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adventurous journeys

Mar 14, 2024

The wall street journal, hilton bets on college towns with $210 million deal.

adventurous journeys

May 11, 2023

Commercial observer, commercial observer power 100: ben weprin, #56, may 13, 2024 , the infatuation, the infatuation.

adventurous journeys

The Little River Explosion

May 13, 2024 , the real deal, the real deal.

adventurous journeys

Macchialina's Owners Plan Restaurant in Miami's Little River

Apr 17, 2024 , nashvillepost, nashvillepost.

adventurous journeys

VC Firm Managing $1.7B in Assets Opens First Nashville Office in Wedgewood Houston

Apr 16, 2024 , travel + leisure, travel + leisure.

adventurous journeys

Travel + Leisure: 100 Best New Hotels - Hotel 1928

adventurous journeys

Apr 3, 2024 , The Tennesseean

The tennesseean.

adventurous journeys

This Firm Controlls $5B in Global Assets. What's Next for AJ Capital?

Apr 2, 2024 , thestreet.

adventurous journeys

What is a Secondary City and Why Do People Want to Live in Them?

Mar 19, 2024 , time out miami, time out miami.

adventurous journeys

Fooq's is Back and Upping the Ante in Little River

Mar 15, 2024 , travel + leisure.

adventurous journeys

Inside Hotel 1928 in Waco

Mar 14, 2024 , wsj, feb 24, 2024 , akron.com.

adventurous journeys

House Three Thirty Celebrates Training Camp with Graduate Hotel

Feb 16, 2024 , nashville business journal, nashville business journal.

adventurous journeys

AJ Capitals Partners Announces Memoir Residential Leasing

Feb 7, 2024 , tribeza.

adventurous journeys

Step Inside Chip and Joanna Gaines’s Hotel 1928 Where Luxury Meets History and Charm

Jan 16, 2024 , afar.

adventurous journeys

4 Days in Miami: How to Spend the Perfect Long Weekend in the City

Jan 13, 2024 , wallpaper.

adventurous journeys

The Malin Wedgewood Houston Offers a Rich, Earthy Co-Working Environment

Jan 12, 2024 , nashville interiors, nashville interiors.

adventurous journeys

Highlighting History: New Developments Pay Homage to Old Nashville

Jan 11, 2024 , cnn.

adventurous journeys

The Sexiest New Hotels for 2024

Dec 14, 2023 , the tennesseean.

adventurous journeys

The Malin Launches First Nashville Co-Working Space in Wedgewood-Houston

Dec 4, 2023 , nashville business journal.

adventurous journeys

May Hosiery Mills Property Manager Talks History in Wedgewood-Houston

Nov 10, 2023 , hospitality daily, hospitality daily.

adventurous journeys

Investing in Education: The Graduate Academy Program

Nov 8, 2023 , insider.

adventurous journeys

Chip and Joanna Gaines Turned a 100-Year-Old Building into a Boutique Hotel

Nov 7, 2023 , the washington post, the washington post.

adventurous journeys

Chip and Joanna Are Still Fixin' Up Waco, This Time It's Hotel 1928

Nov 7, 2023 , today.

adventurous journeys

Chip and Joanna Gaines' New Hotel - Take a Tour of Hotel 1928

Nov 6, 2023 , modern luxury north shore, modern luxury north shore.

adventurous journeys

The Ultimate Guide to Evanston

Nov 2, 2023 , condé nast traveler, condé nast traveler.

adventurous journeys

The Best Hotels in Scotland

Oct 26, 2023 , nbc sports.

adventurous journeys

Rusacks St Andrews: An Unmatched Experience in Golf’s Most Historic Town

Oct 26, 2023 , architectural digest, architectural digest.

adventurous journeys

Inside Chip and Joanna Gaines’s First Boutique Hotel

Oct 24, 2023 , veranda.

adventurous journeys

Why ‘Coastal Grandpa’ Is the Hottest Design Trend for 2024

Oct 23, 2023 , nashville business journal.

adventurous journeys

Nashville Business Journal Power 100: Ben Weprin

Oct 19, 2023 , nfocus.

adventurous journeys

Artville Makes Our World a Little Brighter

Oct 19, 2023 , veranda.

adventurous journeys

The World's 16 Most Beautiful Hotels for 2023

Oct 13, 2023 , inc..

adventurous journeys

Why Graduate Hotels Prioritize Employees' Educational Goals

Oct 10, 2023 , whitehot magazine, whitehot magazine.

adventurous journeys

Finding Artville in Nashville

Aug 30, 2023 , forbes.

adventurous journeys

Discover The Splendor Of New Orleans With These Hotels

Aug 20, 2023 , condé nast traveler.

adventurous journeys

13 New Hotels in the U.K. to Add to Your Bucket List

Aug 18, 2023 , people.

adventurous journeys

Chip and Joanna Gaines' Waco Hotel Is Now Accepting Reservations

Aug 9, 2023 , golfpass.

adventurous journeys

The Renovated Dornoch Station and Slieve Donard Hotels are Set to Reopen

Jul 28, 2023 , moneyweek.

adventurous journeys

Marine North Berwick Review: Scotland’s Magical Bird Isles

Jul 25, 2023 , forbes.

adventurous journeys

The Malin Doubles Down On Design-Centric Workspace Savvy With Expansion

Jul 23, 2023 , how leaders lead, how leaders lead.

adventurous journeys

Make a Connection with Storytelling with Ben Weprin

Jul 13, 2023 , nashville business journal.

adventurous journeys

AJ Capital Partners Pays $87 Million for Belle Meade Plaza

Jun 26, 2023 , southern living, southern living.

adventurous journeys

18 Best New Hotels In Texas—Plus 6 More Opening Soon

Jun 15, 2023 , the tennesseean.

adventurous journeys

Take a Peek at Eric Church's New Music Venue

Jun 15, 2023 , connectcre.

adventurous journeys

AJ Capital Adds Five New Tenants to Nashville Warehouse Co.

Jun 12, 2023 , garden & gun, garden & gun.

adventurous journeys

A Musician’s Guide to Nashville’s Best Restaurants and Bars

Jun 5, 2023 , the golf business, the golf business.

adventurous journeys

Marine & Lawn Hotels & Resorts to Open Two More Golf Properties

May 29, 2023 , the infatuation.

adventurous journeys

The Best Restaurants in Little River

May 28, 2023 , luxury magazine, luxury magazine.

adventurous journeys

New Links to the Old World

May 17, 2023 , styleblueprint, styleblueprint.

adventurous journeys

Wedgewood Houston’s Newest Art Gallery is in a Must-See Historic Mansion

May 16, 2023 , garden & gun.

adventurous journeys

Rodney Scott’s Spice-Rubbed Bacon Burger

May 16, 2023 , mansion global, mansion global.

adventurous journeys

Golf Drives Scotland’s Most International Housing Market: St Andrews

May 15, 2023 , the new york times, the new york times.

adventurous journeys

Hotels Roll Out the Red Carpet for Pets

May 15, 2023 , travel + leisure.

adventurous journeys

Why I Keep Coming Back to This Seaside Town in Scotland

May 11, 2023 , commercial observer, may 10, 2023 , nashville business journal.

adventurous journeys

AJ Capital Partners Announces Plans for Wedgewood Houston Apartment Project

May 5, 2023 , irei.

adventurous journeys

AJ Capital Announces First Branded Multifamily Residential Platform

May 4, 2023 , connectcre.

adventurous journeys

Nashville Makes List of Upcoming Adventurous Journeys Memoir Residential Communities

May 3, 2023 , robb report, robb report.

adventurous journeys

Soho House Is Opening a New Location in Portland With a Two-Story Gym and a Rooftop Pool

May 3, 2023 , nashville lifestyles, nashville lifestyles.

adventurous journeys

Developing Music City: 4 Nashville Neighborhoods and How They are Changing

Apr 21, 2023 , travel + leisure.

adventurous journeys

Chip and Joanna Gaines Are Renovating This Historic Texas Hotel

Apr 21, 2023 , insidehook.

adventurous journeys

Miami’s Coolest Event Is…an Art Book Club?

Apr 20, 2023 , hotel business, hotel business.

adventurous journeys

AJ Capital Partners Acquires Property to Become Graduate Austin

Apr 4, 2023 , nola.com.

adventurous journeys

Here's What's Planned for the Former Home of the Louisiana Children's Museum on Julia Street

Mar 28, 2023 , commercial observer.

adventurous journeys

The Storyteller: Ben Weprin’s AJ Capital Is Crafting Its Next Chapter

Mar 27, 2023 , connectcre.

adventurous journeys

Workspace Members Club Coming to Nashville’s Wedgewood Houston Neighborhood

Mar 8, 2023 , nashville business journal.

adventurous journeys

AJ Capital's Merritt Mansion to Open Doors with Art Gallery Activation This Spring

Mar 6, 2023 , nashville lifestyles.

adventurous journeys

See the New Mural in Wedgewood Houston

Feb 28, 2023 , multi-housing news, multi-housing news.

adventurous journeys

AJ Capital Partners Launches SFR Development Platform

Feb 15, 2023 , hospitality design, hospitality design.

adventurous journeys

The Biggest Trends Driving the Hospitality Industry This Year

Feb 1, 2023 , travel weekly, travel weekly.

adventurous journeys

Starwood Capital is Launching a Field & Stream Hotel Brand

Feb 1, 2023 , skift.

adventurous journeys

New Field & Stream Hotel Brand Backed by Starwood Wagers on Outdoor Travel Growth

Jan 31, 2023 , hotel business.

adventurous journeys

Starwood Capital, AJ Capital Launch Field & Stream Lodge Co.

Jan 31, 2023 , wsj.

adventurous journeys

Starwood CEO Barry Sternlicht’s New Hotel Brand Bets on Outdoor Recreation

Jan 26, 2023 , the palm beach post, the palm beach post.

adventurous journeys

Best Restaurants in Florida: See the 2023 James Beard Awards Semifinalists

Jan 25, 2023 , axios miami, axios miami.

adventurous journeys

Miami's 9 James Beard Award Semifinalist Nominations

Jan 20, 2023 , architect's newspaper, architect's newspaper.

adventurous journeys

The Nashville Warehouse Co. References the City’s Industrial Past

Dec 22, 2022 , forbes.

adventurous journeys

Neighborhood To Watch: Little River, Miami, Florida

Dec 20, 2022 , fast company, fast company.

adventurous journeys

An Ode to Graduate Hotels and Their Maximalist Charm

Dec 17, 2022 , sfgate.

adventurous journeys

Graduate Hotel Revives Historic Palo Alto Building with New Rooftop Bar

Dec 15, 2022 , the tennesseean.

adventurous journeys

Academy of Country Music Cuts Ribbon on New Nashville Headquarters

Dec 14, 2022 , nashville business journal.

adventurous journeys

From Industrial to Artistic Hotspot: Meander Through Wedgewood Houston with AJ Capital Partners

Dec 5, 2022 , billboard.

adventurous journeys

Eric Church Offers Early Look at Nashville Bar, Restaurant & Music Venue Chief’s

Nov 30, 2022 , the art newspaper, the art newspaper.

adventurous journeys

Miami's Next Big Art Hub? Little River Attracts New Galleries and Art Spaces

Aug 20, 2022 , travel + leisure.

adventurous journeys

How Fife Became Scotland's Most Exciting Food Destination

Aug 1, 2022 , commercial observer.

adventurous journeys

Hole in One: How AJ Capital Revamped a St Andrews Hotel

Jun 27, 2022 , bloomberg.

adventurous journeys

Booming Nashville Is Being Transformed by Luxury Tourism

Apr 26, 2022 , the tennesseean.

adventurous journeys

NYC's Classic Parisian-style Bistro Pastis Coming to Nashville's Wedgewood Houston

Apr 12, 2022 , travel + leisure.

adventurous journeys

It List 2022: Our Editors' Picks of the Best New Hotels in the World

Mar 28, 2022 , nashville business journal.

adventurous journeys

Soho House Moves into Former May Hosiery Mills in Wedgewood Houston

Mar 8, 2022 , architectural digest.

adventurous journeys

The Newest Rooftop Bars Around the World With Incredible Views

Mar 2, 2022 , elle decor.

adventurous journeys

See Inside Soho House's New Nashville Location

Nov 21, 2021 , the real deal.

adventurous journeys

AJ Capital Partners Invests in Opportunity Zone Portfolio in Miami’s Little River

Nov 1, 2021 , billboard.

adventurous journeys

Academy of Country Music Leases Nashville Office Space

Oct 26, 2021 , golf magazine, golf magazine.

adventurous journeys

The Best Bar in Golf? This Rooftop Overlooking the Old Course at St. Andrews

Aug 5, 2021 , the new york times.

adventurous journeys

Views of 3 Boroughs, Complete with Cocktail-Panorama Room

Jul 9, 2021 , vogue.

adventurous journeys

This New Rooftop Bar Boasts Never-Before Seen Views of New York City

Jun 1, 2021 , travel + leisure.

adventurous journeys

The First Hotel on NYC's Roosevelt Island Is Now Open

May 25, 2021 , esquire.

adventurous journeys

The Best Bars in America — White Limozeen

Mar 9, 2021 , the new york times.

adventurous journeys

How Lebron James Uses His Influence to Improve Community Development, AJ Capital Partners Involvement

Dec 16, 2020 , travel + leisure.

adventurous journeys

This Hotel Is Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of ‘Home Alone’ With a Suite Made for Kevin McCallister

Nov 10, 2020 , architectural digest.

adventurous journeys

These Are the Most Beautifully Designed Outdoor Dining Experiences in America

Sep 4, 2020 , the washington post.

adventurous journeys

Hotels Have Found a New Function During the Pandemic: College Housing

Aug 16, 2020 , sports illustrated, sports illustrated.

adventurous journeys

A Look Inside Peyton Manning's New Knoxville Saloon

Aug 14, 2020 , southern living.

adventurous journeys

Calling All Tennessee Volunteers: Take a Peek Inside the Brand-New University of Tennessee Themed Hotel

Aug 13, 2020 , southern living.

adventurous journeys

Get Ready Knoxville: Peyton Manning is Opening a New Restaurant

Aug 10, 2020 , forbes.

adventurous journeys

Peyton Manning Teams Up With Graduate Knoxville To Deliver Guests A Nostalgic Journey

Aug 4, 2020 , afar.

adventurous journeys

A Dolly Parton–Inspired Rooftop Bar Just Opened in Nashville

Jul 25, 2020 , forbes.

adventurous journeys

School is Back In Session: How Graduate Hotels Is Prioritizing Safety For Students And Guests

Apr 14, 2020 , entrepreneur, entrepreneur.

adventurous journeys

Graduate Hotels Is Beating Its Competitors By Going Hyper, Hyper Local

Mar 11, 2020 , travel + leisure.

adventurous journeys

Graduate Hotels Will Have You Wishing You Were in School Again

Sep 28, 2019 , the new york times.

adventurous journeys

5 New Standout Hotels in American College Towns

Sep 18, 2019 , bloomberg.

adventurous journeys

Visiting Colleges? The Era of Staying in a Sad Hotel Is Over

Aug 22, 2019 , afar.

adventurous journeys

This Hotel Chain Wants to Help Pay Your Student Loan Debt

May 24, 2019 , forbes.

adventurous journeys

Pontchartrain Hotel: A New Orleans Classic Comes Back

Aug 28, 2018 , wsj.

adventurous journeys

Hotel Developers Get Into School

Mar 5, 2018 , fast company.

adventurous journeys

How Graduate Hotels Found A Gold Mine In University Towns

Mar 1, 2018 , the new york times.

adventurous journeys

Five Places to Go in Nashville

Feb 20, 2018 , fast company.

adventurous journeys

The World's 50 Most Innovative Companies 2018

Feb 16, 2018 , cnbc.

adventurous journeys

This College Town Boutique Hotel Chain is the Anti-Airbnb

Jul 24, 2017 , usa today.

adventurous journeys

July Hotel Roundup of Notable Hotel Openings

Jun 8, 2017 , hospitality design.

adventurous journeys

Winners Announced at 13th Annual HD Awards

Jun 1, 2017 , inc..

adventurous journeys

This College-Town Hotel Chain Is Putting Airbnb on Notice

May 30, 2017 , skift.

adventurous journeys

Boutique Group Graduate Hotels Finds Its Niche in University Towns

Mar 22, 2017 , san francisco chronicle, san francisco chronicle.

adventurous journeys

After Renovation, Berkeley's Hotel Durant Keeps Quirky Charm

Oct 17, 2016 , crain's chicago business, crain's chicago business.

adventurous journeys

2016 Chicago's Coolest Offices

Apr 14, 2016 , wsj.

adventurous journeys

Hotelier Ben Weprin on the Best Rooms and Old Jeeps

Feb 28, 2016 , goop.

adventurous journeys

Get Schooled: Graduate Hotels are Here

Feb 16, 2016 , fast company.

adventurous journeys

Most Innovative Companies 2016

Feb 13, 2016 , forbes.

adventurous journeys

The Revivalist: Young Hotelier Ben Weprin Has an Eye for an Aged Luxury Gem

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Hilton to buy Graduate Hotels in first brand acquisition since 1999

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Hilton hotel logo is seen on 52nd street  following the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in New York City

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An attendant walks past EU and China flags ahead of the EU-China High-level Economic Dialogue in Beijing

EU should follow U.S. on tariffs over Chinese goods, Italy minister says

The European Union should follow the example of the United States and protect its industry by imposing tariffs on Chinese products, Italian Industry Minister Adolfo Urso said on Saturday.

Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis attend a press conference in Ankara

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True Tales of Adventure to Inspire Your Next Epic Trip

Between the covers of these nine books, the authors cover a lot of ground, from a trek in australia to a perilous journey in antarctica..

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True Tales of Adventure to Inspire Your Next Epic Trip

Epic trips are made not only of towering mountains or grueling treks. You can have an epic trip in your home country, by making an unexpected move to a new one, or on a quest to recapture your sense of wonder about the world. At least, that’s what these adventurous souls show in the following collection of true stories. These memoirs, autobiographies, and historical accounts are sure to enthrall anyone seeking insight into a different place or time—and maybe provide the nudge needed to set out on an adventure of your own.

All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes By Maya Angelou (Random House, 1986) In 1962, Maya Angelou traveled to Accra with her son to help him get settled at the University of Ghana. But when he was seriously injured in a car accident, her two-week stopover became a three-year stay. In the resulting autobiography, she notes that Ghana was a place where “for the first time in our lives the color of our skin was accepted as correct and normal.” All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes is the fifth in Angelou’s seven-book series of autobiographies. Her poetic prose touches on themes of motherhood, race, and identity, and with her characteristic grace, Angelou introduces her audience to the characters she meets and the customs she learns as she navigates local culture and becomes involved with the expat community of black Americans.


Braving It: A Father, a Daughter, and an Unforgettable Journey Into the Alaskan Wilderness By James Campbell (Crown, 2016) The idea of spending a vacation doing grueling outdoor work with a teenager is scary enough for most parents without adding the threat of grizzly bears. But Aidan Campbell is not every teenager, and her father James Campbell isn’t every parent. In Braving It , Campbell chronicles their three trips to Alaska , including a summer spent helping family members build a log cabin in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and a fall visit to set trap lines for hunting. Their adventure culminates in a final backpacking and canoeing trip that takes them through the Brooks Range and along the Hulahula River all the way to the Arctic Ocean. If the descriptions of rugged living in the Alaskan landscape don’t keep you reading (or at least inspire you to do some image searches of the National Wildlife Refuge), the tender evolution of the relationship between a father and his teenage daughter will. And it may even offer some ideas for your next family vacation.

Patagonian Road: A Year Alone Through Latin America By Kate McCahill (Santa Fe Writers Project, 2017) Like many travelers, writer Kate McCahill found inspiration for her journey through Latin America from a book. In her case, it was Paul Theroux’s 1979 travelogue, The Old Patagonian Express . Unlike Theroux’s narrative, which relies on observations about train travel, McCahill veers thematically (if not geographically) from his itinerary. She travels from Guatemala to Argentina as Theroux did, but spends more time on buses than locomotives. Along the way, she takes on a few teaching jobs and tries to get a sense of local life. The account is introspective and personal, and the vivid descriptions transport readers to pockets of the 10 countries she visits. The work is a sound example of literature’s power to move people outside their comfort zones.

Tracks: A Woman’s Solo Trek Across 1700 Miles of Australian Outback By Robyn Davidson (Bloomsbury, 1980) In 1977, at age 27, Robyn Davidson decided to make the long journey on foot from the central Australian town of Alice Springs west to the Indian Ocean. Her companions for the journey? Four camels and a dog. As Davidson’s adventure progressed, she was forced to confront the obstacles solo travel presents in the Outback—a harsh landscape, feelings of loneliness, the realities of the Australian codes (both social and legal) that discriminate against its Aboriginal people, and the challenges of keeping herself and her traveling unit safe. Davidson’s deeply personal narrative shows how, when someone moves from idea to action, the resulting journey can be truly transformative. Tracks went on to win the 1980 Thomas Cook Travel Book Award; a film adaptation starring Mia Wasikowska and Adam Driver was released in 2013.


Here Is Real Magic: A Magician’s Search for Wonder in the Modern World By Nate Staniforth ( Bloomsbury, 2018) After years as a professional magician, Nate Staniforth was very tired. He was tired of homesickness, of cynical hecklers, of long hours of travel, and of even longer working days. Worse, he had lost the sense of wonder that drove him to magic in the first place. So Staniforth embarked on a quest to recapture it in India, a land where ancient magic inspires its modern counterpart. At turns funny and heartfelt, his memoir Here Is Real Magic reminds readers why a childlike sense of awe is an important asset that helps us appreciate our great, big world, and how the pursuit of a long-held passion can lead to the best sorts of travel. Read a teaser .

Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage By Alfred Lansing (Hodder & Stoughton, 1959) More than 100 years ago, polar explorer Ernest Shackleton and his crew set sail to Antarctica . Their goal was a daring one: to walk across the continent. But before they reached their destination, their ship the Endurance became trapped in the ice and sank. What followed was the men’s harrowing attempt to survive on the ice floes and, thanks to a risky open-boat expedition to South Georgia, a return to land. We don’t recommend replicating the events of this book , but the true story of their will to live—and Shackleton’s leadership—is as inspiring as it is thrilling. (And if you want to see the continent for yourself, it’s considerably easier and less dangerous to travel to Antarctica these days.)

All Over the Place: Adventures in Travel, True Love, and Petty Theft By Geraldine DeRuiter (PublicAffairs, 2017) Anyone who has spent time in the travel blogosphere has likely heard of The Everywhereist , a website run by the hilarious and incisive Geraldine DeRuiter. After she was laid off from her copywriting job, DeRuiter began traveling with her husband on his work trips and writing about them on her blog. Her first book , released in May of 2017, is less a single narrative of a specific, transformative trip (she says as much in a disclaimer) than a collection of stories about getting lost, having motion sickness, and gaining a better sense of the world and her relationship as she travels with her husband over the course of more than five years. DeRuiter’s writing is laugh-out-loud funny, even when she’s tackling the tough stuff (brain tumors included), and her anecdotes will encourage you to find humor in the process of travel.

The Hundred-Year Walk: An Armenian Odyssey By Dawn Anahid MacKeen (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2016) Every family has legends, but Dawn Anahid MacKeen’s was exceptional. Many times while growing up, she’d heard the story of how her grandfather, Stepan Miskjian, escaped the genocide in Armenia by crossing the Syrian desert on foot with only two cups of water. It never captured her interest until her mother discovered Miskjian’s long-lost journals. Unable to ignore her family’s remarkable history, MacKeen embarks on a singular expedition: to retrace his route to modern-day Syria and Turkey (two countries that continue to deny the Armenian genocide). Part history, part memoir, MacKeen’s story speaks to the power of family, the horrors of war, and the resilience of the human spirit.


Catfish and Mandala: A Two-Wheeled Voyage Through the Landscape and Memory of Vietnam By Alexander X. Pham (Picador, 2000) In 1977, soon after the Vietnam War ended, Alexander Pham arrived in the United States from Vietnam with his family. He was 10 years old. The rest of his childhood was spent in California, and he eventually graduated from UCLA. But 17 years after his family’s relocation to the States, his sibling’s suicide prompts Pham to quit his engineering job and begin a 4,000-mile bicycle journey. Over the course of a year, he goes up the Pacific Coast from Mexico to California, then cycles Japan and, ultimately, Vietnam, his country of birth. Moving deftly between Pham’s past (his father’s imprisonment in Vietnam during the war, his own childhood memories) and present, Catfish and Mandala is not a travel narrative with a glossy sheen. Rather, it’s an honest account of an experience written by a young man grappling with what it means to be Vietnamese American in a postwar world.

Want to read more with us? Join fellow literature lovers online at AFAReads , our digital book club.

>>Next: 10 Must-Read Books for Every Type of Summer Trip

The entryway to the opulent grand Zwinger museum complex in Dresden, Germany

28 Adventures to Travel For, From Glacier Chasing in Greenland to Sand Surfing in the Sahara

By Caitlin Morton

Adventure travel Cappadocia

As much as we love lounging on a faraway beach or revisiting our favorite city for the tenth time, sometimes our passports need some adventure travel—we’re talking about those once-in-a-lifetime trips that push us way outside our comfort zones. Adventure travel is a great way to see more of the world, while also testing your physical limits, and coming home with a lifetime's worth of stories to tell at parties.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the most incredible outdoor adventures for intrepid travelers, ranging from climbing Machu Picchu to skydiving in Dubai . Even if you don’t consider yourself a daredevil, you’ll still find activities that feel exciting (hello, camping under the northern lights) without too much physical—or emotional—exertion required. So fasten your seatbelts, grab your best pair of hiking boots , and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

All listings featured on Condé Nast Traveler are independently selected by our editors. If you book something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

This gallery has been updated with new information since its original publish date.

Iguazu Falls Iguazu National Park

Boat under the Iguazú Falls

South America’s Iguazú Falls, located on the border of Brazil and Argentina, make all other waterfalls look like mere trickles in comparison. The system of more than 200 cascades (reaching heights of around 270 feet) can be viewed from surrounding walkways and catwalks, but we’re fans of the more adventurous vantage-point—hopping on an Iguazú Jungle inflatable raft and sailing directly under the exhilarating, high-pressure falls.

Machu Picchu

Climb to Machu Picchu

No adventurer’s must-visit list is complete without Machu Picchu , the famous Incan citadel located in the Andes. While the site can be accessed via train and bus, more active travelers can take the five-day trek along the entire 26-mile-long Inca Trail. Or, thanks to local tour operator Sam Travel Peru , you can get dropped at kilometer marker 104 and do the whole experience in 24 hours .


Sand surf in the Sahara

The dunes of the Sahara are colossal, untouched, and tailor-made for extreme sports. The desert’s rows of barchans (meaning “crescent-shaped dunes” in Turkic) have ideal shapes for sand surfing (descending the slopes on a surfboard) and sandboarding (descending the slopes on a snowboard)—and those views don’t hurt, either. Stay at Erg Chigaga Luxury Camp in Morocco, which offers sandboarding in addition to other desert activities like camel rides and quad biking.

Landscape of Rocky Mountains

Heli-hike in British Columbia

With CMH Heli + Skiing , you can helicopter to the steepest and deepest powder in Canada for backcountry skiing. However, come summer , the company’s guides take guests on multi-day hiking trips to terrain otherwise inaccessible, along ridgelines, through alpine meadows, and to stunning viewpoints. While these high-altitude adventures are not for the faint at heart, the accommodations are quite comfortable, with log-hewn lodges complete with full-service restaurants, spa treatments, and a rooftop hot tub to relax in before another day on the trail.

The 10 Most Affordable Cities in Europe to Visit This Year

Olivia Morelli

26 Memorial Day Weekend Travel Deals, From Half-Price Cruises to Discounted Island Villas

Kyler Alvord

18 Best Rooftop Bars in New York City

Hannah Towey


Hot air balloon over Cappadocia

A hot air balloon ride over central Turkey’s Cappadocia region provides 360-degree views of the famous limestone spires and “fairy chimneys”—something you can't get at the ground level. We recommend booking with Kapadokya Balloons , the first company that introduced hot air balloon tourism in Cappadocia. Services include transfers to and from your hotel, snacks, full insurance, and a champagne party after the flight.


Hunt for glaciers in Greenland

Greenland is relatively expensive and tricky to get to, but well worth the effort—especially since it’s one of the most untouched landscapes on the planet. Exhibit A: the hundreds-year-old icebergs and glaciers floating off the mainland, which you can get up close and personal with during a cruise excursion. ( Hurtigruten and Cruise Norway offer these sailings.)

Okavango Delta Botswana

Hop across Botswana on a mobile safari

While most safari camps stay in one place like a traditional hotel, the private canvas safaris by  Barclay Stenner Safaris are totally mobile, meaning you can pick up and move locations based on weather conditions and wildlife movements. The outfitter’s Botswana itinerary moves across the country to fauna-rich areas like the Okavango Delta and Makgadikgadi Salt Pans—get ready to follow groups of lions, hippos, elephants, and more.


Paraglide over Turkey’s Blue Lagoon

Oludeniz has one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey, with pebble shores and a “blue lagoon” of aquamarine hues. The beach also happens to be one of the world's best places to paraglide, thanks to stable weather and gorgeous panoramic views. The launch site for most companies is from Babadağ mountain, with jumping-off points reaching 6,000 feet above sea level.

Great Barrier Reef

Explore the Great Barrier Reef

Divers and snorkelers everywhere need to experience the Great Barrier Reef at least once in their lifetime. Not only does the site have more than 400 different types of coral and 1,500 species of fish, but the natural wonder has been rapidly eroding due to coral bleaching and global warming . That means it’s more urgent than ever to see this sight in all its glory—and to understand what we are losing.

Mexico cenote

Swim through Mexico’s cenotes

Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula features a wealth of unique natural beauty, particularly when it comes to its cavernous cenotes. Floating in one of these natural sinkholes is an incredible experience, as is diving through the underground cave systems . When in Tulum , visit Dos Ojos (“Two Eyes”) to view one of the planet’s most beautiful underwater sites or Gran Cenote for rock formations that resemble Gothic architecture.

Dubai skydiving

Free-fall over Dubai at 120 miles per hour

Dubai is one of the most over-the-top cities in the world, so are you really surprised that skydiving is one of its most popular activities?  Skydive Dubai is a company located near Jumeirah Beach, offering tandem skydiving for beginners and solo jumps for licensed divers. If you thought Dubai’s skyline was impressive already, just wait until you see it while falling from 13,000 feet in the air.

Yosemite Half Dome

Scale Half Dome at Yosemite National Park

The Half Dome trail through Yosemite may be one of the most intense hikes you’ll ever take, stretching for 16 miles and ascending more than 5,500 feet. The final 400 feet are the trickiest—hikers must climb up the steep slope with two steel cables as their only support—but the breathtaking views from the top make the effort (and terror) worth it. Afterwards, stay at The Ahwahnee, one of the most beautiful national park hotels in the country.

Great white shark cage diving

Swim with great white sharks in South Africa

The fishing town of Gansbaai is often considered to be the birthplace of great white shark cage diving, an activity that would make most adrenaline junkies drool. Cage diving is totally safe (despite what some low-budget shark movies might lead you to believe), but we dare you to keep your heart rate in check as you come face-to-face with an apex predator.  Marine Dynamics is one of the most popular cage diving operators in town, with a marine biologist and videographer joining every tour.

New Zealand practically invented adventure sports when the Kawarau Bridge Bungy opened in 1988. Here you join around...

Bungee jump in New Zealand

New Zealand practically invented adventure sports when the Kawarau Bridge Bungy opened in 1988. Here you join around 38,000 annual visitors to take the 140-foot jump from the South Island's historic, steel-framed Kawarau Bridge—an activity in which the views are almost as thrilling as the fall itself.

Mt Fuji

Climb Mount Fuji

Solitary Mount Fuji is probably Japan’s most iconic natural wonder , rising 12,388 feet above villages and reflecting on lakes’ surfaces. You can get views of the landmark from many places, like Lake Kawaguchi in Fujikawaguchiko and even the Park Hyatt Tokyo , but it’s the views from the mountain that will give you the most bragging rights. Visit from early July to mid-September to take advantage of the official climbing season, when the designated trails and paved roads are free of snow.

Volcano Boarding Cerro Negro

Go volcano boarding on Cerro Negro in Nicaragua

If you’re looking for action sports and adventure, we recommend booking a flight to Nicaragua right now. There you can kayak, surf, zipline through the jungle, and even sled down the side of an active volcano. Intrepid travelers love to climb up the 2,388-foot Cerro Negro and then “volcano board” back down (an activity where you sit or stand on a piece of plywood and slide your way down the slopes). You'll want to go with a guided group tour with this one. Bigfoot Hostels is one of many operators for excursions—for $25, you get transportation to the volcano, boards, safety equipment, snacks, and your speed clocked by a radar gun.

Trollstigen Norwau

Take a white-knuckle drive in Norway

Who says your adrenaline can’t pump from the comfort of your car? Trollstigen is one of the world’s most popular (and  terrifying ) highways, known for its steep gradient and hairpin turns. The one-lane road passes such impressive wonders as the 1,050-foot Stigfossen waterfall, but be sure to pull over before you gawk and snap photos. There are several viewing platforms along the road that will let you take in the sites without risking a crash.


Dive Belize’s Great Blue Hole

Known for its circular shape and strikingly deep blue color , the Great Blue Hole is a 1,000-foot-wide sinkhole in the middle of Belize’s Lighthouse Reef. While an aerial shot is enough to convince anyone of its beauty, scuba divers are the ones who get to experience the wonders that lie beneath: massive, 40-foot limestone stalactites and stalagmites that formed during the last glacial period.

The Azores Portugal

Go canyoning in the Azores

Portugal’s Azores Islands are equal parts adventurous and beautiful, inviting travelers to get up close and personal with nature while hiking, biking, and swimming. If you want to really push the envelope, try canyoning—an activity that has you rappel down a waterfall while navigating slippery rocks and fast-flowing water. Azores Getaways offers a comprehensive and easy-to-book experience. Training, equipment, on-site instructors, and snacks are all included in the excursion, which will no doubt become one of the most memorable of your life.

Patagonia kayaking

Kayak through Torres del Paine National Park

Chile’s Patagonia region is one of the most beautiful spots on the planet, and there are plenty of ways to explore the area. But while most people experience the sights while hiking, you can get a slightly different view from the water via a kayaking trip.  Kayak en Patagonia offers several tour options ranging in duration and difficulty levels, but all let you paddle past towering mountains, rugged glaciers, and other incredible vistas.

Northern Lights

Sleep under the northern lights

Ah, the elusive northern lights . So many factors are at play when it comes to seeing the technicolor phenomenon—location, time of year, weather conditions—but it’s hard to lose with an excursion to Finnish Lapland. The Arctic area is one of the planet’s best for aurora viewing, especially if you get to sleep in an igloo hotel at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort or mobile Aurora Bubble Sled . Up your viewing chances by planning a trip between December and March.


Go heli-skiing in Alaska

If you’re a seasoned traveler who’s conquered every black diamond slope in North America, there’s still one snowy adventure left to vanquish: heli-skiing. There’s nothing quite like hopping in a helicopter and being dropped onto untouched snow at the top of a mountain—especially in a setting as formidable as Alaska’s Chugach Mountains. The experienced guides at  Valdez Heli Ski Guides (VHSG) will help make this dream a reality, taking you to some of the best runs of your life and then letting you unwind (hot tub and massages included) at the cozy  Tsaina Lodge .

This image may contain Water Outdoors Nature Diving Sports Diver Sport Aqua Scuba and Scuba Diving

Snorkel between continents in Iceland

Iceland is one of the best countries in the world for adventure travel , with opportunities for everything from glacier hiking to snorkeling and diving. For the latter, head straight to Thingvellir National Park along the country’s Golden Circle route , where two tectonic plates slowly pull apart at the rate of about two centimeters (0.8 inches) per year. The phenomenon results in the Silfra fissure, a stunning rift valley where travelers can snorkel or dive in impossibly clear (and cold) waters. Tour company DIVE.IS offers tours for divers and every level of snorkeler—including those with no prior experience—and will snap an underwater photo of you touching two continents at the same time.

Some remote destinations are best seen from the deck of a boat and that includes the upper Amazon River. Aqua...

Float along the Amazon

Some remote destinations are best seen from the deck of a boat, and that includes the upper Amazon River. Aqua Expeditions ’ luxury cruises through the Peruvian stretch of the river tour the area’s wildlife and culture at a delightful, leisurely pace. You'll even have chef-prepared gourmet meals and five-star suites with floor-to-ceiling windows. Looking for something a little less luxe? Amazon Adventures offers kayaking trips along some Amazon tributaries, where you can fish for piranhas and camp out in the rainforest.

The Pipeline Oahu

Surf ‘The Pipeline’ in Oahu

Oahu’s Banzai Pipeline (commonly referred to as The Pipeline) is easily one of the most sought-after surfing spots in the world. Located off the coast of the island’s north shore in Ehukai Beach Park, the surf reef break averages waves measuring nine feet high. This activity is definitely not for beginners, but even non-surfers will get a thrill out of watching the many surf competitions that take place at The Pipeline—all from the safety of a sunny beach.

Great Bear Rainforest Canada

Spot elusive wildlife in the Great Bear Rainforest

Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest is the largest intact temperate rainforest in the world—and one of the most magical, with elusive species like sea wolves and Kermode bears roaming its 21 million acres. Outer Shores Expeditions will take you on a nine-day excursion aboard a schooner, departing from British Columbia’s First Nations community of Bella Bella and stopping for sea kayaking along the way.

Victoria Falls

Soak in the planet’s most extreme infinity pool

Located on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, Victoria Falls attracts thousands of tourists each year. One of the biggest draws here is the Devil’s Pool , a naturally formed eddy sitting at the very edge of the falls, where daring swimmers can splash around between August and January (depending on water levels, that is). Given that a slippery rock barrier is the only thing separating you from going over the edge, this site is easily the planet’s most extreme infinity pool .

Antarctica is truly the final frontier when it comes to adventure travel providing untouched landscapes unique wildlife...

Camp in Antarctica

Antarctica is truly the final frontier when it comes to adventure travel, providing untouched landscapes, unique wildlife, and more activities than you’ll know what to do with (like cruising, caving, and thermal spring soaking , to name a few). If you can get yourself to Punta Arenas, Chile, Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions will fly you to Antarctica for three days of skiing and hiking before setting you up for a South Pole sleepover.

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Scouts Australia

  • Find your Nearest Scout Group
  • What’s Involved
  • What is Scouting?
  • Child Safe Scouting
  • Organisation
  • Lord Baden-Powell Society
  • Australian Queen’s Scout Association
  • Youth Program
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Adventurous Journeys

adventurous journeys

Around every corner there is an adventurous journey that our youth members can explore. In our new youth program, each Section’s peak award requires a ‘journey’ drawing on the leadership and personal growth achieved in that Section.

The requirements for adventurous journeys change as our youth members grow and develop as individuals through the Scouting program.

The best ideas for adventurous journeys are from the youth members themselves.  Adult Leaders support youth members’ goals and guide them through this component of the Achievement Pathways .

The journey can be any type of “adventurous activity” human or nature-powered journey such as 

  • bushwalking
  • cross-country skiing

OR one of the many other options available that will ensure our youth have fun , be challenged , enjoy the adventure and most of all feel included .  Youth members embark on their journey with a Patrol of youth members from their Section or from several Sections. For example, a Scout may take other Scouts, but may also wish to invite some Venturer Scouts.

The journey should not occur in cars, trains, aeroplanes or as a four-wheel driving experience, and travel to the start and the end of the journey is not counted in the overall journey time. 

The adventurous journey is about applying skills and knowledge, and taking the opportunity to enjoy nature and its beauty, whilst simultaneously achieving a recognised outcome. It is what is learnt along the way that is just as important as the end result.

adventurous journeys

What Does this Look Like in Each Section?

Joey Scouts – a 3 hour journey

  • Involved in all stages of the Plan > Do > Review > cycle
  • Help pick an activity, location of activity and a time that will suit all
  • Review the journey, thinking about what went well, what didn’t go well, and what can they improve for next time.

Recently, Joey Scouts from New South Wales completed bush walks in local reserves.  Others explored small segments of multi-day trails through National Parks.

adventurous journeys

LTAF – Participants awarded LTAF badge at Governor-General’s Camp 2024

adventurous journeys

LTAF – Ambassador Badge

adventurous journeys

2023-2026 Strategic Plan

  • A "World's Best" award winner. Request your free catalog today!

adventurous journeys

Travel + Leisure World's Best Award

Top 5 World's Best Tour Operators Multi-year Recipient

adventurous journeys

National Geographic Traveler

50 Tours Of A Lifetime Multi-year Recipient

adventurous journeys

National Geographic Adventure Magazine

Best Adventure Travel Company Winner

adventurous journeys

ATTA member since 2006

We promise outstanding adventure travel experiences for people with an adventurous spirit..

Every active travel experience Boundless Journeys creates is complemented by signature accommodation, regional cuisine, and remarkable local guides who can show you the greatest hits and hidden gems of each destination. No matter where you want to go—or what you want to do—Boundless Journeys delivers unique, flexible, and exclusive travel at its best.

So, What are you in the mood for?

Hiking & walking.

We offer what every seasoned traveler looks for: the opportunity to truly experience a destination by slowing down, stepping out of your everyday life, and immersing yourself in places often only accessible on foot.

Nature Tours & Safaris

Boundless Journeys’ active nature tours and African safaris immerse you in a world where “all good things are wild and free.”

Cultural Encounters

Our small group cultural tours carefully uncover, gently explore, and quietly meander through some of the most exceptional and unspoiled places in the world.

Experience the rewards of hiking through hidden valleys, over mountain passes, and into seldom-traveled areas where foreigners rarely visit.

Special Departures

Our special departure tours feature unique and exclusive vacations that are truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Custom Tours

Whether you are planning a family reunion for 16 in Costa Rica, or want to meet with old friends in Europe, Boundless Journeys’ Custom Tours allow you to make your most amazing travel dreams a reality.

A few of our favorite tours

France, italy, and switzerland: tour du mont blanc hiking.

$4,995 / person 9 days

Peru: The Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu

$6,095 / person 8 days

South Africa: Ultimate Cape Town & Kruger Safari

$6,995 / person 8 days

Bhutan: Hiking in the Peaceful Kingdom

$6,795 / person 12 days

More Than Just A Travel Company

Boundless Journeys delivers the world’s great adventures and exceeds expectations on every trip.

If diversity of adventure is what you are seeking, Boundless Journeys has trips to satisfy your most imaginative spirit. Our worldwide adventure tours offer everything from wilderness treks to cultural expeditions, and we always find the hidden gems of each destination.

Small group or private itineraries, memorable accommodations, and expert local guides define the signature Boundless Journeys active travel experience.

What Our Guests Say About Us

Each trip has been unique and wonderful with its own charms. I have been repeatedly impressed with is the guides. Every guide has been exceptional! Very different personalities, but all knowledgeable, friendly, adaptive, good leaders, patient, and all amazing representatives of their countries.

Travel Your Way

From flexible itineraries for small groups to handcrafted tours for you and your traveling companions: There is a Boundless Journeys adventure just right for you.

Amazing Local Guides

Local to the region you’re exploring, our trusted friends have unique perspectives that take you beyond the usual to reveal the most authentic places, people, and food.

Award-Winning Itineraries

We take great pride in the experiences we deliver, as evidenced by the prestigious awards that Boundless Journeys receives year after year.

Our Philosophy

A great travel experience doesn’t begin and end on the trail. It’s the little things that make the difference—and at Boundless Journeys, we take that philosophy to heart.


We are committed to traveling responsibly, striving to preserve traditions and cultures around the world, as well as to protect fragile natural habitats.

Our dedicated team of travel experts are here to help.


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Welcome to Adventure Journeys

WELCOME   TO     A D V E N T U R E   J O U R N E Y S

A boutique tour operator manage by local experts with a big passion for travel in order to offer the most amazing like-minded group adventure experiences and authentic tailor-made expeditions adjustable to the needs and requests of our guests.

A leader adventure travel company located in Quito-Ecuador and the Galapagos islands, created by Henry Sisa, a very knowledgeable expert National Geographic expedition leader and naturalist guide, in order to offer the most amazing like-minded group adventure experiences and tailor-made expeditions that fit the needs and requests of our guests. Our mission is always to achieve customer satisfaction through our unique client-centered philosophy. Our clients’ happiness, enjoyment and education are the cornerstones of the company’s reputation and success.

Adventure Amazon


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Indulge yourself in the wonders of Ecuador and Galapagos Islands and dare to live an unforgettable experience in this magical land.



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Paola Arboleda

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Nathali Yapo

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Dagmar Vacas

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Jorge Coronel


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Each client has the opportunity to upload their best travel photos and win a trip with us to continue interacting with our community of travelers.

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13-day in-depth discovery of Moscow, Kazan, and St. Petersburg

7-day tour designed to harness the best of the Venice of the North

11-day private discovery of Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the Golden Ring

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Rail Tour Packages

Embarking on a train journey is always exciting, especially when scenic views are guaranteed! Choose from the list of carefully planned rail journeys in Russia and marvel at the spectacular surroundings while crossing authentic towns, awe-inspiring natural wonders, and other scenic sights along the way. The renowned Transsiberian train journey is an excellent choice for those who love train travel and seek unforgettable adventures. Stretching for almost one-third of the world, it takes you from Moscow to Vladivostok or even Mongolia! You can also extend your trip to Beijing or enjoy a train ride to St. Petersburg while exploring Russia.

Things To Do & Places To See on rail tours

Don't miss out on any important sights & experiences on rail tours

Enjoy one of the most unique travel experiences, rail tour, and see the most inspiring and stunning sights of your destination. Contact our destination specialists for a perfect rail journey itinerary.

Highlights of rail tours

  • Witnessing the beauty of Lake Bakal
  • Stepping foot in two continents at once
  • Exceptional activities in Mongolia
  • Bustling hubs on the Trans-Siberian
  • Crossing awe-inspiring sceneries
  • Authentic towns along the way

Rail Tours Travel Tips

Embark on the exciting rail tour and check out top-rated tips for your future adventure.

Train Travel

What to pack

Make sure to wear comfortable and warm clothing, especially on overnight or long-haul train rides.

Depending on the destination, meals might not be included. Pack some snacks and quick bites for such cases.

It is advisable to check the local currency of any country online and have some cash with you for small expenses.

When to travel

Please contact our destination specialist for more details about every season.

The weather in Russia can be unpredictable. Make sure to wear comfortable and warm clothing, especially on overnight or long-haul train rides.

It is advisable to have your tickets, ID, and other valuables on the carry-on baggage.

Linda and I enjoyed our Grand Deluxe Trans Siberian Tour

This is just a note to say how much Linda and I enjoyed our Grand Deluxe Trans Siberian Tour Rail adventure with Travel all Russia. We were especially glad to have seen the subways in Moscow which were not on the original agenda, but that our guide made sure we saw. Also, the opening ceremony at Naadaam in Mongolia was not in the schedule, but we were delighted to have a front row seat. It was an outstanding show.

Small Group Trans-Siberian Journey summer 2016

Our journey to Russia was a great one. All of the guides were wonderful and everything was so well organized.

There are just a few things I'd suggest. I think you need to warn future travelers about the Chinese train. There were not two lower berths as we were told and since neither of us was able to climb to the top bunk, we had to take turns sleeping! Also, the train was disgustingly dirty.

Other than that, the other accommodations were fine. As far as the food, there was much too much fish and borscht.

We were totally thrilled with our trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway

We were totally thrilled with our trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway!

The trains were clean, comfortable and always on time.

The hotels, though varied, were always welcoming and attractive. The restaurants, for the most part, served us well.

Our guides were knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Once a guide could not join us because of a medical problem, and the next day another guide took us to two days' sites in one day.

Many thanks for arranging a most memorable Epic Trans-Siberian Adventure journey for us!

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More about rail tours.

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adventurous journeys

Moscow & St. Petersburg Small Group Tours Private Tour Packages Trans-Siberian Trips Russian River Cruises Moscow Tour Packages St. Petersburg Tours All Russia Tours

Why Travel to Russia Best Time to Visit Russia Russian Visa Information Tips Before Traveling Tips on Arrival Russian Currency Moscow Travel Guide Read More in Our Blog

Hermitage Museum Church of the Savior on Blood The Kremlin Sergiev Posad, Golden Ring Kizhi Island The Red Square Siberia Lake Baikal

adventurous journeys

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adventurous journeys

Adventure Tour in Moscow: Off-roading & Caving in 2019

Why take the adventure tour, • you will wander along in the ramified network of wild catacombs. it is much more adventurous than visiting them in paris big brother will not find you there :), • you will drive (and even self-drive) our soviet military uaz 452, a unique off-road van be ready for knee-deep mud, close-standing trees and meter-deep rivers., • you will enjoy a campfire and a barbecue party with a craft russian beer and delicious meat as a break., • unique experience even for russians, vladimir and suzdal tour for $288, sergiev posad tour for $188, adventure tour for $208.

adventurous journeys

Only 5-Star Reviews

adventurous journeys

The Real Russia

adventurous journeys

F lexible Itinerary

adventurous journeys

P rivate Tours

adventurous journeys

Do you really need to build highways if you produce such vans?

Find more uaz videos here.

UAZ 452 soviet van

Perhaps you already know, but there is a great difference between Moscow, St. Petersburg, and all other towns and cities in Russia. Visiting the countryside is a great opportunity to travel the real Russia and to see the common life of ordinary people. The best choice for a one-day Russian countryside experience is the Vladimir and Suzdal tour.

Vladimir and Suzdal are small towns that are famous worldwide because of their great history and picturesque architecture with numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the 12th century. Aside from golden cupolas of stunning churches and monasteries, you will experience a very rural real Russian outlook with bubbling streams and grassy meadows, chickens and livestock, and interesting and authentic local residents. All are a common sight on the streets, some of which remain unpaved. Be ready for a full-day trip and many unforgettable experiences during your Russian holidays!

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Moscow walking tour<br></span>

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A Galileo ship cruising around Greece

Small Ship Adventure Cruising

  • Ways to travel

Forget shuffleboard and cabaret—adventure cruising is all about the destination.

Cruising is an adventure in itself, but the beauty of travelling on a small ship with less than 50 passengers means the real fun begins when we pull into port or drop anchor at an island. It means you'll get to know the locals, rather than outnumber them. You'll still be looked after by your crew and get to relax on the deck, but you'll also get to kayak along the rivers of  Krka National Park , explore Montenegro ’s surprising fjordic landscapes, or snorkel with giant  Galapagos tortoises . It's about going where the big ships can't so you can swim in hidden coves, buy fish at local markets to barbeque for dinner, and wander through little Croatian laneways with your leader. This is cruising—Intrepid style. 

Small ship cruises by region

adventurous journeys

Galapagos Islands

A group of travellers exploring Antarctica

Our small ship Adventure Cruising tours

Classic galapagos: central eastern islands (grand queen beatriz), 10 days from 5634.

Travel to the Galapagos Islands and sail around the central eastern islands, witnessing...

Classic Galapagos: Central Southern Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz)

10 days from 5879.

Sail the aquamarine waters of the Galapagos’s central southern islands taking in...

Map of Croatian Coastal Cruising: Dubrovnik to Split (Aurora) including Bosnia And Herzegovina and Croatia

Croatian Coastal Cruising: Dubrovnik to Split (Aurora)

8 days from 2444.

Join a small ship cruising adventure to Croatia. Voyage along the Dalmatian coast,...

Ultimate Galapagos: Central Islands (Grand Daphne)

10 days from 6627.

Spend 10 unforgettable days on board the Grand Daphne, discovering the central islands...

Croatian Coastal Cruising - Split to Dubrovnik (Aurora)

Take a small-ship cruising adventure in Croatia from Split to Dubrovnik. Voyage along...

adventurous journeys

Tailor-Made trips

Take four or more on an exclusive trip and tailor your itinerary

Complete Galapagos (Grand Daphne)

10 days from 7875.

Take an active 10-day adventure cruise though the Galapagos Islands, from Isla Santa...

Classic Galapagos: Southern Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz)

10 days from 5514.

Travel to the Galapagos Islands from Quito and embark on a sailing adventure around...

Classic Galapagos: South Eastern Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz)

Explore the best of the otherworldly Galapagos Islands on this 10-day tour that takes...

Treasures of Galapagos: Western & Central Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz)

13 days from 7432.

Embark on an immersive Adventure Cruise through the Galapagos Islands and experience...

Galapagos Adventure: Northern Islands (Grand Daphne)

7 days from 5040.

Discover the treasures of the northern Galapagos Islands on this cruise, including Isla...

Galapagos Explorer: Southern Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz)

7 days from 3543.

Take to the water and explore the beautiful Galapagos Islands. See huge populations of...

Galapagos Explorer: Central Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz)

7 days from 2819.

Explore the beautiful Galapagos Islands. See huge populations of animals and experience...

Galapagos Encounter: Southern Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz)

6 days from 2819.

Explore the Islands of the Galapagos on this startling adventure that highlights the...

Galapagos Encounter: Central Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz)

Explore the central islands of the Galapagos on this startling adventure that...

Grand Galapagos (Grand Queen Beatriz)

17 days from 10480.

This Galapagos adventure cruise is the perfect way to explore the islands of Isabella,...

Galapagos Voyager: Central Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz)

14 days from 8485.

Travel to Ecuador and join a 13-day Intrepid journey in the Galapagos’. Visit Isla...

Galapagos In Focus (Grand Queen Bea)

8 days from 4930.

Hop aboard the M/Y Grand Queen Beatriz for a wildlife-filled 8-day adventure around the...

Galapagos at a Glance: Southern Islands (Grand Daphne)

6 days from 4045.

See the best of the Galapagos Islands on this action-packed adventure cruise, touring...

Absolute Galapagos (Grand Daphne)

17 days from 14305.

Discover the bizarre and the beautiful on this 17-day cruising tour of the Galapagos...

Pure Galapagos (Grand Daphne)

8 days from 5713.

Come face-to-face with the extraordinary central islands of the Galapagos on an 8-day...

Why choose Intrepid

A small ship

Small ships, small groups

With fewer than 36 passengers on every ship, our groups are the perfect size for really getting to know your fellow travellers. Smaller groups mean more personalised service, like one-on-one chats with your leader about history, culture and food, or your favourite beer handed to you by the bar manager at the end of the day.

A cruise captain

Specialised service

We’re right there with you to ensure your adventure is memorable for all the right reasons. Our expert local leaders facilitate incredible land experiences, while the ship’s friendly crew make sure you have everything you need – from a room that’s sparkling clean to a glass of sparkling wine – to enjoy your time on board.

A plate of fish

Dining with a local twist

Whether it’s a dining alfresco on the deck at sunset, enjoying the catch-of-the day cooked up by your onboard chef or sitting down for a gourmet breakfast every morning, our culinary experiences are designed to complement your journey and help you create memories you’ll savour forever – both on and off the boat.

A snorkel and mask

Cruise the seas less travelled

Our small ships give you access to those out-of-the-way spots the big ships can’t reach. We’ll show you the guidebook favourites from a new perspective, then cruise away from the crowds so you can stroll through seaside villages, swim in hidden coves, and get a real taste of what life is like for the locals.  

A bed

A floating boutique hotel

Our ships combine all the comforts and personality of a boutique hotel with the freedom of the open water. Relax in your well-appointed cabin and wake to a different outlook each morning. Enjoy panoramic views from the sun deck, spend time in comfortable lounges and dining rooms, or dine al fresco under the stars.

Highlights of small ship Adventure Cruising

Sunset over Rab Island, Croatia

Dig into Croatia’s coast

There’s a reason Croatia ’s been crowned the darling of Europe! Cruise through the pristine waters of the Adriatic and taste the best of the country’s bountiful coastline. Visit rolling vineyards for wine tastings, dine on barbecue dinners on the deck of your ship, sample locally produced honey on a Croatian farm and stroll through fragrant fields of lavender. Detour into Bosnia and Herzegovina where you’ll pop into a local coffee shop to see how Bosnian coffee is made and try some yourself.

A land iguana in the Galapagos

Go wild in the Galapagos

When we say go wild, we really mean it. Located just off Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands are a natural playground for wildlife lovers with over 9000 species to discover. Where else can you chill on the beach with a seal or kayak alongside a group of inquisitive penguins? Here, you'll snorkel in shallow coves teeming with green turtles, golden cow-nose rays and Galapagos sharks. Whether you cruise around the central, southern or western islands, you'll be well placed to have unforgettable wildlife encounters on and off the water.

Meet the fleet

Whether it’s cruising along in a motor sailer or a state-of-the-art mega-yacht, our cruising vessels are built for style, comfort and adventure. Each ship features 4-star accommodation with well-appointed interiors including spacious cabins and sundecks.

The Grand Queen Beatriz ship

Grand Queen Beatriz

The M/S Aurora

Grand Daphne

View our full range of ships

Private departures

Looking to charter your very own private coastal cruise, or perhaps an island-hopping adventure in  Greece  with just you and your friends? We can make it happen. Just get in touch and tell us what you’d like to do.

Enquire with our Tailor-Made travel team

Adventure Cruising FAQs

What type of ship will i be on.

Our Adventure Cruising trips operate on a Motor Yacht that carries between 16-36 passengers, and the primary propulsion method is motorised. The decor varies between ships with some contemporary and some more traditional in their styling.

View all ships

What are the cabins like? Why are they different prices?

All cabins are air-conditioned and our ship generators provide an electric current of 220v. Cabins are equipped with European type plugs so please remember to bring an adaptor if necessary.

Please be aware that cabins are compact in size, with wardrobe and storage space also compact. All cabins on all ships have private bathrooms with hairdryers and come with some toiletries such as shampoo and shower gel. A safe and minibar (containing water) are in every cabin. Pricing depends on the cabin type - similar to a hotel, some cabins offer superior views, larger windows/portholes and larger or additional living space. You can view cabin types on our ships  page.

How long will be spent between sailing and port?

As much as possible, most relocation sailing will take place at night, allowing for more time to be spent at port and exploring. The majority of itineraries have at least one port stop or swim stop every day. In places of particular interest the ship will moor all day, allowing additional time for shore excursions and off-ship activities. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the trip itinerary in order to be aware of what time is scheduled at port and what excursions are on offer. However, please be aware that weather conditions may prompt a change to published itineraries.

How much time will I have on shore at each stop?

The amount of time you spend ashore at each stop will vary depending on the stop and each individual itinerary. It is not always possible to give accurate arrival and departure times from each port. Travelling on a small ship means we are more affected by changes to the winds and tides. If conditions are in our favour we may make excellent time and arrive in port earlier than expected. But if conditions are against us, it may take longer to reach our next stop. One of the charms of small ship cruising is letting nature be part of your journey.

How accessible are the ships?

It’s important to be aware that none of the ships have lifts, and moving between decks will involve climbing fairly steep stairways. To disembark the ship in port, you will need to walk down a narrow gangway lowered to the dock. It’s important to be aware that none of the ships have lifts and moving between decks will involve climbing fairly steep stairways. To disembark the ship in port, you will need to walk down a narrow gangway lowered to the dock. On our Croatian cruises, you will usually dock at all ports, and tenders (small dinghies) are rarely used. On our Galapagos cruises, we use zodiacs to transport you between the boat and land. You will need to be comfortable getting in and out of the zodiacs to enjoy all the included activities throughout the itinerary. Our crew are always at hand to assist you.

Will I get seasick?

How often the ship sails in open waters depends on the itinerary. The itineraries that sail along the coast should experience sheltered conditions on most days, but those that sail between islands will cross open waters and may sail through heavier seas. Unless you are certain that you’re impervious to seasickness, it is necessary to come prepared with precautionary medication or other methods of combatting seasickness. Please be aware that there are no doctors aboard the ships.

Who will I be travelling with?

Our Adventure Cruises in the Galapagos have a maximum of 16 passengers and Croatia cruises have a maximum of 36 passengers.

What if I’m travelling solo?

On all our Intrepid itineraries, if you’re travelling solo, it is possible to share a twin share cabin with another passenger of the same gender, depending on availability. If you would like your own cabin, you can choose to pay a single supplement and receive a cabin to yourself.

What language is spoken on the ship?

The language on board is English (with fluent staff).

Is the itinerary always the same?

By its nature, all travel by sea is subject to the weather, winds, and tides. Occasionally the order in which we visit destinations may need to change to accommodate weather conditions and, sometimes, other ports may be substituted. Safety is always our first priority. All ships are operated by an experienced captain and crew.

What will the weather be like?

For the comfort and pleasure of our guests, our itineraries generally follow warm rather than hot weather patterns. The world's climate being at times unpredictable, our small ships are seldom far from a sheltered bay or port.

What is the official currency on board?

On our Croatia cruises, the Euro is the official currency on board. On our Galapagos Islands cruises, USD is the official currency onboard.  There is an optional credit system for expenses on board that may be paid/settled at the end of the cruise. Credit card payment is not always accepted on board. Please refer to the essential trip information” for further information

What if I have dietary requirements?

Most dietary requirements can be catered for on all ships, except for kosher and halal. Please advise us at the time of booking and we will do all that we can.

Are alcoholic drinks available on board?

Alcoholic drinks are available on all ships and are reasonably priced. For example, EUR5 for the cocktail of the day or EUR3.50 for a glass of wine. The bar runs on a chit system where you sign for drinks as you purchase them, with the amount added to your on-board account. This account is settled at the end of the voyage.

Is there a dress code on board?

Dress aboard the boat is very casual – it is a holiday after all. However, you may wish to bring a smarter outfit, such as a sundress or a shirt with a collar, for the final night’s Captain’s Dinner or if you plan to eat off the ship in port.

Is there Internet available on board?

Wifi is available on our ships at an additional cost. Please note, it may be unavailable in more remote locations or when sailing.

Can I combine an Adventure Cruise with another land tour?

Yes definitely, and it's a popular option for many. While dates might not always align perfectly, there are plenty of options like day tours  to bridge the time between the tours. Contact us or your local travel agent to find out more.

Are the Adventure Cruises guaranteed departures?

If you've found a tour you like, we can request space and confirm availability within 2-4 days.  Once availability is confirmed, a deposit is required within 7 days.  We suggest not booking other things like flights until availability is confirmed.

Once the space is confirmed by our local team and your deposit has been paid, your tour is guaranteed to depart - meaning you can book your airfares and additional accommodation with confidence. Please note that like all of our tours, this is subject to our regular booking conditions.

Why are the cabins different prices?

Pricing depends on the cabin type. Similar to how hotel room pricing works, some cabins offer superior views, larger windows/portholes and larger or additional living space. You can view cabin types on our ships  page. Contact us  to find out more

Are flights included?

While International flights aren't included in the tour cost, we can assist with booking these. Our partnerships with the major airlines mean we can get you the best price on flights for your intended travel dates. Sometimes it can be challenging organising flights. Some destinations are harder to get to than others, and we know it can be tricky trying to negotiate dates, transfers and prices. So speak to us  about how we can get you there easier.

Can you book additional accommodation, day tours and transfers?

Yes, we can generally assist with all of this when you're ready to book your trip. Contact us  to find out more.

Can I go swimming from the ship?

Of course! All ships have a swimming platform which is usually located at the back of the ship. The crew will always be present to monitor the safety of swimmers, watching either from the ship or a small zodiac safety boat. Additional towels are available during swim stops. All ships are equipped with snorkelling equipment that you are free to use. Some ships also offer kayaks and stand-up paddleboards for use at swim stops.

What is included in my cruise cost?

We include: a minimum of two meals daily, activities and land excursions (as per the itinerary), Comfortable accommodation on the boat, all port fees, services of local tour leaders, airport arrival transfer, drinking water, 24-hour coffee station with fruit and snacks, and snorkelling equipment. Some trips have kayaks and stand-up paddleboards available for use.

What is not included in my cruise cost?

We do not include: International flights, travel insurance, discretionary tips for leaders and crew, some meals, onboard purchases (such as beverages), hotel-to-port transfer (if arriving prior to the day of embarkation), airport departure transfer (unless pre-booked), any additional hotel accommodation not outlined in trip itinerary, personal expenses.

Are tips included in the price?

Tips for all crew and services are at your discretion

Where can I find the joining point/hotel details for my trip?

Your agent or sales representative will provide you with all the necessary joining point details once you have booked, along with other essential trip information. This information can also be found on the web page for your trip – scroll down past the itinerary until you see the Essential Trip Information link.

Read more about Adventure Cruising

Looking for a smaller boat.

Sailing boat in the Caribbean

Intrepid Sailing

Want to feel the wind in your hair? Our sailing tours use smaller catamarans or yachts rather than multi-deck cruise ships. Travellers can lend a helping hand with navigating, tacking and steering, or (if that sounds like hard work) simply stretch out on deck with a good book.

Read more about Intrepid Sailing

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Trans Siberian Railway Tours

A bucket list way to explore Russia. Travel far enough to find yourself

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Home / Russia Trip Styles / Trans Siberian Railway Tours

Trans Siberian Railway Tours Explore our life-enriching Trans Siberian tours and uncover the beauty of Russia via the world's longest railway.

Why is a trans-siberian railway tour one of the best ways to travel around russia .

Experience one of the great train journeys of the world as you travel across one-third of the planet, from the heart of Moscow to the Russian Far East. You'll definitely be needing some overnight stops to sight-see along the way, because the Trans Siberian Railway is the longest rail line in the world.

Spanning two continents, our Trans Siberian railway tours bring some of the most remote and exotic parts of Russia, Mongolia and China right to your window, from the comfort of your own cabin. From beautiful lakes to flourishing forests, panoramic plains and magnificent mountains, you'll get to experience the entirety of Eurasia's beauty in one spectacular trip!  

  • Journey along the longest railway in the world, the Trans Siberian Railway, which crosses the divide between Europe and Asia and passes through no less than eight different time zones.
  • Experience Russian, Mongolian and Chinese culture in a single train journey.
  • Marvel at the dramatic, ever-changing dramatic scenery of Europe's and Asia’s most superb landscapes. 
  • Travel to must-visit destinations such as the ancient Chinese provinces of Beijing, the serenely beautiful Lake Baikal and the unique Mongolian heritage of Ulaanbaatar.

The Trans Siberian Express ranks on just about every traveller’s bucket list. The world's most famous train journey should be up to of an unforgettable series of memories for you and your companions, and our guided Trans-Siberian tours will ensure your trip is the experience of a lifetime. 

Our Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian railway tours give you a variety of options to suit your interests and travel comfortably with the changing seasons. For example, to see the countryside at its greenest, the best time to travel on the Trans-Siberian Railway is during summer, from May through to September. Yet, some say the best season to travel on the Trans-Siberian is in winter when the landscape transforms completely. As well as eerily bare sub-Arctic taiga, fields of glittering snow (as well as far fewer tourists!) between February and April you'll be able to ogle the incredible transparent ice of Lake Baikal. Traverse from one end of Russia to the other on the 9,289km Trans-Siberian Express tour from Moscow to Vladivostok on the Pacific coast. Alternatively, start in Moscow and take the connecting rail line through Mongolia to end in Beijing (or vice-versa) on our Trans-Mongolian Railway tours (total length, 7,621km). Either trip takes you across the forested ridges of the imposing Ural Mountains and includes an overnight stay on the shores of enchanting Lake Baikal.

Travel along the Trans Mongolian Express during the annual Naadam Festival and witness an ancient, wildly colourful sporting competition preserved by the Mongol warrior tradition. For those set on nothing less than luxury train travel in Russia, our first class Trans Siberian Railway tour with the Golden Eagle is limited to just 120 private tour passengers, promising fine dining, personalised service and comfortable ensuite cabins. With planned excursions at every stop along the route and a range of exciting optional activities, we have custom-created award-winning Trans Siberian tours and Trans Siberian railway itineraries.

Are you a train travel enthusiast seeking something beyond what our featured itineraries cover? We will happily sit down with you and tailor-make your perfect Trans Siberian railway adventure.

Trans-Siberian tour

Trans-Siberian Odyssey Across Russia

What can be more captivating then crossing Russia from West to East in a train? It gives the full understanding of country’s scale and treasures, of how diverse and united it is at the same time. You will see all major sites of Russian cities, visit planet’s deepest lake and enjoy the views of Russia’s endless areas.

Trans-Siberian tour

Tsars Gold - A Trans-Siberian Railway Adventure

Experience one of the last great travel adventures - a journey on the Trans-Siberian Railroad, one of the world’s most fascinating and safest train routes. Starting from Moscow and ending in Beijing (or wise versa), this journey on a private train Tsar's Gold, will deliver the highlights of three fascinating countries directly to your compartment.

Russia tour Kazan Moscow St Petesburg

Imperial Russia, Classic Trans-Siberian Journey

Embark on a classic two-week adventure across Russia to China onboard the comfortable Imperial Russia train. Starting either from Moscow or Beijing, this train journey will show you the country from the inside and open for you its very spirit.

Trans Siberian winter tour Imperial Russia

Trans-Siberian Winter Fairytale

Go on a troika sleigh ride or stroll through a snow forest under the winter morning sun. Sleep snugly on the Tsar’s Gold, your heated private train, on this 13-day private journey from Moscow to Ulan Bator via Lake Baikal, with the option to prolong your journey for 3 more days and travel to Beijing.

Winter Murmansk Trans-Siberian Northen Lights Aurora Russia

Northern Lights in Russia - Railway Adventure to the Arctic Circle

We invite you to feel the atmosphere of the magic of winter St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk, Vologda and witness the Northern Lights beyond the Arctic Circle on the shores of the Barents Sea with a glass of sparkling champagne, joy and laughter. Truly, an unusual and colourful journey, like the elusive Aurora Borealis themselves!

Golden Eagle Luxury Trans-Siberian tour

Golden Eagle, Luxury Trans-Siberian Express

The Trans-Siberian Railway journey, onboard of the luxurious Golden Eagle across mysterious Russia from Moscow over the Urals, across the magnificent and endless steppe and alongside the shore of the world's largest freshwater lake.


Naadam Festival - Trans Mongolian Express

Join us and experience 'The Big Event' in the Mongolian calendar. Soak up the exciting atmosphere of the Naadam Festival from the opening ceremony to the 20km horse race, an opportunity very few people get to see up close.

Trans Siberian Winter Northern Lights

Arctic Rail Explorer - Quest for Northern Lights

Take in the beautiful cities of St Petersburg and Moscow before exploring deep into the Russian and Norwegian Arctic Circle in pursuit of the magnificent Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

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A custom tour made to order

We understand sometimes our set departure dates do not align with your ability to travel at that time, or you just want to travel bespoke. We got you covered.

Go custom — gives you the choice & flexibility of creating your own bespoke itinerary, using our tours for inspiration.

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Top 13 Trans Siberian Stops Travellers Should Take time to explore

It is safe to say that a journey along the famous Trans-Siberian Railway would be a dream come true and a tick on the travel bucket list for many ...

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Moscow mule 'murderess' Kouri Richins, 34, declares WAR on prosecutors for 'taking her away from her kids' after her arrest for husband's murder

  • The mother-of-three made her first comments since her May 2023 arrest
  • She accused prosecutors of doing 'anything they can' to 'hide their corruption'
  • READ MORE: Defense for Kouri Richins withdraws from her case

By Mackenzie Tatananni For Dailymail.Com

Published: 10:19 EDT, 23 May 2024 | Updated: 11:25 EDT, 23 May 2024

View comments

The Utah mother-of-three accused of spiking her husband's cocktail with a deadly dose of fentanyl has made her first comments since her arrest.

Kouri Richins, 34, has remained behind bars since a judge denied her bail last year. She stands accused of killing her husband, Eric, by slipping fentanyl into his  Moscow mule on Valentine's Day.

In remarks provided exclusively to correspondent Andrea Canning and the Dateline: True Crime Daily podcast , Richins lambasted prosecutors for doing 'anything they can to prolong this process and hide their corruption.'

'I’ve been silent for a year, locked away from my kids, my family, my life, living with the media telling the world who they think I am, what they think I’ve done or how they think I’ve lived,' she said.

'You took an innocent mom away from her babies. And this means war.'

Kouri Richins, 34 (left), has spoken out for the first time since her arrest in May 2023, accusing prosecutors of corruption and blasting them from taking 'an innocent mom away from her babies'

Kouri Richins, 34 (left), has spoken out for the first time since her arrest in May 2023, accusing prosecutors of corruption and blasting them from taking 'an innocent mom away from her babies'

Richins stands accused of murdering her husband, Eric (right) by slipping a lethal dose of fentanyl into a Moscow mule cocktail

Richins stands accused of murdering her husband, Eric (right) by slipping a lethal dose of fentanyl into a Moscow mule cocktail

The comments came after a judge granted her lawyers' May 17 request to withdraw from her defense, with lead attorney Skye Lazaro attributing the decision to an 'irreconcilable and nonwaivable situation,' according to documents reviewed by DailyMail.com.

'To properly safeguard the Defendant’s constitutional rights, this Court should immediately grant the Firm’s motion to withdraw and should immediately appoint new counsel to continue the vigorous defense of the criminal charges against Ms. Richins,' Friday's filing read.

In her remarks, Richins directly addressed her legal team's withdrawal from the case.

'Represented or not, we all know and should understand there’s only so much I can say,' she said.

'But what I will say is this withdrawal was not my choice. And it was not a personal choice of any counsel on my defense team.'

The request was filed just a day after the defense asked a judge to disqualify prosecutors over 'severe violations' of Richins’ right to effective counsel.

The motion pointed a finger at prosecutor Brad Bloodworth, alleging he infringed on attorney-client privilege in multiple breaches of Richin's 6th Amendment rights.

The document accused authorities of recording jail calls between Richins and her defense team without their consent. Bloodworth allegedly accessed and listened to the recordings from May to December 2023. 

Prosecutors allege the mother of three was in debt and fraudulently obtained four different life insurance policies totaling $1.9 million before Eric's death

Prosecutors allege the mother of three was in debt and fraudulently obtained four different life insurance policies totaling $1.9 million before Eric's death

The comments came after a judge granted the defense's request to withdraw from the Richins case, citing an 'irreconcilable and nonwaivable situation'

The comments came after a judge granted the defense's request to withdraw from the Richins case, citing an 'irreconcilable and nonwaivable situation'

The request was filed just a day after the defense asked a judge to disqualify prosecutors over 'severe violations' of Richins’ constitutional rights, including listening in on attorney-client jail calls

The request was filed just a day after the defense asked a judge to disqualify prosecutors over 'severe violations' of Richins’ constitutional rights, including listening in on attorney-client jail calls 

When one of Richins' lawyers made the discovery and asked prosecutors whether they were aware of it, Summit County Attorney Margaret Olson insisted that she had no idea, according to filings.

Bloodworth, meanwhile, asserted that the defense was 'well aware' that the calls had been recorded, seeing as one of the lawyers had refused to use a phone application that shields attorney-client calls.

He claimed prosecutors had not listened to any of the calls and insisted that the defense had been provided with the recorded calls through discovery over the nearly eight-month span.

'I will not play into the prosecution’s unconstitutional behavior anymore,' Richins said in statements provided to Dateline.

'Although I am extremely disappointed where we’re at right now with this case, I’m anxious. I’m anxious to prove my innocence. I’m anxious to get to trial.'

EXCLUSIVE Moscow Mule 'killer' Kouri Richins's lover unmasked: Utah author wanted to start new life with handyman Robert Grossmann - who ended up homeless after she evicted him

article image

Prosecutors allege the mother of three was in debt and fraudulently obtained four different life insurance policies totaling $1.9 million before plying her husband Eric, 39, with the spiked Moscow mule in March 2022.

One year after his death, Richins published a children’s book that depicted a father watching over his children while sporting a pair of angel wings.

She dedicated it to Eric, calling him an 'amazing husband' and 'wonderful father.'

Richins faces charges of aggravated murder, forgery, and mortgage and insurance fraud. This year, she was hit with an additional count of attempted murder for allegedly drugging her husband's sandwich in an earlier attempt.

'I think my wife tried to kill me,' Eric told his friends at the time, according to witness testimony.  

A month later, Richins called 911 after finding Eric 'cold to the touch' at the foot of their bed, according to a police report. Medical examiners discovered that he had five times the lethal dose of fentanyl in his system. 

DailyMail.com revealed last week that the 34-year-old was romantically entangled with 41-year-old Robert Grossmann, a handyman.

'If I was divorced right now and ask you to marry me tomorrow, you would?' Richins texted Grossmann just weeks before Eric's death.

The mother-of-three is currently being held at the Summit County Jail. She has not entered a plea and maintains her innocence.

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‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ Finale Will Make You Cry, if Only for a Moment


The series finale of Ewan McGregor’s hotel drama brought tears to my eyes—even if only for a moment.

Fletcher Peters

Fletcher Peters

Entertainment Reporter

L-R Daniel Cerqueira as Vasily, Beau Gadsdon as Sofia, Ewan McGregor as Count Rostov, Lyes Salem as Andrey, Leah Harvey as Marina and Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson as Emile in "A Gentleman in Moscow."

Ben Blackall/Paramount+ with SHOWTIME

We’ve reached the end of A Gentleman in Moscow , but we can’t wrap things up without one final escapade for Alexander ( Ewan McGregor ), Anna ( Mary Elizabeth Winstead ), and Sofia (Beau Gadsdon). Before the finale wraps, they’ll need to become spies for the American government—this way, Sofia will have a ticket out of the corrupt Russian leadership.

The plan sounds simple enough. While Sofia is off performing at the conservatory in Paris, she’ll sneak off in the middle of the show to deliver the important tapes Alex recorded from dinner a few nights ago. She’ll head to the American Embassy in Paris, hand over the evidence, and Richard (Lucian Msamati) will get her on the next plane to the United States. Then, once everything has arrived safely, Richard will call every phone at the Metropol Hotel, alerting Alex to his child’s safety.

Sofia is fitted for her recital dress—really one of the most gorgeous dresses I’ve seen all year, a fit that would look marvelous on Anne Hathaway—by Marina (Leah Harvey), and Alex is speechless. “You look so grown up,” he says through tears. Wait…am I also crying? This is kind of adorable. I’ve spent weeks complaining about how much I want this show to end, but now, I’m a little sad it’s coming to a close. Just two episodes ago, Sofia was giggling while hiding a thimble in Alex’s room—now, she’s a woman.

Sofia is fully on board with the plan, but she has one request: If she’s going to do this, Alex and Anna need to join her in America, too. Ugh. We know that’s not possible, Alex knows that’s not possible, but Sofia—sweet, youthful, naive Sofia—still has a dream. Alex lies and says that he and Anna will be right over following her journey.

While grabbing a final drink at the bar with Anna, Sofia mentions how excited she is to live life in America with her and Alex. Anna is confused for a second—wait, she’s not going to America with Sofia—and then understands. Alex had to create this lie to ensure Sofia’s safety. Anna goes along with it, and after a few stories about Sofia’s mom Nina (Leah Balmforth), Sofia is sent to one last dinner with Alex.

This is all getting to be a bit too saccharine—we could’ve cut to Paris after the dress bit. Alex and Sofia are nearly sobbing into their pork chops, crying about how much they’ll miss one another and how worried they are for their safety. “I shall be incredibly sad in your absence,” Alex says, his voice shaky, “but I’ll be full of joy thinking of the adventures that you’ll have.” How is Sofia still blind to the fact that he’s not coming with her, even after this?

Everyone says goodbye to Sofia while pretending that this is only a two-week jaunt, so as to not disturb the Bishop (John Heffernan), who suspects something is afoot. Everyone on staff invites Alex to a big party to get his mind off of Sofia’s departure—they drink, juggle knives, gossip. Alex tells an old wives’ tale about a bloody apple that provides the chance to live life over again if eaten; he says he wouldn’t eat it at all. Life is good. He loves its imperfections.

Osip confronts Alex after the dinner because, of course, we have to wrap up this pointless arc in some way. I’ll keep it short for you: Osip (Johnny Harris) regrets the fact that he didn’t really get to say goodbye to his daughter when he sent her off. Although Alex may be thinking about leaving, he should really stay put and see Sofia’s departure to Paris as the best closure he can get. No matter what, after Sofia’s quest, the Russian government will hunt Alex down until he’s dead. He should distance himself from Sofia sooner rather than later.

Sofia arrives in Paris. She’s not worried: As the first performer of the night, she will have plenty of time to put on a disguise and sneak over to the American Embassy. But the organizer confronts her at the start of the show—actually, Tarkovsky has requested her to be the penultimate performer of the night. Godammit.

Back at the hotel, Alex and Anna are still trying to figure out what they’ll do to escape. All that matters is that they have each other. They make some vague plan about taking a train to Helsinki once they know Sofia is safe, but it still seems like Alex will stay at the Metropol Hotel forever. Anna departs for her train to Helsinki, Alex promises to meet her there, but c’mon. Man is staying in the hotel until the day he dies. He wouldn’t risk anything for his girls.

There’s a bit of action intertwined as events play out in Paris and at the hotel. The Bishop sees Anna leaving and starts to get nervous—so he ransacks Alex’s room, looking for clues as to what’s going on. Alex threatens to shoot the Bishop, then chains him up in the basement while throwing all the prisoner files on his fellow Metropol staffers into a fire. They can now be free; there’s no record of any of them in the Russian system.

At the same time, Sofia finishes her performance and races off the stage. She cuts her hair off and changes into a disguise; then, she must somehow escape the theater while the conservatory organizer hunts around for her. This conservatory woman is on a damn mission—why is she so pressed about Sofia? Kids will be kids; let her run wild in Paris. Sofia escapes, barely, and we never see her again.

We do, however, hear every phone in the Metropol start to ring. She’s safe. She did it. Alex weeps. But…now, what’ll he do?

We don’t really know, that’s the answer. Sofia narrates that she never saw Alex and Anna ever again, but she did somehow hear that they made it out of the hotel safely. We cut to some vaguely European farm where an older Alex and Anna are living together; but there’s no real description on how this happened, and then the show just ends . OK, sure. If they’re going to end the show on such a lackluster note, I’ll do the same with this recap—whatever.

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