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kamrej surat tourist places

Galteshwar Mahadev – Kamrej (Darshan Timing, Location & Travel Guide)

Galteshwar Mahadev Temple. The temple is Situated in Timba village near Kamrej Surat. The temple is located on the riverbank of the tapi river. Here is some things about Galteshwar Mahadev Mandir in Surat.

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Galteshwar Mahadev, Surat

Galteshwar Mandir

Galteshwar Mahadev Mandir is a very religious place near the riverbank. It’s far from the main city; it’s near the Mandvi sugar mill and the temple is a very pleasant and peaceful place. The temple is on Naradi ganga, Gupt ganga, and Tapi river sangam sthan. The temple was built about 200 years ago, but it was renovated a few years ago. A huge idol of Load Shiva, 62 feet tall, is the attraction of the place. At the Sangam a special arrangement for fiver bathing is made, which attracts people on hot days. Sangam Snan also has 12 Jyotirlinga temples in the complex; the Shivalinga over here is Swayambhu.

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Galteshwar Mahadev, Gujarat

About Galteshwar Mahadev :

ધાર્મિક માહાત્મ્ય:.

તાપી નદીનાં કાંઠે આવેલા અતિ પૌરાણિક ગલતેશ્વર મહાદેવ મંદિર શિવભક્તો માટે શ્રદ્ધારૂપી આકર્ષણનું કેન્દ્ર બન્યું છે. મહારાષ્ટ્રના નાસિક ખાતે આવેલા ત્ર્યંબકેશ્વર તીર્થધામ જેટલું માહાત્મ્ય ધરાવતા ગળતેશ્વર મંદિરનો તાપી પુરાણમાં પણ ઉલ્લેખ હોવાનું કહેવાય છે. તાપી નદીમાં સ્નાન કરવાથી કુષ્ઠ રોગ મટે છે.

મંદિરનાં મુખ્ય આકર્ષણો: 

નારદી ગંગા, ગુપ્ત ગંગા તેમજ તાપી નદીનો સંગમ, મહાદેવની 60 ફૂટથી વધુ ઊંચી મહાકાય પ્રતિમા અને બાર જ્યોર્તિલિંગ શિવ ભક્તોમાં આકર્ષણનું કેન્દ્ર.

  • Sangam Snan : The temple offers a special arrangement for river bathing at the confluence of the rivers. This feature is especially appealing during hot days when devotees and visitors can refresh themselves in the clean waters of the Tapi River.
  • 12 Jyotirlinga Temples : Within the temple complex, you can also find 12 Jyotirlinga temples. These sacred shrines hold great religious significance for followers of Lord Shiva.
  • Swayambhu Shivalinga : The temple houses a special Swayambhu Shivalinga, believed self-manifested and blessed with divine energy.
  • Swimming Pool : Galteshwar Mahadev Temple offers a large swimming pool, providing an enjoyable experience for visitors, mainly families with children. It’s a great way to spend a leisurely Sunday in the Surat and Kamrej area.

Galteshwar Mahadev HD Photo’s :

kamrej surat tourist places

FAQ About Galteshwar Mahadev Mandir

Can we swim at tapi river at galteshwar mahadev mandir .

Galteshwar Mahadev Temple offers a large swimming pool, providing an enjoyable experience for visitors

How far is Surat from Galteshwar Mahadev Temple?

Around 40 km away from Surat

Which is the biggest statue in Shiva temple?

The Shiva of Murudeshwara height of 123 feet is a statue of Lord Shiva located in the town of Murudeshwara in the state of Karnataka

What People Says About Mandir ?

Good place to visit on holiday. But little crowdy in festivals.u may face some immature public overthere who don’t follow temple rules. Can go for picnic but make sure to visit either in morning or evening. At afternoon it becomes too hot to manage. Parking available.and make sure if it’s crowdy they leave ur footwear inside car only. No management of footwear storage.u may loose it.otherwise ok.,

Mandir to bahot acha hai.and waha pe river bhi hai.lekin river me jane ka and nahane ke bhi paise lete hai.ye baat achi nahi hai

Temple is very well maintained, Huge statue of The Lord Shiva. Good place for outing. You can have bath and nice of Tapi River

The place is located near a river. Beautifully placed. Car parking is available, canteen available. This place has unique characteristics; in a cave below the huge shiv murti, they have Shiv Lingas from every popular shiv temples all over India!

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Galteshwar Mahadev: Galteshwar Mahadev Mandir is a very religious place near the riverbank.

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kamrej surat tourist places

30 Top Places to Visit in Surat

kamrej surat tourist places

Surat is a bustling port city in Gujarat, which is ranked among the most rapidly prospering cities of the country. It is the second-largest and second most populated city in the state. The city is popular among tourists, businessmen, nature lovers, and history buffs. There are plenty of places to visit in Surat to keep one occupied and entertained.

Surat’s mentions can be found in the ancient scripture ‘Mahabharata’ and the city has seen several battles since the days of yore. Surat was known as Suryapur in 990 AD and was invaded several times. Due to its closeness to the Western coast, the city became popular for trade purposes and flourished with the settlement of traders from Mumbai (then Bombay).

Beyond its ever-growing historical significance and glory, today the city is a global commercial hub for diamond dealers, textile traders, fashion, and art enthusiasts. Surat has received several accolades over the years such as 'Diamond Hub of the World', 'Embroidery Capital of India', 'Textile City of India', ‘The Sun City’, and 'City of Flyovers'.

Packed with medieval charm, the city is located 306 kilometers from Gandhinagar (the capital city of Gujarat) on the south bank of River Tapi (Tapti). Owing to its strategic location it attracts tourists and traders from across the world.

The city was popular for silk-weaving and houses the greatest number of embroidery machines in India. New Textile Market area is a textile hub bubbling with retailers and shoppers from across the country.

Among the other tourist attractions are quintessential monuments such as the Sardar Patel Museum, Dutch Garden, Mughal Sarai, Tomb of Khudawand Khan, and Rang Upvan. Pristine beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, and nature reserves in and around the city lure nature lovers who wish to rejuvenate in the lap of nature. Surat is also the perfect destination for fun-loving travelers and passionate foodies interested in exploring the culture of Western India.

1. Dutch Garden

Dutch Garden - Surat Places to Visit

Located in Nanpura, the Dutch Garden is a European style cemetery of Dutch and English officers. It is popular for the beautiful tombs of the explorers who visited and settled in India in those times. They had settled in the region for trade purposes and the same area has been marked as the Dutch Garden as we see it today.

Being the resting spot of eminent personalities of their times it was beautifully built and is also referred to as the Dutch Cemetery. The well-maintained verdant lawns, glittering fountains, and colorful flower beds allure tourists and locals alike. The Garden is situated along the River Tapi, which adds to its beauty and makes it an ideal spot to unwind away from the cacophony of the city.

The memorial of Baron Adrian Van Reede is among the most attractive monuments of the Garden. He was the director of the Dutch company and built the first trading port in Surat. He died in 1691. You can explore the colonial history of Surat at the mausoleum and rejuvenate amidst nature at the Dutch Garden.

2. Dumas Beach

Dumas Beach - Surat Sightseeing Places to Visit

(courtesy: santanuvasant)

Located along the Arabian Sea, Dumas beach is situated around 21 kilometers southwest of Surat. The beach is widely popular among tourists and locals but only during the day. The beach located at the mouth of the River Mandola and Tapi offers scenic beauty but unlike other beaches of India, it has black sand and an eerie vibe. The black color of the sand is attributed to the high concentration of iron.

The beach is also considered among the most haunted places in India due to widely reported paranormal activities. The beach is teeming with visitors until sundown and is deserted after that. Visitors have claimed sighting apparitions and orbs or hearing strange sounds and laughter on the beach. People roaming the beach after dark have been reported to go missing or found dead under unexplainable circumstances.

Locals cite the beach was used as a cremation ground for Hindus which led to the place becoming haunted and the ashes turned the sand black. You can visit the beach during the day to enjoy the striking beauty of the place, sunbathe, play volleyball, and binge on local street food. You can also visit the nearby temple dedicated to Dariya Ganesh.

3. Hajira Village

Hajira Village near Surat, Guajarat

(courtesy: fokker70)

Hajira Village is a charming town located by the Arabian Sea. It is around 20 kilometers away from Surat in the Chorasi Tehsil of the district. Sporting shallow waters, the town hosts a major shipping port of India, owing to its connectivity with the Arabian Sea via the Gulf of Khambhat and the Persian Gulf.

Besides being home to India’s famous petrochemical projects it is also a prominent recreational destination. The pristine Hajira beach flaunts its golden sand against the clear waters of the Arabian Sea. Glistening seashells are strewn across the beach which adds romance to the idyllic natural setting. A stroll along the coast lined by Casuarina trees rejuvenates tired souls.

You can enjoy sunrise or sunset on the beach while witnessing the serene panoramic views of the Arabian Sea. Hajira is also a popular health resort as there are numerous hot water springs in the town. The water in these springs is rich in sulphur and has medicinal properties. You can visit the quaint town for a relaxing holiday with your family and loved ones.

4. Sardar Patel Museum

Sardar Patel Museum Surat Sightseeing Tourist Attraction

The Sardar Patel Museum was established in 1890 and was then known as the Winchester Museum. It is located in Shahibaug in an old building constructed in 1622 for Shah Jahan. Later the building was occupied by the British and was even used by the great Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore.

After India’s independence, the building became the State Governor’s Residence (Raj Bhavan). It was later converted into a national museum by Shri Babubhai Jasbhai Patel and was known as Sardar Sangrahalaya. The museum displays exhibits such as silk textiles, glassware, metalware, paintings, maps, ivory and terracotta artifacts depicting the glorious past and heritage of Surat.

There are around eight thousand five hundred items on display at the museum and many of them were received as gifts by the collectors. You can also enjoy the 3D audiovisual laser show hosted in the museum every evening. It takes you through Indian history from the Vedic period to the Mughal period and stories of British rule in India. The museum opens on all days except Mondays and also houses a planetarium.

5. Ambika Niketan Temple

Ambika Niketan Temple, Surat

(courtesy: nehadesai)

Situated on the banks of River Tapti, Ambika Niketan Temple was built in 1969 by Late Smt. Bharati Maiya. It is a famous Hindu pilgrim destination in Surat also known as Ambaji Temple. The temple enshrines a beautiful smiling idol of Goddess Shakti as Devi Ashtabhuja Ambika. The mesmerizing white stone statue has eight arms adorned with a trident, conch, bell, flower, discus, and other weapons.

Devotees of the goddess throng the temple throughout the year but the grandeur and celebration during Navratri are exceptional. The two-storied temple also houses idols of Lord Shiva, Lord Laxmi Narayan, Lord Ram, and Goddess Sita. The statue of Smt. Bharati Maiya is also installed at the premises. The Ambaji temple is maintained by a charitable trust by the name of Shri Ambika Niketan Trust. The Trust is also in charge of running an old age home for the elderly and lonely.

6. Dandi Beach

Dandi Beach, Surat Sightseeing Places

(courtesy: saifpatel)

Dandi in Surat is a beautiful salt marsh with breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea. It is a popular beach destination with immense historical importance. Located around 50 kilometers from Surat in the Dandi Village, this beach was a turning point in India’s Independence Movement. Dandi beach is popular among tourists for its scenic beauty and its rich history.

It was on Dandi Beach in 1930 the Salt Satyagraha protest was initiated by Mahatma Gandhi against the British salt laws. He marched from Ahmedabad to Dandi and was supported by people across the nation. It is said to be the movement that broke the back of the British Raj in India. If you’re a history enthusiast you can visit Dandi Beach to walk in the footsteps of the Mahatma. It is also the ideal spot for a quick getaway with family and friends. The picturesque landscape makes it the ideal spot for nature lovers to unwind.

7. Sarthana Nature Park

Sarthana Nature Park, Surat

Sarthana Nature Park, Surat (courtesy: rahulgaywala)

Located around 10 kilometers away from the city on Surat Kamrej Road, Sarthana Nature Park is a Zoological Park for the exquisite creatures of the region. A sprawling expanse of around 81 acres along the left bank of river Tapi, the zoo is home to a wide variety of birds and animals. Animals such as Lions, Himalayan Bears, Royal Bengal Tigers, Leopards, Deer, and Hippopotamus can be witnessed in covered enclosures.

The zoo was established in 1984 to create awareness about the conservation of wildlife and to protect endangered species of flora and fauna. Sarthana Nature Park is a nature lover’s paradise and a fun spot for kids to learn about animals and their habitat. You can also spend time watching local and migratory birds in the park.

8. Jagdishchandra Bose Aquarium

Jagdishchandra Bose Aquarium, Surat

(courtesy: preet vaniawala)

Located in the Pal region of Surat, Jagdishchandra Bose Aquarium is the first multidisciplinary aquarium in India. The aquarium houses around 100+ species of fishes from the estuaries of Gujarat and other underwater creatures. It is equipped with 52 specialized tanks with built-in ecosystems as needed by fresh, brackish, and marine aquatic animals.

Being a one-of-its-kind tourist attraction in the state it attracts a lot of tourists and even locals. Kids can learn about marine biodiversity and explore rare species of fishes, amphibians, and reptiles. The aquarium is a must-visit place in Surat to witness exotic fishes, sharks, lobsters, stingrays, alligators, piranhas, and other underwater inhabitants.

Make sure you don’t miss the jellyfish pool, the double storied shark tank, and dolphin tunnel. The world-class infrastructure of the pool is eco-friendly as the project has been set up near the river to avoid any detrimental impact on the environment.

9. Tithal Beach

Tithal Beach, Surat Tourism Spots

(courtesy: punitgor)

Tithal Beach is located around 90 kilometers away from Surat and is the go-to destination for beach lovers. The white waves crashing against the black sand shores add to the beauty of the Azure waters of the Arabian Sea. The beach is a one-hour drive from Daman and is visited by locals and tourists around the year. Shri Sai Baba Temple and Shri Swami Narayan Temple are located alongside the shore and many pilgrims visit Tithal beach to visit these temples.

You can visit the beach to spend time with your loved ones and family while sunbathing, watching sunsets, and strolling along the coast. Tithal Beach is India's first ‘Divyaang’ (differently-abled) friendly beach. You can also binge on local snacks like Bhajiya, Bhel, Dabeli, and fresh coconut water at the beach. The Tithal Beach Festival is held on the beach each year during October with much fanfare. Fun activities, games, music, magic shows, and local dishes are the main attraction of the festival.

10. Shri Swaminarayan Temple

Shri Swaminarayan Temple, Surat

(courtesy: gsurya)

Located on Ved Road near the banks of Tapti River, Shri Swaminarayan temple was constructed by the Swaminarayan Sect of Vaishnavism in 1996. Devotees believe that Swaminarayan or Sahajanand Swami is an incarnation of Narayana of Nara-Narayana. The temple is a revered Hindu pilgrim destination.

The temple is built using brightly colored pink stone and decorated with beautiful wooden carvings. It enshrines the idol of Ladila Shree Ghanshyam Maharaj which was installed by P. Pu. Sadguru Shree Prabhu Charan Das Ji Swami. The other idols in the temple are Harikrishna Maharaj, Radha-Krishna Dev, Lord Swaminarayan, Gunatitanand Swami, and Gopalanand Swami.

11. Amaazia Water Park

Amaazia Water Park, Surat

(courtesy: avm)

Amaazia Waterpark is among the largest water parks in Asia. The amusement park is a favorite spot for a thrilling weekend escape for the locals. The visitors can choose to enjoy the adventurous rides, splash in the water, or simply relax by the pool. There are numerous fun rides and swings suitable for visitors of all ages.

To ensure the durability of the rides and the safety of visitors all swings have been exclusively built and designed by Australia’s Sanderson Group. You can have an enthralling experience at the King-Cobra, Twister, Forest Jump, and Kamikaze slides. The Rain Mist section offers a drenched dance floor to add to the fun. You can also unwind at the cozy cafeterias or chill by the wave pool watching your favorite shows on the large LED TV installed by the pool. Besides the adventurous rides there is a Bird Park, Snow Park, and a Shopping Mall on the premises to keep visitors with different interests busy.

12. Science Centre

Science Centre

The Science Centre in Surat is a multi-facility complex comprising thematic galleries, a 3D amphitheater, a planetarium, a solar power plant, an art gallery, and a museum. The state-of-the-art Centre was built in 2009 and has allured thousands of science enthusiasts, scholars, teachers, and students of science and history. This one-of-its-kind enterprise in Western India is equipped with activities to engage visitors of all age groups.

The Science Centre on the ground floor displays a wide range of science exhibits. It also comprises a 'Fun Science Gallery' which demonstrates various principles of science in a fun way by engaging the visitors through participation. The sphere-shaped digitally equipped Planetarium on the premises is a major attraction in Surat where children can explore the secrets of the universe, moon, stars, and planets.

The Centre also houses the famous Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Museum which is known for preserving the cultural heritage of our country since 1890. Being the most popular attraction of the city, The Science Centre is frequently visited by tourists and locals alike. You can spend a day learning and being amazed by the wonders of science.

13. Vansda National Park

Vansda National Park

Located around 100 kilometers away from Surat in the Navsari district, the Vansda National Park is a wildlife park set up in 1979. It is an area of over 24 square kilometers amidst the picturesque Sahyadri range. This natural reserve is named Vansda as it was owned by the Maharaja of Vansda.

Set on the banks of River Ambika, the park has rich vegetation of deciduous trees such as bamboo, teak, and creepers. The stunning landscape comprising hills, valleys, streams, trees, and wildlife offers respite from the bustle of the city. The park is an eco-tourism hub developed by the Government of Gujarat. You can spend time amidst the wild at the Kilad campsite.

Animals such as Indian leopard, rhesus macaque, Hanuman langur, small Indian civet, four-horned antelope, wild boar, Indian porcupine, barking deer, and Indian giant squirrel can be spotted in the park. It is also home to several local tribes commonly referred to as ‘Adivasis’. The inhabitants belong to Bhil, Gamit, Kokni, Kunbi, Warli, and Dangi tribes. You can interact with them as you explore the park.

Other attractions include the astounding Gira Falls, a fun-filled Jungle Safari and the Conservation Centre. You can walk around the park or drive-through it in your own vehicle.

14. Choppati/ Jawahar Lal Nehru Garden

Choppati/ Jawahar Lal Nehru Garden

Jawahar Lal Nehru Garden is the oldest and the largest garden in Surat. It is commonly referred to as Chowpati or Choppati. The verdant lawns attract locals and tourists throughout the year. The serene ambiance and lush greenery of Choppati make it a popular picnic spot amid the cacophony of the city.

The colorful flower beds and balmy breeze make the park ideal for a morning walk or an evening stroll. The musical fountain adds to the charm of the park luring more visitors. You can grab some fresh air at the park and rejuvenate amidst greenery away from the rush of city life. Local snacks such as Paav Bhaaji and Paani Puri can be enjoyed at the eateries in the garden.

15. Surat Castle

Surat Castle

Surat Castle, also known as the Old Castle is one of the most prominent heritage monuments of Surat. It was commissioned by Sultan Mahmud III in 1540 to fortify the region against Portuguese invasion. Surat was a port of International importance and an important trade center.

Being the most widely used trade link between India and other countries made it vulnerable to threats from invaders. The Surat Castle was then commissioned and built on the banks of the Tapi River in an area of around 1 acre. This ancient monument is an impeccable example of the powerful architecture of the medieval period.

Though there were several attempts to stop the construction of the castle, it still stands tall as a testimony to the rich heritage of Surat. The castle is well-maintained and offers panoramic views of the city and the Arabian Sea.

16. Suvali Beach

Suvali Beach

Located 20 kilometers away from Surat, Suvali Beach is a pristine black sand beach. It is the perfect weekend getaway for locals and a solo traveler’s paradise. The beach isn’t very crowded as it isn’t easily accessible by public transport. The serenity and splendid charm of the beach make it a preferred holiday destination for couples and solitude seekers.

The sand on the beach is soft and slick in texture which makes taking a stroll along the shoreline very relaxing. It is not advisable to swim at the beach as it is highly accident-prone due to the strong waves and slippery sand. There is no support or help available on the beach as it isn’t much developed, yet it is among the cleanest beaches of India.

There are almost no vendors or restaurants, however, you can carry your own meals to enjoy a family picnic by the beachside. The tropical breeze is very refreshing and you can enjoy watching the resplendent sunset at the beach but it isn’t advisable to stay back after dark as there is hardly any help available in case of an emergency.

17. Snow Park

Snow Park

Snow Park is a theme-based amusement park inside the Rahulraj Mall in Surat. Located on Dumas Road it is a popular spot among kids. The park hosts several snow games and fun activities in an artificially created environment.

Designed as a snow play center the park offers respite from the city heat by electrically maintaining a -5°C temperature at all times. All things you need to enjoy the cold atmosphere like warm clothes, gloves, woolen caps, and footwear is provided complimentary with the tickets.

You can play with artificial snow, experience a real snowfall, ride sledge cars, and enjoy snow sculpting. Kids can enjoy making a snowman or get hands-on experience at building an igloo. Party lovers can also dance to their favorite songs as the DJ spins terrific numbers accompanied by laser lighting for the ultimate party vibe.

18. Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden

Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden

Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden is a botanical garden situated on the bank of River Tapti. It was inaugurated in 2011 by the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi. The garden is among the largest in Surat and covers a sprawling 34 acres of the verdant landscape.

It is an exquisite botanical garden, housing numerous exotic species of flowering and ornamental plants. The park also conserves various herbs and medicinal plants. The Cactus greenhouse at the park is a major attraction. You can witness Cactus plants of various types, shapes, and sizes. The well-manicured lush lawns and a decorative display of plants complimented by a small exuberant pond make the garden a perfect escape into the lap of nature.

You can enjoy a family picnic in the garden and indulge in various fun activities. Kids can have fun at the park with amenities such as toy train rides, pinwheels, and swings such as Columbus, Injecto, Free Fall Jump, and Crazy Jump. You can also catch a bird’s eye view of the city of Surat while enjoying a hot air balloon ride.

19. Tapi River Front

Tapi River Front

The recently built Tapi River Front offers a spectacular view of the elegant River Tapi. The riverfront project was designed to dredge the river and construct embankments on its sides to create a green and clean place for enjoying picturesque views of the river.

Offering a pristine ambiance, the riverfront is a great spot for a morning or evening stroll by the river. The sun setting over the river looks breathtakingly beautiful. The riverfront looks remarkable at night when the lights highlight its beauty post sundown. You can munch local snacks and street food as you stroll and soak in the beauty of the river. Locals spend evenings lounging around the place to break the monotony of their fast-paced lives by the river.

20. Ubharat Beach

Ubharat Beach

Located around 42 kilometers from Surat, the Ubharat beach is a pristine palm-fringed urban beach. The beach is away from the bustle of the city and not usually crowded. It is a preferred picnic destination for nature lovers and tourists. The splendid natural scenery and picturesque views are soul-soothing for those tired of the clamor of city life.

The beach is romantically set against the backdrop of the azure waters of the Arabian Sea. Strolling along the shoreline and watching waves splash against the golden sand offers a rejuvenating experience. You can also indulge in delectable seafood at the beach. Seafood lovers must try Pomfret Fry which is a popular local dish.

To add some fun and adventure to your trip you can enjoy camel rides by the beachside. You can sunbathe and spend quality time with your loved ones watching the sunset over the Arabian Sea.

21. Modi Resorts and Amusement Parks

Modi Resorts and Amusement Parks

Modi Resorts and Amusement Parks is a sea-shore resort cum water park situated around 40 kilometers from Ubharat Beach. Inaugurated in 2004, the plush resort is equipped with sophisticated amenities and offers amazing views of the Arabian Sea. The water park offers fun and thrilling water rides and swings to keep visitors of all ages engaged. You can choose to relax while dancing in the rain or by chilling at the swimming pool.

There are multiple rides in the children’s amusement park to keep the little ones busy while you unwind. You can book rooms at the resort for a night's stay too. The resort also offers arrangements for hosting wedding ceremonies or parties. It is a popular spot for locals and tourists to spend an enthralling day with friends and family.

22. Chintamani Jain Temple

Chintamani Jain Temple

Situated near Rani Talab, the Chintamani Jain Temple is an ancient Jain temple built under the aegis of Emperor Aurangzeb in the 17th Century. The 400-year-old Jain temple has simple exteriors but its wooden interiors are intricately carved and decorated.

The ceilings are painted with natural vegetable dyes. The age-old paintings are dedicated to King Kumapal the 12th-century king of the region belonging to the Solanki dynasty, his advisor Acharya Hemachandraji and several other Solanki kings. The walls and pillars are substantially decorated with floral motifs and carved brackets.

The temple is popular among tourists for its architecture and elaborate interiors. It is regularly visited by people with varying religious beliefs and is densely crowded during Jain festivals.

23. Blues Adventure

Blues Adventure

Blues Adventure is a riverfront theme park built as a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project of Surat Municipality Corporation (SMC) and Goldi Hotels Pvt. Ltd. It is situated beside Premanand Garden in Surat and is the perfect place for adventure lovers.

You can enjoy enthralling water sports and thrilling activities like kayaking, speed boating, and jet skiing. Spending the weekends enjoying leisure water sports is the favorite pastime of the locals and adds excitement to the holiday trip of tourists. You can also grab local snacks and savories at the beachside.

24. Bardoli


Bardoli is a historic city located around 34 kilometers from Surat. The city is well known for its scenic beauty and Gujarati heritage. Bardoli was the seat of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel's “No Tax” Movement of 1928, also popularly referred to as the Bardoli Satyagraha.

Owing to its historical importance Bardoli is frequently visited by not just the followers of Mahatma Gandhi but also by the tourists for its natural charm. The spectacular beaches of Bardoli attract nature lovers and travelers looking for a place to relax.

The city is visited by Hindu pilgrims seeking blessings at the numerous temples. Galteshwara Temple, Vighneshwara Temple, Kedareshwa Temple, Ramji Mandir, Jalaram Mandir, Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir, and Swaminarayan Mandir are some of the most revered temples of Bardoli. These religious sites are flocked by devotees throughout the year.

25. Ram Madhi

Ram Madhi

Ram Madhi is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Ram. It is situated along the banks of River Tapi and is highly revered by Hindu pilgrims. Its name translates to Ram’s house in the local language. Beside the shrine dedicated to Lord Ram there are several separate shrines housing other deities such as Lord Shani and the Navgraha.

The temple has a relaxing spiritual vibe. You can revitalize all your senses amidst the lush greenery on the banks of Tapi and the sprightly views of the river. The mellifluous Ram Dhun played at the temple soothes the soul and calms the mind.

26. Rang Upvan

Rang Upvan

Rang Upvan is an open-air theatre overlooking the resplendent Tapi river, also known as the C.C. Mehta Natya Gruh. It is one of the oldest auditoriums in the city and is equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems and a seating capacity of 1400 individuals.

The theatre hosts events such as school cultural programs, college annual days, ballet performances, dramas, classical dance, and other social gatherings. Located in the heart of the city, it is easily accessible through public transport from all places around the city.

27. Gavier Lake

Gavier Lake

Located around 10 kilometers from the city, Gavier Lake is a bird watcher’s paradise. The lake is known for its astounding beauty and is considered ‘Heaven on Earth’ by the locals. The pristine lake is decorated with colorful lotuses floating all over it. Beautiful migratory birds flock around the lake adding to its picturesque views.

Locals and tourists prefer visiting the lake during the monsoon season to enjoy the fresh blooms and lush greenery in the area. Vividly hued butterflies make it the perfect spot to de-stress and rejuvenate. You can also enjoy yummy Chai-Bhajiya and other local snacks from the nearby vendors.

28. Kabirvad


Kabirvad is an island of Banyan trees around 80 kilometers from Surat. This small island is situated in the River Narmada and is believed to be Saint Kabir’s meditation cove. The mystical island has a serene ambiance and hosts a lotus-shaped marble temple of the saint and a museum dedicated to him.

Named after Saint Kabir, the island is covered by a humongous canopy of Banyan trees. As per folklore, a Banyan tree originated from a Meswak stick thrown on the island by the saint. The tree is believed to be around 600 years old and has since then emanated into several other trees. Around 3000 trees have grown around the mother tree to envelop around 2.5 acres of land.

Another mystical fact is the mother tree hasn’t aged and it is difficult to identify it. The island’s enigmatic charm attracts tourists from across the globe and devotees visit the revered temple to pay respect to the saint. You can also enjoy the beauty of this splendid island via a boat ride on the Narmada river.

29. Gopi Talav

Gopi Talav

Gopi Talav is an ancient artificial lake located in the Gopipura area of Surat. It was built in approximately 1510 by an affluent Brahmin merchant named Malik Gopi. The lake was renovated and redeveloped in 2012 by the Municipal Corporation of Surat. It has become an urban recreational spot and has six entertainment zones to cater to visitors of all ages and interests.

Lush green surroundings and a gorgeous fountain in the center of the lake add to the aesthetic beauty of the lake. The lake is visited by locals and tourists for family picnics and leisure activities. You can enjoy boat rides, zip-lining, paintball, bull rides, and other fun activities at the lake. The kid's entertainment zone comprises fun and engaging activities such as Bumper Car, Mini Train, Wall Climbing, and Water Tricycle.

30. Neverland Water Park

Neverland Water Park

Located in the heart of the city, Neverland Water Park is a fun spot for those looking for entertainment without traveling too far. This amusement park is situated behind M T B College in Kamrej and offers a plethora of water slides and swings.

The park is especially busy on weekends as locals visit it to unwind and spend the day chilling with family and friends. Besides thrilling rides, the park also sports a swimming pool, and eateries offering local delicacies.

Other prominent sightseeing places in Surat

The city of Surat is abundantly blessed with natural charm and has enriched its heritage over years. The lush green gardens and parks allure people looking for fresh air and a relaxing environment.

Major natural attractions of the city include Jyotindra Dave Garden, Floral Park, Priya Darshani Indira Gandhi Udhyan, Vrindavan Baug, Shivaji Park, and Gandhi Baug. These parks offer jogging and walking tracks along with some fun activities for kids such as water gazebo, playpen, and swings.

The locals also prefer visiting amusement parks for fun and adventurous activities. The Great Fun Amusement Park, Fun Funta Fun, and Chab Chaba Chab Water Park are some popular parks of the city. Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple and ISKCON Temple are some prominent temples revered by the locals and tourists.

Surat has a lively and fun-loving vibe even though it is a prominent industrial and commercial hub of India. The city offers a great mix of spirituality, thrill, nature, and heritage to keep travelers with varied interests engaged. The residents of the city are passionate about enjoying life and food. The city offers a variety of cuisines including Gujarati dishes such as Locha, Ghari, Surati Khaman, Khakra, Thepla, and Ponk among others.

Surat is a perfect place for a family vacation and a shopper’s paradise with several popular malls and marketplaces like Rander Road, Ring Road Market, and New Textile Market. You can pick elegant fabrics like silk and brocade, khadi products, bangles, diamond jewelry, ivory artifacts, and wood handicrafts at the trade capital of India. Surat’s sandy beaches, historic monuments, food, and culture are truly inviting.

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  • Water Parks In Surat: 7 Best Picks To Kill The Summer Beast In 2024!

23 Mar 2023

With the onset of summer, when the weather is rapidly reaching a boiling point and summer vacations have just begun, all that everyone yearns for is to take pleasure in the chilling waters of the waterparks. Surat being one of the popular tourist hotspots for spending joyful holiday boasts a multitude of waterparks. Waterparks in Surat poses as the marvelous treasure house of entertainment and fun.

Be it the water rides or the huge swimming pools or the music to groove on, these waterparks are a perfect choice for you to take a dip, sit back, rewind, loosen up and let out a sigh. As life is too short to ramble on the scorching heat, you just need to visit these amazing places and feel the magic of gallons of water. Spending time here will not only let you uplift your mind, body, and soul but will also offer you to spend moments of bliss with your friends & folks that you somehow miss these days.

7 Best Water Parks In Surat

You can overcome the sweltering heat of this taxing summer while visiting Surat water parks. So, let these chilling lands keep all your stress at bay.

1. Amaazia Water Park

Amaazia Water Park

Image Source

Astonishigly designed based on the theme of Amazon jungle this newly-curated waterpark houses a plethora of water slides and rides. Offering you sheer thrilling, chilling and electrifying experience, this place will not let you have even a single dull moment. Moreover, whatever age you are at, you will surely find a ride for yourself. Housing the breathtaking ride such as the award-winning King Cobra, Forest Jump, Kamikaze, Twister Amaazia Water Park, is indeed a paradise of if you are an adrenaline junkie. One of the best waterparks in Surat, it has got something for everyone!

Location: Opp. Dumbal Transport Godown Canal Road Parvat Patiya, Magob, Surat, Gujarat 395010 Timings: 10:30 AM – 5:30 PM 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM Entry Fee: Adult: INR 799 Child: INR 499

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2. Water Fun Park

Water Fun Park View

Also known as Chab Chaba Chab Water Park, Water Fun Park is located in Hazira Road Surat. It is an ultimate refuge for families and to enjoy, relax and let all the worries leave behind. You will find here a variety of amusing slides and ride that will make you try them at least once. Moreover, at Chhab Chhaba Chhab Water Fun Park in Surat, you are bound to bask in the glory of fun & entertainment while going for rides such as a lazy river, speed slide, wave pool, kids pond, cyclone, and pendulum. Also, the humongous swimming pool will allow to kick-away the scorching heat. Additionally, Chab Chaba Chab Water Park Surat tickets price are not much on the higher side and will fit every traveler’s pocket.

Location: Near Reliance Factory, Rajgari Village, Via, Hazira Rd, Mora Tekra, Surat, Gujarat 395009 Timings: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM Entry Fee: Adult: INR 550 Child: INR 450

Suggested Read: Dutch Garden In Surat: Top Reasons Why You Should Visit This Exquisite Tourist Destination

3. Neverland Water Park

Neverland Water Park In Surat

Ideally located in the heart of the city, Neverland Water Park is one of the top waterparks in Surat. This water cum amusement park boasts amazing rides and slides allowing you to enjoy a myriad of entertaining moments. With a huge swimming pool, wonderful rain dance, and many eateries, this entertainment hub will offer you various ways to enjoy a fun-filled day. If you are seeking an ideal getaway for having various thrilling activities and amusing rides then this is surely a must-visit place.

Location: Bhavik Apartment, Turning Point, Ghod Dod Road, Surat-395007 Timings: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM Entry Fee: Adult: INR 750 Child: INR 550

Suggested Read: Visit These 7 Historical Places In Surat To Go Back In Ancient Time

4. Blues Adventure


Apart from being famous for its slides and water rides, this amusement park is greatly renowned for adventure water activities that it offers. Touted as the first and only water sports center in Surat, Blues Adventure will allow you to try hands at various water sports under the provisions of security professionals. If you are fond of thrilling rides like kayaking, jet-ski, bumper rides, banana boat ride, adventurous speed boats, and many more, then this is definitely the right place for you. Apart from this, the food zone called “Halka Fulka” will take care of all your hunger pangs! A marvelous picnic spot for children, teenagers, and families, Blues Adventure is indeed an ideal spot for enjoying a refreshing time.

Location: Singapore side of Wier-cum-Causeway, Beside Permanand Garden, Surat, Gujarat- 395004 Timings: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM Entry Fee: 699

Suggested Read: 10 Places To Visit in Surat Thani For An Offbeat Experience

5. Modi Resorts and Amusement Parks

Modi Resorts and Amusement Parks

One of the best waterparks in Surat, Modi Resorts and Amusement Parks is a seashore resort where you can spend s stupendous time with your family and friends. Home to a number of slides, water ride and plenty of opportunities to indulge in entertaining activities, this place is a perfect hub for you if you are looking for a refuge from the daily mundane life. Rides & entertainment options such as a super chair, sweeping chair, boating, go-carting for visitors of all ages. Besides this, the park also facilitates its guests with sumptuous pool-side lunches and dinners. Not only this, but it also offers you lavish rooms with latest amenities for cozy night stays.

Location: S-2, 4th Floor, Safal Square, Vesu Char Rasta, Near Happy Home, Udhana – Magdalla Rd, Surat, Gujarat 395007 Timings: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM Entry Fee: 801

Suggested Read: 8 Cool Things To Do In Surat Thani This Summer

6. Aquacity Water Park

Aquacity Water Park

Sprawl over an area of 7 acres of land, this water park boasts an array of water slides and rides for all age groups. For people who want just want an exciting day mingled with some thrill, Aquacity Water Park offers an absolute base. The colossal swimming pool possessing chilled water will keep all your stress at bay. Furthermore, taking care of your hunger breaks, this place also houses a restaurant where you can savor tempting food.

Location: 6, Narmad Nagar, Ankleswar Industial Industris, Behind M T B College, Opposite Gaypagla Mandir, Kamrej, Surat, Gujarat -395001 Timings: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM Entry Fee: N.A.

Suggested Read: Street Food In Surat: 18 Must-Eats To Make You Swoon

7. Nilkanth Amusement Park

Amusement Park View

Enjoying a central location, Nilkanth Amusement Park is also one of the best amazing sources of recreation and entertainment. Packed with thrilling rides and various entertainment options, this amusement park offers a wonderful escape for children as well as adults. Because of its exciting rides and fun activities, kids will especially love this place. If you are seeking a cheerful day-out with your family, don’t forget to consider this amazing water park.

Location: Palanpur Road, Rang Avadhut Society-1, Ramnagar, Palanpur Patia, Surat, Gujarat 395009 Timings: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM Entry Fee: N.A.

Further Read: Shopping In Gujarat: 10 Incredibly Awesome Places That Will Tempt You To Splurge More!

Rescuing you from the blistering and simultaneously offering you to spend some cozy time with your loved ones, waterparks in Surat offer you an ultimate getaway. Brimming with a wide range of thrilling rides, swimming pools, vibrant themes and decor, these water warks are meant for visitors of all ages. Also, not being quite heavy on the pockets, water park in Surat ticket prices are ideal for all. So, take a break from the daily humdrum of life and Plan a trip to Surat and get engaged in some cozy moments with your friends & folks.

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Best Water Parks in Surat for a Funtastic Day-out

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kamrej surat tourist places

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Water Parks in Surat

Here is the list of 5 best water parks in surat for a funtastic day-out, 1. amaazia water park, surat.

Amaazia Water Park, Surat

Find the best way to beat the summer heat at Amaazia Water Park in Surat. Housing thrilling rides like King Cobra, Kamikaze, Forest Jump and Twister for the adrenaline junkies and fun-filled rides like Windigo, Free Fall, Tribal Twist, Carnival Beach and many more for the high-spirited bunch, the Amaazia Water Park has something for everyone.  Timings : 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Price:   Super Saver Combo - INR 1099+taxes per person (inclusive of brunch and hi-tea)

2. Water Fun Park, Surat

Water Fun Park, Surat

Also known as Chab Chaba Chab Water Park, Water Fun Park is situated on Hazira Road Surat. The park boasts several fun-filled rides and roller coasters. One of the most famous waters parks in Surat, it has lockers, changing rooms, parking and a food court. Timings : 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Price: Adults - INR 680, Kids (up to 4 ft) & Senior Citizen - INR 500

3. Modi Resorts and Amusement Parks, Surat

Modi Resorts and Amusement Parks, Surat

Modi Resorts and Amusement Parks is a resort cum water park in Surat situated in Rm Chowk. Considered the best spot in the day for a day picnic, the park also facilitates poolside lunches and dinners. Besides, it has luxurious rooms for night stays. Timings: 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM  Price: Adults - INR 2000, Child - INR 1250

4. Blues Adventure, Surat

Blues Adventure, Surat

Blues Adventure is a riverfront theme park situated beside Premanand Garden in Surat. The park specializes in water-based activities like kayaking, speed boating etc. Reverberating with thrill, adventure and excitement, the park is one of a kind in the city and remains especially crowded during weekends. Timings : 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM Price : Packages starting INR 699 per person

Top Hotels In Surat

₽ 3,328 onwards

₽ 831 onwards

₽ 1,098 onwards

₽ 621 onwards

₽ 5,993 onwards

₽ 778 onwards

5. Neverland Water Park, Surat

Neverland Water Park, Surat

Neverland Water Park is situated in the heart of the city of Surat behind M T B College in Kamrej. This water park in Surat has a plethora of swings and slides and is frequented by localities, especially on weekends. It offers a break from mundane city life with its adventure activities and fun games. Timings: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Price: Adult - INR 750, Child - INR 550

We hope you enjoyed our list of these best water parks in Surat. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

This post was published by Aqsa Aleem

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Amusement Parks in Surat for a Day of Thrill and Excitement

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  12. Neverland Water Park, Surat

    Neverland Water Park is situated in the heart of the city of Surat behind M T B College in Kamrej. The park has a plethora of swings and slides and is frequented by localites especially on weekends. ... Places to Visit near Surat for a Weekend Getaway. Hill Stations . Hill Stations Near Surat. Wildlife & Nature . Things to Do in Surat ...

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