PGA Tour 2K21 tips with 8 essential things to know before you play

Master driving, putting and club selection with these PGA Tour 2K21 tips

pga tour 2k21 putting tips

PGA Tour 2K21 tips have become essential once again following the news that rival game EA Sports PGA Tour is delayed indefinitely. Fancy picking up PGA Tour 2K21 at a budget price and building yourself into a virtual club-swinging phenomenon? Then all your key scouting intel can be found below, right down to intricate strategic details such as understanding wind and use of the Scout Cam. Don't tee off until you've fully mastered these eight vital PGA Tour 2K21 tips.

1. Swing straight

The very first thing you need to do is master your swing. To the bottom right of the screen, you will see a white bar (Swing Plane) that highlights the straightness of your drive. Spending time at the practice range is so important in making sure you master this skill. If you are facing a heavy wind resistance, a precise swing can be the difference between landing on the fairway or drifting into the rough. Pulling back on your chosen analogue stick is the backswing and pushing up is the downswing. Doing this as straight as possible provides the most accurate shot.

2. Time your swing correctly

Another important aspect of your swing is getting the timing right. If your downswing is too fast, you hook the ball and reduce the power of the shot. Hitting the ball too slowly slices the ball, and overpowers your shot. Again, if you are not familiar with PGA Tour 2K21’s controls, spend time at the practice range to get this down to a tee (no pun intended).

3. Scout Cam is your friend

The most useful tool in PGA Tour 2K21 is the Scout Cam. Pressing Triangle/Y before every shot automatically moves the camera to where the ball is going to land. The point of impact can affect every shot you take, so scouting the area makes a difference to your next move. You can assess whether the ground is flat or uneven, and whether there are any obstacles you need to avoid, such as a bunker, tall grass, or a body of water.

4. Pay attention to the wind

At the top of your screen, you can see the direction of the wind, as well as the speed in which it is travelling. If you are facing a heavy gust, your shot will blow away from your chosen landing spot, so it is vital you take the effects of Mother Nature into account. For example, if the wind is blowing in from the right at 8mph, hit the ball a couple of feet to the right so that the wind carries it to the spot you initially intended the ball to land on. 

5. Make use of True Shot

One of the best tools at your disposal is True Shot. By pressing and holding L1/LB, you activate True Shot, and from here you get a couple of options to refine your shot. If you are facing a protruding tree branch and need to ‘bend’ your shot, you can move the left trigger to apply draw or fade, essentially bending the curve around the obstacle so that you avoid hitting it. Not only that, but in True Shot you can adjust the angle by moving the left trigger up or down, meaning a high arch stops the ball from gliding across the fairway or putting green upon its landing. A more direct angle moves the ball further when it lands.

6. Putt to perfection

A myriad of factors can cause a putting attempt to miss the hole. Wind speed is one of them, as is the angle of the ground, and the distance from the ball to the hole. The most useful tool is the ability to watch the path of the ball, and you can do this by holding in X/B. This shows where the ball is likely to end up, as a white line simulates your shot. If it ends up a few inches away from the hole, you know to hit it slightly to the left or right, and if the ball is going to end up falling just short, you can increase the power of your shot by moving the right trigger forward.

7.  Tailor the difficulty to suit you

PGA Tour 2K21 has a wide range of difficulty options, meaning you can customise exactly how much help you receive when playing. HB Studios has made sure your experience is as satisfying as it can be by including the ability to adjust various settings to tailor its difficulty. You can make swinging more challenging by decreasing the scale of timing and power. The option to remove the Scout Cam and Lie Grid takes away the information you have on the terrain, and disabling various Pro Vision options means you can’t activate True Shot or include the Shot Suggestion.

8. Manage your Golf Bag

Whilst there are a range of different shots to get your head around, picking the right clubs in your Golf Bag is just as important. Throughout your career, new clubs unlock, and you can spend Virtual Currency on a range of drivers, sand wedges, putters, and more. Pay close attention to the stats because they make a huge difference once you are on the course. Clubs with better Forgiveness allow for more error when swinging, improved Shot Shaping gives you wider draw and fade distances, and better Distance Control provides more range in your shots.

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PGA Tour 2K21: A few tips to help you in the new speed Divot Derby mode

PGA Tour 2K21: A few tips to help you in the new speed Divot Derby mode

Like Sonic, you got to go fast!

PGA Tour 2K21 is one of the only officially licensed games from the PGA Tour available in mobile/portable gaming. It's a simulation-based golf experience with authentic, pro tour vibes. The gameplay follows a similar concept to the original games in the series like The Golf Club or The Golf Club 2. 

Featuring a PGA Tour career mode and real, famous golf courses such as TPC Sawgrass and Riviera Country Club, the series has come a long way. As more things get added, one feature from the very first game still remains. That would be the immensely popular course design feature that opens the door for the game, giving you thousands of golf courses to play on. 

With all of these fresh new and returning things, there is a brand new mode that is absolutely chaotic if you're an online golfer. This mode is called Divot Derby and it is all about speed. The goal is simple in that, you need to get the ball to the hole as fast as possible. Here are a few tips to tee off in this fun, new mode. 

Don't Overthink Your Aiming

pga tour 2k21 putting tips

OK so, I know that this can be tricky to do, as, on many occasions, you do need to rely on good aiming on the course in PGA Tour 2K21. With that being said, Divot Derby is a game that is all about speed, and speed alone, so scores, shot quality, etc aren't a concern here.

Simply just swing away, and this can give you an advantage. If the winds are high, you may have to quickly adjust yourself accordingly, but other than that, it's an all-out swing fest. It's preferred that you avoid the rough and hazards, of course, but don't worry if you do so.

Even if your ball does land in the rough, sand trap, or water, you can still actually qualify for the next round and eventually win. That's one of the beauties of this new mode; even when things seem bleak, you can still advance to the next hole if you're quick. Now, if you feel like you can still be very fast, even while using aim a lot, then, by all means, go for it. However, if you find out that it's slowing you down, then just close your eyes (not literally) and unleash chaos on your golf ball.

Try Avoiding three-Putts

One key thing that will help you advance in Divot Derby is on the green. The putting in PGA Tour 2K21 is highly popular for its overall realism and authenticity. the realism will remind you of what they say about the sport in real life; try avoiding three-putts.

The same goes for in this fast-paced game mode. You can still qualify if you do, but it will be much harder, and so, drilling a putt in two shots or less will give you an edge in battle. Also, take this tip as not just trying to avoid three-putts but also a reminder that it's OK to two-putt.

Even when two-putting, you can make it to the next round plenty fast. As long as you don't spend much time reading the green, you'll be alright. Try to get the ball as close to the hole so you can just tap it in and get out of there comfortably. Of course, if you hit your second or third shot close the cup, then you'll be in tap-in range anyway. Or, you can drill a long-range putt. If you do that, then awesome, you have a great advantage.

Don't Fret on Your Current Ranking

So this is just more of a mental note, and those can always be good for a sport like golf. But don't fret if you aren't in the top five after qualifying for the next hole. It doesn't matter where you end up, so long as you qualify.

Sure, you'll get some minor recognition if you finish a hole as the top dog, which is fun, but at the end of the day, there's no advantage. It seems obvious, but in case there is some confusion, it doesn't affect anything; it's really just a number.

I had played a round and barely qualified after one of the holes. I would then proceed to (somehow) win the event. So, in short, don't make an end all be all priority to place in the top three to five after a hole or two during your Divot Derby experience in PGA Tour 2K21. Just play as fast as you can and hope for the best and of course, have fun because it is a great mode.

Colin  Mieczkowski

PGA 2K21: 8 Beginner Tips To Shoot Below Par

PGA 2K21 is an easy game to pick up but can be difficult to master. Here's a look at some starting tips to help players stay under Par.

There has been a shortage of golf titles in the past decade. The last Tiger Woods game was released more than seven years ago. Rory McIlroy's PGA game was a flop, and neither EA or 2K have released a golf video game in six years. The Golf Club (TGC) and The Golf Club 2/2019 were the only popular golf titles released since 2015.

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It makes sense that the developers of  PGA 2K21  would be using the same engine as TGC  . The game has proven to be  a huge sales hit , which is good news for golfers. The mechanics, controls, and nuances of the game are almost exactly the same as TGC . Those that have not played TGC will want to incorporate the following basic tips to dominate the competition in 2K21 .

8 Swing Path And Tempo Matter

Unlike older golf games, 2K21 uses a swing system that rewards accuracy as well as timing. Players will want to keep the cursor within the white swing path line on the screen to avoid hitting a hook or slice. Likewise, moving the stick back or forward too quickly will alter the shot. Good tempo involves a slightly slower backswing and a controlled flick of the stick forward.

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  • Focus on keeping the stick on a vertical plane
  • Slower backswing and controlled flick forward

7 The Pinch Method

One way to increase control while moving the right stick is to use a two-finger method. Pinching the stick between the pointer finger and thumb can help some people with swing path control. It is not for everyone, but the method can minimize the severity of a miss hit. Players that are having trouble hitting the ball straight should give it a try. Perhaps there is another variation of the technique that will work even better, but you don't know until you try.

6 Know The Green And Fairway Firmness

Playing without knowing the firmness of the course is a classic rookie mistake. Just like in real life, firm greens and fairways impact the strategy of a golfer on the course. On soft greens, gamers can go right at the hole and the ball will sit nicely. On firmer courses, the ball will roll out if hit with any club that is not a wedge. Firm fairways have the same effect. The ball will roll out a lot further, which may increase the chances of rolling into a bunker or hazard. There are plenty of challenging courses  with very firm surfaces in 2K21 .

5 Pay Attention To The Power Indicator

Club Selection matters when hitting from any surface that isn't the fairway. The first cut of rough will reduce the distance the ball will travel. Sand will limit the distance the ball will go, and heavy rough will make the ball travel about 50% less than from the fairway. The shot projection does not factor in the reduced range when hitting the ball off of different surfaces. Gamers will need to look out for wind and elevation changes too, as they will alter the flight path of the ball.

4 Utilizing Different Shots

Every club has a few different shot choices. For example, players can punch, pitch, and flop many of the clubs in the game. Punches are great for recovery shots and advancing the ball when there is an obstruction in the flight path. Pitch shots are great in strong winds or when between clubs. Gamers can hit flop shots with wedges to get close to the hole when within 100 yards. Flop shots are great on courses with little wind, but they are harder to hit than a standard shot. It should also be noted that the difficulty of a shot correlates to how large the shot path is at the center of the screen. A small while line means that the swing will have to be precise for a successful shot.

3 Why The Putting Indicator Is Not Reliable

Gamers are given a power target while putting, which is supposed to represent the perfect amount of power needed to make a putt. However, this assumes the player is also aiming on the perfect line. If the line is too wide, or too close to the hole, the ball will not go in. This is just like putting in real life.

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Users will want to follow that indicator when there is very little break in the putt. On difficult winding putts, it is probably better to read the green and estimate the line. Blindly following the power meter will result in a lot of missed putts.

2 Declare An Unplayable

PGA 2k21 is a fun game, but it is by no means bug-free. Players can get caught in impossible scenarios where the ball is stuck under a tree, rock, or even the stands. In the pause menu, there is an option to declare an unplayable and hit a shot from farther back in the fairway. Some of the courses have forested areas that are so thick no one can hit a shot back into the fairway. Desert hazards are just as tricky, and new players will waste their time incurring a lot of strokes trying to hit a recovery shot.

1 Approach Shots

When hitting an approach to the green with an iron or wedge, reading the contours of the greens is important. The white lines show which direction the green is sloping, and the color indicates how fast the ball will roll on the slope. Golfers will want to have an uphill putt (pin high) to convert on the greens. Aiming so that the ball will sit in a favorable location and not roll off the green is a tactic that most new players fail to employ.

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PGA Tour 2K21: 10 Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting The Game

PGA Tour 2K21 is here for golf fans and gamers alike but there are some things we wish we'd known before starting our golfing journey.

It’s been quite a few years since the Tiger Woods games gave gamers a chance to compete against the best the sport has to offer. Unlike other sports games like FIFA , NBA 2K , and EA’s UFC 4 , PGA Tour 2K21 is a far more relaxing experience when everything is going the player’s way.

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It’s a title that doesn’t require incredibly fast-twitch reactions in the same way as those games and being such an improvement on its predecessors it’s a game that’s easy to pick up. PGA Tour 2K21, however, is also a very difficult game to master and still requires a substantial amount of skill and timing. As a result, it’s always good to know these simple tips before jumping straight in and scoring 10 bogeys right off the bat.

10 Practice To Get Good

When players first boot up PGA Tour 2K21 they will be given a short tutorial that does a great job of introducing them to the game’s mechanics. However, as with all tutorials, not everything will sink in straight away, especially as players just want to jump into the game.

Thankfully, there’s a very comprehensive practice mode in the game that does an amazing job of teaching its players everything they need to know about the game.

9 Keep The Swing As Straight As Possible

Thankfully, the swing control system in PGA Tour 2K21 is very smooth and by all accounts is very easy to pick up. However, it’s also difficult to master so putting some time in the practice range to get the mechanics.

The Swing Plane on the side of the screen will give an indication of how well the player has swung the club within the perimeters of the white bar. Thankfully, the sport of golf gives players a but time to think than high impact sports games like ice hockey .

8 The Speed Of The Swing Matters

When it comes to making sure the ball lands where the player intends it to isn’t just about making a nice clean shot. Hitting the ball too slowly will cause the ball to drift too far the right and hitting it too fast cause a drift into the left.

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Getting the timing right with this can be very tricky at first so mastering it on the practice range is a must otherwise it can lead to a lot of frustrating and missed shots. In addition, taking advantage of the curve can be very useful depending on which direction the wind is blowing ensuring the ball lands on the fairway instead of heavy rough or worse, the water. Learning these fundamentals of the game will go a long way in helping the player to score below par .

7 Try Both Left And Right Analogue Sticks

Allowing players to choose between the left and right analog sticks is obviously designed to cater to left and right-handed players. However, some players may still find themselves struggling with the sensitivity of the analog stick and could potentially keep mistiming their shots.

It could be worth experimenting and trying the opposite stick one is used to see if they can hit more accurate shots. The reason for this is because a player’s dominant hand tends to be heavier than their weaker hand resulting in too much swing, Try using the other stick to see if it results in some better-timed shots it may feel weird at first but it’s an easy adjustment to make.

6 Make Use Of The Swing Calibration Options

If players are still having problems with their swing then they should try and adjust the swing calibration to fine-tune it as much as possible. To do this, players must go to the Training menu, select Swing Calibration, and proceed to hit ten power swings.

Doing this will allow the game to assess the player’s downswing timing. As a result, this should make timing those shots a lot easier instead of hitting too fast or slowly at the very worst time.

5 Check The MyPlayer Golf Bag

Another great way of tailoring one’s swing so they are more capable of landing more perfectly timed shots is by going into the MyPlayer golf bag to select the right clubs. In the golf bag, the clubs will have a forgiveness rating.

The higher the forgiveness rating the less penalty there is to miss the timing on the downswing. The developers at HB Studios have clearly gone a long way to make PGA Tour 2K21 as forgiving and as accessible as possible for even the most casual players.

4 Adjust The Settings

For many gamers, golf games can be far too unforgiving and complicated to be any fun. PGA Tour 2K21’ s predecessor The Golf Club 2019 was a prime example of this. However, in addition to catering for a player’s timing skills they have added a ton of options for players to tailor to their liking too.

Players can change the difficulty of their opponents, they can choose whether or not the wind will affect the direction of the ball, and much more. So even if a player wants a more challenging experience the very accessible settings in  PGA Tour 2K21 will have them covered.

3 The Direction Of The Wind Matters

Unless players decide to adjust the effectiveness of the wind in the game’s setting they really need to pay attention to which direction that the wind is blowing. Furthermore, keeping the environmental effects even when playing on easy makes the game a far more satisfying experience overall.

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Getting the ball to land on the fairway or the green as intended with the wind effects on is like trying to figure out a puzzle and it's a great feeling when it works.

2 Make Use Of The Scout Cam

A great way for getting a more accurate shot down the fairway and on to the green safely is by using the Scout Cam. By pressing the triangle button on the PlayStation 4 or the Y button on the Xbox One, the camera will zoom in to give the player an idea of where the ball will land.

Gamers can’t walk the course beforehand but using the Scout Camera is the next best thing and will give the player a better chance of avoiding environmental obstacles like sand, water, or thick rough near the fairway.

1 Use The Putting Line

Putting can be one of the more difficult aspects of PGA Tour 2K21 but there are several tools at the player’s disposal to make it easier. The green itself can have a lot of obstacles of its own, it can have dips and angles which can it difficult and even the wind can still have an impact.

However, by using the putting line by pressing X on the PS4 pad or A on the Xbox One the game will give the player a very good idea of where the ball will land. In addition, there is a grid that acts as a guide for players giving them an idea of they need to place the marker.

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The Koalition

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PGA TOUR 2K21 Review – The Perfect Putter

PGA TOUR 2K21 is without a doubt the most accessible golf simulation game currently on the market offering newbies, golf experts, and sports enthusiasts alike challenging yet fun experiences to keep them coming back for more. Having played other golf games in the past such as Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12 , I know firsthand about the struggles associated with playing sports games that require patience and precision. HB Studios has succeeded in creating a core golfing title that’s easy for anyone to pick up and play. Before sharing more of my impressions, let’s dive into some brief history behind this series.

On April 19th, 2014, HB Studios released the very first entry in The Golf Club series. After the launch of two sequels in 2017 and 2018 respectively, 2K Sports took over the publishing rights and rebranded the series name to PGA TOUR 2K . This year’s game marks the second title under the 2K banner and with that comes the expectation of more features and improvements over the previous games.


When I started playing PGA TOUR 2K21 for the very first time, I was immediately thrown into a few objective-based tutorials for swing input, putting, clubs, and shot types. These tutorials are designed to familiarize players with all the info they need to start playing 18-course matchups. Using the Xbox One X controller, the controls may sound complex but are pretty straightforward and consist of the following:

  • Use the Left Stick to adjust shot direction left or right. Moving up or down allows you to adjust shot power.
  • Pulling the Right Stick back then forward allows you to swing the club.
  • Using the D-Pad allows you to switch between the different clubs and shot types.
  • Using the Left Bumper and Left Stick allows you to adjust your fade and draw. Using the Left Bumper with the Right Stick allows you to adjust your launch angle.
  • Using the Right Bumper allows you to reset your shot.
  • Pressing the Y button allows you to preview your shot and fast forward.
  • Pressing the B button allows you to view the map of the golf course.
  • Pressing the X button lets you remove the flag/Pin when putting
  • Pressing the A button lets you skip past animations and replays.

One thing that I especially love about how these tutorials are set up is that you have the option of skipping over them and immediately jumping right into the action. Even when you are on the field, you’ll be given a recommended shot and club type to use in every scenario and still be able to freely choose what tools suit you best. Playing in real-time truly is the best way to learn these controls and once you get comfortable, you’ll find out fairly quickly that you can adjust accordingly to any and every obstacle thrown your way.


After completing the basics and some advanced shot tutorials, I was then given the ability to create my character and start my PGA TOUR career. The MYPLAYER creation options are pretty standard from what you can expect from most sports games with the inclusion of licensed apparel and equipment from well-known brands like Polo Ralph Lauren and Callaway Golf. You can also customize your Golf Bag by deciding which 14 clubs to take with you across various events. As you play through your career, you earn currency and unlock new gear and accessories. While there aren’t any microtransactions, using the earned currency means that you may need to do some serious grinding in order to unlock every outfit and club that the game has to offer.

When it comes to the PGA Tour career mode, you can kick things off by choosing one of four options including Q-School, The Korn Ferry Tour, The Korn Ferry Tour Championship, or The PGA TOUR season. Every event you enter has a set number of criteria you’ll need to complete in order to participate and some of these are tied to sponsor goals that could lead to unlocked rewards and higher payouts if successfully completed. I would highly recommend starting a new PGA TOUR season right away as it’s the best way to experience the competitive nature of the sport in all its glory.


For starters, entering into the PGA TOUR throws you right into the fire of career rivalries with other players. In these encounters, your performance is essentially measured against another opponent randomly chosen based on your stats and if you outplay them then you’ll earn additional currency. If there is one criticism that I do have about this feature it lies within the fact that you can’t choose who to start a rivalry with and there is no evidence of a back and forth between you and another player outside of the stats themselves. How the NBA 2K series handles upcoming matchups by implementing verbal trash talk and commentary over social media from fans and players alike adds more weight to these rivalries and I would love for a similar approach to be considered within future games in this franchise too.

Another bonus to playing the PGA TOUR straight away is that you’ll notice there’s slightly more emphasis on the presentation in these events as you’ll see key highlights from other players during your own rounds. Finally, the overall structure of this seasonal option means an underdog has a greater chance of working his or her way up the ranks and earning the top prize. In other words, you could start out the season playing poorly and gradually improve your game over a large stretch of events to the point where you’ll gain confidence and become a top contender. This goes back to the point I made earlier about picking up and playing regardless of how skillful you are as you’ll definitely learn and improve faster this way as opposed to spending time going through every tutorial.


Going back to the presentation, PGA TOUR 2K21 does a decent job of representing the world of professional golfing. The commentary team for every event consists of Play-by-Play Anchor Luke Elvy, Analyst Rich Beem and On Course Correspondent John McCarthy. The game also includes a pro roster of 12 golfers headlined by Justin Thomas and 15 in-game licensed TPC courses. As with any sports game that has commentary, dialogue can become very repetitive very quickly, and unfortunately, that is the case here too. It would be great if additional commentators or retired pro golfers could be added as more options in future installments of the series as it can keep things fresh for players.

Each realistic and beautifully designed course looks absolutely stellar. Player character models look decent too most of the time but I’m definitely hoping that they can be further improved upon when PGA TOUR 2K22 or PGA TOUR 2K23 rolls around. With next-gen consoles on the horizon and Visual Concepts’ track record of stepping in to help on other 2K sports franchises in the past, it would be interesting to see what additional resources they could offer to help make this the best-looking golf game out there. Only time will tell if 2K and HB Studios actually pursue these options but in the meantime, the game still looks great on the surface.


Aside from playing the PGA TOUR Career mode, other features include Course Designer , Play Now Local Matches, and Online. As the name suggests, Course Designer lets you create courses from a various array of objects and share them with your friends. The layout holes are generated for you in the very beginning but you can edit them accordingly and playtest your creation afterward. If there is one thing that I would love to see implemented in future games it would be the ability a create your own golf clubs. Given the customization options available to your player, this just seems like a cool addition that could be in a future game. With that said, Course Designer is a solid feature and will certainly add a great deal of replay value to this year’s game.

When playing online, you can participate in private matches and Online Societies . There is a matchmaking system in place to assure that you’re playing someone on your skill level. The real fun however lies within Online Societies as you can either create or join a group and participate in competitive matches set up by you or the creator of the group. I was able to try this feature out briefly and didn’t experience any connection issues. It is worth noting though that this experience may vary on launch day once more players have populated the servers so we will see if it maintains stability at that time.


In a nutshell, PGA TOUR 2K21 is a great entry in the franchise and successfully pays homage to a sport/hobby beloved by many. While I do believe that the series can be improved upon in certain areas, there is no denying that HB Studios is on the right path with their vision. If you love golf or are even remotely interested in the sport, then you owe it to yourself to give this game a try as soon as possible.

This review was written based on a digital review copy of PGA TOUR 2K21 for the Xbox One X provided by HB Studios and 2K Games.

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PGA Tour 2K21: Beginner’s guide to driving – Controls, tips, and more

Need some help with driving?

pga tour 2k21 putting tips

  • August 28, 2020
  • Guides PGA Tour 2K21

pga tour 2k21 putting tips

Image via EA Sports

Golf is a game that requires not only physical strength but also mental acuity. Professional and amateur golfers need to make sure that they plan every shot thoroughly, analyze the current hole, and keep their body in sync. In PGA Tour 2K21 , you don’t have to worry about many of the technical aspects, as the game takes care of that for you. Still, you will need to master the finer points, and one of those is driving. 

For those who may be new to golf, driving the ball is what you will be doing most of the time between when you hit the tee at a hole and when you make it to the green. There will be times where you’ll need to perform a chip or a pitch, but don’t worry too much about that right now. When driving the ball, you’ll be using the driver most of the time. However, you may also use either a 5 Hybrid or a 5 Iron at times, especially on shorter par-3 holes or longer par-4 holes.

Now that you have a good idea of what driving is, let’s go over some simple steps to get you in the right direction.

Know the controls

When starting the PGA Tour 2K21 for the first time, you will be prompted to select which stick you want to use to drive and putt. Players can choose either the left analog stick or the right analog stick on their DualShock 4 or Xbox One controller to take shots in PGA Tour 2K21. It’s up to you to choose, but you should pick whichever stick that corresponds with your dominant hand. For example, if you’re right-handed, you might want to pick the right stick, and vice-versa for left-handers.

Now that you have selected which stick you will use, let’s go over the controls. To enter your backswing, shift and hold the stick down. To move to your downswing, which will be when you actually hit the golf ball, shift the stick up once you have finished with the backswing. However, you have to push the stick straight up in order for the ball to go in the correct direction. If you don’t, the shot could veer to the left or the right.

pga tour 2k21 putting tips

Swing Calibration is important

Before you do anything in PGA Tour 2K21, spend time in Practice mode. Not only will you be able to mess around and get a good feel for the controls, but players can also calibrate their swing. Calibrating your swing will give you a better idea as to how you should time your swing, but it will also let the game calibrate perfect downswing timing based upon your shot. We’ll get more into why that’s important in a bit.

Pick your club wisely

Upon starting up PGA 2K21 for the first time, your character will be saddled with a default bag of clubs. The good news is that getting new clubs is relatively simple. Clubs can be purchased with coins obtained from completing in-game objectives and finishing rounds of golf in Local, Online, and Career modes. Ideally, you will want drivers and irons that can have good distance but also some forgiveness. A club’s forgiveness is an indicator as to how much room for error that you will have when driving the ball. If you’re someone who’s prone to moving up the left or right stick in a less-than-straight line, pick a club that has a high amount of forgiveness. 

Hit the white marker

When attempting a drive in PGA Tour 2K21, you will notice that at the bottom of the screen is a bar with a white marker inside it. This white marker will indicate what percentage of power you are currently slated to swing at. The goal is to hit this marker with your backswing, and to do so, you will want to shift the stick up as soon as the line in the bar hits this white marker. You can shift up slightly before or after the line hits the marker, but if you do, keep in mind that on some occasions, this could lead to you either losing power on the shot or putting too much on and slicing it.

Use the aim and the shaping tools

When preparing for a drive, it’s important to use the target marker, which can be adjusted using the stick, depending on what stick you are not using to drive. Moving the marker allows you to aim the ball, but be sure to keep the direction of the wind in mind. If you don’t, the ball may blow straight into a patch of rough grass.

In addition, you might want to use the game’s shaping tools. These shaping tools allow you to hook the ball in a specific direction, which could help you avoid some dangerous hazards. To do this, use the stick you don’t use to shoot to move the target around while holding down LB on Xbox or L1 on PlayStation.

Turn off Swing Timing to start

Swing timing in PGA Tour 2K21 can affect your shot in a variety of ways. If you manage to hit the shot with perfect power (meaning you have hit the white marker), then your shot should not slice or hook. Rather, the shot should go relatively straight, provided that you push the stick straight up. Even the slightest deviation from missing this marker, however, could mess up the drive. On top of that, the speed (or Swing timing) of how you come up also affects the shot. Coming up too fast or slow will also be a factor as to where the ball goes. But here’s the problem with all of this: it’s really hard to get the right timing consistently.

Because of this odd and somewhat flawed mechanic, we recommend shutting Swing Timing off initially. This will allow you to forget about the timing, meaning you will only have to focus on hitting the white marker. Once you master that, then you can worry about timing.

Other recommendations

  • Try playing at a lower difficulty early on — This can help you better learn the mechanics of the game.
  • Learn the courses — Some courses play differently than others, so knowing the layout of the course, as well as its firmness and speed, can help you when you play that course again.
  • Practice, practice, practice — Like in real golf, getting your timing down takes time. Don’t get frustrated too easily. All you have to do is work at it.

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pga tour 2k21 putting tips

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Just like in real life, your ability to putt consistently will be critical to your performance on PGA TOUR 2K23. While every golfer fantasizes about sinking that Hollywood 50-foot shot straight into the hole, these types of shots are a rarity for all but the sport’s most elite players. 

With wayward approach shots likely to land anywhere from the rough to bunkers and watering holes, every golfer is thrilled to see their shot land firmly on the green. There are many ways a golfer can approach putting, but a successful first putt should be accurate enough to drop in the hole, or set you up for a short-range second putt. 

While the concept is simple enough, mastering the art of consistent putting is easier said than done. This is why we’ve put together this detailed guide on how to putt and the best strategy to ensure you’re perfectly placed for an under-par hole.


PGA TOUR 2K23 Training Area

The best place to perfect the art of putting is in the training area. You can access the training area from the main menu by selecting Casual → Training → Practice → Putting Practice. From here, you’ll be taken to a practice putting green with numerous holes at varying distances. 

As soon as you enter the putting green, you can begin practicing immediately. The place ball function allows you to place the ball anywhere on the course and hone your skills from a variety of distances and angles. Press the button for the on-screen "Help" panel in the lower right to display the additional controls available while in Practice.

We recommend practicing your short-range putting at first to learn the fundamentals before moving on to the more advanced shots. Once you feel comfortable with your short-range putting, begin practicing your medium-range shots before advancing to the more challenging long-range putts.

If you have certain HUD and info assists enabled, your screen on the practice green may be filled with useful information designed to help you perfect your putting. The key elements to follow on the screen depend on whether you use the 3-Click Swing or the Standard Swing. For the former, you’ll need to press and hold for a timed release. Let go to set the power and press the button again to set the accuracy. For the latter, pay attention to the distance control meter, swing plane, and the green grid, which we’ll get into further down. 

By following the information in these tools, you’ll begin to develop a better feel for your putting, which will enhance your performance when you play the game competitively.


PGA TOUR 2K23 Reading the Green

As with real-life golf, the best approach to your stroke on PGA TOUR 2K23 can depend on an array of factors. From your distance to the hole, there are myriad variables that can alter your approach to a putt.

One of the first things you’ll likely notice on the putting area is the square grid across the surface of the green. With its moving beads, this grid lets us know if any slopes could alter the ball's path. 

The directions and speed of the beads tell us the direction in which the green is sloping and by how much. The grid turns yellow on slightly steeper inclines and red on the steepest areas.

Uneven terrain on certain areas of the course can result in the travel of the ball changing mid-putt and either slowing down, speeding up, or breaking left or right. It’s this unpredictability that makes learning to read the green so essential. 

By understanding the variables at play in the most tricky places of the course, you’ll be able to modify your approach accordingly and ensure your putting remains at the top of its game.

If the beads move from right to left, the ball will break left. Contrastingly, if they move from left to right, then the ball will break right. This knowledge is essential when planning your shots effectively. For example, if the green indicates a steep left break, you’ll need to set the direction marker up to a few feet right of the hole to counteract this.


A good putting motion is one of the most overlooked yet pivotal elements of your performance on the golf course. This notion is equally important in the ultra-realistic world of PGA TOUR 2K23, where the quality of your stroke is key to glory on the green. 

By pressing the C button on a PC, or by clicking the Swing Stick on a console, you will toggle between normal or Practice Swing modes. 

When Practice Swing is turned on, the ball will disappear. This will allow you to practice your putting stroke for as long as you like without the fear of inadvertently hitting the ball. Taking some time to practice your stroke can bring huge benefits to your putting when it's time to play competitively. 

Following the recommended power on the Distance Control Meter at the bottom of your screen is an excellent way to gain a better feel for the types of shots required for various places on the green. Pull back on the Swing Stick, or initiate the 3-Click Swing if that’s your preference, until you reach the suggested power percentage.

Keep practicing until you’re regularly reaching the correct amount of power for each stroke. Once you’re ready, toggle off Practice Swing and take your shot.


PGA TOUR 2K23 Putt Preview

Putt preview is one of the most effective tools to help reduce your strokes on the course. By selecting this feature, you’ll be given a white putt line that lets you preview the path the ball is going to take. Keep in mind that you are only permitted one Putt Preview per stroke. We recommend setting up your putt as best you can before using the Putt Preview. Then make adjustments to your read based on your initial aim.

This feature can have a profound effect on your playing style and is perfect for learning the vital fine margins required to navigate those unpredictable last-minute direction and pace changes that can derail your performance on that all-important hole. 

Depending on your difficulty setting, you may be given a maximum number of putt previews for the round, or none at all; such as in the Pro difficulty used during Matchmaking.


Putting in PGA TOUR 2K23 uses similar controls and mechanics to other shots like drives but requires less power and aggression. When it comes to putting, the new 3-Click Swing requires you to use a timed button hold and release to set power, and a timed button press to set accuracy.

The game will provide you with two distance markers; one showing you the direction to the hole and the other highlighting the direction and target distance & elevation of your prospective putt. Moving your control up, down, left, or right will change the movement of the second marker to reflect the changes in the direction and speed of your shot based on your new position.

Remember, both the speed and slope of the green and the direction and power of your shot play a part in where the ball ends up. Thankfully, your ability to read the green and adapt your shots for all eventualities will only improve the more you practice.

In many instances, placing a marker a few feet away from the hole can be an effective way to ensure your ball remains on target.


For those who are brand new to putting and PGA TOUR 2K23, the inbuilt lessons can be an excellent starting point for learning the ropes. These lessons will give you a comprehensive overview of taking your first putts, with clear instructions that will provide you with the foundations required to hit the ground running. 

To take a putting tutorial, head over to the main menu and select Casual → Training → Lessons → Putting. There are also valuable tutorials in this area on swing basics, shot types, and clubs to provide you with a rounded understanding that will help you develop your game quickly.


You can measure both your progress and performance to date in our Statistics and Records section. This section can be accessed in the Stats tab of the Profile menu. Here, you will find all the stats relating to all the shots you have taken to date. 

While there are numerous stats in this section, it's the Putting Accuracy fields that will provide you with the most valuable information on the performance of your putting so far. 

Aside from putting, Statistics and Records is an excellent place to see your overall improvement in the game. As well as putting statistics, this section also identifies the main shots you need to work on while showing the success to date of each shot using percentage points. 


  • Keep the green speed in mind when adjusting your putt.
  • Read the green grid beads to judge the break.
  • Factor in up- and down-hill elevation into your distance, and break.
  • Play it safe when it’s risky to roll past the pin; just get it close!
  • When in doubt, the default power may get you close enough for a tap-in.
  • Use Putt Preview when available, adjust if necessary.
  • Lock-in your putting stroke with Practice Swing
  • Maintain composure, make the putt!
  • Make use of the PGA TOUR 2K23 stats, guides, and recommendations.

The best advice we can provide above all else, however, is to practice as much as possible until you’ve mastered the art of putting. With millions of players now pitting their skills against each other on PGA TOUR 2K23, grab a copy today and enjoy the world's premier golf simulation in all its glory.

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PGA TOUR 2K21 | Swing Tips (Calibration & Mechanics)

In this guide, we share some tips on Swing, its Calibration, and Mechanics in PGA TOUR 2K21. This is especially helpful for those players who are facing some swing issues. The main problem for new players is that they cannot seem to hit the ball straight.

Knowing these simple tweaks can help you understand the swing more. The game is out on steam. If you want, you can get it from here: [ Steam Link ]

Swing Tips (Calibration & Mechanics) in PGA TOUR 2K21

1. swing calibration.

Swing the club at the pace you would prefer. Try and move the stick back at peak of the swing. If done with consistency this will be your swing and if replicated will be your perfect one.

  • Depending on the difficulty, the more it is, the more precise the replicated swing needs to be.
  • Just keep the above general tips in mind and it will help you in competitive matches also.

PGA TOUR 2K21 Swing Calibration guide

2. Swing Mechanics

The biggest issue many new and returning players will have is that the “Swing Speed” mechanics. This mechanic is very unforgiving to start with. You can disable or turn off this option in the Settings menu in-game. Head over to the “Difficulty” settings in the options and change the swing difficulty, or just disable Swing Speed.

  • It is also recommended to go to the training and “tune” your swing.
  • This will help a bit, but the major difference will be the change in difficulty settings.

Take note that online ranked games will always default to the more difficult option, In the online mode of PGA TOUR 2K21, the swing difficulty is Pro, and swing speed is enabled.

3. Swing Plane and Forgiveness in PGA TOUR 2K21

We try to break it down from a Physics point of view. Swing planes are related to the R stick forgiveness of the CLUB you pick. Basically, it means how straight you can swing your club. This Is the amount that the game penalizes for moving the slider (at the location of the narrow white bar).

  • Forgiveness is the concept of widening the white bar for the LEFT stick. That is because the L slider relates to shaft lean at impact compared to zero.
  • And in normal terms, it means how off-center you can strike the face of the club and it still goes straight.

The Lean affects how high or low the ball hits the face, which is reflected in a poorer strike as compared to perfect face contact. If you use the L and R sliders to the extremes on a harder difficulty, you will need the forgiveness and swing plane stats to get the most out of your Club.

4. PGA TOUR 2K21 Swing Tips

If you play this game in a harder difficulty, chances are that your downswings will register as too fast or too slow. This can cause a lot of issues with your single-player progression, so try to calibrate it from the settings. In order to do this, go to the “Swing Calibration” option from the settings. We recommend doing this in Training mode to test it out.

  • All you need to do is take 10 Power Swings and be consistent with them.
  • This will definitely help you in fixing the “too fast” or “too slow” downswing timings in the game.

The main goal for this is to make you practice your club movement so that you become consistent and hit an accurate shot. You can also follow the Swing Calibration point we have shown above and see if that helps.

To conclude, the mechanics and calibration of PGA TOUR 2K21 are quite wide and complicated. But once you become consistent and understand the working principles, we are sure you can improve in the game.

Leave a comment down below, if you have any queries or suggestions regarding the post. Thanks for reading and we will see you in the next guide!

Last Updated on October 25, 2022

pga tour 2k21 putting tips

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11 thoughts on “pga tour 2k21 | swing tips (calibration & mechanics)”.

pga tour 2k21 putting tips

Is there anyway to cancel the swing calibration. I played for a week without it and then did it and it made me worse.

pga tour 2k21 putting tips

You can change the difficulty to easy from the settings menu. That will nearly cancel out the calibration. As per our experience, you can play this game best with a joystick. The straight, forward motion of the stick makes the swing much more easier to control.

pga tour 2k21 putting tips

I have not found a way to reverse the calibration. I hate every second of this game since calibrating. 4 games and each one worse than the last. DO NOT CALIBRATE!!

pga tour 2k21 putting tips

The golfer swings fine in practice, but when playing the game, the golfer does not swing.

pga tour 2k21 putting tips

Why can I not swing the club in PGA Tour 2k21. Very frustrating right out of the gate.

pga tour 2k21 putting tips

I had bought this game as it was on sale on PlayStation. I hate the swinging. I would have maybe 2 or 3 good holes. But my swing is all the same don’t understand. I average a +20. I’ve played Tiger Woods for many years, was hoping it would’ve been close to that

Why can I not swing in PGA Tour 2K21. Right out of the gate, this is extremely frustrating. I will be demanding a refund if you cannot fix this.

There is a limited refund window for this. if you want, you can refund at the earliest. On another note, using a mouse is easier to figure out the swing in the game.

pga tour 2k21 putting tips

I just cannot get on with this swing method, it has stopped me playing the game. Shame as otherwise good. Most older golf games you improve on the range and purchase of better clubs make for better distance and accuracy. I will be going back to one of them.

pga tour 2k21 putting tips

I am starting to use x box controller,i cannot take the controller straight back and straight thru . What can i do to correct this ?

yes the aiming with the stick in controllers is tough to do. try to drag the stick straight down, then make small adjustments quickly

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