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Are you ready for an adrenaline-fueled escapade like no other? Look no further than our heart-pounding ATV quad tour in Medellin, where you'll get to conquer the rugged terrains and embrace the thrill of off-road exploration.

Why Choose Us?

Breathtaking Landscapes: Prepare to be amazed as you ride atop our powerful ATVs, witnessing the awe-inspiring beauty of lush green forests, picturesque valleys, and the vibrant cityscape of Medellin. Our ATV quad adventure offers unforgettable views that will leave you in awe.

Expert Guidance: Safety is our utmost priority. Fear not, as our certified and experienced guides will accompany you throughout the journey, ensuring a secure and exhilarating ride. Whether you're a seasoned ATV rider or a first-timer, our team will guarantee an adventure that's both safe and exciting.

Convenient Departure: No need to venture far from Medellin to embrace the thrill of ATV quad riding. Our starting point is just a short distance away, making it easy for you to immerse yourself in this thrilling activity without long travel times.

Adventure for Everyone: Whether you're an ATV enthusiast or new to off-roading, our activity caters to all experience levels. So, rally your friends, family, or fellow adventurers, and create lasting memories together.

Capture the Memories: Make this adventure even more memorable with our professional photo and video services. Relive the excitement of your ATV quad ride and share the experience with your loved ones.

How to Book:

Secure your spot for this incredible ATV Quad adventure in Medellin by using the form below or texting us via WhatsApp at +57 305 321 0632.

 Don't miss out on this opportunity to conquer the trails and experience Medellin like never before!

Life is too short to hold back. Rev up your engine, embrace the thrill, and let the adventurer within lead the way!

• ATV Quads are avaialble everyday at 9:00 am, 12:00pm and 3:00 pm. • No previous experience needed. • Allow for a minimum of 4 hours to fully experience this activity. • Please book this experience at least 12 hours in advance. • The driver must be over 16 years old. • Accompanying children must be at least 8 years old (under the supervision of a responsible adult).

Includes: • Semi-automatic 2022 ATV quad vehicle. • Professional guide to accompany you throughout the experience. • Medical insurance policy. • Safety helmet. • Muddy terrain boots.

1h 30min route - $300.000 cop | $65usd | 60€

Rider + passenger - $380.000 cop | $82usd | 76€, optional transport from medellin, $90.000 per motorcycle (1 person), $130.000 per car (up to 4 people), $160.000 per car (5 to 6 people).

** USD and EUR prices are indicative only. Card payments are subject to a surcharge.

Nº people 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Nº ATV Quads needed 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 optional transport from Medellin go & return $90.000 by motorcycle (1 passenger) $130.000 by car (up to 4 people) $160.000 by car ( 5 to 6 people) none


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Medellin ATV Tours – What to Expect?

  • Jovan Medina
  • February 22, 2023

Medellin ATV

Medellin’s beautiful mountains and countryside make it an ideal destination for off-road activities. Every weekend, dozens of groups fly out to this beautiful city in search of an exotic nightlife experience . But for those who don’t want to spend their days nursing a hangover, Medellin Crew has the solution.

Our daytime excursions allow groups to hit the ground running. Diving deep into paisa culture and taking in the lush scenery. This time, our featured tour is an epic Medellin ATV tour.

Medellin ATV Tours

Medellin ATV tours are the best way to visit the countryside and release accumulated adrenaline .

Our tours can be 2,3 or 4 hours long and we have a few different types of quads. Grizzlies and raptors are our most common but be sure to ask for availability on others.

We offer our Medellin ATV tours in a few different locations. All with similar terrains but ranging in difficulty levels. The most important thing you need to know is, our tours are private but specialize in the scenery.

This means you’ll have more difficult tracks. But our aim is to have our groups enjoy the scenery and not haul ass down a hill that can have you injured. 

ATV Medellin Itinerary in Short

Medellin ATV tours with Medellin Crew are simple, we begin by setting aside dates and the number of quads. We then choose a venue and a difficulty level. Finally, on the morning of the tour, we pick up various snacks to ensure you start the day off right and as hangover-free as possible .

On the tour, you will have an English-speaking guide and assistant that will be with you at all times. You’ll mingle with locals, see how farmers live, and take in the epic sites brought to you by rural Colombia.

Depending on how long you want your tour, add an extra 2 hours to the commute. Many don’t want to use up an entire day on tours so we recommend the 2-hour tour.

We then tend to follow up this tour with an at-home deep-tissue massage. Once this is complete you’ll have time for a pregame sesh before a nocturnal outing.

What to Expect from our Medellin ATV Tours

Like most of our tours in Medellin, we’ve tested various agencies to ensure you get the best possible tour for your 4-day vacation in Medellin .

Many agencies offer ATV tours that aren’t private and even tweak their quads to limit their speed. Our providers know the types of groups we cater to and the importance of views and state-of-the-art quads .

We know that time is of the essence. This is why we select tours on times that steer clear from traffic both for arrival and departure. We also recommend specific times and include snacks to keep you comfortable and hydrated at all times .

How to Reserve?

Our most popular tours are booked at least a week in advance. So to guarantee specific times and 10+ quads, we need at least 2 weeks’ notice.

Contact us for more information on pricing and tour options.

Are you ready to visit Medellin? Contact us today!

Are you ready for medellín drop us a line., subscribe to our newsletter, you may also be interested in.

Medellin Tours

Exploring Medellin: A Thrilling Adventure with Our Medellin Tours

Medellin, the vibrant Colombian city nestled within the lush Andes mountains. Beckons travelers from around the globe with its rich culture, stunning landscapes, and adrenaline-pumping

Medellin ATV

Beyond the Medellin ATV Ride: Exploring Colombia’s Rich Culture

Embarking on a Medellin ATV adventure with us is not just about traversing the rugged terrain of Colombia; it’s a journey of cultural immersion and discovery. Nestled

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Medellin’s Concierge Culture: Embracing Personalized Service

In recent years, the hospitality industry has witnessed a remarkable transformation fueled by the growing demand for personalized, experiential travel. This shift has been particularly

It seems you have done your research

Stop reading and start enjoying. know all the packages we have for a full experience..


medellin atv tour

ATV Tours Medellín

Our ATV tours in Medellin are one of the most fun adventures you can have while visiting this great city. It’s a tour in the surrounding countryside where you’ll ride over mountain off-road trails that go through magical forests, creeks, and offer incredible views. This is a great time of adrenaline and nature! No previous experience is required to sign up for this tour, the ATVs are automatic and you will be given an induction by our professional ATV guides before going out on the trails, including some lap runs inside the ATV compound.

Our ATV tours in Medellin are in the countryside with lots of trees, green fields, and meandering rivers!

And they’re no kiddie rides either.

We have a 1.5-hour ATV tour and a 2-hour ATV tour.

The 1.5-hour tour goes over dirt and gravel roads through magical forests and up mountains ending with great views at the top.

The 2-hour tour does the same but goes through some thicker forests and creeks, making it a bit more technical and demanding, but still perfectly fine for the first timer with an adventuresome spirit!

Explore Beyond the Ordinary

Our Medellin ATV tour takes you off the beaten path, 1.5 hours away from the city heading east to a higher elevation, allowing you to explore another part of the region with a bit different landscape. It’s very green and mountainous, with forests and farmlands.

2 atv riders in a creek

Fun trails to ride during our ATV tours in Medellin!

Through forests, mountains, and mud..

If it rains it doesn’t make it any less safe, if anything it adds to the fun in the mud, and we provide plastic coveralls.

Adventure for All

No matter your level of expertise, our ATV tour is designed for everyone. Our professional guides ensure that even beginners can feel confident while operating the ATVs. Safety is our top priority, and you’ll receive a comprehensive briefing and all necessary safety gear before embarking on your adventure.

Thrilling Terrains

Get ready for an adrenaline rush as you navigate through a variety of terrains, including muddy trails, rocky paths, and dense forests. The power and versatility of our ATVs will make every twist and turn an exciting experience.

Scenic Beauty

As you rev your ATV through the lush countryside, you’ll be greeted by stunning vistas at every turn. From rolling hills to picturesque waterfalls, Medellin’s natural beauty unfolds before your eyes.

Watch this 15-sec video of our atv tours medellin to get a feel of what you’re in for!

We always have tons of fun during our ATV tours! Some can be wet and muddy, others dry and dusty, but what never changes is the thrill and beauty of the surrounding nature.

Girls standing on ATVs during ATV tour Medellin

Why Choose Our ATV Tours Medellin

Unparalleled Expertise

We boast years of experience in organizing thrilling adventures for travelers from around the world. Our team of seasoned professionals ensures that your experience is safe, enjoyable, and unforgettable.

Top-of-the-Line Equipment

Safety is our priority, and we provide top-of-the-line automatic transmission Kawasaki ATVs and safety gear. Our equipment is regularly maintained in-shop to ensure your adventure is trouble-free

Booking Your Adventure

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore Medellin in a way that most tourists never get to experience. Booking your ATV adventure with us is easy and can be done through our website. Simply choose your preferred date and package, and we’ll take care of the rest.

So what are you waiting for?

Embark on a journey of a lifetime with our Medellin ATV tour. The combination of thrilling adventure, stunning landscapes, and cultural experiences will leave you with memories that last a lifetime. Join us today and discover the fun and adventure Medellin hast to offer in a way that will truly outrank the ordinary!

ATV 1.5 hr tour / Min 2 ATVs to go out.

2 persons: $158 USD each

3 persons: $135 USD each

4 persons: $125 USD each

5 persons: $125 USD each

6 persons: $120 USD each

ATV  2hr tour / Min 2 ATVs to go out.

2 persons: $179 USD each

3 persons: $155 USD each

4 persons: $143 USD each

5 persons: $139 USD each

6 persons: $139 USD each

Suggested prices in USD. For the final price check with us as we adjust the prices to the fluctuating exchange rate between USD & COP

  • Doorstep transportation in company vehicle with English speaking guide.
  • Safety and technical briefing before ATV tour starts.
  • Ride along guide.
  • Risk insurance.

helicopter taking off from a green field

ATV Tour and Helicopter tour Medellin Bundled Together!

We will land the helicopter right next to the atvs.

2 persons: $1040 USD each

3 persons: $720 USD each

4 persons: $565 USD each



  • Doorstep transportation in company vehicle with English speaking driver from your place of residence in Medellin to the local airport helicopter hangar.
  • Helicopter tour of the Valley of Aburrá with Medellín and the other municipalities in the valley.
  • Helmets for ATVs.

3 motorbikes on a dirt trail


If you have experience riding motorcycles then you can sign up for our moto rally tours!

These are 3 and 5-hour tours that go through mountain back roads and visit small towns that very few outsiders ever get to visit!

2 atvs in creek


We have some great bundles with our ATV Medellín tours! Checkout our Guatapé Adventure Day where you can bundle quad biking ATV tours in Medellín with a day trip to Guatapé and also paragliding, rafting, or canyoning! We recommend you also visit our price list page for all the prices of our different bundled tours.


ATV Bundled Tours

You can bundle ATV tours with other super cool activities all on the same day!

Check out our list of bundles!

And don’t forget all our other cool stuff!

Whitewater Rafting

Guatapé Adventure Day

Mountain Biking


Sailing Cartagena


Guajira Tours

Safari & Dude Ranch

guanabana tours logo


  • WS:+57 3145184818
  • Toll – free (877) 562 4913

medellin atv tour

ATV Tours in Medellin Colombia

What to expect from our atv tour in medellin.

ATV Tour in Medellin Colombia

Book your ATV tour in Medellin and get ready for an unforgettable adventure.

What’s included.

  • Round-trip Transportation
  • 2, 3 or 4 Hour ATV Tour

Video & Gallery

Call for pricing.

  • (877) 562-4913

Book this Tour.

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Guatape Tour: A day adventure in Medellin

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medellin atv tour

Soccer Experience

Comuna 13 in Medellin

Join a Comuna 13 Graffiti Tour in Medellin

medellin atv tour

Exotic Fruit Tour

learn about pablo escobar tour in medellin

Pablo Escobar Tour in Medellin: explore a controversial past

medellin atv tour

Medellín City Tour Services

Chintal P

We are here for you.

Contact us..

medellin atv tour

Site Logo

  • Half-day Coffee Tour – 4.5 hours
  • Coffee Farm & Guatape Tour – 9.5 hours
  • Coffee Tour & Horse Riding -8 hours
  • Coffee Tour & ATVs – 8 hours
  • Coffee Farm & Graffiti Tour – 8 hours
  • Coffee & Chocolate Tour – 9 hours
  • Coffee Tour in Jardin Town – 12 hours
  • Coffee Tour with War Victims – 9 hours
  • Guatape & Coffee Farm Tour – 9.5 hours
  • Guatape & Avocado Farm Tour -9.5 hours
  • Guatape & Paragliding Tour – 9.5 hours
  • Guatape & Horse Riding Tour – 10 hours
  • Guatape & Jet-Ski Ride Tour – 9 hours
  • Guatape & Graffiti Tour – 10.5 hours
  • Guatape & Boat Ride Tour – 9 hours
  • Guatape & ATVs Tour – 9.5 hours
  • Just Guatape Tour – 8 hours
  • Guatapé & Flower Farm Tour – 10 hours
  • Just Horseback Riding – 4 hours
  • Horse Riding & Coffee Tour – 8 hours
  • Horse Riding & Guatape Tour – 10 hours
  • Horse Riding & ATVs – 7 hours
  • Graffiti Tour: The Off The Beaten Path Option – 3 hours
  • Graffiti & Cable Car & Fruit Tasting – 5 hours
  • Graffiti & Cable Car & City Tour – 5.5 hours
  • Graffiti Tour & Tejo Sport – 5 hours
  • Graffiti & Former Landfill – 8 hours
  • Graffiti & Guatape Tour – 10.5 hourss
  • Graffiti & Coffee Farm Tour – 8 hours
  • Just Graffiti Tour – 3.5 hours
  • Just ATVs Tour – 4 hours
  • ATVs & Coffee Tour – 8 hours
  • ATVs & Horse Riding – 7 hours
  • ATVs & Guatape Tour – 9.5 hours
  • ATVs & Paragliding – 7 hours
  • Cacao/Chocolate Tour – 6 hours
  • Food Tour – 4 hours
  • Former Landfill/Transformation Tour – 4.5 hours
  • City Tour – 4.5 hours
  • Helicopter Tour in Medellin – 2.5 hours
  • Paragliding Medellin Go-Pro Included – 3 hours
  • Santa Fe de Antioquia – 7 hours
  • Flower Farm & Arví Park Tour 4.5 hours
  • Comuna 13 in Medellin: History and Present
  • Piedra del Marial: The Giant Sister Of Guatape Rock
  • Cerro de los Valores: An Example Of Resilience in Medellin
  • The History Of Colombian Coffee: A Brief Journey To The Past
  • The Perfect Get Away: Introducing Restaurant El Gran Cacao
  • The Best Blood Sausage in Medellin: La Morcilla de Estela
  • Playing Tejo: A Must Do In Medellin
  • Covid-19 Information
  • Multi-trip Discount Program
  • Cancelation & Refund Policy
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Guatape and ATVs Tour

Guatape and ATVs: all in one great day, book now!!

An Unforgettable Authentic Medellin Experience

medellin atv tour

Read more “An Unforgettable Authentic Medellin Experience”

Amazing Tour

This was a great tour from the beginning. Diego was professional and very knowledgeable from the time he picked us up. He give us many tips about living in Colombia and places to visit. We went about 45 minutes to the ATV place. I have been ATVing in many different countries and places but this by far has been the most amazing time I’ve ever had. We went to the mountains and we rode through the terrain and we even went in some water. Make sure you bring clothes that you don’t like because it will get very dusty and maybe even a little wet with your shoes. The tour guide just Jesenia was also amazing she was very nice and she made sure that we knew how to ride the ATV and she always made sure to check on us. She took us to many places to take pictures and we got to see a lot of the beautiful mountain views and we also got to ride through many different hills which is very very fun. Jesenia was very nice and very good at what she does. She is also a good camera woman and knows a lot of good places.Diego took his driving to Guatape after this. Diego was very flexible he catered the tour to our every need. We walked through the amazing island and saw all the beautiful sites and he even took us to a place that had authentic Colombian food. He was very very knowledgeable about all the history.He then took us to the Guatape rock he waited for us while we climbed the rock in and then we were able to see the beautiful views. Diego was by far the most professional and knowledgeable tour guide and he even spoke good English to Americans that knew barely any Spanish.

Read more “Amazing Tour”

Breathtaking views

Read more “Breathtaking views”

Atv and guatape tour with Henry

Read more “Atv and guatape tour with Henry”

If you want to have an adventurous experience and visit the majestic rock of Guatape, then our Guatape and ATVs Tour is your plan.

With this tour you will be able to do an incredible ride in ATVs in the magnificent nature of the Andean mountains as well as visiting the rock of Guatape, its colorful neighboring town and try delicious exotic fruits from the region.

Guatape and ATVs Tour Medellin Itinerary:

All of our tours include pickup and drop off, so we start from your place.

Then, we head east of Antioquia to start with the ATV ride.

First Stop: ATVs Tour Medellin

The ride lasts 1.5 hours, enough to appreciate the outstanding scenery as well as having a quick adrenaline-rush.

First of all, we give you all the instructions on how to properly ride ATVs so we can make it the safest way.

Then we provide you with the equipment, namely a helmet and body protection.

medellin atv tour

Depending on your skills we choose routes that suit better your expectations and experience.

After everything is set we're ready to start our ATV tour.

Once we conclude this amazing experience we head to our delicious next stop only 40 minutes away from the ATVs place.

Please bear in mind that if you want to ride the ATV together with a friend or companion, you don't have to pay for two vehicles, you simply can sit in the back. The surcharge in this case is 10 USD contact us and we'll give you the price if this is your case. This only applies if there are a minimum of 2 atvs being used, in case it's just a couple doing the tour both would need to ride the Atvs. 

But if you all want to experience the power of our ATVs and have one each just reserve them in the booking form.

Second Stop: Exotic Fruit Tasting 

Colombia is the most diverse country in the world in fruit production, as we grow over 430 fruits throughout our territory.

This is why we think we should take you to a fruit stand to try some of them.

In this short stop we provide you different exotic fruits you probably didn’t even know existed, with intense sour or sweet flavors.

Exotic fruit tasting in our Guatape Tour

These are some of the fruits we could try in our Fruit Tasting included in this Guatape and ATVs Tour.

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How many of these exotic fruits have you tried? Wait no more and try them with us, you never know if you will have another chance in the future.

After delighting the palate with these exotic fruits we are ready to head to our third stop: the Guatape Rock.

Third Stop: Climbing Up The Guatape Rock

At this massive rock you get the chance to climb up it. It's 659 steps and 40 minutes approximately to go up and down.

Climbing the Guatape rock, Guatape and ATVs Tour

Once you reach the top, you can stay up there for as long as you wish as you´ll witness one of the most beautiful views you have ever seen.

Guatape tour

This is not only our opinion but that of hundreds of tourists we have taken there.

However, our Guatape and ATVs Tour still has more to offer.

Fourth Stop: Guatape Town The City of Zocalos

Our next destination is Guatape, one of the most colorful and picturesque towns in Colombia.

At this town we take a fully narrated walking tour through the town´s landmarks: church, main square, remembrance street, Zocalos Square and more.

medellin atv tour

After we finish our visit in this beautiful Guatape town we head back in our comfortable private car.

This is a tour full of good memories and insights on coffee and the culture of this region that will leave you very satisfied.

Do you like this Guatape and ATVs tour? Just fill out the booking form below and enjoy it with us.

All our tours can be safely paid with credit or debit card, Paypal or cash.

Please do not forget we give you a multi-trip discount as following:

  *please read the terms and conditions that apply to our  loyalty program ..

medellin atv tour

  • Read before you book

- ATV Ride (1.5 hours) - Guided tour in Guatapé town  - Pick-up and drop off at your hotel in Medellín - Private English speaking knowledgeable guide - Private roundtrip transportation Medellín / Rionegro / Medellín (60+ km) in a comfortable vehicle with A/C - Fruits in the fruit tasting

- Breakfast - Lunch - Rock entrance fees

- Wear sneakers or shoes that cover your toes completely, please do not wear sandals or flip flops - Long pants - Extra clothes are recommended in case you get very muddy in the ATV trail - Sunscreen - Mosquito repellent

If you are booking on weekends or Colombian holidays we only receive bookings paid in full, the "Cash on the tour's day" will not be an option. However, our refund policy applies in these cases to protect your money in case something happens with your reservation.

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Whether you have questions about safety, money exchange, accomodation, transportation or restaurants, do not hesitate to check our FAQ section .

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That Medellin Day Trips rejects exploitation, pornography, sex tourism and all forms of sexual abuse of minors, illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade and supports the conservancy of cultural attractions and social patrimony at our touristic destinations as stated in law 1336 of 2009.

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    Our most recommended Medellín Quad & ATV tours. 1. From Medellin: Guatape El Peñol with Boat, Breakfast & Lunch. Discover the city of Guatapé on a guided tour from Medellín and learn about this colorful city from your guide. Board a sightseeing cruise to the breathtaking Piedra del Peñol followed by lunch. Start your morning with pickup ...

  10. ATV Quad Tour in Medellin, Colombia

    Secure your spot for this incredible ATV Quad adventure in Medellin by using the form below or texting us via WhatsApp at +57 305 321 0632. Don't miss out on this opportunity to conquer the trails and experience Medellin like never before! Life is too short to hold back. Rev up your engine, embrace the thrill, and let the adventurer within lead ...

  11. Medellin ATV Tours

    This time, our featured tour is an epic Medellin ATV tour. Medellin ATV Tours. Medellin ATV tours are the best way to visit the countryside and release accumulated adrenaline. Our tours can be 2,3 or 4 hours long and we have a few different types of quads. Grizzlies and raptors are our most common but be sure to ask for availability on others ...

  12. THE TOP 10 Medellín ATV Tours (UPDATED 2024)

    Pablo Escobar and Comuna 13 Small-Group Half-Day Tour. 178. Learn the true story of Pablo Escobar on a half-day, small group tour of Medellin and Comuna 13 that explores his early days, time in prison, dramatic escape, and death, as well as the impact of drug cartels on the local community.

  13. ATV Tours Medellin| Helicopter Transfer

    Join us today and discover the fun and adventure Medellin hast to offer in a way that will truly outrank the ordinary! ATV 1.5 hr tour / Min 2 ATVs to go out. 2 persons: $158 USD each. 3 persons: $135 USD each. 4 persons: $125 USD each. 5 persons: $125 USD each. 6 persons: $120 USD each.

  14. ATV Tours in Medellin Colombia

    ATV tours in Medelllin Colombia are the solution for your picky friend looking to add a little adventure to a Medellin bachelor party. With trails ranging in difficulty and different quads to choose from, our ATV tours in Medellin are the best way to get immersed in the rush of nature. We are the #1 ATV tour company in Medellin, so make sure ...

  15. ATVs Tour Medellin: An Extremely Fun and Safe Adventure

    If you want to appreciate the beauty of the Andean mountains in an exciting, fun and safe way then our ATVs Tour Medellin is the best option, chat with us. Home; Tours. Our Exclusive Coffee Tours. Half-day Coffee Tour - 4.5 hours; ... This ATV tour was a unique way to see the mountains of Medellín that you would not see in the car. Andres ...

  16. 2024 ATV

    ATV Tour 3 Mountains Medellin. 106. 4WD Tours. from . $170.00. per adult. Private Tour Comuna 13 with Cable Car Ride. 136. Volunteer Tours . from . $65.00. per adult (price varies by group size) Electric Mountain Bike Tour in the Heart of Colombia. 73. Full-day Tours. from . $117.34.

  17. Medellin Extreme ATV Adventure 2024

    Electric Bike City Tour Medellin, Viewpoints, Local Snacks and Drink tastings. 254. from $37.99. Medellín, Colombia. 3-Hour Private Guided Tour in Medellin. from $56.78. Price varies by group size. Medellín, Colombia. Medellin: Pablo Escobar and Commune 13 Private Tour.

  18. ATV Tour

    You will tour rural areas, passing mountains, forests, and rivers surrounded by nature. We offer single and double fully automatic ATVs for your enjoyment. Kids 12 years and older are welcome. ABOUT THE TOUR. Based on our client feedback and experience, we recommend the 2-Hour tour above, however, we can customize these tours.

  19. Guatape and ATVs Tour

    Guatape and ATVs Tour Medellin Itinerary: All of our tours include pickup and drop off, so we start from your place. Then, we head east of Antioquia to start with the ATV ride. First Stop: ATVs Tour Medellin. The ride lasts 1.5 hours, enough to appreciate the outstanding scenery as well as having a quick adrenaline-rush.

  20. Medellin ATV Tour

    Experience the great outdoors near Medellin on an ATV tour in Medellin # 1 Rated Tours

  21. Medellin Private ATV Tour 2024

    ATV Private Tour in Medellin. 33. from $137.75. $145.00 $7.25 savings. Price varies by group size. Medellín, Colombia. Full-Day Zipline, ATV and Horseback Riding Private Adventure from Medellín.

  22. Private Extreme ATV Adventures

    Enjoy thrilling rides of the Medellin hills on a fully attended tour with professional local guides and multiple departures every day of the week.

  23. ATV Tour 3 Mountains Medellin

    Medellín, Colombia. Full-Day Zipline, ATV and Horseback Riding Private Adventure from Medellín. 32. from $299.00. Price varies by group size. Medellín, Colombia. Private ATVs Medellin. 7. from $155.00.