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Amazon’s Best Travel Size Hair Care Products For Curls

Most curls require moisture daily, especially in the summer season . Therefore, you need to pack some travel size hair care products when traveling to ensure that your hair looks its best during the trip.

For women with curls, managing their natural curls while traveling is always a source of concern. It is possible for curlies to get up and go, but there are several factors that alter the look. Some regions are highly humid almost every day. Vacations to the beach are a guaranteed setting for curls to dry out from the relentless pounding sun and salty sea, which can be damaging. Finding hair products that will cater to your demands can be difficult.

However, there are various items that may help you prepare to maintain the health of your hair while on a vacation. No matter if you have 4C hair, 2C hair, or something in between, there’s no shortage of travel size hair care products to keep your curly tresses on point at all times.

Here are some of our favorite products to consider while traveling for your curls. You’d be amazed how affordable — and effective — these products are! Going on the road doesn’t mean you have to look a mess.

1. Rizos Curls 4-Step Travel Kit

Rizos Curls is the ideal formula for bouncy, lustrous, defined, frizz-free, soft, voluminous curls. It also is produced from the heart.

This product provides a perfect Wash N’ Go Travel Kit for Curly Hair for all hair textures – curls, coils & waves.

This travel kit includes a hydrating shampoo, deep conditioner, refresh & detangle serum, and curl-defining cream.

2. PATTERN On-The-Go Hair Care Kit

PATTERN On-The-Go Hair Care Kit is a Black-owned company that intends to exceed the beauty needs of the curly, coily and tight-textured community. PATTERN is centered around the celebration of Black beauty.

The On-The-Go Hair Care Kit includes hydration shampoo, heavy conditioner and leave-in conditioner.

3. Curl Keeper's On The Go Travel Kit

Curl Keeper H20 Water Bottle is a liquid styler that controls frizz without weighing down your hair or leaving a sticky residue. Water reactivates curls and smooths out frizzy hair, making it a great product for styling between washes.

Curl Keeper’s H2O Water Bottle features a design that allows you to refill it as many times as you like. You only need to twist the spray head and fill the bottle.

Curl Keeper is a line of products made with high-quality components suitable for daily use. Its formulas are silicone-free and never tested on animals.

4. Color Wow's Color Security Conditioner

Color Wow’s Color Security Conditioner provides easy detangling, light hydration, heat protection, and conditioning for fine, thin, or fragile hair without weighing it down or distorting the color.

The product contains argan oil, which infuses hair with hydration, adds shine, and restores it. The conditioner is designed to repair hair that becomes dry and brittle.

5. CURLSMITH's Transition Kit

Everything you need to clean, define, and hydrate your curls is included in CURLSMITH’s Transition Kit . The kit includes a co-wash, deep conditioner, leave-in cream and styling gel, which is all you need to maintain your hair during your transition.

CURLSMITH creates high-quality products with proven results by combining rare natural ingredients with kitchen staples and fresh, curly-loving foods, drawing inspiration from generations of homemade hair remedies. No compromise: healthy ingredients and expert results.

Avocado is found in the conditioning wash and works to smooths the hair. The rose of Jericho is a rare plant that locks in moisture that can be found in the deep quencher.

There are no sulfates, silicones, mineral oils, or phthalates in any of their products. CURLSMITH’s products are a 100 percent vegan, cruelty-free and suitable for curly girls.

6. Innersense Organic Beauty's Hair Re-Set

Innersense Organic Beauty’s Hair Re-Set is a detoxifying, hydrating collection of travel-size products stocked in a 100 percent recycled cotton cosmetic bag.

The kit contains a hydrating cream hair bath, a hydrating cream conditioner, a sweet spirit leave-in conditioner, a detox hair mask and a hydrating hair mask.

Its ingredients are s traight f rom n ature, g rown o rganically  and w ithout c hemicals. Also, they are  e thically s ourced f rom r eliable, t ransparent p lantations, o rchards and  f arms f rom a round t he w orld.

7. LUS Brand's Love Ur Curls Set

LUS Brands’ Love Ur Curls Set   can give your extremely tight curls, the kinks, moisture and definition they require.

It includes an ultra-hydrating and detangling conditioner, gentle and moisturizing shampoo, and an all-in-one styler. Each product is designed especially to moisturize kinky-coily hair.

Its products are packed with nutrients that are good for repairing, strengthening, moisturizing, and lessening breakage, which leaves curls supple, defined and shiny.

Your daily use of LUS hair care products will assist in enhancing your natural waves, curls, spiral-skinks, and coils. The products do not cause your hair to become sticky or crunchy. There also is no cast present. LUS Brand’s products for curly hair are never put through animal testing.

Additionally, they have been dermatologist-tested and approved and are gluten-free.

Our editors love finding you the best products and offers! If you purchase something by clicking on one of the affiliate links on our website, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

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travel size hair products amazon

Ensure first-class hair on the go with our convenient collection of travel size hair and beauty products. Designed to offer you the ultimate in travel hair care, these formulas have been packaged in TSA-compliant bottles that you can take in your carry-on or checked-in luggage without having to worry about losing your goods as you pass through security.

Showing all 23 results



Recommended for All Hair Types $ 2.49





Recommended for Damaged Hair $ 2.49





Recommended for Normal to Dry Hair $ 2.49







Maximum Hold $ 3.89

L.A. Hold Styling Gel Travel Size

L.A. HOLD™ STYLING GEL (Travel Size)

for all hair types $ 2.49

to smooth out of control hairRecommended for Frizzy Hair Exotic oil blend cleanses & hydrates tresses Reduces frizz & tames unmanageable hair & flyaways Lauryl and laureth sulfate free Price: $2.89 Quantity 1 Add To Cart

2chic® FRIZZ BE GONE® SHAMPOO (Travel Size)

Recommended for Frizzy Hair $ 2.99

friz be gone


2chic® REPAIRING SHAMPOO (Travel Size)

2chic® REPAIRING SHAMPOO (Travel Size)

Recommended for Over-Processed Hair $ 2.99





Recommended for All Hair Types $ 2.89

2chic® Ultra-Luxurious Conditioner with Cherry Blossom & Rose Petals (Travel Size)


2chic® ULTRA-MOIST SHAMPOO (Travel Size)

2chic® ULTRA-MOIST SHAMPOO (Travel Size)

Recommended for Dry Hair $ 2.99



2chic® ULTRA-MOIST BODY WASH (Travel Size)

2chic® ULTRA-MOIST BODY WASH (Travel Size)

Recommended for All Skin Types $ 2.99

2chic® ULTRA-MOIST BODY LOTION (Travel Size)

2chic® ULTRA-MOIST BODY LOTION (Travel Size)

2chic Ultra Sleek Shampoo

2chic® ULTRA-SLEEK SHAMPOO (Travel Size)

Recommended for All Hair Types $ 2.99



2chic® ULTRA-VOLUME SHAMPOO (Travel Size)

2chic® ULTRA-VOLUME SHAMPOO (Travel Size)

Recommended for Limp, Lifeless Hair $ 2.99



Pocket-sized bottles with powerful goodness.

Pamper your skin as well as your hair with our travel facial kit, body wash, and sumptuous, botanical-infused body lotion. Our D:TOX SYSTEM® Facial Kit even comes with its own reusable/resealable zip bag to make packing a little bit easier!

Our travel size hair conditioner, shampoo, leave-in treatment, and styling gels have more advantages than simply making it through customs — you can avoid your larger bottles spilling in your suitcase and your favorite products being wasted in transit.

Travel Size Hair Products for Everyday Convenience

Not traveling? No problem! These travel size hair products are perfect for slumber parties or refreshing your hair after cycling to school or work. They also provide a great way to sample new products that you wouldn’t usually buy. We’ll even throw in three sample sachets with your order — totally free of charge!

Shop these small-sized Eco Chic® , 2chic® , and D:TOX SYSTEM® products for access to salon-quality hair and skin care everywhere you go, and connect with our community to see the good that Giovanni customers are doing to make our world a better place for everyone.

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travel size hair products amazon

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The 12 Best Hair Care Products for Travel of 2023

These multitasking essentials will save you space, time, and effort.

travel size hair products amazon

In This Article

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  • Our top picks
  • Tips for Buying
  • Why Trust T+L

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

Travel + Leisure / David Hattan

Though you may not want to spend much time on your hair while traveling, you'll be glad to have the essentials for cleansing, protecting, and styling with you on the road. What products should you pack for your trip? That depends on a few factors, like your hair type, whether you prefer to air dry or blow dry, if you like to skip washes, where you're going, and the season.

"Products with hold and memory that contain moisturizing agents are great for a more hot or humid climate," says New York hairstylist Kali Ferrara. "Products like hair masks and leave-in conditioning balms are ideal for colder, dryer climates."

To save you time ahead of your next adventure, we’ve rounded the best up multi-purpose, tried-and-true hair products for travel. Our picks include everything from shampoo, conditioner, and in-shower treatments to leave-ins, texturizers, and detanglers, all available in mini, TSA-approved containers.

Best Shampoo

Ouai detox shampoo.

This deep-cleansing shampoo washes away dirt, oil, and buildup, helping you go longer between washes while away from home.

It's technically not meant for daily use, but it shouldn't dry out your hair if you follow it with conditioner.

This palm-sized bottle contains 3 ounces of shampoo that promises to wash away dirt, oil, product buildup, and other impurities while strengthening and softening your strands with keratin. We should note the clarifying formula is technically not meant for daily use — it can help you go longer between washes, which might be convenient while traveling. But if you do lather up daily, it shouldn't dry out or strip your hair so long as you use conditioner afterwards.

Price at time of publish: $14 for 3 ounces

Best Conditioner

Pureology hydrate conditioner.

It calls on plant oils and shea butter to moisturize and nourish your hair without weighing it down.

Not everyone is a fan of the strong minty scent.

"The best way to have healthy, shiny hair is for it to be properly moisturized with oils and other conditioning agents," says Ferrara, noting that moisture is essential for both humid and dry climates. With this in mind, we suggest the Pureology Hydrate Conditioner. It calls on sunflower seed oil, soybean oil, and shea butter to nourish and soften without weighing down your hair. Though the strong scent isn't everyone's cup of tea, others love the invigorating aromatherapy blend of peppermint and corn mint essential oils.

Price at time of publish: $11 for 1.7 ounces

Best Hair Mask

Amika soulfood nourishing hair mask.

Amika Soulfood is an in-shower treatment that helps prevent dry, brittle hair while restoring softness and elasticity.

You may find this product redundant if you’re already packing a separate conditioner.

According to Ferrara, deep moisturizing products are ideal when traveling to cold climates with low humidity, as they can help prevent dry, brittle hair. Amika Soulfood conditions, nourishes, and hydrates your hair to help repair damage while restoring softness and elasticity. This in-shower mask can be applied every few days after shampooing. Alternatively, you can use it as an everyday cream rinse in place of your daily conditioner if you want to pack fewer toiletries.

Price at time of publish: $18 for 3.3 ounces

Best Styling Cream

Olaplex no.6 bond smoother.

This stylist-approved product contains a patented molecule that repairs broken bonds while preventing flyaways and helping your hair dry faster.

There's no travel size, but the 3.3-ounce container meets the TSA liquids requirement for carry-ons.

Ferrara recommends packing Olaplex No. 6 on your next trip, especially if you're heading to a colder, drier climate. This leave-in styling cream can be applied to dry or damp hair from mid-length to ends. Containing the brand's patented bond-building molecule , it's been shown to repair and protect chemically damaged or otherwise brittle hair. No. 6 also helps your hair dry faster and keeps flyaways under control for up to 72 hours. While it only comes in one size, the 3.3-ounce pump bottle still meets TSA liquid requirements for carry-ons — which is currently 3.4 ounces.

Price at time of publish: $30 for 3.3 ounces

Best Dry Shampoo

Living proof mini perfect hair day (phd) dry shampoo.

A go-to for all hair types, this virtually invisible, highly absorbent dry shampoo instantly soaks up oil and sweat while adding body and texture.

You need to shake the can vigorously before each use to get the product to come out.

You'll never regret packing dry shampoo — or at least, you very well might regret not packing it. In any case, Living Proof Perfect Hair Day is a go-to for all hair types. The highly effective formula soaks up excess oil, sweat, and odor while adding body and texture to second- or third-day hair. It’s virtually invisible when sprayed on and disappears entirely when you massage your roots and brush it through. Just a heads up, you’ll have to shake the can vigorously each time to get the product to come out. If you're still having trouble, the brand recommends running the nozzle under warm water.

Price at time of publish: $18 for 2.4 ounces

Best Texturizing Spray

Not your mother’s beach babe texturizing sea salt spray.

Coming in handy when you'd rather not blow dry, Beach Babe can be applied to wet or dry hair to separate your natural waves or curls and add body.

The salt component can dry out your hair, so try to use it sparingly.

Thinking about skipping the blow dries or leaving your flat iron at home? If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, Beach Babe will be your best friend during your trip. This easy-breezy spray can be used on wet or dry hair. After spritzing it on, scrunch with your hands to separate your waves, texturize, and add body. This product is formulated to provide UV protection from the sun's rays. But the salt component can be drying, so don't go overboard when applying it.

Price at time of publish: $7 for 8 ounces

Best Hair Spray

Sexyhair big spray & play volumizing hairspray.

It provides a flexible, long-lasting hold to battle the effects of humidity and cold, dry air.

A little bit goes a long way, so only spray a light layer to avoid stickiness and crunch.

"Memory in a product helps hair stay in the style you put it in, even with some perspiration and humidity," says Ferrara. In addition to hot, muggy locales, she explains that hair spray can also be good in dry climates to prevent static. This small but mighty product promises to provide a flexible yet reliable hold that lasts up to five days without causing a flaky scalp. That said, a little bit goes a long way, so use it sparingly to avoid a sticky feel and a crunchy texture. TSA allows aerosol cans under 3.4 ounces, so this one is perfect for packing in your carry-on.

Price at time of publish: $17 for 1.7 ounces

Best Heat Protectant

Oribe maximista thickening spray.

This stylist favorite safeguards your hair from heat styling and UV damage while adding noticeable thickness and volume.

It can be slightly sticky when it dries, so you’ll only want to use a minimal amount.

Ferrara's go-to heat protectant for travel is Oribe Maximista, a body-building spray that safeguards your hair from heat styling and UV damage. "While its textbook use is to add thickness and volume, which it does, it's also super versatile," she says. "It can be used as a hairspray to slick back a ponytail, a blowout product, or a spray-in product to define curls." This product may feel a bit sticky once it dries, but this can be avoided by using a smaller amount.

Price at time of publish: $19 for 1.7 ounces

Best UV Protectant

Bumble and bumble hairdresser’s invisible oil heat & uv protective primer.

Hairdresser's Invisible Oil helps your hair resist over-drying and fading from sun exposure while combatting the effects of humidity.

It might weigh down fine hair or make it feel greasy.

We also like Hairdresser's Invisible Oil. This hair primer contains UV filters to protect your locks from the drying, fading, damaging effects of sun exposure. It also defends against heat damage for temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. And that's not all, this product also combats the effects of extreme humidity by smoothing your strands and preventing frizz. One thing to note is that since it's an oil-based formula, it might be a little too heavy for folks with fine hair.

Price at time of publish: $15 for 2 ounces

Best Detangler

Lolavie glossing detangler.

This spray-on primer gives hair the slip it needs to separate knots and make it more manageable, then adds shine and heat protection.

It might make fine hair look flat or limp.

If your hair is prone to tangling, toss this product in your toiletry bag. LolaVie's Glossing Detangler gives hair the slip it needs to separate twisted hair, untie fairy knots, and make your mane all-around more manageable. As the name suggests, this spray-on primer also adds shine. Then it goes above and beyond to provide heat protection and shield against environmental damage, leaving a pleasant woody citrus scent in its wake. The only thing to note is that although it's meant to be lightweight and suitable for all hair types, it might make thin hair appear flat or limp.

Price at time of publish: $13 for 2 ounces

Pattern Mini Wide Tooth Comb

This small, packable comb can be used for detangling, separating, or styling wet or dry hair.

Though it's designed with curly and coily hair patterns in mind, it's suitable for all hair types.

The mini comb from Tracee Ellis Ross's hair care brand is perfect for travel — and not just because of the small, packable size. With long, wide-set teeth, it's ideal for detangling, separating, and styling wet or dry hair. Like other Pattern products, it's designed with curly and coily hair patterns in mind, but all hair types can benefit from using a wide-tooth comb. We also like that it has a handle with an imprint for your thumb, ensuring a sturdy grip when combing out your hair.

Price at time of publish: $8

Wet Brush The Original Mini Detangler Hair Brush

This packable hair brush has flexible, nylon-tipped bristles that minimize painful tugging and breakage.

Despite the name Wet Brush, you can actually use it on wet or dry hair.

If you prefer a brush, we suggest the Original Mini Detangler from Wet Brush. Products from the brand are designed to gently detangle and smooth wet and damp hair, but they can be used on dry hair as well. This small (but not too tiny) brush has soft, flexible bristles with nylon tips to minimize painful tugging and breakage. It's the ideal size for packing but still big enough to work its way through thick, coarse hair.

Price at time of publish: $5

Tips for Buying Hair Care Products for Travel

Be mindful of tsa regulations.

Keep TSA liquid regulations in mind when buying hair care products for travel. For carry-on luggage, you can bring containers up to 3.4 ounces, including spray bottles, aerosols, tubes, and pump containers. You can't always prevent additional screening, but packing these items in a separate, resealable quart-sized bag (like a Ziplock bag or a clear toiletries carrier) can help speed up the process. Containers larger than 3.4 ounces are allowed in checked baggage.

Consider the climate

Think about the climate and forecast of your destination to determine which hair products to bring. According to Ferrara, hair gets frizzy and fluffier in humid climates because dry strands attract water in the air. "By putting a barrier on the hair and sealing the cuticle, the individual strand will be less porous and less inclined to need moisture," she explains. That's why moisturizing formulas, like masks and leave-in products, are ideal. 

"When the air lacks moisture, everything becomes dried out," says Ferrara. In addition to moisturizing, nourishing products like conditioning balms, she recommends hair spray when traveling to cold, dry regions. "By adding hold to the hair, it counteracts the static you may experience." Hair spray can also help keep flyaways in check in hot, muggy weather.

When packing a carry-on suitcase, make sure all hair products are no larger than 3.4 ounces — the TSA limit for liquids, gels, and creams. If your products aren't travel-size, consider getting a set of leak-proof toiletry containers . Place all items in an easily accessible clear plastic bag, such as a large Ziplock bag or a transparent toiletry bag.

Products larger than 3.4 ounces are allowed in checked baggage. But the bigger the container, the bigger the mess if it happens to explode en route. For this reason, we highly recommend packing the larger toiletries in your checked baggage in a Ziplock bag as well.

Hair products in containers larger than 3.4 ounces aren't allowed in carry-on luggage on airplanes, but you can pack bigger items in your checked baggage. Beyond rules about size and recommendations for packing items in clear bags, you can bring pretty much any type of product. This includes liquids, creams, and gels in bottles, tubes, pump containers, aerosol cans, and lidded jars.

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

Theresa Holland is a freelance commerce writer and product tester specializing in cosmetics, luggage, travel, and online shopping. For this story, she interviewed New York hair stylist and colorist Kali Ferrara , who provided product recommendations and insight into which formulas are best for different climates. Theresa considered a wide range of travel-size hair care products from a myriad of brands and retailers before narrowing it down to top-rated, multi-use formulas for all hair types.

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travel size hair products amazon

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Every product on this page was chosen by a Harper's BAZAAR editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy.

best travel size beauty products in 2023

The 25 Best Travel-Size Beauty Products on Amazon to Pack for Your Next Getaway

TSA-friendly favorites that fit nicely in your carry-on

It may seem easy enough to throw your most-used items into a toiletry bag and call it a day, but TSA requires anyone traveling by plane to ensure liquids, gels, and aerosols are no more than 3.4 ounces each in your carry-on. (That list encompasses cleansers, facial mists, shampoos, foundations, and more.) And in addition to pint-size liquids, packing a bevy of mini beauty tools for your on-the-go routine makes it easy to stay glam while you’re away from home.

Shop the Best Travel-Size Beauty on Amazon

Fruit Babies Bestsellers Kit

Glow Recipe

Fruit babies bestsellers kit.

Babe’s Mini Must-Haves Gift Set

The Honest Company

Babe’s mini must-haves gift set.

The Wizard Detangling Primer

The Wizard Detangling Primer

Whitening Mint Toothpaste

Whitening Mint Toothpaste

Underarm Deodorant Wipes (30-Count)

Underarm Deodorant Wipes (30-Count)

Clarifying Cleanser

Clarifying Cleanser

Superfine Hair Spray

Superfine Hair Spray

Dipbrow Gel Mini

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Dipbrow gel mini.

Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron


Nano titanium mini straightening iron.

Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk

Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk

If you’ve waited until the last minute to figure out your vacation-beauty rotation, we can’t think of a more convenient way to get it done than by shopping your product list on Amazon. In the retailer’s Premium Beauty section, we’ve found a treasure trove of best-selling picks from coveted brands like Oribe , Anastasia Beverly Hills , Sol de Janeiro , and many more that won’t give you any issues during security screening—and will arrive in no time.

Here, we’ve handpicked some of the best travel-size beauty products on Amazon to help you secure all of your getaway staples in one fell swoop.

Related: The Best Toiletry Bags for Ultimate Beauty Organization

Fans of Glow Recipe’s K-beauty -inspired skin essentials should snap up this bestsellers kit from the brand. You’ll discover travel-size favorites of their Watermelon Glow PHA+BHA Pore-Tight Toner, Avocado Ceramide Moisture Barrier Cleanser, and more.

Whether you’re a new parent or just have sensitive skin, this lavender-scented skincare set from the Honest Company is a must-have when traveling. It’s not only hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested, but also includes multiuse products like a shampoo and body wash, along with a face and body lotion to help you save space in your carry-on.

No need to worry about tangles while on the go: Over 1,900 Amazon shoppers are raving about Amika’s smoothing and detangling spray, which also comes in handy to protect hair against damage from hot tools and UV rays.

Here’s a bite-size whitening toothpaste that more than 4,000 Amazon shoppers consider one of the best travel-beauty products. One reviewer writes that the toothpaste “is pricey but it’s worth it. Not only does it actually give visible results after just a few uses, but it’s the freshest tasting mint toothpaste I’ve ever tried.”

If you’re strapping in for a long travel day, consider these biodegradable underarm deodorant wipes from Pacifica. They use a blend of coconut milk and essential oils to combat odor, and are easily thrown away once you’re done freshening up.

If you have acne-prone or combination skin, consider this clarifying cleanser from Murad a travel-beauty staple. It uses salicylic acid as a main ingredient to remove dirt and oil, preventing new breakouts while you’re in vacation mode.

Keep flyaways in check with this flexible, medium-hold hair spray from Oribe , which nicely features the brand’s signature Côte d'Azur scent.

Just a few swipes of this popular eyebrow gel hold your hairs in place for up to 12 hours per wear. And since it’s also waterproof, you can seamlessly maintain sculpted brows after a dip at the beach or pool.

If you love wearing a good blowout no matter the season, here’s a pint-size flat iron to keep it as fresh as possible. This handy tool heats up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit for a sleek finish, and uses titanium plates to leave hair silky smooth.

Over 7,000 Amazon customers agree: To help manage excess oil and boost volume during your trip, Klorane’s best-selling dry shampoo is worth the buy. It uses oat milk as a primary ingredient to remove dirt and oil from the scalp, and saves your style for a few days longer.

Beauty Elixir Face Mist

Beauty Elixir Face Mist

Traveling by plane is notoriously drying for the skin. For a quick pick-me-up, consider this highly popular face mist from Caudalie, which helps tone skin while boosting its overall radiance.

Lil’ Lemon Drop Mini Travel Detangling Hairbrush

Lil’ Lemon Drop Mini Travel Detangling Hairbrush

This adorable hairbrush from the experts at Drybar has flexible bristles that won’t get stuck in your tangles, and works seamlessly on both wet and dry hair.

Mini Retinol + Repeat Travel Kit

Mini Retinol + Repeat Travel Kit

Don’t compromise on your regular schedule for active ingredients while traveling. Sunday Riley’s Retinol + Repeat mini duo makes it a no-brainer to maintain brighter, more youthful-looking skin during your next getaway.

Bom Dia Bright Body Wash

Bom Dia Bright Body Wash

Just in case your hotel soap situation isn’t ideal, it doesn’t hurt to come prepared with your own bottle of body wash. This fruity-floral version from Sol de Janeiro uses a combination of salicylic and lactic acids to gently exfoliate your skin as you cleanse.

Go Curl Travel Eyelash Curler

Go Curl Travel Eyelash Curler

This sleek, artist-level eyelash curler from Japonesque has an open cage that won’t pinch your eyelids, and includes extra pad refills just in case you need them.

Travel Mini Eucalyptus Deodorant

Travel Mini Eucalyptus Deodorant

If you transitioned to aluminum-free deodorant from antiperspirant during the pandemic, consider adding this best-selling eucalyptus-and-bergamot pick to your shopping cart. As an added bonus, its cooling formula is perfect for warmer weather.

Luna Mini 3 Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush

Luna Mini 3 Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush

Just because you’re traveling, that doesn’t mean you have to leave all your skincare gadgets at home. Since Foreo’s coveted Luna device comes in a mini version, you can quickly sync it up in your hotel room for an instant facial.

Hydrabio H₂O Micellar Water

Hydrabio H₂O Micellar Water

Beauty lovers understand how painful it can be to wipe off an expert-level makeup look, but we have to do it anyway. Help the process move even faster by reaching for Bioderma’s gentle micellar water remover, which is especially safe for sensitive skin.

Super Soothe Moisturizing Lotion

Super Soothe Moisturizing Lotion

A dime-size amount of Tula’s probiotic moisturizer keeps any skin type—including sensitive—feeling smoother and more radiant. It contains key ingredients like aloe, cucumber, squalane, and colloidal oatmeal to soothe irritation while boosting moisture.

Stay All Day Liquid Matte Lipstick

Stay All Day Liquid Matte Lipstick

You won’t have to worry about your lipstick smudging under a face mask with this liquid matte version from Stila that’s made to stay put for up to 12 hours.

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The Hair Care Products Our Editors Never Travel Without

By Meaghan Kenny

A collage of hair products.

All products featured on Condé Nast Traveler are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

When your luggage is limited to a carry-on or weekender bag , every item counts. And when you’re experiencing a new destination, be it gloomy London or the white-sand beaches in St. Lucia , every moment counts. That’s why it’s important to have a few tried-and-true hair care products you can rely on to cut down your packing list and the time spent styling while on a trip. Since we all have different hair types and needs, we asked a dozen of our editors and favorite frequent travelers to share their own holy-grail hair products. They came back with recommendations for everything from double-duty balms to anti-frizz treatments and easy-to-use thermal brushes. Below, 17 of the best hair products to travel with, from trusted brands like Ouai, Biosilk, Ceremonia, and more.

Leave-in conditioners

  • UV protectants  
  • Shampoo and conditioner bars  
  • More hair care favorites  

travel size hair products amazon

Leave-in conditioner is essential for me when I’m traveling, as I tend to plan adventurous trips that put my hair through the ringer— surfing , camping , hiking , and long international flights that dry everything out—so I go heavy on thick conditioning products that can counteract all that exposure. Swedish brand Sachajuan makes products that fit the bill, and its leave-in conditioner (applied to wet/towel-dried hair) noticeably improved my hair during a busier-than-ever travel season; I swear it also extended the time I was able to go before needing a haircut. The bottle doesn’t meet carry-on size requirements at 8.4 ounces, but it’s liquid enough that you can easily pour it into a reusable travel-size bottle . — Megan Spurrell , senior editor

travel size hair products amazon

Give me Biosilk or give me death. No, really. There hasn’t been a hair-washing day in the last 15 years in which I, owner of a significant head of the stuff, haven’t used this saving grace product—even when I go to the hair salon. I apply a dime-sized dollop of the serum to my mane once it’s had about 30 minutes to towel dry, and almost immediately, it reduces my natural frizz by a factor of 10, rendering my hair shiny and healthy even once I begin to lay on the heat tools . Ordinarily, I draw my dose from an extra-large bottle, but I always remember to bring this nifty travel-size version along when I travel. Bonus: It softens dry hands, too, and isn’t sticky or goopy in the least. — Betsy Blumenthal , features and franchises editor

travel size hair products amazon

I’m in the process of regrowing my hair from the buzz cut I’ve had for the past two years and I’ve fallen right back into step with a product I began using a few years ago and am a big fan of: Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross’s leave-in conditioner. It works well as a conditioner and it’s great for detangling my 4C coils when I’m between styles or traveling on assignment and needing to do a wash-and-go. It doesn’t flake, clump, or leave white streaks in my hair. The Pattern shampoo, conditioner, and my beloved leave-in come in a travel-friendly size, which is, well, perfect! — Tariro Mzezewa , contributo r

travel size hair products amazon

It's a 10 is one brand I truly swear by. I always spritz on its standard leave-in product after I wash my hair to help with shine, and I'll use it as needed to help with flyaways and frizz throughout the day—needless to say, the travel-size bottle is a must after sitting in a staticky plane seat for six hours. — Caitlin Morton , contributor

travel size hair products amazon

I'm loving this duo from Ouai—honestly, they're making all of my favorite products right now. I keep my hair in a protective style 99 percent of the time, but still find it important to condition my braids for maximum shine and to avoid a dry scalp. They also serve as a heat protectant for when I do blowouts. — Candace Molatore , contributor

UV protectants

travel size hair products amazon

When I’m spending a day in the sun, I cautiously lather my face and body in sunscreen, but I somehow always forget about my scalp. I regret this as soon as my scalp starts to peel and flake. I’m not a big hat wearer, so last summer I decided to try Supergoop’s Poof mineral part powder. The consistency is similar to baby powder or other dry shampoos I’ve used and it actually protects my scalp from the sun. It’s great for beach days and is compact enough to fit in my Dopp kit . The only con: The powder color is a bit orangey (I lightly massage it into my scalp which helps the color fade). — Meaghan Kenny , associate commerce editor

travel size hair products amazon

I’m a broken record on Ceremonia’s products—I love every one I’ve tried, they work like magic and smell amazing, and I think the brand’s mission to bring ancestral Latinx haircare traditions to all is worth celebrating. In addition to its leave-in conditioner , the UV protectant is crucial when I’m traveling. I spray it on my hair before long days in the sun (in an ideal world, that’s every day on every trip), and even pack it in my beach bag to reapply after swimming. I use a little Tangle Teezer to work it through. My hair feels softer throughout the day, and I always get compliments on the scent. — M.S.

Shampoo and conditioner bars 

travel size hair products amazon

I love how they smell, first and foremost. They also make my hair feel soft and moisturized, without weighing it down. I originally got them for camping trips , but I loved them so much that I just started tossing them into my suitcase for all other types of trips, too. I don't usually check my luggage, so the containers make them super easy and convenient to travel with in a carry-on. — Sarah Kuta , contributor

travel size hair products amazon

I always travel with HiBar's Moisturize conditioner bar and Moisturize shampoo bar. I'm in the ocean a lot, so I like to have a hydrating shampoo and conditioner on hand. Solid shampoo bars have a concentrated, waterless formula, so they're a great, eco-friendly alternative to traveling with liquid products in plastic containers. I usually pop them in HiBar's Travel Pouch , which easily fits into my carry-on and keeps the bars secure and dry. — Julia Eskins , contributor

More hair care favorites

travel size hair products amazon

After years of trying and failing to find a strong-hold cream that tames stubbornly frizzy flyaways without looking greasy, I recently stumbled across Bumble and Bumble’s Sumotech Lo-Shine cream in a sample bag and now can’t go anywhere without the stuff. It stays in my purse for ample ponytail touch ups, whether I’m in my home city or jetting to the humid Caribbean —where it truly worked miracles on my insanely frizz-prone curls so I could (for once) forget about what my hair was doing and enjoy my trip. A little goes a very long way, so it’s travel-friendly even as a full-size jar at under two ounces. — Shannon McMahon , destinations editor

Image may contain: Bottle, and Cosmetics

Perfect hair day is right. I rely on a high-performing mini dry shampoo like this one from Living Proof to save me from having to rewash my hair every single day when I’m traveling. A little bit goes a long way—just a few sprays around my scalp and a quick bit of blending with my hands is all it takes to refresh my hair and eliminate excess oil. It smells divine and fits in my small toiletry bag. —M.K.

travel size hair products amazon

More often than not, I travel with check-in luggage, so bringing along all my hair products is rarely an issue for me. But when I need to economize and keep things light, I'm not afraid to say that I use Aesop hand balms like this one to style my hair in a pinch. Of course, I say this with short-hair privilege, so your mileage may vary. But they smell great and do the double-duty of moisturizing my mitts while I'm at it. — Matt Ortile , contributor

travel size hair products amazon

I can’t trust hotel conditioners. Some of it makes my strands so limp that my hair ties will fall off. Supermilk keeps my wavy-straight hair’s texture just the way I like it, and strangers compliment me on the key lime pie scent. — Alexandra Sanidad, research director

travel size hair products amazon

Sometimes, there just isn’t the time (or accommodations) for a proper shower on the road. My trusty hack for the past few summers has been this super affordable pre-braided headband that gives me a cute updo in less than five minutes and transforms my limp, flat hair into a chic style. You just slip it on over your head, tuck in your surrounding hair into the band, secure with a few bobby pins, and voila, you look like an IG influencer (or, at least, not a showerless swamp monster). Plus, it's lightweight and takes up essentially zero bag space. — Lara Kramer , global director of audience development, social, and analytics

travel size hair products amazon

Rather than bringing a slew of styling tools, I always travel with the Harry Josh Pro Tools Magnesium Round Thermal Brush. This lightweight round brush smooths frizz and gives me a salon-worthy blowout, even if the hotel room hair dryer isn't the highest quality. I like that it heats up quickly, so I can dry my hair faster, which is always a bonus on a busy trip. —J.E.


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