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Visit Santa Claus in Lapland

You are here.

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the magical homeland of Santa Claus and his helpers in the North Pole? Lapland trips to see Santa are bucket list journeys of thousands of adults and children around the world. Let’s find out more about the magical experience.

Trips to see Santa in Lapland

Located in the city of Rovaniemi , Finland, the official Santa Claus Residence is open all year round and annually welcomes hundreds of guests who travel to Lapland to see Santa.

​Of course, Christmas Santa trips at the end of December are the most popular time of the year to go there with the highest demand. For this reason, in order to avoid little or no availability or sky-rocket prices during this season, it is recommended to book trips to visit Santa as early in advance as possible.

​​The Santa Village boasts a large territory and is made up of numerous buildings and areas. The holiday spirit is all around, starting from Santa’s office, where you can meet the honoree.

A husky dog-sledding through a beutiful winter forest

There’s also a husky park offering sled rides onsite, a couple of restaurants, a snowmobile park, the legendary icy Snowman World, several unique hotels, as well as the popular Santa post office, from which you can send a letter or postcard back home or to your friends from the North Pole.

Of course, holidays to Lapland to meet Santa don't stop at that as here you can also meet his charming reindeer, a character that we can't imagine a proper winter fairytale without.

​Those who prefer to stay right by the village sometimes choose several one-of-a-kind nearby options, for instance, glass igloos with panoramic roofs for watching Northern Lights or the unique Treehouse hotel.

​And as for getting there, one of the most popular ways to reach the destination apart from flights is taking the Santa Claus Express train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. The train itself isn't themed but carries the name due to its scenic route from the capital city all the way above the Arctic Circle.

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can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Santa Claus

Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland, is the Official Hometown of Santa Claus and you can experience Christmas every day of the year here on the Arctic Circle in Santa Claus Village. Write your Christmas cards in Santa Claus’ Main Post Office and leave them to Santa’s little elves to be sent for Christmas!

Santa’s Village in Finland is the place to experience the magic and goodwill of Christmas every day of the year. It’s a place full of jingles and fun. Meet Santa’s reindeer, experience fun activities and pop into Santa’s home cavern SantaPark. Find all activities related to Santa Claus from below.

Filter "Santa Claus" -activities

Search results.

24 activities

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Autumn Delight – Visit to reindeer, husky and Santa Claus

Discover the secrets of Santa Claus and visit the husky and reindeer farms

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

The Hidden Place of Santa

Experience the Christmas atmosphere with whole family!

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Christmas is Coming! 3 hours (Private Tour)

Experience the excitement of the arriving Christmas and its activities in a traditional way only with your own family.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Elf Hat Academy in Santas Village

Welcome to the Elf Hat Academy, located near Santa’s main office in the Arctic Circle. Learn the elf wisdom and graduate as an elf in this interactive show!

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Story of Finnish Christmas

A Christmas experience where you get to explore finnish christmas traditions and enjoy an unforgettable horse sleigh ride.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Traditional Finnish Christmas Eve, 4 hours (Private Tour)

Experience a traditional Finnish Christmas Eve with Sauna, Christmas Dinner and meet Santa Claus in private.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Rovaniemi 2 days Adventure Package

Join us for the Rovaniemi 2 day adventure package! Experience the most sought-after Rovaniemi activities from your to-do list!

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Trip to Arctic Circle, Santa Claus’ Village, Santa’s Reindeer and Elf’s Farm Yard

Must in Rovaniemi! During the trip we cross the magical Arctic Circle and visit Santa Claus’ Village where is Christmas all year round!

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Highlights of Rovaniemi Day Tour – Summer

The highlight tour takes you to the most unique sights in Rovaniemi. Visit genuine Reindeer and Husky Farms, meet Santa himself in the Santa Claus Village and get your certificate for crossing into the Arctic Circle.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Husky and Reindeer Farm Visit With Snowmobiling

Experience Reindeer, Huskies, and an Adrenaline-Packed Snowmobile Safari!

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Summer Delight – Visit to reindeer, husky and Santa Claus

Discover the secrets of Santa Claus and visit the husky and reindeer farms.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Santa Claus Safari Summer, Rovaniemi

A joyful day including riverboat cruise to a local reindeer farm and by car to handicraft workshop and Santa Claus Village

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Arctic Circle Crossing Ceremony

Fascinating ceremony at the Arctic Circle

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Cultural e-Fatbike Tour around Rovaniemi & Santa Claus Village

Discover Rovaniemi cultural heritage on an electric biking trip around the city to the Santa Claus! This guided tour on electric fatbikes offers you the opportunity to learn about Rovaniemi while enjoying a gentle outdoor ride in summer / autumn!

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Santa Claus Safari 7.1.-7.4., Rovaniemi

An arctic day of snowmobiling and reindeer sleigh riding completed with meeting Santa

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Private Rovaniemi city & Santa Claus Village Tour

Get to know Rovaniemi city and meet Santa Claus at the Santa Claus Village on family-friendly private tour.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Santa Village & Arctic Animals Combo Adventure

What would you do if you wanted to experience an ultimate winter adventure? Well, of course, you would visit Santa’s village and try husky and reindeer sleigh rides!

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Finnish Christmas with Santa Claus, 3 hours (Private Tour)

Experience a traditional Finnish Christmas Dinner and meet Santa Claus in private.

Rovaniemi City & Santa Claus Village Tour

Rovaniemi city tour with most popular sightseeings and guided Santa Claus Village tour

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Arctic Circle Highlights by Minibus

Enjoy a full day of arctic experiences in Rovaniemi with the huskies and reindeers, visit Santa Claus himself, and make unforgettable memories in Rovaniemi!

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Santa Claus Safari 1.12.-6.1., Rovaniemi

An arctic family day of snow fun activities and reindeer sleigh riding completed with meeting Santa

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Arctic Delight – Visit to Santa’s Village and snowmobiling to reindeer farm

Discover the secrets of Santa Claus and the reindeer on visit to Santa Claus Village by car and reindeer farm by snowmobile!

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Santa Village and the arctic circle

Let’s go to the most memorable and extraordinary place in Finnish Lapland. To the magical town of Santa Claus to meet the real Santa

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Photoshoot in Santa Claus Village

This winter, you have a chance to record your visit in Santa Claus Village by a professional photographer!

This type of activity is also provided by

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Johka – Arctic Experiences

Enjoy arctic experiences in beautiful Lapland! We provide guided experiences and seasonal activities during every season of the year.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Lapland Welcome

Lapland Welcome is a pioneer company in Lapland, which has been providing nature holidays and activities in Finland for about 20 years. We are called Nature and Aurora Experts of Lapland, merged with the talented activity organizer.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Sunny Safari

Sunny Safari is a high quality, experienced and customized local safari activities provider. We always focus to organize enjoyable and memorable programs to customers.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

NortsaV Tours

NortsaV Tours is experienced travel company located at the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi – capital of Finnish Lapland. We offer attractive Winter and Summer tours in the land of the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Wonderlapland Experiences

Wonderlapland is a tour operator based in Rovaniemi and specialised in providing unforgettable & once in a lifetime experiences.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Wild Nordic Finland

Wild Nordic is the ultimate provider of thrilling snowmobile tours in Lapland.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Santa Claus Secret Forest – Joulukka

Santa Claus Secret Forest is an exclusive destination where you can experience the magic of Christmas either privately or in small groups. Our weekly departures are available from November to January, and the private programs are organized by request all year round.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Our experience packages include arctic activities that are sure to make your holiday one you will never forget.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Lapland Safaris

Lapland Safaris are specialists in Lapland’s nature and the Lappish lifestyle. We draw inspiration from the local history and day-to-day ‘Lappishness’. The stories and legends relating to these form the basis of the programme packages offered to our customers.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Apukka Resort

Apukka Resort, only a 15-minute drive from Rovaniemi city centre, combines unique, innovative experiences with traditions and true, unspoiled nature.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Wild About Lapland

Wild about Lapland is the tour company in Rovaniemi that has one main aim, that is for you to learn about your surroundings. We offer a small, yet specific set of tours that are all chosen for there ability to take you away from the crowds, noise and speed of life.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas


Spend an activity packed vacation in Rovaniemi and try all the wonderful activities we offer!

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Lapland Incoming

Established in 1995, Lapland Incoming is the Lapland expert with a proficiency within group travel and big demanding charter groups. We can guarantee that everything related to the trip is managed in a professional way with personalized and creative approach.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Arctic Circle Snowmobile Park

Arctic Circle Snowmobile Park is a Finnish family business, based in the Santa Claus Village, in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland. We organize various snowmobile safari programs for individuals, families and groups.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Scandinavian Travel Group

Scandinavian Travel Group is a DMC in Lapland with office in LEVI CENTER and INCOMING TOUR OPERATOR offering services for FITs, groups and MICE.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Lapland Deluxe

Welcome to Lapland Deluxe: an authentic 160 years old country estate by the naturally beautiful lake Vanttausjärvi less than an hour (55km) outside of Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Access Lapland

Access Lapland is a company specialized in providing premium quality winter activities on snow and ice. We offer guided tours and private guiding around Rovaniemi.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Nordic Adventures

Outdoor minded tours that specialize in nature, journeys and adventures that makes you and your kids dump digital devices to focus on the here and now.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Kotatuli Experience

Kotatuli Experience offers nature experiences and unforgettable moments with animals, nature, and community.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Easy Travel

Easy Travel Ltd is a leading Finnish and Scandinavian DMC in the Nordic countries. We provide memorable travel experiences and VIP services including tours, safaris, transportation and accommodation for thousands of tourists visiting our beautiful Northern countries.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Ranua Resort Safaris & activities

Ranua Resort Safaris & Activities is a Ranua based Safari House and program provider and it is located in the immediate vicinity of Ranua Wildlife Park.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Santa Claus Reindeer

Reindeer rides and experiences with Santa´s reindeer in Santa Claus Village all year round.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Arctic Lifestyle

Arctic Lifestyle is a safari house and program service company based in Rovaniemi, Finland. We aim to provide unforgettable experiences for our customers through the spell of Lappish nature, first class equipment and experienced staff.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Nordic Unique Travels

Nordic Unique Travels is a new tourism company located in the threshold of the Arctic: Rovaniemi. Each of our safaris have been handcrafted to maximize positive customer experiences and our catalog consists of over 65 daily tours.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Welcome to the Happy Fox family. We are small local family company situated at Rovaniemi. We provide year round nature activities.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Nordic Odyssey

Nordic Odyssey is a new tour operator company based in Rovaniemi and specialised in providing memorable & unique experiences to travellers visiting Lapland. We offer high-quality guided services in English and in French, at the best price!

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Santa Claus Holiday Village

Santa Claus Holiday Village right on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland, offers everything you could want for your dream holiday: high-quality accommodation, a wide range of activities, fantastic food and drinks, shopping, the chance to meet Santa Claus and much more!

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

We provide our own nature activities such as snowmobile-, husky- and reindeer safaris, Northern Light tours, ice floating, snowshoeing and much more.

Travelling Thirties

The Ultimate Guide to visiting Santa Claus village Rovaniemi

Two lamp posts with Arctic Circle written on them in front of a large Christmas tree in the snow

What better way to celebrate Christmas than visiting Santa in his office at Santa Claus village Rovaniemi. Lapland in winter is the ultimate Christmas destination.

The small city of Rovaniemi – located on the edge of the Arctic Circle – is the official home of Santa Claus, it is one of the most magical places in the world.

For young and old this is a must when you are visiting Lapland. We were worried that we would be only 30 year old’s walking around without any kids, but we were definitely not alone. It is definitely a place for everyone, no matter your age.

Santa’s Village is full of hot chocolate, fairy lights, Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, snow and plenty of Christmas cheer.

So, if you’re planning your next Christmas destination why not head to Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi, Finland.

Pinterest Graphic for Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi

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Hey There……there is a very good chance that this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Table of Contents

Winter in Rovaniemi

A snow field with red houses in the background

Whilst winter in Rovaniemi is a dream come to true and the ultimate Christmas destination you need to be prepared for two things! Number one, it is very cold. When we met Santa I mentioned how cold it was (it was minus 8 degrees) and he said it wasn’t cold. Santa things between minus 20 and minus 40 is cold.

Number 2, the day light hours are very limited. Sunrise is at about 10 am and sunset is about 2pm. Luckily, in Lapland, sunrise and sunset last longer than in other countries. We found that it was light from about 8:30 am until 3:30-4pm.

It gets very cold outside and inside it is very warm! I suggest packing lots of layers. Make sure you have a very warm jacket and some sturdy snow boots. Of course, don’t forget your beanie, scarf and gloves!!

Make sure you get some good travel insurance

A cabin in a forest covered in snow

Part of the excitement of visiting Lapland is participating in snow activities and these can come with some dangers. If you’re me, even just walking around on the ice and snow is a dangerous activity.

So while I would always recommend purchasing some good travel insurance, it is extra important when snow and ice are involved.

Before our four month trip around Europe we purchased travel insurance as soon as we started booking our trip.

World Nomads travel insurance policies offer coverage for more than 150 activities. Get a quote, make a claim, or buy or extend your policy while on the road.

Where is Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi

A Finnish Teepee next to a log cabin surrounded by snow

Although the rumours are that Santa Claus lives at the North Pole, he actually lives in his village in Lapland, Finland.

Lapland is located in Northern Finland and the village is located in the business capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi.

To be exact, Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi is located right on the arctic circle.

How to get to Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi

A tall post with a temperature gauge reading -6 surrounded by snow and trees

The train between Helsinki and Lapland depart several times a day and takes about 11 hours. I suggest taking the overnight train , you board the train just before bed time and you wake up in a winter wonderland. That is of course, if you are travelling in winter!!

Little fun fact, the train from Helsinki to Lapland is called the Santa Claus Express.  You can read more about the Santa Claus Express here.

Matkahuolto  and  Onnibus  are the two main bus services in Finland. They are a great option for reaching Lapland from Helsinki but also for travelling around Lapland from town to town.

Rovaniemi is easily accessed by car. If you don’t have your own car you can  hire a car .

When driving in Lapland be aware of changing weather conditions, especially in winter and the long distances you need to drive.

The drive from Helsinki to The Arctic Treehouse Hotel Rovaniemi is about 10 hours.

Of course, you can also fly to Rovaniemi. Flights between Helsinki and Lapland go daily, flights between London and Lapland depart on Wednesdays and Sunday’s, and flights between Istanbul and Lapland depart Tuesdays, Thursday and Sundays.

To Santa Claus Village

Two lamp posts with Arctic Circle written on them in front of a large Christmas tree in the snow

If you arrive by train, you are staying at the Arctic Treehouse Hotel or you are in city center of Rovaniemi you can board the Santa Claus Express bus. Tickets are 3€ per person.

Unfortunately, if you land at the airport there is no public transport to the Santa Claus Village, however, you can easily catch a taxi.

Things to do at Santa Claus Village

A building surrounded by people, lamp posts and snow

Santa Claus village is full of excitement, Christmas cheer and it just seems to be constantly buzzing.

On first glance, it appears as though it is one big shopping area, and yes, there are plenty of shops (we will come to that in a moment) but if you look a little harder there is actually so much to do.

Santa Claus’ Post Office

A wall filled with selves of mail.

On of the things we found most exciting at Santa Claus Village is visiting Santa’s Post Office. The post office is filled with elves but is still a real working post office.

The cool thing about the post office is that you can see the hundreds of letters that are mailed to Santa from all around the world

Can you see your home country?

Post a letter to yourself for next Christmas

A sign reading Santa Claus has so far received about 20 million letters from 199 different countries. At Christmas time Santa can get about 32000 letters/day. Top countries have been Poland, Italy, China, United Kingdom, Japan, Finland and Russia. At Christmas 2018 Santa received about 50000

When visiting the post office you have to send yourself a post card. All mail sent from the post office are marked with a special Arctic Circle stamp.

You can also purchase a postcard and put it in a mail box and it will be sent to you next year in time for Christmas.

Buy a few a postcards to surprise your friends and family at Christmas next year.

Visit Santa in his office

A wooden circle on a wooden wall reading Santa Claus Office Arctic Circle Finland with a picture of Santa in the middle

You can’t have a Christmas getaway to Lapland without visiting Santa himself. Santa is the real deal, he has his Finnish slippers, the most epic beard I have ever seen and he is so tall. I felt like such a child and sat in awe staring at Santa.

It was such a cool experience, he took the time to chat to us and to ask about our holiday and even wished our country well we were in the midst of horrific bush fire season.

You can visit Santa Claus for free but you will need to pay if you want photos or a video. We paid 40€ an digital copy of our photos and the video of our meeting with Santa.

Cross the Arctic Circle

5 lamp posts reading Arctic Circle

Ever since I heard that crossing the arctic circle was a thing it has been on my bucket list. I thought to cross the Arctic Circle you would have to go to some remote part of the world.

But, how cool is it that the line of the Arctic Circle runs straight through Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi. The Arctic Circle is marked with a row of lanterns and blue lights.


Santa Claus Village also has some bigger activities that you can do such as snowmobiling . There really is something for everyone.

Experience the thrill of speeding through Arctic Circle on a snowmobile. Snowmobile rides start at 55€ for thirty minutes. There are also rides available for children – kids can ride a mini snowmobile for 20€ for 10 minutes.

Husky Safari

A trip to Lapland would not be complete without a visit to the Husky park . If taking a Husky Safari is not your thing you can just take some to play with the adorable Huskies.

However, if you are feeling adventurous you can speed through the arctic forest behind a pack of Siberian huskies. You have the choice of a 500 meter Husky ride or an 8km safari.

Reindeer Safari

Reindeer eating snow beside a wooden fence.

It is said that there are more Reindeer in Lapland than there are people. Reindeers are really part of Lappish culture and they have been for years. To be me, Reindeers can only be seen on the front of Santa’s sleigh, so of course I had to take the chance to meet some real life Reindeer.

From the middle of Santa’s Village Rovaniemi you can go on a reindeer safari.

A fake wooden cabin surrounded by lights, Christmas trees and snow

If you’re up for a bit of shopping or you’re wanting to pick up some souvenirs then you have plenty of options. There many shops where you can buy Christmas decorations, t-shirts, souvenirs, postcards, chocolate and traditional Lappish items.

Where to stay at Santa Claus Village

If you are after the ultimate Christmas experience you can stay right at Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi at the Santa Claus Holiday Village . There are plenty of accommodation types including cabins including a Sauna, glass igloos and treehouse cabins.

The Arctic Treehouse hotel is located 2 km down the snowy road and is the definition of luxury. We stayed one night at the Arctic Treehouse Hotel and I cannot recommend it enough.

Two red rectangle cabins surrounded by trees and snow

If you are looking for a more budget option – to have a little more money to spend on experiences – I suggest booking a the Arctic Treehouse hotel or Santa Claus village for one night and then a local Airbnb for the rest of your trip.

Is a trip to Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi worth it?

A big building that looks like a fake log cabin with Christmas trees in front covered in snow

If you love Christmas and are looking for an amazing winter wonderland Christmas experience then you can’t go passed Santa Claus Village. It is a magical way to spend the day.

I would recommend to anyone, young or old, to visit Lapland and Santa Claus Village at least once in your life.

Have you been to Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi? Let me know in the comments below

Fiona xoxo

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Pinterest Graphic for Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi

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Roam the Gnome


INSIDE: Roam the Gnome’s Ultimate Guide to a Lapland Christmas Experience Adventure – all you need to know.


The best Lapland holidays include a visit to Santa in Lapland.

You will NEVER EVER regret a trip to meet Santa in Lapland.

I guarantee it. 

Take a look at all the Christmas activities you can do in Lapland to make this Christmas your best family Christmas yet. 

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links . If you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links, we may receive a small commission at NO extra cost to you.

image - arctic circle lapland christmas

Enjoy Christmas in Lapland 

Planning a Rovaniemi holiday with kids to the Lapland Christmas village?

We have all the tips on the top 16 adventures you can discover, plus comprehensive guides to ALL the activities you must do in Lapland as part of a Christmas in Lapland adventure. 

PS: Check back soon for a PDF Lapland itinerary guide. 

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snowman world restaurant pic by VR

Image credit: Visit Rovaniemi

Should I visit Rovaniemi with Kids? 

Don’t think that Lapland is just for kids.

You definitely don’t need a child of  your own to visit. 

Lapland for ADULTS is just as much fun!  

(There’s an Ice Restaurant and an Ice Bar for goodness sake!)

image - santa claus holiday village sign

No.1: Stay at Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi Finland Lapland

The best place to stay in Lapland at Christmas is the Santa Claus Holiday Village in Rovaniemi. 

Without doubt, this is the best Lapland Santa experience for the whole shebang. 

Santa Village Lapland is 8km from Rovaniemi city centre. Once you reach Rovaniemi, catch the Santa express bus  from Rovaniemi to Santa Village. 

Staying at Santa Village Rovaniemi is a magical escape from real life. 

See the festive decorations, garlands, and lights at Santa Claus holiday village when you take holidays in Lapland at Christmas.

Look out for a Christmas tree outside your hotel room, AND you can even book a special personal, private family visit from Santa to your cabin! 

Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi is a winter wonderland and a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Book it! 

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snowman glass resort via fb

Image credit:  Snowman Glass Resort Rovaniemi

More Hotels in Santa Village

If the cabins at Santa Village are fully booked, try one of these options. 

No.1: Glass Resort

These posh apartments have a shape inspired by the traditional Kota buildings favoured by the Indigenous Sami people. 

The giant sized windows, and the glass ceiling make you feel like you are in an upmarket glass igloo! 

Each Superior Glass Apartment features a sauna, equipped mini-kitchen AND your own private outdoor spa. 


No.2: Nova Skyland Hotel and Restaurant

These exclusive hotel apartments are in semi-detached houses.

Decorated in Scandinavian style , each apartment has a fireplace, sauna, terrace, fully equipped kitchen, high ceilings, and panoramic windows that make you feel you are part of the Rovaniemi forest surrounding you. 


No.3: Santa’s Glass Igloos on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi

These 71 luxurious glass igloos in the Santa Village are another hotel in Santa Claus Village to enjoy the Winter polar night. 

The hotel-style igloos are glass-roofed, arctic view rooms, similar to Mongolian yurts in appearance, in the centre of Finnish Lapland nature. 

Image - Santa Claus Office Official Santa with boys

No.2: Visit Santa in Real Life

Normally kids write a letter to Santa, find out Santa’s postal address, pop it into the Santa Post Office box, and then wait for official letters from Santa. 

This year, you don’t need to post your Santa letter. 

Hand deliver your Christmas letter to Santa in perso n at the Main Santa Claus Office in Santa Village. 

Kids have so many questions about Santa.

  • Where does Santa live?
  • Where is Santa located?
  • Does Santa live in Lapland? 

Here you can ask him these questions yourself!

image - official santa post office counter

No.3: Visit the Santa Claus Main Post Office Rovaniemi

You may like to write a letter to family and friends back home while you are here, and post it from the official Post Office in Santa Village.

The Lapland Post Office in Rovaniemi is where you can have your letter or postcard franked (stamped) with an official North Pole postmark. 

Santa’s post office is open daily, 365 days a year. 

Take a look inside here

Image - Christmas house santa and exhibition sign

No. 4: Christmas Exhibition at Christmas House

Pop in to see this glorious Christmas exhibition in Rovaniemi featuring the many ways people celebrate Christmas around the world. 

It’s free. 

Hot tip: There’s another Santa here. Skip the queues at the main office and visit Santa here instead. 

Grab all your Christmas ornaments and Christmas souvenirs at Christmas House gift shop here too. 

Image - Christmas house rovaniemi finnish jam

No. 5: Shopping at Santa Village 

Visit the Santa Village shops.

There’s a Marimekko shop , for those who love this famous designer. 

Plus Santa’s Chocolate and Candy Shop for those with a sweet tooth desperate to try Finnish chocolate. 

Pick up authentic Finnish souvenirs at Arabia Iittala outlet , Balmuir store, Lappituote, Moomin souvenirs , and the famous knife shop, Marttini

Don’t miss picking up a real Finnish Lapland woollen jacket from Saga gifts. 

Or traditional Finnish food including:

  • locally made Finnish jam 
  • tinned reindeer meat (!) or
  • Finnish porridge. 

Image - Santa Park Rovaniemi elfie selfie

No. 6 Santa Park Arctic World

Did you know there’s a Santa theme park in Finland?

There is. 

It’s just 2km up the road from Santa Village.

Santa park is an indoor theme park for younger kids. 

Read our review of Santa Park for a sneak peek. 

READ MORE: Roam the Gnome’s Review of Santa Park Lapland

Image - reindeer ride rovaniemi at santa claus village

No.7 Ride in a reindeer sleigh or sled

A Lapland Christmas is not complete without a visit to a Reindeer Farm, and   Reindeer sleigh rides or a sledge .

You can also take a short reindeer sleigh ride in the Santa Village but to see a reindeer herd, you need to head out on a tour. 

Try this popular one with Get Your Guide where you can learn about the life of a reindeer on a traditional Sami reindeer farm, try for your Reindeer driving licence, and enjoy blueberry tea and warm cookies inside a kota hut by the fire. 

Or this one where you can watch reindeers eating their breakfast, takes lots of pics up close, and enjoy a short reindeer sleigh trip too 

Here’s a whole day tour alternative for animal lovers:

Rovaniemi Arctic Animals Full Day Tour – Visit Husky Park, Ride in a Reindeer Sledge, & Visit Ranua Wildlife Park

snowtubing at snowman world image by visit rovaniemi

No. 8 Visit Snowman World

Snowman World is the place to go tubing down icy channels. 

The big one is FAST and will take your breath on the corner swing! 

Go ice skating, slip down the indoor ice slide, and possibly meet a “Snow Man” character in real life if you happen to be in Snowman World at the right time. 

Head into the Ice Restaurant and Ice Bar to look at all the ice sculptures. 

Hungry? You will be.

Book a traditional Finnish lunch , or dinner here.

It’s a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Book Now: Snowman World Winter Zone Ticket  (Likely to sell out) 

image - santa fun day snowmobile

No. 9: Book Santa Fun Day Rovaniemi tours

This Lapland Experience was one of our favourite things to do in Rovaniemi at Christmas time in the snow.

We are SO happy we were able to leave Santa Village and head out further into the surrounding countryside to see spectacular untamed snowy forests and experience a frozen lake.  

Santa Fun Day is a BIG DAY of Lappish children’s games and activities in a Lapland snowy forest including:

  • ice fishing experience 
  • mini skidoo for children
  • snowmobiling by sledge
  • ice fishing
  • snowshoeing
  • toboggan carousel
  • playing ice games
  • making your own snow sculpture, and 
  • a little snack of the most incredibly delicious sausage, and a hot drink by the campfire.

We had a ball! 

READ MORE: Roam the Gnome’s Insiders Guide to the SANTA FUN DAY (coming soon)

husky odd eyes pic by visit rovaniemi

No. 10: See all the Animals in Lapland 

In Rovaniemi on a Lapland holiday, you can meet lots of Lapland animals.

  • Visit a Husky farm at the Santa Village and take a Husky sledge ride
  • Visit a Reindeer Farm and enjoy a reindeer sleigh ride
  • Visit Ranua Zoo to see the polar bears, lynx, red foxes, elk, and eagles
  • Visit the Elf Farm to pat reindeer, and say hi to local domestic animals

Read more: The Complete Guide to all the Animals in Lapland you can meet (coming soon!)

image - arctic circle crossing

No.11: Walk over the Arctic Circle Crossing

Yes, you can do this at Santa Village, and at Santa Park too.

If you visit the Elf Farm in the village, you can borrow their equipment to snow-slide cross the Arctic Circle on traditional Lappish skis. 

image - santa fun day playing-in-the-snow-at-rovaniemi

No.12: Play in the Rovaniemi Snow

“When does it snow in Rovaniemi?” is a commonly asked question.

The safe bet is not to book your Lapland Christmas trip any earlier than mid-December to be on the safe side. 

Definitely not before the first week of December at a pinch. 

Playing in the deep permanent snow at Rovaniemi is one of the best memories you can make with your kids.

Hot tip: If you stay at Santa Claus Holiday park, they give you a sledge to use on the snow for the duration of your stay! 

Click here to find the latest Rovaniemi snow report.

We encourage you to bookmark the page. 

Image - arctic circle snowmobile park

No.13: Lapland Activities: Snowmobile Tours

Hop on a snowmobile at least once during your Christmas holiday in Lapland.

You can visit the Arctic Circle Snowmobile Park in Santa Claus Village for:

  • short snowmobile rides
  • longer snowmobile safaris through the Rovaniemi forests, and
  • snowmobile sledge rides to the Northern Lights.

(See No.14) 

Kids can try a 10 minute mini snowmobile around the track!

Book now: 5 hour Snowmobile Safari AND Ice Fishing experience (this is a popular tour, and likely to sell out) 

northern lights by visit rovaniemi

No.14: Northern Lights Christmas Viewing

Cross your fingers and toes when you book a tour to see the Rovaniemi northern lights at Christmas time.

December is one of the best times to view the Northern Lights in Lapland IF they are playing fair, and will shine their magnificence across the sky.

Sadly there’s no guarantees, but that’s half the magic.

Not everyone gets to see the Northern lights , and that means it’s a great story to tell when you do.

Book now: Northern Lights tour via snowmobile sledge  (This is the tour we took.) 

Image - Lapland elves giving out hot chocolate at santa claus secret forest of joulukka

No.15: Meet the REAL Father Christmas in Lapland

As far as we believe, there’s only one place you can meet REAL Lapland Elves, and Father Christmas himself.

The Lapland elves with pointy ears , and adorable outfits reside at Secret Forest of Joulukka , and you can book one of three tours to visit the Joulukka forest.

We booked the Santa’s Toy Factory experience. 

This was one of the most magical days of my life.

It’s not the cheapest Santa experience for the short time you are there, but if you can save up some extra funds, we highly recommend it. 

It’s the best Santa Lapland experience for a whole immersion in the world of Santa , away from hundreds of tourists visiting Santa Claus village. 

READ MORE: Rovaniemi Santa Comparison Guide

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

No.16: Visit an Amethyst Mine in Winter

Did you know there’s the only amethyst mine in Europe and it’s just a few hours away from Rovaniemi in Luosto?

Visit the Lampivaara amethyst mine to search for your own stone memento. 

An Amethyst mine tour includes learning about amethyst, how it is mined (it’s environmentally friendly), hearing the stories and the myths about this precious purple gemstone.

You’ll be taken on a snow train wagon called a pendolino, pulled by a snow machine. 

Tours also include refreshments including warm berry juice, and a keepsake  of purple amethyst.

Book now: Amethyst Mine Tour to Luosto from Rovaniemi hotels (Get your Guide tour) 

Image - Lapland elves bus

Take a Lapland Day Trip

There’s plenty of trips to Lapland you can book.

A day trip to Lapland from London is doable.

There’s lots you can do in Lapland for a day, and you can definitely experience the magic of Lapland.

But Santa day trips are rushed.

Book at least a one night or two night trip to Lapland if you can. 

It’s a shame to miss out on so much fun. 

PIN lapland christmas

Cheap Lapland holidays? 

The cheapest Lapland breaks are the Lapland deals you can book through companies such as:

  • Tui Lapland
  • Santa Claus Trips
  • Santas Lapland tours, and
  • Regent Holidays. 

There’s debate over who is the best company for Lapland holidays or Lapland Christmas tours.

Ask around and do your research. 

Image - Helsinki to rovaniemi sleeper train for families

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Visit Lapland with Kids

Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome . Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in EURO, unless otherwise stated

How to get from London to Lapland

You can take flights to Lapland Rovaniemi from London via Helsinki. 

Or you can fly to Helsinki, and catch the train there and back. 

Or fly to Helsinki, take the overnight train to Rovaniemi, and fly back to London (as we did.) 

How to get from Helsinki to Lapland on the overnight train

Take a look at our overland adventure on the train from Helsinki to Santa Village. 

Long distance train travel is fabulous fun, and we’d do this sleeper train to Rovaniemi all again in a flash. 

Read this: How to get from Helsinki to Rovaniemi on the overnight Santa train 

How to get from Rovaniemi to Santa Claus Village Lapland

Details here.

flight norwegian air pic

Photo by FlightLog ( CC BY 2.0 ) via Flickr

How long is the flight to Lapland? 

From Helsinki, about 1 hour and 20 minutes

From London, 3 hours and 20 minutes on a direct flight. 

READ MORE: Our ultimate guide on how to get to Lapland (coming soon) 

rovaniemi aerial shot by visit rovaniemi

Frequently Asked Questions about Lapland

No.1: where is lapland located .

It’s the northern part of Finland, AND Sweden, Norway, and Russia

No.2: Is Lapland a country? 

No, Lapland is a region, covering the top third of Finland (and stretching across the other Nordic countries and Russia mentioned above). 

No.3: Is Lapland a REAL country?

Well, that sounds like it’s a question for Santa himself. 

The answer is yes and no.

It’s a real place , (and you can visit Santa there at his modern day abode in Rovaniemi these days), but officially Lapland is a region within the four countries mentioned above. 

No.4: When does it snow in Rovaniemi? 

It’s tricky to predict, but historically, there’s permanent snow from early December to early-mid April. 

image - what to wear in lapland santa fun day

No.5: What to wear in Lapland? 

LOTS of layers.

Thermal underwear, long sleeved shirts and pants, covered by thermal suits and waterproof boots.

It’s the only way to get around without freezing your bum off. 

READ MORE: Roam the Gnome’s Guide on What to wear in Lapland in Winter

image - white christmas

Detailed Guides for Lapland Christmas Experience Activities

Click the blue links below for more Lapland tips

Guide to the Santa Claus Village Post Office Shop

All you need to know about christmas house restaurant and coffee shop, best things to do in rovaniemi in summer and winter.

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Christmas in Lapland: Your Complete Guide

If you’re looking for the ultimate Christmas break in an Arctic wonderland, consider visiting Lapland.

Here, you could be out decorating a Christmas tree and be lucky enough to meet Santa and his reindeer. Or, head into an enchanting snowy landscape on a husky sled ride, then spend the night in a glass-roofed igloo.

In whichever way you want to experience Christmas in Lapland, you can find your ideal winter escape.

Keep reading to learn the top places to visit, activities to try, how long to stay and what to wear. You’ll discover everything you need to know to plan your most memorable Christmas yet.

  • Find your perfect Christmas holiday in Lapland

Red cottage set in the snowy countryside in Lapland

Where to go to experience Christmas in Lapland

You can choose from a few main towns in Lapland for the best yuletide celebration. But you’ll certainly be in for a treat if you visit Rovaniemi , in Finland, or Kiruna , in Sweden.

On a Rovaniemi trip , you’ll savour the endless festive cheer because it’s the official home of Santa Claus. Meet the “man in red” and venture out on a reindeer safari ride.

You can take your pick of activities to connect with the frozen landscape. Imagine heading out on a snowmobile ride and then ending the day gazing up at the northern lights.

Alternatively, book a trip to Kiruna , the northernmost city in Sweden. Explore Kiruna’s iconic ICEHOTEL and enjoy a wide range of snow-based excursions.

Both hubs provide a memorable Lapland Christmas experience. The blend of nature’s wonders and the joyful spirit here will have you packing all your winter clothing, ready for your trip. 

  • Related: 10 Reasons you should take a winter break in Kiruna, Sweden
  • Related: Finland in winter – What to do & where to go

The Northern lights dancing above the ICEHOTEL in Sweden

Where to stay in Lapland for Christmas

You can choose from a variety of accommodation types in Lapland such as hotels, cabins, igloos and ice hotels.

In Sweden, you could stay at Camp Ripan to experience the Arctic wilderness from the comfort of a private cabin. Take advantage of the on-site spa, where all of the facilities have a view of the starry night sky.

For an unusual stay, spend a night in one of the iconic Nordic ice and snow hotels . Here, you will sleep in a room entirely sculpted from ice – walls, ceilings and even the bed.

As you enter, you’ll be mesmerised by the intricately carved sculptures and the glow from the thick ice walls. Snuggle up in your expedition-style sleeping bag and breathe in the fresh Arctic air as you drift off to sleep.

Or stay in a glass igloo in Finland , where you’ll sleep under a domed glass roof that allows you to stargaze. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to watch the northern lights dance above you as you lie in bed.

You’ll remain warm and comfortable inside your glass igloo thanks to the insulated walls and heated glass roof.

  • Find your perfect stay in an ice and snow hotel in Lapland
  • Related: Glass igloos in Finland – Your guide

Inside one of the icy rooms at the Arctic SnowHotel ©Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos

Top activities to enjoy on a Lapland trip

You won’t be short on Christmassy things to do when visiting Lapland in winter . With fluffy snow and vast Arctic scenery, there are plenty of exciting activities to try.

1. Visit Santa Claus Village

Transport yourself to a place where dreams come true and search for Santa in his hometown in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland. Take a day trip to Santa’s Lapland to meet the man himself and tour the workshops where all the magic happens.

The charming village offers a full Santa experience to make your childhood fantasies come to life. You can post your wish list from Santa Claus’ main postbox, take a reindeer sleigh ride and browse the many tempting shops.

  • Live out your festive fantasties on a  Santa Claus Village trip this winter
  • Related: Santa Claus Village Lapland – Activities & things to do

Santa Claus and a group of his Elves in the snow ©Visitrovaniemi.fi

2. Venture out on a husky safari

Imagine gliding through pristine powder-laden landscapes, guided by a team of eager huskies. You’ll hear the sound of paws on the soft snow as you’re whisked through the dreamlike scenery.

Husky sledding allows you to head into the surreal surroundings, all while admiring the agility of these powerful animals. You’ll certainly feel a bond with your furry companions by the end of your ride.

An expert guide will teach you how to “mush” and let you take the reins if you want to drive your pack. The huskies’ enthusiasm is infectious and they’ll be keen to take you on a journey of a lifetime.

  • Find your husky troop on a dog sledding trip in Lapland

Bird's eye view of husky sledding through the snow in Kiruna, Sweden

3. Explore winter wonderland on a reindeer sleigh ride

Cruise through the frozen wilderness with a reindeer leading the way. Picture yourself cosied up on a wooden sleigh, covered in thick blankets, watching the snow-dusted trees pass by.

The gentle giants will slowly bring you through the glittering white forests and you’ll feel a sense of calm and peace. You’ll also learn how the local Sámi people rely on these creatures for their livelihood.

  • Choose your reindeer and Sámi culture tour
  • Related: Best Lapland holidays for a winter getaway

A visitor petting a friendly reindeer in the snow ©Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos

4. Head out on a snowmobile

If you’re seeking a little more speed and excitement, you can take a ride on a snowmobile. With endless trails across the Arctic countryside, a snowmobile ride will leave you exhilarated and in awe of nature’s beauty.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, you can safely chase thrills on a snowmobile with an expert guide.

  • Related: 7 Reasons to visit Lapland in winter

Snowmobile gliding through a pristine white forest in Finnish Lapland ©VisitFinland

5. Catch a glimpse of the northern lights

In Lapland, you have the opportunity to see the mesmerising northern lights . Picture yourself surrounded by snow-kissed trees, gazing up at the night sky as the vibrant colours dance above you. Or imagine lying in bed with the glass-domed roof of your igloo offering a panoramic view of the display.

Of course, because the aurora borealis is a natural phenomenon, sightings cannot be guaranteed. But with the long winter nights and low light pollution, Lapland is one of the best places to catch sight of them.

  • Explore northern lights tours in Lapland
  • Related: Best time and place to see the northern lights in Finland and Sweden

The Northern Lights glowing above a white forest in Finnish Lapland

How long to spend in Lapland

When planning your trip, the length of your stay depends on the experience you want to have. If you’re visiting Lapland for Christmas , 4 or 5-days would allow you to fully immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere.

On the other hand, even a 3-day long weekend would give you a taste of Lapland’s winter magic. You’ll still have plenty of time to meet Father Christmas, go husky sledding and explore the glistening countryside.

You can certainly visit over Christmas Day itself for an unforgettable celebration. Fortunately, you can celebrate Christmas anytime during winter in Lapland. All of the activities are running between December and March and snow is pretty much a guarantee.

  • Related: Christmas traditions in the Nordics

What's the weather like at this time of year

During the peak winter travel season from December to March, you’ll feel temperatures in Lapland of between -16°C (3°F) to 3°C (37°F). But it’s not uncommon for temperatures to reach as low as -30°C (-22 °F).

Although chilly, the Arctic air is dry and crisp, meaning you might not feel as cold as the weather forecast says it is.

Aside from the weather, the daylight hours are also the shortest at this time of year. However, these long nights mean you have a much better chance of seeing the northern lights.

What to wear in Lapland at Christmas

When preparing for your Lapland trip, it’s important to bring the right clothing so you can be comfortable regardless of the temperature. The weather can be changeable, so make sure you bring enough layers to choose the best outfit for each day. 

Keep reading for a general clothing packing list for Lapland :

  • Insulated and waterproof boots
  • Warm waterproof jacket
  • Waterproof trousers
  • Warm fleece
  • Thermal base layers – long sleeve top and leggings
  • Woollen socks
  • Small waterproof backpack

You can always buy a few extra items upon arrival, but of course, it’s always best to come prepared. Conveniently, thermal outerwear is usually provided for outdoor activities like snowmobiling.

Husky sledding during a purple sunset in Swedish Lapland ©Camp Ripan

Experience Lapland at Christmas with Nordic Visitor

Why not indulge your festive dreams and create memories that will last a lifetime?

Visiting Lapland is a magical way to spend winter and experience a serene, snow-draped wonderland. Whether you are looking for a romantic escape or a family trip with the kids , there’s something to suit you.

Our travel experts make planning your ideal tour easy. Your dedicated travel expert will take care of it all, so you can relax and enjoy. You’ll also receive 24/7 support during your time in Lapland, meaning you can always contact us with any questions.

Get in touch and our experts will start planning your getaway. Soon you’ll be experiencing the magic of a Lapland Christmas holiday yourself.

emma jackson blog profile

Hailing from Scotland, Emma has always pursued her love of adventure. With her trusty self-converted van, she roams Europe taking the roads less travelled to experience the natural beauty of each destination. When she’s not abroad, she fills her weekends going bouldering, cycling and hiking.

Find Emma on LinkedIn .

Getting there

We'd love to give you the same amazing travel experiences as you read about in our blog! To visit the destinations and attractions mentioned in this post - and to discover a few new highlights along the way - check out these recommended Nordic Visitor tours.


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Glass Igloos in Finland: Your Guide

Finland in winter: what to do & where to go, 7 reasons to visit lapland in winter.

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Santa & Snowmen - Your Lapland Christmas Bucket List

Looking for some inspiration for your holiday bucket list? A trip to Lapland at Christmas has all the fairy tale magic of the year’s best holiday amidst true Arctic wilderness.

Traveling to Finnish Lapland at Christmas tops a lot of bucket lists. And for good reason. The holiday spirit in Santa’s hometown reaches a fever pitch. The long dark nights in the north are perfect for adventures by lamplight, and the peace and silence of never-ending nature acts a counter-balance for all the stress–good and bad–that the holiday season can create. Here’s our bucket list of can’t-miss and can’t-forget Christmas experiences you can only have in Lapland.

1. Santa Knocking On Your Door

The windows of your cozy cabin in the heart of Santa Claus Village are foggy on one side, with ice flowers creeping up the other. Regardless, you can see colorful movement beyond, and you hear the heavy boots climb your steps. “Get ready! Get ready!” you tell everyone, casting one final look over the cabin. There’s a knock at the door, and you hear a deep voice give a jubilant laugh. You always expected him to come down your chimney, but here he is, at your front door, for an intimate meeting. You open it and Santa’s eyes twinkle. “Merry Christmas,” he booms, bigger and better than you ever imagined.

Christmas Bucket List: Santa knocking at your door

2. Grab the Reins (of Excitement)

The dark forest breaks, the tall snow-crowned pines giving way to a frozen river, blanketed with snow. Santa’s helper pulls the sledge easily, and the local guide points to the western horizon, where the setting sun is turning the world incredibly pink. You take a deep breath of the cold, clean air and it brings a smile to your face. Northern Finland in December is so charming, more peaceful and relaxing than you imagined, bigger and wilder than you ever imagined. And here’s this antlered creature, happily pulling you through the forest, across the snowy river, and back into the thick pines.

Christmas Bucket List: reindeer sledge ride in Salla

3. A Steamy Finnish Tradition

Now you’re starting to see why Finns are the happiest people on Earth. As you throw another ladle of water on the dark sauna stove, you hear the others hiss in anticipation. The heat rolls over your head, and your ears glow. The warmth prickles your shoulders and works its way inside. After all the shopping, the wrapping, the gifts and phone calls and cards and driving, flying, bussing and walking around the ski village, there’s nowhere you’d rather spend Christmas evening than here among the pale wood, hot rocks and soothing steam of the sauna. “Throw some more,” you hear someone say among the steam.

Christmas Bucket List: sauna in Ruka-Kuusamo

4. Stamped & Delivered

A post card is a simple thing. On one side, there’s the picture of auroras waltzing over a midnight snowscape, a reminder that you traveled here in Lapland. On the other are the words that say “Even here, I’m thinking of you.” The stamp on the post card is unique—you can only get it at Santa Claus Main Post Office on the Arctic Circle, another token of how special the recipient is. “Merry Christmas,” you write, dropping the card in the special mailbox— Christmas delivery only —looking forward to seeing their face next year when the card arrives.

Psst! Looking for how to write a letter to Santa Claus?

Christmas Bucket List: Northern Lights over Inari, Finland

5. Meet the Elves of Lapland

Finnish Lapland is home to 180,00 people, 200,000 reindeer, one jolly St. Nick, and an unknown number of elves. Some of these elves are shy, and they spend their time trolling the forest, hiding behind thick trees and snoozing under snowbanks. But a select few are more than happy to welcome you to magical Lapland and to spend their Christmas alongside you, wandering the snowy trails, searching for fairy folk, or introducing you to the Finnish method of de-stressing by dipping yourself in ice-cold water after a long steamy sauna.

Christmas Bucket List: Meet the elves of Lapland

6. Journey to Santa’s Magic Mountain

In the distance, you see the pointed ears of the fell rise, the location of Santa’s secret workshop. You want to press on, to feel the snowmobile rear beneath you, to feel the sharp air on your cheeks, but you know this is the end of the road. Santa’s elves need peace, quiet and solitude to do their magic work, the guide explains with a twinkle in his eye. Instead, you’ll spend the morning breathing the crisp clean air, enjoying the dark blue skies and a winter landscape from a child’s fairytale book. Good thing those are top items on your winter bucket list .

Christmas Bucket List: landscapes of northern Finland in winter

7. An Enchanting Dinner

The exquisite ice sculpture in the center of restaurant watches over your dinner table like a guardian angel. In fact, she even has wings of transparent ice. Every breath rolls out in a cloud, which would normally be negative–but in a building made entirely of hard-packed snow and ice , it’s hardly surprising. Your meal comes, the warmth radiating from the grilled salmon, the smell of the roasted vegetables intoxicating. Across the table, he lifts his ice shotglass, and says, “To us. To Christmas. To Lapland.”

Christmas Bucket List: Ice restaurant in Rovaniemi, Finland

8. Sip Cocoa Among the Trees

The fire crackles, sending precious warmth to your face and your outstretched fingers. Beyond the fire lies a vast frozen lake, the wind whipping up little snow devils. You sip hot chocolate, admitting to yourself that you’ve never wanted a hot drink more in your life. Sitting beside you in the laavu, the guide tells you about the warm porridge you’ll have when you return to your cabin. The thought of the wind caressing your cheeks atop the snowmobile sends a little shiver down your back. Not for the first time, you feel like you understand Christmas a little better. More than smiling elves and brightly-wrapped gifts, this is a more primal holiday. The victory of warmth and light against the darkest days of the year.

Christmas Bucket List: winter campfire in Sodankylä, FInland

9. A Christmas Gift Like No Other

They say it’s the thought that counts. And after visiting Siida, the Sámi Museum and Nature Center , you want to choose Christmas gifts that reflect not only your visit to northernmost Finland, but the way your mind has expanded on this journey. You want to give books on lively Arctic cultures, stunning Sámi artwork and indigenous jewelry, gifts that evoke wonder, surprise, curiosity and inspiration.

Christmas Bucket List: display at Siida, in Inari, Finland

Christmas comes only one day a year, but winter lasts almost 200 days in Lapland! Check out some other great reasons to visit Finnish Lapland in the winter.

Here are some other great reasons to visit Lapland in the winter!

  • Santa & Snowmen – Your Lapland Christmas Bucket List
  • 8 Ways to Experience The Northern Lights in Lapland

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Our Santa’s Aurora package is available to book for 2 or 3 nights. Below is a sample itinerary of what you can expect on our magical 2 night Lapland holiday.

  • Sample Itinerary
  • What's Included
  • Testimonials

You'll fly into the heart of Lapland, then it's a short coach ride to Saariselkä. It's 200km above the Arctic Circle so it'll feel like you're on another planet.

Fancy more snow fun?

All of our experiences are available as 3 night trips with 4 days to experience more magic. another day in the dreamworld of lapland, with a host of extraordinary adventures..

Our optional adventures can be booked on our 2 and 3 night trips. On Santa’s Magic, the Northern Lights adventures, if pre-booked, will usually take place on the first evening, while most of our other adventures can be booked for your free day or the morning of your last day. In all cases, excursion dates and times will be confirmed locally once you’ve arrived.

  • An extra day for family time in the snow. Husky and reindeer rides, thrilling snowmobiles, a spot of skiing, or a hunt for the Northern Lights. The choice is yours. Optional Adventures

Northern lights in Lapland

  • Explore a little more, make magical memories in this other-worldly wilderness. You're spoilt for choice. See for yourself

What's included in Santa's Aurora?

Flights, transfers and half-board accommodation in your choice of two accomodations.

A full day of activities including a husky and reindeer ride and a private meeting with Santa.

We'll provide you with a thermal suit, thermal outdoor boots, woolen socks and thermal mittens to keep warm in snowy Saariselkä.

A well organised holiday from the start to the end. The Santa’s Lapland staff could not be faulted, they were helpful, cheerful and knowledgeable about the accommodation and excursions. A fabulous holiday that we would definitely recommend to anyone Rebecca Santa's Holiday Club, Saariselka, Lapland, December 2022

Santa's Star Arctic Hotel northern lights

  • Santa's Lapland Rating


Santa's Magic

Explore our other package with santa’s lapland, no one knows how to make christmas more magical.

Flights, transfers, half-board accommodation, a fun-filled activity trip and snowsuits are all included.

A remote spot in the far north of Finland, 200km above the Arctic Circle among the snowy trees of Saariselkä.

If you are yet to book, and you find your Santa’s Lapland holiday cheaper elsewhere, we’ll price match it.


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Christmas in Lapland: the best Santa experiences and holiday companies

Your guide to planning an unforgettable trip to a winter wonderland.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

W hether you’re a Santa believer or bah-humbug, you’re eternally five years old and fizzing with excitement on a trip to see St Nick in Lapland . When the Arctic gets its seasonal dump of snow in December, the region pulls out all the festive stops, with its Christmas card scene of snow-daubed fells and forests, flurry of winter activities (reindeer! huskies!) and northern lights shows.

Father Christmas and his tribe of twinkly elves draw thousands of wide-eyed, sugar-tanked kids and their parents to this real-life winter wonderland every year. Coming in December naturally cranks up the festive magic tenfold. Read on for more about what the Santa experience involves and why it is only the icing on Lapland’s Christmas cake.

Main photo: a sleigh ride in Ruka, Lapland (Getty Images)

Santa Claus (Santa Claus Holiday Village)

Which is the best Santa experience in Lapland?

Rovaniemi in Finland is Santa central, with a proper hit of festive sparkle at the Santa Claus Village , where you can meet Santa in his grotto, learn every elf trick in the book and dash across the Arctic Circle in a reindeer-driven sleigh. Kids also love the more Disneyfied Santa Park , with glitzy Christmas rides, elves baking gingerbread, ice sculptures and another Santa (spoiler: there’s more than one). Yes, it’s touristy, but within minutes you can give the crowds the slip and be out in the snowy wilderness, driving a husky sleigh or snowmobiling as the northern lights flash overhead. And Rovaniemi has the easy-to-reach edge, with airlines like easyJet* , Ryanair and Tui * running frequent direct flights from the UK (four and half hours). It’s a good pick if travelling with tots — get out and you’re there.

Authentic Scandinavia’s Rovaniemi Santa Claus Adventure is a cracker, with three nights at the Santa Claus Holiday Village.


If you need a bit more breathing space, Apukka Resort * , a 15-minute drive out of town, has a pretty location astride a frozen lake. Discover the World offers a three-night Santa Break which includes a private family visit to see Santa in his secret cabin, activities from reindeer rides to mini snowmobiling, all meals and warm-weather gear.

Making snow angels (Discover the World’s three-night Santa Adventure in Lapland)

Is Santa’s Lapland worth the money?

Lapland is high and comes with a price tag to match. But, let’s face it, you’ll probably only go once, so it’s worth it to see the look on kids’ faces when they meet Santa and are dropped into an Arctic scene straight out of Frozen. For the magic to work its charm, take them at an age when they still believe. You want them to be able to remember the experience, so four or five is the golden age, though older kids get more out of the Lapland activities, some of which are off limits to younger kids (snowmobiling, for instance).

Unless you plan to just hang out in Rovaniemi, a Lapland holiday is best organised as a package, both logistically and because it is cheaper. Do it independently and accommodation, meal and activity costs quickly snowball.

If you’re booking your own flights, you can reckon on around £300 per person or £550 at Christmas. The earlier you book, the better.

Elves in the snow (Christmas at Luosto package from Canterbury Travel)

How many days do you need in Lapland?

You’re going all the way to the Arctic, so why rush? Some companies offer day trips to Lapland, but they aren’t great for the environment and they are pretty tiring for kids. A three to four-night stay is the minimum if you want the trip to be reasonably relaxed, with time to do the whole Santa thing, throw in some snow fun and see the northern lights come out to play. Most Christmas packages include some festive activities, too, from reindeer rides to elf schools.

If you want to venture deeper into Lapland to a quieter resort or village, you’ll need longer: five days is great, a week is even better. Seeing Santa as the hook for a longer, more varied trip to the Arctic keeps both kids and parents happy.

• 10 of the best Lapland tours

The northern lights seen from glass igloos in Saariselka, Lapland (Getty Images)

Where is the best place for Christmas in Lapland?

Beyond Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland has some snug, low-key resorts up its sleeve, such as Suomu, Levi* , Inari and Pyha-Luosto, where you can ski, hole up in a log cabin, aurora gaze and dive wholeheartedly into the Narnia–like surrounds of frozen forests, fells and deep downy snow. Santa pops up at all of them during the Christmas season, with packages to match.

Not only Finland is in on the act. Arctic Sweden is an enticing alternative, with plenty of Santa action and similar heart-stealing landscapes.

Tobogganing (Discover the World’s three-night Santa Adventure in Lapland)

How much does it cost to visit Santa in Lapland?

For a three-night stay including flights, transfers, activities, accommodation, some meals and cold-weather gear, you’re looking at roughly £1,500 per person, while a week will set you back around £2,500. Kids are only a fraction cheaper (bums on seats and all that), with a 10 to 20 per cent discount on adult prices.

Cool deals that deliver the perfect parcel of Santa and Arctic wilderness include the all-inclusive Muotka 7-Night Adventure with Inghams, staying at a rustic lodge on the edge of the Urho-Kekkonen National Park (nice and dark for the northern lights), far north of the Arctic Circle. During Christmas week, they ramp up the festive fun with gingerbread baking, tree decorating and a Santa visit on Christmas Eve.

Canterbury Travel drops you straight into a snow globe with its four-night Christmas at Luosto package, basing you on the felly fringes of Pyhä-Luosto National Park, with log cabin accommodation, meals, loads of activities, elf parties and a search for Santa on Christmas day.

Responsible Travel ups the sustainable game with its off-the-beaten-track, seven–night Northern Lights Family Christmas in Lapland trip, which whisks you to the silent white wilderness of Menesjarvi, right up near Lake Inari. This one is culturally immersive, with activities from wilderness skills workshops to an insight into a reindeer herder’s day at a Sami farm and an aurora dinner in a traditional kota hut. And yes, you’ll also see Santa.

Should Sweden appeal, try Discover the World’s three-night Santa Adventure in Lapland , staying at the Grand Arctic Hotel in Overkalix, or the Baltic Travel Company’s four-night Christmas in Swedish Lapland , based in Kiruna, with a torchlit procession to mass and a Christmas smorgasbord.

Husky sledding (Discover the World’s three-night Santa Adventure in Lapland)

What else is there to do in Lapland at Christmas?

Plenty. Pretty much every Lapland break covers some activities, from reindeer sleigh rides to dog sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, tobogganing and northern lights safaris. Bear in mind that some activities might be unsuitable for kids under eight (check with your operator). If you’re going it alone, expect to pay between £50 and £120 per activity.

Some companies let you upgrade to a glass igloo for maximum aurora-spotting potential for a surcharge and it’s worth it — seeing the northern lights dance overhead while snuggled up in bed really is special. Most companies also provide cold-weather gear and you’ll need it, with temperatures dipping as low as -25C.

In terms of the lights, there are no guarantees, but the remoter you go and the longer you stay, the better the chances.

A reindeer safari (Discover the World’s three-night Santa Break at Apukka Resort)

When should I book?

Right now. The best Lapland holidays fill up in the blink of Santa’s eye. Many winter trips are already sold out by summer, but the good news is you can jump to the front of the queue by booking now for next year.

• Best things to do in Lapland • Best Christmas markets in the UK for 2022 • Best northern lights tours: Iceland, Lapland and Canada • Best family-friendly Christmas attractions in the UK

Take me there

Inspired to visit Lapland but yet to book your trip? Here are the best packages from Tui* and Expedia* .

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What are you looking for?

The ultimate guide to christmas in lapland in 2024.

Cazzy Magennis

I know what you’re thinking, what could possibly be more christmassy than Christmas in Lapland?! Thankfully the Christmas season in Lapland actually runs all year around, but if you want snow, and that christmassy vibe, then christmas in Lapland is best experienced in November to December. 

So, sit back, relax and enjoy my guide to the ultimate Christmas in Lapland which will take you through the best places to visit in Lapland during Christmas, the best things to do in Lapland at Christmas and where to stay during Christmas in Lapland! 


When does Christmas start in Lapland?

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

As mentioned before the best season to experience Christmas in Lapland is definitely during November to December. November is a great season because the Christmas season is declared opened in Rovaniemi and all things Christmas related start to emerge. 

Also, you’ll have lots of snow which makes it even more awesome. 

Obviously this is one of the most peak times to visit Lapland, so you’ll need to plan in advance to avoid disappointment. 

The Santa Clause Village in Rovaniemi (the official home town of Santa Claus) declares the start of the Christmas season in Lapland every year.

Where is the best place to stay for Christmas in Lapland? 

There are so many amazing places to stay to experience Christmas in Lapland and below I run you through some of my favourites. Remember as mentioned before, this is peak tourist season in November and December, so if you want to stay in these awesome hotels in Lapland, then you’re going to need to book in advance. 

The Arctic Treehouse Hotel in Rovaniemi 

trreehouse hotel

This is a wonderful place to stay in Rovaniemi with children thanks to its proximity to Santa Park (it’s on site!)it's not far from the airport, it’s close to Santa Claus Village and it’s got one of the most awesome hotel designs in the world: you’re staying in an ultra luxury treehouse! 

We actually had the chance to stay there which you can read all about here. But if you want to go ahead and check out prices and how to book then click here!

Northern Lights Ranch, near Levi 

nthn lghts anch

The Northern Lights Ranch is a hotel experience like no other. The accommodation is in the form of “Aurora Cabins” which gives you the best chance to see the Northern Lights from your room, but not only that, there is the chance to book a cabin with a Jacuzzi outside and when you’re surrounded with snow in a Jacuzzi, it’s amazing.

Plus they have the best on-site chef I’ve ever experienced, and I would stay there for the food alone. OH and they have an Ice church ...how awesome is that. 

It’s SUPER christmassy and of the best places I’ve experienced in my life! 

You can read about our stay here and go ahead and book that amazing stay at the Northern Lights Ranch right here!

Pyhan Astelli Igloos in Pyhä

pyhan astll

Looking for a unique igloo stay in a beautiful part of Lapland? Then this place is a gem. The igloos and aurora cabins on offer are modern, cosy, comfortable and just amazing. The resort of Pyha itself is awesome and super Christmassy. It’s a great spot for families and couples. 

Check out our stay here OR go ahead and get your amazing igloo booked right here. 

These are some of my favourite stays and if you’re looking for the best place to stay in Lapland at Christmas, I’m not sure I can choose between them all. I think if you manage to snag of those above properties, then you’re going to be in for a real Christmas treat! 

Snow Hotel and Glass Igloos outside Rovaniemi 

arctic snow hotel and iglos

The Snow Hotel is exactly what it says on the tin, a hotel made out of snow that you can actually sleep in. It’s awesome! Or if you fancy staying in something a little warmer, you can stay in their glass igloos, ( which Brad and I did ) and be in with a chance of seeing the Northern Lights from your room. 

Book your stay here. 

Where are the best places to visit to experience Christmas in Lapland? 

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

There are lots of amazing places in Lapland that will give you those Christmas vibes. Actually when the place is covered in snow, every single area is Christmasy, but to help you narrow it down, here are some of my favourite areas. 

 Rovaniemi city in Lapland province in northern Finland

Well, we have to start here, because it’s the home of Santa Claus and the tourist hotspot of Christmas and Lapland. Rovaniemi is great for families as there is SO much to do.

My favourite places include a visit to Santa Claus village and Santa Park for the chance to meet Mr Claus himself, try your hand at Elf School and of course post your letter to Santa Claus at the official Santa Claus post office...

winter market village in Levi, Finland

Levi is another amazing place in Lapland that’s very Christmassy. It’s a tourist hotspot for it’s access to skiing, so if you love to ski, then you’re going to love Levi. Not only that, it’s home to one of the most epic Ice hotels in the world, for a couple of years it was actually Game of Thrones themed and looked amazing. You can even stay there too. (It’s going to be cold!)

Pyha , Finland

This is another great place in Lapland for those Christmas in Lapland vibes. There a beautiful national park to explore and lots of opportunities for skiing with two ski resorts! It’s also a great spot to find the Northern Lights thanks to the reduced light pollution. 

Salla ski resort Finland

Salla is another great place in Lapland that’s super Christmassy. There is a ski resort for keen skiers and they have a really cool reindeer farm that Brad and I visited. They can also arrange husky tours, so basically you can experience all the great things to do in Lapland here too. 

What are the most Christmassy things to do in Lapland? 

Oh there are so many amazing things to do in Lapland that ooze that Christmas vibe and below I take you through my favourites, most tried and tested!

1. Hunt for the Northern lights 

nthn lghts

When you visit Lapland at Christmas, you’ll still have the chance to see the epic phenomenon that is the Northern Lights. Some tips for seeing the lights: 

  • You’ll need to escape light pollution, so if you’re staying in Rovaniemi, spend a night just outside at the Snow Hotel and Glass Igloos resort a higher chance to see the lights. 
  • Go on a Northern Lights Tour as they’ll know all the best spots with less light pollution to give you a higher chance. I can recommend Wild About Lapland. 
  • Download an Aurora app which will help give you the KP index needed for seeing the Northern Lights. In Finland you need a KP index of 3. 

2. Dine at a Snow Hotel 

The Arctic Snow hotel

Speaking of Snow Hotels in Rovaniemi, even if you don’t want to stay there, you can still experience what it’s like to eat in a Snow Hotel which is pretty awesome! This is one of those bucket list experiences and unique things to do at Christmas in Lapland. 

3. Take a Husky Ride 

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Imagine meeting lots of amazing and loving husky dogs then going for a ride with them in the snow. That’s the ultimate lapland dream. What I will say is that you should choose a Husky company that’s ethical, so therefore I choose BearHill Husky who are just awesome! 

You can read all about our experience with huskies right here. 

4. Head out on a snowmobile 

snowmobile Lapland

When the snow covers the ground in Lapland, one of the great experiences is to hit the roads on a snowmobile. Perfect for adrenaline junkies and possible all around Lapland. 

Book your adventure here. 

5. Visit Santa Park and Santa Claus Village

santa clas vllag

Santa Park is located in Rovaniemi and gives adults and children the chance to meet Santa, attend Elf School (and graduate), make gingerbread cookies and so much more. Anything you can think of associated with Christmas and it will be at Santa Park. Yes I went, because I am a child at heart! 

6. Visit a Reindeer Farm and experience a sleigh ride 

Reindeer, Lapland

What could possibly be more Christmassy than meeting Santa’s reindeer and a sleigh ride? I really don’t know! Well that’s totally possible in Lapland. You can do that in a variety of spots in Lapland including Salla and Rovaniemi. 

Actually this tour is a great one from Rovaniemi that you can book here. 

7. Dig for your own Amethyst at the Amethyst Mine 

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

This was one of the coolest things I did in Lapland and it’s a great way to dig a unique Christmas gift! Basically it’s one of the unique mine in the world that allows you to dig your own amethyst and take a piece home with you. You can read all about our experience here. 

If you’re coming from Rovaniemi you can book with this tour which includes your transportation, lunch and your entrance ticket. 

8. Visit the Arctic Animals at Ranua Wildlife Park 

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

The most Northernmost zoo in the world and the ONLY place you can see polar bears in Finland. This is a pretty awesome experience, and relatively cheap for Finland standards. You’ll see lots of arctic animals at this wildlife park. 

Just a note, they don’t have any lights for the comfort of the animals, so if you visit after 2pm (when the sun sets) you’ll need to bring your own torch or rent one. 

You can book a tour from Rovaniemi right here. 

I think this is a great chance to mention Tinggly, the awesome gift giving experience company. You can gift people experiences as a Christmas gift this year and these are some of my favourite gift ideas they offer in Lapland…

  • A 2 night overnight stay for two with breakfast in an awesome glass igloo under their “bucket list experience package”. Check it here.
  • Two Hour Snowmobile ride in Rovaniemi with the purchase of their “Christmas gift box”. Check it here. 

Oh and what I really love about Tinggly, apart from the fact you’re gifting an experience, is that all their experiences come with a co2 offset of 200%!

Where is the best place to see Santa in Lapland?

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Without doubt, the best place to see Santa in Lapland in Rovaniemi, because that’s where he lives. You can guarantee he is there! He’s always hanging around the Santa Claus Village, and he’s always happy to meet children and adults. 

So if you’re looking for the best Lapland Santa experience then you’re best bet is to go to Rovaniemi. 

How do I get to Lapland? 

So Lapland is a region in Scandinavia, and it covers both Finland and Sweden . In this blog post we are talking about Finland and the easiest starting point for a Lapland holiday is to fly to Rovaniemi.

You can get direct flights from the UK and other European countries and I recommend you use Skyscanner to search for the best flights. 

How long should I spend for Christmas in Lapland? 

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Lots of people do “one-day” trip to Lapland and I can understand why (it’s probably cheaper), but you will not get to experience the true Lapland at Christmas atmosphere.

I won’t lie to you, a trip to Lapland at Christmas isn’t cheap and you should only go if you can afford to do it. It’s the type of trip that you do once and you do it right. It’s truly a bucket list holiday. 

So, with that being said, I would suggest around 3 nights to fully experience Lapland at Christmas. This will give you a chance to visit the hotspots of Rovaniemi, the ski resorts of Pyhan, and more.

Of course the longer you have, the more you can see, but 3 nights in a reasonable amount and will leave you with amazing memories to last a lifetime. 

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

So there you have it, my ultimate guide to Christmas in Lapland. I hope this post has gotten you into the Christmas spirit or helped you book that amazing Lapland holiday. If you’ve got any other suggestions or simply want to ask a question, then please drop us a comment on this post. 

Happy travels! 

Tinggly badge

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Adventure Family Travel - Wandering Wagars

Christmas In Lapland Finland: Everything You Need To Know To Spend The Holidays In Finnish Lapland

Everything you need to know about Christmas In Lapland Finland is right here. The best destinations and the best Santa Claus experiences in Finnish Lapland

Everything you need to know about Christmas In Lapland Finland is right here. The best experiences and the best Santa Claus experiences in Finnish Lapland

Everything you need to know about Christmas In Lapland Finland is right here. The best destinations and the best Santa Claus experiences in Finnish Lapland

Lapland Finland is quickly becoming one of the hottest holiday destinations in Finland. What was once a snowy, Arctic region known for spectacular summers has recently exploded among Asians, Europeans, and North Americans looking for the perfect place to celebrate Christmas in Finland.

But what is it about Christmas in Lapland, Finland that makes it such a popular destination?

Well, besides being a winter wonderland, Finnish Lapland is known as being the home of the big man himself. That’s right. Santa Claus himself has a village just north of the town of Rovaniemi Finland (If the kids aren’t reading this, it’s safe to say that Santa has Christmas villages spread throughout Finnish Lapland). And Santa’s house is open to visitors! So read on and discover why Christmas in Lapland makes for the perfect family vacation.

If you’re looking for more adventures in Finland, check out our Finland family travel guide .

Where Is Lapland Finland?

Table of Contents

Lapland is a HUGE area that spans across much of northern Europe. The Lapland region crosses Norway , Sweden, Finland , and into Russia. It is the traditional home of the Sami people. The Sami are the only remaining indigenous people in Europe and have historically called Lapland their home.

The town of Inari , in Finnish Lapland, is the home of the Sami Parliament. And the postcard-perfect Lake Inari is one of the earliest locations where southern Europeans began to integrate with this Indigenous Arctic people.

Lapland Finland or Finnish Lapland extends from the northern tip of the Baltic Sea up to the northern border of Norway. The Lapland region stretches right across the country from the borders of Sweden to the borders of Russia. Finnish Lapland is home to about 3.5% of the population of Finland. And much of the region sits above the Arctic Circle (the area that experiences at least one full 24-hours of night in winter and at least one full day of sunlight in summer).

Christmas In Lapland Finland Sami Lavvu in Inari

Why Is Christmas In Finnish Lapland So Popular?

Winter in Lapland is dark. Around Christmas time, much of Lapland Finland experiences days, or even weeks without full sunlight. That doesn’t mean that it’s completely nighttime. Close to the Arctic Circle you’ll find that there will be a few hours of dusk/dawn light, although this time gets shorter the further north that you travel.

There is no better way to shake off those winter blues than through the magical power of Christmas. In Lapland, Christmas is big business. In fact, the only place that may surpass Finland for Christmas celebrations in the Philippines , where they begin their holiday celebrations in September and don’t take down decorations until early February. But you won’t find snow there, so Finland for the win!

In almost every city in Finland from Helsinki to Levi there are Christmas Markets, streets lined with Christmas lights, and celebrations that would make even Christmas in Manhattan take shame. It’s no surprise why families have begun flocking here for Christmas celebrations. Many come from areas in the south to experience their first white Christmas, while others simply want to partake in some of the best Christmas markets in the world.

Not only is Lapland home to Father Christmas it is also home to countless reindeer. Reindeer herding in Lapland has been taking place for centuries. It’s not uncommon to find herds of these animals wandering the roads and fields. But they aren’t wild. All of these animals belong to families of reminder herders in Finnish Lapland.

Santa Park Ice Gallery Princess

How To Get To Lapland In Finland

If you want to spend Christmas in Lapland, Finland, the first step is getting there. Here are a few tips on how to get to Lapland and how to get around when you get there.

Getting to Lapland By Air

Getting to Finnish Lapland requires a bit of flying. While some flights from within Europe fly directly to the Lapland airports, like Rovaniemi, Kittila, Ivalo, and Kemi, those flying from outside Continental Europe will need to transfer in Helsinki before making the trip north to Lapland in Finland.

The busiest season for travel is over the holidays, with crowds being especially busy during Christmas in Lapland. But, if you are willing to travel outside the peak weeks during the Christmas holidays, you can often score great deals on winter travel to Lapland.

The Lapland area is quite large. Cities such as Inari, Levi, and Saariselka are between 2-5 hours drive north of the main city of Rovaniemi . If you are visiting one location, it’s advisable to fly to the nearest airport to your accommodation and get a shuttle or transport to your accommodations.

However, if you plan on visiting multiple areas within Lapland Finland, as we did, you can rent a car and explore via the well-maintained highways. Just be aware that winter weather in Lapland can be unpredictable and storms occasionally cause highway closures.

The Rovaniemi airport specifically is known for setting the Christmas in Lapland spirit right away. You’ll find that twinkling lights, and even a snow village right as you land.

Getting To Finnish Lapland By Train

Flights to Lapland Finland will get you there fast (a little over an hour to most destinations in Lapland Finland), the train from the Central Train Station in Helsinki to Rovaniemi will get you there in comfort and style.

There are sleeper cabins available with private bathrooms. This mode of transport may be the most welcome for those traveling from destinations like Australia and the Americas since they offer some comfort and a place to sleep after a long journey. Plus, you have the added bonus of saving on one night of accommodations.

The train journey from Helsinki to Rovaniemi lasts about 12-hours. If you are booking a sleeper compartment, that reservation must be made in advance on the VR website .

where is Rovaniemi Finland

How To Make The Most Of Christmas In Lapland Finland

The first thing is first. It’s easy to sign up for a weekend in Rovaniemi . You can even make a day trip to Lapland if you are based in Europe. But the Lappish area of Finland is worth more of your time than that.

Getting to Lapland can be quite expensive. I highly recommend that you make the most out of your trip and visit for at least a week to make the most of your journey. You won’t be disappointed and children and parents will get much more out of the visit to Lapland.

If all you want to do is head to Lapland, take a reindeer sleigh ride, and a 5-minute sit down with Saint Nick, you can do that in a day trip to Rovaniemi. But you’ll be exhausted, and will have only seen a tiny fraction of what this incredible region has to offer. Instead, get a postcard-perfect cabin rental and experience the polar night the way it deserves. There are so many things to do in Finnish Lapland that you won’t get bored. I promise!

Pick Your Finnish Lapland Destination Carefully

There are a lot of amazing regions in Lapland Finland worth exploring. If you have access to a car it’s possible to see a few different areas of Lapland in Finland. However, if, like most visitors to Finland, you are relying on tour groups, you’ll likely be based in one of the main tourism regions of northern Finland.

Rovaniemi is the largest city in Finnish Lapland. It is the Lapland destination that most organized tour groups end up traveling with due to its southern location, excellent amenities, and the huge variety of winter activities. Rovaniemi is stocked with a great selection of AirBnbs, hotels, and apartment-style accommodations to fit every budget and travel style.

We stayed in a few places in Rovaniemi, but our absolute favorite was the winter cabin provided by local tour company Safartica. The semi-detached cabins were picture-perfect and had super cozy interiors where we felt immediately at home. There is also a great selection of restaurants in Rovaniemi providing a great selection of international and local Finnish cuisine. Restaurant Nili in downtown Rovaniemi is particularly popular for its excellent traditional Finnish food.

Rovaniemi Christmas Village Lapland

Top Lapland Christmas Attractions In Rovaniemi

There are loads of tour companies in Rovaniemi offering every winter experience under the sun (or, in the case of Arctic winter, the moon). Many of them can be found on the Visit Rovaniemi website . But for Christmas experiences in Rovaniemi Santa Park and the Santa Claus Holiday Village are where the action is.

Santa Park is the underground toy factory where Santa’s elves create all of the presents for children around the world. It’s a wonderful place for children to explore. It’s a fantastic place to get in the spirit of Christmas in Lapland. The elves of Santa Park are always in character and create the perfect atmosphere for any family looking to get into the Christmas Spirit in Finland.

Santa Claus Holiday Village is the location of the popular Santa Claus Main Post Office. Although Santa Claus Village is set up as an outdoor attraction center that is a little overloaded with gift shops, the atmosphere here will undeniably get visitors to Lapland in the Christmas spirit.

This Lapland Santa Village is beautifully decorated. It is full of incredible, easy-to-access Christmas and winter activities that the whole family will enjoy. But the main attraction in Santa Claus Village is getting to meet the Big Guy himself, and the Santa Claus experience in Santa Claus Holiday Village is one of the best out there. It had my, normally skeptical, kids completely speechless.

While Rovaniemi may be the capital of Christmas in Lapland Finland, Levi is definitely the core for those who love combining outdoor fun with their Christmas activities. Getting to Levi means going even further north of the Arctic Circle to where Christmas in Lapland is dark. But, the sky isn’t completely dark here, even when the sun doesn’t come up. You can expect a beautiful twilight glow that lights up the sky in a magical way for a couple of hours during the day. The benefit to the lack of sun though is that the Christmas lights, of which there are plenty, get to twinkle all day. This way you never lose that Christmas in Lapland feeling.

Staying in Levi is perfect for those who love skiing. Levi is the premier ski destination in Lapland, and the ski hills in Levi are a flurry of activity. It’s also home to the Luvatuumaa ice hotel, which is a magical place for families wanting to live out their dream of experiencing Elsa’s ice kingdom from Frozen. And if picturesque snow-covered villages are what you’re after, Levi is perfect. The downtown of Levi looks like a gingerbread village where someone went CRAZY with the icing.

Christmas In Lapland Finland Levi Ski Resort

Top Lapland Christmas Attractions In Levi

Although Levi isn’t the center of Christmas fun in Lapland Finland, holiday cheer is always within reach. Reindeer Safaris get more incredible the further north you travel in Finnish Lapland. Levi has some of the best reindeer safaris in Lapland. You can also head out on a Santa Claus Safari by snowmobile to Santa’s secret cabin in the Lapland wilderness. You get some private one-on-one time with Santa himself as well as the thrill of riding through some of the most beautiful forests in Lapland to get there.

Levi is far enough south that there are day trips offered to SantaPark and Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi. But, between the ski hills, snowmobile rides, and reindeer safaris, you might find your days filled to exploding by all of the incredible things to do in Levi.

Inari and Saariselka

Saariselka lies within the Sami capital region of Inari about 3-hours north of Rovaniemi. Saariselka sits about 260 km inside the Arctic Circle and is a prime location for skiing in Finnish Lapland. There are wonderful fells nearby that are popular destinations for snowmobilers and outdoor enthusiasts. The polar night is strong in Inari and Saariselka. These small towns are exploding with visitors during the holidays, many of whom travel north for the best opportunity to see the Northern Lights in Finland during December.

Popular hotels and restaurants such as Santa’s Hotel Tunturi and Hotel Inari serve up traditional Finnish Christmas feasts. These meals match the beautiful holiday atmosphere that abounds in Lapland Finland. Saariselka is also home to a water park for those days where you just feel like enjoying the water rather than the ski hills.

Experience genuine Lapland winter in Inari Finland with incredible things to do in Inari such as reindeer sleigh rides, northern lights, and Lappish cuisine

Top Lapland Christmas Attractions In Inari and Saariselka

The Saariselka Ski Resort is boasted as the northernmost ski resort in Europe. It is always decked out in Christmas garb during the holidays in Lapland. For those who aren’t avid skiers, they have lots of other winter activities to enjoy like the popular toboggan run, snow tubing, and ice skating rinks. There are few better vistas for viewing the Northern Lights than on the shores of Lake Inari. The wide skies and beautiful scenery are perfect for a night under the lights.

And, although it’s not a traditional Christmas celebration, Saariselka offers one of the best places to take in a traditional Finnish smoke sauna, complete with a dip in an icy river. Our whole family (with the exception of 5-year-old D, jumped in the frigid waters and warmed up in the steamy smoke sauna at Kilopaa National Park . It was incredible. You can also join Joiku-Kotsamo safaris for an unforgettable reindeer safari through the Lappish wilderness, complete with a traditional Finnish meal to warm you up afterward.

Tips For Visiting Santa Claus In Lapland

Believe it or not, it’s not just the mall that has Santa helpers. There are many different Santa experiences within Finnish Lapland. And while some families thrive on fitting it all in during their travels, it’s a good idea to keep the magic alive by choosing one Lapland Santa experience. This way children don’t leave Lapland Finland as confused as they do at the local mall. And you don’t have to explain why they just saw another Santa at the plaza down the road.

Another tip for visiting Santa in Lapland is to get your children prepared with their list of questions and requests for the big man. Most Lapland Santa experiences only last at most 5-minutes. You’ll have a short window to get those magic moments in place. Take your Santa experience and make it a family moment. It’s easy to get caught up in chronicling the experience and forget that it’s just as important to your kids that you were there for the moment rather than standing behind a camera.

Finland Santa Village Santa Claus Experience

Tips For Experiencing Christmas in Lapland Finland

What should you wear for travel in lapland.

If it hasn’t been made obvious yet, Christmas in Lapland can be snowy, dark, and cold. If you are visiting on a Lapland tour, it’s quite common for tour companies to provide or rent winter clothing. However, if you plan on traveling by yourself, or just want to make sure you are prepared for the weather, check out our complete guide on what to pack for winter in Lapland Finland .

Is Christmas A Good Time To See The Northern Lights In Lapland Finland?

If you plan on viewing the Northern Lights, please remember that there are never any guarantees. The best months for seeing the Northern Lights in Lapland are actually October, November, March, and April. Winter in Lapland is often cloudy. While the KP index (the measure of solar activity that causes the Aurora to appear) may be high, if there are clouds, you might not see them at all. We have been blessed with seeing the Northern Lights on our Hurtigruten coastal cruise in Norway and during our travels through Yellowknife, Northwest Territories in Canada so, although we only got to see them one night in Inari, it was enough for us.

Is Lapland Kid-Friendly?

Lapland is very focused on family holidays. Many accommodations take into account family travelers. But note that many tours and activities don’t recommend Lapland activities for children under 4. This is usually due to low temperatures and the length of time spent outdoors. On the other hand, some of the more active Lapland Christmas activities are designed for older children. Experiencing the best Christmas in Lapland Finland means knowing your family and choosing the Lapland activities that best fit their personalities and abilities.

It’s also worth noting that Lapland is the perfect place to travel before the “magic” of Christmas disappears. For children who still believe in Santa, nothing will make their faces light up more than seeing Saint Nick in his own home.

How Much Time Do You Need For Christmas In Lapland?

While it’s possible to experience Lapland over a long weekend, or even a weekend, I highly recommend giving yourself a week for the experience. It’s a long way to travel and there are a lot of great activities worth experiencing. As far as northern European destinations go, Finland is on the budget side. But it’s by no means cheap. Give yourself the time to enjoy Lapland without the jetlag. This way your Christmas in Lapland will be a special experience.

Other Tips For Visiting Lapland With Kids

  • Bring extra batteries and power banks. Cold weather zaps the power from batteries faster than Yukon Cornelius cleans his ice pick. Make sure you are prepared with extra batteries for your gear and a portable power bank to recharge phones and tablets.
  • Write your letter to Santa before you travel to Lapland Finland. Things can get busy while you’re there so writing your letter before you travel to Finland will save you the worry of running out of time while you’re there.
  • Remember that being too warm can be as uncomfortable as being too cold. Dress in layers so that you can remove items if you get too hot and put them on if you get too cold. We always follow the motto that there is no such thing as bad weather. Just bad clothing.

Have you ever spent Christmas in Lapland Finland? Tell us about your experience in the comments below. Or swing by our Facebook page and share a photo. We would love to share in your journey.

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Meet Father Christmas in Lapland on Santa Breaks with SNO

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Nowhere does festive spirit quite like Lapland – home to Santa Claus and his reindeer with scenery straight from a Christmas card: cosy cabins, snow-covered forests, the jolly holly lot. Meet the man himself in the land he calls home for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, making memories to share with your loved ones that neither kids nor grownups will forget in a hurry.

SNO offers several fun-filled festive packages to Lapland including 3 and 4 day Santa Breaks bursting with festive activities or 7-night stays with the option to add-on a visit to Santa and extra excursions. Lapland holidays are now on sale for 2024 2025 and 2024 2025! Book early for peak dates, the best choice of accommodation and flight times.

Santa Break Resorts

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

What happens on a Santa Break?

Often the fun starts as soon as you step off the plane, when you’re greeted at the airport by Santa’s helpers. After arriving at your hotel, apartment or log cabin, you’ll probably be kitted out with a thermal suit and boots. Double check with us that these are included when you’re booking; they can be a life saver when it comes to saving money and suitcase space as well as keeping out the winter chills!

Often Santa will give children a keepsake like a gift or a certificate – don’t forget the camera either, there should be loads of time for a selfie with Santa...

Some packages make the whole thing even more magical with the journey to Santa coming in the form of a reindeer sleigh or snowmobile. The festive treats aren’t limited to little ones, often grownups can take the driving seat of their own sleigh or snowmobile and there’s usually a mug of mulled wine, tea or coffee waiting at various points throughout the day.

Santa Break Activities

The fun doesn’t stop with meeting the big man and most Santa breaks include a day with a snowmobile safari or visits to husky farms and reindeer parks, followed by magical sleigh rides through the forest... Ask us for an up to date itinerary of what’s in store.

While the big events will be planned for you, there should be lots of free time to spend with friends or family and do your own thing - building snowmen, tobogganing and walking in your winter wonderland. You can usually book extras like snowmobile, husky and reindeer experiences, skiing or cross country lessons (with equipment hire), snowshoe walks and sometimes even a Northern Lights experience – ask us if we can arrange these for you before you set off.

How long is a Santa Break?

Most trips last 3, 4 or 7 days with the short Santa breaks including the all-important Lapland experiences and the longer ones giving you a bit more time to do your own thing.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Lapland Santa holidays FAQ:

Where is santa's lapland.

You can visit Santa in Yllas , Levi or Saariselkä , three wonderful resorts in Lapland . You will be able to visit Santa at his workshop and enjoy a private family meeting. Whilst at the adventure centre there are plenty of other fun activities to take part in including gingerbread biscuit making and Christmas decoration making with the elves!

How much is it to visit Santa in Lapland?

If you are booked onto a Santa Break package, then the private visit is included. If you want to add it to a week-stay trip, you are looking at prices from £59 for children and £69 for adults.

Is Santa from Lapland?

Rovaniemi in Lapland has been declared the official hometown of Father Christmas. He has, however, never given an exclusive interview, although we know for sure he can be found in Lapland for a good part of the year.

Where does Santa live?

Santa has houses across the world with several workshops for all his elves to build toys for good children everywhere. Santa spends a lot of his time in Finnish Lapland as this is Mrs Clause favourite place!

Who is Santa Claus?

Santa Claus is a mixture of various historical and legendary characters, whose festive cheer and sense of ‘goodwill to all men’ has merged over quite literally thousands of years to craft the legend we all know and love today.

Why does Santa live in Lapland?

Santa lives in Lapland as he has many workshops in the area. He needs to be in Lapland to oversee the production in his factories. He also loves the snow and all things cold; it is a perfect place to keep his reindeer too – there have been several Rudolph sightings over the last few years.

Is Santa in Lapland all year round?

Santa is not in Lapland all year round, like everyone he needs to take some time off. However, we do know that he is in Lapland from mid-November up until just after Christmas getting ready for the big day.

Can you visit Santa in Lapland after Christmas?

Santa can be found in Lapland usually until around New Year, so if you wanted to give him a big thank you in person, this would be your chance. In January though the big man is off on his well-deserved break and is usually not spotted in Lapland again until mid-November.

Which are the best Lapland Santa holidays?

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Christmas in lapland: how to plan the best trip.

All You Need to Know About Christmas in Lapland

If there’s one time of year everyone wants to visit Lapland, it’s in the lead-up to Christmas.

After all, this winter wonderland just screams festive fun and if there’s one surefire way to get you into the holiday spirit, then kicking off Christmas in Lapland is surely it!

And I should know!

It’s not every year you get to head to Lapland in December, but that’s just what lucky old me got to experience and, let me tell you, it’s certainly a trip I’m never going to forget.

Soaking up every snowflake of festive feeling that I could in this totally unique and breathtakingly beautiful landscape, Christmas in Lapland really was one of my top travel experiences and I’m here to bring you the full lowdown to ensure you have the best time there too.

With all my top tips on how to get there, where to stay, what to do, what to pack and my top Christmas in Lapland budget hacks, this guide is jampacked with all the advice you need.

So let’s get stuck in with how to plan your perfect Christmas in Lapland experience…

Finland, Ranua, Reindeer

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My stay in Lapland was sponsored by Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos and Ranua Wildlife Park but, as always, all views are my own.

This page contains affiliate links meaning Big World Small Pockets may receive a small commission on any purchases at no extra cost to you.

#1 Get Organised

Finland, Lapland, Sunset Trees

So the first thing to know when it comes to planning your Christmas Lapland trip is that you need to get organised.

To start with, it pays to know that Lapland – the region – actually spans 4 different countries, namely Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.

However the part that’s most famous for those wishing to experience Christmas in Lapland is Finland.

Yes it’s certainly Finnish Lapland that provides the best array of festive activities and adventures, so I’d centre your research around this region if you want to have the best holiday experience possible.

Understandably, the lead-up to Christmas is the most popular time to visit Finnish Lapland, which means you need to get started with your planning early. This will help ensure you have the best choice over activities, places to stay and, of course, availability and prices.

Alternatively, if you want to have more flexibility and pay slightly lower prices, you may opt to enjoy Christmas in Lapland in November, instead of December.

That said, it pays to know that while prices at this time of year might be cheaper, in November the snow in Lapland is a lot thinner on the ground – literally!

Yes the snow only really starts to come down heavily in December in Finnish Lapland, which means to enjoy those winter wonderland views, it’s certainly worth paying a bit more to visit in December and get that full Christmassy feeling.

#2 Watch Your Budget!

Finland, Lapland, Husky Dog

Alternatively, January and February are cheaper months to visit Lapland, so if budget is a key concern, you might opt for these months over November or December.

However, if it’s the festive feels you’re really after, then December is certainly the time to head to Lapland… just watch your budget!

Yes, as I mentioned in the above point, getting organised and booking certain elements of your trip in advance is a key way to your costs from spiralling out of control – definitely pretty important when to comes to having a stress-free, seasonal trip here!

For Christmas in Lapland, the general rule of thumb is that the further in advance you book, the cheaper it’s likely to be.

Last-minute deals are rarely a thing when it comes to Christmas in Lapland, so don’t be afraid to book accommodation, flights and even some activities months in advance…. many do!

It’s also worth pointing out here that you certainly don’t need to employ the services of a travel agent to arrange your Christmas in Lapland trip.

DIY trips are both easy to plan and book (with everything very well set-up for tourists), and making a travel itinerary yourself will likely save you a fortune, as you won’t be paying the costs of any middlemen to do the research.

And on that note, reading blogs about how to plan your trip, as well as what to expect, is a great place to start, so you’re already on the right track!

Check out this post I wrote about how much my Finland travels cost to learn more.

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#3 Think About How Long to Spend There

Finland, Lapland, Fire Pit

Now that you’ve thought about when to visit Lapland for the Christmas experience that suits you best, it’s time to think about how long to spend there.

Given that this is likely to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip, it’s worth making sure you get the best value for money from your Christmas Lapland experience and, as such, I think a stay of around 5 nights is a nice balance between budget considerations and getting the most from your time there.

Anything less than 4 nights is likely to make your trip feel rushed and you’ll miss out on some of the top festive activities you can enjoy here.

In contrast, 5 nights will allow you to enjoy many of the top things to do during Christmas in Lapland and increase your chances of seeing the Northern Lights too.

5 nights is also short enough to ensure you don’t become too drained by the freezing temperatures in this sub-zero winter destination… but more about these later!

#4 Consider Where to Stay Carefully

Finland, Lapland, Me at Arctic Guesthouse

And now we come to a key component in planning the best Christmas in Lapland experience – where to stay.

We’ve already discussed that Finnish Lapland is the region most people head to for their Christmas experiences but, within this area, there are many different towns where you can base yourself.

The main town in Finnish Lapland is the tourism hotspot of Rovaniemi – home to the official Santa Claus Village and a major international airport.

The other flagship resorts in Finnish Lapland are Levi, Pyhä, Salla, Inari and Saariselka.

Inari and Saariselka are the furthest north and are serviced by Ivalo airport.

Levi is in the northwest of Finnish Lapland and is accessed via Kittilä International Airport.

Pyhä and Salla can both be accessed from Rovaniemi in the south.

That said, I’d actually avoid all these main tourism hotspots when it comes to the best Christmas in Lapland experience because they tend to be very crowded and very commercialised.

Instead, for those real picture-perfect views, I’d head to a smaller and more authentic Finnish Lapland town instead – one that boasts loads of great activities and tourism infrastructure, but that still retains a very genuine and quintessential Christmas Lapland experience.

And luckily I know just the place!  

Ranua is a small local town of just 4000 people with a very authentic and genuine Finnish feel.

Safe and welcoming, Ranua is just an hour’s drive from the major airport at Rovaniemi and has some great tourism infrastructure, including traditional places to stay, iconic glass igloos, a famous wildlife park and loads of brilliant Lapland activities on offer that will get you right into the holiday spirit

Hiring a car, using a public bus, opting for a private transfer service or taking a taxi are all ways you can easily get from Rovaniemi airport to the centre of Ranua and, once there, I’d head for the Arctic Guesthouse who provide affordable guesthouse accommodation in traditional Lapland buildings or unique, bucket list stays in eco-friendly glass igloos.

Owned by local people, the Arctic Guesthouse provides guests with an intimate and authentic stay that includes breakfast, wifi, a dinner menu and 2 great saunas which are free to use.

Check out the review of my stay there here .

#5 Research How to Get There

Finland, Lapland, Out of Window

Now that I’ve let you in on my Christmas Lapland secret about the best place to stay, it’s time to talk about getting there – this is definitely a key part of planning the trip!

If you’re heading to Ranua, then you can fly to Rovaniemi direct from London (along with several other European cities) and from Helsinki too.

As always, I use Skyscanner to find the best deals as these guys include budget airlines in their searches.

Alternatively, you can also catch the overnight train to Rovaniemi from Helsinki.

Learn more about all the travel routes from Helsinki to Lapland (including those by train) in this article I wrote.

#6 Travel Insurance

Finland, Lapland, Reindeer Feeding

After all, you don’t want to risk your Christmas in Lapland being ruined by a travel accident.

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Alternatively, if you’re a long-term traveller, digital nomad or frequent remote worker seeking travel health cover, check out Safetywing’s Nomad Insurance policies.

#7 Make Sure You’ll Be Warm Enough

Finland, Lapland, Safety Training

Well you’re really getting along with organising the perfect Christmas in Lapland trip now, but there are still a few practical details you’ll want to take into account.

And a key one here is making sure you have the appropriate clothing because, trust me, a key part of having the best experience will be making sure you’re warm enough!

You can check out my complete packing list for a winter trip to Finland here , which is an item-by-item guide as to exactly what you should pack, but for now, I’ll just say loads of warm layers are absolutely crucial!

Temperatures can get down to minus 50 degrees celsius in Lapland – they were minus 20 for most of my adventure there – so skiwear, merino layers, thick wool jumpers, thermal socks and hand warmers are all essential.

If you don’t have the outer layers you’ll need, like snow boots and snowsuits, you can often rent them here.

Otherwise, if you want to grab some gear while you’re still at home, I’d definitely start planning what you’re going to wear and pack for Christmas in Lapland at least a few weeks ahead of the trip.

This will give you the time to both research and buy any items you might need.

#8 Pick Your Lapland Christmas Activities

Finland, Lapland, Husky Sled

We’re almost there when it comes to prepping your epic Christmas in Lapland, but there are just a couple more crucial steps.

And something we couldn’t overlook, are the things to do in Lapland that will have you enjoying your slice of festive fun to the max.

Indeed, I was pretty amazed just how many activities you could enjoy in the snow here, so do believe me when I say it might take a bit of research and time to pick your favs.

From snow-shoeing to reindeer visits, snowmobile rides to northern light tours, husky-sledding to sauna-ing, I loved all these activities and certainly found they were the best way to soak in the winter wonderland and revel in the Christmas card landscape of Lapland.

Thankfully, organising all my activities was easy due to the amazing services of Ranua Wildlife Park, who not only lent me the snow gear I needed, but also put together an incredible itinerary that gave me the most incredible Lapland experience.

Their guides were brilliant, friendly and knowledgeable (plus they spoke perfect English) and their safety was top-notch too.

All the animals we encountered during the activities were well-cared for too, and the great range of activities they provided meant there was something for everyone… kids and grandparents included.

Top of my list had to be the reindeer visit, the snowmobile rides and my time with the huskies and, if you want to get the best Christmas in Lapland experience, these would be my top picks for you.

Learn more about all these options and more on my list of the top things to do in Lapland .

#9 Plan Your Santa Visit

Finland, Lapland, Santa

And last but not least, Christmas in Lapland wouldn’t be complete with a trip to Santa!

And you’re in luck!

Finnish Lapland is the official home of Santa and Rovaniemi is where the Santa Claus Village can be found.

If you’re heading to Ranua to enjoy the glass igloos at the Arctic Guesthouse and the activities at the Ranua Wildlife Centre, then it’s easy to stop in at the Santa Claus Village, just a few km from the Rovaniemi airport, on the way.

Seeing Santa here is free, although you do have to pay for a photo, and this is a great activity for kids, big and small, alike.

Yes everyone loves meeting the big Christmas man and your time with him isn’t super rushed, which made the experience feel very heart-warming.

You do have to queue to get in to see Santa, but colouring crayons make it easy to pass the time, or you can talk with kids about the questions they want to ask the King of Christmas himself!

Either way, this activity is one of the pivotal Christmas in Lapland experiences you can’t miss!


Christmas in Lapland How to Plan the Best Trip

So there it is, my guide to planning the best Christmas in Lapland!

I hope I’ve made prepping for your trip to this magical region a little easier, but if you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop them into the comments below…

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Creator of Big World Small Pockets, Stephanie Parker is a travel addict! Originally from Jersey in the Channel Islands, Stephanie adventures the world collecting tips, advice and stories, to share with a smile

2 thoughts on “ Christmas in Lapland: How to Plan the Best Trip ”

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

I want to experience this Lapland adventure with my daughter & husband

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Great idea Donna! Happy travels, Steph 🙂

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Celebrate Christmas in Lapland’s winter wonderland, surrounded by festive fun that’ll enchant kids and adults alike. Think chasing the northern lights, meeting Santa Claus and exploring snowy landscapes. These Lapland Christmas holiday packages include your accommodation, guided activities, local transport and more.

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When you spend Christmas in Lapland with Nordic Visitor, you can expect:

• An authentic travel experience operated by a trusted local company • A dedicated travel consultant who will arrange your entire tour • Festive itineraries designed to make the most of Christmastime • Expert local guides to escort you on included excursions • Daily breakfast and a Christmas Eve meal • Handpicked accommodation for a relaxing stay • 24/7 phone support during your trip for peace of mind

Nordic Visitor has made it easy to plan your Lapland Christmas vacation. Start your journey by following these simple steps:

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Depending on the tour you choose, you could sleep in a hotel, glass igloo, ice and snow hotel or log cabin. No matter where you stay in Lapland, you can rest easy knowing that we have tried and tested each accommodation. Your trip also includes daily breakfasts and a Christmas Eve feast.

Reviews of our Lapland Christmas Packages

Find out what our wonderful guests enjoyed most about their time in Lapland.

Kaushik United States

We were very pleased with our trip to Lapland, Finland. Quite honestly, we didn't know what to expect, because we... read more

We were very pleased with our trip to Lapland, Finland. Quite honestly, we didn't know what to expect, because we had never been there before. The activities we experienced (snowmobiling, dog sledding, reindeer sledding) meant we were thrilled with our trip. Nordic Visitor made the travel very smooth and enjoyable.

Angela United Kingdom

Cannot fault our experience. Everything was made very easy from start to finish. Thank you so much. Loads included... read more

Cannot fault our experience. Everything was made very easy from start to finish. Thank you so much. Loads included but still had enough time to do other things and explore on our own. Excellent experience. No glitches so no negative memories of the experience. Loved equally by child and adults!

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Highlights of Lapland Christmas Tours

You’ll soon discover that there’s more to this winter wonderland than meeting the “Man in Red”. All kinds of festive fun are waiting for you! Visit Lapland and you could…

  • Dive into Christmas cheer at Santa Claus Village , Father Christmas’ home in Rovaniemi
  • Marvel at sparkling sculptures carved from the ice at Finland’s Arctic SnowHotel
  • Sleep under the stars when you stay in a glass-domed igloo with panoramic views
  • Look out for colourful displays of the northern lights rippling across the night sky
  • Learn how to guide a team of energetic huskies on a dog sledding excursion
  • Visit a reindeer farm and find out how the Sámi people rely on these hardy animals
  • Sit down with your travel companions for a festive feast to remember
  • Glide through Lapland’s glittering forests on an expert-led snowmobile safari
  • Relax in an Arctic sauna, and experience this centuries-old spa tradition for yourself

Advice for Exploring Lapland

Get ready for your festive escape with these travel guides.

Climate and daylight

When does the sun set? What could the weather be like?

What to pack for Lapland

The best advice we could give is to prepare for all types of weather

Accommodation in Lapland

Accommodation choices range from ice hotels to cabins, cottages and warm hotel rooms.

Northern Lights in Lapland

Lapland is an ideal place to see northern lights due to its location in the Arctic Circle

Frequently Asked Questions About Christmas Trips to Lapland

You may want to know more before travelling to Lapland, so here we’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions. Plus, for more in-depth information, check out this handy Lapland Travel Guide .

To find out about our booking process, payments and more, please read our FAQs and booking terms .

1. What does Lapland have to do with Christmas?

Everything! This snowy region of northern Finland and Sweden is bursting with festive cheer. Here you’ll find Father Christmas’ home – Santa Claus Village. Not to mention dazzling ice hotels and cute huskies, along with reindeer that are ready to whisk you off on thrilling sleigh rides.

All of this makes Lapland the place to come for the Christmas you might have dreamed about as a child. You can have plenty of grown-up experiences in Lapland as well. Think relaxing in snow saunas, staying in glass igloos and exploring on snowmobiles. Plus, you can browse the many market stalls at the festive fairs. In both Lapland and the rest of Europe, Christmas is a big celebration.

Check out this list of the top 12 European Christmas markets for more inspiration.

2. Where is Lapland Christmas Village?

You’ll find Lapland Christmas Village – or Santa Claus Village , to give its official name – in Rovaniemi. Head to this town just outside the Arctic Circle and you’ll be treated to an unforgettable Christmas break in Finnish Lapland.

3. Where should I go in Lapland at Christmas?

The best place to visit in Lapland depends on what you’d like to do during your trip. To help you decide, here are some of Lapland’s most enchanting winter destinations and what they’re known for.

There’s lots to do in the Finnish town of Rovaniemi , but Santa Claus Village is the star attraction here. It’s the best place to go if you want to meet Santa’s elves and tour their toy workshop.

Make Kiruna your base and you could enjoy spa experiences and husky rides surrounded by Sweden’s snow-covered forests. Plus, you’ll find the original ICEHOTEL is just a 20-minute drive away from the town.

If you’re looking for a peaceful place to recharge this winter, head to Abisko National Park in Swedish Lapland. With virtually no light pollution around, the park’s Aurora Sky Station makes for an excellent spot to chase the aurora.

No matter what you’re looking for, come to Lapland at Christmas – or anytime from December to March – and you’ll find something that appeals to you. Get inspired by these top winter getaways in Lapland .

4. What can I do in Lapland at Christmas?

This wintry destination is the ultimate playground for snowy activities and festive cheer. So whether you want to embrace your inner child or indulge your grown-up side, you’ll find there’s plenty to do in Lapland at Christmastime.

Strolling around the region’s charming towns while they’re decked out in fairy lights, and exploring the snow-dusted countryside, are just the beginning.

Discover Lapland at Christmas and soon you could find yourself:

  • • Having a private meeting with Santa Claus
  • • Enjoying a delicious festive meal packed with local flavours
  • • Gliding through snowy forests on a reindeer-drawn sleigh
  • • Hunting for mesmerising displays of the northern lights
  • • Learning about Sámi culture when you visit a reindeer farm
  • • Gazing up at the stars from your glass-domed igloo
  • • Seeing intricately carved ice sculptures on a snow hotel tour
  • • Whizzing across the landscape on an exhilarating snowmobile ride
  • • Driving a sled pulled by a team of adorable huskies

With its pristine landscapes and special experiences, you’ll find that Lapland is also the perfect place to come for a honeymoon or romantic getaway .

5. Where can I stay in Lapland at Christmas?

One of the best things about Lapland is the variety of extraordinary places to stay. Alongside a selection of regular hotels, you’ll find the region is home to glass igloos and log cabins, as well as ice and snow hotels.

Head for Finnish Lapland at Christmas and you could sleep in a glass-domed igloo for your entire trip, or combine this with a hotel stay. Whatever you choose, sleeping under the stars and looking out for the northern lights promises to be a memorable experience.

Or, venture to Kiruna in Sweden’s far north and you could sleep in a cosy cabin at the family-run Camp Ripan. Here you’ll find the tranquil Aurora Spa. Not to mention Ripan Kitchen, the hotel’s restaurant, which serves up mouthwatering dishes made with local ingredients.

Bear in mind that none of these Christmas trips include nights sleeping in an ice room. So if this is on your travel wish list, make sure to check out these Lapland and ice and hotel packages .

Discover more about Lapland accommodation in these articles:

• Glass igloos in Finland: Your guide • Ice hotels: The complete Nordic guide • ICEHOTEL in Sweden: Your complete guide • The best ice hotels in Finland

6. Can you visit Santa in Lapland after Christmas?

Absolutely! Santa’s home is in Lapland, so you can visit him here even after Christmas.

In fact, with these Santa holidays in Lapland , you can meet the “Man in Red” anytime between December and March. This is ideal if you want to experience the joys of the festive season whenever it suits you. And surely the only thing better than one Christmas is getting to celebrate it twice?

7. Can I choose the arrival date?

On tours where you’ll be spending Christmas itself in Lapland, you’ll find there’s one fixed departure date on 23 December.

Meanwhile, if you want to enjoy the festive atmosphere in Lapland but won’t be travelling over Christmas, you’ll have more dates to choose from. For instance, some Christmas trips are available throughout December, while others are possible from December through March.

You can see what dates are available for the tour you’re interested in by checking its calendar online. You might also like to explore these New Year’s Eve and winter tour packages in Lapland .

8. Can I customise my tour?

Regional experts have curated these Christmas-themed packages, so you’ll get to experience the best of Lapland at this time of year. But you can also personalise your trip by adding extra activities to your itinerary. And on some tours, it’s possible to extend your stay in Lapland with additional nights.

What’s more, it’s easy to tailor your trip when you book online. Explore your tour’s optional extras and add the ones you want to create your dream itinerary. Choose from experiences such as snowmobiling, watching the aurora from a reindeer sleigh, and relaxing in a snow jacuzzi.

To find out more about customising your trip, or if you have something specific in mind, just ask your dedicated travel consultant.

9. When should I organise my flights?

We recommend checking to see what flights are available before booking your getaway. But it’s best to hold off on purchasing them until your travel consultant has confirmed your tour package.

Once you’ve received an email with your confirmed itinerary and booking overview, you can book your flights to Finnish or Swedish Lapland .

10. What should I pack for Lapland?

As you’d expect, Lapland’s subarctic climate means that it does get chilly here during the winter months. For instance, in Rovaniemi, the average temperature between December and March ranges from -7°C to -12°C (19°F to 30°F). So make sure you’ve got cosy layers for wrapping up warm during your trip.

This Lapland packing list will give you an idea of what to bring for your Arctic adventure:

  • • Winter boots with good grip
  • • Down or synthetic insulated jacket
  • • Waterproof jacket and trousers
  • • Fleeces or woollen jumpers
  • • Thermal base layers
  • • Warm gloves, hat, and a scarf
  • • Thin thermal gloves (ideal as a base layer under snowmobile gloves)
  • • Heat pads for hands and feet
  • • Warm socks
  • • Sunglasses
  • • Rucksack or day bag
  • • Reusable water bottle

Find out more about Lapland’s weather and climate in this handy travel guide.

11. What should I wear in Lapland at Christmas?

We’ve already mentioned that packing layers and being prepared for snow is essential in Lapland. But what you wear here will also depend on the activities you’ve got planned for your stay.

For instance, you might want to bring a festive outfit if your tour package includes a Christmas meal. And for any day trips or excursions, a rucksack with room for spare layers, along with snacks and a reusable water bottle, will come in handy.

Plus, if you’re taking part in wintry outdoor activities, it’s worth remembering that you might need extra insulated clothing. In this case, your guide will bring cosy outer clothes for adults and children over 4. For some Lapland excursions, this means that 4 is the minimum age. But for day tours available to infants (aged 0-3), make sure to bring suitable thermal clothing.

Get in touch with us and our regional travel experts will plan your ideal festive escape to Lapland. They’ll also be there to answer any questions you might have about Lapland holidays.

Our Swedish phone number is +46 8 666 23 30

How about a live chat with one of our local travel experts?

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Top 15 european christmas markets, best lapland holidays for a winter getaway, santa claus village lapland: activities & things to do, christmas traditions in the nordics.

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The Open Road Travel

  • Dec 14, 2021

12 Best Things To Do In Lapland At Christmas (12 Days Of Christmas)

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Lapland is one of the most popular destinations in the world around Christmas time, especially for families with children.

However, unless you are making your trip as part of a package tour, many won’t have any idea of the incredible things that await you in the land of a thousand lakes..

In our list of the 12 Best things to do in Lapland at Christmas, we will help you build a full itinerary, to ensure every second of your visit is filled with fun and excitement.

So, whether you are planning a long weekend or staying for the full 12 days of Christmas, this article will have you covered.

Father Christmas walking through a snowy forest in Lapland

Lapland At Christmas

Lapland is a beautiful part of the world throughout the year, but it really comes into its own during the Winter. From late October, the nights get longer and darker, the temperature starts to drop, and the snow begins to pile up.

By the time the festive season rolls around, days feature only a few hours of sunlight and snow stands multiple feet deep, creating a magical, winter wonderland, perfect for a Christmas vacation.

From the natural beauty of the fells, forests, lakes, and wildlife, to man-made structures like log cabins and attractions like meeting Santa Claus, Lapland is perhaps the most wondrous place on the planet at this time of year.

With many unique traditions, delicacies, and locations, there isn’t a place on Earth like Lapland around Christmas and it is a destination everyone needs to experience at least once on their lifetime.

Snow covered trees in Lapland at Christmas

Best Things To Do In Lapland At Christmas

As we move on to our list of the 12 best things to do in Lapland at Christmas, I am going to suggest a broad range of options.

These will include things that appeal to travellers of all different interests, while ensuring you have something to cover everything that Lapland is known for at Christmas.

Go To The Santa Claus Village And Meet Father Christmas

The first stop on the itinerary for anyone visiting Lapland with children, as well as many of those that don’t, is the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi.

The official home of Father Christmas, this is the only place on Earth where you can meet the real Santa Claus in the flesh.

Regularly seen roaming around the main building in the village, kids and grown ups alike can stop for a photo with Santa in front of a roaring log fire and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Those who want a more intimate meeting with the big man can also book a trip off into the forest to meet him in his home and receive a personal gift. Can you imagine a more magical experience for a child to have at Christmas?

Elsewhere around the Santa Claus Village, you will also find a number of other attractions to enjoy.

The official Santa Claus Post Office receives letters from millions of children all over the world and is the perfect destination to take any children who want proof that Santa is real.

You also have Santa’s House Of Snowmobiles, where you can learn about the history and see the evolution of one of the premier modes of transportation within the Arctic Circle.

Speaking of which, the Santa Claus Village lies right on the Arctic Circle itself. Markings on the ground showing the exact boundary of the circle, as well as signs showing the distance and direction to many of the world’s major cities are a unique attraction in their own right.

There is even a location known as Santa Park adjacent to the village, where you can travel down inside a mountain to take lessons from elves, watch performances, and go on rides, to create one of the most magical Christmas experiences imaginable.

The main building of the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi

Go For A Scenic Ride On A Sleigh Pulled By A Horse Or Reindeer

Very few things are as synonymous with Christmas as a sleigh ride in the snow. From Santa and his reindeer to the one horse open sleigh in the famous carol, it appears to be the preferred mode of transportation during the festive season.

Luckily, Lapland has plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy both types of sleigh ride in abundance, each of which will see experienced local guides take you on a magical tour of the forest.

Sit and snuggle beneath the blankets as you slowly pass many of the natural wonders of the region. Those lucky enough to take their tour as the snow is falling will get to enjoy one of the most magical experiences in the world.

Depending on the company you choose to use, many will even get to pet or feed their horse or reindeer on completion of the ride, making the experience even more memorable than it already was.

A reindeer sleigh in the snow

Fly Through The Forests On A Snowmobile Safari

While there are plenty of exciting activities to do in Lapland at Christmas, perhaps none are as exhilarating as going for a ride on a snowmobile. Capable of reaching speeds over 70 miles an hour, they give you the opportunity to explore the forests in a completely new way.

Children or those who are less confident can sit on the back of an instructor or another driver. Meanwhile, everyone else will be given some short safety instructions and lessons and given control of their own machine.

The safaris will take you deeper into the woods than you could ever hope to go on any other form of transport, while you soak in all of your stunning surroundings.

Most good tours will see you stop around the midpoint of your safari at a Kota, a traditional Lappish structure similar to a tepee.

Here the instructors will build a log fire, give you fresh baked goods and sausages to roast over the fire, while preparing tea, coffee, or hot berry juice in the traditional fashion.

Those of an even more adventurous nature also have the option of a night safari. While the layout of the experience is almost identical to a day trip, the colder temperatures and more limited visibility create a slightly more exciting experience.

Being so far from civilisation at night also gives you the perfect opportunity to see the northern lights of you are lucky enough.

You even have the option of renting a snowmobile for a day without a guide. While this is usually best left to more experienced riders, it offers you the chance to go where you please and plan your own trip, giving you complete control of the entire experience.

Sunset over a pair of snowmobiles in a snowy forest

Take Control Of Your Own Team Of Huskies

If you like the idea of a sleigh ride but were hoping for something a little faster paced and more involved, going for a ride on a husky sled may be exactly what you are looking for.

You’ll still get to explore the natural beauty of the region, only this time on a mode of transport cable of reaching speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.

Most companies will even allow you to drive your own dog team if you choose, making it an incredibly personal experience.

Instructors will give you pointers about how to stop and start, as well as how to control the speed and direction of the sled.

With the dogs already trained on the rough route they should be following, this gives you the chance to have a little more control and freedom, without ever having to put yourself at risk.

You will again usually be able to meet the animals after your ride, only this time you could end up getting to experience a farm of more than one hundred huskies. This would be an experience many would pay for on its own.

A lucky few will even make their trip when there is a fresh litter of puppies on site. What could be more magical than getting to cuddle dozens of adorable husky puppies after an exhilarating day out?

A husky team pulling a sled through a snowy forest

Enjoy A Day Of Skiing Or Snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding may be two of the most popular attractions in any snowy destination but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worthwhile additions to your stay in Lapland.

The region has countless ski resorts and slopes, with opportunities available for people of all abilities to rent equipment, have lessons, and enjoy their time on the snow. The exhilarating activity combines with the stunning surroundings to create a truly memorable experience.

Then, when you’re done on the slopes, why not relax in one of the many lodges and bars and enjoy a hot drink or bite to eat and turn your activity into an entire day out.

Lapland also has miles upon miles of cross-country skiing tracks weaving through the forests and circling the lakes and mountains.

So, even if you don’t want to fly down the fells at breakneck speed, you can still enjoy a leisurely spot of skiing and use it as a means of transportation.

A snowboarder taking a ski lift up a snowy mountain

Travel To A Village Made Entirely Of Ice

A unique attraction that is usually exclusive to only the coldest regions on Earth, Lapland is well known for erecting ice castles and villages across the region. Perhaps the best example of this can be found at the Lainio Snow Village, located between the resorts of Levi and Yllas.

Each year, the structures are built from scratch at the start of winter and are constructed entirely of giant blocks carved from ice and heavily compacted snow.

Visitors can stroll around the grounds and marvel at the stunning buildings, all beautifully styled and decorated with sculptures, carvings, lights, and candles.

Among the most popular buildings in the village is The Ice Bar, where everything from the walls and bar to the glasses themselves are made entirely of ice.

This even includes the seats and tables, although these are coated with reindeer fur, to make sure you stay as warm as possible.

A unique experience, this is one bar where you can guarantee your drink will always stay cold. Or perhaps you would prefer a hot beverage, alcoholic or otherwise, to warm you up?

Those who want to go for the full experience even have the option to spend a night in The Snow Hotel. Like the rest of the village, you will find your room beautifully carved in snow, complete with furniture made from blocks of ice.

Similarly to the seats in the bar, reindeer skins will keep you surprisingly warm during this unique adventure.

Some rooms even include see-through ceilings, giving you the wonderful chance to go to sleep at night looking up at the night sky, filled with stars and perhaps even the northern lights.

The outside of an ice village

Relax In Front Of A Roaring Log Fire

Sometimes the best things in life are free and occasionally you can even enjoy them without stepping foot outside. While there are plenty of exciting activities on offer in Lapland, make sure you don’t spend so much time rushing around that you forget to relax.

Whether you are seeking a romantic evening with your partner or simply a laid-back afternoon with your family, there is something extremely therapeutic about sitting in front of a roaring log fire.

Sip hot chocolate or a glass of traditional Finnish Glogi, curl up with a good book or movie, or simply gaze out at the winter wonderland surrounding you while you are all cosy and warm.

With many cabins and hotels in Lapland having their own fireplaces, you can relax, refresh yourself, and get into the Christmas spirit, without spending a penny.

An open log fire

Set Out On A Magical Adventure To Find The Northern Lights

Also known as the Aurora Borealis, the northern lights are a unique phenomenon where the solar winds and magnetic fields in the Earth combine to create stunning light shows in the nights sky.

Most commonly appearing in green but also displaying in blues, pinks, reds, and yellows, the northern lights are one of the most stunning natural beauties on the planet.

Both more prominent and frequently occurring in places that are colder, less built up, and further north, Lapland’s location within the Arctic Circle is the perfect destination to see them in all their glory.

Anyone who has always wanted to see the Aurora with their own eyes can take a drive or walk out into the wilderness in the hopes of spotting them to the picturesque backdrop of forests, lakes, and snow covered mountains, for an experience straight off of a postcard.

The Northern Lights in the night sky over a snowy forest

Sample Some Traditional Finnish Festive Delicacies And Join In With Their Traditions

Finland and Lapland have numerous wonderful delicacies and traditions, many of which are even more prominent around the festive season. As many haven’t really permeated into the outside world yet, this makes your visit the perfect opportunity to indulge in a few.

Among the savoury dining options you have choices such as a baked cheese called Leipajuusto, a salmon, leek, and potato soup known as Lohikeitto, and Karelian pastries filled with eggs, rice, cheese, potato, carrot or porridge.

That’s without even mentioning the national dish of sauteed reindeer, mashed potatoes, and lingonberries.

Those with a sweeter tooth can then enjoy tucking into baked goods like pepparakor (traditional Lappish gingerbread) or Joulutorttu, Christmas stars made from pastry and filled with creams or jams.

All of this can then be washed down with traditional Finnish beverages like lonkero, hot chocolate infused with rum, or Glogi, a traditional Finnish mulled wine served with almonds and sultanas.

As far as Finnish Christmas traditions go, you have a range of wonderful and unique carols to sing along with and enjoy, as well as traditional folk stories to hear.

In Finland, Christmas eve is also the most important day of the festive season.

Streets are lined with candles, beautiful meals are cooked, and people eat, drink, and enjoy themselves. For those from elsewhere, why not embrace the tradition and make Christmas a two-day event this year?

The Finnish Christmas Stars delicacy

Explore The Forests On Snowshoes

As beautiful as Lapland is when it’s covered in snow, it can make exploring a little difficult. With multiple feet of snow covering everything other than paths or roads, you won’t get more than a few paces without sinking in.

Luckily, there are plenty of places dotted around where you can either buy or rent a pair of snowshoes. These simple yet effective devices go over the top of your shoes and allow you to walk across the snow as if you were almost weightless.

Now no regions of the forests and wilds of Lapland are beyond your reach. You can explore to your hearts content, see natural wonders hidden from civilization, and get to walk on pristine snow that no human has ever stepped foot on before.

A person hiking through the wilderness on snowshoes

Embrace Finnish Culture And Take A Traditional Sauna

Many will have used a sauna at a gym or spa before but these simply don’t compare to the traditional Finnish variety.

Made from beautiful, locally sourced woods and often featuring oils from the trees and plants in the forests around you, this is the perfect opportunity to embrace the local culture, while relaxing and rejuvenating your body.

The question is, are you going to go for the full Finnish sauna experience?

For starters, the Finnish people traditionally sauna completely in the nude. While sitting with a group of naked strangers won’t be appealing to everybody, many rental cabins come with their own private sauna, allowing you to enjoy the experience in complete privacy.

The other Finnish sauna tradition is to leave the sauna and throw yourself directly in the snow. No, I’m not joking.

This is said to have a number of beneficial effects, most notably how it can cleanse your pores and improve the quality of your skin.

For most, the question isn’t whether they take a sauna or not while in Lapland. Instead, it is how close are they willing to go to the traditional experience.

Inside a traditional wooden sauna

Spend A Fun Filled Afternoon Tobogganing

Whether you plan everything yourself or come as part of a package, almost every person who comes to Lapland will use a toboggan during their stay. The Lappish name for a sledge, a toboggan is a cheap way to make the most of your icy surroundings.

No matter how old you are, adults and children alike will both find a toboggan one of the best investments they make during their stay. Wrap up warm and head to any local hill or mound of snow and prepare for hours of fun.

A relatively safe activity, tobogganing is a great way to keep the kids occupied and entertained when you want a little time for yourself to relax.

They also double up as a handy accessory to help with the groceries, as you can simply drag everything along behind you, instead of figuring out how to carry it.

Children tobogganing down a snowy hill

Best Hotel To Stay In Lapland At Christmas – Arctic Dreams

Why not treat yourself during your stay in Lapland and opt for a private log cabin, as opposed to a regular hotel?

Arctic Dreams is a picturesque log cabin, located in Akaslompolo, one of the beautiful villages in the forests surrounding the famous resort of Yllas.

A traditional cabin made from Kelo logs, Arctic Dreams is a family run and owned property, which boasts a blend of modern amenities and classical stylings, to create a comfortable, convenient, and homely experience.

All of the features synonymous with Lapland are included with your stay, such as a private sauna and log fire to help you relax. Meanwhile, inclusions like gaming consoles, iPod docks, TVs, and a library and karaoke machine will keep both kids and adults alike entertained.

With two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a mezzanine, lounge and dining areas, a double sofa bed, and a private terrace complete with a seating area and BBQ, there is plenty of space for up to 8 people to comfortably stay here together.

The cabin backs directly onto the woods, so you can enjoy stunning views and interactions with the local wildlife from the comfort of your accommodation.

Meanwhile, the village itself is comfortably within walking distance, allowing you to comfortably stroll back and forth.

A wood store is located in front of the cabin, where you can obtain free firewood for the duration of your stay.

The store also features a ski waxing room and ski storage, providing maximum convenience for anyone hoping to make the most of the miles of ski tracks surrounding the property.

The cabin also includes free allocated parking spots for the duration of your stay, ensuring you don’t have to walk too far in the cold if you don’t want to.

The outside of the Arctic Dreams cabin in Akaslompolo

So, there you have it, our list of the 12 best things to do in Lapland at Christmas.

While each person will have their own idea of what they hope to get out of the trip, as well as the festive season as a whole, this will hopefully have given you plenty of ideas to fill out your perfect Lapland itinerary.

All that’s left is to start getting things booked. That way, you won’t miss out on you favourite accommodation or attraction, and can look forward to a very merry Christmas in a magical winter wonderland.

For anyone who still hasn't decided exactly where to stay during their visit, why not check out our article on the best areas to stay in Lapland as well, to give yourself a better idea of what's on offer.

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A visit to Santa in Lapland: Meet and greet with Father Christmas in Finland

Written by Sam Van den Haute aka CheckOutSam

Did you know that Santa has an official place of residence? And that you can visit him? You can find him in Rovaniemi , Finnish Lapland, where there are also many other fun things to do. You can go reindeer or husky sleighing while looking for the northern lights and during the winter months you can have a whole lot of fun in the snow. Quickly read on and discover everything about Santa Claus and Finland and more tips for an unforgettable holiday to Lapland.

Sam Van den Haute CheckoutSam

Hi, I'm Sam , the blogger behind CheckOutSam !

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What will you read in this blog?

See Santa in Lapland

I got to see Santa in Lapland and I’ll tell you in this article how you can to!

Where does Santa live? In Rovaniemi!

Rovaniemi has been the official hometown of Father Christmas since 2010 and you can visit Santa in Lapland on every day of the year. His original home is in the so-called Korvatunturi (“Ear mountain”) in Finnish Lapland. But only a couple lucky people know the exact location, which made Santa decide to move to Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland. The city was however almost completely destroyed during the Second World War and five years after the end of it, Eleanor Roosevelt (the wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the American president at the time) came for a visit to see how the rebuilding process was going. She also wanted to check out the Arctic Circle and that’s why they decided to build a cabin eight kilometers north of the town. This put things in motion for the village of Santa Claus in Rovaniemi. The original hut can still be seen next to the post office in the home of Santa Claus in Finland. More than half a million visitors from all over the world have visited Santa in Lapland ever since. Most of them get there a month before Christmas, when the charitable man with the beard officially kicks off the Christmas season.

Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi

Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi is magical during the winter season.

Santa’s Christmas Village

It won’t come as a shock that the village of Father Christmas in Lapland is the most famous attraction in the country. Apart from restaurants, shops, cafés and hotels you’ll also find the following things here, which are guaranteed to put a smile on your face:

Santa’s post office

Since 1985 Santa has received over fifteen million letters from almost 200 countries. In the post office in Santa’s Village you can’t only write letters to Santa Claus in Rovaniemi, but also to the home front. That’s how your letter gets a special Arctic Circle stamp which can’t be found anywhere else in the world. 8,5 euros will by the way get you a letter written by Santa himself, which is a great way to surprise your friends.

Santa's Christmas Village Post Office Rovaniemi

One thing I know for sure: Santa will have a lot of work sending out all those letters on time!

Santa’s little elves

When you’re walking around in the village of Santa in Lapland, the little elves will undoubtedly catch your eye. They work for Father Christmas and ensure that everything is going accordingly. You can even take a class in Elf school to earn a magical degree. Which is always an added bonus on your résumé, isn’t it?

Santa’s reindeers

Unfortunately, there are no flying reindeers to be visited, but (in winter and spring) you can go for a ride on a regular reindeer sleigh and visit a reindeer farm. You can book the following rides:

  • The path of the reindeer (5 minutes) kids pay 14 euros, adults 18 euros
  • The path of the forest (15 minutes): kids pay 23 euros, adults 29 euros
  • Winter adventure (35 minutes): kids pay 50 euros, adults 65 euros

Five euros will also get you an official reindeer driver’s license.

If you prefer going to an actual reindeer farm (where you’re also being hauled around by the animals), you can also book other field trips in Rovaniemi:

  • A reindeer farm with a sleigh ride
  • Going by snowmobile to a reindeer farm, where you’ll also go for a sleigh ride
  • A tour during which you’ll visit a reindeer farm (+ sleigh ride), go for a ride with huskies and can have a blast on a snowmobile.

Santa Claus Rovaniemi Reindeer

Let yourself be taken in tow by these magnificent animals.

You will also find almost 100 Siberian huskies in the village of Santa in Rovaniemi. You can take them for a walk in summer and go sledding in winter. You can either just visit the park and then you’ll pay 10 euros for a ticket as an adult and 5 euros for children (from four to twelve years). This includes a guided tour of 30 minutes. If you want to take the huskies for a walk, it will cost 50 euros per person (1 husky for 2 people) or 70 euros per person (1 husky per person). This allows you a total time of 90 minutes which you can spend walking in the forest. If you want to go for a ride on a husky sleigh, you’ll have to cough up 30 euros for an adult and 15 euros for a kid, which will get you a tour of half a kilometer. Of course you can cover longer distances and then you’ll pay almost triple the amount when sharing the sleigh with two people. Book your husky adventure already online to make sure this fun activity isn’t sold out when you get there. You can also do it online through this official tour operator .

What does a visit to Santa in Lapland look like?

All these awesome activities are fantastic of course, but meeting Santa up close is needless to say the ultimate thing to do on your trip to Lapland.

You enter a room, where the smiley man is awaiting you on his throne/chair. Next he asks you where you’re from, shakes your hand and says hello in Finnish (which is “mooi”). Then you pose for a picture and after a little chat your child gets a certificate which says he or she has been good boy or girl (because of course he or she has?!).

Do bear in mind that you can’t take pictures yourself, but there’s the possibility to pay for videos and photos which are taken of you. This will cost you 40 euros. If you don’t want any pictures and just want to meet Santa, you don’t have to pay for the privilege.

visiting Santa Lapland

Yipee! I got to meet Father Christmas in Lapland!

Great places to spend the night in Rovaniemi

Of course you can spend the night in Santa Village itself, in the Santa Claus Holiday Village to be precise. For a standard room you’ll pay 149 euros for two adults . Traveling with two children? Then it will cost you 209 euros . Do pay attention to the fact that during the high season (from the 13 th of November until the 31 st of March) you’ll have to stay for at least two and sometimes even three nights.

To complete your visit to Santa in Lapland, there are quite a few other great ways to spend the night.

In the Arctic SnowHotel you can (as the name suggests) be in the arms of Morpheus between walls of snow. Moreover, you can dine in the ice restaurant! You’ll easily pay (depending on the period) 350 euros per night for the experience.

A slightly cheaper and yet at the same time a lot more luxurious option is the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel , where you also get to experience the northern lights in a unique way. It gives you a spectacular view over the tops of the trees and this on only a ten-minute drive from the center of Rovaniemi.

Another way to enjoy the aurora borealis is a glass igloo, like the Arctic Glass Igloos . For this you’ll also easily pay 350 euros per night , but it is an unforgettable experience. Do keep in mind that you’re not guaranteed to see the northern lights, this depends on a great number of factors.

Arctic SnowHotel Rovaniemi

The Arctic SnowHotel, not far off Rovaniemi. – © Artic SnowHotel

Other activities during a holiday in Lapland near Rovaniemi

The northern lights.

It’s not just about Santa Claus in Finland, but also about the aforementioned aurora borealis. There are different ways to discover this spectacular light show, ranging from a car to a snowmobile to a reindeer sleigh. From the end of August until the beginning of April you have the best chance to see the northern lights in Lapland. You can get a fun field trip to the aurora borealis starting from €75 per person . If you want to have a look at every possibility (and prices), you can do so here .

Trip to Lapland to see Santa Northern Lights

In my opinion the northern lights will always be one of the most beautiful natural phenomena.

Fun on the snowmobile

Adrenaline junkies can have a field day during a tour by snowmobile. Racing through this astonishing nature is an adventure you’ll never forget. For an hour on a snowmobile you’ll pay 79 euros per person . For longer rides (3 to 4 hours) prices start at 100 euros per person .

snow scooter Rovaniemi

How fast do you dare to go?

And a lot more…

During winter you can go snowshoeing , skiing, fatbiking , Arctic Ice Floating , ice climbing, sail with an icebreaker, experience the world-famous Finnish sauna or have an amazing dinner in an actual igloo and so much more.

During the warmer summer months, you can go kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, jet skiing, horseback riding, cycling, … You’ve already understood that you’ll never get bored during a holiday in Lapland.

Santa Claus Rovaniemi Igloo

Going to see Santa in Lapland for Christmas? Then a Christmas menu in this igloo might be a fun idea!

Opening hours and how to reach Santa’s Village in Rovaniemi

You can go see Santa in Lapland on every day of the year and there’s no entrance fee to get into Santa’s Village. You only have to take the following opening hours into account:

  • 1 st of September until the 30 th of November: every day from 10 AM to 5 PM
  • 1 st of December until the 6 th of January: every day from 10 AM to 7 PM
  • 7 th of January until the 31 st of May: every day from 10 AM to 5 PM
  • 1 st of June until the 31 st of August: every day from 9 AM to 6 PM

Exceptional opening hours:

  • 24 th of December: from 9 AM to 3 PM
  • 25 th of December: from 12 PM to 5 PM
  • 31 st of December: from 9 AM to 5 PM
  • 1 st of January: from 12 PM to 5 PM
  • 30 th of April: from 10 AM to 3 PM
  • 1 st of May: from 12 PM to 3 PM

From Rovaniemi you can take the local bus 8 or the Santa Express and they leave every hour from the center. Sporty types can also walk the total distance of 8 kilometers or you can also drive yourself. When arriving by plane, you’re even closer because Santa’s Village is barely three kilometers from the airport.

visit Santa Lapland Rovaniemi

A holiday to Rovaniemi isn’t complete without visiting Santa in Lapland!

Three fun facts about Santa

  • The name Santa Claus is actually derived from the Dutch “Sinterklaas” (Saint Nicholas). This generous man brings candy and toys to all good kids in Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • They say that Coca Cola has spread the traditional image of Santa Claus in his red costume and white beard. Unrightfully so, because it had frequently been used before by other companies in the 1930s. Prior to that he did wear a green costume.
  • Rudolph (with his red nose) is without a doubt Santa’s most famous reindeer. He was created in 1939 by a copywriter named ‘Robert L. May Rudolph’ in a Christmas book of a warehouse. This was handed out to the children who were visiting Santa in the store and the rest is history.

Father Christmas Lapland Finland

During a trip to Rovaniemi the wintry landscapes are also really worth discovering.

If you’re still looking for an original idea to spend a holiday, you don’t have to look any further than Finnish Lapland. The village of Father Christmas in Lapland doesn’t only offer fun for the little ones, you can also have a blast here as an adult. Add the countless other activities and the potential presence of the northern lights to the mix, and you can already book your flight to Finland and go meet Santa in Lapland.

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can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

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Passports and Adventures

Lapland On A Budget – How much does it cost and top tips!

If you had told me at the start of 2018 that we would have been preparing to visit Santa in Lapland in December of that year, I’d have told you that you were dreaming. However, that’s exactly what we were in the throes of come February of that year. And I’m going to tell you the most affordable way to visit Santa in Lapland on a budget with kids . I’m also going to tell you how we bagged a 10-day trip for less than a 1-night trip to Lapland. Interested?


  • Booking excursions

Visit Santa in Lapland – Plan where you are going

Lapland excursions and things to do in rovaniemi with kids, cost of visiting santa in lapland from the uk.

*This post contains affiliate links. To learn more about affiliate links, please read my Disclosure Policy .

Taking your children on this fantastical trip to Lapland to see Santa, particularly in December on the run up to Christmas, is the sort of trip parents dream about. They imagine the delight on their children’s faces when they come face-to-face with the big man himself in his actual home, Santa’s Lapland.  It has always been considered the trip-of-a-lifetime, a bucket list destination , one that is usually out of reach for many people.

There are lots of holiday agencies that cater to parents who wish to take their children to see Father Christmas in Lapland, and who can afford it. But the cost of some of those Lapland package holidays put many people off. These are by no means cheap Lapland holidays. Sometimes the cost of a trip to Lapland is utterly eye-watering.

Read my complete guide to visiting Lapland with kids with top tips and more.

Tips for booking a DIY Lapland Trip

There are a few things you need to consider when considering booking a trip to Lapland on a budget.

Which Lapland town/resort to choose?

Deciding which Lapland town to go to is your first consideration. Personally, I don’t think there is one best resort in Lapland to see Santa in. Each Lapland resort has pros and cons over others, so if it is simply a matter of budget, compare prices for each town and airport and go for the cheapest.

One thing to consider is whether you want to be in a big town, whether you want to combine your Santa visit with some family skiing, or if the Northern Lights are top of your Lapland bucket list .

Lapland towns and resort include:

  • Rovaniemi – The capital of Finnish Lapland and largest town. This is also the official hometown of Santa Claus, home to the Santa Claus Village , and has all the modern conveniences of a modern, large town.
  • Ylläs – A smaller town that can have a more personal feel to it with skiing as an option too.
  • Levi – This is Finnish Lapland’s largest ski resort and is popular with the Lapland tour operators.
  • Saariselkä – The most northern town in Finnish Lapland, this is a great spot for skiing and also for trying to spot the Northern Lights.
  • Ranua – A small village an hour from Rovaniemi where you’ll find the zoo, and plenty of igloo accommodation.
  • Luosto – Another ski resort where you can also visit an Amethyst Mine.
  • Ruka – This is a small traditional Finnish town that lies on the edge of National Park and that has a carbon-neutral ski resort.

We decided to visit the official hometown of Santa Claus, Rovaniemi. As we were getting the overnight train from Helsinki (see below for more details), this was the most convenient Lapland resort for us. There is also an airport in Rovaniemi, less than 10 minutes from the city centre had we wanted to fly up from Helsinki.

But, as I’ve said, which resort in Lapland you choose to visit is a personal one. For details on how we booked our trip, be aware that prices reflect our choice of Rovaniemi.

How to get to Lapland – Flights and trains

There are two ways to reach Lapland. You can either get flights (direct or indirect) to one of the airports in Lapland, or you can fly to the capital Helsinki, and get the overnight train to Rovaniemi. If you are not staying there, you can hire a car and drive to your Lapland resort.

Airports in Lapland

There are four main airports in Lapland. They are:

  • Rovaniemi – The main city in Finnish Lapland has an airport of its own located less than 10 minutes from the city centre.
  • Kittilä – This airport serves Ylläs and Levi, with a journey time of 60 minutes and 15 minutes, respectively.
  • Ivalo – This is the airport serving Saariselkä which lies 25-minutes from the airport.
  • Kuusamo – The Finnish town of Ruka is served by this airport and is a short 10-minute journey from the airport.

Direct flights from the UK are the best way to arrive in Lapland but your choice is limited. Easyjet fly into Rovaniemi while TUI fly to the other three. However, these direct flights get booked up rapidly, as soon as they are released and you need to be quick.

There are a few Lapland Facebook groups where the release dates are announced, and you could sign up to Easyjet’s newsletter to try get early news of when their flights will be released. But it may mean a 4am start to get on your computer, ready to nab the cheapest early flights. And be aware that the prices start to increase rapidly as availability declines. Do not second guess yourself. If you think the price seems reasonable for your family and budget, BOOK IT, because hesitating and seeking advice will only mean someone else nabs that price and by the time you return, your quote will most likely have increased significantly.

Indirect flights are another option. You could fly to another European city, before making your way to Helsinki and grabbing a Finnair flight to one of the Lapland airports. This can work out significantly cheaper if you miss out on those early direct flights. However, as you will read later, this option was going to push our budget up, so we opted for another way to reach Lapland. By train.

Another way to reach Lapland is to fly to Helsinki and get the overnight train to Rovaniemi. This was the option we went with as it kept our budget low and was a bit of an adventure for us. If the overnight train sounds like a bit of fun, flying to Helsinki and hopping onto one of these can keep costs down, especially if you are a larger family.

What are your choices for accommodation in Lapland

Like all towns and cities, there are lots of accommodation choices in Lapland and where you stay is both a personal choice and dependant on budget. You can stay in an igloo, hotel, ice hotel, log cabin, apartment, the world is your oyster. And budget plays a big part in it.

We chose an AirBnB apartment in the centre of Rovaniemi as it was cheap and gave us what we needed. A bed for the night, somewhere to hang our winter gear to dry after a day playing in the snow, and somewhere to prepare breakfast and dinner. Eating out in Finland can be expensive so booking a self-catering apartment gave us the option to keep our food bill down too.

Since we were not going to be spending any significant amount of time in our accommodation during the day, it seemed pointless to pay large sums for it. So, cheap and cheerful AirBnB was our choice. It meant we could splash out on our excursions a bit more too.

Booking excursion s

One thing you need to consider when booking a DIY Lapland trip is that excursions and experiences are extra, whereas with package holidays, they are included. The best place to get information about booking excursions for your family are the local tourist offices.

I contacted Visit Rovaniemi before our trip to get advice on the best place for a husky safari and for help in identifying a local photographer for our winter family photoshoot. And both recommendations were the ones we chose.

There are tourist offices in each Lapland resort that can help with excursions, as well as accommodation recommendations if you are struggling. They are:

  • Visit Rovaniemi
  • Ylläs Travel Information
  • Explore Inari-Saariselkä
  • Visit Ranua
  • Visit Phya-Luosto
  • Ruka Tourist Information

Remember, that if you are visiting in December, daylight hours are limited, so don’t try and do it all. Create your Lapland wish list and allow one excursion a day. You can see what we managed to fit in with our Lapland itinerary .

So, now that you have some tips, how much does it really cost to see Santa in Lapland? Well, here’s how we booked Lapland on a budget and exactly how much it cost us. Note that these prices are for December 2018.

How much does it usually cost to go to Lapland to see Father Christmas?

There are several options when it comes to going to Finnish Lapland to visit Santa from the UK. There are travel agencies who offer a one day trip to Lapland, Finland, and families often find this is the cheapest way to visit Lapland. But for a family of three, like us, this still costs a pretty penny at an average of £1300 for December. For a Lapland day trip! Cheap Lapland day trips just don’t exist.

And to avail of this option, you’ll be facing a 6am-ish flight from Gatwick and returning to Gatwick around midnight. There are similar early starts from other airports too. I don’t know about you but that is not the sort of trip I could face with a young child. Certainly not for that price.

Plus, you’ll most likely need to add an overnight stay in an airport hotel both before and after your trip. For a family of four, that cost goes up to around £1740, depending on the travel agency you book with. So, Santa day trips and their worth are something to really think about before you book a holiday to Lapland.

So, what’s your next option? Well, you could choose to do a 2 day trip to Lapland which would include a one overnight stay. Again, you’d probably be facing an early morning flight, and returning the following afternoon or evening. I looked into the cost of this for a family of three and the two quotes I got back for these Lapland packages were between £1797 and £2866*, depending on your departure airport and hotel accommodation. For a family of four that increased to between £2316 and £3176. I suspect you could buy a few Christmas puds and mince pies for that money! Cheap trips to Lapland these are not.

And Lapland 2 night breaks were coming in at between £2257 to £3052 for a family of three, a family of four would be facing costs of between £2436 to £3436, again depending on your departure airport and hotel accommodation. So, you can see how these prices could be a bit of a shock for such short Lapland family holidays. Many families wouldn’t spend that much on a summer one or two-week holiday in the sun. So, why should Lapland holidays cost more than your summer one? Seems unfair, no?

Now, what if I told you that you could meet Santa in Lapland for 4 nights, and visit the Finnish capital of Helsinki for 3 nights and still not spend as much as a 1 night trip to Lapland package holiday? Would you believe me? Are you thinking there is a catch?

Let me tell you, yes you can and no, there’s no catch.

My sister-in-law managed to visit Santa in Lapland on a budget a few years ago and she has been the inspiration for us, and many others, to finally be able to make this trip-of-a-lifetime in a more affordable way.

So, how can you visit Lapland in an affordable way? By booking everything yourself and doing your Lapland trip DIY style. It may seem like a daunting prospect but it’s actually rather easy, you just need to be a bit savvy. And I’m going to share with you how we’ve done it and how much it’s cost us. I hope this will help you DIY Lapland and prove to you that Lapland holidays on a budget CAN be done and help you find the cheapest way to do Lapland.

Lapland on a budget with kids ( The most affordable way to visit Santa in Lapland )

The cheapest way to go to Lapland is to avoid those package holidays at all costs. DIY Lapland holidays involve booking your flights and accommodation yourself helping you to save a pretty penny. This is how we visited Santa in Lapland on a budget. Just be aware that you do not have the peace of mind as package holidays do when it comes to things like cancellations.

As we are now living in the Algarve in Portugal, we flew with TAP, Air Portugal, from Faro to Helsinki via Lisbon. There was no direct flight for us or other cheap flights to Lapland, so we had a transfer in Lisbon before travelling on to Helsinki. The cheapest flights we found involved a 45-minute transfer on the way out and a one-hour transfer on the way back. When you’re travelling with a four-year-old, that is very, very tight.

So, the next price up gave us four hours for our transfers each way, which was much more doable, considering TAP are notorious for being late or delayed. The base cost of our flights was €524 (£468, exchange rate at the time of writing this post). However, as our flight to Helsinki was an overnight flight, we booked extra leg room seats so that hubby could try and be comfortable enough to catch some sleep. So, the total cost of our flights was €693 (£619).

To find flights, availability and latest prices for flights to Rovaniemi (Lapland) or Helsinki, check out Skyscanner .

Overnight Train – Polar Express

We were due to arrive into Helsinki early in the morning and would be leaving later that night on an overnight train with VR to Rovaniemi, dubbed the “Polar Express”, arriving early the next morning.

We booked a two-berth cabin which cost us €196 for a return trip (£176, exchange rate at the time of writing this post). This would be the same price for a family of four with two children sharing their parents’ berths.

At the time of booking our train tickets the online payment system kept timing out on me. The Christmas timetables and tickets had just been released so there was probably a lot of people trying to book tickets at the same time.

So, to make sure I could avail of the Saver Berth prices of €49 per adult each way, I rang the customer services line for the online shop (+358 800 166888), choosing option 3 for English, and spoke to a very nice lady who did the booking for me over the phone. She also sorted out the additional ticket for our son, which was free of charge.

What do I mean by free? Children under 10 can travel free in the same berth as a full-paying adult provided they are sharing the berth. So, if you are booking online, don’t book a ticket for your children (one child per full paying adult). Instead, call VR Customer Services and they will add your children to your ticket. If you book online, you’ll be paying more than you need to for under 10’s. There is breakfast of porridge included but my sister-in-law reliably informed us it’s not the nicest, so our plan was to stock up before we left Helsinki.

VR Customer Services number is 00358 203 32033 and they have English speaking operators.

Accommodation in Rovaniemi

While there are numerous hotels in Rovaniemi, including one at the Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi, we opted instead for an AirBnB. Not only did we get a one-bedroom apartment, but we got the flexibility of being able to cook for ourselves as Scandinavia is not known to be the cheapest for eating out or eating in hotels. With a one-bedroom apartment, we had the option of putting our son to bed and relaxing for the evening after what I was sure was going to be very busy days taking in all of the amazing things to do in Lapland with kids in tow.

Photo by Rucksack Magazine on  Unsplash

I managed to book a centrally located AirBnB in Rovaniemi for four nights which cost us £477. Our host and I had some messages back and forth, and she was very accommodating and helpful. I also discovered that the apartment was conveniently located within walking distance to some of the museums in the city, an Angry Birds Theme park and that there were regular buses to Santa Village and Santa Park from near our accommodation. There was also a large supermarket across the road, so we could buy food for breakfasts and dinners.

Accommodation in Helsinki

Again, I booked an AirBnB in Helsinki within walking distance to the central train station where we would be arriving after Lapland. Public transport in Helsinki is brilliant so getting around wasn’t going to be a problem. We were staying in Helsinki for three nights, again in a one-bedroom apartment and this cost us £341. We planned to buy food for breakfast and dinner and possibly eat out for lunch.

Photo by  Alexandr Bormotin  on  Unsplash

Lapland Cost – Cost of our trip for accommodation and getting to Lapland

  • Flights from Faro to Helsinki (via Lisbon, with bags and extra legroom): £619
  • Overnight train return trip from Helsinki to Rovaniemi: £176
  • 4 nights AirBnB in Rovaniemi: £477
  • 3 nights AirBnB in Helsinki: £341
  • Total spend for flights, train, and accommodation: £1613

So, as you can see, although we were spending more than we would have if we were visiting Lapland for the day, we were still under budget for a 1-night or 2-night package trip and we were getting much more out of the trip. A 10-day trip no less!

Considerations when doing Lapland DIY

One thing to consider when arranging a DIY holiday to Lapland, you need to remember there will be some additional costs which are covered by a package holiday.

You are responsible for having the appropriate winter clothing for this trip, whereas the packages provide the outdoor gear you will need. I know these are probably cleaned but personally, I wouldn’t want to wear something someone else has.

To get around this, I bought lots of winter and ski clothing for us in the Go Outdoors sale in February of 2018, almost ten months before our trip, and bought additional items in both the Blacks and Tiny Trolls of Norway sale. We had to buy almost everything as we have no need for warm, arctic-winter clothing here in the Algarve.

If you already have ski wear from previous family skiing holidays, then you are all set.

There is another option if you don’t have ski wear and don’t want to buy any just for this trip. Most Lapland resorts have places to hire winter clothing/skiwear. This will add to your budget but could work out cheaper than buying outer wear for everyone.

The winter clothing hire companies are:

  • Ranua – contact the tourist information for help in identifying somewhere to hire your clothing.

There may also be a winter clothing hire location at Helsinki Airport. Click here for further information about winter clothing hire in Lapland.

Read my full Lapland packing list to find out exactly what you will need for your trip.

Another consideration is that some meals may be included with the hotel, whereas organising your family trip to Lapland on a budget means you’ll either need to cook or eat out.

Also, there are some excursions included in the Lapland package holidays which you will need to pay for. Santa Claus Village, Finland, is free to enter but you need to pay for activities and the pictures and videos of your meeting with Santa. So, research what activities you want to do before you go (see below for a list of Rovaniemi, Lapland excursions). Remember to consult the local tourist information board for help with specific excursion recommendations.

The majority of visitors to this part of Finland are going to visit Santa in Lapland. So, with that in mind, I thought it might be helpful to list out where you can visit Santa, whether you are going to Lapland with kids or not.

  • Rovaniemi – There are two places to visit Santa in Rovaniemi, the Santa Clause Village and Santa Park .
  • Ylläs – There are two ways to see Santa in this part of Lapland. You can visit the Secret Cabin or arrange for Santa to come to your cabin . Note that this second option gets booked up very quickly, so arrange it as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.
  • Levi – You have two choices in Levi, the Northern Lights Village or Santa’s Secret Cabin .
  • Saariselkä – Again, at S you have two choices for visiting Santa, the Northern Lights Village or Kakslauttanen Resort .
  • Ranua – You will need to visit Santa in Rovaniemi (see above).
  • Luosto – Again, you will need to travel to Rovaniemi to visit Santa if staying in this resort.
  • Ruka – From here you can visit Santa’s Cottage , 30 minutes from Ruak.

Photo by  Jérémy Stenuit  on  Unsplash

Santa – There are two ways to see Santa in Lapland. There is Santa Village where it is free to see Santa in his office but there are additional costs such as for your photo with Santa, reindeer and husky sleigh rides and sending a letter from the North Pole to someone back home. Or you can visit the underground Santa Park where there are activities with Elves and also a visit to Santa included in the entry fee. Plus, tickets are valid for two consecutive day’s entry.

Winter Safaris  – Longer husky and reindeer experiences or safaris are available but the costs of these can be quite high so shop around. We booked a husky experience with  Bear Hill Husky  and were really looking forward to it.

Museums in Rovamiemi – There are three museums in Rovaniemi that are family-friendly, which we planned to visit. They are Arktikum , Pilke and Korundi .

Snowman World – Located at the Santa Claus Village, Snowman World is a place to hug a snowman, see inside an Ice bar and restaurant and where you can try your hand at ice skating and snow tubing. All of the necessary equipment for this is included in your entrance fee.

Northern Lights Tours – one of the big draws to visiting Finnish Lapland is the chance to see the Northern Lights and there are many tour operators to choose from for a Northern Lights Tour from Rovaniemi. Just be aware that these usually take place at night after 9pm so really consider whether the cost of this trip is worth it with smaller children. We really wanted to book one but knew our son won’t be able to stay awake too long after a busy day. So, we’re going to wait until our next visit. Visit Rovaniemi is one of the best places to check excursions, prices and book Lapland activities and experiences.

The cheapest way to get to Lapland from the UK

So, if you are still wondering what will your Lapland trip cost to travel from the UK, let me clarify. I’ve investigated the cheapest way to visit Lapland from the UK and there are two options both of which are the affordable way to book your Lapland Santa visit. This will be a guide to how you can do your DIY Lapland trip.

Direct flights to Lapland

EasyJet fly direct to Rovaniemi from Gatwick twice a week on a Wednesday and Sunday. The flight leaves at 6.30am on a Sunday or 12.45pm on a Wednesday. And returns to the UK at 20.25pm (departing at 18.50pm) on a Wednesday or returns to the UK at 14.25pm (departing at 12.45pm) on a Sunday.

For a family of three, a flight with no checked bags was costing £423, rising to £550 for a family of four (prices correct at the time of writing this post in August 2018). 1 checked bag of 23kg would add £52.48 to the cost, 2 checked bags would add £104.96.

Each seat-paying person gets one cabin bag with this saver ticket, the dimensions of which should not exceed 56 x 45 x 25cm (including handles and wheels). EasyJet do not weigh cabin bags, so as long as you can carry it, and the bag fits the dimensions, it’s on. But I’m not sure a family of four could do this trip with just cabin bags, considering you are bringing winter clothing.

Check out prices and availability via SkyScanner.

Visiting Lapland via a flight to Helsinki

There are a number of airlines flying from different airports within the UK to Helsinki, including British Airways and Finnair. Departure airports in the UK flying into Helsinki include London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Manchester and Edinburgh.

I checked the cost of a Finnair flight from Gatwick to Helsinki for the same dates we were travelling in December 2018 and the cheapest flights, with no bags, came in at £276.50 for a family of 3 (£356 for a family of four). The cost of flights with a checked bag per person was £394.50 for a family of three (£506 for a family of four). This option saw the flight leaving Gatwick at 10.20am, so no need for an overnight stay in an airport hotel, and leaving Helsinki on a return flight at 8am.


At the time of writing this post, AirBnB’s in Rovaniemi were between £76 per night for accommodation outside the city to £150 within the city. AirBnB prices in Helsinki were between £48 and £100 per night in the city.

So, a trip from Gatwick to Rovaniemi direct would cost a family of three approximately £1024 for 3 nights (£1162 for a family of four), with one checked bag, staying within the city in a mid-priced AirBnB.

If you wanted to combine Rovaniemi and Helsinki, using the overnight train to get to and from Lapland, a family of three would cost approximately £1438 (£1550 for a family of four), all with checked bags, 4 nights in Rovaniemi and 3 nights in Helsinki in mid-priced AirBnB’s, and the return overnight train in a two-berth standard cabin, with children under 10 sharing the berth with their parents.

Photo by  Vincent Guth  on  Unsplash

Santa trips to Lapland need not be the thing of dreams. There are more affordable ways of visiting Santa in Lapland than the package holidays. By booking a DIY trip to Lapland, you can not only save money, you can also stay for longer, visit two cities if you want and take things at your own pace. Remember, when going on a package holiday, you are at the mercy of their timetable and may not get enough time to really experience the best of Lapland.

You will also be with a whole host of other families trying to jostle for a spot at the front of the queue to see Santa or trying to get the same Instagram-worthy photograph in the same limited time frame as you. By booking your do-it-yourself Lapland trip, you decide how long you want to spend on each activity and how long you want to stay at each destination. You can try beat the crowds by getting to each place at opening time, or you can wait until later in the day when the tour buses have left. You have more flexibility in so many areas and that to me is a no-brainer!

By combining Rovaniemi with Helsinki, you will also get to experience the overnight train, fondly nicknamed “The Polar Express” and while it is certainly not express at 12 hours, it will only add to the whole Lapland experience, particularly if you have a train fan among you.

I hope I’ve shown you that it really is possible to visit Santa in Lapland on a budget as a family and that Lapland breaks can be affordable without needing to break the bank.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your visit Santa Claus in Lapland, and save yourself money over those package Lapland holidays, using this post as a guide and make all your family’s dreams come true.

*Comparison of three of the top travel agencies who offer Santa Lapland Trips.

**All prices were correct at the time of writing this post (August 2018), and using the exchange rate on the same day (€1 = 0.8969 approximately).

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52 thoughts on “Lapland On A Budget – How much does it cost and top tips!”

Ah Cathy, that’s class!! I always thought a Santa trip was out of our budget but you make it sound so easy. Plus you get so many extra days in Finland. I’m showing this to my wife!!

It’s all thanks to Corrina, who showed families it’s more than doable!

That is amazing, we did a 3-day Lapland trip last year and it was very expensive and there was not enough time. I would definitely consider doing it this way if we went again (which we want to)

I know a few people who have been to Lapland who said how expensive it is for the length of time you’re there. Thank you for the detailed information about booking the trains – and I’d not thought AirBnB was feasible. I’ll saving and passing this link onto anyone I hear who’s wants to go this year. Love Bec

Thank you Bec. We had thought it was a trip that wasn’t doable due to the cost for such a short trip, but doing it this way makes it much more affordable and worth doing x

I would love to do this! And now how we all know how to make it do-able thanks to this post thank you 😀

Thanks as always Talya x

I knew Lapland holidays can be quite expensive but I didn’t know it would be that match. Glad you made your own itinerary and found a cheaper way to do it.

The package holidays are mad money for such a short time there. By booking everything else you get so much more for your money x

Would love to visit Lapland especially for Christmas! Thanks for sharing!

How exciting for you all! And that’s a pretty tidy saving you’ve managed to make – I’m going to have a look into that for next year.

Oh you should. We started booking things in February for this December and didn’t find the cheapest AirBnB. But I’m sure costs from the UK could be brought down even further x

Wow this is such a great post! We’ve always wanted to visit Lapland but the cost is prohibitive. It feels like it’s not out of our reach now!

I’m sure if you didn’t mind transfers between the UK and Finland, flights could be found cheaper. Plus you could also go for a low-cost AirBnB to bring the costs down even more. Doing it this way just gives us more time to soak up the magic of being in Lapland without being on a timetable x

Wow its expensive isn’t it. Well done on finding an affordable option for you to go x

We would love to visit Lapland with the kids during Christmas. That would be so cool. Maybe we can plan it for next year.

Oh you should Stella, they’d love it x

A trip to Lapland would be magical and it sounds like you have made it very affordable. I hope you have a fab trip.

Thanks so much. We’re really looking forward to it x

WOW!! I love this! I would totally do this but as a family of 6 I think it would be double with needing two rooms and extra flights etc?

My sister-in-law took 7 of them 2 years ago for less than €2000. It was her trip that has been the inspiration for us and many others to do this trip on a budget. So I’m sure you could easily still do it for just a bit more than what we’re paying. Check 2-bed AirBnB’s Laura because many will sleep 6 with a sofa bed. And you wouldn’t necessarily need full baggage allowance for everyone either. xx

We were lucky enough to go on a press trip to Finnish Lapland in March and it was wonderful, I would recommend it to anyone, particularly with children. However, it can be pricey o these tips are going to be a massive help!

Oh wow, that must have been amazing. And thank you, I do hope it helps others x

Wow, what a detailed post! I’ll be bookmarking this for the future. Would love to take the boys to visit Santa – we still have two years before my eldest turns 10.

This is brilliant info and has been our breakfast read at the table which inadvertently made our children think we were going already 😅 You mentioned you booked the trips back in February, would you recommend doing it that early on the year rather than doing it now for this Winter?

Not at all, I know many people who have just booked their flights and train journey for this December. I wanted to book it early as we couldn’t avail of cheaper UK flights as we’re based in Portugal. So I needed to get our flights early to get them as cheap as possible. I’ve also found there are more AirBnB’s available in Rovaniemi than when I booked. So if you want to go this winter, you still can!

this guide is amazing! I would love to visit lapland one day such a super cool experience x

I cannot tell you how impressed I am with this way of visiting Lapland. I would rather stay for longer and get better value for money. I think you are going to have an amazing experience

Thanks so much hun, I’m sure we will enjoy it x

That looks like such a fun trip! Look forward to hearing about it.

Thanks for sharing such detailed research. I remember reading Your post on EuroDisney which was equally impressive! #WanderlustKids

Ah thank you so much x

This is really useful research to share, thanks! It sounds like your trip will be a magical experience. #fearlessfamtrav

This is so magical! Love to do this with my and I love your money saving tips. #fearlessfamtrav

This is really useful research to share, thank you. It sounds like you are going to have a magical trip #fearlessfamtrav

Thank you so much, I’m sure we will x

I think this is. Great informative post! I think budget is such a worry with Lapland! I will be using this if we plan to go

You’ve certainly done your travel planning…and saved so much money or rather got a much better trip. We did a one day Lapland trip to see Santa several years ago and it was rubbish – way too much in one day! And Santa messed up big time as he didn’t have our letters!! #wanderlustkids

Oh no! That’s a shame. I do know Santa doesn’t give presents out before Christmas Day but we’ll sneak one in for the Elves to give our son x

Thank you so much for sharing this! I really want to take the girls to Lapland and this is totally made me feel like I can.

Thank you so much hun. I’m sure you’ll get there! Any help you need, just shout x

You’ve now planted the seed in my mind that Lapland is actually doable. I had always disregarded a trip there as I thought it’d be too expensive!

I had too until I saw you can DIY it and have a much better holiday for less!

Wow it is so expensive but such a once in a lifetime holiday. I love your ideas and I love that Lapland is doable on a smaller budget! #fearlessfamtrav

We are doing the same trip in December this year and we cannot wait.

Some great tips here for us too. Look forward to comparing trips when we get back #wanderlustkids

When are you going? I’m so excited x

What a great post! Lapland is on my bucket list, the youngest will be 5 and 7 next winter (2019) so think they’ll be a great age to take. Will definitely do a DIY holiday as you suggest, you get so much more time for the same money. Thanks so much for the tips and look forward to reading your reviews. #wanderlustkids

Thanks, I’m glad you’ve found it useful. xx

Wow! This sounds amazing and you’ve laid everything out so clearly! I’m so doing this! Thank you!

Thanks so much Tom, I’m glad you’ve found it useful. Any questions, just fire away 🙂

Thank you so much for this information, you’ve totally inspired me to price it up for me to take my 5 children. I looked a while ago at the package holiday route and ruled it out as ever possible at was looking at 10k+!! Now with this way I could do all the travel for £700 and found a beautiful log cabin air bnb for £250 a night that sleeps 8! I can’t believe you’ve opened up my absolute dream bucket list holiday again, and I think the overnight train will make it even more Magical and exciting! I know it was a few years ago but would love to hear what you did in Helsinki as have one day there. Also have found super budget reindeer and husky rides for about 20€ Each at Santa’s village so that’ll tick that off the list! Thanks again! Angela

Thanks, Angela, We really enjoyed Helsinki. Here’s my post about things to do in the city. You can pack quite a bit in, it just depends on what interested you and your family 🙂 https://passportsandadventures.com/things-to-do-in-helsinki-with-kids/

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can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Visiting Lapland & Santa – A Guide to Planning and Booking your Holiday

You need to visit | Family Travel Blog

Taking your children to Lapland is one of the most magical holidays that you could experience, and that includes visiting Disney. We have wanted to visit Santa Claus at his home in Lapland for several years   (the closest we have come is our fab visit to Lapland UK ) but there is only a small window of opportunity available to take your children to this most magical destination.

Follow us on our travels on Instagram here

What we have found when planning our trip to Lapland is that it needs just as much research and planning as a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. I was totally unaware of the various packages available, what activities are on offer, how long to stay, which destination in Lapland to choose and more importantly how much it costs!

Here is our guide on tips, tricks and advice on planning your Lapland holiday.

Which destination to choose.

When we started planning our trip to Lapland we were totally unaware of the amount of different destinations on offer, all of which offer their own unique Lapland experience.

The most popular destination is Rovaniemi , a city that is the capital of Finnish Lapland and the official hometown of Santa Claus. At the famous Santa Claus village you will find a post office that sorts through all the letters that children have sent to the North Pole and Santa’s grotto. There is also the Santa Park which features activities and attractions for the whole family.

If you want a quieter, less commercial destination then look at Levi or Saariselka which many tour operators now offer.

Levi  is where we decided to stay, just a 15 minute drive from Kittila airport.  What makes Levi such a nice destination to visit in Finnish Lapland is that its the largest ski resort in Lapland, so if you plan to ski as well as visit Santa then this is a great destination to choose.  The stunning surroundings of Levi offer a perfect idyllic location for husky and reindeer safaris or snowshoe walks taking in the Northern Lights.

This small town also has plenty of restaurants, shops and bars whilst the famous snow village is around a 40 minute drive away and is rebuilt every winter with more than 15million kilos of snow.

Saariselka is located in northern Lapland, and you fly into Ivalo airport.  If you are looking for an authentic Lapland experience then Saariselka is a great option, where you can combine a visit to Santa with snowmobile safaris, husky rides in the beautiful Urho Kekkonen National Park.

Other destinations include Yllas, Luosto, Karesuando and Pallas all of which offer unique and less commercial Lapland experiences.

What is the best age to take children?

You only have a relatively small window of opportunity with your kids for an authentic Santa trip.  Finnish Lapland is further north than most of Alaska and young children might find it too cold with temperatures reaching -40 so it is widely recommended that the ideal age to take your children is between 5 and 10.

Which company to book with? How much will it cost? and how to get a deal!

There are lots of companies who now offer package holidays with direct flights from many UK airports to Lapland.  Some of the major operators include Inghams , Tui , Crystal Ski ,  Transun , Newmarket Holidays , Magic of Lapland , Santa’s Lapland and Canterbury Travel .

Holidays to Lapland are not cheap.  Prices fluctuate daily but on average for a family of 4 you are looking at costs of £2,000+ for a 3 night stay including flights, accommodation, breakfast and taster activities from the likes of Tui to £4000+  for all-inclusive packages from specialist companies such as Santa’s Lapland ,  Nordic Visitor and Canterbury Travel .

As well as checking the prices of a Lapland holiday on the websites of the companies mentioned above, it’s also worth checking the prices with the independent travel agents who specialise in Lapland holidays.

The prices offered by the independent agents can sometimes be cheaper than booking direct with the travel company for the same holiday. We used this method when booking our Lapland holiday and saved £400 with Hayes Travel  by asking to beat the online price listed on the travel companies website.

Companies to check are: Hays Travel Santa Claus Trips Dream of Lapland

If you are booking online, check for any discount codes that you can use to bring the cost of your holiday down and use cashback sites such as Quidco or Topcashback .

Don’t rule out a 7 day ski package

If you can stay for longer we found that it can work out cheaper if you book a 7 night ski package from Crystal Ski or Inghams to resorts such as Levi, Saariselka and Yllas compared to Santa specific 3 or 4 night breaks.

When to book

If you book early you can take advantage of any early booking offers but if you can take a chance wait until the last minute where travel companies try and sell off their Lapland holidays at great discount.

Last year we saw last minute holidays for a family of 4 staying for 3 nights for just over £2,000 – compared to £3,000 a few weeks earlier.

The downside of waiting for a last minute trip is that availability to fly from your local airport or staying at your preferred hotel / resort in Lapland could be unavailable.

When to go?

The most popular time to go is in the run up to Christmas.  The earlier you go the cheaper it is but if you go too early for example at the start to the middle of November there may not be enough snow on the ground to enjoy the activities especially further south in areas such as Rovaniemi.

If you are visiting before December it is worth checking with the local tourist boards to check when their winter activities start from because it’s typically from the 1st December.

Visit Levi  Visit Rovaniemi  Visit Saariselka

Choose your Santa experience carefully

On some of the trips Santa meets all of the children during a gala dinner at the hotel, which is not very personal, so if you want a more authentic Santa experience it’s worth checking what is on your itinerary.

On the trip we have booked with Inghams we visited Santa at his cabin on a private family visit which was amazing.  However if we were visiting Lapland again I would look at booking an even more authentic experience such as visiting Santa at this cabin in an old Lappish Village – view the full range of experiences available to book in Levi here .

If you are really looking for a special Santa experience then a visit to Santa Claus Secret Forest Joulukka (16km from Rovaniemi) is regarded as the very best that you can experience when in Lapland with prices starting from 179 euro per person.

When you book a package trip to Lapland along with a visit to Santa, other winter activities are typically included in your itinerary such as reindeer and husky rides, and snowmobile safaris.

It’s worth checking what activities are on your itinerary before booking and if they are taster sessions which can be all over in 5 minutes compared to the full experience.

When we looked at the various package options available companies such as Inghams , Transun and Canterbury Travel  tend to include longer experiences where as Tui   just included taster sessions, with the opportunity to purchase full experiences from the reps whilst in resort.

This is something to factor into the cost of your trip as although Inghams ,  Canterbury etc are more expensive by the time you pay for the extra activities which for example can cost anything up to 400 euros for full husky experience, there can be very little difference in cost.

We have never been on a ski holiday but we have always wanted to, so a trip to Lapland provides the perfect opportunity to combine a Santa experience with a chance to learn to ski on the slopes at Levi, which we did and were perfect for beginners. ( You can read about our ski day here )

As well as these paid experiences, children will enjoy playing in the snow or riding a toboggan which are free.  Dependent on the date of your visit the Ice hotels at Kittilla and Rovaniemi look a really unique experience to visit.

Don’t forget that Lapland is a perfect location to see the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. Staying in resorts such as Yllas, Levi or Saariselka which are located above the arctic circle are great for Aurora hunting, with organised excursions to see the lights.

If you want to book additional activities when in the resort it is recommended that you visit the local tourist information centre, who offer these at a much lower cost compared to what the reps from your travel company offer (apart from Inghams whose additional activities are typically cheaper than booking direct with the tourist information centre)

Levi Visit Levi  Snow Village Lapland Safaris 

Rovaniemi Visit Rovaniemi  Santa Claus Holiday Village Santa Park Snowman World Ranua Zoo Lapland Safaris Safartica 

Saariselka Visit Saariselka Lapland Safaris  Husky & Co Angry Birds Activity Park

How long to go for?

To appreciate all of what Lapland has to offer you need to stay for at least 3 nights.  We stayed for 4 nights and have near a full itinerary on each day including meeting Santa in his cabin in the snowy woods and making gingerbread biscuits with Mrs Claus, a husky experience, reindeer safari, learning to ski and a snowshoe walk.

What about a day trip?

On our Lapland booking experience we started off looking at day trips to Lapland lured into the guide price of just £349pp.  The other benefit we thought was that we wouldn’t have to take the children out of school or take time off from work, which is why these trips are extremely popular.

However we decided against this option as it is a very long day especially with young children.  Flights typically leave at around 6am for your 3.5 hour flight, you then have a few hours in the afternoon in Lapland where the activities are crammed together before flying back home 3.5 hours, returning back in the UK late at night on the same day.

If you don’t have the annual leave to have a few days in Lapland then a day trip is a good option, but with so much to see and do in Lapland you really need a few days to enjoy it and the short breaks are better value and less rushed than a day trip.

What about a DIY Trip?

You can save on the cost of your Lapland trip if you want to arrange flights, accommodation and activities separately, but it does take meticulous planning.

First of all you will need to arrange flights; luckily some airlines have started offering direct flights to Lapland, the downsides are if you are looking to fly direct from your local airport you are out of luck.

If you book with a travel company then they charter direct flights to Lapland so you can fly from local airports such as Bristol, Cardiff, East Midlands, Bournemouth, Exeter, Doncaster, Sheffield, Stansted, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

When you arrange your own flights the only UK airports that you can fly direct to Lapland are Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham – we use Skyscanner to find the cheapest fares and dates..

Alternatively you could catch an indirect flight, flying into Helsinki with BA or Finnair and catch a connecting flight to one of the airports in Lapland – Roviennini , Kittila and Ivalo (for Saariselka) .

If you do look at this option be aware that some of the flight times can be up to 9 hours because of the wait for your interconnecting flight.

When you arrive at Helsinki the other option is to catch the overnight train the “ Santa Claus Express ”.  You can book a cabin for the family on this double decker sleeper train for your snow covered 12 hour journey north to Rovaniemi Lapland. For more information and latest pricing visit their website , children under 12 travel free if they share a cabin with a paying adult.

If you sign up for their Veturi programme for free you can also get an additional discount on your rail travel.

The other option is extending your holiday and have an overnight stay in the beautiful city of Helsinki before catching your flight to Lapland the next day.

Accommodation & Activities

Dependent on the type of accommodation you want (hotel, lodge,apartment) online travel agent (OTA) websites such as booking.com offer competitive rates.  We always check the pricing with the hotel directly once we get a price from Hotels.com .

If it is showing as more expensive with the hotel directly it’s worth calling them or emailing them to beat the online booking websites price, which they typically will as they won’t have to pay any commission to the OTA.

It is also worth checking the accommodation and activities listed on the tourist offices for each resort Visit Levi  Visit Rovaniemi  Visit Saariselka

This Finnish company also offers tailored packages of accommodation and activities.

You can arrange your own activities via companies such as Lapland Safaris  which some of the travel companies use in their package holidays and it’s also worth checking Safartica 

Once you total up the cost of your flights, accommodation, activities, overnight stay if you are not flying from your local airport it’s worth comparing this to the prices offered from a package trip.

What clothes do I take?

As well as the provided outfits it is recommended to bring thermal underwear and socks, a base layer of moist wicking fabric and a warming layer of fleece tops and bottoms or woollen clothes with you.

Jeans are not recommended under your snow suit especially if you are spending a long time in the cold doing activities as you will get a lot colder quicker compared to wearing thermal leggings of tracksuit bottoms.

Another tip is bringing thin silk/thermal gloves to wear underneath your mitten gloves , a snood/balaclava and the little hand warmers. We found this great guide  really helpful planning on what we need to take.

Where to purchase the clothes from?

Stores such as Decathlon , Trespass , Go Outdoors , Berghaus ,  Cotswold Outdoors , Boden ,  Blacks etc all offer a wide range of the winter clothing required for a trip to Lapland, and we tried out the new range of Berghaus clothing on our visit .  As well as the specialist stores mentioned above you can also get thermals from Next, Marks and Spencer and the supermarkets including Aldi when they run their winter ski events.

Have you been to Lapland? Would you add to the list? Let me know below!

What it's like to visit Santa at Macy's Santaland in New York City

10 of the best toy stores in the uk that your kids will love visiting.

Thank you for all this great information. Really informative.

This is such a comprehensive and helpful article for someone just starting to plan a trip to Lapland, and with so many useful links. Thank you so so much!

You are very welcome. Lapland is the most magical place to visit, you will have a great time!

Great information, thank you so much

I’m so glad I found this page. In the infancy of planning a trip next year. I’m sure I will keep referring back to this. Many thanks!

Thanks for this review, it has been so helpful. We are looking to go to Lapland this December. I wanted to find out which Santa Cabin your family visited? I see you mentioned you booked a private family visit. Have you got details for the cabin? We are also looking at Santa Claus Secret Forest Joulukka as an option.

In your opinion would it be worth going to Rovaniemi? We are wanting to base ourselves in Levi and do various excursions from there? Do you think this is a better option?

Thank you for this information it is so hlpful.

Really useful guide, thank you. So pleased I stumbled across your page.

Best advice I’ve found!!! Thank you very much!

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can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Learning to ski in Levi, Finnish Lapland

can you visit santa in lapland after christmas

Review: Levi Hotel Spa, Levi Lapland

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    No.1: Stay at Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi Finland Lapland. The best place to stay in Lapland at Christmas is the Santa Claus Holiday Village in Rovaniemi. Without doubt, this is the best Lapland Santa experience for the whole shebang. Santa Village Lapland is 8km from Rovaniemi city centre. Once you reach Rovaniemi, catch the Santa express ...

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    Where to go to experience Christmas in Lapland. You can choose from a few main towns in Lapland for the best yuletide celebration. But you'll certainly be in for a treat if you visit Rovaniemi, in Finland, or Kiruna, in Sweden.. On a Rovaniemi trip, you'll savour the endless festive cheer because it's the official home of Santa Claus.Meet the "man in red" and venture out on a ...

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    A trip to Lapland at Christmas has all the fairy tale magic of the year's best holiday amidst true Arctic wilderness. Traveling to Finnish Lapland at Christmas tops a lot of bucket lists. And for good reason. The holiday spirit in Santa's hometown reaches a fever pitch. The long dark nights in the north are perfect for adventures by ...

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    Hotels. Day 1 Your first glimpse of Lapland You'll fly into the heart of Lapland, then it's a short coach ride to Saariselkä. It's 200km above the Arctic Circle so it'll feel like you're on another planet. Day 2 The search for Santa It's time. Follow the elves and travel the same way they do - by husky and reindeer.

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    When you visit Lapland at Christmas, you'll still have the chance to see the epic phenomenon that is the Northern Lights. ... Without doubt, the best place to see Santa in Lapland in Rovaniemi, because that's where he lives. You can guarantee he is there! He's always hanging around the Santa Claus Village, and he's always happy to meet ...

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    But, if you are willing to travel outside the peak weeks during the Christmas holidays, you can often score great deals on winter travel to Lapland. The Lapland area is quite large. Cities such as Inari, Levi, and Saariselka are between 2-5 hours drive north of the main city of Rovaniemi .

  15. Santa Holidays in Lapland with SNO

    SNO offers several fun-filled festive packages to Lapland including 3 and 4 day Santa Breaks bursting with festive activities or 7-night stays with the option to add-on a visit to Santa and extra excursions. Lapland holidays are now on sale for 2024 2025 and 2024 2025! Book early for peak dates, the best choice of accommodation and flight times ...

  16. Christmas in Lapland: How to Plan the Best Trip

    So the first thing to know when it comes to planning your Christmas Lapland trip is that you need to get organised. To start with, it pays to know that Lapland - the region - actually spans 4 different countries, namely Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. However the part that's most famous for those wishing to experience Christmas in ...

  17. Meet Santa Claus in the Finnish Lapland

    Santa Claus's personal post office has received thousands upon thousands of letters from children in 199 countries. But because he's magical, he reads them all! You can send a letter to Santa using this address: Santa Claus, Santa Claus's Main Post Office, 96930 Napapiiri, Finland. Credits: Visit Rovaniemi.

  18. Christmas Holiday Packages in Lapland

    Celebrate Christmas in Lapland's winter wonderland, surrounded by festive fun that'll enchant kids and adults alike. Think chasing the northern lights, meeting Santa Claus and exploring snowy landscapes. These Lapland Christmas holiday packages include your accommodation, guided activities, local transport and more. view packages.

  19. 12 Best Things To Do In Lapland At Christmas (12 Days Of Christmas)

    Go To The Santa Claus Village And Meet Father Christmas. The first stop on the itinerary for anyone visiting Lapland with children, as well as many of those that don't, is the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi. The official home of Father Christmas, this is the only place on Earth where you can meet the real Santa Claus in the flesh.

  20. Visit Santa in Lapland: Meet and greet with Father Christmas in Finland

    Rovaniemi has been the official hometown of Father Christmas since 2010 and you can visit Santa in Lapland on every day of the year. His original home is in the so-called Korvatunturi ("Ear mountain") in Finnish Lapland. But only a couple lucky people know the exact location, which made Santa decide to move to Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland.

  21. Lapland On A Budget

    Ylläs - There are two ways to see Santa in this part of Lapland. You can visit the Secret Cabin or arrange for Santa to come to your cabin. Note that this second option gets booked up very quickly, so arrange it as soon as you can to avoid disappointment. Levi - You have two choices in Levi, the Northern Lights Village or Santa's Secret ...

  22. Visiting Lapland & Santa

    If you are looking for an authentic Lapland experience then Saariselka is a great option, where you can combine a visit to Santa with snowmobile safaris, husky rides in the beautiful Urho Kekkonen National Park. ... The most popular time to go is in the run up to Christmas. The earlier you go the cheaper it is but if you go too early for ...

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    09:00 - 17:00. Sat. 09:00 - 16:00. Sun. 10:00 - 14:00. Explore our Lapland packages and experience the magic of Christmas with a visit to Santa Claus. Book your dream trip to Lapland today!