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Jerusalem Old City self-guided walking tour

Jerusalem Old City Walking Tour

Our self-guided walking tour in the old city of jerusalem will take you to narrow picturesque alleys, famous sites, and interesting, lesser-known historical landmarks., main landmarks on the ths tour, christian quarter:.

  • Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
  • Armenian Ceramic Center
  • Monastery of Saint Saviour
  • Ethiopian Patriarchate
  • El-Khanqa Street
  • Church of the Redeemer (Viewpoint)


  • Hurba Synagogue
  • Wohl Archaeological Museum
  • The Burnt House
  • Western Wall


Jerusalem Old City Walking Tour Map

Starting from Jaffa Gate of the Old City, we’ll step back into time and walk through the different Quarters of the Old City. Taking in the indescribable energy that every corner presents, we’ll visit the sites most holy to all three religions.

Price from: 140 NIS

Details & Booking

The tour is not circular. It starts at the Jaffa Gate and ends at the Dung Gate near the Western Wall. Both locations are well served by public transportation , and it is the recommended way to make the tour.

If you prefer to arrive by car , you can park at the nearby Mamila Parking. At the end of the tour Return by bus, or walk back about 10-15 minutes.

The old city of Jerusalem is roughly a square of 1 Kilometer by 1 Kilometer surrounded by the city walls. It is hard to imagine it today, but Until around 1850, this area was the entire city of Jerusalem. Only in the 2nd half of the 19th-century residents started to move gradually outside the city walls .

The Ottomans built the current walls and most of the buildings that exist today during the 16th century. However, these “modern” structures are built above ancient foundations. The streets we walk in today are about 2-4 meters above the Roman city and about 4-8 meters above the first-temple period city. The Old City is divide into the Muslim, Christian, Armenian and Jewish Quarters. This division evolved gradually, and the current designations that are common nowadays were introduced only in the 19th century.

Armenian Quarter : The Quarter is surrounded by its own walls and forms a private enclosed area of the Armenian Monastery. It is the smallest Quarter, with a population of about 3,000.

Muslim Quarter : It is the largest one with a population of about 30,000. It is mostly an impoverished and densely populated residential neighborhood with less historic buildings and tourist attractions. However, part of the Via Dolorosa (Way of the Cross) passes through it, and the Western Wall Tunnel (Highly recommended visit) passes under it.

Jerusalem Christian Quarter

Jewish Quarter: Its origin is from the same period as the rest of the old city. However, in 1948, when the Jordanians occupied the eastern part of Jerusalem, they demolished and burned down most of the house and 58 synagogues , including the 700-year-old Hurva synagogue that was destroyed and desecrated. The Quarter stayed in this state for 19 years, until the IDF liberated Jerusalem in 1967. Shortly afterward, Israel started to restore the Jewish Quarter. Because most of the buildings are new (After 1967), the area looks “White” compared to the other parts of the old city. The restoration project presented a rare opportunity for archeological excavations. Thanks to that, today, we can visit parts of ancient Jerusalem under the current modern streets.

Our tour focuses on the Christain and Jewish Quarters . In the Christain quarter, we will visit famous landmarks. However, in between, we will walk in small streets, visit hidden courtyards, unique shops, and fantastic viewpoints of the old city. In the Jewish Quarter, we will explore the 2,000 years old remains of ancient Jerusalem, hidden underneath the modern streets.


Christian quarter section map.

Jerusalem Christian Quarter Walking Tour Map

On this guided day tour of Judea and Samaria we will take you to three of the highlights of the region – Bethlehem, Jericho and Ramallah. With thorough information provided by a local guide.

Price from: 400 NIS

Latin Patriarchate, Old City, Jerusalem

Latin Patriarchate: Admission: Free. Opening Hours: Monday-Friday, 08:00-14:00 Location: St. Peter street . Direction: Just after you enter the city through Jaffa gate, Turn left to the Latin Patriarchate Street and walk until the intersection with St. Peter Street.

The center of the Catholic Church is located in the Vatican state in Rome. The Pope’s representative in Jerusalem is known as the “ Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem “, and his job is to safeguard the interests of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land. The first appointment of a Latin patriarch in the Land of Israel was in 1099 AD. But when the Crusaders were expelled from the land, the Latin Patriarchate also ceased to exist. In the mid-19th century, the Catholic Church noticed the weakness of the Ottomans and renewed its representation in Jerusalem after more than 550 years. Giuseppe Valerga was the first Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem in modern times. He wanted to show the wealth and splendor of the Catholic Church also in Jerusalem. The result is a large cathedral paved with marble, decorated with dozens of sculptures and filled with countless paintings. In 1872, Vallerga inaugurated the Cathedral, which is still one of the most impressive in Israel.

walking tours jerusalem

Armenian pottery started to develop in the 11th century. However, Armenian ceramics reached unprecedented levels of finesse and originality during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, when many Armenian families operated workshops in Turkey, and contributed to decorating palaces and mansions. Armenian traditional ceramic artists arrived at Jerusalem in 1919 to help replace the centuries-old glazed tiles decorating the Dome of the Rock. The task was never completed, but the tradition rooted in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is now the only place in the world where traditional Armenian pottery is still preserved. The Sandrouni workshop is one of the finest spots to explore and buy original Armenian handmade pottery. (Watch out for the many imitations on display in the market streets!)

Monastery of Saint Saviour, Christian Quarter, Jerusalem

Saint Saviors Convent: Admission: Free. Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday, 08:00-17:00 Location: St Francis street . Direction: Exit the ceramic shop and Walk down on Ahim Street about 100 meters and turn left to St. Francis street. After a few meters, you will see the entrance to the convent on your left.

Saint Savoirs is the headquarter of the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land ( Custodia Terræ Sanctæ ). Saint Francis founded the order in 1209. Its mission is to guard “the grace of the Holy Places” of the Holy Land and the rest of the Middle East, as well as pilgrims visiting them, on behalf of the Catholic Church. Their presence in Jerusalem is traced back to 1217. The original building built in 1559 with the aid of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent . However, the current Church and Convent were constructed in 1885 with funding provided by the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph during his visit to Jerusalem in 1869. The compound houses today also a Catholic school, printing press, and an organ workshop. In 2017 Pope Francis renewed the mandate to “Preserve the Holy Places of Christianity in the Holy Land” in commemoration of the 800th anniversary of Franciscan presence. In addition to the historical importance, the impressive Basilica hall (30 X 12 meters), is well worth a visit.

Ethiopian church Christian quarter Jerusalem

The building we are about to visit is from 1890. It was built to serve as the administrative center of the community. At the heart of the complex is a small church decorated in a traditional Ethiopian style. The church floor is carpeted, and its ceiling is full of colorful illustrations featuring characters and stories from the New Testament. You can have a look at an ancient 400-year-old book with texts from the Old and a New Testament. The book is written in the Geez language (Ethiopian holy language). After the tour of the small church, go up to the roof of the building for a fantastic panorama of the old city.

walking tours jerusalem

  • Residential Courtyard: Look for house number 44 on your left and enter through the small door into an internal courtyard. It is a fine example of a residential compound. In the center of the yard, there is a water well and the surrounding houses feature door lintels painted in bright blue color. Wander around and absorb the tranquil atmosphere.
  •   Elia Photo Service: Continue a few minutes further on El Khanqa street until house number 12, and you will see on your right an entrance to a small photo shop filled with historical B&W photos and unique nostalgic atmosphere.

Amazing panorama from the top of the tower of the church of the redeemer in Jerusalem

The interior of the Church of the holy sepulcher and its surrounding is one of the most crowded tourist spots in Jerusalem (We do not cover it on this tour since it is very well covered elsewhere). The main reason to visit the Church of the Redeemer is the fantastic panorama of the old city from the top of its 40 meters tower. It is the best view of the old city since you are high above the street right in the middle of the old city (All other high locations are around the old city and not inside!).

The Church was built between 1893 and 1898. Its cornerstone was laid by the Prussian prince Frederick III as part of his visit to the Middle East to participate in the opening of the Suez Canal. The land was given as a gift to the Prussian heir by the Ottoman Sultan. The church was inaugurated in  1898, during the visit of the German Emperor Wilhelm II, his son, and Empress Augusta Victoria. On one of the walls of the prayer hall hangs a sign in the German language that tells of the dedication and establishment of the house. There are also archeological excavations and a museum in the church. You can find all the details on the excellent official website .

Muristan Market, Christian Quarter in the old city of Jerusalem

The Muristan is a complex of streets and shops that cover a square area spanning between the holy sepulcher and David Street (The main street of the old city leading to Jaffa gate). The market in the form as we know it today was established in 1903 by the Greek-Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem. At the center of the market, there is an ornamental water fountain , which was built to mark 25 years of the rule of the Ottoman sultan Abdul Hamid. The name “Muristan” comes from the Persian word for a hospital  (Bim?rest?n).  It originates from the fact that during the crusader period, a complex of a Church and hospital was operating here. However, the history of the area starts as early as the days of Christ. You can learn more about it at the Museum in the Church of the Redeemer . Ramble through the streets and the shops and make your way towards David street and the Jewish Quarter where the tour continues.


Jerusalem Jewish Quarter Walking Tour Map

The Cardo was the “Main Street” of Jerusalem during the Roman period. Nowadays, it is an underground street under the new houses of the Jewish Quarter. The Northern half of the street (Where we enter), was turned into a modern shopping street with fancy boutique shops. The Southern half is a restoration of the Roman street. As we walk, we can peek through peers in the pavement down to remnants from ancient Jerusalem (700 BCE), while above us are the modern, residential houses.

walking tours jerusalem

Hurba Synagogue: Admission: 20 NIS. Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday 09:00-17:00, Friday 09:00-13:00. Location: HaYehudim Street #89 . Direction: Go up from the Cardo street, turn left, and after a few meters, you will be in front of the Synagogue.

The Hurba synagogue was built in 1864 and served as the most important Ashkenazy synagogue in the land of Israel. It became a center for religious and national revival for jews in the land of Israel. Around the synagogue, some of the most important institutions of the Ashkenazi community in Jerusalem were concentrated: Yeshiva, Court, Charity institutions and religious schools. In 1948, when the Jordanian army conquered the Jewish Quarter they demolished it with explosives. Only in 2010 (after 62 years), the synagogue was restored and reopened. The design was based on testimonials and old pictures. Most of the eastern wall is the original wall from 1864. It was not painted and therefore, creates a sharp contrast to the modern white walls. Besides visiting the impressive synagogue hall, there are interesting archeological findings from the second-temple period and Byzantine period in the basement floor. Round up the visit with an excellent 360° panorama from the balcony that encircles the dome.

Wohl archaeological museum

You descend again from the street level, down to 2,000 years old history. The excavations that took place here after 1967 revealed a magnificent residential quarter from the second-temple period. The findings include mosaic floors, water wells, Mikveh , and warehouses.

Burnt House Jewish Quarter Jerusalem

The “burnt house” is a second-temple period residential building that was also discovered during the excavations in the Jewish Quarter. Unlike the Wohl Museum, this house was found in ruins and with fire signs. The tiny museum presents the fascinating findings discovered in the excavations. However. the remains are disappointing compared with the display in the Whol Museum. The main attraction is an Audio-Visual show. The movie describes life in Jerusalem during the months preceding the destruction of the second temple.

Jerusalem Western Wall

  • Put a note with your wishes between the stones of the Western Wall.
  • Visit the Western Wall tunnels.
  • Visit the Temple Mount.
  • Visit the City of David.

walking tours jerusalem

Written by Erez Speiser

walking tours jerusalem

  • Santiago de Compostela

The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem visited during the SANDEMANs Holy City Tour

Dear guests, due to safety concerns in Israel, we're temporarily suspending our walking tours. We're closely monitoring the situation and collaborating with local authorities to ensure your safety. If you're an existing ticket holder and haven't received a refund yet, please reach out for assistance. Thank you for your understanding.



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The original Free Tour starts at the Jaffa Gate and covers many of Jerusalem’s top attractions, including David’s Citadel and the four quarters of the Old City. After you’ve got the overview with the free walking tour, delve deeper with us!

Visit some incredible sites with the Holy City Tour , such as Temple Mount an the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, or explore the heart of ancient Jerusalem on the City of David tour . After that, why not visit the Mount of Olives on a tour that covers Mary’s tomb, the Church of All Nations and the Chapel of the Ascension.

If you’re in town on a Friday, join the Shabbat Experience and discover some of the traditional elements of Judaism.

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Free Self-Guided Walking Tour of Jerusalem’s Old City (with Map)

The Old City of Jerusalem is an amazing site and amazingly small when you consider all the significant sites it contains. It is around one square kilometer. I had a chance to visit Jerusalem for the first time recently when I attended the TBEX conference there. While I was there I took a walking tour from Sandeman . This is what I learned on that tour and on my own explorations.

Self-Guided Walking Tour of Jerusalem’s Old City #travel #trip #vacation #israel #jeruslaem #what-to-do-in #old-city #walking-tour #tour #jesus #ancient #temple #holy-land #wailing-wall

The Ancient Walled City

The jaffa gate, the tower of david, the armenian quarter, the roman cardo, the jewish quarter, the temple mount, david street, christian quarter, church of the holy sepulcher, guided tours, map self-guided walking tour of jerusalem’s old city.

Old City Walls

Jerusalem has been conquered by a great number of civilizations over the centuries including the Babylonians, the Romans, the Arabs,   the Crusaders, the Turks, and the British. When you look at the old walled city today you are looking at the walls built later in the cities history, completed in 1541 by the Ottoman ruler Suleiman the Magnificent. You can get a good view of the city by walking these walls.

For centuries after these walls were built, they defined the extent of the city of Jerusalem as people were afraid to live outside of the protection of the walls. The new city did not really get started until 1860 and at first, people had to be paid to live outside the safety of the walls.

Jaffa Gate

Most tourists will enter the city on the west side through the Jaffa Gate. Just inside the Jaffa gate to the left is one of the entry places where you can start a walk along the walls.

If you have questions the tourism information center is also just inside that entrance. Pick up a free map, because you will need it. If you don’t have a data service download a good offline map like those from maps.me on your smartphone before you leave your hotel or hostel .

Tower of David

When I was visiting the city, they were doing a series of free concerts in the evenings and had stages both inside and outside of the Jaffa Gate.

Tower of David

Just to the left of the Jaffa gate, you will see the tower of David, which has nothing to do with King David. Early pilgrims visiting the city read in their bibles that David built a tower and assumed that this must be it, but David’s city is outside the old walls to the south and down the hill from the old city. You can now visit the archaeological site where they are uncovering this city just outside the Dung Gate. You can also visit David’s tomb just outside of the Zion Gate.

This tower was first built by Herod the Great who also rebuilt the temple just before the time of Christ. Look at this tower closely and you will see signs of 3 different eras. The base of the tower was built by Herod, the moat around it by the crusaders and the top of the tower by the Mamluks who re-conquered the city from the crusaders.

Tower of David

Inside of the tower is an excellent museum, that I highly recommend, that explains the history of this complicated city.

Tower of David Light Show

Come back to the Tower of David at night to see the light show that is displayed on the battlements for a more colorful artistic version of the history of the city.

If you turn to the right from the Jaffa Gate and come around the Tower of David you can enter the Armenian quarter through the narrow Armenian Patriarchate St. The Armenians were the first country in the world to accept Christianity as a state religion and the Armenian quarter is one of the oldest areas in the Old City. It is also the least populated and the least open to visitors.

Follow this street down to St James St (and we are using the term street here very generously). Where these two meet is the Cathedral of St James which has the highest concentration of Saints named James buried here of any place in the world. According to Armenian tradition, the head of St James, son of Zebedee, (brother of John) and the body of St James the Just (brother of Jesus) are both buried in this church. St James the son of Zebedee was the first of the apostles to be martyred and the only one (besides Judas) whose death is mentioned in the bible. This church is opened very limited hours for tourists, only during services.

Armenian Quarter

Take St James street until you reach Ararat St and turn left. This street is named after the mountain which was historically in Armenia (and now is just outside their boundaries in Turkey) where the ark of Noah came to rest after the flood. The mountain is sacred to Armenians. If you see a prelate walking down the street wearing a black pointed hat, that would be an Armenian Christian priest and the shape of the hat is to remind you of the mountain of Ararat. Continue down this street until you get to the church of St Mark.

Armenian Quarter

Armenian tradition has it that the church of St Mark was built on the site of the upper room where Jesus and his disciples ate the last supper.   Like she many thing sin Israel, there are often more than one site associated with any particular biblical event. Other traditions place the site of the upper room just outside the Zion Gate near the tomb of David.

After the church make a quick right on Or HaHayim St. Take a right on Habad St, the first left and the first left again to get onto Ha Yehudim St. This is where your map is going to be very helpful.

walking tours jerusalem

In the Jewish quarter, you can find where archeologists have uncovered the Roman Cardo, or the marketplace from the Roman era. You will have to climb down some steps as the street level of the city today is about one story taller than it was then. Here you will see an artist’s rendition of a Roman market (with one modern small boy added). You will also find the original paving stones where Jesus and others from that time walked while shopping.

walking tours jerusalem

The Jewish quarter has some of the newest construction in the city as much of it was destroyed in the 6 Day War.

Dome of the Rock and Western Wall

For religious Jews, the most sacred spot in the world is the Temple Mount. Not only is this where Abraham was asked to sacrifice Isaac (spoiler, it was a test, God stopped him) but they also believe that the stone where God stood to create the world now sits under the Dome of the Rock. For the very religious, even if they were allowed to climb to the top of the Temple Mount, they should not because they might accidentally come into contact with the Holiest of Holies which is where the presents of God dwelled in the temple.

Western Wall

The Western Wall is a place where the stones of the Second Temple are exposed and is, therefore, a sacred site for religious jews. Men pray on the left and women on the right. You can approach the Western Wall but use discretion as this is a very sacred site. You will have to pass through a security checkpoint to reach the Western Wall.

Western Wall

On Mondays and Thursdays, you will see many young boys celebrating their bar mitzvah. Look for the many Torahs near the wall itself.

walking tours jerusalem

Or look for the jubilant parades of boys, parents, friends, relatives, and musicians coming in from the Dung Gate to the right of the Western Wall.

Dome of the Rock

The most photographed building in Jerusalem is probably the Dome of the Rock which has a gilded dome. This building sits on the stop where the Jewish temple was built (and rebuilt). Muslims believe that Mohammad traveled one night from Mecca to the “furthest mosque” or the “most extreme mosque” upon a magical flying beast.

Al-Aqsa Mosque (Church of Ascension in the background)

This mosque is believed to be the Al-Aqsa Mosque which is the more nondescript large building on the Temple Mount, next to the Dome of the Rock. This mosque is held by most Muslims to be the 3 rd most holy site after Mecca and Medina.

Al-Aqsa Mosque

The koran states that Mohammad ascended into heaven from the spot where the Dome of the Rock sits. He then negotiated with God for how often Muslims would need to pray during the day. He haggled God down from 50 times a day down to the current 5 times a day, after some prompting from Moses. Haggling skills still come in handy in Jerusalem.

Only Muslims are allowed to enter either the Dome of the Rock or the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Non-muslims can visit the outside of the buildings but not during times of prayer. One of the best times to come is early in the morning after morning prayer.

Al-Aqsa Mosque

At the Western Wall, you will see a wooden ramp that climbs to the Temple Mount. Exit the secure area of the Western Wall towards the Dung Gate and then queue up to reenter another security check to climb up the ramp. The ramp is also a great place to take pictures of the Western Wall without disturbing those who are praying there.

Religious displays for non-Muslims are forbidden on the Temple Mount. Bringing Jewish prayer books, Talit, or Tefilin is forbidden. If you are Jewish, there is a decent chance you will be turned away. Wearing a Kippah will significantly decrease your chances of gaining admission.

David Street

You will exit the Temple Mount from a different gate than you enter, coming out near David street which is a central narrow market street that heads back towards the Jaffa Gate. Take your time bargaining your way along the street if you so desire as the climb back up the hill towards the Christian Quarter.

Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in the Christian Quarter

Follow signs from David street to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. There will be more shops and restaurants along the way and unless you are there very early in the morning, larger groups of pilgrims should be expected.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

One of the top churches in Jerusalem to see is the Church of the Holy Sepulcher which is two different holy sites for Christians combined into one. Although it is hard to picture, just up the steps on your right when you enter the church is the rock of Golgotha where Jesus was crucified. You will see pilgrims queue up to touch the spot where the cross stood which is now under an altar. All of this was not just outside of a church but outside of the city walls in the 1 st century.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre - Annointing Stone

Just in front of you as you enter the church is the stone where tradition has it that the body of Jesus was prepared for burial.

Church of the Holy Sepulcre

To the left from the entrance of the church is a tabernacle or building beneath the left of the church’s two domes. Inside this structure is what is left of the cave where, according to tradition, Jesus was buried. It is hard to picture this as a cave these days. The church opens at dawn and the easiest time to see this area without waiting in long lines is to do it early. I was fortunate to enter the church the first time during a service when the building was filled with chanting, singing, and organ music from a worship service.

The church is in surprising disrepair, although a recent renovation did remove centuries of soot from candles. But still, the floor is in need of repair in many places. The church is shared by 5 different denominations of Christians and all must agree to any changes which means in practice that the church is held in a state of status quo.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Just to the right and outside of the entrance there are steps that go up to a chapel of the Ethiopian church, which is worth a quick visit.

walking tours jerusalem

Also, continue on up to a courtyard where I found this group of priests.

If you are afraid you will get lost… and you probably will or you want a great tour guide there are a number of good guided tours of the Old City.

From the church, you can either make your way back to the Jaffa Gate or you can continue on into the Christian quarter and Muslim quarter to trace the route of the Via Dolorosa. This is the route that Jesus took to the cross, so it starts near the Lion gate and ends at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

Whatever your faith or lack thereof, Jerusalem is a fascinating place that everyone should visit at least once.

Self-Guided Walking Tour of Jerusalem’s Old City #travel #trip #vacation #israel #jeruslaem #what-to-do-in #old-city #walking-tour #tour #jesus #ancient #temple #holy-land #wailing-wall

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walking tours jerusalem

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Peter T Sadow

If you are going to post a free walking tour, why not include a path on the map? That would be useful. A google map image of the locations is not useful. You are just being used to advertise a paid walking tour, not a free one.

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Sorry, let me see if I can add the path on the map

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Sarita Noronha

What time does the walking tour start on Friday?

I don’t know.

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it is a pity that you have not visited David’s tower laser show in Jerusalem. Also there is a great park The first station. it’s worth it to come back

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Show a path that can be used easily by visitors who are mobility challenged instead of having to walk long distances which take you nowhere or to sites you don’t want to visit

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Thanks for this great guide! Very helpful!

Chris Christensen

You are most welcome April

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You mention much of the Jewish Quarter being destroyed during the Six-Day War. Was not the bulk of the damage at the end of the War of Independnce when Jordan blew up, pillaged, etc. the Jewsih buildings, including the Hurva Synagogue?

I do not know Mike.

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Thanks for the great info. Followed your path today and it was great.

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  • Missions of California Map – All 21 California Missions from South to North

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Zion Walking Tours

walking tours jerusalem

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walking tours jerusalem

Similar Experiences

walking tours jerusalem

2024 Zion Walking Tours - Tours & Tickets (with Prices)

Zion walking tours information.

  • Private offer
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Old City of Jerusalem Essential Tour

walking tours jerusalem

If we had to choose the most important city in the world, what would it be? A capital of a great empire, like London, Paris, New York or Beijing? Perhaps, but to over half of the world’s population it has to be Jerusalem. The most important city for the Jews and the Christians, and considered to be the third most significant site for the Muslims, the city is so charged with history, meaning and symbolics that it often ignites the unfortunate human tendency for conflict. Today it is placed in a vulnerable limbo between the Israeli and Palestinian claims, fascinating with its iconic monuments and atmosphere swathed in myth.

The history of the Old City of Jerusalem is rich and complex, spanning over 3,000 years. Originally inhabited by the Canaanites, the city was conquered by King David in the 10th century BCE and later became the capital of the Kingdom of Israel. The city was subsequently conquered by numerous other empires, including the Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans, each of which left their own indelible mark on the city’s history and culture. Today, the Old City is home to some of the most significant religious and historical sites in the world, including the Western Wall, the Dome of the Rock, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

On this tour of the Old City of Jerusalem, visitors will have the opportunity to explore all four quarters of the city and experience the rich history and culture of each. In this tour we will walk through parts of the Armenian Quarter, where visitors can explore the rich history and culture of the Armenian people and the Armenian Orthodox Church. From there, visitors will proceed to the Jewish Quarter, home to numerous historical and religious sites, including the Western Wall and the Hurva Synagogue. Next, visitors will touch on the Muslim presence in the city, viewing the Golden Dome of the rock and Al-Aqsa mosque and explore the Christian Quarter, with the most important site of Christianity: the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the site where Jesus was crucified and buried. This tour of the Old City of Jerusalem is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will leave visitors with a deep appreciation for the city’s rich history and cultural significance.

On this tour, we will see and visit:

  • The Jaffa Gate
  • The Tower of David
  • The Armenian Quarter
  • The Jewish Quarter
  • The Western Wall
  • The Christian Quarter
  • The Church of the Holy Sepulchre from the outside

The tour ends at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Excellent tour of the Old City!

I highly recommend visiting Jerusalem with Tzachi Samiya. He was clearly an expert not just in the history but also in today’s goings ons, showing and teaching us about the big hits but also several hidden gems. He was extremely generous with his time and happy to adapt the tour based on our interests.

Insightful Old city and Christian tour of Jerusalem with Seth

Seth has great knowledge and thoughtfully prepared visuals to aid our understanding of the history. He also gave us understanding of the modern day life in the old city. He is both passionate and knowledgeable about history. I found him very amicable and patient with all the questions.

Old City and Christian Jerusalem

A very thorough introduction from the kind David. I did the Old City Tour and it was so nice I decided for the Christian walk too. Thanks

Aviel is the best

Aviel gave us the most sincere and detailed introduction to Christian sites in Jerusalem we could have hoped for. It all just clicked. Plus he was just the nicest chap to chat with. Thanks!

Amazing tour of old Jerusalem

We had a pleasure to have a walking tour of the Old Jerusalem with Tzachi Samiya. It wlas an amazing tour. We had a big grouo with us and everyone had enjoyed it. Tzachi had no proboem keeping everyone’s attention. His stories were captivating. He covered all aspects of the city: history, religion, and division . We went through Armenian, Christian, Jewishand Arab sections of the Old City. The tour actually ended up being a lot longer than 2.5hrs. We had a big group of people of different ages and we all learned a lot and enjoyed it

This tour is also available as a Private Tour.

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Walking Tours In Israel

Travel with our self guided unique hiking navigation program or let one of our tour guides lead you through the trails of israel, testimonials.

walking tours jerusalem

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Various degrees of difficulty, comfortable and neat accommodations, put on your backpack and start walking.

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Free Walking Tours Jerusalem

Highlights of your trip.

Jerusalem Highlights1

Best Free Tours in Jerusalem

Highlights of a free tour in jerusalem, things to do in jerusalem, free tours in more cities.

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Free Tours in Your Language

walking tours jerusalem

Free Tour - Jerusalem


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    walking tours jerusalem

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    walking tours jerusalem

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    walking tours jerusalem


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  1. 11 wonderful walking tours in Jerusalem

    1. Free guided walking tours Every Saturday, the Jerusalem municipality offers 31 different free guided walking tours in English beginning at the Safra Square municipal complex on Jaffa Street at 10am. For more information, go to the website, press 106 locally or call +972- (0)2-531-4600.

  2. Free walking tour Jerusalem: Free Booking Without Credit Card

    Free walking tours in Jerusalem Find unique free tours with GuruWalk in any city in the world Destination Dates Quality PRO Quality Verified Languages English Spanish Hebrew Russian Schedule 00:00 23:59 667 free tours in Asia 34 free tours in Israel 19 free tours in Jerusalem The best guruwalks in Jerusalem (7 / 19)

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    Walking Tours Questions? (888) 651-9785 Chat now Top Jerusalem Walking Tours Walking Tours Half-day Tours Full-day Tours Religious Tours Private Sightseeing Tours Multi-day Tours Private and Luxury Cultural Tours City Tours Historical Tours Audio Guides Day Trips Adventure Tours Shopping Tours Architecture Tours Archaeology Tours Underground Tours

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  5. Jerusalem Jesus' Footsteps Full-Day Walking Tour 2024

    Full-day guided walking tour of Christian Jerusalem Follow the footsteps of Jesus from the Mount of Olives to Via Dolorosa, an important pilgrimage route Hear biblical stories and little-known tales about Jesus and his life in the city Visit the Church of All Nations near the Garden of Gethsemane and the Jewish cemetery in Kidron Valley

  6. Jerusalem Old City Walking Tour

    Our Self-Guided Walking Tour in the Old City of Jerusalem will take you to narrow picturesque alleys, famous sites, and interesting, lesser-known historical landmarks. MAIN LANDMARKS ON THE THS TOUR CHRISTIAN QUARTER: Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem Armenian Ceramic Center Monastery of Saint Saviour Ethiopian Patriarchate El-Khanqa Street

  7. The BEST Jerusalem Tours and Things to Do in 2024

    Look out at extraordinary views of the Dead Sea and the Judean Desert. Explore the fortress built by King Herod in Masada in around 37 BC. Stroll through the remains of the palaces and see mosaic floors and Roman baths.

  8. Jerusalem Walking Tours

    Jerusalem walking tours are a great way to immerse yourself in the unique experience that a tour of Jerusalem provides. There are a huge range of walking tours of Jerusalem available, from the Old City to modern new city, and from a couple of hours to a full day, or longer, private or in a group, this page will outline some of the options.

  9. Highlights of Jerusalem Morning Walking Tour

    Highlights of Jerusalem Morning Walking Tour Highlights. Pick up from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Enjoy a guided tour of the Old City of Jerusalem, visiting major highlights of the city. Walk Via Dolorosa, stations of the cross in the Christian quarter. Explore the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which according to traditions dates back to at least ...

  10. The BEST Jerusalem Walking tours 2023

    1. Jerusalem: Guided Walking Tour of the Old City Starting from Jaffa Gate of the Old City, we'll step back into time and walk through the different Quarters of the Old City. Taking in the indescribable energy that every corner presents, we'll visit the sites most holy to all three religions.

  11. Old City of Jerusalem Guided Walking Tour 2024

    56. 8 hours. Free Cancellation. From. $73.00. Magical Walking Tour in Old City of Jerusalem. 23. 1 hour 40 minutes to 2 hours 30 minutes. Free Cancellation.

  12. 7 Awesome Jerusalem Tours Definitely Worth the Money

    Walking Tours in Jerusalem: 1. Holy City Tour Jerusalem (Old City) Since I lived in Jerusalem for 4 months prior to my return with my husband, I definitely knew my way around the Old City. I had ventured countless times through the streets and alleyways, so much so that I felt very confident in being able to be my husband's tour guide during ...

  13. 12 Self-Guided Walking Tours in Jerusalem, Israel

    Discovery Walk: City Center Shopping Walk Article (B): 16 Old & New Things to Buy in Jerusalem Article (B): 12 Best Things to Do in Jerusalem, Israel Article (B): Jerusalem: a Visit to the Tower of David & Mt. Sion Article (B): Jerusalem: Walking the via Dolorosa Article (B): Street Art of Nachlaot and the Machane Yehuda Market

  14. Jerusalem

    Walking Tours & Activities in Jerusalem - Israel Jerusalem TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 3055 Reviews Today 8°C Tomorrow 10°C Homepage Jerusalem View photos ! Dear guests, due to safety concerns in Israel, we're temporarily suspending our walking tours.

  15. Free Self-Guided Walking Tour of Jerusalem's Old City (Map)

    The Ancient Walled City. Jerusalem has been conquered by a great number of civilizations over the centuries including the Babylonians, the Romans, the Arabs, the Crusaders, the Turks, and the British. When you look at the old walled city today you are looking at the walls built later in the cities history, completed in 1541 by the Ottoman ruler ...

  16. Tickets & Tours

    Retrace the footsteps of Jesus on this full-day guided walking tour of Jerusalem. Travel along the Via Dolorosa, the street Jesus walked on the way to his crucifixion. Walk down the Mount of Olives and see other prominent sites in Old City Jerusalem, like the Pool of Bethesda, St Anne's Church, the Convent of the Sisters of Zion and more.

  17. Zion Walking Tours

    Walking Tours Closed now Write a review See all photos About Guided walking tours in the Old City of Jerusalem, Mt. of Olives, Bethlehem and picturesque neighborhoods in the newer part of the city. Our tours are generally half day (3-4 hours) or full day (8 hours). Jerusalem, Israel Suggest edits to improve what we show. Improve this listing

  18. Free Walking Tour Jerusalem

    Price: You choose! Book Open up to the unknown - tours around Jerusalem Once you've had a string of European trips, it's worth opening up to a completely new experience. Jerusalem will work perfectly as a destination for your next adventure.

  19. Jerusalem Free Walking Tour with locals

    On this tour of the Old City of Jerusalem, visitors will have the opportunity to explore all four quarters of the city and experience the rich history and culture of each. ... We had a pleasure to have a walking tour of the Old Jerusalem with Tzachi Samiya. It wlas an amazing tour. We had a big grouo with us and everyone had enjoyed it. Tzachi ...

  20. Walking Tours In Israel

    Trip to Israel by Israel Tours offers opportunity to discover authentic Israel life and explore the treasures in Israel. About Us Trips and hikes in Israel Sitemap 24/7 CUSTOMER SERVICE: +972-72-393-1583. HOME TRAVEL ISRAEL DAY TRIPS 3-5 DAY TRIPS 5-8 DAY TRIPS CONTACT US. ... Walking Tours In Israel

  21. Jerusalem Walking Tour 2023

    12 Reviews Jerusalem, Israel Share Save to Wishlist From $89.99 Price varies by group size Lowest Price Guarantee Select Date and Travelers Check Availability Reserve Now & Pay Later Secure your spot while staying flexible Free cancellation Up to 24 hours in advance. Learn more 2 to 3 hours (approx.) Mobile ticket Offered in: English Overview

  22. Free Walking Tour Jerusalem

    Join the Free Walking Tours of Jerusalem for a great introduction to such a magnificent place! Of course, you can't miss the Free Old Jerusalem City Tour. This walk within the historical core of the sacred city is a great opportunity to visit sites of worldwide religious importance with a local guide. The Free Jerusalem City Gates Tour is a ...

  23. All Inclusive Walking Tour Old City Jerusalem 2024

    The ideal introduction for first-time visitors, this small-group walking tour of Jerusalem's Old City combines enriching context with first-rate views. Explore attractions considered sacred to three faiths, including the Dome of the Rock, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and Western Wall. A tasty lunch in a local restaurant is included, plus a complimentary tea or coffee.

  24. Jewish Federation of St. Louis on Instagram: ""It's day 107 and we are

    71 likes, 0 comments - jfedstl on January 23, 2024: ""It's day 107 and we are in beautiful, sunny, and unseasonably warm Jerusalem. It is only fitti..." Jewish Federation of St. Louis on Instagram: ""It's day 107 and we are in beautiful, sunny, and unseasonably warm Jerusalem.