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You must buy and sell Vanguard ETF Shares through Vanguard Brokerage Services (we offer them commission-free) or through another broker (which may charge commissions). See the Vanguard Brokerage Services commission and fee schedules for limits. Vanguard ETF Shares are not redeemable directly with the issuing fund other than in very large aggregations worth millions of dollars. ETFs are subject to market volatility. When buying or selling an ETF, you will pay or receive the current market price, which may be more or less than net asset value.

All investing is subject to risk, including the possible loss of the money you invest.

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Eligibility is first calculated using qualifying assets for an individual client. We then combine the qualifying assets of clients sharing a residential address to determine final eligibility*, with a minimum of $1 million to qualify for Vanguard Flagship Services®.

Assets that qualify

  • Any assets under management of  Vanguard Personal Advisor .
  • Vanguard mutual funds  and  Vanguard ETFs  held by a client in certain personal accounts qualify. Personal account types include: individual non-retirement, education savings accounts, IRAs, Joint, Trust, Custodian, Guardian, UTMA, UGMA, Estate, Sole Proprietorship, and Single-Participant SEP IRA plans.

Note:  Vanguard assets in a Vanguard 529 Plan, Vanguard Variable Annuity, Multi-participant SEP IRA plans, SIMPLE, i401k, 403(b), family partnership, family corporation, or employer-sponsored retirement plans for which Vanguard provides recordkeeping services may be included in determining eligibility if you also have a personal account holding Vanguard mutual funds or Vanguard ETFs. Assets held in other account types are not eligible to be included in service eligibility determination.

We review qualifications periodically

The qualification criteria (for example, asset levels) are reviewed periodically and could change at any time. Vanguard reserves the right to discontinue enrollment in any of these services or reassign any investor, without prior notification, to the appropriate service level if the investor fails to continue to meet the applicable qualification criteria. Vanguard reserves the right to amend or cancel selected features and benefits at any time without prior notification.

In addition, ongoing access by any particular investor to individual services, discounts, and exemptions is subject to periodic review and may be restricted based upon criteria established solely by Vanguard. While these services are complimentary, some underlying services may charge fees and expenses. Vanguard does not guarantee any level of service.

*Business addresses and other non-residential addresses are not eligible to be aggregated for purposes of determining services.

Vanguard's advice services are provided by Vanguard Advisers, Inc. ("VAI"), a registered investment advisor, or by Vanguard National Trust Company ("VNTC"), a federally chartered, limited-purpose trust company.

The services provided to clients will vary based upon the service selected, including management, fees, eligibility, and access to an advisor. Find VAI's Form CRS and each program's advisory brochure  here for an overview.

VAI and VNTC are subsidiaries of The Vanguard Group, Inc., and affiliates of Vanguard Marketing Corporation. Neither VAI, VNTC, nor its affiliates guarantee profits or protection from losses.

Vanguard Personal Advisor Select and Vanguard Personal Advisor Wealth Management charge fees based on a tiered fee schedule (maximum 0.30%) calculated as an average advisory fee on all advised assets. Vanguard Digital Advisor charges Vanguard Brokerage Accounts an annual gross advisory fee of 0.20% for its all-index investment options and 0.25% for an active/index mix. Vanguard Personal Advisor charges Vanguard Brokerage Accounts an annual gross advisory fee of 0.35% for its all-index investment options and 0.40% for an active/index mix. These services reduce those fees by the amount of revenue that Vanguard (or a Vanguard affiliate) retains from your portfolio in order to calculate your net advisory fee. Note that this fee doesn't include investment expense ratios. Please review each service's advisory brochure for more fee information.

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it's amazing how you do your work thanks for your services..Grifttech

Date of experience : November 14, 2023

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

I was able to got my money back. Thank you grifttech

Date of experience : November 15, 2023

Glitchy, Manipulated crypto prices!

Glitchy, manipulated crypto prices compared to other apps on the market, takes over 2 weeks to transfer funds for deposit, takes over 35 days for withdraws. After buy crypto currency’s -average buy price changes randomly higher then you bought it creating losses out of thin air. Market suddenly freezes won’t let you see actual gains. Please stay away. Robinhood is better and that’s nice to say.

Date of experience : May 03, 2021

Not Quite Ready for prime-time...

The app is user friendly and very intuitive. The processes are slower than anything except maybe real estate mortgage escrows. Cleared funds, in any currency, take weeks for wallet to wallet transfers. Opportunity costs may be far greater than any benefits provided by the app. Voyager is a "maybe someday," but not ready today... Must become exponentially faster than today.

Date of experience : April 21, 2021

Company over leveraged to provide high…

Company over leveraged to provide high staking rewards and unfortunately went under. Interface was fun to use while it lasted despite the high mark-up prices. After LUNA imploded, there was no option to withdraw funds.

Date of experience : June 19, 2022

Absolutely horrible service

Absolutely horrible service. Transaction times take days to weeks while other exchanges accomplish these things within minutes. I would stay far, far away. They are currently holding my money pending a manual review… Whatever that means. Use any other exchange then Voyager.

Date of experience : November 23, 2021

Save your money, literally

Save your money, literally. These people suspended withdrawals today because they issued bad loans and they defaulted. I'm glad I never deposited money with these people. If you do, you'll be the one paying for other people's bankruptcy. I blocked these people and reported their emails as spam. There's no way to unsubscribe, they'll just keep pestering you until you give them money, and as evidenced, you'll be the one paying for it when they get in trouble.

Date of experience : July 01, 2022

Is Voyager a good investment in 2022

Is Voyager a good investment in 2022? NO Change of bankruptcy = 50% So what happened to this once profitable company? Voyagers token swap window was so short and so poorly communicated that 20,000 plus customers missed out and are now left with worthless tokens. Millions of dollars owed and court proceedings could bankrupt the company. Seperate to that, Voyager is being sued for fraud over hidden fees to the amount of $1Billion. Voyager digital stock price has fallen by over 50% since court proceedings commenced in December 2021. VGX token price is also down by 50%. This is not a profitable investment.

Date of experience : January 22, 2022

Absolutely ZERO Customer Support

Gave them a shot after a promo offer. Takes forever for funds to clear, before you can withdraw/use your crypto.... it's like a worse version of Robinhood. Customer service is non-existent. Submitted a support ticket weeks ago and absolutely no response. There are much better options out there.

Date of experience : November 17, 2021

Can't move ANYTHING off the exchange…

Can't move POLKADOT off the exchange can only sell. To transfer Bitcoin out, they charge a crazy amount. Customer service is rude and obnoxious. Don't even think about spending a dime with them. Worst company ever. - Addendum - Now you cant do anything. You can't withdraw ANYTHING AT ALL!!! - As per their email below: "Today we made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend trading, deposits, withdrawals, and loyalty rewards. The app will be down for a short transition period. After that, you will still be able to view market data and track your portfolio, and you will receive rewards payments for the month of June." These damn CROOKS!!!!

Date of experience : June 26, 2022

I ran over my android phone

I ran over my android phone. I could not log in with "facial recognition" because the screen was shattered. It has been over a month trying to log in with a new iPhone. Like other people have said, customer support sent a generic response without clear instructions. It does not recognize my login information. Angry and ready to file a complaint with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

Date of experience : December 14, 2021

Public Company and Insured USD not a guarantee

I invested my money with them because they were e a public traded company and subject to rigorous standards. Also USD was insured. However, Voyager stole 2BTC 2ETH and 20K in cash. How can established companies just run off with everyone's money? They were very profitable. Bankruptcy in this case is more like legally stealing money. I'm sure all who worked there got their money out in time. I'm frustrated, that was my kid's college fund.

Date of experience : July 08, 2022

Easily one of the worst Crypto apps.

Easily one of the worst Crypto apps on the market that I've experienced. More than half of the currencies on the app are blocked from being traded to a different wallet app, and on top of all of that. This app always goes down "randomly" when certain crypto's are gaining big numbers. They always talk about "upgrading performance" but yet somehow the app always goes down randomly during market highs. Remarkable. The company is a fishy business. They ruin the market for others to make profit for themselves.

Date of experience : October 28, 2021

No support for app failure: Followup

Cannot log in because password fails, even though I am certain I have entered it correctly. The password reset function also fails: no reset email received. The only avenue for support is to complete an on-line support ticket and this too doesn't work:"captcha failed please try again." So I cannot access my acount nor can I get any help. Support was finally provided and access restored on 7/7.

Date of experience : June 28, 2021

Voyager is not free trading

Voyager is not free trading . I notice I put in $500 and only 497.50 goes into trade…. Stop saying your free trading because whether it’s $50 or $500 they are charging transaction fees. No transparency . Thought Coinbase was higher but realize no Voyager is taking a fee they say cause they get you a better entry point. No clear fee structure and say they are commission free but they are not fee free. Period. Misleading clients

Date of experience : June 25, 2021

This company should be looked into by…

This company should be looked into by federal and state governing bodies. I don't recall signing up for this app. I keep getting small charges. I finally open the app and it has apparently been investing my funds and LOSING me money. I asked to cancel my account and customer support just stopped responding. I have no existing balance, but they claim I do. There is no way that this company is run legally. I am jumping through hoops just to eliminate my account. Do NOT use this service. I've never had a worse experience.

Date of experience : June 02, 2022

Security over speed in their customer service

Been using voyager since december, switched here from cb to save on fees. People complaining haven’t been in crypto long enough to know what bad customer service is in this industry. Management seems transparent and honest about priotizing security and fraud prevention over speed, to me thats a WIN.

Date of experience : April 26, 2021

Pitiful token swap

I'm an early investor and like many others I lost all my tokens because of the pitiful token swap. I kept my tokens in a wallet for long term investment and I didn't hear about this swap. Unlike many other companies, they opened the swap only for a short period of time in the middle of the pandemic.

Date of experience : January 24, 2022

Voyager Invest is an absolute horrible…

Voyager Invest is an absolute horrible App. I deposited $600 into my account with intentions of purchasing a Crypto. Once it was determined they stop offering the Crypto I wanted to purchase. They will not allow me to transfer the money back to my BAnk. The app ask for verification code when you enter it nothing happens. I honestly believe they purposely have this Glitch as the Deposit works just fine but the Withdrawl doesn't. I have been waiting for over a week after opening a ticket for a response to no avail. Also they don't have any semblane of Customer Service Number just email. HORRIBLE!!!!

Date of experience : August 26, 2021

Ripped Off by MAVS100 promotion

Ripped Off by MAVS100 promotion. I joined Voyager because of their promo claim to pay $100 in BTC. I did my part to meet the criteria and they have yet to fulfill their end of the deal. They waitlisted my account but I still deposited $100 cash within the required timeframe and completed a purchase of $100 in ETH on 10/31/2021 due to their wait listing, but they never paid the $100 in BTC. Now when I want to transfer my purchased ETH to a legitimate platform they want me to pay them 12% of my holdings. They want to steal my ETH gains and take some of my original investment. Total rip off.

Date of experience : December 02, 2021

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  • Best Online Brokers and Trading Platforms 2023

Invest Voyager Review 2023

Invest Voyager logotype

Invest Voyager is a crypto exchange with a user-friendly mobile app for US traders.

Invest Voyager offers trading opportunities on 60+ leading and emerging crypto tokens.

Whether you’re new to Invest Voyager, or have been following the brand on Reddit or Twitter, this review covers everything you need to know. Keep reading to find out how to invest on the Voyager app, plus other notable features including assets, fees and crypto news.

Company Headlines

Invest Voyager, or Voyager Digital, was founded in 2017 by CEO Stephen Ehrlich. The company’s headquarters are in New Jersey, USA. In 2020, Invest Voyager was involved in a merger with LGO, an entity regulated by the Authorite des Marches Financiers (AMF), France’s stock market regulatory authority. Voyager LLC itself is registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

Invest Voyager is currently available to residents in all US states, apart from those with a New York address. It is also available to residents of US territories such as Puerto Rico and Guam. The team is working with regulators to obtain a BitLicense and offer trading to New York residents.

Further on the Invest Voyager roadmap, the broker is also working on expanding into Canada, the UK and Europe.

Trading Platform

Invest voyager currently does not have a desktop platform, so customers must conduct all trading through the mobile app. However, there is now a waiting list for the desktop app, for those who prefer to trade this way.

You can visit to register for the desktop version. When released, the desktop app will offer all the same features as the mobile app, allowing users to manage their portfolios, as well as trade and earn interest on over 60 digital assets.

For the time being, the website is a great place to find all the information you need on accessing the mobile app and how to invest with Voyager.

Invest Voyager is a crypto exchange. As such, you will not be able to trade any stock or index assets, though there is a huge range of over 60 crypto tokens available. Some of the digital assets available include:

  • Voyager Token

If you hold InvestVoyager’s native token, Voyager Token, the exchange will automatically swap it to the new version of the token when one is released.

Invest Voyager crypto coins

Invest Voyager does not charge any commission but charges a small spread fee for all orders. The broker aims to make money by executing your trades at a better price point. If achieved, the broker keeps a portion of the savings. All in all, this makes the exchange much cheaper to trade with than competitors such as Coinbase and Kraken .

Mobile Investing

The InvestVoyager digital app is currently the only way to trade with the crypto exchange. For US clients, it is free to download on Apple (iOS) and Android (APK) devices and you can find it easily by searching for the purple logo in your phone’s app store.

Once users register and sign in with their new login details, they are free to begin trading crypto on the app straight away. For added security, clients can also enable two-factor authentication once they sign in.

Placing orders through the app is simple and intuitive. There are custom charts available to help analyse the market with access to real-time data. You can also send and receive crypto easily via another wallet, directly within the app.

Invest Voyager mobile app

Overall, the app has been reviewed positively for its reliability and limited downtime. The application is currently only available in English.

Deposits can be made either in fiat currency or cryptocurrency. Typically, deposits are processed and available to trade with instantly. However, users must allow five to ten days before they can withdraw these funds.

There are no deposit fees and the minimum deposit amount is $10. New users also have an instant deposit limit of $10,000 and a daily deposit limit of $5,000. This can be increased upon request through a support ticket but additional documentation may be required. Deposits can be made via the following methods:

  • Crypto transfer (over 30 supported)
  • Credit/debit card
  • Bank transfer

Withdrawals can be made via over 30 cryptocurrencies, which can be processed within 24 hours. Fiat withdrawals are also possible, although they can take up to three to five business days to be processed.

Withdrawals can be made via the same methods as deposits but note there is a $25,000 daily withdrawal limit. Withdrawal fees will also vary for different cryptos, with a few listed below:

  • Shiba Inu: 2,096,857 SHIB
  • Ethereum: 0.00414 ETH
  • Bitcoin: 0.0005 BTC
  • Litecoin: 0.01 LTC
  • Tether: 15 USDT
  • Cardano: 2 ADA
  • USDC: 12 USDC

Demo Account

InvestVoyager does not offer a demo account for its users. Whilst this may seem slightly disappointing, demo accounts are not common among crypto exchanges, so customers are not missing compared to rival brands.

Customers can earn rewards by joining the Voyager Loyalty Program (VLP). Users earn rewards when they hold the minimum monthly balance of a token. These rewards come in the form of interest earned on the holdings of respective tokens. The interest is earned at different rates for each of the 35 supported coins. Example interest rates are as follows:

  • Voyager Token: 7.00%
  • Ethereum: 4.60%
  • Polkadot: 12.00%
  • Dogecoin: 2.00%
  • Cardano: 5.25%
  • Bitcoin: 5.75%
  • Zcash: 1.00%
  • USDC: 9.00%
  • Dash: 3.00%
  • Celo: 3.00%

Invest Voyager’s parent company, Voyager Digital LLC, is registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). Voyager also has direct control of LGO, an entity that is regulated by the Authorite des Marches Financiers (AMF), France’s stock market regulatory authority. In addition, the banking partner that holds client USD is insured up to $250,000 under the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation).

Voyager is a safe and legit exchange to use and as a result, can offer a secure and reliable platform to clients. Robust regulatory oversight is also crucial in ensuring that the exchange is held accountable for its client funds.

Additional Features

Invest Voyager has a dedicated news section available on its website. Traders can keep on top of any crypto-related news stories here, including new deals, partnerships and investments. There’s also a blog where you can find useful market insights.

The Invest Voyager stock is also listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) with the stock ticker VOYG. Check with brokers to see if they support trading TSX stocks. The Voyager stock is also available over-the-counter with the symbol VYGVF.

Invest Voyager crypto trading app

With Invest Voyager, traders can automate their investing with ease on the exchange. As such, it is possible to set recurring daily, weekly or monthly buys for any favourite coins. Additionally, traders can also set limit orders when certain prices are hit.

Live Account

When you trade with Invest Voyager, there is only one type of account on offer. The benefit of this is that the best spreads and deals are not locked behind high minimum deposits or transfer limits. The account gives you access to advanced market data, interactive charts, news and research, allowing you to expand your crypto portfolio all from one place.

The main advantages of trading with Invest Voyager include:

  • Over 60 crypto assets available
  • Crypto deposits are near-instant
  • Earn interest on investments
  • Digital wallet compatibility
  • Intuitive mobile platform
  • Low minimum deposit
  • Loyalty program
  • Low trading fees

Our research flagged these as potential drawbacks to using Invest Voyager:

  • Desktop platform currently not available, though waitlist available
  • Not available for New York residents
  • Fiat withdrawals are difficult
  • Not available outside the US

Trading Hours

Trading on Invest Voyager is available 24/7, meaning those with full-time jobs can still trade at the weekend. Cryptocurrencies are not listed on markets such as stock exchanges, so there are no specific opening times and no limits to when you can trade.

Customer Support

Customer service should be a top priority when you choose any broker or exchange. Invest Voyager currently does not offer a phone support number or live chat. However, the lack of a contact number is often compensated with a reliable email service. The company’s customer support team can be accessed via the following methods:

The crypto exchange can also be found on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Reddit.

Users have the option of setting up two-factor authentication at the sign-in process. This includes verification either by email, text or an authenticator app, which is required for every login attempt.

As mentioned above, any USD funds held in Invest Voyager accounts are protected by the FDIC. If the business goes insolvent, those funds are insured up to $250,000 and will be returned. Cryptocurrency holdings, however, are not protected by FDIC.

Invest Voyager Verdict

Invest Voyager is a popular cryptocurrency exchange operating in the US. Currently, traders in the US (excluding New York) can use the app, but there are plans to expand to Canada, the UK and Europe. Voyager clients can invest in over 60 crypto assets, many of which offer the potential for rewards, such as interest on earnings.

If you are in the US and want a crypto exchange with an intuitive app, high security and good customer service, Invest Voyager could be the one for you.

Is Invest Voyager Legit?

Invest Voyager is a regulated, publicly traded crypto exchange and is registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). You can also find testimonials and trader reviews on popular sites such as Reddit.

Is Invest Voyager Safe?

It cannot be said explicitly whether it is safe to invest with Voyager. All crypto investments are risky as there is limited regulation in the industry in general. Nonetheless, USD funds held with the exchange are insured up to $250,000 with the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation).

Where Is InvestVoyager Based?

Invest Voyager is based in the US. Traders in all states, except for New York, are free to trade with the exchange. The company is also planning to expand to the UK, Europe and Canada.

Do You Have To Pay Tax On Earnings On Invest Voyager?

With Invest Voyager, like most exchanges, your earnings may be subject to taxes. If you earn interest, it could be subject to income tax, while profits earned from selling cryptocurrency may be subject to capital gains tax. Check the specific tax rules within your jurisdiction before investing.

How Much Capital Do I Need To Trade With Invest Voyager?

Invest Voyager has a very low minimum deposit. Traders need only $10 to begin trading on the app. Deposits can be made via crypto transfer, credit/debit card, or bank transfer.

Accepted Countries

Invest Voyager only accepts traders from United States.

Payment Methods

  • Wire Transfer
  • Credit Card
  • Bitcoin Payments

Invest Voyager Details

Cryptocurrency trading details, top 3 alternatives to invest voyager.

Compare Invest Voyager with the top 3 similar brokers that accept traders from your location. The top 3 similar brokers are:

  • IG Group – IG is an award-winning broker that has an excellent reputation globally. The brand-US offers spread betting, CFD and forex trading across a comprehensive suite of markets. IG is also multi-regulated, provides a great trading app and has 50 years experience. Go to IG Group
  • Interactive Brokers – Interactive Brokers is a leading global brokerage that provides access to a comprehensive offering of stocks as well as forex, futures, metals, bonds and cryptos. The firm has over 40 years experience in the online trading industry and is heavily regulated by SEC, FCA, IIROC, and SFC. Traders use the proprietary Trader Workstation and can access powerful tools and data feeds as well as comprehensive educational resources. Go to Interactive Brokers
  • Just2Trade – Just2Trade is a reliable multi-regulated broker registered with FINRA, NFA and CySEC. The company has 155,000 clients from 130 countries and stands out for its huge suite of instruments and additional features, including a social network, robo advisors and a funded trader programme. Go to Just2Trade

Invest Voyager Comparison Table

Compare trading instruments.

Compare the markets and instruments offered by Invest Voyager and its competitors. Please note, some markets may only be available via CFDs or other derivatives.

Invest Voyager vs Other Brokers

Compare Invest Voyager with any other broker by selecting the other broker below.

Customer Reviews

There are no customer reviews of Invest Voyager yet, will you be the first to help fellow traders decide if they should trade with Invest Voyager or not?

Submit Your Own Review of Invest Voyager

If you have experience trading with Invest Voyager please share your personal review of the broker and what you think are strong and weak points. Thank you.

Contact Voyager: Recovery App

Contact Voyager Support

About: Buy and sell Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Polygon (MATIC), Dogecoin (DOGE), and 100+ cryptocurrencies. Voyager is the simple, secure path to purchasing 100+ cryptocurrencies while earning up to 12% in annual rewards, get rewarded for referring friends, and more.

How to Contact Voyager Customer Service/Support

Listed below are our top recommendations on how to get in contact with Voyager: Recovery App. We make eduacted guesses on the direct pages on their website to visit to get help with issues/problems like using their site/app, billings, pricing, usage, integrations and other issues. You can try any of the methods below to contact Voyager: Recovery App. Discover which options are the fastest to get your customer service issues resolved.. The following contact options are available: Pricing Information, Support, General Help, and Press Information/New Coverage (to guage reputation).

NOTE: If the links below doesn't work for you, Please go directly to the Homepage of Voyager Digital, LLC

100% Contact Match

Developer: Voyager Digital, LLC

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Voyager Website

More Matches

Social Support and Contacts

Reported issues: 68 comments.

By Drahcir Nomis

I made the serious mistake of trusting Voyager without doing proper research like the information on this site. I understand that as of the end of 2021 this company now has over 1 million accounts. In a recent CEO interview on YOUTUBE he states the company growth was overwhelming and they are ramping up staff. However the information here indicates that Voyager has been a nightmare for many customers throughout the last year. There is no phone support and no mailing address. The customer support tickets are not responded to. I have already got a significant amount of Crypto with them, and then I initiated a LARGE Crypto transfer a month ago which was confirmed and completed the same day in my transaction history. As of today it is still NOT CREDITED TO MY ACCOUNT BALANCE. Use Voyager at your own extreme risk as what you are reading here is FOR REAL!!!!!!!

By William Simmons

I have significant coin value in Voyager. My account was disabled a month ago. I have created many tickets in support but so far not even one response from Voyager. I can't send or receive money, trade or transfer. I am caught in limbo without access to money or coins.

By Leon Achille

I made a transfer of $1000 from voyager to my bank account since last week. The money has never been transferred to the account. I have been calling my bank ( because I don't have a number to call Voyager!). Nada. Instead, Voyager has taken $100 and $200 on my account without authorization. Can someone please tell me what's going on???

By Danny Tarpley

The absolute worst excuse of a crypto exchange out there. Bait you with a 12% staking and take forever to do anything. No response from their email crap customer service and no phone support. Opened an account and it took over a month for my funds to become available. 2 weeks to withdraw my money and have still been waiting over 2 weeks for another $200 deposit I made to clear. Coinbase is instant. Total crap, don't waste your time with this shit company. I will be closing my account as soon as I can get my money back.

By Billy Dean Richardson

I tried logging into my account and the Voyager app prompted me to provide front and back of my ID and a selfie which I prompted. After that my account said pending application and all my balance is ZERO. Can’t log in with my email and password so I’ve tried to reset my password With a voyager email and that didn’t work. I need help finding account.

I change password.. after see unauthorized access… nov 16.. Want to closed my account… because it not secured… More access occurred since… Close it….

By atif mian

piece of shit exchange stay clear over 24 hours and still cannot get my crypto!!!! assholes

By Rolando Rara

I tried logging into my account and the Voyager app prompted me to provide front and back of my ID and a selfie which I prompted. After that my account said pending application and all my balance is ZERO! I have 2.51 ETHEREUM and 162 MANA coins and it saids I don’t own any. It started when I tried withdrawing cash from Voyager but on the app it said that the bank link expired. I tried linking my bank at least 10 times and it failed when the Plaid system didn’t connect and finally just added the same bank account that was expired on Voyager. It worked and I was able to withdraw $2200 and it’s pending. But now I can’t even see anything in my account because it’s saying “Pending application” like I opened another account which I did not. I was just trying to link an expired account. Why would I have ZERO balance when I have over $13500 in crypto coins? Please help.

By Saleem Azimi

my account become inactive. unable to log in need help . my contact #848-4569-8422.thanks

I have a new phone number so I cannot complete verification or access my voyager crypto account

I deposited $2400 from my chase account into voyager last week Friday. Just a day before the maintenance began on Monday the 25th of October 2021 I have been unable to login to the app to trade its almost a week now and my account is still inactive I do not understand why. I am beginning to have a negative feeling that these a well planned scam organization stealing people's money on a daily basis I tried reaching out to the customer service email they responded that maintenance is complete and everything is going well but still unable to login no number to call and speak to a representative about the problem this is just too bad. Funny enough I have learnt my lesson and can never give a positive review about the app not even to my worst enemy this is absolutely wickedness and a well organized crime and I won't stop until I get my money back going to the police to make a report in 3 days if I don't get my money back. Will also write a petition to the FBI to let them know about the disaster going on here. Thank you and do have a nice day. Dawn

The 6 digit verification code will not go to my email so I can’t log in.

By John stone

I forgot my password, and can't get any further My phone number (865)654-3365 Anytime after 10:00 am Thank you

By Doddie Everett

I can't deposit in my checking account

By Linda Rock

You took money out of my checking account which put me in the negative. YOU WERE NOT AUTHORIZED TO DEDUCT ANY SUMS FROM MY ACCOUNT.

By Helen Akinruli

I am really frustrated! Reading all these unresolved issues is making me more nervous. I have not been able to get into my account for weeks now. I have over 5000.00 dollars in the wallet. Each time I try to.log in is ask for 2 step code, but I am not receiving any text. I have set up multiple tickets, still no respond from anyone. Does this mean my money is gone?

Worst company EVER. I started out loving the and slowly as you stat using their features you come to realize how poorly this company is run. I have submitted over 15 tickets to try and get in contact with them and they haven't responded to ONE of them. But they have the time to send out blast advertisement emails but they cant have a customer support system to help their clients who have thousands of dollars on their platform I find that insane... DO NOT USE VOYGAR

By William J Elisma

Hello I have $800 on VOYAGER. The app was down, after I received an email saying the app was back to work, I tried to log in on my account it keep on saying my account is inactive. I emailed help desk it's been a few days still no answer yet. Is there a phone number I can call?

Log in screen says “Connectivity Issues please check network settings or try again later” since yesterday! I can’t log in. What’s the number for help?

By Jennifer L Katz

Cannot report problem thru customer service. Cannot log in. Call me at 321-258-8008

By Sahcihan Sahin

I have deposited some amounts of ADA from Crypto before and even though i double checked address like 10 times and lots and lots of confirmations have already been done, my coins are still missing. Its like i never sent anything and its funny how Voyager doesn’t take it seriously at all. Its been over a month and my coins are still missing.

By Rex Williams

I have been on standby for forager for over a month. I should have been able to use your platform purchase crypto weeks ago! You don't respond to my text messages and I find it to be disrespectful and poor customer service

anyone knows how to contact Voyager through phone or mail? I couldn't logon my account for over a month, I have $3000 there, it only shows account disabled. Send numerous email to support, only give a ticket number, that's it. it is the worse company support I ever worked. Any input is appreciated! Thanks!

By Lee Tubbs

Can't get into my account. Keep telling me it's going to send me a code. Never received it been locked out of my account for over a month now. And no one will help.

By Robert Ellen

I cant sign in to my account and it tell me to contact customer service

By David Angelo

THEY locked my account and will not answer any emails this is day 4. There is now other way to contact them is by email and they do not respond. They are the WORST when it comes to customer service and they do care they already have your money... your SCREWED!

By A.T. Vaden

I have submitted all my information, and my account has been under review for almost 2 full weeks. Is this normal?? Proces on the currency I want to invest in have doubled since trying to invest. Please give me an answer or resolution. Ive never tried this hard to give money to someone!! Very frustrating.

By Jennifer Camacho

I need to update my phone number so I can log into my voyager account!

By David Katamay

Been using this platform for a couple weeks and no problem then all the sudden it wont let me sign in I have a large investment on dogecoin been locked out of my account for the 2nd day now please resolve this issue asap thanks tdkatamay

Withdrawal is on Pending status, over a week of waiting and its still pending. This is ridiculously very slow. I opened a support ticket and no response for help. This is unacceptable. This is supposed to take minutes to withdraw not over a week. What happened to your 24 hours service of withdrawal ? What is going on? Why is it so slow and no customer support reaching out?

By Joshua HAM

I have been trying g to get on my account for two weeks...I have a new phone number so my verification code goes to my old number..please help me..New phone old number 786-651-7685

By Theodore Heyse

WHERE IS MY MONEY!!!!! It's been two and a half weeks and the money still hasn't gotten into my bank account yet it's over 3,400 dollars and I cannot contact customer support I filled out numerous tickets and never got a reply

By Renee key

I have different phone number can not log in plz respond

By Gurdeep Kaur

I can not withdraw my from voyager account tried so many times. Help me to withdraw my money. I really need it

By Patrick Esonis

Pls help. I have both a bank withdrawal and BTC withdrawal that have been pending for 8 days. I know your app says 5-10 days for bank withdrawals, but it also says 24 hrs to transfer crypto. I need that money!

By David Ge

Can Voyager Customer Support to resolve the USD deposit issues? The Voyager app in my account has a balance, and it is not available to trade. And the problem is it has much more than 10 days (supposer to be 5-10days) and my bank has not shown the money is transfered to Voyager. What happened? (this is not a new account setup for first time transfer, it works many times before).

By Alessandro fiore

Hello, I tried to contact you because I changed my phone number and I cannot access to my account please contact me ASAP, it’s over a month I waiting to update my new phone number. Thanks

Hi, I am still waiting funds to get deposited to buy coins, passed 11 business days & still funds are not available to purchase coins. Why there is prolonged so much? How many days should I wait more? Thanks

By Marc Shelffo

I transferred 4200 XRP to Voyager and it shows received on the block chain, yet it has not been credited to my account. I transferred a smaller qty earlier in the week. Now it's been 5 days and no response to my ticket. But I see here that Voyager is not accepting deposits all of the sudden. How to I get my 4200 XRP coins back? No response from VOYAGER.

By Jose Salazar

I transfer my XRP from atomic wallet. But didn't know XRP wasn't accepted on Voyager. How can I get my XRP back?

By Steve Hansen

Hello. My voyage account has disabled too long. I have accidentally click disable my account that I have tried using 2FA.

I've deposited money from my bank to Chime, then tried to transfer to my Voyager acct. The money is on my Chime card, but apparently took so long for the every single one of my deposits from Chime to voyager say rejected! Need to speak to someone directly ASAP! Is there an actual person I can speak to at Voyager and if so...can someone please provide me a phone number? Very frustrated! Thank you!

By AmyLou Maguire

I can transact with my voyager app it keeps saying I’m on a waitlist due to a surge in demand and that’s crap, I have more than $1500 on the app I need my money

By William James Montgomery

It's been 6 days and my withdrawal is still pending usually its fast next day just curios why so long

By Jermaine Williams

Hello Voyager Bank how are you doing today? I have a Voyager account and the app and for some odd reason the verification code to log in is not coming in to my text message or email

By Leroy prince chelse

Unable to receive code on my mobile number to login into my Voyager account. Please help me asap

By Robert James.

every customer that has Laid a Complaint... Text me Directly here so that Ur Account with Voyager is been resolved within 24 hours....(803) 426-3019

By Greg Cook

Why wont voyager accept my mobile number

By Gloria A Hernandez

How long until I can start using my voyager it keeps saying I'm on the wait list due to surge of demand???

By Timothy D Craig

My ex girlfriend kicked me out of my voyager account. I can prove it’s me I have $9800in there. I can’t let her have it. Can you help

By Karen Dukes

I cant seem to get connected to be able to scan my ID. AND also give information for my Bank Chime. Will you please help me. My cell phone number is 951 489 8712.

I put money in my account. My girlfriend also had access. She changed the settings like phone number So now I can’t get in to my account Please help in anyway you can

By Isidra Gugel

Why is my account pending and in review. I need in the app. Y'all took all my information and I completed my verification. Then it says my account us under review.

By Holly Dalton

Well I am to the point to give up on you I was asked to use you So I could get some help They can't help Unless you can give me a code number You have sent me three code numbers. But they won't go in. Please ! Don't put me off on this matter I need money ASP. THANK you for your time on this matter. Holly K Dalton 1818 Summit Dr. Shelton ,Washington 99584

By Tenisha Mims

I cant access my account. The code want come to my number

By Gary Gordon

I’m have trouble linking my bank account please help me

By Katrina L Sargent

Hi excuse me what the hell going on and ehat happen to voyager app on/off on my phone and but i am lucky voyager email and pw already set up everything in my account ...please let me and email ok

By Tyrone Rigney

Can’t post my bank can’t find my bank it won’t let me put my card in my bank on my acco my

By Lee collins

I'm having problem with vifey my address its not letting me add my correct address

I’ve been waiting for more than 2 weeks now and they still haven’t verified my ID, very slow respond and no phone number to call for help?? Really this is sucks

By Steven Chen

It disabled my account and no help at all, open multiple tickets, didn't answer. Very frustrated.

By TYRONE Culberson

Hello! I’m having an issue with the Voyager app. I get to the point where I need to verify my account. I try to scan in or photograph the front and back of my driver’s license to the app but it won’t scan. When I try to take a picture, it says document not found. Does anybody know how I can successfully get my documents uploaded to the Voyager app? Please email me with your suggestions.

By Nick hoessel

I got my account hacked how do I call customer service can’t get on at all I need a phone number someone please help

By Cynthia O'Brien

Your site will not accept my bank account??

By Mark Gold

Trying to finish address information on application. Help its not working! Thanks

By Chris00056

Terrible!!! Voyager failed to credit my account.

Voyager is terrible - I transferred thousands of dollars worth of ADA from my wallet - the transaction was confirmed on the blockchain over 40,000 times - never credited on my Voyager account. I reached out to customer service by phone five times and left voicemails because nobody ever answers the phone and I have never received a call back from support. I have emailed support at least 15 times and still no resolution to this issue. I actually sent tweets to the CEO and he just indicated that the issue was being looked into yet nothing has happened. It has been eight days since the transfer occurred and I have nothing in my Voyager account. They have failed to give me my money and their customer service is absolutely terrible. Lastly, free exchanges is a scam because the buy spreads are absolutely ridiculous - you will pay sometimes up to 3% more per crypto over the actual market price and when you sell you don’t get that same mark up - I have calculated that you often pay at least $50 - $100 per purchase - for example with ADA - if the market price is 1.15, the price you have to buy ADA through Voyager will be around 1.19 so if you intend to purchase 2000 ADA that will actually cost you an extra $80 - but if you were to sell ADA Voyager will only give you the 1.15 price - might as well just use a legitimate exchange and pay the $7 for each buy - save lots of money - and they probably won’t lose your money.

By llundber

Horrible spreads, limit orders and money movement delays

I initially liked the concept and the seemingly low fees but found that they make TONS of money off users by a terrible spread for market orders. The fact that limit orders rarely ever execute or at least, take many many hours to do so, makes it impossible for a trader to make any reasonable profit in the short term. It’s obvious this lag or purposeful annoyance is rigged and will make most people submit a market order instead, which is rigged to get the worst possible price and thereby fill voyagers balance sheet with these hidden and outrageous spread “fees”. Do not use this app if you are wanting to rapidly trade. Only if you are long and rarely want to invest or divest. But … Even then , the fee to transfer Bitcoin is a whopping 28 bucks and takes hours to days. Withdrawals and deposits of fiat USD take days to weeks!! No other exchange is this terrible. The app itself is very buggy where orders don’t show up after you make them, the list of orders and transfers has to be refreshed frequently before they show and s general feeling of “is this app really showing correct prices and balances” tends to irk me. Also, the calculations are almost all completely off. The profit loss is based on “price” which you will NEVER get. The cost average is very wrong. It’s a literal mess. And now in the heat of highest prices ever, their app can’t handle the trades. It’s DOWN. What a JOKE.

By sourtram

consistent maintenance in progress

I have been using Voyager for less than a month now. Shortly after I transferred thousands of dollars and made my orders i have been locked out of my account numerous times. They constantly are doing maintenance to their app. They would have various reasons why. For example i would be locked out because there were too much traffic during trading and will notify me when I can access my account again. They actually have a scheduled maintenance day where I would get emails in advance stating that I wouldn’t be able to access my account for a few hours. Which means if I should suddenly need to sell my positions due to market crash i wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. Currently while I am writing this review I am locked out because voyager had issue a new iOS in the apple store and is waiting for an approval to update the app. It’s been over six hours now and still locked out of my account. So the market can crash right now and I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. Crypto trading is 24/7 and I would frequently be locked out. This is my money they are dealing with and It drives me mad knowing that I actually don’t have control over it. I am too deep now to withdraw everything and go elsewhere. These people are really sneaky on how keep you on. Oh well I won’t be increasing my position anymore for sure.

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  • Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
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invest voyager customer service phone number

George Spencer

--> December 5, 2021

Everything You Need To Know About InvestVoyager

invest voyager customer service phone number

InvestVoyager, a leading name in the world of cryptocurrency investment, is a publicly-traded, licensed crypto-asset broker that provides retail investors with mobile and desktop solutions to trade and earn interest on a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. It was founded in 2017 by Stephen Ehrlich, Philip Eytan, Gaspard De Dreuzy, Oscar Salazar, and Serge Kreiker and its headquarters are in the GreaterNew York Area, East Coast, Northeastern US. InvestVoyager is a crypto asset broker that provides retail and institutional investors with a turnkey solution. The platform gives access to over 50 tokens and coins. You can buy, sell or swap assets using Voyager’s simple mobile application available to download for free on both iOS and Android phones.

InvestVoyager’s motto is “we believe that crypto assets are the future of finance and investing. Together, we are creating the broker that the crypto market deserves.” They are a team of finance and technology industry veterans dedicated to empowering and servicing investors in the most exciting asset class to date; which is crypto. The founders have combined their decades worth of experience from leading organizations like E*TRADE, Uber, TradeIt, Lightspeed Financial and more, to bring out Voyager.

The company’s mission is to provide every investor with a trusted and secure access point to crypto asset trading. We offer best-in-class customer service, incomparable access to the most popular assets and commission-free trading. When you invest through Voyager, you’ll pay nothing in commissions, which is a major benefit compared to other cryptocurrency brokers. Voyager is also one of the only brokers that allow users to earn interest on their crypto investments.

A number of decentralized exchanges already exist for the purpose of trading cryptocurrencies , so that’s really not new. However, the fact that crypto investors are able to earn a significant yield on their investments is something worth diving into. That’s why Voyager is one of the unique crypto investment platforms at the moment. The company’s growth over the years has to do with the creation of their incredible token, known as VGX. 

What’s most interesting about VGX is the unique utility it provides investors. Sure VGX is a digital token, just like its peers. However, VGX also provides investors with a unique benefit. By holding a given number of VGX Tokens, Voyager patrons can take advantage of the Voyager yield program, which rewards holders with additional yield on their holdings. Therefore, interest boosts of up to 1 percentage point on cryptocurrencies such as BTC are offered. The more VGX one holds, the higher the yield.

With a token as interesting as VGX, InvestVoyager has certainly been successful over the past few years since its founding, and has managed to make a pretty good name for themselves. According to a recent press release by the broker, their revenue exceeded US$8.5 million for the month of January 2021 and US$2.5 million for the period February 1 to February 4, 2021.Assets Under Management Surpass US$800 Million as of February 4, 2021. The value of customer trades for January increased over 5x to US$840 million up from US$150 million in December, 2020. The Company has executed over US$170 million of trades for the period February 1 through February 4, 2021.

That’s pretty darn impressive.

What are the main services offered by InvestVoyager?

Services offered by InvestVoyager include execution, data, wallet, and custody services through its institutional-grade open architecture platform.

How does InvestVoyager make money?

When Voyager finds you a more advantageous price, it extends the savings onto you and keeps a small percentage of the differentiation. In other words, Voyager’s exchange only makes money when it saves YOU money. They profit off the fall or rise of cryptocurrencies. Voyager also make money from the investments they make. Their latest investment was in Blockdaemon on Jun 8, 2021, which was valued at $28 million.

What are the fees on InvestVoyager?

Voyager Crypto is a 0 commission cryptocurrency trading platform. That means whether you’re buying or selling cryptocurrency, you’ll pay only the quoted price when you finish your order. Voyager uses a unique Smart Order Routing that takes advantage of the divergence between listed prices on cryptocurrency exchanges. You can also earn interest on your cryptocurrency investments as well, simply by leaving them in your Voyager wallet. Interest rates range from 1% to 8.5% APR, depending on the asset. You must meet a minimum number of coins or tokens in your wallet to qualify for Voyager’s interest program.

Is InvestVoyager a regulated financial institution?

InvestVoyager operates in various cities, each of which they have a proper license for. In Alaska, they have the Money Transmitter License (AKMT-013586) with licensing authority by the State of Alaska Division of Banking & Securities. In Arizona, they have the Money Transmitter License (386-594) with licensing authority from the Department of Financial Institutions. In Florida, it’s (FT230000259) with licensing authority from the Office of Financial Regulation. Same with Washington, Tennessee, Georgia, Ohio, South Dakota, Illinois. They all have proper authorized licenses to operate in all places.

Is InvestVoyager insured?

Cryptocurrency held on the Voyager Platform is not protected by FDIC insurance or any other government-backed or third party insurance. Technical and market factors outside of Voyager’s control may adversely affect the value of Cryptocurrencies. These factors include, without limitation, (i) technical defects, limitations or changes to a given Cryptocurrency; (ii) Forks (as discussed in the User Agreement); and (iii) the emergence of competing Cryptocurrencies. Your ability to purchase Cryptocurrencies through Voyager is contingent on Voyager’s ability to source such Cryptocurrencies from third party providers. Therefore, Voyager makes no promises regarding the timing or ability to purchase Cryptocurrencies using the Voyager Platform.

Is InvestVoyager safe? What sort of security features do they offer?

Voyager is one of the biggest crypto brokerages that gives an easy, user-friendly experience to users. Voyager’s record is clear of any major lawsuits or scandals. Invest Voyager is a very secure platform, although they’ve closed 50 complaints in the past 12 months. Voyager has a 2FA authenticator and you can enable it on the app in your settings under “Security”. 

How to open up an InvestVoyager account?

To open a Voyager account, download the app from either the Apple app store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android). Once the app has successfully downloaded to your phone or tablet, open the app and allow the app to send you notifications.

After you’ve allowed notifications, click on “Sign Up.”

Fill the fields required on the Sign Up Form, which are your first name, your last name, your email address, country of residence, and phone number, then click “Continue”

Create a pin to use whenever you open the app.

Click “Show my recovery phrase”. Copy the recovery paste and paste it somewhere like the notes app or write it down in a notepad and keep it safe. The Recovery Phase is important to have when you are logging in after changing your phone or when you’re unable to access your wallet. 

Next is to submit the documents required for verification and identification.

KYC Documents Requirements

Voyager is required by the USA Patriot Act,Know Your Customer (“KYC”) and Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) regulations to collect personally identifiable information (“PII”) to verify your identity and ensure your eligibility to open an account and trade with Voyager. Information we collect includes email address, full name, mobile phone number, home address, date of birth, and social security number. Please note, depending on the results of our initial review, you may be asked to submit additional documentation to support your account opening under these regulations. This documentation request may include, but is not limited to, a clear photo of yourself (“selfie”) holding your valid driver’s license, a passport or other government-issued photo ID, proof of your social security number and proof of your home address.

In what countries is InvestVoyager available in?

Trading on the Voyager App is currently available to residents in all U.S. states, excluding New York. Voyager is also available to residents of U.S. Territories including American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the United States Virgin Islands. Our team is working with regulators to obtain a BitLicense to offer trading to New York residents as soon as possible. Voyager is working to expand internationally into Canada and Europe later this year.

invest voyager customer service phone number

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24 Jun 2023

23 Jun 2023

16 Jun 2023

15 Jun 2023

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invest voyager customer service phone number

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Voyager — Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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Voyager review: Trade more than 100 cryptocurrencies without fees

Our experts answer readers' investing questions and write unbiased product reviews ( here's how we assess investing products ). Paid non-client promotion: In some cases, we receive a commission from our partners . Our opinions are always our own.

*Note: Voyager announced an official shutdown on May 5, 2023, and will now self-liquidate its assets. It originally filed for bankruptcy on July 2, 2022, but failed to reach a deal with Binance.US and FTX. Voyager will cease operations and digital assets will be liquidated and refunded to its customers. Voyager's customers can expect to see an initial 36% recovery of their crypto holdings.

Voyager Voyager

  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Low account minimum ($10)
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. No trading fees (excluding the small spread fee Voyager earns for executing orders at better prices)
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Access to 100+ cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ethereum, and dogecoin
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. You can fund account instantly with cash or crypto transfers
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Voyager filed for bankruptcy in July 2022
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. No coin-to-coin exchanges
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. No self-custody for individuals, meaning you can't secure your crypto assets with a private key you control (Voyager says this feature is coming soon)
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Not available for New York residents, and international support is limited (see full list of supported countries here)
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. No live phone support
  • Promotion: None at this time.
  • Features: 100+ cryptocurrencies, 0.50% interest for holding min. of 4,000 DOGE, and FDIC insurance on USD holdings.
  • App store rating: 4.7 iOS/ 4.4 Android

Founded in 2017, Voyager is a mobile crypto broker offering commission-free trading on more than 100 cryptocurrencies , with crypto services both for individuals and institutions.

The crypto app also lets you earn monthly interest payments for maintaining minimum balances of different cryptocurrencies, and institutional clients have access to order execution, liquidity, and custodial services.

The Voyager crypto app is available on iOS and Android devices.

Voyager and Gemini  both have the following in common: huge crypto selections, low minimums, and crypto services for institutions. But fees vary for each platform.

Voyager is the least expensive of the two, but it doesn't give you access to staking like Gemini does. But Gemini offers more services. These include Gemini Wallet, Gemini Pay, Gemini Custody, and multiple other trading platforms.

Voyager and Kraken also offer several similar features. You can invest in more than 100 crypto assets with either platform. However, Voyager doesn't let you utilize margin accounts or futures trading (futures are contracts that give you the right to buy or sell an asset at a certain price on an upcoming date) like Kraken does.

But Voyager offers a simpler interface, so it could be a better choice for beginners or those who prioritize ease-of-use.


You only need $10 to trade cryptocurrencies at Voyager. But Voyager isn't exactly an exchange. The company describes itself as a broker that facilitates trading through its routing technology. This means you won't be able to decide where to execute your trades; Voyager does this for you.

But even though you can't determine how trades are executed, Voyager says its Smart Order Router connects to more than 12 exchanges and market makers to offer its users fast order execution and good pricing. The app supports bank transfers up to $5,000.

Though Voyager's cryptocurrencies are commission-free, the app makes money (known as the "spread fee") when you save money on an order. Specifically, Voyager says it takes a small spread fee when it executes an order at a better price than you, the investor, submitted.

Voyager also has a limited selection of educational support for beginner traders. Though the crypto app offers both market news roundups and several explainer blog posts on different crypto topics, it doesn't provide much else for newcomers.

See a complete list of Voyager's supported coins and crypto assets here .

Institutional investing

If you're an institutional investor with crypto needs, Voyager offers a suite of options. These include:

  • Execution platform: Voyager's execution platform — which it says is powered by its Smart Order Router — strives to offer institutional clients the best prices and most efficient order execution, according to its website.
  • Liquidity network: Voyager says its platform gives you access to a network of crypto exchanges, liquidity providers, and over-the-counter (OTC) desks. These services allow you to take advantage of multiple trading options with a single account or wallet.
  • Custodial suite: You can also choose from multiple security and storage options if you're looking to keep your crypto assets safe.

Voyager Digital Brokerage LTD owns and operates Voyager Institutional. Learn more here .

Better Business Bureau ratings usually range from A+ to F, but the BBB has given Voyager an F for multiple reasons: (1) the platform failed to respond to 157 complaints, (2) it received 185 complaints, (3) it's received multiple government actions, and (4) it never resolved two complaints that customers filed against it.

The bureau bases its ratings on how well it thinks a company interacts with its customers. It also analyzes other factors, including time in business, type of business, customer complaint history, licensing and government actions, and more.

In March 2022, the New Jersey Bureau of Securities ordered Voyager to stop offering interest-bearing accounts, claiming it used the accounts to sell unregistered securities. Voyager also recently filed for bankruptcy. If you're interested in crypto investing, you may want to consider other crypto exchanges . 

Yes. Voyager is a Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)-registered exchange, and it's a fully regulated and publicly traded company in the US. 

Yes. You can do so by finding "Account" in the Voyager app, selecting "Transfer Cash or Crypto," and navigating to "Transfer Crypto" and tapping "Send Crypto out of Voyager." You'll have to select both the asset and the amount you'd like to withdraw to your crypto wallet.

Voyager earns money from the spread between the price at which you submit your order and the price at which the platform executes it. In other words, Voyager makes money when it saves you money on an order by executing it at a better price.

invest voyager customer service phone number

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invest voyager customer service phone number


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    invest voyager customer service phone number

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    invest voyager customer service phone number

  3. Voyager Crypto Invest: Features, Perks, Cons, and Alternatives

    invest voyager customer service phone number

  4. Voyager Crypto Invest: Features, Perks, Cons, and Alternatives

    invest voyager customer service phone number

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    invest voyager customer service phone number

  6. Voyager Crypto Invest: Features, Perks, Cons, and Alternatives

    invest voyager customer service phone number


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  1. Does Voyager offer phone support?

    Does Voyager offer phone support? Updated 4 months ago Voyager's primary means of support is via email. If you find a phone number or someone contacts you via phone claiming to be Voyager support without prior email contact, please ignore and report immediately to us. Voyager's primary means of support is via email.

  2. How do I contact support?

    How do I contact support? Updated 3 months ago You can submit an email ticket through our support request form here . Our team does its best to provide our customers with the same service experience we'd want to have; excellent and fast.

  3. Support Home

    How can we help you? Popular searches: Initial Recovery. Check Reissue. Status Updates. Phone Support.

  4. Submit a request

    Please select from the below ... Submit a request

  5. Crypto Recovery Dashboard

    Plan Administrator's Second Status Report. Track Your Claim and Recovery in Voyager's Bankruptcy Case. Our platform provides real-time updates on your claim's status, initial recovery progress, and essential details about the Voyager bankruptcy proceedings.

  6. For Non-Customer Creditors Entitled to an Initial Recovery

    VISIT HELP CENTER , *For contact information updates or to request a check reissue, please visit the Help Center here. Total claim value $ Claim Type: Debtor: No distributions have been made against your claim at this time. Track Your Claim and Recovery in Voyager's Bankruptcy Case.

  7. Fraudulent Emails to Voyager Customers

    Below is an example of the fraudulent July 2nd email that, we understand, was sent to certain Voyager customers. The email has been sent from a variety of email addresses including, but not limited to, [email protected] and [email protected]. Please be on high alert as these are not likely the only email addresses being used.

  8. Who do I contact if I am having issues using CoinLedger?

    Support Home General Questions Tax Information Voyager X CoinLedger Who do I contact if I am having issues using CoinLedger? Updated 10 months ago Please contact [email protected] with specific questions regarding CoinLedger services. Please contact [email protected] with specific questions regarding CoinLedger services.

  9. What you get when you invest up to $1 million

    We're here to help. Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Eastern time Call 855-850-6972 Compare our services

  10. Voyager

    Voyager | 8,656 followers on LinkedIn. Award-winning mobile app with 100+ coins and a USD-Coin Debit Mastercard®. Making crypto for all simple and rewarding. | The Voyager app offers a simple and ...

  11. Voyager

    101-250 2,137 Highlights Acquisitions 3 Investments 5 Exits Unlock for free Total Funding Amount Unlock for free Employee Profiles 4 Contacts 51 Find More Contacts for Voyager Protected Content CMO Executive Management 1 email found 1 phone number found

  12. How to contact support? : r/Invest_Voyager

    Go to Invest_Voyager r/Invest_Voyager • Posted by beefy5k. How to contact support? Has anyone been able to get in contact with the Voyager Support team? I have been locked out of my account, and I sent an email a month ago and opened a ticket but have yet to hear any response from them. ... You guys should post your ticket numbers here so ...

  13. Voyager

    Voyager. 7,161 likes · 4 talking about this. Award-winning mobile app with over 100 cryptocurrencies and a USD Coin-powered Debit Mastercard®. Mak

  14. Contact information

    Our Client Services team is available Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., Eastern time Call 800-997-2798 Financial advisors site Global investors Are you an investor outside the United States? Investors outside the U.S. site Vanguard is the trusted name in investing. Since our founding in 1975, we've put investors first. Learn more

  15. Voyager Reviews

    Seperate to that, Voyager is being sued for fraud over hidden fees to the amount of $1Billion. Voyager digital stock price has fallen by over 50% since court proceedings commenced in December 2021. VGX token price is also down by 50%. This is not a profitable investment. Date of experience: January 22, 2022.

  16. Invest Voyager Review 2023

    Customer service should be a top priority when you choose any broker or exchange. Invest Voyager currently does not offer a phone support number or live chat. However, the lack of a contact number is often compensated with a reliable email service. The company's customer support team can be accessed via the following methods:

  17. Contact Voyager: Recovery App Customer Service/Support

    Contact Support How to Cancel/Delete Troubleshoot How to Contact Voyager Customer Service/Support Voyager: Recovery App Contact Information Listed below are our top recommendations on how to get in contact with Voyager: Recovery App.

  18. Everything You Need To Know About InvestVoyager

    Overview. InvestVoyager, a leading name in the world of cryptocurrency investment, is a publicly-traded, licensed crypto-asset broker that provides retail investors with mobile and desktop solutions to trade and earn interest on a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. It was founded in 2017 by Stephen Ehrlich, Philip Eytan, Gaspard De Dreuzy, Oscar Salazar, and Serge Kreiker and its headquarters ...

  19. Updates

    Plan Administrator's First Status Report. June 14, 2023. Track Your Claim and Recovery in Voyager's Bankruptcy Case. Our platform provides real-time updates on your claim's status, initial recovery progress, and essential details about the Voyager bankruptcy proceedings.

  20. Alright does anyone know if voyager customer service can ...

    16K subscribers in the Invest_Voyager community. Official subreddit for Voyager. Advertisement Coins. ... Using your phone number is not a great method. Reply ... I'll wait untill one day they have a customer service number, I never thought robinhood would add a customer service number but now they do have one, so we can only hope lol ...

  21. Voyager Review: Pros, Cons, and Who Should Set up an Account

    No live phone support; ... Customer service: 3.75: Overall score: 3.89: ... Ways to invest with Voyager Cryptocurrencies. You only need $10 to trade cryptocurrencies at Voyager. But Voyager isn't ...

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    How Does Vanguard Compare? How Do I Open An Account? Is It Safe And Secure? How Do I Contact Vanguard?

  23. Circle Invest Help Center

    Digital assets are subject to a number of risks, including price volatility. Transacting in digital assets could result in significant losses and may not be suitable for some consumers. Digital asset markets and exchanges are not regulated with the same controls or customer protections available with other forms of financial products and are ...