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Trek fuel ex 9.8 gx axs gen 6 review.

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  • Fun Factor - 25% 10.0
  • Downhill Performance - 35% 9.0
  • Climbing Performance - 35% 8.0
  • Ease of Maintenance - 5% 7.0

Our Verdict

Compare to similar products, our analysis and test results, should i buy this bike.

Trek has often built bikes that were a touch conservative for your author's primary bikes, especially in the trail category. The new Fuel throws that out the window; while the previous version felt like a fine bicycle, it didn't have the swagger of a true, modern trail bike. The new model nails the geometry and then allows for rider adjustments in both directions. This 140mm travel carbon trail bike is down for anything with a highly adjustable geometry, allowing the rider to dramatically alter the bike's personality for different terrain or riding. The head tube angle can be adjusted in six .5 degree increments between 63.5 to 66 degrees using the Mino Link and swappable headset cups (available separately). You can ride this bike as a versatile long-legged trail bike or slack it even further (62.9 degrees!) with a 27.5" mullet rear wheel. The versatility built into this bike won't future-proof it, but it certainly readies it for an immense selection of trails.

trek fuel ex 9.8 gx axs gen 6 trail mountain bike review - incredibly confidence inspiring, incredibly versatile.

This bike lights up at speed; it charges the climbs, shreds the descents, and the ABP does a fantastic job keeping the rear wheel on the ground and engaged. The ride quality is fantastic in its stock geometry configuration, and its adjustability gives it so much versatility. The new Gen 6 frame looks burly, featuring in-frame storage, sturdy frame protection, size-specific chainstays, and a 34.9-seat tube. Our tested build features GX AXS, Bontrager carbon wheels, and Fox Performance suspension. It's clear that Trek sweated the details of the frames and the builds; the Integrated bar/stem combo is stiff and cool looking but loses all sweep/rise and stem length adjustability.

This bike has striking similarities to the Specialized Stumpjumper EVO with its geometry, adjustability, frame storage, and mullet-ability. Even the ride quality is similar between the two, what the Fuel EX 9.8 does better is keep the rear wheel on the ground, especially through rocky technical sections where you might tap the brakes. The ABP system works to isolate suspension forces from braking forces and does so effectively. We've become accustomed to "skittering" in technical braking situations that the ABP all but eliminates. Having more control over the descents makes this bike feel more composed. While we're pleased to see more bikes offering in-frame storage, its implementation on the Fuel isn't without fault. The opening is smaller than others, preventing us from stashing as many items in the downtube. Trek gives instructions on how to fold a tube, inflator, and CO2 cartridge inside the included Bontrager BITS internal frame storage bag, and it works if you follow their directions carefully. Trying to fit additional items or not folding the tube as shown results in failure. The Fuel EX 9.8 isn't exactly light; our size large test model weighed in at 32 lbs 9 ounces, even with its costly build. Does it matter? There's an adage around bike geeks that "A good bike weighs what it ought to," which certainly feels like the case here. This bike is also longer than almost any other trail bike we've tested, with a wheelbase of 1250mm. While that made tight switchbacks more challenging, it didn't feel like it negatively affected its handling and certainly contributed to its stability and confidence at speed. If you want a versatile trail slayer that won't leave you feeling held back, check out the Gen 6 Fuel lineup.

Frame Design

The Trek Fuel EX has been around for many years, and the latest version is referred to as the Gen 6 to denote the model's 6th generation. The Fuel EX has been completely redesigned and looks nothing like its predecessor, the Gen 5. First and foremost, travel is increased by 10mm at both ends to 150mm in front and 140mm in the rear. We tested the 9.8 GX AXS built around a full OCLV carbon frame that uses Trek's typical Active Braking Pivot or ABP suspension design. ABP is essentially a four-bar design with the main pivot attached just above the bottom bracket and a magnesium rocker link attached mid-way up the seat tube to compress a vertically oriented shock. ABP sets itself apart from other designs with a pivot point around the rear axle, which allows the suspension to move more freely while the brakes are applied. The lower shock mount spans two bridges between the down and seat tubes, and it has a flip chip to adjust the progressivity between less and more , giving it coil shock compatibility. In addition to having a dramatically different silhouette than previous versions of the Fuel EX, the Gen 6 also has in-tube internal cable routing (although the brake line runs externally along the chainstay). It has a large full-length down tube cover to protect it from trail debris and shuttle damage, along with the typical molded chainstay protection. The carbon and aluminum frames have internal frame storage and include a Bontrager BITS padded tool sleeve. The frame storage door also has a set of bottle bosses and a Bontrager bottle cage attached. Keen-eyed observers will also notice that the shape of the downtube no longer requires a knock-block headset, a very welcome change.

Geometry is one of the biggest things that sets the Gen 6 apart from the previous version of the Fuel EX , and Trek went all in to bring it in line with modern geometry and make it one of the most adjustable models on the market. Not surprisingly, it is longer and slacker with a modern 485mm reach on our size Large that goes along with a 64.5/65.1-degree head tube angle in the low/high Mino Link settings, respectively. Trek has given the Fuel EX size-specific chainstays starting at 435mm for XS-M frames, topping out at 450mm for XXL, with 440mm on our Large. Effective seat tube angles vary slightly between sizes and geometry settings but are relatively steep in the 77+ degree range. The bottom bracket sits fairly low at 335mm with 38mm of drop in the low/neutral setting, and flipping the Mino Link to high raises it by 8mm. M-XXL frames come with 29-inch wheels, XS comes with 27.5-inch wheels, and S frames are available with either. It's also mullet compatible with the Mino Link in High when run with a 160mm fork.

Design Highlights

  • Comes in OCLV carbon fiber and aluminum frames
  • 29-inch wheels (sizes M-XL), 27.5-inch wheels (size XS), 29 or 27.5 (size S)
  • Mixed wheel/Mullet compatible with 160mm fork
  • Size-specific chainstays
  • Adjustable geometry with Mino-Link flip chips
  • Adjustable geometry with swappable head cups (not included)
  • Adjustable suspension progressivity, compatible with coil shocks
  • Internal frame storage with BITS bag
  • Threaded bottom bracket
  • Comes in seven frame sizes
  • Frame protection armor
  • Great suspension set up guide on the Trek website

trek fuel ex 9.8 gx axs gen 6 trail mountain bike review - undeniably swanky but not sure if the one piece bar / stem makes...

Downhill Performance

We've thus far highlighted its versatility, but the new Fuel Ex is a monster on the descent. 140mm of ABP rear-wheel travel does a phenomenal job of keeping the rear wheel engaged. The suspension design eats up chop and chunder while remaining confident in the drops. The redesigned frame is so much burlier and more aggressive; you can push this bike so hard you'll forget it's a mid-travel trail bike.

trek fuel ex 9.8 gx axs gen 6 trail mountain bike review - carving up fun trails is what the new fuel does best.

It comes alive at speed, inspiring confidence in rough and steep terrain. Adjustable geometry is a clear highlight, allowing the rider to set the bike up with a tremendous variety in personality and capability. This Fuel could be a park bike as easily as an all-day trail ride. Fox Performance suspension didn't give us access to separate dampening adjustments, but the suspension didn't generate complaints from any of our testers.

Uphill Performance

The new Fuel climbs incredibly well! Though muscular and somewhat heavy, its pedal platform is stable and supportive while efficiently transferring power. The bike sits high in its travel while climbing, offering very little squat, which helps the bike retain snappy handling despite the slack head tube. The carbon wheels featuring 108-point engagements are a pleasure to spin up. Ratcheting through a rock garden brings almost instant power transfer, leaving the bike lurching for more ground. The effective seat tube angle pushes 76.9 to 77.9 degrees, depending on your Mino Link and headset settings. As with most modern trail bikes, this steep angle leaves you ready to drop some quad power on the climbs.

trek fuel ex 9.8 gx axs gen 6 trail mountain bike review - we could climb all day on this bike.

Being directly over the cranks on this bike, you feel the lack of lateral flex as you grind out the climbs, especially out of the saddle. The front end of this bike is big; sitting atop the Performance 36 is a gorgeous 820mm bar with an effective stem length of 45mm. We're not sold on the merits of combining these components, but we never felt the need to adjust the sweep or rise and had no complaints about its performance. The bottom bracket height is almost worryingly low in the bike's lowest setting, yet we kept the pedals off the ground thanks to the suspension's anti-squat traits.

The flip chip allows you to change the leverage ratio

Mountain bikes are expensive, and nice mountain bikes are very expensive but also very enjoyable to ride. The GX AXS build we tested sells for $5999 with Fox Performance suspension. Our test bike was equipped with carbon wheels, a rapid engagement free hub, one piece bar / stem, and heroic tires. Some of the parts might not shine on a shelf by themselves, but there was nothing on this bike that we felt like replacing. This bike is priced competitively with today's top trail bikes; whether it's a good value or not is a bit subjective. If this bike doesn't feel like a great value to you, Trek offers an aluminum version of the new Fuel for less than half the price of this bike.

trek fuel ex 9.8 gx axs gen 6 trail mountain bike review - this could be your new trail buddy..

Previous generations of the Trek Fuel never quite scratched that trail itch for us, but this bike may have found the secret sauce. A longer-legged daily driver with swagger and adjustability, it's not too burly or squatty to crush the climbs. Its playfulness and descending prowess bring confidence and traction everywhere we want it. The lively feel and super active rear end keep the rear tire on the ground instead of skittering through the choppy stuff. With its versatility and adjustability, this will be a bike to ride for years to come.

trek fuel ex 9.8 gx axs gen 6 trail mountain bike review - keep it warm in the garage, feed it fresh trails.

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2021 Trek Fuel Ex 9.9 Frame

charlie225 avatar

Cool Features









Mountain Bike Action Magazine

Bike Test: Trek Fuel EX 9

trek fuel ex 9 frame for sale

When Trek set out to design the new Fuel EX, they up when the wheel moves deep into its travel. We’ve had wanted to set the bar for mountain bike versatility. The bike they came up with pulls from their extensive ride time and research with some of the best riders on the planet. The aluminum-framed version is not their top of the line (the carbon frame gets that title), but the EX9 sports all the high-end technologies. 

WHO IS IT MADE FOR? This bike can work for a huge range of riders, and that’s what being a true trailbike is all about. The Fuel EX9 sports just enough travel to feel aggressive, but not so much that it will hold you back on a long ride or a climb. This bike is all about versatility.

trek fuel ex 9 frame for sale

WHAT IS IT MADE FROM? The Alpha Platinum aluminum frame features just over 5.1 inches of rock-gobbling suspension that uses Trek’s proprietary ABP (Active Braking Pivot) design. This design uses a pivot at the dropout inline with the rear axle and a “floating” shock that attaches to the swingarm to keep the suspension active and neutral during braking and pedaling efforts. The frame also sports a tapered head tube, one-piece magnesium rocker, and integrated chainstay and downtube protection.

trek fuel ex 9 frame for sale

WHICH COMPONENTS STAND OUT? The shock’s DRCV (Dual Rate Control Valve) technology works by using an additional air chamber that’s only opened  up when the wheel moves deep into its travel. We’ve had great luck with this shock technology, but always said we’d like to see it in the fork to offer a more balanced feel. This is the first year Trek has done that. That little bit of extra air keeps the suspension from feeling like you’re getting cheated out of the last 20 percent of your travel from the air pressure “ramping up.” Bravo, Trek.

The Bontrager XR3 Team tires are a perfect fit for the EX. They roll fast and hook up very well in a wide variety of conditions. There was a day when Trek bikes were held back by mediocre, house-brand tire choices, but those days are gone.

HOW DOES IT PERFORM? Setup: Setting up the DRCV should be a hassle, but it’s not. The fork and shock have only one air chamber each to set, and Trek simplifies the process by including clip-on sag meters on both. We set both the fork and shock to 30-percent sag and hit the trails. The beauty of this system is that it can feel both efficient and bottomless with a single setup. The DRCV allows the suspension to move deep into its travel while still delivering a firm pedaling platform. With the Fuel EX, let the fork and shock work their magic.

The rebound damping circuit on the Fuel’s shock is very strong, and we found ourselves running the adjustment near full open. Smaller riders who need lower pressures may have difficulty finding a setting that doesn’t “pack up” on successive hits.

Pedaling: Trek’s DRCV shock and fork (made by Fox) also have Fox’s rider-selected CTD system (Climb, Trail, Descend modes). While the suspension action responds well to all three settings, we found ourselves leaving the suspension in the trail mode most of the time. This bike can do it all when the shock is set right in the middle.

trek fuel ex 9 frame for sale

Climbing: The aggressively steep seat tube angle puts the rider right over the pedals, which feels very efficient on long climbs. The plush suspension assists on rough, technical climbs (don’t use the too-firm climb mode in this situation) by allowing the rear wheel to follow the terrain and maintain traction. The 26-inch wheels allow for quick acceleration over obstacles in the climb, and changing lines is almost a subconscious effort.

Cornering: Rumors of the 26-inch-wheeled trailbike being killed off by the 29er and 27-incher are greatly exaggerated. The Fuel EX has something that the big-wheeled bikes can’t exactly match, and that’s maneuverability. The Fuel EX has a snappy and responsive feel in the corners, and the bike loves to be manhandled through switchbacks.

Descending: At the end of a descent, we like to see that we’ve used all the available travel. The DRCV delivers in spades. The front and rear suspension feel exceptionally balanced, allowing you to work the stroke of the shock and fork much more effectively. While the first half of the travel is designed to be efficient, the second half is designed to feel bottomless, and it just plain works. The 5 inches of travel are used so effectively; it feels like the Fuel has even more. 

TRICKS, UPGRADES OR TIPS? The Fuel EX has routing for a RockShox Reverb Stealth seatpost with a remote actuation hose that routes through the frame and connects at the bottom of the seatpost rather than at the head. The EX9 doesn’t use that routing and instead comes with the standard Reverb seatpost (with its hose that connects to the seatpost head and routs externally). This spec doesn’t make sense to us. Instead, Trek should spec a less-expensive aluminum post, lower the bike price and let the rider upgrade to the Stealth seatpost if he desires. Using the standard Reverb feels like a compromise where nobody wins.

The rear brake hose clipped our heels when we were pedaling. To remedy this, we rerouted the hose on the inside of the seat stay, but this caused an unsightly rub mark in the paint. With a simple stick-on protector, both problems would have been solved. Add one before your first ride.

BUYING ADVICE The versatility of the Fuel EX9 can’t be understated. It’s not a cross-country racer, and it’s not a descending specialist; instead, it’s designed to ride everything well. The geometry feels like it has E.S.P. and knows your next move before you make it. The maneuverability and flickability built in mean you can make the move happen too.

The DRCV suspension is much more than just marketing jargon. This technology really works and makes the 5 inches of travel feel like more. Bikes like the Fuel EX9 are the reason that 26-inch wheels aren’t dead. They’re just plain fun to ride. If you’re looking for a lively partner that can do everything short of a downhill race, this bike is worth a look.

trek fuel ex 9 frame for sale

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trek fuel ex 9 frame for sale

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Quiver Killer Trail Bike

The Fuel EX is the definition of a modern trail bike, and is Trek’s most well-rounded MTB. A noticeable and welcomed change with this generation is the rear shock being directly mounted to the frame above the bottom bracket. We found this to impressively tighten up energy transfer and make the most out of the power you're putting to the pedals. With more travel than the Top Fuel and less travel than the Remedy, it’s capable on descents and quick on climbs. Meet your ticket to fast and fun.

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  • Replaced brake pads
  • Light scratches on the brake levers, fork lowers, drive side fork stanchion, crank arms, saddle, & rear derailleur
  • Light scratches on the down tube & rims
  • Moderate scratches on the handlebar
  • Moderate scratches & paint chips on the seat tube, seatstays, & chainstays

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trek fuel ex 9 frame for sale

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Trek Fuel EX 9.9 X01 AXS

Trek Fuel EX 9.9 X01 AXS

Fuel EX 9.9 makes no compromises. Top-shelf suspension, carbon everything, and SRAM's latest X01 Eagle AXS wireless drivetrain make this ripper ready to rule any trail in style. It's fast, it's light, and it's got everything you need to crush your next trail ride. It's right for you if... You want a bike as versatile as you are, and you're demanding—of yourself and of your equipment. You want the lightest weight, the most adjustability, and the highest precision so the last thing you have to worry about on your next adventure is your bike. The tech you get A light and stiff OCLV Mountain Carbon frame with internal storage, FOX Factory suspension with Kashima Coat and an efficient yet plush RE:aktiv with Thru Shaft damper. A fully wireless SRAM X01 Eagle AXS 1x12 electronic drivetrain and RockShox Reverb AXS dropper post. Plus, Bontrager Line Carbon 30 wheels with a 108-tooth Rapid Drive rear hub for quick engagement, and a Bontrager Line Pro OCLV Carbon handlebar. The final word If you can have just one mountain bike, this is it. Fuel EX 9.9 has the lightest, most advanced parts with the most adjustability and precision. It's equally at home on fast flowy singletrack, brutal leg-busting climbs, and gnarly arm-pumping descents. Why you'll love it - The SRAM X01 Eagle AXS drivetrain is smart, smooth, and completely wireless - RE:aktiv with Thru Shaft works faster than a normal shock, so it tracks the ground better and keeps you in control - The Fox Factory 36 fork gives you four-way damping adjustments, plus you get Kashima Coat for smoother, more durable stanchions - We expanded our size range to ensure a better fit for all riders. And, you get the fastest wheel that fits your frame: XS frames get 27.5" wheels, S frames get to choose between 27.5" or 29", and sizes M to XL get 29" wheels - Make it yours: it's fully customizable through Project One


Dropper posts

Dropper posts

A dropper seatpost allows you to quickly lower and raise your seat to give you an ideal riding position. Dropping your seat creates a lower center of gravity for better control and maneuverability on steep descents, while raising it puts you at normal riding height for efficient pedaling.

Construction can include either hydraulic- or cable-actuated systems and the post’s travel can either be infinitely adjustable or stopped at set intervals, depending on the model.

Dropper seatposts come in standard lengths and diameters and vary by the amount of travel.

Electronic shifting

Electronic drivetrain systems deliver excellent shifting, easy set up, and solid battery life. Here are the highlights of today’s electronic shifting systems:

Shifting Performance Electronic shifting systems use powerful servomotors to rapidly shift the chain. Because microprocessors and sensors constantly monitor every aspect of the system, they shift with precisely and without chain rub.

Customization Many major systems have customizable shifting. Some have the ability to add remote shifters for common riding positions, and some even allow you to change the functions of the shifting buttons.

Dependability Electronic groupsets are responsive and consistent. There are no cables to stretch and wear out, so you get a flawless shift every time. The added bonus is you’ll never have to replace a derailleur cable ever again.

Will my bike have a curved top tube?

Will my bike have a curved top tube?

Smaller frames (XS and S) have a top tube that dips down as it approaches the seat tube. This design makes for a lower standover height, which is good for shorter riders because it allows them to straddle their bike more easily. Larger frames (M and up) have a straight top tube because taller riders with longer legs typically don’t have the same issues with standover height.

Wheel size: Sizes X-Small – Small: 27.5-inch Sizes Small – X-Large: 29-inch

Pedals sold separately, due to supply-chain issues, specs are subject to change without notice..

* Subject to change without notice.

Trek Fuel EX 9.9 X01 AXS Color: Lithium Grey/Factory Orange

Used Ram 3500 for Sale in Moscow, ID

2022 Ram 3500 Laramie Diesel Crew Cab

2022 Ram 3500 Laramie Diesel Crew Cab

  • Back-up camera
  • Leather Seats

Located in Spokane Valley , WA / 66 miles away from Moscow, ID

Thank you for choosing Dishman! This Bright White Clearcoat 2022 Ram 3500 Laramie is a great choice!No Accidents! <h4 class="vc_build_package_name">Q...

AutoCheck Vehicle History Summary

Accident Free Vehicle : Yes

Personal Use Only : Yes

History Provider : AutoCheck

Title Details : Clean Title

Salvage Vehicle : No

Frame Damage : No

Theft History : No

Lemon Status : No

Free History Report : No

Features and Specs:

Listing Information:

VIN: 3C63RRJL6NG341803 Stock: 34741 Certified Pre-Owned: No Listed since: 04-15-2024

2020 Ram 3500 Laramie Diesel Crew Cab

2020 Ram 3500 Laramie Diesel Crew Cab

The following items have been reconditioned on this vehicle: new suspension parts! Engine: 6.7L I6 Cummins Hd Turbo Diesel Laramie Level 2 Equipmen...

VIN: 3C63R3JL2LG292710 Stock: LG292710 Certified Pre-Owned: No Listed since: 04-05-2024

2021 Ram 3500 Laramie Diesel Crew Cab

2021 Ram 3500 Laramie Diesel Crew Cab

Located in Liberty Lake , WA / 65 miles away from Moscow, ID

CARFAX One-Owner. Delmonico Red Pearlcoat 2021 Ram 3500 Laramie 4WD Aisin 6-Speed Automatic 6.7L 6-Cylinder Diesel Turbocharged OHV #1 Seat Foam Cushi...

Accident Free Vehicle : No

VIN: 3C63R3JL2MG622752 Stock: 135427A Certified Pre-Owned: No Listed since: 04-01-2024

Thank you for choosing Dishman! This Bright White Clearcoat 2020 Ram 3500 Laramie is a great choice!No Accidents! One Owner! <h4 class="vc_build_pack...

VIN: 3C63R3JL5LG241184 Stock: 34736 Certified Pre-Owned: No Listed since: 04-13-2024

trek fuel ex 9 frame for sale

6 Offers Nearby

2020 Ram 3500 Limited Diesel Mega Cab

2020 Ram 3500 Limited Diesel Mega Cab

Thank you for choosing Dishman! This Diamond Black Crystal Pearlcoat 2020 Ram 3500 Limited is a great choice!No Accidents! One Owner! <h4 class="vc_b...

VIN: 3C63R3PL5LG137785 Stock: 34334 Certified Pre-Owned: No Listed since: 02-18-2024

2017 Ram 3500 Laramie Diesel Crew Cab


VIN: 3C63R3EL7HG576223 Stock: 34686 Certified Pre-Owned: No Listed since: 04-14-2024

2020 Ram 3500 Tradesman Diesel Crew Cab

2020 Ram 3500 Tradesman Diesel Crew Cab

  • Tire Pressure Warnin...

Thank you for choosing Dishman! This Maximum Steel Metallic Clearcoat 2020 Ram 3500 Tradesman is a great choice!No Accidents! One Owner! <h4 class="v...

VIN: 3C63R3GL2LG161588 Stock: 34269 Certified Pre-Owned: No Listed since: 03-20-2024

2012 Ram 3500 SLT Diesel Crew Cab

2012 Ram 3500 SLT Diesel Crew Cab

  • Trip Computer
  • Rear Bench Seats
  • Stability Control
  • Aux Audio Inputs

Located in Spokane , WA / 67 miles away from Moscow, ID

17' x 8' Chrome Clad Steel Wheels, 3.73 Rear Axle Ratio, 4-Wheel Disc Brakes, 40/20/40 Split Bench Seat, ABS brakes, Air Conditioning, AM/FM radio: SI...

VIN: 3C63D3DL5CG271313 Stock: G24169B Certified Pre-Owned: No Listed since: 04-07-2024

2011 Ram 3500 SLT Diesel Mega Cab

2011 Ram 3500 SLT Diesel Mega Cab

White Gold Clearcoat 2011 Ram 3500 SLT 4WD 6-Speed Automatic Cummins 6.7L I6 Turbodiesel 11.50 Rear Axle, 17" x 6" Steel Wheels, 17" x 8" Polished For...

VIN: 3D73Y3HL1BG507130 Stock: 18115U Certified Pre-Owned: No Listed since: 04-09-2024

2015 Ram 3500 Laramie Diesel Crew Cab

  • Sunroof/Moonroof

Located in Spokane , WA / 69 miles away from Moscow, ID

VIN: 3C63R3ELXFG636329 Stock: 636329ZZ Certified Pre-Owned: No Listed since: 04-29-2024

2023 Ram 3500 Big Horn Diesel Crew Cab

  • Power Driver Seat

Thank you for choosing Dishman! This Bright White Clearcoat 2023 Ram 3500 Big Horn is a great choice!No Accidents! One Owner! <h4 class="vc_build_pac...

Personal Use Only : No

VIN: 3C63RRHL6PG643102 Stock: 34717 Certified Pre-Owned: No Listed since: 04-19-2024

2014 Ram 3500 Tradesman  Crew Cab

2014 Ram 3500 Tradesman Crew Cab

  • Upgraded Engine

Located in Spokane , WA / 66 miles away from Moscow, ID

Please contact us for further information: (509)315-8590 or [email protected] More Available at

VIN: 3C63R3GJ1EG285918 Stock: 20522 Certified Pre-Owned: No

2020 Ram 3500 Big Horn  Crew Cab

2020 Ram 3500 Big Horn Crew Cab

  • Blind Spot Monitorin...

Located in Bend , OR / 280 miles away from Moscow, ID

CarFax No Accidents Reported,CarFax 1-Owner,Back-Up Camera,Bluetooth,Brake Assist,Keyless Start,Premium Sound,Tow Hitch,4-Wheel Disc Brakes,8 Cylinder...

VIN: 3C63R3DJ6LG224159 Stock: LG224159G Certified Pre-Owned: No

2021 Ram 3500 Laramie Diesel Crew Cab

Located in Casper , WY / 595 miles away from Moscow, ID

CarFax No Accidents Reported,Rare Find,Apple CarPlay,Back-Up Camera,Bluetooth,Brake Assist,Heated Seats,Heated Steering Wheel,Lane Keeping Assist,Leat...

VIN: 3C63R3JL0MG568285 Stock: 7114CF Certified Pre-Owned: No

2022 Ram 3500 Longhorn Diesel Crew Cab

2022 Ram 3500 Longhorn Diesel Crew Cab

Located in Norcross , GA / 1,921 miles away from Moscow, ID

CarMax values transparency and wants you to love your next car, not settle on it. Certain vehicles may have unrepaired safety recalls. Check

VIN: 3C63R3KL7NG279419 Stock: 25594918 Certified Pre-Owned: No

2020 Ram 3500 Limited Diesel Crew Cab

Located in Lewiston , ID / 22 miles away from Moscow, ID

SummaryRogers Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram's mission is to ensure all our customers have a positive auto buying experience and are completely satisfied wit...

VIN: 3C63R3RL8LG105524 Stock: 24D179A Certified Pre-Owned: No Listed since: 04-20-2024

2023 Ram 3500 Tradesman  Crew Cab

2023 Ram 3500 Tradesman Crew Cab

Located in Shreveport , LA / 1,574 miles away from Moscow, ID

Transfer of vehicle from another location to your neighborhood Enterprise Car Sales may require payment of a non-refundable transfer fee to begin the ...

VIN: 3C63R3GL6PG563104 Stock: 8FRC7D Certified Pre-Owned: No Listed since: 03-08-2024

2017 Ram 3500 Limited Diesel Crew Cab

2017 Ram 3500 Limited Diesel Crew Cab

Located in Kennewick , WA / 110 miles away from Moscow, ID

CarFax No Accidents Reported,High Demand,Back-Up Camera,Bluetooth,Brake Assist,Heated Seats,Heated Steering Wheel,Keyless Start,Leather Seats,Navigati...

VIN: 3C63R3KL1HG785462 Stock: HG785462 Certified Pre-Owned: No

2022 Ram 3500 Tradesman Diesel Regular Cab

2022 Ram 3500 Tradesman Diesel Regular Cab

Located in Ramsey , NJ / 2,141 miles away from Moscow, ID

CarFax 1-Owner,Apple CarPlay,Back-Up Camera,Bluetooth,Brake Assist,Keyless Start,Satellite Radio,Tow Hitch,Turbo/Supercharged,WiFi Hotspot,4-Wheel Dis...

VIN: 3C63R3AL7NG118909 Stock: B5340P Certified Pre-Owned: No

2023 Ram 3500 Limited Diesel Mega Cab

2023 Ram 3500 Limited Diesel Mega Cab

High Demand,Apple CarPlay,Back-Up Camera,Blind Spot Monitor,Bluetooth,Brake Assist,Heated Seats,Heated Steering Wheel,Keyless Start,Lane Departure War...

VIN: 3C63R3PL8PG513076 Stock: PG513076A Certified Pre-Owned: No

Certified 2020 Ram 3500 Laramie Diesel Crew Cab

Certified 2020 Ram 3500 Laramie Diesel Crew Cab

VIN: 3C63R3JL6LG240805 Stock: 24D092B Certified Pre-Owned: Yes Listed since: 04-04-2024

Used Ram 3500 by Year

  • Certified Pre-Owned
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  • Only show local listings

Make & Model

  • Used ( 128 )
  • Certified Pre-Owned ( 3 )

Price & Payment

Price rating.

Edmunds' ratings are backed by 15+ years of pricing research done by our data scientists How are ratings determined? We analyze millions of data points to generate our ratings. We look at vehicle configuration, options, history, nearby transactions, market pricing and more — the ratings are up-to-date and relevant to your search area.

  • Great Price ( 7 )
  • Good Price ( 25 )
  • Fair Price ( 35 )
  • Laramie ( 38 )
  • Tradesman ( 35 )
  • Big Horn ( 23 )
  • Limited ( 14 )
  • Longhorn ( 9 )
  • Limited Longhorn ( 2 )
  • Laramie Longhorn ( 1 )
  • Laramie Longhorn Edition ( 1 )

Truck Details

  • Crew Cab ( 129 )
  • Regular Cab ( 2 )
  • 6' - 6'11" Bed ( 53 )
  • 8'+ Longbed ( 78 )


  • 5.0 - 5.9L ( 2 )
  • 6.0 - 6.9L ( 92 )

Rear Wheels

  • Dual Rear Wheels ( 3 )

Vehicle History

  • One Owner ( 96 )
  • No Accidents ( 106 )
  • Personal Use Only ( 112 )
  • Exclude vehicles with Major Issues Reported ( 1 )

Engine & Drivetrain


  • Automatic ( 130 )
  • Manual ( 1 )

Engine Type

  • Diesel ( 83 )
  • Four Wheel Drive ( 127 )
  • Rear Wheel Drive ( 4 )
  • 6 cylinders ( 83 )
  • 8 cylinders ( 48 )

Exterior Color

  • White ( 55 )
  • Silver ( 16 )
  • Gray ( 14 )
  • Black ( 13 )
  • Off White/Cream ( 11 )
  • Dark Blue ( 7 )
  • Dark Red ( 7 )
  • Light Blue ( 2 )
  • Dark Brown ( 1 )
  • Light Brown ( 1 )
  • Orange ( 1 )

Interior Color

  • Black ( 51 )
  • Gray ( 31 )
  • Dark Brown ( 5 )
  • Light Brown ( 5 )

Total Seating

  • 3 Seats ( 2 )
  • 5 Seats ( 45 )
  • 6 Seats ( 84 )

Comfort & Convenience

  • Adaptive Cruise Control ( 15 )
  • Audio And Cruise Controls On Steering Wheel ( 47 )
  • Auto Climate Control ( 7 )
  • Automatic Doors ( 6 )
  • Cooled Seats ( 7 )
  • Fold Flat Rear Seats ( 14 )
  • Heated Seats ( 47 )
  • Heated Steering Wheel ( 45 )
  • Keyless Entry Start ( 69 )
  • Leather Seats ( 39 )
  • Multi-zone Climate Control ( 39 )
  • Navigation ( 46 )
  • Power Driver Seat ( 54 )
  • Rain Sensing Wipers ( 19 )
  • Rear Bench Seats ( 15 )
  • Remote Start ( 44 )
  • Seat Memory ( 33 )
  • Telescopic Steering Wheel ( 1 )
  • Trip Computer ( 39 )
  • 360-Degree Camera ( 6 )
  • Alarm ( 30 )
  • Automatic Emergency Braking ( 52 )
  • Back-Up Camera ( 89 )
  • Blind Spot Monitoring ( 23 )
  • Lane Departure Warning ( 12 )
  • Occupant Sensing Airbag ( 15 )
  • Parking Sensors ( 52 )
  • Pre-Collision Safety System ( 10 )
  • Stability Control ( 61 )
  • Tire Pressure Warning ( 57 )

Engine & Exterior

  • AWD/4WD ( 81 )
  • Electronic Folding Mirrors ( 1 )
  • Heated Mirrors ( 59 )
  • Integrated Turn Signal Mirrors ( 52 )
  • Sunroof Moonroof ( 24 )
  • Towing Hitch ( 102 )
  • Upgraded Engine ( 44 )
  • Upgraded Headlights ( 50 )
  • Upgraded Tires ( 32 )


  • AUX Audio Inputs ( 89 )
  • Android Auto ( 15 )
  • Apple CarPlay ( 35 )
  • Bluetooth ( 91 )
  • Mobile Internet ( 32 )
  • Premium Audio ( 13 )
  • Rear Entertainment System ( 6 )
  • USB Inputs ( 13 )

Options & Packages

  • 220 Amp Alternator ( 35 )
  • 4.10 Axle Ratio ( 9 )
  • 50 Gallon Fuel Tank ( 10 )
  • 50 State Emissions ( 9 )
  • 5th Wheel/Gooseneck Towing Preparatory Group ( 50 )
  • 6-Speed Aisin AS69RC Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission ( 8 )
  • 6-Speed Automatic 68RFE Transmission ( 30 )
  • 6-Speed Automatic Aisin AS69RC Heavy Duty Transmission ( 23 )
  • 6.7L I6 Cummins High Output Turbodiesel Engine ( 24 )
  • 6.7L I6 Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine ( 13 )
  • 6.7L I6 Cummins Turbodiesel Engine ( 28 )
  • Adaptive Steering System ( 12 )
  • Auto Level Rear Air Suspension ( 12 )
  • Auxiliary Switches - Instrument Panel Mounted ( 20 )
  • Blind Spot and Cross Path Detection ( 13 )
  • Body Color Bumper Group ( 9 )
  • Center High Mount Stop Lamp w/Cargo View Camera ( 9 )
  • Center Stop Lamp w/Cargo View Camera ( 21 )
  • Chrome Appearance Group ( 17 )
  • Chrome Tubular Side Steps ( 8 )
  • Clearance Lamps ( 30 )
  • Cold Weather Group ( 30 )
  • Dual Alternators Rated At 440 Amps ( 13 )
  • Dual Rear Wheels ( 20 )
  • Engine Block Heater ( 18 )
  • Fog Lamps ( 8 )
  • Front & Rear Rubber Floor Mats ( 18 )
  • Front License Plate Bracket ( 17 )
  • Heavy Duty Snow Plow Prep Group ( 10 )
  • LED Bed Lighting ( 17 )
  • LT275/70R18E Outline White Lettering On/Off Road Tires ( 11 )
  • Laramie Level 2 Equipment Group ( 8 )
  • Leather Trimmed Bucket Seats ( 17 )
  • Limited Level 1 Equipment Group ( 10 )
  • ParkSense Rear Park Assist System ( 11 )
  • Power Sunroof ( 31 )
  • Protection Group ( 36 )
  • Quick Order Package 21H ( 12 )
  • Rear Wheelhouse Liners ( 9 )
  • Rear Window Defroster ( 13 )
  • Remote Start System ( 19 )
  • Safety Group ( 10 )
  • Single Disc Remote CD Player ( 10 )
  • Snow Chief Group ( 9 )
  • Spray In Bedliner ( 30 )
  • Towing Technology Group ( 18 )
  • Tradesman Level 2 Equipment Group ( 11 )
  • Trailer Brake Control ( 13 )
  • Transfer Case Skid Plate Shield (Fleet) ( 12 )
  • Uconnect 12.0" w/Navigation ( 10 )

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9th radio centre of Moscow, Elektrostal

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9th radio centre of Moscow – popular in the area (distance from the attraction)

Nearby attractions include: Park otdyha, Istoriko-hudozestvennyj muzej, Vystavocnyj zal, Park otdyha.

park otdyha elektrostal location map

Park otdyha, Elektrostal

30 min walk • Amusement, Amusement park

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Istoriko-hudozestvennyj muzej, Elektrostal

19 min walk • Museum

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Vystavocnyj zal, Elektrostal

17 min walk • Museum

park otdyha elektrostal location map

24 min walk • Amusement, Amusement park

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Shopping Center, Elektrostal

32 min walk • Shopping, Shopping centre

Rosatom Starts Life Tests of Third-Generation VVER-440 Nuclear Fuel

  • 16 June, 2020 / 13:00

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Gen 5 vs Fuel EX Gen 6

Which Fuel EX is right for you?

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Use the Bike Finder to narrow your choices, compare models, and find the Trek that’s right for you.

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  1. Trek Fuel EX 9.7 29 inch mountainbike Refurbished gebruikte fiets

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  1. Trek Fuel EX Bikes for sale

    Get the best deals on Trek Fuel EX Bikes when you shop the largest online selection at Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. ... Trek Fuel EX 8 14" Frame Rock Shox REBA Disc 3x9 Shimano XTR Suntour FS1. Pre-Owned · Trek. $1,249.99. $185.00 shipping. 44 watching.

  2. Trek Fuel EX For Sale, Reviews

    The Trek Fuel EX is as versatile as it is fun. Shop new or used Trek Fuel EX mountain bikes at the best prices from The Pro's Closet, including the 5, 9.7, 9.8, 9.9 & more! Find reviews, specs, and enjoy 30 day returns and hassle free shipping so you can start your next mountain adventure!

  3. Fuel EX 9.8 GX Gen 5

    Model 5259341. Retailer prices may vary. Fuel EX 9.8 combines a light full-carbon frame with parts chosen for the highest performance-to-price ratio. High-end 130mm rear and 140mm front FOX suspension with upgraded front and rear dampers, carbon wheels with a Rapid Drive rear hub, and SRAM's latest, widest-range drivetrain give this model an ...

  4. Fuel EX 9.8 XT Gen 6

    Fuel EX 9.8 XT Gen 6. $6,249.99. Model 5272261. Retailer prices may vary. Fuel EX 9.8 XT is an all-around trail bike that blends the light, smooth ride of a carbon frame with upgraded parts made for hard rides. Decked out with 150mm of front and 140mm rear FOX Performance suspension, you'll be ready to float through the chunder, while carbon ...

  5. Fuel EX 9.7 Gen 5

    Fuel EX 9.7 is our most affordable full suspension carbon trail bike. It pairs a lightweight, smooth-riding frame with a beefy 140mm FOX 36 fork and 130mm FOX Float Performance shock, Shimano SLX/XT drivetrain, and powerful 4-piston brakes for a fast, fun mountain bike that's a ripper now, and ripe for upgrades later. Compare.

  6. Trek Fuel EX 9.8 GX AXS Gen 6 Review

    The new Gen 6, Fuel EX 9.8 is the burliest, most versatile, and most capable Fuel yet; truly up for whatever you want to ride. Trek completely redesigned Fuel EX models for 2023, updating the geometry and suspension while adding a ton of adjustability. The big wheel trail bike still falls squarely in the mid-travel category with 140mm of rear ...

  7. Trek Fuel EX 9.8 GX Gen 5

    Details. Fuel EX 9.8 combines a light full-carbon frame with parts chosen for the highest performance-to-price ratio. High-end FOX suspension with upgraded front and rear dampers, carbon wheels with a Rapid Drive rear hub, and SRAM's latest, widest-range drivetrain give this model an extra edge you'll notice from the first pedal stroke.

  8. 2021 Trek Fuel Ex 9.9 Frame For Sale

    Still For Sale: Sold View Count: 778 Watch Count: 4 . For Sale: 2021 Carbon Trek Fuel Ex 9.9, Size Medium frame only. I'm the 2nd owner. Purchased on Pinkbike about 8 months ago.

  9. Trek Fuel EX 9.9

    Details. Fuel EX 9.9 makes no compromises. A carbon frame, carbon wheels, SRAM's X01 Eagle 1x12 drivetrain, and FOX Factory Float suspension make this the one carbon full suspension mountain bike that rules every trail. It's fast on singletrack, light on climbs, and stable through the rowdiest terrain you can find.

  10. Fuel EX 9.9

    Model 588703. Retailer prices may vary. Fuel EX 9.9 makes no compromises. A carbon frame, carbon wheels, SRAM's X01 Eagle 1x12 drivetrain, and FOX Factory Float suspension make this the one carbon full suspension mountain bike that rules every trail. It's fast on singletrack, light on climbs, and stable through the rowdiest terrain you can find.

  11. Bike Test: Trek Fuel EX 9

    The Fuel EX has routing for a RockShox Reverb Stealth seatpost with a remote actuation hose that routes through the frame and connects at the bottom of the seatpost rather than at the head. The EX9 doesn't use that routing and instead comes with the standard Reverb seatpost (with its hose that connects to the seatpost head and routs externally).

  12. Trek Fuel EX 9.9 X01 Mountain Bike

    Shop the Trek Fuel EX 9.9 X01 Mountain Bike - 2021, Medium at The Pro's Closet! Find the largest selection of CERTIFIED Pre-Owned bikes, all of which undergo a 141-point inspection and come with our Guaranteed BuyBack program! ... New Arrivals New Frames Used Bike Frames Hot Items Rare Finds Sale Frames Frames Under $1000 Build Your ENVE By ...

  13. Trek Fuel EX 9.9 X01 AXS

    Brand: Trek, Product: Fuel EX 9.9 X01 AXS. Fuel EX 9.9 makes no compromises. Top-shelf suspension, carbon everything, and SRAM's latest X01 Eagle AXS wireless drivetrain make this ripper ready to rule any trail in style. ... A light and stiff OCLV Mountain Carbon frame with internal storage, FOX Factory suspension with Kashima Coat and an ...

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    Don't confuse Fuel EX 9.7 with other value carbon models on the market—this bike provides an outstanding frame and suspension, with a workhorse drivetrain and wheels ... SALE. Bontrager Foray Mountain Bike Shoe $59.99 - $149.99 | $149.99 . ... Trek's all-new Straight Shot frame design featuring Knock Block frame defense optimizes stiffness ...

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    Get the best deals for trek fuel ex 9.8 at We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Skip to main content ... New Listing Used 2020 Trek Fuel Ex XTR 9.9, Rage Red, Medium Frame, Good Conditions. Opens in a new window or tab. Pre-Owned. $3,900.00. wilcav_55 (2) 0%. 0 bids · Time ...

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    Used Ram 3500 by Year. Save up to $12,750 on one of 122 used Ram 3500s in Moscow, ID. Find your perfect car with Edmunds expert reviews, car comparisons, and pricing tools.

  18. 9th radio centre of Moscow, Elektrostal

    The 9th radio centre of Moscow was a high power shortwave and medium wave broadcasting facility at Elektrostal near Moscow.Its broadcasting frequency was 873 kHz with a transmission power of up to 1200 kilowatts. It was also used as radio jammer of "unwanted" stations.

  19. Fuel EX 9 29

    2017 Trek Fuel EX 9 29. Frame Alpha Platinum Aluminum, ABP, Boost148, Knock Block steerer stop, Full Floater, EVO link, E2 tapered head tube, Mino Link, Control Freak internal routing, down tube guard, PF92, ISCG 05, G2 Geometry, 130mm

  20. Rosatom Starts Life Tests of Third-Generation VVER-440 Nuclear Fuel

    16 June, 2020 / 13:00. 10 704. OKB Gidropress research and experiment facility, an enterprise of Rosatom machinery division Atomenergomash, has started life tests of a mock-up of the third-generation nuclear fuel RK3+ for VVER-440 reactors. The work is carried out within the contract between TVEL Fuel Company of Rosatom and Czech power company ...

  21. Fuel EX

    Trail mountain bikes. Fuel EX. Fuel EX is your go-to full suspension bike for doing it all every day. From epic big mountain rides on the weekend to rowdy local trails after work, Fuel EX is there for all your ups and downs. Choose from the lighter 130/140mm Fuel EX Gen 5 with better parts for the price or the more robust 140/150mm Fuel EX Gen ...