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andaman tourism pdf

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andaman tourism pdf

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andaman tourism pdf

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Complete Travel Guide for Andaman Family Holidays

Updated: 29/07/2020.

The true essence of Andaman’s beauty is perfectly described by this poem. It’s a place where you can smell the sea, feel the sky and lose yourself in the astral blue waters with its gently lapping waves kindling a symphony of its own.

There is pleasure in the pathless woods,

There is rapture on the lonely shore

There is society, where non intrudes,

      By the deep sea and music in its roar,

I love not man the less, But nature more.

– Lord Byron

The Serene Sunset

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands, right in the middle of the Bay of Bengal is an Indian archipelago comprising of roughly 572 islands. Lying east of the Indian mainland, many of these islands are inhabited and open for tourists while some islands are still inhabited by tribes, who still have no contact with the other world. So they are considered the most isolated archipelagos in the world. The most attractive part of the Andaman’s is its clean blue world class beaches well complimented by the delicious local delicacies.

Alert: Click here to download a Free PDF copy of this Complete Andaman Family Holidays Guide to print or keep

Things to do in Andaman Islands with Kids

Underwater activities at Andaman Islands

The marine life is filled with such treasure that nothing beats experiencing it personally. Snorkeling lets you do just that without harming the Eco system. Andaman is filled with vibrant marine life and shallow reef areas that makes snorkeling here a must experience.

Although snorkeling activities are available around Port Blair in the North Bay, Red Skin Island, Jolly Buoy Island, Mahatma Gandhi National Park, Wandoor and Mowhadhera beach however, we found the best place to do Snorkeling at the Elephant beach, Havelock Island due to more vibrant marine life and the quality of corals there.

Check out this page for more details on snorkeling activity at Elephant beach at Havelock Island including pickup and drop from the hotel. Minimum age requirement for kids is 10 years.

Scuba Diving

If your kids are of an adventurous nature, there is no better way other than Scuba Diving to admire the colorful corals, vibrant aquatic life and seabed gardens in the crystal clear azure waters of Havelock Island, Andamans. One of the main reasons we visited Havelock Island the second time was to experience this enchanting activity in the best diving hubs of India, Havelock Island, with its glistening white sandy beaches. If you have never done Scuba Diving amid the corals before, we highly recommend experiencing it in Havelock Island. It is the best stress buster and a fun family bonding experience one could ever find. This is the Scuba Diving activity we took when we visited Havelock Island for the second time. It’s the best! The professional guide was super knowledgeable and experienced. Minimum age requirement for kids is 10 years. Pro-Tip: With easy cancellations and full refunds at least 72 hours prior the activity, it makes booking the same worthwhile to avoid hassles of cancellation later due to general uncertainties associated with family travel. 

Imagine sitting in a kayak paddling away in a water stream surrounded by lush green mangroves. The water stream and mangroves slowly opening up to the ocean. This is one of the most peaceful activities ever. It is a  perfect way to bring your stress levels down. You are surrounded by untouched nature. You also get the adrenaline rush when you finally see the vastness of the ocean while on the kayak.

Head here for more details on Kayaking along the mangrove forests at the Havelock Island.

Glass Bottom Boat Ride

For people who prefer to stay dry but still want a piece of the action, this is a perfect activity. Here they take you in the middle of the sea in a boat that has a glass bottom. The water is so clear that you can view the marine life underneath, colorful fishes, stunning coral reefs and even dolphins from the glass bottom.

Check out this page for more details on the Glass boat ride and Dolphin watching experience at Port Blair, Andaman. Minimum age requirement for kids is 10 years.

Underwater Sea Walk

Underwater Sea Walking experience at the North Bay Island near Port Blair is another exciting fun-filled adventure activity with kids. Amid the crystal clear blue water of the lagoon witness the magnificent marine life walking underwater on the seabed. Its exciting! Pro-Tip: If you are not staying at Havelock Island and experiencing snorkeling or scuba diving there, then we highly recommend taking this adventurous water activity.

Check out this page for more details about the Underwater Sea Walking experience at the North Bay Island near Port Blair, Andaman. Minimum age requirement for kids is 10 years.

Visit the famous Andaman Tourist Places

Port Blair, capital as well as the largest city of Andaman Islands has many attractions which can be easily completed in a day if planned well. What works well is a Private Half Day Sightseeing Tour which  covers the historical Cellular Jail along with Ross Island (including ferry ride and light and sound show). 

Cellular Jail (Kala Pani)


The Cellular Jail

Andaman is all about fun and frolic, but one trip to the Cellular Jail or Kala Pani brings out the patriotism in you. The infamous monument is drenched with stories of freedom fighters and their blood. The jail has been declared a National Memorial. This memorial is an architectural wonder and it amazes and disturbs you at the same. The monument is enormous but the individual cells used to house the inmates are dark, cramped and dingy.  It was really touching to read the poem written by Veer Savarkar himself, on the walls of his prison cell. The prison is built in the form of seven wings and a tower at the center. However, only three out of the seven wings stand today. It’s hard to imagine that this place was once the most dreaded place in India. This memorial has an art gallery among many other galleries, depicting the struggle of the freedom fighters. The area also houses an eternal flame burning in the memory of the freedom fighters.  

The saga of the freedom fighters is retold everyday in the Light and Sound show in the evening and is a must see.

Samudrika Marine Museum


The Naval Marine Museum

This museum run by the Indian Navy, gives an insight of the marine life found in this region. The best part about the museum is being greeted by the skeleton of a giant blue whale at the entrance. The museum is divided into 5 rooms / sections. The first room presents information about the tribes of the island. The second room showcases the underwater species. The third room depicts the colorful corals. The fourth room showcases a beautiful collection of shells. The fifth room depicts the history of the island.

Corbyn’s Cove Beach


Corbyn’s Cove

Port Blair is not known for its beaches however this small beach, 8 Kms from the main city, is a delight. It’s a small stretch of sand backed with palm trees. This beach is popular among tourists since it has many entertainment options like water sports and also restaurants facing the wide blue expanse.

When we visited this beach, there were hardly any people around. As the sun started setting, in no time the beach was filled with people in festive gear and the beach was lit in hundreds of small bonfires. They were praying to the Sun God on the eve of Chhath Puja . It was surprising to see people celebrating this North Indian festival in far off Andaman.

Anthropological Museum


An Exhibit at the Museum

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a part of India but still we know so little about them. The anthropological Museum gives us the detailed information of the tribes settled in these islands. It’s got a showcase of the first settlers here and also the present tribes, including the way they live, their culture etc. This museum is a must visit and believe me it’s quite interesting and not boring like the other anthropological museums.

Jolly Buoy Island


Jolly Buoy island is famous with the tourists, more so its a must visit place when you are in Port Blair. This Island can be reached by a one-hour ship ride from Wandoor beach which is 30 Kms south west of Port Blair. A taxi is required to reach Wandoor beach from Port Blair.

Pro-Tip: Reach Wandoor beach early as most ferries to Jolly Buoy Island leave around 9 – 9:30 am. Due to limited number of ferries and the passengers it is allowed to take, we highly recommended to arrange the permit and ferry tickets through the hotel / local travel agent. You need a Photo ID for getting a permit from the tourism department. Also, it helps in skipping the line and allows to relax and enjoy the nature. The ship leaves the tourists on Jolly Buoy Island and returns later for Pick up. This island is a environmentally sensitive zone with no plastic restriction as well. There is nothing available as such at the Jolly Buoy Island. You need to carry food, water, sunscreens and hats with you. However, at Wandoor beach you can rent empty Milton water bottles at INR 5 each on a security deposit of INR 250. You can fill them with your water and carry it on the Island. You can even submit your plastic items at the Wandoor beach.

The wide expanse of corals can be seen here via snorkeling, scuba diving and also by a small glass bottom boat. Normally while alighting from the ship the visitors are transferred to this small glass bottom boat, taken for a ride of 10-15 mins to see the corals and then dropped off to the beach. If you are not too much into water activities you can sit back relax and enjoy the view of the limitless sea meeting the cool blue sky and also the thick green forests lining it.

Jolly buoy is a no man’s land. It’s pristine, clean and untouched. It’s less crowded and the corals here are breathtaking. It is open from November to April.

Red Skin Island


On the Way to Red Skin Island

Wandoor beach, Jolly Buoy Island and Red Skin Island are all part of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park and are located in it. Both Islands are alternatively open for tourists. Red Skin Island is open from May to October and Jolly buoy Island is open from November to April.

Pro-Tip: Red Skin is not as good as Jolly Buoy Island as the beach is very narrow and it gets very crowded during peak season, in fact it can altogether be avoided if its peak season since there will be hardly any place on the beach to fit in.

Ross Island (Netaji Subhas Chandra Dweep)


Ross Island located at a distance of 3 Kms from Port Blair has a rich heritage. It was the base for the British Administration of the penal colony in Port Blair and also the capital of most of the Andaman Islands, till an earthquake destroyed it in 1941. The remnants of its prosperous past can be seen in its ruins. It’s extremely picturesque and it reminded me of the Lost T.V. series. Many deer also can be spotted here.

This island is managed by the Indian navy so they maintain a record of people coming in. They have a small post INS Jawara and also operate a museum on this island. There is a light and sound show in the evenings.

Ross Island was recently renamed as Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Dweep as a tribute to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose .

The most striking feature about Ross Island is the roots of huge trees engulfing the ruins of the once occupied houses.

Chidiya Tapu


The captivating sunset

Chidiya Tapu or Bird Point is famous for its sunsets. This island is 25 Kms from Port Blair and is well connected by road. It’s at the southernmost tip of South Andaman. The ride to reach it is amazing with thick green forests and glimpses of the sea in between. It’s an ideal picnic spot, very well maintained but with no restaurants around. It’s a bird watchers delight as many varieties of birds and also crocodiles can be seen here.  Check out this page for more details on a Full Day Private Tour to Chidiya Tapu from Port Blair.

If you are want to be a bit more adventurous, then experience trekking in the dense rainforests near Chidiya Tapu. Soak in the fresh scent of nature when exploring the rainforest along the dense trekking trail in the midst of thick canopies of Padauk trees growing in abundance. Starting the trek from Munda Pahad Beach, endemic birds and exotic animals can also be spotted while trekking your way towards the Munda Pahad hill. Its like walking into a whole new world away from the fast paced life we are accustomed to living.  Head here for more details on an expert guided trekking experience at Chidiya Tapu. The best part of this trek is getting to watch the sunset with last golden lights on the coast of Port Blair.

Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep)


The Pristine Radhanagar Beach at Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep)

Havelock Island ( Now Swaraj Dweep ) , with an area of about 113 square kilometers is one of the populated islands in the Andaman. Havelock Island is known for its pristine white beaches, crystal blue waters, green foliage lining the shores and rich corals. The main beaches in Havelock Island are Radhanagar Beach , Elephant Beach, Vijaynagar Beach and Kalapather Beach.

Havelock Island was renamed in 2018 as Swaraj Dweep as a tribute to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose .

Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach is rated as one of the best beaches in Asia in 2004, by Time magazine; and truly it lives up to its expectations. It’s truly a heaven on earth with its desolate shores lined with a fringe of green woods, the soft unfolding of the waves, and the vastness of the azure waters meeting the blue silk of the sky. In case you are not staying at the adjacent Barefoot resort , (where we stayed!) which practically makes the pristine and clean Radhanagar Beach like its private property, then you can take a Radhanagar and Kalapathar Beach day tour when at Havelock.

Elephant Beach


Kayaking at Elephant Beach, Havelock Island

Elephant Beach is a part of Havelock Island and can be reached by a 20 min boat ride from Havelock. What makes the ride enticing is that is passes through the scenic light house. This island is famous for kayaking , snorkeling and Scuba Diving due to the presence of coral reef here at a depth of less than 1 meter. This makes the Elephant beach popular with tourists. On our first visit to Havelock Island, we restricted ourselves to kayaking and snorkeling as back then we were a bit skeptical about Scuba Diving. Eventually Scuba diving turned out to be an amazing experience and us being non-swimmers did not come anyway in between the fun.

Check out the must-do activities for families with/without kids for a memorable experience: Boat Ride to Elephant Beach and Snorkeling Experience at Havelock Island , kayaking in the midst of Mangoove forests of Havelock Island and Scuba Diving .

Neil Island ( Shaheed Dweep )


Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep)

This beautiful island, located about 40 Kms. off South Andaman is a hidden gem. This Island is just 7 Kms in length and can be easily covered in 2 hours. People flock to this island for some quality time since it’s still less crowded with tourists and filled with unspoiled corals and rich vegetation. You can enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, trekking, swimming, game fishing etc.

Getting to Andaman’s

Tourism is the most significant and fastest growing sector of Andaman economy, making it an important part of local livelihood and sustenance. Slowly its emerging as a much sought after Eco friendly tourist destination making it easier for people to reach there.

Airlines like Vistara, Indigo, Air India, Spicejet and Go Air have flights operating from Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata and Visakhapatnam to Port Blair.

Important tourist place like Havelock Island (renamed as Swaraj Dweep ), Neil Island ( Shaheed Dweep ) are connected to Port Blair by regular intra-island ferry services and also by private luxury catamarans. Private tourist boats are also available for connecting the other tourist islands like Ross Island ( Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Dweep ), Viper Island from Port Blair.

Family Accommodation in Port Blair

Fortune resort bay island.

This is the perfect place to be for unwinding, with an amazing view of the Bay of Bengal, from the comforts of your own hotel room. This hotel faces the astral blue waters and boasts of an awesome view of the North Bay on one side and the Ross Island on the other side. This amazing view can be enjoyed from the rooms, the restaurant, the bar and also the swimming pool. The best part about the stay is spending hours watching the serenity of the sunrise and the sunset.

Since it’s a part of the ITC family, the hotel lives up to its expectations. The open air restaurant, Mandalay serves delectable multi cuisine food especially the local delicacies. Good food, great location, courteous staff made our stay truly memorable to this day.

Click here to check out the latest prices for Fortune Resort Bay Island.

Family Accommodation in Havelock Island

Barefoot resort.

barefoot at havelock island

The walk to the Beach

Come to Havelock Island to stare dreamily into the horizon where the sun and water meet. The only thing to interrupt you from your reverie is an occasional bark of a dog or a bird call. This is what being one with nature truly means. And imagine living in a resort that just molds itself with its surrounding, so much so that you cannot see the resort from the main road it just camouflages into nature. That’s Barefoot for you.


Built with minimalist rustic design, keeping in mind the architecture of the local tribal houses of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Barefoot is a pleasant surprise for city dwellers.

The best thing about this place is the 3 minute walk amidst greenery to reach the pristine white beach of Radhanagar. In fact it was so isolated that it felt like a private beach. The staff is attentive and they even offer packages on snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and other activities.

Click here to check out the latest prices for Barefoot Resort .

Andaman Weather

The Andaman Islands are a tropical beauty and are blessed with the South-West monsoons as well as the North-East Monsoons. It’s a perfect holiday place for sun, sand and sea. The Islands are neither too chilly nor too hot any time of the year. Moreover it does not rain here so much as to clog the roads and dampen your spirits. It’s a fine balance of all the three seasons.

Check out the latest weather report for Andaman Islands here

Best Time to Visit Andaman

December to April is the best time to visit Andaman’s for the thrill seekers if you want to enjoy the varied water sports available here. It’s the best time for diving and snorkeling.

May to December is the best time for nature enthusiasts since the greenery comes alive in the rains and also the water falls can be seen in their full glory.

Things to Carry

  • Sunscreen: This is a must for any beach holiday unless you want the sun and salt to burn your skin.
  • Sun Protection: Sunglasses, Hats are indispensable.
  • Insect Repellent: Andaman being a tropical place has its fair share of insects. Carry a repellent to make the stay bug free.
  • Beachwear: Swimsuits, flip-flops, towels, diving suits etc; make sure you carry them all as there will be lots fun filled water activities.
  • Cash: Andaman has long stretches of remote land and ATMs are not available at every corner so make sure you have enough cash.
  • Flashlight: There is nothing more satisfying that watching a sunset by the seaside but it will dark soon and there are hardly any street lights so make sure to carry a flashlight with you.

Let us help you plan your perfect holiday to Andaman

A popular saying goes “Take every chance you have as somethings only happen once in life”, only if it were true in travel. Bad planning can make even the best destinations seem inadequate. To make sure you have a great time, we can help curate a travel plan for you. Complete with accommodations and transfers. Fulfilling your budget and requirements. Feel free to  contact us.

Hope you find this Andaman Family Guide of use to you. Have you been to the Andamans with kids? Do let us know about your stay in Andaman or in case I am missing something, please contact us  or comment below and I will update this blog soon. Your comments and/or feedback are most welcome.

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Andaman has been on my family’s travel bucket list for quite some time and we will probably go there next year! I have heard a lot about Havelock Island but you’ve mentioned so many more here that I would love to go to! Also, I am hoping for my PADI certification end of this year so I guess that’ll be pretty cool. The cellular jail is also a place that’s on my visit list for Andaman. Thanks for this detailed guide.

' src=

Glad you liked the post, Medha! The clean beaches have made it our go to destination over the years. We enjoy activities like snorkeling and kayaking the most.

' src=

What an awesome place to explore! The islands in particular look like super fun to explore. The Barefoot Resort looks similar to a place we stayed in while in the Cook Islands. Love the lush landscape and how isolated it seems!

Yes Maggie it definitely is! We especially love the coral reefs and nea and clean blue sea.

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Great post about a destination that is on my top list. As you rightly said best time to visit will be near December and will want to do it around that time. Great to know flights from all major cities in India connect you to Andaman. The jail is the most interesting thing for me. Overall a great post and very detailed. Thanks for sharing

Glad you found the post of use to you, Amar!

' src=

To be honest, I had no idea where the archipelago was. I’ve heard of the islands being inhabited by natives that aren’t open for tourists. I couldn’t believe how beautiful these islands are. Sunsets over the water are just magical!

We had a great time at the Andamans. Very fond memories of the pristine beaches there.

' src=

I haven’t heard of Andaman before, but it looks lush! I’d love to visit the jail – reading your description I realized how little I know about the history of the region, and I’d love to learn more. Of course the beaches are a can’t miss too!

Even I had no clue about this amazing place before marriage. Since my hubby had been there on multiple occasions due to his profession – merchant navy, he suggested that place for our honeymoon as he was fascinated by the place and its people. It was surprising for me since being an Indian, how little I knew about this hidden gem.

' src=

I knew nothing about Andaman before this post. It sounds like a wonderful place to relax and chill. The sunsets there are beautiful!

Glad you liked the post. Hope you get to experience this amazing place soon.

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Been there, done that ! Your post, managed to refresh those cherished memories, I had from my trip to Andamans, almost 7 years back. Beautifully drafted, highlighting all the important places of interest.

Same here Arnav! We also had visited this amazing place about 8 years back and it still feels like yesterday!

' src=

Love this very detailed post. Such a time saver for someone who plans to make a DIY itinerary. I appreciate it so much. Thank you!

Thanks Clarice! That was the intention in making this post so that anyone can visit Andamans themselves.

' src=

Andaman is just awesome. The next time I find a good flight deal I should really book my tickets. There is so much to see and so much to do! Jolly Buoy island is the place I wouldn’t miss! Thanks for the tips.

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Superb post, we enjoyed each and everything as per written in your post. Thank you for this article because it’s really informative.

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Hello, This post is really nice and informative. The explanation given is really comprehensive and informative. I am feeling happy to comment on this post. good job keep it up. andaman trip andaman tour package

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Hey Thank you so much! Glad you found it informative.

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Tale of 2 Backpackers

Andaman Trip – Your Complete Travel Guide

by Agni Amrita Andaman & Nicobar

Last Updated on: Dec 26, 2022     |     

About this blog: Pristine beaches, clear blue waters and exquisite marine life – This is what we thought before travelling to Andaman. What we got after our visit was much more. This blog is a complete and comprehensive travel guide for planning an Andaman trip. This Andaman Travel Guide has tips for best places to visit in Andaman, best things to do and other important travel information. Read on to know more.

Andaman is a wonder of nature. This archipelago provides a lot of attractions for tourists and backpackers alike. Andaman has some of the best beaches, most virgin natural trails and mesmerising sunsets. The place also has an interesting history and all these reasons were enough for us to plan an Andaman trip.

Radhanagar Beach_Havelock Island

We had always been keener on visiting the mountains. So Andaman, the sea and beaches were quite fresh and lovely for us.

About Andaman & Nicobar Island

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands comprises 572 islands that lie at the juncture of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. Out of these 572 islands, only about 38 are inhabited. The Andaman group is separated from the Nicobar group by a 150 km wide channel known as the Ten Degree Channel.

The Andaman group has 325 islands while the Nicobar group has only 24 islands. North, middle and South Andaman are collectively known as the Great Andaman. The islands include Landfall Island, Interview Island, the Sentinel Islands, Ritchie’s Archipelago, Rutland Island and Little Andaman in the south, which is separated from the Nicobar group of islands by the Ten Degree Channel.

The main islands of the Nicobar group are Car Nicobar in the North, Camorta, Katchall and Nancowry in the centre and Great Nicobar in the south.

Aerial view of Andaman from flight

Interestingly, Andaman Island is closer to Myanmar (190 km) and Sumatra (150 km) in Indonesia than it is to mainland India (almost 1200 km).

The islands are quite unexplored mainly due to the distance and accessibility from the mainland. And that is where the beauty of the place lies.

History of Andaman

Usually, before visiting any place, we look at the history of the place. It helps us to understand the place and people better. Andaman trip was no exception. While delving into the history of the place, I did find out some interesting facts.

That Andaman was a British penal settlement in the colonial era is known to all, but the place seems to have historic evidence older than that period.

  • It is not actually known when the first inhabitants came to this group of islands. It is believed that Andaman had a population over 30,000 years ago. The earliest archaeological evidence dates back to 2,200 years ago.
  • In between 1014 to 1042 AD, King Rajendra Chola I of the Chola Dynasty was the first one to colonize these islands and formed a naval base to launch expeditions against the Sriwijaya Empire of Indonesia.
  • Later the islands came under Danish East India Company and were under them till 1868. Finally, these islands were purchased by the British East India Company in 1869 and they later formed a penal settlement in these islands.

Top Places to visit in Andaman Trip

We realized in our Andaman trip that the place is a delight for both conventional tourists and backpackers alike. The list of places to visit in Andaman is quite a long one, but all these are worth your time. We will start with the conventional places and then go to the offbeat ones.

1. Port Blair

Port Blair is the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Also the largest town, it is also the entry point for all the other islands. So in all probability your trip will start from here.

There are a few places of interest in the town like the Cellular Jail , Samudrika Marine Museum, and water sports complex among others. And if you want to visit a beach, you can head towards the Corbyn’s Cove Beach. You can also enjoy water sports here.

Cellular Jail_Port Blair_Andaman Travel Guide

Things to do in Port Blair

  • Visit the Cellular Jail to see and understand the struggle of the freedom fighters who were sent to this penal settlement for serving punishment. Do not miss the light and sound show in the evening. . It shows the story of the India freedom fighters and how India got independence through the light and sound show.
  • Visit the Samudrika marine museum, water sports complex to enjoy water sports.
  • Visit the Corbyn’s Cove to get a vibe of the beach.

Day Trips from Port Blair

There are a number of day trips that you can do from Port Blair, all of them special in their own. If you have adequate time, you can do all of them, otherwise choose according to your preference.

Chidiya Tapu

Chidiya Tapu is around 30 km from Port Blair and the place is famous for its sunset and bird watching. You can make a day trip from Port Blair to Chidiya Tapu.

Wandoor Beach and Jolly Buoy Island

Jolly Buoy Island_Andaman

These 2 places can also be covered on a day trip from Port Blair. Jolly Buoy Island is a part of Mahatma Gandhi National Park and the place is famous for its crystal clear water and underwater coral reefs. Boats to Jolly Buoy start at 9 am in the morning from Wandoor and come back by 3 pm. So, if you are planning to take a ride to Jolly Buoy, please reach Wandoor before 9 am.

Chatham Saw Mill

Chatham Saw Mill

Chatham Saw Mill is the oldest and largest sawmill in Asia. But this is not the only reason that you should visit the sawmill. The history of the mill starts from the time when Lt. Archibald Blair landed at Port Blair in 1789 to establish a British settlement there, more so as a deportation centre for the convicts. The sawmill was earlier used to cater to the needs of the west.

Mill Timings: 8.00 AM to 2.30 PM except for Mondays and Thursdays.

North Bay Island

Jet Ski_Water sports at Andaman

Take day trips to North Bay Island and Ross Island. North Bay Island is known for water sports. You can do scuba diving, snorkelling, jet ski, sea walk and speed boat ride here. The island is an hour ferry ride from Port Blair Jetty.

2. Ross Island (Netaji Subhash Chandra Dweep)

Ross Island_Andaman

Ross Island is another place that will leave you spellbound. This island was the erstwhile capital of Andaman until 1941 when an earthquake destroyed the island. Ross Island was the headquarters of the Indian Penal Settlement for nearly 80 years.

The island had markets, bakery, stores, workshop, water distillation plant, church, tennis court, printing press, secretariat, hospital, cemetery, open air theatre and others. Today, everything has disappeared except some old dilapidated buildings, which housed some of these landmarks.

Usually, North Bay Island and Ross Island tour is done together in a day .

3. Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep)

Radhanagar Beach_Havelock Island

Havelock Island is the most popular island and also receives the highest footfall of tourists and will be a highlight of your Andaman trip. Havelock boasts of beautiful and pristine beaches, turquoise sea and some of the best diving sites in South Asia. 

Radhanagar Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Asia. You can rent a motorbike or scooty like we did and explore the island. We recommend you to spend at least 2 nights at Havelock Island. Havelock Island is also a backpackers’ delight.

Things to do in Havelock Island

  • Visit and enjoy a great time on the beautiful beaches of Havelock Island. Visit the Radhanagar Beach during the sunset and Kalapathar beach during the sunrise. Other beaches are Vijaynagar beach and Govindnagar Beach.
  • Go for scuba diving. As already mentioned Havelock has some of the best diving sites in South Asia. It is better to take a dive from the diving schools that are near Beach no 3 & 4.
  • Laze around the Elephant Beach. Elephant Beach is about 20 minutes boat ride from Havelock Island. With white sand and beautiful coral reefs, the place is an absolute winner. Also, you can indulge in water sports like snorkelling, sea walk and glass-bottom boat ride here.
  • You can also trek to the Elephant Beach from Radhanagar village.

Planning to visit Havelock Island? Here is a complete Guide to Havelock Island with all the details.

4. Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep)

Natural Bridge_Neil Island_Shaheed Dweep

This beautiful island is a backpacker’s paradise. The turquoise blue sea waters and golden sandy beaches are a treat to the eyes. Apart from the pristine beaches, there is also a natural bridge at Neil Island. Shaheed Dweep or Neil Island is a small island and you can explore the entire island in a day on a two-wheeler. Like in Havelock, you can hire a motorbike or scooty here too and explore the island.

A visit to Neil Island or Shaheed Dweep can be done in a day trip, but staying for a night is highly recommended. Neil Island was our favourite place in the entire Andaman trip.

Places to visit in Neil Island

Visit the beautiful beaches of Neil – Bharatpur Beach, Sitapur Beach, Laxmanpur Beach and the natural Beach.

At Bharatpur Beach, you will find a diving centre. You can go scuba diving, glass bottom boat ride and snorkeling here as well.

5. Baratang Island

Baratang Island_Andaman

Baratang Island is situated between South and Middle Island. It has beautiful beaches, mangrove creeks, limestone caves and mud volcanoes. Baratang Island is about 100 km from Port Blair and it takes almost 5 hours to reach and the conditions of the road are quite poor. We are not discouraging, but visit this place only if you like to explore the unknown and are not intimidated by long hours and poor conditions of the journey.

Please note that you will need a permit to visit the limestone caves.

6. Diglipur and North Andaman

Ross and Smith Island

This is perhaps the best-kept secret of Andaman trip. North Andaman is yet an unexplored region of the island. It takes almost 12 hours to reach Diglipur by road from Port Blair. But once you are there, you will be mesmerised by the virgin beauty of the place.

Places to visit in Diglipur

Ross and Smith Island

Ross & Smith islands are actually two islands – Ross & Smith joined together by a sand bar to make a single group of islands. The water is crystal clear and the sand bar appears during low tide. During the high tide, the sand bar disappears leaving a trail of water between the two islands.

Lamiya Bay Beach: Lamiya Bay beach marks the foothill of the Saddle Peak, the highest peak in North Andaman.

Mud Volcano at Shyamnagar & Limestone cave at Diglipur: Like in Baratang, you will see mud volcanoes in Shyamnagar in North Andaman. Limestone caves in Diglipur are also known as Alfred caves and located near Ramnagar Beach.

Andaman Travel Guide_pinterest

Andaman Travel Guide

How to reach andaman.

Port Blair is the gateway to Andaman. You can reach Port Blair either by flight or ship.

By Air: You will get flights to Andaman from all the major cities of India.

By Ship: If you wish to experience the life at the seas, then you can reach Port Blair by ships that are available from Kolkata, Chennai and Vishakapatnam. It usually takes 4 days to reach Port Blair.

Flights are thus the easiest and convenient option of getting to Andaman.

Government Ferry at Andaman

Island Hopping: How to get around on an Andaman Trip?

Once you are at Andaman, you cannot escape island hopping. There are two types of trips.

Islands for Day Trips

These islands are nearer to Port Blair and you can make a day trip to these islands. Simply head towards the Aberdeen Jetty and pick up an Andaman tour packages operator to make your bookings instantly for  Andaman Honeymoon Packages  as well. Your hotels can also do the bookings for you. Ross Island, North Bay Island, Jolly Buoy Islands are some of these islands where you can make a day trip.

Islands for Night Stay

If you want to visit the Havelock and Neil Island, then you have to go to the Phoenix Bay Jetty . There are Government boats as well as private operators. You cannot pre-book in a government boat. You have to stand in a queue in the morning to book your tickets. Among the private operators, Makruzz is the best.

We had travelled in both the government ships and Makruzz. Very obviously, Makruzz is faster than the government counterparts, but what I liked in the government ferry is that you can simply roam about everywhere in the ferry and can enjoy on the deck watching the endless blue seas.

Makruzz cruise_Andaman Island Hopping

How to get around within the islands?

You can hire 2 wheelers at both Havelock and Neil Island to explore the places. Also, you can get cabs if you travelling greater distances. We had hired a scooty at both Havelock and Neil Island to move around.

Some amazing things to do in Andaman

Water sports in andaman.

Water sports at Andaman_Things to do in Andaman

Andaman is heaven for water sports. Bestowed with beautiful coral reefs and clear waters, the archipelago boasts of the best underwater activities. You can go scuba diving, snorkelling and sea walking. For water sports like jet ski ride, banana boat etc, North Bay Island is a good place. You can also do scuba diving and snorkelling here. But we would recommend you to scuba dive either in Havelock Island or Neil Island.

Scuba Diving in Andaman

scuba diving experience in Andaman

Andaman has some of the best diving sites in the country and this we have been reiterating for long. Well, it is not without reason, because the beautiful coral reefs and marine life is simply amazing. For Scuba Diving in Andaman , we will recommend Havelock and Neil Island.

If you are doing scuba at Havelock, don’t do it at Elephant Beach, but do it at the diving sites near Beach No. 3 & 4. There are a number of operators and you can take a pick. We had done with Barefoot Scuba in Andaman. For Scuba diving, don’t forget to take the guidance of certified PADI instructors.

Where to stay in Andaman?

Places to stay in Havelock_Andaman

Andaman has plenty of options for hotels and in all possible budgets. For your trip to Andaman, we would recommend you to stop for the night at Port Blair and Havelock Island. If time permits, spend one night at Neil Island too. Both Port Blair and Havelock has a lot of options. Diglipur and North Andaman have relatively lesser options. Sio it would not be a bad idea to book beforehand.

Camping at the beaches is not allowed at Andaman unless the resorts arrange it with permission.

What to eat in Andaman?

While at Andaman, it will be a sin not to try the seafood. At Havelock, you will find some great food at Barefoot Bar and Restaurant, Full Moon Café, Black Beard’s Bistro, Red Snapper and Anju-Coco Resto. Neil Island has very limited options in regards to food.

Things to eat at Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep)

Is any permit required for Andaman Trip?

Indian nationals do not require a permit for visit to Andaman.

For Foreign Nationals

All foreign nationals required a RAP (Restricted Area Permit) to visit the Andaman Nicobar Islands, which is easily available on arrival at Port Blair by flight or ship from the Immigration Authorities for 30 days subject to availability of valid visa. This is extendable for another 15 days in certain cases with permission and the delegated authority to extend permission is the Superintendent of Police, FRO/CID, Port Blair.

The Restricted Area Permit can also be obtained from the Indian Missions overseas and also from the Foreigners Registration Offices at New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata and from the Immigration Authorities at the Airport of New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.

Recently, to promote tourism in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, foreign tourists will not require RAP for visiting the following 30 Islands in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

(1) East Island (2) North Andaman (3) Smith Island (4) Curfew Island (5) Stewart Island (6) Landfall Island (7) Aves Island (8) Middle Andaman (9) Long Island (10) Strait Island (11) North Passage (12) Baratang (13) South Andaman (14) Havelock Island or Swaraj Dweep (15) Neil Island or Shaheed Dweep (16) Flat Bay (17) North Sentinel Island (18) Little Andaman (19) Chowra (20) Tillang Chong Island (21) Teressa (22) Katchal (23)Nancowry (24) Kamorta (25) Pulomilo (26) Great Nicobar (27) Little Nicobar(28) Narcondum Island (29) Interview Island and (30) Viper Island (Day visit only).

Visiting the tribal areas is strictly forbidden for both Indians and foreigners. So if anyone is trying to sell such Andaman trip, refuse.

Andaman and Nicobar Island

What is the best time to visit Andaman?

Andaman can be visited throughout the year. However, the best season of the island is from mid-November to early March. This is considered to be the best season to visit Andaman.

Network and wifi

Although you will get mobile services, the data connection at Andaman is very poor. Internet and wifi services are quite bad here. Both Neil and Havelock Islands had very poor mobile network connection also. So enjoy the place without internet and wifi. We were quite happy to spend a few days without these so-called “essentials”.

ATMs in Andaman

You will find a number of ATMs in Port Blair. Havelock too has a few ATMs near Beach No 1 or the Jetty. There are a couple of ATMs in both Neil Island and Diglipur. It is better to carry cash with you while travelling to Neil and Diglipur.

Beaches in Andaman

Is it safe to travel in Andaman?

Yes, Andaman is quite safe to travel. The island is quite a peaceful place with not many instances of problems of safety. Of late, the news of the death Christian missionary in North Sentinel Island has been going around. Be aware that a few aboriginal tribes have their home in the remote islands of Andaman & Nicobar and they have kept themselves distant from the civilization. They do not take intrusion in their land and life lightly. So as travellers, we would request you not to visit the tribal areas without a guide. Also, most of the tribal areas are strictly forbidden for both Indians and foreigners.

Secondly, do keep in mind about the safety measures at the sea. Do not go out to swim all alone even if you are a great swimmer. Also please adhere to your instructor or trainer while scuba diving and snorkeling. Stay safe and have a great trip.

Sitapur Beach_beaches of Shaheed Dweep (Neil Island)

Andaman Trip (FAQs Answered)

The best way to reach Andaman is by flight. There are direct flights to Port Blair in Andaman from Kolkata, Chennai and Bengaluru. It takes about 2.5 hours to reach. Connecting flights are available from other cities as well.

Andaman Island is known for its tranquil sea, pristine beaches, beautiful islands and water sports. Scuba Diving and snorkeling are quite well known water sports in Andaman. Havelock and Neil Islands are two best islands to visit in Andaman.

The best time to visit Andaman is between the months of October and May. During this time, the weather remains pleasant and well suited for adventure and outdoor activities.

Andaman is quite safe for both Indian and foreign tourists. The island is quite peaceful and there are hardly instances of safety and security. However, be careful while going for water sports.

5N/6D are enough to visit the main attractions during your Andaman trip. It will cover almost all the main sightseeing activities. However, if you want to explore all the tourist islands at leisure, then 9N/10D will be good.

Both Government and Private cruises are available in Andaman to get around the islands. Markuzz is one of the best cruises in Andaman. You can book your cruise tickets online.

The best things to buy in Andaman are seashell items, fishbone articles, jute items, Nicobari Mats, bamboo and cane handicrafts. You can also buy Pearl jewellery, ornaments made from shells, coconut carved decoration items, sarongs, hats, jute bags and spices as well.

It is better to obtain a receipt and keep them with you while buying expensive items from Andaman. These receipts are often inspected during checking-out at the airport.

It is better to wear light cotton clothes on an Andaman trip. Do carry your sunglasses, hat or cap, sunblocks and sunscreens to save from the sun. For shoes, it is better to wear flip flops, slippers and light open shoes. For water sports, carry your swimwear.

That is all from our side for your visit to Andaman. Book your tickets to Andaman for enjoying the most memorable experience. Believe me, visiting this beautiful island and discovering its secrets is going to be quite exciting! If you like the post, please let us know by commenting below. And share the post with your families and friends. Pin it for a later read.

Places to visit in Andaman_pinterest

Reproduction of the content, including the photographs without prior consent/permission of the writer and photographer, is not encouraged at all and a violation of the same will attract legal action. If you need anything, Contact Us .

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Thank you Neha for your comment. It is better to pre-book now. Hope you have a lovely trip.

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4. Is advance booking needed for any of the above?

Please reply at the earliest

Sea walk is better in Havelock Island/ Sea walk charges will be around INR 3000-4000 per head. Though we are not sure about the exact charges now. Days will be sunny. I dont think it will be that hot in February. No advance booking is needed. Hope these answers your queries.

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A first-timer’s guide to India’s Andaman Islands

Isabella Noble

Oct 29, 2019 • 7 min read

andaman tourism pdf

Glittering salt-white beaches washed by teal shallows, swirls of ancient, often-impassable jungle, hot-pink sunrises over spindly coconut palms – the Andaman Islands , scattered like pearls in the twinkling Andaman Sea, remain a tantalising mystery to most travellers.

Two men paddle in the shallows of an otherwise empty beach on Havelock Island, which is part of the Andaman Islands archipelago. The white-sand beach is backed by forest.

Remote and still a challenge to reach, the dreamy Andamans lie geographically closer to Myanmar and Indonesia than the rest of India (1370km to the west), and are populated by both South and Southeast Asian settlers, and (sadly threatened) indigenous tribal communities. Together with the off-limits Nicobar Islands (south of the Andamans), the archipelago comprises 572 islands, with just a handful accessible to visitors. Those that do make the long journey here will find an alluring laid-back vibe, a compendium of India’s best beaches and some of the finest diving and surfing in Asia.

Considering a visit? Covering everything from how to get there to where to stay, here’s our guide to visiting the Andaman Islands for the first time.

A group of Indian children playing in the shallow turquoise waters near the Havelock Island jetty.

How to get to the Andaman Islands

There are no international flights to the Andamans, so you’re looking at a domestic flight into Port Blair from mainland-India cities such as Chennai , Hyderabad , Mumbai , Delhi or Bengaluru . It's also possible to reach the islands via the original route: by sea. A few ferries rattle across the Bay of Bengal to Port Blair from Chennai, Kolkata and Visakhapatnam , though timings are unreliable and distances long.

The requirement for foreigners to have a Restricted Area Permit (RAP) to visit the Andamans was overturned in 2018. Now travellers can visit 29 inhabited and 11 uninhabited islands without permits, including Havelock Island, Neil Island, Long Island, North Andaman, South Andaman, Middle Andaman and Little Andaman (though always excluding tribal areas).

Best time to visit the Andaman Islands

December to March are the top months for warm, sunny weather, good transport links and the best diving conditions, and you’re also likely to spot turtles nesting on Middle and North Andaman. The shoulder months of October, November, April and May are less reliable weather-wise, though accommodation prices drop, crowds are down and there’s consequently less strain on the natural environment.

The shell of an old Protestant church built of stone masonry, with windows made from Burma teak, that still stands on Ross Island in the Andamans. The church is missing its roof, and through the hole - and window gaps - the green jungle is visible.

An overview of each of the islands

Everyone’s first (ahem) port of call is the bustling provincial capital Port Blair , on South Andaman. While in town sorting out travel arrangements, it’s worth exploring the chilling British-built 1906 Cellular Jail National Memorial , where political prisoners were once held, and the jungle-wreathed Victorian British–style ruins on Ross Island (Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Dweep), the islands’ colonial-era administrative headquarters until 1941. But the best of this region is out in the wild: the 280 sq km Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is a popular day trip from Port Blair (permit required). 

Where to stay: Andaman Homestay , Port Vista and Lalaji Bay View are reliable budget-to-midrange picks. Towards the upper end, go for Fortune Resort Bay Island or Sinclairs Bayview , both with sea panoramas.

Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep)

When people rave about the Andamans, they’re often talking about dazzling Havelock Island , the most developed of the islands. Silky beaches backed by thick rainforest melt into sparkling turquoise water, and the diving and snorkelling here rival the very best in South Asia. Established operators such as Dive India , Ocean Tribe and Barefoot Scuba lead you through underwater depths to spot wrecks, sharks, rays, turtles, schools of snapper and more.

Post-diving, laze away your days catching the sunrise at Kalapathar , swimming at sheltered Neil’s Cove and strolling along fabulous Radhanagar , one of Asia’s most spectacular beaches, before settling in for home-cooked Indian-international dinners, perhaps at Full Moon Café or Anju-Coco Resto . For something more active, hike into the lushly forested interior and to Elephant Beach , or join a kayaking expedition through the mangroves.

Where to stay: Eco-conscious British-run Jalakara offers boutique seclusion, a seductive infinity pool and seven uniquely designed rooms amid betel-nut trees and banana palms. Just back from Radhanagar’s sands, ecofriendly island original Barefoot at Havelock has graceful bamboo, timber and tented cottages. Budget-friendly haunts include Emerald Gecko’s beachside huts; Flying Elephant , with its bungalows overlooking electric-green rice paddies; and backpacker favourite Green Imperial . Most dive schools have simple accommodation.

A huge, admittedly slightly terrifying, spotted fish swims towards a diver off the coast of Havelock Island. In the background a reef is visible with smaller fish swimming around it.

Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep)

A few notches down in busyness from its sister Havelock just north across the water, Neil Island is a delightfully easy-going, pancake-flat world of rice fields, palm trees, rocky beaches, a small bazaar and a sleepy jetty that leaps into action when ferries arrive. Budget travellers head here for the rustic beach-hut vibe that originally lured people to Havelock (though mainstream tourism is on the rise on Neil, too). While Neil’s beaches aren’t fantastic for swimming, there’s excellent diving courtesy of pioneering schools like India Scuba Explorers and Dive India (you might even spot a dugong!). 

Where to stay: Fuss-free bungalows such as Emerald Gecko , Breakwater Beach Resort and Kalapani epitomise all that’s wonderful and laid-back about Neil. Waterside SeaShell is arguably the island’s most upmarket stay.

Little Andaman

The kind of deliciously isolated place mentioned in hushed whispers among enamoured travellers, Little Andaman is the southernmost island that it's possible to visit in the Andamans. It's bordered by powder-soft, sun-dusted white beaches, tangles of mangroves and tumbling teal waves that make for some of India’s most terrific surf, especially at sweeping Butler Bay and from February to April. Around 130km south of Port Blair, Little Andaman suffered serious casualties during the 2004 tsunami, but has since bounced back and now ranks among the most enticing destinations in the Andamans. Around 25 sq km of the island is a protected, off-limits tribal reserve for the indigenous Onge people.

Where to stay: Most accommodation is of the budget beach cottage genre; try Hawva Beach Resort or Ieshika Resort, just back from Netaji Nagar beach. Many guest houses rent surfboards.

American surfer Sean Hayes rides a wave off the coast of the Andaman Islands

Middle & North Andaman

Few travellers tackle the long journey north from Port Blair to Middle and North Andaman, but venture here and you’ll uncover outstanding snorkelling, pristine honey-gold beaches, impenetrable primeval jungle, a world-renowned turtle-nesting site, a string of eerie limestone caves, a smattering of serene offshore islets, and much more.

Kalipur beach  (just outside the Andamans’ second-largest settlement, Diglipur, in far North Andaman) is believed to be the only place in the world where leatherback, hawksbill, olive ridley and green turtles nest on the same coastal stretch (mid-December to March or April). There is simple accommodation at Kalipur, from where hikes up the Andamans’ highest mountain, 732m-tall Saddle Peak , can also be arranged.

In the remote area around Mayabunder, on Middle Andaman, you can stay amid glinting rice fields with a local conservationist family at self-sufficient Ko Hee Homestay , heading out on wildlife-spotting treks and learning about traditional crafts. Or get away from it all with a spell on quiet, untouristed Long Island, just off Middle Andaman, where bamboo-clad Blue Planet is the only place to stay.

A view of a rock formation on the beach of Neil Island. The rock has been eroded to form a large arch, spanning a section of the rocky beach.

Getting around

Once you’ve made it to Port Blair, the only way to reach most of the other islands is by ferry. Government ferry tickets are released just three days ahead (it can be a scramble at ticket offices!); tickets aren’t available online and you’ll need to ask locally for schedules (there’s an information office at Port Blair’s Phoenix Bay Jetty). Buses trundle north from Port Blair through Middle Andaman and on to Diglipur on North Andaman – cheap, though time-consuming!

Thankfully, Havelock and Neil are also linked to Port Blair and each other by private ferries operated by Makruzz , Green Ocean , Sea Link and ITT Majestic ; these usually open for bookings (including online) at least a month ahead, making them the easiest option for travellers. On most islands, hiring your own bicycle or motorbike is the best way to explore.

Visiting the islands responsibly

The Andamans’ fragile ecosystems and small, isolated communities remain seriously at risk from tourism (and other) development. Divers and snorkellers can help by choosing environmentally responsible operators, ensuring reefs aren’t damaged (by flippers, or by touching marine life etc), while more general practices include minimising single-use plastics, clearing any rubbish encountered, not removing shells from beaches, and supporting hotels, shops and restaurants committed to a green ethos. If you’re looking to donate your time, the NGO Reef Watch Marine Conservation accepts volunteers. 

Meanwhile, for both safety and dignity, the islands’ indigenous tribal communities live in regions off-limits to visitors. Heartbreakingly, many groups have become extinct in the last century, and there are serious repercussions for anyone caught trying to access these restricted areas. 

It’s also worth noting there have been several fatal crocodile attacks in the Andamans in recent years: check locally as to where it’s safe to swim and keep out of the water at dawn and dusk. 

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Jolly Buoy Island

Cellular jail, north bay island, ross island, corbyns cove.

  • Chatham Saw Mill
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  • Wandoor Beach
  • Mount Harriet
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Radhanagar Beach

Elephant beach.

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Bharatpur beach, natural rock.

  • Sitapur Beach

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Little Andaman

  • Karmatang Beach
  • Avis Island
  • German Jetty

Barren Island

Havelock (swaraj dweep), neil (shaheed dweep), long island, green ocean 2, green ocean 1, itt majestic.

  • From Port Blair To Havelock (Swaraj Dweep)
  • From Neil (Shaheed Dweep) To Port Blair
  • From Havelock (Swaraj Dweep) To Neil (Shaheed Dweep)
  • From Neil (Shaheed Dweep) To Havelock (Swaraj Dweep)
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Location based, sightseeing, popular routes.

andaman tourism pdf

  • How to reach
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Andaman and Nicobar Islands - A Detailed Guide

Andaman Islands tourism is a perfect destination in India that covers many aspects of a travelers requirements. Be it a solo, family, adventure or a honeymoon traveler coming to the Andaman Islands, Andaman Tourism has to offer everything to each segment of travelers. The island has gained quite a lot of popularity among travelers who are looking into both leisure and adventure trips in India. The underwater experience in Andaman is quite unique and still in its pristine state. The different shades of green can actually be seen in the Andaman Islands. The tourism at the islands has seen a steep increase for the past 2 - 3 years. With the international airport expected to be operational from 2022, Andaman tourism will start getting international travelers.  

andaman tourism pdf

Operational Islands in Andaman Tourism  

The Andaman Archipelago has over 570 islands out of which only 36 are inhabited. Andaman Island tourism offers varied kinds of experiences for travelers on a visit to the islands. Please note that tourism is open only in the Andaman Islands and is closed for the Nicobar Islands . Nicobar Island entirely falls under the tribal restricted area and travelers are to visit Nicobar without valid and permissible reasons.  Even the Andaman Islanders cannot go to the Nicobar Islands without government orders. The government employees are posted in Nicobar which is the only way they can see Nicobar in their lifetime. However, lately, discussions are underway were some parts of Nicobar to be open for tourism purposes as well. Let's see over time if anything positive comes out from Nicobar tourism as well. We will discuss the Nicobar Islands separately.

Major Islands that are open to tourism as of 2023 :  

  • Port Blair - Know More
  • Havelock Island - Renamed to Swaraj Dweep in December 2018 - Know More
  • Neil Island - Renamed to Shaheed Dweep in December 2018 - Know More
  • Baratang Island - Know More
  • Rangat - Know More
  • Mayabunder - Know More
  • Diglipur - Know More
  • Long Island - Know More
  • Little Andaman - Know More
  • Barren Island - Know More  

andaman tourism pdf

Brief History of Andaman Tourism  

The Andaman Islands were accessed as a trade route by the British who later settled down here for a while before converting the island into a place for punishing the convicts. They built the Cellular jail and the island was mainly used for exiling the freedom activists from the mainland. The Cellular Jail became a hub to transfer prisoners from mainland India to a remote location such as the Andaman. The islands were earlier known as Kaalapani (Black Water) because of the harsh punishments that Indian freedom fighters had to go through . Today, this jail is a National Memorial that can be visited when you are in Andaman. The British had set up a colony at  Ross Island  from where they used to govern the entire Andaman Islands. This colony was also said as the Paris of the past because of its well-planned architecture that helped the British to govern the entire Andaman Islands with much ease.  In 1941 an earthquake hit the islands which led to the devastation of Ross Island. The British then moved to Port Blair for a brief period. A few years later the Japanese took over the Andaman Islands from the British during World war II. World war II  ended in 1945 and then the islands became a part of India in 1947. The era of the Japanese occupation has also left a bad mark on the people of the islands. It was one of the toughest periods as said by many locals who survived the era of Japanese occupation on the Andaman Islands. Ross Island has been renamed Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Island in 2018 , and   is still present where we can visit to see the ruins of the colony that was built by the British. This island is one most recommended places to visit in Andaman Tourism. Read more about the history of Andaman .  

andaman tourism pdf

Andaman Islands Post Independence

The island slowly recovered from its past anguish and started welcoming people gradually for both settlement and tourism. People from all parts of India are currently settled in Andaman Islands. We say Andaman as a mini India because of its cosmopolitan environment. Major settlement of the people is from Tamilnadu, West Bengal, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. Know more about the people in Andaman Islands . The people of mainland India initially feared to enter the island post-independence as the Kalapani horrors haunted them for quite some time. Eventually, people started visiting the islands to make a living and later started promoting tourism across India.   Andamans Islands has white sandy beaches, dense emerald forests and rich biodiversity  that attracts tourists from all parts of the world. Also, the island is a place of great historical significance and has a lot of historical evidence of the British colonization.  

All major sightseeing places have been well maintained for tourists to come and visit.

andaman tourism pdf

Tourism in Andaman is taking shape

At present, the Andaman Islands have tourists traveling from domestic and international platforms. People from all over the globe visit Andamans annually and it has become a favorite destination to a lot of travelers.

The Andaman administration has worked hard over the years on providing the best of facilities to the tourists visiting the islands. They have developed tourist infrastructures that suit all your needs and all the amenities are improved to provide you with comfort throughout your journey. The islands can be accessed via air and sea only. Numerous aircraft and ships keep traveling from the major cities to the islands regularly. Refer How to reach to know about various ways to reach Andaman and Nicobar Islands .

The islands prefer to promote themselves as an eco-friendly destination, and are inclined towards maintaining their natural resources.  Andaman has a rich biodiversity that in itself is a major tourism booster. The island has both basic and modern amenities to cater to the requirements of all kinds of travelers. In the coming future, various new islands with private pool villas as per international standards are expected to come up in Andaman. The tourism authority of India and the island maintain the islands well and keep them away from exploitation.

Major Island Connectivity under the Tourism

The top islands in the Andaman are Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island. All these 3 islands are well connected with  Private ferries  . Other islands in the Andaman archipelago can be reached via Government Ferry  The major attractions are the beaches and water sport activities . Swaraj Dweep (Earlier known as Havelock Island ) houses the 7th best beach in the whole of Asia that gathers tourists from around the globe every year. Lately, Radhanagar beach in Andaman was awarded the prestigious blue flag certification in 2020.

The best way to reach Andaman is via a flight connected through mainland India. You can book your flight to Port Blair with Kayak as it offers various alternatives at a low cost.  Over the years tourism in the islands has boosted rapidly and people keep visiting it to experience the charm of this spectacular island territory.

The island that was once feared and was a nightmare to many people is now an island that is loved by all and visited by many. Even with the growing competition the Andaman Islands tourism stands out and has an increasing number of tourists coming in for its charm.  

Do we recommend Andaman as a Tourism Destination?

Andaman Island is one of the best tourism destinations in India, and we recommend travelers to make a visit here once in a lifetime. Its safe, pocket-friendly and offers varied kinds of experiences. Andaman as a tourist destination offers something to everyone. The only drawback that we may say is that the island does not support much nightlife. However, slowly various tours that are conducted at night are coming up. One such activity is the night cruising in Andaman  also known as the Dinner cruise.

andaman tourism pdf

The Island is preferred by all types of tourists (Couples, Family, Friends, and Solo). The tourism industry has evolved to a great extent in the years and has achieved a lot of accolades and has captured the favorite destination in many people’s hearts. With the growing popularity and an upcoming International Airport, we see Andaman tourism shining bright in the days to come.

Popular Islands

Port Blair

Places to Visit

Radhanagar Beach

Trending Activities

Scuba diving for non swimmers.

Scuba Diving For Non Swimmers

Boat Scuba Diving in Andaman For Beginner

Boat Scuba Diving in Andaman For Beginner

Sea Walk in North Bay Island

Sea Walk in North Bay Island

Semi submarine ride at Havelock

Semi submarine ride at Havelock

Popular Beaches

Corbyns Cove

Popular Sightseeing

Private Cab Tour To Baratang - Limestone Caves and Mud Volcano

Private Cab Tour To Baratang - Limestone Caves and Mud Volcano

Ross Island and North Bay Island(Coral Island)

Ross Island and North Bay Island(Coral Island)

Elephant Beach Snorkelling Trip at Havelock

Elephant Beach Snorkelling Trip at Havelock

Sightseeing To Cellular Jail and Light and Sound Show

Sightseeing To Cellular Jail and Light and Sound Show

Cab From Port Blair to Diglipur Via Baratang, Rangat and Visit Ross and Smith Island - 3 Days (Cab Only)

Cab From Port Blair to Diglipur Via Baratang, Rangat and Visit Ross and Smith Island - 3 Days (Cab Only)

Chidiatapu Sunset Tour

Chidiatapu Sunset Tour

Sightseeing to Corbyns Cove Beach, Cellular Jail and Light and Sound Show

Sightseeing to Corbyns Cove Beach, Cellular Jail and Light and Sound Show

Full Day City Tour, Carbyns Cove Beach and Shopping Tour

Full Day City Tour, Carbyns Cove Beach and Shopping Tour

Offbeat islands.


Popular Cruise

Green Ocean 2

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Profile image of G. Mehul Krishna Kumar

2018, International Journal of Scientific Research and Review

Traditionally, marketing is considered as a hurdle for sustainability in not only for tourism industry but also for other industries that includes manufacturing and trading. Marketing sustainability can also be achieved by looking at traditional conservation practices. The present paper provides an introduction on how the 10 Ps of marketing mix can be used to develop sustainable tourism with respect to Andaman and Nicobar islands. Further certain recommendations are provided to the stakeholders associated with the tourism sector to incorporate them for the future existence of the natural attraction. This marketing perspective gives a one way view to the issues pertaining tourism and provide certain measure to support sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism practiced for marketing a destination will ensure the long livability of it. Developing Andaman and Nicobar islands as a sustainable tourism destination will make sure that this mesmerizing landscape of Mother India strives its way for future generations providing a centre of harmony and piece for the visiting tourist even in the upcoming future.

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Interal Res journa Managt Sci Tech

Tourism has a crucial role to play in booming the economic condition of the Islands. It has great significance with regard to foreign relations. There are strong cultural roofs in tourism industry. The three important sectors contributing a lot to the growth of Andaman & Nicobar Islands economy are Agriculture, Horticulture, Fisheries, Floriculture, and off course Tourism. Out of which Tourism can be regarded as the largest and fastest contributor. It has assumed very high significance in the development of the economy, exchange of knowledge, technology, marketing, commerce and industrial exhibitions and these are considered to be the major factors generating the demand for tourism. Bigger planning and management is in dire need to control the tourism industry, and more important, to protect and conserve the biodiversity of tourist places. Dealing predominantly with such serious issues, sustainable tourism comes in great handy, as it is all about conserving the resources,

andaman tourism pdf

Dr. Adarsh Batra

The levels of marketing, quite often blamed for changing consumer attitudes, promote a materialistic society where status is derived more from the number and type of destinations we visit and leisure activities we undertake, rather than how good we are as caring members of society. Tourism organizations have continued to encourage ‘anyone and everyone’ to visit a particular region, irrespective of how these individuals may behave when they arrive. As we move into the twenty-first century, there is a growing concern for the protection of the environment and the adoption of business policies that will enable to the earth’s resources to be sustained. The new environmentally aware values now emerging are challenging the underlying concepts of marketing. This paper attempts to put forward measures that can be applied to ensure sustainable tourism through marketing strategies suppress or alter demand once critical limits are approached or have in fact been exceeded. * Dr. Adarsh Batra is ...

Ahmad Khalid Mohammadi


Estela Marine-Roig

In this article, we introduce the themes and approaches covered in this special issue on Sustainable Tourism Marketing. Its objective has been to analyze the main contributions made as a result of research related to sustainable tourism-marketing management and current trends in this field. This issue has gathered articles about the marketing of destinations and the marketing and communication management of companies and tourism organizations from a sustainable tourism perspective. This editorial piece provides a useful introduction to the relationship between tourism and sustainable marketing management that can be used by researchers and practitioners to develop tourism marketing strategies from a sustainable perspective.

Simone Sacchi

ABAC Journal

Deborah Awuah


Given that tourism is growing greenhouse gas emissions and making a negative contribution to environmental, social and economic changes at destinations, the positive potential role of tourism marketing on how it contributes towards sustainable tourist destination has become an important consideration. A literature review is not only a crucial effort for any academic research, but also the groundwork and stimulus for substantial useful research. This article aims to use the lens of tourism marketing to explore the attitudes, knowledge and behaviour of tourism marketer`s towards sustainable destinations. Little effort has been taken to methodically examine the gigantic tourism marketing related literature so as to facilitate a better understanding of its role in sustainable tourism. To effectively review this aspect, a content analysis was undertaken using various keywords in four online electronic databases from 2012-2016. Based on 22450 article results, it was discovered that there ...

hunar mohammed

Xavier Font

Tourism marketing has typically been seen as exploitative and fuelling hedonistic consumerism. Sustainability marketing can, however, use marketing skills and techniques to good purpose, by understanding market needs, designing more sustainable products and identifying more persuasive methods of communication to bring behavioural change. This article summarises the latest research on the theories, methods and results of marketing that seeks to make tourist destinations better places to live in, and better places to visit. It explores sustainability marketing’s two fundamental approaches, that of market development, using market segmentation, and that of sustainable product development. It introduces a Special Issue of the Journal of Sustainable Tourism on sustainable marketing, sharing evidence on the motivations, mechanisms and barriers that businesses encounter, and on successes in changing consumer behaviour and pursuing sustainability goals. Particular attention is given to the methodologies of sustainable tourism marketing, to the subject’s breadth and complexity, and to its many innovations. Further research is called for to fully understand what contextual aspects influence these prosustainability interventions to achieve which outcomes in other settings, in order to validate some of the exploratory studies discussed, and establish the feasibility of scaling up pilot studies for more general use.

Russian Journal of Agricultural and Socio-Economic Sciences

Made Budiarsa


nayumy rodriguez


Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise

S.michal Jazwinski

Health expectations : an international journal of public participation in health care and health policy

Sanjeeva Ranasinha

Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology

Tanmay Kulkarni

Kindheit und Entwicklung

Barbara Steck

Os desafios dos profissionais jurídicos do mercado automotivo no ESG e eletrificação

Thiago Henrique Bueno Vaz

Seybold The Report


Zprávy památkové péče

Environmental Research Letters

Kun Yang , Guojie Wang

Carol Ptacek

Scientia Horticulturae

Fábio Gomes

Bangladesh Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research

Israt Jahan

Hanna Liberska

Cadernos de Estudos Linguísticos

Matheus Mafra

Acta Crystallographica Section E Structure Reports Online

Hongtao Wei

Journal of Clinical Dermatology

Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Data Science for Macro-Modeling

Louiqa Raschid

Alfons W J Bruekers

Hüseyin Baskın

Sarah Ahmed

Türkiye klinikleri tıp bilimleri dergisi

Hülya Tireli


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States › Andaman & Nicobar


One of the union territories of India, Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a breathtaking archipelago located in the Bay of Bengal. The exotic beaches blessed with coral reefs and amazing marine life making the landscape breathtakingly exquisite, cater a perfect beach holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. This group of islands is an empyrean for both nature admirers and adrenaline junkies alike.

Capital: Port Blair Location: Bay of Bengal

Best Time to Visit Andaman:

Planning a holiday tour to Andaman & Nicobar Islands during the months of December to February (winter season); during April to June (summer season) or May to September (monsoon season) is considered to be best.

Why Visit Andaman:

Beaches, Water sports, Honeymoon, Luxury Tours, Trekking


24°c to 33°c.

Summer April - June

22°C - 35°C

Monsoon May - September

20°C - 30°C

Winter December - February

Let us Plan Your Trip

Popular Island in Andaman & Nicobar Island

Port Blair, Andaman Nicobar

Havelock Island

Neil Island, Andaman Nicobar

Neil Island

Baratang Island, Andaman Nicobar

Baratang Island

Long Island, Andaman Nicobar

Long Island

Barren Island, Andaman Nicobar

Barren Island

Ross Island, Andaman Nicobar

Ross Island

Viper Island, Andaman Nicobar

Viper Island

View More

An Insight into Andaman & Nicobar Tourism

Andaman Nicobar Islands are located in the Bay of Bengal. The area encompassed by these islands is 8249 square kilometers in which, 8211 square kilometers is rural. The Union Territory is home to tribes like Great Andamanese, Onge, Jarawa, Sentinelese, Nicobarese and Shompen. The major Andaman and Nicobar Islands’ religion is termed as animism. As per this religion of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the sole deity responsible for everything that happens in the world is Paluga.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a group of 3000 islands, which includes chain of mountains and ridges with moderate heights and gradients that are indeed the major tourist attractions here. The geography at Andaman and Nicobar Islands states that the archipelago comprises of North Andaman, South Andaman, Middle Andaman, and Little Andaman in the Andaman group of islands, as well as Great Nicobar, Nancowry, Car Nicobar, Chowra and Katchal in the Nicobar group of islands. Amongst all the islands, Great Andaman and Ritchie Archipelago are the top tourist destinations with some surreal beaches for the holiday. Andaman features thrilling watersports like snorkeling, sea walks and scuba diving amongst several others in many of islands’ beaches, hence calling adventure junkies from far and wide. Visitors would also enjoy their time basking in the sun on the white sandy beaches overlooking the azure blue waters while sipping on a refreshing drink. Witnessing the sunrise and sunset is certainly an unbeatable experience, which indeed adds to a memorable beach holiday here.

The tourism of Andaman is not only confined to a memorable beach holiday as the archipelago is also blessed with lush flora including evergreen tropical rainforest canopy making a holiday for nature lovers quite a memorable one too. These forests engross an assorted a jumble of Indian, Malaysian and indigenous floral stretches that attract a lot of wildlife lovers. There are more than 2000 varieties of plants found here. These islands are extremely profuse with fauna and around 50 species of forest mammals are found here among which 26 rat species and 14 bat species are primarily notable.

Other than these, the prominent mammal species that can be spotted here are Sus Scorfa (wild pig), spotted deer, barking deer feral elephant, etc. Butterfly, moths and shells also increase the charm of nature's exquisiteness in Andaman and Nicobar. Coral reefs and marine life of this archipelago is a prominent factor attracting the tourists from all around the blue planet.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are ideal for family tours, honeymoon couples as well as solo travellers as well . The contiguous areas of the seashores are marvelous that allure beach lovers a lot. Moreover, many exemplifications of architectural brilliance are also found here. Therefore, history buffs also has ample to explore here as well. Some of the best places to see in Andaman and Nicobar Islands are Neil Island, Havelock Island, Long Island, Cellular Jail, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Anthropological Museum, Indira Point, Car Nicobar, Katchal, etc.

There is indeed no scarcity of adventure activities to do in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. There is a plethora of things to do here thus making the trip congenial and gratifying. Multitude of adventure activities are offered here. The top attractions for adventure here are Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Camping, Surfing, and Trekking. Being blessed with sublime landscapes and equipped with beautiful markets, Andaman and Nicobar Islands are perfect destinations for sightseeing and shopping. In addition to this, Island Tourism Festival is celebrated in Port Blair for 15 days between December and February attracts the tourists to witness exuberance.

We, at Tour My India would be happy to help you enjoy your Andaman tour, and therefore, offer to you best holiday packages and a detailed travel guide. With our best travel packages, you can rest assured for a hassle free and memorable holiday in Andaman, while our holiday guide can offer you a virtual glimpse and useful information of this stunning destination.

Best Tour Packages for Andaman & Nicobar

Offering a wide array of watersports and an amazing underwater life, Andaman & Nicobar Islands are the perfect holiday destination in India. And as a lover of sun, sand and beach, a visit to the islands is a must. Find the best tour packages for your Andaman & Nicobar holidays with us, where we promise to cater to all your travel need. Choose from the assorted travel packages that are designed keeping in mind different choices and travel styles. Get the best holiday deals so that your vacation to Andaman & Nicobar becomes something to cherish forever.

Andaman Short Tour

Andaman Short Tour

Andaman Island Tour

Andaman Island Tour

Best of Andamans Tour

Best of Andaman Tour

Port Blair with Havelock Beach Tour

Port Blair with Havelock Beaches

Top hotels & resorts in andaman.

Andaman have accommodation options that satiate the desire of every beach lover. Where the luxury travellers are spoilt for choices from resorts and hotels built in close proximity to gorgeous beaches, the budget travellers can also find plenty decent accommodation serving the basic need just right. The luxury resorts in Andaman boasts private entry to the beach, spa and wellness facilities and setting up of tables for fine dining on the beach. One can find good options in Port Blair, Neil Island, Havelock Island and Wandoor. There are some value for money guest houses as well that offer satisfying services and airy rooms close to the main attractions. There are also some Bed & Breakfast and Apartments available that have everything to keep things comfortable during a trip.

Hotels in Port Blair

Hotels in Port Blair

Hotels in Neil Island

Hotels in Long Island

Hotels in Long Island

Hotels in Baratang Island

Popular tourist attractions in andaman.

The beautiful and pristine islands are home to number of gorgeous beaches, rich flora and fauna and underwater life. Amongst the top attractions of the islands are Barren Island, which is the only confirmed active volcano in South Asia; Neil Island, Havelock Island, Long Island, Cellular Jail, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Anthropological Museum, Indira Point, Car Nicobar, Katchal. The islands are perfect for a holiday and have stunning beaches like Radhanagar, which is amongst the top beach destination in Asia.

Cellular Jail, Andaman Nicobar

Cellular Jail

Forest Museum, Andaman

Forest Museum

Gandhi Park, Andaman Nicobar

Gandhi Park

Diglipur Island, Andaman

Diglipur Island

Top things to do on your holidays to andaman.

The islands of Andaman & Nicobar are perfect place to keep one engaged during a holiday. There is indeed so many things to do that can make your vacation on this perfect holiday destination quite delightful. Enjoy cruises, swimming with the elephants, gliding in a seaplane, nature walks, caving, island hopping and birdwatching amongst many other activities found on Andaman & Nicobar.

Islands in Andaman Nicobar

Islands in Andaman

Island in andaman.

Boasting more than 300 big and small islands, Andaman & Nicobar Islands is a perfect getaway for the beach lovers and adventure junkies. The islands in this Union Territory flaunts surreal landscape, long coastline, rich marine and wildlife.

Beaches in Andaman Nicobar

Beaches in Andaman

Undoubtedly, Andaman houses some of the most pristine surreal beaches in the world. Adorned with scintillating white sand and aqua green and azure water that are sometimes flanked with palm trees and thick mangroves, the beaches of Andaman are perfect for any seaside holiday lover.

Museums in Andaman Nicobar

Museums in Andaman

Andaman has handful of museums but each is important in its own way. The Islands boasts of a jail-converted-museum, Cellular Jail, Marine Museum, a Naval Marine Museum, a Forest Museum and an Anthropological Museum, all of which are steeped in history and the diversity of Andaman.

Heritage Tourism in Andaman Nicobar

Heritage Tourism

Andaman & Nicobar Islands oozes glorious history of India. A heritage tour in Andaman along with offering an insight to rich history of the country also promises a glimpse of the opulent and unique marine life, which has been adorning the islands for hundreds of years.

Wildlife Tourism in Andaman Nicobar

Wildlife Tourism

Wildlife in Andaman is exclusive and of course abundant. It is home of some unique species of flora and fauna and houses few incredible national parks and biosphere reserves that conserve wildlife brilliantly. The islands are also perfect for birdwatching.

Religious Places in Andaman Nicobar

Religious Places

Andaman is home to several religions like Hindu, Christian, Islam, Jainism, Buddhism and Bahais and thus one can find a number of place of worship of different faiths here.

Water Sports in Andaman Nicobar

Water Sports

Andaman & Nicobar Islands make the visitors spoilt for choices with its wide array of sports both under and over the waters. The islands satiate the thirst for thrill with offering water activities like snorkeling, sea walking and scuba diving, banana-boat ride, jet skiing, parasailing and speed boating.

Scuba Diving in Andaman Nicobar

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Andaman is a popular water activity that allows one to swim in the midst of coral reefs and colourful fishes that dwell in the azure waters of the Islands. The scuba diving experience in Andaman is certainly memorable as it offers the chance to witness the calming yet diverse underwater life.

Snorkeling in Andaman Nicobar

Snorkelling in Andaman is one of the best recreational activities enjoyed by marine lovers. This popular water sport is in the Andaman Islands gives an incredible opportunity to witness the varied colourful coral reefs and many unique fishes.

Trekking in Andaman Nicobar

Andaman’s rocky stretches, thick forests and beautiful seascape make it one of the best trekking destinations in India. Amongst the major trekking trails in Andaman are Mount Harriet to Madhuban; Chidia Tapu to Kala Pahad; Havelock to Elephant Beach; and Diglipur Island to Raman Caves and Saddle Peak.

Mangrove Creek Safari Andaman

Mangrove Creek Safari

Andaman invites the wildlife and nature lovers for an extravagant experience of exploring the beauty of the rich mangroves and one of the best way to do it, is to book a Mangrove Creek Safari, which is indeed one of its kind experience.

Bird Watching in Andaman

Bird Watching

A leisure day out with the birds is definitely a relaxing activity to partake while in Andaman Islands. Birdwatching tour in Andaman is certainly a pleasant and a memorable experience as the Islands alone has more than 270 exotic bird species flocking around.

Game Fishing Andaman

Game Fishing

A fishing adventure in Andaman is one of its kind experience. The islands of Andaman & Nicobar is famed for popping and jigging activities in South East Asia due to a large quantity and size of the fish weighing more than 20 kg.

Forest & Beach Camping Andaman

Forest & Beach Camping

There couldn't be a better destination for forest and beach camping in India than Andaman Islands. Adorned with scintillating white sand, azure blue waters and thick woods, Andaman is the place that compels travellers round the world to enjoy a good dose of adventure and rejuvenation and one such way is forest and beach camping.

Sea Walk Andaman Nicobar

To get up close and personal with the marine life, the islands of Andaman introduces Sea walking activity. This must try water adventure activit allows one to walk between different corals and explore the rich marine life that Andaman is blessed with.

Seafood in Andaman Nicobar

Seafood adds to the exoticism of the dining experience in Andaman. Inarguably the main ingredient of the Andaman cuisine, the fresh seafood has a variety of usage and in each case it only enhances the taste. From lobster to crabs, fish to shrimps, there is so much to satiate your appetite in Andaman.

Fairs & Festivals in Andaman Nicobar

Fairs & Festivals

Andaman celebrates its flourishing tourism; and thus one can see a number of festivals that are held to promote more footfall in the islands. Expect to witness joyous celebrations with dances, dramas and art displays in almost every festival in Andaman that can surely make you fall more in love with the islands.

Shopping in Andaman Nicobar

Shopping in Andaman

A shopping experience in Andaman is forever to be cherished. From bamboo cane craft to coconut shell; from shell jewellery to Nicobarese mats and from woodcrafts and furniture to lamps and bowls, Andaman Islands make one spoilt for choices when it comes to shopping.

Andaman & Nicobar at a Glance

Find the relevant and authentic information on the how to travel to Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Get details on how to reach by different means of transport along with information on various flights and local means of transport. Find details on the best time to visit Andaman & Nicobar Islands with average temperature in different seasons. Also find information on best places to explore and tourist attractions in the state through a map made easy for you to navigate.

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  • Andaman Tourism Map

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The Map of Andamans

Andaman comprises 570 islands located in the Bay of Bengal. Out of all the islands, only 38 are inhabited. The map of Andamans is very useful for all travellers and tourists who are in Andamans for the first time and also for those who would like to travel throughout the length and breadth of the island on their own. The Andaman Map shows the Route Map and the Road Map. It also shows the primary tourist spots such as the beaches, the wildlife sanctuaries, monuments, museums, Port Blair Airport, Cellular Jail, the forests, the individual islands and the hotels and resorts.

andaman tourism pdf

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  1. Official Website of Andaman & Nicobar Tourism || Andaman and Nicobar

    Directorate of Tourism Andaman & Nicobar Administration Port Blair, 744101. 03192-232694 / 232747; touristhelpdeskandamans[at]gmail[dot]com; Facebook (for Information and Queries) Weather Information. Emergency Helpline Number. Police : 100: Fire : 101: Blood Bank: 03192 230628: Ambulance: 03192 232102:

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    MUST VISIT TOURIST ATTRACTIONS IN AND AROUND Port Blair, the capital city of Andaman & Nicobar Islands is the entry and exit point for tourists. It is a bustling commercial hub and seat of government establishments. Situated in South Andaman Island, Port Blair is also the head quarter of South Andaman District.

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    North and Middle Andaman, also known as Swaraj Dweep and Shaheed Dweep, are two of the most scenic and serene islands in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago. This brochure provides you with a comprehensive guide to the attractions, activities and facilities that these islands have to offer, from mangrove creeks and mud volcanoes to turtle nesting and tribal culture. Download the brochure and ...

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    Download Now Travel-friendly, locally-made maps of the Andamans to keep you company on your trip to the islands. Our travel maps are updated year-on-year to ensure you have the most up-to-date information on everything Andaman. You'll find here lists with the coolest things to do and the top places to stay at,…

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    (PDF) The Andaman and Nicobar Islands-At a Glance Home Asia Geoscience India The Andaman and Nicobar Islands-At a Glance Authors: A. Balasubramanian University of Mysore Abstract and Figures...

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    Undoubtedly the Andamans has the potential of yielding huge revenue from its tourism sector—as the islands have talc-like beaches, clear blue sea, mesmerising coral reef, sheer richness of tropical flora and fauna, volcanic mountain—showcasing a magnificent landscape which is what Andaman Islands all about.

  7. Andaman & Nicobar Tourism

    Contact Us Tourist Information Center. Directorate of Tourism Andaman & Nicobar Administration Port Blair, 744101. 03192-232694 / 232747; touristhelpdeskandamans[at]gmail[dot]com

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    4. In continuation to the Press Release dt. 30/10/2023 ALLOTMENT OF STALLS FOR ITF-2023. 21-11-2023. N/A. .pdf. 5. Applications are invited from the interested entrepreneurs/ firms/ individuals for allotment of Food/General stalls during Island Tourism Festival- 2023. 09-11-2023.

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    Andaman Islands -A Perfect Tourist Destination DOI: Authors: G Mehul Krishna Kumar Jawaharlal Nehru Rajkeeya Mahavidyalaya Abstract and Figures

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    Alert: Click here to download a Free PDF copy of this Complete Andaman Family Holidays Guide to print or keep. Things to do in Andaman Islands with Kids. Underwater activities at Andaman Islands. ... Getting to Andaman's. Tourism is the most significant and fastest growing sector of Andaman economy, making it an important part of local ...

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    Eco-tourism Hotspot The Andaman and Nicobar in India are a group of picturesque islands, big and small, inhabited and uninhabited, lying in the Bay of Bengal. They lie along an arc in long and narrow broken chain; approximately North-South over a distance nearly 800 km. Mother Nature has been very generous to

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    The list of places to visit in Andaman is quite a long one, but all these are worth your time. We will start with the conventional places and then go to the offbeat ones. 1. Port Blair. Port Blair is the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Also the largest town, it is also the entry point for all the other islands.

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    MINISTRY OF TOURISM RAJYA SABHA UNSTARRED QUESTION NO.942 ANSWERED ON 09.02.2023 TOURISM IN THE ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR ISLANDS 942 SHRI SANDOSH KUMAR P: Will the Minister of TOURISM be pleased to state: (a) the steps being taken by Government to promote tourism in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands;

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    Abstract A pristine world of silver sands, clear blue seas, coral reefs, swaying palms, tropical forests, volcanic mountains and a gently undulating landscape is what the Andaman and Nicobar islands are all about. The islands comprising of 572 islands/islets, extend over an area of 8,249 km2.

  17. (Pdf) Impact of Tourism on Andaman Islands: an Explorative Study to

    The importance of tourism is borne out by the 'Vision Statement' of Andaman and Nicobar Administration which states that—'The limited scope for industrial activities in the islands coupled with the decline in the wood-based industry pursuant to the Supreme Court judgement dated May 7, 2002 has led to tourism being identified as a thrust ...

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    Glittering salt-white beaches washed by teal shallows, swirls of ancient, often-impassable jungle, hot-pink sunrises over spindly coconut palms - the Andaman Islands, scattered like pearls in the twinkling Andaman Sea, remain a tantalising mystery to most travellers. Remote and still a challenge to reach, the dreamy Andamans lie ...

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    Contact Us Tourist Information Center. Directorate of Tourism Andaman & Nicobar Administration Port Blair, 744101 03192-232694 / 232747

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    Andaman Islands tourism is a perfect destination in India that covers many aspects of a travelers requirements. Be it a solo, family, adventure or a honeymoon traveler coming to the Andaman Islands, Andaman Tourism has to offer everything to each segment of travelers. The island has gained quite a lot of popularity among travelers who are ...


    Key Words: Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Marketing Mix, 10 Ps, Sustainable Tourism. 1. INTRODUCTION Marketing is always considered as a limiting factor when it comes to sustainability. Rapid growths of tourism development have prompted calls for higher level of sustainability from all stakeholders.

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    The tourism of Andaman is not only confined to a memorable beach holiday as the archipelago is also blessed with lush flora including evergreen tropical rainforest canopy making a holiday for nature lovers quite a memorable one too. These forests engross an assorted a jumble of Indian, Malaysian and indigenous floral stretches that attract a ...

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    The Map of Andamans. Andaman comprises 570 islands located in the Bay of Bengal. Out of all the islands, only 38 are inhabited. The map of Andamans is very useful for all travellers and tourists who are in Andamans for the first time and also for those who would like to travel throughout the length and breadth of the island on their own. The ...