Visit Crete on a budget: when to travel, how to get there and what's worth a splurge

Jul 24, 2022 • 7 min read

Beautiful woman with sunhat contemplating the sea out of a cave on Triopetra beach, Plakias, Crete, Greece

You don't need a high-end budget to make the most of Crete's beautiful beaches © Roberto Moiola / Sysaworld / Getty Images

You can spend as much or as little as you want in Crete . At the budget end of the spectrum, you're aided by the island's size and popularity, which means options are many.

With some planning and shopping around, you can get good deals on transport and accommodation. Once there, buses provide affordable transport, while the most interesting towns and beaches are best explored on foot. If you need a car, there are ways to beat those high rental prices as well.

Eat like a local and buy the excellent and much-vaunted Cretan produce and foods for meals and picnics you prepare yourself. And if you still need more inspiration, most of the ornate and historic churches are free.

Decide between the ferry and a plane to Crete

If you're coming to Crete from Athens, there are many fast ferries to Iraklio and Hania in summer. From November to April, there is at best one boat daily on these routes. The trips take 9 to 12 hours and tickets can cost well under €50 – more if you want a cabin for an overnight trip.

Alternatively, you can fly from Athens for under €100. Which way you get to Crete will end up being a decision between cost and time. Ferries are more hassle-free than flying and some people enjoy lounging on deck and lingering over cafeteria-style meals.

Where ferries offer a real advantage is on trips between Crete and other islands. From late April through October, a network of routes – mostly from Iraklio – radiate out across the Aegean. You can be in Santorini (Thira) in as little as two hours and for less than €70. Airfares for flights to other islands such as Rhodes are priced to reflect the convenience offered as opposed to luring in the punters.

Find a cheap flight

Neither of Crete's two airports at Iraklio and Hania is notably cheaper for flights than the other. Rather, decide which one works for you depending on where you're going on the island.

Iraklio does have more flights than Hania, especially ones from around Europe. Fares to Crete are cheapest in summer when options are many. But, be sure to book as early as possible as flights fill up, particularly in July and August, the peak months for tourism. Conversely, the number of flights to the island plummets in winter, so don't expect to find bargains then.

A woman swings a young boy around as they laugh on the beach in Crete.

Travel in shoulder season

Package deals for travel to Crete in the high season are priced to be competitive with other sunny resorts around the Mediterranean. But given the volume of travel in the summer, there are few real bargains.

The best time to save money on a trip to Crete is in the shoulder season, which is April to June, and September and October. During these months, the weather is warm and sunny and almost all tourism-related businesses like hotels are open. Yet with visitor numbers fewer than in July and August, prices are designed to lure people to the island.

It's always worth shopping around for bargains during the shoulder season months.

Look beyond the obvious to save money on accommodations

Crete has plenty of hotels and resorts with stunning ocean views, but you'll pay for the pleasure. In resort towns, look for apartments and small hotels back from the beach. That 10-minute walk can save you lots of euros every day. Popular towns like Hania and Rethymno have excellent hostels.

And consider off-beat destinations like villages back in the mountains such as Spili where lovely, simple doubles can be had for €50. Look for off-the-beaten-track beaches such as fabulous Falasarna , where hotel prices still reflect its less-visited status.

Scroll beyond the obvious choices on sites like Airbnb and for small family-run accommodation. You'll not only be rewarded with cheaper prices but also a warmer welcome.

Because of the scorching heat and blazing sun during summer, camping is not a popular option in Crete (and in winter it's blustery, cold and rainy).

Ride the bus

From April to October you can get almost anywhere in Crete with public buses. Two websites provide schedule and fare information: one is for western Crete , with service centered on the major city of Hania, while the other covers services in central and eastern Crete , with service centered on the capital of Iraklio.

On busy routes such as those linking the main cities of the north coast, there is frequent bus service year-round. Service into the mountains and to the more remote beaches can be infrequent, even in summer, so it's worth spending time checking schedules to plan out your journeys.

Buses are air-conditioned and most have free wifi – fares are usually around €10. 

Consider your rental car strategies

Renting a car in Crete is much like renting a car any place else in the world these days: expensive. But if you're strategic, you can still enjoy the freedom of your own wheels, without breaking your budget.

Look for package deals that include a rental car with accommodation. These sorts of deals can offer the best savings for your combined room and car budget if you want your own wheels for your entire visit. If booking your car separately, start your search as far in advance as possible. Last-minute deals are rare.

Consider sharing your rental car with as many people as you can fit in it. For instance, the bus fare from Hania to the magnificent beach at Elafonisi is €11 each way. For four people, that's €88 for one day's outing, which can rival the cost of a cheap rental.

You can wait and only rent a car when the freedom is really important, such as when exploring mountain villages or touring Iraklio's wine region . Ask at your accommodation for local sources of rental cars. You may find that the owner has a cousin ready to make a deal for a car that would otherwise sit empty for a day.

Eat like a Cretan

The simplest way to find cheap and good eats? Ask a resident! People working low-paid summer jobs all need to eat and they often are happy to share their off-the-beaten-path souvlaki stands, scent-filled bakeries and budget cafes.

No matter how popular and touristy a town, a quick jaunt down back alleys away from the waterfront or flower-bedecked squares will often yield excellent options for a meal.

A group of women around a table laden with fresh produce and surrounded by fairy lights in the evening in Crete

DIY your meals

Every town has a market – often daily – where Crete's superb produce and prepared foods are sold. This is the best way to enjoy the island's famous local foods (even the olive oil is divine) and just browsing the stalls and the offerings of vendors is a mouth-watering delight.

Since some of the best-value accommodation often includes self-catering kitchens, you're well-equipped to prepare your Cretan treats. With or without cooking facilities, fridges are common in rooms, so at the very least you can assemble lovely picnics before you head out for the day.

Go independent on the beach

It's easy to rent a beach umbrella and lounger on almost any of Crete's wonderful beaches, but this can cost €10 or more a day. In summer, the most popular beaches are jammed with umbrellas and well-oiled bodies packed in like sardines. Instead of joining every other sunworshipper, bring a couple of beach towels – one to lie on, one for your head – and walk away from the crowds. At almost every beach, a mere 10-minute walk will give you plenty of sandy real estate to call your own.

Some beaches such as Vaï and Preveli have native palms that not only provide shade but a uniquely tropical ambiance.

Days at the beach are also the best times to enjoy a picnic lunch. Sure, savoring a platter of fresh seafood at a waterfront taverna is the stuff of holiday fantasies, but you'll pay for the convenience.

A group of friends hiking up a rocky trail in the sunshine in Crete

Strap on those walking shoes

Wandering the evocative, charming and historic lanes and alleys of the old towns of Hania and Rethymno costs nothing and can be highlights of your trip. The same goes for any of the other oodles of villages, both on the coast and in the mountains.

Many beaches have walking and hiking trails that take you to remote, uncrowded beaches or archeological sites. Two examples are Falasama and Kato Zakros. In fact, you'll find hiking trails almost anyplace you go across Crete.

Daily costs

Here are the prices of common goods and services in Crete:

- Hostel bed €12-15 

- Basic room for two €45-60

- Self-catering apartment €50-150 

- Bus ticket €2-15 

- Coffee €2-4

- Souvlaki sandwich €6 

- Dinner for two €30-100 or more 

- Beer/pint at the bar €5

- Platter of anthoi (stuffed zucchini flowers) from €10 

- Beach umbrella and lounger rental €10 

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How Expensive is Crete? This Is How Much A Trip To Greece Will Cost (A Detailed Cost Breakdown)

  • Post last modified: Updated on October 10, 2023
  • by Post author: Chloe Smulian

a couple standing with a view of a beautiful beach in south crete sharing how expensive it is

Planning a trip to Greece and wondering how much it will cost? This travel guide shares the exact cost breakdown of flights, hotels, eating out, car rental, and more, so you know exactly how expensive it is to visit Crete.

One of the most common questions travelers ask when planning a trip to Greece is, ‘How much should you budget for?’ or ‘How expensive is it to visit Greece?’. And they’re great questions to ask, by the way!

You see, not every travel destination in Greece is affordable. Some popular Greek islands like Mykonos and Santorini are just downright expensive.

But what if you’re planning to visit the biggest island in Greece – Crete? How much will it cost and is Crete expensive?

Well, wonder no more! This ridiculously detailed Greece travel guide shares the exact cost breakdown of flights, hotels, eating out, car rental, and more, so you know exactly how expensive it is to visit Crete.

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In this guide

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How Expensive Are Hotels in Crete, Greece

Accommodation costs will often be the most expensive part of your Greece travel budget. But luckily there are a huge variety of hotels and apartment rental options in Crete to pick from.

From budget-friendly hostels, mid-range vacation apartment rentals, and all-inclusive resorts, to ultra-luxury hotels perfect for a honeymoon or celebrating a special occasion.

a droneshot of a beachfront hotel in crete greece and how expensive it is to book

The cheapest hotel options (hostels) start at €15 to €20 for 2 people per night. And the most expensive hotels and resorts in Crete could cost you anywhere between €200 to €700+ for 2 people per night.

Like other travel destinations, hotel prices in Crete will vary depending on whether you’re traveling during high or low peak season.

If you’re planning to spend your vacation in Crete during the high peak months of June to August. Be prepared to easily pay 50% or more!

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We traveled to Crete during shoulder season (between high and low peak season) and spent just over 2 weeks on the Greek island.

For our 15-night (16 days) trip to Crete in Greece, accommodation cost us around €760 for two people. This works out to an average of €50 per night for 2 people or €25 per person.

We stayed in 3 different mid-range hotels (breakfast included) and apartment rentals on our 2 week vacation in Crete.

a beachfront hotel in crete including breakfast with sun loungers and umbrellas on the white sand

That’s pretty affordable, right?! Especially if you compare Crete to the Greek islands of Santorini and Mykonos!

Related Guide:  Planning a vacation in Crete but not sure where’s the best play to stay. Make sure to read our  Where To Stay in Crete  guide! Find the best hotels and resorts to stay with kids, for a romantic couples getaway, the best part of Crete to stay in for beautiful beaches and unforgettable nightlife, to the best towns to base yourself in Crete with or without a car.

How Expensive Is Car Rental in Crete, Greece

Car rental will likely be the second highest cost you’ll need to budget for your trip to Crete in Greece.

Car hire can cost anywhere between €40 to €80 per day depending on the type of car you’re renting and whether it’s high or low peak season. This excludes fuel costs, parking fees, one-way fees, and sometimes even car insurance, by the way!

a car rental shop in crete with many car hire options for tourists to drive and explore the greek island

For our two-week vacation in Crete, we rented a car for 12 days and paid €496. This works out to spending €41 per day on car rental and includes comprehensive car insurance as well as one-way fees.

It was not ridiculously expensive, but it wasn’t cheap either!

If you plan to travel to Greece on a budget, we’d recommend booking car hire as early as possible to get the cheapest deal. You can easily compare prices for renting a car in Crete on or .

Bonus Tip: The cost of car rental becomes less expensive, the more people you travel with. If renting a car is not an option for you, read our How To Get Around Crete guide. We explain how to take public transport, ferries, guided bus tours, or rent a scooter or buggy, so you can explore Crete without a car.

Renting a car in Crete is not absolutely necessary, but rather a nice-to-have. Public transport exists in Crete and it’s fairly decent. But that’s only true for the north part of the island.

If you prefer going off the beaten track and want to explore south or east Crete. Then public transportation is scarce, if not nonexistent.

So do you need a car in Crete? Ultimately, it’s entirely up to you and what type of vacation you want in Crete.

If you’re not sure yet, we’d recommend reading our super detailed  Crete Itinerary . This epic travel guide shows you what to see and do in Crete in 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, or 14 days with or without a car.

Related Guide: Driving in Crete is not easy. Especially if you want to avoid the crowds and explore Crete off the beaten track. Make sure to read our Driving in Crete guide for the essential road rules to know.

Another expense you’ll have to factor in if you’re renting a car in Crete is fuel cost. And it’s not cheap! Greece has some of the most expensive fuel prices in Europe.

When we visited Crete in September and October 2021, fuel prices in Crete were even more expensive than in Germany!

a view over a car dashboard of fuel prices in crete greece at a bp fuel station

The good news is that there are no toll fees in Crete. And you can get a slightly cheaper fuel price (€0.05 to €0.30 per liter) depending on which petrol station you go to.

We noticed that fuel prices tend to be less expensive outside the popular vacation towns in Crete. And the refueling stations, Shell and Eko, often offered the lowest fuel prices on the Greek island.

On our two-week vacation in Crete, we drove over 2,200+ kilometers in Crete and spent €170 on fuel.

Getting around Crete island via public transportation (i.e. KTEL bus) will be the best way to explore Crete on a budget.

You can expect to pay anywhere between €1.60 per person for a short trip, to €7 or more for long trips.

a turquoise ktel bus that is the main public transportation in crete greece

Do bear in mind though, that public transport is only frequent on the north part of Crete island. Most towns in the south and east of Crete only offer bus service twice a day (if any).

So if you plan to get around Crete using the public bus, make sure to check the  KTEL  website beforehand. Not only does it show bus routes and time of departure, but also how much the bus ticket will cost.

How Expensive Are Flights to Crete

How expensive are flights to Crete? Well, that depends on many factors.

Like which city you’re departing from, whether you’re traveling during high or low peak season, the airline you go with, how much luggage you’re bringing, and whether you’re flying on a weekday or weekend (and many more).

This is why it’s near impossible to give a standard cost estimate for how expensive flights to Crete will be. But flying with low cost airlines such as  RyanAir  and  EasyJet  will be your best bet to travel Greece on a budget.

Alternatively, we’d recommend comparing flight prices on Expedia to find the cheapest flights to Crete.

Save Me For Later

a crete travel guide on what costs to budget for when traveling crete and how much a trip to greece cost

What we can do though, is share how much our flights to Crete cost us on our Greece trip. This way, you’ll have a guideline of what to expect and how much to budget for your trip to Crete in Greece.

The total cost for our return flights from Berlin to Crete was €320 for two people (i.e. €160 per person). This includes extra fees for 20kg of check-in luggage as well as 2 cabin bags per person.

We departed from Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) to Heraklion Airport with  RyanAir  for €125.50 for two people (€62 per person).

And returned from Chania International Airport to Berlin Brandenburg Airport with  EasyJet  for €194.94 for two people (€97 per person).

We traveled to Crete during shoulder season (between high and low season). So the cost of flights was a lot less expensive compared to traveling to Crete during the high peak months of June to August.

To get the cheapest flights to Crete, we’d recommend flying with cabin luggage only. This can easily reduce your flight costs by 40% to 50% if you’re able to travel light.

Bonus Tip: Compare flight prices on Omio and get €10 credit using our invite code:  michas7p0y2t

How Expensive is Airport Transfer in Crete, Greece

The cheapest ‘airport transfer’ in Crete is taking public transport, of course. But be prepared for the long drive.

There are many stops along the way. So the usual 20 to 30-minute drive could easily become a 1.5 to 2-hour trip from the airport on the public bus.

For the fastest transfer from the airport, we’d recommend taking a taxi transfer instead.

the price to take a taxi from chania airport in crete greece

We booked our taxi (i.e. airport transfer) with  Crete Cab  and paid €34 for a quick and relaxing trip to our hotel in  Stalis .

Here are other airport transfer options if you’re not planning to stay in Stalis in northeast Crete:

  • Shared Airport Transfer From Heraklion Airport to and from Rethymno
  • To and From Chania Airport to Rethymno
  • Private Transfer to Rethymno from Heraklion or Chania Airport or Heraklion Port
  • Shared Airport Transfer from Chania Airport to Georgioupolis and Kavros area

Is Eating Out in Crete Expensive?

It would be a sin to visit Greece and not try their world-famous cuisine! That’s especially true when visiting Crete. The food here is not only mouth-watering but also affordable too!

You can easily enjoy an incredible meal for 2 including wine for under €30! And chances are high that you’ll probably get dessert and a shot of raki or ouzo on the house.

traditional greek foods to eat in crete and how expensive food and drinks are including alcohol like wine and beer

The cost of eating out in Crete does depend on the town you’re visiting though. Food and drink prices tend to be more expensive when eating out in popular tourist towns in Crete like Chania, Rethymno, and Heraklion.

We also noticed that the price of hotels, eating out, shopping, renting sunbeds, and beach umbrellas are generally more expensive in west vs east Crete.

On average, you can expect to spend between €12 to €30 per person when eating out in Crete. Yup – that’s the budget for both food and drink (alcohol included) as well as a 10% tip!

On our two week vacation in Crete, we spent an average of €14 per person eating out in Crete.

The cheapest meal we had in Crete was traditional Greek gyros for €7.50 per person for both food and drink. And the most expensive meal we had was €30 per person for a two-course seafood meal plus 2 glasses of wine.

How Expensive Are Excursions and Attraction Tickets in Crete

How much will it cost to do excursions and visit attractions in Crete? Well, that all depends on you.

The cheapest thing to do in Crete is to visit its beautiful beaches. Not only is it FREE to do, but they’re drop-dead gorgeous too! There are only a handful of beaches like Balos, Gramvousa, and Chrissi Island where you have to pay a €1 tourism tax.

If it’s your first vacation in Crete, get a sneak peek of what the beaches are like in our  21 Best Beaches in Crete   guide.

collection of photos and pictures of beaches in kreta

The most expensive Crete excursions will be renting private yachts or going on small, custom-made guided tours. This could easily cost between €80 to €120+ per person.

But honestly, you don’t have to spend that much money on excursions in Crete unless you really want to spoil yourself.

tourists taking a ferry to balos and gramvousa island in crete

Here’s how much our Crete excursions cost on our trip to Greece:

Related Guide:  What are the best things to do in Crete? Skip all the guesswork and follow our Two Weeks in Crete itinerary ! Explore jaw-dropping waterfalls, hike magnificent gorges and discover the best beaches in Crete over 14 days.

How Much It Costs To Withdraw Money in Crete, Greece?

Greece was not always a card-friendly travel destination. But luckily that has changed and most places in Greece (including Crete) accept and take credit or debit cards.

You will still need some local currency in cash to pay for things like parking fees and entrance fees though.

We’d suggest having €50 spending money in cash per person for every week in Crete. That should be more than sufficient if you’re paying for everything else by card.

You can always withdraw more money in Crete if you need it. But be wary that most banks will charge a withdrawal fee of €2 to €4 or more.

Bonus Tip:  The local currency in Crete (Greece) is Euros.

To withdraw money in Crete (and Greece) for free, we’d recommend using Revolut and withdrawing from any Attica Bank ATM.

Attica Bank is one of the only banks in Greece where you can withdraw money for FREE with a Revolut card!

The only downside is that there are only 3 Attica ATMs in Crete. You can find them in the town center of Chania, Heraklion, and Rethymno.

Related Guide:  What other benefits do you get with Revolut besides free cash withdrawals when traveling globally? Read our  Revolut Travel Card  guide to discover 7 other advantages.

Other Costs To Budget For A Trip to Greece

We’ve covered the main expenses you should budget for when traveling to Crete in Greece. But there is one important cost we haven’t covered yet: travel insurance.

If you live in Germany (or anywhere else in Europe), your health insurance or credit cards should cover basic travel insurance.

But if you’re traveling to Crete from a non-European country, then we’d highly recommend you get travel insurance for your vacation in Crete.

how expensive is it to take ferries to and from crete island in greece

Not only will travel insurance cover the costs if your trip gets canceled or your luggage is lost. But it will also cover the cost of accidents and health care abroad.

With the ongoing COVID-pandemic, airport chaos, and who knows what else, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Get a travel insurance quote for a stress-free vacation in Crete. Here are some recommendations:

  • SafetyWing Nomad Insurance (from any country)
  • AXA Travel Insurance (if you’re from the US)
  • Outbacker Travel Insurance (if you’re from the UK)
  • Allianz Travel Insurance (if you live in Germany)

How Much a 2-Weeks Trip to Crete, Greece Will Cost

We’ve spilled the beans on how expensive flights, hotels, car rental, eating out and excursions are in Crete.

Here’s a summary of how much we spent on our two weeks vacation in Crete:

Using our 2-week trip to Greece as a guideline, you can expect a daily budget for Crete to be around €70 per person. That includes all the costs from flights, car rental, to hotels, and eating out.

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Ensuite, et cela a sensiblement réduit le budget de notre voyage en Crète, nous avons réalisé ce voyage alors que la pandémie de Covid-19 réduisait considérablement les possibilités de voyage. Les tarifs pratiqués, par les hôteliers notamment, étaient alors particulièrement bas. 

Quoi qu’il en soit, la Crète reste une région bon marché , où voyager n’est pas très onéreux à condition bien sûr d’être vigilant sur ses choix notamment d’hébergements.  

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En effet, même si la Crète reste l’une des rares régions d’Europe encore assez bon marché , il faut savoir que le prix, des hébergements notamment, peut vite s’envoler en haute saison dans les lieux les plus touristiques. 

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Enfin, afin de vous aider dans la préparation et l’organisation de votre road trip en Crète , nous vous avons également préparé un guide de voyage entièrement numérique pour un road trip clé en main à la découverte de l’île.

Crète : Notre itinéraire clé en main

Nous avons créé pour vous ce Carnet de route à télécharger au format PDF . Il contient notre itinéraire mis en page de façon pratique pour découvrir la Crète. Vous y trouverez notre circuit étape par étape avec toutes les informations pratiques pour vous laisser guider pendant votre séjour ! Grâce à notre Carnet de route, vous vous épargnez les longues heures de préparation du voyage .

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Deux semaines en crète : 1 655 € de budget pour un road trip à 2.

voyage crete budget

Budget des repas : 350 € pour deux en deux semaines

C’est incontestablement le poste de dépense pour lequel nous avons eu une très bonne surprise ! Sans se priver, avec des dîners au restaurant chaque soir et des repas pris sur le pouce le midi, notre budget alimentation n’aura été que de 350 € pour deux . 

Il faut dire que les prix dans les restaurants ne sont vraiment pas très élevés. N’hésitez pas à commander de nombreux mezzes à partager. Délicieux, ces plats servis en petites portions pourraient être comparés aux tapas espagnoles et permettent de gouter à toutes les saveurs de la cuisine crétoise. Autre jolie surprise, au-delà des prix pratiqués, la tradition crétoise veut qu’à la fin de chaque repas dans un restaurant de l’île, le dessert vous soit offert ! 

Autre bon plan pour manger à petit prix, n’hésitez pas à gouter aux fameux gyros . Ces sandwichs , lointains cousins des kebab, vous permettent de manger pour une poignée d’euros. Bien moins caloriques et bien plus raffinés que les kebabs, vous trouverez des gyros absolument partout en Crète. 

Photographie d'un Dakos en Crète

Budget consacré aux visites et activités : 150 € pour deux en deux semaines

Là non plus, ce n’est pas les visites et autres activités qui ont trop pesé sur le prix de notre voyage en Crète. Il faut savoir que sur l’île, beaucoup de points d’intérêt se visitent gratuitement . On ne compte plus les superbes plages , magnifiques randonnées , promenades dans les villes ou points de vue d’exceptions qu’il est possible de visiter gratuitement. Nos principales dépenses concernant les activités se sont donc concentrées autour de la visite de monastères , très présents en Crète, de quelques sites archéologiques , d’une excursion sur l’ île de Spinalonga dans les environs d’ Agios Nikolaos et d’une randonnée dans les Gorges de Samaria . 

En fonction de vos envies pendant votre voyage en Crète, il est bien entendu possible que ce budget consacré aux visites et aux activités soit bien élevé. Ce sera notamment le cas si vous optez pour l’une, ou plusieurs, des nombreuses excursions proposées un peu partout sur l’île. 

Réserver une activité

Toutes les excursions de Crète

Excursions en Crète

Réservez vos activités

Photoographie d'un monastère en Crète

Budget consacré aux hébergements pour deux semaines en Crète : 553 € pour 12 nuits

Avec une moyenne de 46 € par nuit , on peut dire que l’on a fait de bonnes affaires concernant les prix de nos logements en Crète . Certes, la basse saison et le Covid n’y sont pas pour rien mais même en dehors de ces cas, il est possible de se loger avec un petit budget sur l’île. 

Il suffit pour cela d’ anticiper au maximum ses réservations mais aussi de s’ éloigner quel que peu des centres touristiques . C’est notamment le long de la côte nord, à proximité d’Héraklion et La Canée que les prix sont les plus élevés. Si vous choisissez de faire un road trip autour de la Crète , vous vous retrouverez alors très vite dans des lieux bien plus isolés où il vous sera possible de séjourner dans de charmant villages à petit prix. 

Hôtel Sunbeam à Agios Nikolaos - 72 € pour deux nuits

Idéalement situé en plein cœur d’ Agios Nikolaos , ce petit hôtel propose des chambres et des petits studios très bon marché. Un excellent choix si vous êtes à la recherche d’un établissement à prix très accessible avec de belles prestations. 

Où loger à Agios Nikolaos ?

Nos recommandations

Quel hébergement choisir ?

Agios Nikolaos

Tous les établissements

Hotel Sea Breeze à proximité de Sitia - 39 € pour une nuit

À quelques kilomètres du centre de Sitia , cet hôtel récemment rénové dispose de grandes chambres avec kitchenette ainsi que d’une piscine . L’emplacement est idéal pour rayonner dans la région, visiter Sitia et les environs ainsi que Vai Beach qui fait partie des plus belles plages de Crète . 

Où loger à Sitia ?

Hotel Sea Breeze

Helios Studios & Apartments à Makry Gialos - 41 € pour une nuit

Si vous êtes de passage dans le sud est de la Crète , nous ne pouvons que vous recommander les appartements Helios Studios & Apartments . Impeccablement entretenus par un hôte des plus sympathiques, les chambres disposent toutes d’une petite cuisine et permettent l’accès à la belle piscine de l’établissement.

Où loger à Makry Gialos ?

Helios Studios & Apartments

Makry Gialos

Matala Bay Hotel & Apartments à Matala - 56 € pour une nuit

Peu être l’hébergement que nous avons le moins apprécié durant notre voyage en Crète. Avec un prix pour la nuit relativement élevé comparativement aux prestations proposées et aux prix pratiqués par les autres établissements fréquentés durant notre séjour, ce n’est pas forcément l’hôtel que nous vous recommandons. En revanche, passer une ou plusieurs nuit à Matala est une excellente idée. La petite ville est particulièrement agréable et relativement animée et le cadre offert par sa belle plage entourée de superbes falaises ne gâche rien. 

Retrouvez ci-dessous d’autres recommandations de logements à Matala qui semblent proposer de meilleurs prestations :

Notre sélection d'hébergements à Matala

Milieu de gamme

Haut de gamme

Villa Dora à Plakias - 39 € pour une nuit

En plein cœur de Plakias , cette maison d’hôte met à disposition plusieurs chambres bien entretenues avec kitchenette et balcon le tout à 2 minutes à pied de la plage et des restaurants. Un point de chute idéal pour découvrir par exemple l’intrigante plage de Préveli située à seulement quelques kilomètres. 

Où loger à Plakias ?

Marlen House Chania à La Canée - 120 € pour trois nuits

Certainement l’hébergement avec le meilleur rapport qualité prix de tout notre voyage en Crète. Seulement 40 € par nuit pour ce grand appartement en plein cœur de La Canée. Admirablement entretenu par Marlen, cet appartement vous permettra de découvrir La Canée et toute la région sans difficulté. Un point de chute idéal pour partir à la découverte des Gorges de Samaria ou de la sublime plage de Balos Beach par exemple. 

Où loger à La Canée ?

Marlen House

Glykeria Hotel à Elafonissi - 78 € pour une nuit

Peut-être le plus bel hôtel de notre séjour en Crète ! Un peu plus cher que les autres hébergements réservés mais il faut dire que sa localisation le justifie amplement. Situé à une dizaine de minutes en voiture de la célèbre plage de sable rose d’ Elafonisi , le Glykeria Hotel est de fait l’un des points de chute les plus proches de l’endroit. De quoi y arriver tôt le matin ou y rester tard en fin de journée après le départ de la foule de vacanciers venus y passer la journée. Entièrement neuf , l’hôtel offre une très belle vue sur la mer , une superbe piscine et un délicieux restaurant ! On vous le recommande chaudement.

Où loger à Elafonisi ?

Glykeria Hotel

Athinaiko Hotel et Marin Dream Hotel à Héraklion - 52 € chacun par nuit

Deux hôtels bien situés entre le port d’Héraklion et le centre historique . Nous y avons à chaque fois passées une nuit avant notre départ et à notre retour de Santorin . Des hôtels propres, bien placés, servant de bons petits déjeuner que nous ne pouvons que vous recommander. 

Où loger à Héraklion ?

Athinaiko Hotel

Marin Dream Hotel

Photographie d'une plage en Crète

Budget consacré aux déplacements en Crète : 610 €

Budget avion : 312 €.

De nombreuses compagnies proposent des vols directs depuis la France vers Héraklion . En fonction de la période de votre voyage, les prix sont susceptibles de varier sensiblement mais il est toujours possible de faire de bonnes affaires en réservant son vol le plus tôt possible ou en choisissant de voyager à des périodes de moins forte affluence. Il n’est pas nécessaire pour cela de choisir un vol en dehors des périodes scolaires ou en basse saison. Le simple fait de prendre un avion en dehors des week-ends et des jours de grands départs fait déjà souvent grandement baisser la note. 

Pour faire la meilleure affaire , n’hésitez pas à utiliser un comparateur de billets d’avion comme Skyscanner pour trouver l’offre la plus intéressante. 

Nous concernant, nous avons donc payé un peu plus de 150 € par personne pour un aller-retour Nantes-Heraklion. 

Prix de la location de voiture pour deux semaines en Crète : 166 €

Une très bonne affaire là aussi ! À peine plus de 10 € par jour pour la location de notre Polo quasi neuve et très bien équipée. Certes, l’effet Covid couplé à la basse saison y est pour quelque chose mais la location d’une voiture en Crète ne coute jamais très cher. Comme pour les billets d’avion, le plus simple pour trouver la meilleure offre et ainsi maîtriser au mieux votre budget pour votre voyage en Crète est d’utiliser un comparateur d’offre . Nous avons l’habitude d’avoir recours au site Carigami grâce auquel nous trouvons généralement de très bon prix. En plus d’avoir un service client extrêmement réactif , Carigami permet d’ annuler toutes les réservations réalisées jusqu’à 24 heures avant la prise en charge du véhicule. 

Photographie d'une route en lacet en Crète

Frais de carburant pour notre voyage en Crète : 119 €

Le prix du litre de carburant en Crète est sensiblement identique à celui pratiqué en France . Ayez en revanche en tête qu’il peut être parfois difficile de trouver une station service où faire le plein. Alors que le nord de la Crète et les environs des grandes villes sont parfaitement dotés, l’exercice est parfois bien plus difficile dans les régions plus reculées. Soyez alors prévoyant et faites régulièrement le plein. Pour plus d’informations sur la conduite en Crète , n’hésitez pas à consulter notre article dédié.

À lire aussi :

Conduire en Crète, tous nos conseils pour savoir à quoi s'attendre

Prix des parkings : 12 €

Mis à part dans les grandes villes comme La Canée , Réthymnon ou Héraklion, il est très rare de devoir payer le stationnement. Ce ne sera donc a priori pas un gros poste de dépense à prévoir dans votre budget. 

Pour recevoir tous nos bons plans et conseils voyage par email !

Budget pour les frais bancaires : 0 €

Même si l’ euro circule en Crète comme en France, il se peut que votre banque vous prélève des frais pour l’utilisation de votre carte à l’étranger . Pour éviter ce type de déconvenues, nous vous recommandons vivement l’utilisation d’une carte internationale sans frais . Nous utilisons depuis de nombreuses années la carte de la neobanque Revolut qui nous permet de payer partout dans le monde sans le moindre frais bancaire. Aucune tenue de compte ou facturation de la carte n’est également à prévoir. Une carte entièrement gratuite sans frais cachés que nous vous recommandons chaudement ! 

Revolut : payer en devise étrangère sans aucun frais

Des questions sur le budget nécessaire pour un voyage en Crète ?

Nous espérons que vous avez aimé cet article et qu’il vous sera utile pour prévoir votre budget pour un futur voyage en Crète .

Malgré toutes ces informations, s’il reste encore quelques zones d’ombres, n’hésitez pas à nous en faire part en commentaire . C’est toujours un plaisir pour nous de vous répondre et de vous aider à préparer vos voyages 😊 ❤️. 

Si vous avez aimé cet article, ou s’il vous a été utile, vous pouvez également nous le signaler en lui attribuant 5 étoiles ! Cela nous fait toujours très plaisir.

Une dernière chose, pensez à épingler notre article sur Pinterest 📌 pour le conserver précieusement. Vous pouvez également le partager facilement sur les réseaux sociaux avec les boutons juste en dessous pour aider d’autres futurs voyageurs. 

Votre aide pour nous aider à diffuser nos articles nous est très précieuse 😊

Budget Crète : que prévoir pour votre voyage ?

Enfin, si vous avez besoin d’aide pour préparer votre voyage , n’hésitez pas à consulter nos services de Travel Planner ! Nous serons vraiment ravis de vous accompagner dans l’organisation de votre séjour ✈️

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Photographie de la promenade du port de La Canée en Crete

La Canée : Visiter la plus belle ville de Crète et ses alentours

Photographie d'Oia a Santorin depuis l'extremite de la ville

Santorin : Guide complet pour visiter la plus belle île grecque

Homme sur un banc à La Canée

Où loger en Crète ? Top 3 des villes où dormir pour rayonner facilement

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A two week trip to Crete on average costs around $0.00 (€0.00) for one person and $0.00 (€0.00) for two people. This cost includes accommodation, food, local transportation, and sightseeing.

Please note, prices can vary based on your travel style, speed, and other variables. If you're traveling as a family of three or four people, the price per person often goes down because kid's tickets are cheaper and hotel rooms can be shared. If you travel slower over a longer period of time then your daily budget will also go down. Two people traveling together for one month in Crete will often have a lower daily budget per person than one person traveling alone for one week.

A one month trip to Crete on average costs around $0.00 (€0.00) for one person and $0.00 (€0.00) for two people. The more places you visit, the higher the daily price will become due to increased transportation costs.

Independent Travel

Traveling Independently to Crete has many benefits including affordabilty, freedom, flexibility, and the opportunity to control your own experiences.

All of the travel costs below are based on the experiences of other independent travelers.

Crete is a very affordable place to visit. Located in Greece, which is a moderately priced country, visitors will appreciate the lower prices of this destination. It is in the top 10% of cities in the country for its affordability . Budget travelers enjoy spending long periods of time exploring Crete in depth.

Within Europe, which is known to be an expensive region, Crete is a very affordable destination compared to other places. It is in the top 10% of cities in Europe for its affordability. Very few cities in the region are as affordable as Crete.

For more details, and to find out if it's within your travel budget, see Is Crete Expensive?

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Crete On a Budget


Food and Dining


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Crete Travel Guide

Last Updated: September 1, 2023

Aerial view of Chania with brightly colored houses on the harborfront and mountains in the background on the island of Crete in Greece

When I finally got to Crete , it exceeded all my expectations. There’s a lot to love about Crete beyond its ancient ruins: a beautiful variety of stunning beaches, excellent hiking, quaint historic towns, and incredible food and wine.

Plus, it’s affordable, making it an excellent budget destination to visit. And the island’s size ensures you can explore freely and escape the crowds that flock here during the busy summer months.

This travel guide to Crete can help you plan the perfect visit to this ancient island and ensure you save money in the process!

Table of Contents

  • Things to See and Do
  • Typical Costs
  • Suggested Budget
  • Money-Saving Tips
  • Where to Stay
  • How to Get Around
  • How to Stay Safe
  • Best Places to Book Your Trip
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Top 5 Things to See and Do in Crete

the ruins at Knossos, Crete

1. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion

This is Greece’s second-largest archaeological museum. The collection here spans over 5,500 years of history. The museum houses elaborate pottery, jewelry, sarcophagi, colorful frescoes from Knossos, and more. Its Minoan collection is the most extensive in the world. Overall, the museum is incredibly detailed and should not be missed. Tickets are 12 EUR in the summer and 6 EUR in the winter.

2. Relax on the Pink Beach

Elafonisi Beach is located in the southwest corner of Crete, about 75 kilometers (47 miles) from Chania. The waters are crystal clear and the beach has rose-colored sand (hence the name). It is super popular in the summer (so get here early), with rentable sunbeds and umbrellas lining the beach. There are plenty of secluded coves nearby if you want to get away from the crowds. The water is shallow enough that you can walk out to the small island of Elafonisi, which has a tiny lighthouse and unobstructed views of the Mediterranean.

3. Explore Chania

This area has been inhabited since Neolithic times and was a major Minoan settlement named Kydonia. Today, Chania is the second-largest city in Crete and has a scenic Venetian quarter and harborfront lined with tavernas (small Greek restaurants), cafes, and shops. While here, check out the historic Firka Fortress (built in 1620) as well as the Maritime Museum located inside the fortress.

4. Visit Knossos

Knossos was the ancient capital of the Minoan empire and its Bronze Age ruins are some of the oldest in Greece (it’s considered the oldest city in Europe). The area has been inhabited since at least 7000 BCE, flourishing between the 19th-14th centuries BCE. You need a few hours here to roam the rebuilt palaces, courtyards, private apartments, baths, villas, tombs, and more. Admission is 15 EUR (free admission on the first Sunday of every month during the winter).

5. Hike Samaria Gorge

Samaria Gorge is one of Greece’s National Parks and a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. The main hike is a 16-kilometer (10-mile) trek that offers wonderful views of the White Mountains and finishes at the beach town of Agia Roumeli. Keep in mind that this is a fairly long, rocky trek that takes around 5-7 hours to complete. Because of the length of the trek, you aren’t allowed to start it after around 2pm (you can still do part of it, but you will have to turn around at a certain point). But for nature lovers, it’s well worth it, and you can grab a beer at one of the seaside tavernas when finished. Try to avoid mid-summer as temps can reach up to 40°C (104°F) and there’s no shade. The park is open May-October and admission is 5 EUR.

Other Things to See and Do in Crete

1. take a trip to spinalonga island.

Located in northeastern Crete, the Venetians built a large fortress here in 1579 to protect Mirabello Bay and Elounda Bay from the Ottomans. The defenses held strong until 1715 when the Ottomans sieged the island. When the Ottomans left in the late 19th century, the island became a leper colony and remained that way for decades. Visitors can now take a boat there and walk a short trail that takes you through the ruined church, a leper disinfection room, a hospital, and a cemetery. Admission is 8 EUR and it’s open from April-October.

2. Explore Koules Fortress

Located in Heraklion, Koules Fortress was built in the 13th century when Crete was under Venetian rule. It was designed to protect the city from invasion and at its height housed a mill, bakery, prison, barracks, and more. Nowadays, you can walk through the tunnels and visit the various rooms. There are a lot of informative exhibits explaining the history of the castle and area too. Admission is 4 EUR (closed on Tuesdays).

3. Visit Aptera

This ancient 12th-century monastery is located just 13 kilometers (8 miles) outside of Chania. During your visit, you can admire the restored monastery as well as the remains of the original fortified tower, a temple from the 5th century BCE, a city gate, monastic walls, Roman cisterns and baths, and an amphitheater. There was also a Turkish fortress built here in 1872 that overlooks Souda Bay. Admission is 4 EUR.

4. See the Lassithi Plateau

The Lassithi Plateau in eastern Crete stands 900 meters (2,952 feet) above sea level. To get there, you have to drive up winding mountain roads overlooking the Dikti mountain range (which is dotted with white windmills). While here, you can visit Psychro, home to the Dikteon Cave that, according to Greek mythology, is the birthplace of Zeus and the place where he was hidden as an infant to be protected from his father. It’s 6 EUR to visit the cave, or you can combine it with a full-day ATV experience across the plateau for 75 EUR.

5. Wander Rethymnon

Located in northwestern Crete, this city is the third-largest in Crete (after Heraklion and Chania). Rethymnon is famous for its spectacular 11-kilometer (7-mile) long beach as well as its Venetian old town, port, and fortress. I love getting lost in the streets here, exploring the 16th-century fortress, and eating all the tasty food the city has to offer. It has a phenomenal food scene!

6. Tour the Historical Museum of Crete

If you’re interested in the more modern history of Crete (from the early Christian period to the mid-20th century), this museum in Heraklion is awesome. It’s small, but there’s a lot to see, including two stunning paintings by El Greco: The Baptism of Christ and View of Mt. Sinai and the Monastery of St. Catherine . There’s also a giant model of the city from the Venetian era (around 1650 CE) before its Turkish occupation, and a re-creation of author Nikos Kazantzakis’s study where he wrote Zorba the Greek (a popular novel-turned-film written in 1946). Admission is 5 EUR.

7. Hit Balos Beach

Balos Beach in the northwest corner of Crete offers a nice mix of white and pink sand, as well as a lagoon that is a warm place for a swim. It’s a peaceful place to hang out and soak up the sun, though it does get very crowded in the summer as it is one of the most popular beaches on Crete. You can get here by car (and then hike down to the beach), ferry (though it doesn’t leave a lot of time at the beach), or private boat. There are no places to buy food here so bring your own.

8. Take a wine tour

Crete is one of the oldest wine-producing areas in Europe, with a history that dates back 4,000 years. There are some 30 wineries around the island and you can explore many of them as day trips from Chania or Heraklion. If you don’t have a car, there are several wine tours that leave from both cities, including Chania Wine Tours and Made in Crete (Heraklion). Both offer dedicated wine tours as well as wine and olive oil tours. Tours start from 85 EUR per person.

9. Wander Chrissi Island

Located 15 kilometers (9 miles) off the coast of southeastern Crete, this Caribbean-looking island is a protected nature reserve with a unique cedar forest covering most of the island. Its deep blue waters and white sand beach make it a popular spot to spend the day, snorkeling, swimming, and lounging around. Ferries leave from the mainland in the morning and come back starting around 3pm in the afternoon. The island is completely uninhabited, meaning that there are no services, so bring everything you need (though you can buy food and drinks on the ferries if you need to). The round-trip ferry costs around 25 EUR.

10. Visit Plakias

Located 30 kilometers (19 miles) south of Rethymno in the southern part of the island, this little town is popular with older tourists looking for a quiet time. I don’t really love the beach here (too rocky for me) but there are some phenomenal sunsets and a few nearby hikes that make it worth a visit. It’s a good base to visit nearby beaches (a boat taxi hops between a bunch of them).

11. Relax at Preveli Beach

Located close to Plakias, this beach is famous for its palm trees and swimmable river. It starts a few kilometers up and runs through a gorge before emptying out into the sea. Legend says the palm trees were brought here by pirates. It’s one of the nicer beaches and the river is super nice to swim in. You can sometimes hike through the gorge depending on trail and river conditions. Be sure to check beforehand. It’s a hugely popular day-trip destination so expect crowds.

12. Take a Cretan cooking class

Greek food is legendary, and after eating your way around the island, you might want to bring a taste of your trip home with you. By taking a cooking class, you can learn how to make uniquely Cretan dishes like dakos (a Cretan version of bruschetta), kalitsounia (sweet cheese pastries), and tsigariasto (a stewed meat dish). Vamos Village and Cretan Cooking Classes both offer a variety of classes starting at 75 EUR per person.

13. Visit a Cretan olive oil farm

Dive deep into the island’s olive oil tradition by visiting a farm and taking a tour to learn more about this iconic staple. The aptly named Cretan Olive Oil Farm and The Olive Farm in Chania both offer tours of the groves and production facilities, which also include tastings. Both farms also offer a variety of other classes and workshops, including wine tastings, cheese making, and other cooking classes. Tours start at 45 EUR.

  For more information on other destinations in Greece, check out these guides:

  • Athens Travel Guide
  • Corfu Travel Guide
  • Ios Travel Guide
  • Mykonos Travel Guide
  • Naxos Travel Guide
  • Santorini Travel Guide
  • Sparta Travel Guide

Crete Travel Costs

Flagstone-lined street flanked by brightly colored houses with wooden doorways on the island of Crete in Greece.

For those traveling with a tent, basic plots without electricity for one person start at 13.50 EUR per night in the summer and 11 EUR per night off-season.

Budget hotel prices – Budget two-star hotels start at 25 EUR in any of the main cities during the summer. In the off-season, prices start around 20 EUR per night. Expect basic amenities like free Wi-Fi and free breakfast.

Airbnb is available everywhere in Crete. For a private room, expect to pay at least 40 EUR, while an entire home/apartment averages closer to 150 EUR per night (you can find them for half that if you book early though).

Food – Traditional Greek cuisine is very healthy with a lot of fresh vegetables, olive oil, lamb, fish, pork, cheeses (especially feta), and yogurts. Filo pastries stuffed with meat or spinach and cheese are a local favorite as are souvlaki and gyros.

Crete also has its own unique dishes, such as snails in cracked wheat ( kohli bourbouristi ), slow-cooked pork with potatoes ( psitos ), Cretan dakos (Crete’s version of the Greek salad), and horta (wild greens).

Street food like gyros or souvlaki costs about 4.50 EUR each, or less. A hearty Greek salad also costs about 4.50 EUR, while a warm cheese pie (called kalitsounia ) is about 2 EUR. A combo meal at McDonald’s costs about 11 EUR.

If you stick mostly to traditional Greek dishes, you can eat very well on a budget in Crete. A plate of pork souvlaki is around 9 EUR while calamari is about 7.50 EUR. A hearty dish of moussaka starts at 7 EUR, while a platter of grilled chicken or beef costs between 8-11 EUR. A beer to go with it costs from 3.50 EUR.

At a higher-end restaurant, you can get an appetizer and a seafood or steak entree for about 25 EUR. Pasta dishes are about 16 EUR, while a vegetarian main starts from about 12 EUR. A glass of local wine is another 4.50 EUR.

If you’re cooking your own meals, expect to spend around 45-50 EUR on groceries per week. This gets you basic staples like pasta, veggies, eggs, cheese, and some meat.

Backpacking Crete Suggested Budgets

If you’re backpacking Crete, expect to spend about 55 EUR per day. This budget covers staying in a dorm, cooking some meals and eating some cheap fast food, limiting your drinking, taking public transportation to get around, and mostly sticking to free activities like hanging out on the beach and hiking.

On a mid-range budget of 115 EUR per day, you can stay in a budget hotel, eat out for all your meals, take the occasional taxi, drink more, and do some paid activities like visiting the Archeological Museum and Knossos.

On a “luxury” budget of 205 EUR or more per day, you can stay in a hotel, eat out anywhere you want, enjoy some drinks, get a scooter rental, take more taxis, and do all the tours and activities you want. This is just the ground floor for luxury though. The sky is the limit!

You can use the chart below to get some idea of how much you need to budget daily, depending on your travel style. Keep in mind these are daily averages – some days you spend more, some days you spend less (you might spend less every day). We just want to give you a general idea of how to make your budget. Prices are in EUR.

Crete Travel Guide: Money-Saving Tips

Crete, like the rest of Greece, is very budget-friendly. But if you’re looking to cut down your expenses even more, here are some of my favorite ways to save money in Crete:

  • Use the Greek salad/bread rule – If the bread cover is .50 EUR or a Greek salad is less than 7 EUR, the restaurant is cheap. If the cover is around 1 EUR and a salad is 7-8.50 EUR, the prices are average. Anything more than that and the place is expensive. Use this rule to figure out how to eat at cheap restaurants.
  • Travel in the off-season – Crete is one of the rare Greek islands that has a sizeable year-round tourist population, so hotels and attractions are almost always open (unlike places like Santorini and Mykonos). If you come during the shoulder season or off-season, you can find lower accommodation rates and tour prices while still getting the best of what the Greek islands have to offer.
  • Stay with a local – If you plan ahead, you can usually find a Couchsurfing host that can host you for your stay. This way, you not only have a free place to stay but you’ll get access to a local that can share their insider tips and information. Just be sure to send your requests early as there are not a lot of hosts here.
  • Go to museums on their free admission days – Most museums have some days when admission is free. Check the Odysseus Culture website for details as they vary from museum to museum.
  • Bring a water bottle – The tap water here is safe to drink so bring a reusable water bottle to save money and reduce your plastic use. LifeStraw is my go-to brand as their bottles have built-in filters to ensure your water is always clean and safe.
  • Eat super cheap – Gyros (and other street snacks) usually only cost a few euros. They are quick and easy and can keep you full for less than 10 EUR per day!

Where to Stay in Crete

Crete’s a big island and you’ll likely book a few different places if you’re planning on exploring the full extent of the island. These are my recommended places to stay while you’re here:

  • Youth Hostel Plakias
  • Rethymno Youth Hostel
  • Cocoon City
  • Intra Muros

How to Get Around Crete

Lone boat in the clear turquoise waters of a bay lined with white houses on the island of Crete in Greece.

Most buses cost between 4-10 EUR per trip. For example, a 90-minute trip from Heraklion to Rethymnon costs around 6 EUR, while a three-hour trip from Heraklion to Chania is about 10 EUR.

Boat Scooter Rental – If you want more flexibility in getting around, a scooter rental is the way to go. They cost as little as 14 EUR per day. There are lots of rental companies, but I recommend Greenways.

Bicycle – Daily rentals start from about 20 EUR per day for a mountain bike or road bike but decrease the longer you rent them for. Joyride is an excellent company to rent from, though since scooter rentals are cheaper you might as well get one of them instead!

Taxi – Taxis in Crete charge about 1.20 EUR per kilometer and have a 1.80 EUR starting charge. There is usually a surcharge to and from the airport. In short, skip the taxis if you can as they add up!

Car rental – Car rentals can be found for as little as 25 EUR per day for a multi-day rental when booked in advance. Drivers must be at least 21 years old and have had their license for at least one year. An International Driving Permit (IDP) is required. For the best rental car deals, use Discover Cars

When to Go to Crete

Crete has lovely weather year-round, with temperatures rarely dropping below 12°C (61°F) in the coldest months and averaging 26°C (79°F) daily during the summer.

May to the end of September are the busiest tourist months, so if you want to avoid the crowds and inflated prices, come during the shoulder seasons (spring and autumn). October is a particularly nice time to visit, as the average daily temperature is still pleasant 21°C (69°F), and the crowds are virtually gone.

That said, it’s a big island so there are always places here during peak season without crowds if you don’t mind getting off the beaten path.

Unlike other Greek islands, Crete has a large year-round population. While some businesses are seasonal, you won’t have any problem finding a place to stay, and most museums and attractions are open all year.

How to Stay Safe on Crete

Crete is a very safe place to travel. Violent crime is rare and petty crime (like pick-pocketing) is your only real concern (and even that is uncommon). Keep your valuables close at tourist attractions and while on the beach and you should be fine.

If you’re driving, be extra cautious on Crete’s winding roads. Locals drivers can be erratic. Moreover, some of the roads are under-developed and there’s no real signage. Drive cautiously.

Solo female travelers should generally feel safe here, however, the standard precautions apply (never leave your drink unattended at the bar, don’t walk home alone intoxicated, etc.)

If you’re going hiking, bring lots of water and always wear sunscreen and bring a hat too. It can get sweltering in the summer!

Scams here are rare, but if you’re worried about getting ripped off you can read about common travel scams to avoid here .

If you experience an emergency dial 112 for assistance.

Always trust your gut instinct. Make copies of your personal documents, including your passport and ID. Forward your itinerary along to loved ones so they’ll know where you are.

The most important piece of advice I can offer is to purchase good travel insurance. Travel insurance protects you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It’s comprehensive protection in case anything goes wrong. I never go on a trip without it as I’ve had to use it many times in the past.

Crete Travel Guide: The Best Booking Resources

These are my favorite companies to use when I travel. They consistently have the best deals, offer world-class customer service and great value, and overall, are better than their competitors. They are the companies I use the most and are always the starting point in my search for travel deals.

  • Skyscanner – Skyscanner is my favorite flight search engine. They search small websites and budget airlines that larger search sites tend to miss. They are hands down the number one place to start.
  • Hostelworld – This is the best hostel accommodation site out there with the largest inventory, best search interface, and widest availability.
  • – The best all around booking site that constantly provides the cheapest and lowest rates. They have the widest selection of budget accommodation. In all my tests, they’ve always had the cheapest rates out of all the booking websites.
  • HostelPass – This new card gives you up to 20% off hostels throughout Europe. It’s a great way to save money. They’re constantly adding new hostels too. I’ve always wanted something like this and glad it finallt exists.
  • Get Your Guide – Get Your Guide is a huge online marketplace for tours and excursions. They have tons of tour options available in cities all around the world, including everything from cooking classes, walking tours, street art lessons, and more!
  • The Man in Seat 61 – This website is the ultimate guide to train travel anywhere in the world. They have the most comprehensive information on routes, times, prices, and train conditions. If you are planning a long train journey or some epic train trip, consult this site.
  • Rome2Rio – This website allows you to see how to get from point A to point B the best and cheapest way possible. It will give you all the bus, train, plane, or boat routes that can get you there as well as how much they cost.
  • FlixBus – Flixbus has routes between 20 European countries with prices starting as low 5 EUR! Their buses include WiFi, electrical outlets, a free checked bag.
  • SafetyWing – Safety Wing offers convenient and affordable plans tailored to digital nomads and long-term travelers. They have cheap monthly plans, great customer service, and an easy-to-use claims process that makes it perfect for those on the road.
  • LifeStraw – My go-to company for reusable water bottles with built-in filters so you can ensure your drinking water is always clean and safe.
  • Unbound Merino – They make lightweight, durable, easy-to-clean travel clothing.
  • Top Travel Credit Cards – Points are the best way to cut down travel expenses. Here’s my favorite point earning credit cards so you can get free travel!
  • Ferry Hopper – If you’re looking to book your ferries, this website is an easy way to search the various companies, piece together routes, and book your tickets.

Crete Travel Guide: Related Articles

Want more info? Check out all the articles I’ve written on backpacking/traveling Greece and continue planning your trip:

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Fulfilling Childhood Dreams in Crete

Fulfilling Childhood Dreams in Crete

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A Budget Traveler's Guide to Crete

A beach in Crete │

If you think it’s impossible to travel around Crete on a budget, think again. Whether you are looking for sea, sun and fun, or looking to be close to nature, here is a guide on how to do Crete the right way on a budget. Pack your bags, off we go!

How to move around.

First off, know that Crete is literally like a country of its own and to fully enjoy it, you have to travel around to see its top attractions. To travel on a budget, you have two options. As a matter of fact, Crete has a wide bus system that is easy and cheap to use. Connections within the main towns only cost €1.80 per trip.

If bus trips are not your thing, and to be able to get around the island freely, simply rent a car. This way you can get to the smaller sites and discover the island as you want. Prices usually vary but you should expect to pay about €30 per day for a car.

voyage crete budget

What to See and Do

Discover the largest bronze age archaeological site.

One of the sightseeing you do not want to miss is the Minoan Palace in Knossos. Well-preserved until today, the palace features many frescos and vestiges of the civilization which you can discover for just €6. And if you go to Crete between November and March, the entrance fee to the site is free on Sundays.

people cheering on a mountain

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See privacy policy .

Explore a Former Leper Colony

Located in Elounda bay, Spinalonga island is a former leper colony abandoned when a cure against the disease was found. The whole island, with its Venetian fortress is open to the public who can access it via a ferry boat ride. Walking around the eerie ghost town is a unique experience you need to check off your bucket list.

Spinalonga (Island of Tears), Crete │

See the Birthplace Of Zeus

Lasithi plateau is located on the eastern region of Crete. Spared from intensive tourism, it is a beautiful place to enjoy nature. The alleged place where Zeus lived his early years is just above the plateau and can be reached by foot. The entrance of the cave is 1025 meters (3363 ft) above sea level, and features a plethora of stalagmites and stalactites.

Enjoy a Beach Day

If you are going to Crete , then you must be need of some vitamin sea. So in terms of beaches, Crete is paradise. Head to Elafonisi, about 70 km (44 miles) from Chania. It is probably one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, with its water so blue it looks like it’s been photoshopped. Balos Lagoon is another option just a dozen kilometres (7 miles) away from Chania.

Elafonisi beach, Crete │

Hike Your Heart Out

With 16 km (10 miles) of natural beauty, Samaria Gorge is one of the top things to see in Crete. With only a €5 fee, you get to explore the whole natural park all the way to the sea.

Where to Eat

For some freshly cooked fish on the cheap, Agistri , in Agathias near Palekastro, is the place to go. This family-run business is handled by Nikolas, the father, who brings in freshly caught fish, while his children grill it and serve it to your table. The mother prepares a few traditional dishes as well, so you can have a taste at local cuisine.

Agistri, Agathias vilage, Palekastro, Sitia, Lasithi, Crete, Greece. + 30 28430 61598

Fish on the rocks │

Waves on the Rock

In the little village of Ravdouchia, you will find the Studio apartment complex Waves on the Rock . Featuring a little tavern which serves fresh seafood at a decent price, it is a small hidden paradise for those looking to get away from the crowds.

Waves on the Rock, Ravdoucha Beach, Chania, Crete . +30 28240 23133

Gyros & Souvlakia

The best cheap eats of all time would be the humble souvlaki, which you can find virtually anywhere, especially in the big cities of Agios Nikolaos, Chania, Rethymnon and Heraklion. Don’t forget to eat a portion of Greek salad to balance it out and you get a full meal on the down low.

A plate of souvlaki │

Where to Stay

Crete has many affordable options for accommodation, but if you’re travelling in a pack and want some privacy, the best solution is to check Airbnb for small villas to share the cost all together or check-in to one of Crete’s many hostels. For those looking for room and board here are a few options to look into:

Rethymno Youth Hostel

This is the best option for backpackers and adventurers. Right in the heart of Rethymno Old Town, this hostel in Crete has rooms for 10 euros per night and per person. Discounts are available for groups or for longer stays.

Rethymno Youth Hostel, 41 Tobazi, Rethymnon, Crete, Greece . +30 2831 022848

Old harbor of Rethymnon │© Thomas Münter/Flickr

Afroditi Hotel

Still located in Rethymno Old Town, Afroditi Hotel is a small and simple hotel housed in the former French Embassy. With traditional furnishing, the hotel is located provides rooms and studios for rent with a kitchenette. Located near the Rethymno sand beach, it offers free Wi-Fi and even provides free laptops for convenient use.

Afroditi Hotel, Daskalogianni 5 & Arkadiou 136, Rethymnon, Crete, Greece . +30 2831503991

Youth Hostel Plakias

In the small constituency of Plakias, near the south coast of Crete, conveniently located away from the usual touristic resorts. Plakias is where the sun shines and the living is easy. This hostel in Crete, featuring six 8-bed dorms is located near a vast choice of bars and tavernas, and is close to magnificent beaches and splendid nature. Bonus point: the hostel has a great patio where you can mingle with like-minded travelers.

Youth Hostel Plakias, Ag.Vassilios, Rethymno, Crete, Greece . +30 2832 032118

Pension Eva

Located in the Old Town of Chania , Pension Eva is housed in a renovated 17th-century Venetian townhouse with a rooftop terrace where you can relax and enjoy views over the city and the Venetian harbor. But be quick, there are only 4 rooms available at top budget price! Open all year long, the pension offers discounts during the off season.

Pension Eva, 1 Theofanous & Zambeliou Str, Chania, Crete, Greece . +302821076706 or +306977984232

Plakias, Crete │

Mirabello Hotel

Family-run Mirabello Hotel is located in the heart of Heraklion in a quiet area, very near the main square and the Natural History Museum of Crete. In this simple and neat hotel, you’ll be greeted with a warm welcome by the friendly staff, which will do everything to show you traditional Cretan hospitality.

Mirabello Hotel, 20 Theotokopoulou, Heraklion, Crete, Greece . +30 2810285052

Agios Nikolaos:

9 muses apartments.

For a home away from home, 9 Muses Apartments in Agios Nikolaos is an excellent option. Less than 200 meters (656 ft) away from the center and right by the waterfront, you can find neat, small apartments and studios for cheap. The complex also includes a bar and a restaurant should you not be in the mood for cooking. Ideally located, it is an excellent base point to explore the surroundings.

9 Muses Apartments, Akti Themistokleous 3, Aghios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece . +30 2841 024240

View of Agios Nikolaos, Crete │


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voyage crete budget

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The best private trips to book for family celebrations.

voyage crete budget

The Ultimate Guide to Holidays in Greece

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Where to Travel in Summer 2023

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Why costa navarino should be your next greek destination.

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voyage crete budget

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Quel budget voyage en Crète ?

Quel budget prévoir pour un voyage en Crète ? Prévoir ses dépenses entre le logement, les transports et les différentes activités crétoises, ça fait partie aussi de la préparation du voyage.

Voici donc un récapitulatif de toutes nos dépenses effectuées pendant nos 7 jours de visite en Crète .

Dépenses en crete budget

Budget pour se loger en Crète

Nous avons bénéficié d’une offre de 450€ en chambre double pour 7 jours à l’hôtel Athina Palace proche d’Heraklion . C’est un bon hôtel avec une belle vue sur la mer. On y trouve plusieurs piscines et des animations pour les ados la journée. Sa situation géographique est intéressante pour rayonner un peu partout sur l’ile .

Hotel Athnia Palace Crète

Notre conseil : Demandez une chambre un peu éloignée de la réception, côté mer mais pas tout en bas, sinon vous allez beaucoup marcher. L’hôtel étant sur une colline.

Sinon voici d’autres adresses d’hôtels sympas en Crète pour chaque coin de l’ile :

  • Balos Beach à Kissamos (Crète Ouest)
  • El Greco hotel à Ierapetra (Crète Sud)
  • Luxury Villas à Triopetra (Est de la Crète)
  • Iberostar Creta Panorama & Mare (Nord de la Crète)

Cout pour se déplacer en Crète

Billet d’avion réservé via Air France pour 230€ par personne au départ de Lyon. Il y a quelque fois des promos intéressantes, surtout hors saison.

En Crète, vous êtes quasi obligé de louer une voiture pour visiter l’ile en toute autonomie. Le réseau de transports en commun étant peu développé. Voir notre page sur comment se déplacer en Crète .

Cela nous a couté 160€ pour 7 jours pour une Opel Corsa. Il y avait un loueur de voiture en face de notre hôtel. Avant de louer à une agence locale, il y a ces quelques infos pratiques à connaitre . Ça vous évitera quelques désagréments. Et attention à la conduite crétoise qui est assez « surprenante ».

voiture location en Crète

Le litre d’essence est à 1,8 €/ litre en 2022 sur l’ile.

  • Comparateur de location de voiture en Crète

Budget pour les activités en Crète

Lors de notre visite de la Crète, nous avons fait quelques lieux d’intérêts qui sont listés sur notre page parcours.

  • Site de Knossos : 10 € (lire notre avis sur Knossos )

En haute saison, il peut y avoir du monde à Knossos et si vous voulez éviter la chaleur et la file d’attente, prenez ce billet coupe file avec audio guide .

  • Site Malia : 6 €. Parking gratuit.
  • Visite des plus belles plages de Crète : Gratuit !
  • Ile de Spinalonga : 12€. Réservation bateau depuis Elounda (Traversée 20min)
  • Sortie 4×4 dans les terres : 82€ . Je vous recommande cette sortie jeep

Cout des activités : 220€

Budget des repas

Comptez environ 10-15€ le midi pour un repas typique crétois dans une taverne. Le soir au restaurant, on est plutôt sur des tarifs de 10-20€.

Ne manquez pas de gouter le Gyros Pita, sorte de kebab crétois.

Gyros pita Crete

Vu que notre hôtel était en demi-pension, nous ne prenions que le repas du soir à l’hôtel.

Cout des repas pour 2 personnes le midi : 180€ Soit 13€ par repas par personne.

Budget total du voyage en Crète

Toutes dépenses comptées, nous avons payé 1550€ pour 7 jours en Crète pour 2 personnes.

Ça représente un budget par personne de 775€ la semaine en Crète tout compris (avion, voiture, nourriture, activités, hôtel)

Ce tarif est intéressant pour une semaine au soleil et être totalement dépaysé. Pour comparaison notre budget voyage en Grèce en famille était de 1100€ par personne pour 12 jours.

Pour aller plus loin

  • Idées de destination par rapport à votre budget voyage sur ce lien
  • Infos pratiques pour se déplacer en Crète
  • Que faire en Crète ? Itinéraires de visites détaillés
  • Nos carnets de voyages pour d’autres destinations
  • Photos et impression de notre séjour en Crète

Quel budget voyage prévoir en Crète

  • Mentions légales
  • Politique de confidentialité
  • 18 activités incontournables
  • Parcs aquatiques
  • À Heraklion
  • À Hersonissos
  • Hôtels all inclusive
  • Hôtels de luxe
  • Hôtels avec spa
  • Villas avec piscine
  • Clubs de vacances
  • ⛺ Logements insolites
  • La Crète en 7 jours
  • Location de bateau
  • Location de voiture
  • Assurance voyage
  • Se marier en Grèce
  • Les Cyclades
  • Où sortir ?
  • Villas à Mykonos
  • Villas à Corfou
  • Politique de confidentialité
  • Mentions légales

Quel budget prévoir pour voyager en Crète en 2023 ?

' src=

Comme de nombreux touristes européens ou du monde entier, vous envisagez de voler vers l’île grecque de la Crète ? Excellente idée !

Mais quel budget prévoir pour voyager en Crète ?

  • Quid des restaurants ?
  • Des hôtels ?
  • Du transport ?
  • Des divertissements ?

Pour mieux préparer votre voyage en Crète, faisons ici un petit point budget ensemble…

  • Votre vol pas cher pour la Grèce : Bons plans Transavia
  • Les meilleures vacances de votre vie : Vos activités en Grèce
  • Dormez au paradis : Votre hôtel pas cher en Grèce
  • Avec ou sans skipper : Votre croisière privée en Grèce
  • En famille ou entre amis : Votre villa avec piscine en Grèce
  • Passez d’île en île : Votre ferry en Grèce
  • Heymondo : assurez votre voyage

Quel budget avion pour un vol aller-retour pour la Crète ?

Où passer ses vacances en Méditerranée ?

A titre d’exemple, nous avons fait une moyenne des prix des vols vers la Crète et l’aéroport d’Heraklion du mois de janvier au mois de décembre, sur les différentes compagnies aériennes ayant des liaisons :

Un séjour d’une semaine en Crète coûte généralement moins de 600 € pour une personne mais ce budget peut bien évidemment être inférieur si vous êtes un bon gestionnaire .

Ainsi, un voyage pour deux personnes fait monter l’addition à environ 1200 € pour une semaine.

Le premier poste de dépense sur place sera ensuite certainement le logement. Là encore l’estimation dépend principalement du type de logement que vous choisirez.

Quel budget hôtel pour un séjour en Crète ?

Pour maîtriser votre budget voyage lors de ces vacances sur l’île grecque, vous pouvez par exemple choisir de minimiser les coûts d’hébergement. Pour cela, nous vous proposons ci-dessous de découvrir les meilleures offres et promotions du moment sur Booking : 

Pour plus de choix, nous vous donnons rendez-vous sur cette map de la Crète : 

La Crète étant une île proposant de nombreuses solutions de logements, vous trouverez de tout sur place :

  • de petits appartements peu chers à moins de 50€/nuit
  • des villas de luxe avec piscine à plus de 500€/nuit
  • des hôtels de luxe à plus de 200€/nuit
  • des hôtels all inclusive à plus de 100€/nuit…

Adaptez-vous et faites le bon choix pour pouvoir vous amuser et bien manger sur place !

Quel budget pour manger en Crète en 2023 ?

Nos vous invitons à découvrir le repas que nous avons partagé à deux dans la vidéo ci-dessous, qui s’est déroulé dans la succulente et éminemment recommandée taverne crétoise de Peskesi à Heraklion, puis notre addition…

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Crète Autrement (@bestcretepix)

Donc ! Pour un repas aussi riche, fait de multiples dégustations de plats locaux (il faut absolument adopter un régime crétois sur l’île !), d’huile d’olive, de vin… Et même d’un dessert et d’un raki offerts (et oui, incroyable), nous nous en sortons à un peu moins de 40€.

Sachez que la plupart des plats et entrées présents sur les cartes des restaurants de Crète sont à moins de 10€ par exemple. Chose impensable dans d’autres pays.

Manger en Crète ne fera donc aucun trou à votre budget vacances, même au restaurant.

Combien coûtent les transports en Crète ?

La Crète possède trois aéroports importants. Nikos Kazantzakis à Héraklion et l’aéroport Daskalogiannis à Chania desservent les routes internationales et constituent les principales portes d’entrée de l’île pour les voyageurs. Il existe également un aéroport plus petit, situé à Sitia.

L’île est également bien desservie par les ferries. Minoan, Anek et Blue Star opèrent tous les jours entre Athènes et Héraklion. Depuis Héraklion, Anek a également un service hebdomadaire vers Karpathos, Kasos, Milos, Rhodes et Santorin.

Comment se déplacer en bus en Crète ?

Une fois sur l’île, vous pouvez choisir de naviguer en voiture de location, en taxi ou en bus. Il existe trois gares routières à Héraklion, l’une locale et les deux autres desservant la plupart des autres principales attractions de l’île. Le coût d’une course en taxi en Crète est nettement plus élevé que celui des transports publics. Le réseau Ktel, pour les bus, cadrille plus pas mal l’île de Candie, avec des tickets au tarif très accessible :

En moyenne, les voyageurs dépensent 10 euros par personne et par jour pour les transports locaux en Crète.

Quel budget pour s’amuser en Crète ?

Quelle plage faire en Crète ?

Si vous le souhaitez, sachez que certaines des meilleures activités de Crète peuvent être gratuites. Nous avons nommé bien entendu les sublimes plages de l’île :

  • Seitan Limania
  • Balos Beach
  • Preveli Beach
  • Matala Beach

Véritables merveilles de Dame Nature, il faut bien évidemment s’y rendre (en transport, excursion ou location de voiture) et parfois payer son transat sur place. Mais elles demeurent gratuites et libres !

Outre ces plages, d’autres chefs d’oeuvres naturels de Crète vous attendent gratuitement comme :

  • Le Lac de Kournas
  • Le Plateau de Lassithi
  • Le Mont Dia

Mais voyons ensemble certaines des attractions principales de Crète. Quel budget prévoir ?

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  • Español ( Espagnol )


Crete Itinerary: 6, 7 or 8 days + My Best Tips

7 days in crete: the best itinerary.

You’re traveling to Crete and you’re looking for the best 7 days Itinerary?

You’re at the right place!

In order to help you plan your stay , I have prepared this detailed 6, 7 or 8 days itinerary in Greece . During your trip, you will discover East Crete must-see attractions.

Quick note: If you prefer to visit West Crete (Chania, Balos lagoon, Elafonissi beach, Samaria Gorge ) , you should rather read my other itinerary: How to visit Western Crete in 1 week.

And if you prefer to spend 7 days in Crete staying in just 1 place , you can click here.

During your trip to Crete, you will have the opportunity to visit Heraklion , Spinalonga island, Vai beach and the most beautiful beaches of the East as well as Zakros Gorge and Matala .

In this travel guide, in addition to the best places to visit , you will find a list of the best accommodations depending on your budget . And as always, I will also give you all my best tips to make the most of your stay!

So, what are the best things to do in 7 days in Crete? Where to stay?

Where to stay in Heraklion?

Accommodation in elounda, where to stay in sitia, where to stay in matala, 5) return to heraklion (1 day), 7 days in crete, staying in 1 place, 7-day tour in crete – with a travel agency, renting a boat in crete, you’re traveling to crete these articles will help you, 1) heraklion (1 day).

To visit Crete in 7 days , you must arrive in Heraklion.

Thanks to its international airport, it is the best connected city in the East of the island. You can compare flight prices for Heraklion at the end of the article in the section “Going to Crete”.

For this 7-day itinerary in Crete , you will need to rent a car. To compare the rates of all the rental companies present at Heraklion airport and make your reservation , please go to the website

This is the most practical site because you will directly see which rental company offers the lowest prices or which has the best reputation thanks to customer reviews.

And if you don’t already have insurance included with your credit card, you can also benefit from comprehensive insurance (optional) which covers expenses in case of accident or theft.

If you already know the dates of your 7-day trip to Crete , click on the button below to compare prices now:


For this first day, you must visit Heraklion. 

If you are interested in history, you can’t do better than starting with a visit to the historical museum of Crete (€5) . With an audio guide in English (very rare in Greece!), you can learn more about the whole Byzantine period up to the 2nd World War.

With a less than a 5 minute walk from the museum along the seafront, you must then go to the fortress of Koules (€4) . The rooms of the fortress have an exhibition on the history of the place . You can also climb the ramparts to admire the view.

Continue on a walk through the old town of Heraklion , which is located along the rue 25 Avgoustou and the surrounding streets . In addition to the shops and restaurants, you must visit:

  • Agiou Titou square where the church is located
  • The Town hall
  • Saint Mark’s Basilica
  • The Morosini Lions Fountain
  • The rue 1866.

Agios Titos church Heraklion

It’s then time to discover one of the must-see sights of this 7-8 day tour in Crete: the archaeological museum of Heraklion. 

The 27 rooms are chronologically organised and display a remarkable collection of objects ranging from the Neolithic period to the Roman period.

Among the best known objects are those dating from the Minoan civilisation and found at the archaeological site of the Palace of Knossos (next visit on the agenda).

The museum being the main place of interest to see in Heraklion, there is always a huge crowd . You really must buy your ticket early to avoid queuing.

You can choose from 2 types of tickets:

  • The classic entry ticket , that needs to be purchased by clicking on the green button below:
  • The combined ticket including the museum + the Palace of Knossos. 

This is the one I recommend because it will also help you skip the queue for palace. It also includes a downloadable audio guide for both sites:

Palais de Cnossos

The visit to the museum goes hand-in-hand with Knossos , so you must continue by visiting the most famous archaeological site in Crete.

Being located 5 km from Heraklion city centre, you will have to go there by car or take the public bus (line no. 2 – departure from the bus station located 200 metres from the museum).

At the peak of the Minoan civilisation, the Knossos palace formed a vast complex consisting of the residences of the king and the queen , those of officials and priests , baths , warehouses where food was stored and a theatre.

Today, some parts have been reconstructed but it still takes a lot of imagination to visualise the place as it is almost entirely ruined.

Among the things to see , you will find the frescoes, the throne room and the queen ‘s room (the Megaron).

As I told you, entrance to Knossos is included in the combination ticket with the archaeological museum (click here) but if you want to know everything about the history of the place , you can book it too (click on the orange links):

  • A digital tablet that displays the relics in the palace in 3D + Audioguide in English. The price of the ticket is added to the rental of the tablet.
  • Guided tour of the Palace of Knossos in English – Small group of 8 people maximum.

After this first day full of exploration, return to Heraklion for the night.

If you don’ t have time to visit the Palace of Knossos in the late afternoon, you can catch up the next morning before leaving Heraklion. What’s great is that if you took the combined ticket, it will still be valid .

For more details on places to visit in Heraklion , you must read my article: The best things to see and do in Heraklion?

And you can find all the practical information about Knossos here: How to visit the Palace of Knossos?

  • Intra Muros Hostel: Hostel located a 5-minute walk from the old town. Dormitory bed from 21€. Strong points: comfortable, warm welcome, cleanliness, roof terrace. The best choice for cheap accommodation in Heraklion!
  • Kronos Hotel: Located just next to Heraklion fortress. Double room with impeccable cleanliness and balcony (some with a sea view) from 65€, breakfast included. Strong points: the location is perfect for visiting Heraklion, good breakfast and friendly staff.
  • Atrion Hotel: Located in the historical centre. Comfortable and warm double room with balcony from 85€, breakfast included. Strong points: excellent location and excellent breakfast. It’s my favorite hotel for its excellent value for money in Heraklion!
  • DOM Boutique Hotel: Located in the heart of the old town. Modern, spacious and elegantly decorated double room from 110€, breakfast included. Strong points: excellent breakfast, attentive staff, setting, very good bedding. This is my recommendation for an upscale stay in Heraklion!
  • GDM Megaron: This 5-star hotel is also located in the centre of Heraklion, not far from the Venetian port. The hotel offers beautiful rooms with a balcony from 190€, breakfast included. Strong points: rooftop swimming pool, wellness area, exceptional breakfast, great staff. This is my recommendation for a luxury stay in Heraklion!

GDM Megaron - Hotel de luxe à Héraklion

2) Elounda (2 days)

The following day , to continue your 7-8 day stay in Crete , you must go to the Lassithi plateau. From Heraklion, you can drive to the plateau in just 45 minutes.

On this day, you can take the time to explore this rural area and its typical villages while enjoying nice views all along the road.

I recommend the following itinerary:

  • The Panagia Kera Kardiotissa monastery offers a quick visit to its small chapel with beautiful frescoes and a beautiful view of the mountains.
  • Visit to the Homo sapiens museum. The car park offers a beautiful view of the whole plain but the museum itself is not worth visiting.
  • Visit the cave on Mount Dicte that is also called the Cave of Zeus or the Cave of Psichro . This is the main tourist attraction of Lassithi , as legend has it that this is where Zeus was born. To get to the cave, you will have to walk about 10 minutes on a path that goes up quite steeply and then down a long staircase because the cave is very deep. Price: €6

Grotte de Psychro

  • Next to the cave car park, you can visit the Greek Mythological Park , which depicts scenes from Greek mythology that you can experience with an audio guide in English . Frankly, I was a bit worried that it wasn’t worth it, but I was pleasantly surprised: the decor is well done and the explanations are clear.
  • The Lasinthos Eco Park , where entry is free. There are several weaving, pottery, candle -making workshops where you can attend demonstrations. If you are travelling with children for 7 days in Crete, there is also a small farm with goats and ponies.
  • The ancient city of Lato: a renowned archaeological site that also offers a beautiful view of the entire bay below – The ruins of this ancient fortified city date from the 4th and 3rd century BC. Entrance costs €3.
  • Panagia Kera Church, located in the village of Kritsa, is known for its extremely well-preserved Byzantine frescoes.

From Kritsa , you can reach the seafront and the small town of Agios Nikolaos in 20 minutes by car.

By parking your car in the municipal car park (costing €3/day), you can walk along the sea to see the Voulismeni lake in the centre of the city. There are shops and restaurants all around.

Then drive up to the last stop of the day , 10 km North of Agios Nikolaos: Elounda.

Spend the night in Elounda.

Agios Nikolaos

Today, you must stay in Elounda and to discover one of the unmissable places on a 7-day road trip in Crete : Spinalonga island.

Spinalonga owes its fame to Victoria Hislop’s novel, “The Island” , which takes place on the island. The novel is world-famous and has even been adapted into a series and a film.

To get there, you will have to take the boat at the Elounda port . The return ticket costs €12 and there are departures every 1/2 hours in peak season. Spinalonga is 15 minutes away.

Once you land there, entry to the site costs €8.

Spinalonga is an ancient fortress built in the 16th century which later served as a leper colony in the 1900s . Today, you can walk in the old buildings of the village, the leper hospital, the church and the fort.

You can also climb up the hill to enjoy the view of the peninsula and the Elounda coast.

It takes a good hour, or even a little more to go around on foot.

Then take the boat back when you want. By now It will certainly be time for lunch in one of the taverns of Elounda.


In the afternoon, drive to the Spinalonga peninsula, at the end of the village of Elounda.

Take the small track (1 km) and park at the end of the path. A 10-minute walk down to the sea will take you to Kolokitha beach.

With its shallow turquoise waters, its white sands and the magnificent setting, this small creek is just magnificent. It deserves its place among the most beautiful beaches to go to Crete in 7 days!

There is usually a bit of a crowd as some of the tour boats stop on the way back after having been to Spinalonga but if you go a little to the right, you also have 2 other, quieter coves.

Between swims, you can also walk on either side of the beach , along the peninsula which is really untamed.

Spend another night in Elounda.

If you don’t feel like spending the whole afternoon at the beach, you can also drive North of Elounda to Plaka . Continuing along the road which begins to climb and offers beautiful views of Spinalonga Island and the peninsula.

It is possible to make a circuit around the cape through the villages and olive fields.

  • Adrakos Apartments (Adults Only):  Located on the road between Agios Nikolaos and Elounda. Cosy and comfortable studios and apartments, with kitchenette, from €50 per night, breakfast at €11. Strong points: unobstructed view of the entire bay, swimming pool, comfortable beds.
  • Elounda George Studios:  Located at the entrance of Elounda on arrival from Agios Nikolaos. Studio rooms for 2 people with kitchenette and balcony from €55 per night. Strong points: cleanliness, facilities, warm welcome.
  • Kalypso Suites Hotel:  Located in the centre of Elounda. Modern double room with fancy decor from €80 per night. Strong points: location, comfortable rooms, very nice owner.  It’s my favorite for its excellent value for money in Elounda!
  • Elounda Akti Olous (Adults Only):  Located at the end of Elounda, towards the peninsula. Modern double room with sea or garden view from €90, breakfast included. Strong points: the rooftop with its swimming pool and bar, private parking, good breakfast, private beach.
  • Elounda Heights (Adults Only): Located in the mountains of Elounda. Studio and apartment with sea view from €95, breakfast at €8. Strong points: the view, excellent breakfast, swimming pool and beautiful garden.

Elounda is a well-known seaside resort and the place where you will find the best luxury hotels on the island.

Here is my selection of the most beautiful 5* hotels in Elounda for your 2-week stay in Crete:

  • Royal Marmin Bay Boutique & Art Hotel:  This luxury hotel offers spacious rooms with sea view and a large terrace from €185 per night, including breakfast. Strong points: private beach, large swimming pool with a magnificent view, friendly staff.
  • Domes of Elounda, Autograph Collection: Magnificent suites with very elegant decoration, some with jacuzzi or private swimming pools starting from €250 per night, breakfast included. Strong points: splendid Spa, the beach, the view, superb location.
  • Blue Palace Elounda, a Luxury Resort: Luxury bungalow with sea view and lounge area from €300, breakfast included. Strong points: the 2000m² spa and its facilities (hammams, saunas, jacuzzi, indoor swimming pools), private beach, excellent restaurants.
  • Cayo Exclusive Resort Spa: Superior room with private pool from €330, breakfast included. Strong points: heated pool, calm atmosphere, excellent breakfast, attentive staff. This is my recommendation for a luxury stay in Crete!

Kolokitha beach

3) Sitia and the beaches of East Crete (2 days)

Today, to continue this 7-day itinerary in Crete, you must now start heading East. 

The next stop will be the city of Sitia but you could take stops during the day.

Start by stopping at the beautiful Voulisma Beach, a 25-minute drive from Elounda. Ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete, you will immediately understand why after seeing its turquoise colour and shallow water. 

Rest assured, you won’t be able to resist taking a dip! You can also try water activities such as the buoy rides or jet ski.

After a refreshing dip, get back on the road to the village of Mohlos , 30 minutes away. On the way, you can also admire the pretty views.

Located on the seafront, this small, quiet, and picturesque village is very pretty with an island located in front of it , which you can swim to easily from the beach. The water is very clear and it is very pleasant for swimming.

If you haven’t had lunch yet, you’ll find several family-run inns where you can have a good local meal and enjoy the surroundings peacefully.

Voulisma beach Crete

The rest of the day will be a little more athletically-oriented, with a hike in the Richtis Gorge.

To do this, drive up to the village of Exo Mouliana (35 minutes from Voulisma) where you’ll find the well-designated car park for the Gorge, along the main road. If the one on the left is full, you have another one on the other side of the road.

From the car park , it takes about 20 minutes on foot (downhill) to reach the starting point of the hike on the Lachana bridge. You will find a security hut where you will have to pay the €3 for the entrance.

From here you will have to walk for about 1 hour in the forest . It’s quite easy as the path is flat but there are a few passages in the rocks which require nimble dexterity, so make sure you are wearing at least a pair of sneakers and avoid flip-flops.

You will then arrive at the very pretty Richtis waterfall, 65 feet high , where you can take beautiful pictures and swim in its pool. 

Once there, you can walk back in the direction you came from or continue to the seaside with a 30 minute walk. You will arrive at a small, pebbled beach but the water is very deep and the place quite windy, so it’s not ideal for swimming.

From the beach, if you are tired and you don’t want to walk back, you can take a taxi that will take you back to the car park . The taxi number is displayed on the beach trees. It costs €25 for 2.

Then reach the town of Sitia (15 minutes drive) for the night.

cascade de Richtis

We continue this 7-8 day tour in Crete with the discovery of the Easternmost part of the island. 

The agenda for the day will be relatively similar to yesterday with stops at very beautiful beaches and a small hike in the middle.

From Sitia , the first stop of the day is at the Moni Toplou monastery, a 20 minute drive away. The monastery (€4 entrance fee) includes several spaces converted into small museums and mainly displaying engravings. The church is also famous for its beautiful icons.

Then continue for 9 km and you will arrive at the beaches of Itanos. These are 2 small, sandy beaches that are very pretty and very quiet. They are not very crowded because they are not part of the classic tourist circuits.

Then continue on the road and in less than 5 minutes, you will be at Vai beach, much better known than its neighbours. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches to see during this 7-day stay in East Crete.

And its reputation is well-deserved because it is indeed a beautiful sandy beach with crystal clear waters and bordered by a forest of palm trees . You can rent deckchairs/parasols for €10 to 15 (depending on the location).

On the beach you will also find inns/cafes and you can indulge in water activities: jet ski, paddle boat, buoy rides.

You must take the stairs to the right of the beach to get to the view point.

Vai beach Crete

If you don’t feel like staying on the beach all day long, you can take a short walk through the Zakros Gorge.  This gorge is about a 40-minute drive south of Vai Beach.

For the record, the Gorge is called nicknamed “The Valley of the Dead” because during the Minoan period, the dead were buried in the many caves dug into the cliff surrounding the Gorge.

There are 2 entrances to the Gorge:

  • The car park and entrance A are located first on the road, on the left. There is a sign. Passing through here, the path goes down to the bottom of the Gorge. It takes about an hour and a half to walk to the village of Kato Zakros, where the Gorge ends.
  • The car park and entrance B are located 1.4 km below on the main road. Also marked by a sign. This path overlooks the Gorge and offers beautiful views. The walk to the village takes 1 hour .

This hike is considered one of the must-do activities in Crete in 7 days.

You can then turn around or take a taxi that will take you back to the car park (€12 or so for the journey).

If you don’ t feel like hiking , you can also drive down to the village. From the road, you will arrive at a beautiful view point of the end of the Gorge.

Gorges de Zakros - Kato Zakros

To end the day in style, you must go to one of my favourite places in Crete: Xerokampos and its beautiful beaches! This dream spot is just a 10-minute drive from Zakros.

You will find a succession of coves and beaches, all more beautiful than the others.

And guess what, they are still not very crowded! There are plenty of places where you can relax without anyone and swim in the incredible turquoise waters.

I particularly liked 2 beaches:

  • Katsounaki beach ( name), also called “ Paralia Anola” (Google Maps): a pretty cove with fine sands accessible by car via a dirt road.
  • The Ambelou beach (on or “Paralia Mazida Ammos” (if you search on Google Maps) which is just beautiful! You can park all along the road and access the beach directly.

Return to Sitia for another night . From Xerokampos, it is just over an hour away by car.

  • Nora Hotel: Located in the port of Sitia. Very simple and basic room starting from €35. Strong points: cleanliness, very kind owner, sea-view.
  • Hotel Petras Beach : Located just opposite the beach. Nice and spacious room from €45. Strong points: the beautiful garden and its flowery terrace, friendly staff, close to the sea.
  • Hotel El Greco:  Located in the centre of Sitia. Comfortable and warm double room with balcony from €50. Strong points: warm welcome, calm atmosphere, view.
  • Sitia Beach: Located in the bay of Sitia. 5* hotel with very spacious and bright double rooms with balcony, from €120 per night, breakfast included. Strong points: swimming pool, spa with sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, private beach, location. My favourite for its excellent value for money!
  • Oceanides Luxury Apartments: Located 3 km away from the centre. 2 bedroom, well-equipped, and spacious apartments from €250. Strong points: superbly maintained garden, magnificent pool area, perfect welcome from the owner, peace and comfort. The pefect choice for a luxury stay!

Xerokampos Crete

4) Island of Chrissi and Matala (1 day)

For the second-last day of your 7-day road trip in Crete, you must first go to Ierapetra, a 1 hour drive from Sitia.

The city is the departure point for boat trips to Chrissi island. Boats depart every day between 10:30am and 12:00pm , the journey takes about 1 hour and it will cost between €20 and €25 per person for the return journey.

You don’ t necessarily have to book in advance because these are big tourist boats that can carry hundreds of passengers (which also means that you shouldn’t expect to be alone on the island…).

Once there, you will only need a few minutes’ walk to get to the main beach and its turquoise waters: Golden Beach.

There are also other beaches which can be reached on foot all around the island and are much less frequented.

Boats leave from Chrissi from 4:30 pm. 

A few things to know about the island of Chrissi:

  • It is a nature reserve, so the island is totally wild: there are no restaurants, toilets or facilities. 
  • There is no shade on the beach . You can rent parasols on the boat for € 4 or sit a little further under the trees (but spots are quickly taken).
  • Bring water , picnic materials, and sunscreen.
  • There are many sharp rocks, you will absolutely need shoes to go in the water.
  • Avoid going to Chrissi if it’s too windy, it won’t be very pleasant on the beach (or during the boat trip!).

If you don’t necessarily like spending 4 to 5 hours on the beach without being able to leave earlier or if you don’t like the tourist beaches, you don’t have to go to Chrissi.

Chrissi ile Crète

You can resume the itinerary from now on.

From Ierapetra, it takes 2 hours 20 minutes to reach Matala.

This small seaside resort is famous for its neolithic caves carved into the cliffs . Used as a Roman necropolis in the time, they were, used as a squatting spot by a community of hippies in the 60s.

And one can understand why they chose this place, when you realise that the caves overlook a nice cove with translucent waters, perfect for swimming (and at the time, to have a good guitar session in the evening by the fire!).

The caves can be visited for €4.

Matala also has another beach that can be reached by a path that goes up from behind the village . Take the stairs and follow the signs that say “Red Beach”. It takes 30 minutes to walk there.

It is a small beach with golden sands, and has a bar and a toilet but the water is quite deep.

Even if you don’ t want to walk to Red Beach , you must at least climb the first set of stairs and take a right to go and see the view of the caves and Matala.

Spend the night in Matala.

For dinner in Matala , as a change from the local cuisine, you must head to the Bistronomy restaurant.

Everything is homemade (even the pasta) and it is excellent. We took the sushi as starter, risotto and burgers, and we had a treat. And like everywhere in Crete, we were treated to the dessert (cakes and fruit) offered with the liqueur.

  • Hotel Orama Matala: Located 10 minutes on foot from the centre. Double room, simple but comfortable, from €55, breakfast included. Strong points: the warm welcome, calm atmosphere, swimming pool.
  • Matala Bay Hotel Apartments:  Located 500 metres from the beach. Spacious double room with comfortable bedding from €70, breakfast included. Strong points: location, swimming pool, excellent breakfast.
  • Nikos Hotel:  Located 100 metres from the beach. Double room with balcony from €70. Strong points: warm welcome, private parking, near the beach
  • Valley Village: Located 15 minutes on foot from the centre of Matala. Double room from €60 or bungalow suite at €80, breakfast included. The suites are super spacious, with 2 terraces and a jacuzzi. Strong points: swimming pool, quiet atmosphere, private parking, full breakfast. It’s my favorite for its excellent value for money in Matala!

Matala Crete

Now you are at the seventh and last day of this 7-day drive in Crete, which means you will have to return to Heraklion.

It takes about an hour and a half from Matala to reach the city.

But if you are taking a flight at the end of the day or the next day , you must take the opportunity to finish visiting the island or choose a very nice activity from my selection.

Here are my selections (your choice):

  • A boat trip from Matala to the islands of Paximadia.

You will take a traditional wooden boat that leaves around 10.30am and takes 90 minutes to reach the beach of Paximadia . Guests can enjoy snorkelling (masks and snorkels provided) and a barbecue lunch included.

Return to Matala around 5 pm.

The company organising the excursion is called Mare Sud Tours and has a kiosk in Matala (no website).

  • A small group cruise to the island of   Dia from Heraklion
  • Another boat trip (click here) also from Heraklion
  • A day at a water park . There are 2 in Heraklion: the Watercity Waterpark and the Acqua Plus water park (ticket available here!) .
  • A quad bike trip (available in the mornings or afternoons from Agia Pelagia – 30 minutes from Heraklion).

The trip lasts 3 hours and 30 minutes and is really great because the route is off the beaten track . The guide is also very nice and speaks English.

However, you must book in advance by clicking on the button below:

quad bike tour Crete

  • Explore the wine region of Crete , which is located in the South of Heraklion. May estates offer vineyard visits and wine tastings. On the road between Matala and Heraklion, you can stop at the Diamantakis estate .

For a 6-day itinerary in Crete (East) , you could remove the day at the Lassithi plateau. From Heraklion, go directly to Elounda and resume the itinerary from the visit to the island of Spinalonga. You will only spend one night in Elounda.

To visit Crete in 8 days , you can choose one of the tours/activities that you did not do on the last day . You can also find other ideas in my article: What are the things to do in Heraklion and nearby?

On the eighth day, from Matala , you can also go to the famous Preveli beach which is bordered by a palm grove and has a river crossing through it.

Would you prefer to spend 6, 7 or 8 days in Crete, staying only in Heraklion?

No worries!

You should read my article by clicking here: What are the things to do in Heraklion?

You will find all my tips on how to organise your week in Heraklion.

If you don’t want to rent a car, with organised trips, you can also go to some of the places I talk about in this itinerary like:

  • One-day  Land Rover Safari across the Lassithi Plateau with an English-speaking guide
  • Cruise to the famous island of Spinalonga
  • Trip to the small island of Chrissi
  • Jeep safari to the Preveli beach

From Heraklion , you can also visit West Crete and its unmissable sights, as you will find trips to:

  • The Samaria Gorge
  • Elafonissi beach, with its pink sand
  • Lagoon of Balos

However, it should be noted that these places are quite far away from Heraklion and if you really want to see them all, you must choose Chania as the starting point.

I have explained everything in my other article. To read , click on the following link: One week itinerary in Crete (West).

On , I give you all my best tips and itineraries to plan your trip to Crete by yourself. (All my Crete guides are here)

However, if you prefer to book a Crete tour with a travel agency , I recommend you to check the 10 best Crete tours by clicking the button below:

Do not hesitate to give us your opinions and suggestions on our 7-day itinerary in Crete!

If you have any questions for organising your 7 day tour in Crete, please feel free to ask me in the comments.

How to get to Crete: flights & ferries prices

To get to Heraklion, the best is to take a flight.

Heraklion Airport is just a 10-minute drive from the city centre.

As always, you should book your plane tickets as early as possible to get the best prices. You have to know that the flight prices to Corsica can vary a lot throughout the year!

So to check the rates and schedules, you can use our flight comparator, in partnership with Skyscanner:

Heraklion can also be reached by ferries from the port of Piraeus in Athens . It’s 8h30 to 9h30 journey.

You can also get to Heraklion from many Greek islands of the Cyclades archipelago: Santorini , Naxos , Paros , Mykonos, Tinos .

To check prices and schedules of ferries to Crete, simply click on the button below:

If you want to rent a boat for a nice day at sea during your stay in Crete, you should book it with Samboat.

Motorboats, sailboats, yachts, small boats without a license, with or without a skipper: they simply have the most complete offer for boat rental!

So, what are you waiting for to book your boat trip in Crete? 😊

Discover all my articles about Crete : All my articles to help you plan your trip to Crete are listed there.

  • 27 Best things to do in Crete : All the best places to visit and activities
  • Itinerary: 4-5 days in Crete – Itinerary to prepare a short stay in East or West Crete
  • Itinerary: One week in Crete – The perfect itinerary to visit Western Crete
  • Itinerary : 7 days in Crete – The best itinerary to visit East Crete in 1 week
  • Itinerary: 10 days in Crete – How to visit Crete in 10 days
  • Itinerary: 2 weeks in Crete – The perfect itinerary for 14-15 days in Crete
  • Road trip to Crete: The best itineraries for 5, 7, 10 and 15 days
  • Chania : The 15 best places to discover
  • Heraklion : TOP 13 places to visit
  • Rethymnon: The 13 best things to do
  • Balos Beach : All my best tips to visit Balos Lagoon!
  • Elafonissi Beach : The definitive guide to discover Crete’s famous pink sand beach
  • Palace of Knossos: The definitive guide to visit the most famous archaeological site of Crete
  • Samaria Gorge : How to plan the best hike in Crete
  • Where to stay in Crete? The guide to the best hotels, ordered by city and budget

You’re using Pinterest? Here is the picture to pin!

Crete itinerary 7 8 days

Creator of the Voyage Tips blog, travel and photography lover. I give you all my best tips to plan your next trip.

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voyage crete budget

Voyage Crète : nos offres de vacances

La crète : une île empreinte d’histoire et de charme.

Lire la suite

86 offres de voyages Crète

Trier les voyages par

Hôtel Enorme Ammos Beach Resort 5* Adult Only +16

Vous avez vu 10 voyages sur 86

Présentation de la Crète

Géographie de la crète.

La plus grande des îles grecques propose un éventail de paysages exotiques. Quatre chaînes de montagnes alternent avec des plaines et de hauts plateaux fertiles en agriculture. La Grande bleue borde le sud de l’île par la mer de Libye, et le nord par la mer de Crète. Un séjour en Crète captive les amoureux de nature et de vastes espaces à la découverte d’une île sauvage et montagneuse, parée d’un manteau verdoyant d’oliveraies.

Climat de la Crète

La Crète bénéficie d’un climat méditerranéen agréable, ponctué d’étés chauds, de printemps et d’automnes ensoleillés, bien agréable lors d’un voyage en Crète , et d’hivers lumineux et doux. Les précipitations sont rares, souvent de courte durée, survenant en général entre novembre et mars. Les vents contribuent parfois à refroidir le climat lors des séjours, avantage appréciable pendant la saison estivale caniculaire.

Planifier son voyage en Crète

Meilleur moment pour un séjour en crète.

La période idéale pour un voyage tout compris en Crète s’étend de mai à octobre. Durant l’été, l’affluence touristique dans les hôtels club est maximale. Pour profiter de journées paisibles et de températures plus douces, il est recommandé d’organiser ses vacances dans un resort en Grèce en juin ou en septembre.

Coût de la vie en Crète

En moyenne, le coût de la vie en Crète est 15 % moins élevé qu’en France. Le salaire mensuel moyen net, impôts déduits, est d’environ 800 €. Il faut compter à peu près 420 € pour la location d’un T2 en centre-ville. Côté budget alimentaire, il s’avère deux fois moins cher que le budget alimentaire français. Quant au prix de l’essence, il est similaire : 1 litre de SP95 coûte approximativement 2 €.

Documents et visas nécessaires pour un voyage Crète

Les ressortissants de l’UE doivent se munir d’un passeport ou d’une carte d’identité pour des voyages en Grèce. Si vous envisagez de louer un véhicule durant votre voyage en Crète , alors le permis de conduire français ou international sera nécessaire. La carte européenne d’assurance maladie (CEAM) est utile en cas d’accident, et la souscription à une assurance voyages pour vos vacances est optionnelle, néanmoins recommandée.

Les incontournables pour un voyage en Crète

Les meilleures plages de la crète.

Le long des 1 000 km de littoral se succède une multitude de plages en bordure d’hôtels, pour des séjours paradisiaques en famille. Parmi celles qui méritent le détour, citons :

Les sites archéologiques à voir en Crète

Le riche patrimoine historique de l’île atteste son appellation de berceau de la civilisation occidentale. Les sites à visiter absolument lors de votre voyage en Crète sont l’impressionnant palais du roi Minos à Cnossos, et celui de Phaistos.

Les villages traditionnels crétois

Les balades dans les villages crétois montagnards durant votre voyage Crète resteront des souvenirs impérissables. Les ruelles pavées dans lesquelles se succèdent des maisons blanchies à la chaux ornées de toits de tuiles rouges contribuent à leur charme. Lors d’un week-end hôtel en Crète, partez à la découverte du village Sissi à l’est d’Hersonissos, ou d’Anogia, dans la région de Rethymnon.

Les montagnes et gorges de Crète

Envie d’une randonnée en famille dans l’un des massifs crétois durant votre voyage en Crète ? Le massif des Montagnes Blanches (2 454 m) domine l’ouest de l’île. Au cœur de celui-ci, se logent les gorges de Samaria, s’étirant sur 16 km. Au centre de l’île, le mont Psiloritis culmine à 2 456 m. Plus à l’est, s’élèvent les monts Dikti (2 141 et 2 148 m) et le massif de Sitia (1 476 m).

Culture et gastronomie crétoise

La cuisine crétoise.

La gastronomie crétoise demeurera une découverte culinaire mémorable de votre voyage Crète. Les légumes et les légumineuses sont servis en salade ou mijotés avec de la viande de chèvre ou de mouton. En général, les poissons frais sont grillés tandis que les fruits juteux ajoutent une note sucrée aux fins de repas. Les buffets de nos hôtels club, garnis de spécialités crétoises, raviront vos papilles.

Les traditions et les festivals en Crète

Les fêtes religieuses, comme Pâques ou Dormition (15 août), rythment la vie des Crétois. En février, le carnaval de Rethymnon bat son plein durant une semaine. Si votre voyage en Crète se déroule en période estivale, le festival d’été se déroule de juillet à septembre dans les théâtres en plein air d’Héraklion.

La musique et les danses crétoises

La musique crétoise rythmera probablement votre voyage Crète. La lyra est l’instrument phare de la musique crétoise, souvent accompagnée d’un laouto (mandoline). Les danses traditionnelles, comme le pendozalis ou la sousta, expressives et dynamiques, sont un spectacle à partager lors des animations nocturnes de nos hôtels club.

Se déplacer lors de son séjour Crète

Comment se rendre en crète .

Les vols directs vers Héraklion pour votre voyage en Crète sont proposés par plusieurs compagnies aériennes, au départ des villes françaises et de Genève. Les durées de vol pour la Grèce sont les suivantes :

Transport public en Crète

Pas de train en Crète, mais un réseau de bus « K-tel » bien développé, propice à la découverte des paysages, permettant de se rendre facilement d’une ville à l’autre.

Doit-on louer une voiture pour un voyage Crète ?

La location d’un véhicule procure une certaine autonomie et permet d’explorer plus aisément les villages de l’arrière-pays lors d’un séjour Crète. Il est possible de louer un véhicule depuis la France, c’est meilleur marché que les sociétés de location locales.

Les excursions à faire en Crète

Excursions en bateau autour de la crète.

Les excursions en bateau facilitent la découverte des plages de la côte sud à partir des ports d’Hersonissos, Ierapetra ou Agios Nikolaos. Elles offrent également l’opportunité d’accéder aux îles de Chrissi, de Spinalonga ou de Dia, une excursion de rêve à organiser en famille pendant votre voyage en Crète . La réception de votre hôtel se fera un plaisir de vous recommander les meilleures excursions en bateau de leur région.

Randonnées en Crète

Les gorges de Samaria sont l’un des treks les plus populaires de l’île. Ce sentier de 16 km mène le randonneur à travers des paysages spectaculaires, des gorges étroites et des falaises vertigineuses. Pour une randonnée plus courte et moins physique, la plage de Préveli (Palm Beach) est un excellent choix. Le sentier de 5 km traverse une forêt de pins et de cyprès, avant de déboucher sur une plage de sable blanc bordée de palmiers.

Visites guidées en Crète

Pendant séjour en Crète, optez pour une visite guidée dans Héraklion ou la région d’Hersonissos. La plupart des hôtels proposent des activités culturelles ou de loisirs, à partager en famille, de quelques heures à une journée entière. Après votre journée de visite, rendez-vous au spa de votre resort pour une relaxation bien méritée.

Questions fréquemment posées

Quels sont les principaux aéroports en crète .

Le principal aéroport international de l'île est celui d'Héraklion (HER), situé à 5 km au nord-est de la ville.

L'aéroport international de La Canée (CHQ) est le second aéroport de l'île, localisé à 14 km au sud-ouest de La Canée. L'aéroport national de Sitia (JSH), troisième aéroport de l'île, est situé à 18 km au nord de Sitia.

Quel budget prévoir pour un voyage en Crète ?

Un bon déjeuner au restaurant pendant un séjour Crète coûte 15 à 20 € par personne. Les prix peuvent augmenter dès qu’il s’agit de commander des fruits de mer ou un poisson frais. Le tarif d’un taxi varie selon les villes, de 1,50 à 1,80 € par km. Quant aux tarifs d’entrée dans les sites archéologiques et les musées, ils sont compris dans une fourchette de 15 € (Cnossos) à 3 €. Découvrez notre guide de vacances en Crète complet pour vous aider à préparer au mieux votre voyage en Crète


1. Sélectionnez votre date de voyage 2. Choisissez votre mode de paiement en 3 ou 4 fois 3. Validez votre commande 4. Complétez le formulaire de notre partenaire Oney 5. Recevez une confirmation immédiate !

Le paiement en 3 ou 4 fois par carte bancaire

Afin de bénéficier du paiement en plusieurs fois, les seules conditions à remplir sont :

  • Réserver un séjour à partir de 100 € et jusqu’à 4000 €
  • Être une personne majeure
  • Résider en France
  • Être titulaire d’une carte bancaire Visa ou MasterCard (hors cartes Electron, Maestro, e-card, Indigo, American Express, …)
  • Posséder une carte bancaire dont la date de validité est supérieure à la durée du financement choisi
  • Un premier paiement est dû le jour de la réservation. Les autres échéances suivent 30 et 60 jours après pour le paiement en 3 fois ou 30, 60 et 90 jours après pour le paiement en 4 fois.
  • Pour le paiement en 3 fois, les frais correspondants sont de 1,61% du montant total de la commande (dans la limite de 25€ maximum). Vous pourrez bénéficier d'un paiement en 3 fois par carte bancaire pour des achats d'un montant compris entre 100 et 4000 euros.

Exemple : Paiement en 3 fois pour un achat d’un montant de 150€, apport de 52,42€, puis 2 mensualités de 50€. Crédit sur 2 mois au TAEG fixe de 21,68%. Coût du financement 2,42€ dans la limite de 25€ maximum

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Exemple : Paiement en 4 fois pour un achat de 400€, apport de 109,60€, puis 3 mensualités de 100€. Crédit sur 3 mois au TAEG fixe de 21,61%. Coût du financement 9,60€, dans la limite de 50€ maximum

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Pour toutes vos questions complémentaires sur le fonctionnement du « paiement en 3 ou 4 fois par carte bancaire », pensez à consulter nos conditions générales de vente .

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The Family Voyage

Traveling To Greece On A Budget: Expert Tips You Need

This post contains affiliate links, for which I may earn a commission if you make a qualifying purchase.

voyage crete budget

Sharing is caring!

Greece is one of the most stunning countries in Europe you can visit, but it can also be extremely affordable if you plan it right! You don’t have to skimp on the magic just because you’re traveling to Greece on a budget.

For details of how to do it right, I asked Chrysoula Manika to give us her best tips. She’s a native Athenian and now works to help travelers explore her hometown at Athens and Beyond . Read on to find out how to stretch your Euros on travel, accommodations, food and more.

Greece is a beautiful country with a wide range of activities, accommodations, and experiences. It’s also an incredibly popular destination, attracting upwards of 30 million tourists a year! The majority of these travelers arrive in the peak summer months – June to August – when lines for  museums and archaeological sites can be hours long and the restaurants and bars are jam-packed. 

While the country suffered a recession beginning in 2009, the economy is coming back and tourism accounts for 85% of the GDP. Compared to traveling to other European countries , traveling in Greece is relatively inexpensive (though you can definitely splash out!). However, if you are on a budget, then I have great news: it is easy to travel to Greece on a budget! Here are my top tips for traveling to this idyllic country on a budget.

Pick the Right Season 

voyage crete budget

Greece is lovely year round, but is most popular in the summer season when the island resorts are at full capacity and the clubs on Mykonos attract high-profile DJs and dancers. 

Traveling Greece on a budget means choosing a less-popular time to visit. If you want to visit the islands and are looking for swimming, then May to June and September to October are the best times to visit. Many island hotels close for the winter season (November to April) so its best to do your research in advance if you would like to travel during this time.

On the Greek mainland, the fall and spring are great times for lower hotel and flight prices. At peak season, a hotel room in Athens can be upwards of $300 while the same room in October could be half that. (Hotel and flights are dynamic and always subject to change!)

For the major attractions, fall and spring are also ideal times to visit. In places like Athens, lines at the Acropolis are far shorter than the summer lines. The archaeological sites in Greece are even less expensive between November and March. They are also free the first weekend of the month.

If you’re open to visiting Athens in winter , almost everything is still open but prices are much lower and crowds are much thinner.

On average, traveling in the shoulder season can offer 20%-50% off rack rate pricing.

Read more: A Local Guide’s Perfect Greek Island Hopping Itinerary (Without the Crowds)

Save on Flights to Greece

During the aforementioned low periods, you may find great flight pricing. To maximize the savings, choose a low-cost airline like Ryanair, Easyjet , or Wizzair. 

As demand for flights rises, the cost of flights also goes up. In order to get the best pricing for flights to and around Greece, book in advance, not the week you want to travel.

If you have airline miles with Star Alliance, you can use these to book with Aegean Airlines. Aegean, the national airline of Greece, connects Greece with many European cities. It is also one of the easiest ways to get from Athens to places within Greece and the islands. Star Alliance members include United Airlines, Air New Zealand, Air Canada, SAS, and Lufthansa.

Travel by Ferry in Greece

voyage crete budget

Ferry travel is one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to get around Greece and her islands. To take advantage of good pricing, book your ferries in advance and be prepared to take the slower ferries – faster ferries are more expensive.

To further save, opt for an overnight ferry. They take almost double the time, but you save on  one night’s accommodation as well!

In the off-season be aware that some ferry routes do not operate. While not particularly cost-dependent, it could mean that you spend a full day traveling back to Piraeus to pick up the other ferry out. In that case, you might consider flying between islands.

Rent a Moped or Car on the Islands

voyage crete budget

Taxis or hotel shuttles can be expensive if you want to explore the island. Tours often include transportation but tours aren’t always the best way to see things. Having your own transport means you can stop when and where you like.  Many travel advisors can’t arrange moped rentals in advance for liability purposes, so when you get to the island, ask at the hotel or hostel reception for rental companies. Moped are inexpensive ways to get around the islands and petrol is also less expensive than filling a car up.

Non-European travelers need an international driving permit to drive in Greece. The rental company may not ask for it but if you get pulled over you could have problems. Always check requirements prior to leaving your home country.

Choose Hotels Carefully

voyage crete budget

If you want to splash out, you can definitely do it. There are five-star and five-star-plus resorts across the islands and mainland. But if you are traveling  Greece on a budget, then you want to  choose carefully. Aim for clean and safe hostels or small guesthouses. You can find options across all price ranges on

Airbnb is another option but choose those carefully too. Always opt for a SuperHost and if it feels too good to be true, it probably is. You can save on your first Airbnb booking with the coupon below:

voyage crete budget

If you want to splurge on any accommodation, look directly at the hotel  website to see if they are offering any great deals – like a third night free or 20% off if you book and pay in advance. If you work with a travel advisor, they may also have access to special rates or inclusions that you would otherwise have to pay for. These inclusions could be complimentary breakfast, upgrades, hotel credits or spa treatments, and more. 

With hostels, hotels, and Airbnbs, again it is in your favor to book in advance. You don’t want  to rock up to an island and not be able to find a bed. 

Use the interactive map to find vacation rentals and hotels in Greece

Visit Hidden Gems in Greece

voyage crete budget

Sure, everyone wants to go to Santorini for the sunset, Mykonos for the clubs, or Zakynthos for the famous beaches. But that’s just it – everyone wants to go. Greece has so many other  beautiful islands with just-as-gorgeous beaches and charming tavernas or bustling market towns, and plenty of overlooked mainland must-sees.

If you opt for a lesser known island like Milos, Patmos, or Amorgos, you can benefit from less expensive hotel rooms, fewer crowds, and the same iconic Greek hospitality, scenery, and sun. On the mainland, get out of Athens for the coast of the Peloponnese or the northern peninsulas of Halkidiki to experience a totally different side of Greece.

Of course, a lesser-known destination may be harder to get to (especially in the off-season) so research accordingly and make sure the cost of going doesn’t overwhelm the savings.

Take Advantage of Free Walking Tours

voyage crete budget

A free walking tour is a great way to dive into the history and culture of a destination. And Athens is no exception – the history and culture of this 3,000 year old city is astounding. It is best appreciated on foot – from the narrow streets of Plaka and the wide avenues near Syntagma Square to the winding paths along the hills of the Acropolis and the pedestrian squares in Monistiraki . On foot you can also glimpse the many temples and ruins that lie in plain sight along the roads. Free walking tours often meet at central places and can accommodate  up to 20 or 30 people. The guides do work on tips so if you feel they’ve done a great job, please tip accordingly. 

If you prefer to walk around by yourself, download a city walking tour podcast. These usually have a route outlined in the notes so you can begin the podcast at a certain  point and walk according to the directions given by the narrators. Full of detailed information and insightful  narratives, a self-guided podcast tour is a great way to save money.

Save on Food in Greece

voyage crete budget

Food is relatively cheap in Greece. Make gyros and souvlaki your go-to foods instead of bellying up to a seaside tavena. Street food in Greece is flavourful and inexpensive, even though its often made from locally sourced and organic produce! Not only is street food easy on your wallet but its the best way to experience the authentic cuisine and interact with the locals.

Gyros are pita bread wrapped around shaved chicken or lamb and filled with lettuce, tomatoes, and a delicious tzatziki sauce. Souvlaki are skewered and grilled pieces of meat, usually chicken, beef or lamb. Both of these dishes sometimes come with fresh tomatoes, fries, and a small lettuce salad so you are getting a bang for your buck.

You can also visit the local supermarket for fresh foods – this is best if you are staying someplace with a kitchen – to cook with. Local outdoor markets are also excellent places to purchases inexpensive fruit to munch on while you are hanging out at the beach or taking a hike along the cliffs.

Traveling through Greece is rewarding – it is a beautiful and diverse country, and there’s definitely something for everyone. But it doesn’t have to be expensive to travel in Greece. Buy local foods, stay at small inns or hostels, travel in the shoulder season or off-season, and choose your mode  of transportation well, and you can have a five-star holiday on a three-star budget (or similar).

About Chrysoula Chrysoula is a travel blogger born and raised in Athens with a professional background in Tourism and Marketing. Through the pages of Athens and Beyond she helps visitors make the most of their trip to Athens and show them how to navigate the city like an insider. 

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voyage crete budget

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