BALER TRAVEL GUIDE 2024: DIY Itinerary, Budget, How to Get There and More

The ultimate baler travel guide for first-time visitors.

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2024 Budget Travel Guide to Baler, Aurora

Table of Contents

Are you ready to explore Baler and experience its stunning beaches, thrilling activities, and unique culture? Check out our Baler Travel Guide Blog for all the information you need – from a DIY itinerary and how to get there to a complete list of the top things to do and see in Baler! Plus, don’t miss the must-see tourist spots and popular activities!

Despite being a small town, Baler is a top-rated tourist destination, even for non-surfers. It’s located on the beautiful east coast of Luzon, in Aurora Province, and has one of the top surf destinations in the country at Sabang Beach.

Dicasalarin Beach

In this Baler Aurora Travel Guide, We will show you why this town is not just a Surfer’s Paradise; it’s also an ideal summer holiday destination for family and a group of friends.

There’s nothing modern or spectacular metropolis to see in Baler. Still, it’s a great way to get away from it all and enjoy some of the best things about the Philippines: great food, friendly people, a comfortable yet affordable lifestyle, and, of course, the beach.

Surfing in Baler by Oliver Bautista Baler Travel Guide

In this Budget Travel Guide to Baler, we listed some helpful tips, which include how to get there, a sample itinerary, things to do and see, places to eat, recommended hotels, and more.

Where is Baler?

Baler is a second-class municipality in the province of Aurora, Philippines. It is the provincial capital of Aurora, located some 230 kilometers (143 miles) northeast of Manila via a mountain pass accessible by bus and private vehicle.

Stress Free Zone at Bay's Inn

Aurora used to be a sub-province of Quezon in 1951 and finally attained provincehood on August 13, 1979, during the presidency of Ferdinand E. Marcos.

Surfing is more fun in Baler

Best time to visit Baler

If you are looking for the perfect waves for surfing, the local surfing schools in Baler highly recommend September to March .

January-February : This is the coldest (but not freezing) season in Baler. The temperatures range between 66ºF and 90ºF, making it the perfect climate to explore the best tourist spots in Baler.

March-April : Considered the hottest months in PH, temperatures sway between 70ºF to 95ºF. The perfect season for those who are aiming for a summer tan!

May-December : Typical rainy season in PH, and it may not be an excellent time to visit Baler, but July to August is recommended if you don’t like a crowded beach, as this is considered the lean season.

Cubao to Baler Bus Schedule

How to get to Baler

Getting to Baler is relatively simple.

From Manila

  • Baler is roughly 5-6 hours from the Cubao Bus terminal in Manila. Our recommended Bus company is Genesis Transportation, which has relatively good buses that take the sealed road over the mountains. For inquiries and bus ticket reservations, you may call Genesis at (02) 709-0545 / (02) 709-0544 / (02) 441-6834 or visit their website .
  • If you’re more interested in something less curvy, take a bus to Cabanatuan and get a van to Baler from there. From Baler, there’s also one bus a day that heads to Dilasag along the Aurora coast.

Sunrise in Sabang Beach

  • Luxury Bus – If you want a shorter and more comfortable ride, Genesis Transport Service also offers Joy Bus, an executive coach. For a higher fare, you can travel to Baler with no Stopovers. The Joy Bus has a comfort room, free snacks, free wifi, a blanket & pillow, and a good morning kit. For bookings and inquiries, you can call Genesis at (02) 709-0545 / (02) 709-0544 / (02) 441-6834 or visit their website
  • Joy Bus Terminal to Baler is located along the Northbound lane of Edsa near Cubao. Visit this link for detailed info on How to Get to Baler from Manila .

Joy Bus Cubao to Baler Daily Trip Schedules and Fares

  • 12:30AM Deluxe Bus Php730.00
  • 1:00AM Semi Deluxe Bus Php650.00
  • 1:30AM Deluxe Bus Php730.00
  • 2:30AM Deluxe Bus Php730.00
  • 5:30AM Semi Deluxe Bus Php650.00

Genesis Regular Aircon Bus Transport from Cubao to Baler: Daily Trip Schedules and Fares

Schedule : Leaves every 2 hours First trip: 10:00pm Last trip: 7:00am  Fare: P488

Terminal Location: 704 Edsa Cor. New York St., Cubao, Quezon City Destination Terminal: Baler Central Terminal, Brgy. Pingit, Baler, Aurora

For other inquiries, you may contact 0933-852-7648 / 0933-852-7638 on mobile and (02) 332-8075 or (02) 421-1425 on a landline.

From Cabanatuan City

Alternatively, one can take a bus to Cabanatuan City from the northern part of the Philippines. Buses, jeepneys, and private vans stationed in Cabanatuan Central Terminal in Nueva Ecija. It takes about two hours to reach the southernmost town of Dingalan and four hours to reach the provincial capital Baler.

Getting Around Baler

To experience a perfect Baler road trip, rent a Tricycle and ask the driver to take you to some of the adventure spots, heritage sites, and other tourist attractions listed below. To ensure a much more enjoyable tour, hire a Tourism Accredited Tricycle Driver that will also serve as your tour guide. Tourism Accredited drivers have IDs displayed in front of the tricycle.

  • Tricycle Tour Rates : 800/ day (up to 3 passengers)

Baler - Surfers Paradise

Where to Stay

Baler offers a range of accommodation options to suit different preferences and budgets. You’ll find something suitable for your stay from beachfront resorts to homestays and guesthouses. Sabang Beach and Cemento Beach are popular areas with a variety of accommodations to choose from.

ALIYA SURF & DIVE RESORT Contact person: Roy Angara Contact number: 09297586005 Email add: [email protected]

AMIHAN APLAYA LODGE 103 Bgy Sabang Baler, Aurora Contact person: Lina Ferreras Contact #: 0918-693-5904 / 0918-426-3268 / 0918-632-8566

AMCO BEACH RESORT – Book Online! Bgy. Sabang Baler, Aurora Contact person: Adelaida Miemban Contact #: 0920-9190590 / 0918-238-3977 / 0909-406-8278

Azbahaen Leisure Farm and Resort – Book Now! Brgy. Reserva, Reserva Baler, Aurora

BAY’S INN Bgy. Sabang Baler, Aurora Contact Person: Rhoda / Ledda Contact#: 0908-982-3509 / 0915-607-7391

CARLITO’S INN P. T. Ong St., Brgy. Suklayin, Baler, Aurora Contact Person: Aida Viron Contact # 0908-872-0816

Costa Pacifica Resort – Book Online! 80 Buton St., Sitio Labasin, Brgy Sabang, Sabang Beach, Baler

ISLA VIRGINIA RESORT Brgy. Sabang, Baler, Aurora Contact person: Vida Lungalong Contact #:0920-755-0467 Manila Line: (02) 994-7157 Email: [email protected]

KAHEA’S LODGE Bgy. Sabang Baler, Aurora Contact Person: Edwin Namoro Contact #: 0920-710-2634

LITTLE GIRL’S SURFER LODGE Buton St., Brgy, Sabang, Baler, Aurora Contact Person: Chona Cope Contact #: 0918-685-9449

MM LODGE Bgy. Sabang Baler, Aurora Contact person: Engr. Andres Marmol Contact #: 0919-537-9405

MORENO LODGE & RESTAURANT Near New Public Market Bgy. Suklayin Baler, Aurora Contact Person: Myrna Moreno Contact #: 0918 4514124/0928 5059354 Email: [email protected]

Aurora Polytechnic College Hostel Barangay Buhangin, Baler, 3200, Aurora Tel: 042-122 2994

Pedervera Beach Resort – Book Online! Purok 6, Barangay, Buhangin Baler, Aurora Philippines

SEA BREEZE LODGE Brgy. Sabang Baler, Aurora Contact Person: Liwliwa Sanchez

XTJR TRAVELLER’S INN Near Old Public Market Brgy. Buhangin Baler, Aurora Contact Person: Belen Velasco Contact#: 0919-879-7447

  • List of Hotels and Resorts in Baler Aurora
  • Some Like it S.M.A.R.T. and Hot in Baler
  • The Quest for the Idyllic Beach Front Resort in Baler

Do you want to secure your hotel accommodation by booking online? See list of Hotels from

Surfing Lessons in Baler (photo by Chris Juloya)

Where to Eat in Baler

There are plenty of places to enjoy great Filipino food, but for my taste, you’ve got to hit a couple of spots. First, I recommend checking out Gerry’s Chinese and Seafood Restaurant. Fresh seafood on the coast? Of course.

Buffet Lunch at Gerry’s Chinese and Seafood Restaurant

Locals recommend it, and the prices are reasonable. If you’re looking for something up a level, check out Bahia de Baler. For something with a Western flair and a good place at the beach, Bay’s Inn has reasonable prices and a great location.

For other recommended restaurants in Baler: Where to Eat in Baler, Aurora

Souvenirs from Baler

Planning your Trip to Baler

Once you’re in Baler, you’ll probably find many options that will pull you in many directions. If you’re a surfer, you’ll head to Sabang Beach. Near the beach are many surfboard rental places if you didn’t bring your board or want to try it out. Sabang is known to have a friendly touch for beginners.

Inside Dona Aurora Aragon Quezon House

I recommend the beach, but you should also travel inland and go for a freshwater swim at Culayan Falls near San Luis. Ditumabo Falls is a bit more dramatic, also near San Luis.

Mother Falls (photo by Chris Juloya)

Local history is fascinating and dates back to 1609, so check out Baler’s Museum, Ermita Hill, and give yourself a day to wander the Baler historical trail . The Baler Catholic Church has been renovated and is a nice excellent stop.

If you want to explore the rainforest to see wildlife and the beautiful canopy, you should do the Baler Adventure tour .

Best Things to Do and See in Baler

Diguisit anyaw islets.

Diguisit Anyaw Islets

Said to be a different experience between low and high tide changes; those who may have experienced going to the place during its low tide will be able to climb its rocky formations, which will have been a great experience. Otherwise, climbing can be challenging as some rocks are submerged in water. Luckily, our experience is of the former.

Diguisit Falls

Diguisit Falls

Right across the Diguisit beach area, you can find a trail to Diguisit Waterfalls. Just don’t visit it during summertime to avoid disappointment.

Balete Park in Maria Aurora

600 Years Old Balete Tree

This park is famous for its 600-year-old balete tree. Currently the largest tree of its kind in Asia, it would take 60 adults, holding one another at arms, to encircle its gigantic trunk.

Location: Maria Aurora Entrance Fee: P10 per person

Tibag – Sabang  Hanging Bridge in Brgy. Zabali

Hanging Bridge in Brgy. Zabali

Located at Barangay Zabali in Baler, the Tibag – Sabang hanging bridge is now gaining popularity among tourists who loves a little bit of adventure.

Church of Baler

Church of Baler

The San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Church is the Catholic Church of Baler and was recently renovated. It looks crisp and clean on the outside, painted a soft minty green, and is nicely painted and decorated on the inside with an elaborate altar.

Dona Aurora Aragon Quezon House

Dona Aurora Aragon Quezon House

If you’ve read my blog before, you know I’m into the heritage houses of past famous families of the Philippines. The drama surrounding the assassination of Dona Aurora and her daughter is well-known in the Philippines, which is why the province is named after her. Located right in front of the Church of Baler, the Dona Aurora Aragon Quezon House is a rebuilt replica at the corner of San Luis St and Rizal St.

Baler 400 Years Monument

Baler 400 Years Monument

Built in 2011, the 400 years monument was created to celebrate the 400 years that Baler has existed. The actual anniversary was in 2009, but the memorial was unveiled two years later. It’s a 40-foot-tall monument. It comprises four pillars, representing the four hundred years of Baler Township.

The Museo de Baler

Museo de Baler

Quezon Park is an excellent place and home to a few other sights, but the Museo de Baler is a central destination. A historical tale of the town is represented with photographs of provincial leaders, President Quezon, and his family, and photos from the Japanese, Spanish, and American periods of Baler’s history.

Visiting Museo de Baler is a great way to learn more about Baler’s rich history and culture. As you walk through the museum, you’ll be able to explore a variety of artifacts and exhibits that tell the story of Baler’s past. From its early beginnings to its present-day significance, the museum offers a wealth of information about the town’s journey.

You’ll also find a special exhibit dedicated to the legendary “Siege of Baler,” a battle in 1898 between Spanish forces and Filipino troops. This exhibit highlights the bravery and courage of the Filipino soldiers and their eventual victory against the Spanish. Whether you’re a history buff or simply curious about Baler’s past, Museo de Baler is an excellent place to explore and better understand the town’s heritage.

Location: Quezon Street, Baler, Aurora Entrance Fee: P30 per person Open Daily from 8AM to 5PM

Ermita Hill

Overlooking Baler Bay from Ermita Hill

Ermita Hill is incredibly excellent for the view you can see from the park. Ermita Hill is on a kind of small peninsula, a quiet place that juts out above the gorgeous waters below. Views of Baler Bay and Sabang Beach are picturesque from the view decks.

Visit Ditumabo or Mother Falls

Ditumabo Falls

In the town of San Luis, the hidden beauty of Aurora is the grandest of all waterfalls in the province: the Ditumabo Falls, commonly known as Mother Falls. The waterfalls are some 15-meter high, dropping to a small reservoir, creating a green-colored natural swimming pool that can accommodate over 100 persons.

Location: San Luis, Aurora Entrance Fee: P30 per person / Guide Fee P200, good for 10 pax

Other Activities and Tourist Attractions: Baler Travel Guide

  • Learn how to surf at Sabang Beach (details soon on Baler Travel Guide)
  • Do the Baler Heritage Walk
  • Do the Baler Adventure Tour
  • Scuba Diving in Baler
  • Dicasalarin Beach
  • Ampere Beach
  • Buluwan Falls
  • Paltic Falls
  • Cunayan Falls
  • Canawer Beach

Suman from Baler

Pasalubong Shopping in Baler

  • Buy Suman from locals
  • Buy Homemade Peanut Butter and Coco Jam from Nanay Pacing
  • Buy Buco Tarts from Aurora Polytechnic College Hostel
  • Buy items from Pasalubong Center at the Baler bus terminal

LIKHANG AURORA ARTS & CRAFTS  Address: Brgy. Mucdol, Dipaculao, Aurora Phone: 0908.732.0658/0919.452.4611 Products: Coco-shells and bamboo novelty items, chandelier, lampshade, paintings

AURORA HATS AND CRAFTS  Address: Brgy. 02, San Luis, Aurora Phone: 0949.473.7456 Products: Hats, Bags, Placemats, Novelty Items

Coco Jam from Nanay Pacing Souvenir Shop

More Baler Travel Tips

  • Bring enough cash; only 2 ATM Machines are available in the Town Center.
  • Mobile Phone Signals are available in most parts of the town (SMART is the strongest)
  • Always bring sunblock
  • The best time to surf is from September to March

Baler Travel Budget and Expenses

  • Joy Bus (Php730 one way): Php1,460
  • Tricycle Tour: Php800
  • Habal-Habal: Php75.00
  • Museo de Baler Entrance Fee: P30.00
  • Entrance Fee Ditumabo Falls: Php30.00
  • Parking Fee Ditumabo Falls: Php10.00
  • Surfing Lessons Fee: P350 per hour

DIY Travel Tips

Like many places, Baler has a lot to offer that you won’t necessarily be able to plan for. I like to go to Baler because it’s always got a surprise waiting for me. Sometimes the surprise is a visit to a beach I’d never seen before – like Amper, Borlongan, or Cemento – and other times, it’s finding a place to eat recommended by someone else staying in town. There are a lot of great day trips, so it’s easy to plan things to be complete, but resist the temptation and leave some of your time wide open.

Breathtaking View from Dicasalarin Viewpoint

Baler Tourism Contact Info

Aurora Provincial Tourism Office Capitol Cpd., Brgy. Suklayin, Baler, Aurora 3200 Contact: Ceasar Gonzales – Provincial Tourism Officer Mobile Number: +63 (42) 209-4373 Email: [email protected] Website:

Baler is truly a captivating destination that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Whether you’re riding the waves, exploring historical sites, or simply enjoying the stunning natural beauty, Baler has something for everyone. So pack your bags, grab your surfboard, and prepare for a fantastic adventure in Baler!

Did you enjoy reading this Baler Budget Travel Guide? If you think this Baler Travel Guide is helpful, please feel free to share it on your social media accounts:)

Want more updates about other tourist attractions in Baler, Aurora? Follow  #TeamOutofTown,  on  Facebook ,  Twitter ,  Instagram , and Pinterest  for more travel ideas.

  • Top 10 Best Beach Resorts In Baler, Aurora
  • Best Things To Do In Baler, Aurora

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Written by Melo Villareal

Melo Villareal is the Online Publisher of He is an Accountant by profession who left the corporate world at the age of 23 to explore his beautiful country and the rest of the world. Today, Melo works as a part-time Social Media Manager for local and international clients. His full-time work focuses on discovering interesting culture, explore different cuisines and take memorable photos from local and international destinations he's visiting.

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Travel Blog

baler travel guide 2022

Baler DIY Travel Guide 2024 (Places to Visit + Itinerary)

baler travel guide 2022

About Baler, Aurora

baler travel guide 2022

Places to Visit

1. diguisit beach, aniao and lukso-lukso islet and rock formation.

baler travel guide 2022

Diguisit Beach is also quite a spot to surf in Baler. It is situated along Cemento beach. A lot of travel photographers visit the beach as it is also a spot to do some astrophotography. There is no entrance fee to the beach. Should you want to stay overnight, you may check the resorts along the bay.

2. Dicasalarin Cove

baler travel guide 2022

Dicasalarin Cove is a privately owned property by the Angara’s. It is a secluded haven that can be reached through a ten-minute uphill drive from Diguisit Beach. This cove offers a laid back stretch of beach with grainy white sand. If the traveler is commuting, a habal habal needs to be rented for Php 150.00 that will take him or her to and from the cove.

Entrance fee: Costa Pacifica guests: Php 150.00 Walk in guests: Php 300.00

3. Diguisit Falls

baler travel guide 2022

A kilometer away from Diguisit beach lies the multi-tiered Digisit Falls. If you are not familiar with it, you won’t be able to take notice of it as there are no signage at all that will point you to the falls itself. You could only rely to your keen senses and focus on the hill-side corner of the road. There you’ll find this majestic waterfalls. Rappelling can be done in this waterfalls.

4. Baler Church ( San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Parish)

baler travel guide 2022

6. Donya Aurora Aragon Quezon’s House

baler travel guide 2022

Donya Aurora Quezon’s house is located just on the other side of the road if you’ll be coming from Baler Church. Donfa Aurora is the wide of the late president, Manuel L. Quezon. The photo shows the preserved ancestral house of the first lady adored by a many. Entrance fee: Php 30.00

7. Sabang Beach

baler travel guide 2022

Sabang Beach is among the most renowned spots and main attraction in the town as it is famous for its beach waves of the Pacific ocean good for surfing. There are various surfing schools along the beach where you can rent surfing boards with or without instructor.

8. Hanging Bridge

baler travel guide 2022

9. Baler Sign at the Town Proper

baler travel guide 2022

This is located at the town proper near Baler’s Municipal Hall and Museo de Baler. There are several souvenir shops around the area. No entrance fee.

10. Museo de Baler

baler travel guide 2022

Located at the town proper, Museo de Baler presents the history of Baler itself and and the role it played in the history lead by the former Philippine President Manuel L. Quezon. Apart from the preserved memorabilia and items owned by the late president and his wife, Dona Aurora Quezon, the museum also showcases various paintings and other artworks portraying the Baler Siege.

11. Balete Eco-Park

The balete tree in this eco-park situated in brgy. quirino, maria aurora, aurora is considered to be the biggest one in asia. this 600-year old ficus balete merr is 65 meters tall, has a diameter of 12-15 meters and has a crown diameter of 60 meters. it is also known as the millennium tree . people can actually get inside the tree. entrance fee (eco-park): php 15.00/ head parking fee: php 10.00, entrance (balete tree): php 10.00/head, 12. ditumabo falls or mother falls.

Unlike Diguisit Falls which is just seated a few meters from the main road, Ditumabo or the ‘mother’ falls requires less than an hour of trek and river crossing. Thus, tourists shall be reminded that they wear appropriate clothes and foot wears when about to visit the falls and bring dry bags for their cameras and other important belongings.

There are washrooms at the registration area but none near the falls. If you wish to wash up or change, you can use the bathrooms at the store at the parking area. This store also sells trekking sandals, hats, shirts, shorts, waterproof case for mobile phones, dry bags and snacks.

13. Ermita Hill

Like Baler Church, Ermita Hill is more than just a witness to a significant event ever happened in the town of Baler. It was a sanctuary to the very few families who were able to evacuate and survived when a tsunami unfortunately hit the town in 1735. This tsunami resulted to great casualties and took thousands of lives.

Presently, Ermita Hill is visited by many as it is quite a place to get a good view of Sabang Beach and Baler per se. There also is a grotto with a white cross at the end of uphill steps. Entrance fee: Php 15.00/ head Parking fee: Php 10.00/ ride

Things to Do

6. Explore beach and coves.  You may visit and explore Sabang Beach, Cemento Beach and Dicasalarin Cove.

How to Get There (Baler DIY)

Where to stay for a baler diy trip.

1. Nina’s Transient Mobile: +63 908 418 1438 Facebook: Nina’s Transient House

2. Circle Hostel Baler Mobile: +63 917 501 0235 Facebook: The Circle Hostel, Baler Email: [email protected] Website:

3. Aliya Surf Camp Mobile: +63 939 939 0929 Facebook: Aliya Surf Camp, Baler, Aurora Website:

4. Costa Pacifica Resort Mobile:  +63 917 844 8371 Facebook: Costa Pacifica Baler Email: [email protected] Website:

5. Desa’s Hello Kitty Transient Mobile: +63 948 350 0585

6. Hotel Serendrina Baler Mobile: +63 918 913 1260 Email: [email protected]

7. Damara Beach Front Resort Mobile: +63 925 885 2294 Facebook: Damara Beach Front Resort – Baler

8. La Patricia Hotel and Restaurant Mobile: +63 908 819 0806 Facebook: La Patricia Hotel and Restaurant

9. Blue Coco Beach House Mobile: +63 939 920 7418 Facebook: BlueCoco BeachHouse Baler Email: [email protected] Website:

Sample 2D 1N Baler DIY Itinerary

DAY 0: 10:00 PM – ETD to Baler

DAY 1: 4:00 AM – ETA Diguisit Beach 4:00 AM – 6:00 AM – astrophotography and sunrise watching 6:15 AM – Digisit Falls 7:00 AM – Breakfast 8:30 AM – Ermita Hill 10:00 AM – Museo de Baler 11:30 AM – lunch 12:30 PM – Early check in 2:00 PM onwards – Surf. Surf. Surf! (Sabang Beach) 6:00 PM – Dinner

*If you plan to visit Dicasalarin cove, make sure that you’ll allot at least a day or half for it.

DAY 2: 6:00 AM – Breakfast 7:00 AM – ETD to San Luis (Ditumabo Falls) 7:30 AM – ETA Ditumabo Falls/ register/ start trek/ swim 10:00 AM – Start descent/ wash up 12:00 NN – lunch 1:00 PM – check out 1:30 PM – Baler Church 1:45 PM – Dona Aurora Quezon’s house 2:30 PM – Hanging Bridge 4:00 PM – Balete Eco-Park 5:00 PM – Back to Manila

baler travel guide 2022

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.

baler travel guide 2022

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Coron Palawan Budget Travel Guide 2024

' src=

Hello! Hm po estimated na nagastos mo? ��

Riza Acebuche

Nakakamiss ang Baler. Helpful travel guide as always! See you soon!

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Karla Around the World

Don't just wonder, wander too. (travel destinations), baler travel guide : explore all these baler aurora tourist spots more than just surfing.

Baler Travel Guide

Baler, Aurora, is one of the most popular vacationing destinations in Luzon – the leading cause? Their panoramic beaches just perfect for surfing. Many surfers in Metro Manila love heading up to Baler due to its relatively accessible location in Luzon, but Baler Aurora beaches aren’t all that the Aurora capital has to offer! It has historical spots, museums, art exhibits, great food, and more! With both culture and active life intertwined, it’s hard not to fall in love at first sight – or visit, in this case. And many people seem to be falling in love each day, as seen with the recent upsurge of new trendy establishments and restaurants which makes the town an up and coming, all-in-one destination. It can be hard to keep track of everything the coastal town has to offer, so if you’re looking for a great guide to Baler filled with more than just information about catching waves and water activities, then look no further because you’ll catch an in-depth inside to the ins and outs of the vibrant surfing paradise nestled up north.

How to get to Baler

Excited and raring to drive up to Baler? Here’s all the ways you can do it, ranging from buses to private transportation so you can take your pick based on budget and preference.

As of writing, there is only one bus company that has a route from Manila heading directly to Baler – the Genesis Transport Service. You can book and ride with them from the Cubao Bus Terminal. They have two different bus options, the regular bus and the Joy Bus.

  • Regular Bus : Their regular (yet still air-conditioned!) bus option which rides for a total of approximately 6-7 hours from Cubao to Baler. A ticket will cost you P450, with no advance bookings required.
  • Joy Bus: Still air-conditioned like their regular buses, but much more luxurious. The sleeper buses come fully equipped with an internet connection, snacks, blankets, pillows, and a hygiene kit as well as a bus stewardess to assist you with your concerns. The Joy Bus runs three times a day, with trips lasting 5 hours each at a fare of P750 per head.

Private Car

Travelling via the R-8 with a private vehicle will take you around 5 hours assuming no traffic and rest stops are made along the way.

How to Get Around in Baler

Motorbike :.

Riding on the back of a driver’s motorbike, also locally known as habal-habal , is a popular way of getting around town with ease. A ride usually costs around 10-20 pesos per person depending on the distance. You can find them in the same places you can usually find a tricycle pick-up and drop-off point.

Similar to the prices of a motorbike, riding a tricycle will cost you 10-20 pesos. If you want to have a tricycle drive you around the entire day instead of having to find one over and over again, you can book your own convenient tricycle tours in the area, usually costing around 500-1000 pesos per day for a group of 3 people.

Baler Aurora Tourist Spots : What to do in Baler 

1. go surfing – or learn how to surf if you don’t know yet.

Baler Itinerary

For Beginners

Baler Aurora Tourist Places

For Intermediates to Experts

  • Charlie’s Point : This surfing point was made popular not only in the Philippines, but all across the world by being featured in the hit epic war film Apocalypse Now. Its local name is “ Kagewad” , and is known for its right-hand and left-hand break waves which requires surfers to know how to turn their boards properly to stay afloat.
  • Lindy’s Point : One of the formerly best-kept secrets of avid surfers, Lindy’s Point has an abundance of tall, short and sharp break waves which experts love to test their skills on – and get their hearts pumping with an adrenaline rush.
  • Cobra Reef : Called “ Dapa” by the locals, Cobra Reef in Cemento Beach is another spot frequented by surfing experts from all over the world. Its exceptionally high waves range from around 4-6 during the low season and up to a whopping 12-14 feet during the high season.

Given Baler’s worldwide reputation as a great surfing destination, there are a lot of surf schools which are well-established in the area. One personal favorite of mine, however, was the Nalu Surf Camp primarily because of the presence of good, accredited instructors. Surfing lessons at Nalu cost P350 per hour, all-inclusive of your personal instructor, surfboard, and even a free beer and picture. If you’re a more experienced surfer and just want to rent a board, their rates are P200 per hour, P400 for half day, and P800 for the whole day.

2. Climb Up the Balete Tree

Baler Aurora Tourist Places

The Balete tree is a 600-year old millenium tree with big, hanging roots – the biggest tree out of all of the Balete trees in the area. The hanging roots intertwine and twist together to form a cave where visitors can go inside. Given the tree’s strong foundation and hundreds of years of age, it’s very sturdy and easy to climb! Even amateur climbers and children will be able to climb ⅓ up to half of the length of the tree for some great pictures. There is an entrance fee of P15, as well as an additional P10 if you plan to enter the tree.

3. Hike Ditumabo Falls

Baler Aurora Tourist Places

The Ditumabo Falls in the town of San Luis is considered the largest waterfall in all of the Aurora province, featuring a 140-feet tall water drop. The hike takes around 30-45 minutes, where you’ll be walking over the rocky paths and streams. The bridge is currently down so visitors are expected to cross the river in order to get to the falls – so do be prepared to get quite soaked in the knee deep water. The entrance fee to the falls costs P30 and the required tour guide feecosts P200.

4. Check out the Rock Formations in Diguisit Beach

baler travel guide 2022

Diguisit Beach is indeed a popular surfing spot in Baler, but it is also frequented because of its beautiful rock formations right beside the Cobra Reef. Because the beach faces the northwest, the location is the perfect place to watch the sunrise and the sunset, the beautiful orange-red background perfectly foregrounded by the rock formations in front – really great for pictures and Instagram shots. Because the beach is privately owned, visitors will have to pay an entrance fee of P20 before exploring the vicinity however  just nearby, there’s a public beach entrance—you can use that too if you wish.

Baler Aurora Tourist Places

5. Diguisit Falls

Baler Aurora Tourist Places

Unlike most other waterfall attractions, visiting the Diguisit falls requires absolutely no entrance fee. The falls are easily accessible near the Diguisit beach, located just right beside the road. There are multiple cascading mini-falls that form small pools where you can sit in and have the flowing water massage your back – do be careful, however, as the vicinity is rather rocky and slippery, definitely best traversed using proper footwear with thick, non-slip soles.

6. Go Boating at the Cruise Dicasalarin Cove

Baler Aurora Tourist Places

Dicasalarin Cove is a secluded beach cove around 30 minutes away from Sabang Beach. Many different companies offer boat tour packages, like Seasta Beach Resort. There are many pretty sights and picturesque scenes of the pretty light-colored sand and crystal waters, but do be prepared for big waves and motion sickness if you go on a cruise during times where weather isn’t so good and the waters aren’t so calm. Once you arrive at the cove, there is a trail leading up to the Baler lighthouse for a terrific view of the surrounding islets. The area around the cove itself is quite beautiful and untouched since it’s private, there are no hotels, resorts and tourist setups on the beach and there are even natural caves to explore. Of course, the main attraction of the cove is its unique rock formations. Entrance costs P300 per person and the fee for the gate pass can be paid at the Bahia de Baler Garden Resort

7. Enjoy Watersports

Baler Aurora Tourist Places

Of course, one of the main reasons to visit Baler is for its watersports (aside from surfing, that is). There are many different water sports you can try out, even extreme ones for the more daring of heart. There are various tour groups and company which offer packages, like Buoyancy Water Sports that has packages with each activity good for 15 minutes.

  • UFO Couch : This was my personal favorite! It’s where you and a group of friends sit on an inflatable “couch” while being dragged across the waters by an engine-powered boat. Fair warning, however – if you’re the one seated in the center then you may exert more effort than the rest. But if you love the thrill and adventure, then this is definitely the ride for you. This is also perfect for guys or heavier individuals so the weight is balanced evenly throughout the inflatable couch. It costs P350 per person, with a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 7.
  • Flying Fish: This ride requires more hand power and action – the ones seated at the bottom or right side struggles a bit more. Like with the UFO Couch, you’re placed on an inflatable raft connected to a boat but this time you have to hold on tightly to control and keep balance as you “fly” through the waters and up into the air. Flying Fish costs P550 per person, minimum of 4 and a maximum of 5.
  • Banana Boat : A bit more lax and easy compared to the ones above, but still rather thrilling! Your group sits on a banana-shaped boat and rides through the waters. P250 per person, minimum of 6 and maximum of 10.
  • Torpedo: Ride in a raft with two other friends as the engine boat “torpedoes” you through the waves and the waters, a fast and fun-filled ride. Costs P1000 per ride, good for 2-3 persons.  

baler travel guide 2022

8. Appreciate Nature (Nature Green Forest Resort)

The Nature Green Forest Resort in Cemento Beach is ideal for a quick getaway from the bustling, noisy city life and into the green, fresh beauty of nature. It features a private beach area, lots and lots of trees and shrubs, as well as clean, cool and comfortable accommodation. There are also activities available to do at the resort, such as bamboo and kayak riding.

9. Play Mini Golf at Joker’s Hideaway

Joker’s Hideaway is 15 kilometres away from Baler, an athletic field that features mini golf as its main attraction. It has a 16-hole course that goes through a very picturesque scene of grassy fields and mini fish ponds and pools – so you can play and enjoy the scenery at the same time! You can play all you want for just P50 per person, P25 for children.

10. Go on an Organic Farm Tour and try Wine Berries (Azbahaen)

The Azbahaen Leisure Farm and Resort, aside from being an accommodation, is also filled with swimming pools, fish ponds, and organic herb and vegetable gardens! You can go on a tour throughout the property, buy some of the fruits and vegetables for your very own salad – topped with the fish you can catch at their ponds! They also grow their very own wine berries. It’s definitely a home away from home – while there isn’t an internet connection and phone signal, you’ll still feel content and at peace.

11. Go on a Historical Walking Tour

Baler isn’t only a town for recreation. It’s home to lots of museums and historical locations – after all, Baler is a very old city! Here’s some of the destinations you can visit on your very own historical walking tour, allowing you to catch a glimpse on the heritage and background of the quaint surfing town. What’s more, all of these historical structures are easily accessible to one another by short walks.

 Baler Aurora Tourist Places

Quezon Park: Quezon Park is a small park which houses a statue of the late Philippine president Manuel Quezon, seated at the very center of the uplifted concrete covered in grass and fenced in. You can also find a replica of Quezon’s home where he grew up, as well as the vehicle he used while he was the president of the country.

Baler Aurora Tourist Places

12. Appreciate Art

Art-lovers will want to stop at the Vincent Gonzales Art Museum on the way out of Baler in San Luis, Aurora. It features beautiful paintings inspired by the people and natural beauties of Aurora and Baler, vibrant and saturated depictions of stones and waves of local beaches as well as portraits encapsulating the culture and heritage of the early Filipino citizens. Even if you’re not an artist yourself, the paintings are admirable and will definitely make you stop and stare.

13. Sunrise walk

Of course, a great way to top off your beach visits in Baler is by getting up early and going for a walk to catch the sunrise. The beaches in Aurora are definitely perfect for those “long walks on the beach”, especially when aside from the waves and the waters, the beautiful rock formations are also there to catch your eye. A good time to start seeing the sunrise is around 5:00 in the morning. Plus, the soft Baler sands are great for walking on barefoot.

14. Ermita Hill

Ermita Hill is a great place to catch views of the towns below – particularly the town of Baler as well as the nearby Sabang Beach. But what makes the area all the more interesting is the fact that, according to the locals, the coastal area near Baler where many communities and families once lived was completely devastated by strong, tall waves in the past, destroying many homes and taking lives. Only six families were able to make it out of the disaster by climbing up the Ermita Hill – hence why there is a statue of individuals with interlocked hands climbing the hill present. Apparently, all of the Baler locals’ heritage and ancestry can be traced back to those very six families. There is an entrance fee of P15, and the money earned goes to funding the education of local students at a nearby college in Baler.

Where to Eat in Baler

As mentioned earlier, Baler’s rise in popularity in the past few years has led to lots of new establishments popping up – and that includes a horde of great restaurants and eateries. After all, there’s nothing better to top off a day at the beach or the museum than with a nice, hearty meal or hot coffee paired with a sweet dessert.

1. The Bays Inn

The Bay’s Inn restaurant overlooks a view of the beautiful Sabang beach, serving various Filipino favorites such as their popular crispy pata, best paired with a selection of ice cold beers. I was surprised to see that their restaurant was so new, recently having had a soft opening. We’ve been here before but this time around they reconstructed and it looks so different now. The food, however, tastes just how I remember – still super good.

2. Myrtle Park

Baler Itinerary

Myrtle Park is an up and coming food and skateboard park with cool aesthetics perfect for a lifestyle Instagram post. They also have a bar and the drinks sold there are quite affordable – my double shot of whiskey only cost me P200. They have a cool ambiance too, no wonder it’s where many surfboarders and skateboarders like to hang out after a long day through the parks and at the beach. During events, they have lots of extra decorations up such as neon lights and fog machines.

3. Yellow Fin Bar & Grill

Yet another bar on Buton Street close to the popular Sabang beach, Yellow Fin is home to a laid-back, open air ambience where you can enjoy meals that come fresh off the grill – particularly fish and other freshly caught seafood. Have a drink, kick back and relax to the tune of the old-school music blasting through the speakers.

4. Seasta Beach Resort

The Seasta Beach Resort in Zabali is home to a hidden, delicious secret – their bar and restaurant which is set up to resemble and function like a traditional British pub. Here you can have a nice drink alongside both Filipino and international finger foods or pulutan while watching sports on their flat screen television. After having a meal, visitors can have some fun on the darts board or pool table.

5. Bike Kings

The Bike Kings Kitchen has cool chairs that make you feel as if you’re on a bike yourself – there are normal chairs too, however, for those who want to be more comfortable while they eat. Bike Kings has a lovely ambience centered around the theme of bikes, so you can find bikes, trinkets and old-school knick knacks and displays littered around. Aside from the surroundings, the restaurant also serves delicious and affordable Filipino food.

6. Kubli Bistro

Kubli Bistro is one of Baler’s most beloved restaurants, prized for its great food. They serve Filipino, Mexican, American, and Italian dishes so you have a wide range of different options to pick on the menu. Some of their most popular include the Kubli rice, pizza, and tacos. They also have a live band which usually plays acoustic music as you eat, making for a very enjoyable and entertaining dining experience.

7. La Patricia Hotel and Restaurant

La Patricia Hotel is a lovely place to stay in and of itself, but its in-house restaurant is a great spot to eat as well. La Patricia’s restaurant hosts a bountiful yet affordable buffet serving all sorts of different Filipino favorites such as grilled fish and meats paired with rice and veggies – all served on banana leaves so you can eat with your hands.

8. Gerry Shan’s Picnic Bay

Affordable and delicious are two words that best describe Gerry Shan’s. Despite coming with a very enticing 200 peso price tag, the restaurant doesn’t skimp on its variety of meals ranging from seafood like squid and shrimp as well as meats like chicken and beef. They even serve desserts, drinks, and salads to help you wash it all down.

9. Mumunsi Chocolate Café

As the name implies, this is a great place to get your chocolate fix. Mumunsi is a serene cafe with a variety of different – and adventurous – chocolate drinks and desserts. It’s a perfect fit, considering that rainy Aurora is one of the leading producers of cacao in the Philippines. You can try out a range of dark, milk, and white cacao concoctions as well as some more interesting menu items such as chili chocolate bars and spicy hot chocolate – perfect for simmering down after a chill day catching waves.  

Of course, Baler is an ever-growing town with new establishments and activities popping up each day – but this guide is a great place to start. With everything you could ever want at your fingertips – beaches, surfing, water sports, great food, great cafes – it’s hard to convince yourself not to visit the stunning surfing town up north. Have any more suggestions on great places to visit and explore in Baler and Aurora? Comment down below or contact:

' src=

3 thoughts on “ Baler Travel Guide : Explore all these Baler Aurora tourist spots more than just Surfing ”

Hi! Can I have a sample of your Baler Itinerary? 🙂 thanks

Hi there! How many days will you be in Baler?

Hi! Thanks for this review. ☺️ It was really a great help! Nali Surf Camp is located at Sabang beach right? Are we just going to go there and look for the instructors? Btw we rented a van and our rented house is in the town area.

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baler travel guide 2022

  • Aurora / Baler / Philippines / Travel Guides / Travel Tips / WANDER - Travels

Baler Travel Guide – DIY Sample IT and Budget Included

by LoveEatWander · October 7, 2018

Baler Travel Guide

Baler, a town situated on the east coast of Luzon in the province of Aurora, is a well-known surfing destination because of its strategic location. It is fronting the roaring waves of the Pacific Ocean, and is cuddled by the mountains of Sierra Madre. It made name in the tourism industry when the Hollywood classic film “Apocalypse Now (1979)” shot their surfing scenes in Sabang Beach, which is now referred to as a surfer’s paradise.

More than surfing, however, Baler is also a go-to destination for those who love nature, culture and tradition, old stories and history, and thrill and adventure. Needless to say, this town has so much more to offer to wandering souls that its dancing waves.

Table of Contents



Only Genesis Bus Company has a direct route Baler from Cubao, Quezon City. You can choose between the standard air-conditioned bus or JoyBus (Deluxe). The JoyBus is better as it is an executive type with comfortable seats, blanket, pillows, snacks, and WiFi. It’s non-stop, too, cutting the normal 6-7 travel time to just 5-6 hours! Rate is PhP800 to PhP898 per person. Earliest departure is at 3AM.

For updated rates and schedules, you may contact:

PHBUS CO. LTD. 2F Unit F, RSJF Building, 853 AB Vizcarra, Malibay, Pasay City, Philippines Contact Number: 09202593109

Baler to Manila: Buses bound for Manila are in Genesis terminal which can be found near the public market. Please ask the latest trip back to Manila when you get there so you won’t be left behind.


  • From Metro Manila, take the NLEX and exit towards SCTEX/Clark Airport.
  • Follow the signs heading to TPLEX and exit at Lapaz towards Tarlac City.
  • From there, you can Waze your way to the provice for easy and faster navigation.
  • Estimated travel time is 4-5 hours depending on traffic situation and road condition.


Just like La Union, Baler in Aurora is also an all-year-round tourist destination because it offers a lot of activities. It is not just a prime spot for surfing but also a very accessible destination for history buffs and those who love outdoor adventures such as nature trekking, snorkeling, scuba diving, and sightseeing.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Love. Eat. Wander (@loveeatwander)

If you do not have your own car, the cheapest mode of transportation in touring the town of Baler is via a tricycle. You can hire one for PhP700-PhP1000 (good for a maximum of 5 people) and see the famous attractions around Baler and leighboring towns like: Baler Museum, Dona Aurora Aragon Quezon House, Baler Church and Plaza, Ermita Hill, Fish Port, Digusit Beach & Waterwalls, Mother Falls, and the Balete Plaza and the Mellinium Tree.


Diguisit beach is not an ideal spot for swimming or surfing. Tourists visit this place because of the amazing rock formations also known as the Lukso-Lukso islet.


Take a side trip to Diguisit waterfalls when you visit the Diguisit beach. The falls can be reach after an easy two-minute hike from the road.

ERMITA HILL Entrance Fee: PhP15 per person Parking Fee: PhP10

Ermita Hill offers the best vantage point to enjoy the majestic view of the town of Baler, Sabang Beach, Cemento and Dimadimalangat islet. The Tromba Marina statue stands at the foot of the hill. It depicts the brave journey to safety of the survivors of the 18th century tsunami that ravaged the whole town of Baler, leaving only 10 families alive.

MUSEO DE BALER & AURORA HOUSE Entrance Fee: PhP35 per person About: The museum contains artifacts, paintings and other memorabilia about the province’s history, and the Aurora Quezon House.


This beach with shorelines of smooth rocks of various sizes and colors is one of the best places in the province of Aurora to watch the sun as it rises above the horizon. It’s roughly an hour away from Baler town proper.. This is one of the best place to watch sunrise.

This place in Dipaculao, Aurora is accessible by hiring a motorized boat from Sabang Beach or via private cars.

DITUMABO MOTHER FALLS Environmental Fee: PhP30 per person Tour Guide: (required) PhP200 Parking Fee: PhP30

If your wanderlust for waterfalls is not satisfied by the Diguisit falls, you might as well take a 30-minute trek to the Mother of all Falls in Brgy. Ditumabo, San Luis, Aurora. The majestic Ditumabo Falls stands 140 feet high, and it’s surrounded by huge cliffs and boulders.

Ditumabo Mother Falls is enormous, but it is not the biggest waterfalls in Aurora province because, according to locals, there is an existing Father Falls which requires tourist to take a 6-hour trek.

BALETE PARK & THE MILLENNIUM TREE Entrance Fee: PhP15 (adult) (20% discount for senior) / PhP10 (kid) Parking Fee: PhP10

This is the biggest Balete tree in Asia, and one of the most distinguished landmark of the town. According to locals the tree is around 600 years old!

Other places to visit: Dicasalarin Cove, The Hanging Bridge in Brgy. Zapali, San Luis Obispo Church, Cemento Beach


Aside from La Union , Baler is also noted as a surfing paradise in the north. Thee long coastline of Sabang Beach (the popular surfing spot) offers many great spots for surfing. If your primary goal is to enjoy riding the waves, head to Baler when the northeast monsoon start blowing, which happens from October to February.

Rates: Instructor + Surfboard rental – PhP350 per hour Surfboard rental only – PhP200 per hour or PhP800 per day


Since Baler is one of the most prominent tourist destination in Luzon both for foreigners and Filipinos, there are a lot of accommodation in the area from budget inns to posh hotels. Below are some of the options just click on the photo to book a room and see more details:

Playa Azul Baler

Playa Azul Baler is a beachfront property located 2.9 km from Baler Hanging Bridge and features an on site dining and free WiFi throughout the property. All guest rooms in the hotel are equipped with air conditioning, a working desk, and a flat-screen TV with cable channels. Some units that have a balcony, and the rooms include a private bathroom with a bidet and free toiletries. A continental, American or Asian breakfast is available every morning at the property while room service is also available. Playa Azul Baler is and 30-minute drive from Ditumabo Mother Falls. The nearest airport is Clark International Airport, 186 km away from the property.  CHEAPEST ROOM – PhP2,900

cheap accommodation in baler

If what you’re looking for is a conveniently located hotel in Baler, look no further than The Circle Hostel Baler . From here, guests can enjoy easy access to all that the lively city has to offer. With its convenient location, the hotel offers easy access to the city’s must-see destinations. Offering hotel guests superior services and a broad range of amenities, The Circle Hostel Baler is committed to ensuring that your stay is as comfortable as possible. This hotel offers numerous on-site facilities to satisfy even the most discerning guest. CHEAPEST RATE (HAMMOCK) – PhP350

baler travel guide 2022

Blue Coco Baler Beach House is a newly built tourist inn with a quaint rustic feel that is conveniently located in the main beach area of Sabang. It is a minute walk to the beach and a kilometer away from the city center where most of the souvenir shops and eating places are located. Likewise, it offers easy access to the province’s must see destinations. CHEAPEST ROOM – PhP1,800

You may also check this accommodation map for more options:


  • All mobile operators have mobile signals.
  • ATMs are available.
  • Most establishments accept credit/debit cards but not traveler’s check. Paying through cash is still the best option.
  • Language: Filipino/Tagalog, Ilocano, and English.
  • Currency: Philippine Peso


01:00AM ETD Metro Manila 06:30AM Arrival in Sabang Beach, Baler 07:00AM Check-in. Rest. 10:00AM Start of Tour (Museo De Baler, Aurora House, Baler Church, Ermita Hill) 11:00AM Lunch 01:00PM Lukso-Lukso Islet / Diguisit Beach/ Ermita Hill 03:00PM Back to Sabang Beach. Surf. 07:30PM Dinner. Free time.

06:00 AM Wake-up / prepare 07:00 AM Breakfast 08:00 AM Bound to Mother Falls a.k.a. Ditumabo Falls 12:00 NN Lunch/ Check out/ Bound for Manila 02:00 PM ETA Balete Tree 07:00 PM Dinner along the way 11:00PM ETA Manila


If you’re a group of 4 and you stay in a quad room prepare around PhP3,500 – PhP4,000. That’s an all-in budget with tour and surfing. If you are bringing your own car, set a budget of PhP2,500 – PhP3,000. Sports utility vehicle is highly recommended as most of the roads are zigzag and inclined.

There are a lot of tour operators that offer Baler trips during summer. One reliable travel agency we can vouch for is Sole Adventours. Their 2D1N Baler package costs P1,980. You may contact them here.

  • There are affordable eateries abound Baler town proper. You can eat at carenderias or fast food chains for cheaper food options. The Kusina Luntian is one for the book. 
  • If you are commuting, take the standard air-con bus instead of the deluxe air-con bus.

We are continuously updating this Baler Travel Guide. If you have more to add, please leave your comments below. Help us provide you with more informative travel guides. Thank you for dropping by!

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  • Be part of   Love. Eat. Wander. Facebook Community Page   for more updates, travel and parenting tips, or if you want to share your trip/parenting experiences with others. You can also visit and subscribe to our  YouTube Channel   for videos.
  • If you are looking for a reliable travel agency to help you with your trips and itinerary, contact out travel partner Sole Adventours . 

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Facts about baler.

  • Area: 92.55 km²
  • Weather: Mostly tropical but windy
  • ZIP code: 3200
  • Region: Central Luzon
  • Province: Aurora
  • Language Spoken: Mostly Tagalog, can converse English
  • Communication: Globe and Smart have good network coverage around the town
  • Banks: Major banks such as China Bank, PNB and RCBC are operating
  • Supermarket: Puregold
  • Fastfood Chain: Jollibee


  • Stylish  face mask
  • Water container/tumbler  to rehydrate
  • Sunscreen  for skin protection
  • Goggles  for swimming or snorkeling
  • Stylish  Swimsuit
  • Travel  backpack  /  luggage
  • Reusable  vacuum storage packs
  • Selfie stick
  • Waterproof phone case
  • Camping tent

baler travel guide 2022


How to get to baler.

  • The first trip is at 2:00 AM with subsequent trips at one hour intervals, last trip leaves Cubao at 7:30 AM.
  • From Baler to Pasay, the first bus leaves at 4:30 AM, also with subsequent trips every hour.
  • The last trip is at 3:00 PM. Travel time is approximately 7 hours.
  • Take any bus from Metro Manila bound for Cabanatuan, Nueva Ejica.
  • There are several bus companies that goes to Cabanatuan City (Five Star Bus Co., ES Transport, Genesis Transport Services, Baliwag Transit, Inc).
  • Bus  terminals  can be found in Pasay, Avenida, Cubao and Caloocan.
  • Travel time is 2.5 - 3.5 hours depending on which route it will take.
  • The fastest route is via SCTEX. From Cabantuan City, take a Baler bound bus or van from the central  terminal .
  • Travel time is around 4 hours from Cabanatuan City.

By Private Car

  • From Manila, enter  the North  Luzon Expressway at Balintawak and exit at SCTEX (entry is at LaPaz, Tarlac toll gate).
  • From here, follow the highway leading to Aliaga and to Cabanatuan City in Nueva Ecija.
  • Upon reaching Cabanatuan City Proper, take the Nueva Ecija-Aurora highway,  passing  through the towns of Talavera, Rizal and Pantabangan until reaching the Nueva Ecija-Aurora border, then drive thru the towns of Maria Aurora, San Luis, until you reach Baler.
  • Travel time would take about 5-6 hours.

A Little Side Story... and Detour

Cheapest Flights and Airline Tickets Online Booking


  • Sabang Beach
  • Ermita Hill

Diguisit Beach, Aniao Islets and Lukso-Lukso Islets

  • Diguisit Falls
  • Museo de Baler
  • Doña Aurora Aragon-Quezon House

Baler Hanging Bridge

  • Baler Church

Baler Lighthouse

Dicasalarin cove, other places to visit nearby baler.

  • Ditumabo Mother Falls (San Luis)

Balete "Millenium Tree" (Maria Aurora)

Caunayan falls.

  • Diguisit Beach
  • Aniao Islet
  • Gerry Shan's Place (lunch buffet)
  • Millenium Balete Tree (Maria Aurora)
  • Manuel L. Quezon Park and Monument
  • Baler Municipal Plaza
  • Baler Signage


  • Gerry Shan's Place - this must be the most famous place to dine in Baler! It's known for its buffet, which is particularly seafood-heavy, with touches of Chinese cuisine and a welcome bit of spice. Buffet price starts at Php 200.00 per head as of writing.
  • Yellow Fin Bar and Grill - this open-air restaurant stands in a two-story building and serves local Filipino dishes, bar chow, and grilled food. They specialize in fresh seafood grilled over hot charcoals, with the grilled 'bangkulis' (yellow finfish) and squid as crowd favorites served with a side of rice and soy dipping sauce.
  • Timog Coffee Baler - located on Alley Two near Sabang Beach, this alfresco cafe is known for its laid-back beach vibe and tropical charm. With its wooden facade and surfboards are strewn around the property, visitors are free to kick back and chill out while enjoying coffee.
  • The Good Food - their menu consists of Filipino rice pairings, pasta, grilled meats, burgers, and Mexican favorites with the local twist, all of which are served fresh without artificial additives, extenders, or MSG.


Budget accommodation.

  • Hotel Rupert A Baler   - room rate starts at Php 1,100.00 per night
  • Isaguirre's Pension House   -  room rate starts at Php 1,800.00 per night
  • Blue Coco Baler Beach House   -  room rate starts at Php 2,000.00 per night
  • Greenfields Transient House Aurora Baler   -  room rate starts at Php 1,300.00 per night

Midrange to High-end

  • Playa Azul Baler   -  room rate starts at Php 3,300.00 per night
  • L'Sirene Boutique Resort   -  room rate starts at Php 6,600.00 per night
  • Costa Pacifica Baler   -  room rate starts at Php 6,200.00 per night


Budget breakdown and expenses.

  • Bus Fare: Php 700.00 one-way
  • Accommodation: Php 1,000.00 per head (for couple)
  • Doña Aurora Aragon-Quezon House: Php 30.00
  • Museo de Baler: Php 50.00
  • Surfboard rental + instructor fee: P350 per hour
  • Diguisit Beach: Php 20.00
  • Dicasalarin Cove: Php 300.00
  • Mother Falls: Php 30.00 + Php 150.00 each for tour guide (couple)
  • Caunayan Falls: Php 20.00
  • Millenium Tree: Php 15.00
  • TOTAL: Php 2,655.00 per head approximately

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Pagudpud

  • Is Baler in Quezon or Aurora? Baler, officially the Municipality of Baler (Tagalog: Bayan ng Baler; Ilocano: Ili ti Baler), is a 3rd class municipality and capital of the province of Aurora, Philippines. According to the 2020 census, it has a population of 43,785 people.
  • What is Baler known for? Baler is famous for its surfing spots, offering some of the best waves you can catch in Asia. But there's more to this town than surfing. With tons of amazing places to visit, you will never run out of fun things to do in Baler. From laid back to thrilling activities, this town has a lot to offer.
  • What is the history of Baler Aurora? In 1856 Baler was the principal town “El Principe”, a district of the province of Nueva Ecija. In 1901 under the American Administration, the district was incorporated to the Province of Tayabas, later named Quezon Province. On June 14, 1951 by virtue of R.A. 648 Baler became the capital town of sub-province of Aurora.
  • Is Baler north or south? Baler is located 244 kilometres (152 mi) north-east of Manila via a mountain pass accessible by bus and private vehicles. It is host to spectacular geographic formations and is situated on a vast plain at the south end of Baler Bay, a contiguous segment of the Philippine Sea.
  • When was Aurora founded? 14 June 1951
  • What ocean is in Baler? Baler is a small town in Aurora Province on the east coast of Luzon in the Philippines. It is situated between the Sierra Madre mountain range and the Pacific Ocean, in the vast plain at the mouth of Baler's Bay.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The rates, contact details and other information indicated in this post are accurate from the time of writing but may change without  IMFWJ 's notice. Should you know the updated information, please let us know by leaving a message in the comment box below. WHERE TO STAY IN BALER: Baler Hotels & Resorts  |  Baler Transient for Rent IMFWJ IS NOW ON YOUTUBE! Click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel. baler beach baler, aurora baler machine baler resorts baler, philippines baler hotel baler, aurora quezon  baler travel guide 2022 baler travel requirements baler travel requirements 2022 baler travel brochure how to go to baler, aurora how to go to baler, aurora from manila baler travel requirements 2021 baler, aurora tourist spot tagalog   baler, aurora baler, aurora tourist spot tagalog sabang beach, baler baler resort baler, aurora tourist spot map where to stay in baler baler aurora beach is baler open for tourist now

' src=

2023 TRAVEL GUIDE FOR BALER: Tourist Spots + DIY Itinerary

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Let us know your thoughts!


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Baler itinerary: 10 best baler tourist spots and things to do (aurora travel guide blog 2023 for first-timers).


Looking for Baler Travel Guide Blog with DIY itinerary, how to get there, comprehensive list of top things to do in Baler, tourist spots and attractions?

You can find many places and do many things in (and near) baler. for first-timers, i listed below some of the most popular baler tourist spots and places to visit and things to do in baler as well as in the nearby towns of san luis, maria, and dipaculao. i also included here a list of best beach resorts in baler and a sample baler itinerary that you could follow in creating your own diy itinerary., 2023 baler travel guide blog for first-timers (updated) - things to do in baler, tourist spots & places to visit, how to get to baler from manila, joy bus manila to baler bus schedules, joy bus manila to baler bus schedule.

  • 1st Trip: 12:01 AM
  • 2nd Trip: 01:00 AM
  • 3rd Trip: 02:00 AM
  • 4th Trip: 05:30 AM
  • 5th Trip: 11:00 PM


Joy bus baler to manila bus schedule.

  • 1st Trip: 04:301 AM
  • 2nd Trip: 11:00 AM
  • 3rd Trip: 01:00 PM
  • 4th Trip: 02:00 PM
  • 5th Trip: 03:30 PM


Travel tip: you can comfortably travel from metro manila to baler via private car. check out here for the available transportation options., manila to baler via cabanatuan city, transportation in baler: how to get arounnd baler, 10 best things to do in baler, tourist spots and places to visit.

Baler Aurora Tourist Spots and Attractions

1. Surfing or Learn how to Surf

Things to do in Baler

2. Historical Walking Tour Around Baler Town

Things to do in Baler

3. Explore Diguisit's Beach, Rock Formations and Waterfalls

Baler Aurora Tourist Spots and Attractions

4. Watch the Sunrise

Baler Aurora Tourist Spots and Attractions

5. Climb Ermita Hill

Baler Aurora Tourist Spots and Attractions

6. Trek to Ditumabo Mother Falls

WHERE TO EAT Baler Surfer Grill Sabang Beach

7. Go on a Food Trip in Baler!

Baler Aurora Tourist Spots and Attractions

8. Visit Ampere Beach in Dipaculao

Baler Aurora Tourist Spots and Attractions

9. Climb the Century Old Balete Tree

Pasalubong Shopping in Baler Discover Baler Souvenir Shop

10. Souvenir Shopping in Baler

What to do in Baler Aurora

There are really a lot of things you can do and experience when visiting Baler. I highly suggest that you visit these Baler tourist spots and attractions and make your Baler trip special and a memorable one.

Sample diy baler itinerary (2 days & 1 night).

  • Proceed to your booked hotel/resort and leave your bags √ Click here to see the list of best hotels & resorts in Baler
  • Historical Walking Tour around Baler Town
  • Explore Diguisit's Beach, Rock Formations and Waterfalls
  • Climb Ermita Hill

Resorts in Baler Costa Pacifica Beach Resort Baler Aurora


Here are the hotels and resorts that i've personally stayed at and i highly recommend them for you to try..

  • Costa Pacifica Resort - Read my review here / BOOK HERE!
  • Jam Jen's Lodge - Read my review here / BOOK HERE!
  • Baler Casa de Viajeros Transient House - Read my review here


When is the best time to visit baler, baler travel blogs.

  • Aurora - I've Fallen In Love with Aurora
  • How to get to Baler from Metro Manila
  • Baler Surfer Grill, "Baler's Ultimate Grilling Sensation"
  • Pasalubong and Souvenir Shopping in Baler
  • Affordable Accommodations, Resorts with Pool, Hotels, and Cheap Lodges in Baler
  • Baler's Ensaladang Pako
  • Trekking to Ditumabo Mother Falls in San Luis, Aurora
  • Diguisit Rock Formations, Ermita Hill and Diguisit Waterfalls
  • Baler Tourist Spots and Attractions: A Historical Tour Around the Town of Baler
  • 6 Reasons Why I Hate Baler

BALER TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS: Tips & Reminders before traveling to Baler, Aurora

  • Renting a van or a tricycle for one day is the best way to explore Baler. You could ask your hotel or resort if they could arrange it for you.
  • There are ATMs in Baler. But I would suggest to bring enough cash when traveling to Baler.
  • Big hotels, resorts and restaurants accept credit or debit cards.
  • Both Globe and Smart has good signal in Baler. Mobile data work fine as well in most areas.
  • The best place to stay in Baler is along Sabang Beach. Most of these hotels and resorts are a bit expensive but offer very nice views of the beach and of the sunrise.
  • For budget travelers, there are cheaper hotels across the street from Sabang Beach. They are not beachfront hotels or resort, but they are cheaper and are very near Sabang Beach.
  • Travel in group to save on travel expenses.
  • Always check the latest IATF Guidelines or check with the Baler local government's website and social media accounts to know the latest travel requirements and entry protocols to follow when traveling to Baler, Aurora.
  • To avoid any inconvenience during your trip, always have your confirmed hotel booking ready and other documents such as vaccination certificate , travel pass, and negative test result (if needed) before traveling to Clark. Click here to know where to get Affordable RT-PCR and Rapid Antigent Tests .
  • For more information and latest updates, please check out my post Baler, Aurora Travel Requirements for Tourists and Visitors .

There you have it! My top things to do in Baler, tourist spots and best places to visit in Aurora province! I hope this Baler Travel Guide Blog help you in planning an amazing and memorable Baler adventure! What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and plan now your trip to Baler and other interesting tourist spots and attractions Aurora Province!

Please watch my latest baler video:.

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baler travel guide 2022

Thank you for this! I'm going to Baler in May and wanted to go sight seeing!! Any good places for desserts and coconuts??

Hi sir, is there any swab tests or other papers needed before entering Baler?

Hello were at San Jose city travel to baler what must I bring as my gatepass over baler in one night

Thank you that I found your website while googling what to do in Baler. It’s me and my family’s first time to visit Baler and your site is so helpful especially the sample itinerary. God bless your works and may you inspire and help a lot of travellers especially first-timers.

Looking for Budget Travel Guide Blogs, Hotel Reviews, and Sample DIY Itineraries? Welcome to Pinoy Adventurista, "Your Next Ultimate Adventure Starts Here!" Pinoy Adventurista is one of the Top Travel Blogs in the Philippines and the World. In 2013, he visited all the 81 provinces in the Philippines.

A travel & adventure blog by Kara Santos

Travel Up

Travel Guide: Biking from Baler to Dinadiawan and back

baler travel guide 2022

Baler is a laid-back coastal town in the province of Aurora that’s known mostly as a surfing destination. But it’s also an amazing  base for riders and bikers to explore.  In 2019, we took a road trip from Manila to Dingalan, Baler, Dipaculao and back by motorcycles and loved the vibe, so we decided to return and ride at a slower pace on bicycles this time as soon as travel restrictions eased.

baler travel guide 2022

From Baler, you can enjoy the long traffic-free coastal road that stretches on to the less explored towns of Dipaculao, Dinadiawan, Dinalugan, Casiguran, Dilasag, etc. and camp there. After all the urban rides and having to deal with city traffic the past 2 years due to the pandemic, biking with views like this feels like pure freedom. 

baler travel guide 2022

There may not be a lot of touristy spots along this route yet, but every biker knows that just riding with the view of the sea and nature is the reward in itself. 

Table of Contents

Where exactly is Baler?

Baler is located around 230 kilometers northeast of Manila via a mountain pass accessible by bus and private vehicles. Aurora is a long province facing the Philippine Sea, and bordered by the provinces of Quirino, Nueva Vizcaya, Nueva Ecija and Bulacan.

baler travel guide 2022

Driving here by car, motorcycles, or bus, usually takes about 6 hours through the expressways and steep roads (depending on the traffic).

While you could bike all the way from Metro Manila to Baler if you really wanted to, if you have limited time and just want to enjoy the place for the weekend, you can just rent bikes from Baler, bring your own bikes by private vehicle, or load your bikes on a bus and sleep on the way, so it’s not so tiring. 

baler travel guide 2022

Yes, it’s possible to just load your bicycles on a bus as long as they fit in the cargo compartment. We’ve done this for several trips to provinces like Bicol and Marinduque , you just have to disassemble and take off wheels to fit in cargo hold. 

baler travel guide 2022

Baler Travel Requirements and Guidelines 2022

As of March 1, 2022, the Province of Aurora is under ALERT LEVEL 1.

As of our visit this April 2022, the only requirements to enter Baler and Dipaculao were a Vaccination card (proof of full vaccination) and Valid ID. These were checked in the triage area of the bus station. We were also asked what our booking accommodations were in Baler.

NOTE: There is NO MORE TEST REQUIREMENT or S-Pass required for fully vaccinated travelers in areas under Alert Level 1. Documentary requirements are no longer required. Issuance of travel pass has been discontinued.

How to get to Baler (UPDATED April 2022)

It’s easy to reserve bus tickets to Baler online on Joybus, the comfy coach class of Genesis Transport. For this trip, I booked our tickets on . You can also book bus trips via .

You can pick the seats and easily pay online via GCash. They’ll send out a confirmation by email, which you need to print out and show at ticket counter to claim actual bus tickets on the day of your trip. The bus itself is spacious and new, with a comfort room on board. 

The Genesis Transport Bus Station in Cubao is located at 704 EDSA corner New York St., Cubao, Quezon City. It is on the Northbound side of EDSA, near other bus stations like Baliwag Transit and Bataan Transit.

Bus schedule

As of April 2022, there are 3 trips daily, with 2 on the JoyBus coaches (2×1 seats with CR available on board) and 1 trip with regular seats. We picked the 2am sked going to Baler, so we would arrive at 8am for a full day of biking. For the return trip, I picked the 1pm (timed after hotel check out), which will take you back to Manila by 7pm the same day. Travel time to Baler by bus is 6 hours. 

The fare on the Genesis Joybus costs P850/person one way. The regular 2×2 – fare costs P590 /person one way. There’s no cargo fee for bicycles.

baler travel guide 2022

Cubao to Baler

  • 2:00 AM – JOYBUS
  • 4:30 AM – JOYBUS
  • 6:00 AM – REGULAR

Baler to Cubao

  • 5:00 AM – JOYBUS
  • 9:00 AM – REGULAR
  • 1:00 PM – JOYBUS

Cabanatuan to Baler

  • 8:00 AM – REGULAR
  • 2:00 PM – REGULAR

Baler to Cabanatuan

  • 7:00 AM – REGULAR
  • 2:00 PM – REGULAR

The Genesis Bus station in Baler is located in 117 Recto, Poblacion, Baler. This is centrally located near Sabang beach. Hotels and the beach are about a kilometer away by bike.

Possible routes for bikers

Our recent bike-cation covers 100 kms  from Baler to Dinadiawan (Dipaculao) and back in 2 days. Elevation wise, this is about 30 km of a nice long stretch of flat coastal road. The last 20kms involve passing through mountainous areas with some steep climbs and hairpin turns. It can be tiring passing here especially if you’re carrying a lot of stuff and if you get here around noontime.

baler travel guide 2022

  • Day 1: Baler – Dinadiawan (54 km)
  • Day 2: Dinadiawan – Baler (54 km)

Going back is easier since you can tackle the uphill sections first when you have energy and it’s not so hot in the day yet, and can just cruise the rest of the way.

If you only have one night to spare and you start early, it’s possible to bike from Baler to Dinadiawan and back the same day for a Century ride. You can leave your stuff in Baler at your chosen hotel, and enjoy a full day of riding wherever you want and then go back to check-in and enjoy the beach at night and the next day.

baler travel guide 2022

Road bikers and those with thinner tires will have an advantage in terms of speed and ascents in the mountainous areas near Dinadiawan since the roads are all paved. As an MTB user, I found the ascents to be a bit tiring because my bike felt very heavy and I was carrying stuff, but I loved the long downhill portions. Just be careful biking and slow down on blind curves, as vans and SUVs who overtake bikers or those going in the opposite direction tend to speed a lot.

baler travel guide 2022

For those who want a shorter and mainly flat route, Ampere Beach and Rock Formations, almost 20 km away from Sabang Beach is a good ride destination in itself. Going back and forth will be a chill 40 km.

From Sabang Beach in Baler, bikers can also head to Dicasalarin Cove, less than 20km away. Getting up to Pag-Asa station involves a steep climb, but the road itself before that is relatively flat and easy. You can pass a scenic pier area, Diguisit Beach and Ermita Hill here for relaxed bike touring.

baler travel guide 2022

You could also take a leisurely bike ride to visit the famed Millennium Balete Tree in the neighboring town of Maria Aurora. It’s roughly 14.6 km one-way through the Pantabangan-Baler Road and you can do a bike loop to get back for another chill 30 km ride.

Really, choosing where to bike in Baler is really up to you and how much time you have to spare.

baler travel guide 2022

Top sights to see in Baler and beyond

  • Sabang Beach, Baler
  • Museo de Baler
  • Ampere Beach and Rock Formations
  • Millennium Tree in Maria Aurora
  • Baler Hanging Bridge
  • Ermita Hill
  • Diguisit Beach
  • Dicasalarin Cove

READ MORE: Travel Guide: Baler

Our itinerary

Day 1 : baler to dinadiawan.

  • 2:00 am – Bus trip from Cubao to Baler 
  • 6:30  am – Arrival in Baler (ETA was 8:00 am, but bus arrived early)
  • 7:00 am – Breakfast at The Boardwalk Restaurant by Bay’s Inn

baler travel guide 2022

  • 8:00 am – Start biking
  • 9:00 am – Welcome to Baler arch
  • 10:00 am – Ampere Bridge and Rock Formations

baler travel guide 2022

  • 11:00 am – Random stops to eat and rest along the road
  • 2:00 pm – Arrival in Dinadiawan, check in

baler travel guide 2022

  • 3:00 pm – Late lunch
  • 5:00 pm – Bike around Dinadiawan town proper / explore town proper

baler travel guide 2022

  • 7:00 pm – Dinner & beer

Where to stay & eat in Dinadiawan:

There are lots of beachfront resorts along Dinadiawan. For this trip, we stayed in Porto Novo Dinadiawan , which has a private beach front area with a great view. The rooms here are spacious and you can actually bring your bikes inside the room for added security.

baler travel guide 2022

As of our visit, there was no food at the resort (they only hire a cook on weekends), but you can cook and prepare your own food, or just go to town or other nearby resorts to eat. Room rates start at P2,500.00 for 2 pax. I had to pay a deposit for the room reservation, but you can easily send payment by GCash or bank transfer.

baler travel guide 2022

  • Facebook page: Porto Novo Hotel Dinadiawan
  • Contact numbers: 0925-877-3322 or 0969-190-6642
  • Standard Nipa (2 pax) for PHP 2,500.00
  • Superior (2 pax) for PHP 3,500.00
  • Deluxe (4 pax) for PHP 4,300.00
  • Family Room (10 pax) for PHP 7,500.00

baler travel guide 2022

Another option you can stay in is La Sunshine Resort , a few minutes away. This resort caters more to families and has a secure parking area for vehicles, swimming pool, and has a nice airy restaurant that serves all-day breakfast meals. The service here was very nice and friendly.

  • Facebook Page: La Sunshine Resort
  • Contact numbers: Globe: 09176618802, 09179962618. Smart: 09286945976
  • Hotel: P2,000 (2 pax), P3,000 (4 pax), 7,000 (8 pax)
  • Apartelle: P2,000 (2 pax), P8,000 (8 pax)
  • Small Villa (7 pax): P6,000
  • Big Villa (15 pax): P8,000

baler travel guide 2022

If you’re riding to the Dipaculao town proper, there are small eateries along the road, including Lily’s Restaurant , where you can stock up on supplies and snacks as well. There are several vulcanizing shops along the road in the town proper in case you need bike repairs done.

baler travel guide 2022

Day 2: Dinadiawan to Baler

  • 7:30 am – Breakfast
  • 8:30 am – Enjoy the beach, swim, pack up stuff
  • 10:30 am – Check out, start biking back to Baler

baler travel guide 2022

  • 10:30 am – Check-out, start biking back to Baler
  • 1:00 pm – Lunch/snacks along the road
  • 2:30 pm – Stream and river crossings

baler travel guide 2022

  • 3:00 pm – Ampere Rock Formations

baler travel guide 2022

  • 4:30 pm- Arrival in Baler, Check in
  • 5:30 pm – Chill out on beach
  • 7:00 pm – Dinner and drinks

baler travel guide 2022

Where to stay and eat in Baler:

There are lots of places to stay in Baler, but some resorts have been affected by the pandemic and may no longer be operational. For this trip, we stayed at Nalu Surf Camp , a well-designed resort with modern and deluxe beachfront cottages ideal for groups and families.

baler travel guide 2022

They also have air-conditioned Ifugao Huts with garden views ideal for just 2 pax. I picked this because the resort is within a gated complex, with a secure parking area. The hut also has railings that we could lock bikes to when we went to the beach.

  • Facebook page: Nalu Surf Camp
  • Contact numbers: Smart: (0961) 595 0466Globe: (0935) 257 2990
  • Summer rates (April 1- June 15, 2022)
  • Deluxe Nipa Hut (2 pax) – Php 5,500
  • Premier Nipa Hut(4 pax) – Php 5,500
  • Premier Nipa Hut – Garden View (4 pax) – Php 4,500
  • Modern Nipa Hut – Garden View (2 pax) Php 2,500
  • Ifugao Nipa Hut – Garden View (2 pax) Php 2,500
  • Traditonal Nipa Hut – Garden View (2 pax) Php 1,500

baler travel guide 2022

There are a lot of new old and new resorts and restaurants along the beach that are still operational, including Costa Pacifica, Bay’s View Inn, Bay-ler View, Aliya Surf Resort and Playa Azul, but most of the parking areas here are open. Those who want to camp can try Balud or Balituk Beach.

baler travel guide 2022

If you want to chill out on the beach at night, you can dine at The Boardwalk Restaurant, Aliya Surf Resort, Yellowfin Grill, or at Nalu Surf Resort.

READ MORE: Hotel Guide: Where to stay in Baler , Food Trip: Baler

baler travel guide 2022

Day 3 : Baler

  • 7:00 am – Breakfast
  • 8:00 am- *Optional: Bike to Museo de Baler, Hanging Bridge, Diguisit Beach & Dicasalarin Cove area (or enjoy beach)

baler travel guide 2022

  • 10:30 am – Back to hotel, prep to leave
  • 11:00 am – Early lunch, check out, buy pasalubong

baler travel guide 2022

  • 1:00 pm – Bus trip from Baler to Cubao 
  • 7:00 pm – Arrival in Cubao 
  • 8:00 pm – Home sweet home

baler travel guide 2022

(Depending on your sked, you can always opt to stay longer to maximize the trip or leave early the next morning)

What to bring

The roads in and around Baler are all paved and are suitable for road bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes and folding bikes. Since you’re carrying everything while biking, it’s best to pack light. 

There are some bike rentals available in Baler itself, but these may not be in the best condition for long rides.

baler travel guide 2022

We just brought clothes in handlebar bags, and had a small hydration bag with snacks, a raincoat, spare bike parts, tools etc. The less you are carrying, the better.

You could also opt to camp, but there are a lot of secure beach resorts and camping areas you can stay overnight in the Dinadiawan area, some of which offer tent rentals. You can also buy food, water and supplies or eat in the eateries in the different towns there. I suggest you bring a water bottle and refill it every time you stop for a meal to reduce plastic wastage.

Bring enough cash, especially small bills for the smaller towns, where mobile signals and WiFi are intermittent. GCash may not always work.

Budget & total expenses (for 2)

  • Joybus Cubao to Baler (inc. online reservation): P900 x 2 = P1,800 
  • Overnight stay in Dinadiawan – Porto Novo: P3,500
  • Overnight stay in Baler – Nalu Surf Camp: P2,500
  • Joybus Baler to Cubao: P900 x 2 = P1,800 
  • Food, drinks, souvenirs, miscellaneous, etc.: P800/day x 3 = P2,400
  • TOTAL: P12,000

baler travel guide 2022

BUDGET: You can cut down your expenses if you camp out in a tent or find cheaper rooms instead of staying in a resort, eat in carinderias instead of the nicer restaurants and if you don’t drink beer. Refill your water bottles when you eat in restaurants so you don’t have to keep buying bottled water. For a 3D/2N trip, I think a budget of P6,000 person will be enough.

Travel tips & useful info

  • Many resorts and restaurants in Baler were affected by the pandemic, and others are just starting to get back on their feet.
  • Food and supplies may be limited or out of stock. Some resorts expect you to bring your own food supply for cooking. Some amenities (like towels, or free breakfast) may not be available
  • Delays in bus trips can be expected depending on the traffic (esp. going back to Manila), weather conditions, road construction, and other factors. Adjust your IT to fit the time you have.
  • Bring a windbreaker or cloth for the bus ride. 
  • If you’re bringing your own bikes on a bus, it’s better to travel on weekdays, when buses aren’t full to ensure that there’s enough space in the cargo compartment. It helps that there are just 2 of us when we ride, but it might be harder for large groups bringing multiple bikes. Bring bungee cords/string to secure bikes.

baler travel guide 2022

  • We traveled on a weekday and enjoyed our trip a lot. It wasn’t crowded whatsoever. However, many resorts in Baler are expecting a lot of tourists and are already fully booked for Holy Week, so plan your trip accordingly. Long weekends and holidays can get more crowded in all destinations that have reopened to tourism.
  • The weather in Baler changes a lot. It can be hot and sunny one moment and then suddenly rain. 
  • Bring easy to eat snacks and water for the bus ride and bike ride. Refill every time you have the chance.

baler travel guide 2022

  • Wear swimwear under your cycling jerseys, because the route passes through rivers and streams where you can take a dip and cool down.
  • Baler surfing season is September to February, but waves were still good in late March to early April. It was very windy, and the breeze helps a lot while biking. 
  • Gas stations and vulcanizing shops can only be found in towns.
  • Bring lights and blinkers in case you end up riding into the night as some stretches of roads have no lights whatsoever, and towns are far from each other.

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6 thoughts on “travel guide: biking from baler to dinadiawan and back”.

A fantastic and informative article Kara. Every time I travel I manage to dig out one of your previous articles to assist. Have ridden Baler to Casiguran a couple of times on a motorcycle – no doubt a slower pace on the bicycle would let you take in more. Always love coming down that final twisty and being greeted by Porto Novo etc. Keep up the great work!

Hi David, thanks for the comment! The pandemic has made us appreciated biking and slow travel a lot more since we’ve haven’t been able to go far because of border restrictions. While we’ve motorcycled this the route as well before, it was a very different experience by bike. Haha. Looking forward to exploring the other towns going towards Casiguran and maybe visiting Quirino next time on two wheels. 🙂

Hi Kara, nice read as usual! How’s the cell signal (especially for Smart) in Dinadiawan? Thinking of staying a few days there but might need to do some mobile work also.

Hi Migs, sorry for the late reply. The data signal was a bit weak in Dinadiawan. I wasn’t even able to sync Strava at once :p Signal was better in the main town proper. The resort we stayed in had WiFi, but it wasn’t that fast either and only worked in a certain area. Baler might be a better option to base for when you have to work in terms of facilities and dining options. Hope this helps. 🙂

Thank you very much for another great guide/article

Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment, Menashe! 🙂 Appreciate it.

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Baler Travel Guide

Baler is the capital of the province of Aurora. The ocean waves in Baler is perfect for surfing. So if surfing is one of your hobbies, you should definitely give this place a visit. This is also a great place to visit if you enjoy biking. But, surfing and biking are not the only reason to visit Baler. You would also see a lot of beautiful scenic views and interesting history about Baler. And you will see some of the things you can do and places you can visit here in this Baler Travel Guide.

  • 1 How to get to Baler?
  • 2.1 L’Sirene Boutique Resort
  • 2.2 Kahanamoku Bed and Breakfast
  • 2.3 Costa Pacifica Baler
  • 3.1 Sabang Beach
  • 3.2 Ermita Hill
  • 3.3 Discasalarin Cove
  • 3.4 Balete Park
  • 3.5 Ditumabo Falls
  • 4.2 Visit historical places
  • 4.4 Take Photos and Videos
  • 4.5 Water Activities
  • 5.1 Baler Surfer Grill
  • 5.2 The Shack
  • 5.3 Kubli Bistro
  • 5.4 Madison’s Cafe
  • 5.5 The Good Food Project

How to get to Baler?

The easiest and most convenient way to get to Baler is through a bus. If you are coming from Manila, some buses go directly to Baler. The expected travel time would be around 6 to 7 hours. 

If you are looking for a cheaper option then go for Genesis Bus. But if you value faster and more comfortable travel then go for Joybus.

Where to stay in Baler?

L’sirene boutique resort.

L Sirene Boutique Resort Baler

L’Sirene Boutique Resort is located at Purok 6, Barangay Reserva, Baler. If you want a quiet getaway on a beach then go to this resort. This is a perfect alternative for Sabang Beach because you won’t have to deal with a huge crowd. There are also a lot of instagrammable spots where you can take great selfies. Entry-level surfing is also available.


Kahanamoku Bed and Breakfast

Kahanamoku Bed and Breakfast is located at Barangay Zabali Cemento Beach, Baler. This place is perfect for you if just want to relax and unwind. This place is secluded which means you would get a peaceful rest on your stay here. The coconut trees make the scenery even better for your photos. There is also yoga decks and hammock available.

Costa Pacifica Baler

It is located at 80 Buton Street Barangay Sabang, Baler. If you want a more extravagant getaway then this place is for you. You would surely enjoy the food and excellent service here. You can also get some private surfing lessons here. And there are times you can have the pool for you and your family.

Where to go in Baler?

Sabang beach.

Sabang Beach, Baler

Sabang beach is the most popular beach in Baler. The frequent ocean waves make it one of the best surfing spots in the Philippines. Surfers of different levels of expertise can surf here depending on the time and spot you surf. There is no entrance fee and the beach is noticeably clean. If surfing is your passion or you have always been intrigued by surfing then you should definitely visit this beach.

Ermita Hill

Ermita Hill, Baler

Ermita Hill is a historical landmark here in Baler. There is the Tromba Marina sculpture at the base of the hill which serves as a reminder of when Baler was almost wiped out by a tsunami in 1735. To reach the top, there are around 250+ steps you need to take. But going through all that is worth it because there is a wonderful view waiting for you at the top. You would see a bird’s eye view of Sabang River, Baler Bay, and the Pacific Ocean.

Discasalarin Cove

Discasalarin Cove, Baler

You should visit Discasalarin cove if you want a peaceful place to enjoy nature. Unlike Sabang Beach, this place is not for surfing and less crowded so you won’t be constantly disturbed for surfing lessons or to buy pearls. After you take a dip in this secluded beach, go see the great view this place has to offer. Climb up the top of the hill where the lighthouse is located to get a panoramic view of the cove.

Balete Park

Balete Park, Baler

Balete Park is where you will see a lot of Balete trees, also known as strangler figs because it grows on other trees which would later strangle and suffocate the host tree. This is where you would see the largest Balete tree in Asia. It is called the “Millennium Tree” and it is also the oldest tree in the Philippines. You could actually enter the tree the hollow trunk.

Ditumabo Falls

Ditumabo Falls

Ditumabo Falls is also known as The Mother Falls. The entrance fee is 30 pesos per person and 200 pesos for the tour guide. You would need to trek for about 30 to 40 minutes before you reach the falls. After doing a tiring trek, plunging into the cold water will leave you feeling refreshed. The crystal clear water also makes the waterfalls enchanting and majestic. When you visit this place, make sure to be careful and wear the proper footwear.

What to do in Baler?


If you surfing is your hobby then Baler will be a haven for you. And if you don’t know how to surf then you can have a relaxing vacation here while learning a new skill. The waves here are perfect for surfers whatever their level of expertise may be. Sabang beach is the best place to go if you are planning to go surfing. It will also be easier for you if you are a beginner because there are a lot of people offering surfing lessons and surfboard rentals on Sabang beach.  

Visit historical places

On your visit to Baler, try to know more about its history by going to historical tourist spots. There is Museo de Baler where you will see exhibits about the municipality of Aurora. There is also Dona Aurora’s house where you can see exhibits of the Quezon family. You can also visit the San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Parish which is commonly known as Lucban Church.

You could use a bike to go to a different tourist destination in Baler. This would be an eco-friendly and healthy way to enjoy Baler. If you like biking long distances then why not try it here in Baler. Enjoy the wonderful scenery while breathing in the cold refreshing air. You will be able to visit the tourist spots while having fun exercise at the same time.

Take Photos and Videos

There are a lot of instagrammable places you can visit here in Baler. Take a lot of photos and videos on your visit. You could take a video of yourself learning how to surf. Take photos of the foods you will eat. Take creative selfies in front of the breathtaking scenery you see. And take videos of the activities you did then share them on your social media. 

Water Activities

There are more water activities you can do aside from surfing. There are a lot of beaches and waterfalls you can swim. You could also snorkel to see the colorful corals and sea creatures at Dicasalarin Cove. There are also diving spots in Baler like in Dimadimalangat Islet, Cemento Beach, and Lukso-Lukso Islets.

Where to eat in Baler?

Baler surfer grill.

Baler Surfer Grill, Baler

It is located in Baywalk Area Sabang Beach, Baler. This restaurant is located right next to the beach port so you feel the breeze and enjoy the view while you wait for the food. The Volkswagen grill is the main attraction of the restaurant. If you are at Sabang Beach then give this place a visit.

The Shack, Baler

It is located at Sabang Beach, Baler. This restaurant focuses mostly on Indian foods so if you like Indian foods then you should check this place out. It would take some time to prepare the dishes but it is worth the wait.

Kubli Bistro

It is located at Alley 2 Sabang, Baler. This restaurant focuses on a mixture of Filipino and western dishes. This place is for you if you like to eat in a place with great ambiance and good music. You should try their pizza and their sisig.

Madison’s Cafe

It is located at Quezon Hi-way Suklayin, Baler. This place is perfect for you if are craving something sweet. They offer cakes, sandwiches, bread, desserts, coffees, and frappes. They offer a wide variety of cheesecakes you can choose from. Some of the flavors you taste are matcha, blueberry, coffee, and more.

The Good Food Project

It is located at Buton Street, Baler. If you are craving Mexican foods like burritos, quesadillas, and tacos then visit this place. There are also Filipino foods like ribs, kinilaw, and pork liempo. The foods here are also surprisingly affordable.

This Baler travel guide only showcases a few of the many amazing things you can expect in Baler. There are many more things and places that may surprise and develop you as a person. I wish you a safe and exciting travel to Baler.

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Your Guide to Hiking in the Philippines


Baler Aurora Travel Guide (Itinerary + Tips)

Baler is a popular surfing destination located in the province of Aurora in the eastern part of the Central Luzon region. It is exactly situated northeast of Luzon facing the vast Philippine Sea and it is bordered by the Sierra Madre mountain range. Baler is the capital city of Aurora and it’s only a five hours drive from Metro Manila. For this reason, it is a perfect destination for tourists who wants to have a quick relaxing escapade during the weekend.

Baler came from the word “balod” which means a native name for mountain pigeon or palomas montes that flourish in the sea. According to its splendid history, Baler was established in the year 1609 by Franciscan missionaries named Fray Blas Palomino. During his reign, Fray Blas Palomino and company continued their trip northward of the Philippines which includes the town of Palanan in Isabela province. The missionaries stayed in Palanan for several years until the administrator of Metro Manila discharged them. In the year 1622, Fray Blas Palomino was killed by the Dutch invader on the island of Celebes.

The Franciscans and the Recollects want to bring Christianity to different places in the Philippines. Hence, their expedition and the aspiration of political glory and religious movement in the country triggered the reconnaissance of the Sierra Madre mountain range and the seaside nearby which includes the town of Baler. In the years before the Spanish missionaries arrived and discover the town, Baler was already a developing and well-known community. The early Dumagat and Ilongot inhabitants’ source of income was fishing and farming. When the town of Baler was unveiled, it was located on the right side of Aguang River which make its way from the Caraballo mountain range in the central part of Luzon island. Moreover, it is rich in history because the town is more than just its astonishing waves.

Nevertheless, in the year 1735, a staggering tsunami eradicated the coastal town. In the year 1979, the epic psychological war movie named Apocalypse Now was videotaped and shot in Baler for their surfing scenes. When the filming session was finished, the staff members of the movie left their surfboards as a remembrance. For this reason, the locals learned to surf and in the succeeding years, the place become a sanctuary for beach and surf lovers. On the other hand in the year 2018, the well-known Seige of Baler was featured on a streaming service called Netflix. The title of the movie is named “Our Last Men in the Philippines”. It showcases the historic Spanish–American War and Philippine-American War between the year 1899 up to the year 1902.

Presently, Baler is considered a third-class municipality and it is situated around 270 kilometers away from Metro Manila. It is a municipality rich in natural resources which include clean shoreline and seawater. During the summer season in the Philippines, Baler is one of the most visited tourist destinations among local and international visitors. Furthermore, the town becomes an awesome destination for bikers, motorcyclists, and road-trippers as they will pass a scenic road through the mountainside. So if you want to see the charming beauty of this place and learn some history then what are you waiting for invite your friends now and visit Haler Baler.


Places to visit in Baler Aurora

Diguisit Beach – is a popular beach consisting of unique rock formations which are located at Sitio Diguisit, Barangay Zabali on the coastline of Baler, Aurora. It is 11 kilometers away from the town proper and it is also a surfing spot in Aurora province. This beach offers tourists majestic natural rock formations and clear seawater. The beach is a witness to thousands of years of bashing waves that shaped its stunning rock formation. Diguisit Beach is composed of rock formations including Aniao Islet which is a go-to place for rock climbing enthusiasts. It is two small islands that are naturally formed by the strong waves that slam against the seaside when the winds are so strong. It is surrounded by craggy scenery that becomes pools of cold water whenever there is a low tide in the region. The best time to go here is during the sunrise and sunset for capturing wonderful pictures. The Diguisit Beach entrance fee is 30 pesos per head. Also, visitors can rent cottages and rooms for one day or overnight which range from 750 pesos up to 1500 pesos. A lot of photographers and picture takers visit this place to have an astounding stargazing activity. Diguisit is the name of the beach because it pertains to the whole area where the resort lines up along the shoreside. It is perfect for unwinding and relaxation because it’s not crowded and the place is so tranquil. It will free your mind from all of your anxiety. Overall, I will recommend it to my circle of friends as the best side trip in Baler.

Diguisit Beach rock formation

Dicasalarin Cove – is an exclusive beach property of Angara. It is a remote paradise that can be reached through a ten-minute upward drive from Diguisit Beach. Dicasalarin Cove showcases a laid-back stretch of beach with gritty white sand, light brown colored sand, and untainted water which attract thousands of visitors every year. The cove is bordered by natural countryside that often breaks the perfect waves and it is just 10 kilometers away from the resort. For this reason, the water in the cove is smoother than any beach in the region. Dicasalarin Cove entrance fees for Costa Pacifica guests and walk-in guests range from 150 pesos up to 300 pesos. Tourists can explore the cove by having a boat ride. In addition, to have a spectacular view of Baler Bay and Dicasalarin Bay from above tourists can trek for short minutes leading to the lighthouse in Baler. From the lighthouse, tourists will embrace Baler Bay’s deep blue waters, Diguisit Beach, and picturesque seashore that extends for a kilometer on both sides. Also, visitors can feel the cool sea breeze blowing while having a picture taking. So what are you waiting for visit Dicasalarin Cove to enjoy the cool waters, flawless beach, and extravagant view of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Dicasalarin Cove

Baler Church – is also known as San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Parish which is built in the year 1611 in Sabang. According to its past history, Baler Church was built by Fray Juan Francisco de San Antonio with the help of bamboo and nipa to honor the bishop of Toulouse, San Luis. In the year 1700, Baler Church was redesigned and renovated to improve the structure. A lot of stones and rocks were smashed collectively by lime and honey. Nevertheless, in the year 1735, the church was wrecked by an enormous tidal wave. After the unexpected natural disaster, the locals rebuilt the facade of Baler Church in Barangay Buhangin where it stands today. During the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines, the Spanish armed forces made the church their barrack until they surrendered it in the year 1899. On the other hand, Baler Church was also the home of a well-known large bell called La Campana De Baler. Fray Jose de Esperagoza take it to the Aurora province in the seventeenth century. La Campana De Baler became well-known for its roaring echoing sounds that even reached the adjacent towns of San Luis and Dipaculao. During the reign of former President Manuel Quezon from the year 1935 up to 1944, the church has gone through a major refurbishing and rebuilding. Overall, Baler Church has been a testimony to various significant cultural and historical events in the region. Hence in the year 2000, the National Historical Institute declared it a historical landmark under the Presidential Decree number.

Baler Church

Doña Aurora Aragon-Quezon House – is a house dedicated to the wife of former President Manuel Quezon. It is located just beside Baler Church, Baler signage, and Museo de Baler. The entrance fee in Doña Aurora Aragon-Quezon House is 30 pesos per head. It features an ancestral house of the second first lady Aurora Quezon which has a roof made from dried nipa leaves on the corner of San Luis street and Rizal street. The house interior has a large colorful painting of former President Manuel Quezon and herself. Both of them gained the respect of fellow Baler natives and other Filipinos through their numerous humanitarian efforts in the Philippines. Aurora Quezon was the first chairperson of the Philippine Red Cross and he help Filipino women’s right to vote during the election period.

Doña Aurora Aragon-Quezon House

Sabang Beach – is the most visited place in Baler and the first place that will pop at every tourist visiting Aurora province. The wave coming from the Philippine Sea to the shoreline make it a paradise for surfers. The adventure in Aurora province will not be complete without surfing and watching the sunset painted in orange on the beach late in the afternoon. Exploring the lengthy soft stretch of gritty coastland and shallow pristine beach makes the trip extraordinary. In addition, tourists can learn how to surf by paying an affordable amount for surfing lessons with a local instructor and a surfing board. There is various shop that offers surfing lessons for beginners and intermediate surfers. In my experience, we stayed at Sabang Beach for almost three hours. Our group has wonderful sightseeing, walking, swimming, relaxation, and eating at the shoreline. Indeed, Sabang Beach is the origin of surfing in Baler because of the persistent waves that make their way to the shore.

Sabang Beach

Baler Hanging Bridge – is a long hanging bridge that connects the land on each side of the Tibag-Sabang River which includes the barangay of Tibang and Sabang. Baler Hanging Bridge has a length of 100 meters and a width of one meter. It is made of wooden timber and durable metal cable fencing that is suspended above the broad Tibag-Sabang River. Also, it offers panoramic views of the rivers opening as well as Baler Bay. Visitors can cross this hanging bridge and have a refreshing breeze. Souvenir shops can be found near the hanging bridge along the walkway and tourists can buy a local t-shirt and solid coconut curd. Around 1 pm when we have our memorable group picture taken at the I love Hanging Bridge marker.

Baler Hanging Bridge

Baler signage – is located in the municipality of Baler. It is near the Baler Municipal Hall and the historical landmark of Museo de Baler. We have our individual and group pictures taken at the Baler signage. Near the signage, diverse souvenir shops can be found along the way. In addition, the signage is the start of the walking tour inside the municipality of Baler.

Baler signage

Museo de Baler – is a historical museum which is located in the Barangay Poblacion in the municipality of Baler that showcases the history of Baler. Inside the two-story museum, visitors will see the beautiful rich culture of the province which includes Baler artifacts and commemorative paintings that feature the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines and the Baler Siege. Also, the monument of former Philippine President Manuel Quezon and his belongings can be seen here. It is a must-visit historical museum in the Philippines. The entrance fee in Museo de Baler is 30 pesos which are open from 8 am in the morning up to 5 pm in the afternoon.

selfie at the Museo de Baler

Balete Tree (Millenium Tree) – is located at Barangay Quirino in the municipality of Maria Aurora. The Balete tree is also known as the millennium tree because it is the biggest Balete tree in Asia and it is a 600-year-old. The Balete tree has a height of 65 meters or 213 feet. It is equivalent to a five-story house. It has a diameter of 60 meters and visitors can go through inside the tree. Approximately it would take sixty people holding hands with arms outstretched to encircle the huge tree. According to its glorious history, the Balete tree roots have grown above ground and in some parts of the trunk through the years. Tourists can effortlessly climb inside through a big opening and up the tree’s enormous roots. The entrance fee to the Balete tree is 10 pesos per head and the parking fee is ten pesos. According to the locals living there, there are mythical creatures living there at night. Legendary and fairytale stories say that these mythical creatures do their rituals in front of the gigantic trees as a sign of worship and thanksgiving for guidance. In my experience, this is the largest tree I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Our group which is composed of eight people fits inside the interior of the tree’s twisted roots. From the inside, it looks like we are in a different dimension because only light can fill the crack between the intertwining roots. For this reason, we take so many pictures as a remembrance of this historical tree in the Philippines. Presently, Balete Tree is one of the historical landmarks that you should visit during your historical trip to Aurora province.

Balete Tree

Ditumabo Mother Falls – is a waterfall located at San Luis Aurora that has an elevation of 140 feet. It is called mother falls because it is the grandest waterfall that can be found in the province of Aurora. This waterfall is a good side trip to Baler because it is just 15 kilometers away from the town proper and a thirty-minute drive. In order for the visitors to reach the Ditumabo Mother Falls, they will trek a 1.3-kilometer trail composed of small streams, rocky pathways, a river crossing, and a well-established trail. It will take about thirty-five minutes to reach the falls. Swimming in the rocky basin of the falls is like an ice bucket challenge because of the super cold water coming from the lush forest of Sierra Madre. In addition, mist-filled air and resounding sound can be observed while sightseeing. A tour guide is required before visiting the falls. The entrance fee is 30 pesos per head. There are restrooms and parking spaces that can be found at the registration site. Moreover, in the registration area, there are several stores that sell different locally made products such as waterproof cases and dry bags for cellphones, hiking sandals, hats, t-shirts, and shorts.

Ditumabo Mother Falls

Viewpoint, Dinadiawan White Beach – it is considered one of the longest white sand beaches in the Philippines. It has a length of 3 kilometers and it’s an awesome place to feel the beauty of mother nature. It has a high ground point for overlooking the entire view of the long stretch of Dinadiawan white beach. If you’re visiting this place please be reminded that throwing your garbage inside the beach is strictly prohibited.

Viewpoint, Dinadiawan White Beach

Ermita Hill – is a 250 step historical place located at Sitio Dicaloyungan in Barangay Zabali. From the top of the hill, visitors can get a rewarding view of Sabang Beach, Baler Bay, the Philippine Sea, and Aniao Islet. According to its history, an enormous tidal wave called Tromba Marina in the Spanish language struck the Aurora province in the year 1735. During this unexpected event, locals and residents go up the hill to seek fortress from the incoming high-rise water that was submerging the houses below. Even so only a handful of families manage to reach the top of the hill. As a result, many have died from natural disasters and a lot of properties have been destroyed. To admire the difficulty of the local native had to overcome, statues portraying each people helping hand and sacrifices were placed over the top of the hill. A bulk of artworks were put along the cemented path that guide up to the top of the hill. Also, a grotto with a white cross can be found at the end of the uphill stairway. The entrance fee in Ermita Hill is 15 pesos per head while the parking fee is 10 pesos. So take your time to snap amazing pictures before heading back down.

Ermita Hill

Sample 1 Day itinerary to Baler

Day 0 11PM – Assembly at McDonald Greenfield District 11:30PM – Departure from Mandaluyong City

Day 1 5:30AM – Arrive at Balete Park in Barangay Quirino 6:30AM – Proceed to Baler town proper, breakfast, explore Museo de Baler, Doña Aurora Aragon-Quezon House, and the historical Baler Church 9AM – Start trekking going to Ditumabo Mother Falls, swimming 11:30AM – Tidy up 12:20PM – Lunch at the small restaurant or cafeteria 1:30PM – Proceed to Baler Hanging Bridge, Ermita Hill, and Diguisit Beach rock formation 3:10PM – Arrive at Sabang Beach, surfing lesson, swim and snap photos 5:30PM – Tidy up 6:20PM – Buy souvenirs 6:40PM – Going back to Metro Manila, dinner along the way

Sample 2 Day itinerary to Baler

Day 1 5AM – Departure from Manila going to Sand and Stars beach resort in Dipaculao, Aurora 11:30AM – Arrive at Sand and Stars, lunch 1:20PM – Prepare stuff 2:30PM – Swimming time, explore the beach 5:30PM – Sunset viewing 6PM – Tidy up 7PM – Dinner and socials 10:15PM – Sleeping time

Day 2 5AM – Wake-up call 5:30AM – Breakfast and sunrise viewing 7AM – Beach bumming 9:30AM – Leave the beach resort 11AM – Arrive at Diguisit Beach, take pictures 12:10PM – Lunch 1:30PM – Visit Baler Church, Museo de Baler, Doña Aurora Aragon-Quezon House, Baler Hanging Bridge and Balete Eco-Park 5PM – Back to Manila

Note: If your group plan to explore Dicasalarin Cove make sure you allocate half a day.

Things to bring:

Hydro Flask tumblers or water tumblers Sunscreen Swimming attire Goggles (optional) Power bank Cellphone Camera drones or action cameras (optional) 2-3 sets of clothes Extra cash or pocket money Perfume and alcohol Sunglasses shade or a cap Valid ID for emergency purposes Personal medication Extra sandals Small dry bag Beach mat (optional)

How to Go to Baler

  • From Makati City, ride an MRT train or airconditioned bus going to Cubao bus station. 
  • From Cubao bus station, ride a Genesis Transport bus bound to the municipality of Baler. The bus trip will last for five to six hours depending on the traffic situation and some delays along the way.

Note: you have the option to take the other route. From Metro Manila, ride a bus going to Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija. Then from Cabanatuan City, ride a passenger van going to Baler municipality. The van ride will last for two hours. 

Reminders and Tips:

  • You don’t need to worry if you don’t bring plenty of cash with you because there are many automated teller machines (ATMs) that can be found in Baler municipality and town.
  • From the month of October up to April is the best time to visit Baler and go surfing on the perfect waves.
  • If you don’t want to do DIY (Do it yourself) then you can join an organized tour going to Baler. The inclusion in the Baler tour is a roundtrip van transfer (Manila-Baler-Manila), town tour, drivers meals, parking fee, toll fees, and fuel fee. 
  • Getting an instructor and a surfing board for one hour surfing lesson at Sabang Beach range from 350 to 400 pesos. The surfing board rental for one hour is 200 pesos, for half-day 400 pesos and for the whole day is 800 to 1000 pesos. Also, if you want a bigger wave you’ll need to rent a motorized boat to reach different surfing areas.
  • The approximated budget for one day itinerary in Baler is 2200 pesos which includes transportation and entrance fee to the historical site. 
  • Always check the weather forecast in Aurora province before making a trip. 
  • Don’t visit Ditumabo Mother Falls during the wet season or if there is any typhoon within the region.
  • Mobile signal is mostly present in Baler town proper.
  • Put your garbage or any trash in a proper manner.

There you have it, explorer. May your heart be happy and your days be bright, may your roads be smooth and your burden light, and may you find your dreams and touch a start and never forget how special you are. Altogether, I expect that this Baler travel guide has been advantageous to you and stimulated you to try visiting the place. Thanks for reading.

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Hi. I’m Jervis, a nature lover. This blog is dedicated to helping people know more about the best hiking and tourist destinations in the Philippines.

Makiling Rainforest Park marker

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Every traveler goes through a series of awakenings. The first is usually the moment when it dawns on them that they are born to wander.

Mine happened in Baler. I was a high school sophomore, attending a Boy Scout Regional Jamboree held in Aurora, which was part of Region IV-A at the time. I spent over 16 hours in a packed chartered jeepney from Batangas to Baler, my long-distance travel debut. With eyes wide open and heart full of awe, I saw Aurora as a wonderland. Our camp was set up in a clearing by the stream, in between a lush forest and an ivory coast. Over a few days, we saw our first waterfall, and enjoyed fine beaches and mountaineering trails. I was never the same again.

It’s because of this that I did not want to return to Aurora — it’s the fear of shattering a perfect image I painted in my head when I was a kid. I was afraid that, like most good things in life, Baler too has changed and it would not be the same place that I carefully guarded in my juvenile recollections. I was 13 years old then. I’m 31 now. It’s been 18 long years.

But the time to return has come.


Understanding Baler

It all started when, all of a sudden, we felt a strong desire to learn how to surf. It’s something that we had never tried before, even though we had been to a number of surfing havens around the world. Pagudpud is too far. La Union, we had just visited a few months before. Scanning the map for somewhere close, Baler was naturally brought up. For the past several years, Baler has been synonymous with surfing.

A lot has changed since my visit as a kid. First, travel time is much shorter and comfortable. From Manila, Baler can now be reached after only a 5-6-hour drive on generally paved roads. The province has also been moved from the jurisdiction of Region IV-A (Southern Tagalog) to Region III (Central Luzon).

baler travel guide 2022

It’s a small town whose recorded history can be traced back to 1609 when it was founded by Franciscan missionaries. When we were talking to locals, we noticed that they put Ermita Hill in such high regard. Our surfing instructor pointed to it proudly a few times during the session. The caretaker of the hotel where we were staying encouraged us to see it too. It wasn’t until we were there that we finally understood the significance of the place. In 1735, a tsunami ravaged the town and killed thousands. Only six families, who were able to run to the top of Ermita Hill, survived. Our guide shared that most of the population can trace their roots to any of the six families.

Today, although Baler is much more connected to the rest of the world, it remains a small town. It is the capital of Aurora but it is not a city, so don’t expect the capricious comforts or whims you’re used to in the metro. Life here is still simple and pretty laid-back.

  • Language : Tagalog mostly. But there are a few Ilocano speakers. English is widely understood.
  • Currency : Philippine peso (PhP). PhP100 = USD2, EUR 1.65, KRW 22000, JPY218
  • Mode of payment : Cash. There are a few ATMs in town so it would be best to have cash before your visit.

How to Get to Baler from Manila

The easiest way to reach Baler is by bus. There are direct buses available from Cubao in Quezon City. You have two options:

baler travel guide 2022

  • GENESIS BUS . The cheap option. Your typical air-conditioned bus that makes a few stops throughout the trip. Travel time: 6-7 hours. Fare: P550.
  • JOYBUS . The comfortable option. A non-stop bus service with more comfortable seats, much bigger legroom, blankets, pillows, and even snacks. Travel time: 5-6 hours. Fare: P750.

But there’s an even cheaper option. You can travel to Cabanatuan by bus (Another option is to travel to Cabanatuan by bus (P185) and then by van to Baler (P220).

Where to Stay in Baler

First things first: If you’re visiting on a weekend or holiday (especially in summer), you might want to book way in advance. Baler is small and rooms can sell out easily on peak dates.

The two properties below are the highest-rated on Agoda.

Budget Option: Blue Coco Baler Beach House

Blue Coco Baler Beach House, a beachfront property, has air-conditioned rooms that are good for 2pax for only P1700 per night. That’s only P850 per person.

Blue Coco Baler Beach House


Splurge Option: Costa Pacifica

If you have more moolah (money), Costa Pacifica is a great choice. It boasts excellent amenities like free wifi and a pool facing the beach. Room for 2 is at around P6350 per night.

Costa Pacifica, Baler

Photos above were provided by the resorts via Agoda.

Search for more: Baler Hotels

How to get around baler.

If you have your own car, it will be very easy to explore Baler. The roads are mostly paved, and tourist attractions are not that far apart. If you want, you can just hire a guide to give you directions and more local insights about each stop. Guide fee: P500.

Otherwise, you have four options.

  • By van . P2500 per day. Good for up to 10 pax.
  • By tricycle . Full day tour, P800 per day. Half-day tour, P300. Up to 3 pax.
  • By bicycle . Mountain bike rental, P300 per day or P35 per hour.
  • By motorcycle . Cheapest motorbike rental we found, P800 per day. Not sure if there are lower options.

Van and tricycle tours will stop at the following:

  • Ditumabo Falls

Diguisit Falls

  • Aniao Rock Formations
  • 600-yo Balete Tree
  • PAGASA Viewpoint (van, motorcycle)

Note that these rates don’t include entrance and parking fees, which we will indicate in the “Places to Visit” section below.

For short distances, you may travel by tricycle for only P10-P20 per person, depending on the distance.

Places to Visit in Baler

With the exception of Ampere Beach, all these can be visited by taking a tricycle or van tour. If your hotel is close to Sabang Beach, you can skip this and just enjoy the beach another day since it’s near anyway.

If you’re on a tricycle tour, you will need to transfer to habal-habal to get to Dicasalarin Cove or PAGASA Viewpoint because the road is too steep for trikes. Make sure you make prior arrangements.

Sabang Beach

Sabang Beach, the most accessible swimming and surfing spot in Baler. The water here is shallow but the swell strong, which makes it an ideal place to learn to surf. Here are the rates: Surfboard rental + instructor fee: P350 per hour Surfboard rental only: P200 per hour or P800 per day

You may contact our surfing instructor who was very patient with us during our session. Here are his details:

  • Ian: 09281850211

Ditumabo Mother Falls

Located in San Luis. Will require a 20-minute hike. There are food stalls (selling hotdogs, kwek-kwek, lumpia, banana cue, camote cue, etc) along the trail. You can grab a quick breakfast here on your way back. If you can, visit in the early morning to avoid the crowd.

baler travel guide 2022

Note : Some people will tell you that vans and cars are not allowed to go to the start of the trail, and only tricycles can take you there (P200 roundtrip). That’s NOT TRUE. Private cars can go.

Entrance Fee : P30 per person Parking Fee : P30 per vehicle Tour Guide Fee : P200 per guide

baler travel guide 2022

A quick, easy climb is required. But it can get slippery in the afternoon, when drenched guests have wetted the trail.

Entrance Fee : FREE Cottage Rental : P200

Aniao Rock Formations and Lukso-lukso Islets

baler travel guide 2022

Aka Diguisit Islets. A handful of picturesque islets peppering the rocky coast near Diguisit Falls.

Entrance Fee : P20 per head

600-Year Old Balete Tree

A ginormous banyan tree. You can also go inside it for a fee.

baler travel guide 2022

Entrance Fee : P15 Parking Fee : P10 per vehicle If you want to go inside the tree : P10

Ermita Hill

baler travel guide 2022

Where the six families who survived the tsunami ran to. From here, you can enjoy a great view of Baler town and Sabang Beach and other surrounding areas. The entrance fee goes to the scholarship of several students at a nearby college.

Entrance Fee : P15 Parking Fee : P10

Dicasalarin Cove

baler travel guide 2022

A private beach tucked neatly behind the hills of Baler. If you plan on visiting, you will have to register beforehand at Costa Pacifica. (The two properties are owned by the same owner.) If you want to maximize your stay here, we recommend dedicating an entire morning.

Again, tricycles can’t access this because the road is too steep so you might want to pre-arrange a habal-habal ride to take you to Dicasalarin from the trike dropoff point. Your tricycle driver likely knows someone.

Opening hours : 8am-5pm Entrance Fee : P300 (P100 for Costa Pacifica guests) Habal-habal ride : P200-P300 roundtrip

Other Baler Tourist Spots:

  • Ampere Beach
  • PAGASA Viewpoint
  • Baler Museum
  • Aurora House
  • Baler Church
  • Hanging Bridge

Where to Eat in Baler

The three food places that stood out for us are: Kublai, Bayler View, and Dialyn.

Kubli Bistro . A newly opened restaurant in Poblacion. Without a doubt, it is here that we had our best dining experience in town. The food is delish, the place clean, the servings humongous, and the service impeccable. They are proudest of their kubli rice (P345), but it was just okay. But we absolutely loved everything else we tried. Order their barbeque skewers (P275), sisig a la bopes (P230), buffalo wings (P285), and adwas iced tea (P65). Every serving is good for around 3 pax.

baler travel guide 2022

Bayler View . A simple open-air restaurant by the beach. Their menu is loaded with Pinoy and western options. Judging from the tables during our visit, Pinoy spaghetti is a favorite. But we loved their perfectly cooked Buttered Chicken, despite being too sweet for my taste.

baler travel guide 2022

Dialyn’s Bakeshop . An iconic establishment in Baler famous for their brazo de mercedes, yema swirl, asado buns, and more.

Sample Baler Itinerary with Expenses Breakdown

Here’s a sample Baler weekend itinerary. You can tweak this to fit your needs and preferences.

Note that the costs indicated here are per person. However, this itinerary assumes you’re a group of 4, splitting the bill. The cost per stop covers the entrance fee, parking fee, and guide fee (if applicable). For the breakdown, just check out at the “Places to Visit” section above.

Since there are 4 in the group and a tricycle can accommodate only 3, charter 2 tricycles so everyone’s comfortable.

Day 1: DICASALARIN + SURFING 01:30 am – ETD Genesis Bus Cubao – P550 08:00 am – ETA Baler 08:30 am – Early hotel check in or baggage drop 09:00 am – Start Tricycle Tour – P250 (P500/2 pax) 09:30 am – Transfer to habal-habal – P150 (P300/2 pax) 09:40 am – Dicasalarin Cove – P300 + P50 parking 11:40 am – Aniao Rock Formations – P20 12:00 pm – Diguisit Falls – FREE 01:00 pm – Lunch at Poblacion (end tour) 02:00 pm – Back at hotel, rest 03:30 pm – Surf time at Sabang Beach! 05:30 pm – Watch sunset 06:10 pm – Freshen up at hotel 07:30 pm – Dinner at Bayler – P200 10:00 pm – Lights out

Day 2: DITUMABO FALLS + TOWN TOUR 07:00 am – Start tricycle tour – P250 (P500/2pax) 07:30 am – Ditumabo Falls – P95 per person (parking, guide, entrance) 09:30 am – Balete Park – P30 10:30 am – Continue tour: see other stops 12:30 pm – Lunch at Kubli Bistro (end tour) – P250 02:00 pm – Back at hotel, check out 03:30 pm – Joybus to Manila – P750

If you’re a group of 4 and you stay in a quad room at Smart Beach House, each of you should prepare around P3800 . If you want to surf, add P200 per hour for the board rental.

If you have your own ride and you have a P2500 budget for gas and toll fees (divided by 4 pax), the same itinerary will set you back P2400 per person.

You can still reduce the cost by doing the following:

  • Eat at cheaper eateries . The sample itinerary above urges you to eat at Bayler View or Kubli Bistro, but there are much cheaper food places around town. P100 should be more than enough for a decent meal.
  • Wrap up your tour early so you could catch the 2pm Genesis bus to Manila instead of taking the Joybus. It will save you P200.
  • As mentioned, the cost will drop significantly if you have your own ride and your group is bigger . This way you have more to split the gas and toll expenses with.

This travel guide is a work in progress. We’ll be updating this when we remember something and every time we return. If you have more to add, let us know in the comments section below.

Updates: 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ • 3️⃣ • 2️⃣6️⃣

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[…] For Baler side trip: Baler Budget Travel Guide […]

Jhoana Bassig

Hi, my husband and I are planning to go to Baler next week. We will bring our 2 kids with us. My daughter is 7 and my son is 2. Is it hard to bring kids while touring around? For example with Diguisit Falls and Ditumabo Falls that requires a hike? I hope you can help me out. Also, is it ok to go since its December? Thank you!

Yosh Dimen

Hi Jhoana, the Diguisit hike is very, very short but steep. The waterfall is close to the road. It can be difficult if you’re with a 2yo though.

The Ditumabo hike is easy. It’s generally flat and the trail is well-trodden. There’s also a food stop in the middle.

I think December is great, but expect the water at the base of the waterfall to be extremely cold.

Jhonie Macalintal

Hi Sir! Is it possible to book on the day itself sa mismong terminal ni Genesis or Joy bus?

Yep. Unless peak season kasi konti lang seats so mabilis maubos.


Hi Good Day… ilang minutes papunta Ditumabo falls? Keri ba ng 7 years old ito? Thanks much

Mga 30 minutes lang from the parking lot. Yep, kayang kaya ng 7 years old.

Niño Jose Ignacio

Marami bang matutuluyang hotel or room kahit sa mismong araw ng pagpunta namin kami mag hanap,?

Plan for our honeymoon.

Best if you book in advance kung weekend or summer.


May nakita po kayong resort na pwedeng mag-pitch ng tent? Salamat


hi ung Diguisit hik. kaya b ito ng 4 yrs old n mataba? he he

Kaya naman, pero agahan nyo na lang para di madulas.

Benson Alvarez

Hi first time po namin gagawin na magtravel kasama ang asawa at 2 ko anak,plan po namin before end of this month,nag nquire po kasi ako sa travel agency mahal po kasi,kung directa nb kami na pumunta baler,,diba kami mahirapan pagdating don..I mean ung hanapin ung mga tourist spot sa baler,thank you

Hi Benson. Yep, madali lang po. If you don’t have your own ride, tricycle tour lang, marami nang mararating.

Kevin D.

Hi @The Poor Traveler , I’ve been following your posts and I find it very informative. Do you have a contact number of the bike rentals in Baler? Thank you

Hi Kevin, wala po eh. Shinare lang sa amin ng guide namin ung info.

Patrick Enrile

Hello! tanong ko lang po about the travel time and the pavement going to Baler? Kaya po ba ng maliit na sasakyan (Toyota Wigo with 3 passengers) yung travel coming from Manila? Not sure kung may part na matarik or rough road on the way there.

Hi Patrick, if I remember correctly, paved naman almost lahat ng dinaanan namin. May part na medyo rough, pero sandali lang yun. I think kaya naman ng Wigo.

Rommel De Leon

Hi! how about the safety & security ng vicinity ok po ba?

Jaren Cruz

ask ko lang po kung saan kame itotour ng tricycle

Hi Jaren! Thanks for this! I updated the post to include the stops.


Wow, sana binasa namin to before kami pumuta, konti lang dito napuntahan namin within 3 days. 10 kaming pumunta, mas nakakamura pag magrrent ng van kung ganito kayo karami tulad namin.

Thanks for sharing, Jobelle! Sana nag-enjoy pa rin kayo. :) Or balik kayo :)


Hi. I’m planning to visit Baler on my own sometime in October. It’s going to be my first time to travel, and a solo trip at that. Do you have any suggestion’s on what I can do as a first-time traveler?


Hi! I’m planning to go to Baler alone next week, can you give me some points on what to expect? Thanks!


Hi!ask ko lang regarding yung mode of transpo around baler. Sino pwede kausapin for the motorcycle rental na 800/day?and pwede ba to dalhin sa mga places na may parking?balak ko kasi eto nalang ang mode of transpo namin ng kasama ko around baler. Thanks!

Hi Troy, may contact yung guide namin nung nag-visit kami, kaso nawala na kasi yung phone namin na dun naka-save yung number ng guide namin. :(


Hi po, just want to ask if magcheck in kami on the spot sa resort, once na makarating sa baler my makikita po ba agad kami, we’re coming from batangas then commute lang po kami kasi masfeel namen ang magtravel na hawak namen ang oras and ano po masusuggest niyo na resort na maganda good for 4 or 5?

Thank you po

Depende. Mahirap masabi.

Pero generally, kung weekday, pwede na walang advance booking. Pero pag summer and weekend, best na meron.

anna liza b.

hello po ano po ba ang mag kakalapit na tourists destination dun… kasi two days lang kami and need pa namin mag bench marking sa mcc???

Check the sample itinerary to see kung ano yung magkakasunod and how much time you can spend at each stop.


The anecdote sold it for me. Onto Aurora we go!

It’s nice seeing a fellow Batangueño thrive on blogging. Sana mailibre kita ng kape minsan hahaha

Thanks, John! :) Enjoy Aurora!

San ka sa Batangas?


hello po. what is the contact no or where can we find a guide to hire for personal tour po? we’re planning to go this month po to baler and it’s our first time going out on vacation, 3 po kami. is it better to hire a guide than getting a tricycle tour, or is that the same thing? we’re just commuting, we don’t have our own car.

If you’re on a budget, you can just charter a tricycle. The drivers usually know where to go. Sila na yung bahala.

But if you want to learn more info about the stops, you can get a guide pero extra bayad yun. Unfortunately, nawala namin ung contact number nung guide namin. :(


Hello, yung Habal po ba available lang anywhere sa baler, or may marerecommend po kayo?

Hi Krem, dun sa paakyat ba ng Dicasalarin? Merong naghihintay dun sa entry point paakyat.

Queena Caroso

Hello po, Im planning to have a solo travel to baler this coming december. I prefer to rent a motorcycle, do you think its advisable for solo traveller?

Mukhang okay lang naman. Safe naman, I think.


do you have any recommendation po ba kung saan pwede mag rent ng motorcycle? and best/affordable hotel to stay na malapit sa beach?

josephine capistrano

balak po namin punta baler nxtweek. mga lima kame.. can u recommend us a affordable and clean transient na malapit sa beach .. tenx po


Perfect blog! 5 star for me. This blog delivers complete and itemized info about Baler. Thank you @The Poor Traveler

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Baler Travel Requirements for Tourists

Baler Bus Schedule

Dreaming of experiencing the allure of Baler ? Fret no, the Province of Aurora has finally reopened for tourism including its most popular destination Baler. The surfing paradise in Luzon now welcomes tourists provided that the following Baler travel requirements are met.

Community Alert Level

Based on latest IATF Resolution, the entire Province of Aurora including Baler is under Alert Level 1 .

Note: Only tourists from areas under Alert Level 1 and 2 are allowed to visit the the Province of Aurora including Baler.

  • For fully vaccinated travelers or those who received the last dose of COVID-19 vaccine at least 2 weeks prior to arrival: COVID-19 vaccination card or certification issued by LGU,  or legitimate vaccinating establishment
  • Medical Certificate for 5 to 10 years old
  • Approved S-PASS (
  • Booking confirmation from DOT Accredited Accommodations

For inquiries an concern, call or email at the 0907-0857947, 0966-5609375, [email protected] , [email protected] . Check out also their official Facebook Page: Baler Municipal Tourism Office – Baler, Aurora

Where to Stay in Baler

There are numerous resorts in Baler and most are located in Sabang, the famed beach of the town for surfing.

Top-Rated / Highly Recommended Accredited Accommodations

Top-rated budget accommodations, baler travel guide.

For more information on Baler, check out Baler Travel Guide .

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T he U.S. government has raised its travel alert level for Jamaica amid a spate of murders in the Caribbean nation, urging Americans to reconsider visiting the island "due to crime and [unreliable] medical services." 

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The U.S. Embassy in Jamaica warned that "violent crimes, such as home invasions, armed robberies, sexual assaults, and homicides, are common. Sexual assaults occur frequently, including at all-inclusive resorts."

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Tourism is a huge sector for Jamaica's economy, and Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett told the country's lawmakers in December that he expected a "spectacular growth pattern" seen during 2022 and 2023 to continue.

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People relax and swim at Doctor's Cave beach

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The Pinay Solo Backpacker Itinerary Blog


by thepinay solobackpacker | Sep 16, 2022 | Aurora , Baler , Hotels and Resorts | 0 comments

For a weekend or a holiday full of fun, head to Baler in Aurora province. It is best known for surfing, and Sabang Beach is the place to be if you want to learn to surf. Adding up to its allure is its dramatic coastline of cliffs shaped by incessant waves. Don’t fret if you’re not into surfing, Baler is packed with natural tourist attractions for non-surfers to enjoy.

Here’s a list of DOT-accredited accommodations in Baler.  The town is peppered with hotels and resorts for all types of budgets.


BRGY.SABANG (BALER) DOT- Accredited Hotels and Resorts

If you want to stay near Sabang Beach in Baler, then book a hotel in or near Brgy.Sabang. It is conveniently located near restaurants, surf shops, and souvenir shops. Here’s

  • Backdoor Villa
  • Blue Coco Baler
  • Charlie’s Point Oceanwave Resort
  • Hannah’s Lodge Baler
  •   Hotel ni Pepe

Baler 64 copy

  • Isaguirre’s Pension
  • Isla Virginia Resort
  • North Blue Bay Inn
  •   Oceana Lodge
  • Old Parola Seaside Inn
  • Pleasant Valley Guesthouse
  • Ver Amare Place
  • Ysraela Lodging

Baler 14 copy

Poblacion Baler DOT- Accredited Hotels and Resorts

Baler town center is a convenient place to stay, it is peppered with accommodations of all types and restaurants. Here’s some of the DOT accredited hotels in downtown Baler.

  • River Edge Transient 1
  • River Edge Transient 2
  • Hotel Rupert

Brgy.Zabali, Baler DOT- Accredited Hotels and Resorts

This area is where you can find the popular scenic beaches in Baler like Diguisit Beach, Cemento Beach, and Dicasalarin Cove. Here are the DOT accredited hotels/resorts in Brgy.Zabali, Baler.

  • Aura Marina Sands Beach Resort
  • Kahanamoku Bed and Breakfast

Baler 55 copy

Brgy.Suclayin, Baler  DOT- Accredited Hotels and Resorts

  • Casa Herminia


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  1. BALER TRAVEL GUIDE 2024: DIY Itinerary, Budget, How to Get There and

    The Ultimate Baler Travel Guide for first-time visitors by Melo Villareal 6 years ago 567.5k Views shares 2024 Budget Travel Guide to Baler, Aurora Table of Contents 2024 Budget Travel Guide to Baler, Aurora Where is Baler? Best time to visit Baler How to get to Baler From Manila Joy Bus Cubao to Baler Daily Trip Schedules and Fares

  2. Baler DIY Travel Guide 2024 (Places to Visit + Itinerary)

    1. Diguisit Beach, Aniao and Lukso-Lukso Islet and Rock Formation Diguisit Beach is also quite a spot to surf in Baler. It is situated along Cemento beach. A lot of travel photographers visit the beach as it is also a spot to do some astrophotography. There is no entrance fee to the beach.

  3. BALER TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS + List of Accredited Beach Resorts & Hotels

    1. Prepare the medical requirements for your visit. 2. Book your stay at an accredited accommodation. 3. Get a Travel Coordination Permit (TCP). 4. Enter Baler through the assigned Provincial Control Points. 5. Follow all health and safety protocols. List of Accredited Baler Resorts and Hotels Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  4. Baler Travel Guide 2023: Things to Do, Where to Stay, Insider Tips & More!

    This article is a comprehensive Baler travel guide updated in 2022. We plan to take you through every Baler tourist spot — from must-visit sites to nearby town side trips, as well as every detail you'll need in between. Basic facts Baler is the capital and the oldest municipality of the province of Aurora.


    2.Valid ID BALER TRAVEL GUIDE (DIY BALER) HOW TO GET TO BALER: Metro Manila (Cubao,Quezon City) to Baler, Aurora 1.Take a bus bound for Baler. Genesis and Joy Bus in Cubao, Quezon City have daily routes to and from Baler. You can book online ( or walk-in at their bus terminal in Cubao.

  6. Baler Travel Guide 2023: Aurora's Prime Surfing Destination

    Kayaking in Barangay Zabali. Manila to Cabanatuan to Baler Another alternative of going to Baler is via Cabanatuan City, Nueve Ecija. Several bus lines ply from Pasay, Avenida, Cubao and Caloocan to Cabanatuan daily including Genesis Transport, Five Star Bus, Baliwag Transit and ES Transport.

  7. Baler, Aurora Travel Requirements 2022

    As of March 1, 2022 the province of Aurora is under Alert Level 1 Quarantine Classification until March 15, 2022. Baler and Aurora Province are open for tourism and leisure travels. Check out the latest Baler & Aurora travel requirements and entry protocols for tourists and visitors traveling to Aurora. Who are allowed to enter Aurora Province?

  8. Baler Travel Guide : Explore all these Baler Aurora tourist spots more

    A complete Baler travel guide with all the Baler Aurora tourist spot apart from surfing. Check out the Baler Aurora Beaches, Watersports in Baler and more. Monday, December 25, 2023. ... May 5, 2022 0. Glamping at Splash Island Binan Laguna: Reasons to Go. April 15, 2022 April 12, 2022 0.


    759 Shares Baler, a town situated on the east coast of Luzon in the province of Aurora, is a well-known surfing destination because of its strategic location. It is fronting the roaring waves of the Pacific Ocean, and is cuddled by the mountains of Sierra Madre.

  10. Baler Travel Guide: Why You Should Visit This Surf Town in the Philippines!

    To give you a brief background, Ermita Hill's historical significance dates back to 1735, when a gigantic tidal wave obliterated the whole town of Baler. Only a few families were able to survive by seeking shelter and refuge on this very hill. 5. Reach the top of Baler Lighthouse.

  11. 10 Best BALER TOURIST SPOTS (History, Heritage & Surfing)

    1. Surf at Sabang Beach Locals agree that the tourism boost of Baler started in Sabang, started with surfing. Baler has become a popular surfing spot in the country, as many tourists from Manila and even foreigners spend weekends in Baler. More professional surfers also visit Baler to perfect their craft. Photo by PHILTOA

  12. BALER TRAVEL GUIDE: The Ancestral House of Doña Aurora Aragon-Quezon

    Take a transit bus from Cubao via Genesis Bus which will take you directly to Baler. These airconditioned buses has daily trips from 3Am to 7:30 Am with 6-7 hours travel time. The fare would cost you around Php550-600 per head. For those who are bringing own vehicle, you may use Waze or Google Maps for directions.

  13. BALER ITINERARY: 14 Best Things to Do & Places to Visit


  14. 2023 TRAVEL GUIDE FOR BALER: Tourist Spots + DIY Itinerary

    ABOUT BALER Baler is a town on the Philippine island of Luzon. Baler is located 244 kilometres (152 mi) north-east of Manila via a mountain pass accessible by bus and private vehicles. It is host to spectacular geographic formations and is situated on a vast plain at the south end of Baler Bay, a contiguous segment of the Philippine Sea.

  15. BALER ITINERARY: 10 Best BALER TOURIST SPOTS and Things to Do (Aurora

    Trek to Ditumabo Mother Falls Go on a Food Trip in Baler! Visit Ampere Beach in Dipaculao Climb the Century Old Balete Tree Souvenir Shopping in Baler Sample DIY Baler Itinerary (2 Days and 1 Night) Where to Stay: Hotels and Resorts in Baler When is the Best Time to Visit Baler? Baler Travel Blogs

  16. Travel Guide: Biking from Baler to Dinadiawan and back

    As of March 1, 2022, the Province of Aurora is under ALERT LEVEL 1. As of our visit this April 2022, the only requirements to enter Baler and Dipaculao were a Vaccination card (proof of full vaccination) and Valid ID. These were checked in the triage area of the bus station. We were also asked what our booking accommodations were in Baler.

  17. Baler Travel Guide 2022 : Hotels, Activities, Itenerary

    3.1 Sabang Beach 3.2 Ermita Hill 3.3 Discasalarin Cove 3.4 Balete Park 3.5 Ditumabo Falls 4 What to do in Baler? 4.1 Surf 4.2 Visit historical places 4.3 Biking 4.4 Take Photos and Videos 4.5 Water Activities 5 Where to eat in Baler? 5.1 Baler Surfer Grill 5.2 The Shack 5.3 Kubli Bistro 5.4 Madison's Cafe 5.5 The Good Food Project

  18. Baler Aurora Complete Travel Guide

    August 11, 2022 Background Baler is a popular surfing destination located in the province of Aurora in the eastern part of the Central Luzon region. It is exactly situated northeast of Luzon facing the vast Philippine Sea and it is bordered by the Sierra Madre mountain range.

  19. BALER ON A BUDGET: Travel Guide & Itinerary

    I'm 31 now. It's been 18 long years. But the time to return has come. WHAT'S COVERED IN THIS GUIDE? Understanding Baler How to Get to Baler from Manila Where to Stay in Baler Budget Option: Blue Coco Baler Beach House Splurge Option: Costa Pacifica Search for more: Baler Hotels How to Get Around Baler Places to Visit in Baler Sabang Beach

  20. Baler Travel Requirements for Tourists

    By Lakwatsero On January 19, 2022 Dreaming of experiencing the allure of Baler? Fret no, the Province of Aurora has finally reopened for tourism including its most popular destination Baler. The surfing paradise in Luzon now welcomes tourists provided that the following Baler travel requirements are met. Community Alert Level

  21. costa pacifica baler travel guide 2022

    costa pacifica baler travel guide 2022 Danielle Uy September 13, 2022. 0 0 . Danielle Uy. If Disney were creative enough to let Mulan and Melody procreate, Danielle would be that child. From an early age, she has dreamt of becoming a purposeful revolutionary... and an unruly mermaid.

  22. Baler, Aurora

    The estimated budget for an overnight Baler trip via a bus to Cabanatuan is around Php3,500.00 per person. This is assuming that there is an additional 4 meals with Php200.00 budget per meal per person. Expected costs is shown below: Five Star Bus (Cubao to Cabanatuan) - Php213.00/pax. Van to Baler - Php220.00/pax.

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    Story by Tucker Reals. T he U.S. government has raised its travel alert level for Jamaica amid a spate of murders in the Caribbean nation, urging Americans to reconsider visiting the island "due ...

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    Make sure to enter $0 (zero dollars) for last year's adjusted gross income (AGI) on the 2023 tax return. Everyone else should enter their prior year's AGI from last year's return. 4. Free resources are available to help eligible taxpayers file online. Free help may also be available to qualified taxpayers.

  25. 2022 Baler Accommodations (Dot-accredited Hotels + Resorts)

    BALER TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS 2022 BRGY.SABANG (BALER) DOT- Accredited Hotels and Resorts If you want to stay near Sabang Beach in Baler, then book a hotel in or near Brgy.Sabang. It is conveniently located near restaurants, surf shops, and souvenir shops. Here's Backdoor Villa CHECK RATES HERE or BOOK HERE Blue Coco Baler CHECK RATES HERE or BOOK HERE