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5 Seconds Of Summer - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Shop officially licensed 5sos merch at Rockabilia. We have a huge collection of 5sos shirts, tees, hoodies, and clothing.

5 Seconds Of Summer

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5sos tour merch

5 Seconds of Summer, frequently abbreviated to 5SOS (articulated as ‘5 sos’), are an Australian pop musical gang from Sydney, New South Wales, shaped in late 2011. The gathering comprises of lead performer and mood guitarist Luke Hemmings, lead guitarist Michael Clifford, bassist Calum Hood, and drummer Ashton Irwin.

Buy  5SOS   Tour Merch  This  5SOS Hoodie KM This hoodie is Made To Order, one by one printed so we can control the quality. Shop 5sos tour merch Here!

5sos Tour Merch Biography

5 Seconds of Summer, frequently abbreviated to 5SOS, are an Australian pop musical gang from Sydney, New South Wales, framed in 2011. The gathering were initially YouTube famous people, posting recordings of themselves covering melodies from different craftsmen during 2011 and mid 2012. They rose to worldwide distinction while visiting with One Direction on their Take Me Home Tour. They have since delivered four studio collections and featured three world visits. 5sos Tour Merch

In mid 2014, the band delivered She Looks So Perfect as their presentation single, which beat out all competitors in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Their self-named debut collection was delivered on June 2014, cresting at number one out of 11 nations, and was trailed by a live collection named LiveSOS. They went on their first featuring visit Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour to help the collection. 5 Seconds of Summer Merch

5sos Tour Merch

5 Seconds of Summer Merch Career

5 Seconds of Summer started in 2011 when Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, and Calum Hood, who all went to Norwest Christian College, began posting recordings of themselves performing fronts of famous melodies together on Luke’s YouTube channel. Luke’s first video, a front of Mike Posner’s Please Don’t Go, was posted on the third February in 2011. Their front of Chris Brown’s Next To You got north of 600,000 hits. In December 2011, they were joined by drummer Ashton Irwin, and the four-man setup was finished. Shop New 5sos Tour Merch

The band pulled in interest from significant music marks and distributers and marked a distributing manage Sony ATV Music Publishing. Despite having no advancement separated from on Facebook and Twitter, their first music discharge, an EP entitled Unplugged, arrived at number 3 on the iTunes graph in Australia and the Top 20 in both New Zealand and Sweden. Read Blog

5 Seconds of Summer Merch

5sos Personal Quotes

Discussing their fans: Ashton: Fans some of the time even get our verses inked on their bodies. Assuming we’ve composed a verse strong enough that somebody would get it inked, that is colossal. Luke: I love it when a fan simply comes dependent upon us and let us know they are having the best a great time. Ashton: I see fans let us know they’ve been kicked out of their home.

Calum: They say, “your music has truly helped me through a predicament.” That truly strikes a chord for me. Ashton: I need to make music to help individuals. It’s critical to pay attention to fans. Michael: I ponder the group and in the event that they are having a good time. I need to ensure everything is living it up. Luke: I like large signs and amusing signs. Or then again I see fans holding signs with Christmas lights folded over them. That most certainly stands out! Ashton: We truly appreciate astounding fans! We held a mysterious gig that was Mexican themed. Whenever fans showed up, there were taco trucks and a Mariachi band that played our tunes.

5 Seconds of Summer Merch

Limited time offer, special edition.

5 Seconds Of Summer Cassette Tape Black T Shirt New Official 5SOS ... 5 Seconds Of Summer Pop Band Concert Tour T-Shirt Black 5SOS M Official Product

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Moscow and St. Petersburg Art Adventure

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  • The Silk Road with Art Tours with Amy Osaki | Willamette International Travel on Silk Road of China: Art, History & Archaeology

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THIS TRIP IS NOT CURRENTLY SCHEDULED Over the years, Amy has developed and operated trips to a variety of destinations including this one, but not all trips are offered every year. If you are interested in joining a scheduled departure of this trip in the future, please send us an email and let us know. Click to send us an email or use the form at the bottom of this page.

We can organize and operate this trip as a private group departure with a minimum group size of 8 persons. Start organizing your private Russia art adventure here .

Best time to travel: June for the “White Nights” Best gateway city: Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia Moscow and St. Petersburg Slide Show

Experience the art treasures of Moscow and St. Petersburg with guide, Amy Osaki. Begin in Moscow, continental Europe’s largest city, the seat of the government of Russia, and now home to over twenty billionaires! View iconic sites such as the Kremlin (which began as a fortress in the eleventh century), Red Square, and the sixteenth century St. Basil’s Cathedral. Then explore the art masterpieces at the Tretyakov Gallery, the National Museum of Russian Fine Art encompassing works from the eleventh to the twentieth century. Visit the Armory at the Kremlin filled with Imperial treasures including Faberge eggs once exchanged by the tsar and tsarina at Easter. Conclude your Moscow experience at the quiet seventeenth century Novodevichy Convent, one of many World Heritage sites included in the trip.

After a short flight, continue the trip with five days in St. Petersburg where you’ll be immersed in the opulence of Imperial Russia. Established by Tsar Peter I in 1703, St. Petersburg (known as Petrograd and Leningrad for most of the twentieth century) was the capital of the Russian empire for over two hundred years until the Russian Revolution of 1917. The Hermitage—said to be the largest art museum in the world with a collection of over three million objects housed in four main buildings—rivals the Louvre in Paris for both the quantity and quality of its treasures. Founded in 1764 by Catherine the Great, and open to the pubic for over two hundred years the museum is so vast that we’ll spread our visit out over several days and organize it by different themes. Also on the schedule is a visit to the Peter and Paul Fortress—the original citadel above the river founded in 1703—as well as some of the Imperial palaces in and around St. Petersburg such as Peterhof, a World Heritage Site. Peter I hired French architects to work on his many palaces, including Jean Baptiste Le Blond who worked with Andre Le Notre at Versailles. Consider enhancing your Russian experience by purchasing tickets to a performance—perhaps a ballet at St. Petersburg’s Mariinsky Theatre (also known as the Kirov).

Day 1 Overnight in Moscow Arrive in Moscow and transfer to your centrally-located hotel, your base for the next two nights. Enjoy an afternoon and early evening walk through Red Square (Krasnaya Ploshchad) past St. Basil’s Cathedral, and GUM department store all of which are back-dropped by the walls of the Kremlin fortress. Remember that we are here during the fabled “White Nights” when the summer days linger with light-filled evenings.

Day 2 Overnight in Moscow Within the walls of the Kremlin fortress, visit the Armoury Museum, one of Moscow’s oldest museums established at the start of the nineteenth century. The Kremlin Armoury was the royal arsenal; it produced and stored the weapons, jewelry and other regalia of the tsars. The museum’s collection encompasses four thousand items of applied art from Russia and elsewhere dating from the early fourth century to the twentieth century. Later in the day, visit the collection of masterpieces of the renowned Tretyakov Gallery. The Tretyakov collections were begun by the philanthropist Tretyakov brothers in the early nineteenth century. The gallery is recognized by many as a key repository of Russian art spanning the nation’s artistic tradition from early Orthodox icons to art nouveau, impressionist, and avant-garde works.

Day 3 Overnight in St Petersburg Enjoy a morning visit to the sixteenth century Novodevichy Convent named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2004. The convent’s name is sometimes translated as “New Maidens’ Monastery” to differentiate is from the convent within the walls of the Moscow Kremlin. Surrounded by white crenellated walls, this complex of churches has remained essentially intact since the seventeenth century. Here you’ll find the five-domed Cathedral of Our Lady of Smolensk with its spectacular iconostasis and the tall, red and white Gate Church of the Transfiguration which is often cited as a fine example of “Moscow Baroque” architecture. The neighboring Novodevichy Cemetery is the final resting place of the likes of Anton Chekhov, Sergei Prokofiev, Dmitri Shostakovich, and Boris Yeltsin. This afternoon fly to St. Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city situated on the banks of the Neva River where it empties into the Gulf of Finland.

Day 4 Overnight in St Petersburg Start of your exploration of St. Petersburg with a visit to the Peter and Paul Fortress, the original citadel of St. Petersburg. The fortress was built to the designs of the Swiss Italian architect Domenico Trezzini in the early eighteenth century. Trezzini’s Peter and Paul Cathedral dominates the fortress grounds and its iconic golden spire punctuates into the Baltic sky. Later visit the Yusupov Palace on the Moika, acclaimed as an “encyclopedia of St. Petersburg aristocratic interior design.” The palace was the home of the Yusupov family from 1830 and 1917 and was the place where Grigori Rasputin, a spiritual mentor to Tsar Nicholas II and the Royal Family in the early 20th century, was assassinated. A visit to the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood built between 1883 and 1907 rounds out the day. The church was built in “Russian Revivalist” architectural style by Tsar Alexander III in commemoration of his father, Alexander II. The church occupies a conspicuous location on St. Petersburg’s Griboedov Canal and contains 7,500 square meters of mosaics; the interior walls and ceilings are completely covered by mosaics.

Day 5 Overnight in St Petersburg Seeing St. Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum in a day would be like trying to see the Smithsonian in a day! Rather than a forced march through the galleries at a rapid pace, we will slow down and savor the masterpieces. Remember, there are nearly seven miles worth of exhibitions! Today we focus on “Imperial Russia,” touring the rooms decorated for members of the Russian Imperial Family and viewing the art they commissioned and collected. This is the art that influenced the style of the grand palaces of the era. View the Grand Suite of rooms, Peter I’s collection of gold, and the jewelers art owned by the Russian Imperial Family (including Fabergé eggs, gold and diamonds). Here, too, are the rooms of Catherine II and her son Paul I with their fifteenth to eighteenth century French paintings and sculpture (Poussin, Watteau, Fragonard, Chardin, and Houdon).

Day 6 Overnight in St Petersburg Return for a second dose of the Hermitage! Today is dedicated to the famous European masterpieces exhibited at the Hermitage. Feast your eyes on memorable works by Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, Tintoretto, Tiepolo, Velazquez, and El Greco. At the Hermitage, you can revel in Rembrandt; there are twenty of his works in the museum’s collection. After lunch, enjoy the eighteenth to twentieth century masterpieces of Monet, van Gogh, Gauguin, Rodin, Picasso, Matisse and Kandinsky. Digest the art and reflect on this unique collection of human creations. Consider an evening performance, possibly at the Mariinsky Theatre.

Day 7 Overnight in St Petersburg Journey by hydrofoil across the Gulf of Finland to experience Peter I’s palace at Peterhof, a series of palaces and gardens that evoke comparisons with Versailles which Peter visited in 1715. Begun in 1714 with the construction of the Monplaisir palace and expanded by later Imperial generations who added Rococo and Neo-classical elements, Peterhof is now a World Heritage Site. The creative mastery of architects, engineers, artists and craftsmen from throughout Europe is on display here and all is choreographed to celebrate water in homage to Peter, the maritime emperor.

Day 8 Overnight in St Petersburg Go behind the scenes with an excursion to the Hermitage Museum’s Staraya Derevnya Restoration and Storage Center on the right back of the Neva River north of Kamenny Island. This vast treasure house is only accessible by private tour. Later, travel to Vasilvesky Island across the river from the Hermitage to visit Menishkov Palace completed in 1721 and now the oldest stone building in St. Petersburg. Enjoy a farewell dinner this evening.

About your guide : Amy Osaki holds a master’s degree from the Winterthur Museum. She studied art at the Louvre Museum in Paris and worked as a museum curator for over a decade including six years at the Portland Art Museum. She is an award-winning art educator who has led art trips around the world for the last fifteen years with Walking Softly Adventures. Many of these trips were offered for graduate credit from Portland State University where she is an Adjunct Professor.

Resources for Further Learning

  • Preview part of the collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery at its website.
  • Learn more about the Moscow Kremlin .
  • Prepare yourself to experience the Hermitage . You can even shop on-line at the museum’s on-line museum store!

We're looking forward to hearing from you! You may contact us by telephone at 503-788-9017, by e-mail ([email protected]) or by completing and submitting the form below. Please enter any questions or comments in the "Message" box. PLEASE BE SURE TO MENTION THE TRIP IN WHICH YOU'RE INTERESTED. You must enter a valid email address in order to submit this form successfully. When you're finished entering information, enter the CAPTCHA code where indicated and click the "Submit" button at the bottom of this page. Art Tours by Amy does not release any of the information you provide us to any third party without your express permission.


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  • Flat Rentals

5sos tour merch store

Shopping in Moscow: malls, boutiques, online stores and more

1. moscow malls and department stores.

These kind of places are similar in every city. Fashion brands, food courts, cinemas and so on. Better visit shops during working days as they can be overcrowded on weekends.

Tsvetnoy Central Market

Tsvetnoy is always thought of as a very special and unique place for shoppers and those who want to rest in beautiful places. Mall sets together outstanding fashion brands and hottest domestic and international talents from various market levels and price points. In addition, this place has a food market, bars and cafes.

Site: http://www.tsvetnoy.com/

Afimall City

Afimall City

Afimall is one of the biggest and newest malls in Moscow, located in the Moscow City – the business district of Russian capital. Here you will find more than 400 shops, 50 restaurants and cafes, a multiscreen cinema, and children entertaining center. Exhibitions and other cultural events are also held there.

Site: http://afimall.ru


Metropolis is situated near Leningradskoe shosse – a road that connects the very center of the city with Sheremetyevo airport. It is a modern shopping center, with more than 250 shops, including Stockman department store and restaurants located on three floors of the center. There is also a multiscreen cinema and a bowling club for your entertainment.

Site: http://metropolis.moscow


Atrium, one of the oldest Moscow malls, is situated at the Garden Ring, near Kursksiy Railway Station. Within its area of 103 000 square meters, you will find hundreds of shops, a cinema and entertainment complexes, 24 hour supermarket and much more.

Site: http://www.atrium.su

TsUM Department Store


TsUM was built more than a hundred years ago in the far 1909 and was first Moscow Department Store originally aimed at middle-class customers. However, the time changed its marketing politics and now it is a luxurious shopping mall with recognizable designer labels and expensive goods.

Site: http://tsum.ru/


GUM is situated nearby TsUM, right on Red Square. The monument of pseudo-Russian architecture of federal significance, Gum is one of the oldest shopping galleries in Moscow opened on December 2, 1893 at the place of the former merchant house. Nowadays, there are about two hundred shops, including world known designer brands, and restaurants, some made in Soviet style, spread over three floors of the building. Every winter, Gum opens an ice rink, situated right at the Red Square.

Site: http://www.gum.ru

2. Home goods and malls outside Moscow’s MKAD

Huge department stores with household utensils are usually located out of the city on MKAD. Avoid those ones during weekends or at least choose early hours as they could be much overcrowded during rush hours.

Crocus City + Vegas + Tvoy Dom + Cinema

Vegas Crocus

Vegas Crocus City

Crocus City is a huge territory with Tvoy Dom (a big store of home goods and furniture, opened 24 hours), Vegas (mall), cinema and concert hall. Located on MKAD (north-west).

Site: http://crocus-city.vegas-city.ru

Mega Mall + Ikea + Obi + Cinema


MEGA is a chain of giant places where you can buy almost anything in the world. There are three of them in Moscow, located at Khimki (north-west), Teply Stan (south-west) and Belaya Dacha (south-east).

Site: http://megamall.ru/

3. Groceries in Moscow

-> Read our main article about buying groceries in Moscow

4. Online shopping in Moscow

Shopping online in Moscow is always profitable since online stores don’t have to pay for expensive rent services.

Yandex.Market & Beru

Yandex.Market is a leading online aggregator in Russia. The company has also recently launched a marketplace called  Beru .

Ozon is the biggest online store in Russia, so-called «Russian Amazon».

Utkonos is a food delivery service operation in Moscow and Moscow oblast.


Wildberries is an online fashion boutique with discounts and everyday sales.

If you’re looking for a fine jewelry with Russian spirit, Leta would be the perfect choice.

Our Private Tours in Moscow

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Every year we host more and more private tours in English, Russian and other languages for travelers from all over the world. They need best service, amazing stories and deep history knowledge. If you want to become our guide, please write us.

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+7 495 166-72-69

[email protected]

119019 Moscow, Russia, Filippovskiy per. 7, 1

Mon - Sun 10.00 - 18.00


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    110 Baker St. Moscow, ID 83843; 208.882.1226; Directions; A Classical & Christ-Centered Education

  17. Moscow and St. Petersburg Art Adventure « Art Tours by Amy

    You can even shop on-line at the museum's on-line museum store! We're looking forward to hearing from you! You may contact us by telephone at 503-788-9017, by e-mail ([email protected]) or by completing and submitting the form below.

  18. Shopping in Moscow: malls, boutiques, online stores and more

    TsUM was built more than a hundred years ago in the far 1909 and was first Moscow Department Store originally aimed at middle-class customers. However, the time changed its marketing politics and now it is a luxurious shopping mall with recognizable designer labels and expensive goods. ... Layover in Moscow Tailor-Made Private Tour. €59 €49 ...