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PGA Tour live streaming: Your ultimate guide to watching for free

If you’re a golf enthusiast, you’ll understand the importance of catching every moment of the PGA Tour. But with cable TV and streaming services charging exorbitant fees for access to live sports events, it can be tough to watch your favorite golfers in action without breaking the bank. Fortunately, there are ways to enjoy PGA Tour live streaming for free online. In this article, we’ll show you how.

Why watch PGA Tour live?

Watching the PGA Tour live is an unparalleled experience for golf lovers. There’s nothing like seeing your favorite players hit their shots and make their way around the course in real-time. It’s also a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and trends in the world of golf.

Moreover, watching PGA Tour live can provide valuable insights into how professional golfers approach different courses and conditions. You can learn from their strategies and techniques and apply them to your own game.

Where to watch PGA Tour live for free?

One of the best ways to watch PGA Tour live for free is by using social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. Many broadcasters stream select events on these platforms, allowing viewers worldwide access without any subscription fees.

Another option is websites that offer links to various sports channels’ streams where you can find free coverage of major tournaments such as The Masters or the U.S Open. These sites often feature ads that help fund their services but are still worth checking out if you want to catch every hole-in-one moment.

How to watch PGA Tour Live on YouTube

YouTube has become an increasingly popular platform for watching sports events online, including the PGA Tour. By simply searching “PGA tour live” on YouTube, you will find multiple channels that stream golf tournaments from around the world – all completely free of charge.

Many golf-related channels post highlights packages from each day’s play, so if you can’t catch the live stream, you can still stay up-to-date with all the action.

In conclusion, watching PGA Tour live for free online is not only possible but also quite easy. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook offer free streaming of select tournaments, while websites and YouTube channels provide access to a wide variety of golf events from around the world.

So if you’re a die-hard golf fan or just looking to catch some thrilling action on the course, give these options a try and enjoy watching PGA Tour live for free.

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pga tour ratings down

How to Track the PGA Leaderboard

The PGA Tour organizes professional golf tournament played in the United States. It includes The Players Championship, the FedEx Cup, The Tour Championship and the Presidents Cup among others. Scores and rankings change constantly. The PGA Tour Live Leaderboard is the way to keep track of your favorite golfers.

The PGA Tour website updates its stats throughout the tournaments. All tee times are local, and golf fans can see in real time how their favorite players stack up. Golf fans can view players by best score, the golfer’s name, country of origin, whether a player’s position is up or down, total score each round and the total number of strokes. In addition to the PGA Tour Live Leaderboard, you can view hole locations, videos, tee times and past results on the PGA Tour site.

The CBS Sports PGA Tour Leaderboard refreshes every four minutes. In addition to the golfer’s name, country of origin and total score, the total earnings are also included in its live leaderboard. By clicking on the plus sign next to the golfer’s name, you can view how each player performed at every round. A player profile, scorecard and stats are also available to view. The color-coded leaderboard also shows what kind of shot each player made and where the player started his or her round.

ESPN has different pages for its leaderboard, player stats and course stats. In addition to the PGA Leaderboard today, you can view leaderboards going back to the year 2001. In addition to the player’s name, country of origin and position, you can view the number to par, score each round and total earnings. FedEx points are also updated live. ESPN also has leaderboards for the Euro Tour, LPGA and the Champions Tour.

PGA Tour App

The PGA Tour App is a must-have for avid golf fans. Stats are updated after each stroke, and fans can even track every golf swing a player takes. You can also track a favorite player, leader or a certain hole on the course. Scorecards, highlights and real time leaderboard standings are popular features.

Golf Channel

Golf Channel partners with NBC Sports to give fans a full leaderboard and simple tools to track favorite players. You can manage the players you want to see stats for by clicking on the star icon next to each name. This puts those players in a favorites column for easy access to their leaderboard standings. In addition to name, country of origin, rank and position, you can view statistics, schedules, air times and profiles of every player. Golf Channel also gives a brief history of the PGA Tour, including past notables, championship totals and upcoming games.

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PGA Championship final round on CBS draws lowest viewership in 15 years

Broadcast averages 4.52m viewers, the lowest since 2008..

pga tour ratings down

Getty Images

The final round of golf’s 2023 PGA Championship pulled in 4.52 million viewers on CBS , the lowest total since 2008.

  • Final round viewership was down 14 per cent from last year’s PGA Championship
  • 2023 tournament attracted a peak audience of 6.67 million
  • This year’s final round was the first since 2019 to not reach five million viewers

Viewership for the PGA Championship’s final round was lower than the National Basketball Association’s ( NBA ) playoff game staged on the same day. However, the golf major did draw a larger audience than the Stanley Cup conference final on ABC played at a similar timeslot, which managed 1.62 million viewers.

Coming next:

The US Open tees off on 15th June, with broadcaster NBC hoping not to experience a similar decline in viewership.

pga tour ratings down

How Next League is helping TMRW Sports navigate the “crazy” technology landscape and embrace the digital future

pga tour ratings down

Report: PGA Tour ratings increase for NBC, CBS and Golf Channel

pga tour ratings down

Masters final round on CBS scores highest viewership in five years

pga tour ratings down

US Open and US Women’s Open to stream live on new USGA app

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The REAL reason TV golf ratings are down�..

(1/4) > >>

Andrew Cunningham : The REAL reason TV golf ratings are down is because for the most part Sunday afternoons are boring entertainment.  No question the final round of this year�s Masters was exciting, but let�s face it Tiger was simply toying with DiMarco.  The US Open was interesting but only because Tiger didn�t win.   Every other tournament even the ones with the higher TV ratings (ie. when Tiger�s leading) are so boring because the outcome is pretty much a forgone conclusion.  There�s simply no drama.  How often has Tiger lost a lead on Sunday?  Tiger�s dominance hasn�t helped produce a more exciting product for TV.   Look at this past week�s Senior British Open.  Now that was great final round entertainment � till the playoff.  Why?  Because of one man � Greg Norman.  Whether viewers were a fan or not people loved watching this guy play.  In his prime there was no one more fascinating to watch than Greg Norman.   He wowed us with his passion, flare, and talent and broke our hearts with his all too often near misses.  These swings are what made for such fascinating TV.  When Tiger gets a lead it�s all but over.  Perhaps the greatest closer professional sports has ever seen.  But when Greg was in the lead or very close to it who knew what would happen.  People can relate to the Great White Shark because we've all screwed up.  Tiger seems robotic in comparison. I doubt it�s a stretch to say ABC�s ratings for this year�s Senior British Open were probably the highest ever by a wide margin.  Just like the TV ratings for this week�s US Senior Open will most likely be their highest ever.  Although they�d never admit it, I�d bet the Senior British rivaled the real Open Championship for final round viewers. It�s great to see Greg Norman back (no pun intended).  Finally golf is worth watching again.

Kenny Lee Puckett : Sales Guru - Did you watch the Buick on Sat./Sun.?  Tiger didn't close until late on Sun.  Glad that you are a fan of Norman.  The Champions Tour could use some star power! The real reason golf ratings are down, is unlike the NFL & Nascar, the best athletes do not compete every weekend. JWK

George Pazin : Can't speak for the other viewers, but this particular formerly obsessed viewer is simply bored with watching everyone hit driver-wedge and drop and stop golf on every telecast. When the biggest decision are "What's the distance to the front of the green?" and "How many paces back is the hole?", it is simply boring, no matter who is playing. In the majors they actually play golf, so that's about the only thing left worth watching. Even when Tiger dominates like at The Open, the shots are at least entertaining.

Brent Hutto : I'll put a slightly different spin on friend George's point. I think golf is boring when the result of a typical shot is determined entirely by where it touches the ground. Most of the regular Tour golf you see on TV is actually putting. The full shots consist of a guy making a swing, a ball against the blue sky and then the ball sitting on the fairway (or rough) or on the green. Boring. It comes down to two questions. Did he execute the swing? Did he make the putt? It's much more interesting when neither the viewer nor the golfer (nor the cameraman) knows for sure what will happen once the ball in on the ground. An Open at the Old Course or Sandwich is an extreme of this. Likewise, balls at Shinnecock or Pinehurst creeping into trouble after a "perfect shot" add immense interest and tension. When not plagued by constant rain, this is one element that the Masters offers on both tee shots and many approaches.

TEPaul : Andrew: Do you really call yourself a "sales guru"? If so you wouldn't make posts like that blaming Woods and his dominance for the reason golf ratings are down which happens to be patently untrue anyway if Woods is in a tournament. The reason TV golf ratings are down is because the old stand-by golf fans in this country have turned into a bunch of golf Water Mittys or else they are a bunch of schizophrenic duffuses who either never know what they want, or they want the opposite of what they have. First they were complaining there were no super-stars to latch onto and everything was so boring because the tour was chocked full of a bunch of cloned blond look-alikes who all looked like they were from SoCal or something. Then to answer their hopes and dreams they get a black player whose about the polar opposite of that blond clone thing they used to complain about. Not just that but the black/Asian/white/American Indian super-duper star is the biggest super-star not just in golf but most any sport has ever seen. And if that's not enough to ask for and get he happens to be the Second Coming of Christ too but obviously we'll need to wait for him to win at least 41 majors beforre he shows us that career change. All this and now you say they're bored because he's too good and because of that TV ratings are down? Both of those contentions are as worthwhile as some really runny cockatoo caca.

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PGA Championship reveals shockingly low viewership, ought to thank Michael Block

The viewership of the 2023 PGA Championship was down a staggering number when compared to last year’s tournament.

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2023 PGA Championship, CBS

Despite Michael Block becoming an international sensation, Brooks Koepka claiming his fifth major title, and Oak Hill’s East Course drawing rave reviews, the 2023 PGA Championship had shockingly low ratings.

Viewership was down 14% compared to last year’s tournament, won by Justin Thomas, per Sports Media Watch.

These numbers also represent a 15-year low for CBS, which has broadcasted the PGA Championship every year since 1991.

15 years ago, Padraig Harrington won the 2008 PGA Championship at Oakland Hills, but Tiger Woods did not play in it due to his season-long knee injury.

Woods did not play this year either, as he had surgery on his ankle following the Masters.

But Woods withdrew from the 2023 Masters before Sunday’s final round. Even then, CBS drew “ massive ” numbers for its Easter Sunday coverage at Augusta National .

Yet, the same cannot be said for this year’s second major championship, which was quite memorable.

Koepka, perhaps the best golfer of the post-Tiger era, claimed his third PGA Championship.

2023 PGA Championship - Final Round

Scottie Scheffler, now the number-one ranked player in the world, shot a 5-under par 65 on Sunday to finish tied for second.

Viktor Hovland, the 25-year-old Norwegian, suffered another major heartbreak on 16, but not before being in contention all afternoon.

Rory McIlroy, maybe the biggest golfing star of the 21st century outside of Woods and Phil Mickelson, produced some early fireworks that ignited the Rochester crowd. In the end, however, McIlroy could not get his driver to cooperate, as the Northern Irishman finished tied for seventh.

And Oak Hill’s 15th hole produced the moment of the year, with Block dunking in a hole-in-one , which sent the entire course into a frenzy.

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED??? pic.twitter.com/opWFzahJCJ — Playing Through (@_PlayingThrough) May 21, 2023

Despite these tremendous storylines, CBS suffered a significant loss on Sunday.

Rochester, NY has the country’s 77th largest television market, but the size of a tournament’s host city has nothing to do with the ratings.

CBS will hope its viewership bounces back when the 2024 PGA Championship returns to Valhalla in Louisville, Kentucky.

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  • Netflix Cup: Las Vegas Grand Prix breeds perfect golf F1 crossover event
  • Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy’s TGL league postponed to 2025 due to arena damage
  • Jordan Spieth to replace Rory McIlroy on PGA Tour Policy Board; will serve through 2024

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pga tour ratings down

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Latest Report Predicts a Disturbing Downfall for Golf and the PGA Tour

pga tour ratings down

via Reuters

Golf – The 150th Open Championship – Old Course, St Andrews, Scotland, Britain – July 12, 2022 Tiger Woods of the U.S. during a press conference REUTERS/Andrew Boyers

The 2023 American Express concluded on Sunday with a close fight between those at the top of the table. However, Jon Rahm maintained his lead to win his 9th PGA Tour win and second in 2023. However, despite the Spaniard’s stunning performance in La Quinta, the Tour had a disappointing viewership compared to last year’s American Express event. Check out how poor it is.

America’s Favorite Video Today

Rahm and first runner-up Davis Thompson shared the top position on the leaderboard on Saturday before heading to the final round. However, before the enticing competition among the duo, the ratings for the first round of the PGA Tour were revealed. Let’s take a look at how they turned out to be.

PGA Tour records poor ratings compared to last year


Article continues below this ad

The American Express tournament marked the Tour’s second event of 2023. Undoubtedly, there was some excitement surrounding the event. Especially when an in-form Jon Rahm along with big names such as world number two Scottie Scheffler, Xander Schauffele, Cameron Young, and rising talent Tom Kim were going to be the participants.

Thursday coverage of the @PGATOUR American Express on @GolfChannel averaged just 186,000 viewers; down 37% from 2022. — Golf TV Ratings (@GolfTVRatings) January 23, 2023

However, that wasn’t the case with the fans. According to Golf TV Ratings Twitter handle, American Express averaged 186,000 viewers. This is a massive fall of 37% compared to last year’s tournament. This came as a surprise for many as this year’s PGA Tour event had a much better field of players who provided a much more intriguing level of competition.

pga tour ratings down

Hours After Tragedy Struck His TGL Dream, Tiger Woods Suffers Another Crushing Blow From PGA Tour Ally

November 18, 2023 06:23 am EDT

pga tour ratings down

As Caddie Concerns Loom Over Tiger Woods’ Return, Joe LaCava and Charlie Woods Take Helm Among Eager Fans

November 20, 2023 02:00 pm EDT

pga tour ratings down

Brooks Koepka Strikes Again! Gives LIV Golf a Taste of Their Own Medicine Amid Ambiguous 2024 Schedule

November 21, 2023 01:00 pm EDT

pga tour ratings down

After Her Small CME Group Tour Championship Gig, Jessica Korda Spends Hearty Time With Nelly Korda and Co

November 21, 2023 10:35 am EDT

pga tour ratings down

‘It Collapsed’: LIV Golf Fans Brutally Tear Apart Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods’ TGL Despite Unfortunate Mishap

November 21, 2023 02:00 pm EDT

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Read More: After Back-to-Back PGA Tour Wins, Jon Rahm Reaches a Surprising Milestone in His Career

Fans on Twitter had a wide range of reactions after being stunned by the Tour’s ratings on Thursday. The PGA Tour’s fans shared their dismay. “ Nothing to see here ”, LIV Golf fans saw this as an opportunity for the rise of the lucrative Tour.

Bring on LIV https://t.co/OnmiAALOsR — Bahama Golf Pro (@BahamaGolfer) January 23, 2023

“ Bring on LIV ”, said one fan of the Saudi-funded Tour. Though most fans tend to give the weekends of the golf tournaments more priority, the downfall of the PGA Tour’s ratings is still hard to be acceptable. Especially with the Tour currently in a battle with LIV Golf, the 92-year-old Tour will need to do better in the future.

Watch This Story:  Annika Sorenstam Shows Love for Husband After Achieving a Massive Milestone

The American Tour has taken several measures to provide fans with much better action with increased purses and more competitive golf. It will influence even the top golfers to compete in all PGA Tour events possible. With a lot at stake for the Tour, can further downfall in ratings result in trouble for them? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Providing feedback will help us make your experience better.

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pga tour ratings down

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pga tour ratings down


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This year give them InsideGOLF

How massive Masters TV ratings compare to PGA Tour, LIV Golf’s

Jon Rahm's Masters victory produced huge ratings.

Getty Images

It’s a really, really good morning to be CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus.

On Tuesday, CBS released a monster Masters ratings report from the weekend at Augusta National that showed the highest final-round ratings for a golf telecast on any network in five years.

Per CBS’s release, the network averaged some 12.058 million viewers during the five-plus hour broadcast window on Sunday afternoon at Augusta National, peaking with some 15.021 million viewers at the conclusion of Jon Rahm’s victory around 7 p.m. ET. The average audience represents a jump of some 19 percent over Scottie Scheffler’s snoozefest final round in 2022, a massive viewership jump for both the tournament and the sport writ large.

That final round average (12.06 million) is pretty spicy. Massive number for the Masters and CBS. (A reminder: total viewer data means mostly nothing in the context of ratings.) https://t.co/Gk9DxT0x0P — James Colgan (@jamescolgan26) April 11, 2023

The news comes as particularly sweet to Augusta National and CBS, who worked in tandem to ensure the tournament could both be completed on Sunday (on account of rain) and, once that was solidified, to change the broadcast window to provide coverage of the majority of the final day of play.

The final-round numbers, while impressive, were needed for CBS considering the schedule changes, which resulted in only 15 minutes of national broadcast time on Saturday afternoon on account of the weather. That Saturday broadcast earned criticism from golf fans for its seeming lack of foresight about a dreadful weather forecast, and while the decision not to adjust the Sunday window was Augusta National’s (not CBS’s), the drop in viewership from Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning likely cost the network a significant chunk of average viewership.

Fortunately, most (if not all) of those viewers were made up by the drama created by Brooks Koepka and Jon Rahm’s final-round clash at Augusta National. It’s hard to know precisely what drove higher-than-average viewership to the tournament on Sunday, but it’s likely some combination of the LIV storyline, a pair of high-profile golfers knotted in the final pairing and Sunday’s wall-to-wall coverage contributed to it. It’s also possible that golf’s Netflix docuseries, Full Swing , played some role in driving higher-than-usual numbers of casual golf fans to tune in on Sunday afternoon.

Whatever the case, though, the numbers were good — across the board. ESPN’s first and second-round coverage drew slightly lower ratings year-over-year, but those numbers were skewed by weather costing the network its highest-viewership period in the late-Friday window. Over on Golf Channel, Live From posted its highest two viewership days ever from the Masters, recording 1.1 million viewers each day.

In the greater scheme of golf’s current viewership situation, though, the numbers present an intriguing trend to monitor. While PGA Tour viewership has held steady (averaging around 2 million viewers on normal weeks), and LIV has managed to wrangle audiences averaging a few-hundred-thousand people, the majors could be the beneficiary of a surge in casual viewership amplified by the LIV-PGA Tour undercurrent.

It’s early to say with any certainty whether this trend will continue. A runaway winner could score terrible ratings at next month’s PGA Championship, or the momentum could fail to carry over to June’s primetime viewership at the U.S. Open. But for now, the news is good, and McManus knows well enough to take that and run with it.

Latest In News

Brooks koepka's liv golf frustrations bubble over in ig comments section, brooks' liv gripes, tgl's collapse, drinking with michael jordan | monday finish, jordan spieth to replace rory mcilroy in key pga tour job, tiger woods' tgl golf league postponed until 2025 after roof collapse, james colgan.

James Colgan is a news and features editor at GOLF, writing stories for the website and magazine. He manages the Hot Mic, GOLF’s media vertical, and utilizes his on-camera experience across the brand’s platforms. Prior to joining GOLF, James graduated from Syracuse University, during which time he was a caddie scholarship recipient (and astute looper) on Long Island, where he is from. He can be reached at [email protected].

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    The PGA Tour organizes professional golf tournament played in the United States. It includes The Players Championship, the FedEx Cup, The Tour Championship and the Presidents Cup among others. Scores and rankings change constantly.

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    Sunday averaged 658,000 viewers; down 38% from 2022, when In Gee Chun outlasted

  5. PGA Championship hits 15-year final round low

    Final round coverage of the PGA Championship averaged a 2.6 rating and 4.52 million viewers on CBS Sunday, down 16% in ratings and 14% in viewership from last

  6. PGA Championship final round on CBS draws lowest viewership in

    Confirmed: · Final round viewership was down 14 per cent from last year's PGA Championship · 2023 tournament attracted a peak audience of 6.67

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    Ratings were flat on Saturday (1.0) and Sunday (1.5), with third round viewership down a fraction of a percent (1.61M) and the final round down 7% (2.38M). Lead

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    ... drop in viewing figures for the PGA championship and here's why! Television ratings ... WE RANK THE TOP 20 PGA TOUR AND LIV GOLF PLAYERS! You'll

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    The reason TV golf ratings are down is because the old stand-by golf fans in this country have turned into a bunch of golf Water Mittys or else they are a bunch

  10. Michael Block helped save surprisingly dismal PGA Championship

    Viewership was down 14% compared to last year's tournament, won by ... Next Up In Golf · Paul Azinger, former PGA Tour pro and longtime golf

  11. Latest Report Predicts a Disturbing Downfall for Golf and the PGA Tour

    According to Golf TV Ratings Twitter handle, American Express averaged 186,000 viewers. This is a massive fall of 37% compared to last year's

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    How do LIV Golf's TV ratings really compare to the PGA Tour? By ... decline among the Tour's core audience from traditional linear TV. “Then

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    While PGA Tour viewership has held steady (averaging around 2 million viewers on normal weeks), and LIV has managed to wrangle audiences

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