10 Fascinating Facts About Kenya

Located right along the equator in East Africa is one of the continent’s better-known countries: Kenya. The beautiful country is a popular travel destination. Here are some fascinating facts to learn about Kenya, Africa before heading there on vacation.

The two official languages of Kenya are Swahili and English. However, the 43 million people living in the country speak a variety of other languages. Many speak one or more of a dozen indigenous languages in addition to or instead of the two primary languages.

Kenya Is the Birthplace of Humans

Although it’s hard to tell definitively, scientific evidence points to the theory that the area of Northern Kenya and Tanzania is the original birthplace of humans. To date, the earliest bones of humans have been discovered here.

Tourism Is Big Business in Kenya

Tourism is a big income generator in Kenya. Though not the largest contributor to the nation’s GDP, tourism attracts millions of people from all over the world. Many tourists visit to check out the elephants, lions, leopards and other wildlife native to the area.

Kenyans Drink Beverages at Room Temperature

While grabbing a drink from the refrigerator or adding ice to a beverage might be common practice in the United States, it’s not so common in Kenya. Many Kenyans do not own a refrigerator. That means they typically drink beverages and store their food at room temperature.

Many Children Don’t Go to School

Like the United States, Kenya has a public school system that’s open to all children. However, school isn’t compulsory, and many children don’t even have time to go. Instead, they must help their families by tending to cattle, farming, transporting water and cooking.

Kenyans Don’t Drink Coffee

If you’re a coffee drinker, there’s a good chance that you’ve tasted coffee beans from Kenya. It’s one of the biggest crops and moneymakers in the nation, but the people there don’t drink it often or at all. It’s a huge product to export, and Kenyans believe it should all be exported. They prefer to drink tea and beer instead — both at room temperature.

Kenya Gained Its Independence in 1963

Like many other African countries, Kenya has had a tumultuous history when it comes to government. It only gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1963. In 2010, it went through another shift when the country’s new constitution split the nation into 47 separate counties.

Kenyan Men Can Have Multiple Wives

It’s not uncommon for Kenyan men to have multiple wives. Unlike the United States where people can only have one spouse, men in Kenya can have as many as they wish. However, it comes at a price. Dowries are common practice in Kenya. Men must pay a dowry to their brides’ families before they can wed. Dowries start at 10 cows.

Kenya Is Home to the Big Five

The Big Five refers to five animals that early game hunters identified as the most dangerous and hardest to hunt. Many are endangered, and it is illegal to hunt them. However, people who visit Kenya for a safari hope to capture a glimpse and a photograph of these majestic creatures. The Big Five are lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhinoceros.

Kenya Has Diverse Ecosystems

When many people visualize Kenya, they picture the dry, grassy savannas or desert ecosystems. While these are both present in Kenya, it’s landscape also includes swamps, mountains and forests with a wide range of plant and wildlife.

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mission trip kenya

Helping People Go and Make Disciples of All Nations

Kenyan children

Trip Information

Kisumu, Western Kenya

Thursday to the following Saturday.

June and July.

Max group size of 16 (contact us if larger)

$1099 plus airfare (cost details)

Local church partnership: VBS, evangelism, outreach, home construction, feeding programs.

The local church is at the heart and center of short-term ministry in Kenya. Servant Life partners with a ministry seeking to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of their communities. This is done by providing meals to the community through the local church, and using those opportunities to share the gospel and invite families to church. A holistic ministry approach like this ensures that people see the love of Christ in action while also hearing the good news of the gospel. Malnourishment is a serious issue in many Kenyan communities, and over prolonged periods it can lead to devastating effects in the lives of children. By offering feeding programs, the church is not just gaining an opportunity to witness, but is able to meet a serious need and offer hope to those who are hurting.

While having access to food is so critical, it is only part of the church's ministry. Offering bread is good, but offering the Bread of Life is even better!

Note: Teams will be working in the Kisumu area of Kenya. Most teams will fly from Kenya to Kisumu. This is only a 35 minute flight that costs around $125 per person.

What will my team be doing?  

Short-term teams will be working directly with these churches who are meeting the physical and spiritual needs of their communities, but will have broader opportunities for kingdom impact. While teams will have some opportunities to be part of the feeding programs with churches, teams will also be part of evangelism and outreach in the communities, inviting people to come participate in church services. Teams will also help the local churches host VBS type events as a way of sharing the gospel and teaching the Bible to youth, children, and their families. For a very reasonable price of around $400 per home, your team can also help build a home for a family in need (many teams will choose to help build three homes over the course of the week, but this is optional).

What does a general weekly schedule look like?

Thursday. Depart from the U.S. in the evening.

Friday. Arrive in Nairobi, spend the night at a hotel (included in the cost).

Saturday. 35 minute flight to Kisumu. Evangelism, outreach, inviting people to church on Sunday morning.

Sunday.  Worship with local church. Meal with the church. Afternoon: Cultural activities, optional expenses at Lake Victoria (hippo ride, safari experience, etc.)

Monday - Thursday.  Ministry days with local church: VBS, evangelism, outreach, feeding programs, home construction. (Note: the cost to build a home is $450 per home).

Friday.  35 minute flight to Nairobi. Depart from Nairobi that afternoon / evening.

Saturday.  Arrive back home in the U.S.

What does my cost include? ​

Kenya visa. Each person will need a $50 visa in order to go through customs and entry the country, and this is included in the cost.

In-country transportation. You're responsible for purchasing your flight into Nairobi and into Kisumu (we can help coordinate that), but once you land in Kisumu our team on the ground will take you everywhere during the week. There will be some walking expected of your team, but anything that requires a drive will be taken care of by our team.

Housing. Your team will stay at a guest house with twin beds and access to bathrooms and showers.

Meals.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, every day! (Note: You need to pay for your own meals at the airport, while traveling, etc.)

Supplemental Traveler's Insurance. In the event of a medical emergency, you'll be covered with an international policy!

T-Shirt.   Every participant gets an awesome mission trip t-shirt.

Pre-Trip Training Material. We provide training sessions, trip overview documents, assistance from our team of mission trip experts, and communication with in-country missionaries to make sure your group is fully prepared for your trip.

Pre, During, and Post-trip Devotionals.   This 4-week printed missions journal will help every team member grow and encounter Christ.  

Airfare is not included in the trip cost, but will be taken care of by Servant Life's travel agent who gets humanitarian rates and often free baggage. You may book on your own if you prefer to do so, but we ask to approve the itinerary first.

Global Infusion

About Mission Trips to Kenya

Ministry in kenya.

mission trip kenya

Mission Trip Info

  • Accommodations
  • Preparation

Airfare and In-country Transportation

At Global Infusion, we are committed to taking care of as many logistical details as possible, so you, the short-term missionary, can focus on your INFUSION ADVENTURE. We coordinate all the airline travel booking as it is included in the trip cost. We also are responsible for the organization of all in-country transportation.

Passports & Visas

Both a valid passport and a Kenyan visa are required for travel. If you do not have a valid passport, please click here to obtain one . Once you have a passport, we will contact you regarding acquiring a Kenyan visa. Global Infusion will facilitate all visa processing. Visa and processing are included in the total trip cost.


A recent tetanus and Hepatitis A and B are both recommended. Typhoid and Malaria are also highly recommended.

**GI staff can assist you with acquiring any necessary vaccination or medication information required for foreign travel.

Vaccination and immunization costs are not included in your total trip cost as you will have to obtain these at a medical facility where you live. If you have any questions or concerns about your immunizations, please contact your family physician before they are administered.

$3,200- $3,500 per person (depending on team size, length of trip, season of the year)

10-14 day trip // airfare included

Plan A Trip To Kenya

Whether you’re interested in setting up a short-term trip for your team or you’re called to the nations longterm, Global Infusion can help you follow your calling and customize a trip to any of our ministry sites. 

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We use Google Translate to automate translation from English to other languages. This translator may display innacurate information that does not represent PPM's views. Please proceed only if you consent.

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Our customizable mission trips allow each person on your team of adults to find a place to serve, regardless of their interests or skills.

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mission trip kenya


mission trip kenya

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When disasters strike, the Church is on the front lines of response and relief efforts, working with local authorities and organizing grassroots efforts to meet the pressing needs of their communities.

Follow along with teams as they serve in disaster areas around the world, and also read about the experiences of past teams who have served in those areas through Praying Pelican Missions. Our disaster trip journals are a great way to stay connected with those support teams as they work locally and internationally to offer encouragement and assist the local Church in what might be their greatest time of need!

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Kenya Mission Trips

Uplift pastors in their ministry.

Serve alongside local pastors who are passionate about investing in their communities and who are giving sacrificially, doing everything they can to spread the Gospel and meet the every day needs of those around them.

Hero Image

Kenya At A Glance

Varies by location, from mostly cool every day, to always warm/hot.

$2,039 /year

Swahili English

Christianity Islam

Kikuyu Luhya Kalenjin

Come and serve on the African continent and experience the naturally beautiful, diverse, and awe-inspiring destination that is the country of Kenya.

Serve alongside local pastors who are passionate about investing in their communities. Our partners are giving sacrificially, doing everything they can to spread the Gospel and meet the needs of their people every day. But, they are in need of encouragement and support from their brothers and sisters in Christ around the world. Assist with locally-led ministries like prayer outreach, service projects, and mercy ministry as your team serves under the authority of community partners.

These pastors are already praying for your team to come and partner with their church. They are ready to receive your mission team with open arms. As you serve alongside them, you'll also be supporting them in their ministries ranging from men's and women's Bible Studies to school ministry, sports ministry, children's ministry, and construction. Know that every gift or talent that your mission team brings will be an encouragement to the local church and to the community that surrounds it. Our heart is that your uniquely gifted short-term mission team to East Africa will be an answer to specific needs within the local church and its surrounding community, all identified by local leadership.

Our dedicated Praying Pelican Missions staff members will serve alongside you on your East Africa missions trip and assist you as you plan and prepare your group for a life-changing mission trip. We will work with you to train and equip your group mission team as you prepare for your trip to Kenya. From cultural sensitivity education to daily devotions, we will provide you with training and guidance pre-trip, during the trip, and post-trip. Prior to serving, our seasoned mission trip consultants will work with you to help determine which ministries are best suited for your unique mission group. While on the ground, our local staff will make sure that the logistical details are taken care of while you are serving on your mission trip in Kenya so you can concentrate on the ministry with your team and your host partner.

We're ready to host your team in Kenya as you explore a new place full of incredible people and leave inspired to affect change in your own home, carrying back with you a piece of the resilient spirit that is the heartbeat of Kenya's story.

Year-Round Ministry

PPM's ministry is an ongoing effort to build up, encourage, and assist the local Church 365 days a year. Nearly every week of every year, we have a team serving short-term somewhere in the world. Our partner pastors and ministry leaders receive ministry support, training, and encouragement when mission teams aren't on the ground through our partner support program.

Read more about how PPM365, a church sponsorship program, is making an impact in Kenya , and around the world.

Communities We Work In

Nairobi - Embakasi

Need More Info?


What is included in the cost?

Prior to the trip, the team leader will receive a group leader manual, which includes fundraising ideas and information to help with every aspect of trip planning. You will also receive access to your own online group account that will equip you to easily organize and plan for your trip. You will have access to online trip handbooks and resources for participants, promotional materials, group t-shirts and unlimited pre-trip consultations with your trip leader or location consultant. Your consultant will help you utilize your customizable ministry options and will identify a ministry partner that fits with your team.

Once in your ministry location, your team will be taken care of by a trained PPM staff, given safe meals, transported to/from the airport and to/from ministry sites each day, have plenty of safe drinking water, appropriate sleeping accommodations, an opportunity to attend local church services, evening worship, prayer, debriefing meetings, and experience a local sightseeing or recreation activity.

What is NOT included in the cost?

The registration fee, airfare, passports, vaccinations, spending money, offering at church services, construction and/or ministry materials, personal insurance, and extra recreation options outside of the normal recreation outing (ex. zip lining, snorkeling, surf board rental). Extra recreation options vary depending upon location, be sure to speak with your consultant about these options if you desire to add them to your trip. Please reference the pricing table above for any other exclusions.

Where will my team serve within the ministry location?

Within each of our partner countries we have multiple church and parachurch partners where teams serve. Not all teams serve at the same church or ministry. We determine ministry partnership assignments typically 6-8 weeks prior to mission trip dates. Throughout the planning process leading up to your trip, your consultant will be determining the best location(s) for your team and will let you know where your team will be serving as soon as we have confirmed that information. We will be doing our best to partner your team with churches and opportunities where your team will be best utilized.

Where will my team sleep?

Teams that select a trip with floor sleeping accommodations will sleep in a church, school, or community center. They will be divided by gender, and men's and women's rest rooms/showers will be available. Teams that choose a trip with hotel option usually sleep 3-5 people per room, with two people per double bed and individuals sleeping in single beds. All rooms are designated either male or female. There is no gender mixing.

What about safety?

Praying Pelican Missions holds safety as a top priority. PPM staff are trained and equipped to provide a safe and incident-free mission experience. PPM staff will be with your team for the entire trip and will have access to transportation, cell phones, hospitals, and first aid kits at all times. In the event of an emergency, PPM staff will guide and assist your team with proper next steps.

What about meals?

In most locations, three main meals per day will be served to your team (please see the table above). These meals will be a mixture of local cuisine dishes and potentially, a few American style dishes. During your consulting process, you will be able to identify team members who have allergies or dietary restrictions. PPM will do our best to accommodate these needs and all food and drink provided by PPM during trips is safe to eat. Purified drinking water will be provided for the team every day and for the cooks to use while preparing meals. We recommend if you have more severe dietary restrictions or allergies, that you bring along appropriate snacks.

Is there a language barrier?

In many of our countries, local communities are bi or trilingual, with English being one of their languages. However, for some locations English is not a widely known language and yes, there will be a language barrier. In those locations, PPM will provide a local staff team who will serve at assistant trip leaders and be available as translators for your team.

How do you choose your staff?

Your PPM staff members of your trip will be a mixture of full-time staff, local staff and seasonal interns. We believe in the value of local staff members and the health it brings to the ministry we are doing.

Kenya Location Info

Kenya basics.

Kenya is an East African country that borders the Indian Ocean on its eastern side. It is known for its diverse landscapes, from coastal beaches to jagged mountains and sprawling savannas. The capital city of Nairobi is the largest metropolis in Kenya and offers a variety of attractions. Kenya also has a rich history of conservation; it is home to many national parks that offer some of the best opportunities for wildlife viewing in Africa. More than a safari destination, Kenya is a country of immense beauty and resilience over time. From the bustling cities to more rural landscapes, you will get the privilege to interact with and meet some of the more than 70 tribal cultures sprinkled throughout the East African country. A proud, multi-lingual population offers the unique opportunity to converse in English, all while learning some Swahili as you serve in this incredible and diverse country.

Climate, Language, & Safety

Lying on the equator, Kenya offers a mostly tropical climate. However, its weather is also affected by altitude that makes for regional differences in climate. It is hotter and more humid at the coast, temperate inland, and very dry in the north and northeast regions. In addition, many towns at higher altitudes like Nairobi will see colder temperatures. Temperatures range from 20°C/68°F to 28°C/82°F, and warmer! The country also experiences both a dry season (June-October) and a wet season (November-May).

Kenya is a multilingual country, offering a mix of English and Swahili, along with other regional languages. One of the more well-known tribal languages is Maa, of the Maasai people.

Safety is a top priority for Praying Pelican Missions. Your PPM trip leader will be with you from the moment you arrive in the country and your staff and host partners are well-prepared to keep your team safe and healthy!

Economy & Currency

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kenya was one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa. However, due to the challenges of economic inequality and corruption of leadership, two-thirds of the Kenyan population falls below the poverty line of $3.20 per day.

The currency is the Kenyan shilling, which converts at a rate of approximately 110 Kenyan shillings to 1 US dollar. Your group will have an opportunity to exchange money in-country if so desired, but most souvenir vendors will accept American dollars.

Food & Fun

Kenya offers a rich culture of animal wildlife and beautiful landscape that is second to none. Boasted as "one of the world's most magnificent wildlife destinations" you can get up close and personal with huge beasts on a safari, or visit a conservation site where orphaned elephants are nursed back to health!

Although each community has its own native cuisine, most dishes around the country involve grains, greens, and grilled meats. Some of the most popular dishes you may have heard of or tried yourself are Ugali, a cornmeal paste, or Nyama Choma, which is a barbecued meat. Safe to say, Kenya offers a mouth-watering array of spices and new foods for you to try while you visit.

History & Religion

In the 19th century, during the European exploration of the interior of Africa, the European colonization of Kenya began. Kenya as we know it today started with the British Empire in 1895. The Mau Mau revolution began from a multitude of disagreements between Great Britain and the colony, resulting in Kenya's independence in 1963. Kenya is now a presidential representative democratic republic, in which elected officials represent the people and the president is the head of state and government.

Christianity is the dominant religion in Kenya, with Islam growing as well. The church communities we work with in Kenya are passionate and vibrant, ready to receive your group!

Experience a Mission Trip in Kenya

Mission team in front of a church.

.css-atfi8v{color:var(--chakra-colors-white-600);} READY? LET'S GO!

Search below to find your ideal trip, then use the request info button to be contacted by one of our missions consultants.

Trip Search

Trip search results.

No trips were found with the given location, timeframe, and cost.

Adjust your search parameters and try again.

.css-1l6i93x{color:var(--chakra-colors-brand-darkgray-600);} MISSION TRIP LOCATIONS


Our partner-based trips differ a bit by location, but are all based on the same principles we believe are crucial to healthy mission trips.

mission trip kenya



Our customizable mission trips allow each person on your team of adults to find a place to serve, regardless of their interest or skills.

Africa's many countries boast a wide array of beauty, culture and needs. Destinations include South Africa and Ghana.

Serve with Praying Pelican across the Caribbean—locations include Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, and Puerto Rico.

Serve with Praying Pelican across the Central America—locations include Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.

This is your opportunity to serve alongside a local church and experience God in a different culture—from Belize, to Cuba, to South Africa and beyond.

From our hometown of Minneapolis to the island of Puerto Rico, USA mission trips are diverse in service opportunities, cultural experiences, and community needs.

mission trip kenya

Organization Location: Kenya

Maccop kenya.

mission trip kenya

Welcome to the Maasai-Land volunteer Programme, My name is Daniel Pariken and I am the Project founder MACCOP-KENYA, the Organization you will be volunteering with in Kenya. We are very grateful for the time you are going to give volunteering in our Maasai community and we look forward to meeting you. We connect people world-wide […]

Scripture Union of Kenya

mission trip kenya

Scripture Union is an international movement began as a children’s mission in Britain in 1867. Its original name was the Children’s Special Service Mission. The Scripture Union as such began in 1879 as a system of daily Bible reading to “follow up” those who had become Christians through the children’s missions. The two names were […]

Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation

mission trip kenya

Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation (SAWF) is a nonprofit nongovernmental organization registered in 2010 with mandate to; enable poor children access quality education, provide educational materials, provide educational facilities, offer feeding programs, advocate for the enrollment of a poor child in school as a right to education. Safisha Targets to support every vulnerable and forgotten child realize […]

  • (970) 635-0110

Medical Mission Trips to Kenya

Thank you for your interest in imr’s medical mission trips to kenya this is a very unique opportunity to work with populations that have little to no access to healthcare and make a huge impact on their lives..

Kenya has made immense progress towards HIV/AIDS education, prevention and treatment programs. They are also improving malaria and tuberculosis programs. International Medical Relief is able to support and serve Kenya as they continue with these efforts and improve the overall wellbeing of the community. The shining faces of children will fill you with delight upon your arrival as you bring much needed aid to those without access to medical services. You will see every facet of life that Kenya has to offer from the orphanages and informal settlements to the villages and game parks. The leading causes of death in Kenya HIV/AIDS, lower respiratory infections, diarrheal diseases, tuberculosis, and malaria. Since 2019, Kenya reported an infant mortality rate of 35 deaths per 1,000 live births. IMR continues to provide education towards sanitation and hygiene measures, as well as help increase access to clean water.

Join the IMR team as we continue our decade-long work in Kenya to help improve the quality of life for the country. Kenya has undergone extensive improvements over the last few years, but the healthcare here still benefits from outside aid.

mission trip kenya

International Medical Relief started to serve in Kenya back in 2006 to help alleviate the burden of communicable diseases that Kenya was facing, specifically with HIV/AIDS. IMR was able to provide resources that broaden treatment options among many communities. IMR worked along Kenya in their efforts to expand HIV/AIDS treatment, assist in malaria control initiatives, and work with programs focused on maternal and child health. During 2010-2019, a total of 563 volunteers and staff treated over 19,000 patients. IMR continues to serve the communities in Kenya to keep decreasing the burden of both communicable and non-communicable diseases.

With diligent planning and preparation, IMR is dedicated to ensuring that specific goals are met on our missions, each in correlation to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 3, 6, and 17.

IMR works to elevate vulnerable populations through shoulder-to-shoulder care with our local partners, creating workforce density, and a cadre of future healthcare and public health leaders in association to UNSDG 3: Good Health & Wellbeing.

Our medical mission teams also work toward UNSDG 6: Clean Water & Sanitation by supporting and strengthening the participation of local communities in improving their water quality, and installing water filtration systems that supply communities with clean drinking water and providing education on hydration and hygiene.

In correlation with UNSDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals, our organization works in collaboration and at the request of local hosts where we are under their direct influence and affluence. IMR never goes into a country without a formal invitation where there is a great community need for medical or dental care, and health education.

mission trip kenya

The Mission

International Medical Relief continues to make a difference in Kenya thanks to our amazing IMR volunteers! There is a desperate need for more comprehensive health care that includes education. Diseases spread quickly here and quickly become unmanageable. Our clinic camps will be set up exclusively for the IMR team and the entire community will come out to be a part of the clinic.

You can expect to see infections of every type, snake bites and wounds, some chronic, others quite acute, and the hypertension and diabetes that plagues the world today. Unintended injuries are in the top 10 causes of death in Kenya today and HIV/AIDS still devastates families for generations. IMR has worked in Kenya for more than a decade and we never lack for patients. The opportunity to care for the many children will make your heart happy as whole families come to get care from you. You will have the opportunity to care for some of the youngest and some of the oldest these villages have, Dentists, your services are critically needed!

mission trip kenya

Lodging & Transportation

You will find the comforts of our beautiful hotel and grounds to be a warm welcome after a long day of clinics. The facility boasts a beautiful dining area where the team will enjoy breakfast and some dinners. You will stay in beautiful double occupancy rooms with twin beds and en suite bathrooms. If you are flying independently you will meet the team in Kisumu, the third largest city in Kenya. Transportation will be by bus or van to wonderful villages near Lake Victoria each day.

Each day will be a new opportunity to see the beauty that surrounds Lake Victoria. Keep your eyes open to see the children riding bikes 3 sizes too big, the old women carrying impossibly large loads of straw on their heads, and the small motorcycles, with their riders holding 12′ long pieces of wood as they ride in and out of traffic. You may get lucky and see a zebra or two in this crazy mix!

I recently returned from Kenya. I was fortunate to travel and work with a wonderful group of individuals. The experience enriched my soul and changed my perspective of the world. I know now that we are all here to serve and care for one another regardless of our backgrounds. We can all make a difference. IMR did a great job connecting people who want to serve with people in need. Philippe Briggs, Team Kenya

mission trip kenya

Trip Highlights

SAFARI INCLUDED! On your safari, you will witness the harmony of numerous species of wildlife rarely found in any large quantity anywhere but Kenya. See the abundant wildlife first hand that has made Kenya the leader for adventure wildlife seekers and renowned photographers. In this place like no other, you will have the opportunity to see up close the world’s most amazing animals. After your safari, use your free time to see the baby giraffes or to explore the modern city of Nairobi!

mission trip kenya

Food & Water

All food is typically provided during your stay. Please refer to your unique itinerary on our website to review which meals are provided each day. We may hire local people to cook for the team during our visit, or we may eat at restaurants or hotels. Lunch in clinic may include sandwiches made by the team or a feast prepared in your honor by community leaders. We recommend bringing snacks to eat during the day or evening or to supplement your lunch. High protein/high fat/high energy snacks are best. IMR also provides all of the drinking water for the team. Hydration and nutrition are extremely important for the health of the team. You are the best judge of your own health so please pack appropriate snacks and stay well hydrated on the trip.

Extend Your Stay!

Don’t miss the chance to explore some of Africa’s most wild places. Join IMR on this three night, four day program extension to adventure to stunning Kenya for an experience of a lifetime!

Ready yourself for a wild African safari in some of the world’s most renowned parks. Spend a day at Lake Nakura National Park, where you’ll have the opportunity to spot lions, leopards, buffalo and zebra. Lake Nakura is also home to both white and black rhinoceros. Venture to Maasai Mara, host of the famous Wildebeest Migration each year as 1.7 million wildebeest, more then 500,000 zebra and antelopes cross the swollen Mara River in hopes of finding safety on the Maasai Mara’s sweeping plains. Bare witness to a once- in-a-lifetime Maasai Mara sunrise and early morning game drive while you try to spot Africa’s ‘Big Five’ taking advantage of the cool morning temperatures on the hunt for their breakfast. Also enjoy sunset safaris as you drive in search of big cats, elephants, giraffes, and more.

Itinerary is subject to change without notice.

Full Mission (7-8 Days)

Your second day in Kenya will be your first day of clinic! You will have breakfast at your hotel and then head to clinic! Lunch will be provided to you in clinic, allowing you to taste the local food and enjoy a break in your busy day. You will be seeing hundreds of patients with infections, wounds, stomach issues, headaches, dehydration, and more. The dental and medical needs are never ending in this patient population – and health education plays a major role in sustainability. After clinic, you will return to your hotel and enjoy dinner as a team at the hotel or perhaps go into town for dinner on your own with a group of your new friends, explore the charming city of Kisumu and the stunning views of Lake Victoria.

The entire team will transfer to a hotel near Nairobi National Park where lions and other Big 5 animals reign. Don’t forget to charge your camera battery before you go to sleep! You’ll want to be up early for your SAFARI!!

You and the team will start early with a fantastic safari in Nairobi National Park. Bring your camera – there might be lions!! After the safari, you will have a little free time to explore Nairobi. You will depart and travel home later that evening.

mission trip kenya

Crisis Management & Emergency Response

We take security very seriously at IMR. It is our job to ensure that security precautions are in place, but please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee your safety on the trip.

  • We continuously review all current activities occurring on the ground, and we work with the State Department and the U.S. Embassy to know the ground situation to the best of our ability.
  • A security training conference call is available to our volunteers where we detail our security procedures that are in place for the trip.
  • We take many security precautions such as radios, a buddy system, emergency evacuation plan and security planning.
  • We protect the privacy of our volunteers in the field and provide them with customized contact information for their use.
  • During our mandatory briefing, team members review our safety protocols, evacuation procedures, protocols for illness, natural disaster and terrorism. We provide training to our teams to be cognizant of their own safety and to be aware of their surroundings.
  • Several policies require teams to adhere to safety issues.

mission trip kenya

Trip Preparation

Minimum donation.

Your generous donation helps to save and change lives everyday.

Your charitable investment will go toward ongoing global relief to care for the underserved and vulnerable people of this community. As a member of this medical mission team, you will elevate the long-term impact of sustainable, capacity-building efforts that improve the health, wellness, and quality of life of those most in need. A small portion of your donation includes:

  • Clinic supplies and medications for patients
  • Clinic participation
  • Transportation, accommodations, and meals as outlined in the itinerary

Payment Deadlines

To save $200, a 50% donation payment must be received 14 weeks before the mission’s scheduled start date. Full donation payments must be received 4 weeks before the mission’s scheduled start date.

Early Bird Savings Opportunity

To be eligible, upload all your required documents and forms, and make a minimum of 50% of your donation payment by 14 weeks prior to your mission’s scheduled start date.

Flexible Flight Options

Volunteer with Airfare

You may choose to book a flight with us for an additional fee. Details on the available flight routing and US departure city will be announced on the Early Bird Date. Airport transportation to and from the team’s accommodations are also included with this option. Depending on your departure city, you may still need to purchase another flight in addition to this one. After this flight has been booked, you may contact our travel agent, Worldwide Navigators, for assistance booking any necessary additional flights.

Benefits of Flying at a Subsidized Rate

  • Travel with other members of your team on select routing
  • Fly on a subsidized ticket at a lower rate
  • Transport to and from the airport included

Volunteer without Airfare

Many team members choose to book their flight(s) to and from the mission location independent of IMR. This is a great option if would like to extend your stay in the area to tour and explore, or if the routing from you home airport is more feasible for you. If you choose to fly independently, please note that your transportation in between the airport and the team’s accommodations will not be provided. This will need to be arranged separately. Our partner for travel, Worldwide Navigators, would be happy to assist you in coordinating flights and/or transportation. You can contact them at [email protected] .

Benefits of Flying Independently

  • Extend your stay and customize your dates of travel
  • Choose your departure location
  • Customize your class of service

Featured Enhancements

**To purchase any of the above Featured Enhancements for your mission please contact our office at [email protected] or call at (970) 635-0110 .


IMR provides a fundraising packet to all registered trip applicants that is full of ideas on how you can raise support for your trip or for supplies to be utilized on this specific mission. When soliciting donations for any of our trips, success is completed through telling your personal story. Why do you want to go? Who will you help? Why their donation can help you achieve the ultimate goal. Tell your story to anyone and everyone. Refer your potential or active donors to our website or Facebook page and to your personal fundraising page. You may share your personal fundraising URL on Facebook and other social media sites.

Join Us in Making a Difference.

Bring much-needed acute medical and dental care to a beautiful, culture-rich destination. You can join an IMR medical mission team today!

mission trip kenya

Give with Confidence

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Who Can Volunteer?

  • Medical Providers
  • Dental Professionals
  • Non-Medical Volunteers
  • Professional Students
  • Pharmacists
  • EMS Personnel
  • Interpreters
  • Complementary Medicine Professionals
  • Surgical Teams
  • Ophthalmologists & Optometrists

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Baptists on Mission exists to Glorify God by involving churches and Christians in meeting human needs in Jesus’ name

Baptists on Mission

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Kenya Video

Video Spotlight

Hurricane Florence Donation

In 2024, Baptists on Mission (BOM) will sponsor mission teams to the East African nation of Kenya. Our teams participate in the Houses of Hope project, through which houses are built for families in need, Bible studies are conducted in homes, and churches are planted.  Click here to download a 2024 Kenya Houses of Hope flyer.

Houses of Hope Project

THE MISSION: As part of a church planting strategy, mission teams are assisting in the construction of houses for families in need. Local pastors are active in planning, conducting, and follow-up of each project. The recipients of the houses are determined by the village, and are usually widows, women who have been abandoned by their husbands, or someone with a disability. Often, these families are unable to keep their houses up to safe, sanitary standards. The house-building project brings the community together for service to one of its members and exposes them to the Gospel through a house dedication service. After the team has departed, local pastors follow up with a 12-week Bible study in the homes. The hope is that a church will start out of this, and several have. TEAM TASKS:    Each mission team assists in  building four houses in four days . Any team, including those with men, women, and/or older students, can assist in the building of houses. The team works with a team of three Kenyan builders each day. In addition, teams have opportunity to: 1)  visit door to door in the villages - sharing their testimony and the plan of salvation, 2) conduct children’s ministry , 3) participate in a children’s feeding program , and/or 4)  witness in local schools . The day concludes with a house dedication service that the whole village attends.  CHURCH LEADER TRAINING OPTION: If team is interested, and has a pastor or two to lead, a local pastor and house church leader training can be organized for one of the four “work days” of the trip. This would likely be held in a local church. Pastors, house church leaders, and Bible study leaders from the area would be invited. Teaching would take place in the morning and afternoon, with a break for lunch. Training will need to be very basic, and many, or most participants will not have had any formal training. This could involve just one or two team members while the others participate in normal Houses of Hope activities described above. Team would be asked to provide some funds to help with the lunch for participants. (Usually just a few hundred dollars). 

More Information

For more information on the Kenya Work & Witness Teams contact Mark Abernathy with Baptists on Mission:

[P] 919-459-5607 [E]  [email protected]


Kenya KY24-004

5/6/2024 1:55:27 AM


Kenya KY24-005

6/18/2024 1:55:27 AM

Kenya KY24-006

7/23/2024 1:55:27 AM

Kenya KY24-008

9/9/2024 1:55:27 AM

Kenya KY24-009

9/16/2024 1:55:27 AM

Provide Your Feedback

Submit your feedback.

We appreciate your interest in the Baptist Men. For all general inquiries, please use the contact form below.


Mission Trips

CHILDREN RECENTLY RESCUED - Read the stories of our newest kids on campus!

With continued growth, we are looking for missionaries and teams to serve in various capacities.

Cindy Riggle

TEAM SIZE: Ideal team size is 8-13 members, 13 being the upper limit due to lodging and vehicle limits.

LOGISTICS: Rehema for Kids will arrange background checks and in-country transportation (for a nominal cost). Airfare and insurance will be each missionary's responsibility; however, we can share some great ministries that specialize in missionary travel logistics.

AIRFARE COSTS: Airfare costs will vary depending on the season but generally range from $1,200 to $2,000.

IMMIGRATION COSTS: Each person must have a valid passport that does not expire within the next six months. Missionaries will work with our staff to recommend the best visa for your plans. Visa costs range from $50 to $160.

FIELD COSTS: Lodging: $25 per person per night (not to exceed $300)

Learn about Kenyan culture and what to expect on a mission trip by reading our guide.

Current Opportunities

Associate directors.

We are actively looking for a married couple(s) to serve as assistants. Volunteers will assist the children's home directors in running the organization. This may include administrative office work and reporting, maintenance, supervising Kenyan staff, and other tasks. Volunteers will stay in a small efficiency apartment on the property. Couples are welcome to stay for one to three months at a time, with the opportunity to extend their service to long-term or permanent positions.

With approximately 210 children on campus, our missionaries and staff can always use a hand! Potential projects could include caring for infants, toddlers, and school-aged children, hosting a campus-wide craft or soccer tournament, tutoring students as they prepare for their national exams, work as a teacher's assistant, or teach a creative writing workshop. The possibilities are endless!

As our children are approaching adulthood, they will begin exploring careers. What better way to understand careers than to be taught by a professional? Share your skills with a hands-on training in auto mechanics, welding, information technology, carpentry and administrative/office work.


We always have a need for construction teams! Multiple teams are needed to assist in completing a director’s house and technical training center. We also welcome church groups (e.g. painting, general repairs, etc). Teams will work with Kenyan staff onsite.


We need technical experts to help us maintain our solar panels, electrical, sewer treatment plant maintenance, borehole maintenance, horticulture/farming, dairy and mechanics.

The safety and well-being of the children at  In Step Children’s Home is our number priority so all missionaries and mission team members will go be required to undergo a background check.

Learn more about the history of our ministry.

Vision Trips

Visitors are welcome to stay on campus (for a nominal donation), depending on availability. Below are a variety of local accommodations and additional tourist activities to help you plan your budget when considering a visit In Step Children’s Home and Academy  in Cherangani Hills, Kenya. However, please  contact RFK directly before making any definitive travel plans so that we can determine which lodging accommodations and immigration paperwork would make the most sense for your trip.


Aturukan Hotel

4 star | approximately 40 minutes from In Step , beginning at $84/night

“We indulge you with exquisite dishes made using regional and seasonal ingredients that are produced by our suppliers to the very highest quality standards with a passion for agriculture. You can also enjoy fruit, vegetables, herbs and honey produced by people who know their work.”


Sirwo Resort and Cranes Groups

3 star | approximately 40 minutes from In Step , beginning at $135/night

“Sirwo and Cranes Group is a family business with a focus on Hotels and Resorts. Our facilities are in Kitale, Naivasha, Baringo and Nairobi.”

*Please note, Sirwo may not have reliable internet service.


Karibuni Lodge Guest House

approximately 10 minutes from In Step , beginning at $25/night

“Depending on your budget, accommodations can range from camping, staying in a dormitory, single rooms, double or twin rooms; some with private bathroom. All showers have hot water and there is electricity to charge electrical items. Towels, bed linen plus blankets, toiletries and safe drinking water are inclusive in the rates.”


Mattaw Safaris

Located 2 hours from Nairobi on the way to  In Step  at Moi South Lake Road. Build your custom 3 to 7-day safari from $1100 to $4500 per person.


Maasai Mara

The Maasai Mara is the most renowned safari park in Kenya. Famous for its great herds of plains’ game – including its exceptional population of Maasai lions, African leopards and Tanzanian cheetahs – it’s also the best place to see the Great Migration: the annual movement of zebra, gazelle and wildebeest to and from the Serengeti in Tanzania.


Ol Pejeta Conservancy

The Ol Pejeta Conservancy is easier to access on a limited schedule than Maasai Mara and provides an “innovative, tangible, sustainable conservation for wildlife and people.”


Maasai Training

Learn traditional customs and skills such as spear throwing and Maasai dance. The Maasai are an ethnic group inhabiting northern, central and southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. They are among the best known local populations internationally due to their residence near the many game parks and their distinctive customs and dress. The Maasai culture is renowned for its music and dance, in which a leader sings the melody while others sing harmony on call-and-response vocals and make guttural throat-singing sounds.


And Beyond Tours | Ambolesi Tours

And Beyond Tours  or  Ambolesi Tours  in the foothills of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro is a must-see. She comes out from the mist in the early morning, while some of the largest tuskers you’ll ever see graze at her feet, and will spoil you with huge herds drinking water from surface springs. The park is home to as many as 370 species of birds and you can expect to see zebras, wildebeest, spotted hyenas, lions, cheetahs, giraffes, buffalo, warthogs, impalas, jackals and leopards.

The Bucket Ministry

  • This event has passed.

Mission Trip – Kenya – Vacation with a Purpose

December 28, 2021 - january 8, 2022.

mission trip kenya


Team Leaders

Renee Workings, The Bucket Ministry

Take in all the adventure of this wild beautiful continent, while also serving amazing indigenous people groups by providing clean safe drinking water and the Gospel message of the Living Water of Jesus with The Bucket Ministry.

$4,000-7,500* + $575 Mandatory Extraction Insurance Per Person 

This price includes airfare, in-country expenses (food, lodging, transportation, etc.), insurance, and uniform.

Team members are now required to purchase extraction insurance through COVAC. Learn more information at https://www.covacglobal.com/the-bucket-ministry

This does not include expenses like the Kenyan visa, layover food, snacks, or souvenirs. 

*Based on current airfare prices. Team members have the option to choose between Economy and Business Seats

Funding Due Dates: 

Here are the due dates for the funds 

Days left Date due Amount Due

120 days 8/30/21 $2000-3750 (50%)

45 days 11/12/21 $3000-5625 (75%)

10 days 12/17/21 $4000-7500 (100%)

How to pay/donate:

To pay or donate towards this mission trip, go online to thebucketministry.org and click select. When you or a supporter makes a donation towards this trip, “Pref: Kenya” should be input in the reference number box along with your initials, e.g. Pref: Kenya KB.

Team Meeting Dates:

TBD Interest Meeting

TBD First Meeting

Tentative Travel and Schedule Plans:  

Entering Kenya

Dec 27  Dallas (DFW) – London (LHR)     3:25pm  6:20am  Dec 28  American 20

                …3 hour 50 minute connection…

Dec 28  London (LHR) – Nairobi (NBO)    10:10am 9:50pm          American 6653

                …Operated by British Airways…

Jan 6   Nairobi (NBO) – London (LHR)    12:05am 6:15am          American 6654

                …3 hour 15 minute connection…

Jan 6   London (LHR) – Dallas (DFW)     9:30am  2:00pm          American 51

Tentative Schedule :  

Everyone travelling to and from Kenya is required to have a passport that has six months validity. Send a copy of your passport to [email protected] by 8/30/2021 OR bring your passport to the first team meeting and we can scan it then.

The team will need to apply for a Kenyan visa prior to arriving in Kenya. In the past, the cost has been $50.00. You can go online to apply for a visa here: http://evisa.go.ke/evisa.html . If it does not go through the first time, try again later. There have been issues with the website processing the data. You will need the following information to complete the visa:

Lodging: Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Nairobi

  Kenya Road, Upper Hill

  Nairobi, Kenya

Contact: Ronald Rotich, +254 720 550 027


Required Immunizations: Fully vaccinated for COVID and Yellow Fever

Team members should consult their doctor or a travel clinic to receive recommended vaccines. Also, you may shop around, as prices for immunizations vary widely. We suggest you check with your insurance company to see if they will pay for any portion of the shots. 

Additionally, you can check CDC’s website to determine which vaccines and medicines are needed when travelling to Kenya. The CDC is currently highly recommending getting the measles vaccine and staying up to date on other vaccines. CDC also recommends several other vaccines and preventative medicines. To see the full list, see https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/traveler/none/kenya .

Swahili and English are the national languages of Kenya. We will have a translator with us.

While in Nairobi, we will stay at the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Nairobi. We will also stay at the Porinin Amboseli Gamewatchers Camp and at either the Acacia Hotel or Ciala Hotel by Lake Victoria

The last night of trip is spent at Porini Tent Camp in the Middle of Nairobi National Park and features a game drive to see African wildlife. For more details please see:  https://www.gamewatchers.com/porini-camps/

Typical African cuisine – beans, rice, some chicken, flatbread.

What to pack:

Clothes should be modest and functional. We may attend a church service. Bring at least one outfit appropriate for church (long pants, khakis, and capris are fine, but no shorts). Women do not have to wear skirts to church. See Kibera Packing List for complete list.

COVID Policy:

Team members  should read and sign the attached Release and Waiver. COVID policy is subject to change prior to trip due to CDC recommendations. The wearing of masks in location will be determined by the locals. Team members are now also required to be fully vaccinated for Covid prior to the trip.

Safety and Security:

Although Kenya is under a Level 2 travel advisory according to the U.S. State Department, Kibera is under a Level 3 advisory. We will do our best to ensure the safety of the team. For more information, visit https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/traveladvisories/kenya-travel-advisory.html .  

Interested in Joining us?:

Apply to join us on this trip by going to http://thebucketministry.org/tripapp/ .

Refund Policy:

Some (not all) of the fees for mission trips are refundable in the event of a cancelation. If for any reason you choose to cancel your trip, regardless if this was due to a direct choice or outside factor, you will be issued a refund based on what The Bucket Ministry receives as a refund. If TBM receives a full refund you will receive a full refund.

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