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Recruitment Agency for Overseas Jobs

Find your next international job placement with a global technical recruiter

Nothing is more stressful and frustrating than searching for your next job overseas.

Without the right connections, it can be difficult to determine exactly what international job opportunities are available or whether relocation and travel logistics support are available.

For these reasons and many more, it makes a lot of sense to work with overseas recruitment agencies.

Recruitment agencies for overseas jobs can help expedite and streamline your job search and ensure you find employment opportunities to push your career forward.

Believe it or not, working with an overseas staffing agency can make finding positions offshore and overseas a much simpler and more efficient process. 

What key attributes should I look for in an overseas recruitment agency?

Working with the right international recruitment agencies can help you find a job and ensure you are safe and adapt to your new location.

To do this, they need to be highly adept and have a broad range of skills, including:

1. Local knowledge


First and foremost, recruitment agencies must have local connections in areas with demand for hiring programs.

Secondly, your agency should understand the demands and legal requirements of international work, global mobility, and relocation.

Having a global recruitment team with strong local connections within a region is crucial when it comes to finding niche opportunities, and providing confidence that you will be looked after on an overseas assignment.

2. Assistance with compliance


For companies looking to start projects globally, it’s important they are able to abide by the employment laws and regulations in each different region. And, the stronger their compliance process from day one, the better chance their projects will be successful, delivered on time and on budget.

3. Experience with mobilisation


Whether it’s organising a single visa and hotel, or moving a large number of workers through multiple countries, Airswift has the experience to help make jobseekers global relocation needs run as smoothly as possible. 

4. Overall reach


Airswift, for instance, has more than 60 offices in key regions across the globe, with all offices communicating regularly to stay ahead of international law changes. Our experience over 40 years and 93% requirement success rate speaks for itself.

For over 40 years, Airswift has worked with engineers, project managers and technical specialists all over the world. From the United States, Singapore and the UK to Angola, Australia and beyond, we have mobilised thousands of professionals into their dream overseas jobs.

Are you from a business expanding overseas and looking to hire for your next project?

Airswift can help you in your search for overseas employment.

As one of the leading employment agencies for overseas jobs, Airswift offers contingent and permanent job opportunities as well as support with international relocation. 

We take the time to understand your needs to ensure world class service.

Airswift has an international network and over 60 offices around the world with hundreds of knowledgeable employees available to support your job search - no matter the location.

Are you interested in working with some of the world’s leading technical and engineering companies? 

Airswift specialise in sourcing technical experts for innovative sectors including:

  • Oil and Gas

Register on our candidate portal to see a full list of current international vacancies. 

Discover best practices for hiring a global workforce with our comprehensive in-country hiring guides.

Access our hiring guides

Latest jobs

  • IT Project Lead Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Senior I&C Engineer Houston, Texas, United States
  • Structural Designer Perth, Western Australia, Australia
  • Shipbroker (Commercial) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Senior Mechanical Designer Perth, Western Australia, Australia
  • Lead instrumentation engineer Papendrecht, Netherlands
  • Lead /Senior Mechanical Designer Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Project Manager - Industrial Projects Haarlem, Netherlands
  • Senior Electrical Designer Perth, Australia
  • Principal Electrical Designer Whiting, Indiana, United States
  • Integrity – Facilities & Project Engineer Beaumont, Texas, United States
  • Cost Controller Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Senior Civil Engineer Perth, Western Australia, Australia
  • Lead Document Control Nanterre, France
  • Electrical Designer Hillsboro, Oregon, United States
  • Lead Planner Perth, Western Australia, Australia
  • Senior Electrical Designer Perth, Western Australia, Australia
  • Material Coordinator Singapore, Singapore
  • Methods Engineer Paris , France
  • Privacy Policy
  • Web Design Manchester by Carbon Creative


5 Best Travel Agent Jobs

Best Travel Agent Jobs

Get information on Travel Agent Training programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

If you have ever pictured yourself planning dream vacations for destination weddings, exotic cruises, or arranging transport for excursions to faraway lands — becoming a travel agent could be the right career path for you.

America’s travel agents help global and local explorers plan their travels to some of the world’s top destinations.

Agents with special training and skills provide travel services and peace of mind for travelers — travelers seek out the services of knowledgeable and friendly agents when making travel arrangements by land, air, and sea.

This guide provides an overview of some of the best travel agent jobs for aspiring agents thinking about entering the field!

Travel Agent Job Duties

1. airline reservation agents – specialize in all things flight related, travel consultant job duties, cruise specialist job duties, corporate travel consultant job duties, destination wedding specialist job duties, what qualifications do i need to become a travel agent, what tools do i need to work as an independent travel agent, do i need a license to work as a travel agent, what is a travel agent.

Travel agents are highly skilled professionals dedicated to helping individuals, groups, and corporate partners facilitate seamless travel experiences.

The role of today’s travel agents goes well beyond booking flights and making hotel reservations.

Today’s agents serve as sophisticated travel architects who cater to the diverse preferences and individual needs of their clients and travel partners.

  • Scheduling Flights
  • Booking Accommodations
  • Arranging Transportation
  • Creating Travel Itineraries
  • Selling Travel Insurance
  • Understanding Travel Regulations
  • Issuing Travel Documents
  • Issuing Airline Tickets
  • Navigating Complex Reservation Systems
  • Securing the Best Travel Deals
  • Emergency Travel Services

The Best Travel Agent Jobs

Independent travel agents have a variety of career pathways to choose from.

They can work as travel consultants who specialize in creating personalized itineraries for clients, cruise specialists who book and plan cruises for travelers, and more.

Below, we provide an overview of some of the best travel agent jobs available for new and aspiring agents.

Travel agents who specialize in making airline reservations focus on assisting customers with making flight reservations and all aspects of air-related travel.

They provide critical information on available flight options and airline schedules and find the best fares to meet their traveler’s budgets.

Airline reservation agents are responsible for booking and confirming airline reservations, issuing airline tickets, and managing flight changes and cancelations as they arise.

These airline-focused agents also help travelers when issues arise that require rebooking, searching out lost baggage, managing flight delays, and staying abreast of ever-changing airline policies.

2. Travel Consultants – Making Travel Planning Easier

Today’s travel consultants are knowledgeable professionals who specialize in planning memorable vacations and travel adventures for their clients.

They plan every detail of travel, from finding the best deals on flights, arranging for top-notch travel accommodations, and weaving together exciting itineraries that their clients will never forget.

Modern travel consultants are adept professionals who are highly skilled at creating unparalleled vacation and travel experiences.

These experts are skilled at uncovering the best flight deals accommodation packages, and compiling exciting itineraries that provide lasting memories for their clients.

  • Recommending Travel Destinations
  • Securing Hotel Reservations
  • Arranging Ground Transportation
  • Offering Package Tours
  • Providing Visa and Documentation Assistance for International Travel

3. Cruise Specialists – Plan Unforgettable Nautical Adventures for Families and Couples

Adventure seekers who dream of cruising the world’s vast seas turn to cruise specialists to help them plan out the details surrounding their ideal voyage.

Cruise specialists help travelers plan all kinds of maritime exploration and adventures.

They handle all the details for planning local intimate river cruises to grand oceanic adventures like around-the-world cruises, including options for luxury, entertainment, and under-the-sea exploration.

Cruise specialists make it possible for seafaring travelers to experience their ideal voyages by planning all the intricate details for local river cruises, themed cruises, and around-the-world journeys.

These specialists orchestrate every detail required for cruise travel, from choosing cruise lines, cabins, food, entertainment, and onboard cruise experiences.

  • Cruise Line Selection
  • Cabin Selection
  • Itinerary Planning
  • Onboard Activities and Excursions
  • Selling Cruise Packages
  • Group Cruise Planning
  • Booking Themed Cruises
  • Selling Cruise Insurance
  • Special Occasions at Sea
  • Emergency Assistance from Land

4. Corporate Travel Planners – Keep America’s Business Travelers on Track

Businesses of all sizes rely on corporate travel planners to arrange for affordable flights, comfortable hotels, and local car transportation to help them stay focused on essential tasks related to their work.

Corporate travel planners arrange for domestic and international travel by providing organized itineraries that give step-by-step instructions and guidance for their business clients while traveling.

Corporate travel planners are indispensable for businesses as they cater to the diverse travel needs of businesses of all sizes.

They orchestrate seamless travel experiences by providing transportation logistics, lodging arrangements, and travel expense management, which allows traveling professionals to stay focused on the critical work commitments driving their need for travel.

Corporate travelers breathe a sigh of relief when they know their airline, hotel, and car arrangements are taken care of by their travel planners.

  • Making Flight Reservations
  • Securing Hotel Accommodations
  • Setting up Rail or Bus Travel
  • Travel Policy Adherence
  • Travel Expense Management
  • Applying Corporate Discounts
  • Negotiating Corporate Rates
  • Maintaining Corporate Travel Profiles

5. Destination Wedding Specialists – Specialize in Making Dreams Come True!

Many couples are taking advantage of cementing one of the most important days in their life to memory by having destination weddings.

Destination wedding specialists arrange for wedding venues in some of the world’s most exotic locations, ranging from tropical beaches to European castles that dazzle and delight brides, grooms, and their loved ones with cherished memories they will have forever.

Destination wedding specialists play a pivotal role in curating unforgettable experiences for excited couples seeking a unique and enchanting backdrop to celebrate their special day.

These travel experts go above and beyond the call of duty by orchestrating weddings and venue selection at some of the world’s most breathtaking locations.

  • Destination Selection
  • Venue Selection
  • Travel Logistics for Guests
  • Individual and Group Accommodations
  • Legal Documentation and Assistance
  • Ceremony and Reception Planning
  • Guest Activities and Excursions
  • Transport for the Wedding Party
  • Travel Concierge Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a travel agent doesn’t officially require any formal education.

However, acting agents and other industry professionals recommend taking training programs and earning certifications from agencies like the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Travel agents should also have excellent communication skills, sales and marketing skills, and an above-average knowledge of geography.

Working as an independent travel agent requires you to have a combination of skills, knowledge, and tools to help you effectively service your clients.

The following are examples of tools needed by independent agents who work from home or in a remote office.

  • Computer, Laptop, or Tablet
  • Solid and Reliable Internet Connection
  • Booking Platform and Global Distribution System
  • Reservation System
  • Customer Relationship Management Software
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Emergency and Crisis Management Tools

Whether you’ll need to obtain a seller’s license to work as a travel agent depends mainly on the rules and regulations of your state.

While most states in the US don’t require travel agents to have a specialized license, others will require agents to obtain a seller’s license for selling travel packages and services.

Additional Resources

travel agent hiring abroad

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OverseasJobs.com features overseas jobs and international employment opportunities for professionals, expatriates and adventure seekers. Search for international and overseas jobs worldwide and land your next great job today!

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Tourism Jobs Abroad

Why find tourism jobs abroad?

For those addicted to travel, tourism jobs abroad are often the first and most natural career choice. Since there are a number of employment paths in the tourism field, what you choose to do is somewhat dependent on where you choose to live. It is also always exciting to live and work abroad in countries that most people only dream of traveling to!

Working in tourism abroad is an excellent way to get real experience in the field you are interested in. It also demonstrates on your resume that you have the practical knowledge necessary to be successful in the highly competitive and always developing world of tourism.

While working abroad at a hotel, resort, restaurant, local attractions, events and conferences, tourism board, or travel company, you’ll gain hands-on experience in the core of the industry: travel and each of its moving parts to accommodate guests. While working abroad in tourism, your skills will grow significantly by learning the systems and processes utilized abroad. You’ll learn how local issues impact the tourism industry as well as how tourism impacts local communities.

With international travel expanding to include regions and countries otherwise overlooked in previous years, tourism jobs abroad can stretch to all corners of the world.

Europe is one of the most highly-visited continents by travelers throughout the world. These countries have been popular for centuries, making a culture of tourism deeply rooted in European societies. Destinations such as France , Italy , and Spain are especially popular, and the tourism industries there are concentrated on the historical and cultural traditions of each country. 

Australia and New Zealand have been experiencing an increase in tourism in recent years. From the coasts, to the mountains, to bustling cities, these countries are prime locations for those looking to explore beyond the well-worn path of Europe’s historical landmarks. Tourists in Australia and New Zealand are typically younger, making for a very vibrant and energetic travel culture that can be exciting to work in.

South America and Central America , with their indigenous and Hispanic cultures, ancient ruins, and delicious food, have been making a name for themselves in the tourism industry. Ecotourism has boomed in certain countries, such as Costa Rica, shifting travelers’ exploration to an emphasis on rainforests and beaches, and emphasizing an appreciation for natural wonders.

There are a number of different paths to take when searching for a tourism job abroad, and your decision on what career to follow is entirely dependent on your skills, goals, and where you plan to work. 

What makes these jobs valuable abroad versus in your home country . International tourism jobs can set you on a path towards an exciting career that allows you to continue to experience the rewarding challenges and excitement of living and working abroad. Future employers will see that you have practical knowledge and hands-on experience in the tourism industry, which will be helpful as you continue your career.

Professional benefits you can gain . Working in tourism abroad is an excellent way to get real experience in the field you are interested in. It also demonstrates on your resume that you have the practical knowledge necessary to be successful in the highly competitive and always developing world of tourism.

A day on the job . Whether working abroad at a hotel, resort, restaurant, local attractions, events and conferences, tourism board, or travel company, your day-to-day will always be different. You’ll gain hands-on experience in the core of the industry through travel and each of its moving parts to accommodate guests.

Salaries for international tourism jobs will vary depending on what part of the industry you decide to work in and what country you choose to live in.

The average flight attendants’ salary is around $38,800, whereas those interested in working as a tour guide can make anywhere between $27,000 and $40,000, although your salary is commensurate with your level of knowledge and experience. When working as a contracted tour guide (hired by another company to give tours), the company will typically pay you a lower base salary, with the assumption that you will earn more in tips.

In Europe, full-time work in hospitality will pay approximately $1,500 a month, sometimes with a room and some food provided. However, this may vary from country to country; the type of establishment (hostel vs. resort) may also affect your salary too.

Although the corporate world of travel provides less on-the-ground experience, you are compensated by a higher salary. Tour consultants for companies that organize tours abroad can earn on average around $41,000 with the opportunity for bonuses.

While working abroad in tourism, your skills will grow significantly by learning the systems and processes utilized abroad. You’ll learn how local issues impact the tourism industry as well as how tourism impacts local communities. Some countries require you to have a sponsored visa in order to live and work in-country. Additionally, working as a freelance tour guide in certain parts of the world requires a level of education on par with that of a university history professor in order to be a certified guide. You must know your chosen region or country thoroughly in order to be an effective guide.

Working in tourism abroad does not necessarily mean that you will simply be paid to travel. (Salaries for international tourism jobs will vary depending on what you do and what country you choose to live in.) It is a challenging, time-consuming field of work that requires a great deal of dedication and know-how in order to succeed. However, it is also an incredibly rewarding career path that connects you with other travelers and the country in which you decide to work abroad in. Not to mention the opportunity to live where others are merely vacationing is a huge bonus!


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76 Tourism Jobs

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Alliance Abroad

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Protect Your Trip »

Is a travel agent worth it the pros and cons.

Travel experts agree there are several advantages to hiring a vacation planner.

The Pros & Cons of Using a Travel Agent

Married couple with baby son in modern travel agency talking to a travel agent.

Getty Images

A travel agent can save you money and time.

Need to pivot your trip plans but don't want to deal with the extra time, money and hassle of rebooking flights and accommodations on your own? That's just one area where a knowledgeable travel agent (also commonly known as a travel advisor) can help. Read on to discover the other benefits – as well as the downsides – of using a travel agent, so you can confidently decide whether or not a travel agent is worth it for your next trip.

The Pros of Using a Travel Agent

Travel agents can save you money – and get you other perks.

"In some cases, you'll actually get a better  deal by working with a travel agent," says Jackie Steele, travel expert at MagicGuides . "This could be in the form of a cruise onboard credit (free spending money to use on the ship), access to special agency/group rates, or even just learning about a discount you qualify for but weren't aware of." The best agents will even keep an eye on new discounts as they're announced and apply them to your trip even after you've booked, he notes.

Travel agents handle all the details

Hotel room? Booked. Dinner reservations? Made. Tour tickets? Ready to go. A travel agent handles every detail of your vacation itinerary. "The traveler still gets to be involved in the fun part of dreaming up ideas and providing their travel wishes, while we take and perfect them," says Jessica Parker, founder of Trip Whisperer .

Molly McShea, owner and travel advisor at McShea Travel , points out that travel agents can also help with timing logistics. "Travel agents know how many days should be spent in each destination, which tours go together, and how many things you should do in a day," she says, adding that crafting an itinerary can be challenging if it's not something you regularly do. Additionally, travel agents can help you choose the best time to visit your preferred destination(s) based on seasonality and your budget, and sift through travel insurance policies to find the best option for your needs.

Travel agents can provide local expertise

"A travel advisor's industry connections and relationships provide added value to their clients," says Valerie Edman, a luxury travel advisor and agency owner at Cultured Travel LLC. She says when working with a travel agent, travelers gain access to a global network of connections including:

  • In-destination specialists who work exclusively with travel advisors and can connect travelers with unique, off-the-beaten-path experiences they wouldn't otherwise know about
  • Exclusive experiences not available to the general public

You'll avoid surprise fees

When deciding if a travel agent is worth it for you, remember this: A reputable agent can guarantee you won't encounter any surprise fees on accommodations and activities once your trip is booked.

You'll have someone to troubleshoot unexpected travel issues

A travel advisor is essentially your personal vacation concierge. "Because they've been around for so long, agents really know what to look for," says Christopher Elliott , a consumer advocate and journalist. "Travel agents are among the first to know about flight cancellations and delays , making it easy for them to rebook itineraries right away." 

The Cons of Using a Travel Agent

It might not be your cheapest option.

There are some instances when it makes more sense to plan your own trip. "If you're planning a quick flight from New York City to Los Angeles, it's easy enough to book it yourself online directly or through a third-party booking site," says Elliott. "If you're planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip or bucket list honeymoon , that's when you call the experts."

You'll have less flexibility in your itinerary

The upside of working with a travel agent is having someone plan an epic vacation for you based on industry knowledge and local expertise. But this can also be a downside in the event you discover an activity you'd like to do or a restaurant you'd like to try that isn't on your pre-planned itinerary. If you alter your plans, you risk losing money; plus, the time it takes for you and your travel agent to coordinate your change of plans may not be worth the hassle.

You still have to do some research

It's important to find an agent you can trust, which means you still have to do some of the vacation planning. For this part, Parker recommends picking up the phone. "Lots of people avoid or don't pick up the phone as much anymore," she says. "That's where you get the high-touch service, tone of voice, excitement or concerns to manage." She advises to look for the following red flags:

  • No fees: " Travel advisors are charging planning fees more now or increasing them, so the client knows more confidently than ever, we work for them, not the suppliers with the best commissions," Parker explains. "There are a lot of things that are non-commissionable and the advisor's time and expertise shouldn't be given away for free, either. That's the best way to show an advisor takes their business seriously."
  • Limited options: If you work with someone who is inexperienced or has an incentive to book you with a certain supplier, they may not be prioritizing your best interests. "It's important to check if they are with a larger consortia, accreditations and network, typically listed on their website and signatures," says Parker. "That level of mindshare doesn't come with a lone advisor unless they have many, many years of experience."
  • Slow response times: If communication is delayed, that's a sign they may be too busy to plan your trip – but again, this is something you can avoid by having the right conversations early on.

Edman suggestes starting your search with the American Society of Travel Advisors . "ASTA-verified travel advisors are committed to the highest industry standards and have verifiable industry knowledge so consumers can feel confident in working with them," she says.

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10 companies that will let you work from anywhere and are hiring right now—some jobs pay over $100,000


If you want to work from home — or anywhere in the world — consider a career in accounting, technology or graphic design. 

Even as more companies pull back on flexibility , employers in these fields are doubling down on their commitment to a workplace model without mandatory office attendance or location requirements for workers, according to new research from FlexJobs. 

Companies in the marketing, education and gaming sectors are also hiring for more remote, flexible roles, FlexJobs lead career expert Toni Frana tells CNBC Make It .

FlexJobs has identified the top companies hiring for work-from-anywhere jobs in 2024 by analyzing its database and seeing which companies had the highest volume of remote, location-flexible job postings between January and December 2023.

In a work-from-anywhere job, employees are 100% remote, independent of location or time zone.

All of the companies included in FlexJobs' ranking offer full-time or part-time remote jobs that don't have a location restriction and require no time in the office. Here are 10 companies with a high volume of work-from-anywhere job postings (see the full list here ):

  • Static Media
  • Chainlink Labs
  • Invisible Technologies
  • Wikimedia Foundation

The most noticeable change in the remote work landscape over the past year has been the slight uptick in companies actively recruiting for work-from-anywhere positions, says Frana.

DON'T MISS: The ultimate guide to acing your interview and landing your dream job

Sixteen new companies are included on FlexJobs' linking this year, while other employers mentioned in the report, including Chainlink Labs and the Wikimedia Foundation, have consistently hired for remote, flexible jobs in recent years — and are among the strongest bets for work-from-anywhere opportunities in 2024, Frana adds. 

Many work-from-anywhere jobs offer salaries well over $100,000. For example, a job ad for a director of engineering at the Wikimedia Foundation lists a salary range of $167,046-$260,066. An ad for a senior product manager at Invisible Technologies comes with a base pay of $170,000.

If you're hoping to land a "work from anywhere" job, Frana recommends using keywords such as "time zone independent," "distributed team" and "digital nomad" in your search, as these phrases are commonly used in job descriptions to distinguish work-from-anywhere roles from remote roles that have location restrictions.

She also suggests networking with current employees at the companies you're applying to before applying to build rapport and either ask for a referral or the hiring manager's contact information so you can follow up on your application with a personal note. 

Since the start of the pandemic, "we've seen a huge increase in job seekers looking at work-from-anywhere jobs on FlexJobs, and that's hardly died down," Frana adds. "One key to standing out, and landing these kinds of roles, is making that personal connection."

Want to land your dream job in 2024?   Take CNBC's new online course How to Ace Your Job Interview to learn what hiring managers are really looking for, body language techniques, what to say and not to say, and the best way to talk about pay. Get started today and save 50% with discount code EARLYBIRD.

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The biggest change coming to remote work and RTO in 2024, according to a tech CEO

How I built a nail business that brings in over $600,000 a year

Let's Roam Explorer

The Most Important Questions to Ask Your Travel Agent

Even with an agent, travel is a tricky business! This list of questions to ask a travel agent can help save you a lot of time and headaches later on.

travel agent hiring abroad

While the internet has revolutionized the way that people plan and book hotels and flights, travel agents and agencies have remained an important part of the travel industry. This is due to the added value that their skills and knowledge can bring to a vacation, especially if you’re trying to book a relatively complex trip such as a multi-lag safari in Africa or a family reunion in Disneyland. Travel agencies can also help you find some great travel deals that are only available to agents which is great if you’re a budget traveler. Remember, this is your hard-earned money and vacation time, and making a list of questions to ask a travel agent can help save you a lot of time and headaches later on.

Let’s Roam will show you the sights!

Travel agents are great, but sometimes you need a little help and guidance when you’re on the ground. Our dedicated team of travel experts have created a vast selection of scavenger hunt adventures in hundreds of cities around the world! Our carefully-crafted experiences are interactive and addictive, using games and trivia to challenge, inspire, and educate you at the same time. Grab the Let’s Roam app today and treat your family to a thrilling adventure somewhere new!

Do you charge a fee for your services?

It can sometimes be a little confusing to know how travel agents actually make money. Do they charge a commission or a flat fee? Or do they get a kickback from the products that they sell? This question can begin to feel like the elephant in the room and can even make you start questioning what the travel agent is offering. If this is the case, don’t be shy. Instead, simply ask if there’s a charge for their services. This will help you rest assured that you won’t get hit with an unexpected fee. 

What services do you offer?

Travel agents come in all shapes and sizes, as do the products that they offer! While some offer preset packages, others let you build your own trip. Some also act as travel advisors who can help walk you through the travel planning process from start to finish. By having a good idea of what a travel agent offers, you can take advantage of their strengths and skills to help you plan your dream vacation. 

Can you provide assistance while I am at a destination? 

Every time you travel, you risk something going wrong. Having a travel agent can help make troubleshooting much, much easier when you’re on the road but it’s important to know from the beginning whether or not they can assist you in case of an emergency once the trip has already started. This could mean anything from helping with flight cancellations to advising a medical emergency. Don’t always assume that they will be there to help and be sure to have them tell you what they can and can’t assist with in writing before your trip begins. 

How can I reach you in case of an emergency?

If they tell you that they can assist in an emergency, confirm with them what is the best way to reach them. Keep in mind that the time zone that you’ll be in may be very different than where the agent is based. It’s good to know how you can contact them outside of normal business hours and what their response time will be. This can help you plan accordingly in case anything does happen while you’re on your trip.

What travel destinations do you suggest?

Many people know that they want to go on a vacation but they aren’t entirely sure where exactly they want to go. This is one area where you can make use of the experience and skills of a travel agent. They may know of up and coming to travel destinations that you never even heard of and are perfect for your needs. 

If you already have an idea of where you want to go and this is your first time working with a particular travel agent, this could also be a good way to “test” your travel agent. By asking where they recommend based on the type of trip that you desire, you can see if they are considering your needs and requirements or if they are giving a “generic” destination. This gives you at least a bit of an idea as to how they will be to work with and you can make an educated choice as to whether or not you want to proceed.

Have you traveled there before?

Whether a travel agent suggests a destination to you or you go to them with one already in mind, it’s always a good idea to ask them whether or not they have traveled there before. While some agents know a destination inside and out, others may have only looked at a few pamphlets or sat in on a few information sessions about a place. It’s nearly always better to find someone that has been to a place and understands the nuances of traveling there, particularly if it’s a place that is a bit off the beaten path. 

What does your agency specialize in?

While some travel agencies try to be a jack of all trades, others specialize in particular destinations or types of travel. If you have your heart set on really delving deep into a destination or have very specific activities that you want to do, These types of agencies are often worth spending the extra money with as they are more likely to be able to ensure that you have the experience that you’re hoping for and can help troubleshoot more easily if things don’t work out as they should. 

What is the best time to travel to this destination?

Once you have decided on a destination, double-check that you’re going at a “good” time of year. Is it really hot? Crowded? Hurricane season? A good travel agent should know what the climate will be like in a place and also whether or not it will be overrun with tourists and when is the best time to go. Keep in mind that this is all relative and the best time to go for someone who is looking to spend some time enjoying the sun in Florida may not be the best time for someone who is hoping to score a good deal and avoid the crowds. 

Make sure to dig deep into the answer that the agent gives you and confirm why they think it’s the best time to go. This will help ensure that you’re on the same page. 

Are there any ways that I can save money on the booking?

If a travel agent provides a quote that seems to be way out of your budget, don’t give up right away. Depending on how out of reach the quote is, you may want to see if there’s any way that the quote can be cheaper. They may have included things in the total cost like airport transfers, high-end hotels, activities, etc. You can also ask if there’s a cheaper period when you can travel. Going during the shoulder season rather than the high season can save you a huge amount of money so if your time is flexible, you should consider this. 

You may also want to consider if there’s an alternative neighborhood that you can stay in where accommodation is cheaper. Many travel agencies will try to place people as close to the destination highlights as possible but sometimes staying a bit outside of the center offers a better experience. Think of it this way… imagine staying in an adorable hotel in a residential neighborhood in Rome. You find a charming little restaurant where you have the best pizza on the planet and spend the rest of the night drinking wine in the neighborhood piazza. Now compare this to staying in a big block hotel right near the Rome train station. 

Is a package tour cheaper than creating my own vacation?

Booking a package tour can save you a lot of money… sometimes. Like everything in life, there’s a slight caveat to this and a lot of it depends on your travel style. Some packages may include things like transfer service and five-star hotels. If this isn’t something you’re particularly interested in, you may end up saving quite a bundle if you book everything separately. 

If you still want to use a travel advisor or agent, try to find one that specializes in that region or country. They are likely to know the best restaurants, hotels, etc, and can likely help you save even more money while having an even better trip than you would have had as part of a package tour!

Is there a price match guarantee?

If the cost of the airfare or the hotels happens to go down after you have confirmed your trip, some travel agents may offer a price match guarantee if the bookings were confirmed within a certain time period. While it isn’t always the case, it’s worth asking just in case. Bear in mind that this may not be very easy to figure out if you have booked a package that includes a variety of tickets (flights, hotels, activities) over an extended period but it may save you a lot of money if your booking is not complex.

What is your cancellation policy?

Before you pay for anything, it’s very important to always check what the cancellation policy is. If the policy is very strict or if the deposit seems inordinately high, see if you can have this reduced. Travel plans change all the time so there must be some degree of flexibility built in. 

If the itinerary includes flights, hotels, and activities, always check to see what happens if one of these ends up getting canceled. For example, if your flight is canceled, what does that mean for your hotel or activity bookings? If you’re traveling during high season and your hotel reservation ends up getting canceled unexpectedly, what other options do you have? 

What are the travel documents that I need for this trip?

Depending on where you’re from and where you’re going, you may need to have a visa to travel to a destination. You may also need to fill out health forms. Your travel agent should be able to inform you exactly what you need to travel to a country so don’t forget to ask this both well before the trip starts and also once again right before your departure date. 

Even though the worst of the COVID pandemic seems to be over, entry requirements to a country can still change quickly and you don’t want to be caught unaware and unable to board your flight because you don’t have the right documentation. 

Are there any additional costs that I need to be aware of?

Once you have received a quote from a travel agency, always ask if there are any additional costs that you need to be aware of. Often, things like visas, inbound flight airfare, and meals won’t be included in the total price and will need to be calculated separately. This usually happens because the prices can be very different based on where someone’s departure point is. This means that you can potentially save money by trying different airports and dates, giving you the flexibility of being able to cut costs without having to rely on the travel agency to do it on your behalf.

Also, ask whether or not the tour includes admission fees to museums and historic sites as these can add up quickly depending on the location. 

How can I pay for the trip?

Depending on where the travel agency is based, you may not be able to pay by credit card. If this is the case, you may have to send money through another payment platform such as Wise or Western Union . In these situations, the transaction fees are usually paid by the guest rather than the agent so make sure to calculate these into your overall trip costs as they can add a substantial amount to a high-priced vacation. 

Do I need travel insurance?

Normally, the answer to this question is always yes. Some credit card companies offer insurance if you book at least a portion of the trip with your card. However, you may need to purchase supplemental insurance based on the destination and the activities that you’ll be doing. Some countries may even require you to have a certain insurance policy before they will allow you to enter the country. 

Are there any security issues to be aware of?

We live in a world where the geopolitical situation between many countries can be a bit shaky and where things can change at the drop of a hat. Not many people expected Sri Lanka to become unstable so quickly nor did most people believe that there would be a war between Russia and Ukraine. If you plan on traveling to some of the more off-beat destinations, it’s prudent to ask your travel agent whether or not any security issues may worsen before you go. 

Time to start packing!

We hope that this guide has given you an idea of the “right questions” to ask when booking your dream vacation through a travel agency. If you feel a little like they are a bit like interview questions, don’t worry. Booking travel is their job and they should be prepared to answer them thoroughly to ensure that they are meeting a client’s needs.

If you’re still in the beginning stages of your trip planning or are thinking of adding a few days to a trip pre or post-tour, don’t forget to check out the Let’s Roam app . It’s full of great user-generated tips and tricks that can help you find some of the best places to visit in a destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you ask the right questions , travel agents can help you save a ton of money when you travel and can help you find the perfect vacation destination.

Before you book anything with a travel agent , it is important to ask questions about the destination, their services, and their experience. This can help ensure you book a trip that’s right for you.

Travel agents can be extremely useful but’s is important to do some research on your own as well. Consider using an app like Let’s Roam to find out more about your chosen destination.

Featured Products & Activities

europa tourist group jobs

europa tourist group jobs

L'Europa Tourist Group è il gruppo in grado di occupar si del business immobiliare in ogni sua fase: progetta, costruisce, riqualifica, commercializza e gestisce patrimoni immobiliari BOOKING...

The Europa Group SPA, designed with the spirit of combining the synergies of different activities and services, that were performed in each agency, and the experience gained in over 40 years of activity in tourism and real estate is a guarantee for care and services for tourists and investors.

Europa Tourist Group is the group leader in the offer of Family Hotel in Bibione and Lignano, thanks to its 15.000 beds divided in apartments, residence, villas, villages with pool and garden, 4 hotels and 4 touristic residences.

And Bibione offers also many hotel and apartment accommodation facilities (in residence, B&B, camping, holiday house or apartments in Bibione ), providing high quality services and amenities for couples, families and group of friends. From Bibione, you will be able to easily reach many cities full of history and tradition or go to Lignano beach ...

Posted 9:35:25 AM. Europa Tourist Group , nell'ambito del potenziamento della propria struttura è alla ricerca di…See this and similar jobs on LinkedIn.

Search job openings at Europa Group. 4 Europa Group jobs including salaries, ratings, and reviews, posted by Europa Group employees.

Jobs Join now Sign in ... Europa Tourist Group - Bibione & Lignano 416 followers 11mo Report this post Report Report. Back Submit. Agenzia D'Affari Europa ...

Europa Group. Glassdoor gives you an inside look at what it's like to work at Europa Group, including salaries, reviews, office photos, and more. This is the Europa Group company profile. All content is posted anonymously by employees working at Europa Group. What is it really like to work at Europa Group?

Unique work places and job openings. The MACK group of companies is known worldwide for innovative and unique entertainment formats that enchant millions of people every year. With over 4,500 employees during the season, the Europa-Park Resort is one of the largest employers in southern Baden. In recent years, the group has grown continuously ...

The Official Website of Europa Group Hotels - Europa Royale, Europa City, Europa Stay Hotels in Lithuania an Latvia. Hotel in Riga, Vilnius, Kaunas, Druskininkai, Liepaja.

Europa Tourist Group, Bibione, Veneto, Italy. 40,486 likes · 83 talking about this · 210 were here. Trova la soluzione per le tue vacanze a Bibione e Lignano tra i nostri 4 hotel, 7 aparthotel, 2...

For an unforgettable holiday in the beautiful resort of Bibione and Lignano, trust the offers proposed by Europa Tourist Group.. In our portal you can browse through a wide range of proposals and look for, comfortably, with a few simple clicks, the promotion that best suits your needs.All hotels, apartments, residences, aparthotels, villas and bungalows that we offer are characterized by ...

US Headquarters Club Europa The Europa House 310 West Delaware Avenue Urbana, Illinois 61801 (217) 344-5863 (800) 331-1882 e-mail: [email protected]

Bibione and Lignano Sabbiadoro, two seaside tourist destinations that are the flagships of the Adriatic coast in terms of beauty and services, have in common the soft and fine golden sand that covers the 17km of beaches and the exclusive accommodations that Europa Tourist Group offers you as a destination for your next holidays. But Bibione and Lignano are much more than this.

Europa Tourist Group has a revenue of $155.3K, and 10 employees. Overview News & Insights. Europa Tourist Group is a Private company. Europa Tourist Group has a revenue of $155.3K, and 10 employees. CEO. Add. CEO Approval Rating - -/100. Add Founded Year. Add Location. Private Independent Company.

Latest CV; Experienced Worker looking for greener pastures - Norway, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovenia ...

Europa Tourist Group - Appartmenti Bibione in Bibione, reviews by real people. Yelp is a fun and easy way to find, recommend and talk about what's great and not so great in Bibione and beyond.

A bibionei apartmanok és szállodák széles választéka, valamint a professzionális és magas szintű turisztikai szolgáltatások a garancia arra, hogy az idelátogató turisták itt tartózkodása egy felejthetetlen élmény legyen, ebben a kimagasló természeti szépségei okán, nemzetközi szinten elismert városban. A város számos ...

Today's 13 jobs in Elektrostal, Moscow, Russia. Leverage your professional network, and get hired. New Elektrostal, Moscow, Russia jobs added daily.

12 places sorted by traveler favorites. 1. Electrostal History and Art Museum. 2. Statue of Lenin. 3. Museum and Exhibition Center. 4. Park of Culture and Leisure.

Anton is now 40 and he recently qualified as a 2nd grade driver, by coming in the top three places in a professional competition. Unlike his colleague, Worku, Anton has seen many emergency ...

Ed Elliot, PA. Brighton secured a place in the knockout stages of the Europa League after Joao Pedro's second-half penalty earned an unconvincing 1-0 victory away to 10-man AEK Athens. In-form ...

Europa Tourist Group - Bibione & Lignano in Boydton, VA Expand search. Jobs People Learning

blue horizon travel

blue horizon travel

American Airlines to lay off 656 employees to provide 'elevated' customer service

travel agent hiring abroad

American Airlines announced the layoff of hundreds of employees Monday as the carrier seeks to reorganize and improve its customer service team, according to the airline.

"Today, we announced updates to our contact center organization that will help us better serve our customers. As part of these updates, we are creating a new Customer Success team that will be dedicated to providing more convenient, elevated support to American Airlines customers with some of their most complex travel needs," the airline said in a statement to USA TODAY.

"Unfortunately, this means some current positions will be eliminated. We’re working closely with impacted team members to support them through this transition including providing exclusive access to job openings throughout American Airlines, outplacement services and severance."

The layoffs will eliminate 8.2% of its 8,000 customer service-related positions for a total of 656 employees, who are not represented by a union, according to Bloomberg. The impacted includes 335 who work in Phoenix and 321 in Dallas-Fort Worth. These workers currently assist passengers with their lost luggage and AAdvantage loyalty program service groups.

"We are laser-focused on improving your customer experience," Carolyne Truelove, American Airlines Vice President of Reservations and Service Recovery, told Dallas News . "With that focus is digging deep into where we have customer pain points."

Learn more: Best travel insurance

Currently, American Airlines passengers have to reach out to separate customer service teams for different issues, but the new structure will consolidate that assistance into one team. This will likely be passengers whose flights are impacted by factors like weather.

Canceled flight? How to find out what airlines owe you when your flight is canceled, delayed

More easily addressed, "lighter-touch" problems will then be outsourced to international contact centers, which operate 24/7.

The airline said that first-contact resolution decreases call volume by 20%.

Laid-off employees will work in their positions until March 30 and are given the opportunity to be the first to apply for one of the 135 spots on the new Customer Success team, or one of the 800 other open American Airlines jobs, the airline said. Otherwise, they will get severance and job placement support.

Kathleen Wong is a travel reporter for USA TODAY based in Hawaii. You can reach her at [email protected] .

departure lounge travel limited

departure lounge travel limited


The fact we are an independent travel agency enables us to give you the widest choice of destinations, hotels and airlines, so that we can offer a holiday to match every pocket and every dream.

We have over 50 years combined experience, therefore we realise just how important it is getting it exactly right, the first time.

Tailor Made Trips

We are not only able to arrange packages through the UK’s major tour operators but also specialise in tailor-made trips to help you experience the best.

departure lounge travel limited

Experts Dedicated to Destinations

We have experts dedicated to destination with in depth and inside knowledge. Our experts have gained a unique relationship with these destinations to give you the best knowledge and give you the ultimate holiday experience.

Nestled at the bottom of Holcombe Hill, in the picturesque village of Holcombe Brook is the home of The Departure Lounge. Opened by Jo Robinson in 2008, after being in the industry for over 20 years, she felt she needed to use her experience, contacts & passion to provide the very best for her clients. Her aim was to bring a more tailored personal touch into a brand people could trust and rely on. Since then The Departure Lounge has gone from strength to strength, gaining clients by the thousands by way of the recommendation only policy that has become the main focal point of the business. With over 50 years combined experience between 5 well-travelled members of staff, we have the world covered! We know when to travel where, which areas to avoid & can easily distinguish between a 5 star & those masquerading as such.

The fact that we are an independent travel agency enables us to give our clients the widest selection of destinations, accommodations & experiences. Non directional selling is a big string to our bow. We strive to work with our suppliers to ensure that we provide value for money, always having our client’s interests at heart. Whether you’re looking for a fun family holiday, once in a lifetime adventure, luxury break with a loved one or help with a mind blowing itinerary, we are here to help! We understand that everyone’s idea of luxury differs; therefore we strive to cater for all using our wide range of contacts in the travel trade. With us you know your investment is safe. We are both ABTA & ATOL bonded & are very proud to be part of the The Co-operative Travel Consortium, meaning we can truly tailor-make the world for you!

We Deliver….

At The Departure Lounge we pride ourselves on our attention to detail & aim to offer the best service possible. Our dedicated staff relish the opportunity to exceed your expectations. From a little something in your room on your birthday, to arranging a Michelin Star restaurant for that special occasion. Where we differ from pack is that it’s not just click and thats it, we will be with you every step of the way! Our personal service is paramount to us, we understand how precious each trip is to our clients and how much of a huge investment a holiday really is.

departure lounge travel limited

Avista Travel

Dear Clients,

We are writing to inform you that as of 1 st December 19, The Departure Lounge Clitheroe has been appointed by The Mid-counties Co-operative Travel Consortium to facilitate all forward confirmed bookings made through Avista Travel, Clitheroe.

This situation has arisen due to our shared consortium informing us of Donna’s intention to retire, & Avista Travel sadly closing its doors on 29 th November this year.  Donna and her team have serviced the people of Clitheroe for over 9 great years, and it is our intention to ensure that the service you have enjoyed continues into 2020 and beyond.

Please be assured that all monies and bookings are safe under the The Mid-counties Co-operative Travel Consortium umbrella for all confirmed & yet to depart Avista Travel bookings. All existing bookings that are due to travel from the 1 st December will be moved over to The Departure Lounge, Clitheroe and your holiday plans will not be disrupted.

Due to this, we are pleased to advise we have successfully taken on the lease of 3 Castle Street, the former location of Avista Travel & this will become the home for The Departure Lounge Clitheroe.  From 1 st December please be advised the branch will be closed whilst we undergo our Lounge refurbishment, all phone calls and emails will be covered during this time.  Our contact details are as follows:

Telephone: 01200 422975

Email: [email protected]

Address: The Departure Lounge Clitheroe, 3 Castle Street, Clitheroe, BB7 2BT

We are also very pleased to inform you that familiar faces Sam Briggs & Briony Townsend will be joining our team at The Departure Lounge Clitheroe as from 1 st December. The Departure Lounge Clitheroe will be the new addition to the already successful The Departure Lounge portfolio.  Established in 2008 The Departure Lounge has gone from strength to strength, offering the highest level of customer service, a passionate interest in our clients travel plans whilst always striving for the best value.  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail & our dedication to any holiday, whatever the budget. We don’t just wish to meet our client’s expectations; we want to exceed them!

We are very much looking forward to being part of the high street in Clitheroe & can’t wait to welcome you into our new Lounge.  On behalf of Jo, Helen & The Team we look forward to meeting all clients old & new!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


Departure lounge travel.

Contact details:, opening times.

  • Monday 09:00 ~ 17:30
  • Tuesday 09:30 ~ 17:30
  • Wednesday 09:00 ~ 17:30
  • Thursday 09:00 ~ 17:30
  • Friday 09:00 ~ 17:30
  • Saturday 09:00 ~ 15:30
  • Sunday CLOSED

If you wish to pre-book a time to see someone please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our utmost to accommodate you anyway we can.

Contact Us Here

40 Wide Bargate,

01205 365917

[email protected]

Registered VAT Number: 977576351

Copyright © 2024 Departure Lounge Travel Ltd

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Storm Jocelyn latest: Major river breached - as drivers told to 'postpone journeys' and avoid parking near trees, with 80mph winds closing in

As the 10th named storm of the season sweeps parts of the UK, drivers are advised to avoid travelling or parking near trees - with 80mph winds forecast. Meanwhile, the River Ouse breaches its banks, causing floods in York.

Tuesday 23 January 2024 20:14, UK

Workers remove a tree that fell on an electricity substation on the Kinnaird estate in Larbert during Storm Isha on Sunday

  • Tenth named storm of season hits UK
  • Complete breakdown of today's weather warnings
  • Drivers told to 'postpone journeys' - and avoid parking near trees
  • River Ouse breaches banks in York
  • 11,000 remain without power
  • 'Major disruption' set to hit trains between England and Scotland - as operators urge passengers not to travel
  • Explained :  What do the weather warnings mean?
  • Live reporting by Ollie Cooper and (earlier)  Brad Young

We want to hear from you.

Send us your stories and pictures via WhatsApp  here .

Alternatively, email [email protected]

By sending us your video footage, photographs or audio you agree we can publish, broadcast and edit the material.

As Storm Jocelyn sweeps across the UK and Ireland, energy providers are scrambling to restore power to thousands.

So what's the latest? 

Some of the operators have not provided updates since this morning, others later in the day - we'll note when each update was released in brackets. 

As of this morning, approximately 4,900 were off supply in England and the south of Scotland , while 6,000 people were disconnected in Northern Ireland , according to the Energy Networks Association and Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (10am update today).

UK Power Networks, a provider in  London, the South East and East of England,  said it was still working to reconnect 1,700 customers in its last update (4pm yesterday).

In  Scotland and central southern England , 370 Southern Electricity Networks customers remain without power, but SSEN said they expect to reconnect them by the end of the day (midday update today).

A further 1,800 people are without power in North West England , according to Electricity North West (5pm update today).

In  Ireland, 38,000 ESB Networks customers are still without power, as of the operators evening update (5.15pm today). 

A near-total shutdown of Scotland's rail network is in place, shortly after an amber weather warning for wind came into effect for much of the country a short time ago (see 6.03pm post). 

ScotRail made the decision to shut down the network across the country as the fallout from Storm Isha continues -  coupled with the worst of the effects of Storm Jocelyn anticipated this evening and into tomorrow morning. 

The operator spent much of today preparing for the shutdown, urging people to travel earlier and make sure they stayed up to date with their last train time - with many services ceasing before the 7pm cut-off. 

We aren't expecting many services to restart before midday tomorrow - with inspectors needing daylight to safely and accurately assess any potential damage or obstruction to lines.

Northumbria Police have again appealed for information after two cars separately struck a fallen tree in Cramlington.

Shortly before 6.55am yesterday, they were called to a collision on the A1068 Fisher Lane, before the Foxton Mill roundabout.

"Emergency services attended the scene where it was reported that two cars – a black BMW 3 Series 335d and a black Volkswagen Jetta – had been travelling southbound on the road," a statement said. 

"For reasons yet to be established, both of the cars have then separately collided with a tree that had fallen on to the road."

The BMW's driver, a 26-year-old man – was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries.

"He remains there in a critical condition," police said.

An amber weather warning is now in place across western and northern Scotland.

The warning - for wind - is set to last until 8am tomorrow, and affects Grampian, Highlands & Eilean Siar, Orkney & Shetland and Strathclyde.

The Met Office says the warning means:

  • There is a good chance that power cuts may occur, with the potential to affect other services, such as mobile phone coverage;
  • Probably some damage to buildings, such as tiles blown from roofs;
  • Longer journey times and cancellations likely, as road, rail, air and ferry services may be affected;
  • Some roads and bridges likely to close;
  • Injuries and danger to life is likely from large waves and beach material being thrown onto coastal roads, sea fronts and properties.

We'll be bringing you the latest updates as we get them. 

Car services company RAC is urging motorists to avoid driving as Storm Jocelyn hits the UK.

The Met Office has issued three separate rain warnings across the UK for today, with spray likely across many of the kingdom's roads. 

"With so much heavy rainfall and debris on the roads, driving conditions will be very challenging, especially across northern parts of the country where the weather is at its worst," RAC spokeswoman Alice Simpson said:

"Visibility will be severely reduced due to the spray from lorries and other large vehicles, and the amount of water on the roads will increase stopping distances," she added.

Three other Met Office wind warnings could also pose challenges for drivers.  

"We urge drivers to consider postponing their journeys," Ms Simpson said. 

"We also suggest drivers avoid parking underneath or near to trees," she added. 

Around 38,000 homes are still without power in Ireland, according to the Electricity Supply Board (ESB). 

In its latest update, ESB said 24,000 of those had originally lost power during Storm Isha.

"A further 14,000 customers have lost supply today following high winds associated with Storm Jocelyn," a statement from the operator said.

Approximately 221,000  homes, farms and businesses have had their power restored since Storm Isha hit Ireland, ESB said. 

It also said that winds associated with Storm Jocelyn were slowing repair efforts in the country's northwest, adding that "some customers will be without power for a number of days". 

A total of six weather warnings for wind and rain are in place today, with the Met Office expecting Storm Jocelyn to hamper recovery efforts from Storm Isha in places.

Here we take a look at each amber and yellow alert and break down what each of them mean, and when and where they are in force...


Location: Grampian, Highlands and Eilean Siar, Orkney and Shetland, and Strathclyde

Begins: 6pm

Ends: 8am tomorrow 

Warning:  Danger to life to many in exposed areas and on the coast. Power cuts and heavy travel disruption likely. 


Location: Wales, East and West Midlands, Yorkshire and Humber, North East England, as well as some areas of East England, South West England.

Began: Midday

Ends: 3pm tomorrow

Warning:  Strong winds will affect buses, trains, planes and ferries, with large waves expected on the coasts.


Location: Wales

Began:  12.30pm

Ends:  7pm tonight

Warning: Journey times to be impacted as some localised flooding expected. 

Location:  North West England and Yorkshire and the Humber

Began:  11am

Warning:  Journey times to be impacted as some localised flooding expected. 

Location:  Central, Tayside and Fife, Highlands and Eilean Siar, South West Scotland,  the Lothian Borders and Strathclyde

Began:  7am

Ends:  6pm tonight

Location:  Central, Tayside and Fife, East and West Midlands, Grampian, Orkney and Shetland, Strathclyde, Highlands and Eilean Siar North East England, North West England, Northern Ireland,  Wales, Yorkshire and the Humber

Began:  4pm

Ends:  1pm tomorrow

Warning:  Road closures and damage to buildings and infrastructure caused by falling debris, power cuts and potential for danger to life on the coast. 

Storm Isha saw a number of flights re-routed, told to circle until safe to land or even sent back to their origin airports - with many commentators on social media highlighting unusual-looking flight paths on sites such as Flightradar24. 

That seems to be continuing  as Storm Jocelyn hits, with one X user spotting a Ryanair flight forced to circle a number of times off Wicklow before approaching Dublin. 

Ryanair flight RYR10RQ arrived at the Irish capital nearly an hour and a half after its scheduled arrival time - having left London Gatwick  an hour late - according to Flightradar24 . 

It is unclear whether the plane was forced to circle or was delayed because of the weather - although winds caused by storms Isha and Jocelyn have already and are expected to continue to cause disruption to flights across the UK and Ireland. 

ScotRail is urging travellers to check when their last train departs ahead of a near-complete shutdown of the network in Scotland at 7pm. 

"Most services will be finished by 7pm today - this means your last train of the day will likely be before then," a ScotRail statement read. 

"Please check when your train home is now," it added. 

You can check the latest updates on your route here . 

The last few trains from Glasgow and Edinburgh will depart before the deadline, with services to and from Scotland not expected to resume until at least noon tomorrow.

ScotRail made the decision to shut down the network across the country as the fallout from Storm Isha continues - which will later be coupled with the worst of the effects of Storm Jocelyn this evening and into tomorrow morning. 

It wasn't the only operator to issue such warnings - with Avanti West Coast urging passengers not to travel north of Preston after 3.30pm today. 

The last scheduled service from London to Glasgow was scheduled to leave the capital just moments ago at 3.30pm - calling at Preston at 5.41pm - and is "expected to be extremely busy", the operator warned.

A woman has suffered life-threatening injuries after a tree fell on a road near Bristol, police say.

A man, who was also in the car on Broad Road, near the village of Blagdon, has sustained potentially life-changing injuries.

Their car was either struck by the tree as it fell or collided with the tree after it had fallen, said Avon and Somerset Constabulary.

The man, aged in his 60s, and the woman, in her 50s, are receiving treatment at Southmead Hospital for serious head injuries.

Police have appealed for anyone who witnessed the incident to contact them.

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