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From Yukon to Newfoundland: Must-Visit Locations on Northern Lights Canada Tours

Are you an avid traveler seeking a unique and breathtaking experience? Look no further than Northern Lights Canada tours. Witnessing the spectacular natural phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis is on many people’s bucket lists, and Canada offers some of the best opportunities to witness this awe-inspiring display of lights. From the vast wilderness of Yukon to the rugged beauty of Newfoundland, here are some must-visit locations on Northern Lights Canada tours.

Yukon: A Wilderness Wonderland

When it comes to Northern Lights Canada tours, Yukon is often at the top of the list. With its pristine wilderness and minimal light pollution, this Canadian territory offers an optimal viewing experience. The capital city of Whitehorse is a popular starting point for many tours, providing easy access to various viewing locations.

One of the most renowned spots in Yukon for witnessing the Northern Lights is Tombstone Territorial Park. This remote park boasts stunning landscapes that serve as a perfect backdrop for nature enthusiasts and photographers alike. Additionally, Kluane National Park and Reserve offer not only fantastic Aurora viewing opportunities but also activities like dog sledding and ice fishing.

Alberta: A Blend of Nature and Culture

While Alberta may be famous for its majestic Rocky Mountains, it also offers excellent opportunities for experiencing the Northern Lights in Canada. Jasper National Park, located in western Alberta, provides unparalleled views of both starry skies and dancing lights.

In addition to its natural wonders, Alberta is home to several Indigenous communities that have rich cultural traditions associated with the Northern Lights. Visitors can immerse themselves in these vibrant cultures through guided tours and storytelling sessions that provide deeper insights into the significance of this celestial spectacle.

Northwest Territories: A Land of Legends

The Northwest Territories are synonymous with pristine wilderness and captivating legends surrounding the Aurora Borealis. Yellowknife, its capital city, is a popular destination for Northern Lights Canada tours. With its unique blend of urban conveniences and untouched natural beauty, Yellowknife provides an ideal base for travelers seeking to witness the dancing lights.

Head to the nearby Wood Buffalo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for a chance to see the Northern Lights in all their glory. The remote location and minimal light pollution make this park an excellent spot for experiencing this celestial phenomenon up close and personal.

Newfoundland: A Coastal Delight

Located on Canada’s eastern coast, Newfoundland is not only known for its rugged landscapes but also its vibrant culture and warm hospitality. This makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a different kind of Northern Lights Canada tour experience.

The town of St. John’s, with its charming coastal charm, serves as a gateway to witnessing the Aurora Borealis in Newfoundland. Cape Spear, North America’s easternmost point, offers breathtaking views of the night sky illuminated by shimmering lights. For a more immersive experience, consider staying in one of the cozy cabins or lodges dotted along Newfoundland’s coastline.

In conclusion, embarking on Northern Lights Canada tours is an extraordinary way to witness one of nature’s most mesmerizing spectacles. From Yukon’s wilderness wonderland to Alberta’s blend of nature and culture, from Northwest Territories’ land of legends to Newfoundland’s coastal delight – these must-visit locations offer unforgettable experiences that will leave you in awe of the beauty that dances across the night sky. So pack your bags and get ready to chase the Northern Lights across Canada.

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Pristine Lake Louise and background with mountains. Banff, Canada

Witness Canada's Beauty

Enjoy the stunning scenery of Lake Louise, Banff.

View of two moose in lake surrounded by green mountains, Alaska

Historical Monuments

See the many totem poles that line downtown Ketchikan and parks

Night view of Niagara Falls with city lights, Canada

Canada, Alaska and USA

A chain of breathtaking mountain peaks cuts through the heart of two vast, very different lands. Here, bright blue skies melt into glacial oceans, dramatic coastlines and unforgiving deserts hide some of the word's most famous urban centres. The diverse landscapes and cities of North America await.

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View of hotel on the other side of the laske surrounded by trees, Canada

Rockies Odyssey and Alaska Cruise

Vancouver Return

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Crystal clear waters of Lake Louise, Canada

Western Canada & Alaska

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Rocky Mountains at Sunrise during Winter, Canada

Winter in Canada

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Winter in the Rockies and Northern Lights (2025)

Rockies Odyssey Victoria → Vancouver  (2024) Tour

Rockies Odyssey Victoria → Vancouver (2024)

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Discover Eastern Canada (2024)

Rockies Odyssey (2024) Tour

Rockies Odyssey (2024)

Rockies Odyssey and Alaska Cruise Vancouver Return (2024) Tour

Rockies Odyssey and Alaska Cruise Vancouver Return (2024)

Eastern Canada, Rockies Odyssey and Alaska Cruise (2024) Tour

Eastern Canada, Rockies Odyssey and Alaska Cruise (2024)

Eastern Canada and Rockies Odyssey (2024) Tour

Eastern Canada and Rockies Odyssey (2024)

Rockies Icons (2024) Tour

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Rockies Icons (2024)

Castles and Festive Winter Wonderland (2023) Tour

Castles and Festive Winter Wonderland (2023)

Winter in the Rockies and Northern Lights (2024) Tour

Winter in the Rockies and Northern Lights (2024)

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APT Western Canada Tours

APT Western Canada Tours

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apt tours to canada

Welcome to the forum, Happytraveler ~

If you would be good enough to post a link to the tour you are taking, we would be able to have a look at what cities are involved and the options for each. We will need something to go on.

' class=

Our link http://aptouring.com.au/Trips/CanadaAlaskaUSA/UTAP26

Welcome to the forums, Cooperblu ~

First of all, the tour is but a taste of the highlights in our area. Very good tastes, I might say. The Vancouver hotel is very nice, right on the harbour, should have great views over the water. Nice hotels throughout, although Kamloops has only above average hotels at the best of times. It's just a good half way point on the train ride to the coast. I believe it's where they change crew as well.

The ferry ride on BC Ferries to Victoria http://www.bcferries.com will be 1.5 hours and is a very scenic sailing. Ship clean and well maintained and crew very professional and helpful.

If you like gardens, you will really like Butchart (pronounced Butch - art) in the morning. For the afternoon free time you've got, there are quite a few opportunities. One would be visiting the Royal BC Museum - excellent exhibits on First Nations here, early farming, fishing and pioneer life. Lovely gift shop. Beautiful BC made artisan gifts. Then there's Craigdarroch Castle , perhaps if it's a nice day a harbour ferry ride out into the harbour for an hour, shopping/store browsing up Government St., especially Rogers' Chocolates. Some people recommend afternoon tea at the Empress but IMO it is overpriced and must be something you really want to do. It is a major event though (assuming you will be coming before the end of September.) But for sure, walk through the old grand lobby and perhaps have a drink in the Bengal Lounge. They serve a great curry in there at lunch and dinner - http://www.fairmont.com/empress/GuestServices/Restaurants/TheBengalLounge.htm . The Inner Harbour causeway is a very entertaining place in the summer, full of buskers, jugglers, spray painters, silver painted "sculptures" that move if you feed them money. portrait drawers who work in charcoal. You'll even hear the skirl of the bagpipes from the sidewalk above.

It looks as though you'll need dinner in Victoria on your own. I would suggest you go to the Victoria Forums and open some of the topics that have been asked and answered about restaurants. There's a lot of info there that would help you and you could ask a question there if you were of the mind. Carry on through to p 2, 3, 4 perhaps. While you're on that Victoria Forum, look to the left sidebar for the "Things to Do" and browse through those to see if something else catches your fancy.


Now, you head back to the mainland and to Whistler . I can't tell if the coach will double back. It would be great though if you could drive the 2 hours up Island, just to experience the Island and take the northern ferry from Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay and then up to Whistler from there. I think you will find the Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Center particularly interesting. It's a fairly new museum, administered by local First Nations people and I think it is really nice.

So on you go to the Rockies. 3 nights in Banff is a good stretch for that region. One full day on the Icefields Parkway is just great. Here is a map of the Icefields Parkway from Lake Louise to Jasper , with the Icefields Center (snow coach) about half way. There is a link to a readable PDF just below the map:


1 night in Jasper is unfortunate, it is a beautiful area that could take 2-3 nights to explore. The rest is laid on for you. I think you've got a keeper with this tour.

Thanks very much lots to think about and yes we will be there before end of September. Would the whale watching in the zodiac be something to do around then we are not sure what the weather would expected to be like as we realise it is getting to the end of the season.


I went out last Sept in Victoria on the MV boat, and I found it pretty cool out on the water. Others who had come from the much warmer US states were pulling on their windproof gear and battening down the hoods over their heads. And yes, it could rain but the whales just play and spend time at the salmonid buffet anyway.

You're a fairly new user on TA..... Are you familiar with the PM system that David referred to? Click on his user name then look in the left side for the button that says "Send Message." Click on that and carry on.

Thanks again to you both have PM'd David

' class=


Open the link above. If this is the tour you are thinking of, the itinerary will be from Victoria on the west coast of Canada to the Rockies on the BC/ Alberta border and back to Vancouver where you will take a return cruise trip to Alaska. Parc Omega is in Québec and about 3500 km away from the eastern most city ( Banff ) on your tour.

Click on this link for a map of the coach tour portion of your trip (if the above tour itinerary is yours):


Just a heads up, it is always a good idea to post a new question rather than tag on to someone else's discussion. This helps you be seen on the forum, and saves the Original Poster from getting notifications that there is further activity on the thread that has nothing to do with them. To post a new question, you need to be on a main forum page and the Canada Forum is not a good one. Almost no one follows the Canada Forum. For your question today, the British Columbia Forum would probably be the best one.

To go to the BC forum, look up to the search field above the green navigation bar. In that space, type in: British Columbia Forum. Then when you get there, look just above the long list of topics for the orange rectangle that says "ask a question." Click on that and compose your question.

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Canada, Alaska & the USA

From the buzzing culture of the Deep South to the icy waters of Alaska’s Glacier Bay, Canada’s towering Rocky Mountains to the bustling cities of the USA’s east coast, North America is diverse in every sense of the word. Board the Rocky Mountaineer  for one of the world’s great train journeys or cruise Alaska’s Inside Passage and Canada’s Maritime provinces with Holland America Line  and let Travelmarvel show you a continent like no other.

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From west coast natural wonders to elegant east coast cities, Canada brings you adventure, culture, wildlife and world-class scenery with great hospitality and delicious regional and French-inspired cuisine.

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Australia is a land that stimulates, entertains, excites and most of all - welcomes.

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Close up of Ice Explorer bus with snow in background

Passage Through the Rockies and Alaska Cruise

Calgary to Vancouver

Summer view of rockies in the background, trees and lake forefront

Reflections of the Rockies and Alaska Cruise

Victoria to Vancouver

Dramatic aerial Autumn view of Niagara Falls

Eastern Canada and New England Cruise

Toronto to Boston

Fishing bots along Stanley Bridge Harbour in Prince Edward Island

Ultimate New England

Toronto to New York City

Vancouver walking track by the water for sunset

Enchanting Rockies and Alaska Cruise

Vancouver Return

green large trees make an arch towards the mansion oak alley plantation

Tracks of the Deep South

Atlanta to Houston

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View of Emerald Lake Lodge scenery with sunrise, Canada

Land Journeys

North America has the natural perfection, wildlife and wow factor for you to explore. We’ve tailored the best escorted land journeys for you to enjoy, with more choice, more value and more assurance. Our expert Tour Directors share their local knowledge and expertise, paving the way for your perfect holiday in Canada, Alaska and the USA.

View of couple on deck of Holland America Line

Ocean Cruising

Discover Alaska and New England with Holland America Line, the leading premium cruise line for explorers, foodies and music lovers who want to pursue these passions on perfectly sized, refreshingly uncrowded ships. Holland America Line ships are designed to make the journey relaxing and remarkable, with award-winning dining and service that attends to every detail.

View of Rocky Mountaineer aside mountains and river, Canada

Canada and Alaska by Rail

To navigate Canada ’s  vast expanse of mountains, lakes and wilderness in style, rail services including the Rocky Mountaineer  and VIA Rail’s The Canadian, prove more than a match. Explore Banff and Jasper National Parks aboard the Rocky Mountaineer. Make a night of it in Sleeper Plus comfort between Jasper and Vancouver aboard VIA Rail. Or choose to traverse Alaska's unique landscape on the McKinley Explorer.

View of Amtrak Rail  in Union Station, Denver

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From New York to Nashville, Los Angeles to Las Vegas, exploring the USA by train  is the ideal way to cover the most ground. Enjoy incredible views of diverse scenery all from the comfort of your passenger seat as you make your way through this vast country.

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Holland America Cruise Ship cruising Alaska's Glacier Bay

Holland America Line

View of passengers on Silverleaf service interior of Rocky Mountaineer Train, Canada

Rocky Mountaineer

Unique experiences.

Fairmont Lake Louise hotel with mountains and lake

Winter Adventures

Extend your stay.

Teepees under the northern lights

Aurora VIllage

View of exterior of red house on the side of a lake, Canada

Great Bear Wilderness Lodge

View of polar bear on savage island

Ultimate Arctic Summer Adventure

Travel is calling. read our featured articles.

Glacier Bay view from the water towards white glacier, Alaska

Allison Cruises Alaska with Travelmarvel

Allison Sivewright shares her first-ever experience touring with Travelmarvel, and why the best way to travel beautiful Alaska is on a cruise.

Pristine waters of Maligne Lake, Canada

Outdoor Adventure in the Canadian Rockies

Gary Walsh embraces the great outdoors in the stunning national parks of Canada’s iconic Rocky Mountains.

View of sunset over national park, Alaksa

Alaska's Inside Passage

Cruising Alaska’s Inside Passage is a voyage of discovery, leading to where both cultural gems and natural wonders get the chance to shine. Lucy Jones sails north.

Park bench in the foreground with lake and Toronto city skyline in the background on a sunny day

From Canada's Mountains to Movies

Canada's natural beauty has long been a drawcard for movie makers – and now its cities are also getting in on the act.

Lake Louise in Winter Snow, Canada 12-5

Why We Love a White Christmas in Canada

Discover Canada’s winter wonderland with gondola rides up snowy peaks, a Christmas Day sleigh ride and snow-sprinkled destinations like Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper.

View looking down over the colourful Butchart Gardens in Canada

British Columbia’s Butchart Gardens

Natasha Dragun reveals the remarkable story of how Jennie Butchart created a little piece of Canadian paradise.

Single large wet grizzly bear in the forest

The Bear Necessities of British Columbia

As winter segues into spring and summer, Canada’s fascinating wildlife comes out to play.

Roadway leading to ice covered mountains, Canada

The Canadian Rockies Road

The Icefields Parkway link Jasper and Lake Louise through some of Canada's most spectacular mountain scenery. Prepare to be dazzled.


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