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It's something you've never seen before! Tripwire is an energetic, multi-genre band based in the upper-midwest. Four multi-instrumentalists play through five decades of music on 10+ instruments, while making a spectacle on stage with choreography, trampolines, and improvised hijinks.

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Who is Tripwire?

trip wire music

Vocals, Drums, Trumpet, Keys/Keytar, Kazoo

Mark Arneson

trip wire music

Vocals, Guitar, Fiddle, Harmonica, Mandolin, Drums, Keys, Sax, Trumpet, Melodica

trip wire music

Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Harmonica, Keys/Keytar, Kazoo

Lars Hegland

trip wire music

Brandon Cummings

Vocals, Bass, Keys/Keytar. Beat-box, Mandolin, Percussion, Melodica, Kazoo

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trip wire music

by Trip Wire

trip wire music

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istg, y’all make me feel nostalgic for a decade I didn’t grow up in (the 80s) that classic rock sound and instrumentals and everything that feels soo 80s it’s like I’m in a time machine!! My second fav is Must Be Love! & I followed y’all on Spotify! Hope you get more followers and streams!! Y’all are the real deal ~ musicslueth

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TRIPWIRE Profile_edited.jpg

Liverpool, space age guitar driven, power-trio fronted by Eddie Min (guitar/vocals), Luke Dolphin (bass), and Toby Fletcher (drums).  Their high energy music has the gritty reverberance of Hard Rock, Progressive, and Psychedelia.  The band’s upcoming album, 'Different Kind of Normal' was recorded at the Motor Museum with their single 'Axiom' released on 20th January.  

They also strive to bring a new perspective to rock as the members are neurodivergent and look to share their creativity and personalities to usher in a new audience for rock.

Tripwire has 50+ performances in Liverpool and Manchester including Jimmy’s, EBGBs, Retro, and The Zanzibar, and has opened for Crawlers, Snayx, and Project Nevada.      








TRIPWIRE - Axiom (Official Music Video)

TRIPWIRE - Axiom (Official Music Video)

TRIPWIRE - Stellar (Official Music Video)

Live Loft: Tripwire

Live Loft: Tripwire

TRIPWIRE promo 3

TRIPWIRE promo 3

Time to Wake Up(thumbnail).png

Teal - The Jacaranda, 9th March

Film School - Jimmy's, 27th September

Bedroom Vacation - Jacaranda Club, 18th October

Maggie Witch - Sotto, 3rd November

Simorah - EBGBS, 22nd November



"It’s that time again. I will talking about another awesome single from an up and coming band 😀 The band this week is  @tripwire.slaps  and the tune is called “Axiom”. It is a sick bluesy rock track with indie rock and metal elements. It is one of the best new song I’ve heard in recent months. 🔥 The tune is definitely worth checking out if you like good vibey music that absolutely slaps 🔥" - Album Reviews Kidd

"TRIPWIRE abrilhanta a cena do Hard Rock com seu som carregado de emoção e talento. Desta maneira, é de se esperar que o single “Axiom” seja um sucesso arrebatador no meio. Lançada no último dia 19, a música é composta por vocais extraordinários e um instrumental admirável, que explode no refrão e faz o ouvinte querer cantar junto. Essa é uma produção que com certeza agradaria aos ouvidos mais atentos de amantes do Hard Rock. Disponível nas principais plataformas digitais, “Axiom” é um single que apresenta bem a proposta de TRIPWIRE." -  Roadie Music

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trip wire music

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trip wire music

About Tripwire

Latest Release

  • OCT 5, 2022
  • Full Circle
  • This Song Is About You
  • Cables and Lines · 2010
  • All for Nothing
  • Deviation · 2013
  • Baby, Hear Me Out
  • Closer (Acoustic)
  • Five Acoustic - EP · 2010
  • Modern Objector
  • Full Circle · 2022
  • The Last Song
  • This Song Is About You (Acoustic)
  • Under a Scarlet Sky
  • Alternate Personality Disorder

Singles & EPs

Similar artists, nine mile silence, amongst thieves, 1rko firstroundknockout, exit from dark, vertigo venus, american sugar bitch, mommy dearest, master toby, ash fault jungle, ruby nixxons, select a country or region, africa, middle east, and india.

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Reflections on the E. Jean Carroll Verdict

More from our inbox:, the u.s., iran and the risks of war, alternatives to biden, fighting back at penn, pets in cold weather.

E. Jean Carroll in dark sunglasses arriving at court in Manhattan.

To the Editor:

Jessica Bennett’s compelling essay “ The Audacity of E. Jean Carroll ” (Opinion, Feb. 4) vividly captures the events in that New York courtroom last month.

It is truly astonishing to me, even in the wake of the verdict, that the former president continues to command a substantial base of support, especially among women of all ages. I find it perplexing how women of integrity can seemingly compartmentalize his abhorrent behavior and still cast their ballots for a notorious womanizer.

What’s even more disturbing is his public trashing, maligning and dehumanizing of anyone who dares to hold him accountable. Remarkably, the women who support him believe his lies, many asserting that his policies trump his behavior.

Additionally, the numerous indictments and upcoming trials seem to, unbelievably, only bolster his popularity. The prospect of his re-election as president of the United States is not just disconcerting; it’s also a chilling reminder of the challenges we face as a divided nation.

God help us all!

(Rabbi) Reuven H. Taff Sacramento

Like E. Jean Carroll, I’m a writer. I was also sexually assaulted. Not once, but twice.

Like E. Jean, I kept silent for years. Fifty to be exact.

I’m a member of the silent generation. I spent my career writing nonfiction and historical fiction, most recently “Sisters at War,” about brave women who fought back against the rape and brutality of the SS in wartime Paris.

Writing my book inspired me to come forward about my own story. The perpetrators who assaulted me still haunt me. The first was an unknown assailant in Italy; the second was date rape and kidnapping in graduate school.

I will soon celebrate 55 years since I graduated from the university. I’m on a committee to recreate the college experience in the 1960s. When I told the event coordinator my story, she suggested that I educate incoming students about date rape and what happened to me.

I can’t bring the men who hurt me to justice like E. Jean, but I can talk about it. After half a century, I can say the word “rape” and move on. Educate a new generation of young women.

And that is my win.

Jina Bacarr Irvine, Calif.

Re “ Trump’s Libel Case Exposes the Law’s Limits ,” by RonNell Andersen Jones (Opinion guest essay, Jan. 30):

It’s true that even the $83.3 million in damages awarded against Donald Trump may not deter him from defaming E. Jean Carroll again. As Ms. Jones notes, “the incentives to serve up lies for politics or profit” may now be so strong that damages awards no longer suffice to deter repeat offenders.

But Ms. Jones overlooks an additional remedy that could be far more effective in stopping persistent defamers: an injunction against continued defamation. Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, the Georgia election workers who won a $148 million award against Rudolph Giuliani, have sought just this type of remedy.

If Mr. Giuliani repeated his defamatory statements after the issuance of such an injunction, he would face the risk of a contempt order and some time in prison. That would give him a powerful incentive to think long and hard before he defames them again.

Stuart Altschuler New York The writer is a lawyer.

Re “ As U.S. Acts, Biden Deems Iran Unlikely to Shoot Back ,” by David E. Sanger and Farnaz Fassihi (news analysis, Feb. 4):

Mr. Sanger and Ms. Fassihi offer a very nuanced and thorough prognosis for what may ensue as a result of the American airstrikes on Iran-linked targets in Syria and Iraq.

They write that the expectation in Washington and among its allies is that the Iranians will not respond, in order to avoid a wider war. In my mind, this raises a critical question: When does military action intended to deter aggression become a tripwire for all-out war?

I am especially concerned that this is taking place in an election year, as the article notes.

For Western minds to try to project how countries in the Middle East will respond is a gamble that could result in all-out war, and not just in the Middle East. Tensions are rising between the U.S. and China over Taiwan, while the war between Ukraine and Russia still has unpredictable results.

John A. Viteritti Laurel, N.Y.

“ The Democratic Party Is Having an ‘Identity Crisis,’ ” by Ezra Klein (column, Feb. 4):

Yes, the Democratic Party has an image of being the party of the working class, but is now finding its voters more college-educated and split between those wanting progressive change and those wanting the status quo.

But if President Biden seems too old to run for re-election, as many Democrats feel, the question remains, who better in the party to be nominated? Not Vice President Kamala Harris, many also feel. Perhaps the governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer? Perhaps a Democratic senator from the Midwest?

While there are many able Democrats, both progressive and centrist, there are no obvious choices to run for president with national appeal. Why is this so? Because the Democratic leadership has failed to train up its next generation of leaders.

James Berkman Boston

Re “ At Penn, President’s Exit Fails to Quell Turmoil ” (news article, Jan. 30):

I am extremely happy to see that professors at the University of Pennsylvania have reacted strongly to a document sent by the billionaire Marc Rowan to, in essence, create a more conservative campus.

With the recent Republican attacks on the presidents of Harvard, M.I.T. and Penn, the hostile government takeover of New College of Florida , the banning of D.E.I. initiatives , the elimination of sociology as a core course in Florida’s public universities, and so on, it’s about time that professors are beginning to fight back.

Moreover, as professors, we should not let university donors or politicians dictate to us about our profession. We are certainly capable of running our universities free of interference from wealthy individuals and biased politicians who pander to their base.

To my colleagues at Penn, I say: Together we stand, divided we fall, and keep up the good fight.

Michael Hadjiargyrou Centerport, N.Y. The writer is a professor of biological and chemical sciences at the New York Institute of Technology.

Re “ How to Protect Pets From Cold Weather ” (Here to Help, Jan. 27):

Thank you for sharing information about protecting animal companions during cold weather.

I hope that readers will also look out for dogs whose owners have left them chained or penned outside. These animals are no better equipped to survive freezing temperatures than humans are, and they commonly suffer from frostbite and hypothermia. Some die from exposure.

Good Samaritans who see dogs kept outside for long periods without adequate shelter from the elements (at least a sturdy doghouse insulated with dry straw that has a covered entrance to block the wind) should note the animal’s exact location and alert local law-enforcement authorities immediately.

If officers don’t respond, they should call PETA. Anyone who leaves animals outside to suffer in severe weather may face criminal charges.

Kristin Rickman Norfolk, Va. The writer is the director of the emergency response team at PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.


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