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tour pittsburgh pirates stadium

Behind the Scenes Tour at PNC Park is a Must for Baseball Fans

Published by Jeremy . Last Updated on August 27, 2020.

Disclaimer : Our site uses demographic data, email opt-ins, display advertising, and affiliate links. Please check out our Terms and Conditions . Pricing, operating hours, or menus may have changed since our initial visit and may not be reflected in subsequent updates. Please confirm these directly with any business or attraction prior to visiting.

PNC Park is home to the Pittsburgh Pirates and is also considered to be one of the most beautiful ballparks in the country.

While a great place to be during a game, the park is also home to a behind the scenes tour that goes to a number of interesting spots inside the stadium that you normally won't see in a regular game, including:

  • Legacy Theater
  • The Clubhouse (away days only*)
  • Batting Cages, Tunnel, and Dugout
  • The Press Box
  • Club Level and Suites

Taking this tour was high on my Pittsburgh bucket list, but I always had trouble scheduling a visit to coincide with a date I could get inside the Clubhouse. Now that I finally made that happen, it is time to share a few highlights from the tour!

Legacy Theater at PNC Park

Legacy Theater at PNC Park

If you've spent a lot of time walking around PNC Park, you may have seen the sign for Legacy Theater and wondered what it is.

This rather small museum, located near the entrance by the rotunda, features a timeline of the Pirates long history, a wall of first accomplishments (including participating in the first World Series, hosting the first night game in a World Series, the first all-minority starting line-up, and more), as well as examples of lockers from the past three ballparks including memorabilia from each.

Behind the Scenes Tour at PNC Park

For those who go on days where you cannot get into the Pirates Clubhouse, you'll see a behind-the-scenes video in this room as well; but if you do get access then they skip the video (as was the case on my tour).

As far as museums go this one is quite small but starts the tone of the tour off right with a vast amount of Pirates history.

The Pirates Clubhouse

No photos inside the Pirates Clubhouse

If you are taking the tour when the Pirates are away, odds are good you may be allowed into the Clubhouse. 

This particular spot was the highlight of my tour and is something we highly recommend scheduling your visit around. The reason? It includes the locker room, the training facility, and much more!

While photos are not allowed in the Clubhouse at all (I had to leave my camera and phone on a table when we got in), all I can really say is it is a really surreal experience that really is the heart and soul of all things Pirates.

To see the lockers, see the schedules, and learn about some of the inner-workings of the team in this particular room is simply amazing.

The only downside is that this is only accessible on days when the Pirates are away, and in the past was also rumored to be limited to non-game, non-travel days as well (so when there was a break in a series). Unfortunately, exact dates where you can go inside the Clubhouse are not listed on the site, so you'll likely have to make your booking based on when the Pirates are away and hope for the best.

*Note, I booked my tour specifically to be there on a non-game, non-travel away day when they had a break in a series just in case. Unfortunately, the guides could not confirm whether they go in on all away days or not as is implied on PNC Park's website. We will update in the future once we know for sure.

Batting Cages and the Dugout

Pirates Batting Cages

Once you leave the Clubhouse (if available on your tour) it is on to the batting cages to learn more about all the strategy and statistics that go on in learning how to time a pitch.

To say that it is down to a science is one thing, but this is even more impressive when you have to keep in mind that every player must make a decision within a fraction of a second as well!

PNC Park Tour Stop at the Tunnel

After hitting the batting cages its time to go through the tunnel, complete with the iconic Roberto Clemente quote, and into the dugout and out onto the field.

The Pirates Dugout

During this stop of the tour, you'll learn all about the maintenance of the field including some rather interesting details like how much water the field can absorb during rain (several inches an hour) and that the dirt around the track is actually volcanic rock that is super porous to allow water to pass through and feel dry even in rain!

Suffice it to say, there are a lot of interesting details that go on to ensure the field is perfect for game day!

Stellar Views at the Press Box and Suites

View from the Press Box at PNC Park

The final stops on the tour are on the top levels of the stadium to see the press box and suites.

The press box was the second biggest highlight of the tour for me because it has the best view of the entire stadium thanks to its elevated perch. I really could've stayed in this one all day!

Club Level at PNC Park

After visiting the press box, your final stop on the tour is into the VIP suites and club level- potentially the only spot on the tour you may have seen before if you have attended a game with the premium ticket.

Here you learn a number of neat behind the scenes details including how the suites got their numbers, all of the number 9 references at Keystone Corner (subtle nods to Pirates legend Bill Mazeroski), and more!

Overall, whether you're a Pirates fan, baseball fan, or even a sports fan at all is immaterial- you really should check out the tour at PNC Park. Both the team and the park itself have a fascinating history, and learning it all is a truly unique experience in Pittsburgh !

PNC Park Empty

Tours of PNC Park are generally conducted every day except Sunday, April through September, but exact times vary based on whether a game is scheduled or not. The guides noted that tours sell out fast during the summer as school groups book up the timeslots in advance. Winter tours may also be available based on conversations with the guides but online information is sparse.

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The Stadiums Guide

The Stadiums Guide

tour pittsburgh pirates stadium

PNC Park: Home of the Pittsburgh Pirates

posted on June 25th 2023 by James Brockbank // last updated on June 25th 2023

Nestled on the North Shore of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, PNC Park is the picturesque home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, one of Major League Baseball’s iconic franchises.

This classic-style ballpark, which opened its gates in spring 2001, pays tribute to the early architectural designs of ballparks while integrating the vibrant progressiveness of the city of Pittsburgh.

With a stunning view of the downtown skyline and the Allegheny River, this intimate stadium has won the hearts of baseball fans and locals alike.

A visit to PNC Park is sure to be memorable, not only for the love of baseball but also for the rich history and unique beauty it offers.

The park has a capacity of just under 39,000, making it one of the smaller, cozier stadiums in the league while still providing ample space for avid fans.

The park also offers behind-the-scenes tours, allowing visitors to explore areas typically reserved for players and staff, including the Legacy Theater.

So, whether you’re there to cheer on the Pirates or simply take in the breathtaking scenery and architecture, PNC Park is sure to provide an unforgettable experience for baseball enthusiasts and casual visitors alike.

Timeline of Development

Architectural design, seating capacity and amenities, concessions and dining options, pittsburgh pirates games, special events, transportation and parking, stadium tours and experiences, history and construction.

PNC Park, the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, officially opened its gates on April 9, 2001.

The idea for a new stadium for the Pirates was proposed by Pittsburgh mayor Sophie Masloff on September 5, 1991, after determining that the then-current Three Rivers Stadium was lacking in architectural and aesthetic appeal.

tour pittsburgh pirates stadium

Regarded as one of the best ballparks ever built, PNC Park is an intimate two-level structure which offers all fans dramatic views of the downtown skyline as well as the natural grass playing surface.

It combines modern design with traditional baseball stadium architecture, focusing on spectators’ enjoyment and proximity to the field.

The capacity of the park is approximately 38,747, making it a smaller and more intimate stadium compared to other MLB parks.

The design places an emphasis on fan comfort and overall experience, ensuring that baseball enthusiasts have the best possible time while attending games.

Stadium Features

PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, has a seating capacity of 38,362. This modern stadium opened on March 31st, 2001, and boasts a variety of seating options.

Fans can enjoy 69 suites with their own concourse level, along with club seating at both the field and mezzanine levels, which also have their own respective lounges.

Additionally, the park features an outdoor river terrace and river walk, providing a unique and comfortable experience for fans.

PNC Park offers a wide array of dining options for baseball fans. One notable concession is an outfield barbecue run by former Pirate Manny Sanguillen. The park also hosts various food stands and restaurants, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Visitors can treat themselves to classic ballpark fare, international cuisine, and various signature dishes unique to PNC Park.

The concession stands and dining areas are designed to provide quick and efficient service, allowing fans to enjoy their meals and return to the action on the field as soon as possible.

tour pittsburgh pirates stadium

Events and Attractions

PNC Park is home to the Pittsburgh Pirates, featuring state-of-the-art facilities and a picturesque view of Pittsburgh’s downtown skyline.

Between April and early October, catch a game at this beautiful ballpark, and choose from its 38,362 spectator seats or 69 luxury suites.

Take a seat behind home plate for a majestic view of the city, and enjoy the various concessions offering hot dogs and other delicious snacks.

Aside from being a premier baseball venue, PNC Park also hosts a number of concerts and live performances.

The Park’s perfect blend of intimacy and modern facilities make it an ideal location to enjoy your favorite artists and bands.

Its downtown backdrop adds to the overall atmosphere, offering a memorable experience for attendees. Keep an eye out for upcoming events at PNC Park.

PNC Park offers unique and exclusive venues perfect for entertaining guests. These venues cater to various event types, such as weddings, group gatherings, and corporate functions.

Additionally, on non-game days, PNC Park conducts Behind the Scenes Tours, giving fans an insider’s look at the ballpark, the Pirates’ rich history, and a walk through the team’s timeline and various accomplishments.

Moreover, PNC Park’s Photo Program allows capturing special life moments within its grounds, providing an unforgettable backdrop to your cherished memories.

tour pittsburgh pirates stadium

Visitor Information

PNC Park is an urban sports venue in Pittsburgh with scenic vistas of downtown and the riverfront.

To ensure ease of access for visitors, the park offers multiple transportation options:

  • Public Transportation : The Port Authority of Allegheny County serves PNC Park with buses, light rail (the “T”), and the Inclines. More information regarding routes and schedules can be found on their official website .
  • Ridesharing and Taxis : Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft are available for those looking to use private transportation. Taxi stands are also located nearby.
  • Parking : For those driving to the stadium, there are numerous parking options, including garages and nearby surface lots.

Remember to plan your route and transportation method ahead of time to allow for a smooth game day experience.

tour pittsburgh pirates stadium

For baseball fans and visitors looking to explore the ins and outs of PNC Park, a behind-the-scenes tour is a must.

These tours provide access to interesting spots inside the stadium that you typically won’t see during a regular game, such as the Legacy Theater.

Some key tour highlights include:

  • Viewing the Pirates’ dugout up close
  • A walk through the batting cages and the batting practice tunnel
  • Gaining insight into the press box area
  • Exploring the exclusive Club Level

More information on tours and experiences can be found on the Pittsburgh Pirates’ website . Remember to book ahead to secure your spot on a tour and enjoy an unforgettable experience at PNC Park.

tour pittsburgh pirates stadium

James Brockbank

James is a big time NBA Golden State follower, who makes sure to catch games when he's in the area. He likes to follow International Soccer, with an interest in small town soccer club, Blackburn Rovers located in the North on the UK.

  • James Brockbank Estadio de la Cerámica: Home of Villareal CF
  • James Brockbank Mestalla: Home of Valencia CF
  • James Brockbank Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium: Home of the Memphis Tigers

Uncovering PA

Touring the Hidden Corners of PNC Park in Pittsburgh

Touring PNC Park in Pittsburgh PA

I’m a huge baseball fan and have made a point to visit many baseball stadiums during my travels. However, despite this, I’ve never actually had a chance to tour a stadium until recently when I toured PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

Home to the Pirates since 2001, PNC Park is consistently ranked as one of the best baseball stadiums in the country. In fact, I think it’s the best stadium in the US, and I’m not even a Pirates fan. So, when I found out that they offered tours, I excitedly jumped at the chance to visit.

Private tours of PNC Park are available during the week and on select Saturdays during the baseball season, starting in mid-April and continuing until the Pirates finish their season, playoffs included. Tours leave from the stadium’s left field gate next to the Willie Stargell statue and last roughly 90 minutes.

Tour of PNC Park entrance

My tour of the stadium started with a brief orientation and history of the ballpark while standing in the left field bleachers.

My guide told me about the history of the Pirates organization and a few interesting tidbits about the stadium. For example, the lights of PNC Park were designed to look like those at Forbes Field, but were almost deemed too small for Major League Baseball standards.

To combat these, lighting engineers were hired to precisely point each individual light to achieve acceptable lighting throughout the stadium.

The first official stop on the tour is Legacy Theater and Museum. Here, I was told about the many great firsts in Pirates history (like how the Pirates owner invented the World Series). There are also actual lockers from Forbes Field, Three Rivers Stadium, and PNC Park on display here.

Pittsburgh Pirates Lockers PNC Park, Pittsburgh PA

Should you be visiting on a day that the Pirates are in town or are traveling to/from Pittsburgh, you’ll be shown a video here of the Pirates clubhouse. However, if you visit in the middle of a road trip, you’ll actually be able to go into the clubhouse.

While the video does show you a few places you can’t see on the tour, like the swimming pool, I’d recommend going on a day when you can actually walk into the clubhouse, as it’s an amazing experience.

Unfortunately, cameras aren’t allowed in the clubhouse itself, but I was blown away to be standing there. Looking around the room, you can get a close up look at the lockers of the players. The lockers are full of each player’s personal items and uniforms. If you are a baseball fan, it really is quite amazing to see inside this area.

Entrance to Pittsburgh Pirates Clubhouse

While I was in the clubhouse, my guide explained each of the things that we saw. The wall is plastered with schedules, rules, and lineups. I also walked by the manager’s office and had a chance to peer into both the weight room and the training room. Unfortunately, this is the only part of the tour where no photos are allowed.

The next stop on the tour is the batting cages. Here, it was explained to me the routine that players go through to get warm and how they use the variety of TV monitors and equipment to study their swings.

From there, we went through the tunnels that the players would use to go from the clubhouse to the dugout. As a kid I dreamed of playing Major League Baseball, so to walk into a dugout and run up the steps and onto the field was really something of a dream come true.

Pittsburgh Pirates Dugout on Tour of PNC Park

While you are only allowed in the dugout and the dirt in front of it, it was fun to stand in these areas and see what the players see (though I had to imagine the thousands of cheering fans). While in this area, my guide explained various things in the dugout, as well as told me about the unique aspects of the Pirates’ grass and dirt.

View from Pirates Dugout on a tour of PNC Park in PIttsburgh, PA

The rest of the tour continued to the upper areas of the stadium, including the press box (but not the radio or TV booths, unfortunately) and the club and suite levels. All along the way, my guide was telling me a variety of interesting facts about the stadium and the team’s history. It’s amazing how much they have woven the team’s history into the stadium, and I’m sure even season ticket holders would learn something they didn’t know.

PNC Park Tour - View from Pressbox

I really can’t express how much I enjoyed my tour of PNC Park. Even though I’m not a Pirates fan, I found the tour to be very interesting and it was a real treat to be able to see places like the clubhouse and the dugout. I would highly recommend a tour of PNC Park to any baseball lover, no matter which team you support.

Note: My tour of PNC Park was provided courtesy of Visit Pittsburgh. However, the opinions expressed are my own.

Want to explore more of Pittsburgh’s baseball history? Check out the Roberto Clemente Museum , the Honus Wagner Museum , the remains of Forbes Field , or visit the graves of the Baseball Hall of Famers buried in Pittsburgh .

Tours of PNC Park

See map below for other area attractions.

3 thoughts on “Touring the Hidden Corners of PNC Park in Pittsburgh”

Thanks! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to stay long enough in the morning to take the tour myself, but I may visit the grounds outside the park.

Thank you Jim for sharing your experience touring PNC Park. Reading about your trip there and getting the play-by-play from you makes me want to go check it out too. PNC Park is such a gorgeous ballpark I think everyone should see it whether you like the Pirates or not. It would be an enjoyable event and a fun time to see all the park on the tour, especially places only open to the tour. Thanks again Jim for the article it was a good read!

I definitely agree. Having been to around a dozen stadiums, including some newer than PNC Park, it’s definitely the most beautiful stadium in MLB, and a tour is a great way to learn more about how the sport operates.

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tour pittsburgh pirates stadium

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PNC Park | Pittsburgh Pirates

tour pittsburgh pirates stadium

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Quick Facts About PNC Park

Year opened.

Pittsburgh Pirates (1887)

Team Colors

Black, Gold, White

Upcoming Homestands at PNC Park

Show past events

August 2024

September 2024, october 2024, november 2024, december 2024, january 2025, february 2025.

Trying to visit multiple ballparks in one trip? Use our sortable home stand schedule to see when each team is playing at their home park.

PNC Park | Ballpark Info

Accommodations for disabilities.

PNC Park offers parking for guests with disabilities in all surrounding lots, available on a first-come-first-served basis.

For handicap accessible seats, please see PNC Park seating chart . If your seats are on the upper levels, elevators are located near sections 101, 113, 117 and 125. PNC Park tours are also accessible for all guests. For any disability access information/questions, call 412-323-5000.

Each Guest is permitted to bring one bag into the ballpark. MLB and the Pirates recognize that bags, purses, fanny packs and backpacks 16″ X 16″ X 8″ or smaller are permitted and subject to search upon entry and within the ballpark. Soft-sided coolers and soft-sided briefcases are permitted. Hard-sided coolers and briefcases, ice packs and cooler inserts are NOT permitted.

Batting Practice

Enter through the Clemente Gate, which opens the earliest (two and a half hours prior to game time) and you’ll be a short walk to the center field bleachers. Note that batting practice is not always held before weekend day games, particularly late in the season.

Bring Your Own Food

Guests are permitted to bring bottled water and food that may fit into a 16″ X 16″ X 8″ soft-sided bag. Water bottles should not exceed 24 ounces in size, and must be clear, plastic, sealed and disposable. Children’s juice boxes and items necessary for medical purposes are permitted. Alcoholic beverages, carbonated beverages, sports drinks, cans, glass bottles and thermoses (including but not limited to: YETI, and other types of metal insulated items) are not allowed.

Outside food and beverage is not permitted entry into the Hyundai Club, Suite Level or the Jim Beam Left Field Lounge & Jim Beam Porch areas.

Fan Services

For medical emergencies, difficulties in the park or other assistance, you can reach PNC Park security by texting SECURITY to 61592.

You can find Guest Services for assistance or information at: -Guest Relations Office: at the bottom of Home Plate Rotunda -Upper Kiosk: near Section 317 at the Home Plate Rotunda -Information Kiosks: near Legacy Square Gate and Right Field Gate -Main Concourse Kiosk: near Section 117

Gates open an hour and a half prior to game time and two hours on Opening Day. For games starting at 7:05 p.m. or later, the Clemente Gate opens two and a half hours prior to game time. For daytime starts earlier than 7:05 p.m., the Clemente Gate opens two hours prior to first pitch.

You can find restrooms in the following sections: 108/110, 115, 117/119, 127/129, 130, 142/143, 147, 301, 305/308, 311/312, 315/318, 321/322, 327/329, 333, Club World Series Suites, Club Area, 205 Pirates Cove

Family restrooms are found in sections: 109, 110, 115, 119, 132, 133, 147, 305, 315, 331, Club Locations

Tailgating is allowed and all North Shore parking lots and garages should open 4 hours prior to game time. Alcohol is permitted, glass containers and tents are not. They do allow cooking grills but not in any of the garages. Tailgating is to be contained to paid space only.

PNC Park offers both in-season and off-season tours, and will run you about $10 per adult and $8 for seniors and for children ages 6 to 14 (smaller kids are free). Tours begin at the Allegheny Health Network Gate and last about 60-90 minutes. As with most tours, it will be mostly walking, so remember to wear comfortable shoes. Learn more and schedule your tour here .

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tour pittsburgh pirates stadium

PNC Park | Must Do

Check out the riverwalk.

PNC Park is sitting right along the Allegheny River so don’t miss the ballpark’s right field outer promenade, known as the Riverwalk, where you can catch views of the water, famous bridges and downtown Pittsburgh. The terrace is also open to the general public on non-game days.

See the Legendary Statues

Statues honoring three of the most legendary Pirates players:

  • The statue of Willie “Pops” Stargell, which unfortunately was unveiled the same day he died, is located on Federal Street, outside of the left field entrance.
  • The Roberto Clemente statue stands between the Center Field entrance and the Clemente Bridge.
  • You can find the Honus Wagner statue in front of the home plate main gate.

Watch the Great Pierogi Race

Watch seven pierogi mascots duke it out for bragging rights at each home game. If the Nats or Brewers are visiting, you may be lucky enough to see their mascots join in on the race. Each year, the Pirates, Nats, and Brewers travel their mascots to each other’s parks to race for glory.

Did we forget something?

Baseball Bucket List relies on information from Bucketheads to keep our guides and resources up to date.

PNC Park | Transportation and Parking

If you can walk to the park from your hotel, it is totally worth it. There is something special about crossing the bridge with dozens of other baseball fans and walking up on the ballpark, especially in nice weather. If you’d rather not walk, or you’re coming from out of town, you do have other options.

The Free Port Authority “T” provides easy access to the ballpark for fans coming from the South. You can park at any of the stations along the route and hop on all the way to the park. Plan your trip here .

Official PNC Park Lots

If you’re coming from the North, the North Shore official parking lots and garages are the easiest to access and exit from. Those lots are $15 each.

Off-Site / Free Parking Options

If you are headed in from any other direction, parking downtown across the river from the ballpark is your best option. Usually downtown parking is cheaper and you get the chance to walk across the Clemente bridge, which is closed off to vehicular traffic on game days. The Pirates strongly encourage all fans to download the “ParkPGH” app or visit to check for downtown parking space availability throughout the season.

tour pittsburgh pirates stadium

The Pirates have teamed up with Waze, a community-based traffic and navigation app, to provide you with the most efficient routes to and from the game. Waze is the only GPS program that has PNC Park parking lots, event day traffic patterns, and street closures incorporated, providing fans with accurate directions to your specific lot with real-time traffic alerts. Download the free Waze app from Apple’s App store and Google Play.

Uber & Lyft

If you’d rather not drive, Uber and Lyft are great options for getting to and from PNC Park. There are two designated pick-up and drop-off locations on the North Shore. One is along Isabelle Street, east of the ballpark. The other is on Reedsdale. Follow signage to find your way.

If you’re new to Uber, you can use this link to get a discount on your first few rides.

Join the Baseball Bucket List community

Create your own bucket list, track ballpark visits, and connect with other fans.

PNC Park | Best Seats

Best seats for views.

One of the coolest things about PNC Park is its unforgettable views of Allegheny River, Roberto Clemente Bridge and downtown Pittsburgh. Our personal favorite spot is in the upper section behind home plate. You’ll be up high so the views are amazing (of the skyline and if you attend one of the post-game fireworks shows) and it’s a bit cheaper. Win-win.

Where Not To sit

There’s really not a horrible view of the field in the ballpark, but the first several seats (1-5) in the back rows of section 208 will have obstructed views of the skyline.

Check the View Before You Go

PNC Park has a 3d seating map you can view here.

PNC Park | Ballpark Food

The must have: primanti bros sandwich.

Primanti Bros. is a long-time running Pittsburgh chain known for their delicious sandwiches (stuffed with french fries and coleslaw on the inside!). This place is a classic that everyone should try at least once while visiting the City of Bridges. You can find them in section 110.

Something Special: The Pittsburgh Cone

The Pittsburgh Cone is a relatively new item that features Kielbasa sausage, pierogi, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing all stuffed into a waffle cone. A waffle cone! Mind. Blown. Served at Familee BBQ located behind section 132.

Sweet Treat: The Shipwreck Sundae

Craving something sweet? The Shipwreck Sundae has jumbo (and we mean jumbo) marshmallows that are coated with chocolate and a dusting of graham crackers along with ice cream in a souvenir helmet sundae bowl. Find it at the Sweet Spot, located behind section 107.

Vegetarian/Vegan/Gluten-Free Options at PNC Park

Just4u, located in section 128/129, offers vegetarian and gluten-free options. PNC Park also offers a healthy and delicious Blueberry Quinoa Salad found at The Market, located behind section 118.

PNC Park | Surrounding Area

Mullen's bar & brill.

The quintessential sports bar with a lively atmosphere.

Federal Galley

This is a fun, group-friendly modern food hall with a sprawling outdoor beer garden.

Kid-friendly burger joint.

Bars and Restaurants

We believe that in order to fully experience a ballpark, you should spend some time in the nearby area. We’re also big believers that pre and post game rushes are awful. We suggest you spend some time at these local establishments instead of sitting in traffic or rushing to the train.

Mullen’s Bar & Grill | 200 Federal St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 | Website | Menu | Click to Call Mullen’s is the quintessential sports bar with a lively atmosphere, typical pub grub and cheap beer. You’ll find a huge crowd here on game days, usually boisterous and overflowing onto the sidewalk. Nothing fancy or spectacular, but a great little spot to come before or after a game.

Federal Galley | 200 Children’s Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 | Website | Menu | Click to Call This is a fun, group-friendly modern food hall with a sprawling outdoor beer garden. Everyone will be able to find something to eat and drink at one (or all) of the 4 featured restaurants and the best part is it’s only about a 10 minute walk to PNC Park.

Burgatory | 342 N Shore Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 | Website | Menu | Click to Call If you’re simply looking for a cold beer and a really good burger to fill up on before a game, look no further. Burgatory is just down the street from the ballpark and offers up a burger to suit any taste bud: try their Elk burger, Wagyu beef burger, Impossible burger or the Fiddy-Fiddy, made of half ground beef and half ground bacon, you pretty much can’t go wrong. This place is kid-friendly and usually hoppin’ on game day.

Local Attractions

If you’re traveling with a family or just trying to make the most out of your trip to Pittsburgh, here are some recommended nearby attractions.

The Clemente Museum | Website Located in a cool old engine house, this museum features memorabilia and exhibits related to the great Roberto Clemente. A must-see for any baseball fan. Reservations are required so book a tour on their website or call 412-621-1268 to schedule one ahead of time.

World War ll Veterans Memorial and Vietnam Veterans’ Monument | Website

Duquesne Incline | Website Ride in a century-old cable car up the incline where you’ll get amazing views of downtown Pittsburgh. FYI: Cash only and exact change is required (Port Authority bus passes and tickets are also accepted as payment) and there are no public restrooms available.

Point State Park | Website A beautiful 36-acre park at the intersection of 3 rivers has boating, hiking, and biking. Within the park you can see Fort Pitt Museum, all that remains of a large British fort built in 1764, Fort Pitt Blockhouse which is an historic defensive building built in 1764, and now the oldest structure in western Pennsylvania and Fort Duquesne, the site of a 1754 French fort now marked by a granite outline in the grass. Also be sure to go see the State Park Fountain, with it’s 200-ft.-wide basin, infinity waterfall and places to sit and have a picnic.

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Have some insight about this ballpark that you’d like to share with the community? Let us know! We try to visit each park often, but changes can happen quickly. We’re always looking for updated information about ballparks, the cities they’re located in, and attractions nearby. If we include your tip in a guide, we’ll give you credit whenever possible.

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Guide to seeing the Pirates at PNC Park

Here's our exclusive, in-depth walkthrough of the Best Ballpark in America: where to sit, what to eat, how to sign up for a ballpark tour and when to catch fireworks nights.

by David Kindervater | August 2, 2019

PNC Park , home of Major League Baseball’s Pittsburgh Pirates, is the oft-labeled “ Best Ballpark in America .” And that’s not only because there’s a placard inside the centerfield gate that says so.

tour pittsburgh pirates stadium

Since PNC Park opened in 2001 , local fans and visitors from around the world have been awestruck by the breathtaking setting that perfectly marries America’s greatest pastime and the cityscape of Pittsburgh along the banks of the Allegheny River.

A treasured gem, PNC Park has been and always will be a coveted destination for baseball enthusiasts—or locals simply looking for something fun to do in the summertime. Whether you’ve been to the ballpark before or if you’re planning to attend this summer, here’s a complete guide to what’s what; so you can get the most out of your visit.

Where to Sit

It stands to reason that “The Best Ballpark in America” would have great seats—everywhere. And while that’s true, some of the 38,000+ seats are certainly better than others. 

tour pittsburgh pirates stadium

If you want to look at the cityscape as a backdrop while the game is in progress, grab a spot on the third base side. There are tons of options at a wide variety of prices. Depending on how well the Buccos are playing and what team they’re playing, you can sit close to the field for a very reasonable amount of money. StubHub often has great bargains, especially on same-day seats when someone’s simply trying to unload their ticket(s).

Best Recommendations

  • Section 117, Row T and higher. You can see the ballgame, the cityscape, and the main scoreboard from here and you don’t even need to turn your head. Plus, you’re under cover for those afternoon games when you don’t feel like baking in the sun. Furthermore, if it rains, you don’t need to leave your seat to get out of the weather. 
  • Sections 20-23, any row. If you want an entirely different ballpark experience, sit directly behind the Pirates dugout. You can hear the sounds of the game much better and obviously you’re a lot closer to the action. There are eight rows in each of these sections, lettered F-M. That means F is the first row behind the dugout. 
  • Pittsburgh Baseball Club. The 200 Level of the ballpark is predominantly Pittsburgh Baseball Club seating. This is considered premium seating, so expect ticket prices to reflect the experience. You can opt for Home Plate or Baseline sections. From here, you’ll enjoy a nice elevated view of the entire ballpark. Plus, all the seats are padded and slightly wider with more legroom, which is a nice bonus. Hint: Row A in any of these sections may seem like your best option, but the railing that protects you from falling over the edge of the deck sometimes blocks your view of the game.
  • Sections 142-145, any row. These “Clemente Wall” seats in right field are typically very reasonable, plus you’ll have a really nice look at the game—sans the cityscape view. ESPN perched themselves here for broadcasts on several occasions. Row A is your best bet and the odds of a home run landing in your section are very good. 

If you want REALLY good seats with the VIP experience to match, look at the exclusive Hyundai Club. You’ll get a private entrance into the ballpark, a seriously comfortable seat within the first 12 rows behind home plate, plus dining privileges at the Hyundai Club. 

tour pittsburgh pirates stadium

Standing Room Only

If you don’t mind standing, you can watch the game from just about anywhere you can find a spot. Plus, you’ll save money with an SRO ticket. One of the favorite standing locations is the rotunda in left field. There are four levels to choose from, so try them all and see which height suits your viewing preference. (Look for the “Renegades of the Rotunda” here, a group of fans that dress as real pirates. Don’t worry, they’re very friendly.) 

Another great spot is just behind the lower left field bleachers, where you’ll have a convenient counter to set your food and beverage. This section typically fills up fast. It’s also another hot landing spot for home runs.

If you’re wondering what the view will look like from your desired seat, here’s an ultra-realistic PNC Park 3D seating chart .

tour pittsburgh pirates stadium

Where to Eat

Part of the fun of going to the ballpark is eating, and PNC Park doesn’t disappoint. Depending on where you’re sitting, there are all kinds of different foods to try—from the usual to the unusual. Here are some of the highlights. 

tour pittsburgh pirates stadium

Entrance Level

  • Manny’s BBQ. Check out Manny’s BBQ behind center field. Manny is former Pirates star catcher Manny Sanguillen, and you can often find him hanging out here, signing autographs and posing for pictures. Manny’s serves delicious pulled pork and all-beef burgers and sliders. For a real taste of Pittsburgh, try the Pierogi Stacker. Limited seating is available (with umbrellas at each table for shade) and you can watch the chef flipping burgers across the aisle. Fun fact: If you’ve ever watched a game on TV and wondered why there was smoke rising from behind center field, that’s Manny’s BBQ. 
  • Slice on Broadway. Enjoy New York-style pizza, custom-made the way you like it, or choose from a menu of house pies—plus sandwiches and salads. This popular pizza joint opens 90 minutes before game time. Inside dining is only available for ticket holders (because it leads directly into the ballpark), but the patio out front is open to the general public.
  • Riverwalk Grill. Just under the Right Field Reserved seats (aka the Clemente Wall and the big PNC Park sign that faces the Allegheny River) is this popular eatery where you can enjoy signature footlong hot dogs and sausages. New in 2019 is Cinnamon Chipotle Loaded Totchos, a pulled pork concoction served in a souvenir baseball helmet.

tour pittsburgh pirates stadium

Main Concourse

  • Pops’ Plaza. This is a food court named after former Pirates great Willie “Pops” Stargell. Chickie’s and Pete’s Crabfries offers popular crinkle-cut fries with an out-of-this-world seasoning. Plus, you can find plenty of beer at Cold Beer Here (grab-and-go cans) and PA Craft (local and state-brewed craft beers). 
  • Burger Kitchen. This is your best bet for a great gourmet burger. You can get single and double Angus cheeseburger combos, plus loaded tater tots and milk shakes.
  • The Market. It’s kind of an oxymoron to eat healthy at a baseball game, but you can do that at PNC Park. This unique grab-and-go eatery features great wraps, salads, and a carvery station. 

tour pittsburgh pirates stadium

Pittsburgh Baseball Club

The PBC offers an amazing ballpark experience. There are two full-service bars (Club 3000 and Keystone Corner) and restaurants galore. Here are a few favorite eateries:

  • Tenders, Love, and Chicken. Enjoy gourmet chicken tenders with fries in a handy box with room for your choice of multiple dipping sauces. It’s really convenient to eat at your seat. You can also get a great fully-loaded chicken sandwich here. 
  • Craft and Carved. This carvery station provides made-to-order sandwiches. Try the Peppercorn Turkey Sandwich. It features roasted pears!
  • Il Forno. If you’re in the mood for pizza, the brick-oven pies here will not disappoint. Get traditional favorites created on hand-stretched dough, then quick-fired in a 5,000-pound oven at 700 degrees. In addition to eating these gems, you can watch them cooking right before your eyes. 

Also, you can enjoy soft-serve Rivendale ice cream with your choice of self-serve toppings. Additionally, the PBC offers a plethora of TV screens and there are lounge chairs everywhere so you don’t miss any of the game. 

If you have the MLB Ballpark app, you will notice a Food and Beverage Finder. Use it to help you locate the food of your choice at PNC Park. Tip: If you don’t want to spend $4 for a bottle of water, you can bring your own into the ballpark with you provided it’s still sealed and less than 24 ounces . Also, if you’d like to bring your own food, that’s fine as long as it fits into a 16″ x 16″ x 8″ soft-sided bag.

Where to Hang Out (and Eat and Drink Some More)

Believe it or not, some people come to the ballpark just to socialize. PNC Park provides a great atmosphere with plenty of enjoyable activities in addition to the baseball game. If that’s your thing, here are some favorite options.

Crow’s Nest. This outdoor “Arnold Palmer Spiked Bar” is located behind section 108. The bar itself is in a relatively small space, but there’s plenty of patio seating options around it with tables overlooking the cityscape and lounge chairs, too. Also, every Friday is Happy Hour with half-priced drinks from 5:30 until 7 p.m. You’ll also find Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt and Pittsburgh’s famous Primanti Brothers nearby.

Jim Beam Left Field Lounge. This huge indoor/outdoor dining area above left field also includes a full-service bar, lounge chair seating, and views of the playing field and cityscape. In fact, you could stand to watch a game from the multi-tiered section just above the left field bleachers. The Left Field Lounge has daily specials before, during, and after the games. 

Miller Lite Skull Bar. The Skull Bar is another outdoor bar, but it’s completely covered from the elements. This particular watering hole is located in the right field corner with lots of TVs and panoramic views of the playing field and cityscape. Tip: If you’re at a cold-weather game, you’ll find heaters here.

Also, check out the Corner Bar just behind the left field bleachers and the Terrace Bar on the Grandstand Level in Section 317. Both are full-service bars with craft beers, wines, and more. 

tour pittsburgh pirates stadium

Player Autographs and Warmups 

PNC Park is an intimate ballpark, so it affords you the opportunity to get up close with your favorite baseball players before (and during) the game. 

About 30 minutes before the first pitch, you can watch that day’s starting pitcher warm up with some long throws in centerfield. Head to the left field stands to catch a glimpse of the action. Then, to watch a more focused warm up, walk over to the nearby bullpen for some serious throwing. This will take a bit of strategic positioning as there’s limited room and a green, semi-see-through shade that covers the bullpen wall. If you walk up the ramp behind the left field seats, you might be able to find a spot to watch the bullpen action from above. (You will not be permitted to stand here during the game, though.) 

Also, about 20 minutes before game time, many other players will warm up by stretching, playing catch, and doing some light sprints along the third base line. Kids, if you’re interested in an autograph, this is the place to be. 

In either location, there’s also a good chance you’ll see the Pirate Parrot and his bird keeper stroll by for a photo opportunity. If you ask nicely, maybe you can get a pic with the parrot.

tour pittsburgh pirates stadium

Take a tour of PNC Park 

If you’ve never taken a tour of the “Best Ballpark in America,” put this on your to-do list. A PNC Park tour is a must-have event for all baseball fans. For $10 (or $8 for seniors and kids), you can experience an (approximately) 90-minute tour around the entire ballpark. Some of the highlights include visits to the Pirates dugout and warning track, the indoor batting cage, plus the press box and luxury suites. 

If the Pirates are out of town, you’ll also get to visit the clubhouse. (You’ll need to leave your cameras and cell phones outside this inner sanctum, though. Don’t worry, you’ll get them back.)

There’s also a separate Pre-Game Tour that gives you the same itinerary as the regular tour, but you also get to watch batting practice up close when the tour arrives at field level. Pricing ranges from $25-$35. A word of warning: depending on how long your tour lasts, you might only get to see the visiting team’s BP. The Pirates usually finish with their practice approximately two hours before game time. 

For either tour, it’s a good idea to get tickets in advance .

Where to Get Tickets for Pirates Games at PNC Park

You’re going to need tickets to get in, so let’s start here. 

The obvious place to find your seats is , but you have other options. StubHub is the official fan-to-fan ticket marketplace of the Pirates. Just grab the StubHub app, search for your game of choice, and see what seats are available. Of course, you can always walk up to the PNC Park Box Office at 115 Federal Street, too. A sales rep at one of the windows will help you pick your seat and advise you of any available discounts.

Special Games and Deals at PNC PARK

The Pirates run specials throughout the season, so get on their mailing list and follow them on social for updates. Here are a handful of “fan value” deals to get you started.

  • Chick-fil-A Summer Deal
  • Giant Eagle Advantage Card Games
  • Great Taste Ticket
  • Papa John’s Student Tickets
  • Sheetz MTO Six Packs

There are also promotional nights and theme nights . Here are some of the more popular ones.

  • Fireworks Nights. These are the most popular promotional nights. Zambelli Fireworks puts on an incredible display immediately following select games. If you sit anywhere on the third base side, you’ll have the best view. Upcoming Fireworks Nights are August 3 (vs. Mets), August 23 (vs. Reds), and September 27 (vs. Reds).
  • Free Shirt Fridays and Dollar Hot Dog Nights. The first 20,000 fans in attendance get a free Pirates t-shirt (choose XL or small) and everyone gets $1 hot dogs all night. Arrive early because the concession lines can get pretty long.
  • Kids Days. Every Sunday home game is Kid’s Day . Before the game, there’s a Family Fun Zone located just outside the ballpark on Federal Street. Plus, there’s always a cool giveaway for the kids when they enter the ballpark. Also, everyone 14 and under can run the bases after the game. (Note: On August 4, kids get free ice cream courtesy of Rivendale. Go to Picnic Park behind center field to get your frozen treat.)
  • Pup Nights. Your pooch is welcome at the ballpark on Pup Nights every Tuesday. A word of warning: if your doggo is bothered by loud explosions, you might want to reconsider attending. Every time a Pirates player hits a home run, brief fireworks erupt behind center field. Fans love it. Sensitive pets, not so much. There are also a few fireworks after every victory, plus a cannon fires three times when a Pirates pitcher records a strikeout.

tour pittsburgh pirates stadium

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Pittsburgh Pirates logo

Pittsburgh Pirates

tour pittsburgh pirates stadium

History of PNC Park

PNC Park is a modern baseball stadium located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, home to the Pittsburgh Pirates Major League Baseball team. The stadium, which opened in 2001, has a seating capacity of over 38,000 and is known for its picturesque views of the city skyline and the Allegheny River.

PNC Park was built to replace the Pirates’ former home, Three Rivers Stadium, and was constructed at a cost of $216 million. The stadium’s design incorporates elements of the city’s industrial history, including a steel trusswork design and a unique rotunda entrance.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have a successful history at PNC Park, including a National League pennant in 2013. The team’s dynamic roster and exciting brand of baseball make PNC Park a popular destination for fans.

The first game played at PNC Park was on April 9, 2001, when the Pirates faced off against the Cincinnati Reds. The Reds won the game 8-2, and the stadium was packed with over 36,000 fans who were excited to see their new home team play.

In addition to baseball games, PNC Park has also hosted a variety of other events over the years, including concerts and college football games. The stadium’s versatile design and state-of-the-art features make it a popular venue for a variety of events.

PNC Park is known for its unique features, including its picturesque views of the city skyline and the Allegheny River, as well as a unique rotunda entrance that showcases the city’s industrial history. The stadium also features a variety of dining options, including local Pittsburgh cuisine like Primanti Bros. sandwiches and pierogies.

In conclusion, PNC Park is a modern and picturesque baseball stadium that offers fans a unique and unforgettable experience. With its incorporation of elements of the city’s industrial history, state-of-the-art features, and stunning views of the city skyline and the Allegheny River, it’s no wonder that it’s a must-visit destination for sports fans and tourists alike. The team’s successful history, including a National League pennant in 2013, and exciting brand of baseball make PNC Park a popular destination for fans.

Stadium Information

  • Location : 115 Federal St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
  • Year built : 2001
  • Attendance size : 38,362
  • Division : NL Central
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Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park

Major League Baseball at PNC Park. For season tickets, group packages and individual tickets, call 1-800-BUY-BUCS or visit

  • ADA Accessible
  • Charged Parking
  • Group Rates Available
  • Motorcoach Parking
  • Parking Available

Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park 115 Federal St., PNC Park at the North Shore Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212

Mapped location of Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park

Adult Admission

Child admission, senior admission, related stories & events.

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The Force is Strong in the Burgh

A Culinary Tour of PNC Park | A Food Map of the Ballpark

Your guide to finding Pittsburgh flavors, local craft beer and ballpark staples

What to Eat at PNC Park

​Spending the day watching baseball at PNC Park is a real treat.

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Tim Benz: A Pirates-worthy set list for 'The Stadium Tour' at PNC Park

Tim Benz

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PNC Park the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball stadium

Guide to the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball stadium

PNC Park is the home field of the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates are one of the oldest franchises (established in 1882 as the Pittsburgh Alleghenys) in Major League Baseball (MLB).

Nestled along the Allegheny River with stunning views of the Pittsburgh skyline and Roberto Clemente Bridge, the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball stadium is a gem among MLB ballparks.

PNC Park is a modern, retro-classic stadium. Its look was inspired by Forbes Field, the home ballpark of the Pirates from 1909 to 1970. Its design touches are reminiscent of Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore and Oracle Park in San Francisco .

Quick facts about PNC Park in Pittsburgh

  • 115 Federal Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 USA.
  • Opened in 2001. The inaugural game was played against the Cincinnati Reds .
  • Seating capacity at the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball stadium is 38,362.
  • The right field outfield wall at the Pirates ballpark is 21 feet high. This is in honor of the Pirates legendary right fielder Roberto Clemente who wore #21.
  • The first no-hitter thrown at PNC Park was tossed by Cincinnati Reds pitcher Homer Bailey on September 28, 2012.
  • The first player to hit a home run out of Pirates field and into the Allegheny River was Daryle Ward of the Houston Astros, on July 6, 2002.
  • Pittsburgh Pirates schedule and tickets .

Where to sit for a game at the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball field

Here are some seating options to consider when organizing your visit to the PNC Park:

  • Affordable ticket: Two suggestions for this one. The Clemente Wall seats in Right Field, Sections 142-145. Sit in the first row and a home run could land in your lap. Second option: a Standing Room Only ticket. If you don’t mind standing there are lots of places to watch the game from at the Pirates ballpark. Plus, you’ll be able to stay out of the sun if you like.
  • Best view & price ticket: Section 117. Great view of the game, the city skyline, the Roberto Clemente Bridge, and the scoreboard. Plus, if you buy a ticket in row T or up, you’ll get some shelter from the sun or rain too.
  • Catch a home run ticket: The odds of catching a home run ball at the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball stadium are greater in the Left Field bleachers than in Right Field because the outfield wall is lower. A second option would be the Outfield Box Section 132 which is right by the foul pole.
  • Avoid the sun ticket: PNC Park was constructed with home plate facing east and angled a little toward the south. This means at the beginning of an afternoon game it will be almost impossible to be out of the sun. Eventually the sun will begin to move behind the first base side of the Pirates field. This means a seat in the back rows of the 200-level and 300-level on this side of the ballpark will be your best ticket for avoiding the sun.
  • Splurge ticket: Club sections 14-19: You’ll be right behind home plate at the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball stadium. The seats are padded too, and unlimited food and drinks are included with your ticket. Or sit in the 200 Level behind home plate or along the base lines. You’ll get an elevated view, wide padded seats and extra legroom. TIP: avoid row A in this section or your view could be blocked by a railing.
  • “I’m Hungry” Ticket: Satisfy your never-ending appetite by purchasing a ticket for the All You Can Eat Seats at PNC Park. They’re located down the left field line. You’ll get to devour as many hot dogs, burgers, nachos, bags of popcorn, peanuts, and non-alcoholic drinks as you can for 7 innings.

TIP: Want to get a sense of the view from any seat in PNC Park before you buy your ticket? Check out the Pirates ballpark’s 3D seating chart .

TIP: Get an extra bang for your buck. Once a month during the baseball season, the Pittsburgh Pirates home stadium has fireworks after the game. Check the Pirates schedule to confirm if PNC Park is putting on a show during your visit.

When to buy tickets for your game at the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball stadium

The Pittsburgh Pirates have one of the best baseball stadiums in the MLB and one of the worst teams in the MLB.

The last time the Pirates were in the World Series was 1979. For most of those four decades since, they’ve been out of the playoff race pretty early into the season.

With one of the lowest payrolls in the MLB and an inability to develop players, the future doesn’t look bright for Pirates fans. This means as the season progresses there are usually a lot of empty seats at PNC Park.

So, if you want a good seat at the Pittsburgh Pirates ballpark plan your visit for later in the season. Tickets can be purchased on the Pirates website or from a reseller like Stubhub .

Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Pirates ballpark

Learn what makes PNC Park such a special baseball destination, as well as about the history of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions. You can do it all when you take a tour of the Pittsburgh Pirates home stadium.

There are two types of tours of PNC Park offered during the baseball season.

In-Season, Non-Game Day Tour: On this 90-minute walking tour your guide will provide insights and information about the Pittsburgh Pirates ballpark.

You’ll be escorted to the field/warning track, bullpens, Pop’s Plaza, Pittsburgh Baseball Club Level, Luxury Suites and Press Box.

Pregame Tour: The purpose of this 60-minute tour is to give fans a taste of the preparation that takes place prior to a game at PNC Park.

Among the stops along the tour are the left field bleachers, Riverwalk, service tunnel, luxury suites and the Pittsburgh Baseball Club.

The tour will end near both teams’ dugouts where you’ll get to view BP and/or warm-ups. To be able to purchase a ticket for this tour you must have a ticket for that day’s game.

TIP: Tours of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball stadium are very popular. To ensure your spot the Pirates urge you to purchase your tour ticket in advance.

Note: The stops along the tours and the running of tours of the Pittsburgh ballpark are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Pirates.

Hotels near the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball field

Here are a few hotel accommodations to consider for your visit to PNC Park that are close to the stadium.

Rooftop restaurant and bar. Kimpton Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh. 4.5/5 on TripAdvisor: A boutique hotel housed in a historic Beaux-Arts building. A blend of modern luxury and classic elegance. Enjoy a complimentary cocktail hour.

Complimentary hot breakfast. Hyatt Place Pittsburgh-North Shore. 4/5 on TripAdvisor: Conveniently located on the North Shore. Clean, comfortable hotel. Spacious rooms with separate living and sleeping areas.

Housed in a historic building. Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel. 4.5.5 on TripAdvisor: Timeless charm with modern amenities. Spacious rooms with luxurious bedding. Rooftop terrace with views of the city skyline.

Microwave and fridge in every room. Drury Plaza Hotel Pittsburgh Downtown. 4.5/5 on TripAdvisor: Comfortable stay in hotel featuring unique architecture. Complimentary hot breakfast and evening reception with drinks and snacks.

Free breakfast and free parking. Hampton Inn & Suites Pittsburgh-Downtown. 4.5/5 on TripAdvisor: Comfortable, convenient accommodations. A short walk to many of Pittsburgh most popular attractions including the Pirates ballpark.

Two unique ways to arrive at the the Pittsburgh Pirates home stadium

Walk across the Roberto Clemente Bridge: On game days the city closes the bridge to pedestrian traffic only. Enjoy a walk from your hotel, cross the bridge with other fans, and arrive at the energetic, bustling atmosphere outside PNC Park.

Take a riverboat shuttle to the game: For a truly unique way to get to an MLB ballpark take the Gateway Clipper riverboat shuttle on the Allegheny River.

Board the shuttle at the Station Square Dock. Service begins approximately 2 hours before game time. Return shuttles from the Pirates ballpark start running at the bottom of the 7th inning and continue until a ½ an hour after the game ends.

Arrive early to your game at the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball stadium

The gates to PNC Park open at two different times depending on the start time of the game and what day of the week it’s taking place.

  • Games where first pitch is at 6:35 PM: gates open 1 hour before game time on Monday to Thursday and 1.5 hours before game time on Friday to Saturday.
  • For all other start times: the gates open 1.5 hours before game time.

Arriving at the Pirates field when the gates open will give you time to explore and enjoy a variety of experiences that make visiting PNC Park so memorable. Here are a few things to include on your to do list.

See the statues of Pirates legends: Outside Pittsburgh Pirates ballpark you’ll find statues of four of the greatest players to ever play for the Pirates and in the MLB.

  • Roberto Clemente Statue (center field entrance): Patrolled the Pirates outfield for 18 years. Clemente racked up 3,000 hits, 12 consecutive gold glove awards, 15 all-star appearances, 4 batting titles and 2 World Series championships.
  • Honus Wagner Statue (home plate entrance): Considered the best shortstop in the history of the game. Wagner finished his career with 3,420 hits, a .328 batting average and 8 National League batting titles.
  • Willie Stargell Statue (left field entrance): The charismatic, power-hitting first basemen led the Pirates to two World Series championships in 1971 and 1979.
  • Bill Mazeroski Statue (right field entrance): The man who hit the walk-off home run to win the Pirates the 1960 World Series over the New York Yankees .

Visit the Pirates Hall of Fame: Located outside PNC Park in the Legacy Square area at the left field area of the stadium. Learn about the history of the Pirates and some of the greatest MLB players to ever put on a Pirates jersey.

Walk through the 3000 Club: this is a bar in the wrap around Pirates Baseball Club area located inside on the second level of Pirates ballpark.

What’s so special about it?

It features photos, balls, bats and other memorabilia from players on the Pirates and other teams that have achieved 3,000 hits or more during their MLB careers.

Get a Giveaway: if there’s a game day promotion going on at the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball stadium, the earlier you enter the ballpark the greater the odds are you’ll end up getting the item they’re giving away.

Watch Batting Practice: more on this below in the next section.

What time is batting practice at the Pittsburgh Pirates field?

As is the tradition at every major league ballpark, the home team usually takes batting practice first at PNC Park 2.5 hours before first pitch.

A batting practice session lasts 45 minutes.

The earliest the gates to the Pirates stadium open to the public is 1.5 hours before game time.

This means even if you are the first person to enter the ballpark, Pirates BP will already be over. You should be able to catch the visiting team take their hacks though.

NOTE: There’s no guarantee batting practice will take place before every game at the Pirates field. If a team’s manager wishes, they can cancel batting practice.

TIP: Book yourself on a Pregame Tour of PNC Park and you can watch BP from the stands near the dugouts.

Best selfie spots at the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball stadium

Being one of the most photogenic stadiums in the major leagues, PNC Park offers up a host of awesome selfie spots. Here are some of the ones at the Pirates ballpark that we think are picture perfect.

Walking across the Roberto Clemente Bridge: An iconic landmark that every baseball fan will instantly recognize as “Pittsburgh”.

The Main Entrance: The retro-classic design and unmistakable PNC Park sign makes this the perfect spot to kick off your camera roll.

Beside a player statue: Around the perimeter of the Pittsburgh Pirates home stadium you’ll find statues of Pirates legendary players. Strike a pose with statues of Roberto Clemente, Honus Wagner, Willie Stargell and Bill Mazeroski.

In Legacy Square: Take a pic beside a plaque or banner on display in the Pirates Hall of Fame area at PNC Park.

With the Skyline: Get to the Pittsburgh Pirates ballpark early and find a spot behind home plate at a higher level. From here take a selfie with the field, and the downtown Pittsburgh skyline, as a gorgeous background.

Best place for autographs at PNC Park

The gates to PNC Park only open 1.5 hours or 1 hour before first pitch. This means if you are hoping to get a player’s autograph it will most likely be from someone on the visiting team.

Because they will be the team on the field taking BP and stretching and warming up.

Head down to the section of the seats that are along the first base line of the Pirates ballpark, specifically Field Level Box Sections 5-8 and the Dugout Box Sections 9-13.

If only an autograph from as Pirates player will do, go and hang out near the 3rd base dugout area. You might get lucky.

6 ballpark foods you gotta try at the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball stadium

PNC Park serves up some ballpark food that is as unique as the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball field is. Here are a few suggestions you should belly up to the counter for when attending a game at the Pirates ballpark.

Primanti Bros. Sandwich: A Pittsburgh classic. Features grilled meat, coleslaw, tomatoes, and French fries, all stuffed between two thick slices of Italian bread.

Pierogi Stacker: PNC Park pays homage to Pittsburgh’s Eastern European heritage with the Pierogi Stacker. Enjoy pierogies topped with caramelized onions, sour cream, and cheddar cheese.

Pot Roast Nachos: A twist on traditional nachos. Feature slow-cooked pot roast, tortilla chips, cheese, and various toppings.

Tatchos: A fusion of tater tots and nachos. Tatchos are loaded with cheese, bacon, green onions, and other toppings.

Chicken and Waffle Cone: A sweet and savory option to enjoy during your game at the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball field. Combines fried chicken bites with a waffle cone, drizzled with maple syrup.

Dessert Nachos: A sweet twist on the traditional nachos. Cinnamon-sugar tortilla chips topped with chocolate, caramel, whipped cream, and other sweet toppings.

Where to get Pittsburgh Pirates souvenirs at PNC Park

If your visit to the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball stadium won’t be complete without some Pirates merch make sure you pop into the Pirates Clubhouse Store . It’s located at the left field entrance to the Pirates ballpark near the Willie Stargell statue.

Here you’ll find Pirates gear, hats, exclusive PNC Park items, bobbleheads, commemorative baseballs, collectibles, pins, artwork, Pirates pet apparel and more.

Take home memorabilia that was used on the Pirates field

Looking for a souvenir that has even more meaning? How about an official game-used or autographed item?

Check out the selection at the Hunt Auctions Booth , located on the main concourse of the Pittsburgh Pirates home stadium behind section 125.

Every game there’s something new. Items can include bases, bats, helmets, jerseys, baseballs and more.

5 dining recommends near the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball stadium

Feel like grabbing some grub before or after your Pirates game at PNC Park? These five options are all located near the Pirates ballpark.

Bur gatory: A burger-centric restaurant with a creative and customizable menu. Known for its gourmet burgers, hand-spun shakes, and unique toppings.

The Foundry Table & Tap: Diverse menu with a focus on locally sourced ingredients. Features a welcoming atmosphere, craft beers, and a selection of elevated comfort foods. Try the Braised Short Rib Pierogi Stack.

Mike’s Beer Bar: Over 300 local beers and 80 rotating taps of local craft beer. Casual pub atmosphere. Order the “Pierogi Pizza” for a unique twist on Pittsburgh’s pierogi tradition.

Tako: Taco and tequila bar. Enjoy innovative taco creations and craft cocktails. Try the Korean Short Rib Taco for a fusion of flavors.

Federal Galley: 4 unique restaurant concepts under one roof. Great for a large group who can’t decide on where they want to eat before or after a game at the Pirates ballpark.

Other things to plan during your visit to the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball field

Does your trip to Pittsburgh to take in a Pirates game at PNC Park includes a few days to explore the city? Here are some attractions and activities you should check out.

Watch Pittsburgh’s other major league sports teams: While you’re in town for a ball game go see an NFL or NHL game too. Depending on the timing of your visit you could see the Pittsburgh Steelers or Pittsburgh Penguins in action. Check Stubhub for tickets .

Visit The Clemente Museum: Explore the life and career of this Pittsburgh Pirates icon. The museum features a collection of artifacts and memorabilia.

Tour the Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers: Go on a guided, behind-the-scenes tour of the Steelers home stadium. Includes access to the locker rooms, playing field and more.

Get a pic with Fred Rogers’ Memorial Statue: Pose beside this statue of the star of the famous children’s television show “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood”.

Go on a River Cruise: Board one of the boats in the Gateway Clipper Fleet and take a sightseeing or sunset cruise along the three rivers that frame Pittsburgh.

Enjoy planning your visit to PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

Photo Credit: MLB

tour pittsburgh pirates stadium

PNC Park Seating Guide: Best Pittsburgh Pirates Seats

November 21, 2023

Posted by Kurt Smith

“Where are the best seats in PNC Park?” I get asked this by many fans planning a trip to Pittsburgh to see a Pirates game in one of the most beautiful ballparks in baseball. I’m happy to help…this complete PNC Park seating guide will tell you everything you need to know about every seating area!

Everyone’s taste is different, and everyone has different budget levels, so there isn’t one right answer to where the best seats are in PNC Park are. I’ll help you find the best option for your budget , from the most expensive to the cheap seats, including standing room spots and ideal places for shade.

PNC Park Seating Guide pittsburgh pirates

Yes, they’re all good. But I’ll help you find the one with your name on it!

PNC Park Seating Guide – Table of Contents

Here is the breakdown , from premium to cheap seats at PNC Park:

PNC Park Layout Luxury Suites Club Seats, Part 1: The Home Plate Club Club Seats, Part 2: Club Cambria Club Seats, Part 3: Pittsburgh Baseball Club Level Field Level Seating Upper Level Seating All You Can Eat Seats Outfield Seats Bleacher Sections PNC Park Standing Room A Few More PNC Park Seating Tips

OK, lots of useful information here…so we’ll get right to it after this message! ( Thanks for supporting our sponsors! )

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Pittsburgh Pirates ballpark directory

I took this picture so I know how to find seats near food.

PNC Park Seating Tips, Part #1: Ballpark Layout. PNC Park abuts the Allegheny River in the outfield, with home plate in the northwest corner, which in turn causes the setting sun to blind people in the left field stands and the third base side rather than in right field like most ballparks.

There are technically two tiers and those extend generally from foul pole to foul pole; the luxury suites are neatly tucked underneath the upper tier. You need to use a stairway, elevator or rotunda to get to the main level concourse, which is elevated above the bleachers level in the outfield.

pnc park seating rotunda ramps

Easy to navigate ramps to get to another level with great views.

There are two rotunda ramps that fans can use to get to the main and upper levels; one is plainly visible in left field, the other is behind home plate at the main entrance.

The concourses are open on the lower level , enabling fans to see the action. There is a River Walk behind the outfield seats, where people can take in the Allegheny and a stunning view of the Roberto Clemente Bridge, and try the fancier concessions like Manny’s.

Here is the Pirates’ useful PNC Park seating chart with views from each section; the total seating capacity is 38,362 as of 2023. Rows are lettered rather than numbered, and there is no Row I. Facing the field, seat numbers start with 1 on the right.

Here’s the score on all of the seating areas , from most to least expensive:

Pittsburgh pirates premium seating

Add a bed and you could make this a seriously lucrative hotel room.

PNC Park Seating Tips, Part #2: Luxury Suites. The suites at PNC Park come in two forms, Luxury and World Series Suites. The luxury suites hold about 15 people and are built for indoor and outdoor game watching, with a full-service bar, leather couch, TVs, and catering options (costs extra) from a diverse menu. And a private restroom of course.

The World Series suites are for larger groups of up to 100 and are located down the left field line (beyond Club Cambria) of the suite level, making for a better view of the skyline. They are named for championship years in Pirates history, 1960, 1971, 1979, etc. Suites closer to home plate are more expensive than those in the outfield.

PNC Park seating world series suites

Bill Mazeroski earned his place in the Hall the moment he swung.

Both types of suites include VIP parking passes, Wi-Fi and access to the PBC Clubs . Again, premium suites cost less than at most ballparks; for a World Series suite you could pay less than $100 a person with parking passes to boot, although you need to chip in for the food. Probably still better for corporate types, but they’re within range of middle class groups.

Pittsburgh Pirates Home Plate Club seats

You work hard. At least be as comfortable at the game as you would on an airplane.

PNC Park Seating Tips, Part #3: Home Plate Club Seats. The six sections of Home Plate Club seats are the finest and most expensive seats at PNC Park. They are located behind home plate (making them aptly named), with seats closer to the batter than the pitcher who worked much harder to get there.

The seats are wide and comfortably padded . The front row is the most expensive, Rows B through J are slightly less; Rows K through M are for cheapskates.

Home Plate Club seats include a private entrance, access to a complimentary chef-prepared high end buffet through the third inning and in seat service, and entry into the luxurious Home Plate Club and any exclusive club on the Club level.

( Cool fan experience tidbit : The Home Plate Club has a “candy wall” with candies from each World Series winning year for the Bucs, like Bit-O-Honey from 1925.)

best seats at pnc park pittsburgh pirates home plate

Heck yes. This is how baseball should be watched.

Home Plate Club seats are sold on a season package basis, or as individual games for season ticket holders of other seats in the ballpark. Keep this in mind if you know a season ticket holder.

As these types of seats go, ticket prices here are more affordable than at most ballparks. You can sometimes find these on third party sites for $150 or less.

club cambria pnc park seating

A fine view of the city, but you’ll really appreciate the air conditioning.

PNC Park Seating Tips, Part #4: Club Cambria. In response to lackluster suite sales in lean years, the Pirates knocked out a few walls on the third base side and created Club Cambria . It’s on the second deck with the rest of the private club areas.

Club Cambria is for those who aren’t interested enough in the game to spring for Home Plate Club seats but still want to appear well-off at Pirates games. Tickets are sold in season packages or as individual games to season ticket holders.

pittsburgh pirates club seats

Oh and being out of the rain too.

Again, you have access to a fine upscale climate-controlled club to entertain clients with a nice write-off, padded and comfortable seating, a full bar and high end buffet (alcoholic drinks cost extra), a private street-level entrance, and best of all a fine view of the Pittsburgh skyline.

As with the Home Plate Club, Rows A and B costs more than Row C, etc. For Row C, the price isn’t bad at all for everything that is included.

PNC Park seating club

Club membership is all about having a place to rest your drink.

PNC Park Seating Tips, Part #5: Pittsburgh Baseball Club Seats. The wide and padded Club seats, though possibly short on the view of the game and the comfort that Home Plate Club seats offer or the view of the skyline in Club Cambria, may be the best bang for the buck if you’re willing to spring a bit for premium seats.

The Pittsburgh Baseball Club , or PBC, sections are in the 200 lower section of the upper level, out to just past the bases.

With the suites placed under the upper level, the PBC seats are much closer to being on top of the action than at most ballparks . There are about ten rows in most sections; the first three rows are slightly more expensive.

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PNC Park seating gunner's lounge

They’ll turn the lights on when you get there. At least I’m pretty sure they will.

PBC tickets include access to three climate controlled clubs on the private concourse: Club 3000 (named for a hit milestone passed by three Pirates), Gunner’s, and the Keystone Corner.

These clubs have pool tables, arcade games, full service bars and outdoor patios to see the game, and Gunner’s has a porch behind home plate for the best view on the Club Level . All of the clubs have lounge areas and TVs to watch the game; they’re a great place to wait out a rain delay.

You can buy PBC Club tickets for individual games. The food isn’t included in the ticket, unfortunately, and neither is in-seat service. But the price is very good for all that is included, and you can save a bundle bringing a group .

Again, try Gametime on a low demand night and you might find a great deal.

pnc park seating lower level pirates

Even with so many amazing seats available, some folks prefer to stand. But hey, your preference.

PNC Park Seating Tips, Part #6: Field Level. The lower level seating at PNC Park is broken down into seven pricing levels now. Seats drop in price past the bases and at the foul lines, and the back rows cost less than the front rows.

Baseline Box (lowest level in the corners) is cheaper than Lower Infield Box (behind the Home Plate Club seats), so you can figure that in if you like being closer to the field . Seats are angled towards second base as you get past the bases.

With the best lower level seats, you’re usually better off buying through the Pirates in advance than through a third party.

Most of these seats aren’t backbreakers as far as your wallet, and honestly, none of the seats are bad, although you should avoid seating down the right field corner or outfield if you want a nice view of the city or fireworks ( third base side sells out first on fireworks nights ).

There isn’t a lot of foul territory, so you don’t have to spring for the most expensive seats.

padded seats pirates

Not AS padded, but more comfortable than most.

The Dugout Box seats on either side of the Home Plate Club seats are also padded, but they are nowhere near as large and don’t include the amenities (or the additional $100 in price).

If you’re in a section directly behind the dugout, the first seven rows or so are skipped, so if you have Row H you’re right on top of everything and can lean on the dugout.

Behind the Dugout Box seats are the Infield Box seats; these are priced the same all the way out to the bases, so the ones behind home plate are in high demand .

PNC is one of the best ballparks when it comes to overhang problems; even if you’re in Row JJ (which is row 35 or so, and the last in most sections), you’ll still be able to see pretty much everything, which is not often the case at ballparks.

PNC Park seating walkways

As long as someone over seven feet tall doesn’t stand in front of you, you should be fine.

One caveat to be aware of is that there is a walkway in between the first ten rows or so and the seats behind them; the seats are raised but there may still be a foot traffic view problem in the first couple of rows.

The only other issue is that the concourse does get crowded about an hour from game time; if you would like to get your grub then you may be waiting in line a bit . The food court with the best selection is in the left field corner, if a short walk to cool food items matters to you when choosing your seat.

NEVER Drive To PNC Park Without A Plan…

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pittsburgh baseball upper level seats

Some Pirates fans like to sit where they can be reminded of years when ownership put a good team on the field.

PNC Park Seating Tips, Part #7: Upper Level. Behind the Club seating on the upper level are the Grandstand and Upper Grandstand sections.

There is no Upper grandstand behind home plate, this being the location of the press box, behind the grandstand (another thing the PNC designers got right). Just about all upper deck seats have a sweet view of the city .

The upper level is close to the action here (the Pirates brag that the highest seat is just 88 feet from the field), and there’s nothing wrong with the panoramic view of the whole ballpark from just about anywhere.

These seats are a relative bargain; Upper Outfield Grandstand seats are especially a great deal. You can’t see the Clemente Bridge as well from left field, although there is still a great view of the Pittsburgh city skyline .

PNC park seating pittsburgh pirates obstructed views

“Oh come on ump, he swung at that!”

Beware, though. Some of the seats on this level may have a bit of an obstructed view , with glass stairway landings placed between Club and Grandstand seating. The problem is nowhere near as bad as it is at Citi Field in New York, but in sections with landings like 313, 315, etc. (you can see them on the Pirates’ 3-D seating map ), it can be annoying.

Just avoid low numbered seats in Rows H-K on the third base side, and high numbered seats in those rows on the first base side.

Pittsburgh Pirates seats obstructed view

The Pirates made the most of their limited space for seats.

Behind home plate there are support poles holding up the press box, which can (but won’t likely) cause you a problem in Sections 315-317. Avoid the highest row (R, usually) if you can. Also, down the left field line, some sections miss the scoreboard to the rotunda ramp in left.

what seats are covered at PNC park pirates

With helpful lamps in case you’d like to read.

There is a roof covering the highest rows; Rows Q and higher are under the roof if you’re interested in shade.

Finally, the upper concourse at PNC is also fairly tight, and on big attendance nights it can get congested. Best to get your dog and beer before the game .

all you can eat seats PNC Park

Imagine working at a job where you make hungry people happy.

All You Can Eat Seats at PNC Park: The club level sections of seats down the left field line used to be called the Cove; the Pirates now just all them All You Can Eat seats to avoid confusion.

For a decent price you get a wristband and can grub on all of the hot dogs, burgers, nachos, popcorn, peanuts, and non-alcoholic beverages you can handle in seven innings. There is a separate North Shore stand set up for this.

pittsburgh pirates all you can eat

Unlimited hot dogs + this view = a pretty good life.

The view of the game is just okay here, but the view of the river, bridge and Riverwalk area is still terrific. If the game isn’t keeping you interested you can watch boats go by on the Allegheny.

It’s just my opinion but I’m not big on all you can eat at a ballgame; lines get long and food sometimes doesn’t get fully cooked, or the dogs are kid-sized portions, and from what I’ve read PNC is no exception.

But it’s a good deal if you’re hungry and don’t need anything fancy like a sandwich with French fries and slaw stuffed into it . One fan suggested wearing cargo shorts to put extra bags of peanuts in your pockets. I love the way baseball fans think.

PNC Park seating outfield seats pittsburgh pirates

You can’t see the skyline or what other teams are doing. This section is for people who came to see Bucs baseball!

PNC Park Seating Tips, Part #8: Outfield Seats. The Outfield Reserved seating in right and center field costs a bit less than the sections down the right field line; however, if you would like a good view of the game these might actually be better , at least in terms of not requiring a neck twist to watch the game.

Lesser view of Pittsburgh from here though, and it gets more direct sun than the right field line seating in foul territory.

The right field seats are raised over the out-of-town scoreboard in the right field wall, and the wall is 21 feet high in honor of Roberto Clemente’s number 21. So these seats could miss some of the action on balls hit to right field, which isn’t a big deal.

Pittsburgh Pirates center field seats

Hyundai, Xfinity, and the Pittsburgh Pirates…two beloved institutions in Pittsburgh.

The sections in center field are lower; they are a bit further out but are closer to the field for the same price . Section 139 could miss some of left field if you’re close to the fence, so avoid low-numbered seats there if possible which are closest.

On a hot sunny day you will definitely bake sitting in the outfield seats (I speak from experience); I would be sure to bring water, a hat and sunscreen .

PNC Park seating bleacher sections

Because nothing is more baseball than rubbing cheeks with your fellow fan.

PNC Park Seating Tips, Part #9: Bleachers. Yep, most of the hard metal benches in left field in front of the scoreboard are reserved seating. But they are cheap , costing about the same as the Grandstand seating and less than the reserved seating in right field. And they have backs, so it’s not all bad.

Behind the Bleachers is the General Admission bleachers section. The Pirates sell more tickets for this than there are seats, so you should get there early or be a large person if you have a GA ticket. This isn’t the best area to be, but the Bucs did add a drink rail for standing patrons, so it’s not awful if it gets you into the ballpark.

PNC Park seating left field

Not to worry if you can’t see the scoreboard…you won’t be allowed to forget who sponsored this nice ballpark.

Keep in mind these seats are in front of the Big Board, so you’d need to crane your neck to see the pre-game cartoon (I kid; the PNC Park scoreboard is actually quite impressive). There are two tiers, and the lower tier is probably your best chance to catch home runs (it’s a good spot during batting practice).

The Pirates won’t let you throw an opposing team’s home run ball back on the field, but if you catch one hit by a Pirate, they’ll have him autograph it for you .

One nice thing about the bleachers is the proximity to the new bar under the rotunda and the Left Field Lounge, so you have a place to get a craft brew or duck out of the elements. Which you may need to with the sun bearing down.

pirates game standing room

Not the best heckling spot, unless you want to heckle the groundskeeper. Which can be fun.

PNC Park Seating Tips, Part #10: Standing Room. The Pirates have millennial-friendly standing room space now; the Left Field Terrace behind the bleachers is a nice spot to stand, lean and rest your drink , and it’s close to the Left Field Lounge for shelter if needed.

There is an outdoor bar at the entrance to the lounge on the center field side, if it gets too hot for you.

Pittsburgh Pirates ballpark pass

Remember when you ordered baseball tickets with your phone? Ah, the good old days.

The Pirates offer a standing room Ballpark Pass for just $29.99 a month (you can upgrade it for actual seats). This can be great if you’re in town to see a few high demand games (i.e. weekends against the Yankees). Well worth it with just 3-4 visits.

At the bottom of the rotunda is a full bar with craft beers. The Pirates sell it as a gathering spot to watch the game, but most of the area, including the bar and tables and drink rail, doesn’t have a view of the action on the field. It’s in an odd spot , truthfully, so it’s really more of a place to get a brew or wait out a rain delay watching something on the ginormous TV.

PNC Park seating standing room

“Hey, lean over and tell me if the Mets are winning, will ya?”

You may have noticed the people watching from a covered area below the outfield seats in right field; this is standing room and handicapped space and you can hang out there if you want .

If you’re there, check out “Baseball Joe” Vogel , the world’s #1 Pirates fan, who’s been to over 2,500 games. I find Baseball Joe and hang out with him whenever I visit Pittsburgh…he’s great.

Pittsburgh Pirates SRO rotunda

Offering shade and cover from the rain as well.

You can also watch from anywhere in the left field rotunda, which is a popular spot for standing room fans; they know they may get on TV there .

If you want a standing spot in the lower level, especially in the infield, you should stake it out early ; the arrangement of concessions and handicapped seating makes the space for standing small in the main concourse. I had an usher kick me off of the handicapped platform in one visit. (He was polite though.)

Best seats for shade at PNC Park

This picture has been brought to you by Coppertone!

PNC Park Seating Tips, Part #11: A Few More Tips. Because of the orientation of home plate, the setting sun affects those on the third base side and in the left field bleachers. The seats on the third base side have better views of the downtown Pittsburgh skyline , but that’s the trade-off. You’d do well to have sunglasses and sunscreen on the third base side in the early evening.

PNC has some seats on the end of certain rows with no armrests for handicapped or oversized among us. You can order these by phone or at the box office.

pnc park seating front gate

It’s a great place to be.

The best entrance to use will be marked on your ticket, and this can come in handy in a quirky ballpark with a lot of nooks in it. Besides, it’s pretty neat to look at on the outside too.

Even with all of the details I shared here, the good news if you don’t remember it all is that PNC Park has very, very few bad seats . Some are better than others, but as you can see that depends on your taste. You’ll probably be happy wherever you sit, but hopefully this helps!

pnc park seating model club level

Love models like this. It makes me want to be a tiny person.

Thanks for reading this complete guide to PNC Park seating! I hope you enjoyed it and that it helps you make the most of your next visit to this superb ballpark. Happy to share more PNC Park tips here , and please support this website’s sponsors !

(Note: this article contains affiliate links. If you use an affiliate link to make a purchase, Ballpark E-Guides earns a commission, at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!)

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See all PNC Park games, concerts, other events

PNC Park Concerts:  Schedule & Tickets

Find tickets for concerts at PNC Park (late spring through early fall).

For concerts, like most stadium shows, the stage is usually set up in the outfield.  That means that unless you're in the pit (where floor tickets always fetch a premium price), you're likely to be quite a distance away and will be relying on the giant screens to see the details.  You may want to avoid seats in the end sections closest to the stage in case of obstructions and less-than-stellar viewing angles.

Know Before You Go

  • PNC Park is a cashless facility.  Bring a credit or debit card for food, parking, etc.
  • PNC Park is an open-top stadium.  In case of rain, bring a pocket-sized clear disposable plastic poncho, which you can usually get at nearby convenience stores or order online from Amazon

Hotels near PNC Park: 10 Closest Hotels

Walk to PNC Park from these North Side Pittsburgh hotels in less than 5 minutes:

  • Hyatt Place Pittsburgh North Shore - Just a 5-minute walk from PNC Park and a short walk to Rivers Casino, with inexpensive onsite parking and a hotel shuttle to Downtown Pittsburgh
  • Springhill Suites by Marriott Pittsburgh - All-Suites hotel next to PNC Park and 5-minute walk to Acrisure Stadium; affordable rates, hotel shuttle to other parts of the city
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites Pittsburgh North Shore - 2-5 minute walk to PNC Park and Acrisure Stadium, affordable rates, easy parking
  • Residence Inn by Marriott Pittsburgh North Shore - Across the street from PNC Park and easy walking distance to Acrisure Stadium, restaurants, and nightlife
  • The Parador Inn - Historic B&B with a Caribbean theme, gorgeous period furniture, comfy beds, and a lovely garden

Or stay across from the Allegheny Riverfront Park and stroll across the scenic Clemente Bridge to PNC Park - maybe a 10 minute walk:

  • Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel - Downtown riverfront location - walk across the scenic Clemente Bridge to PNC Park and Acrisure Stadium  

Choose a Downtown Pittsburgh hotel and enjoy lively dining and nightlife scene while being just a 5-minute walk across the Clemente Bridge (or free T ride) to PNC Park:

  • Doubletree by Hilton Downtown Pittsburgh - Spacious rooms and suites at affordable rates.  Request a Downtown view
  • Kimpton Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh - Great location and affordable rates, great style and comfort.  Traveling with friends?  Choose a suite like the one shown above! 
  • Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Pittsburgh - Wonderful location next to Market Square and plenty of fun places to eat and drink
  • Fairmont Pittsburgh - Luxury hotel offering top amenities and service, and a modern vibe.  Surrounded by many restaurants of all types 

Find more Pittsburgh hotels

Map Showing Pittsburgh Hotels & Best Rates

Use this map to enter your dates and see best rates (including discounted rates) on available hotels and apartments:

PNC Park Seating Map

PNC Park Seating Map

For the best views of the Downtown Pittsburgh skyline and the river , choose seats on the third base side of the field - although you can expect fairly spectacular views wherever you sit in PNC Park.  

You'll enter PNC Park through the Outfield entrances if you walk across the Roberto Clemente Bridge from Downtown Pittsburgh, or at the Home Plate entrance if you're already on the North Shore.

To reach the ballpark's main concourse and upper levels, walk up the stairs or ramps, or take the escalator.

PNC Park Bag Policies

PNC Park enforces a strict "No Bag" policy for games and concerts, with only the following exceptions:

  • Small clutch bags that measure no more than 8" x 5" x 1"; clear bags are highly recommended (ziplock bags work well), and no more than one per person is permitted
  • Bags used exclusively for medical equipment/ADA reasons
  • Diaper bags used exclusively for the care of infants and young toddlers who accompany you; to facilitate speedy entry, use a clear bag such as these from Amazon if possible

Bags may be searched upon entry.

Bag Storage at PNC Park

If you need to store a bag, you can use the lockers available on Isabella Street across from the Stargell Gate.  They are available one hour before the stadium gates open.

Tailgating at PNC Park

Tailgating is allowed in select stadium parking lots near the ballfield, starting when the lots open 4 hours before game time. 

Typical tailgating rules apply:

  • You must confine your tailgating to your paid space - so no taking over adjacent spaces, and no restricting full access to the driving lanes between rows
  • You can bring and consume alcohol, but alcohol sales are allowed
  • You cannot bring or use personal or private toilets or port-a-potties
  • Cooking grills are allowed in open parking lots (not garages), but no other fires are allowed
  • Tents are not permitted

How to Get to PNC Park

Pnc park location.

115 Federal Street, on Pittsburgh's North Shore across the Allegheny River from Downtown Pittsburgh

Best PNC Park Entrances (& Some to Avoid)

To enter the ballfield, you'll have your pick of many different entrances where you'll show your tickets and go through a security check point.  If you see long lines at the main gates at the front, head to the side entrances where lines are usually shorter. 

The Best Way to Get to PNC Park

The easiest and best way to get to PNC Park is to walk, which you can easily do if you're staying near the ballpark in the North Shore or Downtown neighborhoods. 

On game days, the picturesque Roberto Clemente bridge provides pedestrian-only access to the ballpark from Downtown Pittsburgh, so you can enjoy beautiful river and skyline views as you join the crowds of Yinzers and out-of-town fans walking across it.

Take a few minutes to stroll along the beautiful riverside concourse next to the ballpark where you can relax and soak up the sights.  Once you're inside and sitting in your seat, the Pittsburgh skyline views create a special ambiance you won't find anywhere else.

Public Transportation to PNC Park

The next best way to reach the ballfield, especially if you want to avoid getting stuck in traffic gridlock around PNC Park is to take the "T" - Pittsburgh's light rail/subway system - to the North Side T Station located across Robinson Street from the ballpark's Home Plate entrance.  If you board at the "Golden Triangle" stations in Downtown Pittsburgh, you can even ride for free.  

You can also park near the North Shore's Allegheny T Station, the First Avenue Garage next to the First Avenue T Station, or the Mellon Square Garage near the Wood Street T Station and ride for free from those stations to the North Side Station.

Otherwise, drive to one of the South Hills T Stations (1,900+ parking spaces) and take the T downtown to the Wood Street or Gateway Center Station and walk across the Roberto Clemente Bridge to PNC Park.  Or park in a garage near any other T station, and hop on board to the ballpark. 

What about Ride Shares?  Can You Take Uber or Lyft to PNC Park?

Yes, absolutely!  In fact, taking an Uber or Lyft to PNC Park may be cheaper than paying for parking, depending on where you're coming from. 

Want to shave off a few dollars?  Ask to be dropped off near one of the Golden Triangle T stations or Downtown, and then take the T for free or walk across the Clemente Bridge to the ballfield.

Parking near PNC Park

To avoid spending more time than necessary in snarled traffic if you choose to drive, follow this simple parking rule:  Park on the North Shore if you're driving in from the north, and park Downtown if you're driving in from the east, south, or west. 

Best (ie, close and affordable) North Shore parking near PNC Park includes the Pirates' official parking lots near the ballpark, especially Lots 7A, 7B, 7C, or 7D, Allegheny Center Garage (100 South Commons), and the North Shore Garage (12 E. Robinson Street near the Andy Warhol Museum). 

North Shore parking costs slightly more than Downtown, but if you're coming from the north, it's your best option avoiding traffic gridlock, especially after a game or concert.

Use this map to locate North Shore parking lots and garages near PNC Park on Pittsburgh's North Shore:

PNC Park Seating Map

Downtown Pittsburgh offers 20,000+ parking spaces.  Game day and concert rates tend to be cheaper than on the North Shore, especially at the city's many municipal parking garages and garages located here. 

This map shows their locations:

Downtown Pittsburgh Parking Garages

Pittsburgh Insider's Tip:  If you're heading to an evening game or concert, stre et-side parking is free after 6pm.

Keep in mind that parking is tougher for concerts than for games because they draw significantly larger crowds - so allow yourself plenty of time.

You'll usually find the best rates (and be able to reserve a spot) by using a parking app such as SpotHero.

Best & Cheapest Ways to Get from Pittsburgh International Airport to PNC Park

Are you flying to Pittsburgh for a Pirates game or concert at PNC Park?

Pittsburgh International Airport is located about 20 miles from PNC Park/Downtown Pittsburgh. 

The best (meaning the fastest and most convenient) way to get from the airport to PNC Park or your Pittsburgh hotel is to rent a car and drive, take a taxi, or use ride-sharing service.

The cheapest although not necessarily the fastest or most convenient way to get from the airport to Downtown Pittsburgh is on the West Busway (28X Airport Flyer), which runs about every 30 minutes and costs just a few dollars one way.  From Downtown, you can easily walk to the ballfield.

Where to Eat & Drink at PNC Park

You'll find plenty of food and drink concessions inside PNC Park, including outposts of a couple of local bars and restaurants offering their own specialties and local fare as a change from the standard stadium hot dogs, nachos, and fries. 

To minimize your time away from the game or concert, most food areas offer kiosks where you place your order.  You'll see your order number displayed on a screen when your food is ready to be picked up.

Bring a credit or debit card, as cashless payments are the trend here.

Outside the ballpark, sample  Pittsburgh's thriving brewpub scene  famous for its craft beers and tasty food including local specialties.  With PNC Park and Heinz Field less than half a mile apart, plenty of  sports bars  and  casual spots to eat and drink  fill the North Shore, and you'll have even more choices across the Clemente Bridge in  Downtown Pittsburgh.  

Here are a few you won't want to miss, as well as a hotel bar to check out:

North Shore Bars & Restaurants near PNC Park & Heinz Field

  • Beerhead Bar & Eatery  (110 Federal Street across from the ballpark) - Love beer?  You'll find hundreds of choices here, including craft beers from around the country.  If you want to eat there too, bring your own food or order from the delivery menus they keep on hand.

More Ways to Enjoy Pittsburgh's Food Culture

Downtown pittsburgh food & drink.

  • Meat & Potatoes  (649 Penn Ave) - Choose the rib eye steak for two and customize your sauces, sides, and potatoes, go for a burger with a side of poutine, or indulge in any of the other meat-centric specialties. Mussels and frites hit the spot too!
  • Proper Brick Oven & Tap Room  (139 7th Street) - Craft beers on tap, pizza, salads, and Italian specialties emphasizing local seasonal produce with almost everything made from scratch, including the delicious fresh mozzarella, pastas, and desserts.

Pittsburgh Hotel Bars & Restaurants

  • Biergarten at Kimpton Hotel Monaco  (Downtown) - Relax on the Biergarten's appealing 9th floor rooftop patio bar and enjoy a winning combination of European beverages, German specialties to munch on, pub games, and sweeping city views.

More Pittsburgh Attractions & Things to Do

Visiting Pittsburgh to attend a PNC Park event?  Don't miss these  top attractions  and  fun things to do:

  • Top Pittsburgh Attractions  - Acrisure Field and the Pittsburgh Steelers, PPG Paints Arena and the Pittsburgh Penguins, Andy Warhol Museum (117 Sandusky, 2-minute walk from PNC Park), Market Square (intersection of Market Street and Forbes Ave - restaurants, street vendors, pop-up markets, and cool architecture), Rivers Casino (777 Casino Drive, 1 block from Heinz Field)
  • Kids' Favorites in Pittsburgh  - Children's Museum of Pittsburgh (10 Children's Way, close to PNC Park), Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium (1 Wild Place), Carnegie Science Center (1 Allegheny Drive, across from Heinz Field)

PNC Park Gift Ideas

Need a PNC Park-related gift for friends or family (or yourself??

Check out these cool PNC Park gift ideas from Amazon:   PNC Park wall art and posters, books, and more! 

More Articles about Pittsburgh Stadiums, Sports & Concerts

  • PNC Park - More about the Pittsburgh Pirates' home field
  • PPG Paints Arena - More about the home of the Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Pittsburgh Steelers - Find game schedules & more for Pittsburgh's NFL team
  • Pittsburgh Visitors Guide - Travel tips

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tour pittsburgh pirates stadium

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The Paul Skenes debut brings Pittsburgh back to the forefront

Very few rookies have the kind of fan fare and following that Paul Skenes has garnered, but the wait was definitely worth it.

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Chicago Cubs v Pittsburgh Pirates

Pittsburgh has always revered its sports stars. The likes of “Mean” Joe Greene, Roberto Clemente, and Mario Lemieux are forever celebrated in the cities’ sports lore, as they truly embodied the city during their playing days. To become a legend in any sports city, you have to first start with your debut, rising to the challenge of making the professional ranks and impressing the people in the stands that came to watch you play. Not all debuts are created equally, and that showed in the highly anticipated debut of pitcher Paul Skenes this weekend against the Chicago Cubs .

News broke of Skenes promotion early last week in a tweet from the team, and quickly it became pandemonium for Pirates fans. A Saturday game that was already likely going to draw a decent crowd against the division rival Cubs, turned into a bidding frenzy as tickets reportedly rose to as high as $5,000, as 34,924 people came to see the Pirates’ number one overall prospect.

5.11.24 — Pittsburgh Pirates (@Pirates) May 8, 2024

At the stadium, fans were on their feet long before Skenes even through out his first pitch, with many in the stadium early to purchase their very own Paul Skenes jersey from the team shop, as well as to watch him warm up in the dugout ahead of game time. Once the first pitch finally rolled around, the crowd was electric, watching last years number one overall pick throw for 100+ MPH six times in the first inning. The roar and excitement in the air that came with his debut, you would’ve thought the Buccos were in the World Series , as with every pitch and every put out came an eruption at PNC Park.

Drawing comparisons to the debuts of Stephen Strasburg and Justin Verlander, national media attention was suddenly on Pittsburgh as well, as one of the highest rated prospects in the history of the game was set to fan fastballs past the likes of Cody Bellinger and Seiya Suzuki. For those who did not have the privilege of being at the ballpark that day, it was a featured game on the MLB streaming app, with plenty of pre and post game coverage from multiple outlets. In the city of Pittsburgh, this was likely the biggest game for a rookie since the debut of Sidney Crosby for the Penguins in 2005.

With Skenes came one of the most popular college athletes of all time in tow, LSU gymnast and girlfriend Livvy Dunne. The pair met during Skenes’ playing days for the Tigers in Baton Rouge and have quickly become the next viral sports couple, rivaling Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce in the NFL. Dunne had this to say about watching as a fan in the stands as Skenes took the mound for the first time in a Pittsburgh uniform.

“I have so many amazing memories with him, but I know how hard he’s worked for this moment. All the hours, I just know what a hard worker he is. This is probably one of my favorite moments I’ve ever seen. Seriously, there is nothing that can top this. I’m just so proud,” she said.

Of course the actual gameplay was electric as well, with the first pitch thrown coming in at 101 MPH. The hurling rookie topped 100 miles per hour 17 times through the five innings that he pitched, mixing in his “splinker”, curve, and changeup as well. The command on the mound was clearly there, and Skenes became just the second Pirates’ pitcher his age to record seven strikeouts. While it wasn’t the perfect performance, it still shows plenty of promise as to why he was called up less than a year removed from being drafted.

For those not in attendance, the game largely ended after Skenes was relieved at the beginning of the fifth, as what followed was mostly sloppy work from the bullpen (worsening the stats of Skenes in the process) and a two-hour rain delay which obviously interrupted the stream. Of course, it's nice that the Pirates got the win in the end, but the Gatorade shower that Skenes received made the whole day worth the wait.

Paul Skenes strikes out 7 in his first career start! — MLB (@MLB) May 11, 2024

With this promotion, it seems like this is one step closer to the Pirates commitment to success in this new generation of Pittsburgh baseball. The losing is starting to pay off, with these high draft picks finally stepping foot into the Major Leagues. Guys like Skenes, Jared Jones, and Endy Rodriguez are hopefully the building blocks for winning baseball. The kind of attention that has been drawn in by one player in a Pirates uniform is reminiscent of Bonds and Bonilla in the 90’s, or McCutchen during his MVP season, but even still, Skenes may be in a class all his own.

I know it was just one game, but you cannot help but feel excited about this guy. We have an AF squadron softball team, and I told my wingmen that I needed an early Saturday morning practice because I was not going to miss this game. It wasn’t quite the atmosphere that PNC Park was, but a couple of hot dogs with my puppy on the couch had me transported, and it felt like I was yelling from the top deck as well.

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Pittsburgh Pirates

The soft spoken Skenes had this to say about his debut.

“Everybody talks about the stadium. It’s an awesome stadium, awesome skyline,” Skenes said. “The fans are awesome. It was just an awesome day.”

An awesome day it was indeed, and hopefully there are many more awesome days to come, as the Paul Skenes era is officially underway in Pittsburgh.

"It was a long one, but we got the win... it's just the start." Paul Skenes on his MLB debut. @mearshannah_ | #RaiseIt — SportsNet Pittsburgh (@SNPittsburgh) May 12, 2024

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tour pittsburgh pirates stadium

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  1. Tours of Park Tours

    The Pittsburgh Pirates invite you to tour PNC Park located on Pittsburgh's North Shore along the Allegheny River. PNC Park is rated #1 amongst MLB ballpark from Ballpark Digest and the #3 attraction in the city of Pittsburgh. Our interactive tour will give guests a broad view of the 38,000-seat ...

  2. Behind the Scenes Tour at PNC Park is a Must for Baseball Fans

    PNC Park is home to the Pittsburgh Pirates and is also considered to be one of the most beautiful ballparks in the country. While a great place to be during a game, the park is also home to a behind the scenes tour that goes to a number of interesting spots inside the stadium that you normally won't see in a regular game, including: Legacy Theater.

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    Seating Capacity and Amenities. PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, has a seating capacity of 38,362. This modern stadium opened on March 31st, 2001, and boasts a variety of seating options. Fans can enjoy 69 suites with their own concourse level, along with club seating at both the field and mezzanine levels, which also have their own ...

  4. Touring the Hidden Corners of PNC Park in Pittsburgh

    Private tours of PNC Park are available during the week and on select Saturdays during the baseball season, starting in mid-April and continuing until the Pirates finish their season, playoffs included. Tours leave from the stadium's left field gate next to the Willie Stargell statue and last roughly 90 minutes.

  5. PNC Park

    PNC Park offers both in-season and off-season tours, and will run you about $10 per adult and $8 for seniors and for children ages 6 to 14 (smaller kids are free). Tours begin at the Allegheny Health Network Gate and last about 60-90 minutes. As with most tours, it will be mostly walking, so remember to wear comfortable shoes.

  6. Guide to seeing the Pirates at PNC Park

    A PNC Park tour is a must-have event for all baseball fans. For $10 (or $8 for seniors and kids), you can experience an (approximately) 90-minute tour around the entire ballpark. Some of the highlights include visits to the Pirates dugout and warning track, the indoor batting cage, plus the press box and luxury suites.

  7. PNC Park

    Location: 115 Federal St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212. Year built: 2001. Attendance size: 38,362. Division: NL Central. PNC Park is a modern baseball stadium located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, home to the Pittsburgh Pirates Major League Baseball team. With its picturesque views of the city skyline and the Allegheny River, incorporation of elements ...

  8. Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park

    For season tickets, group packages and individual tickets, call 1-800-BUY-BUCS or visit ... Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park 115 Federal St., PNC Park at the North Shore Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212 ... local craft beer and ballpark staples. Details

  9. PNC Park

    PNC Park is a baseball stadium on the North Shore of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.It is the fifth home ballpark of Major League Baseball's Pittsburgh Pirates. Opened during the 2001 MLB season, PNC Park sits along the Allegheny River with a view of the Downtown Pittsburgh skyline. Constructed of steel and limestone, it has a natural grass playing surface and can seat 38,747 people for baseball.

  10. Tim Benz: A Pirates-worthy set list for 'The Stadium Tour' at PNC Park

    I've been sitting on tickets for the Stadium Tour concert at PNC Park since it was announced in December 2019. Motley Crue, Poison, Def Leppard and Joan Jett? C'mon! It's the ...

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    In-Season, Non-Game Day Tour: On this 90-minute walking tour your guide will provide insights and information about the Pittsburgh Pirates ballpark. You'll be escorted to the field/warning track, bullpens, Pop's Plaza, Pittsburgh Baseball Club Level, Luxury Suites and Press Box.

  12. PNC Park Seating Guide: Best Pittsburgh Pirates Seats

    Here is the breakdown, from premium to cheap seats at PNC Park: PNC Park Layout. Luxury Suites. Club Seats, Part 1: The Home Plate Club. Club Seats, Part 2: Club Cambria. Club Seats, Part 3: Pittsburgh Baseball Club Level. Field Level Seating. Upper Level Seating. All You Can Eat Seats.

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    PNC Park Schedule & Tickets. Find tickets for Pittsburgh Pirates home games at PNC Park during spring, summer, and fall, plus summer outdoor concerts and special winter events. Here's a discount you can use for PNC Park games and concerts: Ticket Discount Code: Enter DISCOVERY 10 to save 10% on TicketNetwork & TicketLiquidator tickets.

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    Morgan Wallen tour: ... Beautiful stadium. A little annoying having the railing in between home plate and the pitcher's mound. 4/6/24 . 318. ... San Francisco Giants at Pittsburgh Pirates. PNC Park. Tickets StubHub. May 23. San Francisco Giants at Pittsburgh Pirates. PNC Park. Tickets StubHub.

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    A Saturday game that was already likely going to draw a decent crowd against the division rival Cubs, turned into a bidding frenzy as tickets reportedly rose to as high as $5,000, as 34,924 people ...

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  17. Ticket prices surge as Pirates prepare for Paul Skenes' debut

    Thought by many as major-league-ready right out of college, the Pirates started Skenes with AAA Indianapolis and he did not disappoint. In seven starts with the Indians, Skenes posted a 0.99 ERA ...

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  22. Livvy Dunne on Paul Skenes MLB debut

    Skenes' girlfriend is popular former LSU gymnast Livvy Dunne, who was in attendance for his MLB debut against the Cubs. Dunne caught up with Sportsnet Pittsburgh's Hannah Mears during the third inning, reflecting on what the journey to this point has been like for the duo. Skenes K's 7 in debut as Pirates phenom tops 100 mph 17 times.