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Hidden Gems: Best Places To Visit in Idaho

best places to visit in luxembourg

While Idaho may not top your list of vacation spots, its tourism is more engaging than most know. With feats of scenic beauty and hubs of art and culture across the state, Idaho has plenty of worthwhile attractions to visit. Check out these places to visit in Idaho that will make you want to journey through the Gem State.

Trek through the Sawtooth Mountains in Central Idaho

best places to visit in luxembourg

Perhaps the most beautiful laces to visit in Idaho is the Sawtooth Mountains, a scenic marvel. The jagged mountain range in the Rocky Mountains spans 678 miles . The location was once a favorite spot for beloved author Ernest Hemingway to hang out. Now, it sees thousands of visitors turn out each year to hike its ranges in Sawtooth National Forest. 

Along the trails surrounding Sawtooth, visitors can expect to see glowing blue lakes, thick green vegetation, tall trees, and vast wilderness. The attraction draws in all types of outdoor adventurers and offers opportunities for backpacking, camping, climbing, and more. The Sawtooth Mountains are a must-see destination if you’re looking for an outdoor trip to restore your wonder in the world.

Passes are required to enter the Sawtooth National Forest via vehicle or bike. You may also need to purchase permits for camping or professional photography within Sawtooth National Forest. For overnight travelers, many guests look for lodging in the nearby towns of Ketchum and Stanley.

  • Allows you to stay active on your vacation
  • Stunning sights and scenery
  • Requires an extensive amount of walking, which may not be good for someone with physical limitations
  • Some trails are not accessible to beginner hikers

Adventure Through the Heart of Boise, Idaho

best places to visit in luxembourg

About Boise

If you’re looking for a mix of nature and urban, Boise one of the best places to visit in Idaho. This buzzing tourist destination hosts Idaho’s most significant city population. It’s a great spot to try local cuisine, visit art and culture museums and check out the phenomenal architecture of the capital. 

Boise is between several scenic sites. This nature-friendly city allows you to bike the stunning Greenbelt, raft down the Boise River (or go north to raft the rapids of Payette River), and hike to local rock formations. Since it’s near Boise National Forest, traveling north of Boise offers winding roads through the landscape. 

Spend a fun day in the town, then enjoy pleasant drives through thick forests and alongside running rapids. Whether your ideal vacation day looks like a nature walk or a museum tour, Boise has you covered.

The attraction-filled setting offers a mixture of free and paid activities. You can expect to shell out money for food, hotel/rentals, and activities like water rafting. But scenic walks exploring the cityscape will only cost you energy.

  • A range of activities for every type of tourist
  • It offers a city-exploring adventure
  • Hard to do and see it all during a short trip
  • More expensive food/board than other Idaho destinations

Take an Intergalactic Journey Through Craters of the Moon National Monument

best places to visit in luxembourg

About Moon National Monument

You’ll feel like you’ve entered another world at the Craters of the Moon National Monument in Central Idaho. The 750,000-acre park is an eerie cousin to the moon’s surface. Historic lava fields from the past have created a textured landscape covered in lava tubes, cinder cones, craters, and more. 

Visitors to this spot can walk through miles of fascinating formations from the past (though be careful not to fall into a crater!). Those interested in science, nature, or outer space will love this chunk of planetary greatness.

Entrance fees are the main cost. It costs $20 to bring in a vehicle, $15 for a motorcycle, and $10 to walk in. If you plan to bring in a passenger van (7+ people), you’ll be looking at a $40 charge. Camping costs $15 a night, and some days are fee-free .

  • A seven-mile trail through the park lets you observe the setting safely
  • Unique in its appearance/unlike any other spot like it in Idaho
  • First come, first serve camping; no reservations
  • Not accessible to those with limited mobility 

Boat Through One of the World’s Most Beautiful Lakes at Lake Coeur d’Alene in Northern Idaho

best places to visit in luxembourg

National Geographic once cited this breathtaking lake in Coeur d’Alene as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. This is also one of the best places to visit in Idaho. This high honor is well-deserved, as its crystal blue waters, mountainous backdrop, and coastal beachfront draw in travelers from far and wide. Boating and swimming are encouraged in the open lake, with cruises frequently offered. 

The nearby town of Coeur d’Alene has a rich background in Native American history and French colonization. With tourism providing much of its current economy, visitors can find numerous theme parks, outdoor sports (including skiing!), and water-based activities. This charming lake town is a perfect retreat for couples, families, and solo travelers looking to get in touch with the wilderness.

Hotels and resorts in Coeur d’Alene vary in pricing, with chain hotels costing less than lodge-style resorts and rentals. Daily river cruises can cost approximately $20 to $30, while brunch/dinner and holiday cruises will increase from this base price.

  • Scenic lakeside views and countless outdoor activities
  • Positioned by walkable areas with food/lodging in close distance
  • Limited options for shopping outside of local businesses
  • Very busy during tourist season (summertime)
  • Very cold during winter

Hit the Springs and the Slopes in McCall, Idaho

best places to visit in luxembourg

Can’t decide between soaking in a hot spring or riding the slopes? Why not both? McCall, Idaho is one of the best places to visit in Idaho, it offers the chance to engage with the outdoors every season. Skiiers, snowboarders, and tubers will love Brundage Mountain Resort , where McCall’s high winter snowfall has lent itself to a snow-centric tourism culture. 

Including areas for experts and beginners, this spot will satisfy travelers of all ages and skill sets. 

Once you’ve cooled off, there’s nothing more refreshing than slipping into the warm waters of the Gold Fork Hot Springs . The springs offer crystal clear pools with varying heat ranges, adding relaxation between your adventures.

Tickets to ride the lift at Brundage cost between $64 and $88 for adults. You’ll need to pay $10 a head (including children) to enter the Gold Fork Hot Springs.

  • It offers a range of recreational activities for all ages
  • One of the best spots in Idaho to visit in the wintertime
  • It may not be ideal for those looking to do things outside of a touristy lens.


best places to visit in luxembourg

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  • 12 Beautiful Places To Visit In Luxembourg That You Must Explore On Your 2023 EuroTrip

Places To Visit In Luxembourg

23 Mar 2023

Luxembourg may be a small country but it is definitely filled with some of the most beautiful places that you have ever seen. In the city of Luxembourg, you can find some of the top attractions and tourist places that you must visit if you plan a trip to Luxembourg. The city has many small towns that are worth exploring. Not only that, but Luxembourg is also filled with many beautiful castles and fortresses that are worth exploring. This is one of the main reasons that the city is so popular among tourists. And if you are wondering ‘Is Luxembourg a good place to visit?’, well, you can find your answers in the list of beautiful places that are listed in this article.

12 Best Places To Visit In Luxembourg

Here is the list of the top 12 places to visit in Luxembourg that ought to be on your list. Take a look and make sure you add them to your bucket list.

  • The Old Quarter of Luxembourg City
  • National Museum of History and Art
  • The Bock Casements
  • Grand Ducal Palace

The Walls of the Corniche

  • Place Guillaume II
  • Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art
  • Echternach and It’s Benedictine Abbey
  • The Luxembourg Ardennes
  • Bourscheid Castle
  • Upper Sûre Natural Park and Esch-sur-Sûre

1. The Old Quarter of Luxembourg City

The Old Quarter of Luxembourg City

Image Source When in Luxembourg there can be no other place that is better than the Old Quarter to start with your journey. This is one of the historic places in the city. If you are a history buff then you are surely going to love exploring this beautiful place. It is in fact, one of the most important cities in Europe because of its fortifications. The roads in the old quarter are decorated with charming old buildings and homes. It’s a beautiful place to have a walk around as you cross the many spectacular bridges including the Adolphe Bridge. This is one of the best places to visit in Luxembourg city.

Location: 39 Dixon St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand

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best places to visit in luxembourg


2. National Museum of History and Art

National Museum of History and Art

Image Source The National Museum of History and Art is located in the historic Fish Market area and is known to be the home of numerous art objects, tools, coins, archaeological finds, furniture, and documents. All of these items are proof of the oozing history of the country. The museum has a special focus on the Gallo-Roman period with a number of artistic, religious, social and intellectual items on display. Even the contemporary art section of the museum is also a must visit section.

Location: Marché-aux-Poissons Luxembourg, 2345, Luxembourg

3. The Bock Casements

Bock casemates, Luxembourg

Image Source The Casements is a 21-kilometre long underground passage that is hewn from solid rock. This place has the ability to provide shelter to thousands of defenders, horse, slaughterhouses, kitchens, and workshops. Most of these fortifications today, can be explored on foot. You can hire a tour guide in order to walk around the place and learn the fascinating history of the place. This is actually one of the iconic places to visit in Luxembourg.

Location: 10 Montée de Clausen, 1343 Luxembourg

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4. Grand Ducal Palace

Grand Ducal Palace

Image Source This is one of the most important landmarks of the city and a must visit the place. This beautiful renaissance building was erected back in 1572 which served as the official residence of Grand Duke Henri, the country’s reigning monarch. This still happens to be the full-time place of the Duke. However, tourists are allowed to have a peek inside this glorious building during specially organized tours. These tours are mainly organized during mid-July of every year and last up to the first week of September. During this time the place becomes one of the most visited places in the city. You can avail the tickets from the tourist office.

Location: 17 Rue du Marché-aux-Herbes, 1728 Luxembourg

5. The Walls of the Corniche

Beautiful view of city from top

Image Source

This is considered to be the most beautiful balcony in Europe. Here you will get to witness the Gate of the Grund which dates back to 1632. This place is a home to numerous aristocratic refuges and houses and also the St. Michael’s church and Dominicans. You can also find clusters of building in the suburb of the Grund. The place is rich in history. This is a perfect spot to explore when you are out with your family in the city.

Location: Chemin de la Corniche, 1945 Luxembourg

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6. Place Guillaume II

Beautiful view

Image Source This is one of the largest open space that you will find in the city. This is where you will get to see the stunning Town hall and the Tremont’s lions. You can also check out the famous weekly market out here which is popular for its plants and flowers. Another important attraction of the place is the House of Raville with its stunning façade, spiral staircase, and well-restored balcony. Other notable landmarks that you can explore in here include the old cavalry-barracks of Vauban and the Spanish Turret. If you plan to explore this beautiful place then you need to make sure that you have enough time in your hands. You can enjoy some real time in the many cafes and restaurants that are located here.

Location: 23 Rue du Fossé, 1536 Luxembourg

7. Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art


Image Source If you are a fan of modern art then this should definitely be on your list when you visit Luxembourg. The museum is known to have a collection of works of world-renowned artists. The museum also has a great collection of contemporary art which includes great works from well-known artists as Andy Warhol, Bruce Nauman, and Julian Schnabel. The museum also holds many temporary displays from time to time. If you are lucky enough to visit the museum during that time then you can witness some of the fine works of popular artists as well. You can hire a tour guide in order to explore this beautiful museum.

Location: 3 Park Drai Eechelen, 1499 Luxembourg

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8. Echternach and It’s Benedictine Abbey

Beautiful place

Situated on the bank of the River Sure, the town of Echternach forms the border with Germany. The beauty of the place lies in the several crisscrossed kinds of wood, hundreds of footpaths and the waterfalls in the area. You can explore a number of lovely viewpoints in this place. The town is mainly famous for its centuries-old dance procession which is organized on Whit Tuesday. During this time the place is crowded with tourists. One of the main attraction of the town is the Benedictine Abbey. You can check the Luxembourg city map in order to locate these places.

Location: 6586 Echternach, Luxembourg

9. The Luxembourg Ardennes

The Luxembourg Ardennes

This is a place where you will find the forested plateaus, wooded hills, sheer cliffs, and hidden valleys. In short, this is one of the most peaceful and beautiful places that you come across in the city of Luxembourg. The area is mainly famous for the fact because this is where Hitler actually staged his last main campaign during the WWII. The place also has other attractions like the Battle Bulge Museum, the village of Clervaux and the Benedictine Abbey of St. Maurice and St. Maur.

Location: 1a Rue du Vieux Marché, 9419 Vianden, Luxembourg

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10. Bourscheid Castle

Bourscheid Castle

Image Source Your visit to Luxembourg remains incomplete without visiting this astonishing castle which stands high on a plateau surrounded by the rivers Wark and Sure. You can enjoy an excellent view from this place making it one of the places to visit near Luxembourg city . If you are in love with nature then this is the perfect place for you. you can also sunbath in the river beaches at Bourscheid-Plage and Dirbach. The place looks nothing less than a fairy-tale. In short, this is an amazing place to spend your holidays in Luxembourg. Here you can also get the best views in Luxembourg.

Location: 9140 Bourscheid, Luxembourg

11. Berdorf

berdorf nature trail

Image Source Sitting in the heart of Mullerthal region, Berdorf is one of the top places to visit in Luxembourg . The astounding rocky landscapes and the verdant greenery makes it a great escape for the outdoor enthusiasts. Explore the numerous hiking and biking trails and various vantage points from where you can soak in the beautiful panoramas. The refreshing Mullerthal trail also crosses through a tiny town where you can take a stop on your way.

Location: eastern Luxembourg

12. Upper Sûre Natural Park and Esch-sur-Sûre

Esch sur Sure

Image Source Consisting of plateaus, narrow valleys, and wooden slopes, Sure Natural Park is a storehouse of nature and is one of the popular places to visit in luxembourg country . Flourishing in widlife and eco-tourism, there is an abundance of leisure activities and water sports that the visitors can indulge in. Possessing a rich cultural heritage, you will also find a museum with interesting artefacts, and an old cloth mill inside the nature park. It is one of the great places to visit in Luxembourg in one day .

Location: north-western Luxembourg

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So, these are the places that you must visit during your stay in Luxembourg. Without witnessing these places you can never enjoy the true beauty of the city. Now that you know the best places to visit in Luxembourg it will be easier for you to explore the whole place during your holiday in Europe with TravelTriangle!

Disclaimer: TravelTriangle claims no credit for images featured on our blog site unless otherwise noted. All visual content is copyrighted to its respectful owners. We try to link back to original sources whenever possible. If you own the rights to any of the images, and do not wish them to appear on TravelTriangle, please contact us and they will be promptly removed. We believe in providing proper attribution to the original author, artist or photographer.

Please Note: Any information published by TravelTriangle in any form of content is not intended to be a substitute for any kind of medical advice, and one must not take any action before consulting a professional medical expert of their own choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Luxembourgh

What is famous in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is famous for a number of reasons such as being the second richest country in the world, and a popular UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has a rich and diversified culture and is also the safest place on earth.

Is Luxembourg worth visiting?

Luxembourg is Europe’s smallest country but it has so much to offers in terms of excellent hospitality, adventurous tourist attractions, rich culture, amazing food and drinks-making is totally worth visiting. Luxembourg is a great place to enjoy a quiet and rejuvenating vacation in Europe.

Is Luxembourg safe to visit?

Luxembourg is the place you can stay in without a worry as it is considered as the safest place in the world.

What’s there to do in Luxembourg?

Exciting things to do in Luxembourg are: 1. Explore The Historical Castles 2. Walk Through The Museums 3. Indulge Into The Delectable Taste Of Chocolate House 4. Visit Little Switzerland 5. Participate In The Winter Celebrations 6. Walk Down The Road Of Corniche

How many days do you need in Luxembourg City?

3 days is quite enough the visit all the top tourist attractions so of the Luxembourg City. But you can extend your stay to explore some of the nearby cities to add to your wonderful experience of Europe tour.

What food is Luxembourg famous for?

Luxembourg is quite famous for its chocolates and wines. The national dish of Luxembourg is a meat dish called the Judd mat Gaardebounen, which is a smoked collar of pork with broad beans.

Is it expensive in Luxembourg?

Yes. Luxembourg is considered an expensive place to live in.

Do they speak English in Luxembourg?

Though not an official language, English is one of the many widely spoken languages of Luxembourg such as Luxembourgish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian.

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Daniela Santos Araújo

10 Best Places To Visit In Luxembourg

Despite being the seventh smallest country in Europe, Luxembourg has some of the most beautiful destinations on the Old Continent. And of course, after having published the best places to visit in France , Italy , Spain , England , Greece , Portugal , Germany , Belgium , and the Netherlands , I couldn’t help but do the same with Luxembourg!

Located in Central Europe, Luxembourg borders three countries: Belgium (on the north and west), Germany (on the northeast and east), and France (on the south). And being a country with several modern cities, medieval towns, and picturesque villages, it’s not easy to choose just ten of the best places to visit in Luxembourg!

So, do you want to know more about the 10 Best Places To Visit In Luxembourg? Keep reading!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Please read my  disclosure & privacy policy  for more information.

No time to read now? Pin it for later!

Best Places to Visit in Luxembourg

10. Mullerthal

Best places to visit in luxembourg, 1. luxembourg.

Luxembourg City (in Luxembourgish, Lëtzebuerg; in French, Luxembourg; and in German, Luxemburg) is not only the capital of the country of the same name but also an obvious choice for the top of this list of best places to visit in Luxembourg. . As one of the richest cities in Europe and one of the three official capitals of the European Union, it’s natural that there’s no shortage of points of interest to explore!

best places to visit in luxembourg

Of the countless cultural options that the city of Luxembourg offers its tourists, I recommend a visit to the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Grand Ducal Palace, and one of its seven museums. Actually, I’ve been to all of them and I highly recommend both national museums, but here’s a list of the seven:

  • Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’Art Contemporain | Casino Luxembourg – Forum of Contemporary Art
  • Lëtzebuerg City Museum | Luxembourg City Museum
  • MUDAM – Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean | MUDAM – Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art
  • Musée Dräi Eechelen | Museum of the Three Acorns
  • Musée National d’Histoire et d’Art | Nationa Museum of History and Art
  • Musée National d’Histoire Naturelle | National Museum of Natural History
  • Villa Vauban – Musée d’Art de la Ville du Luxembourg | Villa Vauban – Luxembourg City Art Museum

And did you know that “Luxembourg City: its Old Quarters and Fortifications” was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994? If you want to discover more about one of the most fortified sites in Europe – at least until the second half of the 19th century – then I suggest a walk along the walls and through the historic district of Grund, as well as a visit to the Boch Casemates, Saint Michael’s Church and the Neumünster Abbey!

Vianden (in Luxembourgish, Veianen or Veinen) is, simultaneously, a town and the capital of the canton of the same name, located in the district of Diekirch and the region of Oesling (also called Ösling), in the northeast of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

best places to visit in luxembourg

Despite having just over two thousand inhabitants, the small town is one of the most tourist destinations in Luxembourg, because of the  Vianden Castle . Besides the castle, one of the best things to do in Vianden is to visit the  Victor Hugo House – Literary Museum , the building where the famous French writer lived during his stay in the country!

Read my Vianden itinerary, one of the best places to visit in Luxembourg !

3. Echternach

Echternach (in Luxembourgish, Iechternach) deserves a top position on this list of the best places to visit in Luxembourg, as it’s the oldest town in the country. Located in the homonymous canton and in the district of Grevenmacher (in Luxembourgish, Gréiwemaacher), it borders the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

best places to visit in luxembourg

The history of Echternach dates back to 698, the year a Benedictine monastery was founded – which today is known as Echternach Abbey. Since then, the small medieval town has been growing and developing, and today it has several tourist attractions, such as the:

  • Basilica of Saint Willibrord (named after the monk who established the monastery)
  • Echternach Abbey Museum (temporarily closed)
  • Municipal Park and Abbey Gardens (including the Rococo Pavilion and the Orangerie)
  • Market Square (in the heart of the town)
  • Roman Villa (about 1200 meters from the historic center)

4. Beaufort

Beaufort (in Luxembourgish, Beefort; and in German, Befort) is one of the best places to visit in Luxembourg, as it’s one of the few European towns with not one, but two castles! And while Beaufort Castles are the main attraction of this picturesque destination, there are other points of interest to discover!

best places to visit in luxembourg

Of these, I highlight Saint Michael’s Church (in neo-Gothic style) and the Town Hall, as well as the dozens of streets with colorful houses, which make up the historic center. Like Echternach, the town of Beaufort is in the canton of Echternach and in the district of Grevenmacher (in Luxembourgish, Gréiwemaacher).

5. Larochette

Like most destinations on this list of best places to visit in Luxembourg, local and international tourists visit Larochette (in Luxembourgish, Fiels; and in, Fels) mainly for its castle. And it’s precisely from Larochette Castle that you get the best views over this Luxembourgish town!

best places to visit in luxembourg

Larochette is located in the canton of Mersch, the only Luxembourg canton that doesn’t have international borders (with the exception of the canton of Luxembourg). In the historic center of the town, you can also visit Saint Donatus Church, the Small Textile Museum, the Cultural Center, and the Cross of Justice (in Bleech Square).

6. Clervaux

Clervaux (in Luxembourgish, Clierf or Cliärref; in German, Clerf) is a town in the canton of the same name and in the district of Diekirch, in northern Luxembourg. Unfortunately, this destination became known for the Battle of Clervaux (in December 1944), one of many conflicts between Nazi forces and US troops.

best places to visit in luxembourg

In this town, let me suggest a visit to the Clervaux Castle (where the Museum of the Ardennes Counteroffensive is located), the  Benedictine Abbey of Saint Maurice and Saint Maurus , the  “The Family Man” Museum  (a museum with a famous photographic exhibition), the Church Saints-Côme-et-Damien, and to the Loreto Chapel.

7. Ettelbruck

The next stop on this guide to the best places to visit in Luxembourg is Ettelbruck (in Luxembourgish, Ettelbréck; in German, Ettelbrück), located in the canton and district of Diekirch. If you want to visit Vianden on a day trip from the capital of Luxembourg, you’ll have to travel by train to Ettelbruck and then change to a bus in this same town!

best places to visit in luxembourg

Ettelbruck is quite a modern town compared to other destinations on this list. Examples of this are cultural spaces such as the Däichhal (a venue for events) or the CAPE- Center for the Plural Arts of Ettelbruck (a cultural center). Other than that, you can visit the General Patton Memorial Museum (named after an American soldier from the Second World War) and Saint Sebastian’s Church (the parish church of Ettelbruck).

8. Esch-sur-Sûre

Located in the canton of Wiltz and in the district of Diekirch, the town of Esch-sur-Sûre (in Luxembourgish, Esch-Sauer or Esch am Lach; and in German, Esch-Sauer) is one of the most charming destinations in this European country. Just like Vianden , this town grew up at the foot of the castle walls of Esch-sur-Sûre, surrounded by the river that gives it its name.

best places to visit in luxembourg

Although the castle is in ruins, it’s worth visiting for its panoramic views over the historic center of Esch-sur-Sûre and the surrounding green landscape. Other than that, there’s nothing quite like walking these winding streets, visiting the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, or hiking the hills across the River Sûre!

9. Schengen

The village of Schengen is known for two reasons: for its wines and for the Schengen Agreement, which was signed here on June 14th, 1885. And as it’s located at the most southeastern point of Luxembourg (in the canton of Remich, district of Grevenmacher), it’s a bridge away from Germany and less than 1500 meters from the French border!

best places to visit in luxembourg

In the village of Schengen, you can admire the dozens of terraced vineyards, in addition to the Church of Saint Savior, the European Schengen Museum (or European Schengen Center), the Stars Square (a memorial park), the Peace Totems (installed next to the river Moselle) and, of course, the Schengen Gardens and Castle.

The last destination on this list of the best places to visit in Luxembourg is Mullerthal (in Luxembourgish, Mëllerdall; in German, Müllertal), a tiny village in the canton of Echternach and the district of Grevenmacher. But, even though its size is really small, it’s impossible to dissociate this village from the homonymous region.

best places to visit in luxembourg

Now, the Mullerthal region has received the popular nickname of “Little Luxembourgish Switzerland” (in Luxembourgish, Kleng Lëtzebuerger Schwäiz; in French, Petite Suisse Luxembourgeoise; and in German, Kleine Luxemburger Schweiz), due to its geographical similarities with Switzerland. With several trails that run through dense forests, natural waterfalls, and secret caves, Mullerthal is a true paradise for outdoor and nature lovers!

Map of the Best Places to Visit in Luxembourg

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6 thoughts on “10 Best Places To Visit In Luxembourg”

best places to visit in luxembourg

I’ve never been to Luxembourg before. I’m sure like everyone else, I’ve been all around it, like to Germany, Belgium and France. Your photos look beautiful. I’ll have to put it on my list of places to visit

best places to visit in luxembourg

Thank you so much, I’m so glad I got to visit Luxembourg last year, it’s such a gorgeous country! 🙂

best places to visit in luxembourg

Been there, done these, I just came here to say the pictures are outstanding. 🙂

Awww, thank you so much for your lovely words! 🙂

best places to visit in luxembourg

Every photo of Luxembourg is so gorgeous! All of the views are amazing. The map of all the locations is so helpful as well, thank you for sharing!

You’re welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed this post! 🙂

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11 Best Places to Visit in Luxembourg City | 11 Must See Tourist Attractions in Luxembourg City | Top 11 Things to See and Do in Luxembourg City over a Weekend Getaway

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Luxembourg - The World’s Only Remaining Grand Duchy

Luxembourg, officially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is a country in western Europe landlocked between Belgium, Germany, and France. With an area of 2,586 square kilometers and a population of 524,853 people in October 2012, it is one of Europe's smallest sovereign states and eighth least populous country. Being a constitutional monarchy, it is headed by a Grand Duke making it the world's only remaining Grand Duchy. Luxembourg continues to be listed as the world's richest country in terms of GDP per capita (Purchasing Power Parity) by the United Nations, owing to its status as a renowned financial hub with 150 banks within its borders.

Welcome to The UNESCO World Heritage Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City, the capital of Luxembourg, is one of the four official seats of the European Union’s institutions (together with Brussels, Frankfurt, and Strasbourg) and the headquarters of the European Union's Court of Justice, the EU's highest judicial body. Its people, languages, and traditions are all heavily influenced by its neighbors, resulting in a blend of French and German cultures. Luxembourgish, is the single national language of the Luxembourgish people, as established by law, in addition to French and German as administrative languages. Due to the outstanding preservation of the huge walls and the ancient city, the Old Town of Luxembourg was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.

Reading the aforesaid, one may envisage Luxembourg City as a collection of banks and European Union offices. It will, however, be a huge blunder. The alluring reality is that behind all the buildings and bank headquarters sits a delightful bit of northern Europe. Thanks to its unusual setting, draped across the steep gorges of the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers, the UNESCO World Heritage city is one of Europe's most scenic capitals, with a fairy-tale aspect. The city is divided into two sections: Ville Haute ("High City"), the medieval town center, which is famously placed along a stunning cliff face, and Ville Basse ("Low City"), which is located in the ravine that runs through the city and provides the most attractive location. Today I’m going to take you along with me on a ride across the 11 best places to visit in this beautiful city that can be done over the weekend. Let the journey begin!

11 Best Places to Visit in Luxembourg City

1. le chemin de la corniche.

We start our journey from a view of Ville Basse ("Low City") from Le Chemin de la Corniche, a pedestrian promenade that has been hailed as 'Europe's most beautiful balcony.' It follows the course of the 17th-century city ramparts, with views across the river canyon to the Wenzelsmauer's massive defenses (Wenceslas Wall). Standing here, one can see the Ville Basse and Grund districts, which are located in the gorge formed by the Alzette and Petrusse rivers as they flow through the city's center. This pathway is exceptionally windy and can be extremely cold in the winter.

luxembourg city le chemin de la corniche ville haute ville basse grund at sunset

2. Neumünster Abbey

Neumünster Abbey is a public meeting area and cultural center in Luxembourg City's Grund district, which is a part of Ville Basse ("Low City"). The monks erected a new abbey in the Grund in 1606 after the first Benedictine abbey on the Altmünster Plateau was destroyed in 1542. After the French Revolution, it operated as a police station and prison before becoming Prussian barracks after Napoleon's defeat in 1815. The Nazis used the abbey to imprison political opponents to their occupation of Luxembourg during World War II.

luxembourg city le chemin de la corniche ville haute ville basse grund newmunster abbey at sunset

3. The Bock and Casemates

The Bock is a promontory of Luxembourg City's ancient historical area, located in the north-eastern corner. Its granite cliffs stand above the River Alzette, which surrounds it on three sides, providing natural fortification. Count Siegfried built his Lucilinburhuc Castle here in 963, laying the groundwork for the establishment of what would become Luxembourg. As armies of the Burgundians, Habsburgs, Spaniards, Prussians, and French vied for victory over one of Europe's most crucial fortresses, the Fortress of Luxembourg, the Bock and its surrounding defenses were repeatedly reinforced, attacked, and rebuilt over the years. The fighting continued until the Treaty of London, which called for the defenses to be demolished, was signed in 1867. UNESCO has designated the ruins of the medieval castle and the huge underground system of corridors and galleries known as the casemates as a World Heritage site, and they remain a popular tourist destination.

luxembourg city le chemin de la corniche ville haute ville basse grund bock and casemates at sunset

4. The Grund District

The Alzette, Luxembourg's river, is currently quite small, yet it carved out a massive valley since the sandstone in the area is very soft. This is known as the Ville Basse, and it is a beautiful location, notably the district "Grund," which is definitely worth visiting. The district "Grund" was an early settlement in the Pétrusse valley (which is the other river of Luxembourg that joins Alzette at this point) at the foot of the upper town encircled by fortifications of the historic fortress. Access is via the Holy Spirit site's elevator (new location of the Palace of Justice) or a downhill stroll over a cobblestone street (the "Bisserwee" from the Roman era). The many cafés in the "Grund" (such as "The Scotts Pub" with its riverside patio or "Liquid," which hosts small concerts on a regular basis) attract people from all around town, especially at night, to have one or more beverages in a pleasant setting.

ville basse lower city grund houses and river alzette in luxembourg city

5. La Passarelle

Constructed between 1859 and 1861 by the Waring Brothers (a British construction company), the Passarelle, also known as Luxembourg Viaduct is a bridge that connects Avenue de la Gare (the avenue starting from the Luxembourg Gare railway station) to the UNESCO World Heritage-listed old city center in Ville Haute, carrying road traffic across the Pétrusse valley.

portrait of man with sunglasses and leather jacket standing on pasarelle bridge in luxembourg city ville haute

6. Gëlle Fra

The Gëlle Fra ('Golden Lady' in Luxembourgish), also known as the Monument of Remembrance, is a war memorial in Luxembourg City. It honors the tens of thousands of Luxembourgers who volunteered to serve in the Allied Powers' armed forces during World War I. The Gëlle Fra was built in 1923 in Constitution Square, in the Ville Haute neighborhood of central Luxembourg City, and is one of the city's most well-known monuments. The statue's centerpiece is a 21-meter-high obelisk atop which sits a woman holding out a laurel crown to two warriors, one of whom is watching over his fallen comrade. The statue was demolished in 1940 during the Nazi occupation, and it wasn't until 1984 that it was restored to its former glory.

gelle fra monument of remembrance showcasing golden statue of woman holding crown atop obelisk near flag of luxembourg in luxembourg city

7. Notre-Dame Cathedral

Notre-Dame Cathedral is the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Luxembourg City, as well as the only cathedral in Luxembourg. The church is notable for its late Gothic construction, but it also contains many Renaissance elements and adornments. The tomb of John the Blind, king of Bohemia and Count of Luxembourg from 1310 to 1346, is housed at Notre-Dame Cathedral. The crypt contains the graves of several members of the royal family as well as renowned bishops.

In 1603, Jesuits from Belgium, which, like Luxembourg, was part of the Spanish Netherlands at the time, established a college in Luxembourg city, which educated the majority of young Luxembourgers until 1773. Father François Aldenard laid the foundation stone for the church on May 7, 1613. Ulrich Job, a Lucerne-based architect, designed the structure. The columns were also decorated during his reign. On October 17, 1621, auxiliary bishop Georg von Weimar consecrated the Jesuit church and dedicated it to the Immaculate Conception.

After the Jesuits departed the city in 1773, Empress Maria Theresa of Austria handed the church to the City of Luxembourg in 1778, and it became the new parish church known as "Saint Nicolas et Sainte Thérèse." As a result, a statue of St. Nicholas stands guard above the cathedral entrance. In 1794, it adopted the iconic statue of Our Lady the Comforter of the Afflicted, the patron saint of the city and country, who had the capacity to accomplish miracles.

The apostolic vicar Jean-Théodore Laurent gave it the name "Notre-Dame" on March 31, 1848. Nicolas Adames, his successor, had the Baroque interior restored in a neo-Gothic style beginning in 1854. The Notre-Dame Church became Notre-Dame Cathedral when Pope Pius IX raised Luxembourg to a bishopric on June 27, 1870.

Notre Dame Gothic Cathedral luxembourg city

8. Fort Thüngen (now Dräi Eechelen Museum) and Mudam (National Museum of History and Art)

The medieval fortification of Fort Thüngen was built in 1732 to encompass the Redoute du Parc (Park Redoubt) defense work set up by Vauban 50 years before. It was named for the Austrian commander-in-chief of the fortress, Baron of Thüngen. Fort Thüngen was encircled by a deep moat and was only accessible from Obergrünewald by a 169-meter long underground tunnel through the rocks. The Prussians expanded the Fort in 1836 and reinforced it again in 1860. After the 1867 Treaty of London, which required the dismantling of Luxembourg City's various fortifications, the majority of the ancient citadel was razed. All that left were the three towers and the foundations of the rest of the fort. During the 1990s, the entire site was renovated in tandem with the establishment of the Mudam, Luxembourg's modern art museum. The building was totally renovated and reopened in 2012 as the Musée Dräi Eechelen.

The Mudam, constructed just behind Fort Thüngen (the glass pyramid in the background), houses a grand collection of archaeology, national history, fine arts, and applied arts in a 6000 sq. m building that spans five stories above and another five stories below ground level. The archaeological collections in the museum depict Luxembourg's history from the early Stone Age to the early Middle Ages. A remarkable collection of late Celtic aristocratic graves, as well as the Roman mosaic of Vichten with its depiction of the nine Greek muses, are among the highlights. Coins from various periods are included in the numismatic collection, which takes visitors on a journey through Luxembourg's economic and monetary history. The museum features a large collection of Luxembourg-made artifacts such as clocks, furniture, jewelry, and pottery, in addition to paintings and sculptures from the 14th century to the current day.

Fort Thungen Dräi Eechelen Museum and Mudam National Museum of History and Art luxembourg city

9. The Grand Ducal Palace

The Grand Ducal Palace is the Grand Duke of Luxembourg's official residence, where he fulfills the majority of his duties as the Grand Duchy's head of state. It is without a doubt one of the city's most magnificent facades (Flemish Renaissance, 16th century). The superb interior and magnificent above-stairs (with light design by Ingo Maurer) are only open during the summer.

grand ducal palace in luxembourg city

10. Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial

The Luxembourg American Cemetery is the final resting place for 5,076 American soldiers who died in the Battle of the Bulge. It is also the ultimate resting place of General George Patton, the daring US Third Army general who was instrumental in the liberation of Luxembourg in 1944. The names of 371 Americans whose bodies were never discovered or identified are engraved on a monument. Two massive stone pylons with inlaid granite operations maps describe the accomplishments of American armed forces in the region during WWII. With its long rows of white crosses and the occasional Star of David, the well-kept graveyard is sobering.

American Cemetery Memorial Luxembourg City

11. The Center District

Finally don’t forget to explore every street of the Center district located in the heart of the capital, as its name suggests. This area is predominantly made up of stores and companies; the streets are mostly pedestrian-only and difficult for cars to navigate. It is one of Luxembourg City's most vibrant districts. It connects the districts of the old town (Altstadt) and the upper town (Oberstadt). The center, which is bordered to the north and west by Royal Boulevard, Franklin Roosevelt Boulevard to the south, and Jean-Ulvelling Boulevard to the east, is Luxembourg's smallest district. The Center district is mostly devoted to services, shopping, and luxury.

luxembourg city center district ville haute ville basse grund

So that brings us to the end of our journey across the 11 best places to visit in Luxembourg City. Please let us know in the comments below if you enjoyed reading this article. And until we meet next time, I wish you merry traveling and happy shooting!

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Discover the capital and the regions.

Let yourself be surprised by Luxembourg’s diversity and enjoy getting to know the multifaceted character of this small land of short distances. Your next destination is never far away, and each area has its own special charm.

Luxembourg City

The heart of this vibrant, cosmopolitan, modern and simultaneously green capital city beats in the centre of Luxembourg, on impressive historical foundations.

Luxembourg city

A bespoke neighbourhood

The Fëschmaart is a village in the city, shaped and brought to life by dedicated merchants and restaurateurs.

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Panorama-Aufzug Pfaffenthal

Sightrunning in Luxembourg City


Luxembourg’s Old Town has been a World Heritage Site for 25 years: you can explore it all on a Unesco walk. 

Luxembourg Kirchberg

The city, her stage

For theatre director Anne Simon, all the world is a stage. Whether she is inside or outside, everyone is an actor and everyday objects become props. 

Skate Philharmonie Kirchberg

Skateboarding is not a Crime

“Skateboarding is not a crime” — this catchphrase in the skateboarding community rings especially true in Luxembourg City. 

National Day Luxembourg

Nationalfeiertag in Luxemburg

Großherzoglicher Palast

Großherzoglicher Palast

Luxembourg Open Air LOA

Luxembourg Open Air

Nuit des Musées Luxemburg

Nacht der Museen

Luxembourg City

A city that connects

Luxembourg’s capital is as diverse as its residents, who hail from more than 100 nations.

best places to visit in luxembourg

City Train in the Old Town

  • +/- 45-minütige Fahrt mit dem Pétrusse Express - kleiner touristischer Zug
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1096 blues and jazz rallye palo

Blues'n Jazz Rallye

"Gëlle Fra"

Mahnmal Gëlle Fra

Bock Kasematten


ING Night Marathon Luxembourg

ING Night Marathon Luxembourg

Luxemburg-Stadt Petruss-Kasematten


Mudam Kirchberg

Mudam Luxembourg – Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean

Lëtzebuerg City Museum

Lëtzebuerg City Museum

best places to visit in luxembourg


Luxembourg Kinnekswiss Loves Summer in the City

Summer in the city

Luxembourg Schueberfouer



Philharmonie Luxembourg

Grand Théâtre

Grand Théâtre

Octave Luxembourg City

Octave & Mäertchen

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  • 28 different points of interest to be discovered
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The five regions

Luxembourg City is almost completely surrounded by the idyllic Guttland   region, which welcomes visitors with lush countryside and the characteristic Valley of the Seven Castles.

In the north, the Éislek  region, also known as Luxembourg’s Ardennes, captivates visitors with its rugged natural beauty, panoramic views and famous castles that invite you to get your boots on and explore.

In the north-east, the Mullerthal  region, often described as ‘Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland’, the home of magical and mythical rock formations and dense forests is a paradise for fans of outdoor leisure.

In the Moselle   region, hikers and other travellers visiting the east of the country will find an opportunity to enjoy fine local wines and specialities in picturesque towns and villages amid the vineyards. The wine village of Schengen stands as a synonym for modern Europe.

In Luxembourg’s south, Minett , or the ‘Land of the Red Rocks’, fascinates visitors with a mixture of industrial heritage and modernity, culture and active nature conservation. 

Bourscheid Castle

Éislek: The north of Luxembourg

Éislek is full of steep valleys, plateaus with breathtaking views and lush forests.

Mullerthal trail

Mullerthal: Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland

Magical rock formations and footpaths. Welcome to the Mullerthal also known as ‘Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland’.

Stadtbredimus Moselle

Moselle: Luxembourg’s wine region

The Moselle is not just a quiet river. It is also a sunny region with a gentle way of life. 

Terres Rouges Minett

Minett: the Land of the Red Rocks

The red-hot heart of the south, was once a flagship of Luxembourg's industry and one of the cradles of the European steel industry.

Guttland Mertzig Turelbaach

Guttland: Central/western region

The idyllic Guttland region in central Luxembourg welcomes visitors with lush meadows, gently curving roads and the characteristic ‘Valley of the Seven Castles’.


20 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Luxembourg

Written by Bryan Dearsley Updated May 26, 2022

Although a small country of just 600,000 people that only covers around 1,650 square kilometers, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg delivers a considerable diversity of attractions and fun things to do.

While many of the country's top sightseeing opportunities and points of interest lie in vibrant Luxembourg City (Stad Lëtzebuerg in Luxembourgish), the old quarter of which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site , Luxembourg's many small towns are equally lovely and are well worth exploring.

It's also an extremely easy country to travel around. Whether you're exploring on foot in the capital city, are planning on taking a driving tour through the picturesque countryside, or are doing some town-hopping by train, you'll never have to travel too far before finding something worth seeing.

Old fortresses and castles complement the country's beautiful scenery, making it a popular tourist destination that is frequently visited in combination with surrounding countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands.

You'll find the best places to visit in this charming West European country with our list of the top attractions in Luxembourg.

1. The Old Quarter of Luxembourg City

2. national museum of history and art, luxembourg city, 3. the bock casements, luxembourg city, 4. grand ducal palace, luxembourg city, 5. the walls of the corniche, luxembourg city, 6. william square (place guillaume ii), luxembourg city, 7. grand duke jean museum of modern art (mudam), luxembourg city, 8. echternach and its benedictine abbey, 9. the luxembourg ardennes, 10. luxembourg city history museum, 11. bourscheid castle, 12. mondorf-les-bains and the moselle, 13. upper sûre natural park and esch-sur-sûre, 14. walferdange and its castle, 15. notre-dame cathedral, luxembourg city, 16. larochette, 17. berdorf, 18. beaufort castle, 19. vianden castle, 20. parc merveilleux.

The Old Quarter, Luxembourg City

There's no better place to begin exploring beautiful Luxembourg City than in its historic Old Quarter. Often referred to locally as simply "d'Stad," this wonderfully preserved old city center was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.

The city's impressive ancient fortifications also ensured its place as one of the most strategically important of Europe's major cities. The fortress was so impregnable, in fact, it was dubbed the "Gibraltar of the North." Although the original fortress was dismantled between 1867 and 1883, its impact upon the Old Quarter is evident everywhere.

Today, the old fortifications have given way to beautifully laid out parks and gardens, while its cobbled streets are lined with charming old homes and buildings. It's a great place to spend a few hours exploring as you cross its many bridges, including the spectacular Adolphe Bridge , considered a city landmark. You'll also traverse many interesting alleyways. For an added dose of fun, don't make use of a map; instead just follow your nose and see where you end up!

While there's ample public parking, if you're arriving by car, consider using one of the city's excellent park-and-ride facilities. Better still, arrive by train and book a stay in an Old Quarter hotel.

National Museum of History and Art, Luxembourg City

If you were to judge Luxembourg City on the quality of its museums, never mind its status as one of Europe's most historically important cities, it would still rank extremely high on the list of the continent's must-see cities. Topping the list is the National Museum of History and Art (Nationalmusée fir Geschicht a Konscht, or (MNHA).

It's located in the historic Fish Market area, once the original town center. The MNHA's collections include art objects, archeological finds, furniture, tools, coins, arms, and documents dealing with the history of the country, all of them housed in a stunning new building.

There's a particular emphasis on the Gallo-Roman period, with numerous fine displays illustrating the artistic, social, religious, and intellectual life of Luxembourgers from the 16th to the early 20th centuries. The contemporary art section is also a must-see, and is furnished with works by many of the most important artists of the 20th century. Guided tours in English are also available, and a research library and shop are also located on-site..

The unique Am Tunnel , or Galerie d'Art Contemporain Am Tunnel, is also worthy of a visit for art lovers. Located, as the name suggests, in an old tunnel, this contemporary art gallery with its first-rate collection of visual arts offers a pleasant respite from the many larger, busier museums and galleries in the city.

Address: Marché-Aux-Poissons, 2345 Luxembourg City

Official site: www.mnha.lu/en/

The Bock and the City Casements, Luxembourg City

Luxembourg's Bock cliff, or Bockfiels, with its fortifications and cannon-loopholes, is where you'll find the entrance to the famous Casemates (Casements du Bock), a 21-kilometer network of underground passages hewn from solid rock. Capable of sheltering thousands of defenders, as well as equipment and horses, it also housed workshops, kitchens, and slaughterhouses.

All told, the Casements, some of which date back to Spanish rule in 1644, cover an impressive 40,000 square meters. Today, much of these remarkable fortifications can be explored on foot, while organized guided tours are available for those wanting to learn more about the tunnels' fascinating history.

On the Bock plateau itself are the remains of the old castle, discovered in 1963. There are beautiful views of the suburb of Grund and the Rham Plateau, the old 19th-century barracks, and the big towers and remains of the Wenceslas wall dating from 1390.

Address: 10 Montée de Clausen, 1343 Luxembourg City

Grand-Ducal Palace, Luxembourg City

The Grand Ducal Palace (Groussherzogleche Palais) is a must-see landmark in Luxembourg City. This gorgeous Renaissance building dates from 1572 and serves as the official residence of the country's reigning monarch, Grand Duke Henri . It was built as the city's original city hall in 1572, a role it served until 1795 before switching eventually to its present use as the Grand-Ducal Place in 1890.

While it's still the full-time home of the Duke, the public are permitted an opportunity for a peek inside during special organized tours made available from mid-July to the first week of September, when it becomes one of the city's most visited attractions.

Nine tour options are available daily, and are conducted in a variety of different languages, including English. Tickets are made available through the Luxembourg City Tourist Office from their office in Place Guillaume II.

Highlights of the tour include a chance to see the plush, elegantly furnished interior, including the ceremonial rooms used on significant occasions, such as visits by foreign dignitaries.

Address: 17 Rue du marché-aux-Herbes, 1728 Luxembourg City

Official site: https://monarchie.lu/en/visit-grand-ducal-palace

The Walls of the Corniche, Luxembourg City

The spectacular Walls of the Corniche (le Chemin de la Corniche) in Luxembourg City have been called "the most beautiful balcony in Europe." Towering over the old city in the river valley below, it's here you'll find the big Gate of the Grund dating from 1632. Its ramparts reveal several aristocratic houses and refuges, as well as the ancient convent of the Dominicans and St. Michael's church (987 CE).

In the suburb of Grund itself is a large cluster of buildings with the church and ancient Abbey of Neumünster . It's notable for its 17th-century cloister of Limoges, an organ dating from 1720, and a 14th-century "black virgin." The adjacent buildings are part of the ancient Hospice St.-Jean, founded by Emperor Henri VII, Count of Luxembourg, in 1309.

Address: Chemin de la Corniche, 1945 Luxembourg City

Place Guillaume II, Luxembourg City

Luxembourg's William Square (Place Guillaume II) is one of the city's largest open spaces. The former site of a Franciscan convent, it has since been converted into a pedestrian zone. In the center is the equestrian statue of William II, King of Holland and Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

William Square is also where you'll find the lovely Town Hall and the famous Trémont's lions. Here, too, the city's popular weekly market is held, and is famous for its flowers and plants, as well as local produce.

Nearby is the 16th-century House of Raville with its beautiful façade, well-restored balcony, and spiral staircase. Other notable landmarks are the Spanish Turret with its superb views of the Pfaffenthal suburb, and the old cavalry-barracks of Vauban. Dominated by Fort Thüngen , it's also known as the "Three Acorns" for the three acorns that adorn each of its three towers.

And be sure to take your time exploring this beautiful area. It's a delightful spot to stop for a meal or beverage at any one of the many fine cafés and restaurants located here.

Address: 23 Rue du Fossé, 1536 Luxembourg City

Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art (MUDAM)

Fans of modern art and ultra-modern architecture must visit the superb Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art (Musée d'art moderne Grand-Duc Jean). It's also referred to simply as MUDAM, and its contemporary art collections from world-renowned artists make it one of Europe's most important art galleries.

Since its opening in 2006, MUDAM has drawn consistent rave reviews for its large contemporary collection. Highlights include works from such well-known artists as Bruce Nauman, Andy Warhol, and Julian Schnabel, to name but a few.

In addition to its fine permanent artworks on exhibit, the museum features many visiting and temporary displays. Also available to the public are a variety of first-rate educational programs and workshops, including some geared specifically to kids.

A large shop selling related gifts and souvenirs is located on-site, as is a great café. Guided tours are also available in English.

Address: 3 Park Drai Eechelen, 1499 Luxembourg City

Official site: www.mudam.lu/en/home/

Echternach and its Benedictine Abbey

The beautiful town of Echternach lies on the bank of the River Sûre, which forms the border with neighboring Germany. The Mëllerdall and Germano-Luxembourg Nature Parks are located nearby, and the surrounding woods are crisscrossed with hundreds of footpaths leading to spectacular rock formations, waterfalls, a lake, and numerous lovely viewpoints.

The town itself is well known for its centuries-old dancing procession, which takes place on Whit Tuesday and attracts visitors from around the world. The old aristocratic houses, narrow streets, and ancient ramparts have helped Echternach maintain its medieval appearance.

A must-see is the seventh-century Abbey of Echternach. This former Benedictine monastery is popular for its superb museum and is notable for its four long wings built around a large square courtyard. The basilica, considered the most important religious building in the country, is home to a crypt with a magnificent white marble sarcophagus containing the remains of St. Willibrord, the founder of the abbey, and its vaults are painted with frescoes dating back to the 10th century.

Echternach is also famous for its international music festival , which runs from late May to late June. The town also offers great dining at its many restaurants, as well as numerous boutique shops and galleries, a variety of top-rated hotels, and camping.

The Luxembourg Ardennes

Standing in stark contrast to the rather flat landscape around Luxembourg City, the Ardennes is where you'll find high forested plateaus, sheer cliffs, wooded hills, and hidden valleys, as well as countless impressive views. This picturesque region, famous as the place where Hitler staged his last major campaign of WWII, boasts numerous castles, fortresses, and fortified farms rising out of the hilltops.

One of the prettiest towns, Wiltz , consists of an upper and lower town and is famous for its open-air theater and music festival. There's also a Battle of the Bulge Museum in Wiltz Castle. Another WWII-themed museum of note in the Ardennes is the General Patton Museum and monument in Ettelbruck.

The quaint village of Clervaux is also worth checking out. While the village lies amid a deep and narrow valley beside the river Clerve, its Benedictine Abbey of St. Maurice and St. Maur . Also known as Clervaux Abbey, it was built in 1910 in Romanesque-Burgundian style and dominates the valley. Visitors here can enjoy exhibits relating to the monastic life, as well as Gregorian masses.

Luxembourg City History Museum

One of the newer attractions in Luxembourg, the Luxembourg City History Museum (Musée d'histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg) was opened in 1996 and provides a fascinating insight into the rich 1,000-plus-year history of the city.

The building itself is a stunning mix of the old and new, combining a number of old homes dating from the 17th and 19th centuries, some with even older medieval sections, such as recently discovered vaulted cellars. These contrast impressively with the museum's striking modern extensions.

Exhibits deal with the early settlement's first inhabitants and its growth and development through the centuries right up to the present day. In addition to its many fine exhibits and displays, the museum is home to a huge elevator and viewing area, which offers wonderful views over the city's historic Grund district. English language guided tours and workshops are also available.

If you're planning on doing some museum-hopping during your stay, be sure to also visit the National Museum of Natural History (Nationalmusée fir Naturgeschicht). This popular Luxembourg City attraction features exhibits dealing with the natural world, both locally and globally.

Address: 14 Rue du St Esprit, 2090 Luxembourg City

Official site: http://citymuseum.lu/en/

Bourscheid Castle

The village of Bourscheid stands high on a plateau and is bordered by the rivers Sûre and Wark. Here, you'll find excellent views and many pleasant hikes to other quaint villages, including Michelau in the Sûre Valley, Welscheid in the Wark Valley, and Kehmen on the plateau. For sun bathers, there are two river beaches at Bourscheid-Plage and Dirbach.

This region of the Ardennes is very much dominated by the ruins of the Bourscheid Castle. This fairy-tale-like fortress dominates the surrounding countryside, and looks down from a rocky peak 137 meters above the Sûre. Dating from the 10th century, the castle has been largely restored and is accessible to visitors. Self-guided audio tours are available, and English language guided tours are also available upon request.

If you are looking for something interesting to do at night, view the castle in the evening when it's lit up. One of the top free things to do in Luxembourg, it's a truly memorable experience, particularly when viewed from the village.

Address: 1 Schlasswee, L-9140 Bourscheid, Luxembourg

Official site: www.castle-bourscheid.lu/wp5/en/


The Moselle region of Luxembourg occupies much of the eastern part of the country and features slopes flanking the majestic Moselle River. The many picturesque villages tucked along the banks of the Moselle recall an ancient charm and are fun to explore and renowned for their varied cuisine produced from locally grown products.

It was also an area much favored by the Romans. As a result, many Roman archaeological remains can be found dispersed throughout the region.

One must-visit in the region is Mondorf-les-Bains, a small town famous for its thermal springs. One of the top tourist attractions here is Mondorf le Domaine Thermal , a large spa complex that houses a health center, sports and leisure club, and hotel. The complex's thermal installations are fed by springs supplying a mineral water of 24 degrees Celsius that is well known for its medicinal qualities.

Afterwards, stroll through Mondorf Park with its large collection of trees, shrubs, and flowerbeds. Other highlights include 18th-century St. Michael's Church , with its furniture and frescoes; the Castel , a little Roman fortress transformed into a hermitage during the Middle Ages; and the Art Nouveau houses.

Address: Avenue des Bains L-5601 Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg

Official site: www.mondorf.lu/?___store=en

Upper Sûre Natural Park and Esch-sur-Sûre

Beautiful Upper Sûre Natural Park (Naturpark Öewersauer) consists of plateaus, narrow valleys with wooded slopes, and the lake of the Upper Sûre dam. It's a popular destination for its leisure activities and water sports, as well as for its wildlife and ecotourism.

Numerous walking tours , including guided and self-guided options, include everything from pleasant circular tours to more arduous treks around the lake. A fun sculpture trail has also been added, as have excellent solar-powered boat tours across the large reservoir. Other fun things to do in Upper Sûre Natural Park include fishing, swimming, sailing, and diving.

The area also possesses a rich cultural heritage. The Nature Park Centre , located in an old cloth mill, includes a museum with interesting artifacts and exhibits relating to both the park and the local area. A number of regular events also take place here, the largest being the biennial Water Art Festival , which attracts more than 200 musicians under a theme of "Rock meets Classic."

A must-visit nearby is Esch-sur-Sûre . This spectacular small village set in the mountains and skirted by the river Sûre and widely regarded as one of the most outstanding sites in the country. The village is dominated by its ruined manor house, built in AD 927 and by the cliffs looking down to the river. The mansion is open year-round with free admission.

Address: Nature Park Centre, 15, Rue de Lultzhausen L-9650 Esch-sur-Sûre, Luxembourg

Official site: www.naturpark-sure.lu/en/

Walferdange Castle

Walferdange Castle (Château de Walferdange), the Grand Ducal residence until the end of the 19th century, lies at the entrance to the Grunewald Wood. Located on one of Luxembourg's principal tourist routes and now a part of the University of Luxembourg, it makes for a great day trip as it's just a short distance from Luxembourg City .

The village of Walferdange itself boasts picturesque scenery due to its location at the junction of the Alzette Valley with its lovely wooded heights. In addition to its great views, the village is well known for its rose gardens. There's also a large archeological site worth visiting that includes a Roman villa and an underground aqueduct.

Walferdange is also become a popular shopping destination, too, since the opening of the Walfer Shopping Center .

Address: 28 Route de Diekirch, 7220 Helmsange, Luxembourg

Notre-Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg City

The Roman Catholic Notre-Dame Cathedral (Kathedral Notre-Dame) in Luxembourg City was built in the early 17th century in late Gothic style, with a number of attractive Renaissance features added later. Notable features of what is the country's only cathedral include the two original choir bays, dating from 1621, along with its three distinctive towers, one of which, the west tower, dates from the same period.

Also of interest are the intricate sculpted Baroque angels around the organ tribune, also dating back to the early 1600s. There's also a sobering monument dedicated to the country's WW2 resistance movement and victims of deportation located in the cathedral cemetery.

Visiting Catholics will want to consider attending the cathedral's Sunday evening mass. This regular service usually includes the involvement of the Archbishop of Paris.

Address: Rue Notre Dame, 2240 Luxembourg City


Larochette is a quaint old market town that lies in a narrow, rocky valley surrounded by woods. The town is dominated by two old and partially rebuilt castles that stand on a crag high above the valley of the White Ernz.

The town boasts a superb medieval square as well as a free museum of industry that offers a fascinating look at the area's past as an important textile base and which is open year-round. There are also a number of historical monuments dotted along its many old streets. Be sure to pop into the Neo-Roman church for its Art Nouveau frescoes.

The village is a hiker's haven, with walks for all abilities heading through the woods and countryside. Most lead to notable viewpoints such as the castles of Meysembourg and Nommerlayen, with the remains of a Roman camp at Aalburg. In addition to its fine old hotels and inns, there are also numerous campsites that are welcoming to backpackers.

Mullerthal Trail in Berdorf

Berdorf is one of the main tourist areas in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and lies on a vast tableland overlooking the valleys of the Black Ernz, the Sûre, and the Aesbach rivers.

Numerous well-kept footpaths and hiking trails crisscross the valleys and chasms , where you'll find tall rocky hills with fine views and more than 300 acres of forest. One of the most popular is the 112-kilometer-long Mullerthal Trail, which connects the Berdorf to the picturesque village of Echternach.

Berdorf is also a tremendously popular area for rock climbers, hiking enthusiasts, and campers.

Beaufort Castle

Beaufort lies on a plateau in the Mullerthal region and is well known for its near perfectly dimensioned 12th-century castle, as well as a Neo-Gothic church. Although much of Beaufort Castle (Buerg Beaufort) is now in ruins, it is still wonderful to explore.

Be sure to bring your walking shoes with you. There are a number of footpaths leading through the wooded hills to great views of the surrounding countryside, through spectacular rock formations and the gorges of the Hallerbach and the Saueracht towards Grundhof and Dillingen in the Sûre valley.

Address: 24 Rue du Château, 6310 Beaufort, Luxembourg

Official site: https://beaufortcastles.com

Vianden Castle

Vianden is an extremely picturesque town straddling both banks of the River Our. Its fine feudal manor , Vianden Castle (Buerg Veianen), dates back to the ninth century and is unrivaled in the Ardennes and Eifel for its architectural significance. Also of note is the medieval outer wall encircling the town with many impressive guard towers.

If you can, try to time your visit to coincide with the annual Vianden Medieval Festival . Held the first weekend of August, this popular family-friendly event is well-known for its jousting and sword fighting tournaments, its market, and knights' camp.

Also worth seeing is the parish church with its two naves. Built in Gothic style in 1248, it has since been completely restored. The former Trinitarian cloister, dating from 1250, houses a lapidary museum that traces the history of the region's once important stone- and gem trades. There's also a small art museum in a former mansion has a number of notable works from 18th- and 19th-century painters.

The house where author Victor Hugo lived during his exile in 1871 now houses a collection of souvenirs of his various visits to Vianden. A large network of walking paths, well maintained and signposted, offers access to the beautiful countryside of the Our Valley, and a chairlift climbs to a height of 440 meters where visitors can enjoy splendid views.

Address: Montée du Château, 9408 Vianden, Luxembourg

Official site: https://castle-vianden.lu/gb/

The picturesque town of Bettembourg

Located in the picturesque town of Bettembourg, just six miles from the capital city and three miles from the French border, Parc Merveilleux attracts thousands of visitors each year.

This amusement center, with its fairy-tale themed attractions and rides, features a game enclosure, playground, mini-train, pony express, mini-golf, restaurants, and concerts, all of them fun for all ages (but especially the kids).

There's also an interesting zoo component that houses a large collection of exotic birds, reptiles, and numerous cute and cuddly mammals.

Address: Rte de Mondorf, 3260 Bettembourg, Luxembourg

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15 Best Places to Visit in Luxembourg

Small but mighty Luxembourg has only half a million people but one of the world’s most developed economy – several key organizations for the European Union are run out of Luxembourg City. It shares borders with Germany , France , and Belgium and is ruled by a Grand Duke, making it the world’s last Grand Duchy. Luxembourg has three official languages (Luxembourgish, French, and German), and the culture is a wonderful mix of Germanic Europe and the romance cultures. It’s a wealthy country with an even wealthier medieval history.  The heart of the country has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and each region holds a ton of surprises for its visitors.

Lets explore the best places to visit in Luxembourg :

1. Echternach


This cosy little town near the German border is the oldest in all of Luxembourg. It’s the perfect base camp for exploring the region because of the laid-back “lazy afternoon ramble” atmosphere of the place. Plan to say here if you’re interested in hiking in Mullertal or Cycling along the River Sure.

For the last 500 years, pilgrims come every Whit Tuesday for the dancing procession in honour of the town’s founder, St. Willibrord. If you’re coming in May and June, enjoy the International Music Festival, and take a look at the Prehistory Museum, The Basilica, and recently discovered Roman villa at any time of year.

Vianden Castle

Also on the German border is Vianden, a quaint and hilly town on the River Our.  The two most striking features of the town are its old-world charm and Vianden Castle which stands high above the river. Built between the 11th and 14th centuries, the castle was a prominent home for Luxembourg royalty for hundreds of years before falling into ruin for almost as long. Restoration has been ongoing since the 1970’s and it’s once again returning to its former glory and now offers some of the most photogenic vistas in the entire country.

Above the castle is a fantastic restaurant, accessible only by chair lift, which has the best views of Vianden and the surrounding mountains. Be sure to visit the Victor Hugo museum located in the house he once lived it.

3. Diekirch

National Museum of Historical Vehicles, Diekirch

Diekirch takes its name from the nation’s most popular beer and is well-loved by tourists for the colourful local flavour that’s found here. Located in the north and sitting on the River Sure, the mountains that surround Diekirch make incredible vistas at each turn.

Check out the pedestrian zone for shopping, cafes, and public concerts and head to the old quarter to see St. Laurentius Church and other old-world homes. Three great museums to check out are the National Museum of Historical Vehicles, the beer museum, and the National Museum of Military History with an exhibit that thoroughly covers the Battle of the Bulge.

It’s also a good place for those that want a little nature in their holiday.  You can bicycle, hike, kayak, or fish while you’re here.

4. Beaufort

Beaufort Castle

A small town that’s high in charm, Beaufort is most often visited because of its castle which lies across the valley from the town proper. Originally built as a Roman camp, the castle expanded over the years but has never recovered from the WWII Battle of the Ardennes.

Tourists can explore the many levels and interiors of the castle, though there is no décor. Afterwards enjoy an afternoon of cycling or hiking with several lovely trails to choose from.

5. City of Luxembourg

Luxembourg City

The country’s capital is also a UNESO World Heritage site and major financial centre for much of Europe. You’ll want to spend as much time as possible in the old town and see the Grand Ducal Palace, the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Place d’Armes, Adolphe Bridge, and the underground defences popularly known as the casemates.

But it’s not just historical beauty here; Luxembourg City is a thoroughly modern and cosmopolitan place that’s done an incredible job of merging history with modern progress. As an example, check out the fortress of Luxembourg that has been transformed many times over the centuries and now highlights the best of European culture.

6. The Moselle Valley

Moselle Valley

Covering 42km that stretch from Wasserbillig to Schengen, the Moselle Valley and the river that runs through it are lined with small villages, vineyards, and wine cooperatives. Schengen, famous due to the EU agreement that allows easy cross-border travel, has been attracting wine lovers for generations.

Each village in the valley has a distinct charm and is home to fine dining restaurants and a relaxing vibe that will make you wish you lived there. Villages of note include Remerschen, Remich, Greiveldange, Ehen, and Machtum. Known as d’Musel by the locals the valley has unbelievable fruit plantations to explore, themed hikes (like the wine route), water sports and small cruises, and a bit of medieval history as well.

7. Mullerthal

Mullerthal Rock Formations

This region of Luxembourg is known as Little Switzerland because of the hilly green landscape. What you’ll notice first is the unique rock formations. They’re hard to describe but unforgettable once you’ve seen them.  Echternach is the main city within the region but there are all kinds of reasons to branch out.

World renown for a fantastic cuisine based on honey, liqueurs, and cheese, the restaurants in Mullerthal serve incredibly refined dishes – particularly in the valley of the Lower Sure. For experienced hikers, the Mullerthal Trail covers 112km of fields, forests, and rock formations.  For those less experienced but no less enthusiastic, there are plenty of easier hikes that will take you to some awe-inspiring vistas.

8. The Ardennes

Ardennes, Luxembourg

For a truly exceptional nature experience, head straight to the Ardennes.  With both winding valleys and scenic highlands, tons of hiking and cycling trails, you’ll be able to explore the many forests and villages throughout the nature parks. Not surprisingly, some of the best maintained medieval ruins in all of Luxemburg can be found here. You’ll find everything from medieval revivals, traditional markets, and outdoor performances and concerts to transport you back to another time.

Within the Ardennes, you’ll find two nature parks, Naturpark Öewersauer and Our – both distinct destinations in their own right. If you’re feeling adventurous, try some Nordic walking along the Sûre or the Alzette.

9. The Nature Park Our

Nature Park Our

Created in 2005 within the Ardennes region, Nature Park Our is worthy of its own mention as a top tourist choice. Shaped by the snaking Our River, the park covers 309 square kilometres and alternates between deep valleys and high plateaus. The mission of the nature park creators is to focus on socio-cultural and economic developments while maintaining natural resources and respecting cultural heritage.

You won’t want to miss the photo exhibits in Clervaux Castle, the mining museum in Stolzembourg, or the Festival “Jardins à suivre.” Tourists are able to buy the regions agricultural produce direct from the farmers, which help both the local economy and the environment.

10. Larochette


Right in the centre of Luxembourg, Larochette is ideally located to be your home base for your entire trip through the Grand Duchy. It sits picturesquely between two rivers and the villages slate-roofed homes stand out dramatically beneath the cliff top ruins of a medieval castle.

If you do make it your home base, be sure to check out the surprising cafes and fine-dining restaurants. You’ll love coming back to Larochette after a day of exploring the different regions and attractions nearby.

11. Bourglinster


As you’re headed to Larochette, Bourglinster and the 18th century castle there, is a great place to stop for a meal or an espresso.  The castle sits inside the remains of an older 12th century fortress.  You’ll find exhibitions there and occasionally performances.

In each of the side wings are two fine dining restaurants, La Distillerie and Brasserie Côté Cour, both with incredible ambiance and décor that matches the castles as well as fantastic food.

12. The Land of the Red Rocks

Land of the Red Rocks

This region gets its name from the red ore that drove the success of the Luxembourg industrial era. Known to locals as Terres Rouges, the area now combines new technology with ancient techniques to serve the current industrial needs of the country.

Three trendy and fun cities make up the core of Terres Rouges:  Differdange, Esch-sur-Alzette, and Dudelange. You’ll find plenty of culture in each city that ranges from rock festivals, street theatre, and other concerts. You can visit Rockhal to learn how Luxembourgers gave a new face to this area and so changed the country.

If you’re travelling with family, be sure to visit Parc Merveilleux in Bettembourg. Your kids will enjoy the monkeys, crocodiles, parrots, and more that the park showcases.

13. Rumelange


Also located in the Land of the Red Rocks, but worthy of its own mention, is the old mining town of Rumelange.  The main attraction here is the National Mine Museum – which is considered by many to be one of the top tourist attractions on earth. The museum allows guided walks through the old mine tunnels and you can enter by riding in an old mining train.

The town itself is located in the forest of the Kayl Valley with a ton of great trails to enjoy by foot or bike.

14. The Nature Park of the Upper Sûre

Nature Park of the Upper Sûre

Known as Luxembourg’s “water area” because of the 380 ha lake, Naturpark Upper Sûre is the model of sustainable tourism.  The park was awarded the EDEN prize in 2010 for commitment to integrating tourism, culture, social and economic development with environmental protection.

If you’re looking to relax, this largely untouched land is the perfect place. You can join in a themed itinerary or go at your own pace as you like.  Most of the leisure activities are designed to highlight the region’s history, culture, and natural aspects.

15. Western Luxembourg


If you’re driving during your Luxembourg holiday and considering what routes to take, you must absolutely include the Eisch Valley of Western Luxembourg.  With the town of Arlon at one end and Ettelbrück at the other, you’ll have the most peaceful drive of your life as you wind your way through lush forest.

You’ll pass by a number of castles – some which are majestic ruins and others that are more mansion-esque châteaux.  You’ll want to stop in Ansemborg to view the castle there from the striking formal gardens. And if you like a good moat, then you’ll love the medieval castle at Hollenfels.

15 Best Places to Visit in Luxembourg:

  • City of Luxembourg
  • The Moselle Valley
  • The Ardennes
  • The Nature Park Our
  • Bourglinster
  • The Land of the Red Rocks
  • The Nature Park of the Upper Sûre
  • Western Luxembourg

5 cities in Luxembourg you simply have to see

An aerial view of Clervaux, a small city in Luxembourg, nestled in lush forested woodland.

There’s so much more to this captivating country than its synonymous capital city….

You can’t deny that Luxembourg is a prettier country than most. With the capital city’s enchanting Old Town full of narrow, cobblestoned streets and medieval-style buildings, giving way to fascinating landscapes boasting verdant greenery, it’s easy to see why this small but breathtaking country is quickly becoming one of the must-visit destinations in Europe.

But Luxembourg City and its immediate surroundings aren’t the only things worth exploring. From the old-world charm of Vianden to the fairytale-like streets found in Larochette, Luxembourg is full of cities that are guaranteed to mystify your mind, excite your senses, and fill up your camera roll. In case you have no idea which cities in Luxembourg you should be visiting, we’ve put together a list of the ones you simply can’t go past.

1.       Clervaux

There is plenty to see and do in Clervaux for those who love historical architecture with three prominent old-world structures nestled within the city’s limits: St Maurice (a Benedictine abbey), Sts Come et Damien (a parish church), and a spectacular, 12th-century castle. In case you’re not a huge history buff, Clervaux also provides travellers with a plethora of welcoming eateries, from casual cafes to premium dining restaurants, so you can recharge and refuel after a big day spent exploring this city’s otherworldly landscapes.

2.      Larochette

The storybook houses and buildings in Larochette with a French flag flying in the foreground.

Providing the perfect home base for your travels around Luxembourg thanks to its location in the country’s centre, Larochette is a picture-perfect city that wouldn’t look out of place in your favourite fairytale.

Boasting streets full of slate-roofed homes and some of the best fine-dining restaurants in all of Luxembourg, not to mention the staggeringly beautiful medieval castle known as Maison de Crehange that watches over the town from its clifftop vantage point, Larochette promises the old-world European experience you’ve been waiting for.

3.      Diekirch

A group of houses on the banks of the River Sure with a weeping willow in the foreground.

If history is your thing, then a visit to Diekirch should be at the top of your priority list. Sitting dramatically on the River Sure, this colourful and vibrant town is not only known for its extraordinary scenery (think mountainous landscapes and sweeping views) but also because it shares its name with Luxembourg’s most popular beer.

Alcoholic beverages aside, there’s plenty to do in Diekirch. From checking out the National Museum of Military History to wandering around the old quarter and marvelling at the magnificent structure of the St. Laurentius Church, this town has a little something for everyone.

4.      Vianden

The picturesque structure of Vianden Castle surrounded by lush vegetation.

The countryside is littered with castles, but it’d be hard to find one more beautiful than Vianden Castle, perched high above the River Our. For this reason, and the fact that the town itself is nestled in a forested valley, the old-worldly city of Vianden is a must-visit.

Located close to the German border, this quaint and picturesque town provides scenic views for as far as the eye can see thanks to its hilly geographics and will have you instantly feeling like you stumbled straight into a fairytale.

5.      Echternach

The exquisite exterior of the Abbey of Echternach surrounded by slate-covered roofs of houses in Echternach.

Echternach may be the oldest town in Luxembourg (first starting to grow in 698) but it’s anything but slow and sleepy with astounding panoramas that are bound to get your heart rate up.

Whether you prefer a relaxing walk around Echternach Lake, stopping to explore the Roman Villa and snack on a sweet treat at one of the many surrounding cafes, or marvel at the detailed and painstakingly carved façade of the Abbey of Echternach (also known as the St. Willebrord Basilica), this town definitely ticks all the right boxes. 


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best places to visit in luxembourg

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best places to visit in luxembourg

7 sights you must see when you visit Luxembourg City


Looking for the perfect blend of museums, architecture, world-class gastronomy and UNESCO World Heritage sites? Visit Luxembourg City with some surprising sights to see, things to do and captivating attractions. And all within an area of fewer than 20 miles.

1. Notre Dame Cathedral

Her Gothic turrets are a familiar sight on the Luxembourg City landscape and have been since the 17 th century. Built by the Jesuits as a church and elevated to Cathedral status in 1870, the Cathédrale Notre-Dame and its features are largely original.  

During your visit, join countless pilgrims who head to the cathedral to view the famous statue of Our Lady Comforter of the Afflicted. Also, noteworthy are the one-of-a-kind stained-glass windows in the chancel and the two imposing bronze lions that stand guard over the cathedral’s crypt. The lions are more for show than to keep visitors out however, as visitors are welcome to descend beneath the cathedral’s 17 th -century floors. Interred here are John the Blind, and several rulers and religious leaders from Luxembourg over the centuries.

2. The Old Quarter

See the Old Quarter when you visit Luxembourg City

The enchanting UNESCO-listed Old Quarter will undoubtedly feature as one of the main attractions when you visit Luxembourg City. This is, in part, due to the fact that it is home to one of Europe’s largest fortresses. Its strategic location, perched atop a steep rocky outcrop at the confluence of the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers, delivers impressive panoramas for that perfect shot.

Explore its centuries-old fortifications, the narrow lanes and ancient walls of what was once dubbed the “Gibraltar of the North”. It is likely you’ll forget that Luxembourg City is today a vibrant international and cosmopolitan city and one of the richest nations in the world.

We also recommend you pop into the UNESCO Visitor Center within the Lëtzebuerg City Museum, where you can explore the significance of this fortress and the Old Town which remains behind its fortifications.

3. Grand Ducal Palace

Grand Ducal Palace Luxembourg

Honey-hued and an impressive example of Flemish Renaissance architecture, the Grand Ducal Palace is certainly one of the prettiest buildings in the realm and one of the main sights to see in Luxembourg City. The original residence of the Grand Duke and Luxembourg’s royal family, the palace was once a city hall and government headquarters, then later (and following German occupation of Luxembourg) a concert hall and tavern.

We don’t need to tell you what happened to the palace’s beautiful art, furniture and ruins during that time. After the return of Grand Duchess Charlotte from exile after World War II, the royal family restored it to its previous glory.

Tours are offered on the hour daily from 9am to 5pm, except for Wednesdays when tours begin at 12pm.

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4. National Museum of Art and History

The National Museum of Art and History is one of the most highly recommended sights to see in Luxembourg City, as rated by visitors. Located in the Old Town’s Fish Market area, the museum is a boon for art lovers. However, history lovers will also adore exhibitions devoted to the history of the Grand Duchy and art through the centuries, back to Roman times.

Also catering for modern art enthusiasts, the museum features an impressive range of work from 20 th -century artists.

5. The Bock and the City Casements

The Bock is a highlight when you visit Luxembourg City

Tear your eyes from its cannons and fortifications if you can. When you visit Luxembourg City be sure to head to its Bock Cliff and find the entrance to the Casement du Bock, or City Casements. Dating back to 1644, the City Casements comprise a 21-kilometre network of underground tunnels dug from solid rock. Its purpose at the time was to shelter soldiers, horses and equipment, but it also housed kitchens, bakeries and even slaughterhouses.

Today, visitors can explore the tunnels on foot or take scheduled tours delving deeper into its rocky passages and accompanying history. While you’re at it, admire views of the pleasant Grund area and Rham Plateau.

You can also see the 19th-century barracks and what remains of the Wenceslas wall, dating back to 1390. At the top of the plateau, you’ll discover the ruins of a castle which were interestingly only unearthed in 1963.

6. Echternach and its Benedictine Abbey

Echternach Abbey

Echternach offers much in the way of dining, boutique shops and galleries, but it is in the town’s history that visitors will really revel.

Renowned for its 10th-century medieval walls, Echternach is perhaps even more famous for its Benedictine Abbey. The Abbey of Echternach was founded as early as the 7 th century by the patron saint of Luxembourg, St. Willibrord. For centuries, it was regarded as the most powerful institution in Luxembourg.

Today, its founder lies buried in a white marble sarcophagus within the crypt. He could not have anticipated that the walls of the abbey would serve as a stunning backdrop for an annual international music festival, held here from late May to late June. Time your visit to the Grand Duchy right and you’ll get to witness this energising spectacle.

For nature lovers, a visit to Echternach will restore heart and soul, with the Mullerthal and Germano-Luxembourg natural park located nearby. Also, within a stone’s throw of the town are dense forests with footpaths, waterfalls and a beautiful lake.

7. The Grund

See Neumunster Abbey when you visit Luxembourg City

Slow things right down in this international business capital when you visit the Grund. Historic and classy, this area of Luxembourg City is particularly worth visiting when it’s time to fuel up. The quiet European village atmosphere and vast array of cafés and restaurants in the Grund make it a fantastic foodie stop.

A particular highlight here is the Neumunster Abbey. Here you can explore a range of exhibits and, if you’re in luck, you may just catch one of its cultural events throughout the year.

GET INSPIRED BY: Best of Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg

Have you added Luxembourg City to your list of explored destinations? Perhaps you have a favourite sight to see or thing to do when you visit Luxembourg City we haven’t mentioned. We’d love to hear all about it here in our comments below…


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best places to visit in luxembourg

Top 30 things to do and attractions in Luxembourg City

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best places to visit in luxembourg

1 Bock Casemates

best places to visit in luxembourg

2 Palais Grand-Ducal

best places to visit in luxembourg

3 Cathédrale Notre-Dame

best places to visit in luxembourg

4 Place Guillaume II

5 luxembourg city tourist office, 6 monument of remembrance, 7 grand duke jean museum of modern art, 8 chemin de la corniche, 9 luxembourg city history museum.

best places to visit in luxembourg

10 Fort Thüngen

12 neumünster abbey, 13 constitution square, 14 la passerelle, 15 philharmonie luxembourg.

best places to visit in luxembourg

16 Nationalmusée um Fëschmaart

17 villa vauban - musée d'art de la ville de luxembourg, 18 parcs de la pétrusse, 19 place d'armes, 20 pont adolphe, 21 luxembourg american cemetery.

best places to visit in luxembourg

22 Musée Dräi Eechelen

23 luxembourg national museum of natural history, 24 galerie d'art contemporain am tunnel, 25 gräinskapell, 26 casino luxembourg, 27 pont grande-duchesse charlotte.

best places to visit in luxembourg

28 Spanish Turret

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  • Weather in Luxembourg City in July
  • Weather in Luxembourg City in August
  • Weather in Luxembourg City in September
  • Weather in Luxembourg City in October
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Luxembourg City throughout the year

  • Luxembourg City in January
  • Luxembourg City in February
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best places to visit in luxembourg

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