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Prince Textreme Tour 100P Racquet Review

Yonex VCORE 100+ Racquet Main Image

Endorsed by ATP tour pro Lucas Pouille, the Prince Textreme Tour 100P gets upgraded with the latest TextremeX technology. The incorporation of Twaron into the frame and an increased stiffness RA of 66 mark the slight adjustments Prince has made to this racquet. Our playtesters found a bit more responsiveness from the updated version, but few other notable differences. The racquet's 11.5-ounce strung weight, head-light balance and 18x20 string pattern delivered a blend of stability and control that was very reminiscent of the first version. Our testers enjoyed the controlled response from around the court, but they could also find power and spin when needed. Players seeking a blend of modern feel with traditional control should take this Textreme Tour 100P out for a demo.

  • Nothing we could agree on

Bottom Line

This racquet gets a small update, resulting in a slight change in feel. Its open 18x20 string pattern offers control, but with more power than you might expect.

Intermediate to advanced

Groundstrokes - Score: 85

From the baseline, this Textreme Tour 100P impressed our team with its stability and control, and it didn't skimp on the power either. Tiffani has been playing with the original version of this racquet for three years, so this update felt very familiar to her. She described, "I first playtested the Textreme Tour 100P in 2015, and I've been using it ever since, so it’s easy to see why I have been looking forward to reviewing the update. A lot remains the same with the second iteration of the Textreme Tour 100P. The balance of power and control that wooed me from the start is still there, and the playability of the two racquets felt quite similar to me. The newer version came up on the Babolat RDC with a slightly stiffer layup, but I didn't notice it much. The older version might offer a touch more pocketing, but I'm splitting hairs here. I don't think comfort was compromised with the increased stiffness. I could switch back and forth between these two racquets without any hesitation."

Mark also drew comparisons to the previous version. He said, "I played well from the baseline with the last iteration of the Prince Textreme Tour 100P, so admittedly I had high expectations for this playtest. Within 20 shots from the backcourt, I could definitely sense that Prince firmed up the new Tour 100P's graphite layup, which rewarded me with easier access to pace and a higher degree of consistency. I love the spacing of its 18x20 string pattern. Arcing the ball with lots of topspin was easy with the Tour 100P, and I was still able to maintain low net clearance with my backhand slice."

New to the Textreme Tour 100P, Erik tapped into the racquet's versatility to make it work for his all-court game. He said, "The Textreme Tour 100P was extremely solid on my groundstrokes. I felt like this racquet didn't get pushed around that often; it was extremely stable. There was a good amount of control here, too. I did not find it overpowering, but I still got a good amount of bite on the ball. My slice tended to stay low and effective; it was very point and shoot. The Textreme Tour 100P was pretty maneuverable, and it was easy to generate racquet head speed to get it into position. I could slice and hit out on my groundstrokes without fear of sending the ball long, which worked well for my game style. At times this racquet wasn't as maneuverable on the run or as generous outside of the sweetspot as I would've liked, but I loved it whenever I could set up for the shot. It was a little tougher to hit deep or effectively when I was on the run.”

Despite the specs not aligning with her typical tastes, Kristen found the Textreme Tour 100P more forgiving than most racquets she's tried with an 18x20 string pattern. She said, "I loved the feel of the Textreme Tour 100P on groundstrokes. I'm usually not a fan of 18x20 string patterns because they tend to feel too boardy for my tastes. However, that's not the case with this racquet. The spacing on this 18x20 is slightly more open, so while I was able to tap into the benefits of the tighter string pattern for added control on my shots, the feel was more forgiving. There was also ample access to topspin, and it was easy to hit with good depth. When I was hitting slice I could really knife through the ball, and it would stay low, skimming sharply over the net. I thought this racquet brought it all when it came to point play. It packed some punch when I was playing aggressively and was also easy to defend with thanks to its stability. Overall, it offered a great combination of power and control."

prince textreme tour 100p 2015

Volleys - Score: 86

At net, our team really appreciated the Textreme Tour 100P's stability. Erik didn't have the same maneuverability issues on volleys that he had at the baseline. He elaborated, "I had no problem maneuvering the Textreme Tour 100P, and it felt quite quick up at net. This racquet was very responsive and comfortable. I found myself hitting the ball deeper, though I couldn't get a ton of spin on volleys. I felt very connected to the ball with this racquet and had a very solid response off the stringbed."

Kristen enjoyed the racquet's accuracy on volleys. She noted, "I felt very comfortable moving forward with this racquet, as it offered great stability and great directional control. I found that even when I caught the ball outside of the sweetspot I was still able to place my shots well."

The Textreme Tour 100P once again pleased Tiffani . She said, "I liked the reliability of this racquet at net. It felt comfortable at contact and offered a good amount of stability and control. Since I feel very at home with this racquet, I had no issues maneuvering it. The Textreme Tour 100P has a very familiar feel in my hands."

Mark felt comfortable moving up to net with this racquet in his hands. He said, "I felt pretty confident wielding the new Tour 100P anywhere inside the service lines. Producing a high-quality, point-ending or point-preserving volley was easy. The combination of its 11.5-ounce static weight and low-320 swingweight offered my game a nearly perfect balance of stability and maneuverability."

prince textreme tour 100p 2015

Serves - Score: 84

Although the team enjoyed the Textreme Tour 100P’s focus on control from other areas of the court, some of the testers had to make adjustments to get adequate power on serves. Kristen explained, "Serving was one area where I did notice the tighter string pattern at first, and it took me a while to get into a good rhythm. Initially, I was missing a lot of serves or not generating enough power for my serves to be very effective. The key for me was loading up the ball with spin and exploding through my serve more. Once in that mentality, I was able to get the racquet head swinging faster and coming around the ball with better timing, and I started hitting some penetrating serves that landed deep in the box."

Like Kristen, Erik focused on his fundamentals to tap into the Textreme Tour 100P’s power. He said, "I enjoyed this racquet on serve. I had good accuracy and placement, though sometimes I’d find myself dropping the ball a bit short in the box or hitting it into the net. I had a lot of control and spin on my second serve, but I really had to focus on exploding up and getting under the ball to generate the depth I was looking for. My favorite serves were the slider out wide on the ad side and the slider up the T on the deuce side."

Mark relied on accuracy to achieve serving success. He noted, "For every shot, including my serve, I had an easy time switching to the new Tour 100P. Compared to the earlier edition, which was a softer feeling frame, I felt like my serve was a little more consistent and pinpoint with this updated version. Its combination of a rather spin-friendly 18x20 string pattern and an 11.5-ounce strung weight complemented my serve, making it my favorite shot to hit with this frame."

"This racquet felt good swinging up overhead," Tiffani continued. "It delivered enough power and spin for my game. Once again, the difference between the two versions of the racquet wasn't huge; I could serve with either one and be happy. The Textreme Tour 100P manages a good balance of weight and maneuverability that optimizes my service motion."

prince textreme tour 100p 2015

Returns - Score: 86

When it came time to return serves with the Textreme Tour 100P the team discovered a stable and controlled response. For Erik , though, it wasn't always the most forgiving racquet. He said, "I could be quite aggressive on returns with this racquet. When I was facing first serves I’d chip back deep returns with ease, and I could be very precise with my topspin returns. If I didn't fully commit to hitting the ball, though, my shots would end up going short or into the net. This racquet was extremely stable and solid on contact, but it was a little difficult to maneuver at times, and I would occasionally hit the ball late."

Tiffani was returning confidently with the Textreme Tour 100P. She said, "I liked how the racquet blended power, control and stability on returns. Since I also use this racquet when not playtesting, I felt right at home returning. When given the time, I could take big swings on my returns, and when I was facing bigger serves the racquet offered me enough stability to block the ball back."

The Textreme Tour 100P continued to woo Kristen , who found returns to be a highlight of the playtest. She described, "This might just be my new favorite racquet to return with. That balance of power and control was optimal when I was returning. I could take a big swing with confidence, and I could switch freely between offensive and defensive returns. I felt very connected to the ball, and I found it easy to get good placement."

Mark , once again, found control to be a standout feature of the Textreme Tour 100P. He said, "No doubt, Shaq has hit more free-throws than I have hit clean winners with my return of serve. That said, my directional control on the return was great with the new Tour 100P, and I was also able to hit around the ball more often than I do with my current racquet."

Overall - Score: 87

Tiffani - "I like the blend of power and control. I also appreciate that the update wasn't drastic, which made it easy to switch back and forth between both versions of the Textreme Tour 100P ."

Kristen - "It has a great balance of power and control, along with great feel. It's stable too.”

Erik - "This racquet is stable, with great control."

Mark - "I enjoyed the level of comfort and the energy absorption of the first generation Tour 100P, but I would have enjoyed the extra help I can get from a slightly stiffer frame. Without compromising the directional control and comfort I experienced with the earlier model, this update to the Tour 100P is firmer and does return a bit more energy to the ball, which is something that helped me late in matches and hitting sessions.”

Tiffani - "None."

Kristen - "None come to mind."

Erik - "There was a lack of maneuverability at times, and this racquet is not as forgiving outside of the sweetspot."

Mark - "Although the new Textreme Tour 100P worked extremely well in stock form, I would probably give it the 'Troy' treatment and add a leather grip, overgrip and just a smidge of weight in the hoop."

Comparing the racquet to others they've tried, our testers said:

Tiffani - "I have been playing with the original version of the Textreme Tour 100P for a few years now, and this update plays very similarly. I could have both versions in my bag and switch between the two without any issues. The biggest difference I could sense was the feel. Most notably, shots outside the sweetspot feel a bit firmer with the update. The specs show a slightly higher RA for the new version (66 versus 62), but the comfort was similar inside the sweetspot. There are more similarities than differences between the two versions."

Kristen - "Having hit with the previous iteration, I find that this updated Textreme Tour 100P offers a bit more stability and doesn’t feel quite as muted on contact. Compared to my current racquet of choice, the Prince Phantom Pro 100, I can get more put-away power with the Textreme Tour 100P , and it's a touch more stable in stock form."

Erik - "The Textreme Tour 100P has more control than my current racquet of choice. I prefer this racquet to the Tecnifibre ATP TFight 300 XTC. A racquet that plays similarly to this racquet is the Wilson Blade 18x20, but the Textreme Tour 100P has a bigger sweetspot and doesn’t get pushed around as much."

Mark - "Although both versions of the Tour 100P are flexible, the prior model was forgiving enough for me to compare it with the ultra-flexible Prince Phantom 100 frames. The latest Tour 100P is still flexible, but it's firm enough to be a closer fit to the Beast series of frames. Other frames that played similarly to the new Textreme Tour 100P are the Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro, the Pro Kennex Ki Q + 5 Pro (310) and the Wilson Ultra Tour."

(Scores are determined by averaging individual play test scores)

Playtester Profiles

Tiffani: 4.0 level baseliner with a semi-western grip on the forehand and hits a two-handed backhand. Currently playing with the Prince Textreme Tour 100P (2015).

Erik: Open level all court player with a one-handed backhand and a western forehand. He is currently using the Yonex EZONE 98.

Mark: 5.0 lefty all-court player with a one-handed backhand. He currently plays with the Prince Phantom Pro 93P.

Kristen: 5.0 level player with a semi-western forehand and a two handed backhand. Kristen currently plays with a Prince Phantom Pro 100.

prince textreme tour 100p 2015

Review date: December 2018. If you found this review interesting or have further questions or comments please contact us. All content copyright 2018 Tennis Warehouse.

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Prince ATS Textreme Tour 100P Racquet Review

Prince ATS Textreme Tour 98 Racquet Main Image

The Prince Textreme Tour 100P gets a highly anticipated update with the inclusion of ATS technology. Designed to strike a balance between arm comfort and a slightly stiffer upper hoop, the 100P offers excellent stability. While it remains similar to the outgoing model in some ways, Prince relaxed the flexibility to create a large sweetspot and a forgiving feel. Our playtest team did notice less power overall, but the addition of precision from the baseline and on returns of serve led to confident strokes. As far as the 18x20 pattern goes, our team was impressed by the amount of spin they could generate. On serve, the maneuverability overhead helped create a smooth motion through contact. While there were a few instances of instability against big hitters, by and large, this racquet stood up to the test at net with a nice blend of connectedness and control. This ATS Textreme Tour 100P is, without a doubt, worth a demo for players looking to take full swings and play aggressive tennis without having to give up ball placement.

  • Precise targeting
  • Nothing we could agree on

Bottom Line

This version is unlike the previous version of the Pure Aero VS and delivers plenty of power and spin with a little more precision than the standard Pure Aero.

Intermediate to advanced

Groundstrokes - Score: 86

Sometimes the stars align, and in this case every member of our playtest team brought extensive experience with both previous versions of the ATS Textreme Tour 100P . Tiffani explained, "I've played with the 2015 version of the Textreme Tour 100P for years, so I've been eagerly awaiting this update. I liked the preceding 2019 version, but I stuck with the original in the end because I preferred the slightly more flexible feel. With this ATS 100P, I feel like Prince has returned to a softer feel. This racquet offers me a great blend of control and just enough power. Although I'm not a big hitter, I prefer racquets that emphasize feel and precision over big power and spin, and that's what I find from this 100P. I can get plenty of topspin for my flatter hitting style, and I like how the string pattern and flex allow me to dig into my slice backhand. On the flip side, the ATS Textreme Tour 100P let me drive through shots with confidence. I usually play with multi-poly hybrids or a full bed of poly strung at 48 to 50 pounds. My favorite string setup with this playtest was a shaped co-poly. We typically string at 52 or 53 pounds for our reviews, but for my own setup I'd drop it a few pounds to get just a little more pop."

After a few small adjustments, it was smooth sailing for Brittany . She said, "I have long been a big fan of the Tour 100P, and I would consider it to be one of my favorite 18x20 string pattern racquets. I was on the playtest for the 2015 version (two generations ago), and I find that the two play relatively similarly, and I could switch back and forth without any adjustments. One of the first things I noticed with this new Tour 100P was the launch angle. It's a little bit lower than what I'm used to, which isn't a bad thing, just something I had to keep in mind when I was rallying from the baseline and noticed my shots were landing a bit short. I was, however, able to really swing through the ball without any fear of overhitting. I was also impressed with the control, which allowed me to be aggressive and go after riskier targets."

This update helped Jason with his accuracy, but there was one aspect that just didn't pair well with his game. He described, "I felt like this racquet offered high levels of control thanks to the 18x20 string pattern and great mobility. I was comfortable taking full cuts at the ball, knowing that I would not overhit. The good thing about this racquet is that its tighter string pattern is more 'open' than other comparable 18x20s. That meant I was still able to get a decent amount of spin on my shots. What this racquet lacks for me, though, is enough power to easily put shots away."

Kristen hits with the outgoing version, so she picked up on a few notable differences. She said, "The Textreme Tour 100P has been my racquet of choice for some years now, so I was excited to get this updated model out on court. From the first hit, I was reminded of the 2015 model since it felt a bit lighter through the air and more flexible in nature than the 2019 model I currently play with. I can't say I was super thrilled about that, because one of the reasons I was such a fan of the 2019 model was that Prince upped the stiffness a bit, making it more powerful without sacrificing control. Additionally, I thought the stability of the 2019 was superior. With this update, I was lacking a bit of stability coming through the ball. The racquet got pushed around against heavier hitters, which affected my consistency and control. I was also noticing a lot of vibration feedback. I did, however, appreciate the more whippy mobility for times when I was pushed out wide and had to slice balls back into play."

Prince ATS Textreme Tour 100P Racquet view 2

Volleys - Score: 84

Directional control and maneuverability stood out when our team volleyed with the Prince ATS Textreme Tour 100P . The feel of the ATS Textreme Tour 100P gave Brittany a lot of confidence when she was volleying. She said, "I actually preferred playing doubles with this racquet specifically because of how well it performed at net. I thought it offered a great balance of stability and maneuverability. The racquet was stable enough that it felt solid in my hands even on the heaviest of passing shots. It was also quick enough for fast reflex volley exchanges. I absolutely loved the connected feel and was able to utilize different angles and spins just by softening my hands. I felt very confident ending points up at net."

Jason echoed Brittany, saying, "The racquet felt quick and maneuverable on my volleys. I thought it had a nice feel and was forgiving on off-center shots. I enjoyed hitting touch and drop volleys with the ATS Textreme Tour 100P."

This area of the court left Kristen wanting a little more out of the ATS Textreme Tour 100P. She explained, "Moving into net, I didn't find this update to feel as stable as the 2019 model. It offered good maneuverability and decent touch, but the racquet would get pushed around a bit against tougher shots."

Tiffani felt right at home with the Textreme Tour 100P at net and found plenty of similarities to her own racquet. She said, "Since I've used a version of this racquet for quite some time, I was comfortable coming to net. This racquet offers good comfort and enough stability for me. I also feel in control of the direction of my volleys."

Prince ATS Textreme Tour 100P Racquet view 3

Serves - Score: 84

The Prince ATS Textreme Tour 100P received praise for easy targeting on serves. For Kristen , it meant using placement to keep opponents guessing. She described, "This was one of my favorite shots with the ATS Textreme Tour 100P. It felt super whippy overhead, allowing for easy spin and pace generation. I could pick my spots with ease, and I also found I was able to maintain a relaxed service motion, even when I was under pressure during match play, thanks to the effortless feel overhead."

Jason enjoyed serving, noting control as the primary characteristic. He said, "This was an easy racquet to serve a high percentage with. It comes up and through contact quickly, with little lag. I also felt like targeting was top-notch. Like with my groundstrokes, I was wanting more power on my serves."

"If there was anything the previous version did better, I might say serve," Tiffani added. "There might be a little bit more free power on serve with the 2019 version, but the margin didn't feel huge. The specs of this ATS Textreme Tour 100P feel familiar and smooth when I swing it overhead on serves. That confidence let me mix up my serving strategy with slice and flat serves."

Brittany had to adjust her strategy to work with a low-powered response on serve. She explained, "Compared to the 2015 version, I found I had to work a little harder to hit with the same amount of power. I had to put a little more effort into generating racquet head speed to hit the same MPHs. However, I had a lot of success with my precision. I focused more on smaller targets and utilized my slice first serve to get some free points. I wouldn't say there was anything special with my second serve, but I was able to hit it consistently without thinking too much, and that was a good thing."

Prince ATS Textreme Tour 100P Racquet view 4

Returns - Score: 85

The Prince ATS Textreme Tour 100P held true to form on the service return, again giving our team command over the ball and the green light to swing big. Tiffani said, "This racquet just suits my swing style well. On returns, the 18x20 string pattern is dense enough to let me feel in control of where I'm sending the ball, but it's also open enough to get me the net clearance I need. I hit very flat returns, so if a string pattern is too dense I'm likely to hit the net or drop my shots too short. Although I didn't get free and easy depth on my shots, I think the confidence this racquet gives me to swing out or block a hard-hit serve has a lot to do with why I like it so much."

Jason loves to rip big forehand returns, and that tactic paired perfectly with the Tour 100P. He said, "I felt like I was able to swing away with this racquet. The lower powered response combined with the higher level of control let me take full cuts without fear of overhitting. However, I was leaving balls short when blocking or chipping a return back."

Brittany discovered she could trust redirecting returns, giving her control of the point from the first shot. She described, "I loved being able to really swing out on the ball on returns, and just like with most racquets, I preferred returning over serving with the Tour 100P. I was able to take big cuts at the ball and aim for whatever target I wanted. I could start off on offense on both first and second serve returns. The racquet pretty much did what I wanted and offered a consistent and solid response."

The love Kristen has for the outgoing model just wasn't there this time around, although she still found a few positives. She said, "The ATS Textreme Tour 100P was easy to get into position when hitting returns, and there was a nice response out of the sweetspot. However, like groundstrokes, I found that the control and stability could waver a bit."

Overall - Score: 86

Brittany - "I like the feel, the control-to-power ratio and how the ATS Textreme Tour 100P performs consistently from all areas of the court."

Jason - "Comfortable response. Precise and control oriented."

Tiffani - "I like how the ATS Textreme Tour 100P balances power and control. It also has a mix of a classic feel with a more modern swing and response."

Kristen - "Great maneuverability, easy spin, effortless motion on serves."

Brittany - "Nothing really!"

Jason - "I'd like more put-away power."

Tiffani - "I don't really have any. The stock grip can feel a little slick, but I use a tacky overgrip anyway."

Kristen - "The ATS Textreme Tour 100P racquet lacks stability, and I feel vibrations on some shots."

Comparing the racquet to others they've tried, our testers said:

Brittany - "Compared to the Prince ATS Textreme Tour 100 310, I found the Tour 100P to have a lower launch angle and better maneuverability. I was able to hit a more consistent ball. Other racquets that play similarly include the Head Gravity Tour, Tecnifibre TF40 305 18x20 and Head Speed Pro 2022."

Jason - "This Prince ATS Textreme Tour 100P is similar in playability to the Babolat Pure Strike 18x20, but with a softer response."

Tiffani - "If you've tried any of the two previous versions, this ATS Textreme Tour 100P will feel familiar through the air. I think this version is more comparable to the 2015 version than the 2019. It has a slightly softer feel than the outgoing model. Outside of Prince, I would demo it with the Head Gravity Tour and Yonex VCORE PRO 100 or 98."

Kristen - "As mentioned throughout my comments, this 2022 model swings a touch faster and has a lower flex rating than the 2019 model. I find the stability of the 2019 model to outshine this update, and I get a better balance of power and control with the 2019 model since it feels more solid in hand. Therefore, I'll be sticking with my current racquet and not updating my racquet of choice this time around."

Playtester Profiles

Tiffani: 4.0 level baseliner with a semi-western grip on the forehand and hits a two-handed backhand. Currently playing with the Prince Textreme Tour 100P (2015).

Brittany: Open level player with a semi-western forehand and a two-handed backhand. She currently plays with the Yonex EZONE 100.

Jason: 4.0 baseliner with a semi-western forehand and two-handed backhand. Currently using a customized Prince Twistpower X100 Tour.

Kristen: 5.0 level player with a semi-western forehand and a two handed backhand. Kristen currently plays with a Prince Textreme Tour 100P.

Play Tester Profiles

Review date: June 2022. If you found this review interesting or have further questions or comments please contact us. All content copyright 2022 Tennis Warehouse.

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  • prince textreme tour 100p racket review

Prince Textreme Tour 100P Racket Review

If there’s a man who loves the promise of modern maneuverability combined with classic control, then that man is me!

Luckily, that’s exactly what the Prince Textreme Tour 100P claims to give you, and I thought I’d be the one to find out if it lives up to its promise.

On paper, the Prince Textreme Tour 100P is very similar to my Babolat Pure Strike.

They’re both 305g unstrung, with swingweights around 325 and an 18 x 20 string pattern, so I should feel quite at home with the 100P.

The one small difference between the two rackets is the balance, where the 100P is just a little bit more headlight, so I should be able to whip up some real racket head speed with this stick.

Custom Fittings

Discover your perfect racket and string combo!

We tried the Prince Textreme Tour 100 a few months back and were extremely impressed with its blend of spin and control which earned it an overall score of 8 out of 10.

The 100P brings a slight reduction in weight from the Tour 100 from 310g to 305g, but one of the big differences between the two rackets is the string pattern.

The Tour 100P sees a switch to a much denser 18 x 20 string pattern, which should limit the spin potential of this racket slightly but add even more control.

18 x 20 string pattern rackets can be a bit of an acquired taste, but if done well, I think that they can appeal to a wide variety of players.

I for one am a disciple of the 18 x 20 string pattern and so, I was greatly looking forward to trying out this racket.

To get the most out of these slightly lighter rackets with dense string patterns I find the most important thing is swing speed.

Players who don’t produce much racket head speed often find the 18 x 20 string pattern very deadened and struggle to get the power and spin they crave.

Luckily for me, I get a ton of racket head speed, especially on the forehand, and I find these rackets really suit me.

Knowing that the Prince Textreme Tour 100P has a very similar setup to my Pure Strike, I went with my normal string set up of Babolat RPM Blast at 52 lbs.

For me, I find this balance works nicely, but for many players, I would say you might want to look at something a bit more power friendly for this racket.

If you want a little bit more advice on string setups then take a look at Tom’s excellent string tension guide and find the right string set up for you!

Based on my previous playtests with Prince rackets, the Textreme Tour 100P has a lot to live up to when compared to the Tour 100 but not a great deal compared to the Warrior 100 (sorry Warrior fans).

So, with that in mind, I set about doing my playtest hoping that the Tour 100P would give me the same thrills as it’s near cousin, the Tour 100.


8 out of 10

For those people who were put off in the intro when I said the 18 x 20 offers less spin potential than the 16 x 19, I’ve got some good news!

The Tour 100P seems to offer plenty of spin as well as plenty of power, plenty of control, and plenty of feel.

That’s a pretty great combo!

I’m always talking about rackets balancing power, spin, and control and that’s something I felt the Textreme Tour 100P does well.

Although this racket is very maneuverable, I found that racket head speed wasn’t as important as I thought it might be because the 100P was a little bit more powerful than I expected.

This did come slightly at the expense of control, with the balance not being quite as control oriented as I thought it would be.

Although this doesn’t necessarily suit my preferences I think it will make this racket more playable for the majority of players.

I do find with my Pure Strike 18 x 20 that it’s a case of swing at 100% or don’t bother swinging at all, but the Textreme Tour 100P was a little bit more chilled out to play with.

This meant that I was able to vary the way I was playing throughout the match, switching between offense and defense easily.

I’m much more of a front foot player who likes to attack by using the angles of the court and the Prince Textreme Tour 100P really suited this.

But equally, when I felt like sitting back and soaking up pressure I felt extremely comfortable with the way the Tour 100P played.

If you’re looking for a racket that leans towards one characteristic in particular then this stick might not be the one for you because it’s nicely balanced.

However, if you want something that is a firm middle ground then I would certainly suggest taking a look at this racket.

For me personally, I had the same slight problem with this racket as I did the Tour 100.

I just found the 7PTS headlight balance to be a little bit too much.

I just missed the little bit of extra weight I get in the head of the racket with my Pure Strike, and that would be the only real negative for me.

Put all this together and you get a really good score of 8 out of 10 for the Prince Textreme Tour 100P on the groundstrokes.

On the plus side, it’s a very accessible racket for an 18 x 20 string pattern and I think there are a lot of players who will enjoy its feel.

7 out of 10

This is going to sound very fussy, but I definitely feel a difference between the 310g weight of the Tour 100 and the 305g weight of the Tour 100P when it comes to volleying.

As with my Pure Strike, I just found the Tour 100P lacked a little bit of stability at the net.

Somehow I felt like I’d hit the perfect volley and I was a little bit aggrieved when I watched the ball sail long.

I’ve actually added a bit of weight to my Pure Strike (it’s now 312g) to combat this and the results have been really good, but in its custom specs, I was just a bit off with the Textreme Tour 100P .

On the plus side, I found the 100P to be super mobile at the net and I was getting into position with great ease.

I always say the last thing you want to be worrying about when you’re at the net is getting into position in time and that’s certainly not a problem with this racket.

I also enjoyed the feel of the 18 x 20 string pattern. The ball came off the strings nicely, it was just the lack of weight in the head of the racket that didn’t allow me to absorb power quite as well as I normally would.

On easy put-aways and overheads, the Textreme Tour 100P was a joy to play with though.

The Prince Textreme Tour 100P certainly isn’t bad at the net. I just felt it lacked a little bit of stability for the most difficult volleys.

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve hit the perfect pick-up only for the ball to sail long and I found I had this happen to me a few times.

At the end of the day though, how often do you hit those kinds of volleys?

Not very often.

The rest of the time you’ll find this racket to be more than adequate on the volleys and so, it gets a 7 out of 10 from us.

8.5 out of 10

One thing’s for sure, the Textreme Tour 100P is a fun racket to serve with.

It’s extremely fast through the swing, which means there’s a lot of potential for spin and power with this racket.

Whether it’s a first serve or second serve, you’re bound to find something you enjoy about this stick.

For me, it was the excellent control that was combined with surprisingly good power.

Sure, I was having a very good serving day, but I felt like a lot of that was down to the Tour 100P.

While I was getting good power and placement on the first serve, on the second serve I was able to introduce the spin that gives me a little bit more margin for error, meaning I could attack the first serve, confident in the fact I was going to make my second serves.

Although I really enjoyed playing with the Prince Textreme Tour 100P from the back of the court, serving was definitely my favorite part of this playtest.

I was able to put my opponent under a lot of pressure from my serve and this allowed me to play the kind of front foot tennis that I enjoy.

I couldn’t ask for much more from this racket on the serve and it set me up nicely for the rest of my groundstroke play.

An excellent performance on serve meant that the Prince Textreme Tour 100P gets an impressive 8.5 out of 10 from me.

Overall, the Prince Textreme Tour 100P is another excellent racket from Prince.

Although it’s specs are very similar to the Textreme Tour 100, the 100P offers a nice variation that will suit many people.

Chief among those people who will relish this racket are the aggressive baseline players who love to use their serve to get on the front foot.

For an 18 x 20 racket, you get plenty of pop and spin potential from the 100P and attack-minded players will use this to keep their opponents on the run and under pressure.

That’s certainly not to rule this racket out for the counter-punchers out there though.

This racket has got the kind of power and spin potential that means you can happily hang out on the back foot, waiting for your moment before you pounce.

I do think the 100P leans slightly more towards attacking, but it’s versatile enough to suit all styles.

I found the weakest part of this playtest to be at the net, where I wanted a little bit more stability.

I wouldn’t say the Textreme Tour 100P is a bad racket for volleying, I just found it lacked a little bit on the most difficult volleys.

For the serve-volleyers out there you may find something different to me, but personally, it’s not the first racket I would recommend for someone who spends a lot of time at the net.

This was a racket I’ve been looking forward to trying for a long time now and I wasn’t disappointed.

The Prince Textreme Tour 100P makes an 18 x 20 string pattern very accessible for a wide range of players, and I personally got on really well with it.

A score of 8 out of 10 overall marks it out as a racket that’s well worth taking a look at!

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For Sale: Prince Textreme Tour 100p (2015) - 6 rackets


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prince textreme tour 100p 2015

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prince textreme tour 100p 2015

Prince TEXTREME Tour 100P (2015) 2016

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Prince TEXTREME Tour 100P (2015) 2016  

General info, declared data, measurement system.


Prince Textreme Tour 100P Limited Edition

Prince Textreme Tour 100P Limited Edition

Prince has released a white Prince Textreme Tour 100P Limited edition racquet in time for Wimbledon. The racquet will be used and endorsed by Lucas Pouille. He used the paint job in the Aspall tennis classic.

prince textreme tour 100p 2015

Prince Textreme Tour 100P Limited Edition – Lucas Pouille’s racquet

Prince Textreme Tour 100P Limited Edition

What do you think of the Prince Textreme Tour 100P Limited Edition paint job? And what do you think of Lucas Pouille’s chances in Wimbledon? Please comment below.

Angell Custom TC 100 Racquet Review

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The Textreme Tour 100P is my current main racquet (alternatively sometimes I play with the Ultra Tour). I prefer the black and green, although you can have a colour clash with some string colours, eg. orange. I would imagine that the large white area of the LE could get dirty and scuffed easily.

Seems Prince is even jumping in the paint job game.

Much prefer the green & black, it looks awesome, one of the nicest paintjobs of any racquet I’ve owned, and the phantom 100p’s are a really great paintjob also.

White racquets always look too gaudy to me, as though you’re gonna show up to play in alligator skin shoes, a bright gold racquet bag, and with a little shih-tzu.

Tennisnerd, do you know if the head TK82 pallet would fit on a prince 100p hairpin?

I think the alligator skin shoes and shih-tzu attire would be a good fit for Federer’s 10th Wimbledon victory? Joking aside, Prince does not use the pallet system so it would not fit. If you want to go up in grip size you can use a shrink sleeve or add an extra over grip. If you want to modify grip shape, there are professional customizers that can do this for you. Like Unstrung Customs in Spain or RingRoll in Germany. Good luck / J

Did you notice that Pouille used the black & green version of the 100P at Wimbly?

There was another player using this frame that went further at Wimbledon. Iga Swiatek of Poland won the Girls Single Championship with a Textreme Tour, though I don’t know if it was a 95 or a 100. She was asked afterwards if she was going to make it two in a row at the Us Open, but she said that she had been playing juniors long enough and was going professional. This week the seventeen year old did just that at the ITF Prague tournament, where she made it through to the semifinals. Not a bad career launch – she had a match point there too but one of her many double faults cost her that opportunity. Clearly her serve needs some work, but then she could quickly move up into the top 50 and if they can hang on to her Prince would have some more sorely needed visibility on the tour.

Hey Tennis Nerd, I play with the Textreme Tour 100P (white out version). I am look to procure a couple but but can’t them anywhere as they were limited edition. Would you have any idea or leads for me on where I could find two (or even one) for sale?

Hi Dwayne, Nice frame! Sadly, I don’t know where to get anymore of that one.

I need one of this

Den Prince Textreme 100P gibt es bei Tennispoint zu kaufen!

Hey TN Is the white out version the 2015 or the Precursor to the 2019? I remember it feeling stiffer then the 2015. Found where to but new old stock of them(white) but want the 2015 62RA not the 66. Lot of sore elbows out there with the new one even with beloved twaron in it.

To answer my own question (No easy feat) The difference is this. Shaft thickness is different on Limited Version Only. Shaft 2015/2018(Current) 22mm 23mm 20mm Shaft on Limited (White) 22 1/2 mm 23 1/2mm 21mm Took a deep dive to find that one out!!!

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    He said, "The Textreme Tour 100P was extremely solid on my groundstrokes. I felt like this racquet didn't get pushed around that often; it was extremely stable.

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  8. Теннисная ракетка Prince TeXtreme Tour 100P

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    When into JT's locker and found a pair of Prince Textreme Tour 100P. Is it any good? Thank you to JT Sundling for letting us test out his

  12. For Sale: Prince Textreme Tour 100p (2015)

    Prince Textreme Tour 100P (2015 version) Grip Size: 4 3/8 L3 (New Wilson Cushion Grips) Quantity: 6 (Yes I have 6 of them) Price is for each Price: $75 each

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    All the technical characteristics of Prince TEXTREME Tour 100P (2015) 2016 , tennis racket with head size 100in² and string pattern 18x20.

  14. Prince Textreme Tour 100P Limited Edition

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