6 Things To Remember About Lore And Moriarty Before Picard Season 3

There are some things fans should know.

Moriarty and Lore on Star Trek: Picard Season 3 on Paramount+

Star Trek: Picard Season 3 is almost here , and while longtime fans of The Next Generation are excited to see their favorite crew back in action , they’re probably just as jazzed about the return of two of the show’s greatest villains . Lore and Moriarty will return for the final season of Picard , and while many are no doubt excited to see them, they may not completely remember why. 

Lore and Moriarty are two of Star Trek: The Next Generation ’s greatest villains, but neither was exactly prevalent across its 178 episodes. For those needing a small reminder, here are some of the things folks will want to know ahead of their return in Picard Season 3. 

Lore Is Data’s Brother, But More Advanced

Lore and Data are both Soong-type Androids created by the great Dr. Noonian Soong, but there are key differences between them. One interesting thing of note is that, while Data was created after Lore, Lore is technically the more advanced of the two thanks to his emotional programming. 

Unfortunately, Lore was prone to malevolence and other negative emotions, which made him incredibly dangerous, considering his other advanced abilities. Dr. Soong ultimately decided that giving Lore the full spectrum of emotions was a mistake, and put his components into storage. He’d go on to make Data without emotions, and Lore would, of course, later find himself reassembled again with a chip on his shoulder toward their shared father. 

Lore Was Allegedly Disassembled During The Next Generation

Star Trek: The Next Generation fans might’ve been shocked to see Lore promoted as appearing in Picard Season 3, especially if they remembered his previous appearance on television. Lore was in the iconic TNG two-parter “Descent,” and after his defeat at the end of it, was deactivated and sent off to be disassembled. 

Obviously, there will be some sort of story about how he was reconfigured and for what reason. After all, Lore was one of the greatest enemies Jean-Luc Picard and his crew faced, so why would Starfleet even risk keeping him active? 

Lore Loved Data As If They Were Actual Family

While Lore was a real ass and had all sorts of evil goals, he also had a strong sense of family. He had a real love for his brother, and one would think Data would’ve as well, if he had the emotional capacity for it at the time. I think this is always important to bring up, as it’s a reminder that while he was a villain in Star Trek , he wasn’t entirely evil. Lore had the capacity to feel many emotions on the spectrum, and while he primarily showed the more negative ones, perhaps he had a capacity for great kindness as well? 

I imagine this might be a detail relevant to Star Trek: Picard Season 3, and perhaps he could find redemption in the eyes of Starfleet and with the former TNG crew in this new adventure. Or, he might just be the same old Lore and hatch some massive betrayal plot. We don’t really know at this time why he is in the story, and what role he has beyond giving Brent Spiner a reason to work with the cast. We’ll just have to wait and see!

Moriarty Started Out As A Challenge For Data

James Moriarty found his way into the holodeck in “Elementary, Dear Data” when Dr. Pulaski and Geordi La Forge wondered if Data could solve a Sherlock Holmes mystery that wasn’t based on the books. When he easily solved the challenge, there was an immediate question about whether Data solved the case because of its similarity to another Holmes story, or because he really was just that clever. Geordi then decided to up the ante, and asked the holodeck to create a villain that would be challenging for Data , and not just for Sherlock Holmes.

Thus, Moriarty received an upgrade, and while it was not intended at the time, he would go on to become one of the greatest and most complicated challenges that Picard’s Enterprise faced. Holograms can often be a challenge for Starfleet crews from time to time, so readers can only imagine how much of a pain one would be if it was specifically intended to be a rival to Data.

Moriarty Achieved Sentience As A Holodeck Program

Geordi’s wish, paired with Moriarty’s normal cleverness as a character, soon led him to understand that the world he was a part of wasn’t the actual real world. To say these types of occurrences with holodeck programs are rare is an understatement, and Picard and the rest were fascinated by the idea of a holodeck program aware of its own existence as a holodeck program. They were also concerned about the quandary this created, as the ethical rights of destroying a holodeck program were weighed with the creation of one of the more formidable fictional characters in real life. 

In the end, Picard agreed to find a way to bring him the sentience he wished for, and the possibility of life in the real world. He only asked that Moriarty be allowed to lie dormant in the holodeck's memory while Starfleet scientists looked into the matter, and figured out a way for this to happen. Moriarty agreed, and for a while, it seemed like both parties had reached a resolution they were satisfied with. 

Picard Tricked Moriarty Into Thinking He’d Left The Enterprise Years Ago

Moriarty returned to the Enterprise , but unfortunately, it was before Starfleet had developed a way for him to live independently of the holodeck technology. “Ship In A Bottle” showed him taking control of the Enterprise , under the belief that the efforts to remove him from the holodeck were nothing but lies. The crew managed to trick him into thinking they caved to his demands, but in reality, they encased him in a simulation within a simulation. Moriarty “left” the Enterprise thinking he was on his way back to Earth, but really, he’s still in a program. 

If he was mad after a few years stuck in the holodeck, I can’t imagine how he’ll feel after decades spent living in a fake universe. He’s seen with guns in the trailer, which could create a dangerous situation for the crew and even put some lives at risk. Unfortunately, Data isn’t around to help them this time, so hopefully they’re up to the task!

Star Trek: Picard premieres on Paramount+ on Thursday, February 16th. Now would be a good time to revisit some of the previously mentioned episodes, or just some of the best episodes of The Next Generation in general, with a Paramount+ subscription . 


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Lore was a Soong-type android constructed by Doctor Noonien Soong and Juliana Soong at the Omicron Theta colony . Built in Dr. Soong's own image, Lore was the fourth android they constructed and embodied the first successful example of a fully functional positronic brain . An earlier model Soong-type android protype, B-4 , also had a positronic brain, but of a less sophisticated type, resulting in a simple-minded personality. ( TNG : " Inheritance ", " Datalore ", " Brothers "; Star Trek Nemesis )

Lore's head

Lore's head, removed from his body

Lore was extremely advanced and sentient , possessing megastrength , speed and intelligence when compared to a Human . Lore's emotional programming was also very advanced. However, he began displaying signs of emotional instability and malevolence, leading Lore to see himself as superior to Humans. Lore frightened the other colonists , who demanded that Soong deactivate him. Lore later claimed that they saw him as "too perfect", and were envious. ( TNG : " Brothers ", " Silicon Avatar ", " Inheritance ")

Eventually, Soong capitulated, but not before Lore had secretly contacted the Crystalline Entity in a bid for revenge, offering it the planet 's life to ensure his own survival. After deactivating and dismantling Lore, Soong set about constructing Lore's brother , Data , an android without destabilizing emotions. ( TNG : " Datalore ", " Brothers ", " Silicon Avatar ", " The Offspring ")

Lore's positronic net differed from Data's: it had a Type-"L" phase discriminator compared to Data's Type-"R". ( TNG : " Time's Arrow ")

Soong placed Lore's components into storage, intending to eventually correct Lore's behavioral problems. Lore later harbored resentment towards his creator for abandoning him. Yet, when he met his father again on Terlina III and learned that Soong was dying, he was sincerely upset and, for a brief moment, he displayed a genuine concern for his father. Nevertheless, Lore's malevolent streak soon prevailed. ( TNG : " Brothers ")

Data and Lore, 2364

Data with Lore in 2364

Following Lore's communiques, the Crystalline Entity attacked Omicron Theta in 2338 and destroyed all life on the planet. Both Lore and Data were left behind, but Data was subsequently discovered by the crew of the USS Tripoli . Lore remained in Soong's laboratory until 2364 , when the USS Enterprise -D arrived at the planet. The ship's chief engineer , Lieutenant Commander Argyle , and chief medical officer , Dr. Beverly Crusher , were successful in reactivating the android. ( TNG : " Datalore ")

Although initially presenting himself as willing to please and serve Humans, sharing some information about his ' childhood ' in the colony with his ' brother ', Lore swiftly returned to his previous ways. Deactivating Data, Lore stole his uniform and masqueraded as him. Lore summoned the Crystalline Entity once again, intending to feed the crew of the Enterprise -D to it. His treachery was discovered due to the differences between him and Data (such as Lore's use of contractions ), and he was transported into open space . ( TNG : " Datalore ", " Silicon Avatar ")

Lore drifted in space for nearly two years , until he was rescued by a passing Pakled trade ship . Lore subsequently responded to the homing signal intended by Soong to draw Data to Soong's new laboratory on Terlina III . After Soong had reactivated Lore, Lore expressed frustration at his father's 'dismissal' of him in favor of working on Data, but was apparently as close to upset as he could come when he learned that Soong was dying , protesting that his father seemed fine despite his obvious age .

Lore receiving emotion chip

Emotions installed

However, his grief for his father was overshadowed by his anger when he learned that Soong had summoned Data to him with the intention of giving Data an emotion chip that would allow him to feel Human emotions (as Data's emotionless "childhood" had given him a greater understanding of right and wrong). Lore became sore and resented his father's 'favoritism' of Data, despite Soong's protests that he had never designed a chip for Lore simply because he assumed that Lore had remained deactivated. Despite Soong's attempt to placate Lore, Lore nevertheless tricked Soong by posing as his brother and stealing the chip for himself. Because the chip was not designed for him, it caused Lore to become even more unstable and he mortally wounded Soong before departing the planet once again. ( TNG : " Brothers ")

In 2369 , Lore discovered a group of Borg that had been disconnected from the Collective after integrating Hugh 's sense of individuality into the hive. Lore styled himself their leader and gave his Borg individual names, coercing them into becoming his fanatical followers. He began cruel experiments on them, attempting to replace their organic brains with positronic components. Meanwhile, Lore influenced their behavior, which made their attacks more violent – they ceased to assimilate individuals, and instead began murdering them.

Sons of Soong unite

Lore leading the Borg

Lore directed his Borg followers to launch attacks on targets in Federation space , in order to lure the Enterprise -D – and thus Data – in an elaborate attempt to use the emotion chip to manipulate Data to his side. Lore had modified the chip so that it could remotely instill anger and hatred in Data. Confused with his new emotions, and with his ethical subroutines deactivated, Data betrayed the crew of the Enterprise -D and joined Lore at his base . ( TNG : " Descent ")

While in Borg captivity, Geordi La Forge was able to instruct Captain Jean-Luc Picard as to modifying a Borg interlink transceiver in order to reset Data's ethical program with a kedion pulse , restoring his sense of right and wrong. Data would still experience negative emotions; however, he could at least choose whether or not to act upon them.

Lore, deactivated

Permanently deactivated

Upon realizing Lore's malign nature, Data fired upon and deactivated Lore, whose last words were " I… love you… brother. " Lore was subsequently dismantled – and the emotion chip, though damaged, was removed and returned to its rightful owner. ( TNG : " Descent, Part II ") Two years later , Data finally had the chip installed. ( Star Trek Generations )

Following the lifting of the ban on synthetics, Altan began construction on a new golem to serve as a 'totality', combining the memory data of B-4, Lal, and Soong himself with the personalities of Data and Lore into a singular being. He gave the new golem an older appearance, based on an aged Soong, hoping to reflect the wisdom of age. Unfortunately, Soong died before he could complete this golem, and Starfleet seized his work, storing it at Daystrom Station . The integration appeared to have failed, and Data and Lore were at odds with each other inside the golem, each trying to seize control. ( PIC : " The Bounty ", " Dominion ") Following the android's activation, Lore would interrupt Data, taking control over the android. While placed into a cognitive-function-only mode, Lore interjected in Data's attempts to explain the situation to Picard, in order to insult him. Lore seized control of the android while plugged in to the USS Titan -A 's computer. Lore locked Geordi La Forge out of Engineering and lowered the ship's force fields, taunting La Forge for trying to appeal to Data's memories of friendship. La Forge was able to successfully appeal to Data, who took control of the android from Lore. ( PIC : " Dominion ") La Forge lifted the partition separating Data and Lore in an attempt to get Data to take full control over the android so he could help retake the Titan , but Lore began swiftly overpowering and deleting Data's personality. As he was deleted, Data handed over his own memories to Lore, including those of playing poker with his friends aboard the Enterprise -D, and, finally, his memories of Spot , stating that he was handing over the memories because while Data had everything, Lore had nothing. Upon taking those last memories, Lore completed the process of deleting Data from the android but Lore began to experience the effects of deletion himself, and Data's personality returned. Data had deduced that Lore would not be able to resist taking his memories as trophies. He had taken the things that had made Data who he was, and as such, the two personalities became "one" and Lore merged into Data. The brothers said goodbye to one another as Lore's personality was finally overwritten with that of Data. Data later tells La Forge that he's Data, but he's also Lore, B-4 and everything else that Dr. Soong programed into the android. ( PIC : " Surrender ")

Commander Data bubble bath

A Lore head taken from a bottle of Data bubble bath

Years after Lore's deactivation at the Borg compound, bottles of bubble bath that bore the likeness of Lore were in circulation, and by 2381 , were sometimes being surreptitiously used to represent the limited edition Commander Data bottles. They were differentiated from the Data bottles by having a furrowed brow and a smirk. ( LD : " An Embarrassment Of Dooplers ")

Lore controls Android M-5-10

Lore's personality in Daystrom Android M-5-10

Memorable Quotes [ ]

" The troublesome little man-child. Are you prepared for the kind of death you've earned, little man? "

" Now, show me your warrior fierceness. "

" I am not less perfect than Lore. "

" Often-Wrong's got a broken heart; 
can't even tell his boys apart. "

" Where's Data? You didn't fill Data with substandard parts, did you, old man? No. That honor was bestowed upon me. You owe me, old man. Not him. Me. "

" Data. "
 " That's not Data. " 
" What? "
 " You should listen to her, captain. She's way ahead of you. "
 " Lore! "

" They had lost their sense of purpose. Well, I gave them their purpose… and they gave me mine. "

" The reign of biological life-forms is coming to an end. You, Picard, and those like you, are obsolete! "

Appendices [ ]

Appearances [ ].

  • " Datalore " (Season 1)
  • " Brothers " (Season 4)
  • " Descent " (Season 6)
  • " Descent, Part II " (Season 7)
  • LD : " An Embarrassment Of Dooplers " (likeness on bubble bath bottle) (Season 2)

Background information [ ]

Lore was played by Brent Spiner in all of his four appearances but only received credit for his second appearance. Ken Gildin , Brian Tomlinson , Dana Vitatoe , and Guy Vardaman served as photo doubles for Spiner in these episodes while Brian J. Williams was the stunt double in the episodes " Datalore " and " Descent, Part II ".

Lore was originally planned to be a female android, to provide a love interest for Data. Her job would have been to go out and repair dangerous situations. It was Brent Spiner who suggested the old " evil twin " concept be used instead. ( Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion  (2nd ed., p. 46)) The female android concept was later used in the third season episode " The Offspring ", although this interpretation had the new android as Data's " child " rather than a potential love interest.

The Pakled costume worn by Spiner as Lore in " Brothers " was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction for US$2,155.00. [1] Other items which were sold off on eBay include the special effects thumb from "Brothers". [2] Dana Vitatoe's costume from "Brothers", [3] Spiner and Williams' costume from " Descent " and "Descent, Part II", [4] [5] and the utility jumpsuit from "Datalore". [6]

External links [ ]

  • Lore at StarTrek.com
  • Lore at Memory Beta , the wiki for licensed Star Trek works
  • 2 Thy'lek Shran
  • 3 The Survivors (episode)
  • Cast & crew
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  • Trivia The Chateau Picard vineyard first appeared in Family (1990) . It was run by Jean-Luc Picard's brother Robert and his wife Marie, and their son René. Jean-Luc would learn in Star Trek: Generations (1994) that Robert and René had both burned to death in a fire, leaving Jean-Luc as the last in the Picard line.
  • Goofs Commodore Oh often wears sunglasses. Star Trek lore establishes that Vulcans have an inner eyelid to protect against harsh sunlight on their desert planet. Oh's shades are a fashion statement, not a protective measure.
  • The first season features a Borg cube and the planet Romulus.
  • The second season features a Borg ship, a wormhole and hourglass, and the Borg Queen's silhouette.
  • The third season does not have an opening titles sequence.
  • Connections Featured in Half in the Bag: Comic Con 2019, The Picard Trailer, Streaming Services, and Midsommar (2019)

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Star Trek: Picard's latest teaser reveals some unexpected comebacks

The final season of star trek: picard is bound to go out with a bang.

By Emma Roth , a news writer who covers the streaming wars, consumer tech, crypto, social media, and much more. Previously, she was a writer and editor at MUO.

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Star Trek showed off the latest trailer for the final season of Picard at the New York Comic Con on Saturday, revealing some unexpected reappearances by legacy characters: hologram James Moriarty (Daniel Davis) and Data’s evil counterpart, Lore (Brent Spiner).

The trailer opens with Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) receiving a distress signal from Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden), prompting him to band together with old friends from The Next Generation , including William Riker (Jonathan Frakes), Geordi La Forge (Levar Burton), Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis), and Worf (Michael Dorn). At the heart of the trouble is Vadic, a villain who appears to be played by Pulp Fiction ’s Amanda Plummer.

Things get even more exciting at the very end of the trailer, with ominous scenes flashing both Moriarty and Lore. This is the first time we’re seeing Spiner reprise his role as Lore, and it’s also the first we’ve seen (or heard) that Moriarty’s making a comeback in Picard . The final season of Star Trek: Picard is set to debut on Paramount Plus in the US on Thursday, February 16th, 2023.

That isn’t the only Star Trek trailer revealed at this year’s NYCC. We also got a glimpse at the trailer for the fifth season of Star Trek: Discovery , featuring Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), Saru (Doug Jones), and Tilly (Mary Wiseman). We don’t know when the new season will come out just yet, but it’s rumored to make its debut sometime next year.

Paramount Plus also showed off a new midseason return trailer for the animated Star Trek: Prodigy . Picking up where things left off, Vice Admiral Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) hunts down the abandoned USS Protostar ship that was taken over by Dal (Brett Gray), Gwyn (Ella Purnell), and other young crewmembers. The second half of the first season is set to debut on Paramount Plus on October 27th.

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New Official Star Trek Logs Offer Clues About Lore, The Titan And More Ahead Of ‘Picard’ Season 3

star trek lore picard

| February 11, 2023 | By: TrekMovie.com Staff 128 comments so far

The official Star Trek Logs account on Instagram is active again today, with a number of posts tied to the upcoming release of Star Trek: Picard season 3. For recent seasons of Discovery , Lower Decks , and Prodigy, the account was used for weekly “logs” from different characters (voiced by cast members) and set after the most recent episodes, but they are doing something different for Picard.

Due to the highly serialized nature of season 3 (likely with little or no time between episodes), there’s a whole a series of logs; each provides backstory for a character or a ship featured in season 3. They are presented in LCARS format and voiced by the USS Titan’s computer. There are 9 character logs and 3 ship logs for a total of 12.

Most cover the history of these characters and ships from their appearances in previous shows and movies, but there are also some tidbits to fill in the gaps before season 3 of Picard . We have gathered some of the highlights.

Lore and Soong update

Brent Spiner is returning in season 3 and it has been announced that Spiner is playing Lore, Data’s brother introduced in the first season of TNG. Lore was last seen in the two-part TNG episode “ Descent ,” and the new log gives us an update:

Lore was last seen in 2370 as the leader of a cult of former Borg drones. At that encounter, Data deactivated him for the final time. Lore’s mind and body have since been taken to Starfleet’s Daystrom Station along with the late Altan Soong’s research.

The Daystrom Institute of Advanced Robotics in Okinawa, Japan, was featured in the first season of Picard . The Soong android B-4 was also stored at Daystrom in Japan after being disassembled.

star trek lore picard

Brent Spiner as Lore in the season seven opener, “Descent, Part 2”

The log also gives us an update on the Picard season 1 character Altan Soong (also played by Spiner), indicating the character died in the years between season 1 and season 3. Originally, Dr. Soong intended to download himself into a “golem” android, but that that was used to resurrect Jean-Luc Picard instead.

star trek lore picard

Brent Spiner as Altan Soong in season one

A character image for Spiner in season 3 was released earlier this week:

star trek lore picard

Brent Spiner in a character publicity image for Picard season 3

Here is the full Star Trek Log for Lore.

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Star Trek Logs (@startreklogs)

TNG character updates

The log for Jean-Luc Picard gives a good backstory but mostly covers what has been already seen in the first two seasons of Picard . However, the logs for the other TNG characters offer some insights into what they have been up to in the time since they were last seen onscreen.

Beverly is a mystery

The log for Beverly Crusher picks up after her time as the Chief Medical Officer of the USS Enterprise-E:

She later resigned from Starfleet, undertaking private medical missions throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants on her personal ship, the SS Eleos. Dr. Crusher’s current whereabouts are unknown.

star trek lore picard

Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher

Worf gets promoted and classified

The log for Worf picks up after his time on Deep Space Nine and through the final TNG movies:

Following his brief tenure as a diplomat, Worf returned to Starfleet serving aboard the USS Enterprise 1701-E and in other assignments that resulted in his promotion to the rank of Captain. His time aboard the Enterprise-E was brief, having stepped down after the incident above Kriilar Prime. Worf’s whereabouts since then are classified.

star trek lore picard

Michael Dorn as Worf

Geordi gets a family and big promotion

Geordi LaForge’s log offers insights into his life after being the chief engineer of Enterprise-E:

Later, La Forge received the rank of Commodore and was given a series of special assignments by Starfleet Command. His daughters Sidney and Alandra La Forge also currently serve in Starfleet.

star trek lore picard

LeVar Burton as Geordi La Forge

Riker and Troi still hold Starfleet rank

The Captain William T. Riker log includes an update following the events of the season 1 finale of Picard :

Riker returned to active duty in 2399, leading a fleet of Starfleet vessels to protect Jean-Luc Picard and the Synth home world Coppelius from Romulan attack. He continues his role in Starfleet, having most recently lent his expertise on the new Titan refit.

The  Commander Deanna Troi’s log also ends with a link to Starfleet:

Troi continues to hold a rank within Starfleet should her expertise be needed.

star trek lore picard

Jonathan Frakes as William Riker

star trek lore picard

Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi

Seven had help from two admirals

There is also a log for “Commander Seven of Nine,” indicating Seven has kept her Borg designation even in Starfleet. It was revealed in season 2 that Seven had once failed to get into Starfleet, and the new log offers insight into how she eventually was able to get a commission:

With help from Admirals Picard and Janeway, Seven received a Starfleet commission. She currently serves as First Officer on the USS Titan NCC-80102-A under the command of Captain Liam Shaw.

star trek lore picard

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine

Raffi has La Sirena, but the rest is only rumor

Raffi’s log starts off with “NOTE: Commander Musiker’s personal details are classified” before it goes into her character history, including what we saw in the first two seasons of Picard . The log ends with:

For years, Musiker has worked to overcome several addictions that plagued her life and Starfleet career, with the hope that she might reconnect with her son Gabe and his family. Musiker’s current Starfleet status is classified. Rumors suggest she has left Starfleet entirely. Her present whereabouts are unknown.

There is also a log for La Sirena , which covers the ship’s history after being taken over by Seven in season two:

Following Seven of Nine’s admission to Starfleet and assignment to the USS Titan NCC-80102-A, Raffaella Musiker took command of La Sirena; however, current ship’s status and whereabouts are unknown.

star trek lore picard

Michelle Hurd as Raffi Musiker

The fates of Enterprise-E and Enterprise-F

There is also a log for the USS Enterprise , which covers all the ships with that designation. It has already been revealed that the season will include the Enterprise-F, successor to the Enterprise-E last seen in Star Trek: Nemesis . Regarding the Enterprise-E, the log ends with “Final Mission: CLASSIFIED.”

Here is what the log had to say about the Enterprise-F:

NCC-1701-F-Odyssey Class. Launched in 2386. Commanded by several captains in the past 15 years. Currently scheduled for decommissioning after the critical systems were compromised during the “the Monfette Gambit”, the rescue efforts for the Raillian refugees on Fenton IV. The Enterprise-F’s final flight will be on display during this year’s Frontier Day.

NOTE: Christopher Monfette is a writer for Picard .

star trek lore picard

USS Enterprise-F as seen in the final trailer

star trek lore picard

Enterprise-F with other Starfleet ships in the final trailer

The Titan has a storied history and some special features

The hero ship for season 3 is the USS Titan. This particular log was written by showrunner Terry Matalas and offers some more backstory about the ship and the history of the three ships of that name.  The logs introduce a new ship into Trek history, the first ship to bear the name Titan, and it has a surprising link to a Trek character introduced in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan . From the log:

NCC-1777-Shangri La Class. Launched in 2290 under the Command of Captain Saavik. Known for its multiple encounters with the Klingon Empire, including the Exo-Port Takeover and Horizon colony rescue. The Titan became Starfleet’s flagship under the recommendation of Captain Sulu of the Excelsior. The Titan was instrumental in maintaining frontier stability before the Khitomer accords and the subsequent launch of the Enterprise-B.

star trek lore picard

Kirstie Alley as Saavik in Star Trek II

The second Titan (NCC-80102) is a ship first mentioned at the end of Star Trek Nemesis , and was first seen on the covers of a series of Star Trek: Titan books, and later in Star Trek: Lower Decks , under the command of Captain William T. Riker. According to the new log, the ship was pulled from service in 2398 after “suffering extensive damage.”

This leads to the USS Titan for season 3 of Picard, here is the description:

Because of Captains Saavik and Riker, the Titan’s legacy was continued with a brand new starship, one that would retain its registry, but now with the “A” designation, an honor only given to a select few starships. NCC-80102-A. Constitution III Class, referred to in Starfleet slang as Neo-Constitution Class. This new Titan is primarily an exploratory vessel, honoring the retro design of the Constitution Class II . Launched in 2402 under the command of Captain Liam Shaw. Work began on a refit using the original Titan space frame, however, with the development of cutting-edge technology, the Titan’s design changed mid-construction and a new ship took form. As per tradition, Starfleet engineers affectionately designated it as a refit, having kept much of the original Titan’s internal components. The Constitution III was designed to cater to a close support envelope at sub-light speeds, namely in and around densely populated solar systems, as witnessed by is overpowered impulse engines. To date, the new Titan has the largest sub-light power-to-geometry ratio in the fleet.

star trek lore picard

USS Titan in final trailer

star trek lore picard

Here is the full Titan log…

More Picard coverage to come

In the coming days look for interviews from the Hollywood premiere event with members of the cast along with showrunner Terry Matalas. We will be posting our regular recap/reviews on a weekly basis, starting with the first episode on Thursday, February 16, and each week our All Access Star Trek podcast will discuss the latest episode, starting on Friday, February 17. Our  Shuttle Pod podcast team will also discuss the upcoming season. Until then, you can read our spoiler-free review of season 3, written by Mark. A. Altman .

star trek lore picard

The third and final season of  Picard  premieres on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023, exclusively on  Paramount+  in the U.S., and Latin America, and on February 17 Paramount+ in Europe and elsewhere, with new episodes of the 10-episode-long season available to stream weekly. It will also debut on Friday, Feb. 17 internationally on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories. In Canada, it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

Keep up with news about the  Star Trek Universe at TrekMovie.com .

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Commodore LaForge? Could that be a sly reference to the episode where Geordi is trapped on the planet with the Romulan, who he keeps calling Commodore?

“I never lie when I’ve got sand in my shoes, Commodore.”

More likely it is a reference to smash hit band The Commodores.

They had the Commodore rank in TOS

So the Enterprises are basically throwaway now, huh…great. Also the Enterprise log is not linked.

I still maintain this new Titan should have a different number instead of 80102-A.

The hero ships are now pointless. Fans who clamored for the F should remember the saying “be careful what you wish for, you may get it.” Seeing the Enterprise E would have had some emotional power to it, the F will be meaningless and will then be gone. They missed an excellent opportunity here. It’s a shame.

I feel like the Titan stuff is a bit convoluted. The callback to Saavik is great, but the “using the old spaceframe” stuff just feels like an unnecessary indulgence. And was the Excelsior the flagship until — at some point presumably after the TOS films left off — Sulu personally urged the still-in-service Titan to be made the flagship?

(I wonder how carefully vetted these logs’ texts were — I thought the claim that the launch date of the Enterprise-C was “classified” was a bit much.)

Totally agree on the Titan issue, I don’t even see the point. It’s funny but it was the exact same irs done for the Stargazer and it was basically a new ship just built out of the old one. Just say it was a new ship from the beginning. This seems to be something Matalas likes to add since it’s been done twice now.

It was hinted at that we would see more than one Enterprise. Looks like they may have been referencing the F and G, not the E and F. New Enterprise, folks!

No, we’re likely seeing the D one last time in the form of a flashback or holodeck sequence. Burton is on record as saying they spent 3 days filming on a replica of the Enterprise-D bridge set.

I don’t see the point. Why couldn’t they have just sunseted the E and introduced the F? Instead of killing off the E early, a short life on the F and already on to the G presumably for the Picard Successor Series?

Picard famously said “plenty of letters left in the alphabet” but this is getting silly.

I hope season 3 ends with the launch of the Enterprise-G. I believe the Enterprise-G was one of the original designations for the then new starship in early TNG production. What a great ship to launch the next next generation.

My theory is if there is a new ‘Next, Next Generation’ series, the showrunners want to redesign the Enterprise-G to their own specifications. They probably used the current F design in honour of the online game.

I wonder if they will take the D-saucer section (which they listed as being recovered in Picard S2) and mate it to a new Ross-class star-drive and call it the G. 🤪

That would be cool to see.

I would be so unhappy to see the -D dish again, as in gnashing my teeth just thinking of it.

Me too. I will always acknowledge that it was at least a bold design (as say compared to the incrementalist failure of the NX-01 shit design), and I have a lot of respect and love for Probert, but it is still butt-ugly — there is no getting around that.

Dude the D is my favorite ship lol. I love it so much! But I know it’s not everyone’s favorite, but I grew up with it. It was the first Star Trek model I bought as well but had so many different toy versions of it.

I even had a large LED poster in my room in college! :)

I love the swooping lines of the D.

I really don’t find many of the other ships, that many of the ship geeks feel are better, in anny way aesthetically pleasing.

I think it’s why I like the elongated ships (that Matalas clearly doesn’t). The slipstream Aventine model that Eaglemoss offered briefly is a favourite of mine.

More, to me, the demands of the physics of warp shouldn’t be giving us the kind of designs that look like they were welded together in an ocean ship dry dock in the 1970s. (Having grown up in view of a major harbour, many of these designs hit my old ugly ship buttons. My imagination naturally fills in the rust that keeps needing overcoats of paint.)

If they’re going to be mundanely mid 20th century practical, to me they may as well be the bumpy ships of the original SW. Heresy here, I know.

I hope not. That’d be lazy writing.

NCC 1701-OG

As good as the reviews have been, I remain skeptical that after viewing this season that I’m going to say, “ wow I was wrong, there was a natural and holistic reason to include lore in this season and he wasn’t shoehorned in simply because they wanted to have a role for Brent spinner”

Knowing your opinions around reading your comments, I am confident you will not come around, and will very likely actively hate this season.

As will, 99% of the commenters on this site. And anyone who disagrees with them will likely be attacked and trolled for daring to think for themselves

I think it’s going to be a good season — I usually agree with Altman, so I’m really excited now.

I didn’t like the never ending your daily marketing by Matalas on the build up, and Matalas was unproven and season two of Picard (which he worked on) I thought was the worst season of Star Trek since Enterprise season four. So I was legitimately skeptical and I’m not apologizing for those opinions — and I still never hope they never market a new Trek series like that again.

I’m glad you’re feeling optimistic, but for your own sake, go in with low expectations. You’re much more likely to enjoy it!

Never apologize for an opinion. It’s good to be skeptical with regards to this stuff. As for marketing, I have largely paid attention but can separate it from my opinion of it.

So you’re sure that nearly everyone will hate it, but that everyone will attack everyone who hates it? Talk about a silly persecution complex lol

The only people who get grief are the ones who are trash talking repeatedly, incessantly, and non-stop for attention.

I mostly agree, although I used to get some push back from you every time I talked about my issues with SNW lol. And I always said I liked the show, but I still wanted to discuss what I didn’t like which was (and still is btw) canon issues. Now all those issues are in the past, I’m just bringing up an example, mostly one of perspective. It’s not a big deal at all.

But yeah it can happen and I know you were just giving your opinion but as we all know, tone is very hard on a message board. People can feel like they are being attacked even if the other person is just debating their points in their head. So while I generally agree people can get waaaaay too triggered at times lol, which still amazes me in 2023 how much it does happen, some people are also just more sensitive than others or read things differently.

And I’m going to say something a little controversial, but we also deal with people who has mental issues too and when we’re all anonymous and know nothing about each other, we have no idea who are really talking to at the end of the day.

But some people just want to constantly argue lol. Or feel offended over everything. So for those people, it’s why I wish this board had an ignore button, NOT because I think they are evil, but it’s gets tiring dealing with these personalities when 90%of us just want to have civil and normal conversations with others, even if we disagree, without the drama, troll baiting or tedious arguing.

I just refuse to do it and I don’t.

Given Altman‘s review i’m expecting it to be a really good season.

Here’s a thought, instead of making assumptions about me, given you’ve actually seen much of the season, can you with all confidence tell me that you think Lore was needed in this season, or was he shoehorned in to give Spinner a role just like they did in Picard season two?

And despite what you think about me, I’ll have no problem saying I’m wrong on this if Lore ends up being integral to this season. An likewise, I hope you’re honest with your answer to me on this question.

By the way, if you bother to pay the attention to my posts over time you will notice many instances where I’ve said I’ve been wrong on some thing and I’ve apologize to people, and I try to discuss back-and-forth with people as well — I don’t have your habit of making negative comments but then disappearing and not following up to the responses

AlphaPredator, given you chose not to respond, I will assume that Lore/Spinner is in fact shoehorned into this season as I was suggesting might be the case. Thanks!

Omg, what is this, middle school? ;)

Let’s just let people live their lives on a Saturday and come to our own conclusions as the season unfolds. There’s no tangible validation to be found on these boards for some of the subjective details you sometimes seek it for.

AlphaPredator said he saw the first 6 eps, so either he will respond to my question, or he won’t. I’m not sure you need to have a role in this, but by all means, feel free to manufacture whatever drama you want on my comments…lol

It’s not a private chat room and you were goading someone for not getting back to you after a mere 4 hours, with a failure to respond clause.

You do you, but I just don’t think that’s a productive way to communicate here, and sometimes there are things said on these boards which are perfectly understandable as to why they don’t get responded to.

+1. Christ, the show premieres in five days. Find out then. This is a blog, not Bob’s 24-Hour-Turnaround Service.

(Thoroughly agree with the concern, though.)

Dude, you are so far off “Trek” here. :-) It was a sarcastic-humorous retort back at AlphaPredator — he and I do this all the time with each other…we are big boys and can handle it.

chill out…calm down. lol

All right, all right. I overstepped on this one.

No worries, I should have put a wink emoticon on it. Sarcasm doesn’t always come across correctly when written down.

You will probably hate it and crap on it no matter how good it is.

Based on Altman’s review, I think I am going to be very happy with this, actually.

Please don’t confuse my significant dislike of the nearly daily marketing/mini-spoiler dropping by Matalas with whether I will like this season or not.

You may dislike the 6-week promotional campaign, but the Paramount will be closely watch both the views and the net uptick in subscriptions associated with this premiere. They will also be watching the newer rating metrics that take into account the social media impact.

Matalas is doing everything to end up with the best numbers possible for this season of Picard, however it’s measured. He’s managed to get the show into just about every list of “What to watch this week” new releases for this upcoming week.

For that he gets my respect, even if it’s over the top. It’s what it will take to get another 25th century show greenlit.

Yeah no doubt if this is a big success they will probably incorrectly assume it was because of the crazy intense marketing campaign… So yeah I can see us being stuck with this approach for years, unfortunately.

I, for one, am glad there is an explanation as to why 60% of the Titan-A is made up of impulse engines. ;)

It sounds like Titan is the A-10 Warthog of Starships.

Nice analogy!

In-system close support prioritization is a significant flip from the Luna-class Titan that was a long range explorer.

Also curious for a designation as a neo-Constitution.

Matalas is on record as being a fan of the refit design. I get that, but this is way too anachronistic for its own good.

He apparently can’t take criticism of it either…

I can live with it.

The warthog analogy actually makes it more palatable.

Matalas and his crew of retro production designers had their idea of how Starfleet might go nostalgic in design. I can understand why that visual code might appeal to some older Berman-era fans, especially Americans. (It has a decidedly American aesthetic to me.)

There are however other fans like me, old and new, who like the more globally-informed/influenced design choices in the new shows being produced in the greater Toronto area. I’m glad we’re not stuck in one production design across the shows.

I really wish we could get more international design into the ships for the other live action shows. Discovery’s 32nd century ships (and production designs overall) have somehow digested some of the Space 1999 visual DNA, but that’s it.

Interesting, the Enterprise-E looks to have come to an end around 2386 (assumption based on the launch date of the F). It looks like Worf was the Captain towards the end, thus synching up with the Una McCormack novel – I do love that touch with Worf being Captain of the Enterprise, the Flagship of the Federation.

The Enterprise-F has been in service for 15 years already and is about to be decommissioned. Obviously the creators wanted to give a shout out to the STO design team by giving them the F, but if it’s being decommissioned, then a replacement is obviously being designed behind the scenes. Terry has probably planned it this way just in case there is a spinoff eg Star Trek Legacy

I really wish they hadn’t even bothered. The Odyssey-class has never been a beautiful design IMHO. And if they’re just gonna do it dirty like this, then the reasoning feels even flimsier.

I agree, never been a fan of the Odyssey class. I’m happy that they’re decommissioning it though, so we’ll hopefully get a better design. No offence though, to the original creators of the Odyssey class, it’s just not my preference.

Fan of the class or not, the name ‘Enterprise’ deserves more respect than this seems to be getting…

Well, it’s been in service for more than 15 years, which is more than double the lifespan of the Enterprise-D. For us, it’s only going to be there for about 15 seconds.

Yeah. I get that not every series can be about the Enterprise , but this? This is just [redacted] stupid. Could’ve just as easily said that the E or the F was still in service and not shown it at all, but nope, gotta drive a stake through our collective chests.

Nevermind how the Luna -class Titan was essentially cut off at the knees…

I agree with this; it sounds far too shoehorned in.

Hmm imo it would make sense if they say the E was destroyed by the Living Construct and it took them two years to build the F because of how devastating their losses was from it. They had a lot of ships to rebuild and different admirals had different priorities (ie Janeway with the Protostar class.) Which yes since it was the Enterprise taking that long is not that likely but at the same time if they had ship building crews working around the clock on a lot of different ships, it makes sense.

Continuing my thoughts, it would also serve to tie Prodigy into the larger Trek universe and into PIC as well.

It’s an appealing thought Gritizens.

More, as some of us commented around Prodigy’s finale, it would explain why Starfleet was so pressed to build cookie cutter ships for the Romulan exodus.

Even the construction of a top-line capital ship like Enterprise would be compromised by the pressures.

Yeah that was part of my thoughts too, I just didn’t get them typed out. It wouldn’t be an explanation for everything but it would be for a lot relating to ships. And the E being there makes sense because it would have been an unknown threat and if they called the Defiant out for it, then they would have likely called the Enterprise too.

Considering none of the Sovereign -class ships present at that battle was explicitly referred to as the Enterprise , as well as the fact that all of them were labeled as Sovereign or Enterprise (if I’m remembering the Trekcore and Trekmovie reviews correctly), I Wouldn’t put much stock in it.

It’s called retconning and also none of those ships were mentioned by name. The Dauntless and the Protostar were the only ones that were.

The registration number was clearly visible at one point.

TrekMovie doesn’t screencap that much, but someone in a thread did provide a link to a clip.

It would be a visual retcon to say the 1701-E wasn’t there.

With the Enterprises, I feel this is a bit like coming down on Christmas morning after a long year, and finding the box of the toy you’d been dreaming of has already been opened, and the toy’s in there, but it’s kinda scuffed up, and your parents tell you that actually the neighbors’ kids got to the tree first and had a lot of fun with your present, but you can have it now.

I just really hope there’s some good justification for not only having the -E long gone, *and* the -F on the verge of decommissioning. Otherwise — not unlike the gratuitous dead Troi-Riker kid or maybe-not-dead?-no-REALLY-dead Data from S1 — it just sort of feels like a troll (the thing you were interested in seeing all these years is actually long gone, haha, we lured you in with nostalgia but we’re going to be “edgy” and teach you your lesson… and then try to lure you back with nostalgia yet again). I say this as someone who hasn’t watched anything Trek since Picard S1 (I gave up on DISC after S1, never got around to PIC S2 for this reason and the negative word-of-mouth, but will probably catch up and give this season a try).

I will say, I’d always been baffled about the use of the STO design. I mean, the designer did a fine job, and it’s a nice incremental update on the Sovereign-class, but it’s much better suited to an online game than to anything cinematic.

I found the Odyssey-class F fairly ugly too.

I can understand why the powers that be don’t want that to be the Enterprise going forward but also don’t want to push it out of canon. That would be the real disrespect.

Like the Luna-class Titan (which has been getting hero moments in LDS), , I respect Matalas for honouring it in canon without being bound to use it as a hero ship.

Why are you guys so obsessed with ships?

Lore seems to be the biggest mystery of this show in terms of returning characters. So now that we know Starfleet basically put him back together, wouldn’t they just have reprogrammed him not to want to take over the galaxy? Maybe that explains why he’s wearing a Starfleet uniform because he actually is in Starfleet now. But Matalas also described him as a villain in the season IIRC.

I’m really fascinated to see how he’ll fit into all of this.

Wonder if Lore will turn out to be a hybrid with Data. Makes no sense becoming a Starfleet Officer.

I’m sensing that’s where they are going with it. He’s a combination of both characters who has Lore’s personality but also Data’s memories or something similar.

I have a funny feeling that Lore has been put back together so Starfleet can test a new experimental technology…ie merging android and organic materials (like organs etc) together.

An advanced cyborg or android/ human hybrid if you will…. hence the reduced gold skin, hair colour and ageing. Just a theory…

Yeah that’s also my hunch on that topic. Probably Datas mind in a golem body and they needed some of lores software to make it actually work ( since it was not a human mind they needed to transfer )

Agree with this — or, someone uploaded Data’s files into Lore’s positronic brain (which was as advanced as his, and could accommodate him better than B4’s) and then stuck it into the golem body Soong had intended for himself. But some of Lore is still present, and he’s working through the schizophrenia thus induced…

People keep saying this, but based on that “log”, my money is on a hybrid Lore/Soong.

That can work too, but I guess people just really want Data back in some form and this is probably the best they will get since B4 apparently didn’t work out.

Wow, it seems like they will go to any length it seems to shoehorn Spinner into a role.

my bet is Lore/Soong/B4 (Spare parts) Golem Body

Maybe Lore took the place of Data in Commander Maddox’s experiments after Starfleet failed to secure Data.


Dude I been thinking about you for days now!! I was worried because I haven’t seen you respond. I don’t know what area you live in, but I am so sorry what happened to Turkey. I know this is off topic but I think people understand. Are you OK? Your family?? I can’t imagine what it’s like right now regardless. It’s so depressing what has happened. But I am happy you’re fine at least.

Thanks for the well wishes, me and my family is fine but unfortunately there are many dead here. It is a traumatic situation for the whole country and the grieving process will be long but hopefully we’ll be able to rebuild.

Glad to hear you are okay.

I’m at least glad to hear you and your family are OK, but I can’t imagine how dramatic it is for everyone there. I was really hoping you posted somewhere to see you were OK but then I thought you probably just have other concerns right now then posting on a random message board.

But good to know!

Best wishes for all of you on the road to recovery

I remember you from my comment about “why have we never seen a Turkish Starfleet officer?” a year or two ago. I second Tiger2’s well wishes. If you don’t mind the question, do you live in Hatay or near the Turkish-Syrian border?

No, I live in the middle part of Turkey which thankfully was less effected by the devastation. I actually live in Ankara the capital city.

Seconding the well wishes here alphantrion.

This one of the more globally representative boards. I’m always concerned when one of us drops off when their has been a tragedy.

Looking forward to hearing your views when you’re ready for some diversion.

And yes, agreed. That’s possible too. I think Matalas has something good up his sleeve so I’m open for anything.

Perhaps this Lore, is the desperate try to get an new Host Golem Body for Soong. But it was done in a Hurry so that some old memories still resists inside the Old Golem Body. in the end we have Soong that with many Personas now. Lore, B4 and himself. Reminds me of some “He-Man” Man-E-Faces Figure (Yes, i am that old)

But this is now spun from deep inside me :)

Edit: Oh i see many others come to the same conclusion. Well, let’s see

Hopefully he’s married to Peanut Hamper

Ask your doctor about Horizon Colon Rescue.

But.. what…. Saavik? Are we going to see Captain Robin Curtis? Or Kirstie Alley?

Are flashbacks in S3 like… the Dr. Who short with Paul McGann? Are we going to see a series of these in each episode?

Clearly I should have something better to do tonight…

Well, I’m not sure Kirstie Alley had much interest in returning to Trek, did she? Unless she said something to the contrary in recent years that I missed. By the by, RIP.

I’d be all for a Robin Curtis cameo as well. I always thought she was fine in the role. Different but fine.

There is a lot of info about her working with Riker on the Titan… of course I had no idea. :)

I think you’re misinterpreting the words here. ‘Because of Captain’s Saavik and Riker’ likely refers to the exploits of both captains, not them convincing Starfleet to continue the Titan lineage. History shows that names get reused a lot in Trek ( Defiant , Saratoga , Hood , etc.)

Well, I just wonder why this was in these “logs” at all unless it’s important info for the series, somehow.

Last I checked, she didn’t seem to, and her…political views likely would’ve made her persona non grata among the Trek fraternity.

Even a posthumous cameo, such as her picture on a historical log, would still be a nice tribute.

As for the “fraternity,” if you mean the screaming meemies of the internet, who cares? They would find something else to scream about three minutes later.

That would be awesome! Sounds like they need to do a flashback (or mini series, Kelvin movie, whatever) to that Titan or even recast Saavik, such an awesome character. You read some of the DC comics at the time… should have totally had more of her. I’m good with Robin Curtis, but with Saavik being half Romulan, half Vulcan.

I’d be up to a made for streaming movie.

Or, if a Vanguard station 47 streaming series ever gets made (along the lines of the books), perhaps the Titan could be worked into the action.

Perhaps David Mack can be inspired to write a Titan/Vanguard novel…. He has a great track record in writing female captains.

It’s unfortunate that web sites always throw up the photo of Kristie Alley as Saavik and not Robin Curtiss. Curtiss did two movies to Alley’s one, and she seemed more committed to Star Trek versus just trying to maximize her $. I also think she was more credible in the role.

I liked them both, never really understood why Curtis got flak. She played a marvelous Vulcan in my book.

So the Enterprise-F has been in service 15 years AND is close to being decommissioned in it’s FIRST TV appearance?!

Also no explanation AT ALL to it’s service history or crew?! Why bother putting it in?!

Completely ridiculous.

Agreed! The Enterprise deserves better than this.

Well the B and C each got about ten minutes screen time, so not unusual

At least the B was on it’s maiden voyage, though the C should have been expanded upon more.

Yup. Shouldn’t have even bothered. I get trying to thank the STO crew for their help, but this ain’t it, chief.

Perhaps the final scene of S3 will be the TNG crew coming aboard the Enterprise-G for its maiden voyage? That would be a great throwback to Generations and possibly signal the main ship for the next live action show will be an Enterprise.

On the other hand, that’s 15 years and multiple captains’ worth of material for another spin-off one day…

How long do you keep a car? When things get old you cuck it.

Oh… I Just read The Sandman, by German Autor ETA Hoffmann. In it an artifical women plays a crucial role and one characters Name is… Coppelius…

Saavik making Captain by 2290 sounds like quite a career advancement, who do they think she is, Kirk?

She did learn from the best and pretty much served through some of the most consequential events of the time.

I’d actually figure she would be tarred with the brush of Genesis, and also not have the ‘out’ of having helped save the planet in TVH. I really thought they didn’t begin to touch Robin Curtis’ talent, which is a shame. I saw her in some episodic TV series in the 80s where she was a committed teacher who basically got sacrificed by the school for doing the right thing and she was awesome in it (don’t even remember what series it was, but she was GOOD.)

Terry is good at making stuff up in his head. Lol. He has his own canon.

So he’s a fan then? ;-)

So did Altan Soong die before he could download into a new Golem? Or did his mind transfer fail? Or better yet, did he do like his father in the Cold Equations novels and transfer to an android body and assume a new identity?

I believe the golem body he gave Picard at the end of S1 was intended for him. Maybe he didn’t have time to construct a new one before his death?

Prediction: Lore isn’t Lore at all, it’s just Soong straight-up golem-izing Lore’s old body.

It must have been so fun to write these!

>starting with the first episode on Thursday, February 17 , and each week our  All Access Star Trek  podcast will discuss the latest episode, starting on Friday, February 18

This paragraph was written by someone from alternate reality with alternate calendar, it seems.

No one complained so much when the Enterprise D was destroyed after such a short run. Perhaps moving forward the shows want to use a completely new Enterprise design not seen before but wanted to honour the design of the Odyssey class as per STO on screen and make it cannon. The same with Luna Class… whilst great designs. It’s also about fitting with what works on screen

well, Lore has still got that smirk. Actually kind of pleased he’s back, thank the Prophets it’s not another damn Soong.

Jonathan Frakes is looking fantastic in that pic. But…I don’t think I’ll ever get used to WORF HAVING EARS?! I think I’d unconsciously assumed he didn’t have any.

Before his character name for S3 was announced, I assumed Spiner would return as Altan Soong as that would provide some link to S1. I wasn’t initially pleased Lore was returning, but given what we’ve learned so far I’m trusting that Matalas has done the character justice. And yes – thank the Prophets we’re not getting yet another brand-new Soong.

Regarding Worf, I’ve been re-watching several key TNG and DS9 episodes lately, and I can’t recall ever having seen Worf’s ears. Other notable Klingons – Duras, Gowron, Lursa, B’Etor, and Martok, even K’ehleyr and Alexaner (who had human blood) – I cannot find scenes where they showed their ears.

I think you can see the very tips of his earlobes in a few passing shots but never fully exposed.

Likely this is another concession made for Mike Dorn’s desire to not spend 4 hours in makeup every day

Colonel Worf’s ears were visible in ST: TUC, as was General Chang’s. When Lt. Worf wore the bob during the early seasons of TNG, sometimes his ear lobes were visible. I don’t recall having seen more than that.

The Titan log just makes me wonder… Why Constitution III class and not Shangri-La II class? ESPECIALLY if it was designed after the original Shangri-La?

Fridging the F is really dumb hopefully the shenanigans of the season reverse the decision and it just gets a second wind. Unless we’re to expect the G, H and I suddenly get service times of 50 years each when their three predecessors average about a decade between them, it doesn’t seem like much thought when into it.

“the Enterprise-E, the log ends with “Final Mission: CLASSIFIED” maybe the Enterprise-E is still out there adrift somewhere or just been missing and presumed lost – and will show up again during the course of the show. Hoping.

Star Trek: Picard - All The Different Datas Explained

Brent spiner’s android is a key part of the new show, but… which version of him are we seeing on star trek: picard.

Scott Collura Avatar

Star Trek: Picard - Explaining All the Different Datas

star trek lore picard

Regular Data

star trek lore picard

Dr. Noonian Soong (Human-ish Data)

star trek lore picard

Lore (Bad Data)


In Season 1 of Next Gen, Data found out that he was not the only android out there when his “brother” Lore showed up. It turns out Dr. Soong had designed Lore before Data, but there was a bit of a problem with Lore’s ethical subroutines, which is a nice way of saying he was a son of a bitch. Also played by Spiner, Lore would go on to be a thorn in Data and the Enterprise crew’s side through most of the series’ run. He even teamed up with a group of Borg who had become disconnected from the Collective, with the android becoming a sort of cult-like leader to the lost creatures. In the seventh-season finale, Data was forced to gun down his brother during this encounter, and the last we heard was that Lore was to be deactivated. But come to think of it, the Borg are in Star Trek: Picard! Hmmmm…

B-4 (Barely Functioning Data)


Other Androids (Not Brent Spiner)


Dream Data (or Dreamy Data?)

star trek lore picard

Jean-Luc Picard: The First Duty Gallery - Comic Con 2019

Click through for all the photos from the Star Trek: Jean-Luc Picard - The First Duty. Gallery at SDCC 2019.

In This Article

Star Trek: Nemesis

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The Bear Season 3 Release Window Revealed

Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Is Giving Us The Ultimate Brent Spiner Performance

Star Trek: Picard

This post contains spoilers for "Star Trek: Picard."

Throughout his seemingly unending tenure on "Star Trek," actor Brent Spiner has played the android Data, his own twin brother Lore, an android prototype named B-4, and the creator of all three, the elderly Dr. Noonien Soong. Additionally, since "Star Trek" takes place over such a broad timeline, Spiner also played the son of Noonien Dr. Altan Soong, as well as two of the character's ancestors, Dr. Arik Soong, and Dr. Adam Soong, the latter of whom lived in Los Angeles in 2024. That's six different characters. 

At the end of Start Baird's 2002 film "Star Trek: Nemesis," Data sacrificed his own life to blow up an enemy ship and save the U.S.S. Enterprise from destruction. At that point in "Star Trek," Lore had been deactivated, and the last Dr. Song had died of old age. The only remaining Data-adjacent character was B-4. Perhaps not content with only one Spiner in their universe, in 2020, the writers of " Star Trek: Picard " invented a dubious way to resurrect Data for the show's first season. It seems that someone salvaged a single particle of Data's body out in space somehow, and was able to — heavy sigh — clone his entire android brain, somehow. Data's consciousness and personality were encoded in a computer database, but not shunted into an android body. When the consciousness of Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) was downloaded into the same computer database, he was able to speak to Data briefly. Data felt he had lived a good life, and that mortality was increasingly appealing. Picard deactivated Data, effectively killing the character a second time. 

And yet, for the third season of "Picard," Data has returned. The reasons how are a little complicated.

Every Brent Spiner All At Once

In the sixth episode of "Picard," called "The Bounty," Worf ( Michael Dorn ), Raffi (Michelle Hurd), and Riker (Jonathan Frakes) have broken into the Daystrom station to investigate a mysterious weapon theft. They find that the station is guarded by a complex A.I. program that temporarily stymies them with holograms of crows and of Professor Moriarty (Daniel Davis). They eventually learn that the security system is tied into the android consciousness of ... well, it's not Data exactly. But it is Brent Spiner. 

A hologram of Altan Soong appears to explain that the aged android in front of them — Spiner is 74 — is a new android model that contains the complete experiences of Data, Lore, B-4, and even Data's short-lived android daughter Lal (Hallie Todd) from the "Next Generation" episode "The Offspring." When Worf and crew revive this new android, it begins to cycle through its personalities rapidly. It's Data for a few moments, but then becomes B-4, not recognizing anyone. Then Lore snarls at them. Spiner used to play various members of the same family, but it's rare that he is afforded the opportunity to play them all at once.

This new composite character — Datalore-4? — is of course a somewhat cheap opportunity for the writers if "Picard" to bring back a twice-dead character in as organic a fashion as they could muster (without time travel, at least). But it may have also been alluring to Spiner, as he wouldn't merely be reprising Data for the umpteenth time. Spiner has said in interviews that he is ambivalent about playing Data, and that he was finished with the character multiple times over. The composite android would, as audiences see, allow him to give a broader, more challenging performance.

Spiner understood the dangers of playing a well-recognized character on "Star Trek." Many cast members of the 1966 series, for instance, became typecast and struggled to find high-profile work after their tenure on the show. Spiner once said in a TV guide interview that he could win an Academy Award for playing a role wildly against his type and aggressively demanding of his talents, and Data would still be listed first in his obituary. The idea of merely playing Data again was likely uninteresting to the actor. 

The composite android is not Data. It's a new character, recently constructed. It's several characters at once. Data, as Trekkies are able to point out, was constantly striving to be more human, fascinated by our species and the strange social foibles we adhere to. He didn't have emotions, however, beyond slight rudimentary reactions to things. While the "Star Trek" writers took a great deal of delight in teaching Data objective lessons about humanity, Data was often seen, even after seven years, approaching humanity with a fresh face every day. Data was, to employ an acting term, always on the same note. 

Throughout "Picard," however, Spiner has had a chance to do a lot more. His two Soong characters are dramatically different. Altan was timid and peaceful, Adam was aggressive and villainous. Now, with his new character, Spiner is allowed to be all his old characters at once, as well as something completely new. It's the ultimate Spiner "Star Trek" performance, a handy package for the actor to deliver everything at the same time. What audiences have seen so far has been nothing short of astonishing.

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‘Star Trek: Picard’ Reunites ‘Next Generation’ Cast, Announces Return of Classic Enemies in New Season 3 Trailer

By Jennifer Maas

Jennifer Maas

TV Business Writer

  • AMC Networks’ U.S. Ad Sales Fall 23% in Final Quarter of 2023 as Streaming Subs Inch Up 1 day ago
  • Take-Two CEO: ‘GTA 6’ Still Set for 2025, ‘Significant’ Cost Cuts Coming After Weak Outlook but No Current Layoff Plans 2 days ago
  • ‘Star Wars Outlaws’ to Release Before End of Year, ‘Assassin’s Creed Codename Red’ Will Launch by March 2025, Ubisoft CEO Says 2 days ago

Star Trek Picard

A new trailer for the third and final season of Paramount+ ‘s “ Star Trek : Picard” launched out of New York Comic Con Saturday, revealing new additions to the Patrick Stewart-led show’s cast — including the return of some iconic villains from “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

But that’s not all: The New York Comic Con panel for “Picard’s” final season unveiled Amanda Plummer — whose late father, Christopher Plummer, once played “Star Trek” villain General Chang — has joined the cast in the recurring role as Vadic, “the mysterious alien captain of the Shrike, a warship that has set its sights on Jean-Luc Picard and his old crewmates from his days on the Enterprise.”

And last but not least in terms of big “Picard” casting news was the reveal that Mica Burton (“Critical Role,” “Vampire: The Masquerade: L.A. by Night”) and Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut (“Cruel Summer”) have also been cast in recurring roles. Chestnut is playing Ensign Sidney La Forge, the eldest daughter of Geordi La Forge (famously played by LeVar Burton)and helmsman of the U.S.S. Titan, while Mica Burton (LeVar Burton’s real-life daughter), is taking on the part of Ensign Alandra La Forge, Geordi La Forge’s youngest daughter who works alongside her father.

The final season of “ Star Trek: Picard ” premieres on Thursday, Feb. 16 on Paramount+. New episodes of the 10-episode-long season will drop weekly on Thursdays.

The Saturday “Picard” panel at New York Comic Con featured Stewart and cast members LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis and Brent Spiner, as well as executive producers Alex Kurztman, Terry Matalas and Rod Roddenberry.

Stewart, Burton, Dorn, Frakes, McFadden, Sirtis, Spiner, Jeri Ryan and Michelle Hurd star in “Picard,” which is produced by CBS Studios in association with Secret Hideout and Roddenberry Entertainment.

Executive producers include Kurtzman, Akiva Goldsman, Matalas (who serves as showrunner), Stewart, Heather Kadin, Aaron Baiers, Roddenberry, Trevor Roth, Doug Aarniokoski and Dylan Massin.

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29 years later, Star Trek is rebooting a villain it stole from another franchise

Star Trek is bringing back a villain that literally no one expected.

Brent Spiner as Lore the 1987 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' episode, "Datalore."

Nobody expects Moriarty! The stakes for Star Trek: Picard Season 3 are at an all-time high, but nobody could have anticipated that this nostalgia-filled Next Generation reunion would also become... a Sherlock Holmes crossover? Here’s how the big New York Comic-Con trailer for Picard Season 3 reveals three new villains, two of which we haven’t thought about in a very long time. And the implications could be fascinating.

The final Picard Season 3 trailer

At New York Comic Con 2022 , the explosive teaser trailer for Star Trek: Picard Season 3 revealed quite a bit. The story of the upcoming season seems centered on a new villain named Vadic (Amanda Plummer) who wants revenge on Picard, for... reasons that are not clear!

We also get a full look at the returning Next Generation cast, including Geordi (LeVar Burton), Riker (Jonathan Frakes), Crusher (Gates McFadden), Troi (Marina Sirtis), and Worf (Michael Dorn) — who notes he now “prefers pacifism to combat.” Considering he was a fierce Klingon warrior throughout The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine , this change was certainly unexpected.

The trailer gives us glimpses of Seven (Jeri Ryan) and Raffi (Michelle Hurd), who seem to have switched places in regard to their interest in Starfleet. Seven is now in uniform and a commander in Starfleet, while Raffi appears to be out of uniform, which could indicate she’s quit Starfleet (again!)

We’re also introduced to two new members of the La Forge family: Mica Burton as Alandra La Forge and Sharpe Chestnut as Sidney La Forge, the youngest, and eldest daughter of Geordi La Forge, respectively. Both are in Starfleet, and at one point in the trailer, Picard gives “La Forge” the order to “gun it” because it turns out Sidney La Forge is the helmsman of the USS Titan . In Season 1 of The Next Generation , Geordi La Forge was the helmsman of the USS Enterprise before becoming the chief engineer in Season 2. (Mica Burton is also the real-life daughter of LeVar Burton.)

But the big news of the trailer is definitely the rogues' gallery...

Picard Season 3’s villains, explained

Vadic in 'Star Trek: Picard'

Vadic in 'Star Trek: Picard'

As revealed at New York Comic Con, the primary antagonist of Picard Season 3 is a new character named Vadic played by veteran actress Amanda Plummer. Vadic talks a lot about burning down the Federation and getting vengeance on Jean-Luc. The inciting incident of the season seems to be Vadic (or her forces) attacking Beverly Crusher, who according to Gates McFadden is working for a 24th-century version of “Doctors Without Borders,” and that Crusher is “being hunted.”

The source of Vadic’s anger will clearly be a major reveal in Season 3, but for now, her ships in the trailer give-off major Star Trek 2009 reboot vibes , reminiscent of Nero’s (Eric Bana) Romulan forces in that film. Of note, Vadic also appears to rock one gloved hand and one not-so-gloved hand, which has got to be a shout-out to Khaaaaaan!!

But Vadic and her motivations are really just the beginning of the game. Because the game in Picard Season 3 is very much afoot!

Daniel Davis as Moriarty

Daniel Davis returns as Moriarty.

Moriarty’s Star Trek return

In December 1893, in the Arthur Conan Doyle-penned short story “The Adventure of the Final Problem,” Sherlock Holmes faced his greatest nemesis of all time, the evil Professor James Moriarty. Back in the day, Doyle created Moriarty as a retroactive end-all-be-all villain because he wanted to kill off Sherlock Holmes. (Pretty much every adaptation of Moriarty is slightly better and more fleshed-out than the Doyle original.)

But what does Moriarty have to do with Star Trek? Well, in the TNG Season 2 episode, “Elementary, Dear Data,” a sentient holographic AI version of Moriarty was created by Geordi and Data after they were getting bored of Data solving Sherlock Holmes roleplay scenarios too quickly. Played by Daniel Davis, this Moriarty became self-aware of his 24th-century setting and tried to take over the Enterprise . In the TNG Season 6 episode “Ship in a Bottle,” Moriarty returned, tried to take over the Enterprise again, and then was stuck in perpetual simulation by Picard. At the time of “Elementary Dear Data,” TNG had to pay royalties to use these characters. But in 2022, Moriarty is very much in the public domain.

Star Trek’s connections to Sherlock Holmes run deep. Picard Season 1 showrunner Michael Chabon has written one Sherlock Holmes pastiche novel, The Final Solution , while Wrath of Khan director Nicholas Meyer has written several Sherlock notable Sherlock Holmes books, starting with The Seven Per-Cent Solution . There are also deep canon implications that Spock is a blood relative of Sherlock Holmes on his mom’s side. Will Picard Season 3 finally set that record straight?

Daniel Davis as Moriarty, Brent Spiner as Data/Sherlock Holmes and Patrick Stewart as Picard.

Daniel Davis as Moriarty, Brent Spiner as Data/Sherlock Holmes, and Patrick Stewart as Picard in the episode “Elementary Dear, Data” (1988).

But how is Moriarty back in Picard ? Somewhat tellingly, the first shot of Moriarty in the trailer seems to show him on the deck of the La Sirena . In the two previous seasons of Picard , one feature of La Sirena is its numerous holographic crewmembers. Presuming that Moriarty is back as a literal AI hologram again, perhaps he comes back through La Sirena ?

Brent Spiner returns as Lore

Brent Spiner as Lore in 'Star Trek : Picard' Season 3

Brent Spiner as Lore in 'Star Trek: Picard' Season 3

For longtime TNG fans, the biggest shock was that Brent Spiner is returning to Trek canon not as a resurrected Data, nor as the android prototype B-4, but instead, as the android Lore, Data’s evil twin brother from The Next Generation.

However, this new incarnation of Lore looks decidedly more human than Data or Lore looked before. Spiner seems to be keeping his natural skin tone, and also lacks those classic yellow android eyes. Still, in the final shot of the trailer, Geordi clearly identifies that this is Lore.

The last time we saw Lore was in the TNG Season 7 episode, “Descent Part II.” In that story, Lore had briefly brain-washed Data and led a group of liberated Borg to attack all sorts of planets. It ended with Data becoming good again, and then, turning Lore off. Presumably, Lore’s body was taken from the Enterprise and stored on Earth, likely at the Daystrom Institute where Dr. Jurati (Alison Pill) worked as a roboticist in Picard Season 1. Then again, the press release says that this character is named Lore, which could indicate there's some other twist. B-4 with Lore’s memories? A composite of Lore and Data’s memories that resulted in a new uber-Lore?

Lending credence to the idea that this return is not straightforward, comes from Brent Spiner himself. Speaking at the Star Trek Universe panel at New York Comic-Con, Spiner said that Lore is back in “a very complicated way.”

Either way, Picard Season 3 seems intent on not only giving the Next Generation crew a proper send-off but also, filling this finale with the deepest Trekkie cuts ever.

Star Trek: Picard Season 3 hits Paramount+ on February 16, 2023.

Phasers on Stun!: How the Making — and Remaking — of Star Trek Changed the World

Ryan Britt's new book on the history of Star Trek's biggest changes. From the '60s show to the movies to 'TNG,' to 'Discovery,' 'Picard,' Strange New Worlds,' and beyond!

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Star Trek: Picard - Data/Lore

They're both in there, each one fighting for dominance.

SPOILER WARNING: This clip may contain spoilers for Star Trek: Picard Season 3, Episode 7 "Dominion"!

In "Dominion," Commodore Geordi La Forge explains this positronic unit is home to both Data and Lore's personalities.

In addition to streaming on Paramount+ , Star Trek: Picard also streams on Prime Video outside of the U.S. and Canada, and in Canada can be seen on Bell Media's CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave. Star Trek: Picard is distributed by Paramount Global Content Distribution.

Behind-the-scenes still of hair and make-up touching into a background actress portraying a Klingon in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Den of Geek

Picard Season 3 Episode 7 Easter Eggs: Star Trek Reveals Truth About the Changelings

Everything is closing on the Titan crew…but around the Changelings too. Along the way, easter eggs and references are changing Star Trek history.

star trek lore picard

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Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Episode 7 Easter Eggs

This Star Trek: Picard article contains spoilers.

After the easter egg bonanza of “The Bounty,” it’s time for Picard to dial it back in the callback department. But while the latest episode, “Dominion,” doesn’t have nearly as many references to the past as last week’s episode, almost all of these nods push the plot forward. Picard season 3 is entering the final phase of its massive story and “Dominion” raises the stakes in huge ways. 

Here are all the best easter eggs, shout-outs, and references we found in the episode…

Chin’toka Scrapyard

The episode opens with the Titan hiding in the Chin’toka Scrapyard. This means we’re back in the Chin’toka system, which first appeared in Deep Space Nine . This system was featured in several DS9 episodes, such as “Tears of the Prophets” and “The Siege of AR-558.” The Breen and the Dominion blew away Starfleet in this system in “The Changing Face of Evil,” which is why there’s such a massive scrapyard here in Picard .

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Tim Russ as Captain Tuvok

Seven grills a person who she hopes is Tuvok at the top of the episode. This is Tim Russ’ first live action appearance in Star Trek canon since the conclusion of Voyager in 1999. (Although Russ has done many Trek fan films since then and Tuvok appeared briefly in an episode of Lower Decks ). In the alternate future that Captain Janeway experienced, in the Voyager finale “Endgame,” Tuvok suffered from a degenerative neurological disease, which doesn’t appear to be a problem in this timeline, even though this isn’t really Tuvok, but instead, a Changeling pretending to be him.

Read more about Tuvok here .

Kal-Toh and Kolinahr

Seven mentions her games of Kal-Toh with Tuvok on the USS Voyager , which references the Vulcan game from that show, as well as the life-saving mind-meld that Tuvok performed in the episode “Infinite Regress.” Seven also mentions “anti-Kolinahr demonstrations,” which reference the Vulcan practice of shedding all emotions, called Kolinahr, first shown in Star Trek: The Motion Picture .

Data Remembers the Scimitar 

When Data is reawakened on the Titan , he wonders why he’s not on the Scimitar. This was the name of Shinzon’s warship in Nemesis . This version of Data’s memories stops at that point, in 2379, about 22 years before this point in 2401.

Lore Was Deactivated 

Picard assumes that Lore must have been deactivated at some point in the past. This references the TNG episode “Descent Part 2,” where Data himself did deactivate his brother following a violent incident in which Lore tried to brainwash Data and lead a bunch of rogue Borg on missions of mayhem. Geordi tells Picard that it turns out that Lore’s memory was “archived” at some point after TNG .

Data’s Death Wish

Picard says, “Years ago, Data asked me to let him go, to die in peace.” This references the finale of Picard season 1, in which a different version of Data’s memories — one that had lived without a body in a quantum simulation for almost two decades — asked Picard to deactivate his program. Essentially, the point of divergence between that Data and this one is 2379: The season 1 Data was put into a quantum simulation. This copy of Data’s memory comes straight from B-4, and thus, has not experienced the passage of time at all.

Classic Tricorder Ping 

When Vadic boards the Titan , her tricorder makes a ping sound exactly like the tricorders from The Wrath of Khan and The Search for Spock . Seems like these rogue Changelings are using retro tech?

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How the Changelings Got the Cure for the Morphogenic virus 

In Deep Space Nine , Section 31 created a virus to kill Changelings specifically, but in the episode “Extreme Measures,” Bashir found the cure. Vadic points out that Starfleet did not deliver the cure to the Great Link themselves, but rather “one of our own” had to bring it to them. This references the fact that Odo brought the cure to the Great Link in “What You Leave Behind.”

Project Proteus: Vadic Was Created by Section 31

We learn that Vadic and the other rogue Changelings were prisoners of war during the Dominion War and were tortured by scientists on Daystrom Station as part of the grisly “Project Proteus.” In fact, it was Section 31’s cruel experiments that forced their mutation into the kinds of shapeshifters they are now.

This means that Vadic and her kind were on Daystrom Station during the events of Deep Space Nine , in the years of the Dominion War, sometime between 2373 and 2375. The origin story Vadic shared with Jean-Luc and Beverly, in a sense, is the first time in a very long time that a new live-action Star Trek series has technically had a flashback that takes place in the DS9 – era.

“Are you prepared to lose another son?”

Vadic taunts Beverly Crusher with the idea that Jack Crusher might die: “Are you prepared to lose another son?” This references the fact that Welsey Crusher ditched everyone in the present to go traveling through all of space and time with the Traveler in TNG’s “Journey’s End.” We saw Wesley again in the finale of Picard season 2, as one of the Travelers, which Wil Wheaton has gone on record saying are like the Trek version of Time Lords from Doctor Who .

Geordi Is Data’s Best Friend

Geordi says that Data made him “a better man, a better father” and “a better friend.” Although Data often identified Geordi as his “best friend,” in episodes like “Data’s Day,” Geordi never exactly said Data was his best friend. But, it seems that after Data died, Geordi realized that Data was his BFF. This heartfelt speech from LeVar Burton reveals new layers to one of the greatest bromances in all of Star Trek . Although Data wasn’t human and didn’t have emotions yet, he was able to say Geordi was his best friend. And now, over 20 years later, Geordi is just able to bring himself to admit that he felt the same way.

Ryan Britt

Ryan Britt is a longtime contributor to Den of Geek! He is also the author of three non-fiction books: the Star Trek pop history book PHASERS…

An Episode of Star Trek: TOS Inspired One of The Next Generation's Best Villains

"The Enemy Within" saw Captain Kirk split in two, a concept that was revisited in The Next Generation to create one of Star Trek's best villains.

  • Many of Star Trek: The Next Generation's Season 1 episodes were updates of The Original Series.
  • A similar premise to "The Enemy Within" provided The Next Generation with one of its greatest recurring villains.
  • Lore could have been a one-off antagonist, but an android with Data’s strength and intelligence minus his morality was a villain too tempting to not use over again.

As a long-running franchise, Star Trek has created many excellent villains. From god-like alien entities like Q and Trelayne, to the augmented human despot Khan Noonien Singh and even simple con artists like Harry Mudd, Star Trek has shown that evil can be found anywhere in the galaxy. Sometimes, malevolence can even wear a familiar face, causing havoc in the most subversive ways possible.

In Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1, a romantic episode that had been written for Lt. Cmdr. Data was changed to an evil twin story instead. Taking inspiration from a Season 1 episode of Star Trek: The Original Series , the writers created Data's evil opposite twin brother Lore. What no one could have foreseen at the time was how enduring this new antagonist would be, or how much he would evolve beyond the episode that inspired his creation.

TNG's 'Datalore' Inverted The Original Series Episode 'The Enemy Within'

Captain Archer climbing up a jefferies tube in Star Trek Enterprise

Why Star Trek Ships' Maintenance Corridors Are Called Jefferies Tubes

In Star Trek: The Next Generation 's first season , the series' writers crafted an episode about Data finding love with a female android whose job was to fix the ship under the most hazardous conditions. The episode was scrapped, however, when it turned out to be too costly to make, so series creator Gene Roddenberry proposed an 'evil twin' story that would be less expensive to replace it. With a limited shooting schedule, rewrites had to happen fast, and the story that was created bore a striking resemblance to Star Trek: The Original Series , Season 1, Episode 4, "The Enemy Within."

In The Original Series , the Enterprise's transporter malfunctions and splits Captain Kirk into two people, each representing a different aspect of his psyche: the good and bad. Star Trek: The Next Generation , Season 1, Episode 13, "Datalore," turned out to be an updated version of the classic episode. With the premise that Data's creator, Dr. Noonien Soong, had constructed another android before him, the The Next Generation story was able to delve deeper into the android officer's origin while simultaneously telling an entertaining evil twin tale. While "Datalore" was able to update the story of "The Enemy Within" with improved special effects and a more complex look at the nature of human emotions, it also covered a lot of the same territory as The Original Series episode.

Evil Kirk Had a Few Things In Common With the Sinister Android Lore

Data contemplates the origin of his disassembled brother Lore in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Datalore

Gene Roddenberry Created Star Trek, but Who Is the Woman Behind The Franchise?

Though the explanations for Star Trek 's evil doubles between The Original Series and The Next Generation were completely different, the Season 1 doppelgänger episodes of both series had many similarities. When Captain Kirk's dark half attempted to force himself onto Yeoman Janice Rand, he received three deep scratches on his left cheek, visibly distinguishing him from the original Kirk. The Next Generation replaced the scratches with a more active visual distinction for Data's brother. Shortly after being reassembled and reactivated in the Enterprise-D's sickbay, Lore demonstrated a facial tick on his left cheek to differentiate him from Data.

Later in each episode, the evil doubles marked their twins with the same peculiarities and disguised their own. Evil Kirk applied makeup before scratching his opposite's face, while Lore used a tool to correct his twitch and then created one on Data's cheek. They each also rendered their doubles unconscious in order to be free. Yet, "Datalore" was hardly a complete retread of "The Enemy Within," as the evil versions of Data and Kirk had very different motivations and personalities. When Kirk's darker self materialized in the Enterprise's transporter room , he was disoriented and filled with dark impulses, but he was still James T. Kirk.

All of Kirk's memories were the same, even if his impulses were entirely self-motivated. Lore, on the other hand, was a distinctly different android from Lt. Cmdr. Data. Evil Kirk was chiefly interested in his own survival and maintaining command of the Enterprise, while Lore had aided a deadly and powerful alien entity in destroying the colony he'd been living on and planned to do the same to the galaxy class Enterprise. Further, while Captain Kirk used the transporter to reintegrate both his good and bad selves into the more complex man audiences were just getting to know, Data used his ship's transporter to rid the Enterprise of his double. The solution turned out to be impermanent as Lore would later return to make life difficult for his brother again.

Data's Evil Brother Returned to Star Trek as a Threat to the Federation

Split: Picard (Patrick Stewart), Kirk (William Shatner) and Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) in Star Trek

Star Trek Directors Don't Get Enough Credit for How They Shape the Shows

While its many similarities to "The Enemy Within" could make "Datalore" seem a little uninspired, Brent Spiner's performance as his own evil twin made the prospect of Lore's return far too tempting for The Next Generation 's producers and writers. Thus, when a homing beacon summoned him and Data reunited with his creator, Dr. Noonien Soong , in Season 4, Episode 3, "Brothers," the return of his unstable brother was as big a thrill for fans as it was a shock for Starfleet's only android officer.

It didn't take long for Lore to return to his malevolent and duplicitous ways, overpowering Data and tricking and thrashing their terminally ill father out of jealousy for his favoring the younger android. Lore made his escape before the away team that had gone to collect Data arrived, carrying in his system the emotion chip that had been meant for his brother. Lore's actions in that episode teased the high probability that he would return once more, and much like recurring Star Trek villain Khan, the crew of the Enterprise would come to know his wrath. Just like Captain Kirk's two disparate versions in "The Enemy Within," Lore had complicated feelings regarding his emotionless little brother.

While he resented Data and felt the younger android was inferior, Lore couldn't help but want to have some kind of relationship with him. As such, in his final appearance on Star Trek: The Next Generation , in Season 6, Episode 22 and Season 7, Episode 1, "Descent, Parts I and II," it wasn't enough for Lore to try to destroy the Federation using a ship full of Borg who'd been disconnected from the Collective; he had to manipulate Data into joining him. When Data finally came to his senses and defeated and disassembled Lore, it seemed that was the end of the commander's twin brother, but Star Trek has a history of resurrecting popular characters .

Lore returned for what may have been the last time in Star Trek: Picard , Season 3, as part of a new artificial lifeform comprised of the minds of Data, their less-advanced predecessor B4, Altan Noonien Soong and himself. Unwilling to share the new body, Lore tried to destroy Data, only to be outwitted by his brother. Like Kirk with his evil self before him, Data embraced Lore at the end, deleting his malignant personality while retaining his knowledge and memories. It seems likely that audiences have seen the last of Lore, though with new Star Trek series under consideration , a return in some form isn't out of the question. One thing is certain, however: if Kirk had never faced "The Enemy Within" in The Original Series , The Next Generation would have missed out on one of its most enduring villains.

The original Star Trek cast gathered behind an image of the USS Enterprise on a Star Trek poster

The Star Trek universe encompasses multiple series, each offering a unique lens through which to experience the wonders and perils of space travel. Join Captain Kirk and his crew on the Original Series' voyages of discovery, encounter the utopian vision of the Federation in The Next Generation, or delve into the darker corners of galactic politics in Deep Space Nine. No matter your preference, there's a Star Trek adventure waiting to ignite your imagination.

'Star Trek: Picard' Season 3 Showrunner Explains How They Brought Back Brent Spiner for the 'TNG' Reunion

"How the hell are you going to do a 'Star Trek: Next Generation' reunion without Data being a part of it?"

[Editor's Note: This article contains spoilers for Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Episode 6, "Bounty."] This week's episode of Star Trek: Picard brought with the return of more than one dear old friend, along with several more twists and turns in the mystery of what is plaguing the Picard-Crusher family and the Federation at large. In addition to Geordi La Forge ( LeVar Burton ) reluctantly joining the Titan on their dangerous and unauthorized mission, and the surprise reveal that Deanna Troi ( Marina Sirtis ) has been taken hostage by Vadic, Episode 6, "Bounty," saw the return of a new iteration of Brent Spiner . Spiner is the only Next Generation legacy actor aside from Patrick Stewart who has appeared in every season of Picard. Spiner is best known for having played Data for the full run of The Next Generation , but he's no stranger to playing various characters connected to Data throughout the series including his inventor and alternate versions of the android.

Recently, Collider's own Maggie Lovitt sat down with Picard Season 3 showrunner Terry Matalas to break down this episode's many revelations. During their conversation, they spoke about how the Matalas and the other writers went about approaching how to bring back Spiner given that Data had died a pretty definitive and meaningful death at the end of Picard Season 1.

"One of the first questions I had to ask myself was, 'How the hell are you going to do a Star Trek: Next Generation reunion without Data being a part of it?'" Matalas explained, "this character has died twice, and you can't just bring him magically back to life. Something else has to happen." Luckily, given the plethora of characters played by Spiner during the run of TNG, the minds behind this season were able to explore some creative alternatives. "There are some stories that haven't really been told with Data, which is he was backed up onto B-4. Lore is still a dangling chad ," said Matalas.


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Who Is Brent Spiner Playing in Picard Season 3?

In order to respect the meaningful death that Data was given in the first season Matalas and the other writers had to get creative if they wanted the full TNG ensemble together for the final season of Picard . Taking inspiration both from Spiner's past characters and a major plot point from Picard Season 1 , Matalas explained the idea behind this new iteration of Data: "What if there was a final android that was almost perfectly human in the way that Soji or Picard was, that could look like Brent Spiner today?" Spiner also got in on the storytelling, collaborating with Matalas to bring the Data to life one last time. While Matalas couldn't reveal what's next for this Data/B-4/Lore hybrid, he's excited for fans to see how this story plays out. In his words:

"What if it was Jekyll and Hyde? What if both Lore and Data [were] in there with all these other things? Wouldn't that give Brent Spiner something really interesting to play? And couldn't that promise a really interesting final Data/Lore story? I took that to Brent thinking he was going to reject the whole thing, and he was like, "Oh, that's actually really cool." Brent was unbelievably collaborative with it, and Brent had ideas that only elevated it in ways I couldn't have imagined. In fact, some of the best moments of this story were Brent's idea."

New episodes of Star Trek: Picard Season 3 hit Paramount+ every Thursday. Check out Lovitt's full conversation with Matalas when it goes live, and in the meantime, you can watch our recent interview with Burton and Jonathan Frakes down below.


7 Episodes From Star Trek: TNG's Worst Season Are Better Than You Remember

  • TNG season 1 had a rocky start but still produced episodes with interesting backstories and potential for greatness.
  • "Where No One Has Gone Before" introduced a fascinating alien and showcased the potential of TNG.
  • "Conspiracy" is a controversial episode that uncovers a threatening conspiracy within Starfleet and delivers a surprising and gory climax.

Star Trek: The Next Generation season 1 is widely considered the show's worst season, but these 7 episodes are still worth watching. With its premiere in 1987, TNG introduced the world to an entirely new USS Enterprise crew, led by Patrick Stewart's Captain Jean-Luc Picard. TNG got off to a rough start, with complications behind the scenes leading to a constantly shifting team of writers. More than once, filming had to be delayed because the episode's script was still being written. Despite these struggles, something about the cast of characters clicked and audiences fell in love with Captain Picard and his crew.

Although some episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation season 1 are notoriously bad (see TNG episode 4, "Code of Honor" ), others are surprisingly good considering the actors and characters were still finding their footing. TNG season 1 established many important backstories for its characters that would reverberate throughout all seven seasons . When compared with later seasons, it's easy to see why TNG season 1 has a poor reputation, but taken on its own, it's not a bad season of television. Despite TNG season 1's inconsistency, here are 7 episodes that are better than you remember.

10 Good Things TNGs Bad Season 1 Gave Star Trek

"where no one has gone before" (tng season 1, episode 6), the enterprise travels to the edge of the universe..

After the feature-length premiere episode, the next few episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation season 1 felt like rehashes of plots from Star Trek: The Original Series . The characters hadn't come into their own yet, and the show was still in the process of figuring out what it wanted to be. TNG episode 6 felt like a significant step forward, as "Where No One Has Gone Before" introduced a fascinating alien and sent the Enterprise-D to the very edge of the universe. The Traveler (Eric Menyuk) would become an important part of Star Trek lore, appearing in two more TNG episodes before eventually recruiting Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton) to join him on his adventures. "Where No One Has Gone Before" embodies what Star Trek is all about and offers the first glimpse of greatness for TNG .

"The Battle" (TNG Season 1, Episode 9)

Captain picard gets hit with a blast from the past..

A couple of episodes later, Star Trek: The Next Generation 's "The Battle" shifts the focus to Captain Picard's life before he took over command of the Enterprise-D. Star Trek: The Original Series rarely provided backstories for its characters, only revealing small snippets of their past when it was relevant for a particular episode. TNG , on the other hand, began introducing more serialized elements into Star Trek, showing that TNG' s characters had a past before the show began. In the case of Picard, his past comes back to haunt him when a desperate Ferengi seeks revenge for the death of his son. Picard had unknowingly destroyed a Ferengi vessel several years prior, and he's forced to relive that day in "The Battle."

After being introduced a few episodes previously (in TNG episode 5, "The Last Outpost"), the Ferengi were originally supposed to be the next big Star Trek villains. However, the profit-focused aliens came across as more comedic than frightening.

"The Big Goodbye" (TNG Season 1, Episode 12)

The tng crew plays gangster on the holodeck..

In Star Trek's first holodeck episode , Captain Picard embodies his inner hard-boiled detective by taking on the persona of the fictional 1940s private eye, Dixon Hill. What should be a fun and diverting adventure turns deadly when the holodeck's safeties malfunction . It's fun seeing the Enterprise crew decked out in period wear, and all of the actors seem to be having a good time. Picard's love of Dixon Hill would become a running theme throughout TNG and Star Trek: First Contact . With numerous references to film noir classics, "The Big Goodbye" is an incredibly fun episode that establishes the pattern for holodeck episodes moving forward, for both good and ill.

"The Big Goodbye" won a Peabody Award in 1987 and also nabbed an Emmy for Outstanding Costume Design for a Series.

"Datalore" (TNG Season 1, Episode 13)

Data's evil twin pays a visit to the enterprise..

Following "The Big Goodbye," Star Trek: The Next Generation 's next episode focuses on Lt. Commander Data (Brent Spiner). "Datalore" introduces Data's evil twin Lore (also Brent Spiner), and reveals more about the android's backstory. From the beginning, Brent Spiner was one of TNG's most talented actors, and that's never more apparent than when he portrays multiple characters in the same episode . Spiner makes Data and Lore distinct characters, and he appears as Lore in three more episodes of TNG and one episode of Star Trek: Picard . Lore serves as a nice contrast to Data, and the history established in "Datalore" reverberates throughout the rest of Data's story arc.

"11001001" (TNG Season 1, Episode 15)

The bynars take over the enterprise rather than asking for help..

Although "11001001" does not introduce any major story developments, it's a solid Star Trek: The Next Generation episode with a cool new alien species. With their fascinating relationship with technology and indecipherable speech patterns, the Bynars feel truly alien and help the universe of TNG feel bigger . "11001001" follows an entertaining storyline, as the Bynars take over the Enterprise-D in order to save their homeworld. After everyone evacuates the ship, Picard and Commander William Riker (Jonathan Frakes) find themselves alone, as they work to figure out what the Bynars want. "11001001" may not be a perfect episode of Star Trek , but it's a solid TNG entry that proved the first season was moving in the right direction.

Though the Bynars have not been seen again in live-action, they do make a couple of appearances in Star Trek: Lower Decks season 4.

"The Arsenal of Freedom" (TNG Season 1, Episode 21)

Captain picard and his crew face off against a weapons sales display..

When the Enterprise-D investigates the disappearance of a Federation starship, the crew finds themselves under attack from an automated weapons system. There's quite a bit going on in Star Trek: The Next Generation' s "The Arsenal of Freedom," and every main character gets something to do. When Captain Picard beams down to the planet to offer assistance, he and Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden) wind up trapped in a cavern. With Crusher injured, Picard must keep her awake and alive until the Enterprise can rescue them. While the crew members on the surface of the planet deal with deadly drone weapons, Lt. Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton) commands the Enterprise against a planetary defense system . While La Forge doesn't get a dedicated episode in TNG season 1, "The Arsenal of Freedom" is a great showcase for Geordi as he proves to be a quick thinker in a crisis.

"Conspiracy" (TNG Season 1, Episode 25)

Picard and riker make a guy's head explode..

One of Star Trek: The Next Generation's most controversial episodes, "Conspiracy" follows Captain Picard as he uncovers an insidious conspiracy threatening all of Starfleet. When the Enterprise-D returns to Earth to investigate, they discover that parasites have taken over the brains of several officials at the highest levels of Starfleet . These parasitic creatures cannot be reasoned with, and Picard and Riker handle the problem with phaser fire. As both officers fire their phasers at the parasite leader within Lt. Commander Remmick (Robert Schenkkan), Remmick's body explodes in a surprisingly gory display for Star Trek . This scene got "Conspiracy" banned in the United Kingdom , but the episode remains an unconventional and entertaining episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation .

Star Trek: The Next Generation is available to stream on Paramount+.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Cast: Patrick Stewart, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Wil Wheaton

Release Date: 1987-09-28

Genres: Sci-Fi, Superhero, Drama, Action

Story By: Gene Roddenberry

Writers: Gene Roddenberry

Network: CBS

Streaming Service(s): Amazon Prime Video

Franchise(s): Star Trek

Directors: David Carson

Showrunner: Gene Roddenberry

7 Episodes From Star Trek: TNG's Worst Season Are Better Than You Remember

Screen Rant

Picard season 3's lore could resurrect data.

Lore being a part of Star Trek: Picard season 3 was a surprise, but could the evil Soong android's real purpose be the vessel to resurrect Data?

Could Lore's (Brent Spiner) presence in Star Trek: Picard season 3 secretly be a means to resurrect Data? The addition of Dr. Noonien Soong's original, evil positronic android in Star Trek: Picard season 3 was a big surprise. Of course, Lore shares a long history with the reunited crew of Star Trek: The Next Generation , and the android joins a triumvirate of villains in Picard season 3 that includes Professor James Moriarty (Daniel Davis) and Vadic (Amanda Plummer), the new, mystery Big Bad.

Star Trek: Picard season 3 is the hotly-anticipated reunion of Patrick Stewart's Jean-Luc Picard with the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation . Yet, it's not quite the full crew of the USS Enterprise-D and E because Data died in Star Trek: Nemesis and was laid to rest in Star Trek: Picard season 1. This is what makes Lore's participation in Star Trek: Picard season 3 so curious because he may be billed as a villain, but Lore's real purpose could be to serve as the vessel to bring Data back. In Star Trek: Nemesis, Data attempted to transfer his memory engrams into B4, but his 'brother' was a defective and inferior android. Lore, however, is Data's equal in design, although he was always malevolent thanks to his emotion chip. Theoretically, Lore could be killed off in Picard season 3 and replaced with Data's mind in his body. Lore represents a convenient means to finally bring Data back to life and add the missing piece of the TNG reunion if Star Trek: Picard season 3 pulls that trigger.

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Why Picard Season 3 Resurrecting Data Could Be A Mistake

star trek lore picard

If Data is resurrected in Lore's body in Star Trek: Picard season 3, would it invalidate Data's death in Star Trek: Picard season 1? Arguably the best part of Picard' s first season is that it gave Data a poignant swansong because the android perished in an explosion while saving the Enterprise in Star Trek: Nemesis . Picard season 1 allowed Jean-Luc and Data to have a touching final moment together, and it was the android's wish to be allowed to complete his journey of humanity by experiencing death. Picard season 1 closed the book on Data, but is season 3 planning to reopen it?

Star Trek: Picard season 3 may bring Data back to complete The Next Generation 's reunion. Further, the TNG cast has blatantly dropped hints that Picard season 3 doesn't have to be the final time they're all together, and Brent Spiner would want to be part of that (but likely not as Lore or a villainous Soong). Whether it's a fifth TNG movie, a Picard spinoff, or a fourth season, The Next Generation' s legacy actors obviously want another spin around the galaxy together. And, if Brent Spiner is willing to don the yellow makeup again to play Lore, it's not a reach to think he would want to be Data again in order to join his TNG cast mates in Picard season 3 or whatever may come next.

Data's (And Lore) Real Next Generation Is Soji

Star Trek Picard Soji Finale

Star Trek: Picard season 3 is reportedly designed to pass the torch to "the next generation," but Data and Lore's real next generation is Soji (Isa Briones). Soji and her late twin sister Dahj were created from one of Data's positronic neurons, and Soji is a more human, evolved synthetic. Yet, Isa Briones isn't part of Star Trek: Picard season 3, which is disappointing and strange if the theme of the season is to give credence to the next generation of TNG . Brent Spiner and Briones played father and daughter Adam and Kore Soong in Picard season 2 , but Data still doesn't get to meet his daughter in Picard season 3 if he is indeed resurrected. And even if Data stays dead, Soji not meeting her evil 'uncle' Lore in Star Trek: Picard season 3 is also a lost opportunity.

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Star Trek: Picard season 3 premieres February 16, 2023, on Paramount+.


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