1. Visa, 핀테크 지원 프로그램 통한 국내 최초 결제 서비스 '트래블페이카드 바이 트래블 월렛' 출시

    Visa는 토종 핀테크 스타트업 트래블월렛 (前 모바일퉁, 대표: 김형우)과 함께 해외 결제 특화 서비스 '트래블페이카드 바이 트래블월렛 (Travel Pay Card by Travel Wallet, 이하 트래블페이카드)'을 출시했다고 밝혔다. 트레블월렛은 Visa의 핀테크 지원 프로그램인 ...

  2. Top 10 Most Popular Payment Methods in Korea

    Credit Cards Payment. In South Korea, credit card payment is a standard transaction method, and MasterCard, Visa, and travel money cards are mostly accepted. Most ATMs do not accept international cards, although debit cards may be used to make transactions in stores. Before using an ATM, make sure it says "Global" on the machine's label.

  3. 5 Best Travel Cards for South Korea

    Wise travel card - best currencies coverage - 40+ supported currencies and mid-market exchange rate. Revolut travel card - best selection of account types - 3 different plans depending on your preferences. Chime travel card - no foreign transaction fee. Monzo travel card - no Monzo ATM fees.

  4. 트래블월렛

    Travel the world with just one card, Travel Wallet. Recharge 46 currencies at any time you want with the Travel Wallet app. You can use the TravelPay card to make payments in 70 countries and even in Korea. Foreign payment fees are 0% anywhere in the world! Travel Pay, put the world on your card. • Recharge 45 foreign currencies at any time ...


    Discover a smarter way to travel in Korea with the Korea Travel Card. Enjoy unlimited payback rewards, seamless access to buses, subways, and taxis, and explore vibrant attractions, shopping, and dining experiences. ... Visa, Master, Amex, Union Pay. Charge at over 14,000 CU convenience stores nationwide. Charge at 80 kiosks in major cities ...

  6. How To Use The Wise Card In Korea For Travel Money And Cash

    2: Verify Your Identity: You'll need to verify your identity to use Wise. To do this, you'll need a valid mobile phone number, a government ID, and a bank account in the country you're applying in. 3: Complete Account Setup: Once verified, complete your account setup and order your Wise travel money card.

  7. Western Union Expands in South Korea with Travel Wallet

    Travel Wallet also became the 1st fintech company in Asia to receive a principal card issuing license from Visa in 2020, and launched the cross-border payment service TravelPay in 2021.

  8. Travel money South Korea: How to pay & how much to bring

    Using a prepaid travel card. Though many of the travel cards you find on the market will carry South Korean won, South Korea has its own travel card. Buy the Korean travel card for less than $4 and get discounts on museums and shopping, covered by travel insurance and pay for food, travel and entertainment.

  9. Best ways to spend travel money in South Korea: Debit and prepaid cards

    Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards can be used in South Korea. Some of these cards are cheaper to use than others. Start your comparison by looking at the cards that waive currency conversion charges. This allows you to use your credit card in South Korea to make purchases for roughly the same price as in the UK.

  10. How To Pay In Korea: Cash, Card And Other Payment Methods

    There is usually a fee to use a Korean ATM of around ₩3,600 (about $3). Also, Korean ATMs don't operate 24 hours a day and close around 11pm at night. Chip & Pin Use: Card payments in Korea are done by touching the card to a card reader or inserting the card and signing for the payment if it's over ₩50,000.

  11. Western Union Expands in South Korea with Travel Wallet

    Launching the app service in 2019 under the same name, Travel Wallet is the first company in Korea to target such cross-border related financial services to overseas travelers, especially visiting the Asian region. Travel Wallet also became the 1st fintech company in Asia to receive a principal card issuing license from Visa in 2020, and ...

  12. Korea Visa Portal

    Korea Visa Application Center. VISA NAVIGATOR Try our Visa Navigator! It will help you find which visa suits you. ... Sanctions on travel agency for E-visa(2024.May) Information on group e-visa application period; Sanctions on travel agency for E-visa(2024.Apr.) More information. Faq.

  13. Cash or Card: What to use when traveling to Korea?

    On the other hand, if you use your international card in Korea, you can have savings from the following: 1. Low foreign exchange (Forex) conversion rate from your local bank or card provider. Forex rate varies per bank but it could be from 1.5% to 3.5%. It is usually comprised of the 1% payment network assessment fee (example: Mastercard and ...

  14. Western Union Expands in South Korea with Travel Wallet

    Travel Wallet users in South Korea now have the choice to send money through Western Union. ... Travel Wallet also became the 1st fintech company in Asia to receive a principal card issuing license from Visa in 2020, and launched the cross-border payment service TravelPay in 2021. TravelPay supports payment in 15 currencies at the lowest ...

  15. Korea's T-Money Card: The Ultimate how-to Guide 2024

    This should cover all subway / bus travel costs within a city like Seoul, which cost ₩1,400 /₩1,500 per journey. If you plan to use your T-Money Card to pay for small purchases, such as snacks, bottled water, and coffee, then add ₩20,000 per day, which includes transportation costs.

  16. South Korea International Travel Information

    You must have a valid U.S. passport to enter Korea. From April 1, 2023, to December 31, 2024, the Korean Electronic Travel Authorization (K-ETA) is not required for US citizens for stays of 90 days or less that are for tourism or business purposes.; Visa required for all other purposes, including employment, teaching English, and for stays longer than 90 days.

  17. South Korea's Digital Nomad Visa: The Complete Guide (2024)

    Here's what you need to know: 🔍 Important Facts ‍When: starting from Jan 1, 2024 ‍Who: foreigners who want to work remotely in South Korea + their family (spouse, children) ‍How long: maximum 2 years (1 year + 1 year extension possible) 👤Eligibility & Requirements. Work for a company abroad or be a freelancer abroad.; Earn more than 85 million won ($66,000) in 2023.

  18. GlobalTravelWallet

    Welcome to a new way to Travel! Whether you are travelling by air to New York, by road to Ivory Coast, by rail to France or by sea to Tangier, The Visa GlobalTravelWallet is your ideal travel companion packed a growing number of cardholder benefits and 24/7 online customer support. Get your card today at a partner bank in your country or ...

  19. [여행필수품] 트래블월렛 Travel wallet-환전, 수수료 걱정 없이 편하게 해외 체크카드 : 네이버 블로그

    트래블월렛, Travel Wallet입니다. 이게 뭐 하는 것이냐 하면요. 해외에서 수수료 걱정 없이. 편하게 쓸 수 있는 '해외 체크카드'라고 생각하시면 되는데요. 트래블 월렛(트래블 페이)의 기능을. 한눈에 볼 수 잘 알아볼 수 있도록. 공홈에 잘 나와있어서 가져와봤습니다.

  20. Is This the End of Plastic? Visa's New Technology Could Replace ...

    The days of taking a photo of your card to add to your digital wallet are gone. Instead, Visa is rolling out technology that will allow you to tap your card on your smart device to add it to your ...

  21. This Week In Credit Card News: Big Changes Could Be Coming To ...

    Your wallet may soon be getting thinner. Visa announced major changes to how credit and debit cards will operate in the U.S. in the coming months and years. The new features could mean Americans ...