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Welcome To Jomtien C omplex, Pattaya .

The official website – jomtiencomplex.com.

Experience the trip of a lifetime to one of Asia’s top gay destinations. Located just South of Pattaya city and only a few minutes walk from the world famous Dongtan Gay Beach, there is nowhere better to come when visiting Thailand. Here at the official Jomtien Complex website, we keep visitors and expats informed of current news, parties and events happening throughout the year.

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Where to find us ..

Located in the area of Jomtien Beach, only 2km south of Pattaya city, Jomtien Complex is easily accessible from Pattaya and Bangkok. If you in Pattaya, you can get to Jomtien Complex on the main Baht Bus route for only 10 Baht. If you are in Bangkok, specifically Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) there is a bus directly to Jomtien Bus Station which is only 200 meters away. The bus fair is 143 Baht and it takes approximately 2 hours. More information and timetables can be found on their website.

The Official Map Of Jomtien Complex .

Finding a specific venue can be a little tricky for first time visitors, or even returning tourists and expats. Things can change very quickly. In 2023 alone 2 new gay bars have opened their doors and the changes since 2020 have been huge. We maintain a comprehensive map of all the bars, cabarets, hotels, restaurants and massage shops located inside Jomtien Complex. Their are more gay establishments in the surrounding area of Jomtien, and also in greater Pattaya. For information on gay Pattaya please visit GayInPattaya .

Jomtien Complex Map June 2023

Recent News

Jomtien Complex Hotels in 2023

Jomtien Complex Hotels in 2023

Mar 24, 2023 | News

For many people visiting Jomtien Complex, staying as central to the action as possible is important. This is especially true for first time visitors. There are a number of Jomtien Complex Hotels to choose from, each with their pros & cons. Let us give you our...

Jomtien Complex Supertown Thriving In 2023

Jomtien Complex Supertown Thriving In 2023

Mar 8, 2023 | News

Thailand has long been a popular tourist destination, and Pattaya, in particular, has become a hub for gay travellers. While Bangkok and Phuket offer gay visitors great experiences, Pattaya is the place to be in 2023. The post-covid rise of Jomtien Complex Supertown...

At Home Bar Jomtien Complex

Now the largest open air bar, @Home Bar is a great place to start your evening, or possibly end it…

Sun Bar Jomtien Complex

Having a reputation as a bit of a party place, most nights of the week you will  see a busy bar with dancing staff and…

Double Shot Bar Jomtien Complex

Double Shot

Relocating from Sunee Plaza to Jomtien Complex in 2022, Double Shot has a history and good reputation with expats…

Jomtien Complex Gay Bars

There are now over 30 bars for you to grab a drink, from the small and quiet to large and loud.

M2M Bar Club Cabaret Jomtien Complex

M2M Bar Club Cabaret

M2M Bar has a fantastic show starting at 22:00 every night. Expect extravagant costumes, entertaining songs and some sexy…

The Venue Cabaret Jomtien Complex

The Venue Cabaret

At 21:45 six nights a week a fantastic show beings at The Venue. A fantastic and entertaining show with very handsome boys and…

Cabaret Bars

Every night experience fantastic cabaret entertainment in the heart of Jomtien Complex.

The Agate Pattaya Boutique Resort

Agate Resort

Located in the heart of Jomtien Complex, The Agate Pattata Boutique Resort provides 4 star luxury…

Zing Resort Spa

Zing Resort

Seen by many as a more budget hotel option in Jomtien, Zing Resort & Spa has modern, simple rooms…

Poseidon Hotel Jomtien Complex

Poseidon Hotel

A very nice small hotel at the entrance to Jomtien Comlex. The rooms are modern and the restaurant…

Jomtien Complex Hotels & Apartments

A handful of hotels for varied budgets can be found inside Jomtien Complex.

Dolce Vita Jomtien Complex

Located in the centre of the main bar street, Dolce Vita is an open air  German eatery…

Krua Nong Nong Jomtien Complex

Krua Nong Nong

If you are in the mood for some good Thai food, this is the spot. Outside seating at this small kiosk restaurant…

yupins jomtien complex

A small inside and air-conditioned restaurant located in the heart of the bar area. Serving a mix of…

If you are craving some Thai food, or maybe Western comforts, you won’t go hungry in here.

soda massage jomtien complex

Soda Massage

The largest and newly refurbished massage shop in Jomtien Complex. Great facilities and a large selection…

Thai Blind Massage Jomtien Complex

Thai Blind Massage

A massage spa with a fantactic reputation though-out Pattaya. Offering great value massage services by extremely well…

Foxy Smile Massage Jomtien Complex

Foxy Smile Massage

Located next door to #1 Heath Massage, with a very similar offering of treatments, Foxy Smile always has a number…

Massage Spas

Relax and unwind in one of the excellent massage spas in Jomtien Complex .

Gay travel

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travel gay asia pattaya

Pattaya - dirty, naughty and coyote

Pattaya is very remarkable city, one of the most popular Asian resort, one of the fastest growing cities in Thailand . Possible to fall in love with Pattaya and possible to begin to hate it, but indifferent to itself Pattaya wound't leave.

The city is well known in the gay community today. If you are still not in the know, then we offer a small overview of the sex resort number 1 in the world.

Public transport

Taxi and motorbike taxi, intercity buses, train connection, flight connection.

  • Pattaya's beaches

Pattaya's tourist activities

Pattaya's gay community, pattaya gay map, pattaya gay spots, general information.

Pattaya is the medium-sized resort city located 165 kilometers to the southeast of Bangkok on coast of the Gulf of Thailand in Chonburi province. The city recently received a status of an independent settlement, earlier was a part of Bang Lamung village.

The population of the city is about 116,000 registered residents (according to 2015 data). But this figure does not include a huge number of people who have come to work and numerous tourists, who however live in the city permanently. According to one estimate, the real population of Pattaya is 300,000, and on the other, more than 500,000. The bulk of the resident population is indigenous Thais. And most of them are migrants from other Thai provinces, mainly from the Isan region (northeast of the country). Therefore, in the city there are many restaurants with Isan cuisine, often there are events for residents from Isan.

Transport in Pattaya

Public transport in Pattaya is the so-called songthaew. Songthaew is an indoor pickup truck adapted to carry passengers. In Pattaya they are also called tuk-tuk. There are two benches on the sides of the pickup where passengers sit. To catch the tuk-tuk enough to wave a hand. To stop the tuk-tuk you need to press the call button on the ceiling or above your heads. The fare depending on the distance is 10-20 baht. Attention! If you make agreement about your point's destination with a tuk-tuk driver, it automatically means that you take tuk-tuk as the taxi. A payment from you will be taken like for the taxi. For using the tuk-tuk as public transportation don't say anything to the driver.

Pattaya has plenty air-conditioned taxi sedans same in Bangkok. But to agree with the driver to pay by a counter like in Bangkok is almost impossible. All drivers are set up to levy a rate accepted in Pattaya: twice or tripled more than can be by the counter. Motorbike taxi is very popular transport among local and tourists. This type of taxi is not afraid of any jam and motorbike quickly and with a breeze whisk off you to any part of Pattaya. Taxi drivers are easily find by colored vests: red, yellow, green. The rate starts from 40 baht. But for a short distance price can be lower.

From the North Bus Terminal of Pattaya buses leave to Bangkok’s Mochit Bus Station, to the east bus terminal Ekkamai and to the southern bus terminal Southern. The ticket costs from 112 baht. There are also buses from the Pattaya North Bus Terminal to Bangkok’s international airport Suvarnabhumi. There are other bus terminals in Pattaya. One of them is located near the intersection of Central Road and Sukumvit Road. From that terminal buses run to the eastern region of the country (Isan). Close to Jomtien, not far from the intersection Thepprasit and Thapphraya Road, is another terminal, from where buses run to Suvarnaphumi International Airport. From several points of the city go minivans to the capital and other cities of Thailand. So with the city's bus service everything is all right.

Few people know, but there is a railway station in Pattaya, which is located behind Sukhumvit Road. This station serves the only train Bangkok - Sattahip, which runs on weekdays. In this train, only third-class carriages with no windows and air conditioning with seats are provided. The duration of the train ride from Bangkok to Pattaya is 4 hours, and the cost is only 31 baht. The train is not popular even among locals.

Pattaya even has its own Utapao airport located 40 km from the city. Utapao takes aircraft from thai cities as well as international scheduled flights and charters. A significant drawback of the airport is the lack of bus service to Pattaya. AirAsia, which operates several flights from Utapao, organizes a carriage of passengers by minivans. Taxi to the airport costs 800 baht which exceeds the cost of some air tickets. Much more convenient to get to Suvarnabhumi which is organized by regular bus service.

Pattaya beaches

There are four main beaches in Pattaya: Central Beach (Pattaya Beach), North Beach (Naklua or Wongamat), Jomtien Beach and Najomtien Beach. But we conditionally allocate the fifth beach - gay beach , where gay people love to enjoy infront of sea.

Unfortunately, a seacoast recreation in Pattaya leaves much to be desired: sea is muddy, sand is coarse and muddy yellow and the beaches are narrow and quite littered. At a rising tide in the water can be found garbage like plastic bags, condoms, pantyliners. On top of that at the hot and rainy seasons the sea is very warm that does't refresh and there are jellyfishes that can touch and burn you badly.

If you're a fan of swim and sunbathe, your gay holiday in Pattaya would be greatly damaged, but here is a solution to this problem. There are some beautiful islands near Pattaya. And the closest and most popular island is Koh Larn. From a central pier named Balihai you can take a ferryboat just 30 baht for one way. From the Balihai you can buy the ticket for speed boat that will take you right to the beach (only 300 bath for two way ticket). In addition, you can take a boat right from the beach close to your hotel, which will take you to any island.

Tourist holiday in Pattaya is put on a grand scale and there you can find entertainment for any style. For those who like to gaze at unusual exotic things tropical gardens, tiger, snake, crocodile farms, villages with elephants, floating markets, water parks, museums are created there. First-class oceanarium Underwater World with all inhabitants of the Gulf of Thailand invites tourist to show the sea life. In the garden of million-year-old stones you can fish for crocodiles, take pictures with pandas and tigers. Special attention is given to the tropical garden Nong Nooch: there are mini-copies of russian Peterhof, french Versailles and english Stonehenge, as well as a greenhouse of orchids, elephant shows and many many other interesting things.

Cabaret and travesty fans can go to admire the Tiffany, Alcazar or Colosseum show. Actresses are striking with their beauty and femininity. Even the most meticulous won't find male traits. Well, if you're looking for something hotter, Pattaya has a lot of go-go bars that make ping-pong shows.

A panoramic views on the city can be seen from Prathurmak Hill which is located between South Pattaya and Jomtien. The one of biggest buddhism temple in Pattaya Wat Khao Phra Bat is on Prathurmak Hill as well. Also on the hill local Thais and expats do sports (mostly jogging).

Prathurmak Hill recently has become a cruising place for gay males who love outdoor sex. In the aforementioned context the hill got a specific name Magic Mountain. For those who like an active vacation type Pattaya has everything you need: a few dozen golf clubs, tennis courts, riding schools, water scooter and quad bike races, scuba diving, parasailing over the sea, numerous fitness clubs and many more.

Pattaya has received the title of the best sex city already. Probably it's destined to become the best gay destination? Time will tell ... But even today entertainments for LGBT in Pattaya are presented for the most various and exacting style.

There are three gay areas in Pattaya where an abundance of supplies not always find an appropriate demand. And for such a small city Pattaya three areas is more than enough. The first, and most famous area, is Boyz Town located in the central part near Walking Street. There are a few gay bars and pubs, restaurants, massage shops, small sauna with gym, hotels and plenty go-go bars.

The second gay area is Sunee Plaza located in South Pattaya within intricate sois and hidden from tourist eyes. But for the curious seeker, a pink travel connoisseur, to find that is not difficult.

The third Pattaya gay area is Jomtien Complex was found relatively recently. The first gay venues there were opened at the end of 90th years. That place hasn't got an extra popularity, but there always quiet and peaceful that draws visitors who get tired of noise and vanity. Near Jomtien Complex, just in a five minute walk distance, the gay beach is located.

Two night clubs (disco) for our brother today are opened in Pattaya. The first disco and the most popular, Nab , is situated close to cabaret Alcazar (behind Macdonald's). The second disco, Muze club, was opened recently and there mostly local guys hang out.

Well, and of course, we should tell you about the world famous sauna for men Sansuk . It's a small and cozy gay sauna was loved by so many gay travellers that warms their hearts with sweet memories even years later.

We suggest you to use the map of gay Pattaya where we marked all spots and venues for LGBT which we only could find. Click on marker to open popup and find details of spot.

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The Most LGBT-Friendly Places to Visit in Thailand

Pattaya bar street

Thailand is widely considered a gay paradise and for good reason. Hot on the global LGBT travel destination list, Thailand is a welcoming country for gay travellers. We’ve put together our favourite LGBT friendly places to visit in the Land of Smiles.

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Bangkok is not only Thailand’s capital it is also known as the ‘gay capital of Asia.’ Bangkok’s nightlife is intense and magical. There are also numerous activities and attractions for gay and lesbian travellers to explore. For a pool with a view stay at the luscious Amara Bangkok Hotel.

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Bangkok skyline

Pattaya is not only famous for its nightlife , it also has two of Thailand’s most popular gay beaches, Dongtan Beach and Jomtien Beach. Pattaya’s gay scene is alive and colourful, check out BoyzTown district for gay bars, massage shops, restaurants and accommodation options. If you are travelling with your partner or looking for someone new, you’re bound to have a fantastic time in Pattaya.

travel gay asia pattaya

Dongtan Beach, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri, Thailand

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Jomtien Beach, หาดจอมเทียน, Chon Buri, Thailand

Pattaya bar street

Thailand’s second most popular destination for gay travellers is the tropical island paradise of Phuket. Patong is considered the gay hub of the island with plenty of bars and clubs to party the night away. With direct international flight links, Phuket is also very easy to get to.

Palai Bay, Phuket

For beach and nature lovers, Krabi is the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday. Ao Nang and Railay Beach are particularly popular with stunning beaches and fun night life. For those looking for a little more adventure, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, rock climbing or exploring nearby islands are fun ways to spend the days.

Hong Island, Krabi

Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is most famous for its Full Moon Parties that attract gay travellers from all around the world. The Full Moon Parties attract thousands of people and are held every month on Haad Rin beach. Koh Phangan is also a stunningly beautiful island to explore or just relax on a crescent white sand beach. Most beaches are gay-friendly with Bottle Beach, Salad Beach and Haad Yao Beach being amongst the most popular. There are also two gay bars on the island, For You and Alcove, along with a host of beach-side bars.

For You, 145/1 Moo 1, Koh Phangan , Surat Thani 84280, Tambon Ko Pha-ngan, Amphoe Ko Pha-ngan, ST 84280, Thailand

Haad Rin, Ban Tai, Ko Pha-ngan District, Surat Thani, Thailand

Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan

Koh Samui offers its gay travellers a more chilled, relaxed holiday atmosphere than its neighbour Koh Phangan. Koh Samui is renowned for its luxury accommodation options and beautiful beaches. Choose to stay at the Absolute Sanctuary to nourish mind, body and soul. This stunning wellness resort is also only six kilometers away from Bo Put, the center of the islands gay scene. Absolute Sanctuary, Koh Samui

travel gay asia pattaya

Koh Samui | © Stephanie Kraus/Flickr

Looking for an exclusive honeymoon or anniversary getaway? Ko Kut’s vibe is exotic, tropical and romantic, all the necessary ingredients for an unforgettable holiday.

Koh Kut

Chiang Mai, which is also known as the ‘jewel of the north’, has a thriving and diverse gay scene. Check out the cities go-go bars, cabaret venues, gay-friendly nightclubs, saunas and massage shops. Chiang Mai also has a bunch of exciting sightseeing and activity options waiting to be explored.

Chiang Mai cabaret show

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Increasingly we believe the world needs more meaningful, real-life connections between curious travellers keen to explore the world in a more responsible way. That is why we have intensively curated a collection of premium small-group trips as an invitation to meet and connect with new, like-minded people for once-in-a-lifetime experiences in three categories: Culture Trips, Rail Trips and Private Trips. Our Trips are suitable for both solo travelers, couples and friends who want to explore the world together.

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Gay Travel 4u

Circuit Festival Asia 2024

The biggest international gay circuit event comes to Pattaya in Asia in June.

travel gay asia pattaya

Event Dates

From: Friday, June 7, 2024 To: Sunday, June 9, 2024

Key Higlights

  • Lots of Hot Boys
  • 4 massive parties
  • legendary WATER PARK DAY

Plan Ahead!

The best hotels in Pattaya fill fast To get the best deals and save up to 70% Book your hotel early

The biggest international gay event will arrive in Pattaya, Thailand to offer the ultimate gay dance festival getaway with 4 massive parties. Visiting for the Circuit Festival? Hotels book out well in advance so book early . Stay at The Zign , a 5 star on Pattaya North, one kilometre from the centre, and host of the parties on the beach, the pool and in the ballroom  The Parties Awaiting lineup, venues and theme for the 2024 edition. The creators of Asia’s biggest parties – WHITE PARTY BANGKOK & S2O Songkran Music Festival, have teamed up with the producers of the World’s biggest international gay event – Circuit Festival Barcelona – to produce a party of epic proportions; Circuit Festival Asia. Parties typically run from Friday through to Sunday and feature world-famous guest DJs from the circuit scene, the hottest GoGos from Asia and Europe and the sexiest guys from across the world, ready to party. Previous events have included Pervert, AfterSun, Meat Market and La Leche. Book your room at the host hotel now. Gay Pattaya Pattaya is one of Thailand’s most famous party destinations and has a large selection of gogo bars, cabaret shows, karaoke nights and dance clubs. Dongtan, Pattaya gay beach is one of the most popular attractions and is just a two hour drive from Bangkok , making it the perfect beach escape. Dongtan has a vibrant gay scene with most of the gay bars located in the Jomtien Complex . Bars tend to come and go and the scene is ever changing, but there is a bustling vibe and great party atmosphere. Looking for a highly-rated alternative to the host hotel? Stay at the  Navana Nature Escape Extra Plus , rated “Fabulous” by guests and just a short walk to the parties. Trending Hotels in Pattaya The following hotels are currently trending with our readers. All are close to the gay bars and clubs and have high ratings: AVANI ,    Baraquda ,    The Agate ,    Rabbit Resort

Recommended Hotels

Where to stay close to all the gay bars. Our top 4 selections with the best rates .

Where we stay!

Bann Souy gay resort is located halfway between Jomtien Beach and BoyzTown

Official Website

For further information and advice on Circuit Festival Asia visit  Facebook

Gay Map of Pattaya

Pattaya is one of Asia’s largest seaside resorts and the second most visited city in Thailand, after Bangkok. Located on the Eastern Gulf Coast of Thailand, about 150 km from Bangkok, Pattaya is famous for its nightlife, go-go bars and cabaret entertainment.

The city of Pattaya is divided into these major areas:

North Pattaya is located to the northern end of Pattaya Beach and extends inland to North Pattaya Road. Location of the Sanctuary of Truth. It is generally a quieter area.

Central Pattaya is very busy and is close to the middle of Pattaya Beach, extending inland to Central Pattaya Road. Known as ‘Beach Road’, the area is home to shops, entertainment and nightlife including the gay “BoyzTown”.

South Pattaya is a very popular section starts from the southern end of Pattaya Beach and extends inland to South Pattaya Road. The area includes Pattayaland and The Walking Street. The famous Jomtien area that includes the Dongtan gay beach and Jomtien Complex is located just next to South Pattaya.

Recommended Hotels in Pattaya By Booking

Book with confidence. Get the best Prices from our partner Booking.com We have chosen hotels in Pattaya that keep you close to all the shops,restaurants & bars

Avani Pattaya Resort 5 Star, Luxury

Avani Pattaya Resort - SHA Extra Plus

Located in Pattaya city centre, Avani Pattaya Resort boasts a 650 m² outdoor pool and a spa. Spacious rooms feature a private balcony with sea, pool or garden views. Free WiFi. Contemporary rooms feature luxurious comforters and pillows. A minibar, slippers and a flat-screen cable TV with cable channels ,bath and shower facilities. Tea and coffee facilities

Hotel Baraquda Pattaya 5 Star, Readers Choice

' title=

Baraquda Pattaya offers stylish and luxurious accommodation with free WiFi. It has a spa, fitness room and a large outdoor pool. There are 5 F&B options, including in-house mixologists and a rooftop lounge. Each room offers fitted with fine beddings and furnishings. They have a flat-screen TV with cable channels, an iPod dock and a minibar. an electric

Rabbit Resort Pattaya 4 Star, Great Value

Rabbit Resort Pattaya-Sha Extra Plus

Located on Dongtan Beach of Pattaya, Rabbit Resort features Thai-style resort set on lush tropical gardens. It offers free Wi-Fi, two outdoor pools. Other facilities include a restaurant and a 24-hour front desk. Rooms are air-conditioned, and equipped with a cable TV, refrigerator, a kitchen and coffee/tea making facilities. Located with a forest or pool view, close to the ocean.

The Agate Pattaya 4 Star, Location

' title=

Set in Jomtien and 300 m from the beach, The Agate Pattaya Boutique Resort boasts 2 outdoor pool and a sun terrace. Free WiFi access is available. All rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV, air conditioning and a safety deposit box. Some room types also have a balcony with pool views. Every room is comes with a private bathroom equipped with a shower, free toiletries and a hairdryer.

Video Of Circuit Festival Asia

Circuit Festival Asia 2018 – Official Aftermovie

' title=

Other Events in June

travel gay asia pattaya

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travel gay asia pattaya

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Sao Paulo Gay Pride

Sao Paulo Gay Pride

TNW Pride Festival São Paulo

TNW Pride Festival Sao Paulo

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travel gay asia pattaya

Queer In The World

Gay Thailand Uncovered: Top Destinations And Tips For Queer Travelers! 🇹🇭

Posted on Last updated: October 13, 2023

Categories Thailand , Gay Travel Guide

Gay Thailand Uncovered: Top Destinations And Tips For Queer Travelers! 🇹🇭

Queer travel expert Jack Kenworthy turns 250+ city adventures into your guide for safe, vibrant, and inclusively fabulous global journeys.

Ah, Thailand! A mosaic of golden temples, cerulean beaches, and bustling cities where the sound of tuk-tuks mingles with the scent of spicy street food. But, for the discerning queer traveler, Gay Thailand offers more than just a postcard-perfect vacation. It beckons with a promise of acceptance and a celebration of diversity, creating a vibrant tapestry rich in culture, tradition, and inclusivity.

Delve deeper into the political heart of Gay Thailand, and you’ll find a progressive nation leading the way in Southeast Asia. While many Asian countries grapple with LGBTQ+ rights, Thailand has consistently championed the queer cause. Though there’s still work to be done, the kingdom has taken significant steps towards marriage equality and transgender rights, establishing itself as a safe haven for many in the LGBTQ+ community.

Venture into the neon-lit streets of Bangkok , and you’ll discover why Gay Thailand is synonymous with electric nightlife. From the swanky rooftop bars overlooking the city’s skyline to the pulsating beats of Silom’s gay clubs, there’s an effervescent energy that captures the spirit of freedom and acceptance. And while the capital remains a major LGBTQ+ hotspot, don’t miss out on the laid-back vibes of Pattaya or the idyllic beaches of Phuket , where queer-friendly establishments are plentiful.

But beyond these kaleidoscopic experiences, the true allure of Gay Thailand lies in the heartwarming stories of its queer citizens. From vivacious drag performers and hardworking activists to everyday locals navigating their own coming-of-age tales, their narratives are woven into the country’s fabric. Their resilience and joy serve as a testament to Thailand’s unique place in the global LGBTQ+ landscape.

In a world where acceptance can sometimes feel like an oasis in a desert, Gay Thailand stands tall as a beacon of hope. With its delicate blend of ancient traditions and modern sensibilities, it remains a magnetic destination for LGBTQ+ wanderers, inviting them to not just witness but to become a part of its enchanting story. So, pack your bags and set your compass towards a journey that promises memories, merriment, and a deep sense of belonging.

Gay Thailand - LBGT Thailand - Queer Thailand Travel Guide

In this article we will cover...

History Of LGBT Rights In Thailand

The lgbt legal situation in thailand, the lgbt social situation in thailand, trans rights in thailand, the future for the queer community in thailand, protect yourself while travelling in gay thailand, best gay destinations in thailand.

Thailand has a long-standing history of LGBT acceptance, with the documentation of homosexuality dating back to the Ayutthaya period (1351 to 1767). Samutthakhot Kham Chan (สมุทรโฆษคำฉันท์), a Thai literature from Ayuttaya times, mentions lesbian relationships among the concubines in the royal palace.

In recent years, Thailand has made significant progress in legal protections and positive societal attitudes towards the LGBT community. The enactment of a comprehensive anti-discrimination law in 2015 covered both sexual orientation and gender identity and marked a pivotal step forward.

For travelers, the main cities like Bangkok , Chiang Mai , and Phuket are known to be more accepting and inclusive of LGBT individuals. However, it is essential to be cautious and vigilant, as situations may change, and not all areas or individuals may share the same level of acceptance. Remember to seek up-to-date information and advice before traveling, as outdated information may not accurately represent the current situation.

Thailand boasts several LGBT advocacy groups, including organizations like the Anjaree Foundation and the Thai Transgender Alliance . These groups work to further protect and promote LGBT rights and inclusion in the country. While there have been significant advancements in legal protections, there is still room for growth, such as the push for legal recognition of same-sex marriage and families.

It is vital for both local people and tourists to remain connected with the current situation as changes and challenges may arise. As a visitor in Thailand, it is crucial to respect and follow local laws and customs while being mindful of personal safety. Recognize that, like in any country, there may be individuals who are not supportive or accepting.

Remember, be vigilant, stay informed, and enjoy the rich cultural experience that Thailand has to offer to its LGBT community and travelers!

Gay Thailand - LBGT Thailand - Queer Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand is often seen as a paradise for LGBT tourists; however, the situation for locals may not be as tolerant. The legal landscape for the LGBT community is complex. Both male and female same-sex sexual activity is legal in the country, but same-sex couples and households headed by same-sex couples do not have the same legal protections as opposite-sex couples.

When traveling to Thailand, it is essential to understand that the situation can change rapidly, and information might become outdated. Therefore, always seek current advice before you embark on your journey. While you’re in the country, remain vigilant, as bad actors can be found everywhere.

In the main cities, like Bangkok and Chiang Mai, locals are more accepting and open-minded towards the LGBT community. However, some rural areas may not be as welcoming. When visiting these locations, be cautious and respect their culture.

As for the safety of LGBT travelers, taking precautions and staying informed about the local scene is highly recommended. Connecting with LGBT advocacy groups in Thailand, such as the Thai Transgender Alliance or The Anjaree Group , can provide additional information and support during your stay.

In conclusion, the legal situation of LGBT rights in Thailand is a mix of progress and setbacks. The country has a long way to go in terms of equal rights and protections. But, with the enthusiastic attitude of the Thai people and the continuous work of LGBT advocacy groups, we can hope for a brighter and more inclusive future. Always remember to stay informed, be cautious, and enjoy your time in the beautiful country of Thailand!

Gay Thailand - LBGT Thailand - Queer Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand is often perceived as a welcoming and inclusive country for LGBT+ individuals, especially among tourists. Visitors frequenting major cities such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai may find thriving LGBT+ scenes with many bars, clubs, and other entertainment venues catering to this community. However, it is essential to understand that local LGBT+ individuals may still face challenges in their daily lives that tourists might not experience.

Although Thailand has decriminalized same-sex sexual activity, broader legal protections for the local LGBT+ community are still lacking—such as anti-discrimination laws or legal recognition of same-sex relationships. This missing legal framework can create constraints and limitations for Thai LGBT+ individuals in various aspects, including work, education, and at home.

In terms of safety, it is always important to remain cautious and vigilant. While many parts of Thailand may seem perfectly safe for LGBT+ tourists, bad actors can be present in any country. Be aware of your surroundings and follow local advice, as situations can change quickly. If you are unsure about your safety, consult with up-to-date resources or get in touch with local LGBT advocacy groups for guidance.

Some notable LGBT advocacy groups in Thailand include the Anjaree Foundation , which focuses on lesbian rights, and the Rainbow Sky Association of Thailand, a group that works on promoting the rights of all LGBT+ individuals. If you are looking to connect with locals, gain insights into the community, or seek guidance, they may provide valuable information on both the vibrant scenes and the challenges faced by LGBT+ individuals in the country.

To stay informed, it’s important to always seek current advice before traveling, as information can become outdated quickly. Additionally, while visiting Thailand, remain respectful of local customs and traditions, as doing so will contribute positively to your experience and interactions with the LGBT+ community.

So, while Thailand may appear to be an exciting and inclusive destination for LGBT+ tourists, bear in mind that there is still work to be done regarding the local social situation. Stay informed, respect local culture, and support those actively working towards achieving broader LGBT+ rights in Thailand.

Gay Thailand - LBGT Thailand - Queer Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand is often perceived as a progressive country when it comes to LGBT rights. The vibrant and accepting lifestyle, particularly in the main cities like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket, creates an exciting atmosphere for both local and international LGBT individuals. However, despite the relative social acceptance, Thai law still has room for improvement when it comes to trans rights.

Transgender people in Thailand face significant challenges in obtaining legal recognition for their gender identity. This lack of legal protection makes them vulnerable to various forms of discrimination, impacting their ability to access education, employment, and healthcare.

When traveling in Thailand, it’s essential to stay up-to-date on the current situation concerning LGBT rights and remain vigilant. Situations can change quickly, and it’s advisable to seek advice from local LGBT advocacy groups – such as the Thai Transgender Alliance – before setting off on your journey.

As a visitor, you can play a role in supporting the local LGBT community by showing respect and understanding. Be cautious of bad actors who may take advantage of travelers, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. If necessary, take steps to protect yourself and make connections with supportive individuals and organizations.

In conclusion, while Thailand has made progress in recent years, there’s still work to be done to ensure legal protections and equal rights for transgender individuals. It’s essential for both locals and tourists to stay informed, remain vigilant, and support the ongoing efforts of LGBT advocacy groups in the country.

Gay Thailand - LBGT Thailand - Queer Thailand Travel Guide

The future of LGBT rights in Thailand seems promising, especially with the increase in feminist and LGBTQ+ protests since 2020. The country has started gaining international recognition as an LGBTQ+-friendly destination. The Tourism Authority of Thailand has even launched a global project entitled “ Go Thai Be Free ” to encourage LGBTQ+ tourists from around the world and raise its profile as an LGBTQ+-friendly country.

While tourists may experience a welcoming atmosphere, it is essential to understand that the local LGBTQ+ community might still face challenges. Although some cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai are more progressive, individuals in smaller regions could encounter resistance or discrimination. It is crucial for tourists and locals alike to stay vigilant and be aware of potential risks.

To ensure an informed and safe trip, travelers should seek up-to-date information and advice from reliable sources, including LGBT advocacy groups in Thailand, such as the Thai Transgender Alliance. Situations can change fast, and it is best to stay informed and proactive.

While exploring the vibrant culture and nightlife of cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai, maintaining a cautious mindset and being respectful of local customs and traditions will allow you to have the best experience possible. Recognize that situations may change in various regions and adapt accordingly.

In conclusion, the future of LGBT rights in Thailand looks optimistic, with encouraging initiatives and a welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ tourists. As you embark on this exciting journey, always remain vigilant to ensure a memorable and safe adventure. Remember to engage with advocacy groups for up-to-date information and advice, respect local customs, and, most importantly, enjoy the vibrant and diverse culture that Thailand has to offer.

Gay Thailand - LBGT Thailand - Queer Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand may be an exciting destination for LGBTQ+ tourists, but it’s crucial to understand the differences in experiences for local LGBTQ+ individuals and visitors to the country. While Bangkok is often seen as an LGBTQ+ paradise, the rights and protections for locals might be less tolerant compared to what tourists encounter.

To ensure your safety and enjoyment while visiting Thailand, consider taking a few precautions and staying informed about the current situation. Start by researching the most up-to-date information on LGBTQ+ rights and changes in the political landscape, as this information can change quickly, and outdated sources might provide inaccurate guidance.

When traveling to Thailand, it is always a good idea to stay vigilant and be aware of your surroundings, just as you would in any other country. As there are bad actors everywhere, it’s essential to exercise caution and be mindful of your actions.

Familiarize yourself with local LGBTQ+ advocacy groups in Thailand, such as the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Human Rights Watch . These organizations work towards promoting equal rights and protection for LGBTQ+ individuals and can provide valuable resources for travelers looking for advice and current information.

Take note of the experiences in main cities like Bangkok and other prominent locations mentioned in your research. Understand that there can be significant differences in LGBTQ+ rights and experiences within different regions and cities.

Remember to approach all situations with excitement while being cautious about your safety as you experience the vibrant culture and welcoming nature of Thailand. By staying informed and vigilant, you can help protect yourself and ensure a memorable trip.

Gay Thailand - LBGT Thailand - Queer Thailand Travel Guide

With its sun-drenched beaches, verdant landscapes, and cities teeming with history, it’s no wonder that Thailand has long been a magnet for travelers from around the world.

Yet, dig a little deeper, and you’ll discover that the best gay destinations in Thailand offer more than just touristy delights; they’re a kaleidoscope of vibrant cultures, tantalizing festivities, and communities radiating acceptance and love. Gay Thailand is not just a destination—it’s a jubilant celebration of diversity, where the rainbow flag flutters proudly alongside the traditional Thai banners.

In this guide, instead of resorting to the usual hierarchy of top picks, we’ve opted to celebrate each of these vibrant destinations in their own right. Presented in alphabetical order, these cities, towns, and islands each bring a unique flair to the table, showcasing the eclectic wonders of Gay Thailand without ranking one above the other.

Join us as we embark on this alphabetical odyssey and discover the treasures that await in every corner of this beautiful country.

Gay Bangkok Thailand Travel Guide


In the shimmering heart of Asia, Bangkok stands as an unparalleled beacon of queer acceptance and vibrant culture; it’s a city where ancient temples meet electrifying gay nightlife and where luxurious indulgence comes at a fraction of the Western cost.

Dive into the heady mix of world-class spas, rooftop extravaganzas, and exhilarating LGBTQ+ venues, and discover why Gay Bangkok is not just a destination but a symphony of experiences that’ll enchant both your heart and senses.

Gay Chiang Mai Thailand Travel Guide


Drenched in the serenity of its temples, luxuriant forests, and quaint village charm, Gay Chiang Mai offers a unique blend of cultural richness with just the right splash of LGBTQ+ nightlife.

While its gay scene may not rival Thailand’s bustling metros, it offers an authentic glimpse of Thai life away from the clichés, making it a must-visit for those seeking both introspection and spirited connection with the global queer community.

Gay Koh Samet Thailand Travel Guide


Darlings, if you’re seeking a slice of tropical bliss just a sequin’s throw from the buzz of Bangkok, Gay Koh Samet is your siren song!

With beaches that cater to every mood and nightlife that sparkles with gay-friendly vigor, this island paradise isn’t just a haven—it’s a fabulous declaration of Thailand’s unwavering embrace of our community.

Gay Koh Samui Thailand Travel Guide


Dripping in luxurious charm and bursting with queer flair, Gay Koh Samui marries the seductive allure of pristine beaches and lavish villas with a delightful sprinkle of spirited nightlife.

Embrace a captivating tapestry of hedonistic parties, tantalizing culinary delights, and über-luxurious stays – all cradled in the welcoming embrace of Thailand’s laid-back and accepting culture, ensuring every LGBTQ+ traveler not just a visit but an unforgettable experience.

Gay Krabi Thailand Travel Guide!

In the mesmerizing embrace of Krabi, LGBTQ+ travelers find a paradise where pristine beaches meet a serene ambiance, offering an escape from the bustling party scenes of other Thai hotspots.

While Krabi’s LGBT community might be smaller, its allure lies in its tranquil beauty, coupled with a culture rooted in acceptance, making it the dreamy brochure-worthy destination for queer couples yearning for romantic getaways amid nature’s splendor.

Gay Pattaya Thailand Travel Guide


Drenched in neon allure and sun-soaked beaches, Gay Pattaya has reinvented itself from its once notorious past to emerge as an opulent queer Eden!

With rejuvenated beaches, an expansive palette of cabarets, clubs, and bars that rival even the fiercest global competition, and luxury on a budget that beckons the discerning traveler, Pattaya is a resplendent beacon of acceptance and extravagant indulgence in Thailand’s vibrant LGBTQ+ tapestry.

GAY PHUKET Thailand travel guide

Sun-kissed beaches and pulsating with a nightlife that rivals global gay playgrounds like Mykonos and Fire Island, Gay Phuket emerges as a tantalizing haven of hedonistic luxury—where the electrifying allure of Paradise Complex dances in tandem with world-class spas, sumptuous dining, and iconic cabarets, all wrapped in the accepting embrace of Thailand’s vibrant culture.

Whether you’re sipping cocktails by the infinity pool, delighting in the affordable opulence of its properties, or discovering the vivacious rhythm of a scene that often outshines its straight counterpart, Phuket promises an LGBTQ+ odyssey that both titillates and transcends.

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