with 24/7 customer service.

Uber is harder to reach, and you’ll get better results by contacting your cardholder first.

After you contact your cardholder, try to report the issue to Uber using one of the above help pages .

Will you get a refund from Uber? What to expect

If a charge is illegitimate, there’s a good chance that it will be reversed . 

If you report your issue and provide precise info, Uber has enough information on their end to see if a charge was incorrect and give you a refund.

Improper fees, such as cancellation fees, can be fully refunded. If you were overcharged for a fare, Uber can adjust the fare and give you a partial refund.

If you accidentally signed up for an Uber One subscription, Uber does not typically refund several months worth of charges. You may get a one month refund as a courtesy.

You always have the option to request a chargeback if you’re not getting results from Uber .

If you believe a charge was illegitimate and Uber hasn’t refunded you after more than a week of trying, try initiating a chargeback with your cardholder or bank.

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  • How to Save on Uber As an Existing User
  • Payment Methods You Can Use for Uber
  • How Much Does Uber Cost? Get an Estimate

About Doug H

Gig economy driver, writer, and expert since 2013. I created Ridesharing Driver to help drivers navigate all of the challenges we face in the on-demand world! Read more about my story!

Uzima Namegabe says

July 29, 2023 at 7:24 am

Hi Uber I am writing this to see if you guys can disable an account that keeps using my card to request rides. I have deleted all uber related Apps but I am still getting charged for rides. Can you guys please locate and delete account that is using my cards both my credit card and debit card. Please, let me know if there is anything you will need from me.

Doug H says

July 29, 2023 at 8:56 am

You need to call the card company to report the fraud and cancel the card.

Abhi kibriya says

July 9, 2023 at 5:44 pm

Same issue, being charged $9.99 every month that I just saw now and when I chat to this online service it leads me to further asking account details, what the heck!!!!

July 9, 2023 at 8:28 pm

That is most likely the Uber One subscription. In the app, go to Account > Uber One. You should be able to find an unsubscribe button there. If you want a refund for previous unintended purchases, you’ll have to go through the chat feature

Robin Foraker says

July 27, 2023 at 4:09 pm

I do not have an account with Uber One this is a fraud charge I will go to the federal trade commission. I typed my email and no account is under my email address

Brenda says

August 5, 2023 at 8:58 am

Crazy they want you to pay $1.00 to go further.

Jeremy says

June 13, 2023 at 12:51 am

yes 10.49 per month from my bank account. I don’t use uber and never signed up for any subscription. this has been taken every month for nearly a year

Kevin Kee says

May 2, 2023 at 1:25 am

I’ve already canceled the uber one subscription and not using it. Please help to reverse my charges

elizabeth ross says

March 9, 2023 at 10:24 pm

My Visa has been charged $9.99 every month for over a year. It is marked UBER*PASS SYDNEY. I dont LIVE IN SYDNEY and have not used Uber since December 2021. How can I prevent further unauthorised charges?

March 10, 2023 at 8:23 am

Log into your Uber account, go to Payment, and cancel the Uber pass.

chris ginsburg says

September 15, 2022 at 10:54 pm

I just noticed $24.99 a month deducted from my bank account via Paypal since August 2019!!! It says Automatic Payments to UBER. In the app it shows UBER PASS / set up monthly / $24.99. I NEVER DID THIS — I use Uber maybe once a year –if ever. I’m furious with these guys — $448 total STOLEN from me. Now I want the drivers to unionized FULL employment benefits, etc…. Uber now sucks big time in my book. I will NEVER use them again.

April 19, 2023 at 11:05 am

This has also happened to me uber has been charging me 5.99 for a service I never agreed to I’m furious as I use uber alot I will be be using another service unless I’m refunded.

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Whether you have a question about your account or want to report an incident, you can contact us.

To speak directly with a trained agent on the phone, go to Help in the Driver app, then navigate to the issue you’re experiencing to see the support options available.

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Do you tip Uber drivers? How much to tip a rideshare if you want to say 'thanks.'

what is uber trip help.uber.comca

  • You should tip Uber and Lyft drivers between 10 and 20 percent based on quality of service.
  • You should use a set tip of $4-$6 for rideshare delivery.

According to HyreCar, Uber and Lyft drivers make less than $15 an hour when driver costs are considered.

Popular rideshare apps have practically become verbs in modern vernacular. Whether you’re trying to get home after a long night out or exploring a new city, it’s likely you’re using Uber or Lyft. There's even a service for teens and some offer car seats for kids .

But, the rideshare market is relatively new in the grand scheme of transportation. The social customs associated with these services are not always clear.

At restaurants, tipping norms are well-established , but in situations like these, it’s easy to feel unsure how much you’re supposed to pay in gratuity.

Do you tip Uber drivers?

According to Uber, “ Tips are neither expected nor required .”

Although Uber does not require tipping, the median income of an Uber driver falls below the average living wage for a family of four , so many drivers, especially those with families, depend on tips to supplement their income, according to Gigworker.

According to Ridester, an online resource for the rideshare industry created by former Uber driver Brett Helling, Uber drivers also rely on tips for gas, car maintenance and other costs not covered by Uber .

There are plenty of reasons to tip, but do you know how much you're supposed to give your driver?

Relying on rideshare?: Gen Z is less likely to have a driver's license

How much do you tip an Uber driver?

To make tipping simple, Uber always suggests $1, $2 or $5 , but you should consider the total price of your ride when deciding on a tip. Just like at restaurants, Uber tips should be calculated in proportion to the total.

International etiquette consultant Julia Boyd recommends tipping between 10 and 20%, according to The New York Times.

Do you tip Uber Eats, Doordash and Postmates delivery drivers?

Just as you tip a pizza delivery driver, Uber Eats, Doordash and Postmates workers should be tipped. The standard in the restaurant industry is 15 to 20% , according to Shopfood.

Ridester says a minimum tip amount of $4-$6 should be the standard , as a $3 coffee delivery could require the same driving or biking distance as a more expensive meal. Business Insider also reports  customers and drivers generally believe $4 is a reasonable amount to tip.

You should also consider the weather your delivery driver has to endure. If you're staying in and ordering food because it's pouring rain, your rideshare driver should be compensated for working in adverse weather conditions, according to Ridester.

How much are Uber and Lyft drivers paid?

As of January 2021, Uber drivers reported an average income of $15.68 per hour , according to Doughroller, while Lyft drivers reported a slightly higher $17.50 per hour.

Both these averages are before expenses like car maintenance and gas. HyreCar estimates Uber and Lyft drivers make less than $15 an hour when costs like these are considered.

Earnings, though, largely depend on where a driver is working. In New York City, for example, USA TODAY reported drivers earned an average of $37.44 per hour . USA TODAY also said drivers in Chicago and Philadelphia earned $30.49 and $32.60, respectively.

Uber driver wages: It depends on where you drive, but here's what we know

Just Curious for more? We've got you covered

USA TODAY is exploring the questions you and others ask every day. From "How much do Lyft drivers make?" to "How much do braces cost?" to "How to trim cat nails," we're striving to find answers to the most common questions you ask every day. Head to our Just Curious section to see what else we can answer for you. 


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    The name on the charge is 8 UBER TRIP HELP.UBER.COM help.uber.comNL then under that it says Indian Rupee. I have cancelled the card now I am worried about other cards I am not sure why the credit card co would let these charges go through when they are mostly in the same day and only minutes apart. posted 03/21/2021 by Pam.

  2. My account has an unrecognized charge

    Last 4 digits of card. Card expiration date. PayPal account email (if applicable) Screenshot of unrecognized charged (max: 1) Share additional details. Email address where our support team can contact you. An automated message will be sent here to confirm this is really you. Please open it and choose "Confirm email address" to be connected ...

  3. What Is the Uber Trip Help Charge on Your Bank Statement?

    The "Uber Trip Help" charge on your bank statement raises concerns, as it may not be directly linked to any legitimate Uber services. This charge is often associated with scammers who exploit the term "Uber Trip Help" to fraudulently deduct funds from your bank account. It's essential to remain vigilant and take the necessary steps to ...


    I have been charged $905 in the last 3 days from UBER TRIP HELP.UBER.COM CA. I have no idea what these charges are, and they are clearly fraudulent. I was charged $3.55 by Uber *TRIP HELP.UBER.COM Vorden on November 10,2022. The last time I used Uber was approximately 3 years ago.

  5. Uber Support & Customer Service

    Welcome to Uber Support. We're here to help. Looking for customer service contact information? Explore support resources for the relevant products below to find the best way to reach out about your issue. Explore Uber help resources or contact us to resolve issues with our products and services including Uber Rides, Uber Eats, Uber for ...

  6. I have an extra trip charge

    I have an extra trip charge. What looks like an extra trip charge is likely an authorization hold. Authorization holds for the amount of the upfront fare shown in your app may be issued when you request a ride. These temporary holds allow us to protect against fraud from unauthorized card usage and are never charged to your account. While this ...

  7. Help with a trip

    Safety. Frequently asked questions. My Shuttle trip was cancelled. I am requesting a new route or providing feedback on an existing route. Jump and Lime trip issues. I had an issue with a co-rider. Driver asked to book outside the Uber app. Uber. Explore support and customer service resources to find solutions to issues related to Uber rides.

  8. What 'Uber Trip Help'? 5 questions about payment on the card

    Uber explains that this message was sent to validate the chosen payment method and the value of the trip. This form of protection guarantees security against unauthorized use of credit cards and is called "Authorization Charge". The company reassures passengers that the money is refunded quickly, and is not actually debited.


    UBER TRIP, HELP.UBER.COM, CAUS Learn about the "Uber Trip, Help.Uber.Com, Caus" charge and why it appears on your credit card statement. First seen on December 21, 2021, Last updated on December 21, 2021


    UBER TRIP HELP.UBER.COMCA Learn about the "Uber Trip Help.Uber.Comca" charge and why it appears on your credit card statement. First seen on November 20, 2021, Last updated on December 6, 2021. What is it? Uber charges on my credit card that is erroneous. These charges or dated 10/24/21 $27.93 and 47.29


    Uber is a dishonest company. posted 11/27/2023 by gary eaton. Helpful (1) Not So Much (1) TLDR AT THE BOTTOM Had the same issue with the Uber Eats Help.Uber.Com CA, thinking it was a scammer who stole money. Four "unknown" charges were listed on my account.

  12. "Uber *Trip Help.Uber" Charge? : r/uber

    Happened to me just now too. Never signed up for uber, maybe got 2 trips in my life. Im going to dispute it mostly cause im scared of more chrages in case its a scam. 1. Reply. Hello, I have needed to use Uber about a week ago, I have not used it previously. I have got an additional charge on my bank account, on a day I….

  13. Unknown Uber charge on my Bank Account : r/uber

    From uber: For some cards that customers use as their payment method on the Uber platform, Uber might charge the upfront price of a trip before a trip is completed. This will help ensure that sufficient funds are present to cover a service from a partner of the app, such as a ride or a merchant delivery.

  14. Uber Rider Support & Customer Service

    Looking for contact information? While we don't offer a customer service number for Uber riders, you can log in to your account to get personalized support or explore the resources below to find solutions to issues related to Uber rides.

  15. How to Dispute an Uber Charge on the Uber App or Website

    1. Find the Uber icon on your iPhone or Android's home screen and tap to open. 2. In the upper left-hand corner of the app, tap the three vertically stacked lines and then the "Your Trips" option ...

  16. Rider Support

    24/7 customer support. Contact us directly from your Uber app. We're always online to answer your questions. Tap Help in the app menu.

  17. How To Easily Dispute Uber Charges [Step-By-Step Tutorial]

    Step-by-Step Instructions. Open the Uber app on your phone. Tap the vertical lines in the top left and select "Your Trips.". Locate and select the trip you want to dispute. Scroll to the bottom of the screen until you see "Help," then tap to open the Help menu. Scroll until you find the "Review my fair or fees" option and select it.

  18. Call Uber support

    Call Uber support. Our phone support team is available 24/7 to assist you with some of the issues you may be experiencing on the Uber platform. Explore Uber help resources or contact us to resolve issues with our products and services including Uber Rides, Uber Eats, Uber for Business or driver issues.

  19. Uber Charged Me For A Ride I Didn't Take: What Should I Do?

    1. Cancellation and Cleaning Fees. These fees might be Uber cancellation fees. Charges may apply if you cancel a ride after a driver is assigned, typically ranging from $5 to $10. Additionally, if you're responsible for any mess in the car (like food spills or vomiting), cleaning fees can range from $20 to $150. 2.

  20. What Is Uber and How Do You Use it?

    Every time you take a trip with Uber, please make sure you're getting into the right car with the right driver by matching the license plate, car make and model, and driver photo with what's provided in your app. Uber trips can only be requested through the app, so never get in a car where the vehicle or driver identity doesn't match what ...

  21. How to Contact Uber: Get Help As a Driver or Rider

    Call Uber on the phone. Uber has a 24/7 local support line for general customer service: 800-593-7069. However, this number isn't guaranteed to provide an Uber support representative. Important ...

  22. Caregiver-Coordinated Transportation and Delivery Services

    Support for you as you care for them. More than 53 million people in the US are caregivers,* facing demanding tasks like medication management, daily assistance with care items, and medical visit planning. Uber Caregiver is here to help so you and your family can focus on connection and care.

  23. What Is Uber Caregiver? A First Look at How It Works: EXCLUSIVE

    What is Uber Caregiver? Uber Caregiver is a new feature in the Uber and Uber Eats apps launching this summer that will allow caregivers to use health insurance benefits to arrange and pay for ...

  24. Overcharged by Uber? How to dispute double charges & fraud

    Report unexpected charges in the Uber app. You can also report issues with a charge by going to the ride receipt that is associated with the charge. In the Uber app, go to Activity > Select the trip > Scroll to Help section and Select Get ride help. After you select an issue, a live chat with customer service will begin.

  25. Call Uber Support

    People who drive using the Uber app wanted the option of contacting us by phone when they needed help or had a question. Thanks to their feedback, Uber offers in-app and phone support for drivers on the road or off. Whether you have a question about your account or want to report an incident, you can contact us.

  26. Do you tip Uber drivers? How much to tip for rideshare, food delivery

    0:51. You should tip Uber and Lyft drivers between 10 and 20 percent based on quality of service. You should use a set tip of $4-$6 for rideshare delivery. According to HyreCar, Uber and Lyft ...