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eco baja tours reviews

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eco baja tours reviews

Eco Baja Adventures - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

  • (0.06 mi) PRIVATE COMPOUND WITH SWIMMING POOL at the beach
  • (0.11 mi) Beach and Ocean Views
  • (0.25 mi) La Poza Boutique Hotel & Spa
  • (0.38 mi) Villas La Mar
  • (0.38 mi) Los Colibris Casitas
  • (0.70 mi) El Mirador Restaurant
  • (0.91 mi) La Casita Tapas & Wine Bar
  • (0.98 mi) Tequila’s Sunrise Bar & Grill
  • (0.84 mi) La Esquina
  • (1.23 mi) Tacos Y Mariscos El Sinaloense

Eco Baja Tours Standard AC outside photo

  • Eco Baja Tours 🚌

Eco Baja Tours

Eco Baja Tours

Eco Baja Tours Standard AC outside photo

  • Eco Baja Tours 🚌

Eco Baja Tours

Eco Baja Tours

About eco baja tours.

Bus is a convenient way of travel no matter whether you need to get to a neighboring town a couple of hours away or venture further afield crossing the whole country. Whatever your budget, buses have you covered. Express buses offer the most affordable ticket price for travellers who have very little money to spend. VIP options are geared toward those who do not want to compromise on comfort. Before you jump on a bus, make sure you choose the type of service which suits you best. For a long-haul trip look for a VIP or first-class coach which provides non-stop service to your destination or just call a minor number of stations along the way. Express or local buses in many cases may prove an acceptable choice for shorter trips, but longer rides are often not the best buy. Study the timetable before going as many long-haul destinations are served by night buses, and some offer wider seats or sleeper berths for such travels. Make an online reservation for your bus ticket with Eco Baja Tours. Other travellers’ reviews will help you to choose the best ticket and coach class.

Eco Baja Tours Popular Stations

The main stations covered by Eco Baja Tours’s buses include:

  • San Jose del Cabo Airport
  • La Paz Malecon Bus Station
  • Los Barriles
  • Todos Santos

Eco Baja Tours Top Destinations

Eco Baja Tours buses ply a number of routes and here is the list of some of the most popular ones:

  • San Jose del Cabo - La Paz Baja California Sur
  • La Paz Baja California Sur - San Jose del Cabo
  • San Jose del Cabo - Todos Santos
  • Los Barriles - San Jose del Cabo
  • San Jose del Cabo - Los Barriles
  • Todos Santos - San Jose del Cabo
  • La Paz Baja California Sur - Todos Santos

Eco Baja Tours Ticket Prices & Bus Classes

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Eco Baja Tours Standard AC outside

Eco Baja Tours popular routes

Eco baja tours stations, eco baja tours company reviews.

Reviews and Ratings for Eco Baja Tours

Eco Baja Tours

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Eco Baja Adventures

Photo of Eco Baja Adventures - Todos Santos, BCS, MX. Sunset while horseback riding

Location & Hours

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Todos Santos, Baja California Sur

Serving Todos Santos Area

Amenities and More

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Photo of Alice B.

I booked a morning horse ride & lunch (US$125) with this outfitter while in Todos Santos thinking it looked and sounded like a respectable company from their website and also Trip Advisor reviews. I'm not sure what was going on today because upon arriving no one told me anything about the ride, where we would be going and where lunch was to be held afterwards. Clearly I was the only person booked for a ride today and the two guys working (one of which I found out later was called Carlos) barely spoke any English. First and foremost I wish I had seen the condition of their horses BEFORE signing up and paying -- these poor horse are emaciated and look utterly miserable. They are SKIN and BONE! For comparison you will pass another stable driving down the track to get to this "ranch", which has several very healthy and happy and well-fed looking horses. The fact that this place has "eco" in the title is an absolute JOKE. Carlos didn't even ask me if I could ride, just assumed I couldn't and proceeded to start walking off with me on a lead rope. When I told him I didn't need leading -- or paid for a 2hr ride to be lead along like a kid -- and asked him A) where we were going and B) if lunch would be back here afterwards he just told me to calm down. WTF?! The sight of the horses here made me want to cry. I have been riding since I was 4 years old and have ridden with outfitters all over the world --- the horses I rode in Morocco were in better condition than this. It broke my heart. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE if you care about animal welfare do NOT book a riding tour here.

Business owner information

Photo of Eco B.

Business Manager

Mar 15, 2019

We are acknowledging your review regarding your incomplete visit at the Huerta. Your description is completely opposite from all visitors that have booked and enjoyed the tour with us. Carlos has always been appreciated by experienced riders and new riders. He speaks Spanish yes. All previous English speaking visitors had never had a problem communicating with Carlos understanding that they spoke no Spanish and that Carlos spoke little English. They found a way to enjoy the ride and the beauty of the surroundings. According to Carlos, you simply decided to get off the horse and leave. Would you of started the ride, your experience would have been different. Carlos owns and care a great deal about his horses and the way you have described his horses is far from reality. If this would be the case, no visitors would have come back and would have written all positive reviews. Please know that other visitors like you were lifetime riders and horse owners as well. Some even have ranch in the USA and Canada. They, as well as you, have been traveling and riding worldwide. We feel your review is biased and discriminatory. Karen, his partner speaks Spanish, English and French and would have been there hosting your meal at the Huerta upon your return. Again, reading the previous reviews, you may acknowledge that visitors have enjoyed their experience. You have a right to your opinion yet we feel that your review is unfounded.

Photo of Ms D.

Had an amazing ride on the beach!! Karen and Carlos greeted us warmly and made sure to ask how much experience we had beforehand. They even led us around a little so we could get used to the feel of riding since it had been years for the both of us. The horses are healthy, gentle and well-behaved. I will definitely be back to ride again. Thank you for the amazing experience!

eco baja tours reviews

See all photos from Ms D. for Eco Baja Adventures

Mar 23, 2019

Thank you for your words . It was a pleasure having you , hope you have a nice night and keep Salsa dancing . Hope to see you again soon !

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eco baja tours reviews

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  • Quienes Somos
  • Contáctanos

Reserva Ahora

eco baja tours reviews

Contáctanos: Desde México +52 612 123 0000

eco baja tours reviews

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Baja Ecotours


Perhaps the most extraordinary wildlife encounter on the planet is a visit to San Ignacio Lagoon to meet up close 40-ton Grey Whales and their newborn calves. Grey whale mothers often seek out human interaction as they approach our boats to present their newborn calves to us while encouraging visitors to scratch their heads, back, and baleen as they lounge around our boats. Over the years this behavior has become a regular occurrence only at San Ignacio Lagoon.

Three Trip Options

eco baja tours reviews

5 Day Air Trips

Our most popular trip – Our privately chartered aircraft takes you directly to San Ignacio Lagoon.

eco baja tours reviews

8 Day Big Whale Trip

Best of Baja: Marine wildlife on the the Sea of Cortez to the breeding lagoon of San Ignacio on the Pacific Ocean.

eco baja tours reviews


Get to our eco-lodge by your own means of transportation and pay the all inclusive daily rate.

Baja Ecotours Whale Blog

Gray Whale Blowing

2023 San Ignacio Lagoon Whale Census

2023 Whale Census for San Ignacio Lagoon. This is a an extremely positive outlook given there were so many newborn calves seen along with the high concentration of whales making the southbound journey. Over the past few years of 2021 & 2022 we had an unusual mortality event or UME…and it looks like we have... Continue reading →

petting gray whales

Fred Greene’s 5 Day Air Trip to San Ignacio Lagoon

Thanks Fred for this great video of your trip on March 12-16. Fred shows us a full accounting of our 5 day air trip to San Ignacio Lagoon and Campo Cortez to see the Gray Whales. Private flight from Tijuana directly to San Ignacio Lagoon and then mother Gray Whales nursing and playing with their... Continue reading →

Whale Petting

Whale Watching for Kids at Laguna San Ignacio

A day of up close whale encounters unique to Laguna San Ignacio. Campo Cortez Ecolodge on the shores of San Ignacio Lagoon is proud to bring our guests up close and personal with the Pacific Gray Whales that are born in this precious lagoon. Kids especially have the best of luck with newborn Gray Whale... Continue reading →

eco baja tours reviews

Fresh Oysters Served at Campo Cortez

It’s our last night of a group trip at Campo Cortez and we always have a fun treat with locally grown and harvested oysters from “SOL AZUL” oyster farms here at San Ignacio Lagoon. Since we are asked about the oysters and where they come from, how they are harvested and more….we thought why not... Continue reading →

What Our Guests Are Saying

  • "This is an absolute MUST! Baja Ecotours was a huge part of why my trip was so extraordinary. Go with this company! You won’t regret it!" Kelly Moore
  • "The most incredible experience I've ever had, an incredibly beautiful and remote place, where the connection with nature and other people is impossible not to happen. " Sandra Naylor
  • "Watching gray whales play around the boat is some of the most amazing wild animal encounters I've ever had. Baja Ecotours made that experience even more enjoyable." Peter Kragh
  • "What a fantastic experience...a trip of a lifetime with Baja Ecotours!!! Would highly recommend this trip to anyone interested in nature and big animals!" Curtis McNamee
  • "I have returned to Campo Cortez and Baja Ecotours for two decades. There are no equal companies for seeing whales up close and learning how to appreciate and protect them." James Dorsey
  • "Magical people and magical place. The whales literally followed us with Captain Maldo. This is a must experience for everyone!" Azimuth Properties

October 16 - 21st Live now! Marlin and Mexico sardine run! ➞

Image 2

Bait ball & Mahi Mahi action!

Image 3

Amazing bait ball interaction!

Image 4

First day of baitballs!

Baja Expeditions Logo

Category: Reviews

Muy buena experiencia.

  • Post author By Staff
  • Post date March 29, 2023

Ha sido una experiencia muy bonita. Rouss y nuestro capitán nos llevaron a lugares buenísimos donde tuvimos encuentros con ballenas increíbles.

Nueva perspectiva de este mundo

Muchas gracias, de las mejores experiencias de mi vida, me dan una nueva perspectiva de este mundo, me siento emocionada.

Experiencia inolvidable

¡Una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida! Muchas gracias, por su profesionalismo, su conocimiento y gran equipo humano.

Experiencias más hermosas de mi vida

¡En concreto, una de las experiencias más bonitas de mi vida!

Recuerda por siempre

Hoy Tony y Tito nos hicieron sentirnos parte de su tribu de ballenas. Jugamos con la ballena “It”, tan íntimamente que nos dejó acariciar la lengua, que más necesitamos en nuestra vida?

El mejor viaje de todos

Además de la experiencia turística en general, la atención, las instalaciones, el personal, la comida las salidas a la laguna

Experience That Changed My Life

  • Post date March 28, 2023

Today was our second date. What an amazing experience!! I am so grateful to be here. The stuff makes me feel welcome.

Awe-inspiring Creatures

Words cannot adequately describe how awe-inspiring these magnificent, gentle, playful creatures are.

Picture Prefect Dream

The Entire experience lived up to the dream of being here. The interaction with the whales was priceless, absolutely life changing to me.

Everything was Perfect!

Everything has been perfect!! The staff knowledge, kind, patient and helpful. Thanks to everyone for a perfect vacation!!

Life Changing Experience

This has been a most incredible life changing experience. We will cherish these memories. We are thriller and feel so fortunate that we found you.

First-Class Experience for Divers of All Skill Levels

  • Post date July 25, 2022
  • No Comments on First-Class Experience for Divers of All Skill Levels

The Gallant Lady by Nautilus is a beautifully well-appointed ship built to provide a best in class live aboard SCUBA diving experience for an intimate number of guests. She holds only 12 divers but on the trip I was booked on, there were only six divers in the group!

  • Post date July 13, 2022
  • No Comments on Magical

It was clear that the staff cared for this region, the whales, and the people who have come to share them.

Life-Changing Experience

  • No Comments on Life-Changing Experience

These magnificent creatures chose to come to us. The guides were very professional and never crowded them, they would get close enough for them to approach us if they chose. As well, the guides were a wealth of information and history.

Fabulous, Soul Touching Experience

  • No Comments on Fabulous, Soul Touching Experience

Baja Expeditions whale watching in the San Ignacio Lagoon was an outstanding trip in all facets. The staff was very attentive and knowledgeable. The whale-watching experiences were absolutely amazing. The accommodations were fabulous right down to the hot water bottles wrapped in fleece that was given to us each night after dinner to tuck into our beds. The meals were excellent.

Beyond Words

  • No Comments on Beyond Words

Interaction with whales beyond words. Loved it. thank you to all staff at the camp as well.

Bucket-List-Worthy San Ignacio Camp

  • No Comments on Bucket-List-Worthy San Ignacio Camp

There was nothing at all I would have changed. A word of advice, do bring some warm clothes and something wind-proof. We would recommend this trip to anyone who loves nature, animals, and adventure!

Up Close Whale Watching

  • No Comments on Up Close Whale Watching

The encounters are on the whale’s terms, with lots of respect for the whales shown by the captain’s handling of the boat.

Outstanding Service

  • No Comments on Outstanding Service

Every detail was attended to, and our satisfaction was their goal. Even going too early in the season was not a problem, the staff placed us exactly where we needed to be on the huge lagoon to meet as many whales as possible.

The service is absolutely top notch

  • Post date November 8, 2021
  • No Comments on The service is absolutely top notch

From the hospitality to the dives itself. The beauty of the southern sea of Cortez is just amplified by the crew of the Gallant Lady. For my second time visiting this area, I would have to saw this has been the best experience thus far. Spotting Orcas, Hammerheads, and Bullsharks have highlighed this trip.

Please send me the latest news, special offers and promotional emails.

New beautiful digital guide to exploring baja, mexico., search baja expeditions website:.


  1. Eco Baja Tours

    eco baja tours reviews

  2. Eco Baja Tours

    eco baja tours reviews

  3. Eco Baja Tours

    eco baja tours reviews

  4. Eco Baja Tours

    eco baja tours reviews

  5. Eco Baja Tours

    eco baja tours reviews

  6. Eco Baja Tours

    eco baja tours reviews


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  8. Reviews and Ratings for Eco Baja Tours

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    2 reviews of Eco Baja Adventures "Had an amazing ride on the beach!! Karen and Carlos greeted us warmly and made sure to ask how much

  10. Eco Baja Tours

    Pagina de reservaciones.

  11. Baja Ecotours: Baja Whale Watching

    Sustainable Whale Watching Eco Tours in the Lagoon of San Ignacio March 25

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    Day trips in Baja California to see local wildlife like whales and whale sharks and fun activities like SUP, hiking, surfing, and more.

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    We are Baja Spirit, (formally Baja AirVentures) and our mission is to provide the most safe, fun, and memorable eco-adventures that share the inspiring nature

  14. Category: Reviews

    Baja Expeditions whale watching in the San Ignacio Lagoon was an outstanding trip in all facets. The staff was very attentive and knowledgeable. The whale-