madai safari booking charges

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  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Satpura National Park

Places to Visit in Satpura National Park

Madhai Jeep Safari

madai safari booking charges

India | Madhya Pradesh | Satpura National Park

#2 of 10 places to visit in satpura national park, distance (from mpsgp): 1 kms, visited from: madhai gate, trip duration (including travel): 4 hours/half day, place location: inside satpura national park, transportation options: cab, website: na, phone no: na, place address: na, travel tips: the satpura national park remains closed from 1st july to 30th september every year. it is also closed on holi, diwali festivals, and every wednesday afternoon safari. the park management may also cancel the safaris due to floods and forest fires and no refund is provided to tourists. permit fees for both indian and foreign tourists are the same..

At a distance of 1 km from Madhai, Madhai Zone is the core zone of Satpura National Park. This zone is one of the popular safari zones of Satpura and is primarily visited through the Madhai entrance gate, located near Madhai village. Madhai Gate is the most popular of all the entry gates of Satpura National Park, the other being Jamani Dev Gate, Pachmarhi, Churna, and Parsapani gate. Madhai zone comprises all kinds of landscapes like valleys, plains, meadow areas, some hilly terrains, water bodies, etc. Located in the core zone, Madhai is the center for wildlife tourism in Satpura Tiger Reserve. The density of the tiger population in this zone is high. Madhai entrance gate is situated amid of Pipariya-Bhopal route, just before Sohagpur. To access the Madhai entry gate, a boat is used to cross the Denwa River where the jeep waits for the tourists and takes them further into the jungle. There is a Forest Department Ticket counter located on the banks of Denwa River, in Madhai village. Jeep Safari is one of the best ways to explore the exotic wildlife and thick woods of Satpura National Park. Madhai Zone has five internal routes namely Keria, Lagda road, Jhinjini Mahal road, Chutki Dev, and Churna road. These routes are different in length. Hence rates of safaris are different in this zone according to the route you select for safari. The safari in the Keria route is spread over 14 km. Leopard, Sloth Bear, Indian Gaur, Malabar Squirrel can be seen in this zone. Also, a variety of birds can be seen. The safari in the Lagda route is spread over 20 km including the complete Keria route. The viewpoint at Lagda is very beautiful. Tourists are allowed to get down from the jeep at the viewpoint where one can see a water stream amidst rocks. The extremely lucky ones have seen the tiger at the viewpoint. The safari in the Churna route is spread over 30 km including parts of the Keria route. It is a full day trip & is considered equivalent to 2 safaris. One can opt to go for the trip from 6 AM - 6 PM (combine the morning & afternoon safari's) with a rest at Churna Forest Rest House for about 4 hours. Tourists can have breakfast/lunch at Churna Forest Rest House. The other option is to do a safari from 3 PM to 9.30 AM (combine the afternoon & morning safari's) with a night stay at Churna Forest Rest House. The probability of seeing a tiger is higher on the Churna route. One can get to see a variety of birds. The probability of sighting a Sloth Bear is almost guaranteed on the Churna route. The Jeep Safari is done only with vehicles registered with the park administration as private vehicles are not allowed inside this zone. The number of vehicles allowed to enter this core zone is 13 in the morning and 13 in the evening. Each jeep can take up to 6 travelers other than a driver and one guide. It is advisable to book the entrance ticket in well advance to avoid any chance of unavailability of safari seats. The safari entry and exit timings change according to the change of seasons. The afternoon shift is typically closed on Wednesdays. Morning & Afternoon shifts remain closed on Holi & Diwali festivals. One can book the entry ticket either online at or through travel agents or if available one can also get this from the booking window at the entrance gate of the national park. One can also book a single seat for a jeep safari instead of paying for the full vehicle at Satpura. Single-seat bookings are only offered online for core zones. The guide fee and vehicle hire fee are to be paid separately at the park before undertaking the safari and will be distributed equally between the tourists in the vehicle. All the visitors are required to carry their original identity document during safari drives as it is verified at the entrance gate. Safari tickets are non-transferable. This zone is open for jungle safari drives from 1st October to 30th June. During the monsoon period i.e. from July to September, it remains closed for tourists. Safari Timings: 6 AM - 11 AM & 3 PM - 6 PM, Closed on every Wednesday evening, on Holi, Diwali & during monsoon. Entry ( Keria, Lagda, Zinzini Mahal, Chutki Dev): Rs. 250 for Single Seat, Rs. 1500 for Full Jeep (Max 6), Rs. 1800 - 3,600 for Jeep Rent, Rs. 360 for Guide Churna Route: Rs. 500 for Single Seat, Rs. 3000 for Full Jeep(Max 6), Rs. 5000 for Jeep Rent, Rs. 720 for Guide

7 Must Visit Places in Satpura National Park

Madhai Jeep Safari

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Churna Full Day Jeep Safari

Satpura National Park Tourism

Satpura National Park Tour Packages

Best Time to Visit Satpura National Park

How to Reach Satpura National Park

madai safari booking charges


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madai safari booking charges

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Jungle Safari at Satpura National Park, Madhai, India

Published by roslin dwivedi on october 16, 2022 october 16, 2022.

Last Updated on October 16, 2022 by Roslin Dwivedi

madai safari booking charges

The forest guide told us that his fellows were spotting a tiger in zone 3. So we turned the jeep and left for our first animal sighting on our Jungle Safari at Satpura National Park. A few safari jeeps were already at the site, quiet and observing the activity of the Tiger. Our jeep driver killed the engine, and the guide helped us spot the Tiger among the bushes. He also landed his binoculars to see it. I was thrilled to see this view, but my heart was pounding as we had our three-year-old son with us. What if the Tiger jumps and takes him? I told my husband to grab our son tightly while I looked at the Tiger. It felt stupid to do so but hey! I don’t know how to save your kid from Tiger, but still, I would try.

This Safari was one of the times when the Jungle Safari gave me chills. But after that, we were okay. We had one of the best experiences ever. Though it was our first, we loved it so much that if get the chance, we would go for it again. 

So How Safari Works?

On the Safari, you go around as you spot the animals with the guide’s help. The guides communicate and inform one another, especially when they spot rare sighting animals like a Leopard or a Tiger. You are not supposed to walk or go around on your own. You need to stay in the jeep with the driver and a guide. In this Safari, after an hour, they stop at a resting place you can get freshened up and sit for a while. Then they will take you to a beautiful place where you can enjoy the breakfast you brought or your butler if you stay in a luxury property like Renipani. 

What is the Best Time To Visit Satpura national park, or  What is the best time for wildlife spotting

October to June is said to be the best to visit Satpura National Park due to its accessibility and climate. 

The national park is open throughout the year for visitors except for the monsoon season.

According to our guide, Tigers are spotted more during the winter because they don’t hide in the cave. They are out roaming in the jungle, getting warmed up. Also, some of the best tiger pictures are shot in the winter mornings. 

madai safari booking charges

How the Safari Begins and Satpura tiger reserve safari timing :

The Safari starts from the gate of the Satpura Tiger Reserve Madhai, which can reach by crossing the Denwa river from the Madhai entrance gate.

We arrived coming from the Denwa river via a sturdy boat at 5 am, the early morning in February winter. The morning was frigid but still bearable. After all, no pain, no gain. We woke up at 5 am, got ready, and packed a few sandwiches from the hotel for breakfast for the jungle Safari.

If you are staying in some high-end resort, you may not have to get your breakfast and can enjoy a fabulous set breakfast experience during the jungle Safari next to streaming water in the forest. 

Upon entering the jungle, we found groups of Deer and Peacock. But our guide didn’t stop there for long as he received a call about spotting the Tiger. The rest of the story you already read is in the first paragraph.

On the way, the road between the jungle was shining between the tall trees. Sunshine was on the horizon as it was still early in the morning. Riding on the tremendously moving jeep was one of its kind experience. I warn the elderly and the ones with back pain to be ready for this kind of thing.

We stopped at the end of the line. Everyone in the Jeep, all groups, admired the Tiger on the right. The guide spotted it first and then showed us the Tiger with the help of his binoculars. After a while, we learned there was another Tiger on the other side. The guide informed us that they were both cubs that looked huge to us. Both are from the same mother. 

madai safari booking charges

The number of tigers in Satpura national park : According to our guide, there are six tigers, including one male, two female and two male tiger cubs. Have their territory on this side of the Satpura.

And just like this one, we kept moving ahead and later spotted a family or groups of wild boars, Bisons, Monkeys, peacocks, Deer, and Sambhar in many different places as we went ahead and also almost witnessed a killing. 

The exciting part is your guide knows all the jungle sounds. One of the animal screams seemed like a Sambhar distress noise. Our guide said there could be a hunt going on. So we rushed to the other side of the jungle where we thought the noise was coming from. And later found a leopard probably hunting. 

As we were finishing our session of 3-4 hours of Safari, one of the passing by Safari jeep informed us about getting a view of a mother and a baby sloth bear nearby. We turned our jeep quickly and went to the site to witness the cute pair trying to eat termites from the tree trunk on the ground. 

Well, that was it. You can watch the whole video here . 

What is Satpura, and Where is it located:

Satpura national park is a Tiger reserve located in the district of Hoshangabad, at Madhai, Madhya Pradesh, in India. It covers an area of 524 km². Satpura range is a sub-range of the Aravalli Range in northern India. From Bhopal, it takes around 3 hours to reach Madhai Tiger Reserve.

How much does it cost to visit the Satpura national park?  What are the Safari costs and timings: 

Satpura National Park has three kinds of Safari. 

Jeep Safari:  The jeep safari starts from the Madhai gate and finishes at the same point. Check out the entire jeep safari here.

There are five routes available to choose from upon booking.

We paid  3500 INR  per Jeep (the price includes vehicle and guide charges)

And  1500 INR  for entry permits to the park 

We booked the Safari through the online booking site

OR  Satpura National Park safari booking service from Madhai.

Boat Safari:  This one we did during the sunset over the Denwa river. We got the tickets for this on the spot near the office at Madhai near the river. Boat Safari cost us for a family of 4 adults and one toddler –  1600 INR . Watch our experience of boat safari here .

Walking tour:  Tour guides take a walking tour of the jungle. They set up a camp inside or somewhere outside the wilderness and then take you for a walking tour but bring you back before the night falls. Also, there is a night safari. In case you are interested, check their website.

madai safari booking charges

How To Get Around Satpura National Park

You can drive to the Madhai Tiger Reserve from anywhere in India. Suppose you are starting your Safari from Madhai gate. In that case, you will have to take a boat from Denwa River that will drop you at the Madhai gate, where the forest department will assign you or your family a jeep, guide and driver to start your Safari from the Madhai Tiger Reserve gate. Traditionally the jungle is visited by jeep, where you can experience tribal villages, wildlife, and a beautiful streaming river. You will do an entire jungle safari on the jeep without getting down or walking inside the Satpura jungle.

madai safari booking charges

Why is Satpura famous  :

The Satpura national park is famous for its dense forests and biodiversity.  Although Satpura is renowned as a tiger reserve , other residents of the wild such as black buck, dhole, Indian gaur, wild dog, leopard, Malabar giant squirrel, sloth Bear, and a variety of winged creatures share space. This park is also known for the presence of lions, sambhar, chital, nilgai, porcupines, and elephants, which are found in the park. This national park is known for its scenic beauty as well. The park is home to the endangered species of Tiger and the Indian leopard. 

madai safari booking charges

Where to stay near Satpura national park 

madai safari booking charges

MPT Bison resort  : Our stay at Bison resort here

Reni Pani Jungle Lodge 

Forsyth Lodge

Denwa Backwater Escape Satpura

The Satpura Panchtatva Villa

Satpura National Park Travel Tips:

  • Wear sports shoes because they also take you to a riverside where its stone-hard hills.
  • Wear a jacket and woollen caps when visiting in winter. Or wear clothes according to the season.
  • Keep a bottle of water and snacks during the Safari; they take you to a place where you can rest and eat for a while.
  • Do not get down in the jungle and walk on your own.
  • Do not try to go near or touch any animals in the wilderness. No matter how innocuous they are.
  • Don’t forget a camera because Satpura national park has unique opportunities for tremendous nature and wildlife photography. Also, the camera helps get far site animals close up pictures.
  • Your guide will carry a binocular, but if you have one, why not take it?
  • Do not litter in the jungle. Keep your snack packets in the bag and throw them when you return to your hotel or wherever you find a dustbin.
  • At last, travel safely and responsibly.

Conclusion and Is Satpura tiger reserve worth visiting: 

The Satpura National Park is a must-visit place worth all your time. Look at what this park offers and decide if it’s worth seeing. Satpura National Park is a great place to visit when you’re in Madhya Pradesh, India. We hope you enjoyed our article on Satpura national park. Satpura national park is a great place to visit if you are in the area and has some beautiful natural sites and wildlife to see, like the Bandhavgarh National Park. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments below.

' src=

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Hi! I am Roslin, a travel blogger. I am a gastronomist, an excursionist and love to learn about a different culture. Apart from travel updates, you will find some aha moments and life learnings in my blog. My writing recipe includes a little bit of humour only to see you smiling. You can find me on my website, Facebook and Instagram as Travelnlifewithroaz.

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Satpura National Park

madai safari booking charges

Top ways to experience Satpura National Park and nearby attractions

madai safari booking charges

Most Recent: Reviews ordered by most recent publish date in descending order.

Detailed Reviews: Reviews ordered by recency and descriptiveness of user-identified themes such as wait time, length of visit, general tips, and location information.

Tabbie Kat

Also popular with travelers

madai safari booking charges

Satpura National Park - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024)

  • (0.32 mi) The Arks Point
  • (0.64 mi) Dine inn
  • (0.66 mi) Radha Ki Rasoi
  • (0.69 mi) Beta Bawarchi
  • (8.93 mi) Madhya Pradesh Tourism's Enize Cafe
  • (0.08 mi) Christ Church
  • (0.42 mi) Raj Bhavan
  • (0.65 mi) Pandav Caves
  • (1.41 mi) Bee Falls
  • (1.33 mi) Jatashankar Temple

Pristine Tawa & Madai

madai safari booking charges

24 ℃ 21 Mar 2024

  • The scenic beauty of Tawa dam and reservoir on the Tawa river
  • Forms the western boundary of Satpura National Park and Bori Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Madai is located at the entrance of the Satpura forest
  • Madai - a reserved forest and an integral part of the Satpura Biosphere Project

The raw wilderness and absolute tranquillity of Tawa dam and Madai reserve forest attracts tourists in good numbers. Located in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh, these are hot spots in monsoon. This place offers a scenic escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is set amidst lush greenery, and offers much scope for adventure. The western boundary of Satpura National Park and Bori Wildlife Sanctuary is formed by the Tawa dam & reservoir.

The densely forested Satpura ranges around Pachmarhi are popular for the greenery which has spawned its biodiversity. Covering the total area of 4,926 sq kms, Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve is spread across three districts of Madhya Pradesh. Satpura National Park is the core zone whereas the Panchmarhi and Bori Wildlife Sanctuary constitute the buffer zone. In the northwestern side of the National Park, Tawa Reservoir is a man made lake formed by the dam on the Tawa river.

No less than a natural paradise, the Tawa Dam & Reservoir exhibits raw wilderness and absolute tranquillity. It is settled on the banks of the Tawa River situated in the Hoshangabad district. You can reach Tawa dam after a two-and-a-half-hour ride from Bhopal. After reaching Tawa, you can experience an amazing cruise ride which takes you on a serene hour-long ride along the dreamy little islands dotting the reservoir and the panoramic hills of the Satpura to Churna. The lake ride is even more captivating since it leads to a serene glimpse of Satpura and Churna.

A short trip to Tawa dam and a stay at MPT Tawa Resort can get you completely in sync with the magic of nature. The rooms in this resort are designed to capture the full view of the dam. The resort has a beautiful infinity swimming pool and in-house restaurant to serve the guests.

After spending a day viewing the amazing Tawa dam, you can head towards Madai. It is a part of the reserved forest and an integral part of the Satpura Biosphere Project. It is located at the entrance of the most exquisite and beautiful forests in India - Satpura. It delights you with its rich wildlife, sprawling meadows, unending backwaters and spell-binding views that leave you awestruck. At Madai and Satpura Tiger Reserve you can indulge in a jungle safari and have an amazing wildlife and bird watching experience.

You have two options for transportation: an early boat from Tawa, or a road trip. You may watch the dawn and have breakfast with your family on the boat in the interim.

After arriving, check in at the lovely Bison Resort witnessing the beautiful riverside. This beautiful resort is nestled at the backwaters of Tawa Reservoir and is very well known for its excellent cottages and wildlife sightings right from the balconies.


Satpura National Park is highly recognised for its tranquil surroundings and its rich flora and fauna. The Satpura range, which has many towering hills and stunning waterfalls, is bordered by the Pachmarhi and Bori Sanctuaries. The experience of a river and a forest safari can be experienced in this national park of central India. A night Jungle safari in the buffer zone is another option for experiencing night-time activity, along with the normal morning safaris. Your journey will undoubtedly take you to the serene habitat of a variety of species, including the leopard, sambar, chital, nilgai, flying squirrel, and Indian giant squirrel, as well as a rich flora that includes sal, teak, tendu, mahua, bel, bamboo, and medicinal plants.

Book your stay at the MPT Satpura Retreat, a heritage hotel with a colonial building and happens to be one of the premium properties in Pachmarhi. Its location on elevation is its added feature.


By Air: The closest airport is Raja Bhoj Airport of Bhopal, which is about 70 kilometres from Narmadapuram and 120 kilometres from Tawa. Raja Bhoj Airport has daily flights to Delhi, Mumbai and is well connected to more than 11 major cities of India. Taxis are widely accessible from Bhopal to Tawa.

By Train: To get to Tawa, the closest railroad station is Narmadapuram. Narmadapuram railway station is 25 kilometres away from Tawa and is partially connected to railway stations of nearby cities. By Road: Narmadapuram is the route that connects Tawa.

By road: Tawa is 25 kilometres from Narmadapuram. You can hire a cab from the stand, which would not take more than 30 minutes to reach the Tiger Reserve. This road is well linked to other State Highways of Madhya Pradesh.

Madhai is located at the entrance of the most exquisite and beautiful forests in India - Satpura. Few places in the world can compete with its raw wilderness, absolute tranquillity and the air of mystique. It delights you with its rich wildlife, sprawling meadows, unending backwaters and spell-binding views that leave you awestruck and get you to be completely in sync with the magic of nature.

  • Things To Do

Indian Giant Squirrel - A Creature to Behold

Imagine this: A funky, rangy, weirdly beautiful rod

Gateway from Bhopal - Tawa & Madai

Looking to plan a relaxing sojourn within the natur

Madai - Tawa Cycling Expedition 2023

Embark on a thrilling journey through the untamed wilderness of Satpuras with The Gypsy Adv

Best Places to visit

Backwater cruises, jungle safaris at satpura, reservoir boat club, satpura national park, tawa churna cruise & safari.

View All Places Of Interest

madai safari booking charges

The property of MPT Tawa runs a cruise for tourists in the morning and evening to enjoy the scenic beauty.

madai safari booking charges

Jungle Safaris take you into the heart of the Satpura forests. Sightings of wildlife are common and offer great opportunity for photographers.

madai safari booking charges

It's one of the most peaceful and perfect places in Tawa to admire the sunrise and sunset.

madai safari booking charges

Satpura is a Sanskrit word, which means seven mountains (Sapta=seven Pura=mountain). The Satpura National Park is spread over 1427 sq. km with altitude ranging from 300 to 1,352 meters. The rugged terrain consists of fascinating deep valleys, sandstone peaks, narrow gorges, rivulets, waterfalls and thick forest. It is home to the majestic tiger and a number of other critically endangered animals. The park is also known to be a delight for bird watchers.

madai safari booking charges

The enchanting lake cruise takes you on a serene hour-long ride along the dreamy little islands dotting the reservoir and the panoramic hills of the Satpura to Churna. Here you can indulge in a jungle safari at Gomchi Back, where you are likely to spot sloth bears, leopards, spotted deers, black bucks, and if your luck holds, the majestic tiger!


madai safari booking charges

MPT Tawa Resort, Tawa

Price: INR 3890 - 4890 Phone: (07572) 273017

View Details

madai safari booking charges

Bison Resort, Madhai

Price: INR 3590 - 4490 Phone: 9425011294

Nearby destinations

madai safari booking charges

Serene Pachmarhi (114 KM)

Situated at 1100 m, Pachmarhi, popularly known as 'Satpura ki Rani' (Queen of Satpura), sits beautifully, embellished by nature and history, amidst the Satpura range. Legend says the Pandava brothers

madai safari booking charges

Begum's Bhopal (121 KM)

Split by a pair of lakes, Bhopal is two cities within a city. Two starkly contrasting cityscapes. Towards the North you have the old city, a fascinating area of mosques, serpentine alleys, chowks

Travel tools

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The best time to visit Tewa is from October to April.

Cultural Safari Tours

+91 7014717217

[email protected]

Satpura National Park Safari

Welcome to another National park in Madhya Pradesh, Satpura National Park.!

Satpura Tiger Reserve

The park covers are an area of 2200 sq. kms all together & drives its name from famous hill ranges called Satpura. The terrain of the park is really tough with peaks of sandstones, gorges, ravines & very thick forest. The altitude ranges from 300 to 1300 metres height approximately. This part has great biodervsity & has 1300 different kinds of plants!

Satpura National park has 46+ tigers, 100+ leopards,80+ sloth bears (52 species of mammals) 31 species of reptiles & 300 species of birds. In this stock, 14 species are endangered.

Arboreal mammals like Flying Squirrels, Indian Giant Squirrel & Leaf nosed bats are also found here. Eurasian otters & Smooth coated otters are also seen.

Location & How to Reach Satpura

Satpura National Park is located in Hosangabad district of Madhya Pradesh. The Nearest Rail ways stations are Itarsi & Piparia (55 kms). The main MADAI gate of the park is 140 kms (03 hrs) from Bhopal, 300 kms (05 hrs) from Nagpur & 300 kms (04 hrs) from Jabalpur.

Safari Zones & Gates in Satpura

From tourism point of view, the park is divided into 04 zones. Out of them Madai &, Pannarpani (Pachachi) are core area & Jamani Dev & Parsapani are buffer area.

Madai gate/Zone has four internal roads which are different in length. Hence rates of safaris are different in this zone according to road/ area you select for safari. Four roads/ areas are as below.

A .  Lagda road    B. Jhinjini mahal road   C. Chutki Dev   D. Churna road . 

Interesting Activities other than Safaris are offered here are:

  • Beside jeep safari one can enjoy nature walk in core area of the park.
  • Cycling & night Safari is allowed in Buffer areas.
  • Canoeing & boat safaris are also done in this park.

Night Stay facility inside Satpura.

Satpura doesnot have facility to stay in core area. Few small guest houses for staying are located at the entrance gate itself. They can be booked by department office.

Private hotels: Many Private hotels are there on both gates i.e. Madai & Pannarpani gate.

Opening & closing date of Satpura & weekly off.

Satpura opens from 01”st October to 30”th June every year.   This park does not open in monsoon season i.e. July, August & September.

Satpura does not offer safari in afternoon shift on every Wednesday. Besides this the park remains close completely on festival of Holi in the month of March every year.

Types of safaris in Satpura

Broadly safari can be classified into 03 types Satpura.

Satpura Jeep Safari

  • Normal Safari : Mostly safaris are done by jeep (06-seater) in Satpura. There are 02 shifts i.e. morning & afternoon. Morning shifts are longer here (till 11:00 am). Afternoon safaris are shorter here & a smaller number of jeeps are allowed.

Note: In Satpura, mostly jeeps are booked on exclusive basis. However, there are few jeeps which can be booked in single seat basis also. These jeeps do not go to hotel to pick up guests. One has to go to gate for safaris. If number of single passengers/ tourists are less than 06 then remaining cost is divided among present tourists to make payment complete. Single seat option is clearly seen on site at the time of booking.

  • These safaris are done by jeeps mainly in premium zones of the park. There are no fix numbers of jeep in this category. Only those jeep appear in this quota which are previously booked but are cancelled due to some reason. This quota opens at 05:00 pm for next day morning & afternoon. The costing is slightly higher than normal/advance quota jeeps.
  • Only Full day safaris are allowed in Satpura . There is no concept like Half day safaris as in Ranthambhore. These safaris are zone free safaris . You can see all zones in one single day.

Note : Here as Full day safari consist of Madai & Churna zone so they are not expensive. Slightly higher than 02 normal safaris. In this full day safari, you have to spent 03 hours of afternoon in Churna Guest house as per rules. Highly recommended from leopard sightings.

These Full day safaris are allotted by special permission of Field Director.

Safari Booking Process, Quota & Requirement

All safaris except Full day safaris , can be booked by official site . One has to register on this site & after going to wild life section you need to fill details like name, age, gender, nationality, photo id proof numbers. For Indian nationals Aadhar card, passport, driving license, voter id etc are valid. For Non-Indians passport details & country is mandatory . By booking safari you only secure your seat for safaris. Rest formalities are done on the safari day itself.

In Satpura only Entrance fee & vehicle entry fee is charged in tickets/ permit.

  Guide fee & vehicle fare are to be paid on the safari day.

You can select zones while you are making online booking. The zones once selected cannot be changed. You have to rebook the permit if you want to change the zone. Your previous amount will go waist.

All types of safaris are booked through this site only.

After booking safaris, one has to get boarding pass on the safari day . For getting boarding pass you have report to Central Booking office of the park 01:00 hrs before safari. You have to show original copy of safari voucher & Id proofs to get boarding pass. Boarding pass give you vehicle number & guide name allotted for your safari. After this you are ready for the safari. Boarding pass is must for every safari.

S ame Id proof is mandatory (given at the time of booking) to carry during safaris as some times they check at the entry gate.

For every safari booked, the department allots guides & vehicles by roaster system. Professional guides & drivers can be hired by paying extra fee to the department as per rules.

Entrance Fees:

T he Entrance fee is different for Indians & Non-Indians in Satpura . The fee structure remains same throughout the season. Weekends hike in fee is seen in Satpura .

Booking Quota.

                        There are 03 quotas for safari bookings.

  • Advance Quota: In Satpura, t he safari booking opens 120 days prior to visit. Almost 90 % of tickets / permits are made available in this quota.
  • When in any zone all jeeps are full on website, then you are allowed to book few more tickets like in train.The system indicates the status of the tickets after payment is made.

The wait- listed tickets are likely get confirmed against other cancelled tickets. This is done 05 days prior to the visit. You will get sms from the department regarding confirmation. If your tickets are not confirmed then your amount comes back in your account.

  • As 90% tickets/ permits are made available in advance quota through website only 10% tickets are left for current quota. This quota opens 01:00 hrs prior to each safari shift at the department’s booking centre. Guests has to stand in ques to get tickets.

Number of Jeeps/ canters for safaris in Ranthambhore.

Satpura has below distribution of jeeps for direct tourists.

Madai: Morning shift 13 & afternoon 13

Pannarpani: Morning shift 07 & afternoon 07

We provide all services from booking safaris to getting boarding passes & jeeps, guides to your hotel as per the department’s rules, and assistance during your stay in Satpura. We help you to select good zones from a sighting point of view. Good guides & professional drivers can be hired by paying an extra fee as per department rules. Transport is also provided from Jabalpur, Nagpur, Bhopal & other places as per your itinerary.

Satpura Safari Packages

Experience the untamed beauty of Satpura with our tailored safari packages. For both 2 and 4-pax groups, we offer thrilling adventures through private Jeep safaris. Capture mesmerizing moments on our Pench photography tour, designed to delight nature enthusiasts and photographers alike. Immerse yourself in the wild wonders of Satpura with our expertly crafted packages.

2 Pax Private Jeep Safari

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Satpura Safari Resort, Madhai

Satpura Tiger Reserve, Madhai

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  • Double Bed Room

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Premium Room

  • Bigger Window
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Why Choose Us?

What things make us special!

Best Value for Family

A very suitable place for family members.

Services Priority

Our team pledge to serve you best of our service. also serve you the best.

Best Facilities

We provides you best facilities like time-to-time room service, tea-coffee etc.

Satisfation Guarantee

We just want to make our guest satisfied.

Beatiful Panorama

Satpura Safari is has river side view and large green grass atmosphere.

Enjoy Your Time

All family members enjoy with water, fruits and more indoor & outdoor activities and games.

Our Special Offers

Eiuro, inquit adridens, iniquum, hac quidem de re Conferam tecum, Hanc quoque iucunditatem, si vis, $299 for 3 Nights transfer in animum; Sed quanta sit alias?

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This place is perfect getaway for nature lovers and prestine environment. The owner and staff members are very cooperating. The jungle safari and the water safari with Raja Bhaiya (the owner) are highly recommended.

Shivani Jasmatiya

Book Author

Shivani Jasmatiya

Excellent resort and awesome food. Best place to stay. The food was awesome and hospitality was excellent. Must stay pla Best place to stay. The food was awesome and hospitality was excellent. Must stay place in madahi. Excellent rooms and comfort. The location is good and Management takes adequate care to make guests comfortable!! Visited on May 2019


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Our Location

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Satpura Tiger Reserve Madhai, Madhya Pradesh

+91 9425686772 +62 987456123-->

MPforest Booking Website

Satpura National Park

Satpura national park : nature's wonders are waiting for you.

  • 6 days / 5 night

Satpura is a Sanskrit phrase that means "seven mountains" (Sapta means seven, and Pura means mountain). The Satpura range used to be highly forested, but it has been gradually deforested in recent decades, with large stands of forest remaining. Several at-risk and endangered animals, including the Tiger, call these woodland enclaves home.

Satpura National Park is among the landscape's most well-preserved regions for flora and fauna protection. Satpura National Park covers 1427 square kilometers and was established in 1981 by combining the sanctuaries of Satpura, Pachmarhi, and Bori. Its altitude ranges from 300 to 1,352 meters. 

The national park's landscape is exceedingly mountainous, with deep valleys, sandstone peaks, tight gorges, rivulets, and waterfalls, as well as densely dense green forests of Sal and other medicinal herbs and extensive areas of Teak woods. Spotted Deer, Indian Bison (Gaur), Tigers, Leopards, Wild boar, Wild dog (locally known as Dholes), Sloth bear, Blackbuck (special attraction), Porcupine, Sambhar, Four Horned antelopes (Chowsingha), Otters, Crocodiles, Malabar squirrels, Langurs, and other creatures are among the diversity.

Satpura National Park offers jeep safaris and canoeing, as well as a great array of species. Nevertheless, owing to the complexity of spotting tigers here, it remains one of Central India's least visited reserves. Satpura Tiger Reserve is home to 52 mammal species, 31 reptile species, and 300 bird species, 14 of which are endangered. Arboreal species such as the Flying Squirrel, Indian Giant squirrels, and Leaf-nosed bats call STR home. Also found here are Eurasian Otter and Smooth-coated Otter.

Satpura National Park Tour Packages

Satpura Tiger Reserve is a wildlife empyrean that captures the greatest of nature's grandeur. The park, which is located in Madhya Pradesh's Hoshangabad region, offers tourists an unrivaled opportunity to explore the lush woodlands and ravines that are wonderfully complemented by solitude. Satpura has the ability to attract any nature fanatic and wildlife admirer due to its beautiful scenery and unusual flora and animals. Aside from the car, elephant, and canoe safaris, the national park offers a walking safari, which allows visitors to explore the area on foot.

The program brings visitors to Satpura National Park for wildlife and bird-watching activities. The trek begins in Bhopal, and the tourist must then proceed to Satpura's Madhai Range. The tourist can then choose between a Canoe Safari, an Elephant Safari, or a Walking Safari within the park. The excursion brings the traveler close to the Satpura wilderness in a pleasant and satisfying way.

To receive an approximation for Satpura Safari Booking price/cost/charges, connect with us.

Satpura Tiger Safari Booking

You can count on us to deliver the kind of animal encounter you'd expect from a Satpura National Park wildlife safari. We have skilled and qualified staff who, while putting together a Satpura Safari Booking holiday package, seek to give the best of everything, whether it's transportation, lodging, or meals, as one of India's greatest wildlife travel services. Additionally, as your trusted partner, we are dedicated to presenting you with an unforgettable vacation through exquisite service, warm hospitality, and perfect planning.

Safari Zone & Entry Gate

Satpura madhai forest safari charges / price / cost, best time to visit satpura madhai national park.

Isn't it true that you're trying to figure out when the best time is to go to Satpura National Park? So, to prevent having your holiday spoilt by the weather, these are the ideal normal seasons to visit and enjoy. Satpura National Park is open to visitors from mid-October to the end of June, with the best chances of seeing animals in the last few months of the season.

Summer season (March, April, May, June )

The hotter months are noted for their high temperatures, which can be difficult for most people, especially if they are going on a walking safari. April, on the other hand, is a great compromise. Despite the heat, the park continues to attract a large number of animal admirers.

Winter season (November, December, January, February)

Because of the mild noon temperatures, Satpura National Park is best visited in the winter, but it can still be very chilly first thing in the morning and at night, necessitating layers of clothes, including one with an overcoat.

Monsoon season (July, August, September)

Monsoon receiving a significant quantity of rainfall in the region, makes it unfavorable to visit Satpura National Park. Additionally, the park remains closed until mid-October as it is quite a popular season for animal matings.

Satpura Tiger Safari Timing

The timings at Satpura National Park changes with the seasons. However, it's important to note that the park is closed to visitors during the monsoon season because it's wild animal breeding season.

Satpura National Park has a morning and evening safari schedule that is distinct for both states and is set by the park's higher authorities.

Summers and winters have different time windows, but sunset and sunrise are also important in the safari itinerary. According to a basic rule, the park opens 30 minutes before sunrise and closes 30 minutes before sunset. Furthermore, the management changes the schedule to suit any VIP visits.

Here is the Satpura tiger safari timing schedule for the safari:

1. Morning Safari Schedule: 6:30 AM to 11:00 AM with an extended till 12:30 PM

2. Full-Day Safari Schedule: 6:30 AM  to 5:00 PM

3. Evening Safari Schedule: 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM

4. Elephant Safari Schedule: 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Satpura Safari Booking

You can rely on us to deliver the kind of wildlife encounter you're looking for during your wildlife safari in Satpura National Park. We, as your travel partner, are committed to presenting you with a one-of-a-kind vacation experience, complete with impeccable service, warm hospitality, and perfect arrangements.

Booking a ticket through the resort where you are staying is the best option. Another common method is to book a safari through the Satpura Booking counter, which is located at the entrance gate. At the Madhai entrance gate, one such counter is positioned on the bank of the Denwa River. Tourists can plan morning and evening jungle excursions. Morning safaris are available from 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., while evening safaris are available from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Safari times may vary depending on the season.

If you have any questions about our action-packed wildlife package holidays, sightseeing tours, or hotel reservations in Satpura, please connect with us to learn more about Satpura safari booking price/cost/charges.

Satpura Safari Zones

There are three types of zones in Satpura Tiger Reserve: Core, Buffer, and Reserved. The jungle's core zone is a protected area. It serves as a clearinghouse for information on the natural condition of the ecosystems represented by biosphere reserves. The forest department is dedicated to safeguarding wildlife and natural resources. Animals and a small fraction of human life coexist harmoniously in the buffer zone. Finally, a conserved forest serves as a virtual forest boundary. Animals, on the other hand, have no concept of a "zone." They are allowed to traverse the entire forest because it is their habitat. 

When it pertains to the Satpura Tiger Reserve's tourist gates, there are a maximum of five. Panaarpani Gate (Pachmarhi), Madhai, and Bheemkund Gate (Churna) are the most popular of these entrances.

Satpura Gypsy Booking

To explore the jungle, open safari jeeps are used, just like in any other Madhya Pradesh national park. A total of 08 people are allowed to sit in any safari vehicle, with one guide and one driver required to accompany the guest during the park safari or wildlife drive. It means that 06 tourists can sit together in a single car. Unlike any other Madhya Pradesh national park, the Satpura National Park authorities own and manage the safari vehicles. 

It means that, unlike Kanha, Bandhavgarh, and Pench National Parks, there would be no changes in safari vehicle standard/design here. Despite the fact that luxury resorts have donated vehicles to the forest department, they receive the same donated vehicle with their resort branding on the safari. Except during festivals and new-year weekends, there will be no trouble or struggle in obtaining Satpura Gypsy Booking tickets because it is not a popular wildlife location.

Hotels & Resorts at Satpura National Park

When you make Satpura Tiger Reserve your next vacation destination, you'll be able to enjoy a luxurious stay in the woods. A variety of resorts and motels are located around the park in Satpura. You can choose your lodge in Satpura National Park based on your Satpura National Park Zone.

A traveler's mind is loaded with numerous thoughts when arranging a trip to Satpura, one of which is where to reside. When it comes to the number of hotels and resorts scattered across Satpura, the list will astound tourists. With a variety of superb services and amenities, these resorts and hotels are wonderful places to recharge after a busy day and make the most of your vacation.

There are three forest rest houses in Pachmarhi, two at Churna, and one at Madhai, all with double bedrooms. Reservations for these rooms can be obtained via the Satpura Tiger Reserve office or from the Satpura National Park Permit Booking Website. Bookings are accepted during business hours (10:30-17:30). However, the right of reservation remains with the Field Director, Satpura Tiger Reserve.

Flora & Fauna at Satpura National Park

The forest of the Satpura mountains, located south of the river Narmada, is rich in biodiversity and home to many endangered species. Satpura Tiger Reserve was designated as Madhya Pradesh's first biosphere reserve in 1999, in recognition of its uniqueness. Sal woods cover the Pachmarhi plateau's high elevations, while dense teak forests cover the plateau's lower hill ranges. There are 26 Himalayan species and 42 Nilgiri species to be found here. Satpura Tiger Reserve is also known as the northernmost point of the Western Ghats.

Nearly 14 endangered species call this area home, including the Giant Squirrel, Indian Skimmer, Black-bellied Tern, Leaf-nosed Bat, and others. The Malaba Pied Hornbill, Malabar Whistling Thrush, and Madhya Pradesh's state bird, the Paradise Flycatcher, are among the more than 300 bird species found here. Migratory birds such as Bar-headed Geese, Pintails, Spot-bills, and Spoon-bills, among others, can also be seen in huge flocks in the autumn. In the past, the Eurasian otter has also been spotted here.

Satpura National Park: how to reach?

So, what do you have to miss? Plan a getaway to Satpura Tiger Reserve, a very remarkable and breathtakingly gorgeous spot that promises a pure wildlife encounter!

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Satpura National Park

Tags : National Park

Timings : Winters:  Mornings: 6:00 AM - 10:00 AM, Evenings: 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM,  Summers: Mornings: 5:45 AM - 9:30 AM, Evenings: 3:00 PM - 06:30 PM

Time Required : 3-4 hrs

Entry Fee : Jeep Safari: Indians: INR 3,800 Foreign Nationals: INR 5,800

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Satpura National Park, Pachmarhi Overview

The Satpura National Park is located in the beautiful and diverse suburbs of Madhya Pradesh and is one of the most diverse and stunning national parks in Central India. One of India's most beautiful tiger reserves, the sanctuary was the winner of the TOFT Wildlife Tourism Award for the most visitor-friendly wildlife destinations in the year 2010. Located in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh in India, Satpura Tiger Reserve spreads over an area of 202 square miles and gets its name from the Satpura Hill ranges, or Mahadeo hills.

The Satpura National Park is also of crucial importance to the ecosystem of India, because this sanctuary, along with the Bori and Pachmarhi sanctuaries, provides around 550 square miles of tiger reserve area. It was set up in the year 1981 and has its altitude ranging from 300 to 1,352 metres. The forest enclaves at the Satpura National Park provide habitat for several endangered and threatened species, other than a variety of different plants and animals.

Read More on Satpura National Park

History of satpura national park.

The area and land that today comprises of the Satpura National Park were initially explored by Captain James Forsyth of Bengal Lancers in the year 1862. When the concerned authorities realised the ecological and commercial value of the vast expanses of lush green forests that the area housed, it was decided to declare it as a reserve forest. The area was then announced as a National Park and Sanctuary by the state government so that increased attention could be given to conserving the faunal and floral wealth of the ecosystem as a whole. Later on, the Satpura National Park, combined with the adjoining Bori and Panchmarhi Sanctuaries, went on to be declared as the Satpura Tiger reserve by the Indian government.

Flora and Fauna at Satpura Tiger Reserve

Safari at satpura tiger reserve, top hotel collections.

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Satpura National Park Reviews

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A Walk In The Park – Satpura #TWC

A Walk In The Park – Satpura #TWC

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Big Cats India - Customised Tiger Safari in India

Satpura National Park

Satpura tiger reserve.

This one-of-a-kind tiger reserve is located south of the beautiful Narmada river and is spread across Hoshangabad, Betul, and Chhindwara districts. The most unique thing about this biggest tiger reserve is that it allows Cycling, canoeing, and trekking. 

Spread over an area of 2133  sq. km, Satpura Tiger Reserve is the pride of Madhya Pradesh which was set up in 1981. It derived its name from the wonderful Satpura range. This reserve is filled with natural beauty and beautiful species of fauna. 

Satpura tiger reserve has everything that a wildlife photographer will love right from the lavish greenfield to the big cats like the royal Bengal tigers. It is also a great place for wildlife enthusiasts, adventure lovers, and trekkers to explore. 

Interesting Fact – Satpura

The national park was formed by the merger of three wildlife sanctuaries: Satpura, Pachmarhi, and Bori. Because each of the original sanctuaries had very different terrain, the national park offers a wide range of habitats, including deep valleys, sandstone plateaus, slender gorges, Tawa reservoir, backwaters, waterfalls, a thickly lush forest of Sal and other medicinal herbs.

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Prime Predators

Satpura Tiger Reserve’s top predators are Royal Bengal Tigers and Indian Leopards

Famous For?

Other than the Bengal Tigers, Satpura is famous for rock climbing, cycling, canoeing, and jeep game drive. You can also walk on foot in some zones

Major Wildlife

Bengal Tigers, Indian Leopards, Eurasian Otter,  Blackbuck, Indian Giant Squirrel, Chinkara, & Smooth-coated Otter

Avifauna: The sky of Satpura is filled with  300 bird species. Out of them, 14 are endangered species. It is also colored with 50 wonderful species of butterflies.

Flora & Fauna in the Park

Flora: Satpura Tiger Reserve is part of a diverse Central Indian forest ecosystem, so it has a high level of biodiversity. Teak, Sal, tendu, mahua (Indian butter-tree), bel (stone-apple), bamboos, and grasses are among the 1300 plant species found here. It contains over 62 tree species, 30 small tree species, 58 shrub species, 32 climber species, and nearly 64 grass species.

Wildlife: Satpura Tiger Reserve is one of the largest tiger reserves in Madhya Pradesh. It is home to 52 different mammal species and 31 reptiles. The Bengal tiger stands at the top of the food cycle.  

madai safari booking charges

  • Royal Bengal Tiger
  • Indian Leopard
  • Indian Giant Squirrel

madai safari booking charges

  • Malabar Whistling Thrush
  • Paradise Fly-catcher
  • Honey Buzzard
  • Malabar pied Hornbill
  • Pied-kingfisher
  • Red-wattled Lapwing
  • Indian Spot-billed Ducks
  • River Lapwing

madai safari booking charges

  • Mugger Crocodile
  • Indian Soft-shelled Turtle
  • Indian Roofed Turtle
  • Brook's House Gecko
  • Leopard Gecko
  • Indian Chameleon
  • Bronze Skink
  • Bengal Monitor
  • Trinket Snake

Safari in Satpura National Park

Safari in Satpura Tiger Reserve is full of adventure and thrill. As the park is spread across a large area, you will get to see various kinds of flora and fauna that you can capture in your cameras. The pleasure of being in the company of nature, combined with the adventure of seeing tigers and other wildlife with your own eyes on a Gypsy or elephant safari, is unmeasurable in words. Enjoy the scenic views of the lush green forest as you pass by rivers, streams, and waterfalls.

Satpura Tiger Reserve has 5 entry zones at which you can start your adventurous journey. In the Madhai, Churna, Parsapani, and Jamanidev tourism zones, two safaris can be done in a day, one in the morning from 06:00 hrs to 1:00 hrs and the other from 3:00 p.m. hrs to 18:00 hrs. Tourists can visit Pachmarhi from sunrise to sunset.

Jeeps can carry a maximum of six passengers, including the guide. If you want to go on a safari with a larger group of up to 16 people, canter safaris are also available.

madai safari booking charges

Satpura Safari Tours

Satpura Budget Tour

Satpura Budget Safari

Satpura is a great destination to have a good time on a budget. We've put together a low-cost safari package for you that covers four days and three nights in the park.

Satpura Weekend Tour

Satpura Weekend Safari

Weekend safari packages with two Tiger Safaris are also available for wildlife enthusiasts who want to discover the splendor of the forest without disrupting their weekday schedule.

Satpura Night Safari Tour

Satpura Night Safari

Our Satpura night safari tour is an excursion that will introduce you to the nocturnal animals under the carpet of shiny stars and glowing moon.

Satpura Fixed Departure Tour

Embark on a riveting wilderness odyssey with our Satpura Fixed Departure tour. Immerse in untamed beauty, witness majestic wildlife, and savor moments that etch unforgettable tales. Join us for an adventure beyond imagination.

Safari Zones or Gates

The core zone is spread over 1339.264 sq. km of area and the b uffer zone is spread over 794.04397 sq. km of area.

Satpura Tiger Reserve is divided into five entry zones: Pachmarhi, Madai, Churna, Sehra, and Pathai. Churna is the best zone to spot the Bengal tigers. Some areas are ideal for camping, cycling, trekking, and other outdoor activities.

Pachmarhi Zone

Pachmarhi has over 30 viewpoints to see and is located in the middle of the Jabalpur-Itarsi rail route. By road, it is 55 kilometers from the Pipariya railway station,  210 kilometers from Bhopal, and 260 kilometers from Nagpur 

Ecotourism activities that you can do in the Pachmarhi zone consist of watching viewpoints, cycling, trekking, nature walks, camping, birding,  and butterfly watching.

Madhai is a core zone located on the pipariya-Bhopal road, 140 kilometers from Bhopal. It is the hub for wildlife tourism in Satpura Tiger Reserve. 

Madai zone is famous for Vehicle safari, elephant rides, boat rides, canoeing, and trekking.

Churna Zone

Churna is the best zone for tiger sightings. It is located in the deep core forests along the Itarsi-Nagpur road route, 100 kilometers from the Itarsi railway station. The topography features numerous sparkling water streams that run through the entire forest. For this zone, a vehicle safari is the best option.

Sehra Buffer Zone

This lovely buffer zone is closer to Denwa and has lush green meadows where chances of spotting Gaur, Satpura Leopard Gecko, Rusty Spotted Cat, Mouse Deer, and Indian Crested Porcupine are high.

Pathai Buffer Zone

This buffer zone meets the Denwa backwaters at various points and is located between Shohagpur and Madhai (20 km) on one side; and Madhai and Pathai gates (14 km) on another side.

wildlife in safari zones of Satpura

Jamanidev Buffer Zone

Jamanidev, located 4 kilometers from Madhai, serves as a buffer zone for the Satpura National Park. This is one of Satpura’s most popular safari zones, and it is primarily accessed through the Sehra entrance gate, which is located on the Sohagpur-Madhai road. Jamani Dev’s landscape is filled with ponds, riverbanks, streams, grasslands, and forests where you can go camping.

Parsapani Buffer Zone

This area has a unique terrain with lush vegetation in an undulating habitat. These patches are intermixed with streams, ponds, grasslands, riverbanks, forests, and so on. It is the most suitable safari zone for camping.

How to book Safari in Satpura Tiger Reserve

To book an end-to-end safari package in Satpura National Park including airport transfer, accommodation, meals, and internal transfer, you may contact Big Cats India, or schedule a free discussion with our experts to understand the best safari zone to book, based on your area of interest.

It is advised to plan your safari well in advance to get the best zones for sightings. If you are not sure which gate(s) to choose from, you can contact Big Cats India or message us for any assistance to book your safari in Satpura.

You can also book   Satpura Safari online from the MP  tourism website.  These websites, however, only book your safari permits and not the jeep, accommodation, food, or internal transportation.

Open Jeep Safari

Open Jeep Safari

Explore the woods of Satpura Tiger Reserve through a Gypsy and capture the wonderful pictures of flora and fauna while on it. An open Jeep Safari offers you to greet nature closely.

Canter Safari

Canter Safari

Canter safaris are conducted in groups of 16 people per canter. The canter safaris offer a 5-hour ride from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 3 hours from 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. This provides an excellent opportunity to explore wildlife and see tigers.

Weather in  Satpura

Satpura National Park experiences diverse weather throughout the year. January and February are cool and dry, with temperatures ranging from 7°C to 25°C (45°F to 77°F). March to June brings the summer heat, with temperatures rising between 25°C to 40°C (77°F to 104°F). The monsoon season, from July to September, brings moderate to heavy rainfall, transforming the landscape into a lush green paradise. Post-monsoon (October to November) offers pleasant weather, with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 32°C (59°F to 90°F). December brings cool and dry conditions, with temperatures between 7°C to 25°C (45°F to 77°F). Each season in Satpura National Park provides a unique setting for wildlife enthusiasts, with the park’s diverse topography and thriving biodiversity.

Visiting Park in Winter

Satpura in Winters

Satpura becomes the most beautiful national park in central India during the winter season (November – February) due to its eye-pleasing lush greenery and dense forests. Here, the temperature in and around the Pachmarhi plateau is generally lower than the plains. On sunny mornings, the spectacular views of nature and wildlife sightings make your safari unforgettable.

Visiting Park in Summer

Satpura in Summers

Summer (mid-March to June) is the best time to visit Satpura Tiger Reserve. With summer temperatures reaching 42 degrees, there is a greater chance of spotting tigers near water resources. In addition, as the trees and vegetation dry out in the summer, spotting tigers becomes easier. Therefore, it is a perfect environment for wildlife photographers or tiger enthusiasts.

Visiting Park In Monsoon

Satpura in Monsoon

The monsoon arrives at the end of June in Satpura tiger reserve. And the rainfall in the Pachmarhi zone is significantly higher than in the rest of the tiger reserve. The weather in Madhai, Churna, Parsapani, and Jamanidev is similar to the surrounding plains. The core zones of Satpura remain close during the monsoon season which is from July to September .

Best time to spot tigers at Satpura National Park

Between October and March is the best time to visit Madhai, Churna, Jamanidev, and the Parsapani zones of Satpura Tiger Reserve. Whereas, Pachmarhi can be visited at any time of year. However, do note that it takes patience to spot the tiger as compared to other animals. Availability of the prey, water, and climate plays an important role in spotting one. 

Recommended Tour

madai safari booking charges

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 How to Reach the Park

Reach by Air

Bhopal airport is the nearest airport to Satpura Tiger Reserve. It is around 170 km from Satpura. 

madai safari booking charges

Itarsi is the  nearest railway station to Satpura Tiger Reserve. It is around 66 km from the reserve.

By Rail

Satpura Tiger Reserve is close to Bhopal city which is well connected to the major cities of India. 

Things you should carry with you

Essential things to carry for your satpura tiger safari.

Your DSLR or Camera to capture your memorable safari moment.

Binoculars to view the wildlife from a safe distance.

Plenty of water to keep you dehydrated on a sunny day.

Hat & Shades to protect from direct sunlight.

Bandanna or Cotton Scarf to cover your face and avoid dust.

Winter wear or jacket if you are doing a safari during winter. It really gets cold very quickly after sunsets in Jungle.

Rain Cover to save you and your gears from water during rain.

Satpura can get really colder very quickly in the evening so consider carrying woolens in the afternoon safari in Satpura during winter’s season.

Items to carry in Jungle Safari

Some History of Satpura Tiger Reserve

The park got its name from the Satpura Range. Satpura is a Sanskrit word that means “seven mountains” (sapta means “seven” and pura means “mountain”). 

Satpura was designated as a Tiger Reserve in the year 2000, and thus it is also known as Satpura Tiger Reserve. 

The Central India region is home to two significant mountain ranges: the Vindhyachal range and the Satpura range. Both mountain ranges are important forest areas in the Central India region, providing habitat for a wide range of mammals, birds, and reptiles. Since time immemorial, these mountain ranges have had untouched forest areas where human society has avoided destroying or establishing their accommodation.

history of Satpura tiger reserve

There are still some tribal peoples who have cut themselves off from the mainstream of human society. The Satpura range forest area is regarded as a focal point for archaeology of human evolution, as it contains a large number of sites with rock shelters and rock painting ranging in age from 1500 to 10000 years. Tigers, deer, lions, elephants, porcupines, and other animals can be seen in these photographs. It means that elephants and lions were present in these forest areas in the past. Satpura National Park is also very close to the world-famous Bhimbetka Rock Shelters, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Why visit Satpura?

Along with the thrill of a tiger safari, Satpura national park also offers the feel of a hill station. It is a beautiful paradise treasured with a variety of flora and fauna. Besides going on a tiger safari, Satpura also offers walking, cycling, boating, and trekking fun.

Satpura General Info Card

Total Area: 2133 Sq. Km

Location: Hoshangabad, Betul, and Chhindwara Districts

Notified as National Park: 1981

Notified as Tiger Reserve: 2000

Nearest Airport: Bhopal (3.30 Hours)

Nearest Railway Junction: Itarsi (2.00 Hours)

Satpura Wildlife Info Card

Carnivorous: Tiger, Leopard, Wild Dog

Herbivorous: Chowsingha, Blackbuck, Gaur.

Omnivorous : Wild Boar, Pangolins

Birds: 300 Species of Birds

Satpura Tour Info Card

Ideal Tour Length: 3N4D or 6 Safaris

Can extend with: Kanha, Tadoba, Bandhavgarh

Tour Starting points: Delhi, Indore, Mumbai, Nagpur

Is tour Customizable?: Yes

Safari Options: Open Jeep, Canter

Satpura Tiger Reserve FAQs

How far is madai safari zone from itarsi junction.

Madai zone of Satpura national park is approximately 60 Km from Itarsi railway junction airport. It will take around 2 hours to cover this distance by car.

How far is Pipariya from Satpura National Park?

Pipariya is approximately 40 Km from Satpura National Park. It will take around 1 hour to cover this distance by car or cab.

How many tigers are there in Satpura National Park?

According to the 2018 tiger census, there are around 50 tigers living in the Satpura National Park.

How much a Tiger Safari costs in Satpura Tiger Reserve?

For 6 person open Gypsy Tiger Safari, It will cost around Rs 7000/- in Satpura  Park. including the guide and park entry fee.

How much distance and time does it takes to reach Satpura National Park from Hoshangabad?

The distance between Hoshangabad and Satpura national park is just 63 km. It takes only 1 hour and 50 minutes to reach the national park from Hoshangabad.

Satpura National Park is a part of which biosphere reserve?

Satpura Tiger Reserve is a part of the Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve.

Satpura National Park is famous for what?

Satpura Tiger Reserve is famous for tiger safari where you will get a chance to spot any of the 52 species of mammals, 31 species of reptiles, and 300 species of birds. It is also famous for cycling, canoeing, and trekking safaris.

Where is Satpura National Park situated?

Satpura National Park is situated in the Hoshangabad, Betul, and Chhindwara districts of Madhya Pradesh.

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While your typical tourist makes a beeline for Pachmarhi to enter this forest of many dreams, the largely-ignored Madhai Gate of Satpura Tiger Reserve looks on, standing silently in anticipation to welcome the sparse visitor who takes the path less beaten. More often than not this "ignorance" works in favour for that occasional visitor; he arrives to see the land free from the cannonade of human presence unlike its more "popular" counterparts. And this exclusivity is what makes the Madhai Experience all the more special!

Madhai Riverside Lodge

Safari in Satpura Tiger Reserve

Whether in the core zone exploring Churna or the buffer side, traversing Jamani Dev and Parsapani – no visit to Madhai can be complete without a safari in Satpura Tiger Reserve.

Madhai Riverside Lodge

Boat Safari in Denwa River

Witness the golden rays of the sun dance on the tranquil waters of the Denwa as you scour the expansive riverbanks with your binoculars, looking for wildlife and birds.

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Village Walks in Sarangpur

Our wildlife resort in Satpura Tiger Reserve is surrounded by villages that still follow the sound and reliable principles of our forebears.

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Trekking in Satpura

Explore the stunning cave paintings in the forest or simply walk along the riverside to see a bird’s nest up close – everything is possible here at MRL!

Luxury Lodges in Satpura - Madhai Riverside Lodge

Experience Madhai

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A. We visited Satpura National Park (SNP) between 7th to 9th Jun 2015 B. We took a direct train from Delhi to Bhopal, which is at a distance of about 140 kms from the Madhai entry gate of SNP. (We took a taxi for Rs. 2500/- for drop off at Madhai. We have to drive through Bhopal – Habibganj – Obaidullahganj – Budni – Hoshangabad – Babai – Semri before taking a right turn just before Sohagpur. From this right turn, we have to drive a further 17 Kms to reach Madhai. C. Hoshangabad railway station is about 40 Kms from Madhai (SNP). Itarsi is about 75 Kms from Madhai (SNP) D. SNP has access from Madhai entrance gate. Booking for safari can be done on line at MP online website. E. To reach the Madhai entry gate, the forest department uses a boat to cross the Denwa River. The Madhai FRH is also located on the other side of the Denwa River. F. ONLY 12 JEEPS ARE ALLOWED FOR THE MORNING SAFARI & SIMILARLY 12 JEEPS ARE ALLOWED FOR THE AFTERNOON SAFARI. The total of 12 jeeps includes safari in all 3 zones. The tourist may opt for any one of the 3 routes. Trespass from one route to another is not allowed. G. A forest guide accompanies each jeep. H. Tiger sighting is very rare at SNP. But sighting of Leopard and Sloth Bears are very good at SNP. I. Since the tourist inflow to SNP is less (as compared to Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Ranthambore etc) very few resorts are available near the Madhai entry gate. Some of the very popular resorts (Forsyths, Reni Peni) are located about 5~8 Kms from the entry gate. J. ONE CAN ALSO STAY AT THE MADHAI FOREST REST HOUSE (FRH) or CHURNA FOREST REST HOUSE. The booking for the FRH can be done through the MP Forest department at Hoshangabad. The facilities are basic in nature. K. The jeep safari can be done in 3 Routes. a. KERIA ROUTE – the safari in this route is spread over 14 Kms. The jeep safari charges for Keria route are Rs. 2750/- (Rs. 1250 for entry of jeep into forest & the tourists entry charges, Rs. 300/- for the forest Guide, and Rs. 1200/- for hiring the jeep). The charges indicated are for Indian Nationals. Charges for foreign tourists are much higher. Leopard, Sloth Bear, Indian Gaur, Malabar Squirrel can be seen in this zone. Also a variety of birds can be seen. Spotted Deer, Sambar Deer and Barking Deer can be seen near the entry gate itself. b. LAGDA ROUTE – the safari in this route is spread over 20 Kms including the complete Keria route. The jeep safari charges for Lagda route are Rs. 3050/- (Rs. 1250 for entry of jeep into forest & the tourists entry charges, Rs. 300/- for the forest Guide, and Rs. 1500/- for hiring the jeep). The charges indicated are for Indian Nationals. Leopard, Sloth Bear, Indian Gaur, Malabar Squirrel can be seen in this zone. Also a variety of birds can be seen. The View Point at Lagda is very beautiful. Tourists are allowed to get down from the jeep at the View Point where one can see water stream amidst rocks. The extremely lucky ones have seen the tiger at the View Point. c. CHURNA ROUTE - the safari in this route is spread over 30 Kms including parts of the Keria route. IT IS A FULL DAY TRIP & IS CONSIDERED EQUIVALENT TO 2 SAFARI’s. ONE CAN OPT TO GO FOR THE TRIP FROM 6 am TO 6 pm (combine the morning & afternoon safari’s) WITH A REST AT CHURNA FRH FOR ABOUT 4 HOURS. TOURISTS CAN HAVE BREAKFAST / LUNCH AT CHURNA FRH. THE OTHER OPTION IS DO A SAFARI FROM 3 pm TO 9.30 am (combine the afternoon & morning safari’s) WITH A STAY AT CHURNA FRH FOR THE NIGHT. The jeep safari charges for Churna route are Rs. 6700/- (Rs. 2500 for entry of jeep into forest, Rs. 700/- for the forest Guide, and Rs. 3500/- for hiring the jeep). The charges indicated are for Indian Nationals. Leopard, Sloth Bear, Indian Gaur, Malabar Squirrel, Nilgai and Wild Dogs can be seen in this zone. The probability of seeing a tiger is higher on the Churna route (Although the probability is still very low as compared Bandhavgarh, Ranthambore etc). One can get to see a variety of birds. The probability of sighting a Sloth Bear is almost guaranteed on the Churna route. L. The timings for the safari vary from season to season. The morning safari lasts for 3 ~ 4hours while he evening safari lasts for 2.5 ~ 3 hours. The start / end of the safari are dependent on the sunrise & sunset time. M. The park is closed from 1st July to 15th October because of the monsoon rains. N. As per the various forest guides, SNP is home to over 43 tigers. O. Remember to take along your camera, sun screen lotion, moisturizer, cap and sun glasses for protection from the sun. P. We saw Leopards, Sloth Bears, Indian Wild Dogs, Indian Gaur, Malabar Giant Squirrel, Sambar Deer, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Nilgai, Wild Boar, Serpent Eagle, Shikra, Greater Racquet Tailed Drongo, Indian Roller, White Breasted Kingfisher, Black Ibis, Green Bee Eater, Wooly Neck Stork, White Breasted Water Hen, Grey Hornbill, Black Hooded Oriole, Grey Fish Eagle, Peacock, Rufus Tree pie, Grey Francolin, Quails Q. One can opt to go on a JEEP SAFARI or a BOAT SAFARI or ELEPHANT SAFARI (on the periphery of the forest) or TREK / WALKING SAFARI (in the buffer forest). SNP has many options. R. NOW FOR SOME IMPORTANT TIPS a. It is very hot in the summer months (May & June). The temperatures can soar up to 45 / 46 Degrees Celcius. Although the sighting of Leopard is good, the summer heat is tough to handle. b. SNP is very beautiful during the winter (November to March). The Sloth Bear sightings are good during the winters (especially February and March). c. During the winter months, the diehard wildlife enthusiast can opt to stay at the FRH (Madhai or Churna). The weather is enjoyable (the minimum temperature in winters can be around 7 Degrees Celcius). Remember to take along winter clothing (sweaters, jackets, gloves, mufflers, shawls etc) for protection from the chilly early morning wind as you drive along in a jeep S. Forest Guide Ashish Pandey is very good and highly committed to ensure that the tourists get to see as many animals as possible. T. SATPURA is a pristine forest. With very few jeeps entering the forest, there is no mad rush when a predator gets sighted (unlike other National Parks across India). SNP IS DEFINITELY A PLACE TO VISIT FOR SIGHTING THE LEOPARD & INDIAN SLOTH BEAR IN THE WILD. U. One can visit Bhimbetka Rock Shelters (about 50 Kms from Bhopal on the road to Madhai). The UNESCO heritage site depicts paintings on Rocks / Caves and is believed to be very old (over a thousand years old).

madai safari booking charges

Had took afternoon safari. Had an awesome experience. Was able to see Leopard. Indian Gaur. Deers. Different Birds. Langoor (Monkey).

Have just spent four days at this lovely park - beautiful scenery, game spotting and as the vehicle numbers are limited the whole experience is of peace and tranquility. We stayed at Reni Pani Lodge which was wonderful, the staff are friendly and attentive, the food was excellent and the accommodation is clean and comfortable with a lovely swimming pool where you can relax between game drives. The lodge has its own naturalists who accompany you on drives, arranging everything for you which means that the whole experience appears seamless and relaxed. Would highly recommend a visit to Reni Pani Lodge and the Satpura National Park.

I have visited around 30 National park and was not able to see a Leopard and bear in last 10 years! Finally i visited Satpura national park in May 2015 and was able to see both Leopard and Bear in one safari only and hence i have titled my review as my luck forest. The forest is very beautiful - take the Lagdha round - longest and most beautiful part of forest. There are only 12 safari's allowed in the forest at one point of time (morning/evening). Entry permit cost is Rs. 1250 ( Online booking), Rs. 2100 for Gypsy and Guide and Rs. 50 per person for Boat Charges (to and fro). You have to cross the river by speed boat of Forest department and after that take a gypsy safari from the other side. One of the least disturbed forest i have seen. Will definitely visit again next year or may be this year.

Amazing variety of birds, cranes, 'Nilgai', wild bison, giant malabar squirrel, monitor lizards, crocodiles, sloth bears and leopards is what Satpura Wildlife Reserve has for you. Go out and experience for yourself. You shall surely love it.

Originally a Hunting Ground mainly for Indian Bison. Satpura now is the prettiest park in Central India. originally it was famous for its Sloth Bears , Leopards and fewer Tigers. But now the Tigers are making a very smart recovery in almost all parts of the park. thanks to relocation of forest Villages from core areas of the Park. Very picturesque landscape.

Jungle safari in Satpura Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh

Jungle safari at satpura tiger reserve

Last Updated on May 5, 2023 by admin

Satpura Tiger Reserve offers offbeat wildlife safari in Madhya Pradesh. Read on to know why.

I am a believer in spending vacation in Indian jungles . They soothe and calm visitors from the hectic technology ridden lives. 

While the tiger reserves in MP (Madhya Pradesh) such as Bandhavgarh, Panna, Kanha and Pench are extremely popular among tourists and wildlife enthusiasts, Satpura takes a backseat when it comes to choosing it for tiger tourism.

There is enough density of big cats in Satpura Tiger Reserve, but the sheer size of the forest makes it a little bit difficult as compared to the popular counterparts.

However, that does not mean Satpura National Park should be left out because it is a haven for sighting many other mammals and birds.

Madai gate at Satpura Tiger Reserve

Table of Contents


Satpura Tiger Reserve is a national park located in the Hoshangabad, Betul and Chhindwara districts of Madhya Pradesh. The park is part of the Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve. It is one of the closest reserves from the state capital of Bhopal .

The high mountains, deep gorges and dense forests of Satpura hold secrets bountiful that one can discover only by venturing further into its unexplored terrain. Located in the Hoshangabad, Betul and Chhindwara districts of Madhya Pradesh, Satpura Tiger Reserve, a part of the Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve, attracts a large crowd of tourists each year.

The topography of the park consists of deep gorges, mountains, reservoirs, backwaters and mixed deciduous forests, providing a range of habitats to suit a variety of animals.

The forest of Satpura range


Although Satpura is notified as a tiger reserve, the diversity of wildlife is huge. The next best mammal to tiger is the leopard and sloth bear and the sightings between the sal and teak trees is just fantastic.

The reserve was notified in the year 2000 and is home to over 90 species of trees, 50 species of mammals, 300 species of birds, 100 species of butterflies and more than 30 species of reptiles.


Why is satpura famous.

Satpura National Park is rich in biodiversity of trees and wildlife. The animals here include sloth bear, Indian bison, leopard, sambar, chital, nilgai, dholes (wild dogs), four-horned antelope, wild boar, black buck, gecko, Indian fox, porcupine, flying squirrel, barking deer, and Indian giant squirrel.

The bird diversity is amazing too with birds such as many varieties of owls, eagles, buzzards, kites and hornbills. Although other animals are seen in most national parks in India such as Manas National Park, Assam , Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand , and Gir National Park, Gujarat , sloth bear is unique for these forests.

A crocodile in Satpura tiger reserve

Zones in Satpura Tiger Reserve

Satpura is divided into 4 core zones and 4 buffer zones. 

Core zones are Churna, Madhai, Mallupura and Panaarpani while the buffer zones are Pipariya, Jamani Dev, Parsapani and Tamia Delakhari. Madhai and Churna are the most popular of all the entry gates of Satpura National Park.

Satpura National Park safari cost

Satpura National Park has three kinds of safari options – jeep (gypsy), boat and walking. It is possible to book safari online .

Jeep Safari

Depending on the zone, the entry gates are different. One gypsy safari will cost INR 3500/- (includes vehicle and guide charges) and another INR 1500/- for entry permits to the park. The gypsy can accommodate up to 6 visitors other than the gypsy driver and forest guide.

Boat Safari

Boat safari happens in Tawa Reservoir through narrow water inlets of the Denwa River. I did not do the boat safari in Satpura but it surely looked refreshing. I have done boat safari in Periyar National Park because that is the only way to safari there, but the chances of sighting wildlife is less from a boat safari. Still, a fun activity and among the things to do in Satpura.

Tickets for boat safari are available near the office at Madhai gate. Boat safari cost is INR 500/- per person.

Walking safari in Satpura National Park

One of the highlights of Satpura is the option of walking safari in buffer zones. Walking amidst the beautiful teak and sal trees trying to sight wildlife is a thrill worth experiencing. Walking safari is conducted with a trained naturalist and guide who take visitors on a predefined route. The walking safari is offered by hotels and resorts. Ask your resort if they offer one!

There are options of night safari in Satpura as well.

Sambar deer in Satpura tiger reserve

Safari Timings

Morning and afternoon safaris are of 3 hours duration. The morning safari timing is 6 am to 9 am and afternoon is 3 pm to 6 pm. 

There is a possibility of a full day safari in Churna zone that lasts from early morning to noon and again 3 pm to 6 pm.

Safari vehicles

Safari vehicles are jeep or gypsy vehicles that are open from top and side with safety bars to hold on both sides. It is compulsory to enter the tiger reserve in these designated gypsies with an allotted guide and driver.

In Churna zone, tourists can take their own pollution free, four-wheeled vehicle capable of going through the rough forest terrain.

Best time to visit Satpura Tiger Reserve

Satpura National Park is open from mid-October until the end of June. Just like all national parks in India, the Satpura reserve is closed for the monsoon season (July to mid-October). During May and June the temperatures are extremely high such as 40 – 50°C. Winter months are very cold with temperatures as low as 4 – 5°C in early mornings.

Both morning and afternoon safari provide different vantage points for wildlife sightings and I suggest doing both of them from different zones.

Satpura Tiger Reserve Accommodation options

Satpura has 3 forest rest houses at Pachmarhi, 2 at Churna and 1 at Madhai with double bedrooms. These are basic rooms that can be booked through the Satpura Tiger Reserve office.

There are many private hotels and resorts on the Denwa periphery as well as near the other zone gates.

I stayed at the Goldmark Resort which is right on the bank of Tawa Reservoir. The view from most rooms is of the reservoir and is beautiful. Amenities include indoor games, library and pool. The resort can help you book the tickets for Satpura Tiger Reserve.

Other accommodation options here include:

Lehar Sa Resort

Forsyth Lodge

Moustache Panarpani Retreat

View from the hotel

How To Get Around Satpura National Park

Bhopal is the closest city from Satpura Tiger Reserve at 150 km connected via flight. From Bhopal, one can hire a taxi to reach the reserve. There aren’t many options for booking a taxi upon arrival so it is best to request a pick-up from the hotel/resort where you are staying.

Itarsi is a prominent railway junction with trains from all across the country and is just 70 km away. Piparia (40 km), Sohagpur (20 km), Hoshangabad (70 km), Bhopal (140 km), and are well-suited stations for Satpura. There are several trains to these stations on a daily basis. From these stations, one has to hire a taxi.

One can drive from Bhopal via Hoshangabad city, Betul city or Pipariya town to reach Madhai gate. The best part about reaching the Madai gate is that one has to get on a boat and cross the Denwa river. The commute is included in the safari cost.

Internal road in Satpura jungle


Why waste a weekend near a tiger reserve by not going there?

My husband and I were to travel to Itarsi for a family function and this question arose. Combining social functions and festivals with wildlife trips is our motto! And hence a trip was planned to Satpura National Park. We called up our go to guide and wildlife planner – Joy of WildchasersIndia and booked 2 safaris to Satpura – our first MP jungle!

Our cousin picked us up from the Itarsi train junction at 9 am and we headed towards Madai in the car. This road trip in February included crossing country roads through wheat fields swaying happily in the crisp cold wind. Briefly it was time for a pit stop that included bhaji wada and chai !

Bhaji wada

In about 2 hours we reached our hotel on the banks of Tawa Reservoir. After check-in, we napped, freshened up and had lunch.

We walked about 500 meters to the boat jetty. The boat service starts at 2:30 pm and takes visitors to the other bank, to the Madai gate.

Safari in Madai zone

At the Madai gate jeeps were allotted to us with a driver and guide. We entered the gate at 3 pm. 

Our guide gave us a brief introduction about the Satpura reserve – the area covered, the diversity, zones, etc.

20 minutes into the safari, our guide sighted a family of Sloth Bears – a mother with 2 sub-adult cubs. As they crossed the road, sniffed trees and played with each other, our cameras kept busy. We spent a good 15 minutes in their presence and went further. 

Sloth bear in satpura national park

The next 2 hours were spent looking for pugmarks, hearing alarm calls of langurs, birdwatching and just soaking in the forest vibe. 

Unfortunately it turned out to be a dry safari (no tiger sightings). However, we saw plenty of crocodiles, spotted deer, sambar deer and birds.

The sunset on Denwa backwaters was extremely picturesque and we spent some peaceful moments on the river bank.

Safari in Churna zone

When Joy told us that there was an option of a full day safari in Satpura Tiger Reserve, we were extremely excited and wanted to make use of it. The excitement further fueled when he informed us that we would be crossing the Madai zone into the core zone of the forest and then entering into the Churna zone.

We followed the same routine – went to the boat jetty, crossed the bank and a safari was allotted to us at Madai to go to Churna.

The cold winter winds made our teeth chatter and froze our hands. But the eyes were open for any movement and ears for any alarm calls.

On this day too, we saw crocodiles, Indian bison, herds of spotter deer, sambar deer and 3 types of owls. 

Indian scops owl

We took a break and had our breakfast at one of the rest stops in the Churna zone. With yummy parathas, sandwiches, fruits and chai packed by our hotel, we fueled up with the hope of spotting tigers in Satpura.

The jungle provided us many opportunities for the possibility of tiger sightings with alarm calls and fresh pugmarks. Unfortunately, the morning safari turned out to be dry as well, and we headed towards the Churna forest rest house for our lunch.

Here, we met with other wildlife enthusiasts and many stories entertained us from previous days and years. A group showed us their photographs of a leopard from earlier in the day. Another lady shared her experience of sighting a tiger from last year. A scrumptious lunch later, we were pleasantly surprised by a visitor.

Indian giant squirrel in Satpura

Now it was time for the afternoon safari and we drove to all the possible places where tiger territory is. We checked out water holes and other areas. 

Finally, some fresh pugmarks!

The pugmarks stayed with us for almost 2 km and according to our guide the tiger crossed this area when we were lunching!

It was almost 4:30 pm and we had to leave the Churna zone to get into Madai and leave from Madai at 6pm – the gate closing time.

As we drove towards Madai, the pugmarks appeared again, only to disappear in the bushes after a while. Another jeep who had noticed the pugmarks was on standstill as they also heard a faint growl. We waited for a bit for a movement, a call, a growl, but nothing happened.

We drove back to Madai with no sightings of the tiger or leopard but fantastic memories of Satpura jungle.

A wild boar in the Satpura jungle


Is satpura national park worth visiting.

YES! Satpura is one of the most promising wildlife reserves in India with wide diversity in wildlife. Visitors have the chance to see tiger, leopard, sloth bear and gaur all within one reserve. The forests of Satpura are enchanting with teak and sal trees all around.

Which zone is best for tiger sighting in Satpura?

Satpura Tiger Reserve is divided into 4 core zones and 4 buffer zones. Although there is no guarantee of tiger sightings, Churna and Madai zones are popular for tiger, leopard and sloth bear sightings.


  • Do not get down from the jeep ride in the national park as it is against the rules.
  • Avoid wearing perfume or body spray with a strong scent. It distracts wild animals.
  • Wear camouflage colours that will easily blend with the jungle – shades of green, brown and grey.
  • Be quiet in the jungle and maintain jungle decorum.
  • You may carry water and snacks in the jeep but do not dispose of plastic or leftover food in the jungle. Keep it in your bag or gypsy and dispose of it safely once you return to the hotel.
  • Do not feed anything to wild animals.

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Satpura tiger reserve jungle safari

Ketki Gadre

Ketki is an environmental consultant and a sustainable travel blogger, who loves nature, wildlife and heritage. She enjoys bringing places to life through her informative blogs to inspire readers to travel sustainably and become responsible travellers.

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Conservation thru Eco Tourism

Madhai Jungle Safari

Madhai Jungle Safari

Book a Madhai Jungle Safari with us and experience the nature never before…

That’s right, if you are a wildlife lover, Madhai Jungle Safari must be in your list to do. Unlike other national parks where you see lot of crowd and tourist disturbance, Madhai Jungle Safari is always promising. With limited number of tourists and serene forest, it is heaven for wildlife enthusiasts with plenty of opportunity to observe wilderness in their natural habitat.

About Madhai : Situated inside Satpura Tiger Reserve, Madhai is the most famous entry point among others. Better road connectivity, plenty of stay options, distance from Bhopal makes it favorite weekend destination for family and leisure tourists. Frequent Tiger sightings and presence of wide variety of flora and fauna makes it tourism magnet.

madai safari booking charges

Madhai Jungle Safari Tour Highlights:-

  • 3 day 2 night all inclusive tour to Satpura National Park Madhai.
  • Presence of Tiger, Leopard, Sloth Bear, Indian Gaur, Fox, Jackal, Hyena, Wolf, Wild Dog, Indian Giant Squirrel, Crocodile, Spotted Deer, Sambhar, Neelgaay, Barking Deer and other carnivorous and herbivorous animals.
  • Wide variety of birds, reptiles and amphibians.
  • Availability of open jeep safari and boat safari.
  • Breathtaking landscapes and lush green forest.

Tour Overview :-

Satpura is told to be the queen of hills and Satpura National Park Madhai is the crown of it. With a professional naturalist and licensed guide, get a chance to see the Tigers in a open jeep safari inside Satpura National Park Madhai. This comfortable and relaxing Satpura National Park Tour package is suitable for families, couples as well as groups of friends travelling together. The stay is arranged in 3/4 Star equivalent property with beautiful surrounding and cozy interior.

The whole tour can be customized based on individual requirement. Please feel free to contact us for tailor made itinerary.

Tour Itinerary :-

  • Meet at pickup point and start early morning drive for 7hrs Ex-Indore / 3hrs Ex-Bhopal to reach destination.
  • Breakfast/lunch on the way depending on time/place of departure.
  • Upon arrival at destination, do the check-in formalities and room allotment in partner property.
  • Evening time short walk to riverside and witness the mesmerizing sunset with lot of photography.
  • Night will began with strange sounds of wild animals and real stories of animal encounters.
  • Delicious dinner will be served at the same property.
  • Bed tea @ 6.00am
  • Depart @ 6:30am for 3.5 hour long game drive in open jeep where we will try to track and spot wild tigers and other animals.
  • After returning you have option to have rest or roam around to observe birds and other tiny creatures followed by lunch.
  • 3:30pm – Time for another 3.5 hour long game drive in open jeep to try our luck.
  • During night try your hands on star trail photography or walk riverside followed by Dinner.
  • Checkout after breakfast for return journey with memories and lunch on way.

Note : You have option to go for boat safari or elephant safari, please let us know if you want to include the same in itinerary.

Tour Inclusion :-

  • Transportation by Private Air-Conditioned neat and clean “Mahindra XUV500” Diesel Sports Utility Vehicle with spacious and comfortable seating for 6 people manufactured in year 2013 with safety features like Airbags, ABS, EBD, Childlock and many more.
  • Two Jungle safari in open vehicle with private naturalist and licensed guide during jungle safari.
  • Stay in 3/4 star hotel on double sharing basis.
  • Room Amenities – Mini Fridge, Hot/Cold Water, Toiletries, Intercom, Almirah, Mineral Water, Tea/Coffee Kettle Set, Television and Air conditioner.
  • All meals. Food served at the hotel is hygienic and choice of Veg/Non Veg is available on prior request.
  • Forest entry & guide charges.

Tour Exclusion :-

  • Any personal expenses or souvenirs.
  • Charges for Still/Video Cameras.
  • Any penalty/charges enforced by forest department due to negligence or willful act of breaching forest laws.
  • Anything not mentioned in inclusions.

Quick Info :-

  • Route  : Indore – Bhopal – Hoshangabad – Madhai (350Km)
  • Duration  : 3 Day 2 Night
  • Start/End Point  : Indore / Bhopal
  • Cost  : Rs. 15000.00 / Pax

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madai safari booking charges

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Four Seasons Moscow

Moscow, Russia

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Photo of Four Seasons Moscow

“Stalin-approved architectural design mixed with lavish contemporary finishes at this elite five star hotel. Exuberant interiors and floor to ceiling windows for the best views in the city. An admirable location, this hotel stands a few minutes from the Red Square. Five venues for dining on site. ”

Hotel Rooms

Recommended for.

  • An assortment of toys, board games, DVD's, game consoles and many other facilities are provided for the little ones.
  • Local exploring
  • Situated right in the historical centre, within walking distance of all the important sights.
  • Close to nightlife
  • For those in search of a little evening entertainment, several bars such as Strelka and many clubs located in the area.
  • Sights nearby
  • The Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral and the Alexandrovsky Garden are all close by.
  • Hotel boats for hire
  • See the city from another angle as you drift down the Moskva River in a boat tour.
  • Other Activities
  • The Bolshoi Theatre cannot be missed, ask the hotel to book tickets.
  • Designer Shopping
  • Hit GUM department store for high end shopping.
  • Pet friendly
  • Charges are applicable
  • Family Suites
  • Organic food
  • Full of character
  • Business Hotel
  • Grand Hotel
  • Disabled access
  • Contemporary
  • Parking on site at GBP 43 per day
  • Swimming Pool
  • An indoor pool for all seasons
  • Airport transfer
  • Surcharge applicable
  • Business Centre
  • Outdoor dining
  • Sauna/Steam
  • Meeting Room
  • Room service
  • Satellite / Cable TV
  • Air conditioning

Map & Location

madai safari booking charges

What's Nearby

Other reviews, four seasons hotel moscow.

"A former Soviet-era hotel reimagined for the 21st century with an East-meets-West design aesthetic, a cool cocktail bar and top-notch spa. The hotel occupies one of the most enviable addresses in Moscow and the views from its suites of the Kremlin and other top sites are nothing short of astonishing."

Originally published by The Telegraph, UK ( view article )

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Hotel Baltschug Kempinski

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Terrifying moment wild bull elephant attacks a safari tourist bus

A huge bull elephant tried to flip a tourist bus during a safari with the wild footage caught on film.

Terrifying moment an elephant lifts a vehicle off the ground

‘Are you a spy?’: Shocking racist rant

Couple’s horrific act while drunk on beach

Couple’s horrific act while drunk on beach

Devastating scene witnessed on Bali beach

Devastating scene witnessed on Bali beach

The terrifying moment a bull elephant charged and tried to flip a safari vehicle has gone viral, with the moment caught on video from a bystander.

The footage starts with the elephant approaching the front of the vehicle where the guide sits in the driver seat, before the animal starts nudging the bonnet with its trunk.

The horrific moment was caught on camera.

The open-air truck, which has passengers seated in the back half of the vehicle, is lifted off the ground as the elephant pushes again and again in an attempt to flip the truck off its wheels.

The video pivots to the point-of-view of a passenger, who is filming from within the vehicle, showing the driver frantically backing away from the elephant as it continues to charge towards him.

From this viewpoint, the male elephant is just centimetres away from the driver’s face — with the pair separated only by glass.

The elephant tried to tip the vehicle over.

While some on social media described the vision as “traumatising” and blamed the driver for getting too close to the wild animal, one anonymous poster claimed they’d received video that revealed a little more detail in defence of the guide.

“Unfortunately the video only shows the end of the story and not the complete story,” the anonymous poster wrote alongside the video on YouTube.

“The elephant entered the car park while guests were both on foot in the open and on the walkway (fairly secure).

“The guide sat there quietly with his engine off until the elephant started to approach the vehicle. The elephant didn’t back off and kept coming closer, not responding to warning shouts and door slamming and slapping as they normally will.”

Large bull African elephant can often be territorial and aggressive with intruders.

The anonymous poster claims in a desperate bid to scare the elephant off, the guide started his engine and revved the truck.

“Whether or not the guide took the correct action next is not for me to say,” they wrote.

“He started his engine and revved it, hoping the elephant would leave the car park.

“I hope the full video is released because I am sure you will all feel some compassion towards the guide and how absolutely terrified he must have been, while taking actions to protect others in a very difficult situation.

“I have no doubt that the guide and guests have been traumatised by this event.”

It’s not the first time a tourist vehicle has got a little too close to one of these majestic creatures in the wild.

Last year, a Perth family were lucky to walk away uninjured after they were ambushed by a female elephant in search of food.

More Coverage

madai safari booking charges

In the footage filmed by the Basnayake family, who were holidaying in Sri Lanka at the time, the elephant called Nitra suddenly emerges from the trees along the side of the road and heads directly for the van.

In a split second, Nitra smashes the driver’s window with her tusks and plunges her trunk through the window, rummaging for food.

In the footage, father-of-two Kasun Basnayake says “it’s okay, it’s okay” to calm his children as the giant elephant sniffs for food.

A tourist has shared the moment he was subjected to a spray of racist abuse while travelling through Western Australia.

Police have unleashed on a pair of “clowns” who were found on a beach in Florida, but it’s what they did that’s left authorities furious.

When you think of Bali, its pristine beaches come to mind. But there’s another side to the popular island you may not be aware of.

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Central Air Force Museum 17 km.

Saturn Stadium 28 km.

Ramenskoye Bus Station 29 km.

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Balashikha Arena 31 km.

Airports in Elektrostal'

Zhukovsky International Airport 33 km.

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Yuzhnaya Tribuna Hotel

Yuzhnaya Tribuna

Each room comes with a TV, fridge and private bathroom.

Offering a sauna and fitness centre, Yuzhnaya Tribuna is situated in the centre of Elektrostal . Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant. Private parking is available on site.

Kristall Ice Palace is a 7-minute walk away. Elektrostal Train Station is a 10-minute walk away. The nearest airport is Domodedovo Airport, 82 km from the property.

There is a kids' club at the property and you can play tennis at the hotel. Ice skating rink is available in winter.

Nightly rates from $19

Address: Ulitsa Krasnaya 36, 144002 Elektrostal', Russia

Number of rooms: 12


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Hostel Edem Hostel Ulitsa Zheleznodorozhnaya 7, 144000 Elektrostal', Russia

Set in Elektrostal', Hostel Edem features free Wi-Fi. The accommodation offers a 24-hour front desk and a shared kitchen for guests.

Hotel Elektrostal

Hotel Elektrostal Hotel Ulitsa Raskovoy 6, 144000 Elektrostal', Russia

Featuring free Wi-Fi throughout the property, Hotel Elektrostal offers accommodation in Elektrostal'. Guests can enjoy the on-site snack bar. Free private parking is available on site.

Djaz Hotel

Djaz Hotel Inn Ulitsa Korneeva 6B, 144099 Elektrostal', Russia

This hotel is located in the city of Elektrostal'. It offers a spa and wellness centre, restaurant and bar, as well as a 24-hour reception.

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Central Air Force Museum 18 km.

Saturn Stadium 27 km.

Ramenskoye Bus Station 28 km.

Ramenskoye Train Station 28 km.

Balashikha Arena 32 km.

Gorenki Train Station 33 km.

Lyubertsy Train Station 36 km.

Sklon NPP Zvezda 37 km.

Sklon TSAGI 37 km.

Reutov City Park 37 km.

Novokosino Metro Station 37 km.

Closest Airports

Zhukovsky International Airport 32 km.

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Apelsin Hotel

Noginskoye Shosse 36B, 144008 Elektrostal', Russia – Good location - show map


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Apelsin Hotel Reserve now

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You're eligible for a Genius discount at Apelsin Hotel! To save at this property, all you have to do is sign in .

Located next to Noginskoye Highway in Electrostal, Apelsin Hotel offers comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi. Free parking is available. The elegant rooms are air conditioned and feature a flat-screen satellite TV and fridge. The private bathrooms come with a shower, hairdryer and free toiletries. Hotel Apelsin has a café serving Russian cuisine. The 24-hour front desk offers ironing service. Mashinostroitel Train Station is a 10-minute drive away. Domodedovo Airport is 88 km away.

Couples particularly like the location — they rated it 8.1 for a two-person trip.

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  • Free parking
  • Airport shuttle
  • Non-smoking rooms
  • Good breakfast

Property highlights

Free parking available at the hotel

Loyal customers

끖 There are more repeat guests here than most other properties.

Saved to 137 lists

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  • Invoice provided
  • 24-hour front desk
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Ironing service Additional charge
  • Laundry Additional charge
  • Fax/photocopying Additional charge
  • Meeting/banquet facilities Additional charge
  • Fire extinguishers
  • CCTV outside property
  • CCTV in common areas
  • Smoke alarms
  • Security alarm
  • Key card access
  • 24-hour security
  • Safety deposit box
  • Vending machine (drinks)
  • Air conditioning
  • Non-smoking throughout
  • Wake-up service
  • Packed lunches
  • Airport shuttle Additional charge
  • Wake up service/Alarm clock
  • Upper floors accessible by elevator

Sustainable initiatives

See availability house rules.

Until 12:00

Cancellation/ prepayment

Cancellation and prepayment policies vary according to accommodation type. Please enter the dates of your stay and check the conditions of your required room.

Children and beds

Child policies

Children of any age are welcome.

Children 16 years and above will be charged as adults at this property.

To see correct prices and occupancy information, please add the number of children in your group and their ages to your search.

Cot and extra bed policies

Prices for cots and extra beds are not included in the total price, and will have to be paid for separately during your stay.

The number of extra beds and cots allowed is dependent on the option you choose. Please check your selected option for more information.

All cots and extra beds are subject to availability.

No age restriction

There is no age requirement for check-in

Free! Pets are allowed. No extra charges.

Accepted payment methods

Cash Apelsin Hotel accepts these cards and reserves the right to temporarily hold an amount prior to arrival.


Official invoices (for tax/billing purposes) are available at this property for business travellers.

FAQs about Apelsin Hotel

What is there to do at apelsin hotel, what are the check-in and check-out times at apelsin hotel.

Check-in at Apelsin Hotel is from 14:00, and check-out is until 12:00.

What type of room can I book at Apelsin Hotel?

  • Twin/Double

How far is Apelsin Hotel from the centre of Elektrostal'?

Apelsin Hotel is 1.1 miles from the centre of Elektrostal'. All distances are measured in straight lines. Actual travel distances may vary.

How much does it cost to stay at Apelsin Hotel?

The prices at Apelsin Hotel may vary depending on your stay (e.g. dates you select, hotel's policy etc.). See the prices by entering your dates.

The best of Elektrostal'

  • Central Air Force Museum

madai safari booking charges

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madai safari booking charges

BookPeople of Moscow

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Please visit our new website:

Our official store website is now online at . Please visit us there!

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Bookpeople’s top 7 list.

Thanks to everyone for being such great customers and supporters of BookPeople of Moscow. Our first year has been going great thanks to all of you; please know that we don’t take you for granted. We look forward to each and every person who comes through the door and we are really loving getting to know everyone.

We’ll call this the  BookPeople Top 7 List  this time since I can’t think of 10 things to include. Too much election night loss of sleep I guess!

7.  We believe our community is only as strong as our investment in it. Help keep Moscow fabulous! Please look first to unique, locally-owned businesses (like ours!) and non-profits for all your holiday gift needs.

6.  BookPeople will kick off our “Thanks for shopping indie” campaign on Friday, November 23rd (the day after Thanksgiving). The store will open early at 8 am and be open until 8 pm (our usual closing time on Fridays.) The campaign features some great book choices – some might already be on your wish list!

5.  Our holiday book catalog is now available to help inspire gift ideas for family and friends – pick one up the next time you’re in the store. Our goal is to have every book in the catalog available in the store throughout the holiday season.

4.  Our website is getting closer to launching and we look forward to everything that comes with having a good website: the ability for our customers to order almost any book from us online and either have it shipped or pick it up in the store, the ability to purchase ebooks from us, an easy to use online calendar showing all the upcoming store readings and events, and more. When our website is live we’ll send you the link so you can check it out for yourselves!

And, along with selling ebooks, we’ll have Kobo ereaders available for sale very shortly – the great indie alternative to other, more proprietary ereaders like the Kindle. Kobo’s motto: Read Freely. Our sentiments exactly.

3.  Starting the day after Thanksgiving, BookPeople will sponsor a “giving tree” in conjunction with “Christmas for Kids.” On the tree will be tags with the ages and genders of children who would love to receive books for Christmas but whose families can’t afford it. We encourage everyone to purchase a book to put under the giving tree; we will wrap them and be sure they get to the children on time. It can be a meaningful family project to choose books for the giving tree together. And, a huge thank you to the girl scout troop under the leadership of Amy Ball who decorated over a hundred lovely, glittery tags for the giving tree.

2.  Did you know? Proceeds from our used book sales go into the new BookPeople Community Fund, a source of money to assist teachers in getting books for their classrooms, to support local arts, to fund literary events, and to foster literacy. Please consider donating your used books to BookPeople, and help the Community Fund grow! The used books, by the way, are in the back of the store, just past the children’s area.

1.  Last but not least, you deserve a break. We want to make your holidays easier. So, on certain days, besides our usual super staff, we will have the benefit of incredibly knowledgeable children’s librarians and teachers volunteering in the store to help you find just the right books. We gift wrap for free (as always), and will also package and ship your gifts to their recipients, so you don’t have to! Let us stand in the post office line on your behalf – we’ll only charge you for the actual cost of the postage.

Meet Nick of Black Cypress at BookPeople!

Please join us at BookPeople on Sunday evening at 5 pm to sample some delicious food by Nick Pitsilionis of Black Cypress restaurant, and pick up a signed copy of the Washington Artisans cookbook, which features one of Nick’s recipes!

madai safari booking charges

Duff Brenna reading and signing, Thursday, Oct. 25, 7:30 pm

madai safari booking charges

Bette Lynch Husted and Pamela Steele, Saturday at 5 pm


Alan Heathcock reading and signing Thursday, Oct. 18, 7:30 pm


Literary evening for adventure lovers, Wed. Oct. 17

madai safari booking charges

Learn more about Gloria Steinem before she visits Moscow

madai safari booking charges

Saroyan Prize Winner Daniel Orozco at BookPeople Wed. Sept. 26, 7:30 pm

madai safari booking charges

Ebook alternative and new website coming soon to BookPeople

Good news! The American Booksellers Association announced this week a new contract with Kobo, which will take effect in a few months and replace the ABA’s old agreement with Google ebooks that expires at the end of this year. Independent bookstores all over the country and the world will soon be working with Kobo through the ABA to offer an affordable and more flexible alternative to another more, ahem, proprietary ereader and ebook provider who shall not be named. Kobo offers applications that allow their books to be read on other devices such as Nooks and iPads. BookPeople will be launching its official website by the end of the year and with it, Kobo ebooks and perhaps Kobo e-readers. Sales proceeds from Kobo ebooks through our website will be shared between us and Kobo – making it possible for customers anywhere to support their favorite local bookstore and still enjoy digital books.

We will keep you posted here about this issue. Watch for more news later in September.

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  1. satpura national park hoshangabad, madhya pradesh how to reach satpura

    madai safari booking charges

  2. Madai

    madai safari booking charges

  3. satpura national park hoshangabad, madhya pradesh how to reach satpura

    madai safari booking charges

  4. satpura national park hoshangabad, madhya pradesh, how to reach satpura

    madai safari booking charges

  5. satpura national park hoshangabad, madhya pradesh how to reach satpura

    madai safari booking charges

  6. Safari Charges In Ranthambore, Ranthambore Safari Price

    madai safari booking charges


  1. Madhai Jeep Safari, Satpura National Park

    During the monsoon period i.e. from July to September, it remains closed for tourists. Safari Timings: 6 AM - 11 AM & 3 PM - 6 PM, Closed on every Wednesday evening, on Holi, Diwali & during monsoon. Entry ( Keria, Lagda, Zinzini Mahal, Chutki Dev): Rs. 250 for Single Seat, Rs. 1500 for Full Jeep (Max 6), Rs. 1800 - 3,600 for Jeep Rent, Rs. 360 ...

  2. Satpura National Park safari booking service from Madhai, Bheemkund

    The most common way is to book the safari through booking counter of Park management at the entrance gate. One such counter is located on the bank on Denwa river in Madhai entrance gate. Here booking starts from early morning from 06:00 hrs. Same is the way for elephant safari booking. Here park authority will ask you to fill up indemnity bond ...

  3. Jungle Safari at Satpura National Park, Madhai, India

    Jeep Safari: The jeep safari starts from the Madhai gate and finishes at the same point. Check out the entire jeep safari here. There are five routes available to choose from upon booking. We paid 3500 INR per Jeep (the price includes vehicle and guide charges) And 1500 INR for entry permits to the park.

  4. All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024)

    Madai FRH is situated on the other side of the river Tawa. To reach the Madhai FRH, a motor boat will drop you on the banks of the river. 7) The booking for the jeep safari has to be done at the forest office on the banks of the river at Madai. The jeep safari is conducted by the Forest department only and the safari starts from the Madhai FRH.

  5. Wildlife Lodge in Madhai

    Experience Satpura National Park from the most strategic, efficient and convenient vantage point - Madhai Riverside Lodge. The oldest resort in Madhai, the lodge offers a luxurious riverside accommodation in Satpura, on the banks of River Denwa, just a few steps away from the boating jetty and safari booking point.

  6. Tawa & Madai

    Pristine Tawa & Madai. 24 ℃ 19 Mar 2024. The scenic beauty of Tawa dam and reservoir on the Tawa river. Forms the western boundary of Satpura National Park and Bori Wildlife Sanctuary. Madai is located at the entrance of the Satpura forest. Madai - a reserved forest and an integral part of the Satpura Biosphere Project.

  7. Satpura National Park

    Know about entry fees, safari booking, Jeep or Canter safari charges, night stay and resort. Main Menu . CALL US +91 7014717217 . EMAIL US [email protected] Home ... The Nearest Rail ways stations are Itarsi & Piparia (55 kms). The main MADAI gate of the park is 140 kms (03 hrs) from Bhopal, 300 kms (05 hrs) from Nagpur & 300 kms (04 hrs) from ...

  8. Satpura Tiger Reserve

    This place is perfect getaway for nature lovers and prestine environment. The owner and staff members are very cooperating. The jungle safari and the water safari with Raja Bhaiya (the owner) are highly recommended. Excellent resort and awesome food. Best place to stay. The food was awesome and hospitality was excellent.

  9. Satpura National Park Tiger Safari Online Booking

    According to a basic rule, the park opens 30 minutes before sunrise and closes 30 minutes before sunset. Furthermore, the management changes the schedule to suit any VIP visits. Here is the Satpura tiger safari timing schedule for the safari: 1. Morning Safari Schedule: 6:30 AM to 11:00 AM with an extended till 12:30 PM.

  10. Satpura National Park , Pachmarhi

    The best way to book a ticket is to do it through the resort in which you are staying. Another standard approach is to book the safari through the booking counter of the Park management which is located at the entrance gate. ... Elephant Safari: 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM Safari charges at the Satpura National Park: 1. For Indians: INR 3,800 2. For ...

  11. Satpura Tiger Reserve & National Park

    Safari Zones or Gates. The core zone is spread over 1339.264 sq. km of area and the buffer zone is spread over 794.04397 sq. km of area. Satpura Tiger Reserve is divided into five entry zones: Pachmarhi, Madai, Churna, Sehra, and Pathai. Churna is the best zone to spot the Bengal tigers. Some areas are ideal for camping, cycling, trekking, and ...

  12. Madhai Riverside Lodge

    Experience Satpura National Park from the most strategic, efficient and convenient vantage point - Madhai Riverside Lodge. The oldest resort in Madhai, the lodge offers a luxurious riverside accommodation in Satpura, on the banks of River Denwa, just a few steps away from the boating jetty and safari booking point.

  13. Jeep Safari at Satpura National Park

    Booking for safari can be done on line at MP online website. E. To reach the Madhai entry gate, the forest department uses a boat to cross the Denwa River. ... The jeep safari charges for Keria route are Rs. 2750/- (Rs. 1250 for entry of jeep into forest & the tourists entry charges, Rs. 300/- for the forest Guide, and Rs. 1200/- for hiring the ...

  14. Jungle safari in Satpura Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh

    It is possible to book safari online. Jeep Safari. Depending on the zone, the entry gates are different. One gypsy safari will cost INR 3500/- (includes vehicle and guide charges) and another INR 1500/- for entry permits to the park. The gypsy can accommodate up to 6 visitors other than the gypsy driver and forest guide. Boat Safari

  15. Satpura National Park

    Jeep Safari Ticket Cost of Satpura Sanctuary Madhai: Total Number of Zones: 3. Keria Route - Covers 14 km; Ticket Cost = Rs 2750/- per head. Lagda Route - Covers 20 km; Ticket Cost = Rs 3050/- per head. Churna Route - Covers 30 km; Ticket Cost = Rs 6700/- per head. Note: Trespass of one route is not allowed to another route.

  16. About the Reserve

    Ecotourism activities except vehicle safari include elephant ride, boat ride, canoeing and trekking. Churna- In Churna zone, tourists can take their own pollution free, four-wheeled vehicle capable of going through the rough forest terrain. ... Bhopal - Madai (Via Hosangabad, Sohagpur) - 140 Km Nagpur - Madai (Via Chhindwara, Pipariya) - 300 Km

  17. Madhai Jungle Safari • ISLP INDORE

    Quick Info :-. Route : Indore - Bhopal - Hoshangabad - Madhai (350Km) Duration : 3 Day 2 Night. Start/End Point : Indore / Bhopal. Cost : Rs. 15000.00 / Pax. Related searches : Satpura Tiger Reserve Booking, Satpura Tiger Reserve, Satpura Tiger Reserve resorts, hotels in Satpura tiger reserve, Madhai Booking, madhai resort, madhai mp ...

  18. Forest Department Madhya Pradesh

    Dear Customer, Forest has proposed for rate increase if same get approved you will required to pay the difference amount at time of your safari at the park counter. For Permit booking,cancellation and add on Related Query please contact at MPOnline Customer Care: 0755 - 6720200 Email Id:[email protected].

  19. Forest Department Madhya Pradesh

    Ticket Booking; Ticket Cancellation; Re-Schedule Ticket; Add On Tickets; Mail Us @ [email protected]. Call Us @ 0755 - 6720200 * Customer Care Timings @MPOnline 08:30am - 07:30pm IST Working Day 08:30am - 07:30pm IST Saturday/ Sunday. WANT TO LOGIN? User Login Department Login.

  20. Four Seasons Moscow, Moscow Review

    180 rooms from $694 per night. Hotel Exterior. "Stalin-approved architectural design mixed with lavish contemporary finishes at this elite five star hotel. Exuberant interiors and floor to ceiling windows for the best views in the city. An admirable location, this hotel stands a few minutes from the Red Square.

  21. Terrifying moment wild bull elephant attacks a safari tourist bus

    A huge bull elephant tried to flip a tourist bus during a safari with the wild footage caught on film. The footage starts with the elephant approaching the front of the vehicle where the guide ...

  22. Yuzhnaya Tribuna Elektrostal', Moscow region, Russia (2 guest reviews

    Each room comes with a TV, fridge and private bathroom.Offering a sauna and fitness centre, Yuzhnaya Tribuna is situated in the centre of Elektrostal. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant. Private parking is available on site.

  23. Apelsin Hotel, Elektrostal'

    Extra bed upon request. RUB 1,000 per person, per night. Prices for cots and extra beds are not included in the total price, and will have to be paid for separately during your stay. The number of extra beds and cots allowed is dependent on the option you choose.

  24. BookPeople of Moscow

    BookPeople will kick off our "Thanks for shopping indie" campaign on Friday, November 23rd (the day after Thanksgiving). The store will open early at 8 am and be open until 8 pm (our usual closing time on Fridays.) The campaign features some great book choices - some might already be on your wish list! 5.